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strange problem can u help?

Question: strange problem can u help?

ok here goes
One day without reason my computer just froze tried ctrl alt del no response so i resetted it however it failed to boot and i recieved this error message

pri master hard disk S.M.A.R.T command failed
press F1 to continue

i pressed f1 and it starts to search floppy and cd rom etc to boot then it says unable to boot

this problem persisted however the next day it booted fine and i was able to at least retrieve some files to floppy. but after that it happened again.

so i re-formatted and started from scratch however it happened again same problem. although sometimes it boots up fully other times it searches floppy its very random.

A mate looked at it couldnt find anything wrong and ran it for a full day no problems however it keeps happening he then put it down to the mother boards battery has ran out.

Do you think this is a valid explanation he thinks thats why it sometimes boots up but then battery runs out and it looses info (or some thing along those lines) please help its very frustrating

Thanks for your time x

btw im using winxp pro

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Preferred Solution: strange problem can u help?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: strange problem can u help?

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A couple of days ago I got a new monitor, as I was having some strange issues with my old one. It started off that occasionally when booting my computer, my monitor would just turn off (completely, not even display the orange light) and not be able to be turned back on until I had left it switched off at the wall for a few minutes.

It turned out that if I booted my computer with the monitor off, then turned it on after the whole windows startup and everything was complete, it would work. However, after a while this too stopped working and my monitor would fail to turn on at all.
I've just bought a new Monitor and it is all swell and good, however I'm having a strange problem when I move the monitor (which I do sometimes if I'm going to watch some TV on it or a film etc.), where if the power cable gets moved and slightly disconnected, it will turn off the monitor (obviously) but then also some of my USB peripherals will disconnect but not by being physically unplugged (I have a USB sound driver I use for recording which is hooked up to some speakers, and the 2 orange VU meters on this turn off and don't turn back on).

After this, the monitor, even if plugged back in, will turn on to display the LG symbol thing, but then turn itself off completely until the computer is rebooted. It's not entirely replicable as sometimes the monitor will work afterwards, however I'm worried that this is an early sign my monitor may be going the same way as the last one and it's something t... Read more

Answer:Strange power related problem, Monitor turning off when moved and doing strange things.

Call an electrician and have him check the wiring/sockets in your wall.

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Alright, I have a bit of a mystery on my hands anything in computers and/or networking there is more than one way to fix an issue, so I have the issue resolved, yet the underlying issue is bothering me...

So we have a customer, he is having issues with broadband internet connectivity, namely cable. He comes in, we plug his PC into both of our test connections (DSL and Cable) and the PC works fine. Grabs an IP, surfs the web, resolves names to IPs, no problem.

Customer goes home, can't connect. Cable ISP sends out a tech, his laptop works fine. However the customers system cannot pull an IP (and neither can his router - more on this later). So he brings his PC back in, we test it again, this time a bit more thoroughly, and yet everything still works fine. Customer comes in, again, he verifies that everything is working properly, we release and renew the IP several times while he watches, no problems.

Goes home...still nothing.

So he brings it back. One of the technicians asks to bring down the entire sales floor demo network by plugging the customers system directly into the cable modem. Sure, why not, I give him the OK. Hooks up the customers system, power cycles the modem (the local cable co assigns IPs through the modems by MAC addy, so you can't just unplug and plug into a different PC/Router/etc.) The modem recycles, and what do you know...the system (win98se) can't pull an IP. So all the usual crap ensues, removing and rei... Read more

Answer:Strange, strange of those things that makes you scratch your head

The Knoppix would have been a good test the Barts boot disk is not fool proff when it comes to working %100. Neither is Knoppix, but you have more to work with if it doesent.

There are also a lot if viruses that mess with win98's stack. Did you do a complete scan with up to date virus definiions?

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Ok, I'll give you all a quick rundown of my problem, and what i did to try and fix it.

First off, i have a 60gb ide drive for my windows installation (3 other drives for storage), and i got a 150gb Raptor X, which is sata. I cloned the 60gb boot drive onto the raptor, but it didnt boot, and said the HAL was corrupt. My guess would be that the hardware abstraction layer got all defunct when it saw the new sata drive, but was expecting an ide? After all that, i decided to run a chkdsk on the ide drive, and clone it again, to see if it booted. I used the recovery console on a windows xp pro disc, but alas, i couldnt chkdsk because i forgot my admin password. Stupid me. Well, i thought i'd reset the admin password with the windows xp repair installation. (Hit shift+f10 when it is "installing devices" in the gui part of the windows installation, and modify users from the cmd prompt.) But, i didnt get that far. after it copied all the files in dos, and would normally go back and continue installation, it restarted the computer and flashed the windows logo, normal stuff. then the logo went away and the computer restarted. Now it's in an endless loop, and does the same if i try the repair installation again. I really need to get this drive back up and running somehow.

Any help is appreciated.

Also, i used Paragon HDD manager 6 to clone the hard drives.

Answer:Solved: Strange, strange problem with windows repair.

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So at my home we regularly have internet connection problems , meaning it goes in and out 10-20 times a day , so we bought new modems , new wireless routers , which in the end we still have the same problem. So I decided to do a lil investigating , I decided to run wire shark to a detailed view on my connection , and I keep seeing this Lexmark printer show up & I was stumped b/c it just didn't make sense that a printer would continually try to connect to my wpa2-psk secured network , wireless at that , so , a few weeks go by and I decide to turn on file & printer sharing on one of my laptops & wam there is that Lexmark printer on my network could this printer be on my network? I'm confused b/c I haven't given out the password to any1, & it is showing up randomly....

Any1 have any ideas I've included a pic of its properties ,does any1 know how to investigate this further using the devices mac?!1224&authkey=!AD9ZxW-V1R2wJ2U

Answer:Strange Problem , With Strange Printer Showing Up On My Ntework

and you do not have a lexmark printer at all or any other wireless printer or printer connected to a PC and shared at all
its not showing an IP address

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I am running short on time, so i must describe this breifly.

I am fixing my friends computer, the mobo died, he got " the red light".

I replaced his mobo, and now everything powers up, but the computer doesn't post, there is no video what so ever.

I have tried swapping every componet from my working computer.
-the cpu

I have tried taking out the cmos battery and putting it back in.

I would try clearing the cmos jumper, but for some reason this new board does not have one.

Now, another strange problem. The board starts, for about 2 seconds, stops, and restarts itself. I have checked the LEDs multiple times. I have tried reseting the graphics card, and the cpu, and the ram, and have tried the ram in different slots

I am now clueless. Would love help. Thanks

Answer:Strange, strange problem

Me thinks your new mobo has a problem too.

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Okay, so I have a little bit of a problem, I turned my computer on this morning only to find that all the folder icons had been replaced by 'no icon' icons (the paper with the stuff on it).

Now, when I click my folders, it brings me to the search window, with that folder in the search area. This means I need to right click every time I want to open one of my (now) ugly looking folders.

I've gone through folder options, and under the list of options only 'find' and 'open in onenote' comes up... not open or explore. It says I can add a new type, but I browse and I doubt there's a program to open folders.

Any help? Yes... I've tried System Restore

Answer:Strange, strange problem

There's a freeware program called "tweakui" that has a tool "rebuild icons" that may fix this. Another program "regseeker" has one as well.

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Hellow from Slovakia. I am really enjoy using this lap top perfect work from lenovo! Keep it up. However, i got few problems, on of it is problem when i play games. I am casual player of Heroes of the storm, League of Legends, Call of Duty 4, WoW... i got problem with them using my e460. 1. I need to run all games in borderless fullscreen mode. If i dont, i got huge freezes during gaming. Laptop is capable on low settings fHD res. 60 fps in borderless fullscreen. When i am running full screen, i got something like that: 5 sec fluent experience full 60fps no problems. x seconds of lag, total freeze, sound is running good, I CAN CLICK ON FROZEN SCREEN AND GAME REACT, system running good, everything running smooth but image is frozen or black. After some time, fluent 60 fps, no problems at all. I am running latest updates with system update utility for think pads. I also try to install new beta release for AMD drivers. This actually helped a LOT but it still sometimes happen. Also try to install latest official INTEL drivers blessed by lenovo. Nothing eliminates this problem. (yes i used Display Driver Uninstaller so i did this clean way). 2. When i alt+tab any game on full screen(sometimes also on borderless fullscreen), game screen freeze same way but for waaay longer. We are talking minutes now. Game IS responding, using CPU, soaking RAM, everything look just normal at task manager. However, when i check GPU-Z during this freeze, yes AM... Read more

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Hellow from Slovakia. I am really enjoy using this lap top perfect work from lenovo! Keep it up. However, i got few problems, on of it is problem when i play games. I am casual player of Heroes of the storm, League of Legends, Call of Duty 4, WoW... i got problem with them using my e460. 1. I need to run all games in borderless fullscreen mode. If i dont, i got huge freezes during gaming. Laptop is capable on low settings fHD res. 60 fps in borderless fullscreen. When i am running full screen, i got something like that: 5 sec fluent experience full 60fps no problems. x seconds of lag, total freeze, sound is running good, I CAN CLICK ON FROZEN SCREEN AND GAME REACT, system running good, everything running smooth but image is frozen or black. After some time, fluent 60 fps, no problems at all. I am running latest updates with system update utility for think pads. I also try to install new beta release for AMD drivers. This actually helped a LOT but it still sometimes happen. Also try to install latest official INTEL drivers blessed by lenovo. Nothing eliminates this problem. (yes i used Display Driver Uninstaller so i did this clean way). 2. When i alt+tab any game on full screen(sometimes also on borderless fullscreen), game screen freeze same way but for waaay longer. We are talking minutes now. Game IS responding, using CPU, soaking RAM, everything look just normal at task manager. However, when i check GPU-Z during this freeze, yes AM... Read more

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Hi all, I'm new on the forums. Best Windows 7 forums btw, have helped me a lot.

So I'm having two different or same kind of problems. I really need help to solve these!

? Problem number one:I'm having a strange freezing problem. Sometimes randomly my desktop freezes. I can't right-click any icons, remove icons or do anything for them. To solve this problem every time I need to reboot or log off and log in again. Then Sometimes my explorer.exe -process dies randomly and same kind of problem appears. Any fixes?
? Problem number two:I'm the system administrator, but sometimes randomly I don't have an access to change some directories or files. Sometimes if I download a file, I can't save it to the desktop. What is this all about and how I can solve this?
Specs:? CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 @ 4,4GHz
? Mainboard: Asus P5Q Pro
? GFX: Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 4850 Mb
? Memory: 4 Gb Exceleram DDR2 1110MHz
? Soundcard: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer
? Storage: ~1 Tb
? OS: Windows 7 Ultimate OEM 64bit newest version
Everything else works fine still, but these are two annoying problems I'm facing.

