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Trying to get modem, video, and audio to work with Windows 2000 operating system

Question: Trying to get modem, video, and audio to work with Windows 2000 operating system

I had to download the updated drivers for my computer that has windows 2000 loaded on another computer. The drivers were too big to copy to a 3 1/4 floppy, so I copied the drivers to a cd disc. When I try to update the drivers using the cd disc, the pop up screen say "this is not a valid mfg hardware update." I know they are valid because I copied them from the mfg website. How can I get these drivers installed in c:\winnt folder since the first place the installation looks for is files that are under this particular folder first and then ask if you have disk. Any help will be gladly apppreciated. Thanks


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Preferred Solution: Trying to get modem, video, and audio to work with Windows 2000 operating system

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Trying to get modem, video, and audio to work with Windows 2000 operating system

Hi ja50us, Welcome to TSG !!

I did the exact same thing. I downloaded the new drivers for mine to CD (video, MB, audio, nic, etc.). I opened device manager, Right clicked the device I wanted, selected properties. Clicked on update driver, Then pointed to the cd. Found the driver and installed it. Did that for each one.

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Windows 2000

I know I have the modem hooked up right, I know the dial up is hooked up right, It keeps saying there is no dial tone so I unchecked the dial tone detection and you could hear the modem dial up right away but it would dial once and then nothing. There is a phone dialer hooked up on this computer will that make a difference if it will dial out or not? there is only one place to plug the RJ11 line in. Most have the phone jack and the line jack this one doesn't. This guy had a bunch of spyware and a few trojans etc on his computer and asked it I would help him. I caught a bunch of stuff but I have to be able to dial up so I can update the programs I am running. Need some suggestions, Thanks The modem is a HCF 56K MCI Modem and like I said it is hooked up right you can query it and it gets answers and no dial tone but unchecking the dial tone detection box you can then hear it dial up but does it once and then nothing. I no the line is good.

Answer:Solved: Windows 2000 SP4- has modem and phone dialer- can't get modem to work- Help

did w2k id it or did you supply the drivers?

2k doesn't like a lot of hardware.

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Hi guys,I'm worried. I have a computer that's been lying on its side doing nothing for a few months. I had used it on and off to access a few files I needed over the last couple of weeks.I plugged it in and went to use it again this morning, but it won't start up and run Windows 2000.I pressed F12 to troubleshoot and it said "Operating System Not Found". The hard disk is a Maxtor 120GB that I bought in 2005. I can't understand what has caused this fault.

Answer:Operating System Not Found Windows 2000

Hard drive failureBoot record goneBios not detecting hard driveare three possibles.You could try the hard drive in another machine or caddy to see if it is ok.Check bios settings in case anything has changed, or try to fix the mbr, if this is the cause.

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Hi ,

When i try to boot my PC it always gives the the following error as in the attachment.After i click OK/cancel, it takes time to display the Desktop.

I noticed this error on 05-oct-02

waiting for your valid Response


Answer:Error while booting my PC - Operating System Windows/2000

Do you have pc cillin as your antivirus ?

If so try removing it via add/remove programs and reinstall it when complete.

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I tried an "idiot proff" registry cleaner program to clean our ultra slow Toshiba techtra 8000 computer operating Windows 2000 professional. It located over 600 problems and asked if I wanted to delete them...of course I did, then it prompts "you need to reboot for the effects to take place" so I did, but now the comuter goes into a recycling mode of opening only the initial windows 'starting up' page, loads for a few seconds and then shuts down, goes into re-start mode again, over and over and over...I'm an idiot,... but how can I fix the problem and open the Windows syatem to either save all the data stored in our files or reverse the registry clean up act I commited or at least get the operating system to cyle through to open windows fully to see if I wiped out our live's?

Answer:windows 2000 pro operating system will not start or reboot

Will probably need to do a repair install of win2000's how (it's the same for xp as w2k):
Wordy xp repair install:

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I started my computer and I got a message "error loading operating system". I don't even have this computer hooked up to the internet. I have a karaoke burning program and Roxio 7 on it and that is it. How can I repair this without losing my data. My operating program is on partition C and the karaoke files are on partition D. Any suggestions?

Answer:Windows 2000 Error Loading Operating System

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Can someone please give me some advice in terms of correcting the following problem?

When I turn my computer on, it cycles through the booting process over and over again. I've tried all the different booting options available by pressing F8 and nothing. The computer gets to the windows 2000 screen and then restarts the booting process again. It actually shuts down and then restarts itself. Please help!

Answer:Problem Booting Windows 2000 Operating System

Hiya and welcome

Can you get to safeMode:

If the computer is running, shut down Windows, and then turn off the power
Wait 30 seconds, and then turn the computer on.
When you see the black-and-white Starting Windows bar at the bottom of the screen, start tapping the F8 key. The Windows 2000 Advanced Options Menu appears.
Ensure that the Safe mode option is selected. In most cases, it is the first item in the list and is selected by default.
Press Enter. The computer then begins to start in Safe mode.
Ah, I see that you've already tried the options in F8. Have you tried the option Last Known Good Configuration?

1. Restart the computer.
2. Press F8 when you receive the following message:
Please select the operating system to start
3. In Windows Advanced Option Menu, use the arrow keys to select Last Known Good Configuration, and then press ENTER.
4. If you are running other operating systems on the computer, click Microsoft Windows 2000 from the list that is displayed, and then press ENTER.

WARNING: After you start your computer by using the last known good configuration, changes that you made since the last successful startup are lost.

If you can start your computer by using the last known good configuration, the last change that you made to the computer (for example, the installation of a driver) may be the cause of the incorrect startup behavior. It is recommended that you either remove or update the driver or program, and then test Windows for proper... Read more

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I am having problems starting up Windows 2000 on my computer. It seems to be booting up just fine and then I get a message that says "error opening operating system" and nothing else happens. And now this is where I am really screwed, I somehow managed to lose my original windows stuff including the recovery cd during a move. I don't know much about computers, but I'd assume that I'd need that recovery cd to fix my problem. My question is how I should go about fixing this problem. And of course being a poor college student I need a cost-friendly solution. Do I need to buy a whole new Windows 2000? Is there some way that I can just get a recovery cd? Or do I need to take it in somewhere to get fixed? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Windows 2000: error opening operating system

You really need a win 2000 cd and perform the windows recovery using this, if you have truly lost the disk you either need a good friend who will loan you a cd or you need to buy one (Student License is cheaper !). Taking to repair outlet will not help as they will require you to supply license and cd or purchase them!

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I am having trouble with IE running slow. Get alot of Page not found and have to click it 2-3 times to get pages to load. I was thinking of downloading Firefox, but not sure if that is the problem. If its the explorer. Any help would be appreciated.. ty Gayle

Answer:IE running so slow! Windows 2000 Prof is my operating system.

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Window Media Player is a strangely behaving when I try to play either audio CD or Video DVD.
Some times I could play audio CD and sometimes I can record CD and save it in my personal computer. 
May I doing something wrong?

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it works for the first maybe 5 minutes and then after that it stops working all pop up windows or drop down menus do not work i cannot open any programs or anything. Can someone please help me?

Answer:Windows Operating system doesn't work. Can I get some help please?

