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how do I share dialup connection

Question: how do I share dialup connection

win 2000 on seven machines one upgrade 98 to 2000 is isdn connected server.
How do I connect the lan is set to use dns.
regards Alan

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Preferred Solution: how do I share dialup connection

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: how do I share dialup connection

You'll hate me before this is all over!

Please don't post your questions twice, it's against TSG policy.

Here's the original question:

I'm closing this one.

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Hello There,

I have been using windows since forever on my Computers.
For years I have been using Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit on My Main PC and Secondary PC.

Normally I would create a Homegroup on the Main, And get the Secondary to join.
I'd then Share my Dialup Connection, And the Secondary PC has internet too, To play MMOs, Download, and anything else.
All by just using my LAN Cable to connect the two.

But this doesn't work on Windows 8.1 Pro

I have seen LOTS and LOTS of step by step "Solutions" Which I have followed to the letter but couldn't achieve anything at all.

Can anybody please help me solve this problem so I can have internet on both of my PCs again?
And can Windows 7 Ultimate share Internet to Win 8.1 Pro still? Or is it Win 8.1 Pro too broken to even be shared to?

Please help me it is urgent and I've wasted 2 days trying to solve this, I have a killer flu and I need to fix this before Monday

Kind Regards

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have done it before so i know it is possible . computers network together ok but when itry to enable internet connection sharing it reports that the Lan is either disconnected or not available, however i know it is connected in other ways as I can swap data between the computers. any help please

Answer:how to share a dialup internet connection

I've never had much joy with Windows sharing either, try using AnalogueX as a proxy server instead, easy to install and you dont need to anything after. click here and follow the PROXY link, halfway down the page

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Is it possible for two computers to share one dialup connection at the same time ?
Situation-I have one phone line with multiple wall outlets in several rooms. I have both computers connected by wifi for printer and file sharing (but not yet for internet.) There is no router-just wifi-usb on one, built-in wifi on a laptop.
It seems logical to me that both computers could be connected to the internet by phoneline and be viewing different sites.
Alternative is to run both computers through the wifi connection, but I understand this is amazingly slow and also requires the main computer to always be online when second PC desires a connection.
Has anyone made such a connection ? or have some sites that explain how it would work ? (settings etc)

Answer:share a dialup phoneline ?

you could try home phone networking. i think its called HPNA. ICS/LAN is also an option, but ont computer would have to be on all the time.

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We can't get broadband yet (quite) - not until early next year, but I want to get a wi-fi network set up in our house to share files on the 2 pc's we have (in preparation for adsl). Can I share our dial-up connection also? Thanks!

Answer:Can I share a dialup conection on a wi-fi network?

Yes but I think it would be painfully slow.

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I Have Recently Updated Xp With First Sp2 And Then Sp3. Now I Cannot Create A Dialup Connection.
When I Go To Wizard For New Conenction Only Broadband Option Is Selectable And The Other 2 Are Greyed Out.
The Modem Is Working Fine.
I Doubt This May Be Because Of Service Packs I Have Installed.
The Remote Access Connection Manager Service Couldn't Be Started ( Error 126 : The Specified Module Could Not Be Found )
Other Depending Services Like Telephony Are Running.
I Have Tried Deleting The 25,26 Registry Keys.
Also Deleted The Telephony Registry Key And Restarted But Still No Use.
I Have Also Tried After Uninstalling Sp3 But The Same Problem.
I Am Currently Using Broadband Connection.
But I Need Dialup Connection Too.

Help Needed Desperately.

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I am using BT Yahoo Broadband, (software version 3) with a ZOOM USB ADSL modem and XP SP2. This works very well. Yesterday I upgraded the drivers for the modem. After the installation the broadband connection now appears in the ?Dial Up & Virtual Private Network Settings? section under Connections of Internet Options and is set as default and is the only item listed. Previously this box was blank and my connection was listed as a LAN connection. The help guide in BT Yahoo Broadband says the connection should be listed in ?Dial Up & Virtual Private Network Settings?. The connection works fine, but now, when I connect to BT Yahoo Broadband, Internet Explorer or Firefox, I get a dial up connection box like I used to get on a dial up modem. I have set this box to connect automatically and it disappears after a second or two, but I am sure I shouldn?t get this box. I have searched BT Yahoo?s help guide and the only mention of this says that I must have some old dial up software still listed. This is not the case as I have been on broadband for almost 3 years and have never had a dial up connection on this PC.I appreciate that it?s a minor irritant, but any help would be appreciated!

Answer:DialUp Connection window with broadband connection

Your description sounds very much like my BB connection had been all the time I've had it (just over a year), so perhaps your previous modem drivers did something different from what is now normal.

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Hi guys,

I need some help, I recently just brought a mobile wireless broadband modem as it is my only means of accessing the internet. This shows as a dialup connection.

I have a Asus WL-520GC wireless router with dd-wrt firmware on it. What I want to do is share my dialup usb internet connection to my wireless router where I can then use my ipod touch and xbox 360 to access the internet from.

Please help I keep on getting stuck.


Answer:Share Dialup usb mobile wireless modem to wireless router

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I have both forms of connection to the internet on my PC (XP)
Since with 'Always Open' Satellite the browser and email clients activate the modem,
I need to know if the Dialup Modem overrides the Satellite modem when I open the browser and email clients while on Dialup....OR...should I turn off the satellite modem before using dialup.


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Hi There
I have two laptops both XP and have managed to link them together using the wizard so I can file share each one via a thick wire (think its called a parallel cable). Both have modems and are internet installed/ready when they are separate.

I've tried using the wizard to do achieve my goal but it never seems to work out. What I am trying to do is connect one laptop to the internet as a master and access the internet on the other or both if needs be.(I only have dialup) I realise the connection will be slow but despite my best efforts using the wizard I can't get a web page to come up on the laptop thats not directly connected to the internet. I've tried every way the wizard allows to make it happen but with no luck. All the utility files that came with the computers are installed so i dont think I am missing a vital component. I've even tried it without the 'slave' pc having a modem or internet disc installed.

If it is possible to do what I'm after? If so could someone explain the steps I need to take in order to do this please as I'm not very technical like many of you are. Although I am reasonably familiar with finding my way around the pc.

I read that a router is needed in an earlier thread but have no idea if this would apply to my situation.

Thanks to anyone that can help me.

Answer:2 PC's using 1 Dialup Connection

you'll ned to set up internet conn. sharing on the main system and connect the other via network or something else. your main system must be dialed in for both to get internet, of course.

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Anyone have the same problem as I am?? Its basicaly very sluggish done all the usual spyware checks and repaird ACS and its still very slow, spoke too someone in livehelp and they suggest that it's the length of my phone line which I also have an extention cable and it should be no more than 10 feet of line what do you suggest ??

