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help! networking setup for a small office

Question: help! networking setup for a small office

Hi everyone,
Hopefully here I can get some advice on what to do.

My friend has a law firm in a very small office. At any given time there are not more than 4 employees using computers. The office has 5 computers in total I believe, and a server computer.

The server is VERY old and is running some old version of windows server edition. The office is not using a domain.

The computer do not need to access each other, only the server, where all the files for cases are stored.

I am thinking I can simply replace the server computer with a new one and use a regular version of windows and a simple workgroup for this office. Would this be ok?

If I were to do this, would windows XP pro be sufficient for the server, or windows 7?

The client computers will all be using either XP pro or windows 7.

I've also read about the possibility of a linux server. This is fine with me as long as it is very easy to set up, and all the windows computer will be able to access it without a problem. The server is used for nothing but storage of case files which must be accessible by all computers. It is not used for printing or anything else.

Although computer don't need to share files with other computers, they should be able to print from printers attached to other printers.

There is also a BizHub600, and it would be nice to be able to scan documents from that ,directly to computers around the office.

I want to avoid setting up windows server edition because it is very costly. If XP Pro or 7 would be fine as a server, that's fine. If Linux would be significantly better, that's fine too (as long as its not too difficult to setup!).

Lastly, although slightly off topic, would one recommend buying the server computer directly from a company, or building it (which I have no problem doing). In this case I think a SATA 10k rpm hard drive would suffice.

Appreciate any advice. Thank you again.

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Preferred Solution: help! networking setup for a small office

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: help! networking setup for a small office

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I am in need of advice/help. Small office with 5 desktops and 3 laptops. I have them networked and can print to a toshiba copier and share files. They are networked with a Leviton InfoTap Category 5 and a D-LiNK DES 1024 D Switch. Last week I had DSL installed and would like to make the internet available to the computers using the equipment mentioned above. I also purchased a Bay Networks 12 port hub but have not attempted to connect it. Can anyone give me some advice on what I may need to get internet to all the computers?

Answer:Small Office Networking

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Me and my assistant just got two brand new desktops with Vista. We are trying to set up a small office network (two computers) so they can share their internet connection and files, printers, etc..

Me, I'm still a rookie at this, despite networking being my major. This is mainly because I've only learned to set up networks in which the NOS was Windows XP. All we purchased is a 25' Cat. 6 UTP Ethernet cable. The internet connection in the office is dial-up. We have been told DSL is unavailable in our area (no explanation). All we've done so far is connect both desktops using the ethernet cable we bought. We both assumed this would be all we needed. But when we boot up both computers, neither of them detect the ethernet cable, we've checked if both ends are plugged in all the way, we've rebooted both workstations, and still no luck. I don't see why we would need any routers, switches, or hubs. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Answer:Need help with small office networking.

My guess is that you have the standard straight thru CAT6 network cable. You cannot connect your systems together with this cable, you will need to get a crossover cable to connect them in this manner. A slightly more expensive option is to get a small 4 to 8 port switch and another CAT6 network cable and run the cables to the switch. This may seem like over kill, but if you plan to add a networked printer in the future, just plug the cable into the switch and you should be set.

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Question: Small Office Setup

Hi all,

I work in a small office where we have one PC desktop (windows7 Pro), one Mac, and one PC (windows7 Home Prem.). I would like to use the PC desktop as a server for sharing files with the Mac and Laptop. I have a lynksys router already setup for internet use and the PC desktop has a 1terabyte external hardrive (seagate) that stores all files via usb port. I think I have all that I need, but would appreciate any advice.


Answer:Small Office Setup

Using a NAS (Network Attached Storage) is better, but since you already have the external hard drive that will be OK if it meets your needs. Remember to backup frequently, as external hard drives also fail.

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Question: small office setup

I have three different laptops trying to access a server via a new Linksysy 802.11g wireless router. I set up a WPA encryption key.

Computer #1, a Sony VAIO with internal wi-fi, had no problems connecting through the new router to the server.
Computer #2, a Compaq utilizing a Linksys wireless card, doesn't see the server or identify the router. I think this needs a new driver so I'll download that tomorrow.
Computer #3, a Dell laptop with internal wi-fi, automatically recognized the wireless network but doesn't ever ask for the WPA key so it has never connected. For this computer, how do you make it ask for the encryption key? I feel like if I could just get it to do that it would work fine. Help?


