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Associations problem in Win2k

Question: Associations problem in Win2k

I have a strange problem on Win/2k-Pro in a Dell P-III/800. There are many symptom. These are the major ones.

Failure Mode I

1. There are application tool bars at the top on the desktop UI. They stop working. Right clicking on an icon in an application toolbar shows only half of the context menu, the part from "Send to" on down. Accessing the Properties on the context menu results in the error message: "The properties for this item are not available"

2. The "My Documents" icon on the desktop does not work. It's context menu does work.

3. a.) If Windows Explorer is active at the time of failure, "My Documents" does not work. Selecting "Desktop" and doing an f5 causes the "My Documents" and the "Recycle Bin" icons to disappear.
b.) If Windows Explorer is not active, then loading it, results in the "My Documents" and "Recycle Bin" icons to not display.

After some undefined length of time, drops to Failure Mode II.

Failure Mode II

1. The "My Documents" and "Recycle Bin" icons disappear from the desktop.

2. Some associations stop functioning. The exact ones vary but usually include .txt, .pdf, .xls & .doc. Double clicking a file with one of these extensions usually results in a message to the effect that there is no program associated with that extension.

Logging off and back on will fix the problems (also if the UI crashes and reloads itself)

The OS has been reloaded with a clean install. It failed again within 2 days. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Preferred Solution: Associations problem in Win2k

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Im trying to have a non-registered file type run in a certain program, and use a certain icon.

For instance:
I have
and then when in Windows Explorer I go to:
Tools - Folder Options - File Types

I click "New"
type in ex1
select it to open within a program

and everything works beautifully,
but then, when i go to assign an icon for it, instead of having an option for advanced, it just gives me the option to restore. If I do so, I can assign an icon, but then I lose the settings about what program I wanted the files to run with.

Answer:File Associations and icon associations...

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Hi I'm having trouble with trying to use some of documents on my computer. When I try to use control panel or some other things it says " this file does not have an association for using this program. Please go to create an association by using set association tool bar."

Answer:Set Associations problem

Could you Please explain in Further detail of What you do and what Problems you receive

Many Thanks,

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I have an MSG attachment which I cannot open. I receive a message saying "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Set Associations control panel." How do I do this??? (I have Windows Vista)

Answer:Problem with Set Associations

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when i try to run a program like task manger it keeps telling me to set an association or something like that. i kno where to do that but i kinda have no clue wat exactly to do >.<.
and when i try to run something like aim it says the same thing but wheni run it as admin it works fine. neone no wats wrong? thank you

Answer:set associations problem

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Hi, i had the Vista Guardian virus a while back and it just took over my PC. I has to get rid of the problem that day for assignment due in the next day. I tried lots of things but couldnt do it so i went the manual route which i know was a mistake. It got rid of the virus howwever i still have two problems. If i want to get on any program it comes up with "Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item". So i have to right click everything and Run as Administrator. And i've tried to become the administrator but i still get errored. My second error which i believe is similiar is set associations. I get the error "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Creat association in the Set Associations control panel". I've tried this and failed.Please help me i can't put up with this problem anymore!

Answer:Complicated problem with associations, need help!,46313.0.html

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Hey guys. I have an error that pops up that says this:

"This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Folder Options control panel."

This seems to happen when I click a link that's sent to me on an IM or when I click a link on a program (example; to visit the developers site). I also notice that when I click certain links (random) then internet explorer doesnt open. I have to copy the URL and paste it.

Anyone have any idea how to fix this? Thanks.

Answer:Solved: Associations Problem

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I've been fiddling with this for more than an hour now and it's driving me nuts. After
I installed Vista, I quicky set up WMP cause I wanted to listen to some music. Then
a few days later I got around to installing my fav audio and video player (Foobar and
KMPlayer). Both work but Vista won't let them open files by default. I tried setting
them both as the default program for their respective extensions via in program
preferences, but no go. Neither are listed under "Set your default programs". I tried
disassociating WMP, but all the boxes under "Set your default programs" are greyed
out and I can't change them. I CAN manually set each program (Foobar and KMPlayer)
the default choice by right clicking a file -> Open with -> Always use this program.
This way, Vista opens that file with the program chosen every time, the icon changes
plus, under "Set your default programs" -> "Windows Media Player" that extension that
I changed no longer has a tick next to it. Also, the the empty box is now editable,
meaning I can switch the asscociation back to WMP if I want. All other boxes are
still greyed out. Both programs can also be chosen manualy for each individual file
via Open with. But none of this is a solution. I want WMP to release it's hold on all of
its asscociations.

So does anyone know, how to disable all asscociations held by WMP so some other
program can grab them? I've been at it now for like forever and I'm... Read more

Answer:WMP Default Associations Problem

Can you do a system restore to the time before you installed Foobar and
KMPlayer? Then once that is done, remove all of the associations with Windows Media Player, and then install Foobar and KMPlayer. Finally, you should be able to set the appropriate defaults the way you want.

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I am done file associations many times using windows explorer or using "open with". Recently ran into a problem I can not figure out. I am trying to associate AutoCad DWG files with BentleyViewer.exe. I have done so with other computers here on site without a hitch (identical hardware / software). I have that one computer that does not want to cooperate. In Windows Explorer-Tools-FileTypes I associated DWG to BentleyViewer by browsing to it. This program refuses to stick to the extension. I can associate DWG with other programs just fine. However, when I do so and when I go back to reassign it the "delete" button is also greyed out, unlike any other extension. I have gone thru the registry and deleted everything that is associated with the DWG extension and it disappears from th file extensions window. Attemting to reassign shows the same behaviour. Any ideas?? I ma suing WindowsXP, SP2.

One thing different about this computer. At one time it had another viewer for AutoCad files, don't know if it sabotaged reassignment somewhere. This other program was removed form this computer.


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An Idiot chum has managed to associate all his DBX files with Word (Just don't ask).Obviously all his emails are now unaccessable from outlook do we correct this, I have tried uninstalling word.Cheers

Answer:DBX File associations problem

Find a dbx file, hold shift and right click it, choose open with, outlook express, tick always open with option

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I've been left with several problems after cleaning up a malware attack -- thanks to chaslang -- who suggested I might get help here for these items:

1. My File associations are not displayed even though I can see the keys in the Registry. I am trying to update these manually, but would like to find a way to add whatever the Registry is missing so that the keys would be properly read.

2. I cannot link to anything because the file association for LNK and/or LNKFILE is missing. What should this file association be???

3. I cannot run Add/Remove Programs which bombs when trying to find the icons as it loads. Appwiz.cpl is on the machine in the proper place. I've attached screen prints of the errors received.

4. Oh yes, even though there is a HKLM\Software\RegisteredApplications key, there is no data in it. Can this be updated manually? And how do I determine what the entries should be?

I'm on W2K Pro with SP4 and Rollup 1 for SP4 installed.

As you can imagine, I would be MOST GRATEFUL for whatever help I can get!

Answer:File Associations Problem

Progress has been made! I have most of my file associations back and clicking on them starts the appropriate programs.

However I still need to know what programs are used to open LNK (link files) and TTF (true type font files). If anyone with W2k could take a look at the Files Types tab under Folder Options and post the info, I would be most grateful.


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Hi everybody, sorry for bothering you. For the record I'm running a freshly installed W7 x64 SP1. Here's the history of my problems :

First I had a thumbnail caching problem with my audio files : whenever I put a .jpg file inside an audio file folder, all the audio files showed the .jpg file thumbnail in Explorer ! So, I went to this topic ( Default File Type Associations - Restore ) and I used the following .reg scripts :
Unfortunately, I'm starting to wonder if these scripts didn't mess up my system. Here's why.

