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Connecting a wireless router to an adsl modem/router

Question: Connecting a wireless router to an adsl modem/router

I was looking at getting a wireless router (either a D-Link 615 or a Netgear Rangemax WNR1000) and I'm not exactly sure how to set it up. I have a BEC Technologies 7402 TM (NOT GTM) adsl wired modem/router that my telephone company gave me when I switched to DSL. There are 4 LAN ports on the back of the modem/router, a line port that my telephone cable is connected to, and a console port that I don't use. 2 of the LAN ports are being used. One is connected to my cable box, the other has an ethernet cord that runs halfway around my house, through a wall and into a wall jack that my desktop computer is connected to. I only want to use the wireless router to connect to my Wii and one laptop, I would like to keep my desktop connection wired. I had previously tried to connect to xbox live by connecting my xbox to one of the LAN ports but I could never get it to work, so now I just switch the ethernet cords between my xbox and computer in the wall jack whenever I want to use one or the other. Will I be able to connect a wireless router to one of the LAN ports and receive a signal or will I have to connect the wireless router to the wall jack that my desktop is hooked to, and run the connection through the router? I've never setup a wireless network before so I'm a little new to this subject.

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Preferred Solution: Connecting a wireless router to an adsl modem/router

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Connecting a wireless router to an adsl modem/router

Hi:here are links to sample dsl modem router to wireless router configurations..
And for dlink:
And the tried and true Johnwill,TSG tutorial on the same subject.
Your modem probably is a modem/router combo.Here are some possible fixes .

a. Bridge the modem/router unit so that it bypasses the router function and acts as a modem only. Or,

b. Change the address range used by one of the routers, say, to 192.168.3.x. Or,

c. Use the second router as an ethernet switch and wireless access point per the following recipe.

Connecting two soho routers in a network

Tutorial from Johnwill from the Networking Forum

Note: The "primary" router can be an actual router, a software gateway like Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing, or a server connection that has the capability to supply more than one IP address using DHCP server capability. No changes are made to the primary "router" configuration.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router(s) to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address, for another router, etc.

Note: Do this first, as you will have to reboot the computer to connect to the router again for the remaining changes.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router, channels, encryption, etc.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no uplink port and neither of the routers have auto-sensing ports, use a cross-over cable. Leave the WAN port unconnected!

This procedure bypasses the routing function (NAT layer) and configures the router as a switch (or wireless access point for wireless routers).

Hopefully one of these will lead you in the right direction.

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Hi. I recently purchased a TP-Link (TL-WR641G) wireless router but can't get it to work with my existing modem (a Speedtouch 330). I'm with Wanadoo broadband. Wondering if anyone can help? I'm totally confused, even after studying the instruction manual. Thanks a lot, Emily.

Answer:Connecting wireless router to ADSL/USB modem

The Speedtouch 330 is a USB modem for a Single computer to be connected to your ISP to allow access to the InternetYou cannot use a USB modem with a router; you need to get a modem with an Ethernet ports to connect the routerD-Link ADSL2+ Ethernet Modemclick hereOr a combine modem wireless router3Com Office Connect Wireless 54Mbps ADSL2/2+ Modem Firewall Routerclick hereIf you purchase the D-Link ADSL2+ Ethernet Modem you will have to set it up first to connect to your ISP to allow you access to the InternetOnce you can access and browse the Internet disconnect the cable from the PC LAN card and connect to the TP-Link (TL-WR641G) wireless router wan port, using a second Ethernet cable connect the PC LAN card to port 1 on the router.You now have to access the router and set it up to allow you access to the modem and the InternetRead the manual on how to access and set-up the routerIf you purchase the combine modem wireless router you just remove the Speedtouch 330 USB modem and connect the phone line to the RJ11 connector on the unit.Connect an Ethernet cable from port 1 to the LAN card port on the PC You now have to access the router and set it up to allow you access to your ISP and the InternetRead the manual on how to access and set-up the routerIf you are not sure if the setting on you PC is set correct check this postingclick here

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Hi guys, i have many devices in my home that can use the internet wirelessly, so i wanted to buy a wirless router. But the problem is that all of the wireless routers that i have seen require you to insert your modem via Ethernet cable. And my modem only has one intergrated USB cable coming out of it, so there is no way of putting it in. i have a speedtouch 330 adsl usb modem and im recieving free broadband from Orange (they give free broadband to their mobile phone subscribers who have stayed with them for a long time). anyway, i was wondering if anyone on these forums could help me. is it possible to connect a USB modem to a wireless router? and if no, do you think if i phone up orange they will replace my USB modem for ethernet one?

Thankyou in advance, and help would be much appreciated

Answer:Connecting a USB only adsl modem to a wireless router - is it possible?

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Am trying to connect a wireless router (4 ports plus wireless) to my existing adsl modem/router.Wireless instructions say to configure existing gateway to gateway address on wireless router - no problem there.And to disable dhcp on wireless router - no problem there.But when firing all up - I initailly was ok, but about 30 seconds later, got meassge saying limeted access on network and then my problems began.No internet access, no access to wireless router settings program - IE saying cannot find pages . message said something along lines of no IP address returned.Rebooted everyting and windows would not fire up. Had to return to original modem setup and now I have a wireless router doing nothing until I can figure it out.Do I need to set anything else up - instructions are on CD rom and are not too clear on using an existing modem/router to connect with.

Answer:Wireless router and existing adsl modem/router

I am thinking of doing the same set up. Will bump this as I have a vested interest. Hope someone can help!

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Have an adsl router on my main machine to which I have connected a wireless router, so that the PC upstairs can connect wirelessly and share the internet connection. The wireless connection is there, but the machines do not see each other. I have tried making new network connections, on both machines, but with no success.For some strange reason I cannot get to open the settings on the adsl router, which I think may be the cause of the problem. When putting in the address for the router I get "cannot find etc" in IE. Can anybody confirm that this may be the cause of the machines not seeing each other, and also how to get to the settings for the router.Both machines are running XP (one home the other pro).

Answer:Wireless router and adsl modem/router

do both machines have the same work-group name?

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I have just purchased a D-Link-855 N Router and a DAP-1522 Wireless Bridge. I currently have a Netopia router as supplied by my ISP (Eircom Dublin).
The D-Link router has 4 LAN ports and 1 (Internet) WAN port. What is the best solution to connect the ADSL Router to the D-Link Router, LAN to LAN or LAN to WAN? Also which Router requires the DHCP to be set to on, the Netopia or the D-Link?
I plan to have the DAP-1522 connecting to the DIR-855 on the 5.0ghz WiFi network and the computers connected to the LAN ports on the DIR. I also have a WiFi IP Camera, but this cam be connected to either the Netopia or the DIR-855.
What would be the optimum way to set up my network.

Answer:Connecting My New Router to my old ADSL Modem

Connecting two (or more) SOHO broadband routers together.

Note: The "primary" router can be an actual router, a software gateway like Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing, or a server connection that has the capability to supply more than one IP address using DHCP server capability. No changes are made to the primary "router" configuration.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router(s) to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address, for another router, etc.

Note: Do this first, as you will have to reboot the computer to connect to the router again for the remaining changes.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router, channels, encryption, etc.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no uplink port and neither of the routers have auto-sensing ports, use a cross-over cable. Leave the WAN port unconnected!

This procedure bypasses the routing function (NAT layer) and configures the router as a switch (or wireless access point for wireless routers).

For reference, here's a link to a Typical example config using a Netgear router

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I recently got an AR41 ADSL Router Modem. It apparently comes with no drivers that require installing. I have plugged it into my network card and into my PC and tried to connect via hyper terminal but afer three days have given up. C ould someone please help?

Answer:Connecting an ADSL Router Modem

Can I add that XP seems to think that the router was made by Realtek however it would seem to have ben made by click here. I know that seems vague but nowhere on the packaging or in the supplied floppy disk manual is the manufacurers name mentioned.

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I have Qwest/CenturyLink DSL, and recently replaced the Actiontec M1000 modem which crapped out after 5 years of service. Replaced it with a Netgear DM111PSP v2 router/modem. Now I cannot get either of my two routers, the Linksys WRT54G or WRT160N V2 to broadcast wireless internet. I've spent the most time on the WRT160N. It will broadcast a wireless signal, but devices that attempt to connect to the internet time out while "obtaining IP address". BTW, I just happen to have two wireless routers on hand, I only need one to work.

I can get internet through the hard wire connection. I have the Netgear modem hooked up to the "internet" port of the WRT160N router, and the computer is connected to one of the four ethernet ports on the back of the router. I can access both router and modem setup pages using this setup. The Netgear modem is set up for DHCP server, PPPoA encapsulation, and gets its DNS address dynamically from the ISP. The WRT160N is also set up for automatic DHCP configuration. These are the settings given by running each set up wizard, and this has set me up for some DHCP conflicts.

I think that setting up a dual modem/router in transparent bridging mode (PPPoE) in theory turns off the DHCP, allowing the WRT160N to handle DHCP, but I have no luck even getting my hard-wired internet connection to work if I switch from PPPoA to PPPoE mode. Even if I cut the WRT160N out of the loop and connect the computer direct to the DM111PSP. No internet,... Read more

Answer:Connecting WRT160N v2 wireless router to Netgear DM111PSP router/modem

Netgear DM111PSP v2 router/modem.Click to expand...

ifthis is a router then you need to connect the other two routers using their LAN inputs NOT the WAN/internet - unless you set the DM111PSP to bridge mode
you may have already covered the below - but check
see here

Connecting two (or more) SOHO broadband routers together

Connecting two (or more) SOHO broadband routers together
From a John Will Post

Note: The "primary" router can be an actual router, a software gateway like Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing, or a server connection that has the capability to supply more than one IP address using DHCP server capability. No changes are made to the primary "router" configuration.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router(s) to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address, for another router, etc.

