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cannot find folder??

Question: cannot find folder??

I down loaded fromTechBuilder 23 ways to speed up my computer!
One way was to empty "Windows Prefetch" folder. I cannot find this folder.
thanks, steve

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Preferred Solution: cannot find folder??

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: cannot find folder??

have a look at
i think there is an instruction on how to clear the prefetch on shutdown automatically

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1.I had created a locker on my desktop using "Folder Lock" software.
2.Subsequently I made the locker invisible using "Folder Protect" software.
3.When I was trying to add more files to the locker created in 1 the locker tried to "increase it's size on the run"...
4.This process failed and "Folder Lock" shut down and since then I cannot locate the locker anymore on my PC nor can I see it in "Folder Protect"
5.Having read on a forum, I uninstalled "Folder Protect" and reinstalled...but that did not help..I still could not find the Locker.
6.I even uninstalled and reinstalled "Folder Lock"...even this did not help
7.I understand the lockers created by "Folder Lock" are UNDELETABLE.
8.Clearly my locker is somewhere on my hard disk but I am unable to locate it.


Is there any software which can help me locate it ?

Many thanks and God bless.

Answer:How to find find locker made invisible using Folder Protect ?

This is why you do not use third-party software when Windows already as the means to protect your files. Who knows what mayhem "Folder Lock" caused when it crashed. It probably corrupted your data thus it is now gone.

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Since installing Windows 10 My NEW FOLDER icon has vanished in my folders list, does anyone know where to find it?

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i need someone's help
i did all the way: \Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Signatures.
i got to microsoft folder and inside the isn't signatures folders
and it's not beacause it's hidden cause i took care of that already.
any ideas ?
thank you

Answer:cant find signatures folder inside microsoft folder


I searched my pc and found it located at:

My folder is empty, just like yours.

Then I created a signature, and lo and behold, there is was (txt, rtf, htm, and folder)

Please keep in mind this is for Vista and Win 7.

You are creating the signature in Outlook, correct?

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My computer would not boot up so I had to replace the hard drive. Unfortunately I did not back up or export my email folders or contacts, etc. I was using Outlook 2007 email.

The drive I replaced would not start up windows but it is readable so I now have the bad C drive with the data connected as a second drive on my PC. Is there a way I can recover the data or create and export a backup file from the old drive to my new drive? I can?t even file the file where the data is normally stored; it used to be under the appdata\local\ etc. Maybe because the drive is not being booted up by an operating system I can?t see all the files? I?m not sure so please help me find my emails and contacts! Thank you in advance for any help I receive!


Answer:Can't find my email folder or contacts folder in Windows 8

Have you posted this in the Performance and Maintenance Forum ? Although subject is email, also a recovery issue.

Check this thread and other threads under the tutorial section (top left of page). Use the "search" feature on tutorial page.

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Hello Dear,
I hidden my personal file with locker.bat file (See Below) . One day I click D:/Propertise/Security/ and click on Authenticated User and then edit this with Full control = Deny . Now i change it Full control = Allow .
But I can't fined this folder.This folder name was Locker Now I can create a folder with same name but when I open Locker.bat it's want password .It's to be placed the D: size also . Now how can fiend this folder please help me !

The Locker.bat file

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I recently saved a PSD file that I had received in Outlook. When I opened it in Photoshop the folder it came from contained all kinds of photos including some I don't want to keep. I wrote down the name of the folder and figured I could search for it and come back to it later.
I have searched all over my computer and this folder doesnt exist!! I wrote it down so I know it's there. I checked ALL of the options to show folders, directories, even system files. No matter how many times I search it just isnt there.

This folder has letters and numbers so I know it's not a folder I created. Im guessing it's a folder if images I've received in Outlook maybe? But I've tried all the Outlook folders I can find and its not there.

This is a mystery! Help?

Answer:Can't find a folder that I know is there

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I have a very big problem. I had a virus in my computer and it changed my movies folder into an exe file of 208 kb. Then by using f secure anti virus i quarintined the file coz it couldnt disinfect it. Then i deleted the file from quarintine. Although the partition shows that the space that was consumed by the movies folder is still not free. This means that the movies folder is still there but i could not find it. CAn any one please tell me what to do?

Answer:Cant find my folder

Moved to software so someone can assist you in recovering that folder.

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Question: Find a Folder

How do I find a folder called Low Dated created 5/16/2017 2:45 a.m.

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Sorry for posting this again but I think i posted it in the wrong forum before as nobody could answer, so i'm trying here.

When trying to stream or download a tv program from 4od (channel 4 on demand) a message pops up telling me

"We have detected a problem with your Digital Rights Management (DRM) store files. Click Continue for instructions on how to fix the problem."

I follow the instructions until it tells me to open the DRM follder which i can not locate
It tells me:
If you cannot find the DRM folder, do the following:

In Windows, click Start, and then click Run.

In the Open text box, type regedit, and then click OK.

In Registry Editor, click the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\DRM.

Double-click the DataPath value. The path to the DRM folder is displayed in the right collom

I still can not locate the DRM foder although registry key shows me the path
(It is not where it says it it, or a least i cant see it)

Answer:I can't find the DRM folder

If you have Windows XP it's C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\DRM.

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Question: find folder

I`ve been asked to fid and eliminate folder C:\Documents and settings\usrename\local settings\apps\ problem is I can`t find this folder in vista, any ideas?

Answer:find folder

Its worded that way so its not easy to find {sub directory}Look in C/username {yours} then click Tools>folder options>view>show hidden files and folders>applyCan you find it now\local settings\apps

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Question: Find Folder in VBA

Let a folder named 'test1' stored under "c:\temp". Can I search for files with wildcard (for e.g. c:\temp\test*\) using VBA code. Instead of mentioning test1 can I use test* if test2, test3 folder exist in same location.

Answer:Find Folder in VBA

Does it have to be VBA? Can you just execute a dir test*.* /s

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Question: cannot find folder

When I try to delete a folder in Word, a message comes up saying "this is no longer located in C/Users/Wongmo/my documents. Verify the items location and try again". I've tried everything...