Answer:Aol Dialup Connection

I'm with aol. My router is on the end of a 33ft extension cable and 3 pc's accessing the wireless router without a problem.

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Question: Dialup connection

I am using Windows 98se, over the past week my dial up connection box appears on screen immediately after start up. Also periodically during the day, if not connected to the net, the box appears on screen. It does not auto dial, it just sits there. I have de selected auto update on all my software which was set to auto update but it still occurs.(It has only started over past 7 days) Anyone any ideas?

Answer:Dialup connection

click on the IE logo, go to connections and tick the box, "never dial a connection"....sorted

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A friends computers dialup connection has be taken over by a dialup called happy with takes you to a porn site called, i have tried deleting the connection in the normal way, but on the restart hey presto its back again. if you try to use the default dialup it tells you another programme is using it, is their a way to remove it without wiping the computer? Many thanks Tonynonpc

Answer:can anyone help get rid of this dialup connection

Try Spybot click here

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Question: Dialup connection

I recently picked up a used Dell Optiplex GX1 Pentium III at a sale. Everything works great, except I'm unable to figure out how to connect to the Internet via a dial-up connection. My previous computer had two phone line ports. This one has only one.

I found a diagram of the back panel at the following link:

Answer:Dialup connection

That's not a dial-up modem. It's an ethernet port. You have to buy a dial-up modem and install it if that's how you want to connect to the Internet with this computer.

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Question: Dialup connection

I've tried to create a new dialup connection but when going through the wizard for a creating the dialup to the internet its greyed out meaning unable to create a connection.

I'm running win 2000 pro.

Would reinstalling the network components solve this or if you have any easier idea's I would be greatful.


Answer:Dialup connection

I'm not familiar with that wizard, but the greyed out would seem to indicate that no dial-up modem is available or the modem is disabled or doesn't have a proper driver ... . Does Device Manager show a modem that's "working properly"?

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Question: Dialup Connection

HiI Click start - connect to- connect to network window appears, click on set up a connection or network, click, window comes up choose a connection option, click on bottom one. Click set up a dial up connection, Click next.Window comes up saying type the information from your internet service provider. Fill it in then click connect.The connection is not saved in the connect to network page.How can I save it with the one I have already saved.I am using Vista Home Premiun.Rod.

Answer:Dialup Connection

Go to Control Panel / Internet Options / Connections / Set up , enter your details there , then click on " create " see if that does the trick . Ashley

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How can I stop the dialup connection box appearing on screen before booting up has finished. Any advice please. Meshuga,

Answer:Dialup connection box.

...Internet Options/Connections and check 'never dial a connection'.

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how do i get my dial up connection box to come on with my homepage after i click on internet explorer? it used to, but i apparently messed something up. i now have to click in my mail or search on my homepage to get the dial up connection box to make a connection. tryed stuff, but to no success.

Answer:dialup connection box

Right click internet explorer on your desktop and select properties. This should bring up internet properties. Sometimes it brings up shortcut options. If it brings up shortcut options close the window, to to control panel and select internet properties. Select connections tab.
Choose always dial my default connection.
Now press ok. Launch internet explorer and the dialup box should appear.
Additional configuration can be done in the connections tab also, such as chaning number password etc.
When the dialup box appears the first time you may have to type some things in.

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My dialup connection box appears on screen as soon as bootup is complete before anything is clicked to go on line. How can I prevent this please so that it only appears when I require to go on line. Thanks, Meshuga.

Answer:Dialup connection box

first of all it shouldn't be starting at startuphave you got zonealarm installed?i would download adaware which gets rid of spyware, as spyware can cause this problemadaware click here

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Hey folks,

Have an interesting problem I've been as of yet unable to solve on a PC I'm supporting. Everything works smoothly when you're using the NIC to connect via broad band to the internet. However, when you turn around and try to use a dialup connection on the same machine (which is required b/c of it's location / uses), the machine will dialup and then lockup solid if you run msimn.exe (outlook express) and/or iexplore.exe (internet explorer). Or anything else related to internet access for that matter it seems.

I've tried replacing the modem thinking that was the culprit, replacing it with a known working/good one, and of course switching PCI slots when I did so.

I've scanned the PC with AVG AntiVirus, Norton (Online) Virus scan. As well as Spybot S&D (updated) and Ad-Aware 6 (lastest version). I've run HighJackThis! (lastest Version, again), and rummaged through the log file, finding nothing myself that would be incriminating or otherwise effect this machine IMO.

I've disabled Universal Plug N' Play thinking that could be a possibilty (or rather someone suggested it could be). Modified the startup removing all unnessicary program files, and gone through the services, finding nothing but the usual Windows XP bloat.

What does this all mean? I'm at the end of my rope as far as ideas go. The only thing that I think it could possibly be now is the motherboard having an IRQ handling problem for some reas... Read more

Answer:100% CPU Usage When Using Dialup Connection

Try reinstalling the modem driver, or updating it.

It sounds like it might be a lovely WinModem with *gasp* crappy drivers.

Best of luck to you, sir.

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I looked at some other threads and found no solution. Every time the PC is turned on, the DialUp Connection window opens up. No big deal, I click cancel and it's gone. But how do I stop it from ever coming up? The other threads mentioned setting IE to "Never dial..." which it already is and has been the whole time...

Answer:DialUp Connection window....

It might be an altered setting in your Broadband router / modem settings. Somehow it has been set to dialup Dialup. Bazza

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does anyone know of a way to back up or transfer all your VPN and dial up connections from one PC to another?


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When i open OE5 my dialup connection box comes up asking me to connect. If i select cancel(so i can work offline then send the e-mail later), i get an error message saying something about 'host post office not found...'. When i try to send the e-mail later i again get that message. If i close OE5, i get a message asking if i want to send mail from my outbox now. When i say yes, i get the same 'host post office...' error. This was never a problem until i started using OE5. Any ideas?

Answer:OE5-Dialup Connection problem

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I was helping my friend (a girl) troubleshoot her internet connection over the phone. They have dialup b/c they can't get high speed where they live. They were getting connection from one comp but not another desktop or two laptops (wirelessly). They were working fine yesterday and for months before. I first asked her to describe how the cords were laid out. There was a phone line plugged into the main computer(the one that was working) and an ethernet cord coming out and going to a Linksys Wireless G router. There was another ethernet cord going to their 2nd desktop(not working) from the router. These were all the cords involved. They definitely DO have dialup, I heard the modem sound over the phone. The laptops have only 1 cord plugged into them...the power cord.

How is this possible? Are they splitting dialup 4 ways, 2 of them being WIRELESS?? Am I an idiot?

This is all new to me, I'm completely baffled.

Answer:WIRELESS connection via DIALUP?!?!