Note: Do this first, as you will have to reboot the computer to connect to the router again for the remaining changes.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router, channels, encryption, etc.

C... Read more

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Hi, my friend is in Japan, and he's signed up for NTT's ADSL service, They say he can 'rent' a modem, but he would need to get a router too if he wishes to use more computers. However he doesn't want a 'multi-box' solution, he wants it in 1 box (like in other countries), a combination ADSL Router/Modem with Wifi. However, he cannot buy them in a few computer stores he has visited. I am visiting him soon, and we're trying to understand if I bring over an ADSL router, if that would work.. I know about the power limitations, but that aside, can it work?

ps. Thinking of bringing something like the following models ( I will purchase once I know for sure )...
Netgear DG834GT 108Mbps Wireless ADSL Modem
Belkin ADSL Modem with Built-in 125g Wireless Router
Linksys by Cisco WAG54GS Wireless-G ADSL Modem Router

pps. I see a lot of modems listed on Amazon with ADSL2, I don't think they have ADSL2 in Japan (according to wikipedia), would ADSL2 modem work with ADSL.?

MANY MANY Thanks if anyone can answer this

Answer:Can an ADSL Wireless Modem Router work with NTT's ADSL service in Japan

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I recently got qwest DSL and I configured my Wireless to work and accept my wireless MAC Address, but when I plug it into the WAN slot in the Linksys router it doesn't work. I went to linksys site and did their configuration which is changing the router LAN IP to, then power cycling, but this doesn't help. I cannot access the internet still. Both the modem/router and the router are operating DHCP, but if I disable the modem/router, I cannot access the wireless function, and if I disable the DHCP on my Linksys router, I cannot obtain an IP from the modem router via the linksys router.

This is frustrating lol.

Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Qwest DSL (Router/Modem/Wireless) not connecting to my Linksys Router (VPN)

I just got a Zonet Broadband Switch Router (product model ZSR0104C).
I have Qwest DSL.

I followed the instructions.
I can ping the router but nothing else.
Can't access internet.
Scoured Zonet site/forums.
No driver updates.
No errata on installation or any pertinent info.

Looked up Qwest specifications for Router set up... nothing helpful there.



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hello, I have a problem connecting wifi router(airlive wt-2000r) to my ADSL modem(webstar epc2203ed2.0) using utp patch cable. When my PC is connected straight to the ADSL modem everything works like charm. But when I connect modem with wan port on the router and router with my PC I get no internet access. The network shows as unidentified network and win7 troubleshooter says: Default gateway not available.

Connecting them two devices seems pretty simple and I dont think I am doing anything wrong so what could be the problem?

Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you. This is my ipconfig /all
Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Users\Milan>ipconfig /all

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Milan-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : NVIDIA nForce 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : BC-5F-F4-17-54-DF
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::2171:2f34:e005:45d8%10(Preferred)
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Lease Obtained. . . . . . . . . . : 22. listopadu 2012 16:35... Read more

Answer:connecting wifi router to adsl modem

can we see an ipconfig /all when connected to the webstar epc2203ed2.0 only
its possibly showing as a router

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hi i have just bought a bt voyager 205 modem router off ebay.

i want to connect to the internet using this modem using the ethernet cable to my lap top.
i also want to run my xbox 360 through the router to use xbox live.

can someone give me step by step instructions on how to do this, as i have no idea what to do.
i have managed to access the advanced section on the router but after that i dont know what to do.
can someone help me before i pull out all my hair.



Answer:connecting adsl modem router to internet?

Who is your internet service provider? Whoever you purchased service through should be able to get your modem setup and initilized on their network. Once you have connectivity, setting up the Xbox and your laptop to get an IP from the router you bought should be a piece of cake.

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My wife's sister has Comcast Cable. They installed a Modem/Router that the wireless part seems to have died. Can a wireless router be connected via ethernet cable to the cable modem/ router?

Answer:Connecting Wireless router to Cable Modem/Router

Yes, adding a wifi router to one of the ports will set it as a node on the dhcp server{modem} and if there is a conflict in ip address, usually will change it to a

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I have a sagem 3304 wifi modem router provided by the telecoms company. it has a limited wifi range and in my experience of wifi it also has frequent dropouts/connection problems. we connect the desktop pc to it by ethernet and that's just fine.

we also were given (by a 3rd party) a belkin n1 wireless router (the model without modem) and would like to try it out to be the wifi router. The idea is to connect it by ethernet to the sagem and place it in a more central part of the property. I reckon about 15m of ethernet cable. we would disable the wifi on the sagem. had we been given the belkin model with internal modem, this would not be an issue and we would not need to use the sagem at all - that is not meant to sound ungrateful!!

can anyone see any pitfalls with this? or if it is do-able, any recommendations re:configs?

I have found another post loosely related to using 2 routers however it doesn't really address this specifically:

Answer:Connecting a wireless router to a modem router via ethernet?

Connecting two (or more) SOHO broadband routers together.

Note: The "primary" router can be an actual router, a software gateway like Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing, or a server connection that has the capability to supply more than one IP address using DHCP server capability. No changes are made to the primary "router" configuration.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router(s) to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address, for another router, etc.

Note: Do this first, as you will have to reboot the computer to connect to the router again for the remaining changes.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router, channels, encryption, etc.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no uplink port and neither of the routers have auto-sensing ports, use a cross-over cable. Leave the WAN port unconnected!

This procedure bypasses the routing function (NAT layer) and configures the router as a switch (or wireless access point for wireless routers).

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Hi, we recently got a new modem, which is also a wireless router. However the wireless signal from it is very weak, only really works in the same room. We have a decent router which used to work fine all around the house. I would like to connect this to the modem to strengthen the signal, either bypassing the wireless signal from the modem and using the modem as an access point, or extending the wireless.
I have turned off the DHCP setting on the modem, (and then just turned off wifi using the button on the front) and connected the router to the modem, but I can't get internet connection, despite a good signal, on wireless from the old router. The modem works fine on an ethernet with the router attached. Any ideas?
Modem is a new Virgin netgear, and old router is d-link

Answer:Connecting wireless router to modem/router

Assuming you have Virgin's Cable broadband, I presume you now have a Hub (which is a Modem/Router) and your old "Cable/DSL Router" which previously connected to the Cable Modem?
If that's correct, I'd suggest you connect the old D-Link's WAN port to one of the new Hub's LAN ports and continue to connect all computers to the D-Link. Don't disable its DHCP server. However, I believe that both Netgear and D-Link operate in the Subnet, with the routers having the address and allocating addresses between and You will therefore need to change the address of your D-Link router from to something like or to avoid a conflict with the main router. You're probably safer making the change in your D-Link than in the new Hub.

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Hi there,

I am a total beginner with all of this, but I'm hoping I can learn how to hook up this Embarq 660 series modem/router so that it works with new ISP (AT&T). I have a macbook pro and I'm running OS 10.6.4.

When I connect the Embarq 660 modem/router to my cpu, only 3 of the 4 lights of the router come on. The light that says "Internet" never lights up. So, I can't connect to the internet to even attempt to change the router. I'm hoping there is something that I can do to avoid having to spend $75-$100 on a new modem/gateway from AT&T.

I know that Embarq was using DHCP and AT&T is using PPPoE. When I use the Network option in my System Prefs, and use the Setup Assistant, as long as the ethernet connection is set to DHCP, the ethernet light is on. If I try to change it to PPPoE, it can't connect with the username and password given to me by AT&T. I have no idea what is going on with that...

Oh yea, I tried all of the things that I've read online so far about bridging the Embarq 660, but I think my problem may lie in the fact that the internet light doesn't come on at all. When i type in in Safari/Chrome, it just tells me that I'm not connected to the internet. So I can't even reset the modem that way. I've done the holding the reset button for a minute, and also resetting and leaving the modem alone for a few hours. Still, no "Internet" light coming on. The modem was wor... Read more

Answer:Embarq 660 Series ADSL Modem/Router not connecting with my AT&T Fast Access DSL

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For the last few hours I've been trying to get an internet connection from my BenQ AWL-700 wireless router. The problem is, when i connect the modem to the router WAN port I lose the internet connection. I'm not really sure about what fields i need to fill in during the router setup either though i've tried fixed ip and pppoe. The babble i get from Bulldog (my ISP) is completely unhelpful and the BenQ manual is even worse.I've been trying to fill in the PPPoE fields with what information I have from my ISP (username, password) but this doesn't really make sense to me as the modem already has that information on it.When I connect my Linksys ADSL2 modem directly to the ethernet port on my comp the internet works fine.ISP: BulldogWireless Router: BenQ AWL-700ADSL Modem: Linksys ADSL2 modemAny help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:adsl modem with wireless router

If I understand correctly, you are trying to use a "stand-alone" Cable/DSL router in conjunction with an ADSL modem that supports an ethernet connection. If you are in the UK, this is extremely difficult to get working because UK ADSL uses PPPoA protocol (PPP over Asynchronous Transfer Mode) and Cable/DSL routers generally only support PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet). It is for this reason that the advice is always to get a *COMBINED* "Router & ADSL Modem", which does support PPPoA. If your particular ethernet *modem* can be configured to connect automatically to the ISP when powered on (i.e. without you having to do anything in the PC to establish the connection), it should then be possible to set the router to use a "direct" connection to the "already established" internet connection in the modem.