Answer:cannot find folder

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This is my first post here so Hello!. Okay, my problem is that I can't seem to find a ceratin folder on my C drive. I turned on "Show hidden folders and files" but that didn't work. The folder is called "complete" and it's in my Documents and Settings folder and in I think Tempary Internet files. Everytime I select a scan on AVG or Ad-Aware, it always shows up. Any idea how to find this "complete" folder

Thank You,


Answer:Can't find a folder

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when i do a virus scan i can SEE the folder
the RECYCLER folder why cant i access it and whats in it??

Answer:Cant Find Folder...

System folder for your recycle bin - leave it alone

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sometimes when I want to rename a folder, it says that the folder is using by anotherone while my computer is not on a network and I am the only user of that computer. Also I've closed all the open programs and still the saame error apears. I am using windows xp

Answer:how to find who is using a folder

Hey Dear,download Unlocker sw from below link. after installation, right click on that folder and click on unlock than kill all running programs.Hope it may helpRgds,prags

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Documents and Settings\ UserName>\Application Data\Mozilla ThunderbirdOn the Mozzila website shows the above for XP but it I cannot find the Application Folder.Many Thanks

Answer:Cannot find this folder???

click hereHere is a link to the FAQ page.

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Question: find in folder

I have a folder that i keep all my music in and when i download new songs to it, it sometimes names the songs different and i can't find them (or there not in there altogether. Is there a way that i can search the specific folder and have it highlight it in that folder so i know where it is at. I know i can use the search option under the start menu, but that just tells me the folder that it is in. Its becoming a pain to look there a ton of files to find the one i'm looking for and rename it. Is there maybe some kind of software or something that would do this. What i'm looking for is something like the "find on this page" in internet explorer.

Answer:find in folder

well - you can rename a file WITHIN the search box - just click on the file and rename - you don't have to actually open the folder it's in.
if you don't know the name you could try sorting by "Date Modified" - (say you just downloaded a song 5 minutes ago: sort by date [time] and you can find the song)
or just start making subfolders within you main music folder base on type or date or whatever- it will narrow down the search time---

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I have just moved to a new computer with Win 7 64. A relative has given me a CD that is supposed to have some family history data on it. It was created in DOS, but has been updated and tested in XP. I cannot get the program on the disk(Family Tree Maker) to run in 7, so I installed the XP mode. The program will run, but it does not find the data. Thinking that this might be because the program is set up to only access a limited set of drives (a:, c:, and d, I copied all the CD to my C drive ? no luck.

Using Win XP Explorer I cannot find the data either. My conclusion is that some how the data did not get copied, but before bothering my cousin again, I want to exhaust all other alternatives.

Is there any possibility that the data are there, but I can?t see them? Is there some other approach I should try?

Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

Answer:Cannot find a folder

You said it can only read certain drive letters. You can change the letter of what ever drive the data is on. Since we are working in XP mode, use this article.

EDIT: you could probably just get your cousin to put the data on a flash drive next time you see him and set the flash drive as a:.

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I recently bought the game Portal 2 and noticed that the game crashes from time to time. It's a clean crash to desktop without any errorsign or anything. I looked up some answer to why my game was crashing and found out that if you didn't have a permission to the hidden folder CSC then that might be a cause. And so I looked it up and got the information saying that it was a hidden folder found in C:\WINDOWS\CSC. However when I searched for it, even when I noticed that you had to change folder options to see it, I couldn't find it. I have now been searching for a while and have noticed that I seem to be the only one with this sort of problem. Maybe it's an easy solution, maybe I did something wrong. All I want is my CSC folder. Please help me find it.

I'm using windows 7.

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This has GOT to be the MOST STUPID question I've ever asked here, but anyway, here goes:

I went to this site/page:

I ran cmd as admin

It Observed and Analyzed (see screenshot please)

Now I cannot find this "Report" (and yes, I did enable "Show Hidden Files/Folders").

Any help here is appreciated ... ?!? :confused :-o :confused

Answer:How to find a Folder??

Did you create the Folder "Test" first? It looks like the report failed because it could not find a folder called "Test".

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I have to reformat my hard drive. For some reason it just doesn't boot up anymore. Are the drivers for all devices stored in a folder? so I could just copy those instead of having to find them on the web one by one.

I was running Win 95.

Answer:What folder can I find the drivers?

Easy way is to go to Start>Find Files and Folders and in the search box,make sure you are scanning C:\ drive, type in *.drv to locate were driver files. Windows places most in the System directory, but some other devices such as CD writers may place some in their Folders. If you do a complete reinstall, it is a good time to update some of the drivers anyway.

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In Outlook Express it says that the store folder is located at
C:\Documents and Settings\Nathan\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{C846B34B-3811-4891-83BF-7B6C01AC1EB2}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

However, when I go to C:\Documents and Settings\Nathan, the trail stops there. There is no folder named Local Settings. I searched my C drive for Local Settings, Application Data, & Identities. All of them came back with "no results to display".

A search for Microsoft yielded two folders, one in Windows\system32, the other in C:\Program Files\Common Files\SpeechEngines. Neither of those contained the Store File.

When I search C drive for {C846B34B-3811-4891-83BF-7B6C01AC1EB2} I get "no results to display".

If I search for {C846B34B-3811-4891-83BF-7B6C01AC1EB2}\Microsoft , I'm told that's not a valid file name. Likewise if I search fo
{C846B34B-3811-4891-83BF-7B6C01AC1EB2}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

However, if I search for C:\Documents and Settings\Nathan\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{C846B34B-3811-4891-83BF-7B6C01AC1EB2}\Microsoft\Outlook Express, it brings back the result
C:\Documents and Settings\Nathan\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{C846B34B-3811-4891-83BF-7B6C01AC1EB2}\Microsoft

I get the same result if I search for Outlook Express.

Answer:How Do I Find My OE Store Folder?

