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uninstall win98/install win2000pro

Question: uninstall win98/install win2000pro

I have an AMD-K6 processor w/312 meg ram and a 20 gig harddrive. It came with win98se. A friend gave me a win 2000 pro disk and I want to install it. Do I uninstall win98 and then install win 2000. Will I lose anything and what is the best procedure? I am not a novice but I need simple instuctions. Thanks

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Preferred Solution: uninstall win98/install win2000pro

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: uninstall win98/install win2000pro

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Question: win98, win2000pro


is it ok to install office on win98 and then install office to win2000. will it be able to run office on both os's sufficently. note, both os's are on same parition and its dual boot atm.

this also applies to all applications, well simple programs such as msn, yahoo msn, edonkey seems to working fine but i had to install 2 times

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In the process everything stops and I get a message that says there is an error and the procedure will be closed. By looking into the details I noticed that it deals with the file "migrate.dll" Unfortunaltely I did not other notes about the message.

I presently have Win98SE on my system.
Motherboard ASUS P2B-F with the lates BIOS update for that particular boad. Processor 1.4mhz

I would appreciate any help ....

Thank You.


Answer:upgrade from win98 to win2000pro

Never "upgrade", always perform a Clean Install.

Obviously, ensure you have any needed data backed up first.

Also make sure you have the relevant drivers for your system & Win2K to hand.

It's possible there may be a hardware conflict ... Win2K is NT based and can find wee problems with things such as a bad ram stick.
Welcome to the Forums.

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I can't seem to get Win2000 Serv Pak 4 or other "critical" updates identified via the page recommendations to install.

When I try follow the microsoft procedure (scan for updates, select, click "install" nothing happens: no status messages, nothing to indicate any updates are being installed, etc)

If I go to the download page and try to select only Serv Pak 4 (for example), it says it is downloading but in 1 sec it claims to have downloaded 589k. No way. Especially on my dial up. If I then try to launch the desktob "icon" it says it is checking my config, then the status bar and dialog box disappears almost immediately. Again, no action.

System is basically a "new" install as I re-installed win2000pro yesterday by booting from the floppies, ran set up to override all Win2000 files, downloaded serv pak1 (and ran w/o problem), downloaded IE 6 w/sp1. I doubt any virus as I have not installed anything else except the drivers for soundblaster, monitor and modem - all direct from manufacturers disks.

Answer:Need help with Win2000Pro install updates

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I installed win2000pro and it only showed my C hard drive.
Restarted in BIOS and told it to detect my D hard drive as the primary slave.
On start up on the black screen it appears.
When I click on the computer icon, it shows D as being my cd/rw and not the slave drive.
What can I do to fix this?
if it matters - I did a clean install
256 RAM
40 GIG HD - primary master
1 GIG HD - primary slave.
Thanks! You all are always so helpful!

Answer:primary slave doesn't show up after win2000pro install

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I am running XP professional 2002, Service pack 2 installed. I have two hard drives C: FAT 32, free space is only 1.20GB, total is 9.54GB; F:NTFS 189GB free, 298GB total. Jabil AMD Mother Board, 648 MHz 512 of RAM. It was originally Running Windows 98 Which I think is still on the Original C: drive along now with XP PRO SP2 as it's current OS. I need space on C: drive.

Is there anyway I can Remove/Uninstall all elements of Windows 98, keep XP PRO SP2 as current OS without losing losing any software program functions or componets installed after market? Like say MS Word?

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How do I uninstall Internet Connection Sharing on a Win98 box? Plain Win98 with service packs, BTW; not Win98 SE.

Used it for dialup with a WinXP host box, but since I got Broadband and a router, no longer need it.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Uninstall ICS in Win98

Complete opposite as the way you installed it.

Start > Settings > Control Panel, and double-click Add/Remove Programs
Select the Windows Setup tab
Double-click the Internet Tools icon, and uncheck the box for Internet Connection Sharing

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Just in case anyone is having trouble with WINXP uninstall when your system will not boot to Windows to access the uninstall feature:

Here is the link:;EN-US;312569

Thanks to john1 and Kilowat1 who helped me on this.


Answer:*Uninstall XP >>> return to Win98*

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Previously this computer had win98 OS which was upgraded to XP.I would only want to uninstall win98 SE program that is about 4.7 mb and if I do so,a mess box pops up informing that
Windows 98SE Setup did not save your original system files, or the information has since been deleted

Windows 98 can not be uninstalled.Thanks for any reply.

Answer:How To Uninstall Win98 Programs

If you don't have a Win 98 CD and the XP install CD and proper license data, I suggest you leave things as they are.

Just where/how is it that you think you are trying to uninstall Win 98 files on a system which has been upgraded to XP?

Where did you get this number you reported for a Win 98 O/S?


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I just cant take it of as I keep getting this:-ocal machine: installation failed Installation: Error: Action failed for file setup.exe: creating backup.... Access is denied. (5) %DESTINATION% = "C:\Program Files\Grisoft\AVG Free\setup.exe.install_backup", %SOURCE% = "C:\Program Files\Grisoft\AVG Free\setup.exe"Any advise appreciated please.

Answer:unable uninstall AVG 7.5 free Win98

AVG 7.5 is no longer supported you would do better installing AVAst 4 instead click here

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does any one have any easy understandable way of doing this.I just found out the my computer is tooo old to run XP and I want to go back to 98 before I run into major problems. IBM pentium II,194 RAM,348 MHz. any help would be greatful. I am a computer dummy but I have a trust worthy friend helping me out.(you know who you are and congrats. you won) thanks in advance.

Answer:uninstall upgrade XP reinstall Win98

You can boot a Win98SE disc from CD if you have the BIOS set to boot first from CD_ROM. Delete existing partitions, recreate the one(s) you want and install Win98.

If you do not have SE, you can use a Win98 Start UP disc, set your BIOS to boot first from Floppy Drive reboot and select "No CD-ROM support. . at the A: prompt type fdisk.

Delete partitions, then recreat the one(s) you want. restart and at the A: prompt, type format c:. Reboot and select Install Windows from CD

That should get you up and running. This will erase everything on the drive, so be sure you have a good back-up of data.

Have fun . . wrs

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In order to free disc space, may I uninstall WIN98 and those setup .EXE files after the corresponding software has been successfully installed? WIN98 occupies 121 MB. My operating system is Windows XP Professional, my computer is a Fujitsu-Siemens notebook.

Answer:[SOLVED] uninstall WIN98 and setup files

If you are running 98 and XP on a dual boot scenario then by all means get shut of 98 to free up space which to be honest won't be much.

How big is your hard drive?

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got new pc with pirate xp installed. can I uninstall by going to control panel, add/remove programs, uninstall xp. ?I want to replace it with proper win98.I dont have 98 startup floppythankskevin

Answer:uninstall pirate xp and replace with proper win98?

You could download a Win 98se bootdisk click here and format the drive, spixworth.

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I have Vista Home Premium 32 bit.
I was having problems installing a program (Berlitz German Premier) where the install would just disappear halfway thru the process. A program would not appear under my programs list but when I went to Uninstall an icon for uninstall of the Berlitz software appears for each time I tried to install it. However I get the following error messages (see attached document with screen captures) when I tried to delete it the traditional way.
When I use Windows Install Clean Up utility, the program is nowhere to be found on the list; thus I can't use that program.
Any suggestions for how to get this program removed?

Answer:Program wont uninstall it with Uninstall or Install Cleanup Utility

Is this a windows XP program or one for vista. It looks like a compatibility problem. Check with vendor to see if they have a version for vista. Some older programs will not work with vista and never will. There is an option to run in capatibility mode with vista but does not always work.