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Hi, i have recently bought myself the above router. I bought it for the sole reason of connecting my PS3 to the web. at the minute i have a usb dsl modem provided by 'supanet.'Also i have a splitter: phone line into splitter, then phone line into pc, then a dsl cable into the modem. i have followed all the instructions and ran all the supplied discs and it wont connect.on the front of the router i have 4 lights1. wireless2. security3. dsl4. internetaccording to the manuals ect..all 4 lights should come on, but at best i have 3. I have never yet managed to get 'internet.'i have a N95 mobile phone and when i search for wlan, at times i can find it, as i can on my ps3 but i just cant connect to the internet.i am complete novice, so any help would be fantastic for me, and the health of my router as it is going to get smashed soon.

Answer:Wireless g- adsl+2 modem router.....HELP

Why is the phone line going to the PC? Which socket on the PC?

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I'm looking to upgrade my wireless modem/router. I currently have an old Actiontech (wireless-b) unit with 4 PC's connected wirelessly. Everytime someone disconnects (switches off pc), the connection is disrupted for some time before it is reconnected. Do the newer models overcome this now?I'm currently looking at :Belkin -click hereD-Link -click hereLinksys -click hereand Netgear DG834GT -click hereAnyone have one of these and would recommend it? What do you think of it?

Answer:Wireless ADSL Modem/Router

I have had the Netgear DG834G for quite a while now connected to a Windows PC through Ethernet cable and wirelessly to a Apple Powerbook without any problems.The DG834GT has a 108mbs speed verus 54mbs on teh DG834G. You will not see any difference in internet speed usinng any of the two. If you are sharing files across a small network, then the DG834GT has a maximum speed of 108Mbs. However to get the maximum transfer speeds, you would need to also upgrade the wireless network cards to the netgear 108mbs speed.If you are connecting via LAN/Etherenet, stick with the DG834G

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I have 70 to spend on the above. Can anyone recommend one that will meet my requirements. I want to network 2 PC's and a laptop. They all have XP pro as their os.I also want a pci or usb wireless connection for the pc. Is there any difference between the 2 apart from the usb being able to be moved and the pci being stuck in one pc.Thanks

Answer:which wireless adsl modem/router


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So I got myself a Gigabyte GN-BR01G wireless router to connect to my ADSL modem that is also a LAN switch, but I have a problem. I have managed to configure the two so that I can access internet via the wireless network, but I can't access shared folders or ping PCs that are connected to the ADSL modems LAN ports.

The IP address for the ADSL modem is and the PCs connected to them have 192.168.0.x IPs.

The wireless router IP address is and PCs connected to it get IPs automatically from the wireless routers DHCP.

So basically I guess I have to get the 192.168.0.x and 192.168.1.x subnets to work with each other but I don't know how I should do it. The wireless router doesn't support bridging. How I got them working so that I can access internet via wireless was by following this doc:

Answer:ADSL modem and wireless router

Connect the PCs to the router?

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adsl modem/wireless router connection to laptop
need advice on connections --line to modem/wireless router and then for normal 'phone connection .

will be able to get adsl broad band in a week or two and thus seeking advice on what to buy and how to wire/connect etc.

Answer:Adsl/modem/wireless Router

The ISP usually provides you with a modem, they will also supply the line filters required to use phones on the same line.

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Hi all,

I am new to the site, I have tried searching around for some help for my problem but haven't found anything specific, so I thought I would register and start a new thread

I am fairly computer literate, I have set up some basic home networks, done port-forwarding, some video streaming and am a flash programmer but I am not in any way advanced at networking.

Here is my deal. I am house sitting for a friend. He has ADSL broadband with ukonline. He has a voyager 105 modem that he connects directly to his PC. I want to expand the network for use by multiple PCs. I want to know if I buy a wireless router, am I going to be able to expand the network or is there a chance that the ISP will make this a nightmare? Has anyonelse encountered a similar issue?

Thanks a lot


Answer:ADSL Modem, I want to add a wireless router

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Hi everyone!I have just bought a DG834G wireless modem router and disappointed is not the word. Even less than 5 feet from my computer with just a monitor inbetween the signal fluctuates crazily (virtually every couple of seconds) from *excellent* straight down to *no signal*, up to *very good* to *limited or no connectivity* in a random order. (this is the 2nd post i've had to make as it went from *very good* when i clicked to post, to *very low* when sending the post). It seems i'm not the only person having this problem either> click hereAnyway, i'm going to take it back to pc world and get another make, but after having a look around i'm not too sure which is the better to get.Any suggestions as to which model to go for and which to avoid would be greatly appreciated!Thanks!!

Answer:Adsl wireless modem/ to buy?

router downstair, upstair still have excellent signal, much nicer looking than other makers as well

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I've finally got round to replacing my USB modem with a dynamode r-adsl-c4w-g wireless router/modem. I can connect to the router. to set the settings, I've confirmed the supposed settings with my ISP (tiscali) but the thing still won't connect to the internet. I've reset my ISP settings and they are correct as I've rechecked using my old USB modem and I can still connect. But at present it seems to be a waste of money if I cant get the thing to connect to the internet.

Any ideas as to what I can do to make the yellow WAN light start to glow? According to the pitiful manual that came with it, it its currently suggesting that the DSLline isn't connected, but it is.ADSL filter inplace and everything! When I view I get green blobs against the modem that turn red if I unplug the modem. Are these misleading?

Any ideas most welcome!!


Answer:New adsl wireless router/modem help

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Can someone please help me ~...Ive got a Linksys WAG54G v2 ADSL modem router that I have been using for the past year or so with an ADSL service provider. I have now changed my service provider to Cable and was wondering if I can use the Linksys with this. If I can, what do I need to do?

Answer:Use ADSL wireless modem router with cable modem

There are just a few ADSL modem/routers that can accept an external ADSL modem via a USB port, but even fewer that can accept a Cable modem through an RJ45 port - the encapsulation has a big influence. To my knowledge, the Linksys models are not capable of it (although your model number is not clear - do you mean the WAG54GS or the WAG354G?)Prerequisites include the ability to switch any one RJ45 port to a modem port, the ability to disable/bypass the internal ADSL modem either manually or automatically and the ability to accept a PPPoE modem signal.

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Hi, I've been looking into upgrading to BB my question about what I need (click here) has prompted me to look at all in one ADSL modem/wireless router.I want to be able to connect 2 PC's to BB either simultaniously or one at a time (without the other being on), one on Win XP, the other Win 98SE (wirelessly). (The main objective is to get the connection shared, not specifically to transfer files etc. between PC's)I have whittled the choices down to D-link DSL 604 click hereorthe Netgear DG824M click hereDoes anyone use either, and if so could you please tell me what you think.The Netgear seems the better of the two, with firewall included. The only reason I have to doubt it for my purpose is that 1. I want to be able to use ICQ and MSN Messenger, and 2. on the ebuyer site there is *one* post that says it doesn't work with AMD/ASUS config (which I typically have), but there is always one exception. I have emailed Netgear about ASUS/AMD problems, but not had a reply.I know at the end of the day it's up to me, and I don't mind spending a bit more on the Netgear to get better quality, but any comments you have will be very much appreciated.Thanks.

Answer:Which ADSL wireless router/modem? Views please

I use a netgear 824m. With it you've got the option of either connecting wirelessly or using wires. One of my friend uses it with a evesham computer with a amd processor and I believe a asus motherboard. He's not had any problems.Theres a review on click herealso info on:- click herefor reviewclick herefor upgrading firmware on 824mThere is a firewall but you can set up port forwarding. click hereIf you can hang around this netgear beastie is the one I'd go for click here type netgear in search, its the story from Thursday 2nd October 2003 also click here=Double firewall, excellent range etc. Looks the mutts nutts.Also upgrade the firmware if you do go for the 824m. A couple of niggly little bugs are sorted out. The 3rd link has a handy guide. Very easy as long as you upgrade in order.HTH R

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Why is the signal so weak. the distance from downstairs office to PS3 in my bedroom is not that far. is there any way to improve signal.

Answer:Belkin wireless router with ADSL modem

It may not be - it's not just distance that affects wireless networks, brick or stone walls, or other radio emmitters can do it.Can you improve the signal? yes, you can, click here

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Im trying to install a domestic network with an ADSL Modem and a Wireless Router and I cant get connected to the Internet.

ADSL Modem connected to the telephone line.
Wireless Router connected to the Modem.
Two PCs Windows XP connected to the Router (Ethernet 10/100).
Laptop Centrino Windows XP Tablet PC connected to the Router (wireless).

With this configuration I succeed linking the 3 computers sharing files but no one get connected to the internet (however, if I link them directly to the Modem I get the Internet, including the laptop if I use its Ethernet door).

It seems to me that the problem is in the Wireless Router configuration. I tried to configure it like the Modem, with no success. I also tried without any configuration and no success either.

Could someone kindly tell me what Im doing wrong?

The material:
Modem ADSL Draytek Vigor 2600 (it is also a Router with 4 Ethernet doors)
Router ASUS Wireless WL500G (it has also 4 Ethernet doors)
PC1-Windows XP - Ethernet 10/100
PC2- Windows XP - Ethernet 10/100
Laptop Centrino -Windows XP Tablet PC Intel Wireless 2200BG (it has also Ethernet 10/100)

Answer:ADSL Modem + Wireless Router = no Internet

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Hi Chaps, new question please. If I KEEP the Speedtouch modem, would it work, could I set up a network if I use a Wireless Router and a usb dongle, both in th PC and the Laptop? Would anything else be needed? If it is, it's gonna be cheaper than buying modem/router combined, and this speedtouch works perfectly ok, shame to ditch it...AngeTheHippyxxx

Answer:New Query-ADSL Modem w/ WIRELESS Router Possible?

It's possible click herebut a wireless router is a better solution. For a start, both machines will need to be on to access the internet from the wireless one.

