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Solved: sony vaio IS GONNA BE SMASHED! wireless connection problem

Question: Solved: sony vaio IS GONNA BE SMASHED! wireless connection problem


to all that can help with any ideas please feel free to help ;-)
right to the problem. i use to have a dell inspiron 5160, proper old and out of date plus could never get wireless to work so i bought my second hand but a year old sony vaio vgn-n21m. all seemed good but wireless still wouldnt work?? so i phoned virgin (my supplier of broadband) and after an hour and a half they came to he conclussion hat i had a driver missing. so i called a tech guy round i know. he then after an hour said it was my router that was at fault, so i phone virgin, scream and shout and they sent me a new router. problem is still her. what happens is it says it connects to my wireless but the connection is local, means jack s**t to me but i no i cant get internet out of it, ive tried a few things off u tube lke putting ip address and that dns thingy in manually and it still didnt work.

if u need to know anything that could help you hit me up and ill get back to you but please someone help me lol PLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE LOL

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Preferred Solution: Solved: sony vaio IS GONNA BE SMASHED! wireless connection problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Solved: sony vaio IS GONNA BE SMASHED! wireless connection problem

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I have a PCV Sony Vaio desktop running XP.I want to connect to the local network to access the Internet. As the Vaio doesn't have a wireless connection what do I have to add to make it connect?

Answer:Sony Vaio desktop - no wireless connection

You need to install a "Wireless Network Adapter" which can be either USB or an internal PCI card.

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I have a brand new Vaio with Vista.I am connected via a wireless DSL network.At various times I am asked if I want to connect to internet.How do i eliminate this unneeded message?

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I decided to share some of my recent blog post that are related to computers, as I normally blog about business related content. This seemed to be a very popular topic and I experienced the same issues so decided to play around a bit.

The problem I had can occur a few different ways:

1) I experienced that if I put the computer to sleep (close the lid) that when I went to wake it up, the wireless would act as if the switch was turned off, even though it was on.

2) I experienced that sometimes the computer just wouldn't recognize the wireless unless I rebooted a few times. Even then sometimes the wireless switch would show it was off.

3) I experienced that sometimes it would work perfectly fine when I first booted the computer, but then would lose connection after a period of time.

I believe that this issue is with the pre-installed software loaded by Sony. I read many blogs, tech sites, and articles about this but none of them seemed to work. Then I remembered that when I first got the laptop, I had disabled some of the pre-loaded crap that you get when purchase a computer from a store (that's for another blog entry though).


Go to Start -> Control Panel -> double click "Vaio Control Center" -> hit ok at the UAC prompt (if there) -> expand the folder "network connections" -> click "Vaio Smart Network" -> click Open

A box should have popped up with 3 little boxes/images in it. H... Read more

Answer:Sony Vaio wireless connection problems


Just noticed a similar thing on a Dell Inspiron, i installed Xppro and used Dells own drivers for the wireless NIC, however i prefer to use windows to manage the wifi, everytime i put the pc into standby or similar the wifi wouldnt work and i had to start the WIFI service in services.msc, it was as i found out Dells own software that was claiming control of the WIFI, once uninstalled and just the driver installed the problem stopped.

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Hi everybody.

I have a linksys WRT54G2 router that i recently bought. and i have this old laptop its from around 2004 if i remmebr right. its a sony vaio VGN-A130B, and im running windows xp professional vrsion 2002 service pack 1.

now the problem is i see all availbele wireless networks including my own, but when i choose mine and enter the network key (i believee its the network secturity key) and click connect nothing happens, it does not connect but it doesnt give me a message saying couldnt connect either....what should i do?

i was searching the internet and there was something about putting a service pack 2??? sorry guys im pretty new to this stuff please help me out.

do i have to configure my router or something? do i have to install some software on my laptop?

Answer:Problems connecting my Sony Vaio to wireless connection

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I'm running Windows 7 on my Vaio and randomly while working my internet connection fails and I have to reboot the connection. This doesn't happen with my other laptop, Dell, also Windows 7. What could be the problem and an effective fix? thanks!!

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My Sony Vaio seems to not like connecting to wireless internet anymore, and when I click on the available connections, it shows the ethernet cord as a wireless connection (but it works). There is no recognition from my computer that it is plugged in to a ethernet cord.

I have tried a system restore to 2 weeks before this all happened, and it didn't work. I'm not sure what to do, I know it's a problem with my computer because other people can connect to the ethernet cord and the wireless, just not me.

Any ideas?

Answer:Sony Vaio thinks ethernet cable is a wireless connection

and welcome to the Forum

Lets take a peek at your environment:


Power Cycle everything . . Turn off the Modem, router and all pc's . . turn on the Modem and wait a few minutes for the lights to stabilize . . then turn on the router, then one pc at a time. See if you connect to the internet.


Remove all the stored wireless network profiles and search for the network again.

How to Remove Stored Wireless Network Profiles for XP, Vista, and Windows 7

Then: check your browser's settings, remove any proxy settings if found here's how.


with the pc connected to the router via the ethernet cable, , Click on Start . . Run . . type CMD

At the > prompt type type the following command: IPCONFIG /ALL

Note that there is a space before the /ALL, but there is NOT a space after the / in the following command.

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter. Come back here and Paste the results in a message.

If you are on a machine with no network connection, use a floppy, USB disk, or a CD-RW disk to transfer a text file with the information to allow pasting it here.

Repeat this with the pc connected to the router via wireless (disconnect the ethernet cable )

then please Download and run this Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector, click the Networks link on the upper left and paste a screen shot of that screen here. Note that this application requires NET Framework to run. If you get a... Read more

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I have a Sony Vaio Laptop . Spilled some liquid and it is not able to connect to internet using Wifi or through ethernet cable.The USB ports also have stopped working so i cannot connect it to a wireless adapter.

Showed this to Geeksquad agent at Bestbuy and he told me that this could be a motherboard problem and nothing much can be done about it.

So basically i have a working laptop that i cannot to internet.

Any help greatly appreciated.


Answer:Sony Vaio Laptop Wireless and Ethernet Network Connection not working

probably is a mother board
did you dry it out completely

some vaio have a PC expresscard slots - its possible this may work

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I currently have a problem with my Wi-Fi connection on my laptop. It will be working fine then suddenly wont find any connections! I then restart the laptop then it will work for a while then cut out again. Any help will be much appreciated, Thanks.

Answer:Sony Vaio Wi-Fi Connection problem

More info required please - What is the OS; have you Updated drivers or anything recently?
Possibly a simple visit to Device Manager would fix it.
First of all find the Wifi Network Adapter and uninstall it. Restart the laptop and let it reinstall the Adapter and see if this solves the issue.
If not then select the Adapter properties and update the Driver.
If still no good, visit the Sony Website and download the latest driver for your OS.

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Hello all.
This one has me stumped. Recently reformatted this Sony laptop and all went well. The unit has all the up to date drivers, including the LAN. It is using LAN-Express AS IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN Driver with updates to Marvell® Atheros® Extensible Wireless LAN Driver.
Both of these installed, but I had to do in compatibility mode for Windows XP. Not sure why. Tried it with normal installation and each time I received the warning "software might not have installed properly". After I did this I thought that if the drivers did not install properly that something would be messed up. Hence another reformat.
Getting to the problem (after proper install of the drivers). The unit will not connect to the internet.
I have browsed through the forums here and there are many similar cases but not exact. I have tried all the suggestions made on other forums but to no avail.
The unit sees the router.. tries to identify, stumbles around a bit and then declares it an unknown network.
It marks it as a "public" network, and connects locally only. Trouble shooting included trying all the different security settings on the router and the laptop, tried reassigning IP addresses. Put the laptop in DMZ zone, shut off UPnP, restored UPnP, ect, ect.
Then tried an open system with no security protocol ...... BAM connects to the internet.
This is obviously no good. I am running a Belkin wireless N router. There are 17 wireless devices that connect to this router with n... Read more

Answer:Solved: Connection problems with Sony Vaio VGN N220E

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Have following

Sony Vaio PCG-K33 with
LAN-Express AS IEEE 802.11g miniPCI Adapter
Driver Date: 7/7/2004
Driver Version:

It's installed and running but it cannot detect any wireless networks. Have tried updating through windows update, and the sony website update says I have the latest driver.

Any help?

Answer:Solved: Sony Vaio PCG-K33 Wireless Driver

Device Manager says the device is working properly? Maybe there is a way to turn the radio on/off, perhaps through the WLAN management app? Also, be sure there isn't a physical switch on the case that's in the wrong position. (I know some Dell models have this switch and it gets moved accidentally easily!)

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Just got talktalk router cant connect through wireless,well does say connected but cant see web pages,or globe in corner.
connects with wire. talktalk line ok. yes wireless switch is on.


