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Corrupt Hard disk of Dell Laptop

Question: Corrupt Hard disk of Dell Laptop

Dell máy tính xách tay c?a tôi ?ã ???c mua vào ngày 3 Tháng N?m 2010 t?i Log Angeles, b?o hành t? tháng 3,2010 ??n ngày 31 tháng 8 2011. Bây gi? trên ??a c?ng ???c Bad v?i # 105 mã l?i. Tôi ?ang s?ng t?i TP H? Chí Minh - Vi?t Nam. Tôi không th? s? d?ng máy tính xách tay c?a tôi khi tôi ??n nhà. Tôi không bi?t làm th? nào ?? làm, thay th? x?u ??a c?ng ? ?âu? Tôi hy v?ng dell c?ng ??ng giúp ?? tôi.

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Preferred Solution: Corrupt Hard disk of Dell Laptop

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Corrupt Hard disk of Dell Laptop

Chào bác. Bác có th? ??n trung tâm ??i di?n phân ph?i máy tính xách tay Dell ?? ???c s?a ch?a ho?c b?o hành theo ?úng quy ??nh c?a hăng. Ngoài ra n?u c̣n th?i gian b?o hành bác nên ?em theo các gi?y t? liên quan c?a hăng, t?i c?a hàng bác hoàn toàn yên tâm v? ch?t l??ng d?ch v? c?ng nh? giá thành s?n ph?m

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Hi Guys,

Last week I found my Laptop was hanging/lagging as soon as i get my Desktop screen. At first i thought it should be a Virus problem, but i had latest Kaspersky Internet security software. When i ran it, laptop freezes. Booted the laptop in safe mode and tried uninstalling few memory consuming programs, still no luck.

Ran Dell memory test and found a problem with Hard disk. I had 4 partitions(c:\ is primary where OS is installed). I formatted the C:\ drive and tried re-installing Windows Vista, but it was an failure, I tried this more than 10 times in different ways.

I had second thought to connect this Hard Disk to another computer as secondary drive and to move data to other drive. So I bought a new Hard Drive and Installed vista on it and it works fine.

I bought 2.5" Hard Disk connector and connected to laptop. It showed as Mass storage device connected, but when i went to "My Computer" I could not see the any other drives except the new drive.

I went to Disk Management and found the crashed drive and it showed as "Unallocated"

I seeked help of an expert but he said it will very expensive (>3500$) which is not affordable. I need an help. I have helped many of them in this forum to resolve their issues, lemme see if someone can help me on this.

Answer:Dell Laptop Hard Disk Crashed -- Help needed

Techyy said:

Hi Guys,

Last week I found my Laptop was hanging/lagging as soon as i get my Desktop screen. At first i thought it should be a Virus problem, but i had latest Kaspersky Internet security software. When i ran it, laptop freezes. Booted the laptop in safe mode and tried uninstalling few memory consuming programs, still no luck.

Ran Dell memory test and found a problem with Hard disk. I had 4 partitions(c:\ is primary where OS is installed). I formatted the C:\ drive and tried re-installing Windows Vista, but it was an failure, I tried this more than 10 times in different ways.

I had second thought to connect this Hard Disk to another computer as secondary drive and to move data to other drive. So I bought a new Hard Drive and Installed vista on it and it works fine.

I bought 2.5" Hard Disk connector and connected to laptop. It showed as Mass storage device connected, but when i went to "My Computer" I could not see the any other drives except the new drive.

I went to Disk Management and found the crashed drive and it showed as "Unallocated"

I seeked help of an expert but he said it will very expensive (>3500$) which is not affordable. I need an help. I have helped many of them in this forum to resolve their issues, lemme see if someone can help me on this.Click to expand...

Can you hear the old drive spin?

Often the platter with the data is fine on a crashed you buy an identical drive..and take the... Read more

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Cannot load O/s as a new HD has been Installed not seen

Answer:Cannot find driver for new hard disk Dell Laptop

If the mboard's bios Setup is NOT detecting the hard drive.....Some hard drives in older laptops have a gender adapter that's plugged into the pins on the original drive that must be removed and installed on the replacement drive. That's obvious because on the new drive you can see the pins, on the old drive it doesn't look the same because of the gender adapter. If the mboard's bios Setup IS detecting the hard drive, but your problem is the computer is not detecting a bootable hard drive, new hard drives (or used hard drives that have had their data deleted) have no data on them and cannot be seen by the bios as bootable (having had an operating system installed on them). That problem will go away after you have installed Windows on the drive from the Vista DVD, or after you have installed the contents of the Recovery disks for the specific model. If the bios Setup IS detecting the hard drive but the initial files loaded from the Windows DVD, or from the Recovery disk set for your specific model, are NOT detecting it...If the drive is SATA......This is about XP - it has no SATA drive controller drivers built into it.Similar applies to Vista - it has some SATA drive controller drivers built into it, but not all possible SATA drive controller drivers. You can provide the SATA drive controller drivers to Vista on other media other than a floppy disk, such as a flash drive, or you can set the SATA drive controller mode to an IDE compatible mode in the bios. Installing XP ... Read more

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I have a dell inspirion 9100 and I just recently installed a new dvd-ram drive because the old dvd-rw died...
I have a pioneer dvr-k16 and when I boot up it stalls for like 30 seconds now and then flashes "secondary hard disk drive 0 not found". Windows starts up like normal and my drive works, although I've only watched movies so far and haven't tried burning anything. How do I get the error message to go away? I've tried going into setup and that doesn't seem to help anything because I don't know what to do in there. I keep reading on other threads that you have to change the slave to cs or something like that but I have no clue as to how to do any of that or if that would even alleviate my situation. Maybe just a dirty computer? I do have two cats and I have fur balls floating all over the place that I can't seem to get rid of...that's a whole seperate issue of course. HELP?

Answer:secondary hard disk drive 0 not found on a dell laptop what do I do?

The bios in your laptop was set up to use your old drive, the specs on your new drive will be different.

First off, have a look at the drive you took out to see if it was set to master, slave, or cable select. To do this, have a look at the back end of the drive near the connector for the jumper setting, then make sure your new drive is set the same.

Then you need to go into the bios and look for any options to scan for hard drives (this will scan for optical drives too). You need to make sure its set to your new drive and not your old one.

If you don't know how to do any of this the your manual will help, if you don't have it you can probably download one from dell.

If you still have problems then let me know and i will do my best to help further.

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100 GB hard drive worked well. One day - it stopped.
"Primary hard disk drive 0 not found
No bootable devices..."

No disks in BIOS are shown now

Same story couple months before that was with another 80GB harddisk.
Several files on drive C (FAT) though were corrupted (CHKDSK corrected that)

"Fun" is:
1) Harddisk works fine if placed into desktop PC, no problems with any diagnostics
2) laptop works fine with small size old 4 GB harddrive

Harddrive connector problem???? BIOS problem with nonstandard size harddisks (DELL sold this notebook only with 60 GB max). Old not supported firmware ?

Dell Customer Support after several diagnoistics by phone only suggested to buy ane more disk and check. But I afraid that most probably it will not work

Somethig similar was here (but guy does not respond)

Answer:Dell Laptop: Primary hard disk drive 0 not found

Calculus said:

Harddrive connector problem???? BIOS problem with nonstandard size harddisks (DELL sold this notebook only with 60 GB max). NEW not supported firmware ?

...or "time bomb" - all that happened 4 years after laptop production when all warranties ended! )))
Also, I can not upgrade BIOS because it is latest buildClick to expand...


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Hi, After turning on my laptop I am getting an error message, "Internal hard disk drive not found". No bootable devices.
I've turned it off, unplugged, removed battery, unplugged/re plugged disk and rebooted but that didn't do it.
I ran the ePSA prebiotic assessment. Everything ok, EXCEPT it tells me my hard drive is not installed.
F2 Set Up>Boot:
Fast boot enabled
Boot list option UEFI
Secure boot enabled
Load legacy option disabled
Boot option #1 onboard NIC ( IPv6)
Boot option #2 onboard NIC (IPv4)
Anyone experiencing this and found a solution that works?

Answer:Internal Hard Disk Not Found -Dell Inspiron 15 3542 laptop

Hi Amy,Thanks for posting.Please run a diagnostics test either by pressing F12 at startup, or use Dell Support Assist make a note of any error messages, and contact Dell Tech Support for further troubleshooting and possible resolution.  You can contact Tech Support at 1-800-624-9896 or 1-800-288-4410, or you can initiate a chat session

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so i was told to buy a sata data and power combo cable and connect the hard drive to my desktop but i don't know what to do after that, is there a certain web site i go to to fix this problem or reformat it is a dell inspiron 1545 and i have windows vista please help

Answer:Dell laptop says internal hard disk drive not found and no bootable devices

Can you say what happened to your pc, does it boot into Windows?
What do you want to do with the SATA cable you have bought?

