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Remote Windows server becomes unreachable

Question: Remote Windows server becomes unreachable

Dear all

Not sure if Networking is the right category for this, but here goes...

We have several Windows Server 2003 boxes in a remote hosting centre that we connect to via Remote Desktop Connection from our offices. At the end of each working day, it's usual practice simply to close the RDC window, and in the morning we can reconnect to the same session and quickly resume working. But on a regular basis, one of the boxes (let's call it W2) becomes unreachable by morning, as in, it's unpingable and to all intents and purposes no longer on the internet.

To resolve this we can use Terminal Services Manager on one of the other remote boxes (let's call it W3) to connect to the problem box and reset the session. But we can only do this from W3 - none of the other remote machines can see W2 at this point in time. When the session has been reset, W2 once again becomes reachable remotely.

The Event Log shows up various suggestions but none of them are conclusive. About a week ago I had this, with a Source of "TermDD", which I thought looked promising:

Event ID 50
The RDP protocol component X.224 detected an error in the protocol stream and has disconnected the client.
But I've not had it since and the strage behaviour has continued.

I've also had messages with a Source of "W32Time" that go like this and suggest the moment at which the disconnect occurs:

The time provider NtpClient is currently receiving valid time data from (ntp.m|0x1|>

Time Provider NtpClient: No valid response has been received from manually configured peer,0x1 after 8 attempts to contact it. This peer will be discarded as a time source and NtpClient will attempt to discover a new peer with this DNS name.

The time provider NtpClient is configured to acquire time from one or more time sources, however none of the sources are currently accessible. No attempt to contact a source will be made for 15 minutes. NtpClient has no source of accurate time.
Most recently, with a Source of "Service Control Manager" I had:

The WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Service has been idle for 15 minutes, it will be shut down.

The WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Service suspended operation.
It's quite possible that these are all acceptable behaviour, but I'm not sure what to look at next.

W2 is the only one of the set of remote boxes that is accessible from anywhere; all the others are locked to the company's IP address range. Perhaps this has something to do with it?

I'd appreciate any ideas on how to resolve this.

Many thanks

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Preferred Solution: Remote Windows server becomes unreachable

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Remote Windows server becomes unreachable

Is bumping frowned upon around here? Apologies if so...

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i have bought a second hand laptop microstar medion 2020,i am trying to connect to my existing router thompson 576,i have a belkin pci card and all seems ok,until i try to connect to aol but the followin error comes updns server unavailable24-01-08-033,it is searching for my ip address?? can any one help me i am so near yet so far from connection.i know there is a lot of computer literate people out there can anyone HELP

Answer:dns server unreachable (aol)

what operating system are you using?

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Question: Server unreachable

I cannot get online whenever I try I get the following message in a software Update box. The server is unreachable. Retry the request. When I access network connections, the broadband connection symbol has a x over it, and there is this message. This connection is not available because there is a problem with your modem is network adapter. Can anyone offer any solution please

Answer:Server unreachable

Try to update the driver

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I am using an old laptop as a server for Plex and Subsonic, I login to it via RDP. Often the plex server becomes unreachable. Also at times I can't login via RDP for a few minutes with an error that the host is unreachable, this issue sorts itself after a few minutes and I can then log in again.

I'm wondering could this be due to hard disk spin down as all other power setting are set to stay awake.

This is on a Windows 7 setup, thanks.

Answer:Laptop Server Becomes Unreachable

Apparently this is not due to hard disk spin down as I have set it to never spin down and still experiencing problems.

Any one with any ideas on why I may be having these issues please let me know your thoughts.

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Trying to link new Laptop to USB AOL Broadband Cable Modem, Error message DNS Server unavailable etc, AOL cofirmed modem working have disabled Norton Anti Virus & Firewall but still no Joy, any ideas. Still waiting on response from Dell Technical Support.

Answer:DNS Server Unreachable or unavailable

Have a look in Internet Options/Connections/LAN Settings and make sure "Automatically detect settings" has a tick.

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Please can someone help me!I using edimax router to connect to aol, but keep on getting the DNS server unreachable or unavailable (24-01-08-033) error message. until recently it was working perfectly, then this error, i reloaded the software and now when i go to the sign on screen i have to use existing member as username,but it still doess not let me sign on!!My laptop which is connected wirelessly is able to connect nearly always via aol using my normal sign on name.please please can someone help me!!!

Answer:DNS server unreachable or unavailable 24-01-08-033

Check all your IP settings and acount details.If that doesn't work try turning off the router for a few minutes.

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Hi, I'm having a bit of trouble since last week. I have hosting my web site and my laptop can't seem to connect to the web site anymore. Everytime I try, I get an error msg: Gateway time out--- Server Unreachable.. sometimes when I repair the wireless connection I can get access, but sometimes I can't.

I've tried scanning with with Nortons antivirus and scanned with spybot and also with Adware. I'm lost in the dark right now. My Desk top computer can access the web site though.

Can someone help me please.

Answer:Error msg: server unreachable

This is what I got when I just tried that site;

"This page is used to test the proper operation of the Apache HTTP server after it has been installed. If you can read this page, it means that the Apache HTTP server installed at this site is working properly.
If you are a member of the general public:

The fact that you are seeing this page indicates that the website you just visited is either experiencing problems, or is undergoing routine maintenance."

Checking the URL with a server identification tool produced the information that it is online, but returns a "HTTP 1.0 403 Forbidden", which seems to confirm the information above.

The IP address for that domain is Sometimes, using the IP address instead of the URL works better, although I don't expect it will make much difference in this particular case.

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All of a sudden can't connect via Modem to the Internet. Not on Broadband but seem to be getting BB related error message: DNS server unreachable or unavailable >(24-01-08-033)" Anyone got a fix for this? Nellie!

Answer:DNS server unreachable or unavailable

Try click here

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ive configured my pc to aol broadband, ive connected laptop to router with erthenat cable as "stated in manual", the icon in bottom right of screen says siganl strength excellent , wireless connected, but as soon as i unplug the erthenet cable the internet goes off please helpmy router is thomson speedtouch 576

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I've been looking all over the internet to try and resolve this, but I couldn't find a solution... here goes:

I've been unsuccessful in trying to set up my Verizon DSL connection. According to Verizon tech support, the phone line is fine and my problem in connecting lies at home.

The details:

-I haven't been able to run account setup for my DSL service because I'm getting a problem in connecting

-I'm running Win2k

-I'm connected to the DSL Modem with a Belkin NIC

-The connection shows that it's active, BUT it only sends packets, doesn't receive them.

-When I ran ipconfig, my ip was in the range, and Autoconfiguration Enabled read Yes

-When I went to release my IP, I got a message that said
"All adapters bound to DHCP do not havee DHCP addresses. The addresses were automatically configured and can not be released."

-From the Microsoft web site, I followed instructions to disable APIPA found here ->microsoft support link

-Now ipconfig reads my ip as all zeros, and I get an error when I try to run the command /renew that says the DHCP server is unreachable

Thanks in advance


Answer:problems setting up DSL / DHCP server unreachable

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I have had a network for almost two years with no problems, and for some reason my laptop has not been able to get online for about a week. It did this once before last year sometime, and I phoned Bellsouth; they said to shut down all the computers and then restart them, and that fixed the problem. It did not help this time.
I have tried everything I can think of.

My laptop is a Sony Viao with Windows 2000. I am using a Linksys router and wireless card with my Bellsouth Westell DSL modem. Someone else set up the network for me, but I don't have contact with that person any more to help me. I will probably phone Bellsouth again, but thought I'd try this, too. I tried Linksys' live chat but they kept getting disconnected.