Have you tried copying and pasting C:\Documents and Settings\Nathan\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{C846B34B-3811-4891-83BF-7B6C01AC1EB2}\Microsoft\Outlook Express directly in the address bar, in My Computer?

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I downloaded a folder that is taking up several GB of space on my PC.

The problem is that I downloaded it (accidentally) to the System32 folder, and it doesn't show up there, even with show hidden files etc enabled. I'm using Vista HP x86, btw

It's definitely taking up space (I have used a program called VisDir which graphically informs me of the space it takes up), but if I try to access it, I get the message that it:

"...refers to a location that is unavailable. It could be on a hard drive on this computer or on a network. Check to make sure that the disk is properly inserted, or that you are connected to the internet or your network, and then try again. If it still cannot be located, the information might have been moved to a different location."

Any idea's anyone? I can't stand wasted space on my drives so this is driving me nuts at the moment.

Answer:Cannot find folder to delete

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is there any program or something like that what shows you what folders and when they have been created EVEN if they are hided ?

I found a good hiding solution, it's like this -
I go to Start --> Run (Alt + R) --> type CMD --> then a Command Prompt opens and it has a line like this "C:\Documents and Settings\Matt.MATT-C197669C00>" and then I got to C:\Documents and Settings\Matt.MATT-C197669C00 and there I create a folder named "asjad", then in command Prompt I type in "attrib asjad +s +h" and then my folder disappears and if I go to search and type "asjad" into search it doesn't find that folder. If I go back to command Prompt and type in "attrib asjad -s -h" then my folder appears again. Then I go to search and type "asjad" into search and it finds it.
!!And my question with that is, Is there a program or something that finds that folder ? It would be great if it would show the date when this folder is created, but if it doesn't it would be good too if it would show latest first or something like that !

Now my next question is - Can I search a hidden pictures or pictures in hidden folders or anything ?
Can I, I really need to find some of my brothers pictures and delete them .

Thank you !

Answer:How to find hidden folder ?

In Search, click More Advanced Options and check the box for Search system folders and also the box for Search hidden files and folders

You can change the view settings in Windows Explorer (Tools | Folder Options, View tab) so those files are visible.

To show the date created, in the Search window or Windows Explorer click View | Details, then click View | Choose Details... and add Date Created

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Hello everybody,
I use Vista Home Premium, recently I found out that I lost my application folder, that means I can not access to Local...
I mean C:\User\My Name\ (application data)..... this one in (...) is gone, instead I just saw something like this : adffec4f-864f-49d7-af01-.....
I did download more software in my laptop but I do not know how to fix this problem, please help!!!
Thank you so much for your time.


Answer:How could I find my application folder again.

Hello Joe,

The C:\Users\User-Name\AppData folder is a hidden system folder. Double check to make sure that you have Show hidden files, folders, and drives selected in Folder options.

Hope this helps,

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I am trying to find the temp folder using start-run-%temp%. But i get a message saying this folder can't be found. i have also tried the search to no avail. Can anybody help me.Ta in advance

Answer:Can't find temp folder

Your temporary file should be at:C:\Documents and Settings\YourUsername\Local Settings\TempAssuming that your using XP.

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I have windows live mail 2011 and can't seem to find the spam folder. I can view it when I open my email through the provider, but unable to find it on live mail 2011. Is this something I need to set up in order to have a spam folder? Thanks for any suggestions/help.

Answer:Can't find spam folder

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums .... Read the Link below ... It is the Junk Folder you need ..
Windows Live Mail 2011 Guide

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OP/SYS Win 2000,I have a program running in the taskbar near the clock where can I find the folder to get rid of it, msconfig does not work in win 2000, have uninstalled the prog using Control panel but has left this thing in the taskbar still running when I conect to the internet.Star

Answer:How to find the taskbar folder

Use Autoruns instead of MSCONFIG - click here - Free.There isn't a folder as such - the start ups are controlled mainly by the registry and few other files. Autoruns will reveal them all..

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I have installed a program in program files, but when i go to program files its not there. I know its on the computer because when i clicked on install wizard it said click yes if i wanted to UNinstall the program. I did uninstall and reinstalled in another location and the same problem occurs. Im at a loss because ive had this program on my computer before. I had to reboot my computer due to a couple pesky viruses. I have never had this problem before with ANY program.thanks for any help

Answer:cant find program folder

Originally Posted by billko1977

I have installed a program in program files, but when i go to program files its not there. I know its on the computer because when i clicked on install wizard it said click yes if i wanted to UNinstall the program. I did uninstall and reinstalled in another location and the same problem occurs. Im at a loss because ive had this program on my computer before. I had to reboot my computer due to a couple pesky viruses. I have never had this problem before with ANY program.thanks for any help

have you searched for the files name?


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I need to clean cookies manually, I tried c:\users\user\appdata but can not get, I set permission to show hidden files and folders still nothing.

Please help, Thanks.

Answer:can not find netcookies folder

Hi and welcome:

To delete LSO Cookies try this: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia.

For Firefox:

For Edge: Microsoft Edge Cookies - Allow or Block in Windows 10

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System W98, IE & OE v 6.0, AVG7 (Free) and Sygate Personal Firewall.My son helped me set up my present system about five years ago, and transferred all my data files from the old system into a new folder named 'Old Computer Drive C' on the new system. Quite some time ago (can't remember when) I decided to delete that folder but to leave it in the Recycle Bin just in case I needed to reclaim one of the files. At a later date I was suddenly aware that the folder no longer showed up in the Recycle Bin. Although puzzled as to what had happened to it I wasn't worried as I didn't think I was likely to need to access it any more.I have recently installed Ad-Aware and Spybot S&D and watching Ad-Aware perform a full system scan I was very surprised to see one of the file paths displayed as 'C:\RECYCLED\Old Computer Drive C\ (followed by various file names)'. Despite looking carefully at the folders tree displayed by Windows Explorer and performing searches for all of the words appearing in the file path I cannot find that folder.In Windows Explorer > Tools > Folder Options > View tab under Hidden Files the 'radio button' for 'Show all files' is set. Please can anyone suggest any means of locating the 'invisible' folder? It is probably taking up a fair amount of valuable space and I would now like to permanently delete the folder and its contents.