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Hi, please can you help?

I have a 250Gb Seagate Barracuda ATA internal hard drive which is mounted in a Safecom usb/firewire external caddy. It has 2 partitions; a 15Gb FAT32 drive and the rest divided into 2 logical NTFS drives of 160Gb and 60Gb.

I have only had the disk a couple of months. Shortly after I purchased the disk I had a power failure whilst scan disk was running on one of the NTFS drives. Upon reboot XP did not recognise the NTFS drives reporting that the file system was corrupt, the FAT32 drive was fine and accessible.

I managed to recover all my files (mostly mp3s and movie files) from both NTFS drives using GetDataBack, reformatted the disk, replaced the partitions for good measure and reinstalled my backup.

Since then I haven't really had cause to use the disk so it has remained switched off but today I needed to transfer some files across for backup purposes. Having done this I then did a bit of housekeeping; deleted a few files and moved a few folders around on the disk. Then explorer crashed and after I managed to recover from the explorer crash I found that the NTFS partitions were once again inaccessible in XP. XP reporting that the file system is corrupt once again. Once again the FAT32 drive is accessible.

I am currently running GetDataBack again, and it looks likely that it might find all the files again (I hope). I originally purchased the disk to backup my main hard drive which I needed to perform a clean install on, this has been done.... Read more

Answer:hard disk file system corrupt and disk not accessible

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Question: Hard Disk Corrupt

I defragged my IBM 40 GB 7200rpm HARD DRIVE and when i came back to check up on the computer which was in the morning as i left it defragging over night there was a screeching/clicking noise coming from the hard drive so i restarted my computer and it says hard disk read error please restart and i cant boot up into windows Help would be appreciated please!

Answer:Hard Disk Corrupt

Sounds like your hard disk is physically damaged.

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Question: Hard Disk corrupt


Im my home-theatre PC (Win7, 32-bit) I have 2 HD's:
1 x 500GB, with 2 partitions: Win7OS and Multimedia (photo's and mp3's)
1 x 1500GB, with 1 partition: Video (DVD, MKV and Blueray)

Now my Motherboard had some problems with SATA2. This Mobo is sent back to my supplier and it takes some time to recieve it back.

So to use my multimedia files off the hd, I connect this hd on my other pc (Win7, 64,bit). The HD is recognized in bios. Now the pc boots real slow (about 5 minutes) with hd led blinking rapidly. After the boot the 'new' hd is not seen by windows. In the eventlog I get a lot of error messages of accessing the hd. The other hd has the same problem.

I think the broken mobo has damaged the mbr of both hd's. Its hard to believe that both hd's are broken on the same time. Is there any way to fix the hd without formatting it?

greetz Ricaro

Answer:Hard Disk corrupt

Do the drivers have drive letters in Disk Management?

Hard Disk Partition Letter Missing in Windows 7 - Fix

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Question: hard disk corrupt.

hii guys m using hp system on booting up it it says "HARD DISK ERROR" press f2 for hardware diagnostics. i think my hard disk is all right ..what 2 do please help me

Answer:hard disk corrupt.

If the system isnt seeing it, it is probably not all right. Is this a !aptop/desktop, and has it been dropped? Have you checked the cabling?

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How to repair corrupt
external hardisk...??

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I can't load windows because I'm missing this file called NTLDR. From what I can guess, It's probably something to do with loading networks or something critical. Can you help me fix this, or do I need to get a new harddisk?

P.S. I liked that hard disk. It was 110gb - a lot for a Satellite Pro Laptop.

If you need specs, please reply.


WAIT!!! I've just found the thread but the instructions don't match. For one, I'm not prompted for a logon, and I can't copy the file - I've tried repartitioning my harddisk, but it just can't 'find' it. :cry

Answer:AAARGH! Corrupt Hard Disk

I would try and XP ASR Automated System Recovery.

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It's kind of a long story.. I tried to split my D: to install linux, but for some reason I was running on battery, and it got turned off. Then my D: disappeared and then via Windows partition manager it worked again (I had to set name again). Then I tried one more time and the program for the partitions just stopped working I can't turn my laptop on anymore, because it's says I can't boot it, beacause some boot image was missing.
I ran the laptop with the win cd,but i won't repair itself, i can still access cmd from there. I tried running checkdisk, but I don't really know what all that means. I am looking for help

Answer:Windows hard disk corrupt

Try rebuilding the bootloader:

If that doesn't work, post back. May have a corrupt/missing partition table...which is a bit more involved and will require you to use a GParted LiveCD.

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Is ther a utility that will read/reformat an external hard drive that has been corrupted?

Answer:Corrupt external hard disk

If you go to the website of the company that made the hard disk. They normally have formatting and maintenance tools there.

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A friend of a friend has asked me for help, her has a corrupt windows installation and cannot repair it, he doesnt know the administrator password required for a repair. I said I would hep him retrieve the files off of his hard disk before he/me reinstalls windows, I get the computer case (Why do people think that you have spare keyboards/monitors lying around) and put his hard disk into my PC only to find out that he has an NTFS hard disk and I have a FAT32 one.I can't seem to get them both available at once - any ideas?Thanks

Answer:Hard Disk problem - corrupt file

If you know what data he needs backing up then you could try thisclick hereHope this helps

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Lately I had problems playing video-files (hd content, mkv container) on my WD HD TV. Turned out that the files were corrupted when after copying to the usb disk. First I was afraid my Intel X25-m was the culprit, but windiff proved that the error occurred after copying, and there was a difference between the file on my SSD and the copy on the usb disk.
After trying all the USB ports on my laptop (MSI pr200, T7700, 4GB, Win7 HP 64), the CABLE proved to be the culprit. I use different cables, the one causing problems was an old motorola razr....
After trying the cable that came with the 500GB Verbatim USB disk the problem is gone, and windiff says the files are equal.
Just to let you searchers know (fingers crossed!): issue seems to be resolved by using a good cable.

Answer:Files corrupt after copy to usb hard disk

Unfortunately problem not solved.... today again a copied mkv of 4.36 GB got corrupted when moved to the verbatim 500GB USB HD.... The files are different after copying, according to windiff, and my WD HD TV stops when getting to corrupted parts (more than 1).....
The quest will continue to find the culprit.... Next I will use a different HD in a different enclosure.

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This is my first post. So please bare with me. I am trying to image a corrupt hard drive and retrieve data which is did not get a chance to back up from it. The 40 GB hard drive belongs to my Dell desktop running windows XP. After exhausting everything possible to boot from the disk, I took it out of the desktop and placed it in a PATA harddisk enclosure and connected it to my son't laptop:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium , Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU T3200 @ 2.00GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3000 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family, 1308 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 114115 MB, Free - 37361 MB; D: Total - 114116 MB, Free - 114021 MB;
Motherboard: Gateway , , 96.05 , QTFCPP83715214
Antivirus: CA Anti-Virus, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

​I connected the bad hard disk to laptop via usb; It shows the F: drive, but no volume; it would not open without formating. So I decided to boot from Ubuntu rescue remix v. 10.10 live cd:
Made a directory "recovery" in /dev/sda3 (which is the DATA volume in Vista)
plugged in the ad drive /dev/sdb and ran: sudo ddrescue -r 3/dev/sdb image log

This produced bunch of sector errors.... I/o errors
copying not-tried blocks...
ddrescue: write error: no space left on device

​Does any one have any idea what to do? Please help.

Answer:corrupt hard disk image problem

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I am running windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2. I bought a Packard bell Plug & Play SATA hard disk drive, installed it and was using it to store music tracks and photos.
My daughter, needing an extra USB slot just pulled the wire out rather than going through the 'safely remove hardware' option :cry. When I reconnected the external drive, I can connect it on start up but when I try to access the drive (I) by clicking on the item I get the following message:

I:\ is not accessible. the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable

Is there any hope in recovering the 'lost' files? A freeware program would be nice as well!!
Many thanks in advance from my daughter who hopes this may reduce her grounding untill 2009, instead of 2019!


Answer:External Hard Disk Drive Corrupt!!

Go to My Computer right click on ''I'' drive/Properties/Tools then Check Now and tick off both boxes and pray

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my hard disk is not getting detected . it was in my acer laptop one night it gave hard disk read error since then its not getting detected i want to recover data from it.. please help

Answer:recovering data hard disk corrupt

You may not be able to recover files if the hdd has suffered a catastrophic failure. Try running hdd diagnostics from luck.

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My Dell N5050 laptop died and I tried moving the Harddisk into a old HP Deskpro. The disk boots fine but Windows 7 DELL OEM reboots as the windows picture comes up. It then allows me to do a repair but that doesn't help. The repair report doesn't give any clue to the problem.

I am guessing it is some fundamental driver that is Dell specific. Any idea how to sort it ?

The repair will allow me to get to a dos prompt.


Answer:Move Dell Windows 7 Hard disk into non-dell hardware

Welcome to our forum auror1968.