Are you using Windows Phone or desktop Windows? Which version of Windows Phone or Windows are you using?
Sent from my Moto X using Tapatalk

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I was getting ready to purchase a new motherboard and video card and on the video card specifications it reads that the card has direct x10, but on this system i'm currently using windows 2000 which only supports up to direct x9. Will this card work with windows 2000?

The card is: XFX GEFORCE 8600GT 256MB PCI-E DDR3 PVT84JUDD3

Also, just to be sure, that video card is compatible with GIGABYTE GA-EP35-DS3L LGA 775 Intel P35 ATX Intel Motherboard, correct?


(also, about what size PSU would you recommend if i'm running these together along with a Pentium D 820?, thanks again... i have a rosewill rv450s-2 psu 450W)

Answer:Solved: Does this video card work with windows 2000?

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Why did my deployment of Windows 2012 fails with the error message, "The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot
proceed. To install Windows, click "OK" to restart the computer, and then restart the installation." OR I have components that didn't install drivers that are in my driver package?
example error in setuperr.log (from %windir%\Panther) shows the following failure information:
Error  CBS Startup: Failed to process advanced operation queue, startupPhase: 0.  Primitives are still pending. [HRESULT = 0x80004005 - E_FAIL]

Do I need to update latest KMDF if mean please share for windows server 2012

Pandiyan Muthuraman

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I have checked troubleshoot sound problems and couldn't detect any issues.
it says no pen or touch for this. Need help to fix this and video issue please

Answer:Why doesn't my Audio & Video work after installing Windows 10?

I'm having the same problem. No video. I have a Toshiba AMD quad core; upgraded from Windows 7 to 10 about a week ago. No video. Doesn't matter whether I try to play from FB or YouTube or just my own, still no video. What's the deal?

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Hello, I just purchased a new PIII 933 mhz computer. I had to install an OS, Windows 98, and after I was installing all the drivers for the hardware. I am having trouble, however, getting the computer to detect my modem. I installed it in one PCI slot and it wasn't recognized and then I installed it in another PCI slot. When I rebooted it detected new hardware but did not setup the driver for it. I have the driver disk, but for some reason I can't get it to work either. I really have no idea how com,irq, etc work and I really need some help. Also, because of this I think that Windows isn't shutting down properly. It goes to the shutdown screen and just freezes. I would appreciate any help asap. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

Answer:{Moved to Operating System Forum} - Installing a PCI Modem


Whoops. Wrong Forum. I am moving this to the Win9x System Forum.


Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

[email protected]


Every morning is the dawn of a new error...

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My wife went to a website and something downloaded while she was waiting and then the notebook rebooted and came up "Missing Operating System"  We tried the F11 recovery but it keeps coming up "Missing Operating System" We did the check of the HDD and it came out okay.

Answer:hp 2000 notebook startup missing operating system

Hi: What is the full model # of your HP 2000? You will need to order a set of recovery disks if the F11 recovery manager option isn't working.

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I recently installed another operating system on the same computer. I used PowerQuest Partition Magic to create a new partition. After that, I did a fresh Windows XP Media Center installation on the new partition. Everything works fine except that I don't have audio installed properly. When I tried to play a video file or audio file, it doesn't have audio. I used to have this same problem on another computer which also has two OS on it.
Is there any way I can make audio work properly? Any advices or suggestions are appreciated

By the way, I used to post a thread about my new computer running extremely slow. I still hasn't solved the problem yet, but I found out that with the new OS on a new partition, my system runs significantly faster. The computer's performance on this new parttion is awesome I think. I hope this can be hint to figure out what causes my computer running slow on the other partition that I've asked for help before. Anyone can help me out on this problem is appreciated. Thank you all guys.

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Windows 2000 pro

Just put this operation system on and it won't find a driver for the modem. It had windows 98SE on it and put windows 2000 pro reset it to NTFS and got the system going etc. I took the modem out. It isn't in a pci or isa slot it looks like a miniture APG Slot. A little brown slot above the pci slots looks only a couple of inches long. If anyone knows what you call that slot I would like to know. Anyway All it says on the modem is this

AMR 2002/16
MODEL fb pctel AMR
Cyber Solutions Corporation

Any help would be great. Thanks

Answer:Solved: windows 2000 pro- driver for a modem-never heard of this modem-help

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hello there,
i have this problem, after installing a new update from windows xp, i think was "sp3"? not sure but was a "update from windows", i started to have some problem on my pc,
windows media player 11 is not working i have to "reinstalled everytime that opens.
Second ,im having problems with my "Audio Device", when i tried to open a audio file with "windows media or Zune or nero, i got a error message saying that i dont have "audio device ", i checked my audio card" (EMU-1404), and its working... i kinda fix that problem, i went to "windows Services" and i have to start it from there, i dont know why stop! everytime that i have that problem about the "no audio device" i have to go to "start,run, type services.msc and from there go to windows audio and start the program... i dont know why stop?...
Third problem... my "System Restore" is gone... i tried to restore to a early date but all the dates are gone!!, when i tried to install windows media again, said that my system restore was "off", but wasnt true...its "on" , then i went to the services..and yes was "stopped"...and it keeps going that way even when i started and i changed to "manual" i dont know what to do anymore...
and my "windows firewall" is dead too.... when i tried to "start" give me a error message..." Windows cannot start the windows ... Read more

Answer:Windows Audio and system restore Services and firewall dont work!!!

it sounds like the update was corrupted also right click on computer- properties -hardware-device manager is the audio device flagged with a yellow icon ?

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I have a T41.  I have just done a reinstall of Windows XP and forgot to take copies of drivers. In Device Manager I can see that I have no drivers installed for Ethernet Controller (twice); PCI Modem; Multimedia Audio Controller; Video Controller (VGA Compatible). My priority is to get back on-line either wirelessly or through ethernet cable.  I have been to Lenovo website and downloaded drivers for ethernet controller and modem to an external hard drive via a desktop.  I have then plugged external hard drive into T41, extracted the files and followed the instructions in the Lenovo text file to the letter.  However, it says it can't find the drivers. I am at my wits end.  Any help would be gratefully appreciated.  Moderator note: Type added to subject line for clarity. Message Edited by Agotthelf on 11-04-2009 09:33 AM

Answer:T41: Drivers- modem, audio, video

obeegw, welcome to the forum, it would be helpful if you could post which T41 you have, even better post the Type and Model Number this will help members to help you. If it ends in CTO please provide some details about your T41. Please do NOT post your s/n.  Thanks  edit; typo Message Edited by andyP on 04-10-2009 10:15 PM

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Hello everyone.
I have a Gateway Desktop PC that came with a Microsoft Windows Vista
Operating System Disc, to my surprise. I have a HP laptop that needs a
new HDD, I'll be getting one in a few days. Can I use the Gateway Vista
disc on my HP laptop when I get the new HDD? My laptop has a Vista license key, and both the PC and laptop have the Home Premium 32bit version.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Will Operating System disc work on another brand?

Yes, as long as you are using the key that is on the machine. However, sometimes, HP will require an HP install disc, so it's a crap shoot.

