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Dell PowerConnect 3024 lost IP and RS232 cable

Question: Dell PowerConnect 3024 lost IP and RS232 cable

I have Dell™ PowerConnect™ 3024 managed switch. I don't have the IP of the switch and I don't have RS232 cable. There is no reset button.

I don't know the IP so I can login from the web browser using Ethernet

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Preferred Solution: Dell PowerConnect 3024 lost IP and RS232 cable

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Dell PowerConnect 3024 lost IP and RS232 cable

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who has one and has taken the fans out. It has 2 fans on the side and one of them has the bearings going on. Don't really care to replace it if I don't have to.


Answer:dell power connect 3024

I've actually brought some fans like that back to life using a single drop of sewing machine oil in the exposed fan area (usually found under the fan sticker), and hand-spinning the fan to work the oil in. A very inexpensive repair, as that oil usually runs about 1-2 dollars at most places like Walmart, Target, etc.

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I have used X10 successfully for many years and controlled my whole house via a CM11A controller. This controller connected to my PC through a serial port and could be easily programmed to change lights etc. Since the old PC died and I have bought a new one there is no serial socket on it. I got a cable adapter recently and installed the driver. After some jigging to get the device to be on COM2 (CM11A only allows 1 - 4) I still can't program the CM11A. The Activehome software fails its communication test to COM2. I downloaded a serial port monitor and it looks like bits are sending. Now I'm stuck! Any ideas out there?

Answer:USB to RS232 cable problems

Look in Properties for COM2 and check the baud rate, parity, number of bits, etc is configured properly. The manual I found says 4800 baud, no parity, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit.

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My new laptop doesn't have a Serial RS232 connection but I use one occassionally to download data to a Satellite Receiver.I've bought a RS232 to USB cable which was supplied without a driver. I've tried installing using XP's integrated drivers without success. Can anyone suggest where a suitable driver might be sourced? I've tried click here

Answer:USB to RS232 Serial cable

Possible source:click here(Drivers link, hopefully may work!)

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I bought a hand held scanner which had a female 9 pin connector. My laptop only had a 15 pin rs232 connector. As I had spare usb ports I got a USB cable that had a male 9 pin attachment at one end. I also downloaded some drivers for HL-340. When the cable is attached it shows up as com4 usb-serial ch340 usb2.0-ser!. When I run the software associated with the scanner, a light on it flashes, but nothing else happens.Does anyone have any idea if I am using the combination of cables etc?

Answer:Rs232 to USB cable problem

If the port on the Laptop is an RS232 Serial port, are you sure it isn't 25-pin male? You should be able to get a 25-pin female to 9-pin male RS232 Serial Cable to connect the laptop and scanner directly. Have a look at this page click here

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I can't get my usb to rs232 cable to install and vista keeps indexing the com port as it trys the next install. I have downloaded the driver, updated the driver, deleted the driver and reloaded the driver to no avail. Now it shows 26 com ports in use and tells me the device I am trying to install is trying to use a display name that is already in use. How do I clear this up so I can install this device?

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What is the maximum length that you can run a serial cable before having communication problems?

Answer:RS232/serial cable length

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Hello All,

As a surveyor, I'm trying to slowly solve all the glitches on my new Windows 8.1 laptop.

1. Mouse

I often visit this NSW government site SIX Maps

When navigating the map, you use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in or out and hold down the left mouse button to pan.

In my new windows 8.1 laptop, the scroll and pan functions won't work.

Iv'e tried 4 different mice and none of them work but they all work on my old XP laptop.

I've also tried 2 browsers (Chrome and IE)

I have also been in touch with the NSW goverment support team to no avail.

Looking in control panel, I couldn't recognise anything that would help.

Does anyone have any ideas?
2. USB to RS232 serial port cable replicator

This cable is used to download/upload information to the survey instrument. It worked fine on Windows XP, but will not work on Windows 8.1. It may be something to do with the port configuration.

Please note that the software is very old and I had to create a virtual XP machine using VMWARE to run it. (As well as some other obsolete software such as XTGOLD and Q.EXE! Any one remember these? I've yet to come across any file editing program to equal Q.EXE)

Hopefully someone will have some ideas otherwise I'll have to go back to the manufacturer and they'll charge more than I paid for the computer!!!

Thanks in advance for your help,


Answer:Problem with mouse and USB to RS232 cable

Well, I tried the link you provided and I was able to scroll using IE, Logitech Mouse, and Windows 8.1 Pro (64 bit). However, when I first accessed the site, it said that their site would work better with FireFox or Chrome. I have Chrome installed but did not try it.

USB to RS232, which end connects where? Does the USB end connect to the computer or the survey equipment? When running your XP, does it provide an error when you try to connect upload/download data? I would think that your VMWARE and XP will be able to handle everything, but you will need to play with port settings to have everything configured the way it was before. For example, my wife's computer is Windows 8.1 Pro, and I have her run VMWARE and Windows XP so she can use the embroidery module for her sewing machine. The one thing you have to do is to make sure that when you start the VM machine, you must tell the VM machine to use anything plugged into the USB ports to be used in the XP and not the Host machine.

Anyway, don't give up yet and keep poking around you'll find a solution.

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i am using core 15 processor,dell n4110 laptop,, i tried to connect profolic usb to serial(rs232) cable. i tried in win7 professional and professional i installed but device is not working.. error statement is coming as "this device not srarted(code 10 err0r)"

Answer:code 10 error,usb to rs232 cable

Hi Ebin
Try to visit the following site:

USB to RS232 cable keep receiving a Code 10 message - Microsoft Answers

Good luck

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Anyone know why my dell p1110 monitor turns off when I connect a RS232 <> TTL cable to the four pin header... I'm trying to use windas to fix the oh-so common brightness issue these monitors have and can't get very far without being able to connect the cable and view the screen at the same time. It doesn't fully turn off, but goes blank and the green light turns amber. Any suggestions are greatly appriciated!

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Hi - here's an idiot question for you. I need to know whether or not my laptop (Dell Inspiron 2200) has something called an RS232 serial port. I think it probably doesn't, as I couldn't find it mentioned in System Information. But I'd like to know for sure before I fork out 30 for a USB adapter, which is what I'm told I'll need if there is no RS232 port. It's needed for a programme called DesignaKnit 7 - details of which can be found at, if anyone is interested. So, can anyone tell me how to find out for certain whether or not I have this port? Thanks v much, Helen

Answer:Do I have an RS232 serial port for cable link?

You do not have an RS-232 port on that laptop. Note that the site in question has specific recommendations for the RS-232 <-> USB link device, and I'd pick one of their recommendations:

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I have a Dell PowerConnect 5448 and i had a separate VLAN setup for my iSCSI traffic. Now yesterday I was going to add a few more ports to this VLAN but when i went into the switch the VLAN was gone. I know it was configured and saved because a few weeks ago when I set it up, I went into the switch several times to adjust stuff. For some reason when it lost power it may have reverted back to default settings.

Does anyone know what could have caused this?

Answer:PowerConnect 5448 lost VLAN

I have a dell powerconnect that reverts back to its last saved setting. I found that configuring through the web gui does not save the settings. So, after i configure the powerconnect via the web gui, i telnet into the unit and issue the "copy run start" command. This fix my power problems

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I b ought one of these adapters off eBay so I could connect my GPS to my computer via USB, my old cable was the serial port. Anyhow, the seller told me it would work with Vista but she did not tell me it wouldn't work with Vista Premium. When I connect the device it tries to find the drivers but is unable to do so...does anyone know where I can get the right driver? The CD that came with the cable is worthless. Thanks

Answer:USB to RS232 Serial 9Pin DB9 Cable Adapter Driver

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Just got my Dell Powerconnect 6024 off ebay..
Going tomorrow to buy a serial cable to connect to the rack...
Is there a way to get into it now? without a serial cable?