Their is a excellent chance that the OEM/SLP key, drivers and a lot more are tied to the Laptop and will not work on the Desktop.
Does you Desktop or Laptop have a Windows 7 sticker on it that looks something like this?

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I have an Asus laptop running windows 7 64 bit and this laptop came with 2 hard drives, each partitioned into two parts (C:\ & D:\ and E:\ & F:\).
I am transferring over 30GB of data from one drive (C:\) to the other (F:\)
Get this... the transfer rate is 1.2MB/s right now. Over 9 hours left to copy the 30GB. There are over 125,000 items but that still does not justify the 1.2MB/s
I am open to any suggestions but first, a few points.
Yes, I am sure they are two separate drives with those partitions.
Error checking showed zero errors on both drives.
This is the 3rd time I am trying a transfer.
Both drives are relatively empty (especially the F:\).
C:\ is my system disk.
The SMART data shows no read/write errors or overheating.
I have disabled the virus protection and all real-time scanning.
Again, I am very open to suggestions and checks. Feel free to post your idea!
Thanks in advance!

Answer:Laptop Hard Disk to Hard Disk transfer Extremely Slow

My experience with file transfers of the type you that the number of files doesn't matter...what matters is how large the files are.  Video files take much longer than text or document files.
Slow transfer rates between partitions/drives...can indicate a problem with either the partititon or the drive, IMO.
Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
 Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post.

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When it is turned on it goes to the windows recovery screen then to the Startup Repair Screen which concludes that 'Windows cannot repair this computer automatically'. In the problem details drop down Problem Signature 07 is 'Corrupt Volume'. I have removed the hard drive and run a diskcheck on it and that found four occurrences of a bad block.

I intend to get a new HD to replace this disk and I have secured all the data that I had on the disk. Unfortunately I do not have any recovery media. I understand that I can purchase recovery media from Toshiba. I wish to be assured that, before I start this expense, that my proposal makes sense. Is there anything else I need to be aware of?

Many thanks

Answer:Satellite Pro C850-10U - Corrupt Hard Disk Drive


At first I must say that you should upgrade your notebook with SSD and not HDD. This will increase notebook’s performance. SSDs are not expensive anymore so I think it is the best option for you.

Recovery media: if you don't have original recovery media for your machine you can order it on

I hope I could help you. If you have more questions feel free to ask.

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Hi all..

I have a hard disk that is actually a laptop internal hard disk. Few days back i dropped my laptop from the roof and broke it. There was nothing that could be recovered from it but this hard disk. So i decided to put this hard disk in a hard disk case and use it as an external, for backup purposes. It was working fine and all my data that used to be in my laptop was still present.

A couple of days back my windows (on my desktop) got corrupt so i thought to first backup all my data to this laptop hard disk and then reinstall windows. For that i used ubuntu 11.10 live cd. I copied all the data and then reinstalled windows. But when i connected this disk to my computer and clicked on the partitions of this disk, an error came up "The path you specified is not present". I guess that the disk is corrupted though my data is still there on the disk.
Can come one please help me to recover the data.

Thanks in advance....

PS: Please excuse my english i'am not a native english speaker...

Answer:Solved: Data Recovery from Corrupt Hard Disk

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Thank you for your assistance, I will purchase beer.

Answer:Admin tools event viewer-hard disk 4 corrupt..?

Log Name: Security
Source: Microsoft-Windows-Security-Auditing
Date: 12/23/2015 1:44:16 PM
Event ID: 6281
Task Category: System Integrity
Level: Information
Keywords: Audit Failure
User: N/A
Computer: EppPCool
Code Integrity determined that the page hashes of an image file are not valid. The file could be improperly signed without page hashes or corrupt due to unauthorized modification. The invalid hashes could indicate a potential disk device error.

File Name: \Device\HarddiskVolume4\Windows\System32\guard64.dll
Event Xml:
<Event xmlns="">
<Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-Security-Auditing" Guid="{54849625-5478-4994-A5BA-3E3B0328C30D}" />
<TimeCreated SystemTime="2015-12-23T19:44:16.281035800Z" />
<Correlation />
<Execution ProcessID="4" ThreadID="5276" />
<Security />
<Data Name="param1">\D... Read more

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So heres my problem people,

I had an old seagate hdd with win 7 running smoothly.....
But somehow i corrupted it and threw it and had ordered a WD 1.5 TB HDD

I ran Win 7 installation disk and got an dialog box asking me to LOAD DRIVERS or HD on which to install Win 7

And now i am stuck very bad in the situation.....
I genrally need a thing which can correct my WD HDD or i think i will need to send it to the manufacturer....
But plzz help me

Answer:Corrupt Hard Disk drive is causing error while win 7 installation

Check to see that the HDD is correctly connected to both the motherboard and power supply- double check the connections and try again.

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I keep getting this error when i start the laptopSystem32\drivers\Ntfs.sysIve tried using the xp cd to reinstall the o/s using the update option but its not shown on the list.Any ideas how i can fix this problem without a full install of xp as i need to save the info thats on the hard drive thanks.

Answer:Dell laptop missing or corrupt file

Try Start/Run/type sfc /scannow you will need your XP CD

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So I tried using the Startup Repair Infinite Loop Recovery (Startup Repair Infinite Loop Recovery) and It did not work for me.

I tried the Startup Repair and It said "Hard Disk could not be found"
On another instance, It said "Registry is corrupt"

Checked BIOS in one instance and it showed 2 boot drives, but now it only shows one.
Is there any way to recover the files in my laptop without reformatting it?

Note: Asus Music Now can access the drive where Program files, windows and Users.
I can even listen to music using that and browse the internet using it but that was all I could access through it.

Using Windows 7 Home

Answer:Startup Repair Infinite Loop, Cannot Find Hard Disk, Registry Corrupt?

Hello and welcome Noel mate can you try the drive/s out on another machine using a USB to SATA adaptor? (see pic)

Alternatively you could make a bootable Ubuntu disk set the BIOS to boot from optical and use the TRY version any rives hooked up can be read in that OS data recovered etc

Download Ubuntu | Ubuntu

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Alright, I have the C:\Windows\system32\config\system file that is corrupt/missing and I am unable to start up my computer. I've read the forums about this one, but my problem is different. Apparently, I have a SATA drive and Windows XP pro is installed. I only have a Windows XP home disk. When I try to use the Windows Home disk and Recovery Console, it says that no Hard Disk Drive is detected. From what I understand, it doesn't detect my SATA. Any tips on what to do? And no I do not have a Windows XP pro cd.

Answer:C:\Windows\System32\config\system file is corrupt help, Hard drive disk not detected

Hi Sigzen and welcome to TSF,

XP home will normally detect a serial HD. The BIOS is where the interface for that is maintained. USB might be a different story. It's likely that if you had a pro CD, it would tell you the same thing if you tried to get into the Recovery Console. Why don't you see if the BIOS sees the HD? If it sees it, home should see it also. If BIOS don't list the harddrive, then you might have a bad harddrive or bad connection.

Before anything else was tried, I would try Last Known Good Configuration in the Advanced Boot window. Tap F8 at early boot to get the menu. If that fails try the other boot options. If they fail, then look in the BIOS for the drive there.

If no drive, open the computer and reseat the data and power cables to the HD. Also, reseat the data cable at the motherboard. Be Very careful to touch bare case metal before reseating the cables. If that don't work, download the Disk Manufacturers Diagnostic CD file and run it.

If you must run the Recovery Console, you can download UBCD4WIN and burn it to a CD. It is a CD based windows that will boot and let you work on your computer, including running the Recovery Console.

Hope this helps,
Best regards,

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HP laptop - Kids thought HD crashed.
After some playing with it, I got the user names and avatars up. However, when you click on one and enter a password, it stalls or you get either a black screen or a white one (depending on the user) and desktop never loads.
Any clue or know of a back door to run diagnostics or something?

Answer:HP Laptop Possible Corrupt Hard Drive or Files?

For starters, you could shut down then restart while tapping the F8 key to get into Safe Mode with networking.
As Safe Mode runs a very minimilistic group of services, you'll be more empowered to attack any and all problems.
From there, you could scan for malware with free programs like Malwarebytes and Superantispyware.
Or you could do a diskcheck/repair first, before scanning for malware, by opening a Command Promt with Admin rights and type in,
chkdsk /r c:
Then hit Enter, then Y for yes and Enter again, to schedule it at the next reboot.
And you could also do another command in that windows, to try to repair some Windows processes, by copying and pasting in the following,
sfc /scannow   then hit Enter

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Today, when I turned on my old Sony laptop with win 2k, I received a message that the file WINNT\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEMced was corrupted or needed repair. The recommendation was to use the original recovery or the Win 2000 CDs.

Problems & thoughts:

1) Sony is proprietary. When I insert the original Sony CD, the only options which appear on the 1st screen are to get rid of everything on (a) C drive or (b) C+D drives.