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Yesterday I tried to start my computer like I do any other day, but today when I started it, I couldn't open start (nor use windows key to do so) search bar didn't work only some of the icons worked. There is also some blank spaces where it seems there used to be icons oh and did I mention that the whole taskbar freezes after 5 minutes. Task manager doesn't work if I right-click on the desktop and press Personalize/Display settings they give me an error message (ms-settings:personalization_background

This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Please install a program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Programs control panel.
Same thing for Display settings except for the title which is: ms-settings:display). Settings refuses to open, but task manager just give me the Not responding message for all eternity. If somebody knows what to do help will be greatly appreciated! :)

Answer:Hello my operating system doesn't seem to work properly.

hi there i do not know how to delete messages either.

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A friend of my daughters has a packard bell pc (4 years old). After ridding various virus from the machine and coming to a full stop they decided to use the restore disc (red floppy) and restore to factory default - all appeared to be going well. Machine froze after telling them to remove the floppy, when it came back to life it requested master cd1, which they dont have and dont remember ever having (bearing in mind machine is 4 years old).

What do you think the best track would be to contact packard bell for master disc. I wondered whether my copy of xp home would work with their pc and their code - afterall they have purchased the machine etc. or am I being totally blonde. I am quite happy to reformat for them if this is a possibility but dont want to attempt it if there is the possibility it wont work. I realised xp is one machine one copy but not sure whether this is reliant on code or not.

Advice, please.

Answer:Solved: my operating system, their pc, their code - will it work

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After I put the disc in and restarted my computer, I chose the option "Full System Restore (destructive)." After I chose it, it said "Formatting hard disk partion in NTFS file system... Please Wait" After a few mins of that it just restarted and nothing was changed. Is the disc broken or is there something else wrong?

Answer:Operating system disc doesnt work

You tried only once?

System manufacturer and model?

No error message of any type?


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I could sure use some help...
What started as a no audio "problem" investigation has expanded...when I try to utilize wireless, I get a message stating I need to change to using "Access Points"...when I change that, I get a message about "one of your changes was not accepted"...I wondered if I had a BIOS version problem...but when I power off the laptop and press the blue Access IBM button on startup I get the message "Missing Operating System"...
In case I didn't get the signiture "right"...this laptop is a...
Thinkpad R51 Type 1836-QMU  SN: 99xxxxx  BIOS: 1RETDHWW (3.13) the BIOS was reported by PC Doctor...
Thanks in advance...
Moderator Note; s/n edited for members own protection

R51 Type 1836-QMUBIOS: 1RETDRWW (3.23)Embedded Controller 3.04Win XP Pro

Answer:Either or Both - No Audio and Blue Access IBM replies with Missing Operating System

After further reading, I found the F1 key during boot up will get me to the BIOS screen... Flashed BIOS update to 3.23 (following instructions)... Still no audio...have downloaded and installed drivers, SoundMax, etc...all to no would be appreciated...

R51 Type 1836-QMUBIOS: 1RETDRWW (3.23)Embedded Controller 3.04Win XP Pro

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A friend asked me to take a look at his PC. It appears he had done something to his HDD and the computer wouldn't boot. I tried my best to get it to start but all I got was, "Please insert system disc". Well, to cut a long story short I F-Disked the thing and installed Win 98 2nd Edition.You've guessed it, it hasn't installed the video or audio drivers. For video all it installs is VGA, even if I search. For Audio, something is installed but I get no sound.I havn't tried the Modem yet.I tried installing a standard SVGA driver but it didn't work.Without pulling the PC apart, is there any way I can ask the PC what hardware is installed?

Answer:Lost Video, Audio, Modem Drivers.

Have you got a motherboard driver disk that came with the PC?Either of these will tell you MOBO graphics card memory etc.PC inventory takers :- Aida32 click hereBelarc advisor click here

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hi, I have switched from the preloaded vista (performance was horrible) to windows xp sp3 (sp3 was installed automaticly). Now, I am missing the drivers for VIDEO, AUDIO and the MODEM.The notebook is a R61i, 8932-FJG Do you have any ideas where I could finde those drivers? Many thanks in advance! EDIT: Windows XP Professional, Single-User (MSDNAA) Message Edited by bitzner on 08-26-2008 09:03 AM  Moderator Note; please update your profile with your correct country location as per the forum rules. Products, options and services vary from market to market, also within Europe. Knowing your location helps us help youMessage Edited by andyP on 08-26-2008 07:13 PM

Answer:drivers for video/audio/modem r61i win xp sp3

Fill in the detail of your laptop and download the appropriate drivers

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I was trying to recover/reinstall win 7 and bring back my asus laptop to its manufacture state. When I run the recovery media (recovery dvd) that comes with my asus laptop and after answering the prompts, it gives off "missing operating system" message on an entirely black screen. I tried to go to the bios setting by hitting delete key upon boot-up but it does not respond. I switched off and back on several times trying the delete key every time but to no avail. Please help. It's an ASUS N61J Series with intel i7. I need this very badly! Thanks...

Answer:missing operating system, del key does not work going to bios setting

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

Have you tried using the computer's recovery partition as it sounds as though the recovery disc may be corrupted?

To use the recovery partition you need to start your computer and tap the F8 key then select the repair computer option from the advanced boot menu. Follow the prompts to format your drive and restore your computer to its factory state.

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I had to use my operating sytems disk a month ago or so but I went to go use my Microsoft Works program and its no longer there same with office and power point... They orignally came installed on my system..... Why are they not there now, how do i get them back.

Answer:Had to use my operating system Disc/ Now don't have some programs like microsoft work

Did you format before you reinstalled Windows or did you just reinstall Windows? If you just reinstalled Windows without formatting, your programs may still be there under the Program Files directory. If you formatted (erased) before reinstalling, your programs are gone Did they give you an Applications disc with your computer?

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I'm trying to format my friends computer but I can't get his OS cd to work. When I reboot his computer with his OS cd, gateway, it says, "No hard disk found, Gateway System Recovery cannot be continued".
But, when I us my OS cd, dell, I can get to part to make a new partitian. What's going on, can I use my Cd to format his computer?

Answer:my friends operating system disk does not work in his cpu, but mine does...??

You can use your cd to format his drive (assuming its not a recovery disk), but I do not think you will be able to reinstall windows with it.

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installed new cooling fan & video card (this took some work!!) everything worked fine until i put computer back together & then when i turned it on again, screen said operating system not found. opened computer up again & it worked fine. put it back together & operating system not found message was back! please help?!?!

Answer:operating system not found after video card install

Check your connections from the harddrive to the motherboard and the power connection to the harddrive. While your back in there check the rest of the connections as well.

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After my video card started acting up, I bought a new one. It's a slight upgrade but not much. Now the graphics look great but the sound card and modem aren't working. I went into system setup to make the system reconfigure for the new video card, but that didn't help. I'm running Windows 98 on a Dell Dimension. It's an older PC but it's for my kids. Don't need fancy graphics but do need internet access. Help!!

Answer:sound/modem don't work w/ new video card

Go to start/ control panel/ click the system icon. Go to device manager and find your modem and sound card. Click properties and update drivers. If windows cant find the drivers then go to and download the current driver. You will need to know what type modem and sound card you have.

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I current pc is a dual core opteron 175, 2gigs memory, 9800gtx. its a slightly older pc but does everything i need it to do. i used to do a lot of video editing but i always did it in windows xp. i am currently using vista and was wondering if i should downgrade back before i start my video editing? or, should i buy 2 more gigs of memory and install vista 64 bit? i use pinnacle, adobe, and a few other programs for video editing/conversion.

oh and don't recommend a mac.