Answer:sony vaio, vista wireless problem.

please provide ALL the information from this link in your next post: Pre-posting Requirements - for both Wired and Wireless Connectivity Issues

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I recently had to reformat my computer and installed windows xp professional on my Sony Vaio Vgn-fs714/w. The problem is that no wireless network will show up so I installed a driver however, it shows no wireless signals on the page. What do I do to fix this problem?

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While using the Vaio desktop I got a message saying that the keyboard battery level was critical. I changed the batteries and whilst doing this the computer re-booted so I guess I must have pressed some keys at the same time.Now the keyboard will not work at all. Have I caused an overload or a fuse to go? I have tried re-booting the desktop, then pressing the ´connect´button on the desktop and the keyborad but it will not work. the wireless mouse still functions ok though. Any ideas please?Thanks


Try uninstalling any software related to the keyboard, reboot the system. and re-install the software.

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My sony vaio pcg-61611l doesn't let me connect to the internet, or download anything from it, however, it does let me when i open internet explorer 64bit. My wireless connection is alright(I've checked it 10000k times )
My friends told me that what is causing the problem is my internet see...i am not a modern person ^~^ dunno **** about computers. So i wanted to know a way to fix my internet drivers, now remember that i cant download anything from the internet u.u please help q-q

Answer:Vaio Sony laptop pcg-61611l internet connection problem.

Oh Oh i forgot to tell you guyz that once my laptop crashed down so i had to take it to someone and that person placed a whole different system on it, now i cant access sony recovery wizard ( i think thats the name) or Vaio care. Some people told me to reset it to factory settings but heck i dont know how to do it Q.Q. So im asking you guyz please tell me whats the best method to solve this issue q-q thanks.

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the computer is a Sony Vaio and operates on windows Vista.we use satt internet with a wireless router.  The computer has been updated on virus issues and will connect to the net fine most of the time. but after being idol for a while the net will loose connection yet the wireless card is pickiing up router and there is no issues with the actual satt connection.  Normally I have to restart the computer and the connection comes back with no problems.  Though alot of the times the laptop will not fully restart.  It goes to a screen saying "computer restarting" and will just sit there and never restart.. I have to turn the power off and back on. Then the operating system comes to the black screen and asks if i want to start in normal mode or safe mode.  I click normal mode and it starts back up fine until the net locks up again.. It usually runs fine as long as i dont sit idle long enough for the screen saver to come up.  Any help on the issue is would be appreciated.geeray

Answer:laptop net connection and restart problem (sony vaio w/vista)

DownloadMalwarebytesandSASRun full scans and see what comes up you may also want to tryAVGIf you have no anti-virus software

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Hi people.

Can you please help?I have a Sony Vaio Model VGN-NS20E (Vista) that has built-in Wireless. The PC was heavily infected by Virus and I had to re-install Vista Operating system. The system is now running fine (picture, DVD drive, sound etc )although, it will not detect the Wireless Adapter, hence the wireless will not work.

If I attach the Ethernet cable & the internet works fine.

I went to the manufacturer’s computer website and downloaded the driver and (I think ) installed the driver on the laptop. However, it did not help.

The yellow "wireless" light on the front of laptop is not lit, even though it is switched to on.

Am I right in thinking it is the ‘wireless network adapter’ that isn’t working and not the driver as when I go to "Device Manager" and look at the Network Drives, it only shows the wired Ethernet option. This added to the fact the yellow wireless light doesn’t come on, on the front makes me think it is the adapter and not the driver.

Is there anyway to find out – and anyway to fix this mess?
Thanks in advance

Tom Murray

Answer:Solved: Lost Wireless Network Adapter - Sony Vaio

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I am working on my friend's computer, it has not been able to connect to the Internet since some time in July. Wired or wireless networks, he has tried several including where he works, school, mine and several others, through wifi and hooked directly. He noticed the problem started when he attempted to uninstall an antivirus software called WebRoot while he was running the installer for MS Security Essentials. The details are a little fuzzy at that point, but he says it kept rebooting and a friend of his booted it up in safe mode and restored the machine to it's last restore point before the issue and then tried installed an updated driver for the wifi adapter as he read it can cause the kind of problem it was having. I am not sure if the Internet connectivity problem was happening before this, or because of this. It's been a few months so it's been forgotten.

It will recognize wireless networks, but then when you attempt to connect, it will say it had trouble connecting and is not connected, but then says "limited connectivity" by the wireless network you tried to connect to. When turn wifi off and hook a cable in, the Local Area Connection with go from "network cable unplugged" to "enabled" but will not recognize the network or connect. All of the windows tools say it is a driver problem with both.

I got the computer yesterday and it had no antivirus on it, Webroot or MS Security Essentials. It had Windows Defende... Read more

Answer:Solved: Sony Vaio will not connect to Internet, Wireless or Wired

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Having problems connecting to NetGear and Belkin wireless routers, that require WEP password.
The wireless connection sees the router, full strength -5 bars, and asks for the password. After I give it twice, it just sits there and does not connnect.

Tried running update driver, but latest one on sony website is the one I have - from 2005

Running XP Home ed, Service pack 2, up to date.

I have not installed SP3 because of possible conflicts with the AMD cpu chipset, and last time I did it crashed the entire system.

Any help appreacated

Answer:Solved: sony vaio VGN FS470/w wireless will not connect to wep netgear router

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Due to problems with my Sony VAIO laptop's processing, I have recently decided to re-install Windows XP, though this is the "Home Edition" (due to being unable to retrieve the other version of XP that I used for this laptop). Following the installation, I have attempted to also install some VAIO drivers, including one that concerns the wireless connection. However, once successful and re-booted the laptop, during the procedure, I right-clicked on the Wireless Network Connection (after clicking on "View network connections), called "Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection", then, in the drop-down menu, I clicked on "View Available Wireless Networks". Once there, I can see the available networks, including the name of the router that we use. Below the selection box of available networks, a message says "This wireless network requires the use of a network key (WEP). To access this network, type the key, then click Connect. After I entered my security key, I encountered this error message repeatedly:

"The network password needs to be 40bits or 104bits depending on your network configuration. This can be entered as 5 or 13 ascii characters or 10 or 26 hexadecimal characters."

Consequently, I am unable to access the Internet because of this message!

If it helps, the model of this laptop is a Sony VAIO VGN-FS740/W, and we bought it in December 2005. In terms of the system specifications, this is, again, t... Read more

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hey my bios is not recognising my hdd so when i took it apart i noticed the hdd had no labels on it and looked very different to normal hdd's. i wanted to know how i can check if my hdd is the problem or the connector. i cannot find a replacement hdd but found a link to the connector. here it is:
Plz help as i don't know what else to do with this laptop other than chuck it. thank you in advance

Answer:Solved: Sony vaio vgn-tx1hp hdd problem!!

It might be a 1.8" drive instead of a 2.5" drive, but there should be a label on it. You sure it doesn't have any additional casing on it that needs to come off? Can you take a picture of it including one of the connectors? Hopefully a better picture than the fuzzy one on eBay.

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Thanks for reading this..i have a problem with downgrading form windows 7 to xp ..i have got a sony vaio vgn -nw20ep and during loading the files at the first screen of instalation windows is get an error saying stop 0x0000007B (0xf78d2524,0xc0000034)
i have found out on web that in bios i have to change RAID Auto/AHCI" to "RAID Auto/ATA and here is the problem with this bios there is only 4 tabs "main security boot and exit".no advance or anything as such..i wonder what can i do now ?? there any program that could help ?.maybe mmtool
PLease help as quick as you can
thanks in advance :)

Answer:[SOLVED] sony vaio downgrade to xp problem

The option will be somewhere in your BIOS, its probably not called exactly that. Sometimes its like "ATA compatiblity mode" (IIRC).
What you could also use is a tool like NLite to slipstream the SATA drivers into your XP install CD. There's many guides to this online. The problem your describing is a very common one and theres loads online if you google for it

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Does anyone know where I can get the driver for the built in webcam on my VPCEJ2B1E
I can't find the on the sonysite and they are not in the driver folder on cdrive.

Somehow this driver got deleted for my newlaptop.

Thank you for your help


Answer:Solved: Sony Vaio Driver Problem

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I have a sound problem on my Sony Vaio PCV-RZ221. I found this thread which is exactly the same problem, I have now, but there is no soultion for that...
My soundcard is Yamaha YMF753 (with the newest driver available), Op system: XP Pro SP3, Keyboard: sony PS/2 keyboard.
Whenever I listen to music, video sound etc. and I type in the same time, the music/sound stopes and makes a scrathcy sound... Very-very annoying and I really don't know what to do, already reintalled windows.
Please someone help me!


Answer:Solved: Sound problem on Sony Vaio PCV-RZ221

I have had a similar problem on an HP compaq, instead it did this everytime the HDD engaged. I know that this is not a software problem but rather a hardware problem were noise is put on the headphone jack.