When I type in ipconfig /release it says it's already released. When I type in ipconfig /renew it hangs a long time and then tells me that the DHCP server is unreachable.

I have three computers. One is this Dell I am currently typing on, with XP, and it is connected directly (wired) and works fine. Sometimes the connection goes out and I have to unplug the modem and plug it in again and then it works fine. That has always been true, though.

I have another Dell, an old one with Windows 98, and it is wireless. We don't use that one very much because it's slow, but it has a wireless connection and sometimes it can't get online, either. It has troubles but sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. That's been for ab... Read more

Answer:DHCP Server unreachable/wireless connection out

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Not really a "problem", but I got to thinking...
Sure- I can get email notifications on my phone if a UPS has lost power, or if the server is under heavy loads and whatnot- but how do I tell when the server is unreachable- for ANY reason?
Say the UPS fails, the NIC fails, or any other reason. How can I be notified of it? The server is down, so obviously the email wouldn't originate from it.

That leaves me to wonder- how do you tell? I'm thinking there has got to be some sort of software somewhere that you install on another PC (maybe the PC and the Server) that talks with the server to make sure it is up. If it is unreachable- it issues an email notification.

That of course brings up a problem to my mind- what if that other PC (workstation or whatnot) is at fault? In other words- the server is fine but the client PC's NIC failed? I would get a false alert. In which case I would need a third PC in the mix to verify results of the other two...

Just brainstorming here- anyone have any ideas?

Answer:Email Notification if Server is Unreachable for Whatever Reason?

at my job we use hpov for the servers

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"DHCP server unreachable" error message.
Could you please help me?

I have a crossover cable between my laptop and my home PC, with my laptop as the main computer. I have the laptop IP set to, and the Home PC to 'Obtain and IP address Automatically'.

This set up actually worked for some time. Sometimes, when I open up the command prompt and type in 'ipconfig', it gives me a 168.xx.xx.xx address, and I just type in 'ipconfig /release' and 'ipconfig /renew' and after a minute of waiting, I used to get a 192.168.0.XX address. After this, I was able to share the Internet Connection between the 2 computers, the files etc.

But of late, I have not been able to get this 192 IP address. After typing in 'ipconfig /release' and 'ipconfig /renew', after a minute of waiting, I get a "DHCP server unreachable" error message.

I have tried restaring the PC etc etc, but I continually get this same message. I can ping from the Home PC if I put in a address on the Home PC, and I can even share files.... but I am NOT able to share the Internet connection!!

Please suggest what needs to be done. Thank you!!

Any help at all is welcome.

Answer:"DHCP server unreachable" error message.

perhaps ur IP has detected this. Could this possibly be not allowed by ur ISP? If so, your ISP probably did something to keep you from doing this. Also, for better results, use a router it works much better and you are usually always garunteed 100% uptime and no problems.

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Wondering if someone can help me out with this.  I have my Windows 7 Enterprise 64 SP1 box on a domain.  Our corporate office setup a 2008 R2 SP1 print server and created a few queues on it.  When I try to go to start and then type in the
\\servername I get
\\servername is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. The remote procedure call failed.  When I try to access the same server
from an XP SP3 machine it opens up fine using my same credentials. I have also tried this from another user's machine who has 7 Enterprise x64, whose machine was built differently than mine and I can get to it fine from that system too.  Any ideas what
I am missing here? We run McAfee here and I've tried stopping all the services, and played around with a bunch of other things too, so far to no avail.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Answer:Remote Server Not Accessible - Remote Procedure Call Failed

I can't think of any off hand that would restrict just one resource - that's not to say there aren't though.  Here's what you can do to check the Services:
Note that you must be logged in as a Domain Admin or have Local Admin privileges on the machines.
Start up two instances of services.msc.
On one of them connect to one of the Windows 7 machines that is working properly.  The other leave connected locally.  
Now go down the list and make sure the services on your machine match the services on the working machine.  If they don't, change them so that they do.  Pay particular attention to the Server and Workstation services.  Also the Remote Procedure
Call and RPC Endpoint Mapper services.

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Hi. I saw on a website the other day that it is possible to group all your PCs together onto one database and back it all up, access it remotely etc. using Windows Remote Home Server.

The comps involved would be an XP pro, Vista Ultimate and a Vista home premium (which could, i suppose, be upgraded to ultimate)

Does anybody know how this would work as it would be very helpful... They all take their internet from 1 router if it helps.

thanks in advance


Answer:Windows Remote Home Server

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I had the Developer Preview setup as an RDP server. I can't find the same setting in the Consumer Preview.

Does anyone know where it is or if it is still there?

Thanks in advance,


Answer:Windows 8 as Remote Desktop Server?

What exactly do you mean by a RDP server?

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Does anyone know if it's possible to use Apache instead of Microsoft's Web Server for running Remote Desktop via the browser?

I'm trying to find a way around this because I use Apache on port 80, and would much rather NOT use Microsoft's web server... and if I do use it at the same time, I can't let it have port 80 as well, but using almost any other port...most school/library computers will block the incoming ports.

Any ideas?

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I need help
I use to be able to do it with no hassles last year
To connect to different client through out internet using VNC
I decided to try RDP (remote control protocol) or maybe called RDA(remote control administration)
One site is running SERVER 2003
Few other site run WINXP Pro(have full admin privileges to all )
I have been trying for the last few days to no avail
I can log on and control the server PC on local network using it’s local IP (192.168.x.x) using Windows remote control facility. NO PROB
Now if I go to another site ,(we are going to call it WORKING SITE) try to log onto my home network NO GO.
Try VNC same NO GO
Go back home and try to log on to WORKING SITE , after setting all the correct bits, again NO GO
Have run “netstat” and port 3389 is listening
Am I missing something?

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On my school network, the Windows XP Remote Desktop Client is available but all internet connections must go through the network proxy server (which only allows port 80). The problem is not the port 80 restriction (the pc that I want to connect to is running remote desktop on port 80) but getting the client to use the proxy. Is there anything I can do that will allow me to use to proxy (i have access to the registry if that helps)?


Answer:Windows XP Remote Desktop with a proxy server?

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We have just acquired a Quad-core Xeon, 4GB RAM dedicated server running Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 32bit. We are using the server to run game and VoIP servers mainly in consoles. This requires that a user be logged in to launch the servers. We access the server via remote desktop.

I have set the server to automatically login on boot using the registry method so that if the server crashes when I am not around the server can restart itself and re-run all the software (using the start menu "Startup" folder).

The problem is that when I login via Remote Desktop the OS creates a NEW SESSION under the same username rather than just connect to the existing session. Yesterday we had three sessions running on the server all using the same username and so each of them was running duplicate apps. This was because the automatic login method created a session, and both myself and another admin logged into the server via remote desktop creating three sessions in parallel.

How do we force the server to accept only one session per username?


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Hi, i do have a Linksys ISR, windows 2003 enterprise edition and a Public IP address. I would like to setup an FTp site on the windows 2003 pc using my public IP. I successfully managed to do it over the LAN and both downloads and uploads are fine however when it comes to setting it up over the Internet i terribly misfire. I do not have any experience in setting up a public IP and i do not know how to configure it on the machine so that it's accessible over the internet.
any help will be more than appreciated.

Answer:Setting up a remote FTP server on windows 2003

I am not an expert on this subject, but have you opened up a specific port on the Linksys router for your remote FTP Client to get into the LAN and be forwarded to the FTP Server? My router requires this for an remote application to get into the network.