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I installed Arduino software, part of which included installing a number of drivers. I uninstalled the software using the internal software uninstall feature. Apparently it removed the drivers, but for some reason they still show up in the Windows install/uninstall list. I try to uninstall them using the Windows uninstaller, but I get an error stating that the drivers are not there (at that address). The problem is, I cannot re-install the drivers, because for some reason they still show as being installed by the Windows installer and the software refuses to re-install.

So, how do I remove a file name from the install/uninstall list on Windows 10? A file name for a file that is already deleted?



Answer:Cannot Uninstall Drivers from Install/Uninstall List - Windows 10

Hi, Geek uninstaller (free) offers a range of removal options if you right click an entry.

However, you may have parts of the program left over.

1. Does the program's site offer a manual uninstaller or uninstall instruction?
2. Check the various folders that may have been created when you installed it for leftovers.
(Try Locate32 (free) - let it index all your files then you can quickly check for anything related to the name of your program on a find-as -you-type basis).
If you find any exe's left over, then use
Revo (free)
to force uninstall these.

Your problem will be knowing if anything is left over that you don't want.

Finally you can search the registry.
Try Regscanner (free) as this lists all found unlike Regedit which is 1 by 1.

Create a system restore point or back up your registry and delete remnants.

Good luck!

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I installed Arduino software, part of which included installing a number of drivers. I uninstalled the software using the internal software uninstall feature. Apparently it removed the drivers, but for some reason they still show up in the Windows install/uninstall list. I try to uninstall them using the Windows uninstaller, but I get an error stating that the drivers are not there (at that address). The problem is, I cannot re-install the drivers, because for some reason they still show as being installed by the Windows installer and the software refuses to re-install.

So, how do I remove a file name from the install/uninstall list on Windows 10? A file name for a file that is already deleted?



Answer:Cannot Uninstall Drivers from Install/Uninstall List - Windows 10

Hi, Geek uninstaller (free) offers a range of removal options if you right click an entry.

However, you may have parts of the program left over.

1. Does the program's site offer a manual uninstaller or uninstall instruction?
2. Check the various folders that may have been created when you installed it for leftovers.
(Try Locate32 (free) - let it index all your files then you can quickly check for anything related to the name of your program on a find-as -you-type basis).
If you find any exe's left over, then use
Revo (free)
to force uninstall these.

Your problem will be knowing if anything is left over that you don't want.

Finally you can search the registry.
Try Regscanner (free) as this lists all found unlike Regedit which is 1 by 1.

Create a system restore point or back up your registry and delete remnants.

Good luck!

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i cannot install my XP service pack2 but i can install win98 and it will works..whts wrong w/ my PC?

after i'm finishing formatting my hardisk
now ready to install the XP but then it will appear the blue screen that contents physical memory dump....and it automatically restart...

i try to change my XP CD to another XP CD and install it again but then again it not works again...hohohoho....

what i should do?

Answer:i cannot install my XP but i can install win98..whts wrong w/ my PC?

PC specks post.

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EDIT: sorted, it worked when i opened uninstaller it from within REVO UNINSTALLER...dunno why?

went to uninstall FSX from hard-drive.. it said it was uninstalled but there was satil 10Gb+ files left behind so I deleted them, I went to reinstall FSX on a different drive and it wont as it says its still installed and must be removed..when i do however it fails as the uninstaller and files arent there - then when i look in add & remove programs FSX is still there??? trying to uninstall it fails like ive just said and it wont let me install it until its been removed?

can anyone help with this?


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I attempted to install XP Professional over Win98, which XP suggested to preserve both data and settings. During the install, I received the blue screen which gave me a possible error with the install. The message suggested that I run a virus scan and check disk. However, the only way out was to power down and upon boot up I get a message, "Primary master hard disk fail".

How bad am I screwed up and is there any way out of this problem?

Answer:XP Install over Win98

Heres some info that might help.

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I have a dilemma. I have an old, slow machine with win2k on it. Its my mother's. She really wants win98 as it is what she knows how to use and it will support her older than dirt printer and scanner.

Unfortunately, it won't read floppy disks, it says any disk you put in is not formatted. Thus I can't boot from a win98 startup disk. I have swapped out the a drive and the same thing happened.

Is there a way to boot into dos from win2k? Is there a way to reformat/fdisk without dos or a startup disk?

Answer:how do I install win98?

Answer The Question. Or Dont. Your Opinions Go To The Lounge. Period.

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Question: Install win98

A friend has just got an old PC from a colleague and wants me to install win98 as at the moment it has win95.He has the win98 disc but has no disc for the drivers or any other disc that come with it.If I put the win98 disc in will it just install over the top of the 95 and if so will the drivers need upgrading and how do I go about getting them ? Thanks in advance for any help.

Answer:Install win98

Will the old pc spec run win 98??

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I have win xp professional currently installed on my computer, and I love it. The problem is one of my games(command and conquer gold, made for win95), can't find something in the kernel32.dll file so it won't run under xp. Is there a way I can also install win98 se after I have win xp installed? I've installed win2k before with 98 installed, and it created a boot up screen so i could select which OS i want to run. From what i gather from the warning of the setup in win98 it will make it so the computer only boots into win98. Is there any way I will be able to install win 98 as well and still be able to run winxp?

Answer:Can i install win98 too?

Here's an article about it
HOW TO: Create a Multiple-Boot System with Windows XP

If you choose ntfs file system you would have to delete and reformat as win98 needs fat32.
If you only have one partition you can't.
Last but not least the bootloader won't install if you install 98 last.
You would have to erase everything and start over, by installing 98 to it's on fat32 partition, then installing winxp to it's own partition.

There maybe a third party boot manager that will take care of it, but I can't remember.

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Hi pals,

I have some old BASIC programs to run that's why I decided to install Win98 on the other partition of my harddisk.Is it possible to install 98 if I already have XP?If yes please guide me through the process.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Can I install Win98,if I already have XP?

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Lost Win98 on laptop with external CD-ROM drive (USB-powered) only. Tried to reinstall Win98 but i think computer's not recognizing my CD drive because it's USB. Anyone else run across this problem. I assume that I can't get Win98 on multiple floppies.

Answer:Win98 install w/o CD

There's a way to install it over the network and that's through DOS.

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Following a power cut Win98 won't reboot (missing files etc). I've tried scandisk from the floppy, and can't get the Win98 CD to respond unless i go for setup.exe Would reinstalling Win98 work....will I still have all my files intact?

Answer:re-install Win98 over the top?

i dont understand how you can get setup.exe without windows loading, windows98 requires cdrom drivers to be installed before the cd can be read.are you using a startup floppy?have you accidently left a disk in the drive (floppy or cdrom). if so it may be stopping the for installing windows again, it usually wont let you install over the top from dos, it will however from within windows (kinda silly really).if you can get to view the files on the win98 cdrom, look for a file called SFC, if you can find it, double click it to run and it should check and restore missing or corrupt files.

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I have a Pc at work, I shut it down one night and then in the morning win xp had dissapeared and I know have win 98 Installed.How did this happen???? I thought it may be booting off the network but the server is disconnected. As far as i am aware there is no dual boot set up.What the hell happened , why how, please help

Answer:How did win98 install all by itself

Someone did it!Possibly it was cloned wrongly by someone.What sort of network are you on?Most likely though it is dual-boot, perhaps on two disks (rather than via partition) and the disk with xp has failed.Any practical jokers around? Maybe someone changed your pc...

