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Putting Arris TG862 Modem into Bridge Mode cuts off internet

Question: Putting Arris TG862 Modem into Bridge Mode cuts off internet

I received an Arris TG862 modem from Time Warner Cable quite some time ago and have generally avoided it until now. I had always assumed that the TG862 was already in bridge mode and that I was only using my NetGear R6300 router for wireless, firewall etc. Recently, I was trying to open ports through my R6300, but no matter what they would always remain closed.

Sometime later, I realized that my Arris modem was most likely to blame, so I turned off both its firewall and wireless and switched it over to bridge mode. After restarting the modem, I am unable to connect to the internet. I can still connect to both my router and my modem's login page via the cord that goes from my modem -> router -> computer, but my router is not getting anything. I tried restarting my router as well, but that does not seem to help my situation. In my router's login page, it clearly tells me that the router is receiving no internet from the modem.

For now, I've factory reset'd the modem and the internet connection is fine but I still need to put the modem in bridge mode.


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Preferred Solution: Putting Arris TG862 Modem into Bridge Mode cuts off internet

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Putting Arris TG862 Modem into Bridge Mode cuts off internet

can we see a ipconfig /all when connected just to the modem please

ipconfig /all

We would like to see the results from an ipconfig /all - post back the results in a reply here.

If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post the results in a reply here.
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the file and paste here.

If you do not have another PC - do you have a phone connected to the internet - can you photograph the result and post the image in a reply
Note: you will see entries named Tunnel adapter Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface: we dont need to see that information - JUST the information above those entries

For Windows 8
To open a Cmd Prompt or an Administrator Cmd prompt from the Desktop.
Use Win + X and choose Command Prompt or Command Prompt (Admin) from the list.​
For windows version, XP, Vista, W7
Hold the Windows key and press R

Now type CMD

Now press Enter to open a command prompt box (A new dialogue box - black with white font, will appear on screen ):​
In the command prompt window that opens, type the following command:

Note that there is a space before the /ALL, but there is NOT a space after the / in the following command.

ipconfig /all > network.txt & network.txt ​
It will export the results into notepad and then automatically open the notepad and display on your screen.

Now all you need to do is copy and paste those results into a reply here
to do that:
From the notepad menu - choose Edit - Select all
all the text will now be highlighted
From the notepad menu - choose Edit - Copy

Now go back to the forum - goto the reply and then right click in the reply box and paste the results.
The results from the notepad should now appear in the forum reply.

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I have got internet and they gave me an all in one arris tg862 cable coaxial modem and router.
works fine downstairs in the house but not upstairs, I have another coaxial point upstairs however. so usually i have to unplug the router downstairs and move it upstairs whenever i want internet there.
I was in a fleamarket the otherday and happened to see another arris tg862. I bought it
I am worried about being charged twice by the internet provider for having two modems in the same house.
is there a way to connect the second as a repeater or wifi extender.
I just want to spread my wifi connection all over the house.. pulling my hair out please help!!!

Answer:arris tg862 as wireless repeater

I should add neither modem has a WAN port, and both are the exact same cable modem.

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Advice please!
I have a Linksys wrt1900ac (router only) and have been using my old Netgear dg384 in bridge mode successfully until yesterday when it lost power.
The 2 options I was thinking about replacing the Netgear with are: Billion 7800nxl or Linksys X1000
Will any basic modem/router do?
Any suggestions? I only need it for bridge mode.....some other details: live in Australia, using ADSL2, national fibre optic access coming soon, looking for something cost friendly under $150,
Any help appreciated

Answer:Which modem/ router to buy for bridge mode ?

If you only expect to use the modem/router in bridge mode (acting as modem only) why not just get a modem instead of a modem/router? (I don't have any suggestions for either, as I only have experience with cable service.)

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I've got a Thomson ST546 DSL modem/router and a Linksys WRT350N running dd-wrt v24rc4. I want to have my Linksys router do all of the routing work, as the current setup is rather shaky with both trying to act as routers (double NAT and all that).

From what I've been able to find in researching this myself, it appears that it should be possible to set the ST546 to run in bridge mode, which will then allow my WRT350N to do all of the work. However, everywhere I've seen that calls this setup the solution doesn't bother to say how it's actually done. Apparently it's assumed that I'll know how to do it, which isn't the case .

Do any of you have experience with this type of setup and have more information as to how to get things properly setup? If you need any clarification of what I said, don't hesitate to ask.


Answer:Can't figure out how to get DSL modem into bridge mode

This is a very device-specific question. You need to download and save the manual(s) locally. You also should prepare by recording all your ISP settings, passwords, phone numbers, and by getting to know the modem-router and your dedicated router before making changes. Exporting the settings could be a good idea. All these because once you start mucking around, there's a chance that it'll be some time before you get it all working and you're back online.

From the User's Guide:

You can also connect to the Internet using a Broadband PPPoE dial-in application.
The PPP over Ethernet connection scenario provides PPP-like dial-in behaviour over
the virtual Ethernet segment.
To be able to use a broadband dial-in application on your computer for connecting
to the Internet, the SpeedTouch™ needs to be configured for Bridged Ethernet or
Routed PPPoE (with PPPoE relay) via the SpeedTouch™ Home Install Wizard on the
Setup CD or the embedded Easy Setup. .Click to expand...

(Which has no details on the embedded Easy Setup other than how you launch it.)

In theory, it should be simple to set up.

1. Connect directly, get into web interface.
2. Save settings.
3. Set it into bridged mode via wizard (it should be "Easy", right?).
4. Connect router to modem
5. Connect to router, get into web interface (might need DHCP release/renew)
6. Set... Read more

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I am currently using a 2Wire 2701hg-b gateway to connect to my AT&T ADSL.

My plan is to put a Netgear Nighthawk R8000 behind the current "Gateway".

Because bridging the 2701 is essentially turning it into just a Modem - should I get a better Modem instead.
The 2Wire 2701 is almost 8 years old. (Surprisingly, I have never had a problem wired or wireless)


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Hi guys,

I have an ADSL TP-Link modem model TD-8817 version 6. I want to configure it in bridge mode. The only thing I know about that is my VPI is 0 and the VCI is 35. Does anyone know how to do that step-by-step please?


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I recently installed a wireless router behind my modem. My service provider is Qwest(DSL). There is a surveillance system hooked up to the LAN. The cameras were able to be viewed whereever I had an internet connection. Ever since the router was installed, I am not able to access the cameras. I am positive the correct ports have been forwarded on the router and on the modem. I have tried to put the modem into bridge mode by doing the following:

cbos> enable
password prompt: [enter] or your exec password
cbos# set nvram erase
cbos# write
cbos# reboot
Welcome message, hit [enter]
password prompt: [enter] or your exec password
cbos> enable
password prompt: [enter]
cbos# set bridging rfc1483 enable
cbos# set int wan0-0 disable
cbos# set int wan0-0 vpi 0
cbos# set int wan0-0 vci 32
cbos# set int wan0-0 enable
cbos# set bridging management enabled
cbos# write
cbos# reboot

Once I input these commands I wasn't able to access the internet at all. I had to put it back into the PPP configuration. I s there anything I can do so that I am able to view the cameras and keep the wireless router that I installed? Is there a different set of commands I need to use for my application? Thank You!

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Can I set like these. Can we access ? The router can get IP as automatic ?

Answer:Help setting IP for ADSL modem router (bridge mode)

If the modem/router is in bridged mode, that will essentially disable the router functionality of the the modem/router

Also, your router will think that anything in the 192.168.0.x subnet range is behind it, not in front of it.

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I've just set up a modem to work in bridge mode going wired to my router. Is there any way to access the modem settings while it's still in this configuration instead of connecting it directly to a computer?

Answer:How to access an ADSL modem settings when it's in bridge mode

Unless it was assigned a static ip you'll kneed to reset and access it using 192.x.x.x or 10.x.x.x. , at least the ZyXel ones where I work require this.

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Ok so im not up on computers but I know a little bit about Routers and connections but not alot. So my problem is that I have a double NAT for Xbox Live, I had my Modem in bridge and had my NAT's Open so I could connect with everyone I wanted to and then someone in my family was haveing internet problems reset the modem causing it to be reset and now everytime I try to bridge it I lose internet connection and cannot regain it unless it is reset. Might I add the first time I put the EQ 660R into Bridge I had no idea what I was doing lost internet connection and then tapped the button on the back of the modem to reset it and got internet connection with all NAT's open on Xbox Live, But sadly it wont work this time. Help Anyone also my router is a DLink DIR-655

Answer:Solved: EQ 660R Modem/Router Bridge mode help please.