Does anyone know if there's a way to access an option to repair? Or, if I get rid of everything on C, do u know if I can reinstall and at least, save everything on D?

2) I tried to use a 'normal' windows 2000 OS CD, but to repair via 'console' or 'emergency,' the prompt asks for the emergency repair disk.

Yikes, I'm travelling for the holidays and my Emergency Repair Disk is at home. Does anyone know if or how I can repair without the Emergency Repair Disk?

3) Another option was to install the Win 2000 on drive D. I'm wondering if this will let me access my files (then, back-up my files - there's not too many and the majority of new stuff is on drive D) and then, to the entire reinstall from the original CD's.

However, if I don't do the entire reinstall and I keep the D drive Win 2000 -- will this be okay until I get home and use the Emergency Repair disk? Or, will there be a problem with two OS's on win 2000?
I'd appreciate your kind advice!

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Hi everybody
Recently i had to repair Southbridge on my laptop by a technician but after that, My laptop is unable to boot from nothing but HDD. despite changing all available settings on mobo(enabling boot from CD/DVD,USB HDD and etc) seems that none of them are being enabled.Is there any possible solution?
My Laptop Specs are as follows
Acer Spire 5738G
OS: Win7 professional 64bit
Memory: two 4GB modules
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 Graphics
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo T6600 (2.2GHz, 800 MHz FSB)

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I bought a f500 series Compaq laptop... ok, It's originally with VISTA but the previous owner installed Windows 7 Ultimate in it. Runs ok and everything but I want my lappy to be in its original state. OK... here's the problem I spent HOURS and hours trying to solve without success...
I can't boot my Laptop from USB, CD-ROM, USB FLASH DRIVE nor External disk drive. I checked BIOS. I set the boot order like I'm supposed to, DISK > USB > HDD. Nothing happens.
I hit f10 for BIOS setup... or ESC for Boot order and I only see Hard Drive as boot option. No CD, USB... I tried to "repair computer" (F8) and I get no repair option, only restore option with restore points.
I have use Partition manager to check partitions. I am unable to install RECOVERY MANAGER. I get missing "HardDisk.dll" or when I install hdd.dll, I get error code that Recovery Manager is unable to run.
I have recovery Disks for both VISTA X 64 and WIN 7 X 64 and both are no use since I can't access those.

I tried to upgrade my BIOS F1.71 >>> Running the BIOS upgrade software I got from HP official site... I get to the point where the Software tells me it is creating a FLASH BIOS and I get immediately the blue screen with "memory dump" message. This happens every time I try to upgrade.

I'm not too knowledgeable in computers but I can troubleshoot easily with good instructions... I've tried everything and I come across with a problem after a problem. It's so frustrat... Read more

Answer:Unable to boot my laptop from DISK, USB, ANYTHING but Hard [email protected]#%

There has to be a setting in the BIOS that is stopping you from booting from the USB or CD/DVD drive. That is IF those to thing actually work.

Have you checked to see if the USB and CD/DVD drive work?

As to the memory dump when trying to update the BIOS. You are doing this from inside Windows? I would suspect that because of the memory dump error.

99% of the time the computer/OS BSODs from memory errors. Memory errors come from bad memory.
If the notebook has 2 sticks of memory remove one of them then try the BIOS update. If it still BSODs put that stick back in and remove the other.
If it still BSODs then try it from a Safe Mode boot or from a Command line boot.

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Please advise,
I installed a HGST 500 gb hard drive on my Dell E6410 Latitude Laptop.
But it says:
No Boot device found! Can't go to BIOS either!
Re installed the original and it works fine!
Wish to know whether the HGST is compatible with Dell Latitude.
THank you.

Answer:HGST Laptop hard drivesvs Dell E6410 Hard drives.

It won't boot until you install an operating system (windows) on it. however you should be able to get to BIOS.
this one click here

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I have a Dell Lattitude CPi. Additional markings on the bottom are:
Model No. PPL
Lattitude CPi A-Series
Ref number 99050
DP/N 0006692D-12800-9C2-4006
VMLFL Express Service Tag 531-223-05

Dell's on-line chat says the service tag is invalid and will not let me use that method to get information.

What is the largest hard disk this computer will recognize?

Answer:Largest hard disk for this Dell Lattitude?

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Dell deleted all the docs on my hard disk by mistake. Also, they don't want to take responsability & won't help me recuperate my files. Can anyone advise me on how I can recuperate my docs, I know there is software that one can use but have tried a few & no docs seems retrievable though as i saw some come up in a previsualisation form...

Thanks for any advice, help you can give me...


Answer:Dell deleted all docs on my hard disk ! HELP !

and welcome to the Forum

I hope you have not been using the pc since the format . . the more you use it the lower your chances of data recover are.

Try GetDataBack . . it has a pretty good track record.

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my o.s or driver got corrupted..itsnt booting..only one drive in my lap..since i need my date i couldnt format and reinstall os...i have one driver c.d..i tried to repair but invain..its not bootin thro safe mode too..i inserted xp cd and tried to repair os..i went to cmd prompt ..then in cmd i tried to copy data from c: to my pen drive..but its says no access ..pls any suggestion to copy my data ..can i boot xp thro any ex.hard disk and is t possible to copy data after that???

Answer:Is it possible to boot my Dell through external hard disk

There are a number of BootCDs you could use. A good favorite of many is The Ultimate BootCD

Yes backup to USB flash, then install Xp clean (removing the partition when asked in the initial setup process)

Note, you do not need to create a new partition or even format the drive, as Windows setup will automatically create an NTFS formatted file system, on a non-partitioned drive, during Windows install.

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I have a Dell XPS410 desktop that got a virus. I was having trouble cleaning it, and I'd been planning to put in a new hard drive anyway, so I got a new Seagate 3500320AS (500 gig, SATA).

I took out the old (infected) drive and put in the new drive, but it kept freezing during Windows XP installation using the Dell reinstall disks (Windows XP Home, SP 2).

Not being sure what was going on, and worried about the virus, I had a friend (on a different system) partition the drive and install XP Professional SP2, which he did without problems.

Putting the drive back into the Dell, it started to boot, but never finished. It would either hang or take me back to setup.

Here's what I tried and results:

* Found new BIOS for the XPS on the dell site, flashed the BIOS (no effect).
* Took out memory boards (4) one at a time and rebooted to see if one of them was bad
* Changed the SATA Controller from the DELL default of "RAID ON" to "RAID AUTODETECT / ATA." With this change the system boots, but hangs during operation (anywhere from 1 minute to 30 minutes or more into a session).
* Tried to reinstall Windows, but the seagate instructions say to hit F6 to load drivers. WHen I do that, the Dell installer will only look to drive A (my floppy) for drivers. I cannot find anywhere to download or extract driver files to put them on a 3.5 floppy.

I'm stuck, and frustrated, so I welcome ideas how to get this system back up.

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I can connect a single hard disk to any of the five SATA ports and it works fine; however, if I connect more than one hard disk, the disk IDs show in the BIOS but not in Windows disk management or in Windows Explorer. The only disk that shows in Windows is the one that is connected to the SATA port with the lowest number.

Example: I connect a disk to SATA-2 and -4. Only the disk connected to SATA-2 is recognized in Windows disk management or Explorer.

I can't find a manual that even mentions how to deal with multiple hard disks -- or any hard disks for that matter.

Answer:Solved: Dell XPS 430 sees only one hard disk, regardless

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I'm struggling to get my head around a recent problem. I have a Dell XPS8700 with a SAMSUNG SSD PM851 mSATA 256GB (C:), and a Seagate ST3000DM001-1ER166 (D:), and a HL-DT-ST DVDRWBD CH30N DVD drive, running Windows 10 home.
One day it boots and doesn't see the D:. No prior SMART errors, no warnings, just no D:
Windows tools don't see the disk.I uninstall recent windows updates.I update drivers recommended from Dell site to no avail
I boot into BIOS and can't see the disk.I try swapping the data cable for the DVDI try swapping powercable
No dice - but when the PC boots I can feel the disk vibrating as if its powering up.I boot into the Dell Diagnostic tool, run all diagnostics and it does see the disk.
I reboot and everything is fine. My D: is back. I'm baffled and relieved.For a week. Someone reboots and then D: is gone. I run diagnostics again and now it doesn't see the disk.

What does this mean?
Should I buy replacement SATA cables?
A replacement disk?

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I have a gx280 system, It won't boot up about 1 out of 3 times. The reason is not to find a hard disk. The messege shows me " No SATA hard drive". Whenever the computer failed to be booted up, I opened the case and replug the HDD cable in. It clears the problem so far. Also I replaced the HDD cable either but it still has the problem. The dell assistance in online say that the problem could be the cable or mothboard. I don't know what I should do now. Should I buy a new board or throw this Dell away? Or anyone has a solution for this?