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Never installed XP in a computer before ,just got this CD-R from a friend.
It's Windows XP pro with sp2 on a sony 700MB CD-R when i inserted it I noticed it cant install itself ,and to bad for me i cant install it ether.So I have
no skills in installing muilty files in a computer like this with no installation tools. This laptop is very old and has no internet connection ,just need this for games and a sega emulator that owney runs on xp ,and Just saying in case any body thinks im pirating ,this is a friends copy and it's not going anyware. So this is how it looks when i open the CD in CD-ROM shortcut i have 9 differnt files

(1)= a brown folder 1386 (2)= boot.bin (3)= boot.catalog (4)= L ast Session (5)= Serial# (6)=Win51 (7)=Win51ip (8)=Winip.sp1 (9)=Win51ip.SP2

3 out of the 9 i can open and read 1386/Last session and Serial#
but the other 6 will show me a OPEN WITH win box with listings of programs to open this file type and thats a problem for me.

dont know the correct way to open these files or what programs needed to open them in win98

Answer:need help with WIN XP PRO SP2 CDR install on WIN98

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hi my friend has bougth a pc from a fair and it has a dodgy copy of xp on it and he wants 2 put win98 on, how do u get 2 the dos 2 format the harddisk so i can start from fresh and put win 98 on it.also xp uses a ntfs system and win 98 fat 32 is it know backwards compatible if xp has been on there?

Answer:how install win98 on a p.c with xp on

You should be able to boot from a floppy, check Bootdisk if you don't have one, and FDISK to remove the partition and recreate it and format it FAT32 for Win98. Then you can install W98 from the CD.

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Greetings All -

I have an older PC which, for some reason, doesn't want to allow an Win98se install from the cd-rom. It keeps telling me to remove the floppy disk and restart shortly into the win98 install. I've reformatted the HD and changed the bios to ignore the floppy drive...No help. Any Thoughts?

I thought I'd try to load Win98se from Floppy, but I do not have the needed install disks. Are they available to download somewhere?



Answer:Win98 Floppy Install

Maybe this can help.

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Hello everyone,
I'm trying to install w98
Here comes my problem.
After running fdisk I am not able to run the "format c: /s" command. First of all I do not know how the erected drives are called (I can only switch to C: and D: though) and secondly, having applied the format to C: and D:, an error occurs ("About, Failure....").
I'm using a cd with windows on it and auto-starting from it does work, as the system can access any drives thru my "base" XP (I'm using vmware, which doesn't make a difference to a normal installation. Any ideas of how I may continue the installation, starting from the formatting process?
Thanks guys!

Answer:WIN98 install trouble


Moved you to Hardware for more response


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I jus bought a new emachine

2.60 gig Pent 4
256 ddr
dvd-rom and dvd-r
80 gig hdd

Had XP on large 80 gig hdd, and I wanted 3 partitions,
so put in fdisk and made them..format all the partitions.
Put in win98 cdrom and from cd, starts install, loads files gets
to the restart part,

Now when it restarts it comes up on a black screen
"please wait while setup updates your configuation files"
"this could take a few minutes"

"completed updating files"

---the screen goes black for 4-5 minutes then

on a blue screen "disk write error"
"unable to write to drive c:"
"data or files may be lost"
"press any key"

--press a key

on blue screen
"a Fatal Exception 0E has occured at
"the current application will be terminated"

and there I am stuck...if I reboot and "boot from hard drive" I get..
"While initilizating device IS0
"Error: an I/O subsystem driver failed to load
"either a file in the .\iosubsys subdirectory is corrupt or system is low on memory"

I thought it was the cd (WIn98SE) so I tried plain old Win98 and got the same thing.
Win 95 started to install and came up with
Error- just would not work at all.

So I tried XP...which was on it in the first problemo...worked great.
Reformated the c: drive again and tried 98 same problem.

I need to ge... Read more

Answer:Can't install win98 on Emachine.

check the format on the hard drive.. fdisk it and make sure you have a fat32 partition..

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Without loosing files that are currently on the disk. I dont think it is but a friend is asking me

Answer:Possible to install XP ontop of win98?

You mean a dual-boot system?

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I started another thread but I have left it too long...I am back with the main information about the problem and it is major I believe.The PC bought second hand by friends has been abused by the kids.It is a Compaq deskpro EP/SBPentium(r) 450hzProcessor speed 450/100 HZprocessor stepping 673..Cache 32/512KB..memory128MBThe problem is it wont boot into Win98 but hangs on the welcome screen...I hit F10 to enter setup to get the information posted here.I tried to load the Win98 CD and reinstall but got the message "setup cannot install win98"Followed by the advice that the PC doesnt have a Hard disk or it isnt functioning correctly or it needs a special device driver.When trying to use my own system restore disk Norton Ghost wont load with the message"critical error" OxOC general failure cannot open ghost invalid destination drive.If you wait for the boot sequence to finish which is none exsistant but takes ages a blue screen with the message"non system disk or disk error replace and strike any key to continue" there is nothing in any drive and hitting any key just seems to refresh that message.Is that enough for you helping angels to get your teeth into?I have had my problems but this beats mine hands down...any advice will be most gratefully recieved.Thanks in advance Geoff47

Answer:Setup cannot install Win98..HELP

get a new hdd

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I tried to reinstall Win98 SE with the delivered Recovery CD. After switching on the Laptop while pressing 'C' the following error message was displayed

Invalid drive specification
Path not found - C:\TOOLS\TOSCDROM.SYS

I copied the file TOSCDROM.SYS into the TOOLS directory but it didn't help. Perhaps it's interesting to know, that I installed a WIN 2000 Update after the WIN98 installation.

Answer:Not possible to install Win98 SE with Recovery CD


It?s possible that you need to install the CD Rom driver before starting the recovery procedure from the Toshiba CD.
I don?t know you unit but please check the Toshiba driver page for the drivers for Win98.

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i want to install a video driver for my thinkpad. when i do so and try to select the device where the driver is (A, it neglects the file, says "the specified location does not contain information about your hardware" (which is not true!!!) and proposes the driver from the pre-installed win 98 (c/windows/inf/....).

how can i make sure the right driver is taken???

thanks for help

Answer:how disable win98 se pre-install?

Hi and welcome. The video driver should have it's own setup.exe file....just double click on that and install it that way.

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I just put together an inexpensive P4 1.8 GHz system and can't get the Geforce 5500 video driver to load or the motherboard driver. Board does not have onboard video. (ECS L4VXA2) I've also put Xandros Linux and WinXP(on separate drives) on this system and those seem fine on the unit. I've loaded operating systems and drivers on other computers before but have never seen this. I did a search of this fabulous site but could not find an exact match. Has anyone seen this before ? Any ideas ?

Here are the error messages I get:

1. An error occurred while launching the setup 0x80040702

2. X An installation support file C:\program files\common files\Installshield\engine\6\intel 32\objectps.dll' could not be installed. Access is denied. OK (Button)

3. Error: Access violation at 0x00490102(tried to write to(0x01AB21CO) program terminated.


Answer:Can't install drivers in Win98

Are you using the correct driver for the card that are designed for Win 98 and not the ones made for XP? That would be my first question.

Just checked the nVidia site the drivers should be 81.98 last update for them was in Dec of 2005.

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can any one explain to me how to instakk win98 onto a toshiba laptop with no os on it and i have a external cd rom pcmcia device.trying to boot up from 98 floppy but wont detect cdrom drive CAN ANYONE HELP

Answer:install win98 onto laptop

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I am attempting to install win98 to a blank HD. how do I get the info from the CD to the HD? I have tried the boot disk and I can get to Setup via the crompt but install won't run.
thanks in advance

Answer:HD/win98 install problems

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I thought I saw something on the net about there being a way that I can install my software that was win98 compatiable to my xp. When I upgraded to XP, I was a fool and didn't make sure that all my software was on my computer before upgrading. Now I have all this software from win95 and 98 that I can't install on my XP.
Anyone know a way around this? I would hate to have to uninstall XP just to beable to have those programs again.
If that is the only way I can do it that difficult to put the XP back on the computer? I've installed and uninstalled 98 before and it didn't seem to be that big of a deal, but is it with XP?