I fixed it

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I have a Netgear DGN2200 (N300 Wireless ASDL + Modem Router) that I got from Goodwill. There is no WAN port behind the router... only LAN ports I see. How do I setup my Arris Cable modem to this Netgear Modem Router? I need help PLEASE!

Link to Netgear DGN2200:

Link to Arris Cable Modem (PDF):

Answer:Netgear Modem Router & Arris Cable Modem

if its ADSL you cannot use it as a router on a cable modem, its designed to connect to the telephone line and has a modem within the device

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My network set-up worked fine with a D-Link 1522 in bridge mode (WDS). The 1522 is an n-speed device. I wanted to upgrade to ac-speed, so I set up an a TP-Link AC 1900 as a bridge on the 5.0 band.

My home network consists of a first-floor cable modem/wifi router from Comcast, and a second floor "home office" with two desktops, an occasional laptop and a laser printer. Right now, all the home office systems are hard-wired to a GigE hub, which talks to the bridge to communicate to the cable modem on the first floor. Signal strength is not an issue on either band.

I originally set up this arrangement when wifi speeds were much lower than they are today. In particular, one of the desktops is the "backup server," running Retrospect Professional. (highly recommended, btw). Backup speed is important.

Since I have installed the TP-Link AC 1900 as a bridge, I have had only grief. When I ping the cable modem from one of the desktops upstairs, I get a lot of timeouts or destination unreachable. Even though I've locked down both wireless devices to channel 44, the bridge stops working until I change the MAC address of the cable modem port to connect up with.

So, is this this TP-Link a complete POS that I should simply throw away? I never had these problems for years with the D-Link 1522.
Given ac-speeds, should I just put wireless cards into the home office desktop systems and get a wireless print server for the laser printer?

Thanks. I might also add that I... Read more

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I have my main computer with the following setup

Windows Vista connected to the router then to the modem in Bridge Mode (so that I can use NAT1 with my PS3), thus internet works fine for both, my Main Comp (Desktop) using PPPoe and PS3 using a wireless connection between my router but also through PPPoe.

However, in terms of my secondary computer (Desktop), I have a USB Wireless Adapter, but I do not seem to be able to find the configuration for going on to the internet through the router but to use PPPoe.

The following are my products

Router - D-Link DIR-625
Adapter - D-Link USB Wireless Adapter DWL-G122
Modem - SpeedStream 5200


Answer:Solved: Modem Bridge Mode + Router + USB Wireless Adapter Configuration

I'm a bit confused. If you're connecting PPPoE with two devices, that indicates you have two modems, which sure doesn't sound right. What are you really doing here?

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Question: Arris Modem

Our phone just stopped working. We have a Arris Modem 4 lights are solid green, phone 1 and 2 blink green, and the battery does not light up. The phone just has a busy tone, but rings for an incomming call - still just a busy tone. Any ideas?


Answer:Arris Modem

The exact model would help. I'm assuming this is a cable modem with VoIP phone support? Did you reset the modem and see if it fixes it? Do you also have Internet access through the phone? Does that work?

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Question: Arris TM822G Modem

Thinking about getting rid of the rented Comcast modem, and buying a Refurb Arris 822G, about $70.00, is this a wise choice, have the triple play, can this modem be used with my Asus router?

Answer:Arris TM822G Modem

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I just got new cable internet service with an Arris cable modem. I have an ActionTec router which I have used for sometime, across various connections.

I connect the Arris Modem's LAN out to the WAN input on my ActionTec and it reads the signal fine as it normally would. Only problem is that the "internet" light never turns green. In other words the ActionTec does not recieve internet connectivity from the Ariss modem. I need it to work so I can use my Wi-Fi laptop (the Arris modem does not have WiFi).

I have tried restarting both and that was no help. I tried plugging the Arris Modem directly into the PC to ensure there is internet connectivity and everything checked out.

Any ideas?

Answer:Arris Modem & ActionTec

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Recently I have set up 2 PCs trying to connect to internet sharing a single broadband, using Win98SE's ICS.

After setting up host PC and client PC, I could not get the client PC to go to the internet.

I suspect it is the DSL Modem/Bridge which does not support NAT, hence does not allow internet connection sharing. I checked my DSL modem, it is a Prolink Hurricane 9000/B, the manual says it is in Bridge mode, no router mode.

The funny thing is I am able to connect to Internet using this DSL modem, but my client PC can't.

Pls help. In dire straits. Any other solution? Such as using a 5 port switch?


Answer:DSL Modem/Bridge does not support Internet Connection Sharing?

If you are using Windows ICS then your modem doesn't have to support anything. It is the computer you are running ICS on that does the routing.

What exactly did you do trying to get the connection sharing going?

You will save yourself from a lot of headaches by getting a router. Either a small box from a store or any old junk PC with some firewall on it.

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My speed stream 5100 started quoting on me, so had att send me a new arris router/modem thinking it would provide better wifi coverage throughout the house, when I'm really not thinking it will do this. (No antennas on this unit). Current setup is the failing seimen 5100 speed stream with cycsco wrt54g. Any advice? Really just needed to replace the modem and keep using all as I have it. Maybe the arris will work out ok, bit I doubt the range will be sufficient. I have 30 days to return it and can't try it until tomorrow night, at which my service will be turned over to the new uverse stuff. We rely on the wifi for our cell phones so I gotta figure this out quick. I don't even see a way to use my cysco extender with this arris unit. Damn, should have ckd this out more before pulling the trigger. However att told me I'd have to use this newer unit. My kids bedrooms are a ways away from the location of PC where router sits and I need that range of wifi to make it to them.

Answer:New uverse arris router/modem

It looks as if I must use their modem/router, but I should be able to bridge my cysco router to this att unit, correct? And I should still be able to connect my 2 tvs using my current cat5 cables, into the cysco? I just wanna bypass the att arris router altogether and just use its modem. Thinking the cysco unit better for wifi with its antenas. Gosh what a mess!

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Hello all. strictly speaking of WAN speeds here. no wifi.

at the recommendation of my cable company (TWC), i got a free modem upgrade. Arris TG862. (docsis 3). my older modem (forgot what brand) was only rated at 47ish mbps max.

i'm paying for 100mbps but i found out that my router (Linksys BEFW11S4) was capping me at 20mbps. which I thought was odd cause even though my router is pretty old, i thought it was advertised/rated at 10/100.

at least this newegg site says it's 10/100. WAN
because of this, i decided to scrap my router and use the built-in router of the arris modem to plug in all my pc's and enjoy the super fast speeds. but i'm getting weird lag issues. If i used my search terms correctly, I think it might be DNS issues?

the actual symptoms are: if i type for example: or, it will take a long time before i actually see my browser actually start loading the page. as if it's poking around the net knocking "anyone home" and not getting a response till like 10 seconds later and then the page loads instantly. sometimes it won't even load it'll get a connection time out. but a quick refresh and it's instantly fully loaded. and my speedtest speeds are definitely at over 100. but that intermitten hangs are ultra annoying.

very very very annoying and I'm hoping to get some insight as to what might be causing this and how I can ... Read more

Answer:Network Advice plz (regarding Arris Modem)

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i am running xp but we used to have a computer that was running vista and the new computer wont recognise the modem

Answer:how do i connect xp to arris modem tm602g

Heres your best bet aside from calling their help

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Hello there. I've been having numerous problems with my Arris Touchstone Telephony tm602g Modem, and I am looking for assistance. I am set up with Cogeco running TV, Internet, and recently added, phone service. After switching from bell to cogeco, we switched from a wired modem to a wireless modem, this one. We used to use a linksys, but because of the new modem being wireless, the linksys is on the table being a paperweight. We currently have a desktop computer and a laptop using the modem for internet computer wise. Allow me to list the problems I have been having.

Phones die out every other day. Randomly, the telephone 1 and telephone 2 lights start blinking, and we do not get a dial tone when we pick up any phone in the house. No phone is off the hook, and the only way to fix it is to turn off both computers, make sure all the phones are not off the hook, then reseting the modem (holding the reset button for 20 seconds).

Laptop loses internet almost daily. I cant explain anything about this because the desktop computer's internet is fine throughout this whole ordeal. We just have to reset the modem 2-4 times for it to work.

