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Network Card detection Error

Question: Network Card detection Error

We are using Dell computers in our company. We have a P-I machine with 3Com network card running on Windows NT Worstation. I shifted the "Harddisk AND Network card" to another P-II Dell machine. When I start this system , the Network card is not detected and I am not able to Login to the Domain and the system deosnt get the IP address from the DHCP Server. I get the following error in the Event Viewer:
"EI90x: Could Not Find Adapter"

I want to know what are the issues that prevent a Network card from being detected. This happens even if use another Network card.

I need help real BAD.

Thanks in advance

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Preferred Solution: Network Card detection Error

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Network Card detection Error

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I was trying to install a pci ethernet card in my dad's PC. It has Win98. It would refuse to detect it until I went into the bios and set PnP operating system to no. Why?

Answer:network card detection

dont know, does it matter? works now right? be happy!

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Anyone know of a program that will check any type of system and give an indicator of the network card installed. I know alot of manufacturers put out their own individual ones that work with some cards but not others but I was looking for one that would be all inclusive. I work in an environment that has many different brands and models and it would be nice to have 1 utility to determine what the machine has internally. Bootable disk or installed program (windows) does not matter.

Answer:Any type of Network card detection program?

aida32 - enterprise edition:
or its successor lavalys everest:

both will show you [email protected] near everything in the box, along with hotlinks to the mfg site for updates
aida32 is out of production, everest will/may be updated as time goes on

admin functions you might like:
AIDA32 is a professional system information, diagnostics and benchmarking program for Windows platforms. It extracts details of all components of the PC. It can display information on the screen, print it, or save it to file in various formats like HTML, CSV or XML. For corporate users, AIDA32 Enterprise offers command-line switches, network audit and audit statistics, remote system information and network management.

everest pro has similar features, but costs $$, aida32 still freeware

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For the usb detection error it is an adapter that plugs my micro sd card into the usb port so i can move music onto it to put it in my phone, i had to reformat the sd card while it was in my phone so my phone could use it and now i cannot get it detected on my computer no matter how i connect it (usb adapter, SD card adapter, micro sd port ) and i have yet been able to find a solution to this problem. the device status is "This device could not start. (code 10)"

The issue with my wifi card is still unknown to me as well, i have my wifi card plugged into my desktop and it says i have nothing plugged in in the bottom righthand corner where the internet connection would show. When i go to device manager it has the yellow warning symbol next to it and the device status is as follows "Your computer's systems firmware does not include enough information to properly configure and use this device. to use this device, contact your computer manufacturer to obtain a firmware or bios update. (code 35)"
this wifi card started to perform slowly and made my download rate drop from 1.3MB/s to under 100Kb/sec randomly. I have a Broadcom 802.11g network adapter with hardware id pci\VEN_14E4&DEV_431&SUBSYS_044914E4&REV_02 and i had the driver tuner from broadcom which needs internet to work... seems counter intuitive to me but whatever.
I ran into this issue when I switched my wifi cards to a different one and the new one didnt download the drivers correc... Read more

Answer:USB detection error and computer cannot detect my wifi card

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums .. Your second issue Code 35 could be a BIOS Issue ..

Have a look in System Information there you should find which Version you are using ...

Then check on your Motherboards Website .. To see what the latest Version is ..
Personally i do not recommend Updating the BIOS ..
As for Code 10 that is a tricky one ...

Read the Link below ...
How To Fix Error Code 10 (This device cannot start)

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I have a X61 and when I boot up I get the message: "error 1802 : unauthorized network card is plugged in - Power off and remove the miniPCI network card" Is there a fix for this?   Can I change my settings in my BIOS so it does not read the card?  

Answer:error 1802 : unauthorized network card is plugged in - Power off and remove the miniPCI network card

did you install an aftermarket wireless card?

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The single XP machine is connected to the office network with Linux and W98 computers; all have access to the internet via an ADSL modem. The XP has fixed, the modem, the others varying ones, but none has DNS. When the XP is freshly installed, the machine has access to the internet as well as to the local network, but after an undefined period the local network becomes not accessible anymore from this computer. When I then try to access another machine or map a new drive, I get the message that the network is not accessible. Strangely enough, the internet connection with the modem via that same network is unimpaired. This happens only on the XP machine; deleting the netcard hardware and re-installing the drivers and the network again does not help. The other machines do not have this problem. Is this a problem of XP, is it that the modem is having an unexpected issue with XP or is it us just having not a clue?

Answer:Network detection on XP

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Question: Network detection

Hi, I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 and for some reason it cannot or won't detect ANY networks. I have to use my ethernet cord to get internet so I know that my router is just fine.

Answer:Network detection

Has wireless ever worked for this laptop or is this a recent issue?
Have you recently re-installed the operating system?
Do you have any other devices in your house that work via wifi?

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Recently i've formatted my hard-drive and re-installed WINXP SP2. Unfortunately, i forgot to back up the required drivers/software for my motherboards sound card and also a network card. Can anyone please direct me to available software to remedy this situation?

Motherboard Information:
Motherboard Name Intel Rexburg 2 D845GERG2
Motherboard Physical Info:
CPU Sockets/Slots 1
Expansion Slots 3 PCI, 1 AGP
RAM Slots 2 DIMM
Integrated Devices Audio, Video
Form Factor Micro ATX
Motherboard Chipset i845GE

Intel 82801DB ICH4 - LAN Controller with 82562ET/EZ PHY PCI

Answer:No Sound/Network detection

Here is the page for the motherboard and all of the info you will need

Have a good day

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I have three computers running XP Pro and a new laptop running Vista Premium. All are on a wireless network. I can't seem to get the three XP machines to see the Vista Machine on the network. The Vista machine cannot see any of the other machines either. My broadband connection works fine with all of them though. I know this is probable something stupid. All machines are set up to share files etc. I shared what I could figure out on the Vista machine. Please help.

Answer:Network computer detection

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My laptop can't detect my home wireless network. All other laptops and my desktop can. This has only happened since I went to Qatar recently and connected to the internet there through an ethernet cable. I wonder if in doing so I altered my settings somehow but can't see how. Can you help?

Answer:wireless network non-detection

Can you give more details about what is happening when you try to connect? Could be one of many reasons.
May not be necessary, but what is the make and model of the laptop and what operating system?

Is the wireless card turned on?
Can you see your network?
Any messages when you try to connect?
Can you connect to other wireless networks?
Does an ethernet connection work?
From a JohnWill post.
Start, Run, CMD, OK to open a command prompt:
(For Vista or 7 type CMD in the Search box after Start)

Type the following command:


[Note that there is a space between IPCONFIG and the slash, but no space between the slash and ALL.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.
Some things you could check.
Check your firewall to be sure LAN and Wireless connections are enabled.
Control Panel, Windows Firewall.
Click "Change Settings" to the right of "Wndows Firewall Is On".
Under Advanced Tab, make sure the boxes next to both Local Area Connection and Wireless Network Connection are checked.

Think I have this right for Vista/Win7
Right click the Wireless Icon on the task bar
Click "Connect to a Network" in the menu.
Does a list of wireless networks come up and is your network in the list.
If your computer cannot "see" the signal, then SSID broadcast may be tur... Read more

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A little help folks. Setting up a new computer on a network. I presently have 3 computers with a LINKSYS HUB/ROUTER all connected to the internet. I purchased a new computer to help with billing, etc. and installed XP PRO and attempted to connect to internet. I keep GETTING ERROR MESSAGE SAYING...LOCAL AREA CONNECTION:A NETWORK CABLE IS UNPLUGGED. I physically checked the CAT cable and it is connected in the back and at the hub. I can see the connection on the computer, " pulse" the green light but it does not stay lit....Can someone help me along, getting this computer connected?

Answer:No detection on new computer/network

Try it with a known good cable, and use a known good port on the hub. Or better yet, if possible, connect it directly to the router.

If still fails, must have problem with the computer. Check in Device Manager for any problem indications for the ethernet adaptor. Look on the web for a driver update. If none, try uninstalling the adaptor (from Device Manager), restart computer, reinstall.