Answer:How to find 'invisible' folder?

You've done everything I would have done, and I think the references are now just references rather actual lumps of data...... So IF I'm right that leaves only the registry.........and at this point I hesitate to recommend anyone to play with that. If I were doing it I'd feel middling confident, but not confident to offer a specific method to others. There is suitable software out there, perhaps someone better will take up the thread.

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if this the wrong room sorry. plz help if u can thx

Answer:where do i find my temporary folder

For Windows XP

open 'My Computer'
Double click C:
Scroll down to folder 'Temp'

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I found an old post the told the poster to type C:\windows\system 32 and the folder .scv would appear but it didnt happen for me. I am running Windows 7 Pro SP1 32 bit. Yoor help would be appreciated.

Answer:Cant find folder for screensavers

The screensaver extension is normally ".scr".

The screensavers appear in "C:\Windows\System32" on my W7 install.

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The My Themes folder seems to have disappeared.  I have unhidden all folders and checked the \users\username\local\apps\microsoft\windows folder and it is not there.  The section is also blank when I display the Personalization window.  The
only themes are the default ones provided when Windows 7 is installed.  How can I find or recreate the folder?

Answer:How do I find the My Themes folder?

Yes, I found references to the location you mentioned.  However, there was no Themes folder in the c:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows folder.  I did find a Themes in c:\users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows
and moved my themes to that location.  Still did not show up when opening the Personalization window.  Is there a registry entry which determines the folder?

All of the default Themes that are installed with Windows 7 are located in the
C:\Windows\Resources\Themes  folder. This is also where all of the system files that enable themes and other display components are located.
Any other Themes that a user downloads and installs are placed in the

C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Themes  folder.
When you download a Theme pack,
you must double click the downloaded file to install the theme.

If you manually move the themes to another folder, the system will not be able to find them and they will not appear in the Personalization component.
Hope this helps.

Thank You for using Windows 7

Ronnie Vernon MVP

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Good Afternoon.

Im trying to find the system32 folder on my mums pc so that i can delete drivers that XP has disabled due to instability if loaded. Ive searched the entire computer for system32 folder where the drivers are located but i cant find it. Can anyone help. Or is there an alternative method to delete these drivers?



Answer:System32 Folder in XP (cant find it!)

Right click on the Windows start button, and choose Explore. On the top tool bar, click Tools/Folder Options, the the view tab. Make sure "Hide protected operating system files" is UNCHECKED and that Show hidden files and folders" IS CHECKED. Click Apply, then OK. In the left pane, double click on Local Disc C, Then Windows, and you should see the System 32 folder. Be very careful what you delete.

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I had a folder with a few pictures that got pinned to my taskbar (Windos 7) and i tried to drag it onto my desktop but it is not there nor is it on the taskbar any loner? I also looked in the trash , no luck.

thanks for any suggestions

Answer:Cannot find unpinned folder

It's probably just been unpinned from your taskbar and is still wherever it originally was - can you recall any of the filenames of the pictures in the folder? Or the foldername? Just hit Start and type either of those names and see what results come up

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Hello Friend's

I am using windows xp SP3 PC in our local domain.

From my computer "D" drive i share one folder on my local network.

from that network sharing folder somebody delete my file and folder.

So How can i trace that user, who deleted my file and folder.

Thanks & Appreciation From Kabir

Answer:How To Find Who Delete My Folder From My PC

To do this you would need appropriately configured security auditing. This is not enabled by default. This kind of auditing needs to be quite specific or it would consume considerable disk space and impact performance.

I trust you have regular backups of the folder in question.

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help on this guys,how can i find the recycler folder coz it is hiding and i want to delete it sometimes i see it while i was adding files to be burn on my nero but if i try to look for it i can't find it!why?i look what's inside those recylcer and threre r no virus just stuff i deleted from my pc

Answer:cannot find the recycler folder

Show Hidden Program or System Files

May I ask why you would want to delete it, though???

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There's probably no solution, but it can't hurt to ask: Yesterday, I accidentally deleted a MS Office folder from by desktop on my Dell laptop. I emptied the recycle bin yesterday also. Is there any way to find my folder?
The short-cut to the deleted folder is still saved in another folder, but the actual folder cannot be found.
Any help ould be appreciated. At least, I had saved about 20% of the contents on a floppy.

Answer:Any way to find deleted folder?

kking3, sorry but unless you want to pay some outfit to recover it say good bye. There are outfits that do this sort of recovery and you can research them on the internet but without them say goodbye folder.

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I need to clean cookies manually, I tried c:\users\user\appdata but can not get, I set permission to show hidden files and folders still nothing.

Please help, Thanks.

Answer:can not find netcookies folder

Hi and welcome:

To delete LSO Cookies try this: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia.

For Firefox:

For Edge:

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i downloaded 2 iso images but i cant find efi folder in install.wim image ..what's going wrong with me ..can u help me

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I can't find the Application Data folder. I've checked the folder options settings to show hidden and system folders. How do I find the folder? I tried "Start" "Search" without success.

Answer:Cant find AppData folder

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okbefore i was able to find the "USER" folder and i right clocked it and were it says attributes i clicked "hidden" and the folder disappeared ..i thought i could see again again if i went to "folder option" and click "show hidden" but i couldnt see it...
so how would i be able to see my user folder again?

Also..i dont know if this is related..but i am no longer able to change my backround or wallpaper?..i dont know y..i tried it and it gives me an error message "image cannot be set as internal error has occurred"

btw i was able to change the backround normaly before i decided to mess things

so thanx in advance ....