The Wii, DS, PSP, and Xbox 360 cannot access the internet. It is not found as an access point when you search for one, even when the portable devices are right next to the modem.

Any help is appreciated. I've tried replacing ethernet cords, attempting to resetup the linksys (I get error 322: No linksys detected), etc.

Answer:Solved: Arris Touchstone Modem Problems

The 602G doesn't seem to be a wireless router, so you must have some other device connected providing wireless networking. If the phone lights blink, there's a problem with the modem. You'll have to have your ISP check into that.

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I need to find the configuration address for an Arris modem. The instructions that I have sya that it should be at the bottem of the modem, listed as an "http." address followed by a series of numbers, but there is no "http" info on th modem. Is there a different way for me to find that number?

Answer:Configuration address for an Arris TM502G modem

In a browser try the following ; ; ;
so will be or .2 or 1.1 just keep trying

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i have comcast hi-spedd internet with an arris modem and need to hook it to my pc via usb not ethernet "broken ethernet port" but it says put in disc to install drivers but vista is supposed to just work with the usb support with no need to install drivers but it still asks for the install disc. How can i hook up my pc to internet with the usb cord? I don't think there is even a driver software for the modem so what do i do?

Answer:arris touchstone telephony modem usb drivers

A new NIC/PCI card is 10 Bucks including the driver cd...this is the way i'd go.

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I received a new Arris Modem from Comcast and could not firgure out why my D-Link router would not work with it. The router worker perfectly with the prior Comcast Business router/modem. And my PC worked fine with the new modem. But when I plugged my computer into the router....nothing!
After reading a bunch of similar posts on the web, I was perplexed since no one had a rational answer. I called a tech savvy buddy who nailed it. I have to say I did notice the router status showing no network connection and no cable connection ... that was the clue.
The modem has a dumb RJ45 port! It needed a CROSS-OVER CABLE!!!
Bingo! all problems solved.

I hope this post helps save some people from the frustration and day of wasted time I experienced.


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I use comcast internet and VOIP service and rent the above modem from Comcast. I purchased the exact model but when I attempt to have it installed (MAC number thing) at Comcast they have now told me twice that my modem will not work even though it is the exact model.

Arris says not true. My modem should work so Arris tech stated.

So I tried again and had no luck. Comcast's tech stated that the modem I rented was the only modem that would work. (Tech stated that Comcast modifies the modem).

Again Arris states this is not correct.

Anyone know where I might go to get addition support/suggestions.

Cliff Leonard Arris dual modem tm402p/110

you need to give comcast the MAC address of your new modem and have them
'hardware provision' it for access. if that fails, tell'm you'll move your account
to Verizon (or whatever your phone company provides).

you might as to speek with a supervisor.

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Hey, I've been trying to get this connection to work for 2 days now and I cant do It. I hope someone here can help steer me in the right direction.
I'm house sitting for a friend and I'm trying to play WoW. I have the game on an external HD and when I try to play it on her comp at her house I get a weird entry point not found error for makesectionglobal not found in kernel.dll
I dont want to mess with her kernel because I don't want to take a chance and brick her comp. so I try to hook my laptop up to her modem by connecting an ethernet cable from my laptop to her modem...I get limited or no connectivity thing. If I attach her modem to a router and my laptop to the same router it says I'm connected and will get an Ip address but I cannot access the internet. I'm assuming the same core problem between my comp and her modem is still there when router is hooked up. I have downloaded the drivers for her modem and my comp recognizes it, still no luck tho. Please help!!! is it only possible to have her comp hooked up to this modem or am I just a networking tard. Do I have to install anything besides the drivers for the modem?

Modem (devil box) - Arris touchstone telephony modem model tm402p
ISP: - Comcast Cable Internet
My Laptop - Dell latitude d600 P.O.S. (still runs WoW tho) Pentium M Windows XP.
Her Comp - HP pavilion 754n, Pentium 4, Windows xp home
Router - Linksys wireless-g wrt54gs - I have no wireless card so I have to hook Up my la... Read more

Answer:Solved: Problem using arris modem on different comp.

Did you turn off power on the modem for 30 seconds when you changed from the router to a computer? Anytime you change the attached device, that's a mandatory step.

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Lost the CD and I need a driver any help appreciated

Answer:I need help finding arris modem cm300a driver

Is that for USB? Try here:Arris USB Driver


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I have a Arris TG862 Modem And Router. With Time Warner Cable Internet. Saturday When I Got Home The Wireless Said "Unidentified Network No Internet Access" I ran trouble shooter and it said windows doesn't have a valid IP configuration. I called Time Warner 4 times and told each person on the phone this and all they did was reset the modem over and over which isn't helping me. I currently using a friends wireless.. Can someone help me with this problem?

Answer:Arris Modem/Routeer No Valid Ip Configuration?

How did TWC have you reset the modem? Did they just have you unplug your modem from the AC outlet? Is this modem a combo modem router or do you have a separate router connected to the modem? To technically reset the router and or modem you need to push in the reset button on the back of the device. Use a paper clip and push in an hold down for 15 to 30 seconds then release.

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Pretty much what the title says. I flashed a WRT-54G v6 w/ dd-wrt micro. All is well (pretty sweet, btw. Never tried dd-wrt before).

I directly plug my laptop into the router that is to be bridged to the "master" router. I follow the instructions on the wiki and

Now I am getting DHCP IPs from the master router and I can see everything on the LAN, but I can't access the internet from the client router. What am I missing?

Thanks in advance

Answer:DD-WRT in client bridge mode, can only access LAN. No internet

Does the routing table have a route for pointing to the other router?

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Is this true? While my Zyxel 660 DSL modem is set to "Bridge Mode":

a.) should I still be able to access it's administration page (via as before?

b.) with it in "bridge mode" is it able to cause me problems with respect to me forwarding ports?

Ultimate goal: trying to ftp my ftp home server on port 1234. As you can see here
I have successfully forwarded ports already, but I'm having problems adding this other one.

I have:
1.) opened the port on my ftp server's firewall
2.) forwarded both internal and external ports on my router
3.) when testing it with the open ports tool at
I get a "timed out" error.

Any ideas?

Answer:Solved: Modem in "Bridge Mode" cannot access interface

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Earlier today I attempted to change the setting on my Westell 6100 modem such that it would simply bridge the connection to my Linksys WRT54GS router, basically involving setting the router to bridge only and turning DHCP off. Now I no longer get an internet connection through my router when previously the connection had worked perfectly fine before. I following the steps of cloning the MAC address to the router and have done the proper resetting steps (computer, them router, then modem) but I simply can't get an internet connection through my router. The process to set up simple bridging from the modem what supposed to end up with the internet light no longer turning on but the light turned back on following one of the resets.

Currently, I can connect to the internet through the modem just fine but I get nothing when I include the router. I'm not sure if there are some other settings I'm supposed to be changing as I can't seem to find anything past what I've already done when researching online. At this point I would just be happy reverting the settings I've changed but I don't know how to access the modem now that DHCP is off.

Basically, I'd prefer to be able to get the router working with these new settings but if that proves too difficult (as I've heard it can be when trying to get Westell modems to work with Linksys routers) I'd like to learn how to access the modem and change the settings back to what they were (prefer... Read more

Answer:Solved: Lost internet connection when setting modem to simply bridge to router

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ok i have a belkin n wireless router model f5d8236 and the wi fi doesnt work. i have a arris modem. when i hook the 2 up to enable the wi fi the modem light on the router is blinking orange and then the link light on the modem is blink too. the model of the modem is TM602G arris. could you help me with like a number to call or what to do

Answer:Belkin router wont work with arris modem

Does the ethernet cable go from the modem into the WAN port of the Belkin router?
Explain exactly how you set this up.

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Ok, I am helping a friend over the phone and am having trouble identifying why they cannot acquire DNS or even ping the gateway,
The first laptop connects without fail to the wireless signal where the second laptop is able to see the signal and acquires and ip address of with a gateway of but we are unable to ping the gateway. I turned off all security features in the modem and laptops that I could think of. it is as simple as an access point right now. Is there something I may be missing that needs to be disabled or enabled? I have verified that there are no static IP's set and that all is set to obtain automatically. when I do an ipconfig /release then renew, it reads that it cannot be renewed while it has its media disconnected leading me to believe that the wireless was turned off which it is not. It is associated to the SSID but with limited does it pull an IP and not able to ping the gateway? Security is the only thing I can think of... any ideas? sorry for the limited information as I am not sitting in from of the computers. it is 2.4ghz, channels - auto, encryption - open. thanks for the help.