I would appreciate any help on this.

Answer:is there a way to install win98 programs on xp?

You should be able to install the windows 98 software back onto your computer with XP. Most of the software from back then is compatible with todays XP. When you install things with XP it will tell you if its not compatible. It says it isn't then don't put it on there. Believe me, it can really mess things up. As for Windows 95, depending on what you have not a lot of stuff that old is compatible with xp.

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I have an older computer I'm trying to set up as a non-internet connected spare machine on which I would just like to run Open Office, DevC++, and maybe one or two other diversions. I tried to install Windows 98 (First Ed.), the disc that came with that computer, and when I went to the first boot, got a bunch of messages that I was missing twenty or so .dlls. This disk has installed several times before without incident on this same computer. I'm guessing that the disk itself has gone over the hill (too many scratches, etc.), but I'm wondering if anybody out there has seen this phenomenon for any other reason. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Win98 install issue?

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let me start out by giving the background of my situation. For about the past 40 days my computer has been incapasitated due to over heating issues. This past weekend I finally got it up and running but my OS (WinXP pro) was still fubar. Stupid me though lost my XP disc (I am still crying because of it)and I had to install win98. Now just earlier today I finished getting drivers and other things up and running and 2 programs installed (firefox and trillian) but even after updating to the newest catalyst drivers (i have a radeon 9600) my graphics are still VERY bad. By this I mean I cant see pictures on the internet in their full color. I have run out of ideas and have already tried reinstalling the drivers. also maybe related I am getting a series of errors while starting up my computer. One after the other my computer says that it cannot find these three files (this is all while still in the DOS type mode) vnetsup.vxd ; vredir.vxd ; dfs.vxd; also once it gets into win98 it brings up an error saying that a dynamic link library cannot be found called msnp32.dll and that microsoft network may not work. SO any info on either of these issues would be awsome

Answer:just had to install win98 and having problems

that's 98 for ya...

so, this computer was designed for xp?

I'd just download an xp iso, and use the product key on the side of the computer to activate it...

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hi, I want to install win98 on a win95 compaq PC which only has 48mb, no more can be added, because that is the maximum it can take, would it be enough? ....... thanks

Answer:how much memory does win98 need to install ?

Should be.... i installed Win98 onto a 23meg ram sys, and it took fine.

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Today I tried to upgrade from win98 to Xp (on my moms comp) but when it prepared the computer for install it had to restart and went to a blank screen all the time!!

I have decided I need to uninstall windows. I need to erase just the os, because there are important files on the HD still, so I cannot do fdisk, which would be easiest.

How would I remove win98 and put a fresh install of xp?

Keep in mind that I installed that patch from MS that disables the ability (so it says) to uninstall windows.

Also, keep in mind that when the xp cd is in the drive the xp setup screen in dos comes up giving me the option to continue installation or to cancel. Both produce blank screens.

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Relevance 46.33%

Ok well i was reinstalling win98 on the good old web surfer and when it was copying the files it came up with this.

You interrupted setup while it was copying windows files from a setup [.CAB] file.Click to expand...

Any ideas?

Answer:Win98 install prob.

altec said:

Ok well i was reinstalling win98 on the good old web surfer and when it was copying the files it came up with this.

Any ideas?Click to expand...

Bad CD perhaps? Did you try again from the beginning?

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HiSorry, I have tried searching the forum but cant find what i am looking for.I have the updates for Windows 98 saved to CD, but am unsure how to install them from the CD.Any help much appreciated.

Answer:Install Win98 Updates from CD

they are self installing ,double click them and they wiil instal, do them in order of date and for the best results reboot after each one (although i realise that its not very good for the machine to do that)

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I have a Dell OptiPOS which I recently formatted.

Now that I'm trying to do a clean install of Win98. I keep getting "windows setup requires largest executable program size to be 442368 bytes in size.

Anyone sorted this out before, cos I'm so close to taking a hammer to it!

I put the disk into another box, and 98 loaded fine on it so its not the disk.

Answer:Win98 install trouble

Your current configuration of you config.sys and autoexec.bat are no leaving anough DOS memory below the 640k limit for the setup program to start or the Dell needs to have a specific switch added to its himem.sys line.

Reconfig to a really bare config.sys something like the following:

And use a really bare autoexec.bat along the lines of

mscdex <cd_device_name>

That should get you going, or if you have the boot floppy for your 98 CD use that.

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Hi, I am trying to help a buddy out. He just bought new hardware, nothing to fancy.

WD 80GB 800JD SATA 7200RPM 8MB

He only wants to run Win98 cuz he doesnt do anything, and will be used for work only. Does not want to buy WinXP. So I broughtover my copy of Winxp to see if it would work. Installs WinXP and boots to the desktop without any problems. Install Win98 just fine. Goto boot and it just hangs after about 10 seconds of booting. I am at a loss now on what to tell him other than go get a copy of XP.

Answer:Win98 won't load after install

I dont think pci express is supported under windows98, someone seconds that??


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Anyone know a link to instructions for network install for a pc with no cdrom drive but a good nic?
I came accross it somewhere then lost the link!
Thanks in advance as always.

Answer:network install of win98

I'd be very surprised to find such a link. You may be able to do a network boot if you have a server setup for network boot, AND you have the proper boot ROM on the NIC in the machine. OTOH, I think I'd just pull the drive and put the contents of the Win98 directory on it, and SYS it with MS-DOS for the install.

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Hiya peeps,

My brother in-law has a winXP puter, but it doesn't work very well because it only has 64mb memory. He's going to update the memory to 256mb after Christmas, but for the time being, he wants me to put win98 on it.
Can I install win98, on the puter without losing the winXP? or will I have to do a clean install, and format harddrive.


Answer:Can I install win98 over winXP

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Hi there,
I found my PC still running this morning - it had not shut down last night. This sometimes seems to happen during updates but that's not the problem, just some background.

I went to uninstall a small program I use before I install a new version of it. The uninstall message was on screen for about 10 mins when it usually takes only 1. I cancelled it and the Cancel message also refused to go away. So I killed that and rebooted.

Then seeing the app still in my prog list I just went for a new install and got the INSTALLING Message for ages so killed that too.

Now when I try to uninstall I get this:

Any suggestions how I can remove the old prog or at least tell W10 I am not installing right now and to unlock the process?
thanks, Mike.

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Relevance 45.92%

have a 2001 Dell that came with winME. I use it only for recording audio now so I installed Win 98. all the hardware (drivers, etc) works good, except I bought a PNY 256MB Attache' Jump drive.
Per Mfgr instructions I went to and downloaded install software. Says it installed fine, but device MGR says its not working properly (and its not).
is there a fix for this??
Compatability is 98SE, 2000, ME, and XP.
I often see compatability on peripherals listed as far back as 98SE.
Do I need 98SE or am I restricting my options with win98?


Answer:jumpdrive wont install on win98

Win 98 was very hit and miss with USB, it was slightly improved with 98SE.

So really you do need 98SE, but don't expect that it will eliminate the issue. It can still be hit and miss, as hardware is variable.

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I have

Compaq Presario 7480
AMD K6-2 550 mhz
Ram 183 SDRAM
3X IDE HDs 2X20GB and 1X30GB

I have a PCI net card (Netgear FA 311/321) installed, it is attached to my home LAN and is good for backing up data from my XP machine as well as surfing the net and simple tasks etc.