Since I have replaced my hdd with a very old 30 gb one I have not noticed it, curious to say the least.

maybe replacing the keyboard would help, if you still have warrenty they might do that for you.

good luck

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I have just got my self a Sony VAIO 850 series. When ever I use Microsoft Office or Works and try and press the letter k I get "spell check is complete". This only happens in Works/Word/eXEL. The k works fine in other types of programmes. There are further problems with the letter u and l. When using Works the letter 2 brings up the help pages. If I use the virtual desk top keyboard from Accessablity there is no problems. Any ideas please as its driving me crazy. Someone suggested a possible hotkey has been set up maybe in the registry or such like. I cannot find any hotkeys set up within the programmes themself. Any Ideas as how to check this and remove. Regards David

Answer:Solved: Keyboard problem with Sony Vaio laptop

If you just got it like you said, take it back. Why suffer the problem with a brand new & expensive machine?

Other thought to check is "sticky" keys setting being turned on?

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Hello forum!

I have this beautiful vaio in my hands to which I happened to install a windoze xp pro os. As you all should be very familiar with them, the drivers just got bitchy again. The official site does not host all of them (I don't have any idea why, just theories. Evil ones) and I couldn't find any on the net.

So the question is; which program do you suggest me to find those drivers? I have Everest but couldn't understand how to use it properly. I couldn't get the name of those uninstalled drivers...

Any suggestion is very very appreciated!

Thanx in advance


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I have something of a problem. Rather, my friend who I've been helping does. He recently bought a new laptop -- a Sony Vaio F series (model SVF15A18CXB), but very much dislikes Windows 8.
After a lot of fiddling around, we successfully uninstalled Windows 8, and then installed Windows 7.

The problem is, Sony seems to have only made drivers for this model specifically for Windows 8.
We've managed to find drivers for almost everything that needs a driver installed - Bluetooth, network card, audio, and so on - but we've not been able to find drivers for the Wireless LAN component (BCM43142 Wireless Network Adapter).

The specs of the computer can be found here, if it helps, and the drivers that work for Windows 8 on the Sony site here.

He's running Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bit.
We've tried the official drivers, and done some searching for other ones, but haven't had any luck in getting the wireless working yet. At something of a loss about what to do, does anyone have any advice?
Is there any more information that would help narrow down our options?


Answer:Solved: Windows 7 on Sony Vaio Driver Problem

Just wanted to stop by, in case anyone else ever finds this post because of the same problem.

Broadcom released a driver for the adapter for Windows XP (Broadcom 43142 Wireless LAN Driver for Windows XP, Ver. -- that one worked successfully!

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Hi, Maaz here. I have Sony Vaio VGN- NW270F and I recently started having problem with it. First of all my, pc has become too slow. Start-up takes almost 4-5 minutes. And secondly, my One Touch Web Access button has stopped working, whenever I press it, a message says that "Slashtop is not installed properly or is uninstalled" (and something like that) I am too worried about my pc. Please help me!!!! it would be so kind of you. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks

Answer:[SOLVED] Sony Vaio NW270 Quick Web Access problem

"Splashtop"/One Touch Web Access is not related to Windows so I will ignore that issue for now and focus on the slow startup.

Lets have a look at what programs are being started up:


Save this program to the desktop:

Right-click on it -> Select run-as-admin.

Go to File -> Save As and save it as a .arn file.

Zip the .arn file and attach it to your next post.

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Recently I have installed Windows XP in my laptop, model Sony Vaio VGN-FS93G model. I dont have my utilities disk..

After installing the OS, i was trying to install sound card driver, but not able to do so..

moreover i was referring to,

and i tried downloading AUD-0602FS91-ENG.EXE and installed, but still my sound card detail tabs are grayed out..

could any body help me out please..

Thanks in advance..

motherboard details from everest

--------[ EVEREST Home Edition (c) 2003-2005 Lavalys, Inc. ]------------------------------------------------------------

Version EVEREST v2.20.405
Report Type Quick Report
Computer JITU
Generator Mama
Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 5.1.2600 (WinXP Retail)
Date 2009-11-13
Time 20:55
--------[ Motherboard ]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Motherboard Properties:
Motherboard ID <DMI>
Motherboard Name Sony Corporation VGN-FS93G

Front Side Bus Properties:
Bus Type Intel NetBurst
Bus Width 64-bit
Real Clock 133 MHz (QDR)
Effective Clock 533 MHz
Bandwidth 4265 MB/s

Memory Bus Properties:
Bus Width 64-bit
Real Clock 267 MHz (DDR)
Effective Clock 533 MHz
Bandwidth 4266 MB/s

Chipset Bus Properties:
Bus Type Intel Direct Media Interface

Answer:Solved: no sound card found problem sony vaio vgn-fs93g model

Original Drivers for VGN-FS9 Series Applicable Models: VGN-FS93G, VGN-FS93S -
I believe the correct file is Audio: File name: AUD-060FS91-ENG.EXE File size: 17.19MB (18,033,005 Byte)

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I recently ran into a fatal error with my hard drive and needed to replace it for my Sony VAIO laptop. Upon receiving and successfully mounting the new drive (and formatting the disk thereafter), I managed to download and install some necessary drivers with success, specifically the audio and video drivers. However, I am having some difficulty in reaching the internet, simply because there is not a known wireless connection (I think that when we had originally bought the laptop, it was already configured with a wireless setup, but I cannot be certain). Our router is a NETGEAR, but we never had to install the wireless NETGEAR software on the laptop. Instead, with the pre-existing wireless system, it simply detected routers in range and provided a list of these available networks. From there, we would commonly select NETGEAR and enter the necessary password key. The problem that I am currently facing is that I cannot access the list of available networks.

The model of this laptop is a Sony VAIO VGN-FS740/W, and we bought it in 2005.

I would greatly appreciate any help that you can provide.


Answer:Solved: Establishing wireless internet connection on VAIO laptop

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I am running a widescreen laptop on 1280 X 800 resolution. I need to keep running the laptop screen at the same time as having an external display on a 4:3 ratio of 1280 X 1024.How do i set the laptop up to do this?

Answer:Sony Vaio Laptop VGA Connection

What is the onboad video, eg NVidia

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1. Just bought a Sony VAIO TT series and was trying to get logged on to the MacDonalds (Cloud?) wifi. It took ages to go through the leaflet they provide and then I got the message network not available. I had to do all the steps manually there was no "wizard" or automatic connection. First time I've ever tried this.

When entering a wifi hotspot should the wireless network appear in Manage Wireless Networks? This certainly didn't happen in MacDonalds. My wireless switch on the laptop is turned to "on" but how do I know if it's working. It seems ridiculously difficult to find a wifi connection. Am I doing something wrong? Does each hotspot need this complicated manual configuration?

The laptop works fine at home with a router and i also have a broadband "3" mobile dongle which connects fine.

2. Also getting message "Windows Media Player has stopped working". Why? How can I fix this.

The laptop is brand new by the way.

Any help much appreciated. Advice in idiot format please for a non IT/PC beginner, thanks.

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I have a sony vaio laptop which has just been formatted (had xp before, Still has xp but now sp3) and now the wireless icon is not anywhere ! No Wireless option under network connections either....please help

Answer:Sony vaio (previously with wireless) now has no wireless icon

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i have a 2002 sony vaio that i got from a friend .... i've found how to install a wirless connection but it keeps acting wierd before it will let me do it .... another one of my friends thinks that i need a wirless connection card .... however i found a spot where i can try to find a connection but it won't let me connect .... i'm in a hot spot right now with a belkin N .... so i dunno what to do ... can anyone help before i go and waste money?

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Answer:Sony vaio network connection problems

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hi there guys. when it come to forums u have to be the only one who comes through every time. i touched on this subject a couple of months back but from a different angle. i have a sony vaio pcg-k115m and would like to know the make and model if possible , of the wireless card without stripping it down. i ask you guys because you are better wired up than i am with that stuff.. many thanks for your help in advance...TG

Answer:Sony vaio wireless card i.d.

Hi ... Read the Link below ...
sony vaio wireless driver

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Now bearing in mind im not very tech minded here is my problem:

I have a Sony laptop with in-built WiFi, running on vista.

Now, when im at home it finds my network and connects straightforward.

Yet, when im at my girlfriends place, it finds the network no problem, full signal yet when i try to connect to it it doesnt want to know. When I click to diagnose the problem I just get a "wireless association failed due to an unknown reason" message.

I know the router at my girlfriends place is working fine because a computer upstairs connects to it and so does the Nintendo Wii.

So basically I know the WiFi in the laptop is working an I know the router is working, they just don't work together.

Any ideas?