Yeah, you can do that easy. My router now has two WAN connections, one an RJ45 port for plugging in your cable modem, and one phone connection for dial-up or ISDN. It's possible...but you'd have to be stupid to try and split dial-up 4 offense to your GF (you know she is ).

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When I start my computer, the dialup connection window comes automatically on the desktop, I need to click a few times to get rid of it, then it comes back a while later.I knew once upon a time what to change in the setup to stop that window appearing every time but cannot remember.How do you get rid of it?Also, my username I log in with is my old email address. I am using another email address now. I am still receiving the pc advisor newsletters through that old email address. Can I change the username and set it up with my actual email address, without needing to register again and lose the name I am using in the forum?Thank you.

Answer:Get rid of dialup connection window

Try clicking on 'your name' at the top left.You should be able to keep your member name and password and merely change your email address.If you are absolutely stuck click on Contact Forum Editor in the grey header at the top of this window

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my grandmother has dial up and wants wireless, and i dont really know anything about wireless for dialup connection. searching on goodle i found this: ...looks kind of cheap though. can anyone give me any information about going wireless on dialup?

Answer:wireless dialup connection?

If thats what you want, thats what you want. IMO its a poorly thought out idea.

For one, dialup routers are expensive. The one you linked is $130.

Two, these things will attemp to connect automatically, tying up the phone line at inopportune moments. Is your G-mo tech saavy? Will she find it convenient to navigate to the router's prompt to connect and disconnect manually?

There is a Dlink DI-824VUP model which has a db-9 serial port for an external modem, but your options are extremely limited.

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Anyone know how to set up a dialup or DUN connection in Windows 8.1? Thanks.

Answer:How do you setup a dialup connection in Win 8.1 Pro

Originally Posted by jacatone

Anyone know how to set up a dialup or DUN connection in Windows 8.1? Thanks.

The following link looks like a decent walk through for this.

Windows 8 Dial Up Connection

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Running win 2k pro. I loaded IE 6. Then unloaded it. Got hit by xrenoder hijacking.
I think that this is cleared up. I ran HIKACKTHIS.
Now Dial up networking not working. Desktop Icon not working. It did before IE6. I tried the internet connection wizard. Got to step 3 where you name your desk top icon, I get an error. It says name invalid ..must contain 1 char. and not begining with a space or period. So I used their default suggestion. It goes back to the error. I can not dial out. Modem is working according to WIN 2K

Thanks, Mike

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I connect to Internet thru a LAN. At times when it is off, I try using the dialup. I disabled the LAN, and tried the dialup, but the moment it got connected, Xp rebooted. It happened 3-4 times in succession. Later I tried to re-enable the LAN connection, but after enabling it, again Xp rebooted. Though after that the LAN stayed enabled, I am wondering what wrong am I doing? (Earlier, when this problem did not exist, till I disabled the LAN connection, my downloads with dialup did not start, hence I have used this step). I have tried 2-3 different reinstalls for the Xp, but the problem persists.
[Early, when this problem did not occur, I had to install my external modem using the non-verified drivers on my own. But now, Xp (I don't know how) detects the modem and Installs the drivers on its own, establishes connection and all communication with the modem goes on well. However, it does not permit me to install the old drivers. Any help? BTW it is Xp Pro.


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I`ve recently lost the dialup connection panel Ican log on through the start up but if I click on the desktop email icon or I get is an erro panel and occasionally when I turn it off I get an msimn application error which says--"the instruction at ox77f5210b reference memory at oxooco49f4 the memory could not be written,click ok to terminate the program.this is all gobbledigook to me anyone any ideas?how to get my dialup back and how to get rid of this message. I tried reinstalling ie6 but it will not have it saying there`s already a later one on the system.thanks eric

Answer:dialup connection error

What operating system are you?

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I need help. I installed XP+SP2 ( blanked the drive of ME & reformatted NTFS) on my daughter's computer who lives 600 miles away. I put in a NIC card so I could get on the internet for Dell drivers; activation and anti-virus updates. She ONLY has a winmodem for dialup connection thru phone line. The Network Connection Wizard will not allow a Dial-Up connection, just Broardband. She uninstalled the NIC & modem in device manager, shutdown & removed both cards; reinstalled the dialup modem, which is found in device manager and says it's working with the same results. Add a new network connection will NOT allow a dialup connection. Tried a new modem with same results. Any ideas before I have her do a complete XP Repair from her CD???

Answer:Broadband & DialUp Connection HELP

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I have just installed a linksys wireless system on my HP laptop which is running windows ME. I do use a free dialup connection at some locations where i work. But, i have now lost use of my dialup connection.... Does anyone have any ideas as to what settings i would need to change when trying to use dialup when i am in field locations? .... thanks... herbie

Answer:Lost dialup connection?

You cannot "DIAL" a wireless adapter the way you are thinking. THe standard dial-up is through a land line with a physical connection to a phone line. Wireless connections are from one wireless device to another.

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dialup connection disconnects when bytes received are lower than bytes sent. Connection lasts about 2 minutes then is dropped but when bytes received are larger than bytes sent I stay connected for several hours.

Answer:Disconnecting from dialup connection

Never heard of such a thing. Bet some other reason.A Pit Bull is like a gun you can pet.

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This is probably a daft question, but I'll ask it anyway.We have a dialup internet connection and ever since we plugged in our new PC we have had trouble with the phone. It rings twice and then cuts off. The display reads 'Ext tel in use' which is what we get when someone is online. Only, nobody is online or even thinking about it. Is there a setting somewhere which could be causing this?We think it must be to do with the PC because when I'm not in the office and the PC isn't switched on, we get messages on the answering machine which rings more than twice before the tape kicks in.XP Home and MacAfee AV and Firewall.

Answer:Dialup connection problem

It seems the Modem has been setup as a answer machine.

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I have started experiencing constant dropping of my dialup connection.
It appears to be something in/on my computer since this is another computer that I am using to post this on the same phone line . The problem does not occur when I am
connected to the internet (just the icon showing in the tray) but doing offline activities.
I need some guidance as to where to start tracking this problem.

Operating system is XP with SP2

By looking at my previous posts you can tell "I know enough to be dangerous"


Answer:dialup connection keeps dropping

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I need Help..! I have Win 96 SE & am having Internal Rockwell Soft56 data,fax speaker PCI modem.

After connecting to ISP. I notice bytes send & bytes received do not change, am unable to browse any web site also.

Is there anyway to get way with this problem


Answer:Dialup connection Problem

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Hi thereMy Father has been away for awhile. He is now unable to connect to Freeserve as they have apparently changed their numbers (Anytime). He called their premium rate line and obtained a number which doesn't work. Is anybody having connection problems?Does anybody have somne new anytime numbers for me to give him please?