Answer:Dell GX280: Won't find the primary hard disk?

That motherboard has a lot of trouble with bad capacitors which render the system to be now workable. If your capacitors (little barrel-like components about 1 to 1 2/4 inches high) are puffy, have rounded tops, or are leaking brown, black, or rust colored powered, the board is dead unless you have a tech nearby who knows how to replace them cheaply... about $60.

Otherwise, replace the cables with the SATA cables with the locking plugs and sockets... very cheap...

So again Dell is right, but not helpful.

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Hello !
           I have bought a new Dell Precision 5510 and I switched it on, then i heard some noise from its hard disk continuously. I dont have any idea that what is the reason of this sound. I also run the diagnostic but it did not detect the hard disk noise issue or anything. If someone could explain that why there is a noise in its hard disk.

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I dropped my laptop and when inturned it back on i got the error code: internal hard disk drive not found, try reseat the drive. No bootable devices - strike f1 to retry boot, f2 for setup utility. Press f5 to run on board diagnostics. I pressed f5 and error code 2000-0413 lcd cable not detected came up. I have taken out my hard drive and placed it back in and this still does not help.

Answer:Hard disk drive not found Dell N3050

Try putting the drive in an external caddy and connect to another machine or open a desktop machine and connect the drive direct to a spare sata port to see if it can be rcognised.

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I had a hard disk crash on an old Dell D610 laptop. I purchased a used (guaranteed) replacement 80gb drive from a company in Hong Kong but my Dell diagnostics does not recognize it. How can I create a bootable CD on another computer that can possibly see it and format it. I tried DBAN to wipe it but DBAN also doesn't see the drive. Any other suggestions?

Answer:Dell diagnostics does not recognize replacment hard disk

Hello,Make sure that the drive is recognized in BIOS. The drive should be recognized even if it's not formatted. If it's not seen in BIOS, it doesn't exist as far as the computer is concerned. 1.) Turn on (or restart) your computer. 2.) When the DELL? logo appears, press <F2> immediately. If still not seen, remove and reseat the hard drive. Make sure you didn't damage any pins. Does it "plug in" securely? Some laptop hard drives require an adapter. If yours does, it would be on your old hard drive. If BIOS doesn't see it, chances are the drive is bad. If this is the case, you could slave it to a desktop system (using the appropriate adapter) to see if it spins and is recognized on a different system.

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Would a Seagate STBD1000100 2.5 Internal Drive be compatible with my Inspiring 1545?

Answer:New Hard Disk Drive for Dell Inspiring 1545

Wee Yin,The hard drive should work in the Inspiron 1545.The Inspiron™ 1545 system uses Serial-ATA (SATA) hard drives. Data transfer rates of 150 MB per second offer a substantial speed increase over older PATA drives.The Inspiron™ 1545 is offered with a configuration of 5400 rpm drives. The hard drive capacities are as follows:80 GB 5400 RPM 160 GB 5400 RPM 250 GB 5400 rpm 320GB 5400 rpm 500GB 5400 rpm 

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I am planning to buy New Dell Inspiron 15 series 7000. I would want to replace the harddisk with SSD by next year or so. But i wanted to know if i can have SSD along with hard disk in this laptop.
I wanted both good performance along with large storage. So i was wondering if i can have two disks at once.
Thanks in advance

Answer:Can i have SSD along with hard disk in New Dell Inspiron 15 series 7000

mSATA and mini-PCI express have the same form factor but are electrically different.   It doesn't look like any of the newer Inspiron 7000 series models have mSATA connectors -- the older 3rd generation ones did, though.
If you want an SSD along with a hard drive, you'll need to consider  an XPS system - not an Inspiron.

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How I can recover original partition layout with recovery partition contains original windows with drivers?
Now only find tool named "Dell OS Recovery Tool". But this tool make usb stick with some tools that removes recovery partition from my SSD and install clean windows 10 without drivers.
This not useful for me.. 

Answer:Dell XPS 13 9360 Original hard disk image

Did you make a Win 10 Recovery drive?

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My P.C has started giving an error. "No internal hard disk found". Press F1 to restart F2 to run setup utility F5 to run PSA.When I go to setup utility there sometimes it shows the fixed HDD, and sometimes there is written "None"...When I ran diagnostics, initially it did not give any error about hard disk. But now today diagnostic showed a message that "Hard disk not attached". I have to restart again and again to reach operating system.
Operating system also gave the error thrice "Your P.c have some issues" today the Stop code was Memory management.
What could be the problem....??

Answer:Dell Inspiron 15, Hard disk related issue.

It appears that the HDD (hard disk drive) could be intermittently failing. If you are in the operating system now, you should start saving your data (documents, MP3, pictures, etc.) to a USB HDD. We will need your exact model number to know what HDDs can be installed.

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I have a Dell XPS 15 9530 and I'm getting this message when I try to boot it up:
internal hard disk drive not found
to resolve this issue, try reseat the drive
No bootable devices--strike F1 to retry boot, F2 enter setup Menu, F5 enter PSA.
The drive shows up in the setup menu under mSATA. I have ran all the test in the ePSA Pre-boot System assessment. All the test pass, including the Hard Drive 0 test. Has mentioned in the message I have tried reseating my drive, with no success unfortunately.
I do not know what else to do.

Answer:Dell XPS 15 - internal hard disk not found message when booting

Do you have a single, mSATA drive, or an mSATA drive (32G, usually), plus a 2.5" hard drive?
If you have the 32+hard drive setup, it sounds like the hard drive has failed -- you'll need to replace that and reload everything (the OS is stored on the hard drive - the mSATA drive is just a cache).

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I have a Dell Inspiron N 5010.  I had to put in a new hard drive.  I do not have a disk with windows 7 on it.  I have a recovery disk but it does not work.  How do I get back my OS?  Also the windows code on the bottom of the computer has worn off and is not readable.  Can anyone help me?

Answer:Dell Inspiron N 5010 replaced hard drive have no OS disk

Is your Dell registered with Dell? Have you contacted them to see what help they can provide?

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It says please reseat drive. I replaced my old hard drive and my new hard drive was working for 3 days. Then it came out with the same issue my old hard drive had. Please help, I don't want to buy a third hard drive

Answer:Dell Inspiron 1440 no hard disk drive found

If you installed a 7 mm drive, you likely need a spacer to ensure  it connects in place of the original drive, which is 9.5 mm in height.

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I receive the following message on start up: "Internal hard disk drive not found, to resolve this issue, try to reseat the drive"
I ran the PSA test and all seem to be working good, also, the HDD and SD are seen in the BIOS menu. 
Please advice what to do?

Answer:Internal hard disk drive not found Dell XPS 9530

have you checked this thread? Does it help?

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Secondary hard disk drive 0,1 not not found at bootup[dell pc]


hi guys this happened to me a few months back.
this morning i tried everything...nothing works,....well this is what happen.
--everytime i reboot i get
;"secondary hard disk drive 0 not found"
;"secondary hard disk drive 1 not found"
if i press F1 it works normally,also i can see the drives listed at my computer labeled correctly,if i turn off pc ,and then, turn on pc everything is ok.,,but at every reboot i have this black screen booting problm.
myp is a dell dimension 8200,xp pro/sp3 768 rdram.
-in device manager everything looks correct..


Answer:Secondary hard disk drive 0,1 not not found at bootup[dell pc]

Sounds like you have an option in your BIOS to 'halt at everything.' Meaning if there is anything missing or possibly wrong with the system your BIOS will stop making the user press F1 so that they notice was is wrong (or possibly wrong).

If nothing is wrong with the system then just choose the option of 'halt on nothing' or something similar in your BIOS.

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Guys am new to forum forgive me for my errors

my laptop hard disk is not working on my laptop but work on my pc. when I connect it to lap it jest hang on posting(power on self test) but when I connect it to my pc it works. also when I boot with linux mint cd it shows that hard disk is not good

Answer:Laptop hard disk is not working on my laptop but work on my pc

The partition is good (assuming you can read data when attached to the PC) but the MBR is corrupted.

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 I have a 4 month new laptop and my laptop's hard disk is not detected. From starting it's run slow and today when I reset it because it's not run well, it's stuck in reset. The hard disk is not detected in BIOS. What should I do. The warranty will be expired in dec 2017. any idea. Thanks in advanced.

Answer:I have a 310 151KB laptop and my laptop hard disk is not detected when I run it,

Hi anirugu91 , 
As the harddrive is no longer detected in the BIOS and that previously had slow performance issue, I would suggest that you call in technical support for in warranty repair.
If you have a spare harddrive, you can try to swap it to further check if the issue is just the harddrive (page36).
Testing the same drive on another pc can also help isolate the issue or slaving it to a harddrive enclose.
Doing such steps is not requred by technical support to avail of the inwarranty service instead simply informing them that the harddrive is not even detected in the BIOS would be enough.
Hope this help answer your query.