Any help appreciated. Thanks, Robbie

Answer:Sony Vaio Wireless Problems

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I recently received this laptop. It has Windows XP Professional upgraded to SP3, Intel Pentium M 1.09GHz processor, 1 gb ram, and an Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network card. With my Netgear WDNR3700 wireless router this laptop will not connect to the router when the network is secured with WPA2-PSK. When I change the router to be unsecured this laptop will connect and stay connected with no problems. I have 3 other laptops on this network that have absolutely no problems with this router or the network setup. I am not familiar with networking this is the 1st time I've had a problem since setting up my network which went together per the instructions.

Just thought to add that we have no cordless phones and 3 other laptops, an AppleTV, 2 Nintendo DSi's, and a Wii all connected to this wireless network.

Answer:Sony Vaio PCG-TR5AP Wireless

CBR_Rob said:

With my Netgear WDNR3700 wireless router this laptop will not connect to the router when the network is secured with WPA2-PSK.Click to expand...

It's likely the onboard Wi-Fi is older, and doesn't support WPA2.

Probably better to get a USB dongle...

...but I'm curious, how do you connect Nintendo DS' to the network. I thought they only supported WEP?

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After problems, did a full reinstall of Vista 32 Home Premium. All OK, except no wireless. In Device Manager, there is only an ethernet controller under Network Device. Under Other Devices, there are 3 exclamation marks - an ethernet controller, a mass storage controller and an other device. None of them have drivers and they are all 'unknown'. It was OK before - any thoughts please?

Answer:sony vaio - no wireless card seen

The one's with the Yellow exclamation marks - right click and select "Update Driver Software"

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Hey, i've got a sony vaio pcg-4cap and when i turn the wireless on i get the blue screen of death.

I've seen suggestions about uninstalling the wireless driver and installing another/more up-to-date one, but i can't do that because i cannot get onto the internet on the vaio due to the wireless switch making it crash.

Any suggestions of what i can do?

It was working fine yesterday but now whenever the wireless gets turned on it just crashes.

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Alright, for the past three weeks (give or take) it's been impossible for me to connect to wireless networks. I'm using a Sony Vaio VGN-Z540 running on Vista with an Intel WiFi Link 5100 adapter and I've had it since June.

I did a lot of research on my own and have learned this adapter has caused so many problems for many many people. I know the network isn't the problem - other laptops can connect to it and I can get on with an Ethernet cable. I made sure my wireless switch in the front of my computer is on. I've checked and re-checked the router settings to make sure they match those of the network on my computer (they do). I've tried disabling and re-enabling the adapter and that doesn't work. I've updated the adapter to the most recent driver version on the Intel site. I even did a system restore back into December to see if it would help (it didn't do a thing). I was on the phone with the Sony people and they aren't helping the situation at all - they want me to completely restore back to factory settings. I have also made sure my computers power management settings weren't shutting it off automatically and that the WLAN AutoConfig was starting correctly. Sometimes when I go into Device Manager, the Intel WiFi adapter isn't even on the list of network adapters - it turns into a ghost and disappears. I can't figure out what is going on for the life of me.

To make matters even more complicated, once every ... Read more

Answer:Sony Vaio Wireless Issues

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Just got a Sony Vaio and has worked no problem for two months, now suddenly the light doesnt come on when i switch on the wireless and i cannot connect to wireless

please help


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Hey everybody,

I am at a bit of a lose end and was wondering if anybody at all new how to fix this...

I have a friends laptop which is a Sony Vaio VGN-NR32L Model - PCG-7134M

I have re-installed there Windows Vista 64bit edition and have everything working apart from the Wireless LAN... The Ethernet network adaptor is Marvell Yukon and i have that working however i know the WLAN is Atheros but i cannot find the correct driver for it anywhere and when i do it is a bunch of SYS file's and Security Catalogue and i do not know how to use these?

If you could get back to me a.s.a.p please it would be much appreciated.



Answer:Sony Vaio Wireless Driver

This is a common issue with Vista 64 bit versions. There are many cases where there simply isn't a 64 bit driver available. If Sony doesn't offer one, you may be out of luck.

Why not drop back to Vista 32 bit?

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hi guys i think its all in the title as i have updated my sony vaio model pcg-k115m and it cannot find the wireless driver or the audio driver come to think of it. looked everywhere but no windows 7 drivers. you guys have never failed to come through for me and my pc problems.. many thanks in advance..simon

Answer:sony vaio wireless driver

Hi there .. Try the Driver for the Sound in the Link below ...
Have you any idea what type of Wireless Card you have ?...

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Hi, I hope that i am posting in the right place and giving the right information, apologies if not.

I bought a new Sony VAIO a week ago, and i am generally pretty happy with it, i just have some slight problems with wireless connections. When i connect with the wifi at home or in a place with free wifi, the connection sometimes will last for a minute or tow and then cut out, and the only way i can reconnect is by restarting my laptop, which is a pain. Turning the wireless switch on and off doesn't help and often when i try to reconect windows explorer doesn't respond or says it cannot find any networks. Any idea if there is a simple fix?

I have a VAIO VGN-NR38M running on Vista Home Premium.

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Hi all, I own a Sony Vaio VPCCW computer, Windows 7 64 bit home edition. My laptop has an Atheros AR9285 wireless adapter which I have updated the drivers for recently, I believe. I'm at a university that has multiple access points to their wireless network, so I DO NOT have login access to my router. Upon connecting to the wireless network and opening a web browser, I'm supposed to be redirected to a little submission form page where I enter a university username and password so I can have access to the internet.

Lately, I have been connecting to the wifi network and I have not been redirected to the login page, instead I get a "page not found" type error in chrome, firefox, IE, etc. I should note that when I am experiencing these troubles, PCs and Macs that are in the same room as my laptop do not have an issue connecting at all. This problem occurs very randomly, and it fixes itself after about 20 minutes. It would be very annoying to not have internet when I need it, however. I have read up a bit about similar errors on this forum and so I know that whoever reads this will probably ask for a Xirrus screenshot, so I have attached that. Unfortunately right now I am connected just fine, so I didn't get the chance to grab an ipconfig text for pasting here. I'll try restarting my laptop to force the problem, and I'll edit it in/reply if I can get it to work.

My network is "webster-wifi"

Thanks for looking into my problem!

Edit: ... Read more

Answer:Sony Vaio Atheros AR9285, No Internet Connection

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I am seeking advice on the correct cables to enable Sony VAIO Laptop connection to my HD TV which has HDMI connection.

I note that there is a S-Video Out on the laptop but would like to know how to connect up to enable sound etc.

Thanks, V

Answer:Sony VAIO PCG-5J5M connection cables to TV - HDMI

Looks like a cable or adapter is needed.


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Just updated my Z1 to Windows 8 inspite Sony not yet supporting this model.It went quite ok. Only feature I really need is to have the 3G connection to Internet. Has anybody solved this? I found a download for the OneClick Internet, butit says "device not found". Pls help if you have as answer.Markus

Answer:Sony Vaio VPCZ1 to Windows 8: 3G modem connection

"Just updated my Z1 to Windows 8 inspite Sony not yet supporting this model."Unwise decision. What useful feature does Windows 8 give you that Windows 7 can't do already?

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Hi, I just took my laptop apart to dust it, and now the toggle switch to turn on WiFi is loose and doesn't work. As a result, I am not getting an internet connection any more. This is also true if I try to establish a hardwired connection, not entirely sure why... Anyhow, I looked everywhere around where I was working and couldn't find a part on the floor or elsewhere, but I suspect that could be my issue. What would help me is if someone could provide a very closely zoomed up and clear photo of inside a similar laptop so I can see if there's a piece that I'm missing, and/or provide me with instructions on how I could just permanently solder a wire to establish a permanent ON effect. Looking forward to some pro responses, thanks in advance

Answer:Sony Vaio VPCF111FD Wireless Issue

kinda difficult to show you a pic if we have no idea of what laptop you have.
You might need to open it up again and check the switch is positioned properly, and also check the wifi card to see if it's seated all the way and the antenna's are connected to the card. I've seen one instance on an HP laptop the had the wrong length screw in the wrong place, it shorted something on the motherboard (the screw was too long) and when you tried to use the dvd drive, it would shut off
Open it back up and see what you missed

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I have a Sony VAIO VGN-N110G
I am some-what compter and technologically literate, I am in PC Repair class at this moment.
So I do know alot about the in's and out's but I'm not completely understanding.

I have recently put XP back onto my laptop that had XP already on it.
It had XP Media Center, I put plain XP Service pack 3 on it.
The XP I installed was just the OS it's self.
No drivers or anything like that was installed.
I have about 7+ drivers that are "missing" including my wireless driver so I cannot connect to the internet from that computer.

I have already visited the Windows website for the drivers installation and updates. When I try and install the Wireless driver, it says that it is not compatable in some way or form.