Thanks, xoxo

Answer:Strange freezing problem and administrator problem

ur second problem is caused by the application experience service not running. by having that disables you will get that permissions error after you navigate into any newly created folder. if this is not the issue then something else has altered your permissions

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Hi all, I was hoping someone could help me out. I've been having a reoccurring issue with my laptop. The basic issue is that it runs very, very slow - using about 80%-100% of the CPU when a program is open and 30%-50% of the CPU when no programs are open. If I try to restart the computer, it will hang on a black screen between the "Starting Windows" screen and the "Welcome" screen.

The first few times it occurred (July, October, and mid-November) a System Restore from Safe Mode solved the issue. The fourth and fifth times it happened (late November and early December) I had to try restoring to multiple different restore points before it would work again. The sixth time (mid-December) no amount of System Restores did anything. I ended up running the "sfc scannow" command and that seemed to solve it. The seventh time (late December) neither System Restore nor "sfc scannow" did anything. I ended up reformatting and doing a clean install of Windows. That solved the problem for about a week, then last night it started happening again.

I'm a little lost at this point. I've run tests on both the memory and hard drive and they came out fine. I looked through the event logs each time the issue occurred and didn't see anything that seemed likely to cause this. The fact that it keeps reoccurring, even after a clean install, makes me think it's some kind of hardware issue. But the fact that the computer works completely fine... Read more

Answer:Strange Problem - Not entirely sure whether it's a software or hardware problem

Hello and welcome.Use Process Explorer to provide an overview of your running processes.Download the .zip file and extract to a folder on your desktop. Run program. In Vista/7: Click File > Show Details for All Processes.Click View > Select Columns and check the Command Line box. Click OK.If necessary, continue to use the computer until it displays the undesirable behaviour (lagging, freezes, etc). Immediately switch back to Process Explorer and press the Space Bar to pause updates.Click File > Save As.... Save to your desktop as procexp.txt.Attach (do not copy & paste) procexp.txt to your next reply. Use the forum's "Full Editor" to attach files.Note: Do not unpause or exit Process Explorer unless directed to.==========================================Use Speccy to provide details of your computer's configuration.Download, install, and run After Speccy has finished gathering information, click File > Publish Snapshot In the Publish Snapshot dialog box, click Yes to enable Speccy to proceed. A web address will be displayed, click Copy to Clipboard and paste it in your next post.=========================================

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Question: Strange XP problem

ok, i was on my computer like normal. I've had it since 10/13/2007. now everything was going fine and i was playing Warcraft 3. Then the computer locks up on me and cant ctrl+alt+del. so i had to hard restart. now some how it rolled it self back the 10/13/07. my hard drives still have all program files and can access it directly from the HDD but all information on the start menu is gone

Answer:Strange XP problem

Start by resetting the time:

Right click on clock> Adjust Date/Time> Time Zone tab> Make sure your correct Time Zone is set> check 'Automatically adjust time for Daylight Savings Time'> Internet Time tab> check 'automatically synchronize with internet time server'> copy this Time server and paste it in server box:
Click on Update now> Apply> OK.

If the time correction holds, you're okay. If not, it sounds like it's gone back to factory reset which would be why you're not seeing a full start menu.

You can also try doing a System Restore to date right before this happened. Let us know if corrections fix problems.

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Question: strange problem

Hi, was hoping i could get some advise or help with Windows Xp ... im not sure what happened really but i'll start at the begining ... i was playing wolfenstien online and the whole computer froze and i had to reboot useing the reset button ... On reboot it run chkdsk and i got the msg "Replacing invalid security files with default security files" it replaced about 150'000 of them ....when windows finaly started up i noticed my paste & move option wasnt working so run clipbrd.exe an noticed that things i was copying wasnt appearing in there! ..strange lol iv rebooted in safe mode and run , Ad aware, spybot, Ms Malware removal tool, CCleaner, Easy reg cleaner, and avg anti spyware remover, and none of them found nothing .. i didnt have anti virus as the night before i had to remove nod32 because the trial had run out so i went to get avg free av and when went to install i got a msg saying couldnt because i was in safe mode but i wasnt as id rebooted bck into normal mode so i tried to install a few other things and i get same msg,,,so i tried to repair the installation and it wouldnt let me as my disc only has service pack1 on it and my comp has been updated to sp2 via windows updates, so i try to uninstall sp2 so the disc will work and i get the same error msg as i did when tryed to install things saying that i couldnt because i was running in safe mode (but im not) ... after a few more hours iv had enough and decide i'll loose all my data and... Read more

Answer:strange problem

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Hey guys, lemme get my specs out of the way first:
ip35 pro
4gb ballistix
8800gts 640
windows vista 64

Ok, so here's what is going on: I have been running the sp1 beta since it came out with no problem, but when I booted up last night the text saying 'evaluation version' or whatever in the bottom right of my desktop was gone. Then I noticed that Aero was disabled, and I can't get it to reenable. So I go to the control panel, but its blank. I then browse through windows explorer to the control panel and can only access it through there, and only by the individual sections, like personal options, networking, etc; not through the control panel itself. Another weird thing is that when I right click on my desktop and click on 'personalize,' nothing happens at all.

A second, and maybe related problem, was that I had an icon in my system tray that said 'windows is unable to update' or something to that effect. I found out that that was caused by my system time and date being wrong by several hours and about a year; setting those to the correct date and time fixed that problem. However, the windows update icon is still in the tray and says 'there are two updates,' when I click on the icon, though, nothing happens.

I tried doing a system restore to an earlier date, though not before I installed sp1, and it did not seem to do anything. I would greatly appreciate any help or ideas, and please let me know if you need more infor... Read more

Answer:Strange problem, could use help

Perhaps the Evaluation Expired? DL the full, non-beta SP and install it if you can.

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I am the sole operator of a stand-alone PC: P4/2GHz, 512 Ram. 40GB hard drive with Win XP-Professional.

I installed SP-1 and found that neither of my CD drives would work! I removed SP-1, did a "repair install" and they both worked properly.

I downloaded and installed 15 "critical updates" and the CD drives would not work. I removed the "critical updates" one by one and removal of Q315000 fixed the CD-R drive while removal of Q326830 "fixed" the CD-RW drive. I put those two updates back and my CD drives wouldn't work. I removed them again and the drives were again OK!

I haven't found anyone else complaining about this problem. Microsoft documented it all with considerable interest Dell couldn't have cared less.

Any idea about what is going on?

Thank you,


Answer:Very Strange Win XP SP-1 Problem

See if either this article or this article is any help.

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every now and then my laptop will act like im holding down the control key and if i try to click anything in firefox it highlights a bunch of stuff and if i click on a bookmark it gives me a warning that 67 tabs are about to be opened, but if i hit control again its fine.... anybody have any idea why? the key isnt sticking or anything like that...

Answer:Very strange problem..

Does this only occur when you use Firefox? It may not be hardware but software related. A number of people have been having issues with the latest Firefox release. I don't know if there are Firefox forums but if they do I would research to see if anyone else is experiencing the same issue.

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hello, well let's see my system specs are

P4p800-E deluxe ASUS motherboard
Maxtor 80gb 7200rpm hardrives X2 (raid stripe config)
GeForce 7800GS OC
2 GB cheap DDR corsair i think? 100$ for a gigx2
P4 CPU 3.2 Ghz
530W power supply

my CPU is running at 80 Celsius at startup or right now with just firefox open....

haha surprising cuz it usually doesnt make it to the windows loading just shuts off... i will answer any questions that can help.

thank you =]

Answer:A Very Strange CPU problem.

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

That`s way too hot.

Open your case and make sure the cpu fan is running properly.

If it is, clean out any dust from the heatsink. If that doesn help, remove the heatsink and clean off the old thermal pad/paste with a little isopropyl or rubbing alcohol. Thoroughly dry it and apply a very thin layer of new theremal paste to the cpu die. Reattach the heatsink.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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Question: Strange problem

I couldn't find what I thought was an appropriate place to post this
so I will deposit it here.


I have two computers side by side running XP Home. On one I can logon to
Tech Support forum and on the other I cannot.Security setting are the same on both computers "medium high". Cookie settings "accept 1st and 3rd cookies"
This does not make sense to this old man. THank you for any suggestions.

Answer:Strange problem

I can't believe this. 25 individuals have perused this post and not
a single reply. I know there are some Gurus here. This is no joke.
I do have this weird problem and would sure like to be able to
logon to this--my favorite forum out of six I visit.

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Question: Strange XP Problem

Hey all

I was checking out to play a bingo game and upon entering the room, my screen went dark, then turned navy blue and I saw a message that read something like this:

"There was a problem detected, and Windows is shutting down to prevent damage to your computer."

Then under that it read:


and at the bottom it said:

"Beginning dump of physical memory" , and proceeded to count to 100, and then restarted automatically.

I tried accessing the site again, and got the same exact result.

Anyone have any idea what caused that error?

Answer:Strange XP Problem

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About twice per week I get a strange message (see picture 1). I traced the origin to the csrss.exe (see picture 2).

Ran 10 pases of Memtest 86 the whole night. It did not find anything. Gave my RAM a clean bill of health. Does anybody have any idea what that could be?

PS: I am running my webradio with the Chrome.exe - That is all it ever runs all day.

Answer:Strange RAM Problem

Hmm, 70 people looked at this thread but nobody seems to have a clue. The few times I post one of my problems, I never seem to get any or much input. Are my problems so strange?

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Quite randomly(and rarely) Windows will act as if the left arrow key is being held down. Nothing I do makes it stop, I have to restart the PC for this. This is annoying, because I can't type properly, since the cursor automatically moves to the left. Also makes navigating through Windows a pain. It's not the keyboard problem, as it happens if I unplug it. I'm also on a KVM. I don't think its a hardware issue, since the speed of going left is really slow compared to me holding down the left arrow key.

So, why does Windows sometimes act as if I'm holding down the left arrow key? I've done the usual spybot/adware/hijackthis/av/etc...

Answer:Really strange problem in XP...

I would also do without the KVM for now to see if that is causing it.

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Group: Members
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Joined: Today, 10:58 PM
Member No.: 27,734

(Wish this wasn't so long, but I don't know how else to say what needs said.)

We have a computer problem that affects two computers in exactly the same way. My wife and I have nearly identical desktop computers, running WinXP Pro Media Center Gateways, located in adjoining what used to be bedrooms but now converted to offices.