Answer:What operating system do you guys recommend i use for heavy video editing?

On that older hardware, XP Pro x64, without even thinking about it. It will maximize the potential of that processor across the board and not bog you down with a lot of the goodies that Vista (even x64 editions) has. Truly that thing would run XP Pro x64 like a freakin' dream, with incredible power for video editing without breaking a sweat.

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Firstly I should say that I am primarily a mac user, and it is not my laptop I am posting about. Although I am reasonably knowledgable about Windows, I haven't used it since XP, about four years ago, and so am pretty rusty.

Basically, my girlfriends computer randomly turned off about a week ago, she assumed it was a dead battery, plugged it in, and then when it turned back on it wouldn't boot displaying error message: missing operating system.

As it is a Dell laptop it didn't come with any installation discs, and I totally forgot to even make a repair disc when we got the laptop. I managed to get hold of a Windows 7 Installation Disc and license key for Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit through my university. I think the laptop was previously running Windows 7 Home Premium, but that's all I know, and I'm not entirely sure of that fact.

Anyway, burnt the .iso to disc and have tried to boot several times from DVD Drive. The laptop loads the files from the DVD fine, and gets as far as the "Starting Windows" screen, where it seems to get stuck for a few minutes, until it becomes a black screen with just a cursor (the cursor still moves). This also happens with an 64 bit repair DVD I also managed to get hold of.

Any ideas on what I should or can do next?


Answer:Missing Operating System - Booting from installation disc doesn't work

Welcome To Windows Seven Forums.

Please have a look at this excellent tutorial.

Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

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I just reinstalled Vista with the factory Reinstallation DVD that came with the computer (Dell Inspiron 1525) and now I can't get the WI-FI to work. "Network adapters" does not appear in the Device Manager. From what I've read, it seems as though I need to install the wireless/WIFI drivers, but there are three problems: 1) The Dell support site with the drivers doesn't seem to be working (please provide direct link if you can get a working one. 2) I don't know EXACTLY what drivers to download. 3) I don't know how to install the drivers once downloaded (from what I've read, it's apparently not as simple as just double-clicking and installing.

Your help would be greatly appreciated, as this is my cousin's computer that I'm helping him with.

Configuration: Dell Inspiron 1525
Windows Vista Home Premium
Service Pack 1
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU T2390 @ 1.86GHz
Memory (RAM): 2.00 GB
System type: 32-bit Operating System

Answer:Can't get Dell Inspiron 1525 WIFI to work after Operating System reinstall

There is a service tag # on the Dell computer that should take you to the correct drivers.

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I have a Dell Latitude 13 7350 2 in 1 running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit and I'm trying to install the multi-touch drivers from the Dell site which are listed as version 10.1207.101.113 ,A06 and compatible with Win10 x64 however when I run the installer I get the error 'This software is not compatible with your operating system.  Click Ok to exit setup'
I've tried downloading again in case it was a corrupt download but same on the second attempt, I've extracted the files and run the Vi64\DPinst.exe install which seemed to work fine although I'm not seeing any difference in control panel, the mouse version isn't updated and I'm not seeing any applet for the touchpad to configure it (although I know that's not always the case now).
Any tricks for running the installer and is it possible to get more options to customise the touchpad?  The main problem is simply that I want to disable the pinch to zoom.

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My audio doesnt work after i got a virus. I removed the virus by downloading Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware. I had the Trojan virus. After it got removed I now have no audio.It says im using Realtek digitil output, in my Systray. and that the volume is at 100. I have Windows XP im pretty sure. HP Desktop.I went to control panel - Hardware and sound  - Sound. When i go to adjust system volume it says a bit of sound if is being heard, but i dont hear anything. When i go to change system sounds, it still shows a bit of sound, but i dont hear a thing. When I Mute the sound, my volume mixer just freezes on me.My sound comes out of my Computer Screen. What do i do? I will provide more info once i know what to say.Also, when i test my sound, i hear nothing. When i go to device manager, it says Sound, video and game controllers - Realtek High definition Audio Properties. It says the device is working properly, but it isnt. Help please?   If i have to go to a computer, where do i go? I have Best buy and future shop around here. But what do i say to them? and if i have to remove my soundcard, how do i do that?

Answer:Audio and sometimes video doesnt work?

Go here and follow the directions exactly, you may still be infected.A specialist will be with you.

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My audio doesnt work after i got a virus. I removed the virus by downloading Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware. I had the Trojan virus. After it got removed I now have no audio.It says im using Realtek digitil output, in my Systray. and that the volume is at 100. I have Windows XP im pretty sure. HP Desktop.I went to control panel - Hardware and sound  - Sound. When i go to adjust system volume it says a bit of sound if is being heard, but i dont hear anything. When i go to change system sounds, it still shows a bit of sound, but i dont hear a thing. When I Mute the sound, my volume mixer just freezes on me. My sound comes out of my Computer Screen. What do i do? I will provide more info once i know what to say. Also, when i test my sound, i hear nothing. When i go to device manager, it says Sound, video and game controllers - Realtek High definition Audio Properties. It says the device is working properly, but it isnt. Help please?   If i have to go to a computer, where do i go? I have Best buy and future shop around here. But what do i say to them? and if i have to remove my soundcard, how do i do that?

Answer:Audio and sometimes video doesnt work?

Read here:,46313.0.htmlStart new topic here:,7.0.htmlDo NOT post any logs in THIS thread.

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Why will the audio play on media players but not video? How do I fix this?

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Hi-I bought a used Dell Optiplex 780 with no o/s installed to replace my old Dell Dimension 3000.  I have a brand new copy of Windows 7 to install on it.  I've reinstalled xp on my old computer 2 or 3 times so I'm not completely new to this but, I thought I'd try to find out as much as possible before I begin.  Any advice will be appreciated.  I am wondering - when I connect the keyboard, mouse and monitor to the Optiplex with no o/s, will it recognize the components so that I can begin the installation of Windows 7?

Answer:installing operating system on computer with no operating system installed


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This may should like a stupid question but I am not sure so I felt that i should seek assistance from on of the most reliable places I know of.

I have a system that I want to give away but i cant give it away with the current operating system as it is under educators license. Currently the system is running windows xp pro. It is possible to put my older operating system back on the machine. I have been told that I can't by several people but I figured if anyone would know the people in here would ..

I appreciate any and all help with this.

Answer:operating system question about going back to prior operating system

yes you can. if you have NTFS and want to put back win98 or winME you need to format the volume with FAT32. you can use a win98 or winME startup diskette. or you can download one from .

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Hey all! I am pretty new to this kind of Win7 issues, so I hope some of you will be able to help. Story goes...

After few hours of gaming the computer died. (It happened right after switching keyboards.) Now, on every setup BIOS(?) comes up with list of options (F2 enter BIOS, F11 boot options, F6 Flash etc.). After that a black screen with error message comes up: Missing Operating System.

I tried rebooting from USB (since I have no disk-drive) and I keep on getting the answer: Error Loading Operating System.

Any ideas?


Answer:Missing Operating System/Error Loading Operating System

All unlikely, but possible - (a) your HDD died. (b) your bios became corrupted (c) your HDD boot sector became corrupted (d) your HDD partition is corrupted.