Answer:Cannot connect secondary laptop to Arris wireless modem

What version of windows? Vista and 7 firewall default to deny ping.

ipconfig /release then renew, it reads that it cannot be renewed while it has its media disconnected leading me to believe that the wireless was turned off which it is not.Click to expand...

typical issue.
Get the connection and then

get a command prompt
enter ipconfig /all >myTCP.txt
now look for Node Type . . . ?? should be Hybrid

if not, save the attachment, remove the .TXT suffix and save as .REG
dbl-clicking will fix the registry to make Node Type . . . Hybrid

Disconnect from the router after applying the change - - wait 30 sec - - reconnect.

cannot acquire DNS or even ping the gatewayClick to expand...

the DNS is a real problem and the above should resolve that.

* You alread know how to see the tcp config. Here's how to TEST the DNS:

get the command prompt
ping (good timings says you have a PATH in the Internet)
nslookup (if you get back the name, then dns by address is ok)
nslookup (should show you the address
at this point you should be fine.

* your real issue is Internet access, not ping, not /release and not /renew. Yeah they can be useful
but never impact email or browsing.

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hi, by work i mean wont work
i just recived comcasts digital tv, phone service, and broadband internet over an arris modem and have tried connecting my ps2 on line over the modem. when it tests the connection on the ps2, it takes awhile andan error message coems up indicating the operation of trying to connect timed out. i have tried power cycling abd seting up a newnetwork profile on the memory card but ti is the same result. this model of arris modem has an 8 hour battery life, which makes me unsure if im actually power cycling. any help trying to get online with my ps2 would be greatly appriciated. thx

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Comcast cable phone service doesn't work except on phone that is connected directly to the back of the modem. I am using an Arris TM602G modem. I have cable TV, internet and phone service. My internet works fine (except when the phone line is in use) and cable works fine. My modem is connected directly to a Belkin wireless router via an ethernet cable. I currently have two issues with my connection:

1. Phones that are NOT connected directly to the back of the router, but connected into a wall phone jack instead, have no dial tone at all
2. When phone line is in use, I lose my internet connection

Answer:keep losing dial tone using my Arris TM602G modem

Well, those are significant issues!

One reason for the phone wiring not to work is that it may still be connected to the previous wired outside phone company lines. If so, first step it to disconnect that! Next, if you have too many phones and/or other phone line connected equipment, the Arris modem can't drive the load, time to thin the herd The easiest way to do this is using a multi-handset DECT 6.0 wireless phone system, excellent range and a 4 receiver set can be had for less than $100. Plug the base station into the modem, and the others are all wireless.

As far as the phone disconnecting the Internet, that's clearly a Comcast issue, call them and complain!

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I've been using a D-Link EBR-2310 (wired) router in conjunction with Time Warner Road Runner Internet service for several years now. The other day, we decided to upgrade our service to cover telephone as well. As a result, Road Runner came in and replaced our old modem with a new one that works for both telephone and internet. The problem is, the D-link router does not work with this new modem. If I connect the computer directly to the modem, everything works fine. But the modem... no luck.

The model and make of the modem is: Arris Touchstone Telephony Modem, Model TM602G.

What I have tried in a nutshell...

Cloned PC's MAC Address on router
Power Cycled Everything
Updated Router to latest firmware

What I have tried in detail

Normally when the internet is connected, the modem has a "Link" light which flashes somewhat quickly. When it is hooked up to the WAN port of the router, it does not flash. Curiously, though, if I hook it up to a LAN port on the router, it flashes as if it works. But there's still no internet. And when I access the router's settings through a web browser (entering in, it shows no IP address.

D-Link provided a set of step-by-step instructions which I found under their FAQ, how to configure the router to work with cable. They basically went through cloning my PC's MAC address, power cycling both the modem and router in a specified order/duration, and telling the router to renew its DHCP release.

Th... Read more

Answer:Solved: D-Link Router not working with Arris Modem

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i just recived comcasts digital tv, phone service, and broadband internet over an arris modem and have tried connecting my ps2 on line over the modem. when it tests the connection on the ps2, it takes awhile andan error message coems up indicating the operation of trying to connect timed out. i have tried power cycling abd seting up a newnetwork profile on the memory card but ti is the same result. this model of arris modem has an 8 hour battery life, which makes me unsure if im actually power cycling. any help trying to get online with my ps2 would be greatly appriciated. thx

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I have the subject modem which I am using with two (wired) computers. I intend to use a 3rd computer (wireless) via a Lynksys router and adapter (see my prior request). What can I do to ensure security for all 3 computers?

Answer:Solved: Security for ARRIS modem (model TG862G/CT

Use a non-default login password for both routers. Don't allow remote (internet) login unless you need to use that feature.

Protect both wireless networks with WPA2-PSK or WPA-PSK encryption with a strong passphrase. If you are not going to use the ARRIS's Wi-Fi disable it.

Allow physical access to the routers only to people you trust.

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Hey guys. I have a TWC wideband modem and service. I know that they will enable bridge mode if I ask them. My questions are....
After they enable it whats my setup? Do I just run a cable from their modem into a new router that I then set up on my own? Is it that simple?

Answer:Enable "bridge mode" on my TWC modem

Should be that simple. Your router should get a public, routable IP address instead of a RFC1918 non-routable IP address.

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I'm not much of a tech savvy guy so bare with me here, I'm currently having an issue with my router. I have a belkin n450 DB wireless router (model f9k1105v1) that has been having issues resulting in a "no internet connection". after some research on this topic, I didn't find much except that my modem (which is an Comcast arris modem) might not be able to connect to the routers settings. I have tried everything from resetting my Belkin router and unplugging everything, and still no result! - may I add this router is a solid orange colour when. it should be a solid blue - I am aware that resetting the router sets it back to factory default settings. So I guess my initial question being, since I have little experience with this situation, what steps can I take that are a bit easy for a person like me to comprehend? Thank you for your time and knowledge in advance! NOTE- I've had this issue before in the past and I solved the situation from some tweaking with the cords and it worked just fine, except I had to use the default password for the router. Although now tweaking with the cords isn't a solution.

Answer:Solved: Belkin Router not connecting to Arris Comcast modem!

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Having intermittent internet connection issues. Comcast does not show outages in the San Jose area.

After trying the obvious things like power cycling all networking devices, I noticed the cable modem was quite hot. So I unplugged this for about 10 minutes until it cooled off. Things have been running fine since yesterday. The SB6183 is about 1 year old.

Is this likely to be a defective modem, or is there something else likely to be causing problems? Recommend replacing SB6183?

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Hello. I've seen a lot of posts with similar problems here and elsewhere, but so far none of the solutions I've tried (resetting the router, power cycling everything, MAC cloning, disabling UPnP, changing RTS, fragmentation, and beacon settings, etc) have worked. My parents got the Comcast bundle with phone and now the internet doesn't work unless the PC is connected directly to the modem. When I hook up the router I can see the wireless signal with my laptop, but the link light on the modem stays off and I can't get online with either computer. (If I switch things so that the computer is hooked to the "internet" port on the router and the modem is connected to one of the four other router ports the link light blinks like it was online, but doesn't actually work.) When I go to the router status I get all zeros.

Without router:

C:\Documents and Settings\Owner>ipconfig/all

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Herb
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Unknown
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
DNS Suffix Search List. . . . . . :

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : ASIX AX88772 USB2.0 to Fast Ethernet Adapter
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-50-B6-0B-89-DA
Dhcp Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration En... Read more

Answer:Solved: Can't get online with WRT160N v2 router and Comcast Arris TM602g modem

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Hi. I'm looking for an easy to follow guide to do the following.

I have an SMCD3GN (from Rogers) that is both a Modem and a Router. I also have a Linksys WRT54G router that I used to use before.

The SMC is giving me a lot of problems. The connection is really bad often and my internet speed drops for no reason all of a sudden. I'm getting fed up and want my old router back.

I know it's possible to change the SMC into a modem (put it in bridge mode) and then connect my router and use the Linksys router instead of the SMC. The problem is, I don't know exactly how to set it up and would really like an explanation.

I already know how to get into the SMC and Linksys settings as an admin.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:How do I put my Router/Modem in Bridge Mode and Use a Different Router?

Nothing about bridging in the SMCD3GN User Manual.

Found two articles that may help you.