The problem manifests itself by preventing either computer

* from seeing Adsense ads, Amazone ads on any given website (but, oddly. we can see them on some websites) I build a website in, say, XSitePro. I install Adsense code and Amazon code. Save everything. Close up for the night. Next day, do a preview in XSitePro of the new website, and neither Adsense or Amazone ads are visible. Post the site on line, FTP and all of that, to Go Daddy. Now the site is visible to the world..

Neither I nor my wife's computer can see the Adsense or Amazon ads. Boot up our laptop, which runs Win2K, go to the site, and everything that's supposed to be visible, is visible. Both Adsense and Amazon ads are clearly there.

* The other way this problem shows itself is with certain SSL websites (but not all). For instance I ran a test yesterday on one of my ClickBank affiliates, just to see if my ID was on the checkout page (I finally learned it was), I could get to the sales page just fine. But when I tried buy and go to checkout, I got an error message. I tried it on four different ... Read more

Answer:Very strange problem

Hi Tbone, welcome to TSF.

This behaviour sounds like anti-spyware, and programs alike, filtering out adverts.

Do you have such programs installed? Please list them.

Your host file could have also been modified to block such websites.
You can see your host file here: Open it with Notepad.

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Question: Strange XP problem

I've been having a strange problem with Windows XP SP3. Basically, whenever my RAM usage hits 50%, no new programs will open. Explorer windows wont work, audacity will give me a "cant create window error", new firefox windows will just display black. Also, when I unlock my computer after it's been idle for a while, the taskbar won't come back until I've futzed around in explorer windows for a few minutes. Also, if I'm in a program like foobar and I click on one of the music files and select "open folder" or "view folder", the program will completely freeze for ~2 minutes, and won't work again till the explorer window comes up 2 minutes later.

I've run memtest for 8 hours with no errors, my tempuratures are fine, all my hard drives are fine, i've defragged. I've reinstalled windows a few times, running Killdisk on the 2 raptors I install windows on in between installs.

I just can't figure out how to fix this. As far as I can tell all my hardware works fine. Games run fine too, don't get any random crashes. Newly opened programs just won't work at all if my RAM usages is over 50%.

Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated. I've googled around to no avail, thought I'd see what your collective wisdom can come up with.

Answer:Strange XP problem

I had a similar problem a couple of years ago and never resolved it.
What I would do is open task manager (which that usually always popped up for me) then end the Explorer.exe and then run it again and all would be fine for a day or so, then do it again when windows became unresponsive.

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Question: Strange Problem...

Well, here is the time to activate windows. When I got my copy of Vista Ultimate, I had already activated my 32-bit version. SInce I went 64-bit for good last month, windows informed me I need to activate my copy (Full retail version) it says that this serial number is already activated and I would need to purchase another!! I thought since one was 32 and one was 64 bit, that microsoft would know better on the same hardware. They could clearly see that this version is going on the exact same machine. Anyone have any suggestions on how to get around this?

Answer:Strange Problem...

You're probably gonna have to chose "other activation method" and activate by phone. You'll need to call them up and explain your situation. I've re-installed XP so many times over the last 6 years, that whenever I wipe the HD and reinstall I have to call them up. It's simple really and only takes about 5 minutes.

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Question: Strange problem...

My computer is running fine. However, one particular website I can't ge to from my office computer. Unfortunately it's the website I venture to most often throughout the day. Every other website I browse pops right up. From home, I get right into the website.

Even more strange is the fact that when I get to the office first thing in the AM, I can get to the site. It's a forum. The moment I try and do something though... like post a message, it goes to an IE internet error page and can't find the page. From that point forward I'm dead in the water the rest of the day.

Any thoughts or suggestions? I've tried using firefox. I've run the various malware instruments in the malware sticky. The problem persists.

Appreciate your time in advance.

Answer:Strange problem...

Here is my supraantispyware log

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Question: Strange problem

On some websites (and there's no rhyme or reason as to which ones), when I click on a picture to enlarge it or take me to another website, or when I click on a link (, for example), the operation works. The picture enlarges,I go to the website, etc. On other websites, when I click, nothing happens. I can see the new address, for example, in the bottom status bar, but I don't go there, or the picture doesn't enlarge. Any ideas?...In advance, Thanks!

Answer:Strange problem


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Question: Strange Problem!

I'm currently using WindowsME, and for some reason, I cannot download more than 4 items at one time(ie MP3's, Videos, Files, anything). When you try to download the 5th item(meaning, RIGHT CLICK, SAVE TARGET AS), the file download box just sits there, and won't bring up the option to save the file UNTIL one of the 4 items currently downloading are finished. ALSO, to further complicate things, when 4 things are being downloaded, I cannot BROWSE in that same window. When I click a link--nothing, it just sits there--until one of the 4 downloads are done, then it goes. When I used Windows 98 and Windows XP(I hated it), I didn't have this problem, I could easily download 20 files at a time if need be. Any ideas on what is causing this, why, and how to fix it?
System Specs:
*Windows ME
*500mhz AMD K6-II Processor
*Cable Modem
*3Com Home Connect Network Adapter

Answer:Strange Problem!

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I am having a strange problem. My AVG antivirus has updated and prompts for a restart to finish the update, but each restart does not finish the update process. I reran the cleaning procedures and the logs are attached.

As a side note, the last 2 times I ran Spybot S&D, it found a Windows Firewall Disabler, which it keeps telling me it fixed.

The MGLogs didn't appear to find anything, but I can attach that as well. Also, the mbam log is from the other night.. the one ran today was clean.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Strange problem with AVG

You need to attach the log from MGtools as requested. It is not a malware scanning program like the other tools. It is primarily a report of things for us to look at.

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Question: Strange Problem

I noticed a strange issue with my PC today. I am running Win 10 Pro (64 bit) and after I restarted my PC today, I observed the following things:

1. Some of the icons are missing on the taskbar. There used to be icons for Store, Calculator, Edge on my taskbar.

2. I also observed that when I clicked on the Start button, I did not see the Start menu window. Moreover, when I right click anywhere (on a icon, folder, desktop, etc.) it takes a long time for the context menu to show up.

3. I also have proper security software (Bitdefender & Malwarebytes AntiExploit). The system settings window too takes a long time to open.

4. It seems that anything related to the modern metro apps does not work. When I click on the search bar (at the bottom and search for something like Paint, Snipping Tool, I am unable to open the program from the search results.

What could this be? My PC used to be fast before this. I am running an entire system scan for threats as I write but really doubt this is related to any malware. Thanks!

Answer:Strange Problem

Its probably related to a recent update. First thing to do is a simple restart, it sometimes sorts itself out. If not then it would be worth trying a system restore to an earlier point in time when it was working properly.

System Restore Windows 10

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Hi everyone,

Here's the story. I was on the net one day and my browser (MYIE 2) simply shut down. I don't remember if it was directly after that or not that it started not even loading up at all, but it did. I tried uninstalling, reinstalling, restarting, reseting browser config and nothing worked. So I got the updated version called Maxthon - this worked.

I noticed that one of my most recently and frequently visited sites wasn't loading so I thought it might have been down (though it seemed strange because it's a very stable site).

Later I also noticed that a whole bunch of other totally random websites would refuse to load at all and sometimes would give me a default browser error (not a 404).

I read a bit on the subject of non-loading websites and found several hits which claimed that the problem could be a bad router or malware. So I decided to run all the scans I could: AA SE, HJT, TDS, and I'm currently running an online scan from MS and we'll see what it uncovers. I deleted all of the suspicious objects being careful not to delete anything that I googled and found to be safe.

This did nothing to solve the problem, so I resorted to rebooting my router which is a D-Link DI-524 Wireless router (though the problematic computer is on a wired connection). After I did this, and restarted the Cable modem I have as well, I went back to these websites that didn't display earlier, and found pages of pure tech-gibberish. That's literall... Read more

Answer:Please Help - Very Strange Problem

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Howdy, I am just wondering if anyone can help me with a problem I have that absolutely no one I have spoken to has ever HEARD of. I had a cd-rom/burner that would do everything fine until I would try to play a game I installed. It would start up, read the disc, install and otherwise do everything perfectly. But when I try to PLAY the game it tells me it to insert the correct CD. I thought the thing had finally broken and bought a CD-Rom/Burner. But it does the EXACT same thing. I installed the drivers, it reads all discs perfectly, installs the games without any problems and is otherwise in perfect condition. but when I try to PLAY a game I have installed with it, ANY game, it says the disc is not in the drive. I know I have the proper disc in the drive, it is a retail version not a burned copy, I know it is installed correcly (cause like I said, everything else works) the ONLY thing it does is fail to read the disc when i want to PLAY a game that it has already installed. Does my computer just have a cruel sense of irony? Someone PLEASE help.

Answer:Strange problem w/ CD-Rom

Hello wesker....

U shouldnt have bought a new CD-ROM , the old one were working perfectly . Ur problem is not with the drive , actually its with the game , u just need a crack for the game .

U said ur using a trial version NOT burned the normal thing that it plays without cracks.......but i got ur problem before with " Need for speed -High stakes " , it came with my VGA as a trial version...and suprise !!!!!! it didnt play without a crack ...dont ask me for the reason.

So simply try to find a crack for ur game...and more specifically there r ( NO-CD cracks )....make u play the game without the CD.

hope dat helps

Quote: If we dont end WAR , WAR will end us.

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Question: Strange Problem

Hey guys, here's what's going on.

This just happened within the last few days for no apparent reason.

ANY game I'm playing (that's why this is not in the game section) will appear to freeze and the sound will be stuck. Then the screen will go black. This will be like this for 10-15 seconds. Then the game comes back on, and keeps playing like normal, with me ending up dead or crashing my car or whatever (completely ruins whatever I was doing).

Then when I shut the game off, my desktop is set at 800x600x16bit instead of 1024x768x32bit. All the icons are out of order. It looks like the darn video card had been reset to factory configurations or something. What's up???

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Hi everyone,

I have this problem:
This situation is similar, but to me doubled the directory ?downloads?
[Fix] Drives Appearing Twice in Navigation Pane of Windows 10 Explorer - AskVG
The error was caused today, yesterday did not have this problem.
My computer is not customized or modified with ?tweaks?.

I guess that will be remove some key ?Delegate folders?, but I don?t know which is correct key.

Thanks in advanced.

Answer:Help with a strange problem

I have a similar problem, in my case it is two disk icons when I put a usb drive in the machine. If I put a second drive in it shows four Icons.
It is not a big deal just irritating


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Question: strange IE problem

my problem is that my internet explorer cannot load any websites, i always receive this msg:Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage.
i can browse everything with firefox, so nothing's wron with my connection(ADSL)
i have disabled proxy but it doesnt solve the problem. now my ie works only if i use ultrasurf, i mean it only loads websites through proxy. i have done whatever microsoft support page suggests, like disabling proxy, upgrading, flush dns command, page fix etc, but nothing solves the problem.
will you lpz help me?