Does the drive spin up when you switch on (feel it)?
Check the bios to see if the HDD is reported correctly and is at the top of the boot order.
Find a bootable CD - an OS installer, or create Easeus partition manager bootable CD and boot from it. What does the HDD look like with Easueus?

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If I change my operating system to linux and delete my old operating system entirely, will I be able to still use system restore to change my old operating system back?
Please help. All help is appreciated.

Answer:If I change my operating system to linux, can I still use windows' system restore?

The simple answer is no. If you remove an OS then you can not use it to do a restore because it is no longer there to run the restore program. What I would recommend would be to have a duel boot system.

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When i start my pc, i get a 30 second count down to either choose an operating system or system restore. if i choose windows xp professional, everything is fine. when i choose restore point, i get "INF file textsetup.sif is corrupt or missing, status 14. setup cannot continue. press any key to continue".
choosing last known best settings hasnt changed this situation either.
basically i just dont want to see this screen, it prolongs the computer start up. i just got it today as a refurbed hp desktop from i tried system properties, advanced, startup settings and unchecked both boxes, as well as clearing the boot.iti file to no avail.
a rep at hp that was nice enough to just give me an opinion said i need the disk that came w the pc, which i obviously cant get. any ideas?
thank you so much for your time.

Answer:Choose operating system at startup-windows xp or system restore

You probably could purchase the disk from the manufacturer. They make a lot of money selling them to people.

Post the manufacturer & model of the computer, and verify the exact text of the message. That message is odd.

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amd athlon xp 2200+
MSI Kt3 ultra
radeon 9000
512 DDR 333
hd 80 gb seagate
ps 350w
cd-rw LG 52-32-52

Formatted and installed Windows XP SP2 (2007) with WMP 11 and IE 7, and K Lite Mega Codec Pack 3.4.5 but still get no video, only audio on files (AVI, MPG, WMV...). Video driver from Windows. When I try driver from the Radeon CD it crashed and resolution goes to 256 color. Try the updated driver from site but still doesn't work... What might it be? Thanks a lot!

Answer:Solved: Radeon 9000 work audio but no video

Have you installed the via 4-in1 chipset driver?

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Just a quick question about the multimedia bar on these laptops, i was wondering if they can somehow be configured to work with other players - for instance iTunes as opposed to just Windows Media Player? If so, how would i go about doing this? Any help would be great.



Answer:Can Audio/Video buttons work with other player on Satellite Pro L20


No, as far as I know it?s not possible.
These buttons works only with the Windows Media player when CD was inserted or with WinDVD when the DVD was plugged in.

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What software do I need in order for having no problems with opening any kind of file? For example right now when i want to open some pictures while browsing internet I am receiving errors like this .

Answer:What is software needed for perfect audio and video work?

It is most probably a problem with the file on the website. There are no softwares to open files of any kind. Images are automatically loaded on browsers.

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I just loaded Windows 2000 and now my modem is no where to be found. Not listed in hardware or anywhere else. I have tried the device manager. HELP

Answer:Loaded Windows 2000 Now modem is not there

You might have to look and find the make of your modem and go on the net and find the driver's for it,Win 2000 dosen't have a big driver's list so certain thing's you have to load your self.

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I am having difficulty getting a PC newly loaded with Windows 2000 to recognise an HSP56 MR modem that works perfectly well on the same PC under Win98.Any bright ideas?

Answer:HSP56MR modem under Windows 2000

Hi OGF.Perhaps a Win 2000 driver is required for your modem. Is there one on the modem installation disk?Cheers de Art.

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I know you used to be able to setup Microsoft Fax on Windows 95/98 computers to share the fax modem. Anyone aware of a way to do this in Windows ME, 2000, and/or XP?

Answer:sharing fax modem with Windows ME, 2000, or XP?

Probably the same way if it still has MS Fax installed. It's not the greates program and I could never get it to work. Always used WinFax Pro for a fax server program.

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The Front Mode and Audio/Video Control Buttons Don't Work

Any ideas?


Answer:M30 - Front Mode and Audio/Video Control buttons don't work


As far as I know the Toshiba Controls utility is responsible for key usage.
Did you try to install Toshiba Controls?
Check the Toshiba driver page for this driver.


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I had installed windows, downloaded all drivers from toshiba site and install them (because i lost my drivers cd)but my control buttons doesn't work at all! Is it effected by installing thouse drivers not in oder as it is writen in user's manual?

pleas write back thank u :)

Answer:Satellite Pro M30: Audio\Video control buttons how make them work?


Yes of course. It?s important to install all drivers in right order.
But for the first: Did you check the settings in ?Toshiba Controls??


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Ever since i cleared the whole computer to 'freshen' it up, i can no longer use these buttons. I used all deliverd cds to put everything back on the computer, but they still don't work... I really like to use them again, so if you have any ideas...

I have a satellite A60 notebook

Thank you!


Answer:Audio/video/internet buttons no longer work on Satellite A60


Did you install the OS from the Toshiba Recovery CD???
If yes, so all Toshiba drivers and utilities should be installed now and should works.

I think you mean the Toshiba controls.
On my notebook this Toshiba controls application was placed in the control panel. Therefore I think you will also find it in the control panel on your notebook.

There you can check if the certain programs were assigned to the buttons.
You know the IE to the internet button the Windows media player to the audio button and so on?

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I cannot find a modem driver for Satellite A80 for Windows 2000. Is there some other driver which is compatible? Can I use teh obe for Windows XP?


Answer:Modem driver for Satellite A80 Windows 2000


Unfortunately, it was not able for me to find a W2k modem driver on the Toshiba website. Furthermore I?m not 100% sure if the Win Xp driver will work but you can try it. If it doesn?t work you can roll back the system or remove the modem driver.


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I've got an Ideapad U510, Windows 8 64-bit system.A couple of days ago I got a message, which stated that the dolby audio driver didn't work, and I needed to reinstall the driver or restart. I did both and neither worked.I searched for drivers on Lenovos website, and updated the driver for Realtek audio. Now the logo for sound just have a red X on it and I don't know what to do. I uninstalled the drivers, installed them again and it didn't work so I uninstalled it again.The dolby digital driver won't install again, it says it needs PCEE to install but I have no idea what to do.Please help me. I don't know what caused the problem, so I have no idea how to get my audio working again.

Answer:Dolby audio and Realtek audio drivers suddenly won't work on windows 8.

hi Bubble,
Welcome to the Lenovo Forums.
Can you try the following:
1. Press the Windows key? +R, type appwiz.cpl and press Enter. On the list of programs, remove any instances of Dolby or Realtek Audio and reboot.
2. After the reboot, press the Windows key? +R, type devmgmt.msc and press Enter. On the Device Manager, expand Sound, video, and game controllers and check if the sound device is listed as High Definition Audio. If it says Realtek High Definition Audio, uninstall it, put a check on 'delete device driver software' and reboot. This step will install a generic sound driver that should enable you to play sound on the unit.
If the above steps doesn't work and you still see the red X mark on the sound adapter then you may need to backup important data and do one of the following:
a. System Restore
b. System Recovery via the OneKey Recovery Button
c. Refresh or Reset Windows 8

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I installed five pci motorola modems in my computer that is running
windows 2000 advance server so that i could implement a RAS
server but only one modem is working and the remaining modems give the error " can't open port" when you query them
and i tried to install more com ports but i got the error "error code
10" . please heeeeeeelp.