I also went to this topic ( File Extension Icon - Change Default Icon ) and I used FileTypesMan ( FileTypesMan - Alternative to 'File Types' manager of Windows ) to associate file extensions with icons. Being a foobar2000 user, I was expecting to use all the standard foobar icons that are in the "foobar2000\icons" folder (mp3.ico, flac.ico, etc.). So, using FileTypesMan, for mp3 extension I selected the mp3.ico, for flac extension I selected the flac.ico, etc..

The problem is that "apparently" FileTypesMan seems to remember only the LAST change I made, and applies it to all audio files regardless of their extension. What I mean is that if I change the icon for .mp3 extension, I close/restart FileTypesMan, and I go to the .flac extension, it will have the path to the .mp3 icon too, even if I clearly entered the path to the .flac icon previously ! And vice-versa.

Eve... Read more

Answer:Big file associations problem

Hello Jose,

The .reg files in the Default File Type Associations - Restore tutorial will only restore the default association for the file type you merged.

If you like, you could do a system restore using a restore point dated before you tried to change the icons to undo it.

System Restore

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Somehow and I am really noy sure how by changing one file association I changed them all. I have tried to change them back but whenever I change one it changes them all to the new one. How can I reset them?

Answer:Problem with file associations

File associations are based on the extension, ie .jpg, .doc, .xls etc... so if you change the association on one file, it changes it for all files with the same extension. You can't set the association for a single file.

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My beloved XP machine died, hard. So I purchase this machine which came with Vista Home Premium as the OS.

I prefer RealVideo to view videos and I use UltraEdit v14 has my editor. I had them as default in XP, via the file association utility.

When I tried the same thing in Vista they would not stick.

I downloaded RealVideo application, went to Control Panel->Default Programs->Set Associations page highlighted the files I would like associated and click on the 'Change Program' button go the 'open with' window click 'Browse' and selected the Real Video executable and to my susprise when I returned to the 'open with' window the icon for Real Video was not there.

I successfully installed Read Video so there is no problem with the app, it's Vista.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Oki doke, here goes.

I turned it off, everything was fine. Hadn't installed any new programs or run any new files. Turned on, desktop/quicklaunch/start menu short cuts don't work. Can't run CMD, Msconfig or Regedit (tried those because possibile solutions needed them to run). IE, Firefox and Outlook work fine, and run from the start menu. Pictures open fine, I can get to my computer and look around, but no other programs will run. No access to system restore, as half the stuff in control panel doesn't work. External virus scans (panda and microtrend) revealed nothing (except a java virus which is now gone, java bytever.a). Anything else you need to know, please ask. I saw something similar with solutions, but I can't do them as they need msconfig to run, or to install files, which I can't.

Thanks in Advance

Answer:Windows File Associations Problem

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When I hover the cursor over my image files they come up in the descriptor as
'type' - ft000001. They used to be described as type jpeg (pretty sure of this). I can still open & view them. When I open using Microsoft Office Picture Manager & hover over them with cursor they still show as type ft000001 but the 'name' has the .jpg extension i.e car.jpg . When I went down to the photo lab their equipment wouldn't process them for prints. I see on the internet advice about editing the registry (hotkey values etc) but I thought I should ask here. I have attached an example of what I see when hovering over image.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. with thanks Rich :-))

Answer:Problem with image files & associations ?

Are you viewing these files on the SD card? Or on your Hard Drive?

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This is my first posting here. So far this forum has helped with several issues to get me going, but now I have one which I would like some advice on please.

I have several older programs installed amongst which is Word 2003. It has to run in Admin mode to work correctly, but when I click on a doc file it comes up with an error in Word. The same file is ok if loaded normally.

I have discovered that if I drop UAC universally then all works correctly but I am not sure if this is the correct way to go about it. Advice please


Answer:Problem with correct file associations in Win7 Pro/64

Welcome to the Seven Forums (as a member :-)

>It has to run in Admin mode to work correctly...
What does not work when you do not run the Word app as admin?
>...but when I click on a doc file it comes up with an error in Word
Explorer is running at the medium integrity level (non-admin). It is limited in what it can pass along to a program that is running at high integrity level (run as admin). So what you see there is normal.
>I have discovered that if I drop UAC universally then all works correctly...
Once you turn off UAC, explorer and Word are both running at the same high integrity level (run as admin).
>...but I am not sure if this is the correct way to go about it.
It is best to keep the UAC turned on. It protects you from lots of things.

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hey guys i've got a problem with a download from the punkbuster site for Call of Duty2. i need to download the punkbuster manually from the punkbuster website but when i went to download it it said i needed to make a set association with my punkbuster folder in order to download punkbuster to play Call of Duty 2 online without it going all blury and laggy. So if you guys know how to fix the problem please email me or post through this thread.Because i really miss call of duty2 online



Answer:call of duty 2 PC, Punkbuster problem, set associations

Why are you downloading manually? After you install CoD2 you must download the 1.3 patch which comes with punkbuster integrated within it. After you have done that you should have no problems at all. One word of note, punkbuster now installs two useless services that waste resources which you might want to disable by going into services.msc........

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hi guys,

i'm having a huge problem. i don't know how this started, but all my .exe files turned to .lnk files, and everything (and i mean everything) opens up with notepad...this is driving me nuts. i search 'round the forum and found some fixes for file associations but it's no use: they're all .reg files but i cant' merge them! guess what? it opens up with notepad. even when i try start -> run -> regedit . it won't work!

i tried having a look in file associations, under options -> preferences (smthg like that) but there's no association for REG files. should there be one?

what can i do? btw, i'm running maxthon (my internet browser) because i was fortunate to open a random .html file, because if i try to open maxthon directly through maxthon.exe it won't work.

i'm stumped here, and my pc is useless this way...

what can i do?

tnks a lot []

Answer:BIG problem under winXP: file associations disorder

Try This:


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I successfully installed win98se / win2k / winxp (in that order) and had them all functioning properly using the windows boot loader. Well at least for a while. Today I tried to boot into win2k and it loaded to the point where it displayed my desktop wallpaper. It did not load the tasbar or start menu, and ctrl+alt+del did nothing. After a few minutes, it played the sound it plays when it loads up, and started flashing repeatedly the messages "Loading your configuration" and "Saving your configuration" or somesuch. It would not stop playing the sound and flashing those messages until I reset the machine. I then attempted to boot into XP, which ran chkdsk and said it "fixed" something in my win2k partition.

Any ideas what this could be and how I might fix it?

Answer:win98se/win2k/winxp multiboot will not fully load win2k anymore

Don't exactly know what the problem is but you could try doing a repair install using the win2k CD. All your files and stuff won't be affected but to be safe backup your files first.

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Win2k server as PDC running AD
user I'm adding is called" test and password is: pwd
I've added the computer name in computers

Client: Windows 2000 pro
Joining domain with domain name "the-one10" and loggin on with "test" and "pwd". Access denied.

My question is, why does it not allow me to join when I have already created that user and password in AD?

Answer:Win2k joins Win2k server domain access denied

are you adding the pc to the domain with a domain admin account?

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I have one PC setup with Win2K Professional. It is used as a game server, sharing the cable modem, file server, and web server. I am replacing it with another PC that has Win2K Server. I have saved all the security updates from the old pc (in the Q######_whatever.exe format). Should I apply these updates to the new PC? I have about 30 of these updates. I've went to the Windows update site and got all the critical updates, but I know there are other bugs out there and I'd like to have this PC as secure as possible.

Thanks in advance!


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I can't seem to find a good guide anywhere, but I can't think of a better set of terms to plug into google. Any help is much appreciated.

Answer:Where's a guide to Remove Win2k PDC, replace with Win2k BDC?