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I have a network of 4 computers all running Win98, except my main rig which is running WinXP. I have tried installing the game Red Alert on all the computers. Each one runs the game fine, but problems arise when i try to play a network game of Red Alert.
Each computer running Win98 has an option to play a network game in Red Alert. But the WinXP machine does not. The network is running fine on all machines and it is only this one particular game that will not detect the presence of a network under WinXP. Is there anything I can do to fix this problem? Please help

Answer:Detection of network under WinXP

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what is a good program that will tell me what wireless networks are in the area and what the signal strength is? BTW it needs to be compatible with windows.

Answer:wifi network detection

This site should help some Neb --

still looking for a good "free" program.

And there is good information here:

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We are running a large network. Around 2500 computers

Currently we are running Windows NT 4.0 domain controllers.

We are looking to upgrade those to windows 2000 active directory domain controllers.

However, we have been told that do to our disk cloning software we use. We need to eliminate any duplicate SIDs we have on our network before we do so.

But, we never recorded what computers where cloned, so we have no idea what computers have duplicate SIDís and what donít

Our problem is that we are a health care organization, meaning we canít down any of our servers or reboot many of or computers very often. So we canít go to every computer to check.

So, we are looking for way to detect duplicate SIDís on our network.



Answer:SID Duplication Detection On A Network

Two machines cannot be on the network with the same SIDs. You would get a duplicate computer name error.

What your being told about the cloning software is that you need IT to remove the SIDs when cloning so the new machine doesn't end up with the same SID as the original.

However, cloning machines already attached to the network is a bad idea. Remove the PCs from the domain before you create the image. Then when the image is placed on the new machine and you add it to the network you will generate a new SID.

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Those who have Xp Mode and are using it at work, how does your work network security detect it (can they)?

How does selecting the network adapter type effect detection?

Answer:Work network detection

Have you asked your Network Administrator this question??

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I have a Vista/XP dual-boot setup where under XP, windows detects my network right away, but Vista takes about 10 minutes until it allows me any access (either to other computers or internet access). I'd understand a lag with detecting other computers, but it takes 10 minutes after Vista boots until I can access the internet. Anyone have any ideas why this is the case (and how to fix it)?

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i am creating a local network of just 2 PCs. 1st one is using windows 7 OS and the 2nd one is using windows 8.1 . Error i am facing is when i click on TCP/IP(v4) properties in 2nd PC(win 8.1 pc) it says that ""In order to configure TCP/IP, you
must install and enable a network adapter card.". 1st pc is working fine and showing shared drives and files in network but 2nd PC is not showing anything in network because id donot allow me to configure IP settings. 
Please Note that i have also connected WiFi connection to my 2nd PC and that connection is working fine and showing all the TCP/IP Properties correctly without showing any error. 
I have disabled Network adapter in Device manager and installed again but nothing happens. 
Help me in this Please
Thank you!!

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I recently had to install XP on a michine that came with an in built ethernet card. I need to find out what ethernet card it is, so that I can install the relevant drivers to get it to work.
I've tried to do some detective work to find out what ethernet card I to find the corresponding drivers. All I can come up with is from the Packard Bell website (the company from which the machine came).

The only details I could find for the ethernet connection are something that says: LAN 10/100 (marvell 88E8039)
No idea what that is?!

At the moment I have the slowest wireless connection known to man!

Answer:Ethernet Card Detection

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I have an older Compaq Presario (Windows 98SE, AMD K-6, 220 MB Ram) that I would like to add to my existing network (Motorola Surfboard SB5120 Modem/Linksys Wireless G Router) using a standard network cable. Can someone help tell me how to detect the ethernet card and advise which settings that I should be using? The USB works ok, bu It would prefer to run it through the ethernet card. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


Compaq Presario/Windows 98 SE/AMD K-6/220 MB RAM/Motorola Surfboard SB120/Linksys Wireless G

Answer:Ethernet Card Detection

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Hi there.Here's the thing:
I installed usb to pci card to my pc but xp does not detect anything.
I have onboard usb which works but i want to avail usb2,hence the card.
I have tried various bios options but no success.
Other pci cases work in the Same slots and this card works on other pc.
Device manager shows no exclamation mark or detection.
Am i missing something?
Amd duron 1.2
512mb ram

Answer:Absolutely no detection of usb pci card xp

are you sure that the pci form factor is supported on your motherboard; as it apears that you motherboard is a bit dated so may not work with pci 2 which is what the usb will most likely work on.

The other possibility is that you had some bad luck and bought a broken extension card as the only reason windows wouldn't detect the card is if not plged in or being acepted my the motherboard or the card its self is not working as it should

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I have an Acer Aspire R3 Series model no. N15W5 and recently my computer isn't reading or detecting my wifi card so I can't turn on my WiFi.

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I recently aquired a gateway 200arc, with a intel pro/wireless  2200BG card and for some reason the laptop can't detect it. It worked fine before a reformat that was done on it and after that i doens't seem to work. The laptop has 1.2 celeron M with 256 memory and combo drive. I've searched both intel and gateway sites for drives since the laptop came with none, and i have had no success. any help would be fantastic.

Answer:Wireless card detection

Find the driver for may have it

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How can I tell if my laptop has detected a FireWire express card. I dont think it has but im not sure what im looking for.


Answer:Experss Card Detection

Easiest way is plug something into it and see if it works. You could look in Device Manager and see if it is recognized also:
"Run, devmgmt.msc" and hit enter.

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hiafter installing windows xp i cann't hear the sound. My sound card is built in sound card with mother board. I think i have legacy sound card. Because what i know if i want to know about the sound card then i can see from device manage and under the sound video and game controller there is a legacy audio drivers. All is there but i can not get the sound. Could you please help me regarding this matter?with regardszahid

Answer:sound card detection

Re-install your motherboard drivers.

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When I try to boot my W520, I get a BIOS boot up error : "2100: Detection Error on HDD0 (Main HDD)". I am using PNY XLR8 240GB SSD. It worked fine for a month. I also have PGP installed and whole disc encrypted. I installed an update of Intel Management Engine Firmware and Intel Chipset, both are the latest from lenovo site because I was experiencing expreme slowness from my harddrive. Programs would freeze. Webpages would take forever to load..The next time I rebooted, I got the error. If I leave the SSD out for a bit, and put the SSD back in, the disk will work for some time... but on next reboot, it is again detection error.. TRIM is enabled on my system. I am not sure how the SSD died so quickly. I am back to using my HDD but I am not happy. I want a solution... is this a intel chipset issue? Intel IMEI issue? Is  the PNY SSD just a bad model? I've googled plenty and dont really see a solution. Sometimes there is a firmware update.. PNY has no firmware updates for my drive.. I don't see anybody else using PNY on their W520, but plenty of people are experiencing Error 2100 with SSD on their W520.. somethings fishy.. help please! thanks in advance !

Answer:W520: PNY XLR8 240GB SSD with error "2100: Detection Error on HDD0 (Main HDD)"

I don't have a ThinkPad W520 or a PNY SSD, but could it be simply that the SSD is coming loose inside the ThinkPad's chassis?  I suppose this could occur if a 7mm high SSD was inserted into a 9.5mm high 2.5" drive bay with a ~2mm spacer to "pad" the unused vertical space.
Aryeh Goretsky

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I have 3 computers connected to a wireless base station. All have been working fine until lately. My computer searches for the wireless network, finds it, it says strength excellent, but doesn't maintain the connection. I see scanning for channels. When it hits the right channel, it connects, but it keeps scanning right past the right channel, and I lose connection.

Answer:Solved: Wireless Network Detection

I'd suspect that someone has recently installed a new wireless network close to you, and now you have contention.

Some things you can try here.
For wireless connections, change the channel on the router, I like channels 1, 6, and 11 in the US.
For wireless connections, try moving either the wireless router/AP or the wireless computer. Even a couple of feet will sometimes make a big difference.
Update the firmware to the latest version available on the manufacturer's site.
Reset the router to factory defaults and reconfigure.

Many times these measures will resolve a lot of intermittent issues.

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I had a wireless adapter hooked to an xbox 360 and it worked fine. While hooking a new xbox console, there is no network detected. I am using a NETGEAR WNR2000 router. The automatic setting selection on the xbox configuration screen is not functional. What am I doing wrong?

Answer:Solved: No wireless network detection

Solved! Hooked modem to xbox console, ran updates (9 minutes), rehooked modem to router and then rehooked wireless adapter to xbox console. XBOX LIVE ACHIEVED!