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Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 7 RC enables IT administrators to manage roles and features that are installed on computers that are running Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008, or Windows Server 2003, from a remote computer that is running Windows 7 RC. Download it | Microsoft Download Center

Answer:Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 7RC

Thanks for the very useful info nitin

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I have 2 users 2 laptops both windows 7 Prof 64 bit - connecting to a Windows 2008
Server via Terminal Server, mainly one laptop gets an occasional black screen, when minimizing the session, working on the laptop and then goes back to the session it sometimes takes 30 sec to 2 min and then the user is back connected to the server like nothing
happens, the other laptop has an occasional a black screen but not as much and does the same all day, minimizing working on the desktop going back to the remote session etc.
I had Dell Support look at all the settings on the server and everything looks fine. 

The connection is not disconnected when it comes back up.

Any ideas what could cause this issue ?

Our ISP is Comcast 

thanks for any feedback 

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Hi All,
    On Windows 7, how do I run a Remote Desktop (RDP, MSRSC) server with 3DES disabled?
Many thanks, -T

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Hello all,

I have a LAN with four Windows XP Pro clients connected to one Windows Server 2003 machine.

I want to access the files in the server when I go abroad. How can I do that ? I've already given all the clients and the server a static IP.

Another question, are there any security threats that I must be aware of when I connect to the server remotely? I don't want to lose all my data!

Please help. Thank you.

Answer:Remote file access - Windows Server 2003

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Hi all,

i'm running Windows 7 Home Premium and when I launch Windows Remote Assistance (msra.exe)
I get the following error message:

A referral was returned from the Server

I've tried to right click and "Run as Administrator" but it gives the same error.

Does anybody have any idea on that ?


Answer:A referral was returned from the Server - Windows Remote Assistance

Same problem showed up yesterday. Can't find anything on it except your post.
Disabling security software, reboots, etc. does not fix.
I'm actually attempting to office remote assistance as I'm the main Help Desk guy at our company.

%windir%\System32\msra.exe /offerra
Tried C:\Windows\System32\msra.exe /offerra and both without the /offerra switch.

Even though I am a domain administrator I tried running 'as administrator' too and it did not work.
It has been working since we set up the new GP/firewall settings (over a recent changes in GP or Firewall). Then yesterday it just stopped.)

Remote Desktop works fine.
Windows 7 enterprise SP1 64 bit

The day before I did run Microsoft updates. See Attached list. Not sure if I tried remote assistance since the updates before yesterday.

Did the original poster run Microsoft updates recently?

I'm hoping the fix is something else before I start uninstalling them.

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specifically, having problems with a dial up user accessing internet remotely. gives ip address, but ip address is same as default gateway, and have to remote into server, using pcanywhere or the sort to access internet. running routing and remote access and NAT.

Answer:windows server 2003 remote access problems

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I have installed SQL Server Express 2008 on my desktop and am attempting to connect to it from my lap top. I have enabled remote connections for SQL Server and opened up a port on my desktop. When I attempt to connect to the server instance from my laptop via ipaddress\sqlserver with the Windows 7 firewall turned on and the port open, the attempt fails. However, if I turn off the firewall and attempt to connect via my laptop the connection is successfull.

I followed the steps to open up the port:To enable port 1433 on Windows 7
On the Start menu, click Control Panel.
Click System and Security.
Click Windows Firewall.
Click Advanced Settings.
In the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security on Local Computer dialog, click Inbound Rules.
In the Actions panel, click New Rule?.
In the New Inbound Rule Wizard, click Port, and then click Next.
In the Specific local ports: box type 1433. Ensure that the (default) TCP radio button is selected and then click Next.
Ensure that the (default) Allow the Connection radio button is selected and then click Next.
Clear or select the Domain, Private, and Public checkboxes as appropriate, and then click Next.
In the Name box, type an appropriate name, such as SQL Server Port, and then click Finish.

Can anyone offer up any suggestion on why I can connect with the firewall turned off, but not when it is on?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Answer:Remote Access to SQL Server Express 2008 Windows 7

Quote: Originally Posted by win7newb


I have installed SQL Server Express 2008 on my desktop and am attempting to connect to it from my lap top. I have enabled remote connections for SQL Server and opened up a port on my desktop. When I attempt to connect to the server instance from my laptop via ipaddress\sqlserver with the Windows 7 firewall turned on and the port open, the attempt fails. However, if I turn off the firewall and attempt to connect via my laptop the connection is successfull.

I followed the steps to open up the port:To enable port 1433 on Windows 7On the Start menu, click Control Panel.
Click System and Security.
Click Windows Firewall.
Click Advanced Settings.
In the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security on Local Computer dialog, click Inbound Rules.
In the Actions panel, click New Rule….
In the New Inbound Rule Wizard, click Port, and then click Next.
In the Specific local ports: box type 1433. Ensure that the (default) TCP radio button is selected and then click Next.
Ensure that the (default) Allow the Connection radio button is selected and then click Next.
Clear or select the Domain, Private, and Public checkboxes as appropriate, and then click Next.
In the Name box, type an appropriate name, such as SQL Server Port, and then click Finish.

Can anyone offer up any suggestion on why I can connect with the firewall turned off, but not when it is on?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
Win7N... Read more

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Hi, I am wondering if there is a remote desktop download for the 98 platform? I mean not the client, but so I can use my xp computer to remote to my 98 computer. I realise there are other 3rd party vnc's out there but does microsoft have an addon download or what?

Answer:Solved: remote desktop server for windows 98se?

NO. VNC is your only route for 9X.

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I generally dont post but I hope someone can help me with this problem.

Wiped my PC over the weekend, reinstalled some of the programs, updated to SP1 and now the Remote Desktop server config is completely gone (see images below).

OS is Win7 Pro x64

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this (other than another reinstall Id rather avoid that).

Answer:Remote Desktop Server config missing from Windows 7 Pro

Have you gotten it working yet?

If you check the box, perhaps click apply, maybe even have to close and reopen-- do the options not appear??? That is where it should show you the settings to configure it.

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We have a vendor that needs to remote access to one of our Windows 2003 Server. He is able to VPN into our network, but unable to Remote Desktop to the server. I was able to get him in before, but had to redo my network last week and can't remember what i did.

Any help would be great before I do the 'trial and error' method.

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When we try to login to the server 2008 r2 through remote, some time it gives following error message "The task you are trying to d can't be completed because Remote Desktop Services it currently busy. Please try again in a few minutes. Other users should still be able to log on"
When this error comes, we try to login directly to the server but still getting the same error. Then we have to restart the server to rectify error.
Please let me now what causes this error and what will be the solution for this?

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I have Windows Home Server (2003) up and running on computer in back office which I would like to have 'headless'. OS on all computers I'm working with besides WHS - XP SP3. I am able to log on the server itself using the Windows Home Server Console along with log on from other computers in the house. I am not able to log onto server when it is powered on and not being logged on. I have remote access enabled, I have changed my router (D-Link DIR-655) to open ports using the Port Forwarding (80, 443, 4125). NOT sure I did this correct, having input the IP for the server in the IP address field. In in TCP field and UDP I put both number (80, 80). To no avail, nothing seems to be working. I have the Windows Console in task bar on all computer (having installed WHS Connector which works). The console is grayed out indicating the WHS is not available. I attempt to log on - message: "This computer cannot connect to home server. Check and make sure it's powered on ......." The server is powered on with the log in screen displayed. First time using a server so really not familiar with process. I would have thought my options for turning on the server after it's powered on would be - 1. using the Windows Home Server Console OR 2. using Remote Desktop Connection. Hopefully I'm missing one little piece of the puzzle in order to just log on from home computers and then remotely after this is accomplished. I also set up a domain, but not... Read more

Answer:Windows Home Server unable to Desktop Remote

Before you try anything else 2 things. first all systems must be either in the same workgroup or domain in order to recognize the user and password. second have you set your server to accept remote connections. check these two out and try to connect again if you have to change anything. just a side question can you ping your server from the workstations and viceversa

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I have a Windows 2000 Server in my home office. Two people need to access this server remotely.
What can I do so these two people can gain access to files that reside on the 2000 Server?