The guides at Microsoft TechNet are good.
But, Windows 2000 does not function as a PDC or BDC. Any domain controller functions on that OS require Active Directory. If you upgraded your in place NT 4 PDC domain controller to Windows 2000 it installed active directory. The only way to go back is to have an offline NT4 BDC available and do a PDC promotion; with the upgraded NT4 now 2K Active directory box offline...

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i disabled the current domain and enabled a workgroup on the network id portion of the o/s. the only problem is that i can't log back on after restarting. it rejects both my admin name and pasword.

Answer:win2k log on problem

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Question: WIN2k problem

I cant open my add/remove programs. All other links in the Control Panel work.

Answer:WIN2k problem

Sounds like a virus or spy/adware issue...

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Question: Win2K Problem

I am currently having a problem getting one of our mac's onto the network. Our router recently crashed so I built a new machine with win2k server. All of our three subnets are fine except for the mac. It can still send and receive email, it just can't log on to our server. The apple talk protocal is installed on all three NIC's, and apple routing is enabled. I have also installed FSM and PSM. Really baffled, any help appreciated.

Answer:Win2K Problem


To be honest, I have less then zero experience with Macs. Actually, that's a bit of a lie... One of my best friends exclusively uses a mac, and he has told me about it... that is the extent of my Mac knowledge.

Here, is what I can suggest: Disable the AppleTalk protocol on the network cards NOT connected to the network the Mac is on, only have it bound to the one network card that the Mac will use.

Or, you can disable AppleTalk completely, and just use TCP/IP (assuming, of course, that the version of the Mac OS can use TCP/IP). Keep the Mac services, just kill the Appletalk.

Re-install the Service pack!! (Actually, that's a joke. In the NT4 world, if you ever had a networking problem, you would first re-install the Service pack, and then try troubleshoot... with Win2K you do not need to re-install the Service pack).


Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

[email protected]


Every morning is the dawn of a new error...

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Hi there! Here's my problem:

You see, I installed win2k (after years of torment w/win98) and I've problems with the "open HCD PCI to USB host controller". When I boot up, it won't start the "device", and when I switch between the driver windows offers and the one that came in the motherboard drivers cd, it starts.

Any suggestions?

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We're running IIS on a Win 2k platform and whenever I try to connect to any of the sites on the server in IE using the domain name I get a page not found. The domain is translated to an IP as it says in the status bar "connecting to 12.xx.xx.xx" but it never does. Now this happens only after a period of inactivity, such as turning off the computer for a day or letting it sit on a page for a while. This only happens with the local sites, I can browse the web just fine. The way I get it fixed is by going into my lan connection properties, click all the buttons then set them back to the way they were and then hit ok. Now I can get to the sites just fine. I can't tell if this has something to do with our firewall, something in IIS or if it's something in Win2k, as 2 of us have this problem with win2k, but the person on win98 doesn't (which makes me think it's win2k). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Win2k IIS (IE?) Problem

Have you tried to add an entry into the hosts file? I was having a similiar issue with my web server. From outside the network, I could connect up all day long, but as soon as I tried to access it from inside the network (where the web server resides), I'd get a page cannot be displayed. I made a hosts entry to my local machine using the internal IP addy and it worked just fine.

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Question: Win2K Problem

When I try to log on to the PC in the office I get the following error message:

An error occured while calling "DllRegisterServer" in "C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSADC\msadce.dll". (HRESULT=89970005)
When my boss tries to log in to the machine, she gets the same error message. Any ideas?


Answer:Win2K Problem

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Question: Win2k Problem.

Hi my daughters boyfriend is running win 2ooo professional and has a problem botting up. getting a message on the lines of 'NTOSKRNL.EXE' corrupt or missing. He also needs to find a page where he can find a download for win2000 start up disk. I can't help him he's 200 miles away.TIADemora

Answer:Win2k Problem.

click here click here

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i have a friend that told me his comp is acting weird... almost all of the icons on the desktop changed to the "windows" icon (the white one), and when he tries to click on the icons, nothing happens.. i followed the target to the icons, and i click on EXCELEXE or something, and it doesnt run...

i tried going into the add/remove progs but i get some damn error. anyone know what might be wrong with it?

Answer:Help with win2K problem!

try turning desktop-auto arrange icons on and off a few times and see if that helps

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My first problem is that I can't shutdown my computer. I mean I can shut down the operating system, but the fan still runs. This seems to have come up within the last several weeks after I unplugged it once by accident. It wouldn't restart so I had to hit the reset button. I'd never previously used one, but thats what people suggested in other places when it wouldn't restart, just hit the reset button. So I did. Now I'm stuck with it not turning off. I looked it up elsewhere, and on some other MB somebody suggested going in to the BIOS and changing the power management settings. I found power settings, but that didn't seem to have anything to do with shutdown, just start up. Unless I missed something? Anyway, so now to get the computer to turn off I have to actually unplug it, which causes me to have to hit the reset button several times to get it to start up again. I'm worried I've damaging my system somehow by doing this.

I just got this computer about two months ago. The guy said it was refurbished, and except for after these last few weeks it's run really well. I wanted a second opinion from somebody else, though I called the guy, and asked him for advice.

My second problem may be a direct result of the first. The last few days my keyboard and sometimes my mouse stop working. Sometimes the keyboard lights light up, and I hear a beep inside, and the hardware profile for the keyboard has disappeared. Other times it's still... Read more

Answer:Could this be a Win2k problem or a general computer problem?

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I have a small office network of 3 Win2k boxes and I am trying to file share and printer share on all three machines. 2 machines have printers and the other doesn’t. Machine A has the main Laser printer, Machine B has an inkjet, and Machine C has nada. From every machine I can see every machine on the network. I also added users on each machine for every other machine. I also added a NEW SHARE called “c” to every machine with permissions for EVERYONE.

I can see the C drives of B and C from A, but neither B and C can log into A. The error I get is:

\\Machine A is not accessible

Logon Failure: The user has not been granted the requested logon type on this computer.

Ok I am stumped on this one…..Any suggestions would be helpful.


Answer:Win2k Networking Problem

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Hi all,

I have windows 98 on my pc and I want to dual boot it with Win2k. I load up 98 and insert the disk, tell it I want to upgrade, and I get the following error.... "winnt32a.dll is missing or corrupted, setup cannot continue."

What can I do at this point? I even tried copying the installation files from the i386 folder onto my hard drive, and then I replaced the winnt32a.dll file with one from my Windows 2000 Server disk, but this didn't work, same error message.

Anyone got any ideas how to make it work? If I boot up with a win98 startup disk and run winnt for a clean install, do I ever get the chance to pick the partition I want to install windows 2000 into? Can I create a dual boot in this way?

Thanks for your help.


Answer:win2k upgrade problem

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I have just managed to get a friends Win2k PC to boot up after Central Heating install stopped it booting. This PC is not on a domain but is a standalone machine. Think in a past life it may have been on a network. I now cannot get past the Admin log in screen " the sp­e­c­i­f­i­ed do­m­a­in ei­t­h­er do­es not ex­i­st or co­u­ld not be co­n­t­a­c­t­ed" I have reset the p/w but still cannot get past this message. Is there a registry edit that will remove the domain dependancy? I do not want to re-install or all of my friends data will disappear

Answer:Win2k Domain Problem

If you can't logon how are you going to do a reg edit?You can't say its a standalone machine when it tells you to supply domain credencials.What did you do to get it to boot?Google repair install 2000. A repair install fixes the OS but leaves your data intact.

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Ok this started happening recently, about yesterday my box just restarted out of the blue and on and then gave me error on startup that said:
For more info bla bla press F8
Windows 2000 could not start because file is missing or corrupt:
<Windows 2000 root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe

First thing that popped into my mind was maybe it was that virus(the kazaa one) then I relised it was a wurm and was said on viruslist to only pop up advertisements, so I became stumped and thought of it for a second...