Answer:small office setup

What Operating System and service pack leve are you on for each computer?

If you don't have an option for WPA in your Wireless network configuration you may need a new driver. If you are on Windows XP you need to be on SP1a with the WPA update or SP2.

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I have a "server" with files from my appraising program that I need to access from a new computer on the network. This is an LAN network so its just hardwired not wifi or internet necessary. Per A LA MODE they have told me to use the windows key+R which worked perfectly the first time but now that I have replaced that computer with a new one it is asking me for network credentials and my problem is that I do not know these credentials because I was not the one who set up the network and my IT guy has jumped town on me. Is there any way to bypass this process so that my new computer can be accessed or access other computers on the network. If not does anyone know how to retrieve my credentials. Thanks in advance I am new to this website so im not really sure how all of this works. Also I am running windows 8 and the prompt that is requesting credentials is Windows Security but what do you know no one at microsoft was of any help because they just stick to the script and dont really listen to the problem at hand.

Answer:Small office networking issues

Since this is a peer to peer network the password its asking for is the Windows account password on the computer you are trying to connect too. Does that new computer have a password? If so that's the one you need to use.

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Heres my issue. I am undertaking the task of setting up a small network for the office where I work and I have ran into a few issues. Here is the setup:



PC1 (main desktop) and PC2 are networked (PC2 runs a cnc machine.)
This network is MSHOME

Laptop 1 and Laptop 2 are also added to the workgroup MSHOME but are not visible on PC1 or PC2
PC1 and PC2 are not visible on either of the LAPTOPS
LAPTOP 1 and LAPTOP 2 are visible to each other and can also access the CANON IR2018 PRINTER
NETWORK HARD DRIVE STORAGE is visible to both LAPTOP 1 and LAPTOP 2 but not visible on either PC1 or PC2

Am I overlooking a router setting ?

Answer:Small Office Networking Issue

If your modem is a modem only and the switch is really a switch then you must have 4 public IP addresses and are unnecessarily exposing your printer and two computers.

Your wireless router is protecting your Laptops from the outside and from your PC1 and PC2 the same way my router is protecting my computers from you and everybody else on the internet.

Solve your problems by connecting the wireless router to the modem and have everything in the same LAN. The switch connects to one of the router's LAN ports to give you more ethernet ports.

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I run a small business in a managed office building. I have hired two Ethernet ports for internet usage. I use three PCs as well as two VoIP phone lines. I have connected all these devices via a network switch and it was working well until two days ago. Now I have moved to a larger room in the same office building. Now I have trouble using my VoIP phone lines and PCs as it is not working through switch. I spend hours trying different options with frustration. It looks they have blocked number of devises per Ethernet port in the new VLAN settings. I managed to connect one phone through one line and one PC from the other.

As a small company we cannt afford to buy separate ports for each devices. Is there any way to do this ?


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Hi All,

Recently, I have been appointed by my boss to set up a server and networking in my office. Here's the scenario for which I need your help. This is going to be long term project for me since we are on a limited funding.

I already have 5 computers (4 dual core desktops and 1 core i7 with win 7) and I need to setup a server for mainly:
1. Store lots of office files, videos
2. Share internet (will also be installing a VSAT) ( and will NOT we be hosting our website on this server)
3. Share printing
4. Run a Human Resource Management database on the server
So, what type of server setup do I need to do all these?
I was thinking of linux OS since I use it but then would hamper the other staff's performance. Since ou r ofice desktops already have an operating system, I think it would be cost effective & secure to go for a linux server right? I was thinking I'd go with a ubuntu server edition LTS. Our country's e-governance policy also encourages the use of Open Source Software.
I have experience in networking few desktops but never actually worked with a server, but I'm always enthusiastic about learning. Plus, I have learned all I know bout computers by trying and no formal training.

All your help and tips would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

Answer:Small Office Server Setup Help

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hello everyone i have about 20 computer in one room. all windows 7, i want to setup some kind of network. i have one pc also with win7 and sheared one of the partitions on the PC for everyone to see... whats the best way or any ways to shear file between all computers....

Answer:Small office network setup

Welcome to Seven Forums,

I'm assuming that there's no Windows Server (eg... Windows Server 2008/2012/SBS) in your network? What are the versions (Home, Pro or Ultimate) of these Windows 7 computers?