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hello all ... i have just today purchased the above modem/router .. probelem is i just cant get it working or recognised by my PC ... even odder was that when i checked my network connections there is no Local Area Connection listed there

In order to connect the modem/router the instructions say to open internet explorer and go to and follow the intructions on screen, but i cant do this as it simply tries to open my old ADSL Connection and get on the internet that way -which icant as it is disconnected due to the new one being plugged in - whereas it should just automatically go to the welcome page for the installation of this modem. I did try on my laptop and initially it found the unsecure connection but then didnt again after that when i tried to set it up primarily on my laptop ... it just kept losing the connection and finding otehr secured connections in the area.

I am at my wits end with this one ... I have no idea what has happened to my ethernet controller on PC(it's not there in my network connections) and it's just not recognising the Belkin modem no matter what i do. Can anyone give me some pointers as to what i need to do? Any help would be much obliged ... and if any more info needed then dont hesitate to ask....


Answer:Belkin ADSL Modem with Wireless G Router

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Hi Guys ,I need help in installing this Netgear MODEM ROUTER ,I am connected to internet with talktalk, Thomson,Speedtouch Broadband Modem, Which as one phone line,And the other is USB from modem in to computer;How do I connect netgear ?Any Help Will Do, or Should I Say Any Dream Will Do :Regardsyankee786

Answer:Rangemax Next Wireless-N adsl+Modem Router

Connect phone line (through ADSL filter) to new router and then connect router to PC network connector using a network (ethernet) cable. If you are going to use router by wireless connection it is still preferable to perform initial set up using wired connection.Use the Set Up guide and Smart Wizard CD that should have come with product. These contain full instructions and are more comprehensive than can be covered in response here to your question.Link to Set Up Guide click hereIf you intend to use wireless connection to router you are very strongly advised to set up wireless security to WPA-PSK.If there are things not understood or problems, then post back for further help.

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i,m trying to understand the manual for this product(i,m no techie and it took and age to get the thing to work).simple question...there is an inbuilt firewall.does this mean comodo(free)is not needed?.thanks.

Answer:belkin adsl modem with wireless g router

The firewall on your router would in theory make comodo redundant, however, these built in firewalls can be a bit hard to tame, and can block things which are legit. I have a firewall built into my adsl router / modem, but prefer a third party soloution as it gives me more instant control....guess the choice is yours, you can try it and see how it goes, can always disable it if you have problems.

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Hi,For some time I have been considering upgrading my wireless router. Given that I have a 2.4/5.0 Wireless card fitted in my desktop, I thought I would go for one of the "dual band n Wireless Routers". Two of which come to mind are the D-Link DIR855 and the Linksys E3000; both have had reasonable reviews, and both can work on 2.4 & 5 GHz, simultaneously.The only problem with these two routers is that they are designed for cable; not for ADSL - They do not incorporate a modem!As far as I am aware, there is not currently a dual band "n" wireless router on the market, which incorporates an ADSL modem, which works on both bands simultaneously! My initial thoughts were to purchase a dedicated ADSL modem, such as the D-Link DLS-320B, or the Linksys AG241.Presumably, I could connect up like:ADSL Telephone Line >>> Modem >>> Wireless Cable Router >>> Desktop.The questions that arise are as follows:(1) Will this arrangement work (2) If so, how do you set up this arrangement - Is it a two step process as follows:(a) Presumably, you connect the modem to the landline and to the desktop and set up in the usual manner, entering all of your ISPs parameters.(b) Next, I assume, you connect the wireless router, in-between the modem and the desktop, and then perform setting up of the wireless router!The next question is can I "mix and match" manufactures - Like the Linksys E3000 router, with the D-Link DLS-320B modem. I ask this, because the Linksys modem is not readily available.I would be gr... Read more

Answer:ADSL Modem for Wireless Cable Router

As I understand it, the reason for using a *combined* Router and ADSL Modem is that it's not as simple as 'daisy chaining' an ethernet ADSL Modem and Cable/DSL Router. This is because, in the UK, ADSL uses PPPoA protocol (PPP over Asynchronous Transfer Mode) and generally Cable/DSL Routers only support PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet). In countries such as the US, where their DSL uses PPPoE, this isn't a problem. What you could investigate is using a conventional ADSL Modem/Router and plugging into it a Dual Band Wireless Access Point. You'd then connect to the separate W.A.P. instead of the router's built-in one.

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The problem is that I'm unable to connect to the Internet using my PC.Laptop works fine with the Belkin wireless router and strangely the home pc does send and receive Outlook emails so the connection is made.However the pc insists on displaying the Dial-up Connection dialog box when I try and click Internet Explorer icon. In that screen the Connect to: is BT Openworld Broadband with my User name: and Password: boxes completed. Click Connect and it says "Unable to establish a connection". Just why this Dial-Up screen appears I'm at a loss to explain. It didn't use to and previously I would go straight into my Home Page. Tried all sorts of permutations in the various Property boxes without any success. Help please.

Answer:Wireless problem - ADSL modem router

Go into your IE settings and select Tools/Connection and then select 'never dial a connection'.

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Hi I have a Netgear ADSL combined wireless router modem. I am moving to a new house with DSL and i have a bog standard DSL modem. What i would like to know is whether it's possible to connect the DSL modem via the ethernet cable to my wireless modem/router and turn off the ADSL modem function to just using the router as a wireless action point to the DSL modem?Hope this makes sense.Thanks

Answer:Netgear ADSL wireless router modem - help!

to clarify - have been running 2 computers successfully off a ADSL line broadband with the modem / router but am moving to a virgin media area and have their cable service. I know ADSL / DSL are different - but if i plug the DSL modem into the ADSL modem / router, can i turn off the modem function and just use the router to make my DSL internet wireless...

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Please can someone help.Bought the above to go on my PC, hoping that this could connect to my daughters new laptop which she uses in her bedroom.I am currently using an external wanadoo broadband modem, which sits on top of the pc.Can someone help me how to connect the router, do I have to do away with the eternal modem, or what!If someome could run throughthe set up, would be most appreciated.I'm sorry I'm no genious.

Answer:Belkin ADSL Modem With Wireless G Router

you replace your existing modem with the adsl modem/wireless router. You need to follow the instructions for setting it up. Once operating properly from your main pc you then run the wireless set up wizard and let it copy to a floppy or flash drive. Run the floppy/fd on the laptop and with luck all will be well. Good article on just this subject page 156 pc advisor Dec 2006. I have just bought a netgear adsl wireless router and am about to install it.

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I have read through a number of threads on the BT Voyager 2100 Wireless and it seems that a few people have had the same problem as me with resolution coming from different fixes everytime. Well, I think I have tried them all so maybe someone can give me a hand.

I have had the BT Voyager 2100 Modem/Router for over a year now and I set the system up with my PC wired and my wife's old HP laptop wireless using an old Micorsoft WiFi USB receiver. This all worked for about 8 months and while I was gone on business my wife said the laptop stopped working on the internet. When I got back I tried everything, reset the router, refreshed the network search (it could see a neighbor's network but not mine), rebooted the laptop, nothing worked although one time the laptop saw the network and I clicked connect and after trying to connect it lost the network again and never reacquired.

Well, fast forward about three months and we decided it was time to purchase a new laptop, this one comes w/ built-in WiFi. I hoped that this might solve the wireless problem but I am experiencing the same problem. The WiFi is enabled on the router and the laptop, the correct channel is selected on both computers (default of 1), to my knowledge I have absolutely no security selected on the router at this time (it is configured with all the factory defaults). I have troubleshot my laptop as well and it believes the router is the cause.

It seems that the BT Voyager 2100 has caused this problem in ... Read more

Answer:Wireless ADSL Modem/Router and Laptop

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Hello everyone.Right before I explain my problem, just to say that I am a complete novice when it comes to Networking as you will probably notice!I have bought a Belkin ADSL Modem with built in wireless router and am trying to connect it to my Packard Bell desktop. Firstly I checked what Network adapter I have through my device manager and it tells me that I have a USB ADSL WAN Adapter - is this ok?Secondly and probably more importantly when I try to connect the Belkin modem to my PC with the RJ45 cable I can't as my PC does not have a socket for it, there is a socket that would take an RJ11 cable but not the RJ45. I presume to most of you this will be an obvious question - what can I do now?Thanks

Answer:Belkin ADSL Modem with wireless router

<<<Firstly I checked what Network adapter I have through my device manager and it tells me that I have a USB ADSL WAN Adapter - is this ok?>>>This is your existing USB ADSL Modem which cannot be used with a router. You need to replace this with the combined "Router & ADSL Modem", but this does have to be connected to an RJ45 network port in the PC. You cannot use the RJ11 port which connects the PC's internal "dialup" modem to a phone line. If your PC definitely doesn't have a network adapter installed, which would provide an RJ45 port and appear in the Network Connections folder as that "Local Area Connection", then you need to install one. This can be either an internal PCI card if you have a spare slot on the motherboard, or a USB Network Adapter. The initial configuration of a router almost always requires a "wired" ethernet connection from a PC. Once set up, PCs/Laptops can connect "wirelessly" provided they have a Wireless Network Adapter installed.

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I wonder if anyone can recommend a cable adsl modem/wireless router to connect a pc to a cable broadband connection, and to wirelessly connect a laptop to the modem/router for internet access. Thanks, Mark.