I went to the last known good configuration and I loaded fine. so I was pretty happy, thinking I solved this problem. Still didn't know what caused it, and didn't seem to cause any other problem with any of the programs I run. But then I was playing a game(Ultima Online) and then my computer just restarted again without warning. Same thing happens at startup like last time I "fixed"(more like a workaround) so I could post my problem on these boards. Any information would be helpful.

If asked I can post a dxdiag, and the programs I have running at startup: ad-aware and f-secure(my anti-virus).

to be sure I didn't have a virus i used
as well... although I still might, any ideas would be helpful

Oh yes: what does ntoskrnl.exe do?

Answer:Problem with Win2k start-up

NToskrnl.exe is the brains of Windows, short for NT OS kernel. It may have become damaged or corupted in some way.

Boot from the W2K CD and choose to run the repair option and that should fix it.

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Hi, I have winxp but I also have installed win2k on my comp. sumthing happend to winxp so i switched to win2k. I've tried ptting all the settings so that they automatically detect each other but no luck. tried putting ipconfig/all in cmdprmpt dint detect anything. I went in manual looked at my router settings did all that everything seems ok. I can ping my router my laptop and only ip addresses of websites. my ie doesnt show anything i cant even get into router page. I tried unistalling the tcp/ip and renistalling agian same deal. I'm lost from here out of ideas any help appreciated.

Answer:router problem win2k

If you can only ping web sites by IP addresses then typically there is a problem with DNS.

You might try manually entering the actual DNS IP addresses your ISP uses on the computer. You can usually see what they are from the status of the router.

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Somebody Please help !!!!
My computer restarts every 2-3 hours.
Configuration :
AMD Athlon 2700+
Windows 2000

Below is my HijackThis Log :
Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 5:50:48 PM, on 8/9/2006
Platform: Windows 2000 (WinNT 5.00.2195)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v5.51 SP2 (5.51.4807.2300)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\AVPersonal\AVGUARD.EXE
C:\Program Files\AVPersonal\AVWUPSRV.EXE
C:\Program Files\Alcohol Soft\Alcohol 120\StarWind\StarWindService.exe
C:\Program Files\IC\Card Reader Driver v1.9e\Disk_Monitor.exe
C:\Program Files\T-DSL Business\BOLog.exe
C:\Program Files\T-DSL SpeedManager\SpeedMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\AVPersonal\AVGNT.EXE
C:\Program Files\WinZip\WZQKPICK.EXE
C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zapro.exe
C:\Program Files\T-DSL SpeedManager\TSMSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\T-DSL Business\BODialer.exe
D:\Tools\Syst... Read more

Answer:WIN2K restart problem

If you computer restarts every 2 to 3 hours it might just be a overheating problem Please to install this and post the results

SensorsView 1.2 Download

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OK, My uncle's office is almost fully networked.

I have 4 computers:

1 Win2k SP4 laptop and 3 WinXP Desktops. Now, out of the 4, 2 of the XP desktops and the 2k laptop get along fine. But one of the XP desktops won't get along with the 2k laptop. They can both use all the other computers, and the other computers can use both of their shared assets, but the 2 of them just don't work together. For that WinXP desktop, I had to install the NetBEUI and NetBIOS compatable protocols on all the computers to get them to interact with it, and all but the Win2k laptop do.

Is it possible that one of those 2 protocols doesn't work from win2k to xp and that I need to upgrade the laptop to xp?

Edit: I tried everything I could find on the net, set Node Type to Hybrid on both, made sure all the usual services were running on both (workstation, server, etc.) and also made sure routing and remote access were off on both.

Answer:Win2k/XP Networking problem

NETBEUI works fine on 2K, so that's not the issue.

What are the exact symptoms of the failure? If you get an error message, please give the exact error message.

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Recently my NIC died in my computer and I replaced it with a working one I had lying around. Now although the computer reports that it is on the network it cannot see the other computers and the other systems can't find it.

I have gone through and re-set up the manual settings for the computer but I am at a loss as to why it doesn't connect to the network. I thought I'd ask even though I think it has something to do with the NIC. What can I say? I'm cheap and don't want to buy a new one

Manual TCP/IP Settings:

DNS Sever:

NIC is set to TP Full Duplex

Any suggestions?

Answer:Win2K Networking Problem

May help to get started. Check basics first.
Ping other systems? does that work
Remove any firewall software for testing.
Computer names under 15 characters and all unique names?
ping loopback (
try using the run command ( \\192.168.0.x ) and see if it can find a system that way. this will bypass any DNS settings.
If these dont help, check for driver issues. Ive seen in the past certain network drivers that seem fine but are not for that specific card and can fool you into thinking that its working fine in device manager.

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I'm trying to install win2k and Im trying to boot up from my 4 bootdisks
and on the first disk i get a "disk I/O error" my windows 98 bootdisk works however

Answer:Win2k Bootdisk Problem

use your 98 bootdisks........

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We have a desktop running XP Pro and a laptop on Win2K. We have had them running a network quite happily in the past, until a reinstall was necessary on the desktop. Since then, we have been unable to get them to talk to each other.

The network is wired and runs on an ntl cable modem and a Netgear router.

We can share the internet connection happily, but XP will not see Win2K, tho Win2K sees XP.

When trying to view workgroup computers from the pc, I get the message: Workgroup is not accessible. You might not have permission to access etc etc... and: The network path was not found.

I should explain that we are both logged in as Administrator, with the same password on each system. I have run the network wizard many times, and even installed NETBEUI, just in case this helps.

Out of interest, we installed XP on the laptop (the owner hates xp...) and we had exactly the same problem.

XP's *coughs* firewall is disabled. We both run Sygate Pro, and that is not asking permission to send a packet or anything similar.

Any help would really be appreciated, since I am about to go bald through pulling out my hair!


Answer:Problem networking XP with Win2K

Im not sure if this will help you, but try opening Windows Explorer or My Computer
click <Tools>, <Folder Options>, <View>
scroll all the way to bottom
try toggling 'Use simple file sharing'

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I have a windows 2000 server running machine which has got a problem of creating a lot of traffick to the internet through while on the LAN of my work place. last time I saw EROTIC32W on a DOS Screen and MSNSETUP.EXE Running also on DOS screen.Once connected the MODEM request and recieve counters shots up to abnormal hights hence making the network slow on browsing.This problem I also saw it on the WinXP machine too. Seems the Erotic32w attacks win2k and Xp windows because my win98 is still stable except the Backdoor trojans which popsup once in a while. Can somebody because I don't want to format my win2k Server machineLogfile of HijackThis v1.98.2Scan saved at 2:07:13 PM, on 12/14/2004Platform: Windows 2000 (WinNT 5.00.2195)MSIE: Internet Explorer v5.00 (5.00.2920.0000)Running processes:C:\WINNT\System32\smss.exeC:\WINNT\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINNT\system32\services.exeC:\WINNT\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINNT\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINNT\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\WINNT\System32\msdtc.exeC:\WINNT\System32\tcpsvcs.exeC:\WINNT\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINNT\System32\llssrv.exeC:\WINNT\System32\sfmsvc.exeC:\WINNT\System32\sfmprint.exeC:\PROGRA~1\MICROS~3\MSSQL\binn\sqlservr.exeC:\WINNT\system32\regsvc.exeC:\WINNT\system32\RsFsa.exeC:\WINNT\syst... Read more

Answer:Win2k Server problem

Hi if you are still having a problem:You are using an outdated version of hijackthis. Please download the newer version.Download HijackThis from:HijackThis Download SiteThen post a new log

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I'm having a problem networking 2 machines both running WiN2K Professional. They both belong to WORKGROUP and are named differently. They are connected through a Linksys Cable/DSL router. Both machines have their own IP .100 and .101 from the router. I can ping each machine by name and by IP. The problem is I can only see both machines from machine 'A'. I cannot access both machines, but I can see them. On machine 'B' I can't see both machines. File/Print Sharing is enabled for Microsoft Networks as well.