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i have a wireless dsl modem (linksys), i manage to connect to the net properly through my desktop pc (wirely).
and i have also a laptop and i want to connect it to the net wirelessly through the modem. the laptop can detect the wireless network and it connects properly. but my question is how to connect to the net.
i open the internet explorer but it asks my to dialup. is there a special type of connection that has to be established first or what ?

Answer:wireless network detection is ok, but how to connect to the net?

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Hi this is my first ever post. I have a 1Gb network set up whereby I have a Netgear 26 Port 1000Mbps unmanaged network switch at the heart of my home network. What I have the problem with is devices connected on any one of my 3 300Mbps access points drop out showing no internet but they really mean no network access unless i disconnect and reconnect or switch to another access point. Other things I get happening is one min i have a transfer speed wired connection to wired connection of 35Mb per second and then I only have 8 or less. I am wondering if I have cable issues but before I went out and spent about £100 on new belkin cat6 cable I would ask if there is software I can use to test all the devices on the network so I can replace the faulty item. I am 99% sure its not the switch as it's new and replaces a hive of small hubs because they were having the same problem.
Please help me

Answer:Network fault detection software

Sort of program I am thinking of is a program to consantly ping all ip's i give it and then flag when the device disapears even if its just for one ping. That way i can eliminate cable's that don't need renewing only the cable's now are all unbranded Cat6e cables except 4 which a belkin ones but they are all only 1m long.

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I have been tasked in upgrading/replacing all of the windows 95 and 98 machines on my corp network. This is a rather large network of over 2000 machines in 6 buildings, and the previous people in my position never documented what machines are installed across the network.

What I am dreaming of finding would be a tool that would allow me to input an ip address range, it would then scan all of the computers in that range and report - COMPUTER NAME - IP ADDRESS and the VERSION OF WINDOWS that machine is running. I found Nmap, which does something like what i want, but it can't differenciate between win 95, 98 or NT machines from what i've read.

If i can't sniff out these machines, is there a tool that i could run in everyones login script for a couple of days that would be able to get this info? Any other suggestions rather than walking around trying to spot computers in every corner of every office?

Answer:Windows Version detection over a network

Try this script:

You might want to bookmark this site:

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Hello there!
I am using HCL ME 74 series laptop with win 7 OS 32 bit. recently my OS crashed and I reinstalled the OS. surprisingly there are no netwrok controllers in my device manager. the network adpters give by HCL have been used. But the system is detecting the wifi networks all around but not connecting.
The HCL ME series gives some funny buttons to press: set wifi enable -> Fn+F11, and bluetooth -> fn+F12 . both are enables.
As a typical Indian customer care center the support people are very uninterersted to help (with a lot of laughter and gossip in the background).
request for urgent HELP..... some one....ANYONE PLEASE!!!

Answer:Wifi network detection and connection

Did you install all of the drivers for your computer?

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want to see if anyone has a way of detecting the poweliks on a pc short of running a program on the pc.  Whether its a script that checks a file location or a way to look into the firewall looking for network traffic.
I had a client that was experiencing slow network speed.  One user called and says his ie can't download when trying to connect to citrix.  After running the eset cleaner on his pc and removing the powelik, the network was still slow.  I ran the eset Poweliks Cleaner on every pc and found another pc with poweliks installed.  That was 12 pcs to do before that.

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My HP DM1 is able to detect all Wifi network except mine!!Initially it was working but not anymore; tried resoring to a day before but the problem still existsI am using WPA-2 Wirless RouterPlease help

Answer:HP Pavilion DM1 Wifi network detection

reboot the your wifi is working, which you know cos it can see other networks, then your router is not working or not transmitting its ssid..i hate computers!but cant help myself....

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my daughter has a laptop that she uses at uni. on the internet, it is configured for use there. with xp i think i should be able to plug in my cable at home and it should work but it does'nt. i have registered the mac adrs with blueyonder and i have tried to delete all previous settings ( she is not using it at uni anymore so i dont need their settings) but it still wont work any ideas. where i am going wrong.

Answer:laptop network detection prob.

Ignore the Uni settings and set it up for your network environment as if there are no other setting there. The Uni setting can remain as you will not need them. Just remember that when you log in to log in to the correct domain.

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Hi all,

With all the news surrounding corporate hacking on the rise I wanted to ask the question. For a home based user. Cable modem to router to pc's connected. What tools are available to detect a network intrusion for the home user? Are there also any good places to learn how to track and trace the intrusion back to the source? Was wondering how the enforcement community can track and trace the hacktivist groups back to thier source.


Answer:Network security and intrusion detection

You could build your own pfSense router and the use the Snort Package. You could also just simply setup your own stand alone IDS on your home network. This would involve building a new computer and installing something like Snort. To make things easy I would look into instasnorby. You could also install snort or some kind of IDS running inside a virtual machine on a current computer. To run your own IDS you will also need to have a managed switch that supports a span/mirror port to direct all network traffic to the IDS.

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I have spent some time trying to Google this to no avail. I have a laptop with Windows 7 Pro that I use to troubleshoot network connections, routers, etc. Any time I connect a cable, the computer tries to detect whether or not I have internet connection by testing the DNS and seeing if it gets a response. This is great for home users who could use this information in a troubleshooting situation, however, most of the devices I use are in various stages of setup and DO NOT have an active internet connection. This feature takes about 30-60 seconds and is bothersome when I have to reboot the device and wait for windows to make up it's mind before I can access the router configuration again. Does anyone know if there is a way to turn this feature off permanently, or even for the current session?

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running 1.40 biosthink I have WWAN model as there is a SIM slot and there are a red and blue wires ready for the 3G wireless card.all lenovo drivers etc checked to latest versionsInstalled 128GB Kingspan which failed to do anything and caused the whole system to be unbootable. Turns out the ssd was dead as it did not work in working usb enclosure.swapped in 64GB msata minipci from my old eee901 it is the correct size for the lenovo slot - it wasn't for the 901 and I am now getting 2101 Detection Error on hdd2 on boot up.I have tried reseating the card, cleaning the pins, reseating, booting to Hirens, Slacko, Gparted, Fedora and not been able to see it as the error code is pre OS... Anything I can do? - roll back drivers, roll back bios, buy specific brand msata any suggestions welcome :-)

Answer:Error 2101 Detection error on HDD2 (mini sata) X220

HiIt seems newer drive is needed or its firmware. Chek out SSD manufacturer site for fw update.Since x220 BIOS 1.16 or something like this one, msata SSD error detection has disappeared. Except of rare cases with some Crucial (or Corsair, didn't remember) and Samsung drives. Also do not use OCZ drives.

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Whenever I try shutting down my computer normally, it is extremely slow and displays the message: Error 2101  Detection error on HDD2 (mini sata). This causes some problems on my computer. My laptop is a Thinkpad T530 with Intel Core i7, 500 GB HDD, and 8 GB RAM. Any suggestions?

Answer:Error 2101 Detection error on HDD2 (mini sata) in T530

do you have mSATA installed on the system???

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I've had my T430 for about a year, and other than two Corsair RAM sticks failing my computer has been running smoothly. Last night, my computer suddenly froze up and now it won't recognize my SSD. I'm currently using my stock HDD, but now I can't access any of the data on my SSD. I've tried running the SSD firmware update from the Lenovo site, but it wouldn't show my SSD under the memory devices (I'm not sure if this particular SSD is supported by the firmware update either). I don't think lenovo customer support would help in this situation, since my stock HDD runs fine and I didn't buy the SSD from them, so any help would be appreciated.

Answer:T430 "2100: Detection error on HDD0 (Main HDD)" Error on Samsung 830

I have the same problem that I ran into for no reason.  Does anyone have a solution for this?  Luckily I was able to login to safemode once and did my data back up after I could not login to safe mode.  The moment I connect to net work this problem happens.  On a side note I bought this T430S on ebay 3 months back with 16GB Memory, 500GB SSD which was running pretty good.

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Hi, I have a month old T440s. It has the original 256GB SSD drive (didn't open\replace anything).After uninstalling some antivirus software win8 had problems booting. To make a long story short, I tried different things to fix the MBR and eventually got to the point of trying to do a full factory restore, which didn't work (it couldn't find the recovery partition).When I boot up now, I get the "2100: Detection Error on HDD0 (Main HDD)" error.Aside from trying to restore using Lenovo CD (shipped to me, will be here in a couple of days), what else cn be done and what caused this ordeal? I don't mind about the data on the SSD, I just really need my laptop functioning ASAP. Thanks for any advise you may have!