All I really need is help getting the wireless driver on it and then from there I can download the rest of them off the internet.

Thank you =3

Answer:Wireless and other drivers not detected on Sony Vaio with XP OS

I'm assuming that you had Windows XP Media Center Edition in that computer, then you formatted the hard drive, then you did a clean install of Windows XP Home Edition or Windows XP Professional in it.

You weren't clear and detailed about what you did.


Regardless of what you did, you apparently didn't identify the devices in that computer and then obtain the drivers for them before you started.


Don't attempt to download device drivers from the Windows Updates site because they tend to be outdated or incomplete or incorrect.

You want to download them from the computer's support site or the device vendors site or other reliable sites.


The Sony support site for that laptop has device drivers only for Windows XP Media Center Edition and Windows Vista Home Premium.

I'm not positive if the Windows XP Media Center Edition device drivers will work with Windows XP Home Edition or Windows XP Professional, but they probably will.


These appear to be the primary devices in your computer:

Mobile Intel 915GM/910GMS,910GML Express Graphics Controller

Realtek High Definition Audio

Intel PRO/Wireless Network Connection

Marvell Yukon 88E8036 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller

ALPS Pointing Dev... Read more

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I recently did a complete fresh install of windows XP on my Sony Vaio VGN SZ1VP/C.
I have found some of the drivers for some things off of the sony website in an 'original drivers package' . This package contains a wireless driver, but i can not get this to install.

I've have searched everywhere for a Wireless Driver for this laptop and can't find it anywhere!

Does anyone know where i can get the driver for this wireless card?

Many thanks


Answer:Drivers for Sony Vaio VGN SZ1VP/C - Wireless

if you go to this set and click on the "detect my model"

does that help find the drivers

otherwise can we see an device manager screen shot

{Device Manager}
Post back the results in device manager
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to copy the program across to the faulty PC
Start > control Panel {Vista set to classic view}> system > {Vista, device manager on left hand side} {XP hardware Tab, device manager button} >
windows 7
start > control panel> System and Security> Device Manager

network adaptors, click on the + > post back the devices listed there
are there any ! ? or X
post a screen shot of the device manager - network adapters

To post a screen shot of the active window, hold the Alt key and press the PrtScn key. Open the Windows PAINT application and Paste the screen shot. You can then use PAINT to trim to suit, and save it as a JPG format file.
To upload it to the forum, open the full reply window and use the Manage Attachments button to upload it here

on the wireless adapter or what maybe the adapter with a yellow ! ?
right click on the device with a yellow!
Click on the Details Tab
Under Property - drop down
Select hardware ids
Right click and select all.... Read more

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Hello! I recently purchased a Sony Vaio laptop computer (I'm running Vista Home Premium and the model number for the computer is VGN-CS215J) and I am having issues with it and am wondering if you think I should exchange it or have it repaired (purchased a week ago).

I set up the wireless network to the computer, but its been giving me issues. If I set it up to auto connect when I start the computer, it doesn't connect to the internet, only the local connection (sometimes, if I wait like 10 minutes before trying though, the internet will be there). To fix this, I have to disconnect from the network and then reconnect to the network. In addition to this, when I'm online occasionally websites will just stop loading and I will get "connection interrupted" messages or "Proxy Error" messages. Again, to fix this, I have to disconnect and reconnect to the network.

At first, I thought this was a problem with my wireless internet connection, however, I have taken it to 2 other locations that have wireless services (airport and local college), and the computer did the same things at these locations as well, which leads me to believe this is the computer.

Now, I called BestBuy and they said to bring it in and have a Geek Squad agent look at it. Now here is my concern:

a) Do I return/exchange the computer
b) Repair it (It should be under the mfg. warranty, which means I have to wait for it).

Issues: I have already installed word and my anti-virus on... Read more

Answer:Sony Vaio Wireless Networking Problems

You should not have to repurchase your AV if a new machine is defective. Any company that doesn't understand that doesn't deserve your business!

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i have a sony vaio VPC, with windows 7 home premium, just 3 weeks old. when it starts up and starts detecting the wireless, most of the time it crashes and goes to the blue screen. sometimes it tries to connect and cannot, and then when i hit connect it crashes, or it crashes when i hit repair. after 2 or 3 times of going to the blue screen, it connects to wireless and works. but if i restart it crashes again (or not). i don't know what to do! there is no authorized sony repair center in the country. i dont know what to do...please help!

Answer:my sony vaio crashes when it connects to wireless. please help!

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Hello can someone please help, I have a new Sony Vaio (just a basic one) and the wireless mouse worked since Christmas with no problems what so ever BUT now it is a case of you move the mouse then theres a delay with the pointer before it moves, but it only moves in jerky jump movements. There is no way it is working right. I have tried the mouse on my old Samsung laptop and it works fine and I also changed the Samsung mouse on to the Sony and again the same problem. I have uninstalled the drivers and re installed, then disabled the device in Human Interface Devices and it disabled fine but when I pressed enable it kept making the noise that it makes when you plug a USB device in and unplug it and no movement on screen from the mouse, then after 5 mins it was back to jerky movements. Windows 8 is running on it.
Thanks for your time.

Answer:Sony Vaio Wireless Mouse Trouble

have you tried a different USB port?
is there any Obvious damage to the mouse (was it dropped of anything)?

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WHen I got this computer it had a Portgueseish language that I ocouldtn read and the keyboard has the insignias from the language. Its not chinese almost looks russian or albanian. Anyway I was needing help with the drivers. I have gotten the video drivers from Nvidia and they are working awesome I just cant find my particular model on support its like they dont even have one of their computers up there.

Thank for any leads

Answer:Sony Vaio VPCF11Z1R Wireless Dirvers please help

Hi try this there is no guarantee

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I have a friend who has re-formatted the Hard Drive on a Vaio - model no.: PCG-5B1MObviously it is quite old but he is preparing it for a 'silver surfer' as a taster and intro.He can't get the wireless to work and I am guessing he needs the correct driver. The trouble is I can't find one. I don't know much about the specific hardware but is it possible a driver from another model might do the trick?

Answer:wireless lan driver for sony vaio PCG-5B1M

You say the HDD has been formatted.Is there not a full factory restore option (from a hidden partition) that would reinstall the OS and all drivers to bring it all back to "day 1" condition.

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Ok I have just installed windows 7 32 bit operating system and now my wireless is not working!

I have a sony vaio VPCF132FX i7 processor,

It use to have windows 7 home premium but the hard drive had to be re formatted and then I installed windows 7 ultimate 32 bit and there is no drivers for mine .

The wireless card built in is a marvell i believe.

Answer:Help! installed windows 7 32 bit sony vaio and wireless not working

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

You need to download drivers for your Sony.

Sony Vaio VPCF132FX/H Drivers | Sony Vaio Driver

Check in device manager to see which ones you need, download and save them then install them.

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Hello Guys, sorry if this has been posted before in this forum, but I've been searching all over the web for a solution to my problem. I have a Sony Viao Z series notebook running Vista business. My wireless was working perfectly fine for around 2 months until it suddenly act strange. It drops the connection, wireless LED turn off even though the radio is set at ON. I tried restarting the system with the radio off and then turning it back on when vista completely loads but the LED still wont go on. I tried to turn on the wireless capabilities using the Vaio Smart Network software, the button is green for wireless, but the LED is still off (the radio is still set to ON). Can someone give me an advice on how to fix this thing? I Appreciate it.


Answer:Sony Vaio wireless capabilities suddenly malfunctioned

Well, this actually sounds like the hardware may be dying. My first step would be to open the access panel on the bottom (with the battery removed from the laptop) and reseat the mini-PCI wireless adapter.

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I have a Sony Vaio VGN-N130g with Windows XP. I know its old, but I use it as a secondary computer... When I flip the wireless switch on the side to "on" the WLAN light in front does not turn on and when I do to choose a wireless network it says no wireless netowrks were found in range. I know this is not true because I am connected to the wireless network with my other computer in order to post this message.

Is my computer toast? Please help. Thanks!

Answer:Sony Vaio VGN-N130g Wireless Switch Not Working

The computer is not toast, but the wireless adapter may be.
Go to Start/Run and type devmgmt.msc and press enter. In the Device Manager, are there any devices with yellow flags? Under Network Adapters is your WiFi adapter listed there? Download the WiFi adapter driver for your computer. Sony eSupport - VGN-N130G - Drivers & Software
If this still fails, power down the computer, remove the power adapter and battery. Turn it face down and remove the plate that hides the RAM and Wireless card, make sure the antennae wires are both connected. If so, then this card may need to be replaced.

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I'm trying to connect a Sony VAIO PCG-GRT100 laptop computer to my network with a mini-PCI Intel 2100 3A 'b' card.