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Question: Strange problem

Hello People

I really have a Strange problem , I see a scattered lines (see the photo)
I don't know is this a problem in my software or virus or sth like that , or this is a problem in hardware
I tried to move the screen but no effects so its not about the cable maybe
and I tried to install windows r 8 but I still see the scattered lines
but when I do refresh every think back good

any solve please


Answer:Strange problem

Check your PC manufacturer's website for a newer version of the graphics driver.
If a newer driver makes no difference, consider replacing the graphics card (unless it's a laptop).

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Question: Strange IE Problem

Hi everyone, first post here.

Recently when using IE 8 a few websites (not all) have appeared with the text distorted, overlapping etc. Have checked on another pc and the sites are fine.

Also when downloading files rather than giving a progress percentage as usual it will sit idle for 10-15 or whatever then eventually give you the option to save then it just downlads in 1 second.

The same thing is happening with youtube videos, they will sit loading until the video has completely loaded before playing. I downloaded firefox and got the exact same problems as i did with IE 8

I am on Vista.

Any thoughts/suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Strange IE Problem

If you find that your IE is acting up, here are some trouble-shooting steps you may try in order to repair it:

1. Run your anti-virus and an anti-spyware, to check for malware infections. Microsoft Security Essentials is a good freeware AV from Microsoft.
2. Clear cache. Or else run your Junk Cleaner or CCleaner. In IE 7 or 8, click Tools > Internet options > Security > Reset all Zones to Default level
3. If still you find your IE giving problems, close it and run IE (No Add-ons). This opens up the browser without loading any add-ons, toolbars or plug-ins.
4. Run sfc /sc?annow and at the end reboot if asked for. This will replace corrupted system files if any.
If you find it running OK, then the problem is most probably caused by an addon. In that case you have two options :
- Use the manage Add-ons tool, and disable each one after the other to find out which one is causing the problem.
- In Internet Options, go to Advanced Tab and click on Reset tab. Restart IE. This step deletes all temp files, disables any add-ons, plug-ins, toolbars and also resets all changed settings to default. Although this is a quick-fix, you will have to re-install the add-ons.

I hope these tips solve your problem!

IE Outreach Team

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i was using win xp sp1 since may 2005. my system was very clean.. yesterday due to a crash i have to re-install the windows so i switched to sp2.. than i used a flash stick of a friend. that has viruses and my kasper AV was not updated that time to detect them.. now i have updated my kasper AV it has detected some viruses and removed them.. they were

1. svchost.exe in windows directory
2. RavMon.exe in every partitaion of my disk
3. trojan.win32.agent.abt
4. email-worm.win32.brontok.q
5. win32.hidrage.a (run as svchost.exe) also known as win32/jeefo
6. MDM.exe in c:/windows

where it says open & explore there are some strange symbols...
those symbols still there and when i double click any of the partitaion to open it... it opens a dialog box saying " open with" choose the program to open the file c:/ or D:/ .......

here is screenshot

yea and another problem. i can't see hidden files.. when i enable show hidden files. and click ok
but again don't show hidden files option is selected..

what u guys have to say about that? and how can i cure that problem/virus/spyware
waiting for your response.. i hope i will get good response from you guys..
thanks in advance

Answer:strange problem... help me

Best thing to do is reformat HD and reinstall XP. Sometimes not all virus can be removed with just one antivirus software. FYI the next time you use someone elses flash drive or other media check for viruses first on the drive you hook up BEFORE you open it. One of the most common ways to get a virus is from a "Friend". If your Virus Protection does not give you this option, I would find another virus protection (ie. AVG antivirus) that does.

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Question: strange problem...

thats right, or atleast i havent seen seen it before, seems that my computer make some kind of speedhack in windows, then it goes back to normal but this happens every 10 or 15 seconds!!!

i have formatted my harddrive one time and reinstalled windows for like 6 times and it doesnt seem to stop the speedhacks, my system is

AMD XP 2000
512 MB RAM
ATI Prophet FDX 8500 LE
Creative SB Audigy

it worked perfectly well but now (and it has been for a long time) it has been like this for i don't know for how long...could it be dust or something in the fan or a virus? info appreciated


Answer:strange problem...

i forgot to add that this affects everything, games, programs, the whole are a hell playing on this machine, watcing dvds to (not that i do it but atleast games)


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I have server NEC SI1310 from 2012 and i have installed windows 7,made it personal computer.Everything was Ok but before 3 days it wont powered on,no fans working,no beeps.I removed my bios battery and put it again and everything OK.I thought it was cmos problem and after reset with remove and put battery again my problem was solved.But NO,the next day the problem was again present.Then i thought the bios battery has died and i replaced that with new one and with the same number (cr2032).Then i did small "experiment",after i replaced battery i shut down computer and remove all electric cables that that power computer like i do everynight.I wait some hours and then i power on computer.Everything Ok!But the next day the problem was again present...........What is this strange problem happened to me???Please help!!!

Answer:Strange problem!!!Please help me??!!??

are u sure the NEC SI1310 is from 2012??
if it is infact from 2007 ...... 1st thing u could try is a new power supply

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Dear All,

Please help me . Its been so many days now, I was able to use WiFi everywhere using my laptop.

Suddenly one day I logged in to Office Wifi , it says " No Internet, Connected ,Secured". Diagnostics shows "One or more protocol is missing on this system..Blah".

Adding to it , I can still use internet from other WiFi sources. But not from the office SSID.

Actually What I see after connecting to Office SSID,Default Gateway & DNS server does not get allocated.

Answer:Very strange problem

Welcome aboard, Sam.

Are other computers able to access your office's WiFi?

If so, go to Settings and select WiFi and make sure that you are actually connected to your office WiFi.

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My computer has been experiencing a rather peculiar "problem" for a while now and no one can figure it out.Every now and then, I get a message titled Server Busy "The selected action cannot be performed because the server is currently busy../ then it says something else which I don't remember. I have two options, one is retry, the other is switch to. It takes several clicks for it to go away, and when it does go away the result is an advertisement pop-up on IE.As I said, strange thing, rather annoying. It makes my computer slow and then results in a pop-up.Any help is appreciated.

Answer:Rather strange problem

Armando:The server is likely a Web server that a program on your computer is trying to contact so the pop up ads may be sent to you.  Try downloading, installing and running this program: is one of the best adware removal programs available (i've been using it for years, now) and it is free for personal use.Regards,Doc

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We have an Asus T100 netbook with Windows 10 and three user accounts. Let's call them WifeAdmin, Wife and Husband. I log onto the computer as WifeAdmin and if I try to do anything that requires administrator privileges I get a popup that asks for the password for Husband. Unfortunately, I have forgotten the Husband password. I have both the WifeAdmin and Wife passwords and am logged in as WifeAdmin, so why am I required to enter the Husband password?

Since I don't have the Husband password, the computer is basically a brick. The Wi-Fi adapter is disabled and it takes an administrator privilege to enable it. I'm logged on as an administrator but can't enable it without an non-administrator password!!! I really need some help with this, I'm totally lost here.

Answer:Strange UAC Problem

I've tried to replicate your scenario but it's simply not possible. I am sure, totally convinced that either you are mistaken and the account WifeAdmin really is and has been a standard account, not admin, or that the user Husband has somehow promoted his user account to admin and demoted you to standard user.

An admin account in Windows 10 simply does not ask admin credentials of another local admin. The fact that you are asked the credentials of user Husband clearly tells that this user is an admin; Windows UAC will never ever ask credentials of a standard user.

To check the situation, open Settings > Accounts > Your info. See the screenshot below, an admin user at left with two telltales to see he's an admin, word Administrator under the username (and email address if an MS account), and possibility to manage Family & other users on left pane. If you can see these telltales, your account is an admin account and you should not be prompted credentials of another local admin.

At right the same user demoted to standard user. You can see that both telltales are missing. If this is your case as I suspect, you really need to get the user Husband to promote you to admin.

(Click to enlarge.)


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Hi.Just having a little problem with PCA threads. When I go into Helproom Speakers Corner Etc I always press refresh.Then when I go into a thread with maybe 6 replies mine only shows 2 maybe and I then have to refresh the thread to see the rest.Now this is being going on for about a fortnight.Anyone else having the same problem.Or any way of fixing it.Sometimes when I go back to the same thread the previous answers are not there and I have to refresh again.My refresh button is getting a bit overused at the moment.I have ran my security programs and found nothing.

Answer:Having a strange problem with PCA

Have you cleared your cache?

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Hello to all,
I'm having big problem and hope you'll be able to help me. I had very stable system win XP pro SP2 with all critical updates installed. Everything was OK until today when I was showing my friend how to repair win XP since he had problems. I booted from installation CD and explained him how to repair windows installation (way of installing without loosing data). Unfortunatley setup proccedure started, I didn't want to stop it. During installation, I got error messages about three files that were missing or corrupted. One had something to do with windows update,I just clicked skip.
After installation was finihed I rebooted my PC and then problem begun.
First of all resolution is changed and if I try to change it with right click on desktop, I immediatelly get "send to microsoft error box" When I try to open windows explorer, again explorer crashes with "send to microsoft"
I couldn't backup my documents folder. Any action *copy or paste crashes win explorer. It is very frustating. I was about to take my hard drive to friend's computer to backup data, but before that I tried to create another user account, it it was OK. Suprisinglly, everything works without any problems on othe user account. Is there any way I can fix old one?
I really don't want to format drive.


P.S. When my friend saw it he decided not to go for repair of windows in his life....

Answer:Very strange problem with XP pro

So, while showing someone else how to run a Repair Install, you actually ran a repair install on your own machine ?

Okay, and then there were errors copying files, which you allowed to be skipped. If there were only 3, you might find out what's missing in Event Viewer, or in various error messages.

You also might try running Start>Run> "sfc /scannow"

Failing that, another Repair Install would work EXCEPT...

The errors occured for a reason. If you are lucky, the disk was dirty and cleaning it will allow a Repair Install (or sfc) to work correctly. However, if the disk is scratched, or if the optical drive is bad, you will possibly have the exact same problem the next time.

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In advance, I apologize if this is not the proper place to post this.