I once had a static ip address that enabled the two users to gain access to the server.

Thank you for looking.

Answer:Setting up remote access in Windows 2000 Server

The simplest way is to configure an FTP server on the server. That doesn't require any special handling. If you don't have a static IP address, you can use DynDNS or a similar service to map your dynamic IP address to a static URL.

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I have an XP Mode VM on my pc that I need to connect to the remote network of an office. In particular I need to communicate with the server on that remote network. The server is running windows 2003.

This is just a temporary situation and it only needs to work for a day or two.

I believe the only route to go is to setup a VPN between the XP VM and the server. I am not sure if there is an easy free way to do this. A little direction would be greatly apprciated.

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If I log into a Win2k3 Server machine and lock it, and then remote desktop to it using the same login that I'm using locally, I get a new desktop, rather than sharing the already open one. Is there a way to change this so I can see what's already open? I don't want to open two instances of my backup program, but I do need to be able to remotely connect and go to the machine without worrying about logging it out all the time. Is this possible?

Answer:Windows Server 2003 Remote Desktop Question

Bluemagic said:

If I log into a Win2k3 Server machine and lock it, and then remote desktop to it using the same login that I'm using locally, I get a new desktop, rather than sharing the already open one. Is there a way to change this so I can see what's already open? I don't want to open two instances of my backup program, but I do need to be able to remotely connect and go to the machine without worrying about logging it out all the time. Is this possible?Click to expand...

What you probably want is to logon to the console session of your server. Via command line you can type:

"mstsc /v:servername /console"

using the above will *always* connect you to the console of the server which is the same as if you were sitting at the server,

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Hi there,

On Linux, we can easily enable remote access to MySQL server, but on Windows, I got no success so far ( a client tried to connect to MySQL on the server)

Here's the steps to do that (on the server computer):

1. Open a DOS command prompt on the server.
2. Run the following command from the mysql\bin directory:
mysql -u root --password=
3. A mysql> prompt should be displayed.
4. To create a remote user account with root privileges, run the following commands:

'USERNAME' is the username to be created.
'IP' is the public IP address of the remote connection.
'PASSWORD' is the password to be assigned for this username.
(IP can be replaced with % to allow this user to logon from any host or IP)

mysql> exit;

So it is. But I couldn't connect to that MySQL from another computer, both are Windows XP.

If you have any experience, I'd like to receive your help.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Solved: How to enable remote access to MySQL server on Windows XP

Oh, I got it. It's due to my Windows Firewall. Just turn off it (unsecured) or add MySQL port (e.g. 3306) to the WFirewal's exception.

Have fun!

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Hi all....I'm trying to figure out how I can monitor my Windows 2003 Server using Performance Monitor on my laptop. I am working on a number of performance-related issues and am concerned that, especially for CPU tests, the PerfMon may be having an impact. As my server is temperamental at the best of times, I really don't want to upset it anymore than necessary. When I go through everything I see in my PerfMon, there's nothing I can see that can point me to the server. Now, it is possible that I've missed something as I've not had much coffee yet this morning (it is after all only 6 a.m.), but I'd appreciate your help...
I'm running WinXP Pro 5.1.2600.
Thanks for your help!

Answer:remote monitoring of windows 2003 server using performance monitor

darth.pathos / Chris

Since no one else has posted - I will try to find out what you are doing and see if I may be of some small service.

I help an Admin access and do some things on Win 2003 and 2007 servers.
I am not an admin - not even close - but have some 2k3 and AD / RDC experience.
Don't know much about PerfMon - and its readings etc.
Have looked at it and tried some monitoring a while back.

But my question is - are you able to connect via RDC and wanting to know more about Perfmon use? Or are you asking how to connect so you can then use PerfMon?


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I have windows server 2003 running terminal services, and when I remote desktop to it - this is what happens

1st connect - everything's fine, runs smoothly
2nd conect - message "could not connect to remote computer, check connections..."
3rd connect - "the remote computer ended the connection"

Help me. I am going out of my mind. I have to restart the server everytime this happens.

I regularly need to connect to the server, and its very annoying.

Answer:Windows Server 2003 - Remote Desktop/Terminal Services

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I am trying to install Active Directory on a desktop computer with Windows 7 64bit operating system. I clicked on a link taking me to Remote Server Administration Tool for Windows 7. I started the download but it seems to be hung up on Windows Update
Standalone Installer. It says, "Searching for updates on this computer." It stayed on the same thing for hours last night and never moved past it. I decided to try again tonight and again it has been hours with the same message. What do I need to
do? Please help.

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Hi All,
I have a home system and work system both of them are same version windows 2008. At work I have the three monitors and at home I have same number of monitors. At work I have no problems extending my desktop onto all the three monitors, when I get home and try to log into work using RDP i can only extend the display to two monitors. While using the RDP from my home I use the option full screen and it still displays it only on two monitors and the rest of the space is grey.

I have learned that under the group policy editor I can use the option remote desktop services I can edit the number of monitors I can use. When I use the gpedit.msc on my work desktop I dont see the option of RDP. And the screen display option is greyed out at 4096*1024. I googled a bit and found out that I can download the ADMX templates and install them, even after installing the hotfix i am still missing the RDP option where i can change the number of monitors.

I am not sure how to proceed and why the work system is missing the RDP option in the first place, can you please point me to the right direction,

Thanks alot all you guyz !!!!

Answer:WINDOWS 2008 server v 6.0.6002 REMOTE DESKTOP DISPLAYS

What happens if you try Teamviewer? RDP does have a lot of limitations.

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If I should not Post this on this forum, feel free to help me and tell me a forum for this.

The other day, I built my first server (Well, not really built it, It was an HP Pavilion XD) I set it up perfectly with Windows Home Server 2011 and when I went to set up remote access, I get this (the attachments)

My router is a Linksys WRT160Nv2. I set up UPnP and did what Microsoft said here for my router: Windows Home Server Router Setup - TechNet Articles - United States (English) - TechNet Wiki

Any help?
P.S. My ISP is Wave Broadband here in Bow, Washington.

Answer:Remote Access not working on Windows Home Server 2011

Well, the first thing we need to know is, does the server have a static IP address or Dynamic? Normally a server will have a static IP address but sometimes not.

1. Check for a static ip address
2. If not static, change it to a static ip address

Report back what you find and we'll dig a little more.

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I have two Windows 7 machines which both flawlessly access my Home Server 2011 via Remote Desktop.

When I attempt to access the Hone Server via Live Live Mesh "Connect to this Computer" I receive a log in screen request for a Ctrl-Alt-Del. Clicking the Remote Desktop Window link to issue the request has no affect. No other action is available except to disconnect from the server.

How do I solve this issue?


Answer:Windows Live Remote Acces to Home Server 2011

Have you tried pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del ? Remotely the command is Ctrl-Alt-End. If it's what I think it is after doing so you should have a login screen to enter your user name and password for that computer.

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I'm running Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) on Windows 7 Professional 64-bit and I've noticed that when I run the DHCP Management tool (DHCPMGMT.MSC) and I add our DHCP Authorised server then close the console, it forgets the DHCP server and I
have to re-select it next time I use the console. 
On the other hand, the DNS console remembers that I've used a particular DNS server even after I close the console.
Wondering why the DHCP Management console is so forgetful?