Recently I installed another PCI network adapter (Netgear GA302T) together with the original and suddenly neither card works on the LAN and both Firefox and IE crash when opened, or freeze the whole computer.

I updated drivers for both adapters (after uninstalling both) but still with the problem.

I have uninstalled the new adapter but this didn't fix the prob. either

I tried uninstalling both cards and reinstalled the original card only (including physically removing the newer card).

Still with the problem

Any ideas about where to from here?

Thanks in advance


Answer:Win98 hardware install problem

just curious, trying ti picture this. Why do you want to install 2 ethernet cards to the same pc?? If i understand you right then the two cards are probably conflicting with each other's tco/ip settings somehow. Each card on an LAN would of course require their own local, private ip address i would think. The fact that it would work now with the original card installed is strange as well. May be you can give me a little more info. I would go into "view network connections" and see how many connections has been established also.

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Im running windows 98SE. I tried installing MSoffice 97 Professional Edition. I went through the installation process and it said that installation was complete.I re-booted my computer and when I tried opening word,it said that i had to install to open. Hope someone can help me.
Thank You

Answer:Office 97 install problems on win98

Hello Dgual, welcome to the board!

Sounds like it may be a partial installation. Did you let the install complete? What happens? Do you supply the disc when asked for?

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I HOPE this is the correct forum for this question.

I cannot install software on my old PC (win 98). Install wizard terminates and gives the message error that an install log file cannot be found.

Can I manually re-establish this file, or is there a utility that will do the same?

I am trying to install HP psc 2110xi printer/scanner software off the CD that came with the printer.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

Answer:win98 error no install log file

The CD contains several programs. The machine is a combination scanner, printer, eetc. I can load some of the programs (like OCR and Adobe) directly off the CD, but have not been able to get the scanner portion (the part that I need) loaded using the setup program off the CD, and have not been able to get the main "HP" software to load. I did get the printer going by installing through windows and letting it find the drivers on the disk.

The main setup program, which dies due to the log file problem, is the only way I seem to be able to get the main software, which includes the scanner software, loaded.

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I replaced my 40 gig harddrive because of a SMART "failure predicted" warning. I replaced it with another 80 gig hd that I now want to format and reinstall windows because of blue screen errors and various other issues.

both hds have windows 2000 installed. what I want to do is format the older 40 gig drive (despite the failure warning) and install win 98 on it then copy files onto it, then format the newer drive, set it up with win 98 and win 2000, copy the files back on.

I've backed up my important files onto CD but there are a few gig of files that will take forever to burn onto CD that I want to just copy and transfer instead.

the problem I am having is that I cant format the 40 gig drive. I have tried a few things... booting from a 98 boot disk doesnt work. I get a "non system disk" msg. I cant install win 98 because it says it's not compatible. I have gone through a fresh install of windows, trying to delete the partition with win 2000 on it, but couldnt delete the partition.

I am unable to run fdisk. format c: from cmd prompt says that the volume is in use. there is only one partition, but there is a second OS on it (listed in the OS boot) that is a totally screwed up version of win ME.

this is the first time I've tried to format my computer.
any help will be really appreciated.

Answer:want to format win 2000 hd and install win98

I found this thread: about installing win 98 over win 2000 and it suggests getting a copy of partition magic. is there a freeware program other than partition magic that I can download?

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I am trying to get dual boot with xp & win98 se with a single segate 400gb parallel ata drive.

I reformated the drive to get win98 on first but now when I try to install xp it does not recognize win98 partition. All it sees is up to 137gb (unknown) then it wants me to format the srive

I have tried 2gb fat32 for 98 then rest fat 32,ntfs even unpartitioned with no luck
Then using partition magic resized fat 32 98 partition to 30gb then the rest fat 32,ntfs even unpartitioned with no luck
Tried with and without the Segate Ontrack.

I have done this years ago but I am having a brain fart.

Also when I installed 98 I can not install it with the 98 boot disk or even dos 6.22 disk using fdisk & format comands. It just reboots when it says checking system (or something like that)
I have to use the segate disc to format it in fat16 not fat 32 then it asks for the win98 floopy disc then I can install win98.
Then I have to use partition magic to convert from fat 16 to fat 32.

Any ideas how to get the xp & 98 dual boot?



Answer:xp will not recognize win98 partition install

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Answer:using winME drivers on a win98 install

hi, im doin a mate a favour by reformatting his pc with Winodows Me installed and then putting Windows98 on. Now what I need to know is can I use winME drivers from his old install in win98?thanksDan

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Hi trying to install madasafish broadband on win98 machine. No ethernet port so need to set up wirelessly is this possible to do???

Answer:install madasafish broadband on win98

Yes.Do you have a wireless modem router, a USB wireless adapter and another computer (owned, borrowed or stolen) to setup the router? Or you could buy a PCI Ethernet card for about a fiver from your local PC shop and install it in your own PC.

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My older laptop running win 98 has a type II pcmcia slot. It will only work with 16 bit cards. I understand that 32 bit support can be can be added. I have a win 98 cd. The cd has pccard.vxd on it.

How do I install 32 bit support on my laptop for pcmcia 32 bit cards?

Thank you.

Answer:how to install 32 bit pcmcia support win98

pdubard said:

My older laptop running win 98 has a type II pcmcia slot. It will only work with 16 bit cards. I understand that 32 bit support can be can be added. I have a win 98 cd. The cd has pccard.vxd on it.

How do I install 32 bit support on my laptop for pcmcia 32 bit cards?

Thank you.Click to expand...


It sounds like you need to replace the (hardware) type II (16bit) pcmcia slot interface with a 32 bit interface, and then install the 32bit support for the new hardware or if you have plug-n-play let it detect the hardware and install the driver (may be in a cab file), or you may have to use the cd you have or one that comes with the new hardware for your OS in the event your OS cd does not have compatible software for it.

-- Tom

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Just bought a used Dell P233 Optiplex. Came without OS.I initially used fdisk to partition drive and then formatted C: I installed Win98 with startup disk and cdrom support. Now I cannot use the CDRom. I only have an a: and c: drive present. I've tried using Device manager to no avail. It is an NEC 1800a CDRom. When I try to reinstall the drivers, the list does not have NEC as a manufacturer. I've physically removed and reinstalled the CDRom. I've tried the CDR in another machine and it works. I've deleted all reference to the CDR in device manager and tried to reinstall it. Nothing.

I also have plenty of yellow warning signs on my device manager for all sorts of things: primary IDE controller, secondary IDE controller, sound controllers etc. WHen I try to find the drivers for them, it goes looking for the windows CD in my c: drive (which is obviously the hard drive).

I even started from scratch, formatted c: reinstalled win98, still same problem. It seems to have no problem using the CDR when I install Win98 from it?

Where did I go wrong? Do I need to download a driver for the CDR?

Answer:New Win98 install, now can't find CDrom

When you start up the installation, do you boot from a floppy? If so I would xcopy all of the Windows cabs to a folder on the hard drive and then reinstall from there. When Windows restarts and you have hardware problems you can then use the Windows cabs on the hard drive to find the files that you need, without recourse to the Cd-ROM drive.

One point. If when you install Windows so many things don't PnP properly, it may be that your version of Windows is too old for this machine. If you're using W98 First edition you may find that you get better results from second edition in terms of Windows detecting and setting up your hardware during installation, rather than having to go back and do it all manually afterwards.

It may be that too many things like IDe controllers are not functioning properly to allow the Cd drive to be detected by Windows. They are not functioning because they are newer than the version fo Windows that you are installing, so don't appear in its driver information database. Without that they can't PnP.