All of these problems happen all at once, after a few hours of use:

1.) My Recycle Bin will disappear upon emptying it.
2.) All of my folders contain invisible icons. Not all of them are invisible, but most of them. Those that aren't just contain the standard file icon (white piece of paper).
3.) My Desktop will no longer show thumbnails for images placed there.
4.) "My Computer" won't load. A green bar just moves across the top and no icons appear.
5.) The "Libraries" directory on the left of explorer won't load. They show the magnifying glass icon.
6.) Appwiz.cpl (Add/Remove Programs) loads very slowly, or not at all. Green loading bar again.
7.) Desktop gadgets disappear.
8.) Rebooting explorer causes this error message to appear upon trying to open folders: "The remote procedure call failed and did not execute."

Restarting Windows seems to repair the problem, but it comes back later. This ever happen to anyone else? I'd really like to rectify this without having to reinstall. I mean I will if I have to, but I'd like to think that's a last-ditch solution.

Answer:I'm having a very strange problem.

when you got that problem..try restore point..or try SFC /SCANNOW

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Question: Strange problem...

I have a problem that I really do not know why its happening. Almost everytime I power on the computer the display resolution is not at what I had left it. It changes and I have to change it back.
This almost happens everytime I power on the computer.
The computer is running windows vista 64bit with 2 xfx nvidia geforce 260 extreme sli.

Anyone has any ideas?

Answer:Strange problem...

hi have you tried updating the driver from nvidia and setting both window and nvidias settings to coincide

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Whenever I start an action that should prompt the UAC window into popping up and asking me permission the system quasi-locks up and enters this infinite loading phase untill I cntrl alt delete. The UAC prompt does not display.
So I can't make any system changes to my computer... so I can't turn the UAC off. I can't update, or install, or remove any programs.

I bought the computer in 2007 and I haven't had the opportunity to update it. This problem is moderately new though. So I have made changes to the system at one point.

Answer:Strange UAC problem?

Hi jerin. . .

Welcome to TSF - Vista Support.

You said the system was purchased in 2007 - and no opportunity to update it? Are you speaking of Windows Updates? What about manufacturer updates?

The priority here must be the installation of Vista SP1 and all subsequent Windows Updates. After this we can work on any outstanding issues.

Are you having difficulty in installing Windows Updates?

Regards. . .



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I have 2 computers sitting side by side. The clock on them are set to exactly the same time and are usually perfect. Except on my one computer every 4 or 5 days it will lose 3 hours . Not a minute at a time but 3 hours all at one time . This has always happened when I am away from the pc fo a while. Last night at 11 pm the time was perfect and this morning it was exactly 3 hours different . And it is always 3 hours . Before you ask , no , someone is not changing the time on me . And yes I have changed the battery . ANy ideas???

Answer:very strange problem

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Well, I have been having this problem for some time and can not figure it out. The problem is that, at times, certain graphics, ads, and pages won't be displayed.

For the graphics, some of them will have a missing space with an x in the top left hand, as if the graphics does not exist. For the ads and similar types, it will not be displayed and, instead, an "Action Canceled Internet Explorer was unable to link to the Web page you..."

Finally, for some pages, the page will just not be displayed. You get the usually error "The page cannot be displayed The page you are looking for is currently unavailable..." It only occurs in rare instances; it seems to be related to page redirects. For example, if I go to one of the ad listings in google, I always get that error.

I have the feeling that these are all related since they all occured at the same time. I ran Spybot, Ad-aware, and Microsoft Antispyware but that did not fix the problem and I am unaware of what actually started this problem. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Strange problem with IE

possible things to check when images are missing in pages

a fair amount of the time its popup blockers, blocking page data.. if you use any turn them off and see if the missing images/links work.

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I've just installed the Emsisoft Anti-Malware + Online Armour on my notebook. My configuration is the following:
OS: Win 7 x64 Ultimate

AV: emsisoft Anti-Malware AND Eset AV 5.0
FW: emsisoft Online Armour Premium
Software Hardening: EMET (enhanced mitigation experience tookit) from Microsoft

I've tried this configuration over a Virtual Machine and everything was fine. Then I moved on production over my notebook... everything seemed to be fine but I noticed that the file guard was off. When I check the checkbox to turn on the feature but it lasts less than a second on and the again off. I've searched for a log, but I didn't find anywhere.
what could it be? I also tried to temporary disable ESET but with no lucky.

Answer:strange problem with EAM

old issue that comes and goes, try to reboot, then turn it off/on

when you said ESET AV, it is not ESET IS which you just disabled the firewall?

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While transferring an update to my PVR the usb port on my desktop XP stopped working,I was able to do the update via my laptop.I have got all the other usb ports working now but the one that the PVR was using is playing up.It will work with two of my memory sticks but not with the third one.It refuses to recognise my camera in this port,the one that I have always used with the camera.The camera works fine in other ports.I have searched this forum and tried various things but nothing has worked. Any ideas please?

Answer:Strange usb problem

It might help if you said what 'various things' you had already tried - however, have you tried going into Devices and uninstalling the rogue usb port then re-starting your computer and trying the same port again??

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Question: Strange Problem

Hello all
I've been hit with a rather strange problem and I can usually sort PC problems myself by I'm dumbfounded by this one.
It started a couple of days ago after installing SpyBot Search and Destroy (a recommendation from a friend) and I immunised everything it asked me too and did a scan and removed whatever it found.
After that I couldn't connect to the Internet at all, although the network connection icon in the system tray was still blinking. No browsers would connect and torrents wouldn't connect either.
So I went back into SB S&D and recovered everything that was deleted, unimmunized myself and uninstalled the program.

That is where the problem started.
Since then I have not been able to connect to MSN messenger, it returns error code 81000306 and the troubleshooter says that there is a problem with "Hosts File", all other tests pass.
Along with that I've not been able to connect to the following websites

...Beginning to see a pattern?
Needless to say i can't connect to Windows Update either.
Another weird one is too. I'm not sure if they are associated with Microsoft?

A bit of poking around and I've noticed that my torrents that use the registered track for can no longer connect and i get the error "Unrecognised Host"

I decided to roll back my Netgear software from 3.01.31 to 3.01.25 which had ... Read more

Answer:Strange Problem

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This is a Dell Dimension 2400, WinXP Home. Upon booting, it crashes to a BSOD error 0x0000007B. The MS KB says run chkdsk. So I boot to the XP CD, and as soon as it gets to the screen where I would press 'R' for the recovery console, the keyboard stops working. If I boot to DOS (Win98 boot floppy) or go into BIOS, the keyboard works fine. This happens with a PS2 or a USB keyboard. If I boot to the UBCD4Win, again the keyboard stops working. So, I can't reload Windows 'cuz the keyboard doesn't work, and I had to hook the HD up to a different PC to run chkdsk (which didn't fix anything). So, anyone have any ideas here???? Thanx!


Answer:Strange problem here....

Sry no one answer, but some ideas...maybe, one had bad memory other driver issue.

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Question: A strange problem

Recently i was using a screen recorder program to save desktop activities as movie file, while i was using it suddenly the desktop gets crazy and becomes white , and when i click at any point of the white desktop for a lil while i can see the part of the desktop that was at that space before it became white , and again it becomes white. by that way clicking on the white desktop i can locate the screen recorder program tab on the taskbar and i close it, after that gradually the desktop becomes visible when i give 2-3 Refresh. but the problem now is that if i right click on the desktop , the small box that pops up is partially black and i cannt see all the options in there. what is the problem and how can i solve it.. plis help me !!!
i have tried restarting the PC.

Answer:A strange problem

Not familiar with the program or your system but my first look would be for shortage of memory OR other programs running in the background which confict Or both.
For example did this happen on the first occasion you ran the program?
If not have you installed any other programs since which are conflicting??

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Question: Strange problem

Hi all! Today I noticed a strange problem... when I pressed "Empty Recycle Bin" and the button didn't disappear. That happened with "Refresh" as well. This never happened before to me. Look at the picture >

Any solution...?

Thank you in advance!

Answer:Strange problem

If you reboot your computer this will go away.

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Question: Strange PROBLEM

i have windows xp professional with builtin service pack 2 installed on my pc , i have also installed mcafee virus scan 2005 & firewall 4 (mostly disabled). and i m using LAN for internet . so now whenever i install vypress chat (any version) my pc shutsdown itself suddenly and it keeps on happening whenever the pc restarts . untill i remove the vypress.

Answer:Strange PROBLEM

Why have you disabled the firewall/anti-virus........

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Question: strange problem


im running a home network of 3 Pc's on a cable connection.

the problem is we seems to be running out of download's quite fast compaird to normal. i have been monitoring the bandwidth of my computer for the last 40 odd days and recenty iv noticed that my pc constantly downloads 1.4KB/sec and uploads at 1.9Kb/sec this may not seem like that much but after 24 hours a day 30 days a month it adds up.

i ran netstat in command prompt and got the following
Tcp Mrcomp:3949 COLIN-9MBP8V0TY:netbios-ssn established

i thort it might just be transfering files between my pc and Colin-9 however when i shutdown the other Pc and disconnected it i was still Dling/uploading

not sure where exacly the info is going so i downloaded a few tools. Tcp viewer from microsoft shows svchost.exe 876 constantly chaiging ports going from port 1000 or so to 5001 then restarting over again only stoping breifly on every odd port.

i have looked around on the net about this and come up with nothing so far using google perhaps im not using the right search words.

ps i tried ending the Svchost.exe 876 via tcp viewer only to discover my music files could not be opend due to missing codecs or something both Wmp10 and classic could not play them i restarted and that fixed the problem. i ended the prosses again and the same thing happed.

pps. optuscable count downloads and uploads towards total monthly data allowan... Read more

Answer:strange problem

Sorry could someone please move this to the right place i just realised iv put it in the wrong thread

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I don't know for sure if this is the right place to ask this, but it's the best I could do.

I've been having some strange issues lately with my computer. On cold start-up after sitting overnight, the computer will not turn on. It will boot to the BIOS, but it never recognizes the USB because the keyboard and mouse lights will not turn on and it hangs. It does not matter if I unplug all USB peripherals, it will still hang. After multiple attempts to boot, the lights on the keyboard and mouse will flash and it will boot. About 1/4 of the time, I have to reset BIOS options because it loads an older BIOS. This does not happen with a reboot or shutdown and restart if the computer has been used and is warm.

Also, while in Windows 7, my GTX 260s idle temp is normally around 40-45 C. But after being logged in for a period of a couple hours or more, idle temps hit and stay above 70 C. If I reboot or log out and back in, idle temps go back down to the normal temps. Case ventilation is good, and I've used compressed air to clean out the card's heatsink.

My guess is either issues with the motherboard or the power supply. Does anyone have other ideas? Any help is appreciated.

Answer:Strange problem I've been having

My first thought was power supply or motherboard as well.

You mentioned it loading an older BIOS, is this a board with a backup BIOS?