Apparently the SMCD3GN has two levels of programming, a user level name/password and then an administrative name/password.

This is probably a better discription of how to do it.

This second article is cited in the first and contains both name/password sets.
Be sure to have the router connected to the modem and the modem's wireless turned off before implimenting the bridging.
According to the articles you lose your ability to access the modem's User Interface unless you do a factory reset which kills the bridge.

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I'm kind of new at this networking stuff. I currently have a DSL Netopia modem model No. 2241N with a regular Linksys broadband router. Everything is running well with this setup. I recently got a Linksys wireless router Model no. WRT54G, by the way I'm running Windows XP Home Edition SP3.

I set it up with all the correct wires in place and it tells me that it cannot connect to the internet. I've been asking a lot of questions and it seem that most of the answers are telling me I need to bridge my DLS modem. If this is the case how do I go about doing that and do I need to tell it to turn of DCHP?

Do I need to do this with the internet running with the old setup, then shut it down and install the new wireless modem and follow the directions from there?

Answer:How to set "Bridge Mode" on modem

Pages 108-110 of the user manual seem to contain the instructions. Depending on your ISP and how this modem/router works you may then have to configure the WAN (Internet) section of the Linksys router for PPPoE or account/password, etc. Make sure you have a pretty good understanding of those pages before proceeding.

A second option, not very good, but it works: change the LAN subnet used by the Linksys router, say to 192.168.3.x. This will give you cascaded routers, as you are now using.

A third option is to use the new Linksys unit as an ethernet switch and wireless access point, as follows.

JohnWill's procedure (Aug. 30, 2008) for configuring a secondary router as a switch and, optionally, wireless access point follows.

Connecting two (or more) SOHO broadband routers together.

Note: The "primary" router can be an actual router, a software gateway like Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing, or a server connection that has the capability to supply more than one IP address using DHCP server capability. No changes are made to the primary "router" configuration.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router(s) to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address, for another router, etc.

Note: Do this first, as you will have to reb... Read more

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I want to use my old router to have wifi. I discontinued my Verizon serivce and started using Charter which supplies an Arris modem, they told me i could simply plug the ethernet cable from the Arris to my wireless router. However on the back of the Actiontec the WAN line is smaller than the ethernet, it is phone plug size. And there are 4 other ethernet ports. Does this mean that I cannot use my Actiontec, is it useless or is there a way around this? I really want wifi and dont want to have to buy another router if I dont really have to . The action tech is GT784WNV

Answer:Can I hook my Cable modem Arris TM822A to my old Verizon actiontec wireless router

You could use the Actiontec as a wireless access point (disable its Dhcp server and connect the modem to a LAN port) but to have internet access on multiple devices simultaneously you need a router. You cannot use a modem/router as a router only.

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Got a problem I cannot seem to solve. I need to communicate with a wifi router that is not itself directly connected to the computer in order to change its channel to improve overall signal quality for the two Wi-Fi routers I have and deconflict with a neighbor's Wi-Fi. The router I need to adjust is connected to the internet through the cable router. It is not directly connected to the computer - thus the Genie program won't talk to it. If I do wire directly to that wi-fi, the internet connection is lost (no cable port to wire it up, unfortunately) and the Genie program won't let me do anything either. So I need to know how to adjust a Wi-Fi router that is acting merely as a wireless antennae to a different router, rather than a direct connection to the internet.


(Background info to save time)

I have a very long house with a lot of metal in it. The Cable drop for internet is in the basement at one end. The cable router has a built in Wi-Fi serving half the house, to which I have (via a LONG cord) connected a second (NetGear) wifi router. Until recently, these have worked fine for the limited internet surfing we've done. This was necessitated by not having good signal at either end of the house if Wi-Fi was in the middle, or no signal at one end if Wi-Fi was left at one end of the house or the other. Thus, two Wi-Fi's.

However - my son is now of an age he wants to play FPS games on the laptop; meaning he needs good ping. ... Read more

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I just switched broadband providers and they switched out my surfboard SB6121 to an Arris TM1602.  Now my laptop won't connect., no matter what I do..
I tried resetting the modem/router,, uninstalling/reinstalling the Dell Wireless WLAN 1501 Half Mini-Card Driver, removing/readding the SSID etc etc...  This is driving me freakin banannas..

Answer:"windows was unable to connect to" - Dell Inspiron 17 (N7010) wifi and new Modem Arris TM1602

You stated you had a new Gateway.  You do not have a Wireless router but are using the Gateway Wireless?  If you are using the Gateway wireless, that does cost extra, if I remember correctly.
You do not state which OS you are using but can you check the status of the laptop and check what IP addresses it might be using?
Are the lights on the Gateway on as they should be?  

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I was there was a similar question to mine and that is what led me to join but it was slightly different problem? I have a mac book pro 10.7.5 for about 2 months it seems not to be able to pick up the modem signal if it is not close to the modem. This is happening at home, and has also happened at another 2 places. It seems that If I hook up near the Modem and walk away to another spot it generally stays connected but not 100% It does drop out and I have to repeat the process.
what could this be?

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Question: Putting in modem

HI there, My friend's modem blew with a recent storm. Where I live cannot get a new one for several days.We need a 56k v90 v92 dial up internal modem. I have a new Dell computer and do not use mine as I have Broadband and an external modem. Would I be able to use mine ( on loan) in her machine.It is a v.9x capable 56k data/fax installed in my DellThanksSue

Answer:Putting in modem

Can't see why not.

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Hi everyone,
I have the following problem : Internet connection is working (I can surf the web without problems) but I can't connect to the local management IP of my modem/router because the login page fails to load.
This is the same for all the net interfaces that I installed on my computer (onboard, usb-to-eth, wireless). I tried them one by one.
My OS is Windows 7 Ultimate (licensed and up to date) and the modem is HG8247H (installed by the provider).
I was able to the connect to this modem in the past. 
Let me state what I tried till now :
~ I deactivated my antivirus (BitDefender) firewall
~ I used 5 browsers : IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari
~ I used a laptop and it connects to the modem without any problems (same thing for a smartphone).
~ I reseted the modem to the default settings
~ I rebooted the system in Safe Mode with Networking and I unistalled / installed the drivers for the network interfaces. The result was that I could log on my modem but only in Safe Mode.
   After the reboot to Normal Mode the access failed once again.
Please help.
Thank you and have a nice day !

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A friend of mine is having a spot of bother with his modem. His words follow:` If I open the search engine e.g. Google, and I`m on line, then type in the address of some other website, it starts to download the site but is very slow and the modem cuts out. The same happens if I open Outlook Express and dial upWhen I check my mail and a message starts to come inbut if it takes over 30 seconds, I get disconnected again.` He is not on BB. Can anyone help please?

Answer:Slow Download &modem cuts out

could be several things try and disconnect all other equipment from the telephone line and try again. if that works plug back one at a time till you find the problem

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i just moved in to an apartment and my internet was working great for the first few days, but i guess people were able to see that my network was unsecured and were able to sign on. My internet connection is as slow as it could be.

could someone help me by telling me how to put a password on this modem.

i have windows vista
the modem is a Netgear wireless cable modem gateway CG814W

Answer:Need help putting a password on my modem

Welcome to TSG.
You probably mean "encrypt" your network.
Your gateway user's manual should tell you how to properly set up an encrypted local net.
Options will probably be:wep.wpa,etc.If available wpa is far superior.
Pick a password using alpha and numeric characters(something unique) and of course write this down somewhere.
Security settings are generally set on the router/gateway's admin page,so you will need to know the userid and password.That also should be in your user's manual.
Once secured,I would run an anti virus and anti spyware scan to make sure that you did not get some "nasties" while you were unsecured.
Hope this helps

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I'm not really an expert on this, but I have put modems in before (and they worked fine)

Started out, when I got my DELL XPS 400, with WIN XP (media edition) a few years ago, the modem that came with it came with Modem on Hold. This was good, it would pop up a box and ring. The on hold feature never worked because it wouldn't disconnect fast enough, but I could disconnect on my own if I wanted to answer it. My ISP supports Modem on Hold.

Last winter, the modem stopped working. My grandson put one in he had, and it worked but the Modem on Hold no longer worked. Said it didn't have a supported modem.

I looked it up and apparently it needs a V.92 modem. So, I got one, and put it in, it worked but still didn't work with Modem on Hold.