Answer:Brand new T440s (original 256GB SSD) - Error 2100: Detection Error on HDD0 (Main HDD)

Hi,check out the disk drive model. If that's a Samsung SSD PM841, refer the page below regarding firmware update affected models:

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Hello! First post on this forum but been browsing for some time. My machine: ThinkPad S430, type-model: 3364-5HG, Win 7 x64, 500 GB HGST HDD. My problem is notably similiar to this one: problem occurs on very irregular basis, at times a couple of times a day but other times it goes weeks between the interrupts. It starts with some sort of short mechanical sound from the HDD, similar to the one when you turn the laptop of by pressing and holding the power button (only do this if I absolutely have to, it feels like choking someone with a pillow). After the sound, the screen freezes for a couple of seconds before the short bluescreen mentioned in the link occurs. The rest is as follows by the link above. Basically the only difference is the HDD brand (HGST in my S430 and Samsung in the link). After reboot (with power button during the automated reboot after bluescreen when the error code occurs), the laptop works fine.  It's getting quite annoying when this happens and also the suspension of not knowing when it will happen next is not good for my heart. What to do? Thanks in advance! Regards,Nicholas

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Hallo, Since the past couple of days I am receiving this Error 2102: Detection error in HDD2 during every cold/warm boot. It pops up even after a complete powerdown for overnight and boot up the next day. Further, the boot itself has become very slow - shows blank screen until the Thinkpad logo is displayed, followed by which the error message pops up. Thanks in advance for pointers!!! P.S: I looked up in the community for similar errors - only couple found and no solutions.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thinkpad Edge E530 - i5-3210M -upgraded 8GB RAM - 750 GB, 16GB mSATA HDD Performance Booster  


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Answer:Edge e530 - Error 2102: Detection error in HDD2 - press escape to continue

That error is coming from BIOS, it means there is something wrong detecting the mSATA SSD.  It could point to a hardware problem.  It is definitely not a software problem.  I would call the support line in your country, and ask what they recommend about it.

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Im getting this error when I boot up:

The System has detected a conflict for IP address 208.***.***.***(dont want to post my IP) with the system having hardware address 00:E0:98:77:E7C

I get the same message when im on my desktop somtimes too.

Its a netgear card, dunno exactly which one, dont want to take it out to look.

When I reinstall the drivers and re-enter all the ip/gateway info nothing happens till a few days later.

When it only pop's up once it works fine, but after a few days with it just poping up once it pop's two errors up, both saying the same thing & then network card dosnt work..

Im using windows98 if that matters

If anyone know's whats causing this, please respond

Answer:Network card error's, help!

er, thoes last few letters are E7: DC (without the space)

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I'd lost my power cord and haven't been using my E220s for few weeks.When I finally bought a power cord, the screen only shows:Thermal sensing error.2103: detection error on HDD2 (mini sata).And it turns on.How do i fix it?

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Model: T450sEquiped as:Intel i54+4GB RAM256GB SSD (M.2) Configured as boot disk running Win 7 x64500GB HDD as additional storage Issue:Seemingly at random, approx once every one to two weeks while PC is on and at the desktop but not actively being used (meaning no user is sitting in front of it performing tasks) it will error and crash.  The error is a black screen with the following error: 2101: Detection error on SSD1 (M.2) Press Esc to continue. According to the user Esc does nothing and the only escape is to long press the physical power button until a power down occurs.  On reboot the system comes up without issue.  No user has actually seen the crash take place.   MY QUESTION(S):1st.  Is this most likely an issue with the T450s not being able to reliably boot from the m.2 slot or is this more likely an issue with the SSD installed in the m.2 slot?2nd.  Is this something altogether different?  Any (knowledgeable) advice or info appreciated.

Answer:T450s Thinkpad - ERROR 2101: Detection error on SSD1 (M.2)

It is hard to diagnose without seeing it, but my experience has been that the Gen4 and later CPUs (like yours) support a very low power state that is incompatible with some devices. (that would make it a problem with the card) Make sure you have the latest BIOS and power manager software installed. Look in the device manager and find the M.2 SSD. There should be a power management tab. Turn off the option to allow the system shut the device off to save energy.

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Hi guys, I fitted a 64GB Sandisk P4 mSATA SSD today in my week old X220 4287CTO & get this error, I thought it maybe the bios causing the problem as reported in the forum but the threads I have read seem to be the SSD not being recognized at all. Any help would be appreciated. Product SKU: 4287CTOProduct Name: ThinkPad X220 - 3 Yr Depot Topseller Warranty Intel Core i5-2410M Processor (2.3GHz, 3MB L3, 1333MHz FSB)7 Home Premium 64 English12.5" Premium HD (1366x768) LED Backlit Display, Mobile Broadband Ready, 2x2 Antenna2 GB DDR31333MHz (1 DIMM)Keyboard UKFingerprint Reader720p HD Camera20 GB Hard Disk Drive, 7200rpmNo Micro Solid State DriveThinkPad Battery 29+ (6 cell)Country Pack United Kingdom with Line cord & 65W AC adapterBluetooth 3.0Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 (2x2 AGN)Integrated Mobile Broadband - Upgradable

Answer:Error 2101 Detection error on HDD2 (mini sata)

Yeah I am getting the exact same error 2101. Also X220 but 4286-CTO which I brought from US. The BIOS version is 1.17(highest I can find now).Wonder if it is a compatibillity problem or simply the bios is not programmed rightly.

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I got my 430s, and it's with a 16Gb mSATA SSD cache inside.Now everytime when I open my PC, it shows Error 2101 Detection error on HDD2 (mini sata) and I need to press ESC to continue.Is there any software or driver's problem, or it just phsically got wrong?Any techician could help to solve, or I have to do it my own?

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Answer:Error 2101 Detection error on HDD2 (mini sata) in...

Have you ensured you are running the latest BIOS?  What version BIOS do you currently have? After pressing escape does the computer boot normally?

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I have an issue with a Lenovo X1 Carbon Touch Windows 8. It has a 512GB SSD. (Believe its Samsung)  Earlier today the computer frooze while saying plug in your charger, so I had to hold down the power button to do a forced shutdown. Upon turning it back on I got this error after hanging on the Lenovo logo for a good five minutes. Error: 2100: Detection error on SSD0 (M.2) The SSD is not visible anywhere not in BIOS or anywhere else. I've tried reseating it however it doesn't help. The BIOS is upto date, any I'm unable to update the SSD Firmware as I cannot get onto Windows as per the instrutions here - 1. I cant update firmware for the SSD as I cant get onto Windows2. The BIOS firmware is the latest 3. I've taken the SSD out and put it back in4. Reset BIOS settings5. Disconnected Battery and left it for an hour I'm panicing as all my data is on there, I assumed it was safe as it's SSD.  Please can anyone assist?  

Answer:X1 Carbon - SSD Failure? Error 2100: Detection error on SSD0 (M.2)

Sorry for a 2500 GBP laptop I'd expect better really. This is the SECOND X1 Carbon I've had out of 4 to fail me with the SSD. I've lost all my data (Yes I know I should have backed it up) that I'll never be able to recover. Ultimately I've given up on the brand of Lenovo, my company who supplies exclusively Lenovo hardware to our customers are now switching to Dell as a direct result of the lack of support and poor hardware/firmware design. Just ordered 2X Dell XPS 13's as a replacement for my less than 6 month old Lenovo X1 Carbon, never thought it would come to this but the lack of support, knowledge and consitant hardware failures has left me no choice, I can't operate or do my work on an Lenovo X1 Carbon, fingers crossed the Dell will be better as it cant get any worse than Lenovo. To anyone who has Google'd the error and found this thread some cold facts; According to my resources this error can be caused if the system is not shutdown, BSOD or sudden power loss. If it doesn't resolve itself, there is a good chance it wont. Cycle the computer numrous times, let the battery run flat. Try it a few more times. Reset the BIOS, Update the BIOS. Prevention is better than cure, supposedly updating the SSD Firmware might have prevented this from happening in the first place.Lots of reports that this is an issue with BIOS and Firmware issues that result in an early death. I can confirm this having happened twice to me on different generation and model... Read more

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I recently purchased a SOHOware 10/100 PnP PCI Ethernet card, and after inserting the card into the PCI slot and restarting the computer, the card is not automatically detected by Windows 95 (SR1, by the way) as it should be. In fact, it is as if the card is not there at all. I tried manually installing the driver, but after restarting the computer, the card is flagged with the hated exclamation mark in Device Manager. The status message does not indicate any conflicts, but rather indicates changing the driver for the card (which I have done several times). I even removed other PCI cards and placed the ethernet card in other slots, but with no success. The tech support people at SOHOware told me that this was because my motherboard doesn't support bus mastering, but I checked that; it does. I checked my BIOS setup to make sure that it was set to level (it was). Does anyone have any ideas? Anything? Please, if anyone can help, please do!