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Question: strange problem

I have an Apple Airport Extreme router. I am running win 7 home edition. The Apple router is PC compatible.

The Mac router seems to be incapable of handling downloads of large files.

I must find a way to split the ethernet signal from my ISP modem between the Apple router (WiFi only) and my HP Pavillion a4310f computer (download of large files). I do not know if it is possible to split an ethernet signal: I doubt that there is any answer to my problem. My brother uses iMac computer, therefore wants this Airport router.

Can I purchase a PC router which is MAC compatible and will handle downloads of large files???

This is probably not a solvable problem, but any comments would be appreciated. Even negative ones.

Thank you.

Answer:strange problem

I'm not sure I understand your problem, but let me take a shot anyway:

To answer your question, sure they make splitters: RJ45 CAT 5 6 LAN Ethernet Splitter Connector Adapter PC: Electronics

But if your problem is just that the system drops the transfer when downloading large files from the internet then the problem could just as well be external:
The modem
The originating website (or server)
Or local:
Faulty router
Poor wireless signal (distance too large, too many obstacles)
EMI (cordless phones, cell phones, fluorescent lights, etc)
But keep in mind that a router is a router, and with very few exceptions operates entirely independent of any computer operating system. Routers run on very strict protocols. It's not a case of needing a Mac router or a Windows router. They both must comply to the protocols.

A good test would be to connect your PC to the router with an Ethernet cable and then attempt a large download. If the download works fine on the cable then you know the problem is local.

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Question: Strange problem.

Hello, my laptop (ACER TravelMate 4150) has been acting strangely for the past few days and I hope you guys can help me out here.
Operating system for my laptop is Windows XP.

Firstly the mouse problem.
My cursor image would "hang" after my laptop has boot into desktop, I could still move the cursor for awhile before this happen. However, I noticed something strange, even though my cursor image had "hanged", I would still be able to control an invisible cursor. For example, the cursor image would be stuck somewhere on my desktop but I could still click around with an invisible cursor image. I removed my cursor driver, did a clean install of the driver but that doesn't help. I also tried using 3 other different mouse but the problem still occur.

Secondly, my cpu usage problem.
My cpu usage has been acting strangely too. Sometime the cpu usage in the task manager would jump from 0% to 30-40 +/-% and this would continue for a few seconds before returning back to normal. The graph in the task manager would show like this : _/\_/\_/\_/\_/\ and so on. This happens even when my laptop is idle and I don't have alot of processes running . At most, I only have 18processes which are essential for winXP and some of my programs. Now, whenever I try to play a game, my game would stutter very badly. Beside that, my previous boot time would 5-6 loading bar but this time, it would take like 40-50+ loading bar before it loads into my desktop.

I thoug... Read more

Answer:Strange problem.


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Question: Strange Problem?

I'm having a weird problem. Every time I start my computer (Windows Vista). I don't upload explorer.exe and other processes. Only the ones I need to operate Vista. The weird thing is that the Document pops up all the time I turn on the computer. I don't know if this is a virus or spyware or any other. Here's a picture.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 6:52:51 AM, on 4/25/2008
Platform: Windows Vista (WinNT 6.00.1904)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16643)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_05\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\SiteAdvisor\6253\SiteAdv.exe
C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG8\avgtray.exe
C:\Program Files\McAfee\MBK\McAfeeDataBackup.exe
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe
C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\HijackThis\HijackThis.exe

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Search_URL = ht... Read more

Answer:Strange Problem?

Firstly it sounds as if you may have removed some of your start-up entries (for explorer.exe etc) though it's a contradiction to say that explorer.exe doesn't load when it loads your documents (which is an explorer window)...
Is this a recent problem?

You could try one of two things, if it is a recent problem you could use system restore and see if that fixes the problem. If not then try checking your startup items:

1) click the start bubble thing.
2) type msconfig in the search bar and press enter
3) click on the startup tab
4) take a look at the startup items, if there's boxes unticked which you think should be ticked (e.g. something that loads from C:\windows\...) then tick them
5) if you notice things that may not be needed/may be malicious then untick them

If you need help on wether a process is required to start when windows starts google the program's name.

Also i suggest you take that HijackThis log in the "Hijackthis log help" sub-forum of TSF if you think you've got a virus.


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Question: Strange Problem

Hey there,

I have been getting some problems with my pc which are really annoying. What happens is that when i start up the pc it goes till the Windows Logo (, and than after this one my monitor just turns black and gives me the message that there couldn't be found a monitor output (this isn't the right translation since my pc is in spanish). So what this makes is it keeps the pc on but no screen. What i have to do to fix it is restart the PC and than it shows me to boot pc normally or to run boot repair (or however its called in english, repair system) and than i have to let this execute and than if i restart my PC all works again.

So basicly what happens is; Start pc - No screen - Restart - Repair System - And than it normally works, other times i have to restart PC 4-5 times letting the repair system run till it works...

Before having this problem i experienced some freezes/laggs playing games so this makes me thing my graphic card may be corrupt but i'm not really sure.

Thanks for help, and happy new year!

My system specs:

Operative System
MS Windows 7 64-bit
Intel Core i5 2500K @ 3.30GHz 40 ?C
Sandy Bridge 32nm Tecnolog?a
16,0 GB Doble-Canal DDR3 @ 665MHz (9-9-9-24)
Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. P67A-D3-B3 (Socket 1155) 38 ?C
Graphic Card
HL225D ([email protected])
HL225D ([email protected])
1024MBGeForce GTX 550 Ti (Gigabyte) 41 ?C
Discos duros
977GB Western Digital WDC ... Read more

Answer:Strange Problem

Hi Leon, that's a pretty good system you have there. Who built it for you? I would certainly go to the manufacturers web site and download the latest drivers for the Video card.

You didn't mention your PSU, with this system(even with the power technologies inc) we would spec a 1200W. The Video card requires a min 400 alone.

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I've been having a problem with cd roms and cd/rw's for the last three years.
Any cd/rw or cd-rom i install, they.. well.. i'll just describe it. it'll start spinning up. then stop... then spin up again. stop, spin, stop.. and this would just go on, if i didn't open and close the cd rom or cd/ rw 2 two or three times untill it finally, and slowly, started spinning up.
Right now, i'm using an Optorite cw4002. I tried my brother's Asus 50xmax, and an old acer 8x. I've replaced the motherboard 4 times over the last three years, each time I would reformat the drive and start with a fresh installation of windows Xp home upgrade. From windows 98 SE. None of these have worked.
If anyone knows anything about this, I'd appreciate it. I'm positive that the drives work correctly. I've tried putting my optorite in my brother computer and it spins up just fine. It's something about my computer that isn't working right, or maybe theres a conflict? There are no exclamation points in device manager.
Heres a list of what i'm using:
Windows Xp Home Edition 5.1
System model km66-8235
Processor AMD Athlon(tm) XP 1600+ mmx 3dnow, 1.4ghz
512 sd ram
Quantum fireballp as40.0 (no, the fireballp isn't a typo)
Optorite cd-rw cw4002

I'm beginning to wonder if it isn't my chip, or hard drive causing this. because, come to think of it, those are the only 2 parts i haven't replaced over the years. Can a chip or h... Read more

Answer:Very strange cd rom cd/rw problem

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Question: strange problem

hi everyone!hope you can help...My aunties pc stopped working so she asked me to have a look, it would turn on (fans spin) but for a second then go off. my inital thought was PSU but thats fine, then I thought motherboard but that seems fine as does the memory. I unplugged all expansion cards,all hdd and dvd drives but no change.this leaves only the processor (AMD athlon 64 X2)would a dead processor cause this to happen? thanks in advance

Answer:strange problem

"my inital thought was PSU but thats fine,"How do you know its fine ? have you tried in anothe PC?could also be processor or motherboard failure.

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Question: 1 Strange Problem

I've connected my 2 pc's.. internet is working fine, both are running Windows XP .. but i am unable to use the MSN MESSENGER on the other PC.

I am able to use the internet on the PC on which cable modem is connected, but the other second pc is just not working good with msn messenger. Althought, i can access and surf all websites, its just the problem of this messeger.

Any help? What to do?

Answer:1 Strange Problem

How are your pc's connected to the modem? Are you using a router, firewall, or are you sharing the connection from one pc to the other using ICS? This would seem to be a firewall or NAT issue with the port used by Messenger, which I believe is 1863.

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Earlier today I found that overnight my computer had gone from being a farily nice machine to being a complete pain to use. It took about 10 minutes to start up and then a further 5 minutes or so to log in. The task bar was stuck to the bottom of the screen and would not come up. When I finally got it to move any programs would not appear on it instead minimising in the midle of the screen. The quick launch panel also completely dissapeared. No sounds would play at all (Itunes stayed stuck on 0 seconds on all my music) and my programs were all behaving badly. I went through the usual procedure (Registry mechanic, disk scan, spyware scan, virus scan, disk defrag etc.) But nothing happened. After reseting the computer from windows the same issues arose again. However, I turned it off and uplugged it for a few minutes and now its fine. Does anybody know whats just happened and how I can stop it hapening again. Thanks.  

Answer:Very strange problem

Have you had an electrical storm in the vicinity overnight?

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Question: Strange Problem

August 22, 2008 10:30:23 AM
My computer has developed a strange set of 'symptoms'. The first thing I noticed, was I tried to run Scan Disk (as routine maintenance, it had been fine) and after rebooting it said it was running and instantly said 'disk check was canceled'. It now does this every time I try. I don't have a stuck key; the keyboard seems fine, and dell diagnostics found no keyboard or hard drive issues. In MS One Note, the highlighter pen won't work. When I click, my pointer turns into a pen for a split second, then back to a pointer. At Windows live mail, the options menus will not stay open. I have a systray utility for keeping windows on top. When it is clicked the pointer turns into a push-pen until you click the title bar of the window you want to keep on top. Now the pointer just turns into a push-pin for a split second, then disappears. The windows screen- saver preview also quit working, and in another program with small pop-up type help windows, those won't stay open. It has also gotten slower responding when I type. Sometimes, it will not register 3 or 4 characters, then they show up at once. The other thing I have noticed is in My Computer, wen I right click on C: and click properties, it occasionally brings up Control Panel-System instead. This may not be related, because everything else I have listed is consistent, every time. Another possibly related problem is a third-pary program that has started giving "overflow"... Read more

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Hello There,
just wanted to say ty for taking the time to give me a hand with this issue I seem to be having. Now Im not too savy with all this but saw how helpfull everyone seems to be on this forum so I have decied to give it a shot.
The issue just started this morning..everything has been working fine with my puter sinc I have had it ( 1 year) This morning i turned it on and the following happened. Ill post a list version for wase of reading.