I recently decided to try again and bought another modem (from an ebay seller, I didn't realize at the time it was an online computer parts place, and had several reviews for the modem telling about various problems people had with it. One person it kept showing the blue screen, he had to take it out. I didn't see this till after I had bought it, on ebay)

This modem is (internal) Broadxent Performance Connect V.92 PCI 56K modem supports WIN XP (etc) and says works with Modem on Hold.
I put it in today, when it said new hardware, I followed the instructions, cancelling the auto hardware and putting in the CD that came with it.
It said the drivers had to be installed first, I clicked on this, and it brought up a bo... Read more

Answer:Putting in new modem problems

I spent several hours this morning, playing around with it, and got the modem to work (though it doesn't seem to connect faster than 48K).

It didn't work with the Modem On Hold I already had, so I put the software that came with it (NetWaiting) in from the cd and that sort of works. I set it to promp for me to take or reject the call, but it comes up, rings, shows PRIVATE for the number, and disconnects the internet before I have a chance to do anything.

I have Caller ID, Call Waiting and Voice Mail from the phone co.

This is good in a way, at least if I'm online and not right at the computer (to see the Caller ID box I have on the line light up) I hear it ring and know someone is calling.

While talking to my ISP the other day, I learned a tower is in the process of being built and in "around 2 months" they should have wireless internet available in my rural area.

This has been going on for several years, the town wouldn't allow the tower which was several feet more than ordainences (from long ago) would allow, etc. We don't have Cell phone service here (for all phone, anyway) either.

FairPonit bought out Verizon last year (in ME, NH and VT) with the promise to bring boradband/high speed internet to the rural areas, but so far they don't even have a website you can go on and pay your bill, and not much for customer service.

I've had people accuse me of complaining about dialup and it's problems, and being "too chea... Read more

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I don't know if this is where I ask this, I have two computers and would like to hook both of them to my INTERNET modem, and monitor, is this possible? If so what would I have to buy?

Answer:Need help with putting two computers on one modem


Originally Posted by Florence

I don't know if this is where I ask this, I have two computers and would like to hook both of them to my INTERNET modem, and monitor, is this possible? If so what would I have to buy?

if its a router/modem, just but a 5-8port switch

if its a dumb modem, buy a router and configure it for the modem...


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this has been going on and off for the past year.differant OS's {98,then XP Sp2} and it still does the same thing.

it could be playing a game,surfing online or checking mail.the modem will reset itself and won't go back on.the only way to get it back on is to turn it off,wait 10 minutes and then turn it back on.i've changed the ethernet cable from the ethernet card to the router port and no change.i also changed the cable lines from the modem thinking it could be dirty power,but no change.

i use a's a D-Link DI-604 Resid. Gateway 4 port with the latest firmware to allow you to plug in your Ps2 to play online.i also use a D-link Ethernet Card that i bought with the router.right now,touching the router it's warm to the touch.

i'm tired of this problem and i need a fix
anyone got a suggestion?

Answer:Motorola Surfbroad SB 4200 modem cuts out

replace the modem?

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Hi, I recently bought a new laptop and am slowly installing everything onto it from my old one. The broadband modem is a Alcatel Speedtouch USB modem, and i was having problems finding the drivers yesterday until someone kindly helped me on here. The broadband seemed fine and a connection was made. But today Ive noticed the modem icon my toolbar keeps turning from 'green' [performing] to 'yellow' [initiallizing] Im finding that after about 10-15 mins of connection that the icon turns from green to yellow and the connection is lost, the only way i can seem to rectify it is byrestarting the whole laptop. Its sooooo annoying - any ideas anyone?Also, as im putting everything on this new laptop im finding im missing helpful little programmes that i have picked up over the years that just help my internet life smoothly and keep the computer running well....most of them have come from tips on here....can people recommend things i should be looking to put back on, ranging from security and upkeep programmes, to media and audio downloads and more. Many thanks everyone.

Answer:Broadband modem cuts off - and handy downloads?

CCleaner click hereSpybot click hereMS Anti-Spyware click hereetc....Have you tried reinstalling the drivers for the modem?

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I have a Linksys WRT54G version 1 router. My basic problem is I can't seem to connect to the Internet. My PC can connect to the router and it can detect my Internet settings, but I can't actually connect to the net. There's nothing wrong with my Internet connection. I can still connect to the Internet through my old Linksys BEFW1154 v2 router easily.

I've updated the firmware on my Linksys WRT54G router and I've reset all the settings to factory defaults. Originally I had two Vista OS PCs, an XBox 360, a PS3, wired to the router and I've connected one XP OS PC and a Tivo to the router wirelessly. Right now I'm trying to apply my old config to the new router. My primary PC is wired. I've already checked my Ethernet cables and I've made sure that the modem is connected to the plug labeled Internet on the WRT router.

I'm not 100% on the terminology, but I believe I'm only connected to my router locally. Originally my new router couldn't even detect the Internet through my ARRIS tm402 Touchstone Modem. The status page would display all 0s for the dns addresses. My new router wasn't able to detect the net until I contacted Comcast and had them reset my modem. As I mentioned, now my router can detect the net, but my PC can't actually access the net. I thought the problem might be with my PC, but as it turns out my XBox 360 and other PC (which are both wired) also can't access the net. I really need some h... Read more

Answer:Solved: Linksys WRT54G router can't connect to Internet through ARRIS tm402 Touchston

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Question: Bridge out modem

I have a Netgear 58 modem and I need to bridge it out to make it work on an at home work system.

Answer:Bridge out modem

whats the exact model of the netgear

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want to know how i can bridge my modem, and not get kicked off the internet while doing it

Answer:how do i bridge my modem

What kind of modem are we talking about. What operating system and patch level do you have?

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Is there a Bridge or plain modem that does 4GE/LTE? The ISP here have ZTE and Huawei but they are all crappy Routers and have not functionality to turn into a simple bridge.

Answer:4GE/LTE Bridge-Modem Does it exist.

4G USB adapter + Cradlepoint router

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Does a router have to have a specific/special "bridge" mode in order to bridge with another router?

If I have two routers and want one of them to act as a hardwired "extension" of the main router -- i.e., passing through the main router's DHCP to any devices that connect through it -- is this possible to do "manually" on a router, per se, or does a router need to have a special and specific "bridge" mode to be able to do this?

I'm supposing that it does -- although most settings could be set manually (WAN IP, gateway, etc.), I'd guess that the DHCP "pass-through" ability isn't a native function of all/most routers (unless running some type of custom firmware, like DD-WRT).

Answer:Does a router need to have "bridge" mode to bridge?

You would not want the second device to be acting as a router.

Are you speaking of simple home wireless router/access point devices? In that case, just connect the second "router" to the first via a LAN port instead of using the Internet/WAN port. Then ensure you have DHCP turned off on the second "router" and that its IP does not conflict with the first router. You will then be good to go.

The WAN/Internet port on routers is firewalled from the LAN side.

Bridge mode is more for modem/router combos and allows you to bypass the router/firewall side to use your own router/firewall. It is effectively disabling NAT.

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I have a Motorola 3347 modem/router combo that was supplied for my DSL from my ISP. I do not use it anymore and would like to convert it into a bridge so I can connect my non-wireless bd player to it (ultimately making a wired connection wireless...if that makes sense ). Is this possible?



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Hi ,

I have Samsung Wimax modem SMT-S3500, i would like to use it as a wireless bridge , that is to capture the wifi that i have and provide me with a wired ethernet connection to a satellite receiver , any advise on how this can be done


Answer:Can a Wimax modem be a wireless bridge?

I would doubt it, but a link to the manual would help, I don't seem to find that anywhere.

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I have Intel chipset 440bx slot 1 Motherboard with P-III 450 Mhz,AGP slot having SIS 6326 8 MB card & Conexant 56.6 kbps internal Modem.

the problem is that after installing XP it tries to install PCI bridge driver, but fails. Modem is not detected. COM ports are alsdo not taking up any external modem.

Pl. help.

Answer:XP driver for PCI Bridge & Internal Modem

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I want a better (working) internet connection for downloading, streaming and playing games.

I have a Verizon DSL GT704WG router-modem connected to the kitchen computer and a Netgear wpn311 Wireless G Card with mimo on my computer in my room. At most, I get a signal of about 2-3 bars and that's only if its not randomly disconnecting.

My wireless card is connecting to the Verizon router-modem. Instead, to take full advantage of the G mimo, I want to use a new Netgear rangeMax wpn824 v3 router that I bought which has the 10x mimo range and connection.