Jordan Baglo
[email protected]

Answer:PCI Ethernet Card PnP Detection Problems

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Hi, I bought a Thinkpad X1 a couple of days ago, one of the key feature for me was the integrated 3G modem. However, I hit the problem (that apparently many other people had) of SIM cards not detected. Could someone tell me what's the current status of this issue ? Is it a H/W issue that needs repair, or is it a S/W issue and then what's the solution ? I'm a bit lost currently... Thanks for your help. 

Answer:Status of SIM card detection problem ?

It is a hardware-issue.
Call the Lenovo service. An additional isolation needs to be added on the system board.

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Hello all. After a few problems with my computer, (and the fact it came with no recovery CDs) I was forced to totally reinstall Windows XP on my computer. I was running the Media edition which came with it, but I was forced to purchase the Home edition.However, XP absolutely refuses to detect my on board sound card, I tried to look at things in the BIOS, but I am clueless and don't want to screw something up.Oddly enough, it detected my Video Card right away. I looked up the computer model, and it says I should have a Sound Blaster Audigy card.Thank you in advance.

Answer:Sound Card Detection issues

A sound Blaster card would not be onboard... It is a card... Onboard would be built into the motherboard... Am I right? (I have been known to be wrong)[glb]Flame[/glb]

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my pc specs are :
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 4400 @ 2.00GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1980 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) G41 Express Chipset, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 52617 MB, Free - 47095 MB; D: Total - 953865 MB, Free - 648767 MB; F: Total - 100000 MB, Free - 99807 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., G41M-ES2L

the problem is i replaced my nvidia 8600 gt 512 mb g card..
but now it is not getting detected.. pc post but display comes from onboard vga but fan of card spins
also one ati radeon card x300 which i m sure is fine is giving weired display..
so i m confused about what is bad it motherboard or the processor
mb is a new one but the cpu is 4 years old..also i overclocked it to2.7 ghz when the card gone bad...
also most of my data is getting courrpted dont know why ..?
what it could be cpu i guess..
plz help.

Answer:problem with graphic card detection

did you make sure to set up the BIOS in order to use the PCI-Express card as the primary display adapter? No, your CPU should be fine. Could you tell us more about your PSU (how many watts)?

also most of my data is getting courrpted dont know why ..?Click to expand...

Also, what do you mean by that?

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In December my PC "died" on me so after some thinking time I bought an HP Pavilion with Windows Vista (no alternative)
Quad core, real fast, but running Vista? %@&%! .Okay, I won't go too deep into this.
Since I could not get XP intalled instead, I decided on Windows 7 and now Windos 7 RC1.
This all works fine. I have a local network connected to a Linksys BEFW11S4 V4 which connects to my DSL modem.
There are 4 PC's in the same Workgroup all working fine, can see each other, share a Netdisk which is attached to the router and a LinkSys wireless print server which all can use.
OS on the others are one 98 2ed, rest XP professional.
The HP (under Vista and both 7 versions) see the router, connect tothe Internet, see the netdis as well as the print server but cannot connect.
What could be the reason?
The moment I connect any other XP system it sees all and shares all but not this one.
I hope my story above means something to someone and maybe he/she can halep and has some tips.
I cannot print and I cannot access the netdrive (I can through FTP but the files are corrupted when I transfer them to my HP)


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I have a case where I'd like to change network priority based on whether or not my T450s is docked. Some background info: In the course of my work, I sometimes need to undock my laptop and bring it into a test environment in the back of our office. When in this testing environment, I will typically connect my wired adapter into an isolated router or switch which does not provide any internet access. I will use the wireless adapter to stay connected to the office wifi which allows me to access our network drive and internet. When I was using my old laptop (Thinkpad E440) it would always know to use the wireless connection to get out to the network drive and internet when it was unable to do so using the wired. This doesn't seem to work on my T450s however; instead it tries to use the wired connection and fails without falling back to the wireless. I did some research and found I can change the interface metric value (priority essentially) as well as the adapter usage order. (not sure what the difference is exactly). I found I am able to force wireless to take priority, but then it is necessary for me to disable the wireless manually when docked. Does anyone know of a solution on how I can either A) Change the adapter priority when I am docked, or B) disable the wireless connection all-together when I am docked. Either way, it would seem as if I need some way of detecting whether the Thinkpad is docked. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi all,Yesterday Avast popped up to warn that svchost.exe was some kind of trojan or virus. So I clicked the option to delete the files and moved on. Later I restarted the pc and my new windows xp prof install was damaged: no avast nor ad aware icons in the sys tray. No network connections: no internet browsing. The network connections list is empty. So I started the pc with a win vista install on another disk. The avast scan found:25/07/2009 2:04:57 1964 Sign of "Win32:Bifrose-EGW [Trj]" has been found in "D:\WINDOWS\Installer\af3198.msp" file. After the cleaning I tried to run Malwarebytes AM on the xp install to see if it would pick up any virus that may have re-activated but now got a Runtime Error 372"Failed to Load Control 'VbalGrid' from vbalsgrid.ocx. Your version of vbalsgrid.ocx may be outdated. Make sure you are using the version of the control that was provided with your application". Still no avast nor ad aware icons in the sys tray. No network connections: no internet browsing. The log events in computer mngt don?t pop up on double click. there's more wrong but decided to surf the net for info and stopped here the hjt log hasnt been made yet.update: * false positive??;topic=47063.30* hjt logs added* safe mode with networking works, * regedit works, but still no network connectionupdate 2 : sysprot log addedupdate 3: help fnc is not working, props of services in s... Read more

Answer:no network connections and no avast after virus detection

Update for 26/07/2009>Basically I believe what should be done is to let all necessary services -that no longer start up - start up at boot and repair missing dependencies which aren?t solved by the started services. <Actions performed the last 24 hours:The Avast and MBAM scans have scanned and cleaned my disks. In the Avast log I found ?win32:rootkit-gen found in svchost.exe?, thus it was deleted as I had confirmed the ?delete tread?? of the Avast pop up. After reboot this must have been causing several problems like services that no longer start up at boot and missing dependencies. Indeed there was no longer svchost.exe in \\ windows\system32 , so I copied it back. Unfortunately this sole action doesn?t make my pc work normally. So I think disabled services like the RPC must get working again. I tried c:\\windows\system32\svchost ?k rpcss, which started svchost and the process appeared in the task manager for 10 seconds, and then it disappeared. In order the try regain network functionality I registered some dll successfully. regsvr32 netcfgx.dll regsvr32 netshell.dllregsvr32 netman.dllBut network connections list is still empty.Hello b0gb0g,We ask that once you have posted your log and are waiting, please DO NOT "bump" your thread or make further replies until it has been responded to by a member of the HJT Team. The reason we ask this or do not respond to your requests is because that would remove you from the active ... Read more

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About 4 days ago, during a download of a trusted application I missed a bundled wireless network detection app. I quickly Removed the program and ever since then, it seems that when I start up my laptop, I have to right click and Connect To my wireless home network.

It always used to just automatically connect. Can anyone think of a way that I can fix it so that it starts automatically connecting on startup?

Thank you!

Answer:Automatic wireless network detection stopped

I assume you using vista, so go to Connect To like you have been, and right click on the network you want to connect to, go to the Connnection tab and tick the "Connect Automatically if the network is in range", "OK", then do a restart.
I know how frustrating/tempermental networks can be, so see If that fixes it.