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Hello ..This is for my friend who has a dell inspiron 1525.We have done what it says and reseated the hard drive, but we are still getting this message.I have ran the diagnostics test, and confirmed the the drive is not being detected in the BIOSWe have tryed to reseat the drive a few times but without any luck..Is there anything else we could try, but luck is not on our side at the moment as we have no other laptop we can try this drive on.I was wondering what might have caused this, ryan my friend says he had fallen asleep and had left the laptop on for about 10 hours  , it was buried in the bed, so could over heating have caused this

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Hello everyone!I have a Dell Precision 370, a seagate  HDD Cheetah 15K.5, 80GB. Connected on a scsi card via a Foxconn scsi cable.The problem is when i go to BAIOS, installed devices i get the following info:Onboard SATA Hard Disk Not PresentOnboard IDE Hard Disk not PresentBut the seagate HDD appeaas as 03,39320 A:0 Seagate ST3734....When i try to install Win XP Pro i get the following error "Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer. Make sure any hard disk drives are powered on and properly connected to your computer, and that any disk-related hardware configuration is correct. This may involve running a manufacturer-supplied diagnostic or setup program. Setup cannot continue. To quit Setup, press F3."Any help on this issue i have been on it for the past 4hrs. 

Answer:Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer dell, bla,bla

Have you ever installed XP on a SCCSI before?If not, search this forum forXP scsiand find how others have done it with trepidation.

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F1 reboot not working....
Please helo

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I read most of the posts on this subject and found no answers.
I get this error with both the system hard drive and replacing it with a known working hard drive from another Dell system.
I tried loading default values, trying HDD0-3, SATA-1, tried both Legacy and UEFI, tried disabling RAID, also replaced HD cable.
The Bios will recognize the drives, but both Dell diagnostics and a Windows install cd give the error: no hard drive detected, or disk controller not supported.

Anything else I should try?
Thank you for your feedback :)


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sup guys,i recently made a new disk partition on my laptop so i can store music/pictures... my question is, if i were to do a factory restore on my computer, would i lose all those files? or even the new partition itself?

Answer:Question about new disk partition on dell laptop

Yes. Don't.Before you do any factory restore, make such you have a suitable backup. Otherwise all your work will be lost.There are many FREE backup manages that can copy your stuff to an external media.Or, you can by a portable media device from Se agate or Western Digital that has the software with it.

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I am trying to wipe and restore a Toshiba laptop and the only Vista 32-bit disk i have is from Dell. Now I cannot get Windows to activate with the Toshiba's old key, because of the Dell disk. Is there anyway around this? Thanks!

Answer:Using Dell Windows Disk on a Toshiba Laptop

Is th Dell disc the same version as the sticker? ( Basic, Home Premium, Pro . . )

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I'm looking to install XP Pro on a Gateway laptop (came with vista home premium). All I have access to are the Dell XP disks.

My question is this...I have an xp key (from a different Dell that is being scrapped). Can I use this key with the Dell XP disc to install XP on the Gateway laptop?

Answer:dell xp disk install on gateway laptop?

and welcome to the Forum

That would violate the EULA that you agree to when you install. The Key from the Dell that is being scrapped died with that pc.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop. It came with Windows XP, but I reformatted and installed Windows 2000 professional instead, which I am mostly happy with, but one of my favorite video games can only be played on XP, so now I want to go back to XP. I have Dell's disk called: Reinstallation CD Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition. I have the BIOS set so the CDROM boots first, and when I start the computer, the CD is recognized, but then I get an error in DOS saying "Couldn't find NTLDR", and Windows 2000 proceeds to boot.

I've also explored the Dell XP disk and tried installing it that way using setup.exe, but when I go to check system compatability, I get two errors:

"The procedure entry point NtUnloadKeyEx is not in Ntdll.dll."
"Winnt32u.dll could not be loaded or is corrupt"

So I'm dead in the water. Should I try to start my computer with my windows 2000 disk, go through that interface, then somehow make the switch to the Dell XP disk? The problem is, I don't want to have to reformat my computer. (I will though, as a last resort).

Thanks for your help!

Answer:Can't install Dell's XP disk over Win 2000 on laptop

The Recovery CD is a mirror of the original hardrive when it left the factory. It was designed to bring your laptop back to it's original out of the box condition. For it to work, when it is loaded it compares a varity of things to determine that the laptop is the one it is assigned to. In other words, so you can't use it on another comuter. When you put Win2k on your laptop, the Recovery CD sees this as "another computer" and thus won't work. You probably will have to format the hardrive and wipe it clean and then the CD should work but don't count on it as Recovery CD's on some systems can be quite finicky.

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Can anyone please advise me on how I can obtain a restore disk for my Dell Latitude Laptop Computer, model No CPx H450GT I have lost mine and need to replace it in case my computer crashes and I have to reinstall.

Answer:restore disk for dell laptop needed

Which Operating system? I am pretty sure you can order a replacement set from Dell themselves. You could try their support site and then put in your computers serial number. If you registered the computer when you bought it you won`t have to do this, then e-mail support and tell them the problem. There will probably be a charge but someone here may be prepared to send you a copy of the disks.I strongly recommend you download Belarc click here run it and print out the results. This will give you all the current info about your computer including software registration keys. If you do suffer a crash and have to reinstall all the keys will be recorded in case you can`t find original disks.I would also recommend you download all the updated drivers for your Dell and burn them to disk. Then you are prepared for the worst scenario. click here

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I need to put Windows 7 on a new internal hard drive that's in my Samsung laptop. I found someone who has a Windows 7 disk for sale, unopened, along with the drivers disk, but it says Dell on it. Would it work on my Samsung laptop, even though it's not a Samsung hard drive, or would it only be made to work on a Dell computer?

Answer:Windows 7 Dell OS disk on a Samsung laptop?

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My boyfriend's laptop is an Extensa that came with Vista pre-loaded and a nasty huge hidden partition. In addition, they didn't provide any sort of disc for reinstall. We would really like to get rid of this hidden partition and reinstall his Vista. We have a Dell Vista disc from a friend of his, but we don't want to try formatting and installing this disc unless we're positive that it will work. I have confirmed that we have the Windows serial number on a sticker on the bottom of the computer. So if we were to do a full format and then try to install using this disc, would it work successfully and would the hidden partition be gone?

Answer:Vista Dell disk on Acer laptop

The hidden partition you're referring to is more than likely the recovery partition for that particular laptop.If I were you, I'd visit the computer manufacturer's website for instructions on how to perform a full system well as reading your owner's manual.This is why your computer did not come with recovery software...performing a full system recovery will wipe the hard drive clean and reinstall all the software that originally came with this consider yourselves warned.  When you perform this recovery...all the data you've added since its purchase will be gone and will have to be added again.  Hopefully, you've been backing up as you go...Good luck!

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Hi, Recently the Tech guy at my work threw out a bunch of computer towers and other computer parts etc..In amongst all of that was a Dell Inspiron Mini 1012 with no battery or AC adapter. So I took it home and plugged in an AC adapter that met the specs. It powered up and says the following: SMART Failure Predicted on Hard Disk 2
Warning: Immediately back-up you data and replace your hard disk drive. A failure may be imminent. Press F1 to continue.I press F1 and it Starts Windows. It then goes to a screen stating Windows Error Recovery. Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. Then they give you 2 options. Launch Startup Repair (recommended) or Start Windows Normally. I tried both of these without much luck. During the Startup Repair it says Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically. Well I know that the problem is obviously the hard drive is corrupt. I will need to replace the hard drive. I have tried to click F8 a ton of times during boot up and it won't get me to that option. I have tried plugging in an external cd/dvd drive and boot from the cd. It cannot get the mini 1012 to boot up that way. I changed the boot sequence to boot up from cd drive first. I don't understand why the F8 function won't work. Also during the System Recovery option I got it to a screen stating: To access recovery options, log on as a local user. To access the command prompt as well, log on using an administrator account. Usern... Read more

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I have been going bonkers looking for some help to do this, then I recalled out that I can call dell to get the restore disk, -  I was told NO you can not get the disks, because Windows XP is no longer supported.
I have Windows XP sp 2, I know it needs updated, but I also know the computer is riddled with virus and malware.  I would rather make the restore disks from the hidden partition and then reformat the computer.
I would like to make the disks, but have no clue as to how.
I then plan to partition the 150gb hard drive so I have Windows XP on one partition and then the other I want to install Ubuntu, I have no clue about Ubuntu - other then I have heard it is open source and a very good program. 
P.S why both OS? 
I know XP well, and want to learn Ubuntu, I expect I will go back and forth between them as I learn.