Answer:Dell Powerconnect Config

If its got a default config then I doubt it. I know they have to be initialized before the web ui will work.

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I am looking for an 8 port Gigabit Managed switch - and I think I found one.

Does anyone have any experience or knowledge with the PowerConnect 2708?

Answer:Dell PowerConnect 2708

I haven't heard anything bad about the PowerConnect series. I have a 5324 and I love it.

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I am trying to put my grasp around Port Based VLAN. The way I am thinking about it is as followed:

16 port switch
Port 1 is plugged into the gateway - which hands out DHCP to 200

I create VLAN2 - Port 1 is in it, and Port 2 through 8 are in it
I create VLAN3 - Port 1 is in it, Port 9 through 16 are in it

So computers plugged into VLAN2 should get IP in that range as should VLAN3 but computers in VLAN2 shouldn't be able to get access to VLAN3 computers (ping, files, etc). Correct?

How exactly do I set this up with a Dell Powerconnect 27xx series (I have a 2716 I am messing with in the office)? It by defaults have VLAN1 that you cannot modify. I tried this 2 ways.

I created VLAN2, Tagged Port 1, and Untagged Port 2-9.
I created VLAN3, Tagged Port 1, and Untagged Port 10-16

Plugged machines in, one machine in VLAN2 got a ip. one machine in VLAN3 got a IP. I could ping each from any side.

I then did same thing VLAN2 - Tagged Port 1 through 9, Vlan3 - Tagged Port 1 and 10-16. Same issue.

What am I doing wrong?


Answer:VLAN on Dell PowerConnect - How?

I'm assuming your subnet masks are for both computers?

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I am a college student and I picked up a switch to learn something about them because we didn't do much of it in college.

The switch is a Dell power connect 3448.

I ordered a null modem serial cable, plugged it in and the console is running. But there are alot of terms that I do not understand when trying to do things with it. From what I can see you can do anything from the web interface but I cannot access the web interface.

My question is how do i access the web interface?

I have only been playing with it for about a week, and I haven't gotten anywhere.

Do I have to enable the web interface?
What port does the Cat5 cable have to be plugged into?
What address do I go to within the web browser?

If I need to provide any more information, Let me know.

Also try to keep answers simple, or explain what you mean.

Thank you,

Answer:Dell powerconnect 3448

Nathan said:


I am a college student and I picked up a switch to learn something about them because we didn't do much of it in college.

The switch is a Dell power connect 3448.

I ordered a null modem serial cable, plugged it in and the console is running. But there are alot of terms that I do not understand when trying to do things with it. From what I can see you can do anything from the web interface but I cannot access the web interface.

My question is how do i access the web interface?

I have only been playing with it for about a week, and I haven't gotten anywhere.

Do I have to enable the web interface?
What port does the Cat5 cable have to be plugged into?
What address do I go to within the web browser?

If I need to provide any more information, Let me know.

Also try to keep answers simple, or explain what you mean.

Thank you,
NathanClick to expand...

Did you download the manual and look in that yet ?

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Does anyone have one of these?
I have one and at some point or another I seem to have lost my Rackmount brackets, thing is I just finished building my new rack and I cant mount my switch...its sitting on the router ATM and just not how i pictured things.

So I want to buy your rackmount brackets if you are not using them.

Answer:Dell PowerConnect 2716

I can help ya out.

I will look tomorrow and update you.

I have a 2716 for a client that wont be using rack, can take out of there, but also i think i have the ears of a 24 port and the 8 port.

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So I'm going to take a wild stab here and see if anybody is using a PowerConnect 6248 L3 switch in their line of work. I have one and have vlans setup and t hey all work nicely however I have 2 vlans that need dhcp and those 2 can not get dhcp. I have the Ip Helper address setup correctly, but for whatever reason can not get dhcp go go accross.. Anybody have an example config that works or any ideas?

Answer:Dell PowerConnect 6248 L3

I'm using the 6224's, so basically the same setup as you.

How many vlans are you using? Are they all being driven off the switch or are you trunking to other switches, etc? If you can post a sample config I can take a look and let you know if I see anything.

I'm assuming these other vlans do have routing, etc working correctly for them right?

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I am needing some help on finding an sfp fiber transreciver for my dell power connect 2724.

Answer:need some help on dell powerconnect 2724

Ebay, there were some transceivers the other day for like $5 shipped....

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I am looking into purchasing the Dell PowerConnect 2427 for a network I am doing. I was just wondering if anyone has ever used these and if so are they easy to configure and manage. Or does anyone have a better recommendation. I need a 24 port 10/100/1000 switch preferably unmanaged. The reason I was looking at the web-managed Dells is because they say they are easy to configure. Any info is greatly appreciated.

Answer:Dell PowerConnect 2724

They work fine, and are easy to configure.

My only complaints are that the fans are a bit noisy, and I've had some problems with them setting passwords.

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I just got a Dell Powerconnect 3324 from work and well needless to say it is very loud. I am wondering does anyone know a good fan replacement that will do the job and not be nearly as loud? It currently has two Sunon KD1204PKV1, 40x40x20mm, 12V, 8.9 CFM, two wire fans.

Answer:Dell Powerconnect Fan Replacement

Seriously, how old do you have to be to sleep with your switch?

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Any comments on their quality?

Seems they have a new 16 port gigabit model, the 2616 for $279 after a $50 instantant rebate. This sounds like a ridiculously low price for a full 16 port gigabit switch so I'm a little suspect. By comparison the 16 port Linksys SR2016 is around $700 at most places on froogle and pricewatch., could this be a typo maybe?

Answer:Dell PowerConnect Switches

Probably a Typo, but I will say that from my experience they are rock solid. At home I have a 24 port 10/100 with 2 Fiber/Copper Gigabit ports that is fully managed and I Love it.

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Hey, anyone used any of the Dell PowerConnect Switches? Are they any good?

I got a proposal from a company we've dealt with long before I got here, they installed this network 4 years ago. Anyway, they come up with this nice proposal... VERY nice, ... if money grew on trees.

They want to replace some existing 10 mbit HUBS with a Cisco Catalyst 3550. Well, we have 2 Cisco 3548's downstairs and they were gonna put in a couple GBICs to run gigabit over the existing copper. Well, we dont use any of the management features on the existing equipment, no VLANs, none of it. So why pay for Cisco? They do however use a lot of CAD upstairs so a good switching backplane is a must. But I dont see a reason to pay for Cisco in this case.

So I found a Dell PowerConnect 3348. It's a 48-port 10/100 w/ 2 gigabit ports. I was thinking of recommending this and saving over $4,000. Any reason not to?

Also, are the Cisco GBICs standard gigabit ethernet? I know this is a stupid question, but I want to be sure as my whole plan here relies on it. I wanna make sure I can use those gigabit ports on the Dell to uplink to the Cisco's downstairs.

Any reason why this wouldn't work?

Answer:Dell PowerConnect Switches?

i have a powerconnect 3048 here at home that i was allowed to have for a very low price when i replaced it at work with 2 shiny new 3348s. i just needed a second 48 port switch, but the 3048 has a totally different stacking interface than the 3348s so i had to totally replace the 3048 if i wanted to stack them instead of just uplinking them.

anywho. they are nice switches. tons of features, and easy to use. the dell manual absolutely sux, but i've spent a lot of time on the phone with their tech support and for some reason they must put all the handful of good, helpful, tech support people they have all in the powerconnect support group.

i dunno about performance numbers. never run any tests like that, but they work a whole hell of a lot better than the 5 100mbit hubs they replaced.

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I recently picked up a Dell PowerConnect 2748 switch locally for $30 that was pulled from a working environment. It's a nice upgrade for my home network as I no longer need to daisy chain 5 and 8 port gigabit switches. The only issue is the fan noise. I realize that these are generally designed for data center usage where noise doesn't matter, but is there a mod that is can be done to quiet these things down? Can I disconnect the fans entirely - the environment it will live in is pretty dry/cool being installed in my basement that stays 55-60F year round.