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Need help installing a Lexmark X73 printer/scanner/fax onto Windows’98 (Don’t ask why I’m using old hardware and software – long story!)

The first time around, everything worked until I got to a point where it asked me to insert the Windows98 CD-ROM. Well, I didn’t HAVE the CD-ROM, only the original installation that came with the computer backed up on six floppy disks. I tried re-routing to the floppy disks, but it didn’t like any of the six.

So, I un-installed, and downloaded the appropriate Lexmark driver from the web. Tried the install again. Did the Lexmark setup, Sprint setup, update registry, but then it sent me the message I encounter on the previous installation:

“Windows will now install software for your hardware [hub, scanner, and printer]. The process may take up to two minutes. To begin, connect your USB calbe to your computer and printer. When the printer driver installation is complete, click OK.”

Problem is, when I connect the USB (with power on) nothing happens. Strange, because I got PAST this point before, to the point where it asked for the Win98 CD-ROM for the driver.

So, how do I install? Any suggestions? The only thing I can figure is there may be a short in the USB cable?

Is there an alternate way to install? A way to get past the hang up? A way for me to install the driver directly to where they’re supposed to go without going through the latter part of the installation? Some other web-sites I can go to for help?

I’m open to sug... Read more

Answer:Lexmark/WIN98 Install Problem

DNeurococo said:

Need help installing a Lexmark X73 printer/scanner/fax onto Windows’98 (Don’t ask why I’m using old hardware and software – long story!)

The first time around, everything worked until I got to a point where it asked me to insert the Windows98 CD-ROM. Well, I didn’t HAVE the CD-ROM, only the original installation that came with the computer backed up on six floppy disks. I tried re-routing to the floppy disks, but it didn’t like any of the six.

So, I un-installed, and downloaded the appropriate Lexmark driver from the web. Tried the install again. Did the Lexmark setup, Sprint setup, update registry, but then it sent me the message I encounter on the previous installation:

“Windows will now install software for your hardware [hub, scanner, and printer]. The process may take up to two minutes. To begin, connect your USB calbe to your computer and printer. When the printer driver installation is complete, click OK.”

Problem is, when I connect the USB (with power on) nothing happens. Strange, because I got PAST this point before, to the point where it asked for the Win98 CD-ROM for the driver.

So, how do I install? Any suggestions? The only thing I can figure is there may be a short in the USB cable?

Is there an alternate way to install? A way to get past the hang up? A way for me to install the driver directly to where they’re supposed to go without going through the latter part of the installation? Some other web-sites I can go to for help? ... Read more

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Okay, just got and installed a new Western Digital 30G Harddrive. Attempted a clean install of Windows 2000, and got an error saying it couldn't install bootloader and setup could not continue. Tried Windows98SE and at the beginning of install, where it should have run scandisk, it said something like "This version of scandisk is compatible with msdos version blahblahblah, then something about a disk compression utility that was installed on my harddrive. To my knowledge, there's NOTHING installed on my harddrive. I've lowlevel formatted, fdisked, formatted, etc.etc. and nothing changes. I'm pretty sure whatever disk compression utility it's talking about is the same thing causing the error with Win2K. Any ideas what this is and how to fix it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA.

P.S., The harddrive is ultraATA100, the bios found and detected it by itself. (By that I mean I didn't have to use the EZBIOS that came with it.)

Answer:Harddrive Error During Win98 / Win2K Install

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Hi! I wasn't sure if I could find help here but I am going to try. I have been running Win95 for sometime on my computer but just a few months ago, a virus appeared and made a cause for an upgrade to Win98.
However, I no longer have access to my sound card, it just doesn't work and my display is down to 16 colors from 16-bit. I am sure that it might be something with the way I installed the drivers but since I am not to keen on the functionality of many of the drivers that I disabled (or left running) but I am just not sure what to do.

I have an IBM Thinkpad laptop so I cannot open it up to see what is inside. Please help!


Answer:Sound & display trouble after Win98 install

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I have my HDD drive partioned with c:\ running WIN ME(which sucks) so I want to run the win98 on my new formatted partion I formated with winme and win98 won't let me install gives a older version error..... ​ ​ ​what now???? please help??? anyone??​dogman​​

Answer:HELP! trying to install win98 partioned with pri winME i get error

Boot from your 98 boot floppy and run sys c: - then you can install 98.

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I bought an Easy Disk ED717M USB storage from Dabs.It works in WIN XP.I have downloaded the drivers but cannot get it to work in WIN98 SE.Setup.exe installs the Memory Bar.But when I put Easy Disk into the USB Memory Bar says No Find Disk.Device Manager has a yellow question mark and says no driver installed.When I try to get Device Manager to install driver from the download file it says it cannot find the driver although it is there.Please tell me how to get Easy Disk USB storage working.I have tried both M and M1 driver downloads.Tried to send this email to [email protected] and it bounced straight back. So hope that a PCAdvisor pundit knows the answer and if they do I will be very grateful.

Answer:WIN98 SEDrivers for USB flash memory won't install

Try the drivers from click here. Scroll down for the ED717M's 'English' drivers & tools, which are 3rd from bottom. Similar problem at click here, that was solved by the above. Platypus' trekstor link in the thread doesn't work, so I went to the homepage & navigated to the correct page (I hope!). Good luck, G

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Is there a way to fresh install WinXP with an upgrade CD without first installing Win98? Is there a file or something I can make available to the upgrade. It is very time consuming to first have to install 98, then follow up with XP.

Answer:Solved: Use WinXP upgrade CD w/out first install Win98

I may have stumbled across the answer in another thread. It led me to .

Am I understanding it right, that I should insert my Win98 CD in the drive just before I click to agree with the EULA and that will take care of my problem?

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I've been trying to to find an avi editor and have tried to install a few and the programs have failed to install properly, at first I though it was the software but after three failed to install I thought there might be something wrong with my system,

first "avi tricks" when installing , this message came up:

Access violation address OOSISDAS (000515DAS?) in the module 'avitricks'
Read or address FFFFFFFF.

then with "solveig avi editor" I got two of these during setup:

This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down.

and then this during the same setup:


Cannot register C:\program files\ common files\ Solveig Multimedia\SMM_EditEngine.dll"

Then when trying to install "Blaze media " it would just start the installation and then the window would just disappear and then nothing else would happen like the installation just disappeared. I would ctrl-alt-delete and it would be there "balze media" not responding
so i would just end task.

any ideas on what is going wrong or what I should check ?

Answer:multiple programs failing to install (win98)

Well, Microsoft have some bugs in regard to .avi file. And some fixes. One for Vista and another one for XP. What do you have?

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I have a PII 233 with Asus P2L97 mb.
WD 40G hd partitioned into 4 10g directories.
The old HD had some bad sectors which I was told may be the cause of the error message.
So this a new install but all went well with that. However, I get the same error message trying to load win98 for the first to fifth time.
After loading win98 second version it boots to Safe mode and says to run scanreg.
Scanreg says : Windows error in system files & was unable to fix problem. Try deleting some files to free up disk space on windows drive. If that doesn’t work reinstall.

The HD has plenty of space. I reinstall and get the same message.
When I don’t run scanreg and go to Safe Mode I get same error each time with the exception of the ECX part which I’ve put in Italics

Explorer – illegal operation
Explorer caused an invalid page fault in module explorer.exe at
EAX+00000000 CS=015f EIP=00401f31
EXB=00000001 SS=0167 ISP=005fff3c
ECX-c1817ef0 DS-0167 ESI-00000000 FS=1cc7
EDX-005fff4c ES-0167 EDI-00400000 GS=0000

Bytes at CS:EIP:
8b 08 50 ff 11 8b 45 08 50 8b 08 ff 51 08 86 45

Stack Dump: hope you don’t need these too.