Will you be connecting all computers to the Internet as well? Do you have network switches? Is the setup going to be wired/wireless?

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Hey there,

1st post here, hello to everyone!

A bit about myself:
Up until 2 yrs ago, I have been working many contracted roles as IT support guy in mostly larger enterprise level companies. The past 2 yrs I have been self-employed taking on mostly large scale Vista Enterprise/Office 2007 roll-outs, as part of the Planning/Implementation/Deployment team(s).

I am now between contracts and have a new opportunity;
I have been contracted to help maintain an existing small office network for a friend.
I have been there once for about 15 minutes, don't really have any info gathered about the setup there, except for what was verbalized to me from one of the office girls. (I was told she has somewhat of an understanding of the setup there)

1 MS Business Server 2003
3 or 4 client machines. a couple laptops and and a couple desktops.
Mixed client machines; XP & Windows 7
1 networked laser printer & 1 networked scanner

Not sure of the security or firewall setup as of yet.
I am going in there this morning to do some information gathering.

Their needs up to this point:
Remote access for the CFO (we have a laptop that the previous CFO used to remote into that can be used) • Remote access for myself on my mac
• Give Braeden access to the network & ability to scan
• Darlene’s issues:
cannot scan
cannot d/l pics from camera
allow access to simply
• Look at why space on the Y drive is running out
• Ensure Simply is on the server/running efficient... Read more

Answer:Small office IT support setup

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Hey all,

So my office is going from digital phones to VoIP due to some changes in our ISP subscription. We've gotten quotes from two companies, both in the $20k+ range for a 17-line system. I recognize there are cheaper ways to do this, but that's not my instructions here. My instructions are merely to evaluate if it is possible and/or cheaper to install the same components ourselves (ignoring whether or not the third-party will support if we do that).

We've currently got a Linksys EA4500 (or something like that) and a 24-port 10/100 switch feeding the data network. The digital phones are wired on a separate block with RJ11. The plan would be to do an Avaya IP Office setup (IP500 v2 controller with a combo card) and a 24-port POE gig switch to run data and voice.

What I'm less certain about, having not set up a VoIP system before, is the layout of the cabling. Please let me know if I'm thinking of this right

ISP -> Modem -> Router -> VoIP -> Switch -> POE phones
That would put the router to be the DHCP server and then the VoIP into the switch

ISP -> Modem -> Router -> Switch -> VoIP ||| Switch -> POE phones
This would go from the Router to the Switch, just in case there's some weird routing that would occur in the VoIP controller that might make the switch angry

I'm really not sure if either of these options really make a difference, but I figured I'd check. Both sale... Read more

Answer:Small Office VoIP Setup

Doubtful the 3rd party is going to support virtually anything if you try to end run around some of the equipment in the proposal and cut his fees. He'll blame every problem on your part of the process.

So it boils down to either go fully supported, or roll your own with asterisk/freeswitch/cisco/lync/hosted ip pbx.

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Hello all
I need some input on setting up a small office VoIP System.
The setup would have four phones and would have need for voicemail, music-on-hold, and more. Looking to do a good setup for under 2-3K


Answer:Small Office VoIP Setup - Need suggestions

i dunno much about it, but people rave about Asterik or TrixBox. Grab that, grab the FXO card and some IP Phones.

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Hello friends, my first topic here and i am glad that this is the best place where i got in,,
ok i have a small offic that has 5 computer runing with internet by bt bussiness broadband, ihave 4 ports on braodbands that are connected to my computer,, now what i want to do is,, to setup network all 4 computers to my own main/server computer,, so i can look over the files and network on other computers,,,,,,the question is how to do this,/????

your reply will be greatly appreiciated,,,,


Answer:Solved: Setup my Small office Network

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Hello, I am planning to redo my small office network. Right now every computer is connected through a workgroup and some computers are sharing files to everyone and some need a login to share other files. I want to run a main server where all the files are on that computer and have it share all the files to everyone else on the network. I'm not too familiar with Windows workgroup networking and file sharing.

I want to have certain files accessible to certain computers and certain files accessible to everyone on the network. I'm under the impression that I have to have the main server with all the business documents. Then create separate accounts on the server and hand them out to each individual computer. After, go to each document and specify who can access what with read/write. Can I share some files to everyone and have certain files limited to other computers at the same time? How would someone access the shared files when you need a login and will this login conflict with files shared to everyone and files shared to certain people. I remember on my small business network I need a login for certain computers because it is shared to only certain people then how would I access the files shared to everyone when I have to login to see the server files to begin with? Thanks in advance.