The fans are on the left side of the case, with slits on the right side to draw air across the case. I haven't opened it up yet, but would it to see physical clearance, but could I just mode the case to have a 120mm fan blowing out and block off the nearest vents so air still gets drawn over the components? Maybe change the fans out to something less powerful since the air is cold and it will be under low load?

Answer:Dell PowerConnect 2748

Open up. Survey fans. Usually these fans are concerned with longevity and air movement.
Spec them out on line if you can. Gelid does some reasonably priced fans consumer fans.
If they are high speed 80mm could get interesting.
A fan controller may be possible?

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Does anyone know where i can find some generic/3rd party or dell ears for a PowerConnect 6024?

Answer:Dell Powerconnect Rack Ears

totalanni said:

Does anyone know where i can find some generic/3rd party or dell ears for a PowerConnect 6024?Click to expand...

I duno, but im calling dell tomorrow so i can get some for my 5224...

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I'm looking for any information (or an example ) on how to save the running configuration to the startup configuration via SNMP on the Dell PowerConnect 3348 or 3448 series switches.

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I have 2 of them and for several months the LACP worked just fine. Then all the sudden right before xmas the switches took down the network. All the settings look fine and the ports are still marked as LACP on both switches but as soon as I hook up all 4 it kills the network, even the wireless on the router.

Any ideas?

Answer:Question about Dell Powerconnect 5224

Latest Firmware??

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So my work was getting rid of a Dell PowerConnect 2716 because they were upgrading the switches from 16 ports to 48. Because of this, I was able to get the 2716 and bring it home where I would put it to good use. Since getting it here, I have not been able to get an IP address out of it, even when plugged into a modem, router, or another switch.

I have tried multiple times to get into the managed mode with no success. Currently I have a line from the router plugged into port one and a laptop plugged into port 2. The laptop is getting a default IP of I even came across an old thread here on the forums about this very switch but can't seem to find it now. I have taken a paper clip to the managed mode button and held it there for up to 30 seconds trying to get it into that mode, but it doesn't work.

Is there something that I am skipping on doing? I have gone through a few resets on it hoping to get some results but haven't. I would like to get this thing to work either managed or unmanaged since it will help clean up the mess of switches I currently have going on in my house.

The unit powers up and the ports are getting activity according to the lights on the front. According to the manual, it comes with a default address of so I have set my laptop to be to see if I can log into it somehow and it doesn't work.

Any help is appreciated.


Answer:Dell PowerConnect 2716 issues

Try reading this Dell Power Connect 2716 - Cannot login to web-based managed mode - PowerConnect Forum - Network Switches - Dell Community

Make sure that you don't use the same IP range as the switch on your normal network, a good idea would be to use it stand alone until you got it working, setup your PC with a static ip and then try to reset the device, maybe use IE as this seems to work for most.

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Dell is running a smoking deal on their 2616. I have some GigE machines that are going in to my home rack, so this 2616 deal interests me. Do Dell switches perform pretty well?

Right now it's pretty much a toss-up between this Dell and the Netgear FS526T, even though they are somewhat different switches...They both would work well for what I need...I don't need twenty-four ports, but I do need at least a few 1000BaseTX ports and I do need it rackable. Management isn't necessary, but it could come in handy down the road. The Netgear had me very interested until I stumbled across this Dell.

Answer:Dell PowerConnect 2616 any good?

16 10/100/1000BASE-T auto-sensing Gigabit Ethernet switching ports

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Hello all,

As this is my first post here after lurking for about a year I have to say its good to have finally joined the discussion.

I recently got a Powerconnect 5324 to replace a 2748 that I was using in my home network. After configuring everything I connected my fileserver running Windows Server 2008 R2 standard with 2x Realtek NICs in a LACP team. I configured ports 3 and 4 on the switch for LACP, and setup a LAG for those two. Everything seemed to work just fine until I attempted to move a 4GB file from my server onto my desktop and noticed that the transfer was going at about 70MB/sec instead of the 110MB/sec I am used to. I unteamed the adapters and disabled the LACP and LAG on the switch, and tried the transfer again. This time it was back to the normal 110MB/sec. I setup the team again, back down to 70MB/sec. I tried on both desktops, and both my laptops which have a mix of realtek, boradcom, intel, and nVidia NICs in them to see if it was a driver issue and all clients returned the same data when trying to pull a group of test files. At this point I am unable to figure out if the issue is the switch or with the NICs as I don't have the old switch to test this out with.

NIC 1: Realtek 8169
NIC 2: Realtek 8168C

I am using the 7.011 drivers on both adapters. To team I am using the Realtek Ethernet Diagnostic utility provided by the manufacture of the motherboard. I also thought it could have been a flow control issue on the switch, so I teamed my de... Read more

Answer:Dell Powerconnect 5324 issues.

On the LACP issue I've never used it with Realtek NICs but I've never been a fan of that brand to begin with.

As for the DHCP issue do you have the switch setup with rapid spanning tree or just normal spanning tree? If it's the later the ports will stay blocking for an extended period before they finally decide that it's not another switch on the port, if that's the case see if you can change it to rapid spanning tree or setup ports in a portfast mode (not sure on Dell uses the same terminology)

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I have a question about VLANs and the Dell PowerConnect 2816. Currently, I have a guest wifi/untrusted devices VLAN (128), and my internal/trusted network uses the default untagged VLAN1.

VLAN1 is a default untagged member of all ports, and it can't be changed. If I want to make a tagged VLAN for my internal devices, which I have done, how do I get devices that connect to the switch to be on that VLAN? Do I have to set up the VLAN tag on the devices themselves? What about devices that I can't really configure, like my network printer? Will they always just go to VLAN1?

So far, it seems like devices will just end up on VLAN1, unless they do their own tag, or in the case of the wireless, the access point does the tagging based on what network they attach to. I'd like to be able to force a device to a VLAN based on port.

Answer:VLAN & Dell PowerConnect 2816

Never use VLAN 1 for anything.

Create a second VLAN for your network. Untag all ports for your internal network on this VLAN.

Untag all needed ports on the Guest VLAN. On the AP, if you have split SSIDs that map to different VLANs, tag the Guest SSID with the Guest VLAN and leave it untagged in the internal SSID or vice versa depending which SSID you want "tagged". (Cisco calls this a trunk port. It just means it has multiple VLANs tagged on it)

If the AP is ONLY for guest access, then just stick it on an untagged port in the guest VLAN.

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Some friends and I are thinking of picking up one of these: for our lan partys that we are having.

Wondering if any one has had any experience with Dell's own switches and networking equipment. Or horror stories if that is what they are.



PS Yes we want gig, the majority of us have it onboard anyhow (nice for sharing patches and mods and stuff since they are all getting huge now). And 2nd there are some mucho rebates on them now. $50 instant and $125 mail in. Or something like that.

Answer:Dell PowerConnect switches, opinions?

I would expect any more performance than an 24 port netagear. depends on what your using it for. I would put an low end dell in any real business network. Their high end stuff is "ok" but not for the price. for the price i'd stick with HP procurve switches. I just don't think they can be beat.

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Are there any 16 port smart/managed switches smaller than the Dell PowerConnect 2816? I'm looking for one to fit into my structured wiring enclosure in the closest and most of them are 1U, which is too large.

Answer:Any smaller than Dell PowerConnect 2816?

TheGardenTool said:

Are there any 16 port smart/managed switches smaller than the Dell PowerConnect 2816? I'm looking for one to fit into my structured wiring enclosure in the closest and most of them are 1U, which is too large.Click to expand...

does it have to be managed ? and why are you stuffing it into a small cabinet where it can over heat ?

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Anyone have any experience with these switches.

It's time to upgrade the office network and I'm looking at these in particular for Gigabit LAN connections. We've successfully been using the older unmanaged Power Connects for 6 yrs or so without any issues, but the clinic load for the Medical EMR system is starting to ramp up and I want to see if I can increase the throughput on the network.