Can someone give me some ideas of where to go next?


Answer:WIN2K Networking Problem

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OK automatic updates downlaoded a critical update KB832894 along with a few others. It refuses to go away. Wants to install over and over even though it says it is already installed. Went to the Microsoft web site to research the problem. They have a fix for it. I have to download a patch for the patch. It says it cannot install the fix because IE6 SP1 must be installed. Well this is bogus because it IS installed. But I try to download and install SP1 and of course it says not to do this because it is already there. Lather rinse repeat. Since I have 2K I can't use IE7 and I can hear many of you already saying Firefox. That's all fine and dandy but the stupid update icon won't go away no matter what browser I use. And yeah I could just use XP instead of 2K, but this is an older laptop and 2K just runs way better on it. I have used both on it and this just runs much faster than XP did. It's a Dell Latitude C810, 1.1 Ghz with 512 RAM. It should run XP no sweat but it just has issues with XP. Anyway, I am off my tiopic, but has anybody had a similar issue or know of a better fix? I Googled and wasn't impressed with the results.

Answer:Win2K update problem

cleared cache?

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i just did a fresh install of 2K and went to update and got

icwconn1.exe has generated errors and will close.

so, i can't use IE.

anyway around this?

Answer:icwconn1.exe --- win2k IE problem

Surely, yes. Get Firefox - it's worth it.

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Hey everyone...

I'm having trouble installing Windows 2000 Pro on a desktop.
First, the specs:

Intel SE440BX board
Intel Pentium2, 400MHZ CPU (!)
Quantum 3GB drive
SB16 soundcard
LT WinModem
USR 802.11g NIC

So here's what's happening:
OS installs fine, expect when it boots the final time and runs the Network Identification Wizard. This is where is hangs.
I can't click on 'Next' or tab over to 'Cancel' either. Hitting 'Enter' doesn't do anything.

I've removed the modem and network card and re-installed the OS - no change; still the same problem.

Anyone come across this before or have any input please?


Answer:Win2k install problem..

Hiya and welcome

Try removing your soundcard as well. You can add it later on when its all working.

Also, are you just installing onto a 3GB driver? 2000 requires at least 2 GB with 650 MB free space.



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This modem problem occurs when running Windows 2000.

Using PCTel Modem HSP 56 Micro Modem with (what I believe to be) the latest driver for Win2K.

Device Manager properties states it is working properly and diagnostics proceed correctly.

I can get on line. IE comes up properly. But, within a couple of minutes of going on line, the system freezes - no keyboard and no mouse. A cold shut down and reboot is required.

Since I can easily switch drives on this machine, I switched with a drive running Win98SE. The modem works fine!

I would like to switch to Win2k on this machine. There is no other problem running Win2k except the modem. I have been runing successfully with several applications for the last few days.

Win 2K is certainly more stable than Win98SE in most ways... so what could be going wrong here?

Answer:Modem problem with Win2K

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I have a server that I am supposed to install Win2k onto. There are two hard drives, I formatted both of them using recovery console and installed Win2k on each drive. When I go to start the thing just get the black screen with a blinking cursor. What can I do to get the OS correctly installed? Should I delete partitions and try to make new ones? I want to make sure before I go deleting things, thank you in advance!

Answer:Problem w/installing Win2k

Why do you want two versions of the same os on your system?

I would delete all partition and start over. Install win2k on the first partition of the primary drive or the drive that is set as boot drive by your scsi / raid card.

Make sure you backup anything you want since this will destroy all data on the disk.

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I am trying to using my win2k machine which has a dial-up modem to share the internet connection.

Shared the internet connect on win2k.

the other win98 machine assign ip auto.

can see each other, share files and so on.

Both can send email. But only win2k can surf the net...


The win98 machine always display "connecting to" which is but never go through.
Please help me.


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dear all,
i am using a celeron based computer with 128 mb sd ram. the operating system is win2k.
whenever i start the computer it gets up but it it is not showing
the startup screen it even doesnt goes to the login screen. but i am able to
login in when i am booting in safe mode.
please help me out in this issue.
thanks in advance.
with best regards

Answer:Booting problem in win2k pro

while in safe mode, have you checked to see what services are set as automatic and what starts up when the machine boots up normal?

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ok.. my windows died last night. I installed it like a couple of days before and throughout entire yesterday every so often my comp would auto reboot itself (or what seemed like that) no matter what I was doing.

Also whenever I downloaded anything the download would almost everytime be corrupted.

The last time the comp rebooted itself it loaded back to windows and gave me some error saying windows setup wasnt fully completed and to complete it I should put the setup cd back in and reboot the comp to finish setup properly.

I did so, and following near the end of the repair of the setup it told me that it couldnt access some of the files on the cd. I borrowed a couple of my m8's copies and used their cd to complete the setup and it worked, after I shuffled around t he setup cds a bit for each file it couldnt access.

Well it loaded back to windows and I found that alot of errors came up about dll files that were missing etc. as well as certain programs needed to be installed again. I backup all my stuff and reformated my drive.

Reinstalled everything and it all went fine, loaded to windows.
Started doing windows update after I had installed all the system drivers and when it came to the 3rd update, while installing it couldnt access one of the files. I couldntdo anything but cancel the installation and it auto rebooted and then a msg came up saying my bio is curropted.

Went back to bio and reset everything. Then tried to reinstall windows after a full format, but... Read more

Answer:win2k installation problem

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OK, My uncle's office is almost fully networked.

I have 4 computers:

1 Win2k SP4 laptop and 3 WinXP Desktops. Now, out of the 4, 2 of the XP desktops and the 2k laptop get along fine. But one of the XP desktops won't get along with the 2k laptop. They can both use all the other computers, and the other computers can use both of their shared assets, but the 2 of them just don't work together. For that WinXP desktop, I had to install the NetBEUI and NetBIOS compatable protocols on all the computers to get them to interact with it, and all but the Win2k laptop do.

Is it possible that one of those 2 protocols doesn't work from win2k to xp and that I need to upgrade the laptop to xp?

Edit: I tried everything I could find on the net, set Node Type to Hybrid on both, made sure all the usual services were running on both (workstation, server, etc.) and also made sure routing and remote access were off on both.

Answer:Win2k/XP Networking problem

I recommend you create a network setup floppy disk to setup the PC properly.

For details see:

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This will sound stupid, but I've owned my computer for 3 years with no issues.

tonight I turn it on and the normal screen where it asks for password for

administrator that normally just flashes by, stops and asks for a password.

I have never set one that I know of, and if I hit enter to bypass it says that

I need the right password......

Anyone have any clue as to how I can get back into my computer?????

Can I log on in some generic way??

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!!!!!

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Well, this is a problem that I have seen before and was always able to fix it. On a friends computer (Running win2k sp3) it either rebooted itself when I tried to load windows, Froze while trying to load windows, or it loaded windows but ran very slowly. So I put my ear to the case to see if any of the cooling units were making any sounds, I heard nothing. So I went into the Recovery Console, and Used Fixmbr and Fixboot, Restarted the computer and still the same problem. Then I try re-installing the operating system. after It deleted the previous opsys. and installed a fresh copy, It rebooted to where it would load Win2k for the first time and set up drivers and what not, and every time it would try to load windows it would freeze up or reboot it self. so at that time I opened the case. I laid the case on it's side (Tower) and then I noticed that the CPU fan was moving very slowly, so I thought what any technician would think, the processor is overheating. So I went out a bought a new heatsink and fan, and also Upgraded the memory from 128 to 384. then I tried to load windows again, and still the same problem happens. Now the only problem I think it could have is that the processor is damaged from overheating or it's a win2k problem, if anyone could help me it would be great. or if you think that is a processor problem, just say so so I can tell them they need a new chip. Thanks

Answer:Win2k Install problem...

does it boot in safe mode?