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Hello, I am planning to redo my small office network. Right now every computer is connected through a workgroup and some computers are sharing files to everyone and some need a login to share other files. I want to run a main server where all the files are on that computer and have it share all the files to everyone else on the network. I'm not too familiar with Windows workgroup networking and file sharing.

I want to have certain files accessible to certain computers and certain files accessible to everyone on the network. I'm under the impression that I have to have the main server with all the business documents. Then create separate accounts on the server and hand them out to each individual computer. After, go to each document and specify who can access what with read/write. Can I share some files to everyone and have certain files limited to other computers at the same time? How would someone access the shared files when you need a login and will this login conflict with files shared to everyone and files shared to certain people. I remember on my small business network I need a login for certain computers because it is shared to only certain people then how would I access the files shared to everyone when I have to login to see the server files to begin with? Also, how do I manage backups with this setup? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Small Office Networking with File Sharing for Certain Users

Sounds like Small Business Server might be the way to go. Easy to use and affordable, plus it meets all your requirements SBS 2011

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A friend asked to upgrade his office network (3 desktops and one laptop with 54mbps wi-fi capable).
As I know their hub is 10baseT only (don’t know what the cable and NICs speeds are).

Considering the network needs new cabling, NICs and hub at the fastest possible speed, I came to the decision whether to go wireless or wired networking.

Basically, the fastest wireless I can get is 125mbps using Belkin F5D7001 and Belkin F5D7231-4.
While, the fastest wired networking I can get is 1000mbps (which is 10 times faster than fastest wireless) is Netgear GA311 but unfortunately I couldn’t find any hub (at Frys) that supports 1000mbps (please link me to one from non online dealer)

However, the question is to go wireless or wired? When your speed target is 100mbps.

There seems to be some fears from wireless networking such as interference with cell phones and wireless phones, how true is this? I have no fear from security since I will use WEP key on the router.

Answer:fastest wireless vs wired networking for small office

Definately wired.

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Hello everyone,
I've been tasked with setting up a network in a Doctor's office. I have thought about client-server setups as well as p2p. Being it's only going to be 5 or so computers I figured p2p would be the best option. Does anyone with experience in this have guidelines or recommendations I should follow in order to follow HIPPA standards as far as physical security etc goes?
Next, I already built some basic desktops that are more than suitable for the business. Any recommendations on OS's (They are currently loaded with XP Professional. My main concern is the server for electronic health records. That's the key in security here and I want to make sure it's done correctly. I have already have a SonicWALL sitting around for wireless N. This is my first true network setup and I'd like to make the transition as smooth as possible for myself and the business. Thanks for any help in advance.

Answer:p2p Network Setup in small business(Doctor's office)


You really need to tread lightly with this and not think this is something you can just learn on the fly. There are serious legal consequences which can hold the Doctor, his practice, and you personally liable if the guidelines under HIPAA are not followed to the letter. You need to find someone with experience in dealing with setting up IT systems under HIPAA guidelines. I personally wouldn't tackle this job myself if I didn't have anyone guiding me through what needs to be done. And this is with past experience setting up and working with classifed government networks.

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I keep getting an error saying that "Microsoft Office Small Buisiness 2007 has encountered an error during setup" when trying to install Office '07, the installer goes halfway and then just goes to that screen. No error code, just a dummy message. Thanks Microsoft.

It was installed earlier, but Outlook started acting funny, so I tried to uninstall, it wouldn't so I had to manually uninstall it, and now it won't reinstall.

I can give more details later. It's REALLY late right now.

Answer:Microsoft Office Small Buisiness 2007 Has Encountered An Error During Setup

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Kaspersky Lab has released a new version of its Kaspersky Small Office Security software to help very small businesses (VSBs) stay on top of the growing number of cyberthreats. With anti-ransomware functionality, safeguarding of online financial transactions and security status monitoring, Kaspersky Small Office Security aims to help VSBs flourish.

In line with recent research from Kaspersky Lab, finding that 42 per cent of VSBs are concerned about the threat of crypto malware, the latest version of Kaspersky Small Office Security offers protection against the growing threat of ?cryptors?. Anti-cryptor capabilities in System Watcher component block malicious encryption attempts, and also triggers an automatic backup and restore.