Most if not all the machines in the office have gigabit NICs and the Server has 2 as well, so I'm hoping to just increase the traffic speed a bit with a new switch or two.

If the Dell PCs aren't that great please feel free to tell me so. I'm not set on these, but if there is something better out there and just as reliable I'm all ears.

I'm not really looking into Cisco for this scenario. We don't have a need for that much power and the budget isn't that big.


Answer:Dell PowerConnect 2848 & 2824

I used Dell Powerconnects at both of my last two jobs without issue.

One thing to keep in mind with them, is when you buy them, buy one more of the largest one than you need since it's cheaper just to have a spare laying around than to put the warranty on the rest you do buy.

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I'm in the process of building a small home lab (also for work as I work for myself) with 5 esxi hosts and a self built NAS, which will serve as my iscsi storage for ESXi

Currently have a HP procurve 1800-24G which is a decent switch and seems to stand up fairly well but I would like a layer 3 switch to play with. This has led me to the Dell switch which seems to havesome very mixed reviews, but have a few questions:

1. Would this switch be suitable for learning layer 3 capabilities?

2. Is this switch more complicated to setup that other manufactures? I'm not afraid of a command link!

3. Are the switchs fansnoisy? I have to sit within 1-2m of the lab! And as my 24 HDDs are not exactly quiet it's not a high pitched noise I have heard of some networking kit

4. If I get a 10gbe sfp+ expansion module, can this be connected to my
X520-DA PCIe card in my NAS?
I can easily saturate a gigabit link with 50-100 VMs so thinking the 10G link may help here as my network is definitely a bottleneck.

My reason for picking this switch,
I can get it for 150 delivered 2nd hand!
The sfp+ module I can get for 135, then I assume I can get a SFP+ to SFP+ cable for 30
So overall it's pretty cheap in comparison to some others out there, and as its not for a production environment 100% uptime isn't essential as it will be powered down when not in use

Answer:Dell PowerConnect 6224 for home lab?

1. Yes, it is a Layer 3 switch.
2. Yes, Dell switches IMO are not super intuitive.
3. The fans are really loud but you can pop the top and replace them.
4. Yes you can buy a module to support 10gb.

You should also take a look at the HP 2910AL.

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so my power connect 3024 that i bought off ebay should be here tomorrow

I have little to no experience in programing switches, so my question is...
Do these follow cisco's code styles, or are they more of a custom type like that of Extreme? any input would be apreciated

Answer:Dell Powerconnect Switches question

I can't speak for the 3024, but my Dell Powerconnect 2724 has a web GUI.

Check the manual (which you should be able to download from Dell's website) and I'm sure it'll discuss it there.

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I recently purchased a used 2716, and I just can't seem to access the web interface.

I have a Cat5e cable running from my router to Port 1 of the switch. I have my laptop connected to Port 16 via a Cat6 cable.

I have internet access both on managed and unmanaged modes, so that's working just fine. I can't seem to access the web interface however. I've tried both IE9 and FF4.

I followed the instructions to hold down the "Managed Mode" button for 30 seconds, and then wait for the switch to reboot. I've done this a few times just to be sure. This should reset it, but when I try to access, it just tells me it cannot access this page.

This is the first managed switch I've owned, so I'm just at a bit of of loss as to what to do next. Any suggestions?


- Jesse

Answer:Dell PowerConnect 2716 - Can't access web interface

Jesse B said:

I recently purchased a used 2716, and I just can't seem to access the web interface.

I have a Cat5e cable running from my router to Port 1 of the switch. I have my laptop connected to Port 16 via a Cat6 cable.

I have internet access both on managed and unmanaged modes, so that's working just fine. I can't seem to access the web interface however. I've tried both IE9 and FF4.

I followed the instructions to hold down the "Managed Mode" button for 30 seconds, and then wait for the switch to reboot. I've done this a few times just to be sure. This should reset it, but when I try to access, it just tells me it cannot access this page.

This is the first managed switch I've owned, so I'm just at a bit of of loss as to what to do next. Any suggestions?


- JesseClick to expand...

sorry i wasn't on line, just got your message.

reset to factory,

set laptop to manual ip within the range of that switch, only connect your laptop/ desktop to it nothing else, then try hitting the home url/ip of that unit.

if the switch defaults to then set your computer to and gateway of

of course look in the manual of that switch and see what it defaults to.


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OK everyone - I want to purchase a 24-port unmanaged switch for my every-growing home gaming LAN (currently with 10 computers). I want to restrict my choices to Dell, Netgear and Linksys. HP's ProCurve and Cisco's lineup are phenomenal, but I don't want to pay hundreds for all the bells and whistles that I'll never use (even for a used one).

I like the Dell PowerConnect series, but are they truly fast enough and are they quality pieces of equipment? I have had nothing but good experiences with Netgear products, but almost all their switches have NOISEY fans and I can't handle that 24/7.

So, with that in mind, whch do you recommend and why? I have read through many of the posts, but none have facilitated me in making a solid decision. THANKS!

Answer:Dell PowerConnect, Netgear or Linksys Switch?

I have a dell 2124 for home use and it works great. Really quiet too.

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I've looked around everywhere but can't seem to find anything...
What I'm trying to do is connect the 3424 to the Cisco switch using fiber.

Were using SFP gbics in each one but they still wont connect.
I know the fibre is good and so are the gbics, I just don't know how to setup the ports so that they can talk to each other?

I've tried setting the Cisco port to access and trunk modes and nothing.
The Dell switches don't allow very much in terms of configuration so I haven't changed very much on that side.

Has anyone here got these switches to communicate sucessfully over fiber?

Answer:Dell Powerconnect 3424 to Cisco 3750

All of our switches are Cisco but this is what we have on our uplink ports:

Interface GigabitEthernet1/0/1
switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
switchport mode trunk
mls qos trust dscp

as far as configuring the Dell Switch they have their own little OS on them as far as I know, here is the command guide for the Dell Switch:

have you tried hard coding the duplex? speeds?
EDIT: looks like Dell uses different VLAN trunking than Cisco
Looks like you might have to disable VTP on the cisco and enable GVRP on both the Cisco and Dell?

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I currently have a Netgear GS108 gigabit switch, it supports jumbo frames and I am pretty happy with it.

However, on Craigslist someone is selling a PowerConnect 2724 (24 port gigabit switch) for $80. Would I notice any performance benefits going with the 2724 besides the additional ports? This will be strictly used at home, not a business environment so the switch will never be near full capacity.

I would like max performance as I am soon building a new fileserver, and two boxes will be doing lots of data transfers to the server. They will all have Intel NIC's.

I am assuming there won't be much of a noticeable difference but figured I would ask anyway.

Answer:Keep Netgear GS108 or buy Dell PowerConnect 2724?

Well in standard performance no there will be no major gains, however the PC 2724 will give you the ability to team the NICs in your file server (if you decide to go with multiples) which will allow you to get more clients connecting with more bandwidth. It also has support for spanning tree so if you decide to get more switches you can take advantage of STP.

For $80 I would grab it.

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I am currently learning various networking techniques, setups etc all in my personal time. So please bear with any things I have overlooked here. This is a huge learning curve for me.
I have been offered a 8024F SFP+ 10GbE switch and found a 5524 fairly cheap on eBay (A tad over 1k for both here in the UK)

I am buying these to upgrade my way over the top home lab used for development/testing as the gigabit network is my bottleneck. I have multiple VLANs setup which are for iSCSI, Wireless, VoIP etc etc and currently do all my VLAN routing via pfsense which works, but latency and speed are not brilliant. Was only designed as a quick fix for the short term.