Good Luck,

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I just switched schools and I work for HP's marketing team part time which entitles me to get on some websites blocked by our school's network (sonicwall block). I went to tech and they basically were no help at all to fix as everything they did didn't allow the sites through.

I then tried a proxy on Firefox and it was blocked as the sonicwall detected that I was using a proxy. Why did this happen and is there a way to bypass?

This is mainly on wired connection as the Ethernet isn't god awfully slow like wireless is.

Answer:How to bypass proxy detection on public network?

Sorry, we do not support circumventing restrictions of school, company, public, etc., networks. Closing.

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Hi, I hope someone can shed some light...

When XP detects that a network cable is unplugged, it automatically drops all protocols bound to the network adapter.

I don't want this to happen. There is an article:

This advises that editing the following registry key:


Add the following registry entry to the Parameters subkey:
Name: DisableDHCPMediaSense
Data type: REG_DWORD (Boolean)
Value: 1

Should disble media sensing, and resolve my problem. The thing is, I have added the registry entry and rebooting a dozen times, to no avail.

XP still immediately detects a removed cable and unbundles the stacks.

Any help resolving this would be GREATLY appreciated

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I have two network cards plugged into my AMD 1400MHZ computer running Windows XP I had a network and internet connection sharing with a 700 Celeron computer running Windows 98 SE.About a month ago I came to my computer one day and the icon in the system tray had a red cross on it and it said A network Cable is unplugged all the cables are plugged in. So I thought it must be a failed NI card so I took it back and got it replaced but the problem did not go away I have Zone Labs Pro installed as a firewall and this has given me problems before when I forgot to allow internet connection sharing but this was resolved and still is as far as I know. I have tried all sorts of configurations but I still cannot find the answer.Has anyone had a similar problem any suggestions?Thanks in advance if you have

Answer:Network Card Unplugged error

I have been able to sort this problem out myself to let you know I am quit happy to share the result I needed a crossover cable I had used a straight through cable and although they look identical they are not the same. I had in fact had the network up and running before but on a shorter cable that was a crossover cable and then I had bought another longer cable but I did not know the difference between the two types of cable. So the network card could not communicate with the other pc because the new cable was not a crossover cable.Anyway the problem is solved I am surprised that I did not get any responces Bye for now

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Hi, Since I plugged my LG TV to my ThinkPad W530 with a VGA, the default graphic card of my laptop became the internal INTEL HD 4000 Graphics instead of NVIDIA QUADRO K1000M. I can play or do 3D projects only if I plug in VGA connector again to my LG TV using NVDIA graphic card. How can I make my NVIDIA de default graphic card of my Laptop again? Is there a way to change the configuration and choose NVIDIA GRAPHIC as the Laptop default graphic card and INTEL HD 4000 as the LG TV default graphic card? Thank You!

Answer:W530 Graphic card detection problem

HiWelcome to the forumsIf you have a hardware switch for optimus, you can use it to turn on/off the nvidia gpu. Or nvidia control panel would also have that option.Regards

Ishaan Ideapad Y560(i3 330m), Hp Elitebook 8460p!(i5-2520M) Hp Pavilion n208tx(i5-4200u)If you think a post helped you, then you can give Kudos to the post by pressing the Star on the left of the post. If you think a post solved your problem, then mark it as a solution so that others having the same problem can refer to it.

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Hi , I have bought my lenovo W500 a few months ago. At the start it is able to detect the GC which is ATI Mobility Radeon FireGL V5700 but after awhile it only detects the internal graphics card which is Moblie Intel(R) 4 series and does not detect the other GC which is Radeon FireGL V7500 again. I tried un-installing ATI Catalyst centre and reinstalling it but to no avail. Is there anyway to resolve this problem?


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Answer:Graphic card detection problem on W500

Have you tried going into the bios settings and making sure that swappable graphics is turned on, also I am guessing you are using Vista? Windows 7 doesn't work with hot swappable yet, from what i've seen, and I don't believe windows xp does at all. Check in the bios settings, that might be where your problems are

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Hello i'm having some trouble finding what type of soundcard i have.I have a Hasee F5600 laptop.I want to find a driver to make it work but i don't know which it is.
When i see in the sounds option in control panel it says no audio device installed.When i try to update from Windows Device Manager itself,there are some options and if you right click any one of them there is no update driver option.
This is a snapshot


Answer:Laptop audio card detection problem

I don't know if I have the answer but I would try going to the manufacturer's website, download the drivers and reinstall them. Uninstall old drivers before installing new ones.

Try here:

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I recently purchased a Asus Q400A, which uses the Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2230 internal adapter. Wifi has always worked properly until I installed VurtualBox. After VirtualBox installed new adapters, I completely lost my Wifi connection to the local network. I tried looking for my wifi through the network manager and Windows does not show any wifi networks. What I tried was uninstalling the wifi driver, reinstalling the wifi drivers form Intel and Asus websites. Manually deleting ALL the wifi Drivers then trying to reinstall. When using Intel's Wifi Network Manager, with this utility, I can see all the networks around and and actually connect with the tools, but that does not give me network back, and windows still won't see any networks.

I ended up restoring from a restore point and it went back to normal. The same issue occured when installing OpenVPN, when it added its' adapter, after reboot I lost Wifi connectivity again, and had to use a restore point.
I am hoping there is some fix before I take back the laptop.


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I'll try to keep this short and simple and answer questions as best as I can.
Upon someone elses' request I've been downgrading a Vista Laptop to Windows XP Professional SP3. With a Windows XP Professional SP3 installation disk I formatted the drive and installed XP in Vista's place. The install seemed successful and I was hoping to grab all nessisary drivers from the internet, through the built in wireless card in the system. However it didn't work, nor direct link via ethernet. After trying to install a range of different drivers I look in the device manager to see no Network adaptors at all. What's my next step?
Extra info:
Why downgrade? The laptop was simply not made for Vista. The RAM was far too low, even trying to right click folders to access their properties would cause explorer.exe to crash. It was 512MB of RAM though oddly it showed up in Computer properties as 504MB.
The Laptop has a wireless flick-switch to enable and disable internet communication, with a light to indicate status. Flicking the switch does nothing now and the light is solidly on.
The only way to put data onto the laptop at the moment is through a CD-DVD. The USBs don't work, the Ethernet doesn't work, the SD card slot doesn't work. I fear I can only put data on, not take it off.
Hardware faults with the Network adaptors are unlikely. The internet worked while Vista was installed.

Answer:Messy Downgrade [No Network adaptor device detection]

What is the brand and model of the laptop?

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Hey guys,I hope you will be able to help me, but I am not very knowledgeable with computers so if I'm missing out on something obvious, then please point it out. So here is my problem: Since about a year I was using a cable internet connection from the in-built network card of my laptop. Since the day before yesterday I'm getting a 769 error when trying to connect to the Internet ("The specific destination is not reachable" and "Either you specified a destination address that is not valid, or your remote server is down").The network card is enabled and the driver is updated, I have worked through the troubleshoot advise on the Microsoft support site. I haven't installed or done anything to the computer.It is also not a cable or server problem, because I can connect to the internet from an external network card (using the free slot available on my laptop). I am now trying to isolate where exactly the problem with the in-built network card lies. It is recognised by the laptop (listed in LAN, no crosses or yellow warnings in device manager). Is there way I can find out whether the NIC itself or the port is faulty? Or any other ideas what could be wrong here?

Answer:Error 769 - network card or port problem?

If you are using the same cable to connect with the external network card, then it points to the internal lan port being faulty. This is poss due to inserting/removing the cable, no matter how careful you are, this can cause damage over time.If the LT in under warrenty, then you can try to get them to sort it, this would poss require a replacement mobo or maybe just re-attaching the port to the board. If you do decide to send it back for repair, then make sure you have a working backup of all your important files.If this is not covered by warrenty, then it maybe better to stick to using the external network card.I would suggest that you check that all the other ports are woking, but I think that you will be lucky, and it's just the lan port that is broken and the rest of the LT is fine.Hope this helps.

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Alright, so this had always happened since i've upgraded from 32-bit win7 ultimate to 64-bit Win8.1 Pro. I'm a gamer and it gets extremely frustrating when EVERY TIME i join a server my ping goes to 1000 and I have to wait almost 2 mins for it to go away. I've run multiple scans and no threats detected. No matter what multiplayer game i play from Steam or Origin, it always has the same lag spike. I had trouble with it before so i uninstalled the card drivers and reinstalled and it fixed the random disconnecting problem, but still had the lag spike.