Answer:Wanting to create a Hard drive restore disk from hidden files on a dell

I do not know of a way to make recovery CD / DVD media from the recovery partition.
The best recovery method (provided your recovery partition is intact is to perform the following...
Make a Backup of all your important data first.
Disconnect any unneeded peripherals (Printers, Scanners, USB Drives etc.).
Boot your computer, when the Dell logo appears on your screen, hold down <Ctrl> and <F11> simultaneously.
The Dell PC Restore Wizard will load.
Use the <Tab> and <Enter> key or Click to choose Restore.
Read and follow the instructions carefully, use the <Tab> and <Enter> key or Click to respond to prompts.
Finally All Data Will Be Lost displays. use the <Tab> and <Enter> key or Click to choose Confirm.
Press <Enter> to begin the recovery process.
Upon completion you will receive a message hopefully displaying a successful recovery. use the <Tab> and <Enter> key or Click to choose Finish
Press <Enter> to boot to the fresh installation.
I recommend that you consider Linux Mint
Keep BC posted!

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1520 with Vista Home Premium factory installed and now I need to install Windows 7. Before doing that I want to make sure I can restore my computer exactly to the way it came if anything goes wrong in the process of installing Win 7 or I needed back my original laptop with Vista.

Figured out the best way to create a complete image of my Hard drive.

Capacity is 320GB
4 partitions - System Partition (C), Recovery Partition, some other 2 small partitions.
I have to modify these partitions and sizes when installing Win7. I want to completely image this HDD so I can get these back exactly the way they are now.

What is the best software I can use and what are the best methods? Please give me your opinions and instructions. Thanks.

Answer:Creating full Image of Hard disk System & recovery partitions (Dell)

(1) Download Macrium Reflect (Free)
(2) Create an image with all 4 partitions selected
(3) Make the linux recovery boot CD
(4) Make sure the linux boot CD works and can locate the image you just made and shows the 4 partitions for selection. Exit.

If the linux boot CD fails to work as will happen on some system configurations you can try in place of the linux CD:
(1) Hirens Boot CD Macrium Reflect is part of the mini XP environment
(2) Macrium pe recovery disk. To make this you will need to download the Macrium Reflect V5 trial and be prepared to do a large MS download of WAIK (~1GB). Macrium guides you through the quite straightforward process.

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I am currently living in Saudi Arabia and purchased a Dell Laptop (N Series). When I bought the laptop, the salesman loaded Windows & Premium and Microsoft Office with a USB drive. I need to restore the laptop back to factory settings during the rebooting stage, it says I need to insert a disk which I was never given. Help please!

Answer:Restore Dell Laptop to Factory Settings without disk.

What's the model name and model number of that Dell laptop?

What's the 7-character "service tag" number on the sticker?

Does that laptop have a Microsoft Certificate-Of-Authenticity sticker on it that has a Windows version and a 25-character product key?

Note: If it does, do not submit the product key here.


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I have a dell laptop with an i7, a lx502 , and a samsung 512Mo ssd, runing windows x64 8.1

When I want to update to Win 10, the 5 gb file never gets downloaded (very slowly, in say 2hrs) and the pc get frozen at 20%, only power cycle can restart it.
Sometimes, the SSD is not detected anymore by the Bios. I need to remove the battery and wait several minutes.

I have these messages in the event log

-Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort0, was issued.
-The IO operation at logical block address xxxx for Disk X was retried.

This is like the hard disk gets disconnected from the PC

I found this
Windows 8 Freezes or Hangs: The Fix that Worked for Me | Scottie

not working, and the BIOS does not feature hot swap

Tried this
AHCI Link Power Management - Enable HIPM and DIPM - Windows 7 Help Forums

not working

Tried to disable PCI sleep and so on...
For sure this is a bug from windows 8, the disk is Ok because I have written at the same time several gigabytes (500) , and have not a single error.
This is something related to power saving I'm sure.

If anyone has an idea to overcome this ...


Answer:SSD with dell lx502 laptop : error disk writting ID 129

It is possible that your SSD is failing, or that since your laptop is over 4 years old, that the hardware is starting to fail.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 3500 with a 6G drive to be updated to a 20G. I have Norton Ghost and have made the requisite boot disks.

1. With a USB boot disk, Norton Ghost does not see the USB. So that won't work.

2. With a network boot disk and installing a packet driver for the Linksys Network PC Card. (A PCMCIA), Norton Ghost doesn't recognize that either.

Any suggestions to make a mirror of my laptop's HD on the Desktop PC?

Answer:Norton Ghost, Dell laptop, clone disk to another PC

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I've got a new Inspiron 15 a couple of days ago with the following configuration:
Intel core  i7 7700HQ cpu
512GB SSD (bios reports M.2 PCIe ssd-0) -- no other hard drive
Graphics card NVidia Geforce GTX 1050 Ti
Screen resolution 3840 x 2160
My problem is that I cannot split the hard disk into 2 partitions nor can i shrink the partition on which windows is installed from within windows. I used both the windows gui (disk management) and the command line program diskpart.
Does anyone have any idea?

Answer:New DELL Inspiron 15 7000 denies to shrink windows installation hard disk drive

It sounds like you might have a 7567 Gaming system.  If so, Windows will shrink a partition if it can. I would not recommend using a third party utility to shrink it since problems could happen and you might lose the system.
If you need another partition, you should have an option to place a 2.5 inch drive in the system for that.

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Just bought this model a month ago. At first, I thought there isn't any LED Indicator in this model for charging/ HDD activity modulation but later when I saw the guide, I noticed an indicator just below the touchpad. But, the catch is that it isn't glowing at all. Even while charging, I tried the hotkey combination (Fn + H) to toggle that light but to no avail. Any idea as to how to activate this light?

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The subject nearly completely identifies the subject.  I have a dual drive g73s with windows 7 one the first drive.  I added a second drive on which I wish to install windows xp pro.  All I have is the reinstallation disk which I purchased with my xps 1710 laptop in 2005.  I have found another use for the xps 1710, it now has been upgraded (?) to windows 7 and is in use under my control elsewise.  When I attempt to install the xp pro on the second hard drive (in the first drive position or in the second position) all I get is a blue screen suggesting I look for a virus (the second drive is formatted and clean).  I wonder if I purchase a second unused installation disk with a new key, etc, genuine (we hope) if that would make any difference.  I am really perplexed with this problem.  I have in times past been able to install from this installation cd in a barebone desktop assembly, without any problem for the first 30 days.  Anyone have any ideas?  I really want to be able to use xp on this new computer.Wendell[email protected]email addy removed to prevent SPAM.

Answer:How may one install xp pro on asus g73s laptop using dell reinstallation disk

If you use an OEM Windows disk to install Windows on other computers WGA will prompt you to activate...Quote from: aa4wp on February 21, 2012, 11:12:01 PMWhen I attempt to install the xp pro on the second hard drive (in the first drive position or in the second position) all I get is a blue screen suggesting I look for a virus (the second drive is formatted and clean).Okay, I suspect that disk may be faulty. Download which will scan for bad sectors.Another thing I want to add from my experience-if you install windows 7 on one partition and then install XP on another partition the XP installation will rewrite the Win7 bootloader and you won't be able to boot to 7 again unless you run BCDEdit under XP to fix the boot entries. Were you installing XP with ONLY the second drive inserted?

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I was recently given a Dell Latitude D600 laptop with no manuals or restore CD. The software is very downlevel and has multiple problems. So far I have run Ad-Aware, Spybot, AVG and XP Malware Removal v1.33 and have found 26 Trojans and multiple virus.

I'd like to get the laptop back to the original pristine state. I wonder if there could be a restore hidden on the hard drive, or a way to get a restore CD. The software is XP Pro.

Any advice?

Answer:Dell Latitude D600 laptop XP Pro restore disk/file

if your system supports DSR (Dell System Restore by Symantec) press CTRL + F11 during the POST screen (dell logo).

note: this will perform a destructive system restore back to factory default, all data will be erased from your system partition!

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So I just got a new laptop. I always wipe it then reinstall the OS to get rid of all the crap they load.

Was horrified to find there is no OS disk. Via Dell support, I am to use the recovery option which will simply put all the crap right back my laptop. They will NOT send me an OS disk even though I paid for a license. What crap!

I've got Windows 7 Home Premium 64. I was thinking about borrowing a cd and using my serial #, but is it true that because it's oem, no other disk will work with my comp?

Am I just screwed?

Appreciate any advice!

Answer:Idiotic Bloat Ware On New Dell Laptop, Will Not Send My OS Disk!

If you have a Windows 7 installation DVD, all you need to locate is the Dell royalty key and the Dell .xrm-ms digital license. You can find both of them over at's forums. Install the OS, don't put in a key during the installation, then once it's up and running, install the .xrm-ms license file (you'll find instructions at that other forum), then install the royalty key, activate online, you're done - legally legitimately licensed.

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My company's computer needs to be patitioned and reformat. The system is still working well. I mean, nothing wrong with anything (weird huh?). Ok the hard disk just need to be 'split'. I mean, make drive C & D on the hard disk. I know how to do that... easy... Then the HD need to be formatted & reinstall windows XP. Ok, easy too..