The Safe Money feature within Kaspersky Small Office Security provides improved safeguarding of financial transactions from fraudsters, by protecting against the taking of screen grabs or use of the clipboard functionality, which cybercriminals typically rely on to steal business data and financial assets.

The new version of Kaspersky Small Office Security also provides small businesses a way to monitor their security status. Through a dedicated, cloud-based monitoring console, businesses have a single view of the protection status of all devices on their network ? from PCs and laptops, through to file servers and mobile devices. The online portal means this information can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, and protection settings activ... Read more

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Answer:blue screen with STOP: c000021c {fatel system
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windows xp
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Good Evening Everyone,

I have a few questions concerning the Installation of 2010 Office. I know that I have to uninstall Office 2007. I have no clue on how to save or where to save my documents from Office 2007. The documents consist of Word, Excel, Powerpoint and a few various folders. Should I from the Start Menue click on Documents select all and copy. Where should I place this copy? Can It be left on my hard drive? After I install Office 2010 can I then copy the "Document File" and place in Documents. Will all the files end up in the proper place for their programs, Word files go to Word, Excel goes to Excel so on and so forth. Thank you so much for all your help and cooperation. It is greatly appreciated. I hope I described my situation correctly. I look forward to hearing from you.

Answer:2010 Office Professional Plus to Replace 2007 Office Small Business

But you don't have to uninstall Office 2007 to upgrade to 2010. That's the general rule as you can generally upgrade from lower SKUs to higher SKUs (Small Business to Pro Plus). As far as saving your documents, you can really save them wherever you like on your hard drive or on any CD or flash drive if you wish to do so. As far as file types, after 2010 is installed, they should all register properly for their programs so that Word documents open in Word, Excel Documents in Excel, etc.

Though if you have all of you documents already saved within "Documents" or "My Documents" or some other folder you've set aside and you want to uninstall 2007 before upgrading to 2010, the documents themselves will be retained when you uninstall, you just won't be able to really do much with them until you install 2010.

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safe's part of Windows installer and should not be removed. Relax and go have a beer.

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Hi - I am working on an MS XP which I bought second hand from a computer fix-it place. The computer came with Office Small Business. Since this computer has Access on it, I ---- in all my infinite questionable wisdom --- decided to teach myself this application. But, the Access wizards require Office 2000 SR-1 Professional. Can you tell me how to get Office Professional? I've been unemployed since February and not looking forward to paying for anything these days -- will it cost me? Do I need to remove Small Business before loading Professional? Should I just forget it and work with whatever I can with Small Business? Thank you for your infinite wisdom.

Answer:I have Office Small Business but need Office Professional

I assume that you are running the 2000 of OSB version on this machine.
Does your machine have the Office 2000 SR 1 installed?

Also check for ALL of the Office updates and install them.

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What sign are you talking about?Notice: We cannot see the contents of your screen !!!Click Here on HowTo ask good Question to get best HelpLet us know, if the problem is solved !!!

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Reinstalled all Sony Pre-Loaded software,
which did NOT include any Prior version of MS Office. (Other than a Trial
Version of Office 2003 which I never used or installed. It's still in my
computer) Have no idea what version it is. Simply doesn't say because it's never been installed. It's sitting in the same start menu as all of the other MS Office 2007 Programs.
In another message forum I was told to delete it. However, Office 2007 Pro worked fine for 2 days with the Trial program still sitting in the Start folder.

I managed to install MS Office Professional 2007 and it's worked
for 2 days without a hitch. Today, I get the error message when I try to use
Outlook "Cannot start MS Office Outlook. Cannot initialize MS Office Shared
Utilities. Restart your computer Or reinstall MS Office Outlook." No Luck!!
Also, when I try to start up MS Word, the message says "Not enought memory
to load Word." (I have 2 Gig of Ram and a 320 Gig hard Drive???)

When I insert the Office Pro 2007 disk to Reinstall, the message is: "The
path you have chosen does not point at a qualifying upgradable product.
Click Try again or Cancel to quit setup."

I also don't have ANY previous versions of any Office Suite program to use.
I had Office 2003 Pro installed but that was deleted when I purchased Office 2007 Pro. I do have the disks for Office
2007 Pro.