Also – Running CS.exe in Norton Utilities Works 2001 in dos mode I get
Cs= no socket service loaded
Ssdbook +databook TCIC-2/n PCMCIA Adaptor not found

I really don’t know what any of this means but it’s the information I have.

Any help is appreciated.

Answer:Win98 install error - Explorer.exe Invalid PF

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I have just aquired a Toshiba portege 7020 which when you turn on, briefly shows the win98 logo then goes to a dos screen with Microsoft (R) Windows 98 (C) Copyright Microsoft Corp 1981-1999 followed by c:\> and a flashing cursor. Is there any way I can start win98 from that situation or is it not actually fully installed? Also it has an external cd rom which connects via usb. If I try to reload windos from the boot disk it doesn't 'see' any cd drive. How can you load windows on to a laptop with an external cd drive?Any suggestions or help would be greatly received! I have successfully loaded win98 on to desktop computers before but this is the first laptop I've ever had. Thanks.

Answer:start up and install problems with win98 on laptop

At the c:\> prompt type:dir /plook at the resulting screen to see if Windows is actually on the machine.The above prompt and switch is asking for a display of the contents of C: page by page.You can scroll though the pages by pressing space.If the OS is there:ESCType in :cd c:\windowsthenc:\windows\windowsor C:\windows\winIf you cannot see the files on the screen after the first prompt above then you do not have a full OS on or it or there is something untoward going on with (Pertitions?)

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I have installed WIN98 in it's own partition.(basic system XP).But cannot get modem Generic Softk56_b2.1v3.05.12.06 to install.I have downloaded various drivers but do not know for certain which one would work in 98se.The driver disc supplied by "Time Is useless (even though they tell me it is the correct one (none of the drivers seem to be related to my PC,(Powerflex XP2600 PRO. Pc not recognized on support site, no response from that site. Can anyone help.PLease

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Hi people, ive just re-installed win98 over win2000. the soundcard isnt working and when i try to install a downloaded driver it doesnt work. its a cmedia card,also have a prob with the printer- epson 440its installed ok, the drivers and epson program is fine, but when i try to print, it says communication error with printer. its plugged in properly, theres only one lead! and the power is switched on.any ideas? thanks


You say your printer has only one lead, it must have two, one being power, the other being either paralell or usb, why are you installing 98 over 2000.

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I was wondering if there was a way to install windows 98 or 2000 on multiple computers at once. I have alot of computers I got in with their hard drives wiped clean, some with windows 98 COA's and some with win2k pro COA's already with them.

I've been re-partitioning, reformatting, and freshly installing windows on all of them one at a time, but still have around 100 or so to go. If anyone can give me a solution or point me in the right direction, or tell me if its possible, it would save me ALOT of time and I would very much appreciate it! I have networking hubs, routers and all that so thats not really a problem.

Thanks for the help!

Answer:How to install Win98/2000 on multiple computers at once?

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5 days of trying I still cannot install my modem.
It is Model enf-656-pcig-inpr
Intel voice data fax v.92
can some walk me thru the proper steps. these are the files I need placed into the respected directories.
There is no listing of this modem in win98se
these files were downloaded from the internet.
I have created a directory on My c:\ now where do I place them.

Thanks to all those that respond.


Answer:intel modem install steps win98


I was wondering if you downloaded an exe file,,check the link below.
Click here

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Question: New to Win2000pro

OK, I've taken the plunge, shelled out my $159.00 to Billy G. for Win2000. I have one little problem so far. When you are in win explorer, using display usin "enable web content" under the bold face name of the folder you are currently in there are a few choices to pick in blue text, "My Documents, My Network Places, and My Computer" when I pick them nothing happens, what's going on, what are they suppose to do?

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Hello all: When I clean installed Win2kpro I chose the option of only one user would be using this computer. Install went well and has been no problem for months untill I tried to add a new Hard Drive. It's a 200G Seagate SATA Baricuta. The motherboard is about 18 months old and the American Megatrends BIOS chip was dated Feb 17-2006. It detected and reported the new drive as 200G in the bootup. My problem: I can't get Disk Management to Partition the new drive. It's greyed out.
Now since I chose "Only one user" during install of Win2kp and SP4, how do I get logged in as Administrator since I THINK that is why "Partition new drive" is greyed out. There is no Login choice when using the START button.
Consider me as a beginner in all of Win2kp security.. work groups and Adminstration function etc. All I would like to do is get this Win200Pro to partition my new drive into two 100G parts. By the way I saw the drive reported as 137G total in Disk Management rather then 200G. Kinda long note but I tried to give this info as help. Thanks agpilot

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I have a problem connecting to a printer that is installed via USB on a Win2000 machine. The o/s is Win98 and I think it is a driver problem.When I go into the printer properties on the Win2000 machine, there is a section under 'Sharing' (Freigabe - i use german version) about "additional drivers", that are apparantly needed when trying to access from another operating system. I cliked on "Intel - Windows 95 or 98 - [not installed]" and it came up with asking the W2k-CD. I inserted the OEM cd, but I dont have the server edition, only the normal one. So it is now looking for the printer driver for Win95 / 98 on this OEM CD in the E:\printers\Win9X directory. Which section is this on the normal CD? Or how else can I get the drivers installed for the installation on my Win98 machine to work?I have the following directories on my Ger_W2k_SP1 CD: BOOTDISK, DISCOVER, I386 (subdir. SYSTEM32/WIN9XMIG/WIN9XUPG/WINNTUPG), SUPPORT and VALUEADD.Thanks for any help or guideline.

Answer:install Network printer (compatib. Win98/Win2000)

The first thing you need to do is go to the manufacturer's web site for the printer and download all of the drivers, for whatever versions of Windows you intend to support.  Hopefully you'll also find some instructions there for supporting the printer over a network share.If not, come back for further discussion!  

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i just got an old laptop for free and it is a gateway solo 2500. it runs on win98 but i would like to upgrade it to xp. can anyone help me?

Answer:[SOLVED] am i able to install windows xp on a computer that is running on win98

Hi guitarfreak5892, can you let us know the specs of the laptop please?

Just found may help:

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I have WIN XP Home Edition on hard disk one. It is formatted NTFS.
I have a 2nd hard disk formatted FAT32 partitioned for 30 G.bytes.
I have WIN 98 on CR-ROM. I cannot figure a way to install WIN 98 on 2nd hard disk. I cannot get the compatibility routine on WIN XP to work with some old software. If I could get to the 2nd hard disk, load WIN 98 and run the old software on the 2nd hard disk it would be a big help.

My other option is to get another computer and load it with WIN 98 and the old software. It seems such a waste not to use the 2nd hard disk.

Thank you, HMSchmitter [email protected]

Answer:Install Win98 on 2nd harddrive after winXP installed of 1st drive???

Win98 can only be installed on the first partition of the first disk. I suspect that you'll be unable to install winXP on this second hard disk, unless you use the second hdd as a stand alone master to do so, and swap disks when you want to swap versions of windows. It's usually pretty highly recommended also that when dual booting the two, win98 is installed first to prevent problems.

If your winXP drive is formatted with the FAT32 filesystem, you may be able to install 98 alongside it on the same drive. If it's formmatted with the NTFS filesystem though, you won't be able to install 98 on the same drive.

Merry Xmas to you also, and welcome to techspot.