Answer:Freeserve dialup connection

Try this. Do not put anything in area code put all the number including Area code in Telephone number space. To do this, double click My Computer Double click on Dial-Up Networking then right click on Freeserve\properties

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useually my dialup connectioin is around 45.5 kb/s (yeah its slow) but recently the dial tone has been having a long beeeeeeeeep about halfway through when it shouldn't and the connection speed bumbs down to 28.8 kb/s.

windows xp


Answer:dialup connection problems

Might just be a quality issue of the phone line. Have you added anything new to your phone lines recently? (Cordless or wired phone, answering machine, etc?) Can you try connecting your computer to somewhere else to narrow down if it's a problem with the house wiring vs the modem? Might also be a good idea to try updating the modem driver.

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When I use dial up from my laptop (Compaq Armada E500) using the defualt modem I can't access
any website. I can browse with the LAN connection from my office.
Dial up access used to work till two weeks back and I can't recollect of any config changes.
I tried applying the SP3 to resolve the problem but it did not solve the problem.
The only application work is MSN Messenger. I can chat with my contacts but can't go to the chat room.
The dial up connection is alright and I get connected. I tried with two service providers and I get the same problem.
Even the ftp fails to connect to any ftp site and it says "unknown server".
When I use the IE and try to browse "", it fails with an error message "IE can't find the site or something similer to this error".
But I can access the webpage if I give the IP address of the webserver.
If I use nslookup manually it can resolve the name to IP Address.
It looks as if the applications cannot resolve the IP address from the names.
Can somebody please suggest what could be wrong?

Answer:Can't Browse the net using dialup connection

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I am wondering if there is any way to share a dial up connection between two computers. The computer directly connected to the phone line is running xp home, while the other one is running xp pro. Both computers have an eithernet port in them, while one has the modem in it. Is it possible to access the internet on the second one with the first online? How do I go about setting this up?


Answer:Sharing a dialup connection

Installing ICS - Installing ICS on Windows XP

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Please....anyone...tell me if there is ANYTHING I might try to speed up my dialup connection. Nothing else is available to me at this time. I'd appreciate and helpful hints.

Answer:Speeding up dialup connection?

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Running XPPRO ServicePac1 (not A)
Norton AV 2002

Suddenly lost ability to use Dialup Modem

Remote Access connection manager (error 1068) will not start
Remote Access Auto Connection (error 193) will not start

I have gone to microsoft's knowlede base
have: Q273861
829779 racm error message beleive error 711 also
888016 error 1068
273861 add network wizard no show all options

.Down loaded a hotfix Q329441

Uninstalled the modem booted and reinstalled

The modem can be pinged but the Internet Wizard shows the "dialup" as greyed out and unavailable. Lists connection as Broadband only.

This machine is one of three on a local network and the local is fine.
Dell 4400 about 3 years old

Any help or suggetions appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:lost dialup connection

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OE6 problem with dialup connection

Hi all

I have a rather strange problem with OE6 on a WINXP machine. I recently was using a dailup connection and therefore had a connection created in network connections. But now I have changed to ADSL which uses only the local area connection and therefore does not need any dialing up. Now my problem is that whenever I open OE6 it asks me to dial the dialup connection....and to make it more confusing I had deleted the dial up connection!!! so I cant understand what is wrong...

I also chose Never dial a connection in IE and made sure OE6 does not invoke a dialup connection but still ...amazingly (or magically?) the dial up connection is reappearing...

Can anyone advise what the problem might be and any other workarounds?

Answer:OE6 problem with dialup connection

i wud just suggest you to re install or repair oe6 if you have any intallation disk!!!!
now, i kno i was stupid to suggest u that cuz any one can suggest that.............but that's wat i do wen anythin goes wrong with my pc softwares!!

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As is well known, tiscali have had problems with failures to log on to pop3. There status page shows that all is well now but as soon as i log on to outlook express the connection fails,same as before. I can send ok in hotmail and other webmail. I use XP home.I cant even contact tiscali. Any suggestions please.Meshuga.

Answer:Dialup connection cuts off.

Have you tried getting your email via the homepage of tiscali (webmail)

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A friend of mine who connects to the net via a dialup connection has been having problems with being knocked off-line when he tries to access or send email, yet has not been having probs with viewing webpages. He has said his phone line is a bit dicey at present, so it's possible that might have something to do with it. But it seems strange that it only appears to happen when he tries to download or send email. I don't remember having run across this particular problem myself before.

He runs Windows 2000, and uses Outlook Express.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance if you do.

Answer:A problem with dialup connection

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Hey Tech support guys and girls!
All of a sudden my dial up modem (awaiting broadband) started having issues the other night, it would disconnect me every half an hour or so (not such a huge issue) but the major problem is very strange. When i first turn my PC on and connect to the web i get a good 10 minutes of uninterupted browsing, everything will work no worries, then certain things will start dropping off. for example I have been on this site for about 10 minutes now, this site still works, but if I try and open any site that is not allready open in a IE/FF window then it will just simply say it cannot find the page (won't even attempt to try and load it) it sometimes even pops up my connection box asking me if i would like to connect to the internet...when I allready am!

I changed my ISP thinking that they must have had server problems...but the new isp has the exact same issue meaning it must be on my side.

I have run spyware/virus/malware checkers and came up with nothing. It has almost got to the point where I want to wipe my HDD and start afresh.

Maybe it is an issue drtcp can fix?

Here is my hijackthis! log.Please have a look and any advice would be great!

*gives cookies to everybody*

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 12:13:18 PM, on 6/11/2005
Platform: Windows XP (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2600.0000)

Running processes:
C:\WINDOWS\system... Read more

Answer:Hi! Dialup connection issues, I have almost given up!

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I bought a HP Pavilion dv6768se over New Years. I bought it because the HP salesman said that XP Pro could be installed.
The Geek Squad did that and I have an HP recovery section on my hard drive as well as all the discs. I'll eventually go to Vista premium but not now.
Yes, lots of stuff didn't work, but working with support from Microsoft and HP (and finding a real computer guy to do the stuff the "Squad" said worked, but didn't) fixed most of the problems. Except this one.
I travel a lot. I connect to the internet via my hosts' wireless or direct DSL lines--no problem. I have as a dial-up backup in case all else fails. It worked fine with my old Toshiba laptop with XP, but will not connect with the new HP and my jury rigged XP Pro.
When I click “connect” on my dial-up box the HP gives me a notebox that says the "port is in use or not configured".
My device manager doesn’t mark anything in conflict or not working.
Of course, I can still connect to the internet through the host’s connections. says my modem must be faulty.
The Microsoft website already has a driver update for the modem--but only for the HP/ Vista OS, not for this model and any XP OS.
The tech support from India couldn't help (I have learned that if the man on the phone line has an accent just make pleasant conversation and hang up. He couldn't help me find my delete key.)
I am not very knowledgeable (name says it all) and I would a... Read more

Answer:No dialup connection on HP laptop

Do you have a proper XP driver for the modem?