Answer:Solved: cannot find user folder

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Hello, im quite new to this forum and i recently got an SSD therefore i wont to migrate my windows to it, I have a program which does this for me but when i go into my c: the "Windows" Folder is 37.7GB. But after looking on the web i noticed that most users installation size is around 10-15GBs

Note: Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit.

Thanks to anyone that can answers where the installation location is.

Answer:Where do i find the installation folder of windows?

My complete C partition (no personal data) is 30 gigs.

It was about 18 or 20 with before I began to install applications.

My Windows directory is 16 gigs.

Not sure what the problem is unless you have a 30 gig SSD. Most of Windows does go in that Windows directory, but there are always a few other folders following an install.

You could run WinDirStat to see what is taking up the space if you are curious.

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I tried to rename My Pics to My Pictures but windows says "This destination already contains a folder named 'My Pictures'." I can merge them but I want to see whats in 'My Pictures' first. Problem is I can't find it.

Answer:Windows says I already have a My Pictures folder, but I can't find it

I didn't see how to edit my question, so this is an edit. I found the "My Pictures" folder. It's actually a hidden shortcut. So the actual folder is out of sight. When I click on it I'm denied access. which lead me to look at my permissions. Who knew you'd need a PhD to figure out how to set permissions. Are there any tutorials explaining permissions and sharing? I don't know what a quick reply is so if I crash the server, I'm sorry.

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hello guys i am new to this forum!!

my problem is that i cant find system32 in my windows folder and when i try to search for it with the windowsXP's search machine i get nothing!!

i tried to create a new folder named as System32 and it says that this file already exist and if i want to overwrite i know my system32 exists but i just cant find it!!is it a virus or something that makes my System32 "Invisible"??
I dont have much experience with computers but i know that this folder is very important and that it's "there" but what causes it not to actualy be "there"?(i am not blind) and ofc i checked hidden files and it's not hidden...So do u have anything to advice me?What should i do to find it at last??

Thank u in advance!!

Answer:cant find system32 folder [Resolved]

Hello and Welcome to TSF.

Try opening "My computer" and type C:\WINDOWS\system32 into the URL then hit enter.

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I need to locate my appdata folder, shouldn't it be in my username folder?

Answer:Can't find appdata folder under username

It is hidden, read this

Hidden Files and Folders

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My dad asked me over the weekend if I could come over and help him find some files on his pc. He was running a NOD32 antivirus scan when it came upon several zip files that he didn't know he had. It said they were in his My Documents folder but that they were in a folder named Application Data. However, when we navigated to the My Documents folder via Windows Explorer there was no Application Data folder.

Actually I believe the path was something like My Documents\All Users\Application Data\blah blah blah. I tried right clicking on the All Users folder and the My Documents folder and going to properties and telling it to show hidden files but that didn't do anything. No matter what I did, I couldn't seem to be able to see the Application Data folder. The only thing I could come up with was that it was some sort of special system hidden folder that a user really isn't supposed to see or do anything with that hold files that currently running apps are using.

Is there any way to see this folder? We both were just curious as to why there were all of these zip files in it. I don't remember the exact names of the files but their name suggested that they had something to do with some kind of warning that popped up because he had the windows xp firewall disabled which he wasn't too worried about because he's running ZoneAlarm as a firewall.

Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:How do you find the Application Data folder in XP?

View hidden/system files. From explorer, tools, folder options, view, select show hidden folders. Also uncheck the hide extensions and hide procted OS folders.

The path to the folder is C:\Documents and Settings\profile name\Application Data

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I am currently getting used to using Vista Ultimate and have so far not had any major problems with the OS. However I recently saved some pictures into a folder that Icreated in the Program Files folder, (which I always did in XP), but now I cannot locate the files anywhere on my computer.
I have read elsewhere that they might be stored in the Virtual stores folder under my user account but I cannot find it anywhere. I am slightly distressed by this as I ned to find the pictures.
I am the only user on the PC so I would assume that I have full privilidges but I am not sure how I can check that either
If anyone can help I would be very grateful.

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I upgraded my HDD and it changed some of the drive letters(names) in the process.

I changed the drive names back and now from other PCs some files that were shared are there, but most are not. I think it messed up all of MY NETWORK PLACES.

Is there a way to search for all shared folders, and "refresh them". Right now I click on a shortcut to a shared folder and wait & wait, some of the times it hangs up the other PC.

Answer:Can't share/find folder via network

Right-click on My Network Places and choose Search For Computers...
Click on Search without putting anything in the box.
This will give you a list of computers currently sharing files/folders on your network. Double-click on a computer in the list to see what it is sharing.

Help any?

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I have a T60 and deleted my IBMTOOLS file. I do not have anyway to recover it. Where can I go to download a copy?

Answer:Cannot find IBMTOOLS or SWTOOLS folder


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Hi All,

I want to find one particular name in network folder to view it. but the problem here is everyday the file name will change and also its have to search the all the sheets available in the file.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Solved: Find a name a in network folder

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where to find the wallpaper folder in windows-7 ?

thank's in advance

Answer:where to find the wallpaper folder in windows-7 ?

The default Windows 7 wallpaper images are located at:


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I have an app I'm having a problem with and the solution lies in a folder I can't find.
It's supposed to be C:\Documents and Settings\Patrick\Locals~1\Temp, and I cannot find it, even running around in the MSDOS prompt.
The only directories showing up after Patrick are: Desktop, Favorites, MyDocs and Windows.
Anyway to search for the Temp directory?

Answer:Unable To Find Directory or Folder

Have you tried the search feature in the start menu ?

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Tonight I tried to drag a folder (of pictures called My Photos) from one location on my E drive to another. It appeared as all went well...but now I can't find this has years of history in it!! YIKES!
I did a "search E drive" and it told me there was no My Photos. There is nothing in my wastebasket. I'm afraid to shut down the computer for fear of losing the pics of family and many trips. Help Please. I am using Windows 7.
I am new to this forum...just in case, my email is [email protected] in case I don't know where to find your answer.
Thanks a bunch.