I used to have a Linksys PCMCIA wireless card - and it worked perfectly, but I didn't like having a big thing sticking out of the side. So - I got a mini-PCI card out of a Dell laptop (that I upgraded from just 'b' to a 2200 'b' and 'g' card), and thought I would put it into the Sony.

I installed the drivers, slotted in the card, connected the AUX and MAIN antennae, booted up - the computer recognised the card just fine - shows up in the control panel, and SYSTEM folder, etc.

BUT - when I search for networks I get nothing - "No wireless networks found". The laptop is sitting 4 feet from the router (a Netgear WGR614 by the way), and my other laptop 'see' about 8 network access points normally (I'm in a block of apartments / flats).

So - it appears the 'hardware switch' is turned off on the adaptor. Windows Control Panel / HW can't turn it on - but since this isn't a Centrino laptop - there's no button or switch to turn it on.

WHat can I do - the mini-PCI card is covered in plastic - is there a manual switch I can throw if I strip it off?

Any suggestions would be welcome!


Answer:Help getting a mini-PCI wireless card working in a Sony VAIO

Did you install the correct driver and are you using the Intel Software to manage it.

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Hi,I bought a Sony Vaio VGN-NR21Z and it connected to our wireless router for the Internet without any problems until yesterday. Now, it says it can't find any networks even though I have pushed the switch to on.When it boots up the light comes on for the switch (so it hasn't just shorted) but after I log into Windows Vista the light goes out and it claims the adapter is not switched on.How can it appear to be active when booting but not when Windows comes up? I have tried looking in Device Manager and done the diagnostics suggested by Windows but no luck. It worked from Saturday to Tuesday with no bother so I'm at a loss to understand why it's suddenly given up.Any suggestions much appreciated.Thanks.

Answer:Sony Vaio Laptop - wireless adaptor trouble

It sounds like it is working in hardware , but not in software , try downloading the latest drivers for it and try again , also in device manager , have a look under the advanced tab , there may be a software switch as well as the hardware one on the laptop . What make or chipset is your adapter ? Ashley

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Alright, maybe the title is abit weird.

Here's the problem, a friend of mine have a SONY VAIO and want me to upgrade for him so I recently formatted it to Windows Vista Business SP2. It's a VGN-TZ26GN/B for your information and I do not have the drivers CD. I download the wireless drivers from the SONY website and whenever I try to run it it'll just hang there for a period of time. I once try leaving it for 2 hours and after a pop-up appears that it has a problem or some ****.

So now I need to connect to the internet to update the drivers via Device Manager, but is there a way? My main computer has bluetooth (so does the SONY VAIO) is that helps, I have a CAT5 ethernet cable, a Samsung Omnia (which can connect to the internet, I read that I could use my phone as a broadband device).

So any ideas? Please help!

Answer:Wireless drivers for SONY VAIO does not install, cannot get into internet.

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The switch on my vaio will not switch on the wireless. It recognizes that the wireless needs to be on but there is no tension in the switch. It was dropped by one of the kids and all else works, I just cant switch the switch. Can I fix or bypass?

Answer:Wireless Switch on Sony Vaio Model PCG-4V1L

Welcome to Major Geeks!

The easiest thing to do will be to disable the internal Wi-Fi card in Device Manager and then install a USB Wi-Fi adapter like this:

This model works very well and - at $10 - is a bargain.

Hope this helps.

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Hello everyone.
I have a problem with the wireless connection of my laptop. It disconnects about every 30 minutes and then it reconnects after a few seconds. This happens when I'm at one my my parent's houses but not at my friends house.
This problem is particularly annoying when I'm in the middle of an online game of Age of Empires III because you get kicked out instantly when you lose the connection for even one second.
I don't know much about modems or routers but if you need more details about them I could look for them.
Also I couldn't find anything on Google or the forums but please send me a link if you find anything.

All help appreciated!

Answer:Laptop wireless disconnects periodically (Sony VAIO)

Hi Nusaik,

That seems to be interference with nearby wireless networks or electronics. Also, depending on how far your laptop is from their wireless router.

Next time that you stop by at your parents home, ask their permission first if they will let you do a minor change in their router settings, if they won't let you, perhaps another option is a wired connection.

On your next visit, please Install and run Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector.
Click on the 'Show Networks' to display all wireless networks on the xirrus icon on your desktop of if you have one running in a corner. Tap the Printscreen key on your keyboard, open up Paint then choose Edit from the Menu and select Paste, then SAVE it. Upload and attached it here, click on Go Advanced and locate Manage Attachments Tab and attached the file.

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Bought my wife a Sony Vaio VGN-NW220f for Christmas and it's wireless IF has had a series of problems, some probably caused by me trying to learn / network System 7 to existing peer-to-peer network that includes XP pro and XP64bit workstations. I also replaced/upgraded my ancient wireless router to a new Linksys/CISCO WRT-320N wireless router ("N" wireless with 4port gigabit switch...). My current status is:

1. Upgraded firmware in router to latest version (v103).
2. Upgraded latest Sony wireless driver
3. Wireless will connect to lan, but will NOT connect to internet (7 mumbles something about not being able to find the DNS server).
4. Firewall is turned off.
5. All bloatware I can find has been removed, including Sony's wireless connect sw.

It's been quite a while since I had to wade thought LMHOSTS and ROUTE tables but is sure looks like a software prob to be. BTW, I have an old XP box with an ancient "B" wireless card in it and it connected perfectly. I have also experimented with installing and uninstalling IP6, which has been the source of similar probs in a mixed Vista / XP environments to no avail... Help! (PS, thanks in advance for any words of wisdom)

Answer:Sony vaio wireless can not find DNS server, workgroupNG

At the command prompt of the problem Sony machine, right click small icon and run as admin, You can try IPconfig /release and IPconfig /renew to see if the IP releases and you should get a DHCP IP from the router. Norton can also cause this problem to occur, uninstalling the 30 day free trial of Norton would be worth trying.

Sony also uses what they call a smart wi connection utility software that you may need to access or update in order to get the connection working.

Check these drivers to make sure you have all the ones regarding wifi.

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Hi all,

I was wondering whether you could help, ever since I bought my custom built Sony Vaio Duo 13 SVD1321C5E Hybrid Laptop back in July/August 2013 I keep on experiencing intermittent connection issues where the connection keeps on dropping
when browsing the Internet, remotely accessing the network at work using Remote Desktop and downloading files in which I have to keep on switching between our broadband connection as well as my 4G connection in order to temporarily fix
the problem as well as switching between the dongle Sony provided to me when I complained back in 2013 with again switching between our broadband connection as well as my 4G connection in order to temporarily fix the problem.
I'm now at a point where I am so tempted to reinstall the laptop using a fresh of copy of Windows 8 Pro as it came with this OS to begin with in which it has now been upgraded to Windows 8.1 with the latest Sony drivers, I did upgrade to Windows
10 Pro last month but was informed by Sony on their information pages that a couple of the laptop features wouldn't work when upgrading to Windows 10 Pro in which downgraded within the 30 days of upgrading to Windows
10 Pro and had to do a further refresh as the display tiles on the Metro screen in Windows 8.1 Pro wouldn't display properly and reverted back to Windows 8 Pro with all the software that came... Read more

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I just bought a 9mth old Sony Vaio Laptop with 64bit vista installed. It would not connect to my home wireless router - Dlink brand. My Dell and HP laptops connect easily to my wireless router - by entering a password. I followed the suggestion to update Vista registry's ArpRetryCount but it did not work (maybe that suggestion is for 32 bit Vista). Any suggestions?

ps. Here is the suggestion for 32 bit:
registry (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters)he has me look for an entry that I?m suppose to edit but seems to be missing. Confused, I?m on hold again while the rep goes to consult another rep yet again. Finally, assured he has the answer, he has me create a new ?DWORD (32-bit) Value? entry line ?ArpRetryCount? with the values set all to zero (the default value).

Answer:Sony Vaio 64bit Vista can't connect to wireless router

False alarm. As it turns out, there was nothing wrong with Vista 64 bit. Once I got the password right, I was able to connect to DLINK wireless home router with no problems.

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Hello There!

I have a Sony Vaio Laptop (VGN-N365E/B) that had Windows Vista on it. I have downgraded to Windows XP and need the correct Wireless Software Driver for the Atheros LAN Express AS IEEE 802.11.

Any help with locating the correct driver for my laptop would be GREATLY appreciated.