In other words: I want to know how, if possible, to create a bridge/gateway (whichever it may be) with my new Netgear router so that my wireless card is connecting to the Netgear RangeMax wpn824 v3 router, instead of my Verizon router-modem.

Can someone run walk me through the process of doing so, if it's possible? I know enough about networking to have done everything possible in an attempt to get a better connection such as resetting, disabling ivp6, port forwarding etc. I covered all my bases just to double check, including things I was sure I didin't really need to do. I'm just not too confident when it comes to setting up hardware and such.

I'm on Vista 32bit SP2 and the kitchen computer is running XP 32bit SP2. There is no possibility of directly connecting via Ethernet.

Please, help is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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I want to set up a wireless home network. I have a computer in my office and want to setup a computer for my son in his bedroom. I have a ZyXel P-600 series DSL modem with service through Earthlink. I purchased an Airlink Super G wireless router model: AR430W. I was told I had to bridge them.
How do I do do this?

Answer:Bridge DSL modem with wireless router

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How to bridge a VisionNet M404 Modem? I need to know how to bridge this modem to work with my WRT54G Linksys router, or if there is another way. If someone could help it would be appreciated.


Vista Home Premium 64bit
ADSL 1.5Mbps
Visionnet M404 Modem
Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router.

if there is anything else you need to know just ask.

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Trying to put my parents' PC into Standby mode but the only thing that was closing down was the monitor. What am I doing wrong?Is it okay to leave the PC on Standby all day and then turn off the PC at night?Could someone please tell me the difference between Standby and Hibernate - in very simple terms - and how do you set it up to Hibernaye?

Answer:Putting PC Into Standby Mode

Standby continues to supply power to RAM and certain other system components with the aim of keeping your Windows session in memory. It powers up quickly.Hibernation saves the contents of RAM to a portion of the HDD with some appended data, then shuts down everything completely. To all intents and purposes, it is the same as a shutdown, bar the fact that Windows cannot perform the tasks that it normally performs at shutdown. It boots up quite quickly.

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Alright, I recently got a D-Link DIR 655 Router and a Vigor 120 Modem. From what I know, I need to set my router to do PPPoE (Seems simple enough, put in my username and password and the Primary and Secondary DNS servers are automatically found so nothing needed to be added there) However I couldn't connect to the internet after that, as far as I know I need to set up a bridge with my modem. I have the router and modem connected but I do not know what to set up in the modem itself so it forwards whatever the router sends to it. Sorry if I seem like I'm talking no sense. I'm stuck here.

Answer:Setting up a Ethernet bridge with new router/modem

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I was having a hearty debate with my roomate. He said DSL (modems) bridges are actually modems (modulator/demodulators). Huh???!!!!

I told him modems are either internal cards or external boxes that are set up and configured for ppp (point to point protocol) and dial up connections only in reality.
In my networking class... I was told that dsl boxes from the phone company are not actually MODEMS (modulator/demodulators), but rather BRIDGES.

I also mentioned if a phone modem is used whether internal or external only then are the digital signals are actually converted through the MODEM from analog to digital signals (mod/demodulated) via the modem or network card in the pc and then through the OS for tcp/ip as well.(such as windows).

I'm hoping the man (like some cool network engineer)...will settle this debate once and for all.


The hardware we're debating about is a paradyne - ReachDSL - Hot Box

Answer:Solved: Please..settle the debate once and for all about dsl bridge or modem!

Just do a web search and you'll find your right in MOST cases. In a majority of the cases they are just bridges that have been called modems. I think there may be a "quirky" connection out there but I have yet to see it in my experiances.

Basically there is no "converting" of the signal except from the topolgy standpoint of ethernet to coax/or in DSL terms to standard phone lines.

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I followed the guide
and I ran into the router not knowing the gateway/ip address/subnet mask.

SO I want to undo it but the option isn't there, all I have is in the screenshot. I turned the router back to DHCP on and everything but since I cant change the modem back what's going to happen?

Answer:Solved: Trying to bridge modem, running into a few problems

You will need to do a factory reset of the modem. This will require that you redo the modem setup.

Disconnect the phone line and ethernet to the computer.
Hold the Reset Button on the back of the modem down for about 5 seconds then release it. Takes it about 3 minutes to do the reset.
Follow the Windstreeam instructions for installation.

What is the make and model of the router? Can give more specific instructions if we know that.

General Instructions for router s connected to a bridged modem.
On the router's WAN setup page.
Select PPPoE as the type of connection.
Enter your user name and password.
Select autoselect (DHCP) for the WAN IP.
Select auto for DNS server address.

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For some reason, my Zoom 5615 will not connect to the internet. Is there some reason this would happen? It's a bridge modem for God's sake. It should be automatically connecting through PPPoE, whether through router or direct connection to computer.

I am also trying to use a DIR-655 (on both of them).

It's weird. At some point it worked (on both of them). After alot of resetting and power cycling. But then it just stopped working. And this is happening on two of them, one I bought for a friend and one I bought myself. Hard to say it's a faulty modem although I guess it's possible.

Answer:Cannot connect with DSL bridge modem and wireless router

call your service provider... you are paying your bills right?

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For the past week my computer will sometimes put itself in sleep mode while I am using it. It doesn't matter whether I'm playing games, word processing or on the internet.

Answer:Computer Putting Itself In Sleep Mode

Could be a hardware problem. How old is it? Are all the connections okay?

Is it working off a battery? Is it set to shut down when the battery is low?

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I recently purchased a Sony Bravia XBR55X900E tv and I connect my pc to it via HDMI.  Here's is my setup:

Dell XPS 8700 connects to HDMI 2 on Sony TV.
My TV receiver connects to HDMI 1 on Sony TV.
My Sony AVR connects to HDMI 3 on Sony TV, strictly for audio purposes (ARC).
Logitech Harmony one universal remote.

My issue is this:  Whenever I switch between activites (example PC to watching TV), after the TV switches to HDMI 1 from HDMI 2, this puts my Dell into sleep / standby mode.  If I press the power button, it lights up like normal.  If I go back to the PC activity, again once the TV switches from HDMI 1 to HDMI 2, the computer again goes into this "sleep" mode and I again have to press the power button to take it out of it.
All of my pc settings are set to NEVER with respect to monitor or PC going to sleep / standby mode.  Prior to this TV I had my pc connected to an older plasma TV and this never happened.
I contacted Sony to see if it something with their Bravia sync but the person said that everything looked good from the TV's end.
I'm hoping that someone has come across this and can steer me in the right direction as it is really frustrating and I don't know what else to try.

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hi, i was wondering if u could help me, my lil bro's computer is hacked or something, his OS is windows xp media center edition 2005, and i read that i can completely erase his computer by restarting it in MS-DOS mode? i cannot find out where it says "restart in MS-DOS mode" option in the shut down windows dialogue box, all i really need to know is how to restart the comp in MS-DOS mode so i can erase everything, get back to me if ya can please. thank you.

Answer:i need help from somebody, regarding putting windows xp (2005) in MS-DOS mode

Windows XP doesn't use DOS.If you want a fresh start, you have two options:1. Use Windows XP CD for clean install2. Use Recovery CD to bring the computer to its original state.NOTE. In both cases, all personal data, and installed programs will be lost.

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After I click on Start and then the arrow, the field with "sleep" disappears as I move the mouse toward it. Is there a way to prevent this from occurring or is there a short cut for putting windows 7 into standby?

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I have two D-link 2640U ADSL modem with two ADSL lines and they are conneccted to a dual WAN router?

what is best setting for the WAN of dual WAN router: PPPoE client , DHCP client or static IP? (all these are options)

if PPPoE client is better, how to bridge D-link 2640U ADSL modem so PPPoE information is entered in the dual WAN router instead of the modem?

Answer:Solved: bridge D-link 2640U ADSL modem or not

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I have DSL internet through Verizon. They gave us a Westell 6100G modem which we have connected to our Linksys WRT54GS router which we use to get internet to all the devices on the network. The modem is in bridge mode and the router is in gateway mode.
I need to forward a port and I can't get it to work. I know how to forward ports on the modem and the router, in fact I can get it to work if I plug my computer directly into the modem and skip the router (which means that it's not any firewall on my pc that's causing the problem, so don't suggest that). I obviously can't leave it that way so what do I have to do here?


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Ok i have a huge problem and i would really like to get all this figured out but ive tryed everything i could think of or knew to do to get this working...