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Ok, im working on a network with a win2k server, i had one network card for the internal network, external network, website, etc, now i wanted to create a vpn so i aded a second network card, the first one has the ip and thee second one ip is, when i chose the first network card, the vpn works fin but some computers in my network cant conect to the server, when i choose the second network card for the vpn, its just like disconecting the server from the network because no one can see the server, what am i doing exactly wrong here???
[email protected]

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In my home network of windows 2000 pros. I can see other 2 computer in My Network places but when I try to get in them a error says

\\XXXX is not accessible
The network path was not found.

How can I set the network path?


1. I shared the folders in each computer

2. I can ping each other

3. Names given to each computer are as simple as mike, raju ....

4. I have the firewall but the internal network is in the trusted zone, I tried it having firewall changes

5. File sharing is enabled on NIC

Recently i see that out of 3 computer(comp, 1,2,3) computer 1 can see all in MY NETWORK PLACES but comp2 and 3 can see only themselves,

Can anyone help me in this matter?

Answer:sharing problem in win2k

Do all PCs have the same Workgroup name?
Are you using a router with a switch?
Do you use fixed IPs?
If cabled, are all the cables straight-thru, and not crossover?
If wireless, are they al on the same channel?

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I just installed Windows 2000 yesterday. I first tried to upgrade from Win98 to Win2k but it messed up because i tried convertign from a fat16 to whatever that one is for NT. Anyway...i just did a clean install of Win2k on my second harddrive and it works fine and dandy, BUT, my modem doesn't seem to want to work. I know for a fact that all my settings on the dial up connection are correct. I didn't have much time to mess with it this morning because i had to goto school, but i went ahead and uninstalled the whole modem from the device manager. When i get home i'll try to reinstall it, and if you still don't work i'll get on my dads computer and see if i can find some updated drivers. I'm thinking that it is MOST LIKELY the drivers. Because it worked fine in Win95, and Win98. I'm not completely sure what brand modem it is so when i get home i'll open the case up and see.

Anyone have any comments on this one?
I just need someone to back me up on the whole driver theory.

Answer:Modem problem with Win2k

Drivers (also called ‘controllers’) act as an interface between the operating system and the devices that make up a computer to enable all the components to ‘understand’ each other and work together.

In the case of a graphics card, the driver informs the operating system of the different screen resolutions it supports (number of colours, frequency of updates, resolution, etc.)

Although operating systems already include controllers for the most commonly used peripherals on the market, the manufacturers modify them from time to time to improve their performance or to add extra features.

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When attemting to reinstall win2k i get to the setup is starting windows 2000 screen and the system freezes at that point.i have tried 3 copies of the o/s but the same happens each time. any ideas

Answer:re installing win2k problem

Is it a clean install or over a current install. It be be necessary to format the hdd first.

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Hey everyone...

I'm having trouble installing Windows 2000 Pro on a desktop.
First, the specs:

Intel SE440BX board
Intel Pentium2, 400MHZ CPU (!)
Quantum 3GB drive
SB16 soundcard
LT WinModem
USR 802.11g NIC

So here's what's happening:
OS installs fine, expect when it boots the final time and runs the Network Identification Wizard. This is where is hangs.
I can't click on 'Next' or tab over to 'Cancel' either. Hitting 'Enter' doesn't do anything.

I've removed the modem and network card and re-installed the OS - no change; still the same problem.

Anyone come across this before or have any input please?


Answer:Win2k install problem..

I think it's your HDD.
Your HDD(hard drive device) is to small.

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Hi, I have Windows 2k and on some applications which require sound, no sound comes.

Some of those applications which dont have sound now are for example Winamp, and games like CounterStrike.

This is wut i did prior to this problem, first i installed Windows 2000 w/ service pack 3 on my computer, and all the video card and sound card drivers. During the time when i had service pack 3 all applications needing sound worked perfectly. Then i installed Service pack 4, and after that i tried to run those apps, and on some of those apps no sound comes out of the speakers, just an irritating buzz .

I looked for help, but all it said was to reinstall Windows 2000, which i definetely do not want to do.

O ya and i tried reinstalling the sound drivers and some of the drivers that came on the motherboard cd, both of which didn't help the problem at all.

I would appreciate any help,


Answer:Win2k sound problem...PLZ help!!!

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i could have posted in the other similar thread... but i didnt

When my compy hits the point where its done with the window that says its loading personal settings, and the execution of explorer, my computer hands for about 20 secs. the mouse still moves, but it just sits there, with no activity for that bit of time. This is killing my boot times pretty bad, and i would like to get rid of it if possible.

My first guess is some sort of driver problem or error. I have no drivers with x's or ?'s in my device manager.

Im running approx the machine i have listed below.

thanks for your time

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I have win2k pro and I recently installed a driver for my printer and restarted my computer. Now all I get is a plain blue screen with no text. I tried restarting in safe mode and all I get is "safe mode" in all 4 corners on a black screen. I've also tried last known good config and I get the plain blue screen again. I do not have a win2k pro disk of any kind. Please Help!!!!!

Answer:win2k pro boot up problem

Hi wireguy,

When you log in safe mode with Win2000 Pro, you may wait at least 10 minutes before the login dialog box appear.

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Hello Everyone.

This is my first thread, so I am new here.
I gotta problem, I am dual booting between win2K pro and server.When I try to access folder or file properties(for example to set NTFS permissions or Quota) on win 2k Pro, everything is ok.However on server , I am not able to.I am not receiving any messages,I am logged on as a Admin.I can access only properties of My Computer and My DOcuments on the Desktop.THis is really frustrating.I also cannot access share.Could anyone help me?Please?


Answer:Problem with Win2K server

Were the files/Folder created in win2k Pro or Server ?? if Win2K Pro could be a permissions thing if you aren't logging in using the same ID and Password (i.e. as Admin) admin dosesn't automatically have all rights to all folders (especially user home directories) check permissions under win2kPro and then under win2kServer

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Question: Win2K Boot problem

Im trying to boot a Win2k computer... It hangs at the Windows 2000 prompt with the blue bar going across the screen... I can boot into safe mode but not regular mode... Any suggestions?

Answer:Win2K Boot problem

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Friend has a problem using win2k. Whenever he downloads something is automatically downloads and opens the document. Doesn't give him a save as dialogue box, any ideas, He said if he held down the shift key it would. Wants to set it to default give him a save as option. Any ideas, thanks.


Answer:win2K download problem

If you are d/ling ZIP files make sure ZIP files aren't assoicated with any wordprocessor (ex WORD) or with Notepad or wordpad.
Open my computer and goto View and Options and then File Types.

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I have this problem w/ WIN2K and Starcraft. Everytime I finish playing Starcraft, it would not go away. Even if I END TASK it, it doesnt go away. Cuz of this...I cant do a normal shudown or restart.

Answer:WIN2K w/ Starcraft problem

Try ending the process. Find the name of the executable in the processes tab. And end it. You might have to end it more than once.

I don't know why it is doing it though.

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Hi, I have Windows 2000 Pro SP4 and I'm facing a problem.
I'm using Norton Ghost to restore the system to a good state when I have a problem.
So I just restored to a clean install of Windows 2000 and decided to do some locking-down before I start anything else.
I created two more user accounts, one as a backup to the Administrator account (member of Admins group) and one power user (member of Power Users group).
Then I connected to the internet and I got this lsass.exe "your computer will be shutdown in ...".