Answer:DHCPMGMT.MSC in Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) won't remember DHCP server

This is by design.

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Heres my situation:

I have a server at home with win2k3 on it and it is behind a firewall on a cable connection. I opened port 80 up and forwarded it to the local IP of the server as well as setting it up as the DMZ for good measure.

I have the current server roles installed:
File Server
Application Server (IIS, ASP.NET, etc.)

I also downloaded from MS the TSWeb executable that installs the TSWeb folder in the wwwroot of the server and suposedly configuring the computer to accept Remote Desktop connection via the WWW or IE, etc.

Now my problem lies in connecting to the server thru IE. It basically wont connect. I have set up the TSWeb folder under the Server Administration and gave the Application Server the location of the TSWeb folder, assigned a port to it etc.

Funny thing is, when I try to connect to the server from outside the local network on the Internet from a friends house using the Remote Desktop Application that XP has built in....I can connect without a problem. So therefore, I know it works. But when I use IE and specify the ip/TSWeb, it fails to connect.

Upon further investigation, I started playing around with the "Web Interface for remote administration of web servers" which I use IE to connect by IP:8098. I connect to the server via the web interface, though its not like Remote Desktop. Its just a config screen for the IIS Server portion. This is where I specified all of the settings for the TSWeb folder, etc. Anyways,... Read more

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Hi, I am trying to download Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 8.1, however, the download site is very slow to load, and the download times out. 
The link to Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 8.1 is.
Is it slow for other people as well?

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Hey everyone,

I have a customer that we just installed a simple 2012 Remote Desktop Server (Session Based Desktops - NOT VDI) for application and data access. The server is a member server of a 2003 domain connected to a 2003 AD Controller.

Users at the company logon to both traditional desktops and a portion of their users will also now be logging into remote desktop sessions on this new box.

For the most part we have everything working how we want it. I am just having a tough time figuring out how best to lock down the RDS environment to close off administrative items I don't want them playing with. Things like control panel, getting into C drive, etc.

I tried to control a lot of these items from the local group policy editor of the server as I didnt want to mess with their domain group policies hitting traditional desktops, but no matter what I do on GPEDIT.MSC, none of the policies are enforced when domain users log in.

Am I missing something? Are the domain level policies overriding all of my local policies on the server? What is the best/easiest way to do some simple lockdowns for such an environment?

I have read online that some people setup a special OU to move the RDS server into and out of when they are doing maintenance, but this sounds like more of a roundabout then anything. I was hoping to just use local policies to control the gaps I want closed off on that single box.

The number of users hitting this box will number no more than 8 so ... Read more

Answer:Easiest way to lock down a single Windows 2012 Remote Desktop server?

Special OU is the easiest. Also, as long as the users are not local admins, a lot of the items are read-only and really not an issue if they get into them.

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We connect to the server remotely with XP Remote Desktop... previously we had 2003 version and had no problem...the "local resources are all checked off, but I am not sure if the person who is maintaining the server has not provided the proper permissions? Is there a setting that would let you connect but then not access your local drives?

* I can see tsclient but for example previously \\tsclient\c would get me to the C drive, now I get an error

Answer:Windows Server 2008 can't see Local drives/Printers with Remote desktop

anyone have an idea? I am totally lost, I even logged on as Admin it still said I had no permissions to add a printer and still could not see the Drives on my LOCAL PC ( that is remotely connecting)!!??

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I recently upgraded my computer to Windws XP 64, and my "my documents" folder on my previous setup is no unavailabe. I have alot of data that i would like to keep, is there anyway that I can retrieve this data.

Once I click on the folder in the Documents and Settings folder an error window appears with 'Access denied'.

I would very much appreaciate it if someone could recommend some software to retrieve my data, or suggest omeway of bypassing this restriction.

Many thanks in advance


Answer:Unreachable Folder After A Windows Reinstallation.

Is it no longer available because it is lock or because it appears to be missing?

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Unable to install Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 8 Release Preview on RTM 8 Enterprise 

Standalone installer available here
fails with error code 0x80004005

Is this because my installation has issues, or would the admin pack files be updated for RTM?

Thank you in advance for any insight

Answer:Unable to install Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 8 Release Preview on RTM 8 Enterprise

Found the solution here:

Download the RSAT package intended for Windows 8 Release Preview: the .msu file with a tool such as 7-Zip.Open an Admin command prompt and change directory to where you extracted the .msu.Run the following command to install (if x86 you probably have a different .xml filename): pkgmgr /n:Windows6.2-KB2693643-x64.xmlWait a while. You can look in task manager for pkgmgr. When it disappears, the installation is done.Use the tools as per usual.

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I turned out computer tonight regulary and he made bunch of automatic updates... later this day when i tried to star windows xp, he restarts the comp at the begining of his loading screen, nothing works (no last confing, no safe mode, not normaly). Im trying to do in-place recovery. Any clues? Im fearing when Windows update himself again, if he chrases again....

Thanks for any hint

Answer:Solved: windows unreachable after tonights update

Safe mode system restore. No safe mode? Then command line system restore. No command line SR? Then make a UBCD4Win CD with a XP install disc, boot to it and use the system restore utility on the CD.

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Before I start I'm sorry if this is in the wrong thread, i just joined and I don't want to waste time that could be spent trying to fix my computer.

Anyways, I've been recently trying to dual boot windows 7 and windows 8 release preview and i tried several methods from vhd to bootable usb, it was going pretty well until i decided bootable usb would be easier and got rid of the vhd that wouldve had windows 8. Now i am unable to boot my computer after a message saying bootmgr is missing. I have a system recovery disc but when i put it in it comes up with an error :status 0xc00000e9 info an unexpected I/O error has occurred. I also have the usb with the bootable windows 8 installation but that fails to start with another error; status 0xc000000f info a required device isnt connected or cant be accessed. i am currently making a windows 7 boot cd to see if i cant get that to help fix my problem. i would do the same thing with windows 8 but the windows usb/dvd download tool says my windows 8 iso is an invalid iso so i was unable to use that but i got it through a more difficult tutorial. I will answer any and all questions that further explain this problem to the best of my knowledge. I know little about scripts commands etc, but i have been trying to learn so if something like this were to happen it would be easier, sadly i didnt get enough time to work.

Any help is appreciated

EDIT: i have managed to get the windows 7 boot cd to load, i am currently trying to repair the system... Read more

Answer:Windows 7 unable to start, system repair and f8 functions unreachable

If you don't have many programs on your computer, a clean install of Win 7 might be your best bet. Depending on which disk you have, try the related tutorial.
Clean Install Windows 7
Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version
If you don't have a disk to do an install, let us know.

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Hi all,

I have a Dell Vostro laptop, XP with SP3. Started acting strange a few weeks back. I dont recall installing any software or other changes prior to this time. While connected to WiFi and surfing, after a few minutes the WiFi config window would open and state that Windows could not config the WiFi and to start Windows ZeroConfig. Along with this problem, Firefox would get re-directed to all sorts of odd places, even if no button was being clicked. Disable/Re-enable the radio had to be done via System Manager and rarely got things working. A reboot is usually required to get the WiFi working again. Sometimes the reboot does not complete and all I get on my screen is my wallpaper with no icons.

The laptop is running Spybot, SpywareBlaster, Ad-Aware, AVG, and Symantec Endpoint Protection. I updated all these to the latest rev and ran full scans, one at a time. A few trojans were found by Spybot. AVG found nothing during the scan but reported another trojan while Ad-Aware was running. Ad-Aware found cookies and one trojan. Tools each reported that what they found was successfully removed/quarantined.