So in a mad idea to improve this my thought was to use the 8024F as the core of my network running as a L3 switch to define my interVLAN routing and ACL. Then have the 5524 essentially as a 'edge switch' running in L2 for all RJ45 devices linked by 2x 10GbE SFP+ DAC cables (I guess one would be more than enough though)

To anyone who has experience with these two switches

How noisy are they? as they will be running in a home but in a locked room, if they are over 50db I will be able to hear them around the house. I think I read the 8024F has temperature control of the fans?
From what I read the 8024F can do layer 3 routing across VLANs, is this correct?
Is this switch any good at it? Read a few bad things about the Dell 6224 being terrible at L3 routing
In yes to interVlan routing, can I define ACL on the 802... Read more

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I have a Dell 5524 which is all working perfectly besides when a server or workstation first connects, for example turn iMac on at the mains, power up and it won't have any network access for usually 30-60 seconds but the LED indicators are on and the iMac says connected (static IP)

This applies to any device I connect to the switch, 99% sure this isn't an issue with my DHCP server (pfSense) or other devices as if I connect a device to my HP ProCurve which has a trunk setup to the Dell, it works almost instantly.

What could cause this?



vlan database
vlan 3,5,10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80
voice vlan oui-table add 000181 Nortel__________________
voice vlan oui-table add 0001e3 Siemens_AG_phone________
voice vlan oui-table add 00036b Cisco_phone_____________
voice vlan oui-table add 00096e Avaya___________________
voice vlan oui-table add 000fe2 H3C_Aolynk______________
voice vlan oui-table add 001049 Shoretel________________
voice vlan oui-table add 0060b9 Philips_and_NEC_AG_phone
voice vlan oui-table add 00907a Polycom/Veritel_phone___
voice vlan oui-table add 00e0bb 3Com_phone______________
iscsi target port 860 address
iscsi target port 3260 address
iscsi target port 9876 address
iscsi target port 20002 address
iscsi target port 20003 address
iscsi target port 25555 address
username xxx password encrypted xxx privilege 15
snmp-server community Dell_Network_Manager rw view DefaultSuper... Read more

Answer:Dell PowerConnect 5524 connection delay

This has to do with spanning tree. I forget the exact options but you need to enable portfast. It disable spanning tree for that port. Typically you would only want spanning tree enabled on ports going to another switch anyway, so at home I just disable it on all ports. Spaning tree is a good thing though, but it does cause the ports to take longer to be "ready" when a device is added. Can be an issue if a server uses iSCSI or NFS at bootup.

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Hey Guys, I was just dropped into configuring some Dell 3448 switches to trunk back to a HP Procurve 2910al in the core. The HP I can configure in my sleep, but the Dell edge switches I really don't know how to configure one area correctly. Basically I have an enterprise wireless solution (Sonicwall /w SonicPoint), the WAP plugs into a port on the edge switch, this is then routed to a VLAN on the core, and it then goes to the wireless controller. There are three SSID's on their own VLAN's and another VLAN for the management of the individual devices. I am unsure if I am configuring the port correctly, the CLI is very Cisco like. I have been configuring HP switches for so long with Tagged/Untagged ports the concept of switchport mode access etc I have forgotten.

Below is the configuration template that I am using for the switches, uplink port is easy enough trunk everything, standard access port is easy, the big question is the Wireless Ports. If I was doing this on a HP I would tag VLAN's 21-23 and have VLAN 20 be untagged on the WAP port(s). How do I accomplish this on this Dell?

For Wireless Ports
interface range ethernet e(30-33)
switchport mode access vlan 20
switchport mode access vlan 21
switchport mode access vlan 22
switchport mode access vlan 23

For Student/Staff Ports
interface ethernet 8
switchport access vlan 10 (or 11 if Students)

Uplink Ports
interface ethernet 48
Switchport mode trunk
switchport trunk allowed v... Read more

Answer:Dell PowerConnect 3448 VLAN/Trunk Issues

thinking that you would just set the native vlan on those ports to be 20. that way all your traffic will be vlan 20 unless you tag it for the other ones.

so switchport native vlan 20 instead of switchport mode access vlan 20.

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Yesterday, the local utility was upgrading the power in the neighborhood and the power went out. When the power came back up, everything in my home office came back except the PowerConnect 2616.

Anyone else ever had their unmanaged fanless PowerConnect switch die on them?

Checked the Service Tag and the manufacture date was 2004 so I doubt there's any warranty left.

Anything I can do with this? Any point in opening it up and trying to repair any cracked solder joints?

Answer:Dell PowerConnect 2616 Died after Power Outage

I have had a few network pieces die after power surges, mostly cause they were not on cheap surge protectors, the cheap ones work differently than nice ones. Its possible for one out of 6 plugs to get fried.

Check the warranty status on dell, but they don't offer lifetime on their switch's like HP and other places do.

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So i have 2 of these at work they were setup before i got here, both run in stock unmanaged mode, i need to get them into managed mode to sniff some users bad habits out, will turning managed mode reset the switch, will it drop current connections? Or can it be safely done during operating hours? Thanks for any help.

Answer:Dell powerconnect 2748 managed mode question.

The device will reboot as per the user guide:

The Managed Mode button is for changing between Managed Mode and Unmanaged (or Secure) Mode. After a change from Unmanaged (or Secure) Mode to Managed Mode, the switch restores the configuration values to factory default settings.From Unmanaged or Secure Mode (2748 only), pressing the Managed Mode button causes:
Factory default configuration ( is set as the switch IP address.
Subnet mask changes to Graphical User Interface (GUI) login user name changes to Admin, and the password is not configured (appears blank), with Read/Write privilege.
The DHCP client is set off.
The device is rebooted

Do a google search for the user guide and read thru it.

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8 Port Gigabit Switch, HP 1810-8G, Netgear GS108Tv2 and Dell PowerConnect 2808, which one is better for LACP Link Aggregation?

The Netgear GS108Tv2 has more function than the other two, but I don't know the Netgear is stable or not?

Answer:8 Port Gigabit Switch, HP 1810-8G or Netgear GS108T or Dell PowerConnect 2808?

We have several 1810-8s floating around the office for various uses and they've all been solid, my vote is also with the HP.

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Some questions about the Dell PowerConnect 2816 and 2824 gigabit switch:

1. Does the Link Aggregation work correctly between two Dell 2800 series gigabit switch to provide connectivity, redundancy, and expanded bandwidth?

2. Can Link Aggregation be set up with multiple NICs between a server and Dell 2816 to provide increased total bandwidth, i.e. 2Gbps or 4Gbps?

Answer:Does the Link Aggregation on Dell PowerConnect 2816 and 2824 switch work correctly?

1. Does the Link Aggregation work correctly between two Dell 2800 series gigabit switch to provide connectivity, redundancy, and expanded bandwidth?Click to expand...

Yes although between these two pretty low-end switches I don't see why you would want to do this.

2. Can Link Aggregation be set up with multiple NICs between a server and Dell 2816 to provide increased total bandwidth, i.e. 2Gbps or 4Gbps?Click to expand...

Provided your NICs support 802.3ad, yes but you're limited to 4 ports per LAG. Note that in most cases your bandwidth is not the limiting factor when accessing a server, so a 4 port LAG (4Gbps) won't noticeably increase your speed to the server from a 2 port LAG.

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Hi all

AVG Antivirus 17.6.3024

AVG Antivirus Beta 17.6.3024

With best Regards

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A week ago, my computer suddenly could not connect to the internet. I was using a cable directly connected to the cable modem.

Since then, I've tried:

1) Added a WiFi router connected to the cable modem. Tried using the WiFi card built in to the computer. It connects but reports "limited access", and there is no connection to the internet, and I can't access the router itself.

2) Bought a new Ethernet card, installed the drivers that came with it. I've tried it connected through the WiFi router's hard ports and directly to the modem. Hard resets (power cycling off 2 minutes) on the modem each time and still no connection.

3) In device manager, both Ethernet cards show as "working normally" with no errors. So does the WiFi card.

4) ipconfig shows only "tunneling" devices with media disconnected.