Answer:Cable adsl modem/wireless router

read through and look for the one that fits your needs best. a individual opinion from everyone here will get you a different answer based on how it worked for them leaving you with the same question which one to pick. I had a netgear and it worked wonderful, now I have a westel because it came with my dsl contract and it works well also, however I liked my netgear better

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I have just aquired broadband through Virgin and they sent me a speed touch modem that works wonderfully.Problem is i have a pc running winxp pro and the wife a pc running win2000.i bought this adsl router as i want to have both connected to broadband and i am using the four conections to our ethernet cards via cables.i can contact the router from both pc's and bring them up in the network search yet i can not ping each pc.anyways my problem is i followed Virgins settings and the instructions of Belkin you know untick the boxes and everything but i can't access the net.All the green lights are on yet when i call up the router settings it shows no internet connection even though the adsl says connected.I am going in circles and ready to trash this router.

I am new so ask if maybe someone would be able to help

Answer:Belkin ADSL modem with wireless G router 802.11g

Try resetting the modem, by disconnecting the power jack, from the modem (you can have your computers on while doing this), leave it disconnected, for about a minute, then plug it back in, and let it reset itself.

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I have just purchased from Evesham Computers a Puretec ADSL Modem and 2 USB adapters to connect a dekstop computer running ME and a laptop running XP. I have after 5 hours got the desktop on line and working but I am unable to get the laptop working the adapter has installed but comes up with an error message "Wireless LAN controlled by Windows zero configuration" I have uninstllaed and reinstalled 3 times but the same error message comes up. Tried Evesham but they were a complete waste of time. Anybody heard of this before?

Answer:Wireless ADSL Modem Router and USB adapters

run the networking wizard on the XP machine, and make a floppy for use on the ME machine?

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Recently purchased this router "belkin adsl modem with wireless g router and wireless g usb network adapter" click hereand having trouble setting it up, i plugged everything in and followed the stages in the manual and installation screen and it still doesn't work. I tried uninstalling everything and reseting the router and trying again and nothing. We're unable to get on to the settings through when it did when the usb adapter is plugged in , we entered the details and when we click ok to confirm, the router loses connection. Any ideas what i can do ?Thanks

Answer:belkin adsl modem with wireless g router help?

You must do set up with a wired connection - is that what you've been using ?

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I am trying to replace a wireless router that blew up with a linksys WRT54G. We use a US Robotic 9015 Adsl modem. When we set up the linksys router with the supplied software the router seemd to set up correctly but we cannot connect to the internet.

Answer:Wireless router/adsl modem problems


At what part is it failing, go into the router settings and check that your user name and password is correct.

If need be re run the software setup and make sure you havent missed anything.


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I have 2 computers. My main computer is connected to a belkin ADSL modem with built in 802.11g wireless router via ethernet (which i communicate and change settings via my web browser).

The other computer (no.2) has a wireless network card installed and working fine.

I had it all connected to a point where i could access the internet on both comuters but not share files, and i could communicate with the router.

So i tried some trickery to get this file share to work. this involved messing about with the "file and print sharing for microsoft networks" and "clients for microsoft networks", installing clients and service, in the local area connection

When i did this, i found that i could no longer communicate with the router via my web browser and not access the internet.

I also noticed that under my TCP/IP settings in address type, my connection was an "automatic private address" instead of "assigned DHCP".

I thought this would be the problem. so i scouted around the web to find answers and found things like using ipconfig (via cmd in the run command). but no luck. got message like "cannot contact DHCP".

I tried reinstalling but no luck........WHAT CAN I DO???????/

Answer:Help with ADSL modem with built in 802.11g wireless router

Post the ipconfig output of both computers. And what exactly did you do in network settings?

"Automatic private address" means that Windows was unable to connect the DHCP server (the router) to obtain an IP address. You should always turn on the router before turning on the PCs. Or assign static IP addresses to your machines.

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I have been given a Netgear DG834PN wireless modem router by a friend who cannot use it any more.
The thing is, I get my broadband via the cable company, and I have to use the modem from them as this Netgear router cannot use a cable connection.
My question is, can I use this modem router as just a router, ie can I put the ethernet output from my cable modem into the ethernet port of this router, and then use it wirelessly with my laptop (I have a compatible Netgear wireless usb adapter)? Or is that I have to have an adsl connection in order to use the wireless capability?

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I have an aol internet connection with a BT Voyager 105 wired modem. How do I hook up the Belkin N1 wireless router?

Answer:HELP Belkin N1 Wireless Router & ADSL Wired Modem

nangaI don't think tinycowboy will know until he buy the dlink modem as it was only on sunday that I reply to his posting click here

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I have recently installed an adsl wireless modem/router and a wireless adaptor to the other pc. Do I have enough protection ? I have Norton on new Dell pc and the modem router has a built- in firewall and I have enabled WEP. On the other pc I have Sygate including av (avast). Should I also install another firewall to new PC.Norton 2003 OEM for Dell version 9.05.15 I presume this is just an av and does not include a firewall as I can't find any firewall mentioned in help files.Your help will be appreciated!

Answer:wireless adsl modem/router /adaptor and firewall

Going here click here will give you an idea if your system is secure or not.

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I am not network savvy but have taken the plunge. I have two PC'S both running Windows XP SP2. One has an ASUS mother board A8V Deluxe with WI-FI card (PCI). The other is a matsonic mother board with a Safecom WI-FI card (PCI). The ASUS MB has an onboard Marvell Yukon 88E8001 Ethernet card.I have purchased a Belkin ADSL Modem with wireless G router.I have connected this to the ASUS PC. I have followed the installation instructions to the letter but am unable to connect to the Internet nor set up my home network as a result. When I plug the cable into the Ethernet port the system tray notification states that a network cable is unplugged. Will this still show even if only one PC is connected?My ISP is Pipex and I currently connect with a Fujitsu USB modem. I have scoured the Internet to no avail for help.So basically, No network cable is plugged in according to the system tray, even though it is. My system reports that the card is working with no conflicts. The ethernet cable is brand newthe adsl modem/router is brand new.I can still connect to my ISP with my old modem.Both WI-FI cards are brand new and fitted correctly.Please help!Neil Simcox

Answer:Belkin ADSL modem with wireless G router problems.

The ethernet cable..... is it a patch or cross-over cable?

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I have just bought this. I have a Wannadoo broadband connection (not cable). is this all I need to have the wireless connection for both desktop PC and laptop or do I have to purchase something to go with this ? I am confused...

Answer:NETGEAR DG834G Wireless ADSL Modem Router

You don't need anything else, providing you have an Ethernet port on the back of the desktop and the laptop is wi-fi enabled. Connect the desktop to the router using the supplied cable. Then go to click here to set up the wireless side of things so that the laptop can connect.

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Hello all,
I recently purchased a Belkin N Wireless Modem Router with a single ADSL input and 4xRJ45 outputs. I have an old Belkin 54g Router at the moment and wanted to upgrade. Unfortunately when the item arrived I discovered that I had made a mistake as the router was for ADSL and not the Virgin cable modem. Before returning the item I would like to know if it is possible to convvert the RJ45 lead output from the cable mobem to the ADSL input of the router. I've had a look on forums and a lot of the answers seem to be way more complex but without answering this question.
Thanks in advance for any replies.

Answer:Solved: Cable modem to ADSL Wireless Router

Nope, you can't use that router with a cable modem.

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Hi i recently purchased a Zyxel Wireless ADSL Modem Router P660HW i have every cable you need and when i connect my dsl cable to the router it doesnt pick the internet up can someone please help

Answer:Zyxel Wireless ADSL Modem Router Problems

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Hi, a bit of info pleasejust connected my router to my downstairs PC and it connected fine, but how do i no if it is using wireless or a wired connected (i want it to be wired on this PC)and use wireless i just have the ethernet cable connected, or do i have the USB cable that came with speedtouch ADSL in the PC as well?

Answer:Belkin ADSL modem with built in wireless router

i Want wireless for PS3 upstairs what info do i need to connect.

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I want to get solution of the networking problem I'm facing. I've a Shiro DSL805E Modem and to connect to multiple computers, I connected an Encore 5 Port Switch. Now I got laptop and thought of getting a wireless network, so I bought TP-Link TL-MR3420 Wireless Router and connected it to the one of the wires from the Encore Switch. But I'm unable to access the internet through TP-Link Router but the internet works fine for the computers which are directly connected to switch.
Someone please kindly guide me how to do ip settings for TP-Link Router.
But when I connect router directly to modem by bypassing switch, it works fine but not via switch. I have some restrictions due to which I have to strictly following this sort of connection: Modem -Switch - Router

Answer:IP Settings for ADSL Modem to Switch to Wireless Router

Sounds like a bad port on the switch, or else the switch and router's WAN port are not playing nice together.

Make sure it is not a switch port problem.

If it is not, try using the TP-Link router as just a switch and WAP, per this Library article. (Your "modem" is a modem/router combo.)

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using this with Talk talk Broadband service and problems.Ok installed this fine configured as per TalkTalk router settings listed on their site. Powered of machine came back next day and connecting fine but viewing any webpages is near impossible they just will not load.Does anyone happen to be running a Netgear ADSL Modem Wirless router wired connection with LAN Cable to PC. If you can help can you please tell me what settings you have please ?I tried it on my connection and it was fine but my friends on first install and use fine next day now on 3 days later still no problem. TalkTalk say there are no problems at there end but my older post some people suggest there is in certain areas.Are Netgear routers compatible maybe but feel its a TalkTalk problem. Should I go to the extreme and put back the Speedtouch to see if this works maybe.Mainly what settings on router in Netgear coudl effect the pages being loaded. No bugs, there is limewire but have tried turning that off and on.Also yes Ie7 is installedHELP, as friend needs it working as Laptop is to be working for Xmas pressent in the main pc happens to be sorted with this problem. Laptop connects ok but no pages like desktop.

Answer:Netgear DG834GT ADSL Modem Router wireless

have you loaded the latest Firware from the Netgear website?