Answer:Cannot find folder after using Drag and Drop on PC

Update....about an hour later....I did a search...not on Drive C or E but just on the Computer and found it!!! but it gave me no location! so I just did a drag and drop file by file (so glad I had batched the photos into files!!) over to my E drive. All is well. Thanks for being there!! Originally Posted by GolferGirl tonight I tried to drag a folder (of pictures called My Photos) from one location on my E drive to another. It appeared as all went well...but now I can't find this has years of history in it!! YIKES! I did a "search E drive" and it told me there was no My Photos. There is nothing in my wastebasket. I'm afraid to shut down the computer for fear of losing the pics of family and many trips. Help Please. I am using Windows 7.
I am new to this forum...just in case, my email is [email protected] in case I don't know where to find your answer.
Thanks a bunch.

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How to make Sortcut for files or folders

Answer:how to find file or folder for shortcut

right-click on the file you would like to make a shortcut to and select "Create Shortcut" this will make you a shortcut icon you can drag and drop anywhere on your computer. Hope this helps.

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HI Guys,

Outlook 2003 (I know, been too cheap to upgrade... maybe soon)

Read this carefully because this is not a question on how to find an e-mail. This is a question about... once you used the 'Find' feature and find an e-mail, How can you tell what folder you actually stored it in?

I have a folder called 'Saved E-mail'. Whenever I am done with an e-mail I move it to the 'Saved E-mail' folder. Then, periodically I run 'rules' in the SE folder that sorts the e-mail into sub folders for customers, suppliers, etc. So, some e-mail may go into folders that are 4-5 subfolders deep. I have ALOT of folders....

So, I recently did a search for 'John Doe' and checked the 'Saved E-mail' folder and clicked to check all subfolders. The search turned up many e-mails from John Doe. My problem is that I need to figure out which exact subfolder all of those e-mails are stored in.

Is there a way to figure this out?

Thanks for the help guys!

Answer:Find the folder an e-mail is stored in

I thought that I had found a solution here but it only tells you the exact folder and not the path...

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trying to import from another computer and I have to put them in the above folder incredimail data.sub which when i click on the browse button it doesnt come up can any body help me please

Answer:how do i find Incredimail Data.sub folder

Right click your incredimail icon, go to properties then choose open file location. This will take you to the folder containing the incredimail files and sub folders, you should be able to find it from there.

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hello friends,PLEASE tell me where can i find folderoptions(my computer-tools) since there is no tools option visible in windows7 as in windowsXP . I have made a folder hidden how can i make it visible?

Answer:Where is Windows 7 find folder options?

To view hidden files and folders go to Folder Options > View Tab and scroll down to ?Show hidden files...?. You may have to press Alt in Explorer to see the Menu bar.

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where is the "auto start folder", say, programs in the folder will auto-start after the OS is booted, in win8?

Answer:how to find auto start folder

This may help:

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Where is it? Also why it doesnt have a INCREASE/DECREASE FONT SIZE button? (It's Help window does, but it would be nice that the actual browser also had it - or I could drag them on it's toolbar)


Answer:How I find FireFox's cache folder?

C:\Documents and Settings\[User Name]\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\

To increase/descrease font you can hold CTRL and scroll your mouse down or up

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Good Morning!Went to open up an accounting folder on a Windows 7 machine off of the network, and the computer doesn't show the folder. It's not hidden, and every other machine on the network has access to it. When trying to enter F:/Peachtree (folder in question), I get a folder does not exist popup.Thanks for the help, I'm a neonate to these types of things.-Josh

Answer:One computer can't find one networked folder

Is the drive F: generally available?You may try \\server_name_or_ip_address\Peachtree to access the folder in question.

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Why does Recycler no longer appear in the C drive? Until a few days ago it displayed as a folder in C but is gone now. A file/folder search shows that it's supposed to be located in the C drive & is NOT a hidden folder.

Answer:I can't find Windows XP recycler folder anywhere.

Well, it should be a hidden folder. Why do you want to go into that folder anyways? Can't you just access the Recycle Bin from the desktop?You've been helped by a 14 year old.

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Well, first off my computer has been running extremely slow ever since I got the internet re-activated (approximately...10 minutes ago ) and my mom said I should clean out the cookies. So I went to the start menu where it was on my other computer, but i can't find it anywhere. I searched for it and everything. Where is it and why is my comp going so slow?

Answer:Unable to find cookies folder

Cookies won't slow down your computer.What exactly do you mean by "slow"? Any program, internet?

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my picture folder got deleted how to get it back?

Answer:cant find my picture folder in Windows XP

Look in the Recycle Bin first. If it's not in there, try file recovery software: in mind though that the folder and/or files inside it may be damaged by having been overwritten with new files & software installations.

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I cannot find clipboard or clipbrd.exe in folder system32. I tried to troubleshoot using an old post attrib -a -h -r -s c:\windows\system32.

My computer is a ASUS Notebook, I am using Windows 7 Home Premium, Pentium r, dual core cpu, Memory 4.00 GB, 64 GB.

Answer:cannot find clipbrd.exe in folder in system32

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C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\aun_0035.exe is infected with Trojan.Alwayup C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\bridge.inf is infected with Adware.WinFavorites C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\CONFLICT.2\aun_0035.exe is infected with Trojan.Alwayup C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\CONFLICT.1\aun_0035.exe is infected with Trojan.Alwayup This is what shows up with symantec free online virus scan. These four files wont be found using the search program threw windows. I copied and pasted the file path minus the file itself IE <C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\CONFLICT.1>. Computer shows page can not be displayed. For some odd reason the computer when I goto Explorer, shows that this folder doesn't exist past Downloaded Program Files. I think these 4 viruses is whats causing the problems with this computer. Norton nor any other program can delete these nor find them, ONLY show them as infected files. Very strange if you ask me. I have been beating my head over it for a while now and as a last resort I come here to ask for help on how to get to that specific folder and delete them by hand. Any help at all could only help the situation. Some one please save me!!Mod Edit: This will be moved to a more appropriate Forum.