Answer:Sony Vaio VGN-N365E/B Wireless Network Card Driver for XP

i think there was a similar post??????

ur model's support only provides driver for u personally contact them

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just recently got a vaio pcg-z1wamp notebook, unfortunately, the hard disk crashed and i had to replace it with a new one and reinstall windows.

i've had no problems in searching for drivers online in the past, but the pcg-z1 is a particularly difficult model to locate drivers for. especially since the sony website isnt working very well.

so far i need the sound driver, video driver, wireless driver for the vaio or better yet a bundle of all drivers for the z1 family.

i have been able to find a few sites but none of them are free, i would pay for them but i dont have paypal or a CC.

any help would be greatly appreciated

Answer:Solved: sony vaio help

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Question: Solved: Sony VAIO

I purchased a sony vaio today, but like all laptops it comes with no discs for the hardware and any other needed discs, so my question is there a way to get the drivers off the running laptop, along with the biometric software installed and everything else even the os itself? (i remember reading about in pc world but cannot find the issue) can anyone please help?

Answer:Solved: Sony VAIO

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Question: Solved: Sony Vaio

hello everyone
im having a hard time firguring out what i need to completely format my laptop.
on some forums ive noticed people talking about recovery cd that i dont have cuz its a second hand laptop. but ive been working with alot of files lately and its getting kinda messy so i want to format everything and start back at 0.
ive had experience in the past formatting my desktop pc but i dont know how different it is to format a laptop. i have all the drivers needed backed up on an external hard drive along with all the important files im going to need. is it as easy as restarting and pressing F10 or is there a different way in windows 7 to do this ? also this has been bugging me for a while now , why do i have 2 program files in my c drive ? thank you .

Answer:Solved: Sony Vaio

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Hi there

I needed to replace the hard drive on a laptop, no recovery disk and it was XP Media Centre. I had an old XP Pro with Service Pack 1 disc and code from a defunct desktop. I have done a clean install on a new hard drive but there a few issues:-
The following hardware will not find the drivers:-
1 - SM Bus Controller
2 - Network Controller
3 - Modem Device on High Definition Audio Bus

I do have a standard XP with Service Pack 3 disc that I could use, again from a defunct laptop but I assumed because I was able to locate and download SP3 for the XP Pro installation that would have updated XP Pro.

Finally I cannot get the wireless to connect and do not know if it is because of one of the issue above. Any advice would be appreciated.

Ian - newbie to forums so apologies if this is in the wrong place.

Answer:[SOLVED] Sony Vaio VGN-FE31Z

Very rarely does Windows have all the required drivers for a specific machine, especially where it's a laptop, and especially where Windows XP is concerned. You can download any missing drivers from Sony's support website. The support page for the VGN-FE31Z is here:
Sony : Support for VGN-FE31Z | VGN-FE31Z technical support

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Hi There

Just A quick question.

In the Recovery Centre in Windows 7 on my laptop there is 2 options to recover:

1 - Restore C: Dive

2 - Restore Complete System

What is the main differenace and does both delete the hidden partition or not?



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I have posted a few other times recently regarding this epic piece of junk Sony Vaio laptop that I am helping a friend set up.

It was performing so poorly that I disabled many services to help speed things up a bit. I was told here that disabling services could lead to more problems, so for the sake of troubleshooting, I've restored the system to the state it was in right out of the box.

There are a couple of blaring problems. Things seem to freeze up at times, I can't click at certain times and the biggest issue is that the system appears to hang and/or go at an EXTREMELY low speed during certain functions.

One example is Windows Update. I'm quite familiar with Windows Update on XP. I've never used Vista, but I would think it would be similar. I've never seen updates take this long, and these aren't large updates either.

This screen had stayed like this for almost 10 minutes. No movement on the progress bar whatsoever. Eventually it starts up and will finish but, it takes FOREVER:

There were other updates too, that were rather small (under 100 mb) that just froze for an eternity before finishing, at best going VERY slowly. I'm talking having to wait 20 minutes for updates that should have taken minutes.

Some of the updates required a restart at which point I could have written a couple of novels by the time it finally booted into windows after various reboots and a stra... Read more

Answer:Solved: Problems with New Sony Vaio

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My laptop has recently decided to not connect to the Internet anymore. It does not detect any networks (wired or wireless). The little wireless switch on the front is still on, and has been on since i bought the laptop 7 months ago.

I have tried a system restore, disabling the wireless and wired adaptor but still just get the message that no networks are available. There are networks available as it is sat about 15cm away from the wireless router/modem and is also connected via an ethernet cable (which I have tested on another laptop).

Is there anything I can try? I have tried phoning the Sony Support line but it is closed until tomorrow morning.


Answer:Solved: Sony Vaio - No Connections Available

lets see the following

{Device Manager}
Post back the results in device manager
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to copy the program across to the faulty PC
Start > control Panel {Vista set to classic view}> system > {Vista, device manager on left hand side} {XP hardware Tab, device manager button} >
windows 7
start > control panel> System and Security> Device Manager

network adaptors, click on the + > post back the devices listed there
are there any ! ? or X
post a screen shot of the device manager - network adapters

To post a screen shot of the active window, hold the Alt key and press the PrtScn key. Open the Windows PAINT application and Paste the screen shot. You can then use PAINT to trim to suit, and save it as a JPG format file.
To upload it to the forum, open the full reply window and use the Manage Attachments button to upload it here

{ipconfig /all}
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post results here
We would like to see the results from ipconfig /all post back the results here
-> Start
-> (XP - enter the following in the RUN box)
c... Read more

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OS - Windows 7
? x64
? What was original installed OS on system? Win 7 Pro
? Is the OS an OEM version (came pre-installed on system) or full retail version (YOU purchased it from retailer)? OEM version
? Age of system (hardware) 2-3 years
? Age of OS installation - have you re-installed the OS? dont think so

? CPU i5 2410m
? Video Card has dual cards and a physical switch to switch between them, integrated intel, but also dedicated Radeon 6470M
? MotherBoard not sure
? Power Supply - brand & wattage, sony 90w

? System Manufacturer sony vaio
? Exact model number: csb1v9e



I've never had BSOD's on this, but then in the past couple weeks started getting them. It will kind of be like, i won't get any for 2 days then 1 day I'll get it. but that day i get it as soon as i restart, it will give a BSOD after a while of being on the destop. so i leave it for a few hours or overnight and it seems to get better but think bar once. So the BSOD's are more like it doesnt happen doesnt happen then when it happens will give a lot.

The CPU temp has a max of 84 degrees currently probably average of 60 degrees at 20% CPU workload. Ive re-applied thermal paste to the CPU multiple times to lower the max temp but no luck.

Last BSOD i got was approx 36 hours ago

Help will be much appreciated

thank you

Answer:[SOLVED] Sony Vaio BSOD


Most if not all of the dumps are of the MEMORY_MANAGEMENT (1a) bug check.

This indicates that a severe memory management error occurred.

BugCheck 1A, {41287, 80, 0, 0}

- The 1st parameter of the bug check is 41287 which indicates an illegal page fault occurred while holding working set synchronization.


1. Ensure you have the latest video card drivers. If you are already on the latest video card drivers, uninstall and install a version or a few versions behind the latest to ensure it's not a latest driver only issue. If you have already experimented with the latest video card driver and many previous versions, please give the beta driver for your card a try.

2. Remove and replace AVG with Microsoft Security Essentials for temporary troubleshooting purposes as it may likely be causing file system conflicts:

AVG removal -

MSE - Microsoft Security Essentials - Microsoft Windows

3. In your loaded drivers list, dtsoftbus01.sys is listed which is the Daemon Tools driver. Daemon Tools is a very popular cause of BSOD's in 7/8 based systems. Please uninstall Daemon Tools. Alternative imaging programs are: MagicISO, Power ISO, etc.

4. Uninstall TuneUpUtilities ASAP.



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I have a Sony Vaio VPCZ1 with a HDMI connector. When I connect the Vaio to my new LG LED TV via a HDMI cable, the TV does not detect any signal. To send a signal from the computer to the TV, I used the F7 key to tell the computer to run either a duplicate output or a projector only. Neither option works. Does anybody know what is going on and how to get the TV to recognize the computer signal?

Answer:[SOLVED] Connect Sony Vaio to LG LED TV

Is the HDMI connector a part of the computer or is it a USB device or something else? Do you know if the connector is installed correctly? Does the connector come with software? If the connector is part of your video card or computer go to the Control Panel and click on the Icon for your Display/Video card and see if it detects your TV and choose the TV as a second monitor.

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I have a Sony Vaio, FS740/W lap top, whose video will hopefully that will go into a Sharp LC big screen Model LC52L65U with a 15 pin PC input

I used the standard VGA cord that came with my LG monitor, (that I was using on my desktop which is now using digital) , and plugged it into the TV, and into the Laptop.

When I tried to switch the laptop over, the TV said the signal was incompatible. The driver is the most updated driver, version dated 6/8/2005 from Sony.

Any ideas? I was hoping I could plug in the laptop and use the big screen to teach some of the veterans here, how to access the internet. Easier to do with a big screen, if ya know what I mean.