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Not being to bright, The istructions say to connect modem to router, Router is not USB as my BT Modem.How do I connect????

Answer:Modem to Netgear Super Wireless ADSL Router

If it is an ADSL router, it replaces your BT modem and you connect the telephone line into the router and then connect the router to the pc with an ethernet cable. The pc must have a network port.Do you have a network port in your computer and an ethernet cable?

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Help please.....My daughter has just bought this model and needs to connect her laptop for internet access. The router must sit in the living room of her apartment (ADSL line entry point), but she uses the laptop in her study (wireless card fitted). The installation instructions say that the router must be connected to a PC (ethernet or USB)..... but this is not practical in this case as she only hasa laptop. Can she just connect the ADSL line to the router, and configure internet access through her laptop?Any help and advice would be appreciated.Thank you

Answer:Belkin ADSL Modem with Wireless G Router F5D7632-4

Always configure the router via ethernet cable with wireless disabled on the laptop first. Get this working then disconnect the ethernet and enable the wireless and configure the wireless. If there are problems along the way you know before or after you get to wireless if it wireless problem or not. Once everything is configured then she can use the laptop wirelessly upstairs. It only takes 20 minutes to configure it all (assuming no problems crop up) and only has to be done once.

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Purchased this in May '05 and set it up OK and was working fine. Broadband connection to btinternet. Line splits to ADSL router and DECT cordless phone. Router connects to single (if ageing) PC, PC has a 3com USB wireless receiver.About 3/4 weeks ago it all went wrong.(Don't know whether this has any bearing on anything but it occurred during the very cold weather snap and simultaneous to this our Sky TV Box also needed resetting - power/phone line surge?)The PC indicates that there is a strong, valid wireless connection but I when I attempt to connect I get no internet/email connectivity, and not all 4 lights are lit on the front left hand side of the router as they should be. When I plug the cable in to connect the PC to the router, I get internet/email connectivity and all 4 lights are lit on the front left hand side of the router. But I don?t want to have the cable plugged in all the time, otherwise I wouldn?t have bought a wireless router.I tried resetting the router and basically starting from scratch to try and replicate the good experience I had when setting it up originally, but no joy when the cable is pulled.After 4 attempts to connect to the Belkin helpline I spent a good 30 minutes speaking to some fortunate soul most likely in Lahore who got me to reset the router, change the channel, all that good stuff you would expect to do but nothing worked. The call ended with him hastily advising that if I cleared my Internet Explorer temporary files then all would be... Read more

Answer:Problem with Belkin ADSL Modem w/Wireless-G Router

Does the PC's Wireless Network Adapter "connect" to the router, i.e. when you scan for "Available Networks", find the SSID for your router and "connect" to it, does the little icon get its "halo" to show that it has connected?Having connected, does the Wireless Network Adapter get a valid IP address from the router which, for a Belkin router, should be in the range?

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Hi there

Right, I really need some help here - I thought I had done this correctly but clearly not as it still doesn't work

Basically, I got my sister a wireless router, and purchased a big antenna for her to take up to Uni, as she has rented a house with loads of friends, and it's massive with very thick walls.

Luckily, the router and modifications mean she can access it all round the house (although she has had to put a long cat 5 cable in to put it on the middle floor).

When she finally got round to purchasing internet (from "Be") they sent her a wireless ADSL modem / router.

Here is the problem:
The router they sent doesn't have the range needed in my sisters house.
The router I gave her doesn't have an ADSL modem.
They also don't have a telephone cable going to the middle floor, only cat 5.

How can I connect the two routers together?
I know it's possible by turning off DHCP etc from the second router, but it doesn't seem to be working.

More info:
Router "A" is the ADSL modem/ wireless router they provided.
Router "B" is a Kcorp KLG-575 - pdf manual can be found: here

Connection info from a pc connected wirelessley to router "A":

Physical Address: 00-16-6F-96-2F-BD
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
DHCP Server:
Lease Obtained: 20/11/2007 16:21:12
Lease Expires: 21/11/2007 16:21:... Read more

Answer:Connecting two routers together - One wireless ADSL, the other a DSL wireless router

You need to get her a wireless Access Point and place it in a central location in the house. Select the DSL modem and configure the Access Point to connect with it...

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I've had a Zoom X4 ADSL Modem for a while, connected to my PC via CAT5. I've recently picked up a cheap D-Link DI-524 Wireless (and wired) router which I've replaced my old Netgear switch with.The instructions insist that I connect the Modem to the Routers WAN port vai CAT5 but if I do it just won't pick up an internet connection. If I connect the modem to any of the routers standard wired network ports then I have a connection.So it works, and that's the main thing, but can anyone explain the purpose of the WAN port and the benefits of using that rather than the port I'm using now? And any idea how I configure the WAN port to work if I need to?

Answer:Zoom ADSL Modem / D-Link Wireless Router question

By connecting the D-Link's LAN ports to the ethernet modem and the PC, it is functioning as a basic network switch. You will get online with one PC, but it isn't functioning as a router, which would support the connection of multiple computers to the internet. At the moment, the D-link is passing the single IP address allocated by your ISP directly to your PC. What should happen is that the *router* gets that single IP address as its WAN address and, in turn, allocates LAN IP addresses, usually in a 192.168.x.x subnet, to the computers connected to it.There shouldn't be any "configuration" of the WAN port, but you need to go into the routers Setup (type its IP address into a web browser) and configure it to connect to your ethernet modem, which is just a basic connection, possibly described as "direct" or "DHCP" or something similar. I assume that, at the moment, the Zoom modem connects automatically to the ISP and that you aren't having to establish the connection from the PC? If you are having to run a PPPoA connection session from the PC, then you may not be able to use the router correctly as a router, ADSL normally requires a combined Router & ADSL Modem.

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Hi can anyone help? I'm having problems (wired) networking 2 pc's both on xp to share broadband. i have the two ethernet cables going into the router as well as the adsl line. The two computers can see each other but the problems is, it would appear is the router. When i got to belkins auto setup on it infrequently works. when i do get a connection one of the computers has limited access to certain sites like ebay. I have turned off xp's firewall, left panda anti virus on, and even tried turning off the routers firewall but when i do that i lose connection. It seems that the router is unstable! Is there a possible firewall/security conflict going on here? why do i keep loseing connection? any help would be much appreciated! also one of the computers has "stopit" dialer installed recently set up for broadband, might this be a problem too, can't uninstall this by the way!

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HI AllI dont know if this is brave or stupid but Ive just purchased 3Com Wireless 54Mbps ADSL Modem Router Firewall with FREE Wireless 54Mbps USB Adaptor which can be found at :click hereHas anyone had problems trying to setup a wireless network with this product?

Answer:3Com Wireless 54Mbps ADSL Modem Router Firewall

Ive not used that router but are you having problems setting it up? To configure it the first time you should connect to the router using an ethernet cable via the network port on your computer.Log in to your routers setup page and configure your ISP details and wireless settings once that is done you can remove the wires and connect wire free.Post back with your specfic problems that your having and someone will be able to help you out.

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I bought this 3Com modem router (model 3CRWR100A) with an usb adaptor last week, connected to one desktop and got internet connection (wired with the ethernet that came with the kit) without any problems. Saturday night, we installed the usb adaptor to another desktop and got internet access wirelessly without problem. Problems started on Sunday morning. The wired PC could not access the internet but at the same time the wireless PC could. Both PC are running XP pro with SP2.When I checked the LAN status from Network Connection, it says SiS 900PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter, IP:, Subnet Mask:, Assigned by DHCP; which seem all fine. However, when I tried to access my ISP (Tiscali) home page, sometimes I get a message saying ?The page cannot be displayed? at the top, and ?cannot find server or DNS Error? at the bottom. But sometimes the PC just hangs, with ?website found, waiting for reply? at the bottom of the screen.When this happens to the PC wired to the router, I could go to the other PC and access internet wirelessly.The confusing thing is that the above situation happened for most of the day, but for a brief period during the day, the wired PC behaved well and I could access the internet from it. I should add that I did restart the PC a few times and rebooted the router as well, but without improvement.When I opened Microsoft Outlook, I could see from the status bar that a 50kb message was being received at a painfully slow rate of about ... Read more

Answer:3Com Wireless 54Mbps ADSL Modem Router Firewall co

I run a similar system, with a netgear modem router. My PC is hard wired via ethernet cable, and two other PCs are connected via wireless USB adapters. All PCs connect independantly to the internet via the router. I would doubt that your wireless connected PC is affecting your wired PC. It would seem to be either the cable or the router that is at fault.If you have another cable, try replacing the existing one to see if that cures the problem. If you have more than one port available try connecting the cable to another port. Finally try using the USB adapter on the wired PC to see if that works. You should then be able to discover what is causing the problem.

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Dear All,Please help!I have purchased the above router and configured it at my home. I have a laptop downstairs which i take to work etc and a PC upstairs. Both have wireless dongles for accessing the router.The configuration went smoothly on Sunday last. I set everything up via the laptop with the Cat5 cable and then switched to wireless when the connection had been established.So now instead of just the power, sync and WLAN lights illuminated, the online one was also illuminated. The connection worked beatifully from both machines.I went out for a few hours and returned to discover that the online light had delluminated. The power, sync and WLAN lights were still illuminated, so i tried to log in to the router interface again. I did so and discovered the connection was showing as disconnected. So i clicked on connect. The interface refreshed (it tried to connect) but still showed as disconnected. Since then the problem has not been resolved despite a lot of fiddling and scratching of my head!I'm not a numpty when it comes to stuff like this, but certainly not a techie either. Anyone got any ideas? Could it be because my Broadband is dynamic IP? I can't see how because it's configured for DHCP, but does this particular unit have problems with anything but STATIC?Anyway, sorry for the length of this but any help is hugely appreciated.Best RegardsJimmy

Answer:3Com Wireless 54Mbps ADSL Modem Router Firewall

Sorry about the length of these posts but I think you'll find them relevant, especially the testing by using the BT master socket to rule out if it is a fault in the telephone wiring within the house. The other point to check, is EVERYTHING microfiltered with good quality filters, all telephones, faxes, ans machines, sky and any alarm that is connected to the phone hereclick hereHowever if you're saying that the adsl signal to the 3com is fine and it is just the login to the ISP that is causing the problem, then these might not be relevant. Who is your ISP?