Go to Control Panel - Phone and Modem Options - Modems tab - Properties. On the Diagnostics tag click on 'Query Modem' and see what happens. Also look at View log. There might be useful information in one of those, or maybe not.

On the General tab you could try "Troubleshoot...". I optimistically keep thinking that some day one of those pretty useless Troubleshooting things will actually help.

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Hi! I'm posting this so that I can help my very newbie cousin, who is on a dial-up connection.
She is being plagued by the (quite usual) habit of ISPs to disconnect from the service if it detects inactivity on the computer, which is most undesirable, especially if one is downloading from a website, etc.etc.
Can anybody recommend a small, reliable, simple to install, freeby program which wil keep the connection alive, please?
I used such a device when I was on dialup a few years ago, and it was a great blessing - I could leave my machine on all night for downloads of music (those were the days!).

Answer:ISP disconnects from dialup connection

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I'm trying to setup a dial up connection on windows 7 home premium it only gives me a broadband option please help

Answer:Trying to setup Dialup Connection in Win 7

Do you have a Dial-up Modem installed ?

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I've recently installed a NetGear XA601 Powerline (Homeplug) networking adapter, which works fine on my W98SE laptop. However, my dialup internet connection is dropped after a minute or so if I leave my XA601 adapter enabled. If I disable it, my connection acts normally. Any help is appreciated!

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heyy im having this problem with my DSL. for some reason my DSL keeps gettting disconnected and SIXA takes over by trying to connect and disconnect my original DSL provider !! ;[ im new to this hijack thing and i hope i did this right. pls help me ! heres my hijack file !Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1Scan saved at 2:28:40 PM, on 8/30/2005Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)Running processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\WINDOWS\netinfo.exeC:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXEC:\WINDOWS\System32\task.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\servicelog.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\javavm.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\windupdate.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\WinGmt.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\SDK0mCORE.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\wurxct.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\systerm.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\aim.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\clubbox.exeC:\ms.exeC:\socks.exeC:\WINDOWS\xload.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\mvss.exeC:\PROGRA~1\VERIZO~1\SUPPOR~1\SMARTB~1\MotiveSB.exeC:\Progr... Read more


Hello and Welcome at may have the latest version of VX2. Download L2mfix from one of these two locations: Save the file to your desktop and double click l2mfix.exe. Click the Install button to extract the files and follow the prompts, then open the newly added l2mfix folder on your desktop. Double click l2mfix.bat and select option #1 for Run Find Log by typing 1 and then pressing enter. This will scan your computer and it may appear nothing is happening, then, after a minute or 2, notepad will open with a log. Copy the contents of that log and paste it into this thread. IMPORTANT: Do NOT run option #2 OR any other files in the l2mfix folder until you are asked to do so!

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I've got a win2k PC which was really slow so my local PC shop sold me a new one and copied everything onto the new one. I like win2k and didn't want the hassle of reinstalling software etc so this was a good solution.

It seems though that they've had to do it piecemeal because I'm back to SP3 (was on SP5) and my internet connections were blown away. I've tried to create a new one but when I get to the step where I give my connection a name I get a repeated error saying the name can't start with a .

No probs there, except the text I give doesn't. So I decide to create the connection where windows goes to the global list of isps and I get a message saying that I have an existing connection called .

So, how do I edit this connection (it's not visible anywhere obvious) or delete it. I"m guessing that it's causing the problem with the manual new connect.

Answer:New DialUp connection errors

I fixed this problem but it was a long and arduous process.

In the end I took it back to the shop where they could get me onto the net via their LAN. From there I was able to run Windows Update over and over until all the updates were installed. As soon as SP4 was installed and rebooted everything was ok.

Basically there was some conflict in SP3 which meant that the Remote Access Connection Service wouldn't start.

Without the RAC I was getting lots of errors in the event log but I wasn't looking there


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such as CyberTweaks DialupXP work? I live waaaaaaay out in the boonies and would like to add a little speed to things. Those of you w/ experience please tell me about the pros and cons of these programs.

I've seen services offered as a monthly thing that claim to speed your dialup service to DSL speed also. Any comments on these would be appreciated too. Thanks.

Answer:Speeding up a dialup connection - Do programs. . .

never seen one do much. most just cache stuff for you so you dont have to dl it over and over. some tweak settings that you could on your own

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My sister lives back in the hills and does not have access to broadband. The best that she can have (and does have) is dialup. When she visits me, she will bring her computer and update Windows using my broadband connection. If she upgrades to Windows 10 Home, how is she suppose to get auto updates over a dialup phone line? The auto updates can be large and she would have to keep the dialup connection going for days. Is Microsoft forcing dialup users to remain on older Window versions?

Answer:Auto Updates over a dialup connection

Hey tron I just upgraded to windows 10 and have the exact same question. I know this is an old thread but did you get an answer ?

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My Win98 system has suddenly started to present a DialUp connection dialog box during the boot process. Task scheduler is disabled; there is no entry in the Win.ini e.g. load= or run=, or in System.ini, Startup folder checks OK. Have tried initiating the dialup to see where it leads to but it merely makes a connection and no webpage is opened. There must a number of entries somewhere 'cos I have to hit the cancel button a number of times before the final (10th?) dialog cancels and Windows continues to load...Any ideas please?

Answer:Why a dialup connection dialog during boot?

You may have some spyware installed that is trying to phone home - trickler.exe springs to mind. I may well be wrong but worth checking using Ad-aware click here and Spybot click here

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I'm having problems dialling my dialup connection on my laptop. I believe the modem inside is an MDC V.92 56k modem. What happens is I connect and it detects the dial tone and dials the number fine, then starts making that modem noise, then it just stops on one continuous beep for about 5 seconds and gives me an error that the remote host did not respond.

At first I presumed that meant a problem at the ISP, but I tried another computer in the same room connected with the same cable and the same connection settings and it worked perfectly fine, so I'm convinced its something wrong with the modem.

I tried downloading an updated driver from here:

But then when I dialled it made some really weird noise and failed straight away, so I rolled back to my previous driver and now it's how it was before.

Any ideas?


Answer:Dialup Modem Connection Problems (MDC V.92)

when you hear continuous funny sound, it means that "handshake" between the modems is not taking place.
do you get any messages on the dial-up window? what's the error number?
in your tcp/ipc settings, is netbui enabled?
configure the modem with the correct driver from the manufacturer's website if you can.