Oh, BTW, XP home, service pack 2, intel pent' 1.73ghz, 2 gig ram


Answer:Solved: HELP! Sony Vaio Laptop to TV

Check the TV manual for supported resolutions. I can't find that model on Sharp's USA website.

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I am using a Sony Vaio VGN-AR21S which although not a current model is new and not used before.

I put the first disk of my Microsoft Office in the DVD reader but it did not load and clicking on the drive letter shows it is empty.

I right clicked on the drive letter and selected eject but it will not eject although I can hear some clicking noises.

I would be grateful for some help.

Answer:Solved: Sony Vaio dvd reader

I have solved this.

There are tiny pinhead holes either side if the DVD reader switch which are an emergency device to allow a pin to be inserted to push out the DVD.


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Hi There

This is just a query and apologies if in the wrong forum.

I have just bought a new Sony Vaio VGN-NW20ZF/S recently with windows 7 on it. i removed mcaffee and put kaspersky 2010 suite and FM 2010 and need a quite powerful machine and the guy in the shop said this will be ok which it has, which is one of the main reasons i bought the machine.

The battery seems to take ages to charge (it is at 66% at the moment) and still has an hour and if down to 10% and takes over 2 and half to maybe 3 hrs to charge but am not sure exactly as i charge it over night when the machine is switched off. Is this normal? The battery is a 2.5 hr battery.

The battery seems to discharge quite quickly although this might be that i am using the machine and loose track of time.

i am trying "batteryBar Pro" for 30 days and it seems quite good.

Also it seems to take a wee bit longer to to load than when i first got it. Especially the VAIO GATE which takes a wee while to come up.

I have the machine connected wireless to a router and connected in a network to 2 other desktop machines (running Windows XP).

The bottom of the latop seems to get hot after an hour or 2 and wondered it that is normal,. When using it on my lap i use a book to put it on between my legs and the laptop as it is hot.


I made recovery disks when i first used the machine and they are on 3 DVD-Rs. I was wondering if i used the recovery (by prerssing F10) i think during boot to reset back to factory settings... Read more

Answer:Solved: Sony Vaio Battery

I made recovery disks when i first used the machine and they are on 3 DVD-Rs. I was wondering if i used the recovery (by prerssing F10) i think during boot to reset back to factory settings will this delete the hidden partition that is used for recovery or will it just erase the c drive and leave that partition?Click to expand...

It should keep the hidden partition

You have quite a few charging options on the Vaio - on of which is a low charge and set to increase battery life
I'm not next to my vaio so cant see the settings to post here - i'll have a look soon and repost

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I have been really happy with my PC and upgraded to Vista Ultimate without any challenges however..... I have just updated the latest drivers for sigmatel audio and now my speakers will not work and are not showing in the hardware.

The speakers make a sound as windows boots up but nothing when the computer has loaded - I've tried everything do i need drivers for the speakers?? if so where do i go??

UPDATE - If I put in headphones the audio works but still nothing from Speakers!!

Everything worked fine before - tried to go back before update but fails so i think i need to know the speakers and drivers??

Please help me this is my TV and computer so I can't even watch TV

Thanks Paul

Answer:Solved: Sony Vaio VGC-VA1 Speaker help please!!!

Hi paul,

Did you ever fix this? I've got the same problem!


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hi there,
i have been given a sony vaio vgn-fw11e laptop,
i want to put a new hard drive into it,
and i a wondering what is the largest size gb i can put into it with out any problems occurring,
and also is it worth putting a new hard drive into it or is the laptop to old to mess around with,
thanks in advance,

Answer:Solved: hd gb on a sony vaio vgn-fw11e

Is it this laptop:

If so its not that old and has really specs.

There should be no limit to the hard drive size for that laptop.

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I want to recover the huge amount of space tied up with the recovery files that come with the system new. I have made my 8 recovery CDs. Has anyone successfully done this? If so, how should I go about this? I want to lean down my C drive because it will not defrag enough to do any good.



Not really sure what you're asking, but if you want to get rid of the partition, then I suggest you look up the HDD manufacturer and then use a bootable HDD diagnostic kit. Mine is a Hitachi and I burned a bootable CD and used it to check the health of my HDD - however there is an option there to erase the partition as well...

I think a lot easier way is to go to administrative tools and disk or computer management. You should be able to figure out something... all the best.

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Hi all, I'm very new to this so please bare with me with this has been asked before, I have looked but can't find the right answer for the
PCV E31M otherwise known as VGC V3S.

After a couple of hours use the internal fans kick in and run virtualy continuously, I need to pop the Slide back off then get in to the main area to clean out the dust of which there will be loads.

I'm not thick but for the life of me can find no way in.

Thanks in advance.


Answer:Solved: Sony Vaio PCV E31M or VGC V3S

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Outlook just stopped working. No MS Update had been done, so I took care of SP1 and SP2. Also, took care of any Vaio updates that had not been done. Norton was on this pc, but was uninstalled. I downloaded and ran
Ad-Aware, found 48 critical items. Spybot found none! Her husband told her that she didn't need to worry to the messages that kept popping up about updates and virus scans. Here is a HJT Log. Please take a look. Thanks!!ksbLogfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 7:27:11 PM, on 11/8/2005
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Citrix\GoToMyPC\g2svc.exe
C:\Program Files\Analog Devices\SoundMAX\SMAgent.exe
C:\Program Files\Citrix\GoToMyPC\g2comm.exe
C:\Program Files\Citrix\GoToMyPC\g2pre.exe
C:\Program Files\Citrix\GoToMyPC\g2tray.exe
C:\Program Files\Apoint\Apoint.exe
C:\Program Files\QuickTime\qttask.exe
C:\Program Files\Sony\VAIO Update 2\VAIOUpdt.exe
C:\Program Files\HP\HP Software Update\HPWuSchd2.exe
C:\Program Files\HP\hpcoretech\hpcmpmgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft AntiSpyware\gcasServ.exe
C:\Program Files\RFA\rfagent.exe
C:\Program Files\XemiComputers\Active Desktop Calendar\ADC.exe
C:\... Read more

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Question: Sony vaio problem

Hey i have a problem with my Sony Vaio Laptop

Whenever i turn on my computer, when it gets to the part
Where you put in the password it just turns black.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Sony vaio problem

Can you log into Safe Mode ?

When the PC is booting up tab on the F8 key . You then be on the Advanced Boot Options screen with your down arrow key go Down to Safe Mode and press [ENTER] . You will see a list of white font scrolling down the screen that is normal that is just putting drivers in .

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i have a sony vaio vgn-fs775p/h and i just performed a clean install of windows xp on a new hard drive. i downloaded all of the drivers from the website. ( since i was not given cd's with the computer ) and now i can not control the volume or brightness or other little keyboard functions that require the Fn key. can someone help me??

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Hi. My USB won't open. My laptop doesn't read it. I;ve tried to use it with another computer but its the same. I can't get my files. What should I do?

Answer:Sony Vaio USB problem

This is an entire area of specilization. You might want to do a gurgle search for help.
Rescue of USB flash drive files is not for the weak of heart.

There are so many causes. Failure could result from something as simple as pulling out a flash drive too early while it is still recording or downloading files, or it could be damage to the hardware around the USB plug.

Rescue is rare, so if the data is critical, get the help of an expert... Most repairs require the destruction of existing data on the flash drive. So do not do anything more until you do some research. Some brands, such as SanDisk and no-name units are particularly susceptible.
While other brands will rescue the data if you mail them the drive.

Some companies specialize in rescue of the data, but they usually remove the memory element, which means they destroy the drive in order to save the data.

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Question: Sony Vaio problem

I have got a Sony Vaio desktop R series on XP

Admittedly its not been used for about 4 months but its only a year old

turned it on this morning and theres a light with a picture of a battery which flashes and beeps quietly, then on the screen says something about the media boot? and i have to reboot or insert the media boot? sometimes i can press F2 and i get a few options but no idea what to look at.

any suggestions?

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Question: Sony VAIO Problem

Hey, i boot it up and it goes to the Sony screen then it just freezes. I try and boot to bios and it says Entering Setup then freezes, any ideas?

Answer:Sony VAIO Problem

It could be hanging due to a bad device that BIOS no longer recognized. You could unplug any unnecessary devices and leave only the harddrive,ram and video card and see if it still hangs.

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Hello all,

I just acquired a Sony Vaio PCG-F520 saptop from a friend. It's nothing great at all (PIII 500, 64MB Ram) but it would be nice for using the internet on my couch. The reason he gave it to me was that the screen doesn't work. The neons come on but there is no picture. I've gotten a picture for a split second while moving the screen around, but haven't been able to do it again. The picture works when connected to an external monitor. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas? Any help would be appreciated.


Answer:Sony Vaio LCD problem

um, sounds like a video card, as far as i know, it's a pain in the *** to replace laptop components that's just me tho

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