I tried to update Windows by going to the Windows Update Site using the link in IE6: Tools->Windows Update. The link gives the error: "The page cannot be displayed" with "Cannot find server" in the window title bar. I can get to the Microsoft main page @ I went to Security & Updates link to Windows Update. From there I ca... Read more

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I am trying to setup our work server (running Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition). I have setup the incoming connection, selected the users that I want to be able to access the VPN, and I have put port 1723 into the router to forward to the windows server.

When I try and get the client to connect it gets to the verifying username & password bit, sits there for ages and then says "the remote computer did not repsond"

I have setup VPN's before on Windows XP - But i cant figure out what the problem is with this setup..

Answer:Windows Server 2003 VPN "the remote computer did not respond"

Try opening up port 47 also.

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I have desktop computers in 2 remote sites, that were all from the same image.  The image was made at the regional headquarters.  Both sites have a wsus mirror server on site that they are reporting to, but they are usually (not always) pulling
their updates via branchcache from a non wsus server at the regional headquarters (and eating up a lot of bandwidth).  Computers not made from this image do not have this issue. 

I've already tried doing a 'netsh branchcache reset' on all the desktops with this image, but it has not had any effect. 

-any other commands I can run on the desktops or the non-wsus server that would fix this? 

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I am having the KMS Server with Server 2012 KMS Key,which is hosted on Windows server 2012 R2.

We need to update the KMS Server 2K12 Key to 2K16 KMS Key, Is there any way to Get the detail that the key will activate these OS Versions?

MBAM Report Feature Error Alert

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Hi There,
i have a situation where i have a client who has a graphic design workshop.
they currently bought a bunch of dell workstations with intel i5 and i7 cores with nvidia quado fx gpu cards.
now they want to give their user's the ability to do photoshop and illustrator work remotely, so far traditional rdp don't seem to work so well.
however, we are wondering if we can use remote fx on these workstations.
we tested using windows 2008r2 with nvidia card and hyper-v just to test the concept and windows 7 as a guest.  so our client were happy on the test concept of remote fx.
but now they want their users to access their workstations directly with remote fx via windows 7 as host on a real machine and not on hyper-v.
any help is greatly appreciated.MattLok

Answer:Can windows 7 host computer provide remote FX for remote users who need to connect to their windows 7 workstations?

Thanks for posting in Microsoft TechNet Forum.
As we know, Microsoft RemoteFX is a new feature that is included in Windows Server 2008 R2 with Service Pack 1 (SP1).
For your question, I would like to share the following answer with you:
Q: Are you planning to introduce RemoteFX also for Windows 7 because there are many scenarios where the remote system is not a server but a high end workstation?
A: RemoteFX has been designed as a Windows Server capability to support the growing demand for multi-user, media-rich centralized desktop environments. Windows 7
will be supported as a virtual guest OS under Hyper-V.
Hope it helps.
For more information, please kindly refer to the following link:
Explaining Microsoft RemoteFX

Alex Zhao
Subscriber Support
in forum.
If you have any feedback on our support, please contact
[email protected] remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.

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Question: Remote To Server


I have a laptop. I want to be able to remote back into my server at the office. Waht do I do?

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Hi MG's!

Every morning for the last three days, I've had the "could not locate remote server" message!

And I do have internet connection, I called my provider just to check if
the monthly bill was paid, it was all ok!

But she wanted money in order to give me support, so I said thank you but no thank you!

Now what? Ok so I have this installation cd-rom provided from the provider,
with which I reinstall the internet connection, it takes about 5 min. and the
internet is up runing again!

Any ideas why I have to reinstall every day, it has never been like that

Any solutions?


Answer:Could not locate remote server!

Does sound like your ISP has problems, but I don't know how to shout at them in Portugese Brazilian law.

You could gather some evidence first
Check Device Manager that your modem is working in the morning, before trying to connect to the internet. Disable any automatic connection first.
What firewall are you using? (as a test) Turn it off and see if that helps.

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First of all to not deter you from reading on this is not solely a WoW or gaming query. This problem is likely not experienced by anyone else but here goes...

World of Warcraft has just released a major patch, and it is ready for download. It should download automatically but for some reason it doesn't. I've been on the forums and it said to delete the launcher and repair. I repaired and got the error 'Cannot connect to remote server'. Also, on the launcher, it says (and has said for the past month) that it cannot connect to the news server. This leads me to believe for some reason I can't connect to WoW or whatever, even though I can play it fine and use the net for other things.
This is also happening with EvE online, I can't connect to the patch or news servers.
Again, I tried loading Black Prophecy (having just got my beta invitation) and when starting up the launcher it cannot connect to the news server, and when I try to patch it says cannot connect to the remote server.
Now this makes me think it is something wrong with my computer, and I don't have the foggiest idea where to start. I can use the web for everything I normally do, and I can still play games like WoW without issue, of course only until the patch goes live and I can't update my client.

I admit my description is hazy, but I will try answer any queries you have with the best of my knowledge. Thanks, this is driving me crazy!

Answer:Cannot connect to remote server

I'm just guessing here, but please provide the reports from this post even though you're not having BSOD's:

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Hey guys, quick security question because I don't want to screw this up and leave my computer open to attacks, and I'm not as up on this stuff as I should be.

I have a cable modem connected to a D-Link 614+ router that in turn has 3 computers connected to it. One of these computers is half file server, half PVR running XP Home (yeah, its not Pro, but it was cheaper). I want to be able to remote connect to the file server (runs 24/7 on standby when not recording) through UltraVNC (or something similar) and then wake my other computers through the remote connection in order to pull files off of the other computer. Is this possible? How would I set this up? Is it the best way to do it?

I am open to other suggestions of how this is done, but I want to use the file server as the remote "jumping off point" to the rest of my network when I am away on business since money is tight and I want to try to use my existing setup. I thought I read somewhere that the Linksys WRT54G is capable of VPN, or can pass it through to an OpenVPN setup? Maybe I am way off base with what I can do with my current setup? Any help is greatly appreciated.

I want to secure the network as much as possible. I know that XP isn't the greatest for servers, but it's all I've got unfortunately.

Thanks a ton guys.

Answer:Remote into a file server, then...

VPN is the way to go. VPN through your router and use something like VNC or remote desktop to control the machines. Easy setup.

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Been getting the could not locate remote server error on opera. Just started getting it a few hours ago and hasn't gone away. Also notice a slower speed while browsing through the internet

Answer:could not locate remote server

Run this PingTest and post the results here.

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in order to install this modem that im trying to hookup...i need to close down the remote access server...but i don't know how to do it!!! please help!

Answer:remote access server

Go into control panel > services and look for the remote access server service and stop it. You can do it from a command prompt as well by opening a DOS window and typing


Use the NET START "REMOTE ACCESS SERVER" /Y to start it again

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Here is as much background as I can give for the hardware involved. We are a small business and recently purchased a business server running Windows Server 2008 from the home office. The home office is fine as everything is hardwired on an intranet. We are trying to set up our two other locations to this home server. All machines are running Windows 7 x64 OS trying to connect to the Server. I've tried to setup a VPN connection but keep getting error 800 vpn tunneling failed. The home server is connected to the internet through a router.

As I said we are a small company and would like to be able to do this ourselves rather than pay to have it all set up and everything I've come across on the web says this should be a relatively easy setup.

What I've done so far is enabled the remote connectivity roles from the Server Manager on the Server and set the Server up to accept incoming connections. We are able to connect to the server via RDC but not via VPN. Is VPN our only alternative here? I've looked into putting Win 7 Ultimate on all machines to use Direct Access, is that worth it?