5) I've uninstalled and re-installed the drivers for the on-baord Ethernet, the WiFi card, and the new Ethernet card.

After reading some other posts, I captured the output from ipconfig and several netsh commands. I've attached them to this post. The files starting with netsh are basically the command entered with underscores replacing the spaces from the commands used to generate them.

I also borrowed another computer. It connects both directly through the cable modem, and using the Ethernet ports on the router. It doesn't have WiFi, so I couldn't test that method of access. It can also connect to and c... Read more

Answer:Lost connection to Internet. Using Cable modem, ethernet cable.

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i had to upgrade a file from hrclub.when i did it went to wizard and downloaded but said file could not be found yet i did no delete it.I phoned the company and they said i had to rename it so i did now i cannot open it .error 3024 comes up cannot find file

Answer:error 3024 file cannot be found

This looks like a double post to

Closing this one.

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i had to upgrade a file from hrclub.when i did it went to wizard and downloaded but said file could not be found yet i did no delete it.I phoned the company and they said i had to rename it so i did now i cannot open it .

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This has been going on for quite some time. Even using directives from expert links and articles to solve this ongoing dilemma, I still lost individual Bookmark Folders, and even an entire Bookmark Toolbar. Help!Worse, on my Dell Windows 7 Ultimate, Firefox/Google, I somehow deleted Netgear 35 and now have no Server! Not what!?!?Currently using a new HP 19 All You Need In An All-In-One. Windows 8.1.

Answer:Lost Bookmarks (BIG problem); Lost Server on Dell WIN 7 PC

If you are infected, anything can happen.Lets see if we can find anything & if so, break them down, layer by layer.Download Combofix to a USB thumb drive and run Combofix from the USB, just say continue to all the warning messages. guide and tutorial on using ComboFix restoring the Internet connection are circumstances ComboFix will hang, crash or stall at various stages due to malware interference, failure to disable other real-time protection tools or the presence of CD Emulators (Daemon Tools, Alchohol 120%, Astroburn, AnyDVD) so that it does not complete successfully. Also, depending on how badly a system is infected, ComboFix may take longer to complete its routine than it normally does or fail to run properly. While that is not normal behavior, it is not unusual"If you think it's frozen, look at the computer clock.If it's running, Combofix is still working.NOTE: Do not mouseclick combofix's window while it is running. That may cause it to stall.NOTE: ComboFix will check to see if the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console is installed.***It's strongly recommended to have the Recovery Console installed before doing any malware removal.*****Please Note: If the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console is already installed, ComboFix will auto... Read more

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Answer:Older Dell laptop, have lost my administrative password for a Dell inspiring 1545, can anyone help me??

If it's the powerup password, you'll need to place a voice phone call to Dell -- be prepared to verify your ownership details and with a credit card (the call post-warranty as a system this old must be, is not free of charge).

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Question: Lost cable

The moving company seems to have lost one of our cables.  We tried to get our desktop working but nothing shows up on the monitor.  We noticed a slot for another cable on the monitor and think that's the problem.  We have an HP 110-210 and an LG 20M37D-B monitor.  We tried ordering a cable from Amazon three times and it's not the right cable.  Help.  We need our computer.  

Answer:Lost cable

Hi, Your machine has the following ports at the back: Figure : Back I/O portsDC input power portVGA portDVI-D portUSB 3.0: 2USB 2.0: 2LAN portAudio: Line inAudio: Line outAudio: Microphoneand the monitor has 1 VGA (or D-Sub) port and 1 DVI-D port Please try the following type of cables Regards.  

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Hi all,

Sorry for this being my first post, but I've run into a Bluetooth problem and cannot seem to get past it.

I've got a Dell XPS 13 9333 (the initial one) that has performed well for me with the exception of occasional Bluetooth driver burp. In the past I've been able to restore functionality by reinstalling the driver, doing a system restore, etc.

Trouble is, this time, I've run into a brick wall.

Last night I got an alert from the Dell Update daemon that they were installing an update.

This morning everything was working fine and then blink, no more bluetooth mouse. Cycling power on the mouse did nothing and a quick check indicated no Bluetooth device listing in Settings->Devices.

I've downloaded the Intel bluetooth drivers from the Dell website and initially did a repair, and then when that didn't work a removal and then installation. No luck. I've also done a

Restarting the laptop doesn't change anything. No bluetooth.

Looking in the Device Manager, there is no listing for any Bluetooth devices.

Any ideas?


Answer:Dell XPS 13 lost Bluetooth after Dell update


It's back. After rebooting into my work profile after going back to a restore point, nothing had changed.

Changing to my admin profile, the OS informed me that the recovery was succesful. So I did a quick repair of the Intel drivers and voila! Bluetooth.

A reboot back into my work profile demonstrates Bluetooth connectivity!



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I had to get a new motherboard, and somehow I misplaced the Y cable and I typically never lose ANYTHING. I just want to get this thing together, although without it I don't see how I can even get the wires to reach on my p8z77 vl k.

Would I have to get another cable directly from Corsair if I cannot go without using it or would best buy carry something I could use?

Answer:Lost my Y cable for my H70, can I hook it up without it?

Your question has already been answered on another forum:

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Ok, here's the situation: the monitor's cable that connects to the base unit (sorry i dont know the name) well one of the pins have broken off so now i can't get anything on my monitor screen!!I REALLY don't want to buy a whole new monitor, so do you know if there is any way to fix it? I did try looking for the pin but to no avail......

Answer:Monitor cable pin lost!!!!

Is the cable fixed at the back of the monitor, or is it removable?If it can be unplugged from the back of the monitor you can get a replacement cable.

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Question: Lost Cable Modem

Win XPSP2,Motorolo SB5100,Blueyonder broadband.Installed seven days ago.Not working today.Showing problem in device manager.Could not update driver so removed it.Cannot reinstal.

Answer:Lost Cable Modem

Did you just remove the driver or the whole device?If it was just the driver, remove the whole device, do a hard reboot, then try reinstalling.

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I am ordering some eval switches today and wanted to get some feedback first. Has anyone worked with the HP 2910 or Powerconnect 5524's? We deal with large image files/models on a daily basis and our current netgear switches are just suffering.

Answer:Powerconnect VS Procurve

Hmm, they're both pretty solid platforms. The HP probably has the better warranty, so I'd go with that one personally.

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Hi guys, Currently i have 2 servers each with a dual port Intel PT nics and i wanted to do teaming. Intel suggested that I should go for 802.3ad dynamic link aggregation.
But I cant find any detail documentation on the dell switch on what LAG protocols it supports.
Help is much appreciated

Answer:Help with Powerconnect 2724 & LAG

Looks like your 2724 only supports static LAG trunks, not LACP.

According to the post you will have to config the switch as well as the NICs for static 802.3ad

If you want to do LACP on the cheap you can look into a used ProCurve or Foundry switch, we have a few used 2848s and FGS648Ps that we use here with LACP trunks and they work great.

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I'm in the market for a new switch. I'd like something with some manageability, port spans, etc. I found the Dell Powerconnect 2808. It looks decent enough, the price is right too. Unfortunately, I can't see to determine if this thing has a fan in it. Anyone know? Does anyone have any experience with the Powerconnect switches in general?

Answer:Powerconnect switches?

The PowerConnects I've owned have had fans. I take it you're looking for one without?

You could probably find the specs on Dell's site.

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Can anybody help me get my internet connection working again. It was fine one day then not working the next. It's not the modem as it works fine on my other computer. I am running Windows ME.

Answer:Lost cable internet connection

More info please!Is it NTL or Blueyonder? How is it all connected?

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I lost my shlwapi.dll while installing some kind of patch or something from Microsoft. You've heard this before -- I can get as far as my desktop, but Windows hangs up before any icons load. I can only work (minimally) when I boot in "Safe Mode with Command Prompt."

Can I cable connect my CPU to a healthy CPU with the same OS and in that way transfer the missing .dll file to my CPU?