Answer:modem installation in windows 2000 advanced server

Hiya and welcome

Have a look here and search for Code 10;EN-US;q245386

Also, have a look here:



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I have removed the Toshiba W98SE and installed Win 2000 (clean install). I have managed to put on the sound driver using downloads from your website (and this is working).

I am doing a test installation on dial up and have installed the modem also from your website (Conexant Soft K56 Data, Fax, PCI Modem). This is intended for W98SE but the message from microsoft is <The modem failed to respond. Make sure it is properly connected and turned on. If it is an internal modem or is connected verify the interrupt for port is properly OK>

The port looks ok. Please advise - is this the correct driver?


Answer:Satellite 1670 CDS - modem is not working on Windows 2000

I doubt a Win98 driver would work in Windows 2000.

You need a Win2000 or WinXP Modem Driver. If there is not one for the Satellite 1670, maybe you can use a driver from another model of the same era?

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i recently upgraded to windows 2000 on my computer the silly thing connect but as soon as it starts to log me on it disconnects and starts to redial, ive already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the modem, and software and the tech wennies at aol have no flippin clue either can anybody please helpppppp!!!!!!??????????????

Answer:unable to connect using modem to internet on windows 2000


Why not give the following a try:

1) Download the newest and latest drivers from the modem manufacturer’s website. (I know, you have a disk, but download the newest and best anyhow.

2) Enter Start, Control Panel, System, Hardware, Device Manager and DELETE any references to any modem.

3) Shut down and physically remove the modem and then put the modem back in PCI slot #3 (Third slot down from the AGP slot)

4) Boot up and enter the BIOS setup menu.

5) In the BIOS setup menu find the PnP area. If you are running WinXP or win2k, then DISABLE Pnp….however, if you are using Win98, then make sure it is ENABLED.

6) Save and Exit

7) Boot back up and when the computer finds your modem, then load the drivers that have been downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. It may tell you that the latest and best are already installed, but install them anyway. (for example, WinXP and win2k only have v.90 drivers and not the most recent v.92 that are needed for best operation) If it says they are not digitally signed, then load them anyway. This is a long story, but I can assure you it is a money issue and a rip off from Microsoft in my opinion.

This should get you going!

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I'll be concise:

* Said computer is old, fixing for a friend.
* Recognizes EtherNet modem fine - easily gets online.
* Have switched slots, but still won't "see" modem. Modem type is:


I can't seem to find a driver that will make Windows acknowledge it's existence.

Anyone please feel free to either AIM me (JamesCNMcKinney) or respond via forum. Thank you.

Answer:Solved: Windows 2000 Pro won't recognize dial up modem...

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Hello, all. I'm using a Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz with 2 GB of RAM...Windows XP SP2...all hard drives running in Ultra DMA mode....all drivers up to date.

This is a new computer, and a good one at that, but it has one troubling problem. Whenever I try to play a DVD or a click a link on a website that opens audio or video, the computer is suddenly bogged down.

The OS even hesitates to draw the can take up to 2 minutes just to kill the process.

DVD's I try to play in PowerDVD or Windows Media Player do this. When I click a link on a website that opens an audio or video file that's embedded, this happens.

I thought it might be an issue with codecs, so I tried it on VLC Media Player. Same thing. CPU runs away.

The process that runs away with 100% of the CPU is the media player trying to play the media...wmplayer.exe, vlc.exe, powerdvd.exe and so on. I absolutely cannot figure out what's going on.

It's frustrating and I can find no reason for this. I have a similar computer at home with all the exact same programs installed, but I don't have this issue. Like I said, all drivers are current.

Can anyone give me some guidance on this, and how to diagnose this weird problem?

Answer:DVD/Video/Audio bogs down system to 100%


You could have some conflicting software.

Can you disable all startups under the Startup tab in Start>Run:msconfig, restart the system run no other software and then try running a DVD and see if the same lag occurs.

Let us know how that goes.

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A couple of days ago I ran a Ad-Aware spyware scan on my computer. It must obviously have messed up my register and deleted something that shouldn't have been deleted. All Windows sounds are gone, and also the audio of Flash Video Streams (maybe other streams too not sure about that.) While programs like VLC can play video with sound, and Winamp can play music files with sound perfectly. I've tried reinstalling Flash several times, and i've tried using both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Anyway, I've read alot about this, and I've tried LOTS of things too in the end the problem that came closest to mine (pretty much completely the same actually) was this one:
now, I had tried using K-Lite Codec Pack's Codec Tweak Tool already but with no luck. So after discovering the earlier meantioned link ( I've become almost sure that, that must be the problem i've experienced myself. Now, the only problem is that my "Fixes:" menu dosn't look like the one on his site. It has these options:

Detect Broken Codecs
Detect Broken DirectShow filters
Register base DirectShow filters (quartz.dll)
Register base DirectShow filters (qdvd.dll qcap.dll qedit.dll)
Fix broken sound (Midi, WaveOut)

I've tried dowloading various versions of Codec Tweak Tool all the way down to 2.0.0 (I believe the newest is 2.6.2 or thereabouts) and they all looked under the "Fixes:" menu.
Hope someone have some kind of i... Read more

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I used to think that there was something up with the 'system' file running in processes because it often times dials out to something when I'm connected to the net.

Before my fresh reinstall and putting in COMODO 4, I attempted to block system but it gets to the point where after system has tried to get through for several days the computer stops functioning properly.

So this time I left system alone but COMODO, through it's own default set up, has been blocking something called 'system' and 'windows operating system' which persistently knocks at my firewall.

So I am asking, is COMODO, through it's own default instict, in the right by blocking these?

And if these are trojans, where can I find and delete them? My scanners don't pick up the files and COMODO will not show a path to the files that are making these attempts on my firewall.

Answer:System / Windows Operating System - COMODO

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Hi I started my PC up today and as it boots up in goings into the Windows setup program rather than the usual sequence. It also gave a 0198 Security - Unauthorized BIOS update attempted which I have now sorted out as per the Lenovo web-site. Does anyone know why the system thinks it must set up Windows? Thanks 

Answer:System wants to reinstall Windows operating system

I'm not sure what you mean by "Windows setup program", but if your PC is trying to boot into PXE, then check to make sur eyour mouse and keyboard are securely connected. In fact, I'd suggest removing and re-installing. The last M50 IBMs I used were setup in the BIOS so that if there wasn't a keyboard attached, it would try to PXE boot rather then booting from the HDD. This is because that's the sequence that was selected for an "error boot" in the BIOS. Hope this helps!

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Hello I am looking for some help with installing Microsoft operating systems!
I want to use Windows PE or some other software that will meet my needs’!
Currently Microsoft Windows PE is not one on that list and it will not support my needs’!
Bart’s PE will not work as well!
Maybe DOS, Linux (Ubuntu Lucid 10.04.2. Linux Distribution) or other can work but do not know just started this project!
The installations that is going to be used is; USB, CD and Network install
The pre operating environment will need support for programs and software that are capable of supporting the same funcksions as the ones’ listed!
NVDA portable or software that supports the basic equivalent
Zoom portable, or equivalent.
The last one is the AUDIO support in the pre environment
This is only 3 requirements to be met can’t be to hard!