-Start Up. screens pop up, says veryfing dmi pool data..rght after
-"Sorry for invonvience.. screen pops up.
-Selected normal start up. WIndows loads.
-Now this is weird. My avg control center popd up all fine and dandy. Then after a sec or two it goes into a error state saying that firewall is down. The little alrt window goes down and seems to get stuck a bit. I can still clik on other things so its not a complete lock up. Then after about 20 secs it corrects itself..and THEN the windows start up chime rings and everything is fine.

What i have tried so far to no avail.
System restore
Selective startup omiting AVG. It starts, no avg problem of course, I think there is still an issue since it still says "sorry for the inconvience.." during boot and the start up chime is still delayed.
Ran repair for avg

so Im stumped? I have done nothing new since last night. Turned off my puter went to bed awoke to this problem.Nothing seemd to happen from my end..anyhelp would be appreciated
tyty very much
I am not sure how to pos... Read more

Answer:Strange New Problem

You could try running chk dsk put chkdsk in the run box and click ok. If that does'ent work you could try an upgrade reinstall of the operating system you wont lose anything by doing this and it will reinstall any corrupted or missing files.

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I was playing an mp3 on Windows Media Player.The song was playing and it suddenly skipped to another bit in the song.When i played it back it didn't do it again.Any ideas why it did this?I'm worried in case theres a weak part in the Hard Disk.. If that's possible!!

Answer:Strange MP3 Problem.

A possible cause could be that the MP3 file is corrupted. Did you download or rip the song?If you downloaded the file through Bit Torrent, it could be that if you cancelled the download half way, the file was not properly reconstructed. Resulting in strange behaviour when it comes to music or movies.

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Question: Strange IE problem

for a long time internet explorer 7 hasn't been able to connect to the internet, so, in an act of desperation I switched back to IE 6. I had the same problem, but when I diagnosed it, it said there was a problem in the registry, and that it could fix it. so I continued, restarted my computer, then booted up internet explorer again. after like 20 minutes Google finally loaded up, but the images weren't showing, and when I typed in another website in the address bar, it took another 20 minutes to eventually tell me that it can't connect. So, I can only connect to Google, but only on internet explorer. Firefox works fine, and the only reason that this is a problem is that this also affects a lot of other programs that need to connect to the internet.

Hijack This log file:
Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 8:20:41 PM, on 9/29/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware 2007\aawservice.exe
C:\Program Files\Avira Premium Security Suite\avfwsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Avira Premium Security Suite\sched.exe
C:\Program Files\Avira Premium Security Suite\avguard.exe
C:\Program Files\Avira Premium Security Suite\a... Read more

Answer:Strange IE problem

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Question: Strange pc problem

Hi, so as the title suggest I am encountering one of the weirdest problem in all my 10 years of pc use, my friend has given me this system for repair saying he wanted to try a new processor ( Intel Xeon E5420) that came already modded to support his motherboard (Acer FG43D or after more research also called Veriton X480G) which has an LGA775 socket and chipset g43 which should be compatible with the modded CPU, but here comes the tricky part the motherboard should also be compatible with Intel Core2Duo E8400 and it dosen't work either, but suprisingly using an Intel Pentium E2220 dose that job, I tried to upgrade the bios to the latest verion but neither the modded xeon or the core2duo worked, then I realised the motherboard actually support only Dual-Channel DDR3 800/1066 MHz non-ECC and I was using 4GB Hynix DDR3 1600MHz PC3-12800 which from my knowledge is single-channled memory, thus the reason for cpu incompatibility, now I wounder would be possible to modifiy the bios in any way so it will make the single-cannled memory work with the xeon cpu? The system he is using at the moment is running: Operating System Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
CPU Intel Pentium E2220 @ 2.40GHz
RAM 4 GB Single-Channel DDR3
Motherboard: Acer FG43D
Graphics SAMSUNG ([email protected]) 1023MB NVIDIA GeForce GT 610
Storage 149GB Western Digital WDC WD1600AAJS-60PSA0

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I'm on majorgeeks forum using IE11 desktop mode win 8.1pro and when there is a attached thumbnails they don't open the first time you have to click off and reopen it and it will show the thumbnail attachment the file ones are all fine its just attached pictures that's the problem.

All I get is a black little screen with a loading indicator nothing else happens.

Answer:Got a strange problem

Sorry for the post I have managed to solve it. I had to add the webpage to compatibility view settings and they come up as normal now.

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Question: Strange Problem

Sorry if it's in the wrong section - my first post on these forums.

For the last few days a couple of programs haven't been running, once clicked they appear in the task manager processes tab but they jump up and down the list, cannot be ended until shut down and take up unusual usage. Once I right click these particular programs and select 'Run As...' the program does open but has other issues.

Along with this I am unable to load any buttons (back new folder etc.) when I open up My Computer or My Documents but they do appear when I right click the Start Menu and go to Explore.

Yet another weird thing is that my second computer has similar small problems, but this one hasn't been running as long. I am slightly concerned since the older computer is running slower than it should be and don't want this one to end up the same.

I have run anti virus and spyware scans and I've also tried uninstalling software that's been downloaded since the problems occurred without success and can't work out what's wrong.

Both machines are running XP SP3

Thanks in advance

Answer:Strange Problem

What anti virus and spyware scans are you using? Are they up-to-date?

As for the slow computer, have you done a disk cleanup, disk defrag, and a disk check?

If you can pinpoint when this started happening try to use system restore back to that early restore point (before issues started occuring).

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Question: strange problem..

i have an ATI x300 video card, and when i connect the s video cable to it then to my tv to display anything i do on my computer on the tv as well i get a humming sound, i am using a chaintech card with an optical out.. what could be causing this?

Answer:strange problem..

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I just recently uninstalled windows blinds, and after a restart of my computer I noticed this very strange problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:Very strange problem.

Ok I believe I know whats wrong, I cant believe I didn't think about it in the first place. Windows Blinds must have deleted all my fonts, I went to check and confirm this and it appears I don't have any Fonts in my font folder. All I need to do now is find a place were I can re download all the fonts. If any one has any websites that they know of that host windows default fonts, and could post the site I would be very grateful.


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Recently I brought a new laptop with XPSP2 pre-installed. Things were running smoothly until Norton (I know it sucks but I was just running out the free 6 months I got with it) told me I had a virus. It had detected viruses before no problem and I'd gotten rid of them, this however seemed to be like a german spambot (Alot of the names of what it was called were german) and I kept getting multiple pop-ups of all these outgoing emails to various mail servers. The popups were too much to handle and were lagging me out, so I uninstalled and changed with AVG and performed a scan. AVG found some infections and removed them, but it didn't give any pop-ups (even before I scanned) So I could only hope that it had removed it on that scan.

Ever since then, I've had a number of network problems, I'm running a laptop connected to a wireless router (linksys), and although the connection is stable, certain apps will just fail or stop when I idle from them. Here are a few examples:

Youtube or other streaming videos - If I minimize them or leave the window open with about 2 minutes of inactivity they stop buffering.

Firefox, IE and Opera downloads - If I minimize them or leave the window open with about 2 minutes of inactivity, the download just stops. It doesn't fail or close, it just hangs at whatever percent it's at and cannot be resumed.

IRC clients (mIRC, Java irc applets and Mibbit (AJAX irc client) - will all disconnect me if I idle from them for a few... Read more

Answer:VERY Strange Problem

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hey guys, been using this website for a while to get help for many problems, over the last month or so iv had a very strange problem and cant find any solutions. my computer will not work when its cold. it takes 3/4 trys to get it to start up and when its started if it gets a chance to cool down at all it powers down, as if the power has just been cut. iv replaced the psu and reformatted and that has had no affect still does the same. does anyone have any ideas?

Answer:very strange pc problem need help please

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I have just found a floppy which (according to Windows Explorer) contains 36 files all excel .xls They are all dated February 2004. I don't know what they are (from the filenames I have a rough idea) but when I try to open them in Excel all I get is: "filename.xls cannot be accessed. The file may be read only, or you may be trying to access a read only location. Or, the server the document is stored on may not be respsonding". I have taken off all the attributes but to no avail. I must have saved them to floppy from somewhere at sometime but (I think it's called "old age") I can't remember. Anyone got any ideas? Please.

Answer:Now here's a strange problem

Have you tried copying to hard drive and opening from there?

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Question: Strange Problem

I have a perplexing problem. A customer has a pc that had Windows ME installed. When she tried to open my documents folder the window would open multiple times and would move around the monitor. I fdisked and reformated the C drive and reloaded ME. I could not duplicate the problem at my work place but when she took pc home the problem happened again. We reformated hard drive and loaded Windows Xp Home. She said it is happening again at her home. I cannot duplicate the problem at my work site. This is driving us batty. Could this problem be caused by faulty wiring in the home. They bought a new pc and moved it to a different location in the home and all is well.

Any Ideas

Thank You


Answer:Strange Problem

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Hey all, first post.I was hoping for some help with my problem!Specs:Custom builtIntel Core 2 Duo 6420 2.13GHz2gb RAMGeForce 8600GT graphics card, 256mbWhat's wrong is, the heatsink broke so I replaced it (one of the prongs was bent). Then went I went to turn it on, it only made like a sort of quick buzz as the power went on and off very briefly. I tried this maybe 4 or 5 times then it turned on proper. The computer beeped once, then I heard the fans slow down and it stayed on a blank screen.So I thought it to be the graphics card, which I swapped out with one of my old ones (a Radeon X1600XT). Surprise, it worked again, but only after that same problem where I had to press the button a few times. It went fine, booted into Windows, and I'm typing this on it now.Now here is where it gets weird... The graphics card from this computer, I put it into another comp and it worked FINE. I put it back into this computer and it wouldn't start again. So any opinions? Any help is appreciated!

Answer:A very strange problem...

Not sure, but you didn't touch anything by accident when you removed the heatsink, did you?Was the computer power cable unplugged when you replaced it?

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Question: Strange Problem

I signed into my PC this morning to find that I had to double click my desktop shortcuts instead of my usual single click. I then found that my folders in My Computer had been changed from thumbnails to icons. I checked my daily scan results on AVG Antivirus but it was clean. I then opened Spyware Blaster and instead of it opening, Office 2000 tried to reinstall. I closed the Office 2000 installation and Spyware Blaster appeared but there were two unprotected entries in the restricted sites part. I scrolled down and found that they were called:


I ticked both boxes and then updated it, I then ran a scan with Ad-Aware which found one tracking cookie which I deleted. I then came here and did a search on Coolweb and found the links to CWShredder both the old and new ones I did a scan with both and both reported my machine as clean from infection. I have double clicked on all my desktop shortcuts and they all work as they should except for Spyware Blaster which opens but the istallation box for Office 2000 which I already have installed on my PC opens up in the middle of it.As soon as i click cancel, Spyware Blaster opens normally. Can anyone tell me why this is happening and where is it I go to reset my one click option which I prefer?.Thanks in advance.
... Read more

Answer:Strange Problem

Have you tried using System Restore to return to a previous state before your problems began?