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Have been offered up to 8mps adsl by bt, am presently on speeds over 1mps, will this modem accept the higher speed? Nothing on the box or websites indicates the max speed ...just says ADSL. have hade it 2 years and its fine.802.11g 54mbps.Thanks.

Answer:Belkin adsl modem builtin wireless router F5D7630

I would not rush into ADSL Max. There have been significant teething problems since its introduction at the end of March. You will not see a vast difference unless you download large files regularly.Also, I do not like BT's misleading ads which quote 14.99 but when you look further this price goes up after 3 months!You can download a manual from click here=And this link suggests it does support 8mps click here

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I have a netgear adsl modem which is not wireless.

I now have a laptop and want to use the net wirelessly around the house, but I like the netgear and paid 80 for it, so I don't want to just replace it with a wireless version.

If I add this wireless access point to one of the ethernet sockets on the router, will it let me connect with my laptop?

Cheers, Matt

Answer:Will a wireless access point let me use my adsl modem router wirelessly?

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Just got my Siemens SE567 ADSL Modem/Wireless Router. It is a real pain to hook it up, obviously with a built-in antenna the signal strength is horrible on the wireless and I already have a full home network setup with a wireless router and several wired desktops. All I want to do is use the SE567 to replace my old 3COM ADSL modem as strictly a modem and disable all wireless and non-wireless router functions. I know how to disable the wireless functions and have already done so, but I'm still getting no connection through my proprietary wireless router (hardwired or wireless).

So this is where I'm at and I'm stuck, I know it's a problem with the SE567 because I plug in my old 3COM modem and the internet works fine through the proprietary router (hardwired and wireless). Any ideas?

Answer:Siemens SE567 ADSL Modem - Disabling router functions and use a proprietary router?

You need to look for an option or something similar sounding to "Bridge Mode"

Most likely it's either setup for PPPoE or DHCP with the modem itself taking your public IP. There should be some sort of bridge mode that passes that public IP on to your router.

If you are using PPPoE you will need the user/pass to set your router up to handle the authentication with the modem in bridge.

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First post here. I have a rather peculiar issue.
When I plug my computer to my ADSL modem, I can access the internet with no problems; however, when I plug in my wireless router to the modem, some websites do not load (my bank's website, some government sites, my work's citrix interface, etc). As soon as I unplug my router and plug directly to the modem, the websites are accessible again.
Now, I have three desktops, two of these connected via wireless, one hard wired. All of them present the same problem when the router is plugged. My laptop has no problems connecting to any website, even when connected to the router via wireless or hard wired.
Is there a problem with my desktops' settings? Like I said, the laptop works fine.
My modem:
TP-Link TD8840T
My router:

I run out of ideas, please help.

Answer:Solved: Can't access certain websites when wireless router is attached to ADSL modem

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I checked thru and found another thread with a similar problem, but while there were about 40 posts to it, it ended without really providing me a solution.
So heres my problem :
I HAD a Linksys Wireless Router (WRT54G) which worked fine to connect thru a ISP supplied basic ADSL modem (AZTECH). The Router would hold my login ID and password and automatically log me into my broadnband connection thru the PPPoE. And my Desktop connected to the router was able to connect fine to the Internet. HOwever, two nights ago, my ADSL Modem "died" and I went out and purchased another (ISP does not supply a replacement anymore). I got a Netgear DM602 ADSL Modem.

Now my problem is that the Netgrear modem is a little too smart and tries to be a router as well and also holds the login ID and password. If I connect the Modem directly to my Desktop, it works fine in that it will log in and allow my PC to connect to the Internet. However, if I just set it up as it used to be before - my Router states that it cannot get an IP Address off the ADSL modem and does not connect.

The old thread that stopped in August 2004, said that I had to set different IP addresses on the Router. My router has a default IP of / while the Netgear Modem goes with /

I am sure I have to set something up like a hard code of a gateway or something, but for the life of me, I do not know on which equipment I need to do this. Do I have to turn off the DHC... Read more

Answer:DM602 ADSL Modem thru Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router Problem

Managed to work it out. Apparently the 'smart' Netgear DM602 has to have itself do the logging-in. While you can disable the logging into the ISP part, it wont work after that with any router. So, it has to be allowed to log in and be the DHCP Server.

My Linksys WRT54G Wireless router on the other hand is quite happy to allow the modem to log in, so I had to disable the PPPoE logging in aspect, and also disable it from assuming the DHCP responsibility and when they are connected up, all works well - in almost the factory default state of the LinkSys Router.

But all of this I learnt from LinkSys Customer support. And not from the wonderful people at NetGear, who refused to talk to me about how to get their product to work with a router. They did not tell me that disabling the PPPoE logging in sequence will not work on their DM602. They were pretty much not very helpful when it came to getting their product to work with anything else other than a PC. As soon as it tests ok with the PC, they wash their hands off you. Immediately !

My take, never again a NetGear product.

But LinkSys is GREAT !!!

Anyway, hope this helps someone.

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hi i have had the Belkin ADSL Modem with Wireless-G Router for a while now and have had a tesco's 2.2mbs connection but i have just upgreaded to a tiscali 8mbs connection, i no i can get the full 8mbs speed through the supplied modem but am just wonederind if the Belkin ADSL Modem with Wireless-G Router's buitl in modem is fast enogh to get the full 8mps or if it wil run slower. would be great to no i was just wondering


There THe belkin modem/gateway shouldnt limit your speed capabilities. You should be able to find the speed listed inside the modem's status page. To do this..
Click start>run>In run type CMD
In the black window type IPCONFIG and then enter. Note down your default gateway.
Open a browser window and enter the gateway's address into it. Click go
This should take you to your gateways graphical user interface.
Look for a status tab or see if it lists connection speeds on the general page.

Also you can test speeds at different sites. Google search broadband speed test and choose 1 of the millions of sites

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I purchased a F5D8631-4 today to replace my ageing modem/router. I thought it would be a nice easy swap over, Belkin for Belkin - even the power supply is interchangeable! However on setting up my N1 M/R and waiting for it to detect the ADSL line an hour passed with absolutely nothing! The ADSL light didn't even consider blinking! I have tried to follow the manual but it gives me "Incorrect details for connection, Please check username & Password" (or words to that effect) when I get to the "Connecting to internet stage" although these details work fine with my other router/modem. My line is already boosted to "Max" by BT, and I am using the recommend Demon settings from within the router so as far as my ISP is concerned there is nothing more that I can do, and Belkin technical support keep telling me that the "green" light should start to flash if I have ADSL.... All the lights on the modem are blue . This is the second of these routers I have tried to connect (I took the first back thinking it was a broken port) and try as I might I cannot resolve this problem.

Has anyone else had this trouble? Anyone got these to connect with demon?

Answer:N1 Wireless Modem Router Not connecting to WAN


(now that my fellow countryman are awake!)

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my dsl modem only has 1 ethernet port and my pc isnt wireless capable..what do i do???


Answer:connecting a wireless router to a modem with only 1...

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I own the D-Link DIR-615 Router which I use with my Virgin Media NTL cable modem (Ethernet). My dad wanted to go wireless so I recommended him the same Router I use which he has now purchased to go with his Virgin Media DSL 4MB connection (Thomson Speedtouch 330 modem) but there is a problem. The Router only has a connection for an Ethernet port but the modem is USB based with no connection for an Ethernet cable. What can be done here? Is it possible to use another modem? one with an Ethernet connection? or perhaps an adapter/converter can be purchased to turn USB into an Ethernet connection?

Thanks for any help


Answer:Help Connecting Wireless Router (USB Modem)

I think he is going to have to replace the modem with one that has an RJ45 WAN jack. You can get USB NICs but they connect to the PCs USB port and require drivers to work. They won't convert the modems USB to WAN jack.

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I have D-Link DSL 320T ADSL Modem and Belkin N+ Wireless Router.
The modem works great on its own connected to the network card in my laptop.
The problem starts when I connect it to the router (doesn't matter wired or wireless connection). The internet works but slower and sort of 'snaps' every few seconds. To give you an example, when I use skype the sound and picture freezes every few seconds or when I click on different websites in my browser, every few seconds I get the 'not connected to the interent' screen - I have to refresh and it loads fine.
All those problems dissapear when I connect the modem to the network card of my laptop.
I tried few things and this is what I found out:
1. When I switch the router into Access Point mode it works great (wired and wireless) as if it the modem was connected straight to my laptop - no snaps, skype works great.
2. It doesn't help when I turn the firewall off in the router
3. It doesn't help when the QoS option is enabled
4. The router is fine as it works great with cable modem

I think maybe there is something wrong because of DHCP option enabled in both devices.

Here is my ADSL Modem Config
Starting IP
Ending IP
Subnet mask

Here is my router config
Starting IP
Ending IP
Subnet mask

Please Help

Answer:D-Link DSL320-T ADSL Modem + Belkin N+ Wireless Router Internet Performance Problem

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I am switching to a cable broadband service from adsl and I currently have a combined adsl wireless modem/router (belkin) . Rather than buy a new wireless router to use with the supplied cable modem do you think I can still use my existing adsl modem/router as a standalone wireless router, discarding the adsl modem part? What do you all think?Anyone done this?