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I am soon to install Windows 2000 Server that will have DNS and DHCP servers running and Active Directory because they want separate login for their 70 students. There will be about 16 Windows XP clients and one 56K dialup modem on the server. I understand that I cannot use ICS on the server because of conflicts that will arise with DNS and DHCP. I could use ISA server to give Internet access to all the clients but that would most likely be over-kill and they cannot afford it. I would like to know what basic proxy server software I should use? Or is there something in Windows 2000 server that can give shared Internet access to the XP clients apart from ICS?

Answer:Sharing a dialup connection on W2K server when DNS is used

The easiest way is with a proxy server, there are tons of them available. Check with AnalogX and Systernals, I believe one of them had a free one that might fill the bill.

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I'm stuck with dialup. There is nothing that I can do to change it. That's just the way it is. First the hardware. Dell Notebook Latitude E5510. OS = XP Pro. Internet = Local Service Provider (good service). Browser = Firefox (latest version). Email = Thunderbird (latest version).

Here's the problem. If I allow "Windows Updates", my connection speed is cut about in half to about 28 kbps. Normal speed is 50.6 kbps. If I turn Updates off, speed is always 50.6 kbps. It's like the "Update Gottcha" jumps on my dialup connection BEFORE there is a connection and screws up the connection. Is there any way I can delay the Update thing just a little so it still works without messing up my connection?



Answer:Solved: Need Dialup connection delay

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I don't know how to make it work over my network. Anyone out there have suggestions?

Answer:Sharing Compuserve 7.0 dialup connection over LAN

there are a few options, you could run a prog like analogx proxy if you have one machine that dials in, if you want to have a dedicated box to do it you would need a lan modem, they are ok considering you are sharing a dialup connection i have used them in quite a few places (broadband not avaible in all places in our community) they can be ok if you are just browsing the web

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Windows 2000 pro will not create a new conection. the wizard pops up and i choose dial up connection then next then it automatically says " the wizerd is not finished creating the account are you sure you want to quit" i click no and it just pops up the same message. So i tried to manually setup a LAN connection i get through that setup all the way until i get to name the connection and it tells me that the connection name is not valid. Even though this is the connection name that it has given by default. was using an earthlink account and software. one day the shorcut says earthlink cannot be found. called earthlink but of course nothing. any ideas? THANKS

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Have a friend that needed help setting up his Dial Up internet access (no broadband available in his area). Been a LONG time since Ive had to troubleshoot a dialup issue and Im stumped. Heres the sitution:

Dell p4 3.0 with windows XP Home

I have verified that the modem driver is installed correctly. He has both an Earthlink and AOL account. So, I click the dialup connection, the phone dials and connects. I open a command box and do ipconfig /all, he is getting an IP address, gateway and DNS servers. I can physically ping the gate way and dns servers by IP. I am however NOT resolvng DNS (ie ping does not resolve to a numeric IP addy). I understand that this is the problem. Opening IE7 i get the page not found. Downloaded firefox for him and get the same issue. Recreated the dialup connection, reset all IE7 explorer settings. The symptoms are the some with both AOL and Earthlink, no DNS resolution. Is there something that I am overlooking simple here? Thanks for your help.

Answer:Dialup Internet Connection Issue

Go to START > RUN > Type CMD and hit enter.

Type: ipconfig /flushdns at the prompt and hit enter. See if it works.

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This was very odd and happened a few minutes ago. I was online, two browser windows open when I realised that faintly in the background i could hear music. One window was open at my own website, the other was open whilst I was doing online banking. When I turned the computer sound up I could clearly hear dance music through the computer. There are none of those awful music playing ads etc on my banks site nor my own, so this has got me somewhat puzzled. I logged off the net, the music stopped, reconnected and it was back, tried a few sites and it was still present in the background. I logged back off, reconnected and it was gone.

I'm running a scan to see if there's a problem or virus etc on the computer, but it's got me a bit worried, there's nothing on in my house, I live in a detached with my nearest neighbour a few fields away but know there are often problems with the underground telephone wires. It reminded me of the old days when you picked up your telephone and got a crossed wire on the line, I've never heard of anything like that before happening on dialup. Any ideas please? Is it one of those peculiar quirks or something more worrying? I was after all on a very secure site being my banks banking service. Ideas and thoughts welcomed

Answer:Odd Music in Background via Dialup Connection

You could very well be gettign interference over your phone line from some radio signals.

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I'm trying to get XP to save my logon Password for when I connect via Dial Up, and when I go into into options there's a strange 7-8 password (mine is 4 letters) already entered that I can't change, I do change and OK but it just reverts to the other one.

Can anyone help me out?

Answer:Dialup Connection Password problems

when you try connecting to the internet with that strange password is your connection fine? if thats the case, its just a bogus password. mines also doing the same thing

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This is trivial but it's bugging me so any help would be appreciated....My dialup connection icon in the systray is a rectangular box & I would like the icon to be the same as dialup connection or 2 little computers as it use to be.How would I go about changing this,thanks

Answer:{RESOLVED} dialup connection icon

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I have two computers connected via a router.NO broadband connection. I want to share a dialup connection from one of the machines. I have followed all the instructions, but the client machine cannot connect to the Internet. The dialup connection says it is shared, and works fine on the "host" machine. File and printer sharing works fine between the machines.
Any suggestions?

Answer:Solved: Sharing a dialup connection??

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I recently got the hard disk on a PC running Windows ME reformatted before giving the computer away to a friend. The technician who did the job said be found hundreds of viruses, trojans and worms on the HD despite the fact that a fully up-to-date of Norton AV 2005 is running on the machine. He said he found these viruses using vcleaner.exe. There was no indication of these viruses on the machine and it was working OK - a little slowly, perhaps. A full system scan using the updated version of Norton always found nil infected files. He then alleged that Norton AV definitions will not load efficiently using PSTN (dial up)and on a computer using a 800 mhz processor with 64 mb RAM and 15 GB hard disk. Basically, he was saying that because it takes so long to download an update over a dial up connection, viruses would be getting into the computer during the download.I'm just wondering if anyone would have any opinion on this or does it sound like bulls**t?regardsmjd

Answer:Downloading Norton AV over dialup connection

balderdash to me but not an expert. I know from personal experience when I had Trend PCcillin and was on dial-up that the updates came over fairly quickly and regularly.Downloading the whole programme was a non-starter on dial-up but the updates weren't a problem.

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My sister lives back in the hills and does not have access to broadband. The best that she can have (and does have) is dialup. When she visits me, she will bring her computer and update Windows using my broadband connection. If she upgrades to Windows 10 Home, how is she suppose to get auto updates over a dialup phone line? The auto updates can be large and she would have to keep the dialup connection going for days. Is Microsoft forcing dialup users to remain on older Window versions?