Ok heres what im trying to do:
I have the internet coming from sprint into this USB modem then i want to make that internet wireless by bridging or sharing the connect with my nic card then from my nic card to my linksys wireless G router. I dont know if this is even possible or what but ive tryed all i could to get this to work and still nothing....

So if there is anything you can tell me to possibly help me out please post and it will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for your time,

Answer:Sprint CDMA seirra wireless modem bridge??

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For Christmas my parents bought me a Canon Zr 60 Digital Camcorder. In the manual it tells me all about how my camcorder has night mode, but it doesn't tell me how to set it up. Any help on how to set it up would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Problem Putting Camcorder in Night Mode

Page 44 of the online manual tells how to use menu and settings dial and in that section once you learn the menu and settings dial you will find the night mode setting some where in there. I think you just need to see what the different settings are when you turn that dial to find it.

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Monitor put into power save mode. Suspect a virus. Ran avg scan in safe mode and it found and supposedly removed a Trojan called backdoor.hupigon5.bvbf but when the pc is restarted in normal mode the problem recurs.

Answer:Virus putting into power save mode

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If this machine is 64-bit...

Please download aswMBR.exe to your desktop. Double-click aswMBR.exe to run it.
When prompted to download the latest Avast! virus definitions, please choose Yes
Click the Scan button to start scan.
Wait until it says, 'Scan finished successfully'. ( Note - do not select any Fix at this time)
Click Save log, and save it to your desktop.
Click Exit.
Please post the contents of that log, aswMBR.txt, in your next reply.

When you run this tool, remember to choose 'Skip' not 'Cure' if it finds s... Read more

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I got my T61p since January and I'm pretty tired of this issue. I've read on the net that it is an issue with some laptop that has a defective motherboard when using two stick of memory (which is my case). Is there any mean to get this fix? Everytime I start to game for a little while, I have to use a lapcool or else it shut itself off. The heavier the game, the faster it happen.  So please.... 

Answer:T61p putting itself in sleep mode while gaming

check your GPU and CPU temp, with HWmonitorPro what is your temp???

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I just got a brand new laptop with Windows Hello. It's very useful for logging in, but my laptop now goes to sleep every time I leave my desk. The red light next to the infrared camera blinks often when I'm using my laptop (which is also pretty annoying), and then if I get up, even for a few minutes (to grab a snack, notebook, etc.) my laptop goes to sleep. I'm pretty computer illiterate, but I suspect that the camera is still looking for me while I'm using my computer and then decides my laptop needs to sleep when it doesn't see my face anymore. Is there any way to change this? I like not having to use a password, but the red light and going to sleep is annoying, especially since I tend to get up from my desk a lot just to stretch. It also seems like having the camera on all the time would drain the battery pretty quickly. Am I way off base here?

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I have searched this forum and others and found what appears to be the same answer to my problem in multiple places, but alas has not solved my problem. I recently upgraded my home desktop computer from a Gateway with Windows Media Center 2005 to a new Hewlett-Packard p6674y with Windows 7 x64 Home Premium. My wife uses her ipod shuffle a lot and charges it on the USB drive on the desktop, however with this new machine we cannot get the USB drives to stay powered when the machine enters sleep mode, thus she always has a dead ipod.
Things I have tried thus far are going to device manager and changing all of the USB root hubs to say that they cannot be powered down and also going to power settings and changing the USB power down setting to "disable". Any help to this issue is appreciated cause it's driving me crazy!

Answer:Windows 7 Sleep mode cuts power to USB. Driving me crazy!

Quote: Originally Posted by rwbryan

I have searched this forum and others and found what appears to be the same answer to my problem in multiple places, but alas has not solved my problem. I recently upgraded my home desktop computer from a Gateway with Windows Media Center 2005 to a new Hewlett-Packard p6674y with Windows 7 x64 Home Premium. My wife uses her ipod shuffle a lot and charges it on the USB drive on the desktop, however with this new machine we cannot get the USB drives to stay powered when the machine enters sleep mode, thus she always has a dead ipod.
Things I have tried thus far are going to device manager and changing all of the USB root hubs to say that they cannot be powered down and also going to power settings and changing the USB power down setting to "disable". Any help to this issue is appreciated cause it's driving me crazy!

What power plan are you running (high, per balanced, power saving)? What video driver? Could also use you system specs.
Ken J

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I have a Zhone 1512 Modem running on my Stationary pc. Now i need to hook up the two laptops to it. Only problem is that is does not support wireless (as far as i know). I thought i'd do a bridge connection with a Office Connect ADSL Wireless Router and run the laptops on it. Any ideas how to go about it?

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I have 8 wired connections (cat 6) in my system. I have a Zyxel P-660-RT1 DSL modem, a Linksys BEFS41-RM router, and a Linksys EZXS16W 16 port switch. I'm trying to decide whether to put the modem in bridge mode and use the router or should I leave the modem in PPPoE mode and just use the switch? Also what IP addresses would be best to use with this configuration?

Answer:PPPoE or Bridge Mode

Does your ISP require PPPoE? Do you need a name and password to connect to the internet? Your internet connection is either PPPoE or it is not. You don't have a choice.

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I'm currently on ATT UVerse with there combo modem/router and i'm planning on using my own router in bridge mode. My question, can I still use all the 4 RJ45 ports in the ATT modem/router. Is there any downsides to this idea.

My own router will act as a wifi router in the middle of my house, while the ATT modem/router will act as a wired router if that makes sense.

Answer:Bridge Mode Question

If you're going to bridge the ATT gateway (modem & router) then that usually disabled the DHCP & NAT features. You'd be better off with either using the ATT gateway as your main router and then run the secondary device as an access point for wireless. You could also bridge the ATT gateway with your router and keep them next to each other, then pick up an access point to put in the middle of the house.

Personally I just ran cable in the attic so that my gateway & router were in the middle of the house. Then dropped lines from that point into the rooms that needed a to be wired.

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I swapped from Embarq DSL to Cox cable and I need to remove my pc from bridge mode. I can't find anything on the net. The Cox person suggested that I reinstall windows. UGGHHH! Does anyone have any experience with this?

Answer:Removing my pc from Bridge Mode

go into Control Panel > Network Connections
right click on "Local Area Connection" then "Remove Bridge" or ...


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Does anybody knows how to set Dlink DI-624 in bridge mode (acts just like access point).
I am getting a Fortinet unit to act as a firewall and do NAT and other stuff so i need to set my dlink to act ac a bridge so i can still use its 4 port switch and wireless.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Dlink DI-624 in bridge mode

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so i flashed a wrt54g with dd-wrt today and connected it to my wireless network and created a bridge.
dhcp does not work through this bridge however. I had to set a manual ip for my computer that's connected to it.
any idea where i may have messed up, or does it just not work for some weird reason.

more info.
main router is an ISP provided cable modem - wireless linksys router WCG200 v.2
64bit wep key on channel 10
linksys wrt54g v4 with i flashed it with this file:
Mini-Build required for inital flashing via WEB dd-wrt.v24_mini_generic.bin 2008-07-27 2,77 MB
main router is
dd-wrt router is

set the same wep info on the dd-wrt, and named it the same as the other one.
went to status -> wireless -> site survey -> found my AP and clicked join.
it connected and i could get to my other computers, but not the internet. so i tried for DNS and still couldn't. So then I put in my ISP dns info and was fine.
I restarted the dd-wrt router and then my computer wouldn't renew the ip, so i set it manually.

and that's where i am at. it works fine. but i would like dhcp to work through it if possible.


Answer:dd-wrt on wrt54g v4, bridge mode

are you trying to use the dd-wrt router to expand your wireless network?. if so, why use bridge. use the repeater option. it'll expand your wireless range and give you dhcp capability. Universal Wireless Repeater

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Anybody use this feature with DD-WRT before?
I currently have a ASUS RT-N16 (with DD-WRT on it) and want to buy a second one (and put DD-WRT on that one too), set it up in repeater mode to transparently (to clients) (same SSID, etc.) increase the coverage of my home wireless network. Thoughts? I plan to connect the two routers with an ethernet cable at opposite ends of the house.

Newegg -

wiki -

Answer:DD-WRT. Repeater Bridge mode.

i have used this .
if i remember right , your wired connection to both routers will not work in repeater bridged mode . the router set up as the repeater will lose input function. what you are trying to do is clone your router .
I've never tried it . but it shouldn't be too [h]ard to do

this looks like what your trying to do :

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