Answer:Four Viruses in a folder i can not find nor any other prog..

In my computer goto tools / folder options then view tab. Enable show hidden files and folder and take the tick out of hide protected operating system files see if you can then see these files use caution make sure you do not run the files. If you can see them when you goto delete them hold down shift and this will delete them straight from your computer and not place them in the recycle bin.If you do not have an antivirus app on your computer I then recommend you download avast from it is free and very good updated it and run a full scan.Also do you have any anti spyware apps on your pc if not then I can post links to them also.Don't forget to change the view settings back once you have sorted out the problem

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trying to back up outlook mail files, unfortunately I changed the store folder by mistake, now can't find my original mail files, running XP but cant restore system for some reason.Any help would be appreciated.Peter

Answer:cant find outlook store folder

Outlook stores emails in files with .pst extension. You may need to enable "view hidden and system files" to see them. Outlook Express stores emails in files with .dbx extenion.

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OK. I have been trying to figure this out for over a week now with no luck. I know I can right-click and select properties to see the number of files and sub-folders in any folder. My problem is that I would like to know the number of files NOT INCLUDING hidden files and folders.

Is there any way to get the count to disregard the hidden and system files without manually counting, as the folder I am really interested in has thousands of files in hundreds of folders and I need to check on a regular basis?

Answer:Find number of files in a folder?

You could uncheck 'Show hidden folders', then check the count by opening the folder and using the hotkey ctrl+A to select all the files in the folder. The number of files should be shown in the status bar (at bottom left).

That said, if there are sub folders, ctrl+A will select those and the files in them will be counted as well. You can circumvent that by manually selecting just the files in the given directory (mouse click 1st file, hold down shift, mouse click last file).

If you generally show hidden files, you can make quick work of the process by adding show/hide hidden files to the context menu.


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I'd basically like to know how to get rid of most of the gathered list of screensavers from Win XP. Over the years... and trying countless savers, they all seen to get stuck in the folder even if they are no longer still in use.

[email protected] (new e-mail addy).


Answer:Were do I find the folder that holds screensavers?

most are in either the c:/windows folder or the c:/windows/system32 folder

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Hi,I have just noticed that the folder containing all my college work has disappeared .I have not deleted the folder,I thought I backed it up with the rest of my folders,I did not not :-(I have used search to locate the folder,it failed.How can I restore this folder.The folder contained many docs and presentation in different formats.It there a piece of software which will locate the folder my name ?.Hope you can help please

Answer:College folder missing,how to find

First line of defense - try a System Restore.

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First Of all i hope this is the right place for my question.

Have windows XP Pro SP2,

Latelly Find 2 Entries In Add Remove Programs, Reading 1 as "Upgrade (d:\Program Files \)" with Size of 21,177.00 MB and 2nd as "Upgrade (D:\Program Files\Upgrade\)" Size 21,635.00 MB.

Both these Entries have Windows Media Player Sign in the Beginning

And i Have not seen these before.

I try to look in D:\Program.. including Hidden folders and cant find it

Please Let Me Know Where these come from, And if i delete these from Add Remove, what Could happen, since these are using too much of hard drive's space.


Answer:Can't Find Folder In The Hard Drive

Hi Harmo and welcome to bleeping computer.

Do these read Window Media Player Hotfix or Windows Media Player system update? If they do then they are just updates from M$.

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Hi,I want to add flash player in chrome with my windows xp machine. I have downloaded the flash player and opened the zip folder. Now I have to add these 2 files : NPSWF32.dll and flashplayer.xpt in my C:\Documents and Settings\Kamrul Hassan\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\Plugins. But the problem is I can as far as Application. There is no Plugins Folder in Application folder. I have added these 2 files in Application folder, and now I am not sure whether the flash player is added with my chrome browser.Can be mentioned here that my firefox has plugins : shockwave flsh player. I think this is the flash player.Could someone help me finding the Plugins Folder in my Windows XP.ThanksKamrul

Answer:Can't find Plugins Folder in windows xp

Doubleclick "My Computer". From the menu, click Tools | Folder Options | View, and set the "Hidden files and folders" to "Show hidden files and folders".Then browse to the folder "C:\Documents and Settings\Kamrul Hassan\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\Plugins" and copy the files you need to this location.The original poster should always write the last response !!!Let us know, if the problem is solved !!!

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For when I'm trying to install a addon from curse gaming. I can't for my life find the interface folder. I think it was in a different folder last time like the windows folder or something. Its not under the World of Warcraft folder. I've been checking every folder and I can't find it. If its hidden how do I reveal it? I'm on Windows 7.

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I have an external drive for backups and one of my folders, a huge folder, i'd say, it's around 40 gigs is missing. Well, actually it's not missing, because when i use the "search" option to find files, it shows me the files in there, but i can?t see it in the normal way.

So, it seems to be hidden in some way i just can?t explain. I've already set folder options to show hidden files and folders but it didn't turn out good.


Answer:Canīt find a folder in my external drive

Hi and welcome to the Forum.
Search for one of the files known to be in the folder in question and right click on it. Choose "Properties" and there you will see the path to the file. Look at the name of the folder that contains the file. Perhaps you have been looking for the wrong name. One other point to check is when you first boot up your system before connecting to the internet does your clock show the correct time?

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I have set up my desktop using an html file and I need to find the icon file for a folder.

Answer:[SOLVED] Where do I find the icon for a folder in XP?

here is the file if anyone is interested.......(?)Just rename it to an .html file.

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I have a home network (MSHOME) with 2 systems connected through a router, both running Windows XP.
Main computer cannot not find a shared folder on second computer, both are configured for a LAN (MSHome). When I couldn't find the folder on the second system I attempted to add it manually.

I went to My Network Places - Add Network Place - Choose another network location - Browse - Expand Entire Network - Expand Microsoft Windows Network - Expand MSHome - Expand Second Computer Network Name - Then nothing listed.

I checked the second computer under My Network Places - Local Network and found my shared folder checked off for sharing. Geez I thought this would be simple.