Answer:Weird Network Card Error Windows 8.1 64-bit

Welcome Back...What card is this ? ?...Did you DLoad and install the 64 bit drivers for it and re-boot ? ?

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Hi AllStrange problem here, we have tried installing 3 different working network cards on windows xp pro.The machine "sees" them but just after it installs the driver it kicks out giving an code31 saying that it can't find the specified file, and on one card it says that it can't load the drivers even though you specify them ur self.Any advice/ tips would be greatthnxPaul

Answer:installing network card error code 31

click here and scroll to Code 31.

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After installing my BenQ network card into my pc i tried to install the ethernet controller asked by windows but when i try to install this i get an error saying "the data is invalid" and i cannot go any further.

I have tried using different drivers but i still get the same error.

I am running Windows 2000 pro and have had a look at a simliar problem on another thread, but cannot find the permissions tab they used in Regedit.

What should i do?


Answer:network card invalid data error

ive sorted it using Regedt32

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I recently put a Network Card in my PC, hoping that in the near future I can network it up to other PC's. It did have trouble recognising the card at first then after a few re-boots it finally showed up in Device Manager as working fine. Now every time I reboot I get an error message to say it can't load msnp32.dll. I downloaded this file and placed it in my system's folder (on advice). Then I was advised to uncheck then re-check my communications, which I did now all I get is that it asks for Windows Disk and then states two files are missing rnaserv.dll and CChat25.inf, so I have to abort this process. Hence my communications can't be checked.RegardsSimac

Answer:Inserted Network Card Now error msnp32.dll

go to system - device manager - network cards and uninstall the card. Shutdown and remove the card. Reboot and check that it is not shown. Shutdown and reinsert card if possible in another slot and reboot. With luck it will be recognised and installed correctly.

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Hey there. I have added a new network card to my computer, under system devices it is listed as "Realtek RTL8190 802.11n Wireless LAN". When I just plug it in and install it, it works ok but the internet drops every now and then; so I went to update the drivers.

I went into Device manager, right clicked, and updated the drivers. Now, every time I try to shut off my computer it gets to the "shutdown" screen, and freezes. That, or it get past it and it freezes on a black screen. When I try to uninstall the drivers, it freezes. Now, I can uninstall them in safe mode; but can anyone tell me what the problem here is? My brother has the same network card in his computer in the room next to me with updated drivers on Windows Vista, and everything runs fine on his computer. He does not get my same error.
Is this a common problem? Can I still get updated drivers and somehow fix this problem?
Thanks in advance.

Answer:Network card updated drivers error

Have you tried the Roll Back Driver option in Device Manager?

Or try moving the card to another PCI slot.

Also if when you updated the drivers you used an installer then go to Programs and Features and uninstall it that way.

Lastly who is the manufacturer of the card and what brand is it? And the updated drives drivers, did they come from Windows Update, Realtek, or the card manufacturer's site?

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My laptop recently crashed last week and i had to reinstall xp pro on my ibm t30. All seems fine now, including the wired internet but i cant get my Belkin network card to work again. I didnt have the original driver disc for this card, so i tried all 7 possible drivers for this card. one problem is that the card doesnt show the version, hence having to try all 7 possible driver. Versions 5 onwards actually load up on XP, the others stalled. Anyway, on the Belkin Network Utility it wasnt showing any networks, i had rebooted the sitecom router and ntl cable modem earlier, and the main problem is that i couldnt enter a network so i'm stuck ! The laptop recognises the card when it is connected, but the lights on the card dont show anymore, they come on very dimly when the card is first connected but that is all. Do you think the card is damaged ? Can anyone help?

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I get that mesage in command prompt everytime I try to install Heroes Of MightAnd Magic i .... What do I need to do to fix this problem , so I can continue to install the program. Thanks - Shoba

Answer:/nodetect - skip sound card auto-detection

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On my Lumia 640 XL, I earlier faced issue for sim card detection. I visited service center and got it resolved, it worked fine for ~6 months.
Now I am again facing same issue, I tried Hard reset as well, but did not helped.
Any help is appreciated.

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Hi, everybody. As I can find no help with this particular issure anywhere online I'll try posting here. I got the following 1802 failure message twice today on my ThinkPad (Edge E540) without having done anything to it (I know a lot of people get the message when they try to change the network card): 1802: Unauthorized network car dis plugged in - Power off and remove the network card (8086/08B1/0006/0000).(I'm not quite sure about the last numbers - I had to make a shoddy screenshot with a cell phone) I got the failure message twice (turning the laptop off and on again) and then the laptop started without problems. I checked with both Win 8 diagnostics and the Lenovo Solution Center but the status is: laptop's running just fine. All software is up to date (otherwise I might have been looking for a solution there) and, therefore, I'm clueless. My questions are:1) What can cause this particular problem?2) How can  I prevent it from happening? Is there a solution (an easy-to-follow one for the laywoman)?3) Am I supposed to panic right now? Is the unprovoked appearance of this problem a sign that I should backup the whole machine asap and start looking for a new one (which would leave me pissed as my ThinkPad has been in use for meager 9 months)? I'm grateful for any help, piece of advice or insight that you can give me.

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Did a fresh install recently, and can't seem to get folders on my NAS mapped drives to use the correct template (general, videos, etc). I have around 500-1000 folders and subfolders containing videos, movies and TV-shows. I can either set the main folders on each drive to customize all subfolders for videos, and get stuck with icon view for every folder above the actual video folders at the end, or set it all to general or default, and get no thumbs in the video folders. Manually changing all would take hours.

Why isn't default auto detection working? It works well enough if I put a video folder onto an internal HDD. Help?

Answer:Get auto detection of video folders on network attached drives?


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Hi people,

Following a virus, I set my computer back to its factory settings.

I have however lost use of the fn (end ?) function of the keyboard since and thus cannot control the lighting of the screen and so forth via the F keys any longer.

Also, my computer cannot detect any wireless networks any more. I made all obligatory updates and checked the status of the wireless card, but still nothing.

Any ideas ?

Cheers !

Answer:Satellite C660 - FN key and wireless network detection no longer working


May I ask you what system you have installed on this notebook?
Is it Win 7?

In case you are using Win 7, you should install Toshiba Value Added Package and Toshiba Flash Card Support Utility to get the FN key working.

I?m nit quite sure about the WLan driver because different C660-xxx supports different WLan cards. Maybe you could provide the full model name of the C660-xxx
This would facilitate searching for the Wlan driver.

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I have here a laptop which detects the wireless network at the office, but completely misses the networks at home. I am currently on a laptop that does fine with the home network, even detecting both my neighbors networks. For some reason though the other machine doesn't come up with anything. I'm not sure what do do to fix the problem and any help would be nice. I can post any info you are looking for and i can install software using my flash drive if anything you know might be needed. I'll also post a 'Hijack This' log although there doesn't seem to be any spyware/adware/virus problem. Thanks again.
I noticed that the internet settings at the top mentions a poxy server, I'm somewhat familiar with proxy servers but i'm not sure if that could possibly be a cause of not detecting any networks. If thats it how do i change it or set up an at home account without that proxy setting so i can access the internet at home and at work? Let me know what you think.

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Int ernet Settings,ProxyServer =

Also noticed several places in the registry where a domain called comes up, this is most certianly my work network, but i can't for the life of me figure our what these keys are doing and how to change/modify them so i can detect the network both and home and at the office.

O17 - HKLM\System\CCS\Services\Tcpip\Parameters: Domain =
O17 - HKLM\Software\..\Tele... Read more

Answer:Wireless settings alude. network detection at work and not at home.

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What would the best software to meet these requirements for servers and clients running Windows 2003/XP/Vista:
Spyware Detection
Malware Detection
Adware Detection
Small System Footprint on space and resources
Updates sent from Server to all clients
Controlled by server
Integration with Microsoft Exchange
Please give me your best suggestions, thanks.

Answer:Best network Virus/Spyware/Malware/Adware Detection/Removal

Kaspersky or Esets NOD32..they both produce enterprise versions and have optional Exchange server modules.