Any and all advice/help would be appreciated here and thank you in advance.

Answer:Connecting to a remote server..need help

I would use VPN endpoint routers/firewalls for any VPN connectivity. Having a server you are using for other tasks as a VPN server is not a good security practice as you must expose the server to the internet.

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Windows 2000 XP
When I log into Lotus Notes I get this message: " The remote server is not a known TCP/IP Host"
Can anyone explain what this means and how to solve this problem??? Please?? Thanks!

Answer:Remote Server Is Not A Known Tcp/ip Host...

Hi z4955,I found two links via a google search that may help you.Domino Error MessageNSF ToolsGood luck.

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Hey, I'm having some trouble with Remote Desktop.

Our server is using windows server 07 R2, remote is enabled, server is on a domain.

I am able to ping, and also view the server's shares (\\servername). but remote desktop isnt working.

Up untill a week ago remote was working, but mysteriously is not working anymore. I tried changing port numbers and also remote using ip and computer name. Tried remote using xp, and 7 and all are comming up cannot reach the server.

Ive also tried, disabling the remote and re-enabling, reinstalling the video driver, asigning a new ip address.

If anyone could lend a hand that would be great, Thanks

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I'm trying to connect to a remote server, which offers a backup service, using dedicated software and by using FTP.

I need to connect 2 computers to that service. Both machines were connected to the same LAN. Both machines are Windows 8.1 64 bits based. Both machines has Eset NOD32 Antivirus software.

First machine connects to the server flawlessly.

The second machine can't connect to the server.

On the error log file of the software I found the following:
0x8007274C = A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.

I eliminated router configuration problem, since the first machine connects.
I was trying to disable both Windows Firewall and the NOD32 Antivirus, but still no connection.

I was contacting the software tech support, but after connecting to my computer, they can't tell, why the connection always fails.

Does anyone has any idea where to look? What else can cause the connection issue?

Many thanks for your ideas.


Answer:Can't connect to a remote FTP server

Are you using a Web Browser to FTP, or using third party software to connect to the FTP server? Try WinSCP. WinSCP :: Free SFTP and FTP client for Windows

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A friend of mine asked me to help him setup a Digital Security Camera system. It comes with a server and video cameras that connect to it and the software for client computers within the network to connect and view the feed. However, my friend would like to be able to gain access to the server from his home or somewhere else in the world via the internet. What would be the best way to go about doing this? I forgot to mention he is using a T1 line.

Answer:Remote Access of a Server

Definately password protect it and place it behind a firewall. Otherwise it could wind up as open as these google search

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I had a link to this a while back and lost it. It lets you set up your webserver so you can remote desktop into it and then log in with a user name and pass. Anyone have the MS link? This uses the Remote Desktop client on the client machine but connects to a machine running IIS Remote Desktop something.

Answer:Cant think of the name. MS Remote Desktop Server

Remote Desktop Web Connection

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So I've been (succesfully) going to this site in the past until two-three days ago. I use Opera but it didn't work with FireFox either, and I doubt it'd work with Internet Explorer. =3= I googled "proxy" and clicked some random stuff and somehow it works when using a proxy? (albeit it loads very slowly and it doesn't show everything, I couldn't really click on stuff either).

I did a ping test, by the way. So I don't think there's anything actually wrong with my connection. I asked other people if they could access the site and they could. :/

EDIT: Nevermind, it's fixed. I didn't even do anything, suddenly I could go back on it. Sorry for the people with a similar problem. :[

EDIT 2: Nevermind, it's broken again. I don't get it. =__=

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Has anyone found VNC or other remote control s/w with Win 8 server which works ? Remote desktop blanks the screen -I only need Win platform-

Answer:VNC or other remote control s/w with Win 8 server ?

There is no Windows 8 Server, unless you are talking about Windows Server 2012 which I haven't had an issue with using Remote Desktop yet. What do you mean by it blanks the screen?

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i am playing around with windows server 2003 and am wondering what the best way is to be able to get remote access (ie pull files off of it) and maybe even be able to get a remote window and be able to work on the machine remotely. the catch is that i'd like to be able to get access from outside the network.

i might be wrong, but from what i've heard, VPN or SFTP might be the best way to do this. the only problem w/VPN is that i use a buffalo wbr2-g54 router w/NAT and i don't think it supports a VPN. is SFTP my only option? does windows server 2003 have a nice builtin way to set up an sftp server?

how about the remote desktop connection software? should that work from outside of my network? what ports do i need to forward? thanks!

Answer:remote access to win 2k3 server

Why not use Remote Desktop which is part of win2k3's terminal services app? Almost 75% of the configuration is done client-side (good or bad thing, you tell me). If you don't like the regular stuff, go for a program called NetOp. IMO, it's the best remote access software out there.

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I am trying to upload website files to a remote server, via dreamweaver but i get this error message come up:-

an FTP error occured - cannot make connection to host

any ideas what the problem may be



Answer:Uploading to remote server

Try FTPing to the server with a different FTP application, perhaps their errors will be more clear.

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i have seen it before,

but how do you connect a windows xp computer to server 2003 using remote desktop?
is there a client you need to install or is it just a new connection...

also...i have an IP address of a server at a company...can i just connect to that
via a remote desktop from my computer?

interesting stuff...!


Answer:remote desktop to a server...

PK-her0 said:

i have seen it before,

but how do you connect a windows xp computer to server 2003 using remote desktop?
is there a client you need to install or is it just a new connection...Click to expand...

Same as you'd do a remote desktop connection from an XP machine to an XP mmachine

PK-her0 said:

also...i have an IP address of a server at a company...can i just connect to that
via a remote desktop from my computer?
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well, you cannot connect to the server in your company using remote desktop unless your machine and the server share the same IP bundle / are in the same domain.
An alternative is that you can use VPN to create a secure connection into your company's network and that should allow you to do a terminal session on the server.
However you will have to talk to your IT team if you want this done.


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Hi,I may have a requirement to enable a supplier to access a server remotely. Once on that server, how do I prevent access to the other servers on my network as typically they can all access eachother.Thanks

Answer:Remote access to one server only?

You can map a network drive from the remote pc if it is just the hard drive of th server that your client needs to access. to prevent him accessing other servers, you can create permissions on active directory that allows him or blocks him from different servers. alternativey, you could configure your remote router's access lists to deny him access to certain ip addresses.

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Hi all,

I would like to connect to my work server from home, I will give some detail and hope some one can point me in the right direction.

Ok work server is as follows :-

Windows Server 2000 set up as a domain running exchange. ADSL broadband connection.


7 PC network with a standard HUB, 1 Win XP one Windows Me and the rest Linux, all internet sharing through the XP machine which is directly connected to the cable internet.

Equipment at my disposal- 1 Dlink Broadband router 4 ports and one WAN port.

So how do I do this I want all seven PC's at home to access the internet but the broad band router has 4 ports. Can I uplink connect my home Hub to the router ? and does the Router connect directly to my cable modem. How do I find the work server and do I need something like tight VCN to acces it?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Answer:Connecting to remote server

Connect the hub to one of the lan ports on the router.
Remove any of the ICS stuff your currently doing this is no longer needed.
Connect all 7 clients to the remaining lan ports on either the hub or the router depending on proximity the only difference between the 2 links is you have an added point of failure.

Hook up the Cable internet modem to the router as you would any standard home network hookup.

With regards to remote access if you want ALL of your clients at your home to access the server I would definitely suggest a VNC solution you can use RD for a Windows to Windows connection.