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Hi again TG,

Trying to set up one of my older desktop machines, but it seems I've lost the power cable (the AC cable) or whatever it's called.

Just wondering if anyone can tell me where I can buy a new one and what exactly it's called?

The back of the PC says 230v if that helps...

Thanks as always!

Answer:Lost Computer Power Cable..

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When I start up my PC my cable internet works fine, but if I work for an hour or so on something else and don't connect to the internet, it becomes impossible to connect unless I re-start the PC.Blueyonder blames my Zonealarm forewall, but I uninstalled it and ran without a firewall and still had the same problem.Any ideas?

Answer:lost cable broadband connection

If you're using broadband how are you disconnecting? Are you using the standby on the cable modem or actually powering it off (you should do the former by the way). Besides...why disconnect a 24/7 serbvice anyway...that's what you're paying for. No criticism - just don't understand?!Incidentally, I've had Blueyonder broadband and Zone Alarm for ages and never had any conflict between the two.

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Accidenatally deleted web browser program on windows XP Dell 2400 and can can no longer access High speed internet Tried to find it on driver and resource disks and am becoming violentlly confused. Did scan on microsoft site and said i need to install Net framework. I did that but after the download it would not install.. Please Help Me!!!
Thank You

Answer:lost cable internet browser

If you lost Internet Explorer you can get it from Microsoft website (and you don't need 'Net Framework, that's got nothing to do with it) but you have to download it using the PC you intend to use it on. That's because Microsoft downloads and installs it at the same time. However, many people are no longer using Internet Explorer cos it has too many problems. They are using 'Mozilla Firefox' instead. You can download it as a complete setup file , then run that setup file on a different PC if you need to.

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Id like to change a friends virgin broadband service from being hooked to a black speedtouch modem with the white cable signal input, to a wireless router.But i cant figure out what goes where, andy ideas would be most greatfully accepted, thank you, G

Answer:Cable to wireless conversion?? I'm lost

You need a modem with an Ethernet connection, not USB. You also need a cable router, not ADSL. The modem plugs into the WAN socket of the cable router with an Ethernet cable. You should then plug the PC into one of the router's LAN sockets until you have established your Internet connection and entered your Broadband user name and password. Once you have this set up and working you can set up the wireless side of things and disconnect the PCs Ethernet cable.

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Have 2 Pavilions and lost the ethernet connection, with the cable, on one of them, still have wifi capability. When attaching ethernet cable, the light on the port does not light.Currently using my second Pavilion, with the cable connected, and the light on the port is light.Could the problem be with the Wlan/wireless card? Does this Realtek card handle both wired and wireless?Would prefer to do my own repairs when possible, as labor costs are way too high for my budget.

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I am new to managed switches and have a few questions regarding the Powerconnect 3548.

We are a small machining business and we recently acquired a new Wire EDM machine that has the ability to keep track of water quality, remaining wire, machine efficiency, etc via a web/mobile device interface. I did not want to put this on the same VLAN as our main network so I successfully created a new one. The few questions I have are:

There are 3 other VLANs currently setup with, and all using the firewall as the gateway. I would like to setup this new VLAN ( to do the same. I just cannot seem to find the correct command for setting the gateway. I do have the MAC of the firewall device.

Once in the console I did :

Sw4_Prod_PoE# config
Sw4_Prod_PoE(config)# int vlan 40
Sw4_Prod_PoE(config-if)# ip address 18:B1:69:19:AE:68
% bad parameter value
Sw4_Prod_PoE(config-if)# ip address 18:B1:69:19:AE:68
% Wrong number of parameters or invalid range, size or characters entered

Showing the ARP table only shows the following:
Sw4_Prod_PoE# show arp

ARP timeout: 60000 Seconds

VLAN Interface IP address HW address status
--------------------- --------------- ------------------- ---------------
vlan 20 g4 18:b1:69:19:ae:68 dynamic

Could I run something like:

arp vlan 40 18:B1:69:19:AE:68

I was not sure if this would stri... Read more

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Managed LED light is blinking red, no traffic is going through and it reboots itself every 5 minutes. Is the switch dead? Tried a firmware update via HTTP and this is all that it is doing.

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I'm basically a total n00b when it comes to using a managed switch.

I'm trying to get just basic things set up before moving into link aggregation & a few other useful things I need it for.

There are two things that are so simple, I can't seem to find any info on them (including the manual).

1. How do you dedicate a port for a cable modem (Motorola 6141) ( and configure everything to work with it)?

2. How do you share the internet over a router (Asus RT-N66U)?

Sorry if this comes off as a waste of time or something I should know, but I've been searching & I'm just becoming more and more confused.

Answer:Powerconnect 2816: Help a noob out!

1. That doesn't make any sense... What are you trying to do?
2. Nothing, this should be default behavior if you connect the switch to one of the LAN-ports on the Asus.

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I'm tackling a new client and I'm on the fence regarding equipment. I normally deploy Procurve equipment if the client has 20 or more employees. With smaller operations I usually opt for the Dell switches. However, I'm starting to wonder about the economics of my recommendations.

Most of my clients just need basic switches. A few use link aggregation and even fewer use VLANs. I can purchase two PowerConnect 2824 switches for the price of one Procurve 1810G-24. Obviously the choice is situation dependent (ie basic file sharing vs. enterprise data storage).

I like to deploy equipment that has room for growth down the road. You never know when a client decides to expand an office or has to incorporate a change in the network. They may not need VLAN or link aggregation support, but who knows in a year or two.

Is the 1810G-24 really worth the extra $200.00 per unit over the Dell switches? The Procurve has a lifetime warranty while the Dell has a one year warranty. The three year extension on the 2824 is only $59.00 so worse case it is $238.00 vs $380.00.

I look forward to seeing everyone's input. Thanks!

Answer:PowerConnect vs Procurve - On the Fence

Having been where you are I can say go with HP.

Small operations are mostly better served with the warranty , which is pretty hassle free with HP if you register your equipment.
I myself work for my own business with HP gear and even price wise there are smaller switches that could be more cost effective maybe.

Also contact HP about a reseller deal maybe , is what I did saves up to 25% per device for me.

I must honestly say in the last 5 years installed various brands (including dell and HP) and mostly the customer was happy with the HP equipment where most others, excluding cisco and a couple of others, have always come back with issues in the end.

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I came across two PowerConnect 5324 switches on craigslist and am wondering if any of you have any experience with them. I know PowerConnects usually have a good rep here at [H], but I wanted to make sure that I wasn't missing something with this particular model. Right now 99% of my network at home is semi-managed (Linksys SRW224) 10/100. I'd love to get 10/100/1000 all around. I could with this, and have managed capabilities as well.

What is a good price for a used one? Is $150/ea anything to write home about? Other thoughts? Thanks!

Answer:Thoughts on PowerConnect 5324

150 is a prretty good price for this switch. They regularly fetch 250 or so on eBay. I've got one running my home network. The web interface is garbage, doesn't work properly in firefox with https enabled and it generally sucks anyway. The command line is a decent IOS clone and works pretty well. The fans are a bit noisy for home use, but I've disconnected mine and haven't had any problems. Its been reliable, haven't had any performance or other issues with it.

Overall a decent switch at a good price. I'd rather have an HP 2824, but for the price the Dell is a good substitute - its usually about half the price used.

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his afternoon my kitten chewed through the extension cable connecting the modem to the phone socket. This resulted in a total loss of connection.So I went out and bought a new extension cable and booted up again.Now I'm only synching at 2.1Mbps and getting a dreadful download speed of 236kbps!!Before the mishap I was synching at 3.2Mbps and getting a steady 2.4Mbps download speed.What's going on? Will I see this increase back to where I was before?Thanks.

Answer:Kitten chewed through my cable and lost my speed?