Answer:Auto Updates over a dialup connection

Hey tron I just upgraded to windows 10 and have the exact same question. I know this is an old thread but did you get an answer ?

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Hi,My Mum has just bought a secondhand PC, which is running XP Pro. When she dials Freeserve, the connection icon fails to appear in the taskbar, so she has no reminder that she is connected, or quick way of disconnecting.Any suggestions how to get this to appear? (I can't find anything in the taskbar properties dialog)ThanksAndy

Answer:Missing dialup connection icon

Right click the dial up connection, Properties, under the General tab, tick the box for Show icon in taskbar when connected. Click OK.

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Transferred a Virgin PAYG dialup connection onto a new pc, but it won't stay connected for longer than 3 mins before dropping then redialling. Anyone any ideas? Thanks!

Answer:Virgin Dialup connection drops

What version of Windows was on your old PC and what version is on your new one? I had exactly the same problem. I had 95 on my old PC and XP on the new one. Nothing the Virgin techy guys suggested worked and in the end they said it was probably down to XP and suggested I go back to 95 since it worked ok on that!! They became my ex-ISP that day.

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Using Windows XP with broadband supplied by BT with a separate, (plugged in) router, a dial up connection box quite frequently pops up and cannot be cancelled out of the way without it takes me offline. Have tried various things through control panel but to no avail. Should I remove the old modum from the computer? Grateful for any ideas.

Answer:dialup connection box interferes with my broadband

tools/internet options/connections and tick never dial a connection apply and ok should solve it.johnny.

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Hey all....
I'm in need of a bit of help. Sometime Sunday afternoon my system became UNABLE to connect to the web/email servers. My actual dialup connection appears to be ok. It connects at approx. 49k (yeah...I know it's SLOW). Moving on though.....I can connect to my ISP, but cannot access the mailserver, NOR can I acess ANY websites!!! I've already contacted the ISP and once physical connection is ok. Following is the HiJack This log. Please take a look at it and any advice is greatly appreciated.
Logfile of HijackThis v1.97.7
Scan saved at 4:20:08 PM, on 5/11/04
Platform: Windows 98 SE (Win9x 4.10.2222A)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:

Answer:Funny Problem with Dialup Connection

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All of a sudden my friend cannot save the password in her dialup coonection as the option to save the password has been greyed out. The O/S is Win 98Any advice as to how to get back the original setting to save the password would be much appreciated.TIA

Answer:Can't save password in dialup connection

click here &/or click here. G

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when I dialup like normal it shows the eart icon & says its connected but when I open the browser page it says it can not read the page. no pages will load at all of any kind not even home page. then I click diognostics button it says 'connect cable to network' but its already connected. I don't know how to fix this issue please help. refreashing the page does nothing to make anything load, cashe is already cleared so im not sure what exactly it is if its a browser problem or if its a connection problem? but the thing says im connected & onl8ne connection 2 dialup & it shows everthing is fine but the page absolutely wont load anything at all. how do I fix this?

Answer:dialup connection page error


Originally Posted by Gogandantes

when I dialup like normal it shows the eart icon & says its connected but when I open the browser page it says it can not read the page. no pages will load at all of any kind not even home page. then I click diognostics button it says 'connect cable to network' but its already connected. I don't know how to fix this issue please help. refreashing the page does nothing to make anything load, cashe is already cleared so im not sure what exactly it is if its a browser problem or if its a connection problem? but the thing says im connected & onl8ne connection 2 dialup & it shows everthing is fine but the page absolutely wont load anything at all. how do I fix this?

What browser and what operating system are you using ?
Also its kind of hard to figure out what maybe going wrong if your not clear enough.
Lets try this for starters, click the start button, click on search.
Type cmd.exe and hit enter thats command prompt console.
Next type ipconfig/all and hit enter.
It should show you being connected and pulling a dhcp ip address from your internet service provider.

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Answer:internet connection sharing (AOL dialup)

Can someone help me with this? Does the software have to be installed on both computers? Im using XP..

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OS is XPP with all the AV, FW, SpyWareBlaster etc. I found the problem in my friend's "Internet Connections" and after resetting to "dial default" it worked. It has happened several times already over a month and no new proggies have been added for several months.

Problem is that he lives an hour away on, at best, a 28.8 KBP/s connection and he's a n00b so it has to be done by phone 'till I can get there. Anyone hear of this? Thanks for any help

Answer:Dialup connection keeps resetting to never dial

Erm, bump?

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Been a while since I posted, but I've run into a problem.

Im running Vista with a Wireless 3G modem (Huawei E220), which is seen as a dialup connection by my OS.

Basically I want to run a program called WC3Banlist which is a game tool for Warcraft 3, however it requires the Program WinPCap, and wants to use a Physical Network adapter, and fails to see my dialup connection.

Basically I want to "Bridge" or whatever, so that my Dialup connection is seen as a network device, eth0, or similar. My connection is pretty much permantely on, but I cant seem to find a work around.

I think it would be "Virtualizing" the connection.

Kind Regards,

Answer:Dialup connection = virtual NIC (eth0)?

Bumping to see if anyone knows anything more, I havent found a work around.

Even a linux solution would be fine, provided I can get the banlsit working under linux.

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I use a CAT5 connection at home and wireless at work. Just today a dialup box has started popping up and I can't seem to turn it off!

Windows XP Home, can you help please?


Answer:All of a sudden dialup connection is popping up

Open internet explorer.
Click tools/internet options.
Click the connections tab.
Check the never dial a connection box.
Click apply/ok.

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Hey Everyone, I am a computer repair technician and I have ran into a problem at work that I have had problems with but have found a fix for it but this problem nothing seems to work. I have (2) Dell Dimension systems both run Windows XP w/ SP2. The problem is the DialUp connection. When you open the connection and click connect it allows you to connect to the internet, it goes thru all the steps in connected and says connected. In task manager it says connected yet the dialup connection says disconnected and when you open it again a new connect dialog comes up. It is connected to the net but only can disconnect when you restart or shut down. I have tried new dialup connections and a removal of the modem device from device manager and phone & modem options in control panel. Nothing has worked so does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks for your help!!!

Answer:DialUp Internet Connection Problem

If you open Internet Options in Control Panel, then click the Connections; which of the 3 dial selections is highlighted? I would suggest trying "never dial".

Of course, then you will have to manually dial out.

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When I start my computer, he automatically wants to dial the internet after about 5 minutes. When I cancel this, the problem doesn't reoccur, but I would like to remove this issue altogether.
I check my virusscanner settings, removed all unneeded tools from the systray, cleaned out my startup folder entirely, but still my computer wants to dial the internet.

Any suggestions ?

Kindest regards,

Answer:Dialup connection starts after 5 minutes

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Hiya Guys,

I use an snmp monitoring tool to monitor our LAN network.
When there is a device error on our LAN an error is sent via dialup connection to the internet.