But the main problem occured before I do anything (partition & format). I have my own bootable CD that I usually use for partitioning & formatting.

Ok, i insert the CD & restart.
I went to BIOS & changed the boot order (1st boot: CD-ROM, 2nd: HDD-0 & 3rd: Floppy). Then restart again.
Ok the bootable CD is excellently loaded.
I typed fdisk, then came the first problem. it says something like 'no fixed disk'. I exit fdisk.
Then I typed format c:, 2nd problem occured. it says something like, 'invalid drive'.
I forgot the error message because the pc is in my office right now. I'm currently at home 'begging for help' So the error message is not accurate. sorry..

I think, if I run the CD, the hard disk will not be loaded (or should I say, hard disk failure). & If I take off the CD & restart again, change the BIOS (1st boot: HDD-0) then windows will load! Weird right?

I don't think my CD is 'corrupted' nor broken because I tried to run the CD from another PC. Yes, I can access the C drive from that PC.

Does anyone have any idea of the ... Read more

Answer:Can't format hard-disk nor do partition when using boot disk. Hard-disk failure

It sounds like it might be the bootable CD you've created is not picking up the HDD's/partitions.
To eliminate this as a posibility travel to bootdisk and grab the WinME bootdisk and boot from there. If it picks up the HDD you can FDISK and Format from there.
The other option is to boot using the XP CD and let it handle the formatting/partitioning duties...


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Question: laptop hard disk

Hi i am rebuilding a toshiba laptop whilst i know how to builld a desktop PC laptops is new to me what I wanted to know was do laptops have IDE cables the same as desktop pcs particularly the hard disk?

Answer:laptop hard disk

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Question: Laptop Hard Disk

I've developed a problem with the RAM on my laptop which stops me using it. It is still under warranty but has information on it which I need urgently and I know it will take about 5 weeks to be repaired. The Hard Disk is removable (although I have to remove a screw to take it out) so is there any way I can connect it to another computer to retrieve the required information?

The Laptop is a 1.8 GHz running XP and the disk size is 30GB



Answer:Laptop Hard Disk

If you have a desktop, you can buy a 2.5" to 3.5" hard drive adapter.

Set the laptop drive as a slave drive and copy the files over to the other hard drive.

Otherwise, you could put it in an external enclosure. Make sure that it's compatible with 2.5" hard drives, works with USB and some external cases will only work if it's also plugged in with an AC adapter.

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Couple of questions...I would like to be able to boot up and run my laptop from the usb hard drive. How would I have to save my data to enable this. Using XP backup or 'files and settings' wizard? Or copy everthing on the C: drive to the usb disk?Can I install XP on my hard drive (E:) when it is already on my C: drive? Any help would be appreciated. I'm experimenting with my new drive and I would like to know what is the best way to back up everything I need to make my pc safe from an internal disk crash. Thanks and regards, Chris

Answer:Can I run my laptop from my USB Hard Disk?

Theres a little fly in the ointment as400man, you can not boot XP from USB,

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I've recently replaced an laptop that had completly stopped working. I had hoped to take the RAM out of my old laptop and put it in to my new one. However, the old RAM is DDR and my new laptop takes DDR2. It seems the slot on the DDR at the top is in the wrong place by a couple of mm, so it can't be put in to DDR2 drive. Is this correct?Also there's a few things on my old laptop (on XP)that I haven't got backups of. Would it be possible to retrieve those files? My new laptop (on Vista) only has one hard disk space, which has the hard disk for the C: drive in it.

Answer:Laptop Hard disk and RAM

DDR and DDR2 are not compatible and that's why the slots are different.I think you now see why people say 'regular backups' are mandatory! I keep all my data on an external USB hard drive and a backup on the main C: drive. That seems to keep me covered in case one or other fail.

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Question: Laptop Hard Disk

Hi to all subscribers!

I am having problem what to purchase. My hard disk in toshiba notebook laptop was damage. The problem is when i ask the service center of toshiba the hard disk is so expensive.

My question is. Is all laptop hard disk are all the same? if is not..what to look into to buy a different brand.


Answer:Laptop Hard Disk

Click here and purchase the one you can afford. Are they the same? Pretty much the same, but I do have preferences. I'd buy a Seagate or a Western Digital that spins at 7200RPM, and I'd buy the disk with the best warranty.

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Question: Laptop Hard Disk

I have a now defunct laptop and need to retrieve some files off the hard disk. Both my desktop and laptop run Win XP home, but if I add the laptop HDD as second drive, cant access the 'My Documents' folder. (Access Denied error message) and if I connect the drive as master, the desktop wont boot from it. I can 'see' original folders with explorer, but cant access them. Would re-installing XP over the top of it help?? or is there some way to reset the access to the original 'My Documents' folder??

Answer:Laptop Hard Disk

Depending on the size of the files that you want to recover, have you tried copying them to a floppy via a command prompt, Gazzer99?

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I am curious as to whether my laptop can take another hard disk so I could perhaps add a solid state drive for the OS then have the current primary 640GB drive for data? Is there a way of finding out if it has two slots? Its a Dell Studio 1558 (15")


Answer:Can my laptop take another hard disk?

From what I read, only the Latitude 15" has two slots. You could always go with an external, though.

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My dell inspiron 14z 5423 no longer have sound from both the speakers and the earphone jack.
This happened after I replaced the Battery and also the hard disk from 500gb to 1TB and upgraded to windows 10.
Before this, I was using Windows 8.1 and everything was working well. I have returned it back to windows 8.1 but the no audio problem still persist.
Also, my speaker symbol on the task bar shows a "cross" sign with "no audio output installed" displaying when I hover on the speaker icon.
Please I need help. have tried all options i can think of including driver updates.
One more thing, the sound driver are not showing up on the device manager window where other drivers are displayed.


Answer:No Sound From Speaker & Headphone Jack On my Dell Inspiron 14z 5423 After Chnaging BAttery and Hard Disk

pizzz4allthe sound driver are not showing up on the device manager window where other drivers are displayed.
Hello. Download this Win8.1 IDT audio driver for the Inspiron 14z 5423. There are two versions there -- get the one that says "File Format Hard Drive". Follow the installation instructions and see if the driver shows up in Device Manager.
If it doesn't, perform the PSA or ePSA sound test. If no sound during the test then there has been hardware failure. Could have happened during parts replacement.

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I have a 1535 Dell laptop - I want to get a new hard drive

I've logged onto the Dell website and have looked up my laptop's spec for the hard drive:


Does this mean I *have* to get just SATA?
For example, I should NOT get SATA II?

SATA II hard drives have very good prices from what I can see
But no use buying if it's not compatible!


Answer:What hard drive do I need to get for my Dell laptop?

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Ok here is my story of how dell ruined my day

I went outside for a little bike ride but I left my laptop on like normal but I just logged off so my brothers couldn't use my computer. When I came back home and walked into my room and I noticed my laptop had a BSOD (blue screen of death) so I manually turned off my computer by holding the power button down but when I pressed the button again to turn it on and it started POSTing my hard drive started making clicking noises so I turned it off. Next I called dell to ask them what happened so we went it the BIOS and it saided there was no hard drive (while the hard drive was in clicking away) and some other test thing but the hard drive just can't be found so dell is sending me a new hard drive ALL MY STUFF IS GONE!! and yes I have tried the freezer trick and no luck
I did nothing to my laptop that would cause this

Answer:Dell Laptop Hard drive

what is the freezer trick? youve lost me on that one...

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Hello all … I have a two part question, which requires a bit of background. I am running XP Pro SP2 in with an AMD Anthlon 64 3000+ processor (1800 GH) on a Gigabyte motherboard and 1 Gig of RAM. I have been running with two IDE drives (61 Gig & 82 Gig respectively) and a WD 250 Gig SATA drive. The WD drive is divided into three partitions: the C: (Operating System) partition; the D partition which contains other applications; and the E partition, which contains all of my media files (music, movies, audiobooks, etc.) and is over 150 Gigs.

Recently I experienced a problem whereby my computer would shut down after a few hours, and on reboot I would get the message “NTLDR is missing; press CTRL+ALT+DEL”. Thanks to some great support form this forum, I realized it was a heat problem, so yesterday I took my computer in to get the power supply & fans updated. They checked the WD hard drive and advised me that the disk was corrupt, and needed to be replaced. It’s still under manufacturer’s warranty, so I bought a new, identical WD 250 Gig SATA disk and decided to move everything from the old WD to the new WD, remove the old WD disk & send it to the manufacturer, and when I get it back I’ll have an addition 250 Gig SATA hard drive.

After the new disk was installed, partitioned the new WD the same as the old WD and ghosted the C: & D: partitions on the old WD with Acronis and copied the data onto the new WD. I then changed the drive letter for the “other appli... Read more

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