Answer:Solved: Can't find shared folder

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Hello All,

I have suddenly started to get the error message "can't find user profile folder" when I try to login into my DB Manager.

I am using Vista.

Any help appreciated.


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I was scanning with Spyware Doctor, I noticed it was scanning some folder C:\Documents and Settings\networkservice.NT AUTHORITY\FAVORITES and it seemed to have virus files in it, altough the antivirus scanner didn't detect them. There was also some old bookmarks there.

I couldn't open the folder or even find it. I can only open the C:\Documents and Settings\networkservice.NT AUTHORITY\ but it doesn't seem to have the FAVORITES-folder?

How can I access it so I can remove those files found in it?

Answer:Help Viruses In A Folder I Cannot Find Or Open

Are you sure about the full path? Some scanners go so fast that its easy to misread it. If your not finding that folder and the scan did not detect anything, it may not exist. To be sure, repeat your scan and see what happens.

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I want to find folder options

Answer:where in windows can i find folder options

mt2, Either go into your Control Panel or open a Windows Explorer (NOT Internet Explorer) window and click on Tools at the top.Tufenuf

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Just changing over to a new laptop with Win XP Pro. Previous one ran Win 98 and had Norton Systemworks 2002 installed. I have just installed the same using the original CD but need to copy over its registration and virus definitions.

In Win 98 the virus definitions are in the main program files area under Norton Antivirus. Not so in Win XP. Can anyone tell me where to find them please?

And how can I transfer the registration, symantec redirector, live update, and everything else that has been updated in the last 2 years?

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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AVG Resident Shield popped up and said "Virus Detected!

While opening file: C:\windows\temp\AAWTMP\C729451\1F663D\BEYOND.CLASS

But i don't even have a folder "1F663D", i have hiden folders showing and i even tried navigating directly to it..... It also says "Virus identified Java/ByeVerify", and when i try to delete file, heal, or move to vault they all say i cant on this file... help please

Answer:Virus in a windows folder i can't find....

Maybe turn off system restore? That could be where its hidden inside a restore snapshot or something...

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where is it it used to be in xp whereever i cant remember that either ,,,,,,,,
but on a more serious note inside win 7 64 bit where is the start programs menu folder

i cant find it and have just done a fresh install and need to get my start menu / programs sorted

Answer:cant find the program menu folder

This page will be useful

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how to find auto start folder in windows 8 pro?How to find key code from a cd installation disk?

Answer:how to find auto start folder in windows 8 pro?

I tried to post a reply but it has been deleted. I've had this before where the forum software doesn't like some links.No matter; just Google "Windows 8 autostart folder" and you will find the answer.

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i recently had a hard drive that broke, i sent it in to a data recovery place and it was cloned onto a new drive. unfortunately the drive wouldn't boot windows so i bought another one and reinstalled vista onto it.

now everything seems fine but i want to transfer my firefox bookmarks from my old hard drive to my new one. i also want to get my info from this sidebar tool app which has alot of data i've entered into it.

i know the firefox profiles are located at C;\users\username\appdata\roaming\blahblah

its easy to find on my new drive, but i'm looking on my old drive and there is no appdata folder what so ever.

i have my folder options set to show hidden folders, and i can see the appdata folder in the 'public' and 'default' folders on my old drive but not in my 'username' folder.

i've been searching on how to do this for hours, this is literally driving me crazy.

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Briefly.....I wanted to install a program from a DVD onto my D drive called ECAT, so when the program asked where to install it I browsed for my D drive and created a folder called ECAT......The program didnt install as it came up with error messages.  I have since found out that the program HAS to be called what the program states, and NOT a user defined one......
Now as the program didnt install it no files were written.........So now when I come to install the program again, this time intending to call it EXACTLY as the program states, the first page of the installation wiil not let me change the location or name of the installation folder. It keeps coming up with the location and drive I INITIALLY asked it to be installed too....
I am guessing the program has written a secret/hidden file or folder somewhere on my D drive.... however I CANNOT FIND IT. I have tried the following.....
CC cleaned the D drive
Registry search for any file that is similar to the program name (ECAT)
A Disk Clean on D Drive
Used a program called DISK LOOK, nothing found!!!
So after all of the above the program (ECAT) still finds this hidden/invisible installation folder called D:\ECAT and WILL NOT let me browse to anyother folder or drive.....
the picture below shows the installation page....Im hoping you guys can help me out by telling me how I can get rid of this folder or install the program in its proper name and folder


Answer:Created a folder/file and now I cant find it to delete it

1) Did you use the "Windows Registry Editor" to look for "ECAT" ?
2) Did you make "Hidden Files" visible before you ran your search ?
3) Have you checked your install program to see if it has "ECAT" entered in it somewhere ?

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My sons documents folder has disappeared from the "Files Stored On this Computer" section in My Computer.All his files can still be seen for him when looking in C: > Documents and settings.How can I recreate this folder back to the Files Stores On this Computer. I need to do this as my backup application points to this area when selecting files to backup.Thank you

Answer:How to find a missing users My Documents folder

Try a search for it,and drag and drop it to My Computer

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Ok, I'm bascially computer illiterate. I think my computer is infested with adware. I have run my antivirus and have come up with the following files:istactivex.dll; mediaticketsinstaller.ocx; and ole32ws.dll. Norton is unable to delete these files. I've tried to view the temporary internet files folder, but am unable to access subfolders with the Content.IE5 name. One of the description states: The compressed file istactivex.dll within c:\Documents and Settings\My name\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.I#5\C5YJ4DEJ\0006_regular[2].cab is a Adware threat. But I can't find the folder or figure out how to delete it. I've already deleted all files in the temporary internet folder through control panel/internet options. Any suggestions on how to proceed to get rid of this stuff? I've cleaned the computer using Spybot but this still comes up through Norton. Also - what do you know of CWS? Apparently I'm having problems with that too...Thanks!

Answer:Can't find Content.IE5 folder and adware files

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