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I only have the CD ROM and my notebook / I was thinking to make 98 bootable would that work? also in case it works I Remember that every time I installed a win98 in the past it always force me to create a bootable disk

Please H|E|L|P I really mean it though

Answer:How Do I Install Win98 In A D3ll Inspiron 1100 Series?


woops. Didnt see you didnt have a floppy.

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I have a PCMCIA network card for the laptop, is there a way I can somehow install win98 over the network? The laptop is an IBM Thinkpad 760xl, it doesn't even have USB ports so I can't use an external USB CD drive. The laptop currently has no OS installed, just a 2 gig formatted hard drive and a floppy drive. Thanks for any ideas you guys might have.

Answer:How can I install win98 on an ancient laptop without a CDROM drive?

setup a shared folder on another computer and copy the win98 setup files to the folder

network the laptop to this computer (crossover cable, hub, switch)

boot off a network boot disk

browse to the shared folder and run setup


take out the laptop hard drive and use a 2.5 to 3.5 hard drive adapter and connect the laptop hard drive to a computer, copy over the win98 setup files. put the laptop hard drive back in the laptop and boot off a bootdisk (www.bootdisk) and run setup

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I'm trying to install Windows 98 SE on an older computer with a transplanted HDD. Here are the specs:

Gigabyte GA-5SMM MicroATX MoBo (branded with Compaq BIOS)
AMD K6-II 533MHz CPU on 97MHz FSB
256 + 128 MB SDRAM
120GB Seagate HDD, 2 FAT32 partitions (one is logical in extended partition, just a placeholder for Linux yet to come)
Onboard Sound (PCI ESS Allegro/Solo1) and Gfx (Integrated 2xAGP Trident Blade3D, 8MB shared)
PCI C-Media 5.1 surround sound card
PCI 3Com Fast EtherLink XL 10/100 TX NIC (3C905-TX)
PCI Some crappy PC-Tel HSP win-modem

I get the error "SHLWAPI.DLL is linked to missing export *.DLL" where *.DLL can be gdi32.dll, advapi32.dll, or even kernel32.dll. Once in a while I can get windows installed and booted the first time before I get these errors, usually it's during initial device detection (after the precopy, during the final stages of setup where it boots from the hard drive but still shows the same setup screen).

I've tried unplugging the PCI cards (winmodem, sound, NIC) and disabling extras to no avail. I've checked the entire HDD, 0 errors or bad sectors, tried reformatting etc. RAM passes 100% of MemTest86+ tests. I can boot a Knoppix Live CD usually with no problems, but occasionally it hangs when X starts loading the desktop (after device detection has finished with no errors). Of course, this computer doesn't like most Linux live CDs anyway. I can install Linux to the HDD and run it with no... Read more

Answer:Missing Export DLL Errors on Clean Win98 Install

You might try the steps below since you are getting these errors on installation.


1. Win98 full edition comes with a floppy that must be inserted first
before you run the CD.


2. You have a Win98 Startup Disk that you made when you installed Win98.

1. Boot the machine, go to the BIOS, ensure the BIOS is set to auto detect
the HD.
2. Exit BIOS and boot with the floppy in the A drive and with the Win98 CD
3. You will get a screen giving you three choices: (1) Continue without CD
support, (2) Continue with CD support, or, (3) Install Win98 from the CD --
the wording may not be exactly as I have it but it will be close -- select
the one that says "Continue without CD support."
4. When you get the A prompt, run FDISK from the prompt -- first you need
to remove the partitions that are on the drive, then, partition the HD as
you wish.
5. Exit FDISK and reboot to the floppy. Select "Continue without CD
6. At the A prompt, run FORMAT.
7. When FORMAT completes, reboot to the floppy.
8. This time, select "Continue with CD support." DO NOT SELECT "Install
Win98 from a CD."
9. When you get the A prompt, type D:\setup (substituting your CD ROM drive
letter for the D).
10. Install Win98.Click to expand...

Hope this helps. Good luck.


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I a have reinstalled a compaq deskpro with win 2000 from win 98. I have replaced the system Hard drive, formated and installed win 2kMy Mp3s and wav files are playing too fast no matter what program i use to play them.Someone help please

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Hi All,

I have a friend who is still using win2000pro SP4 and it has been updated with the final RollUp1. The friend uses Firefox and Thunderbird so there should be no problems there.

How safe is it to keep running that? This latest spate of .DLL and .EXE highjacking should not be an issue as win200 does not use WebDAV as far as I can tell.

Would love to hear some thoughts on this.


Answer:win2000pro how secure?

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I just installed windows 2000 pro over windows 98 se and computer is acting weird. Every once in awhile i will get an error message poping up saying something about net.exe caused a fatal error.
Also, I have been beta testing for a game called PlanetSide made by sony. Now when I go to launch the game it gives me this error.

The procedure entry point DdEntry12 could not be located in the dynamic link library DDRAW.dll

Also, I play Counter Strike alot and since i have installed windows 2000, Counter strike is really jumpy. kinda like the fps went down a ton but i dont know how to veiw the fps yet on it so ill try to find out what it is. If someone could help please I would love it =) Thanks.

Answer:Just installed win2000pro

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I've reviewed similar threads and learned a few things that will help me with this fix and in the future. But in order to not waste anymore time than I have (esp since my system has slowed to a snail's pace) please baby step me through the following:

1. Remove W2K Pro and reinstall my copy of Win 98 that came with my computer purchase.
2. Tell my what I need to know to decide if I should partition my 19GB hard drive that currently is FAT32, I believe.
3. Hw to tell what is suddenly causing my online games to not load. I get no error msgs. Just no action.
4. Tell me how to get rid of files that are not cleanable and not deletable but have been flagged as "infected" by my McAfee.
5. How to best configure my system to speed things up.

System configuration now is:
System Information report written at: 09/08/2002 11:19:35 PM
[System Summary]

Item Value
OS Name Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
Version 5.0.2195 Build 2195
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Name
System Manufacturer Compaq
System Model Compaq PC
System Type X86-based PC
Processor x86 Family 5 Model 8 Stepping 12 AuthenticAMD ~475 Mhz
BIOS Version Award Modular BIOS v4.51PG
Windows Directory C:\WINDOWS
System Directory C:\WINDOWS\System32
Boot Device \Device\Harddisk0\Partition1
Locale United States
User Name
Total Physical Memory 355,828 KB
Available Physical Memory 195,680 KB
Total Virtual Memory 1,217,028 KB
Available Virtual Memory 921,432 KB
Page File Space 861,200 KB
Page Fil... Read more

Answer:WIN2000Pro is too much! Need 98 back

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Question: Win2000Pro Disc?

My father-in-laws office recently upgraded their computers to Win-XP from Win2000Pro and he gave me one of the Win2000 Pro discs, however there was no CD key to go along with it. Would MS give me a key for this disc? No, I'm NOT interested in any key gen or cd crack programs!!! I'm already running Win2000 Pro and I was just curious if it was possible to get a cd key from MS, or should I just throw the thing away? The one he gave me has SP 2 included, but the one I got from Newegg has SP 4 already included, so I really have no need for this disc. But he gave it to me, and I sure wasn't going to turn it down, even if it is useless The only reason I ask is simply because it would be nice to have another copy of the OS IF I can get a legit key for it. If not, well then I'll have another cup coaster for my computer table!! Again, if anyone replies to this post, PLEASE do NOT point me in the direction of ANY key gen, or cd crack programs. You'll be wasting your time and mine!! Thanks!!!

Answer:Win2000Pro Disc?

You could try MS and ask, no harm in trying, also the PCs that originally had W2K on before upgrading to XP, where they Pre-built PCs ( eg, DELL, HP etc ) if so do they still have the licence stickers on them as that will give you the serial key?

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