On the home side you don't have to do anything but install the client to connect into the VNC but on the work side you have to setup the VNC server and have it listening on whatever port you want it setup on. THen you have to allow all firewalls (both router and software to let throse ports onto thats server (though the router you use port forwarding).

Then to connect in from your home you have to use your works WAN IP in the home VNC clients.

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When I open I2P it opens Opera and goes to a page saying Can not connect to remote server. I have Nod32 and Comodo Firewall. I disabled them both but still same thing. I also use DD-WRT.

I recently switched from firefox and chrome to opera because both chrome and firefox crash every two seconds on me now for some reason.

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Any help would be much appreciated.
Today I installed Unified Remote Server on my Laptop. But I want to remove it since I'm not happy with it. I cannot find a how to uninstall it. The program isn't listed in the control panel and I tried almost every like cleaning the temporary folder but the program resides there. The program that I stalled was the portable version.

Answer:Unified Remote Server

If you "installed" the portable version, there is no installation. It runs directly from the folder you extracted or "installed" the files to, just delete the folder.

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I am having so many problems with NTL Cable broadband. Every other time I try to follow a link, I get the above error message. If I try again I can usually connect OK. What is causing this?I reinstalled Windows ME, but the problem persists. Now I am reinstalling Broadband Medic because that no longer works, unlike all my other programs.

Answer:Could not connect to remote server

One of your main issues is Win ME I would strongly suggest upgrading.NTL BB is good and there are no know issues with that ISP. The issue is Win ME. To many bugs in it to mention.

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How do I let more than 2 people connect to my Windows 2003 Server? Do I have to buy a license or is there some kind of configuration I can do that will let me allow more users to log on?

Answer:Remote Server Licenses

There is a limit of two users for Terminal Services in admin mode on 2003 server, it would be unadvisable to give people admin access to your server unless of course they are admins.

What you are likely looking for is Terminal Services licensing, you can connect an unlimited numbeer of people provided you have the horsepower and licensing.

Here is a link to the MS page on TS,

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How do I logon to a server remotely to eliminate application errors within a utility?

Answer:Server - remote access

what is the server OS?

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Unable to get on line with second PC. I read: 'Could not locate remote server'Solution to this problem? Appreciate words of wisdom from Computer Sages!

Answer:Locate Remote Server

a bit vaugue but, have you setup ICS (internet connection sharing) on the PC that has the 'net connection..?

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I run a small business and we receive thousands of important email a month. Was looking for a good remote storage server to back these up. Do not want to risk using an external hard drive anymore.

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Hi, I'm looking for various software that capable of demonstrate remote server administration. This is actually my group project for uni and I don't have any experience or knowledge in this so I'm looking for some suggestions.

Below is the specifications:

"There is an increasing requirement to remotely manage server services. There are various systems which provide these facilities under different licensing options from commercial to fully open source. This project is focussed upon assessing these systems for viability, cost and performance within an educational computing environment. The project will culminate with the installation and configuration of the preferred platform."

Thank you for any reponses in advance

Answer:Remote server administration

As stated right in our Rules of the site:

Tech-Forums is here for informative purposes only. We are not here to help bypass, or otherwise negate, security or any other measures put in place by a Employer, School or Parent. We are not here to do your school work for you either. We will help explain results or help you to find information to get results but we will not flat out give answers to homework or school work questions. School is for learning. Getting the answers handed to you is not going to help anyone in the end. Any topic of such matter will be instantly closed.
We will not hand you answers. You want some help understanding the specifics of the programs then we will assist you. But we will not state programs, features and everything to answer the situation handed to you by your professor.

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I run a small business and we receive thousands of important email a month. Was looking for a good remote storage server to back these up. Do not want to risk using an external hard drive anymore.

Answer:Remote Storage Server

A storage server would essentially be the same thing as an external drive. Why not use external storage and add a backup solution like tape. If the emails are important you need media you can take off site on a regular basis.

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I have an HP Pavillion with Win 10 i5...2.70 ghz. I am having an issue with Plex Media server and getting remote connection.My private connection is fine, it's with the public connection I am having issues with. I've tried everything in the Plex forum to fix the problem of accessing my media offsite but nothing has seemed to work. I keep getting the same message, "Not available outside your network."
It was working before but for some reason it has stopped. I didn't change anything in the configurations. I have port 32400 forwarded in my wireless router.

I have a Verizon modem attached to my Netgear wireless router. I have good signal from the wireless. I believe I forwarded the port correctly.
Ipconfig shows my computer IP is Subnet Default My Public IP shows as I'm not very well versed in the 10. range addresses and how they work with the 192 addresses . The verizon modem is This is what shows in the server screen in Plex...Private : 32400 Public : 32400 Internet. "Internet" has a RED X next to it. I have Upnp checked in my router also. I am also not sure how to check for double NAT.

Hopefully someone with a little more knowledge than I can help me.

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If anyone can help i would be very grateful honest .

I'm looking for a diagram of the configuration (Remote Access Server)

And... info for what we utilize it and why.

Any links would also be greatly appreciate, thnk you for the trouble in advance.

Answer:Remote Access Server help..

that should be everything you need to know.....

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Hi, I am looking to be able to print from any internet location to my printer at home. I have a print server at home although not wired in yet. I do not want to have a computer always hooked up at home I would like the system to be self sufficient if you see what I mean.

Only problem I can see arising is I have a dynamic it possible or am I going to have to pay for a static IP



Answer:Remote print server

Not my field of expertise but if I understand the question, using the print server plugged into the router, if it is a wireless router, you can print from it anywhere in the house. You can create a static IP address for the print server as well in Windows which would make finding it a lot easier.

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while my nephew was remotely connected to my server 2003 to retrieve some documents, he called and told me of an error message.

Drive C: not formatted, would you like to format

i am looking over the log, and ran some diagnostics to see if the drive was failing or had physical errors, and nada,,,clean bill of health and i cannot reproduce the "error".

what are some other things that could/would cause an error like this?

i also realize he may well be talking out his ass, but need to know as much about possibilities and causes .

any help is appreciated


Answer:Server 2003 remote question.

With an error like that, it should show up in the System section of event viewer I would think. If you don't see it there, i'd say you have nothing to worry about. Next time you see him, spit in his eye for being a dork =P

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Error! Could not locate remote server
this problem appear since a few days ago. when i try to access a normal site, it appears the *[Error! Could not locate remote server]* page and i have to refresh but doesnt work sometimes then i have to use IE and it works sometimes but sometimes doesnt work and i have to refresh again. I usually use opera. i think its my router but b4 i didnt get that problem. and also, a movie in my computer that i played, i see connecting to codec server, then error downloading codec. i think its also the same problem.

Answer:Error! Could not locate remote server

Hi Shakya!

The problem here could be with your DNS settings. It is the DNS server which is usually responsible for translating a domain name to the domain server and redirecting a website request. Something like >

What you can do is that ping your DNS server and see if the response time is slow. IMO anything less then 400ms is good.

If the DNS seems slow then you can use a public DNS such as open DNS. Just change your DNS seetings to manual (in you rrouter if you are using one, else in your modem/computer as applicable) and change the values to

Primary DNS -
Secondary DNS -

This is in case you wish to use Open DNS. To know more about this service you can check out their website @; There are plenty of other free public dns servers so you can google them and ping them to see which one gives you a better response time.

Hope this helps!


P.S- Just to make sure, to ping you dns, check your network connection properties and note down the values in front of DNS servers; Next open a command prompt (Start > Run > cmd > OK/enter) qnd type 'ping <DNS SERVER VALUES>' without the quotes qnd press enter: This will show you the response time of your DNS server.

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