First of all let me discuss the matter of what you are saying.2.1mbps on a what type of connection? If you are on ADSL or DSL with any sort of contention ratio this could mean you are just in a busy period. Download speed of 236kbps. How are you measuringMBps and Mbps are two different things. Different by a factor of 8. If you are using 2 separate ways to work this out you may be happen to be getting the speed read wrong if you are you are downloading at 1.888Megabits per second when you read it.ADSL speeds are the maximum speeds you can expect to get, however like 56k dial up you rarely get it. I have never gotten the full speed on either of these services. If you can clarify how you are getting these figures we can probably help more. Also try a speed test over at click here

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Can someone please tell me how to reset the router as it will not accept my password.

Answer:Cable and Wireless router - Lost password

There should be a reset button on the back, it may be recessed and you may need to use a small screwdriver or pen in order to press it, to reset mine I have to press the button for 30 seconds or so. Google your routers make and model you may be able to find out more information.

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Hi All, I've somehow misplaced my USB cable for my Nike/Rio psa[Play 60, and I would like to make my own. Can anyone supply my a pinout diagram, or walk me through a "USB pin 1 = rio pin 3" scenerio"??Thanks in advance..Steve

Answer:Lost USB cable for Nike psa[Play 60, need pinpout.

The experts advise not to diy - see click hereIs there something special about the cable? Can you not just buy a standard ready-made one?

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Question: Rs232

I am planning on building a small form factor PC but it will need RS232. I don't know for sure if there will be room for an add on card for the RS232. Is there a usb to RS232? If so, will it work as good as an add on card?


Usb to RS232 adapters/cables are common (on Ebay) and I assume they work well but I have never used one myself.

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Question: USB - RS232

On my old pc i used a belkin ups with their bulldog software. The ups connected to the pc via a serial cable and all worked very well.So I buys a new pc and realise that it doesn't have a serial port. So I get a USB- RS232 cable (serial connector one end to connect to the ups and a USB conector the other end).I installed the drivers from the disk that came wit the usb/serail cable but the ups is not detected. Interestingly if I go into device manager, after installing the driver, and expand the tree so that i can see the driver one minute its there the next the device manager tree closes then opens and the driver disappears then it re-appears!My operating system is win xp home sp2.

Answer:USB - RS232

TomGI've used usb-serial converters, not all with the same degree of success. In most cases however, a reboot seemed to cure most ails, and sometimes only with the usb converter connected before boot up. Not a lot offer, but might be worth a try if you haven't already...

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Question: RS232 on TV

RS232 on TV and Freeview Sat box. What is this serial port for?

Answer:RS232 on TV

Dunno about the TV. But my Humax Freeview STB has serial connection which can be used for uploading firmware upgrades from PC (after first downloading from Internet). Although the upgrades are available over the air, they are available sooner off the Internet.For this to work, one requires (for my box) what is known as a Null Modem Cable (and, of course, a serial connection on your PC). Cables avaialble on ebay, maplin etc.If you haven't got a serial connection on your PC, you can get a USB to serial adapter.It should all be described in your manual.Maybe the TV can take firmware upgrades in a similar way.

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I just bought this switch off Ebay and I can't seem to find anything online on the physical connection of this switch. It's not like normal switches where it just uses a ethernet type cable that goes to serial, it requires a female to female cable which does not exist anywhere so I ended up buying a gender changer for a normal cable I had but can't seem to get the prompt to come up. I'm using 9600, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bits and no flow control. Do some wires have to be crossed a special way or something or do I need to type anything special in the console to get the prompt? I can't find much online on this switch. At least not as far as serial connectivity goes.

Answer:Serial connection for Powerconnect 5324

just a standard null modem cable will work

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\This is the way we currently have our network setup (click image for switch configuration).
We had one of our guys plug into one of the 3348's (into a tenant's port) and run a packet sniffer; and he's seeing traffice from all 3 switches. I thought with the way we have our vlans setup that we were only supposed to see traffic for that individual vlan.

Any suggestions

Answer:Setting up VLANs on PowerConnect switches

Your URL isn't working....

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I have recently moved house and my computer was connected to the internet using a Belkin wireless modem/router using a Belkin wireless adaptor.I also had a laptop with a Belkin wireless card connected.At my new address I have configured the router with the ethernet cable but when i try to connect wirelessly everything looks to be set up ok but when i disconnect the ethernet cable the ADSL light on my modem/router starts blinking and i lose my internet connection.If i disable the ethernet card i can still connect to the internet wirelessly as long as the ethernet cable is connected to the modem/router.I have set everything up in the room nearest to the phone socket but want to move the computer to another room and leave the modem/router near to the phone point.Any ideas why this is happening ?

Answer:Lost ADSL connection when ethernet cable removed

By the way my ISP is AOL.

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Well I guess I have really done it this time! Was trying to share a printer on Newly installed Router,guess I really didnt have the network setup properly,Could only find the computer I was typing on when I looked on View Network Cimputers,this was the same for both computers,well anway messing with the setup when suddenly I could not get on line with either of the computers,Disconnected the Router went from the Cable Modem direct to the computer same thing,Unadle to connect,I am now on a dialup modem as I type this Please someone help me,All the lights on the modem are blinking properly but I cant get on the Net

Answer:Lost ability to enter the internet with Cable Modem

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Question: RS232 data

Anyone know what software is best to use to enable me to view the data coming into my RS232 port from external scientific equipment? an anemometer!....I need to view the raw data to check why I do not get the correct readings from the equipment and been told I should do a port scan...bit too techy for me!

Answer:RS232 data

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Question: RS232 port

I have just bought new software for my laptop, it's for diagnostics on cars. The software has been configured to use a rs232 (db9) socket on the laptop to conect to the OBD2 on the car, the only thing i have on my laptop is USB's and the 25pin printer port. Is there a way around this?many thanks.

Answer:RS232 port

USB to Serial Port connector?

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Question: RS232 Question

I am planning on building a small form factor PC but it will need RS232. I don't know for sure if there will be room for an add on card for the RS232. Is there a usb to RS232? If so, will it work as good as an add on card?

Answer:RS232 Question

Check out this link: TRENDnet USB to RS-232 . I do not personally own one, but I have used them at my job and they seem to work pretty well. You may have a driver issue, depending on the OS you will be using, but for the most part it works.

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Question: RS232 problem

This is for the really old hands...

Got this Seiko labelprinter on Com4 (hispeed pci serial card).
My mobo is Asus P5Q3 wifi-ap deluxe.
I am always on a hell of a ride before I get this to work, these are the options shown in device mgr.:
bps 9600...115200 (several tried)
databits 8
parity none
stop bits 1
flow control none/hardware/xon-xoff (think hardware was the control of choice when it at at last worked for prior W7 installs: Beta, RC, W7)
Com 4

Msg "printer communication error".
Only possible setting on the printer is the com port.

Now I can try for days changing this and that and maybe as before it starts to work "just like that", but it is annoying: I had a crash and reinstalled W7 Ultimate.

W7 gives me a choice of two universal drivers, V8 and V10, tried to change to V8 but that doesn't change anything.


Answer:RS232 problem

Normally you don't need to change settings on the port itself. I would look towards a driver issue here (check for drivers for the printer itself that are comparable with W7)

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Question: Pavilion 550 RS232

Hi, I would like to buy a HP Pavilion 550-209nl Desktop, but I have a couple of issues:Is it possible to add a RS232 connection on it? I need it to connect some instruments at work.Is it possible to use with two screens? Cheers Ale

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Question: Wireless RS232

I need to extend a fiber optic connection one-half mile LOS. The fiber carries RS-232 data. Can anyone recommend a hardware solution?

Answer:Wireless RS232

While I haven't used them myself, this might help:

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Question: RS232 connection

Not strictly a computing query but I just got a new LCD TV and it has an RS232 connection and so does my sky box. Can anyone tell me anything about it.

Answer:RS232 connection

It's generally used by factories and engineers for setting and controlling the user interface modules (menus) you see and use on the tv.

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