The computer restarted and when it asked me to login, I did login as Administrator, but the strange thing was that it took like 1 minute to load the desktop. It just showed a blue screen (the wallpaper, not the BSOD) and the CPU led didn't blink.
I tried with the other accounts as well but I got the same thing.

Then some application needed RPC to run and I went to services.msc to enable it back.
But when I clicked on properties, it was not responding, so I tried to close the services window and then it said something like "Please close the properties tab first". Which I couldn't because I did not see any open properties tab...

So my questions are:
1. What are the limitations of a Power User (the group)?
2. Which service is responsible for this lsass virus? I think it's RPC, but there are 2 RPC there. Which one?
3. Why does it take so long to load?
4. What's that weird problem with not letting me change the status of se... Read more

Answer:win2k services problem

Configuration changes after cloning
When cloning a Windows 2000 installation, Ghost Walker and the SID Change option in the Task in Ghost Enterprise Console can change the computer configuration, but they do not prompt Windows to rebuild the Plug-and-Play driver database. Microsoft's System Preparation Tool (SysPrep) does both. Use Microsoft's Sysprep instead of Ghost to change the computer's configuration.

For more information see:

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im running win2k adv server sp4 and win2k pro sp1 on my system (studying for mcse). i installed all my drivers for vid card, chipset, etc. whenever i restart and load win2k server, i have to redownload all the updates from ms'es website, install any applications, and configure my pc to connect to the net through the internet connection wizard all over again. it seems as if windows isnt saving my settings. plz help if u can


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Situation: I can currently fully automate (not a single enter) a Symantec Ghost 6.5 multicast session that enables Win98 to logon to network and have each of 40 machines login with an individual identity.

Problem: When trying to send a Win2K image out to the machines and rename them. The error: "Unable to determine machine MAC address" shows up upon login - even on the cloned machine.

Goal: Want to Fully Automate a ghosting session that will be able to load a new C:\ image - either Win2k or Win98 - at will....Why?...Different strokes for different folks...One professor wants Win98 and the other wants Win2k....easy solution...ghost between classes. (Dual Boot was considered and not an option).

Any thoughts? Thanks

Answer:Win2k ghost 6.5 problem

The issue with Ghost and the MAC address is that the MAC is contained in the image. The only pc that would not have a problem is the one the image was made on. With Win2k, you should use SysPrep before making the image. This removes hardware specific items and allows you to rename the pc when it first boots up. How you script this to be automatic, I am not sure of, but there is a scripting mailing list that can help you. Send an e-mail to [email protected] requesting that you be added to the mailing list. Be careful with "out of the office" daemons as the reply goes to all recipients including you and then loops forever and you will be removed from the list.

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My PC (PIII 500mhz), is running windows 2000 and it seems to take an eternity to boot-up. I know that its no mean machine but it shouldn't take this long to start up. The progress bar gets to about half-way and then seems to freeze for about 5-6 minutes, and there is no disk activity. Any suggestions?

Answer:WIN2K startup problem

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When installing WIN2K I keep getting an error message that says it cannot copy file gm.dls what should I be looking for?

Answer:Win2K Installation problem

The file appears to be associated with wave table. I'd try removeing your sound card; if onboard sound, disable it in the bios. Once your up and running install the card and drivers.

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I recently was forced to re-install win2kpro(repair install). Now when I tried to update to service pack 4, installation goes on a while and then stops with error message: c:\winnt\system32\drivers\atapi.sys is open or used by other program(freely translated from finnish).
So can anyone say what is wrong, should I do clean reinstall or what?

my specs: sempron 2500+, 1gb mem, geforce 6600gt, asus motherb. as7v8x-x

Answer:Win2k update(SP4) problem

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I just installed Windows 2000 on a Tyan 1854 Trinity motherboard with 128mb of RAM. The system runs real well, but there is one obvious problem.

Whenever I boot up the machine, the keyboard and mouse are not recognized. In fact, there is no mouse cursor on the screen. If I "reset" the system to reboot, the keyboard and mouse work just fine. The very next time I boot up, the problem happens again. Pressing "reset" and rebooting makes the problem go away.

I have updated the bios to the latest version, and SP1 was part of the original Win 2000 Pro. install.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to try next? Perhaps a setting in the bios needs to be changed.

By the way, I have built two identical systems and the problem is occurring on both!


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my 7 year old accidently changed the password in my windows 2000 pro. I can't start windows, I need to disable the windows password or get into dos to format the hard drive and reinstall windows thanks

Answer:win2k password problem

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My PC has the Asus a7v133 w the harddrive connect to the ata 100 port. I created a dual-boot w/ win98. I used a few times and it worked fine. Now, I get a failure error and will not boot. message:

The Registry cannot load the hive
or its log or alternative
it;s corrupt, absent, or not writtable
I'm just starting to learn about W2k, so I need some help.




Answer:Win2k start-up problem

Little info
Troubleshooting STOP 0xC0000218 Error

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I am hoping someone can help me.

I am running a win2k pro box and have to map a drive to one of our windows2003 servers and for somereason when I reboot this win2k box will not remember the username or password for this mapped drive . I have mad sure that the remember password box is checked. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:Win2k mapped drive problem

Have you tried mapping it from the command prompt.

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i have win2kpro sp2 installed with sp2
there seems to be a general problem with 3d games using opengl or direct3d... it takes too much to alt+tab to desktop the sound enters a short loop as if the system is crashed
i experience this in world of warcraft, nexus, driv3r anyway in 3d games.
i have the latest DNA-force drivers. the GPU is nvidia FX 5200 128/128
it's not a hardware problem, because if i restore a winxp pro sp2 image the games mentioned above work faster - same hardware same drivers, there's no alt-tab delay, I alt tab instantly to desktop.
also there's a counterstrike problem i have on win2k : loading cs takes about 40 seconds, but it's strange because the system looks frozen nothing works, but the red activity led on the case is on full-time
also in winxp sp2 i don't experience any problem.
u'll prolly ask why bother just install xp and it's dealt with, but i want to know how this stupid annoying problem can be fixed on win2k
i tried to upgrade win2k to sp4... it gives me a "Error blablabla - the memory could not be read" on many appz and crashes the app ofc
also how can i have more than 100fps in cstrike ?
i have fps_max set to 500 it still won't go above 100 and i remember once i had about 300 fps

Answer:general problem with games on win2k

2k and me are the worst operating systems EVER.. install xp or 98 2nd edition.

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I recently installed Win2K on a blank used 36gig scsi hard drive. I had to disconnect the second hard drive to get it to load. Copied and installed the applicable chipset and controller drivers. When I Go into disk manager to view the status of the drives. IT SHOWS local C: sized at 35gig and unused space of about 33gig. The other disk is shown as having all unallocated space. The problem I have been encountering is that when I try to install a proprietary program, I get a message that says, 'not enough disk space' and then 'do you want to continue anyway?' HOW do I get the space on the second disk allocated? And is this really my problem or is there something I am missing?

Answer:disk manager problem with Win2K

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We have a Thinkpad T21 that had 2k preloaded. It worked great for a couple of months, then started getting slower than normal to boot, open applications, almost everything. Now if the user logs on as himself (he has administrator privilege) disk cleanup hangs on temporary files, which we can see in the disk cleanup table, has 2 mgs of data in them. However, when we go to the temp folders, we don't see any files. (we have show hidden files turned on.) After you cancel the disk cleanup (because it hangs) several other strange things start to happen: the search hangs, some applications won't quit, the machine either won't shutdown or takes 5+ minutes to do it. If you log in as administrator, it shows no files in the temporary files and disk cleanup runs fine and there are none of the other problems. Can anyone tell me what I am looking for? I don't think its security because everything worked fine for a while. Could a disk problem or damage to the os cause this?