Answer:Can i use adsl modem router as cable router?

No you can't because it doesn't have an RJ45 ethernet WAN port to connect to the Cable Modem - it can only be connected to an ADSL-enabled phone line.

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We switched isp's this last week and now we have dsl; before we had wireless net. We have a wireless router, and I'm having trouble setting everything up now since we have a different modem for the dsl, and I think it has to do with ip's. The westell modem ip to login and configure it is When the wireless router is hooked up, the ip to log in and configure it is I thought the modem was simple and all you could do just hook it up and then input your username and password to connect, but you can change a lot of different settings, just like with the wireless router. I know there's something I need to change in the modem so I can connect to the router, but I don't know what.

Answer:Solved: Help connecting dsl modem to wireless router

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I have a BT Voyager 105 USB DSL modem and a Netgear Wireless Router MR814 v2.The modem has a DSL socket and a USB socket but my wireless router has five ethernet cable sockets.Is there anyway I can connect the two?Thanks,George

Answer:Problem connecting modem and wireless router

Hi 4 of the sockets will be LAN ports and the other will be your Internet connection. you connect your modem to this one.

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Hello all, I have just started using a satellite internet connection. It's up and running well. In order to get some of the bundle of cables cleaned out of the way and hopefully faster internet speeds, I want to get a new wireless router(the router I'm using now is all connected by Ethernet cables and is about 4 years old, TrendNet)and put wireless pci cards in each of my computers(3). Is this feasible or even doable? Thanks for any input, Frank Cogburn

Answer:Connecting satellite modem to wireless router

Uhhhhhhh? Anyone? Thanks,

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I have a Compaq armada laptop with a Linksys WPC54G wireless network card.
The DSL Modem/Router is a Westell Versalink 327. Everything had been installed and was working great. Then I made the hideous mistake of installing Norton Anti-Virus 2005 on my laptop. It see's the router but it now won't establish a connection to the router at all.

I've tried:
(a) removing and reinstalling the wireless card routers.
(b) checked the laptop and wireless card on another router and had no connection problems.
(c) tried resetting the router and modem as well as checking settings. I have left the router open for now and turned WEP off until the problem is solved.

Status lites on the westell indicate that the wireless should be fine...but short of going back and uninstalling Norton I'm getting to my wits end here.

Any suggestions?

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Hi all,

I am new to TechSpot. Actually, I need some help setting up my wireless network at home. currently, I am using Dlink 502T DSL router for internet and trying to connect the Dlink router to Netgear wireless router WGR614 for wirelss internet connection to other PC's. Could anybody please tell me how to connect these routers. I am trying to connect Dlink with netgear but i am unable to configure the same. When i use Dlink router directly with the PC, my internet works fine but when i try to use netgear inbetween Dlink router and a PC, my internet stops working. Please suggest. I want to distribute internet to my other computer thru netgear wireless router. please help...


Answer:how to configure Dlink ADSL router and Netgear Wireless router for internet distrib

Ndhingra said:

Hi all,

I am new to TechSpot. Actually, I need some help setting up my wireless network at home. currently, I am using Dlink 502T DSL router for internet and trying to connect the Dlink router to Netgear wireless router WGR614 for wirelss internet connection to other PC's. Could anybody please tell me how to connect these routers. I am trying to connect Dlink with netgear but i am unable to configure the same. When i use Dlink router directly with the PC, my internet works fine but when i try to use netgear inbetween Dlink router and a PC, my internet stops working. Please suggest. I want to distribute internet to my other computer thru netgear wireless router. please help...

ndhingra to expand...

The easiest way is to run the CD that should have come with the Router, if you havent got it then you will have to configure it manually.

Full instructions can be found on the netgear website here.


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Need help with connection problem. I'm using cable modem Motorola Surfboard SB5101i, and connected to Linksys WRT310N wireless router. I've connected the cable from the modem into the internet port in the router, but there's no data received. I've reset both hardwares, but still no avail. Initially the cable modem is connected to a PC, and it works with that PC only. I tried to use the same cable on a laptop, but it won't connect.

Please help.

Answer:Connecting cable modem to wireless router problem

Most likely that the isp server didn't clear the pc information so when you try to use a different 'device' it denies it. (generally ISPs only allow 1 device unless you purchased more IP addresses.)

Make sure you power down the modem and router for about 10 mins, then power up the modem, then in a minute power up the router. That should give the isp server some time to refresh the information.

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hey guys.... just wondering if anyone can help me.
I've been trying to get my wNetgear wireless router (DG834g v2) to hook up to (RealtekRTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC) cable modem.
Problem is...
-i have no setup cd
-when i try using the setup wizard through it won't recognise the connection and says to check the dsl cable.
I've tried rebooting both routers many times and restarting the computor.
Also tried reconfiguring manually by going through the step by step instructions on the right of setup page.
Still no go.
Sometimes it will connect when it's plugged straight into comp others i have to switch it back to normal cable router to get internet.
I can't help but think if i had the set up disc i would be ok??
If anyone has a magic remedy i'd really appreciate the help.
Thanks for reading guys!

Answer:connecting netgear wireless router to cable modem

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Hi everyone i have a bit of a problem.
Basically I used to be on DSL and now am on cable so I have a cable modem and a dsl wireless router.

Im wondering how I can get wireless conenctivity to the new with plugging the cable modem into the router.

I can connect via ethernet with ETH Port 1 connected to the cable modem from the DSL wireless router and ETH Port 2 connected to the laptop from the router.

But wireless does not seem to work

I dont know what to put as the ip address, default gateway etc.

Here is my Ipconfig -all info when connected via ethernet from port 2 of the dsl rotuer:





upon copying this to my wireless TCP Ip setting it does not work.

I have a belkin router.


Answer:Connecting a Cable Modem to a DSl Wireless Router For Wireless connectivity

It sounds like you have a combo DSL/Router device. What you are trying to do can't be done unless the router supports some facier options in firmware which is quite unlikely. You need a WAN port which that device likely doesn't have.

If what you have is a regular wireless router (there really is no difference between a cable and dsl router other then possible onboard modem devices) then you likely have PPOE enabled on the router and need to change the WAN type to DHCP instead.

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I need help on bridging Belkin N150 F9J1001V1 modem router (primary, connected to internet using ADSL) and Linksys WAG54GS modem router (which needs to be bridged). I would appreciate if detailed step by step procedure is provided.

Answer:bridging ADSL modem router and another modem router

can you explain exactly what you want to do ?
and give IP address, of each router

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Hi friends ...

I hav bsnl broadband connection in my home.... I connected a tplink wired for browsing...

I also have a belkin wireless router..... I connected those routers.... And only wired communication is possible
and i cant access in wireless connection... Pls help me

i m sttuggling....

Answer:How to connect tp-link adsl router with belkin wireless router???

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I have ADSL Internet
An ADSL Router

i also have a Freecom DataTank Gateway WLAN

I want to connect the datatank to the adsl router and use it as a switch but cannot seem to do it.

I set the datatank ip to and told it to run as a switch
I set my router as a DHCP server with the ip

I Plugged the datatank into the router and can access the internet but cannot access the datatank user interface at

Anyone help please!

Answer:ADSL Internet, ADSL Router. DataTank (Cable Router) Daisy chain off ADSL?

problem solved.

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well right now i am using a pc but i am getting a laptop soon and i will need wireless connection. can i buy a wireless router from lets say Walmart or best buy and install it myself?
if so can you tell me how to do this in "Beginners language" lol please and thank you

Answer:Connecting a wireless router to my (wired) verizon boradband dsl 6100 modem

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I have an ATT 2701HG-B 2-wire wireless Gateway router modem and have just purchased a Vizio wireless router which I would like to hook up to get better range. Can someone advise if this is compatible and how to connect the Vizio to the modem if it is.


Answer:connecting a vizio router to 2-wire Modem Router

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There have been a few threads of late where people are having problems getting DSL/Cable routers to work behind ADSL modems or routers.I have tried to help a few times but appreciate typed instructions of required configurations can be very confusing!On the principle "a picture paints a thousand words", I have put a diagram on my webspace: click hereHopefully it will help somebody out.Regards,Rioja

Answer:DSL Router behind ADSL Modem/Router


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A friend has asked me about sharing their ADSL connection between computers and it looks like a router is the best option, not Internet Connection Sharing, since they don't want to rely on one computer being on.Anyway, the setup is Tiscali broadband, 256K I think, and the modem is a Sagem 800 E2L PE.Would it simply be a case of plugging this modem into any standard router, or would it be better going for a modem router and replacing the Sagem one altogether?Thanks in advance,Gary

Answer:ADSL Router or Modem Router?

It depends on what sockets the sagem has.It may have just RJ11 (Telephone socked) and USB. That means that you cant plug a router into it...The Modem/ Router can be brought quite cheaply now from many places... have many many selection from net gear d-link and the other main manufacturers that people use. I have also heard about some of ebuyer's value router's/modems are also good being re-badged version of other major manufacturers models...

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i have a big problem i tihnk lol! i currently have both a pc and a laptop. now my pc is connected to a normal adsl modem and is in our loft. I also have a linksys adsl modem router for my laptop. I havent connected the router and the pc because the range is too far from the loft to downstairs and for some reason i cannot use the modem and the router at the same time any help? thank you

Answer:using adsl model router and noraml adsl modem at t

bhagat singh,Regrettably you cannot use 2 adsl modems on the same telephone line. You could try a wireless router and see if you can get a signal. If you have a telephone extension in the right place (e.g. between the 2 pcs) you could run both wirelessly.Regards,Felix

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