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Please, any idea how to fix error 2104 with laptop ThinkPad p50 full error message >>  2104: Detection error on Storage Device2 (m.2)

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Purchased a t43 on ebay without a Mini WiFi card.  After installing one get the Subject: 1802...  message.  Is there a Bios update that will allow install of a WiFi Card?  Apparently some bit in the CMOS has to be cleared from 1 to 0 or something like that.  Thanks

Answer:T43 1802 - Unauthorized network card is plugged in - power off and remove the mini pci network card

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This error occured after a recent Windows Update which included a BIOS upgrade for the Lenovo ThinkPad T410.  This laptop was purchased as a refurbished unit from MicroCenter in Atlanta, GA in 2015 and up to this point, no changes have been made to the  "miniPCI Network Card" referenced in the error message.  I'm unable to boot from CD/DVD to upgrade using the ISO file suggested by the Lenovo Knowledge Base.

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Hello fellow board users and team, My first post here. I have just ran Windows(10) updates and shut my Thinkpad T460s to upgrade my RAM. After powering up, before booting the system, this error pops by: "1802: Unauthorised network card is plugged in - power off and remove the network card. System is halted" So I swapped back to the previous RAM, same situation. I have removed RAM from the socket. SAME ERROR.The Thinkpad is bought brand new from Lenovo partner and is 3 days old.I have also read similar threads on this forum when users updated their BiOS or changed their network card. Well my case was Windows update and RAM change. It just happened to another user at our work and he did not run updates, he only upgraded RAM. Any help would be appreciated

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Hi,I have an X40 with his original wifi card. After some bios upgrade, this error starting appearing:1802: Unauthorized network card is plugged in - Power off and remove the miniPCI network card.How can I solve this issue? Maybe downgrading the BIOS?Many thanksOliver


Go to Solution.

Answer:X40 and 1802 error: Unauthorized network card is plugged in

The solution is fairly simple if you have a floppy or cd-burner. Read the instructions for the no-1802 hack

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  Help please! Just bought this weekend my refurbished Thinkpad T61 Core 2 Duo T7100. Came home with it and installed software which I needed to work with. Thru Thinkvantage I made a system update and also....bios update ( why I did it???). After it installed any updates it automatically booted, and than the error code appeared. To remove the PCI card means I have to unistall the network card and will have no access to internet. Any suggestions?  


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Answer:1808 ERROR : miniPCI unauthorised network card

Update your BIOS again, to a modified Thinkpad T61 BIOS without the whitelist for which network cards it accepts. Google "modified Thinkpad T61 bios" to find it. You probably couldn't have known, but the stock BIOS have a whitelist for which network-cards it accepts, and if you have a custom network-card, you won't be able to use that with a stock BIOS. But a quick update of the BIOS, to a modified version, will take care of the problem. For future reference, if something works, don't upgrade it

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------IT-technician, running my own company in Bergen, NorwayThinkpad T61, 8895CTO C2D 2Ghz/4GB/120GB SSD/1400x1050

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hi,   i have a thinkpad R40 that i purchased without a wifi card. i purchased a wifi card and plugged in. i get this error message:error 1802 - unauthorized network card plugged in. please power off and remove the mini pci card. can someone tell me please what i need to do to get this wifi card to work?thanks.


Go to Solution.

Answer:error 1802 on R40 - unauthorized network card plugged in

Wow! I had this exact problem with this stupid Intel Pro Wirless card! I used the CD from this guy's site and it's been fine ever since with Linux and booting up. thing is, if the battery is disconnected, you'll get that error again. Simply boot that, use the utility, and it'll be perfectly fine.Message Edited by Aristotle on 06-25-2008 09:39 PM

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 Z61T productID:9446W26One month back I started getting above message. System board was changed to cure.Today again, I got same error message, AT post above message comes, and thats it.Burned all different kinds of cd's to try and boot and flash the bios, it does not go past POST. for most recent scenario,I started getting above message after I bios upgrade to 2.25(1) Is there a way to restore the old bios? atleast computer was working though without the wifi. (2) Is there a way to boot to DOS, windows whatever to cure this?

Answer:Z61t error:1802 Unauthorized network card...

I have a T60 and just got the 1802 error the other day.  After losing 1.5 days of work, here's what I learned: I've pulled the internal wifi card (3945) and then it boots fine. (this was after I thought the pci controller on motherboard was dead & had the "IT Guys" come to same conclusion. (Day & 1/2 distraction pulling the HD & replicating my work environmental since I would be expecting a nice wait for a new machine). Then, after noodling on the error, decided to find & pull the wifi card.  Booted fine.   I think I could have toasted it from some accidential overheating. Anyone have any suggestions on compatibility with replacement card (since I don't want to get the 1802 error went I replace it). Best o' luck.  ABB

ThinkPad T500 Model 2081-CTO;various other models

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I have a new notebook I've had about 6 months now... an Acer Aspire 1640 notebook (1.8 ghz processor, 1gb ram, 160 gb hard drive, windows xp)... been running on my home wireless network for a while now.

Then today, 'all of a sudden' it doesn't detect any wireless networks (which is odd because I usually pick up 4+ as I'm in an apartment complex).

I turned off the PC, turned it back on and nothing. I right clicked on the network icon in the sys tray and clicked repair and get the following error:

Windows could not finish reparing the problem because the following action cannot be completed: Connecting to the wireless network...

I also get a "Wireless Network Connection is not connected", wireless network unavailable bubble popup.

Also... I noticed a few weeks ago that I could no longer share files between my PCs as I once could. They all have access to the internet, but will not share, and they all show up under workgroup computers, and have select files and folders turned on, but the 'shared' files will not show up on the network.

Lastly... I have a Dell Inpiron 6000 notebook that is detecting the wireless network and the other available networks in the area... If I leave the Dell on too long, it will no longer access the internet, and I have to do a complete reboot to get it to reconnect and function correctly. Suggestions are appreciated.

I'm assuming my Acer problem is a Network or wireless card problem? Not sure h... Read more

Answer:Solved: Notebook network detection problems And other network problems :)...

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Comodo SiteInspector has new features and it's for free to sign up. Good service for those who have own websites.

Answer:Malware detection and blacklist detection for Websites..sign up for free!

I saw this earlier, looks like they changed it from 30 days to 365 days.

These type of services from Comodo I like.

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Did a fresh install of XP and everything appeared to download properly. Usual auto detection of my dsl connection returns a "this page cannot be displayed" message and I don't have a clue, since this function has always worked correctly in the past with previous installs, how to go about figuring-out what's either missing from the new install or misconfigured perhaps with the ethernet card? Any suggestions as to how I'd go about coming-up with the cause/correction would be appreciated. FYI, Troubleshooting (explorer/Windows), NIC reinstallation, etc have proven useless-gotta be something simple and I just can't find it-
Many thanks in advance-

Answer:new install of xp...usual ethernet card auto-detection not functioning...

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I'm having graphics driver detection issues with the W540 and Windows 7 (64-bit only so far) in SCCM 2012. I've imported the latest SCCM driver pack, it's identifying the Intel HD graphics OK, but there's about a 50% chance of it installing the nVidia driver for the Quadro K1100. Same task sequence, same machine and I get a random result every time. If it fails then it's just a Standard VGA Graphics Adapter. The W520/W530 worked just fine with similar nVidia cards. Oh and while I'm here  - the touchpad is absolutely awful. It's just as awful when fitted to the L and X series. It's even worse than the hateful piece of rubbish fitted to Acer Travelmates back in the late 90s. Seriously - how did that pass user testing? It's not as if you can use the TrackPoint instead as the physical buttons have been removed in favour of the touchpad that doesn't detect touches or clicks properly.

Answer:W540 SCCM driver pack and graphics card detection

I was gonna make a thread, but it looks like this is the exact same issue I'm having. My laptop is the T540 though, with Intel HD Graphics and Nvidia GeForce 730M. (using SCCM07) I've tried the SCCM driver pack as well as doing my own extract of the drivers. also seing the nvidia show up as Standard VGA adaptor... and when I try to install Nvidia driver manually it stops with "no compatible hardware found" If I then uninstall the Intel HD Graphics and reboot then the Nvidia driver shows up correctly!? Also tried installing the display driver as an "install software" in the task sequence, and its the same hit and miss results..

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