Answer:win2k disk or security problem?

clean ur system with:

Spybot Search & Destroy

Lavasoft Ad-Aware


and c taht helps

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Ok, i used to run my monitor at 1520x1140 - 100Hz - I know this is supported by my monitor ( which is plug and play ) - since i have formatted and reinstalled win2k pro - exact same OS and SP4 installed etc, same drivers - i can no longer get the same res and refresh, i can get into the res fine, and it SAYS i can use 100hz - but it just stays at 60hz regardless of what i set it to ( 75/80/100 etc ) I can't fine drivers for this monitor, infact im not even sure of the model number now - its a Sun microsystem monitor and has no problems at all, gfx card is an asus 9800XT

Asus P4C800-E
2.6C ( overclocked - but all fine, 35c full load etc )
2x512 corsair 4000

The only thing that has changed since the format is i now have windows 98 on my other HDD ( dual boot ) - this OS wont allow that res/refresh either, same bug as 2k has.

Any help/ideas would be great, thanks for reading

Answer:Win2k Pro - Resolution/Refresh problem

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I have a win2k setup on a computer that is now all of a sudden telling my paging file is too small or dosen't exist. When I click passed that it will not let me boot into windows to fix it.

How can I fix this situation?

Again thanks for the help

Answer:Win2K Pageing file problem

DId you try booting to safe mode

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We have an issue. We had a burglary and my bosses laptop was stolen. We all run Win2K Pro SP4 but his new laptop runs XP Home, (no choice I'm afraid). We have an A3 Printer, (HP 1100C) attached locally to the base PC. We are having difficulties with him printing to it across the network. He has drivers loaded, no problems with LAN access printing. Any ideas gratefully received

Answer:Win2K Pro and XP Home Printer Problem

I'm guessing here and not network savvy, but has a printer port been captured from your boss's laptop to the network printer? At work, using Win2K Pro, we use Novell network for the printer queues for the capture and there's an option to check to capture the port when starting windows. I assume on the base PC, print sharing is allowed since other PCs can print - would there be any difference/compatibility since the laptop is XP - would that matter?

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A week or so ago I went to defrag my C drive and got the message that I did not have enough "room" on the drive for the defrag to work properly, and that I should delete or move some files to free up some disk space (I had about 4 GB of space on the 40GB drive and defrag wanted 15% free). I had the option of running it anyway, which I did. It ran rather quickly and afterward, the graphic display of the drive looked as fragmented as it did before running the program -- not the clean solid color bars that it usually shows.

I let that go and yesterday finally got around to moving enough files to a seperate drive so defrag didn't complain, and then defragged the drive. This time it took a LOOOONG time (actually, I finally went to bed after it seemed almost stuck at about 25% of the progress bar for a while) but it was completed this morning. I then did a reboot, and was prompted to run CHKDSK, which I did.

Chkdsk seemed to run as usual, and after it reached 100% I was ready to get on with then switched into a mode I've never seen before: a full screen of gibberish-like text scrolling by so fast I couldn't read any of it (actually, as I couldn't read it I can't swear to it's being gibberish but...)

After what seemed like about a quarter hour or so of this I got fed up, took a deep breath and pushed the reset button -- and when prompted tp run CHKDSK on THAT reboot, I declined.

Windows opened normally and everything seems... Read more

Answer:Solved: Problem with CHKDSK? (WIN2K SP4)

You can run chkdsk from a command prompt without any switches. That will just check the drive for errors, but will not attempt to fix anything. Should at least show if there are any errors on the drive.

Don't have any other answers for ya, but would recommend you make sure you data is backed up, just in case it is about to fail.



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Hi!! Well i am in a deep trouble, system full of virus (as the guys told me) and so been banned from the LAN of my Uni for the past 2 days. Now wanted to reinstall the win2k, but no experience with that so request u to plzz lemme know how to do that..

Answer:PLzz help!! Virus problem..win2k

Hi there

Please go into Windows Explorer, click on C:\ > File > New Folder and call it HJK , or another name of your choice. Go to this Site and download Hijack This. Install the program into the folder you created then run it. Click Scan. Save the log file to Notepad , then copy and post it back here. Make sure to include the System information at the top of the log as well.

I'll move this to the Security Forum.

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Hi all,
Ok heres the problem... i tried to create some map and clicked "create" it screen freezes... then after a while blue screen comes up and says "in page error at XXXXXX:xxXXXXX....." and some thing like "system start physical memory dump:" and nothin followin it... I press restarted the computer and it asks me for some kind of boot disk????? then i have to shut it down and then turn back on to start normally.....

Just wonderin what is goin on??? Please help...
CS1.5.... this happens about 30% of the time depends on what map i have created...

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I have a question.

I uninstalled Active Directory on a win2k server.
I used "dcpromo" to uninstall Active Directory.

I reinstalled Active Directory using the same server name but I wasn't able to use the origional NetBIOS name because the OS said it was already in use.
Is there a way to change the NetBIOS name while Active Directory is installed?

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They appear like they're displayed with 256 colours or something. Current Display settings are:

True Color (32 bit)
800x600 res.

Also under 'Effects' in the Display Properties:

'Show icons using all possible colors' is ENABLED

Tried deleting IconCache file in Windows directory and I've also tried re-installing the video driver over the current one.

Any ideas? Thanks for you time.


Hi. Thanks for the reply.

Yeah, I've tried that. It's set to True Color (32 bit).

...and yes. I recently installed the ATI AiW Radeon. I didn't have the problem for wile but something must have happened. Not sure when though.

Monitor driver...never ever had to download one fo those. Just used the generic ones I'll try that now.

Edit: no good.

I'm guessing it's something to with my display drivers. Should I remove tem first then re-install them?

edit again: removed and reinstalled ATI display driver to no avail.

Any ideas?

Answer:Minor problem with Win2K icons

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OK, I have a Windows 2000 Server with 2 nics running Routing and Remote Access. 1 nic is set to 192.168.5.x and the other is set to 192.168.1.x. On the 5.x side on the client computers, I can ping and connect to any computer on the 1.x side. But not a single computer on the 5.x side can ping or connect to any printer on the 1.x side. What's going on? Thanks.

Answer:win2k routing printing problem

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System: IBM 1.6GHz P4 Win2KPro 512SDRam .
I'm not sure what I've done or what happened. I booted up this morning with many error windows and log event windows , this has happened a few times lately , so I recently installed Ccleaner and WinOptimizer4 to clean out all the old broken & duplicated files as Win Disk cleanup has never been able to run it freezes up.
Any way the pc boots up after a few attempts and I 1st discover no shortcut to Firefox on the desktop or Ccleaner shortcut , desktop icons are small there was now a new shortcut for connect to internet which was the create a connection wizard. I created a new Firefox shortcut and it went straight on the net no probs except all FF bookmarks and BM toolbar links where gone as were all add-ons and the theme i was using.

I navigated to my FF user profile -> Bookmarks restore-> and I find only a single backup from today and its how the system is now so its useless. I can live I suppose the loss of my zillion BM but I've lost all my usernames and passwords VERY annoying (lucky i remembered TechGuy details).

Also I find I.E.6 has defaulted and lost its favorites, the connect to internet wiz launched when booting up Explorer like it was the first time it was ever used.
It seems like there's been a system restore back to defaults most of my software still seems to be there (i think?) in fact I got a , welcome to Win2K box , a guide to using 2K the 1st time , I've never seen this box before... Read more

Answer:System Recovery problem Win2K

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