Answer:Installing Microsoft operating systems! Windows PE audio and drivers!

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After going through the various install/troubleshooting steps on thread, I've run into a new problem. Whenever I try to run the audio/video configuration in WLM or someone audio/video calls me, or I call them, the program freezes.

Everything was working perfectly up until yesterday so I have no idea what the issue is.

Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Windows Live Messenger crashes when configuring audio/video or audio calling.

If you have a webcam try updating its drivers, some webcams break wml

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Hi ,
I have some Windows Media Audio/Video files that were recorded from my web cam. I would like to be able to edit (remove)
some audio portions of these audio/video files without cutting out a section of the video. I have Windows movie maker but just alows me to cut the audio/video together. I also have Goldwave. This works great for audio files but does not support video.
Do you know of any programs that will allow me to do this?


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I recently got cable internet to speed up my online process, and not tie up my phone line as I take classes online. I have had problems with intermittant connectivity as the connection is lost about 30 seconds after going idle on a site. The data light on my motarola surfboard cable modem is on, so it appears data is getting through. Tech support from th cable comp has been fruitless. The first "cure" was to shut down the computer and unplug the modem, this works at resetting the modem and the connection, but it shuts off again in the same manner. A tech guy came to the house and said it was the computer, not my modem or connection. Has anyone heard of this, and does anybody have any suggestions, I am now slower than ever because im shutting down and restarting every 5 minutes. Please help.

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I registered today to seek for a solution to this annoying problem. I have the Logitech x350 Audio system, with 6 speakers and one sub-woofer and they worked pretty well on my former OS, Windows 8.1 x64.

Now I am currently using W10 and have used the same driver as before. However, analog output has become unchangeable, just like in this image.
I really want to use all of my speakers, as I was able to before. Only two of them work properly. I tried changing them from the Playback devices in my audio panel, but that doesn't work either.

Can someone help me, please? If you need more info, just let me know.

Answer:Only 2 speakers work out of 6 - Logitech x350 Audio System

The link you provided for the Genius sound card says "5.1" sound?? The links on that page for specs do not work.

However, do a "refresh" by going to the Device Manager and uninstalling the Genius sound, but DO NOT uninstall the drivers. Then restart the PC and Windows should reinstall the sound. See if this helps.

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I've been having issues with my cable connection and bought a new wireless cable modem to see if that was the problem...was able to connect on the laptop without any problem but have been having the same issues connecting (server not found). Before I was receiving packets but wouldn't ever send more than 1514. Now I send 1 packet and receive none. I can not find an ip address through ipconfig and when I try to renew it says to remove nic card...I uninstalled and reinstalled though auto detect but to no success. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Answer:Windows 2000 LAN/Cable Modem will not connect on desktop but does on wireless laptop

your title says laptop is working ok

can you confirm all the PC's laptops etc, how connected and what works or not

then on the machine which does not work

Ipconfig on Vista
Vista does not handle permissions the same as XP.
Locate the command prompt short cut in your start menu. Right click it, choose run as administrator, then try the ipconfig.

If you want to always have the command prompt run with elevation
Right-click the command prompt icon, choose Properties
Select the Shortcut tab
Click on Advanced
Check Run as administrator
can you do the following tests Post back the results of all the test - clearly labeled which is which - ie pc / laptop
its important to do all the ping tests

1) Ping the default gateway
2) ping by the name
3) ping google using IP address

all details below
ipconfig /all

TWO Methods to do that - some people have problems with ONE----

ONE ---------------------------------
ipconfig /all

rightclick in the box
select all
control key + C key - to copy
then reply here and
control key + V to paste

TWO -----------------------------------------------

Start, Run, CMD to open a DOS window and type:


Open C:\RESULT.TXT with Notepad and copy/paste the entire results here.
try ping the name and then the IP see below


C:\Documents and Settings\wayne>ping {the default gateway ipaddr... Read more

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Hey guys,

After successfully setting up a headset on my own pc I felt confident enough to do the same on someone else's. That was very naive of me.

The system I am working on is called a Shuttle X (it has a Philips DVD drive and speakers) and is running Windows XP. It has two handy plugs for mic and headphone, which I used to plug in the mic and headphone of a new Logitech headset.

Problem: the mic of the headset doesnt work (headphone does work). I cant record sound, neither in my Skype test call nor in Windows Sound Recorder.

Im finding recommendations to access Control Panel > Sound and Audio devices and in the Audio tab of that dialog, hit the Volume button under Sound Recording to see volume controls (the familiar set of horizontal sliders). There, I am told to select Mute on the Microphone Volume control.

Problem is, that Microphone Vol control does not have a Mute checkbox but a Select checkbox which I cant uncheck. It also has an Advanced button, which opens up a range of options including an Alternate microphone check box which does not solve the problem, and a Microphone boost checkbox which also does not solve the problem.

There are constant reference to NVIDIA nForce Audio everywhere, and it seems that I should somehow tell this nForce that I have an external mic, but I dont know where or how. If the system has a built-in mic, it also doesnt seem to work.

Also note that plugging in the headset means the speakers no longer work.

Any thoughts on how ... Read more

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When I am using Microsoft Office or most programs, everything runs fine. But when I try to run a Video or Audio file, the entire system freezes within about 3 to 10 minutes. I've tried the following:
New video card = nothing
Different Audio & Video players = nothing
Scan for virus or malware = nothing
Check for overheating = system is running cool
Paging is OK
Too many processes? = I don't think so. I've been monitoring them while running both audio and video.

I'm at my wit's end. I've been dealing with this since May. Not sure what else I can do to fix problem.

Here is my info:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 1:07:32 PM, on 10/23/2010
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18702)
Boot mode: Normal
Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast5\AvastSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jqs.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7Debug\mdm.exe
C:\Pro... Read more

Answer:When Playing Video & Audio files, System Freezes

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Hey guys,

I have my eye on this video card that I really want to get, but I don't know if it's going to work in my computer. If it won't work in my computer, could you possibly let me know what kind of card I should be looking for. Info to follow, thanks in advance.

Video Card

GPU/VPU: NVIDIA GeForce 6200
RAMDAC: Dual 400 MHz
Vertices per Second: 225 Million
Video Memory: 256MB
Memory Type: DDR II
Interface Type: AGP
Interface Speed: 8X
Connector(s): DVI
VGA (15-Pin D-Sub)

My System Info:

VIA Technologies, Inc.
X86-based PC

Sorry if this isn't enough info, just let me know and I'll try to get you the info you need.

Answer:Will This Video Card Work in my System?

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Hi, i just bought a new video card. But when i installed it, the monitor kept giving me a "No Signal" error. BFG told me to reinstall the drivers for the old onboards graphic and then disable it. This did not help at all. Then they told me to upgrade my motherboard drivers. This also didn't change anything. She then said it might just be a defective video card. Any suggestions? Thanks an advance for any advice.Its a Geforce 9500 GT 1GB DDR 2 PCI Express x16 graphics card. My old video card was a Geforce 8500Gt.Motherboard*Model: RS480-M*Chipset: ATI XPRESS 200(RS480) Rev. 01*Southbridge: ATI SB400*LPCIO: ITE IT8712AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor3500+2.20GHZ, 2.00GB of RamPanther450W Power SupplyWindows XP Home Edition Version 2002Service Pack 3

Answer:Will this video card work with my system?