I have notice that the LAN Connection drops on the monitoring PC as soon as the dialup connection for sending email is connected ?

Any ideas how to stop the LAN from disconnecting..
I thought this might be something to do with connection metric but I set the dialup priority to a high number ( low priority )
LAN still disconnects as soon as dialup makes a connection.

I want LAN to stay active while dialup active.

any help please.


Answer:LAN Connection drops when I use Connect via dialup

rwaldron, Welcome to the windows 7 forum.

Something tells me that the drivers for the modem are asking for an IP from the dialup internet and that is what is disconnecting you from the LAN connection. Why do you use dial up when the system can send out email via the lan connection, if you have internet access on your lan???


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I am on holiday at the inlaws. While stuck there last year (2003) with a broken leg I rid their computer of virus's (thanks TSG) and established another connection through my ISP. It is still there so using the computer I just dialup through my ISP and the connection speed varies between 28-32 Kbps.

They asked if I could set up the nephews new Xmas pressie - a cheap laptop from a bulk store. I set it up downstairs on the phone line in the spare bedroom and used my ISP. The connection speed was >50 Kbps.

On my own laptop at home in a rural area I get 40-42 Kbps but if I visit a major city close by the connection is often > 50Kbps.

What decides the speed? I assumed it was the integrity of the phone lines (the difference between rural and city). Others have told me which ISP is faster (but even on the inlaws ISP the connection remains 28-32 Kbps). It could be the modem but the upstairs computer is just over a year old, top of the line, expensive computer while the new laptop is a cheapy.

All computers mentioned are running XP. Not sure how to see what modem is included - the connection here (upsatirs) says Conexant HSF V92 56K PCI Modem which I am sure is the same as my laptop at home. Both are Compaq. The new laptop is a Dell and I haven't looked what modem it connects with.

Any ideas? Just curious but if I can increase the dialup speed of the upstairs computer it would be great!

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I am trying to make a dialup connection from a laptop running xp service pack 2 but cannot make a connection. I am in the UK and have tried various ISP settings but none work. The same settings on a second computer connected to same phone line do work.

When I attempt a connection it sounds although a telephone number with a lesser number of digits is being dialled and then I get the standard BT 'the number you have dialled is not recognised message'.

I have tried the obvious:
Checked the modem is installed and working.
Com port is enabled
Modem settings are okay
Number is correct.

But still no joy!!!

Does anyone have any other ideas!!!


Answer:Unable to make a dialup connection

various isp settings, each is unique and you usually need a login/password to get in.

in control panel/modem what happens when you do the diagnostic check?

what com is being used for the modem?

in device manager is the right modem installed?

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I am trying to enable a new Incoming Connection but get a message saying "Incoming connections depend on the Routing and Remote Access service, which was unable to start".

I have a standard 56K modem installed, using a telephone line.

The computer is a stand alone system, running a local application where Internet access is not required.

I do however need to access the PC from time to time and dialup is the only option.

Is there a work around as it appears that Windows 7 needs to identify a Netork befor starting the Routing and Remote Access service?

Answer:Incoming Connection using a dialup Modem

“ALLOW REMOTE DESKTOP CONNECTIONS to this Computer” is enabled but makes no difference.

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I use windows 98se with dial up modem.When the window appears for my connectionthe box to tick to remember user name andpassword is greyed out so I have to enter them every time which is a pain.Any help please?

Answer:Can not save password on dialup connection

Have a look click hereand click here

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whenever i disconnect from the internet after having something like cs or trillian or xfire open, it automatically starts to dial again, no matter how many timkes i click cancel, what do i have to go in and set so it automatically doesnt keep trying to dial a connection

Answer:dialup keeps dialing a connection HELP IS NEEDED

In your Internet Explorer Properties Connection tab, uncheck the
"Dial whenever a network connection is not present" field.

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It might not be anything. Just a temporary loss of bandwidth on the phone line, but I was fooling around with some Firefox tweak utilities and, at the same time, had just installed AntiVir antivirus, when I noticed that my online bits per second had gone from about 45000 to around 31000.

I am using a dialup connection and trying to fix up this older computer for my neighbor, but this bothers me! Like I said, everything was working fine even after I tweaked Firefox, but it seems like when I installed AntiVir, things changed.

By the way, the tweaks I used for Firefox are "Tweak Network Settings" and "Firetune". But what else controls the BPS settings in Windows XP. Is there something I could have messed up in Network Connections or something? Maybe deleted too many registry entries with RegCure or what not?

If I can't get my dialup speed back to 45000 BPS, I might uninstall, then reinstall Firefox, maybe even uninstall the antivirus! By the way I have set up a manual network connection. I am not using any dialup software from AT&T.
And I'm just using Firefox, not IE. Suggestions are welcome.

Answer:Loss of speed on my Dialup connection!

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how do I change my dialup to a cable connection?

Answer:change my dialup to a cable connection

By contacting your local cable company and ordering.*************************

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I'll be brief and detailed. Bare with me...I'm a dialup user. Yes. Dialup isn't dead yet... who knew? My problems started when Zone Alarm Free started taking alot of CPU for no apparent reason and it was getting in the way with other programs. I decided to disable it while offline, but more than often did I forget to turn it back on before connecting to the internet. As I feared and later discovered, svchost.exe somehow changed it's normal behaviour and started consuming 100% CPU after several insecure online sessions, and always when I was attempting to establish a connection with my ISP. I had several computers display that pattern before, and my usual temporary fix was to manually terminate it from the Task Manager.Somehow, I decided having to terminate that process every time I turned on my computer was too annoying, and so I decided to do a small google search online to figure out a solution. And so, this little link popped up:hxxp:// followed the instructions EXACTLY as they guy there described them... however, I encountered a problem in the second to last step:When Windows Update Agent finishes installing, Click Start > Run, choose the Browse button and find the WindowsXP-KB927891.exe file you saved before, press Open, then OK. Follow the prompts as it installs.I encountered an error saying that since my OS was in a different language (mine is in spanish), the instalation could not procede.I immediatel... Read more

Answer:Can't establish internet connection through dialup...

Hello Magil and Welcome to BC, Did you try running system restore, and restore your system back to the way it was before you attempted that fix.Worth a try ,after you can connect to dial/up again then deal with your memory usage problem. cheers

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I am constantly (about 75% of the time) unable to connect to my ISP via a dialup connection. My ISP has checked all the settings and everything looks OK. The computer is only three months old and has always had this problem. The only way I have found to overcome the problem is to re-boot the computer when I find I fail to connect. The phone number rings through I believe but the computer fails to complete a "handshake". Sometimes the connection is made OK so the password etc. must be alright.

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