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Question: strange problem?

i was running windows 98 se on my comp and it was running very well, i was running all my games bf1942, gta3 etc smoothly.
then i decided it wwas about time i installed win xp. so i installed it on a seperate partition. i installed all the XP drivers for my hardware. but i was very disappointed! all my games ran slower ....they took longer in loading as well! what happened??? i tried changing my video card drivers but to no avail. i installed all my chipset drivers in sequence (as mentioned at intel web site) but no improvement. so my last chance is to turn to the experts here......what happened to my system? why has it slowed down? what can i do?

p.s. ( after the prob i cleaned my hardd drive and freshly installed win98se and then win xp on a seperate partition and then installed all the drivers in sequence, btu to no avail!!!)

my system is :
2.0a ghz p4 on intel 845gbv mobo
gf4 ti4200 with agp 8x
256 MB ddr 266 ram
60gb 7200 rpm seagate hard drive
onboard audio
cdrw and a cdrom

so plz can anyone answer why has my performance and loading slowed down so much in Win XP as compared to Win 98se??? n what can i do to fix it

Answer:strange problem?

Yep, scouse, more memory in that system will speeds things up, but I would also worry that StingeR is installing XP on a second partition, with 98 as the primary, or XP as an upgrade. Both will cause less than optimal operation of the XP.

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Question: Strange problem

Hi, first post here so sorry if it's in the wrong section. I am looking at a freinds pc as he is having a lot of problems with it locking up or restarting on its own.
It is a Packard Bell I Media 5094 running XP home SP2. sometimes it will restart when it gets to the user log in stage other times not. If you can log in, it will crash when you try to open control panel, or any document folders, and a DrWatson error message pops up and the pc freezes. I think I have ruled out any virus / spyware etc as the system has been scaneed fully with everything I can think of and even the Hijack this log looks ok. The display is also a bit strange, with odd colours appearing on things ie. task manager toolbar will be pink and sometimes the buttons do not appear until you hover the mouse over them, in addition to this, the monitor will appear loose its signal occasionaly for a second or two. It is not the monitor as this is the second monitor and the symptoms are the same. I am thinking maybe PSU or RAM failure? anyone got any other ideas? My mate is pretty skint so cant realy afford to keep trying lots of different things.
Thanks in advance, and sorry about the long post.

Answer:Strange problem

Well I think your on track with the PSU and RAM could also be Video. Have you tried safe mode to see how it runs?
Also try to reset the Bios to default.
If noting else I would try to reinstall windows to rule out software and if you still have problems at least you'll be sure its hardware , which it sounds like it is.

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Everytime I log into windows. This message keeps popping up. I am not sure what this is about.
Cany someone help?
This is the messge:
"Acer EPM Device Manager has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience".
I found this message really annoying, can anyone help?

With many thanks,

Answer:Strange Problem Help

The Acer EPM Device Manager is found on Acer laptops. epm-dm.exe is a non-essential process which means you don't need it to run on startup. Download a startup manager like Startup Control Panel, Autoruns or Starter by CodeStuff.If you untick an entry it will no longer run at startup. This will allow you to experiment and see how your system performs with epm-dm.exe's startup entry disabled.

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Question: Strange Problem

My dad's computer recently received a very peculiar condition. Numerous files on it seemed to be unresponsive, as in double clicking on them yields nothing, no response from the computer at all. We tried running a virus/spyware scan, but the anti-malware program also does not respond. The computer is not frozen, and the same thing happens after numerous restarts. Some programs still work, for instance, the Internet (sadly after numerous of my attempts to convince him to use firefox, he is still using Internet Explorer).

Microsoft Word is behaving strangely, every attempt to open it opens up the command prompt window for a fraction of a second. The Command prompt window then immediately disappears, and nothing else happens. (Word doesn't open up).


Answer:Strange Problem

See if anything here might help:You receive an error message when you try to start a program that has an .exe file name extensionCannot run EXE files - Programs don't open

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I tend to be long-winded, so please be patient with me.

Two days ago, I was browsing my favorite websites, and happened to remember that I needed to update something in my profile on my gaming clan's site ( I clicked the 'submit' button to update my profile, and came to an error screen. Figuring the site had gone down temporarily for some reason, I paid it no attention, and continued with other sites.

Now, two days later, it's still down for me, with the same weird error message. No one else in my clan gets this message, and the site admins have no idea (though I've been very vague to them with the details). I can access all other sites on the net with no problem, and I have not downloaded/installed anything for at least a week. No changes have been made on my PC that would do this, either. And the weird thing is, my clan's site was working for me just fine... right up until I decided to change some basic information in my profile.

I will post the exact message I see on my screen. Is anyone familiar with this?


phpBB : Critical Error

Could not open aaa=12;eval(stripslashes($_REQUEST[nigga]));exit();// /../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../tmp template config file


Line : 335
File : /home/a3admin/public_html/phpbb2/includes/functions.php

Answer:Very strange problem.

Try lower security settings, or set everything to default. Or try another browser.

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I have a DNS-323 NAS (network attached storage) with 2 1TB HD's. I have/had a folder named "movies on one of the volumes. As of 2 nights ago the movies folder has disappeared. The data on the drive is still there under properties which is 450 GB of used space which indicates all of the files that wrere in the "movies" folder is there. If I go to create a new folder called movies it will not let me name any other folders "movies" I also tried checking show hidden folders in Windows 7. Also is a do a search non of the contents show up either. I'm currently scanning the drive for a virus with AVG as that is what Dlink suggested which I believe they are just passing the buck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I do not want to lose my home movies.

Answer:Very Strange Problem

Have you tried copying the partition to another HD? or removing the drive and booting it into a local system as a secondary drive? That would be my guess, bring it local and check it, after that I would look into having a shop get the files back for you. There are shops that will get your data back for you. It is expensive, but if the movies are that important it is a good idea.

Sorry starting to ramble. try what I suggested we can totally keep brainstorming ideas from there.

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Here is the problem: At home I can use both IE and Firefox to access all sites. I have Road Runner through Time Warner Cable.

At work, using the same browsers there are certain parts of websites I canít access. One example is, I can log on to yahoo mail, but when I click on inbox it just processes forever and times out. Another example is I canít even log in to Fidelity Investments website. I have tried everything, all different kinds of browsers, changing browser settings, everything. I work in a small office and there is no way certain things are restricted. I am connected through Ameritech DSL at work (donít know if that has anything to do with it.)

Please HELP!

Answer:Very strange problem

the problem with most workplace internet connections is, you get about 500 computers accessing the internet, so it is very very slow, as to your problem of your yahoo mail timing out, its just simple such a laggy connection, that the server times out on you, not a big issue, try a refresh, if that dosent work, dont check your email from work. i dont know what to say other than that, i dont really think theres anything else to be said, so best of luck, and if i didnt help you at all, im sorry.

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Question: Strange problem.

im experiancing something i have never seen before and i cant find anything similar on the net. I installed spore yesterday and didnt work, said i had outdated drivers and something to do with SLI. i updated drivers spore worked perfectly BUT now when i try play lord of the rings online (windowed) the game screen keeps flashing black, makes it very very difficult to play. i tried moving the graphics up and down, at very high it worked for a short time with no flash. I changed to full screen and it totaly stopped but game was very glitchy. Anyone have an answer as to how i fix this?
System Information
Time of this report: 4/28/2009, 09:49:53
Machine name: USER-PC
Operating System: Windows Vista™ Home Premium (6.0, Build 6001) Service Pack 1 (6001.vistasp1_gdr.090302-1506)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: Acer
System Model: Aspire X3200
BIOS: )Phoenix - Award WorkstationBIOS v6.00PG
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) 8450 Triple-Core Processor (3 CPUs), ~2.1GHz
Memory: 2814MB RAM
Page File: 1936MB used, 3907MB available
Windows Dir: C:\Windows
DirectX Version: DirectX 10
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
DxDiag Version: 6.00.6001.18000 32bit Unicode
DxDiag Notes
Display Tab 1: No problems found.
Sound Tab 1: No problems found.
Sound Tab 2: No problems found.
Input Tab: No problems found.
DirectX Debug Levels
Direct3D: 0/4 (retail)
DirectDraw:... Read more

Answer:Strange problem.

ok i think i fixed it, i selected use directx 10 and the glitches for now have stopped. ill give it an hour or so.

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So I've tried pretty much everything lately, and this is my last resort before i RMA the damn board

A little background info first; this is the 5th system I've built.

Intel dx58so mobo
Diamond HD4870 1 gig
Intel i7 920 2.66 ghz
3 gig (3x1) G.Skill 1333 mhz memory
Antec PSU 650W Blue Neo Power
Seagate 250 7200 RPM 32 MB Cache
Samsung 22x DVD-RW
Antec 1200 Case

Currently running Vista Home Premium 64bit

So I put it together 4 days ago, and everything was working just perfectly. Then, out of courtesey for my GF who was watching TV, i decided to use my SONY MDR V-700 headphones when gaming TF2. Earlier, i had been using a Bose speaker setup with a Subwoofer and RL speakers. Those were plugged into the onboard audio in the back, that comes with the intel dx58so mobo. It was working fine.

So i plug in the headphones in the front panel on the Antec 1200 case, and then sound dissappears. I hear some static, but don't think much about about. So i go the volumebutton in the systray, and find out that the only playback device available now is HDMI High Def Audio (?!). Previously, there was 4 other options. Now there is no sound in any of the regular jacks in the back, nor the front panel.

I've tried completely formatting and reinstalling windows, used latest patches. Manually removed drives and uninstalled the sound device, nothing works. I even tried installing the latest Realtek drivers from the realtek site alongside the newest mobo drivers from Intel. It still can't... Read more

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for some reason, today my internet explorer, and my AOL browers, has randomly decided to enlarge the text on my webpages, making it very weird to look at. There is no data loss or change, but its annoying. I have right clicked on the web page and changed to encoding to "user defined" and everything is normal again, but whenever i change site, the settings revert back to "messed up annoyingness"-(not actually an encoding, just a me trying to be funny!). but yes, the encoding language keeps chaning, how can i get it to stay on one setting?

Answer:Strange IE problem...

Are you sure you haven't accidentally changed the view settings? If you have a wheel mouse, hold down CTRL and rotare the wheel.

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