Try the card in another suitable (PCI-E) system if possible.Another thing you can try is resetting the motherboard CMOS. Usually it's just a case of temporarily changing a jumper position, then reverting to the original before booting up again. Your motherboard manual will tell you how to do this.Why did you change the graphics card may I ask? The 9500 is probably only marginally better. G

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Hi All

Buying an additional video card for my Dell Inspiron 3847.  Will this video card work in addtion to my onboard one?
GeForce GT 420 2GB 80mm FAN

2GB 128-Bit DDR3
Core Clock 700 MHz
1x Dual-link DVD-I 1 x HDMI
PCI Express 2.0 x16


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hi. i have 2 hard drives. and and windows xp home one each one of them. how do i uninstall one of them without causing problems with the other operating system.

Answer:How do i Uninstall one operating system with multiple operating systems

could format one drive from another...take all data needed from one to another

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Windows Operating System

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Hi!Why does HP come up with a MS Windows OS, and charge it's customers for it when they don't even want to buy Widnows.And then my laptop doesn't contain a Licence key, so recovery is another issue. We have to keep that partition. If we loose that we loose Wndows, or else it keep occupying GBs of our hard drive and a physical partition.Why doesn't HP just install a free Linux, and reduce the amount charged for windows from it's product. It will be a bit cheaper for users and will give them freedom to choose their own OS.

Answer:Why does HP come with a Windows Operating System?

Hi, Firstly; HP sells many machines with FreeDOS. Secondary; you can create a Recovery set yourself and keep it in a safe place. It contains Operating system and drivers which allow you to bring your machine back the Fatory settings status.Thirdly: the Windows key is in the BIOS of your machine. You won't loose the key.Regards.

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Hi everybody :

This is a question about Windows 7 Operating System. I notice, every once in a while, when I boot up, the display gets stuck on the BIOS splash screen. Then I manually turn my computer off.....wait a minute before booting back up. Then the BIOS screen only displays for a second or so, then proceeds with the boot up process. Is this indicate that my Operating System might've gotten corrupt ? My Operating System is : Windows 7 Professional / 32-bit.

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i am missing the ctl3d32.dll system file..i could not install an earlier version of microsoft windows 97 program. says i am missing mentioned file...any help would be appreciated..i do not have original windows 7 cd but do have window xp cd.......thanks........

Answer:windows 7 operating system

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I have Sony Vaio VGN-CR35G/N and it's operating on Windows XP. I reinstalled the Windows XP and everytime I turn on my laptop, it will asked me which operating system I want to run and I have tried the first one which is the new one. I had a problem to connect to the internet as I don't know how so I choose the second one which is my old operating system and I tried to close the first one, but i deleted the wrong operating system, so I end up with the new one. do you know how to restore the operating system that I have jut deleted from the control panel/system/advanced? I don't remember the thing.

Answer:Operating System windows xp

You obviously screwed up during the reinstall of XP, then screwed up a 2nd time by deleting the wrong OS. I suggest you start over & do a fresh install. Boot off the XP disk, remove all partitioning, create new partitions, format as NTFS, then install XP. You'll need to install all the drivers (chipset, video, sound, network, etc), SP3 (if it's not on your XP disk), IE8, all the Windows updates, anti-virus, etc, etc.

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What Windows OS are you using now?

Answer:Which Windows Operating System Are You Using Now?

Windows 10 since the Insider Builds for me

2 Windows 7 machines, 2 Windows Vista 32-Bit machines, an Android tablet are the rest in this house.

And one around 2003 Windows XP Home machine right next to me.

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Dear sir,
Is there any way I can install my operating system on a flash drive?I have a lap top.I would like to download my windows 7,(windows files only),on a flash drive.
Thank you,
John Pearson!

Answer:operating system-windows 7

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is it worth offering my old computer windows 95 for sale or am I flogging a dead horse?

Answer:Windows 95 operating system

dead horse. Give it away. You'll still struggle for takers.

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I would like to know if there is any other operating system, nearly as good as Windows XP Pro, which does NOT NEED activating. Although I purchased a new genuine copy of Windows XP Pro, costing over £200.00, a few years ago, I find Microsofts control over it diabolical. I have upgraded my system twice recently, only to be told it must be reactivated within 30 days etc. As an elderly pensioner, my hobby is building and repairing computers for my grand-children, and due to microsofts control, I cannot install this copy of Windows XP on their computers. I am building a very good quality computer for my daughter-in-laws unisex hair salon, and I cannot install this copy of Windows XP on her computer. Although I did pay over £200.00 for my Windows XP I find microsofts control over the software as totally unacceptable. Any recommendations of similar operating system not needing activated, or any way round these problems would be appreciated.Many thanks to all who take the time to reply.

Answer:Next Best Operating System to Windows XP Pro

click here and a google search for 'linux' will bring up many flavours of free operating systems.

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I am new here and am in need of good advice. I am fairly computer savvy enough to be reallllly dangerous. And that is why I am here.

I have a Dell Demention 5100 running Windows XP Home. Two weeks ago I ran SpyCather Express and it picked a WINDOWS file that was quarentined. The PC would subsequently stop booting at the "Windows is Loading" stage.

Long and short of it, I had Dell ship me the restore disk with drivers etc. Trying to repair this myself because warranty had expired I loaded Windows OS again and now I have TWO Windows XP OS on the PC.

I still have my old files, photos, music etc. but when it boot now it tell me to choose what OS to use (both XP). I choose the first one XP and the system is running fine. If I choose the second XP, it doesn't boot at all (thats where the files , i.e. music, pictures etc are).

I also partitioned the drive (didn't know I did that, the DELL support told me to run BOOTFIX \R and it partitioned.

So my question is, I would like to get rid of the second OS after I move all the files over to the working OS files using Windows Explorer. (MAKES SENSE?????...Sorry)

I am loosing space with the two OS and the partitioned drive correct?

Thannnnnk you very much.

See what I mean, I know enough to be dangerous.


Answer:Operating System (Windows XP)

what u mean by using windows explorer ,its built in windows programs

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Help I have a dell lattitude d620. I received an error message bootmgr is compressed and i do not have an installation disk. I can i resolved this issue?

Answer:Operating System Windows 7

Well, you will need a Win 7 DVD. Do you have any friends with one? If you can get your hands on one, follow the informational link; How To Fix BOOTMGR Is Compressed Error Message

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I m moon . my topic name windows xp .
Windows xp is the best operating system .It is old operating system ,it make by Windows 95 / 98/ 2000 / XP / 2003 with present .


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Will Microsoft Deliver Windows 7 Next Year?

Microsoft hints that the next version of its Windows operating system will arrive in 2009. So soon?!?!

PC World - Will Microsoft Deliver Windows 7 Next Year?

Got to love PC World for all the latest info. Interesting read.

Answer:New Windows operating system

I recently had a meeting with my MS rep (conference call actually) to discuss EoL for XP and Server 2003. Although he couldn't tell me with 100&#37; certainty, he was very confident with his statement that 7 would be released prior to their start of their first quarter FY2010 (Which would indicate that it would be released before the holiday season in '09).

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