For the record, I am an American living in Cali, Columbia. It... Read more

Answer:Reformatted My Hard Drive And Cannot Reinstall MS Office Pro 2007 in Office Setup

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I am getting the following error when I try to reinstall a custom setup office XP install on a windows 2000 machine.

"OFFXP: Setup Detects Office XP Running When You Attempt to Install Office XP"

I had the uninstall the office xp on this machine through add/remove programs because it was crashing alot. The custom install works fine on all other windows 2000 and xp machines.

I found the following error in MS knowledgebase
article 292497 (I can't post the link because I'm a new member)

It says to to hit ignore. If I hit ignore it does install but it doesn't install with the correct options for the custom install. (I have it set to not install outlook and it installs outlook, etc.) Obviously its not following the custom install.

Any ideas? I believe something is left on the pc from office when it was installed. I even ran the Removal Wizard on the Office XP Resource kit. It is supposed to remove everything left from previous versions. However, it must be missing something because I am still getting that error when I try to reinstall Office XP that is described above.


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Question: what does this mean- STOP: c0000218 {Registry
In Software Problems - Asked by billwww
registry are lots of hits on Google as well.Personally, I'd just run a Windows Repair.

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"00AA00A8033"Think you meant 00AA00A80033Try this first.Click Start and then click Run. In the Open box, copy & paste > sfc /scannow, and then click OK. Note that you may be prompted to insert the Windows XP installation CD-ROM. CLSID:{58221C66-EA27-11CF-ADCF-00AA00A80033}

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I have an old Win XP machine with Office 2007 that I am replacing with a shiny new Win 10 machine. I have purchased Office 365 Home Subscription. I will need to keep both machines running for at least a few months because of one software application that I cannot port to the Win 10 machine. I also have an iPhone and an iPad.
I have several email accounts not all with the same host. Most are with GoDaddy. I have two that were for two different businesses I ran and a couple for personal use.
I need help configuring the email so that I can get messages on all of these devices (old Win XP machine, new Win 10 machine, iPad, & iPhone).
I have several questions:
Can the old and new machines share email messages if one is running Office 2007 and the other Office 365? Or do I have to upgrade the old machine to Office 365?
The old machine is currently set up as POP3. Is that going to be a problem?
Is there a way that I can "ignore" emails that I see on one mobile device and have it also not show up on any other mobile devices, but not be deleted and still show up on the PC?
If I set up an email folder structure, will that structure be mirrored on the server and also on all of the other devices? If I move an email from one folder to another or move an entire folder, will that be propagated to the server and all devices?
Are any of the books out there any good at helping me sort all this out? If so, which ones?
Thanks for any tips or pointers...

Answer:Email setup when converting from Office 2007 & Win XP to Office 365 & Win 10

Can the old and new machines share email messages if one is running Office 2007 and the other Office 365? Or do I have to upgrade the old machine to Office 365?
          Yes, but this is more dependent on the protocol you use to access the messages than the versions of Office.
The old machine is currently set up as POP3. Is that going to be a problem?
          Most likely yes.  Post Office Protocol (POP) is "first generation" protocol for dealing with e-mail before the age when someone was likely to be trying to juggle the same e-mail messages on multiple devices.   It is a client side arrangement, which means your e-mail messages (in most default configurations) are downloaded to the device you're reading them on and as soon as that's done, or at some set time afterward, they are deleted from the server and are no longer available for additional download to other devices.
          If you expect to be wanting to juggle the same messages across multiple devices you should convert to the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP).  IMAP is a server side protocol, where all messages, and the folders that you set up, and the filters you create to sort them into those folders, are all created and stored on the e-mail server.  The devices that access your mail all connect to the server and get the folder setup and the message headers (usually) until you ... Read more

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Answer:I have a drive named \\?\Volume{b6a3f0...
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Physicaily the server is setup and the client computers are connect to switch and server.
I needs to learn how to setup domain , the groups, the users, security,and the printers on the server.


Answer:Small Business Networking

People spend months learning about this, that's why they have all those networking classes!

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I got a 2pc network, the host is running XP home and client is running XP home also.Host can see client pc and client can see host,but client cannot browse the web.IE wont load any pages outside besides the favorites.what have i done wrong?

Answer:Small Networking Problem

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I'm currently having a problem trying to setup a network system for a small school.

The school wants to expand it's inetwork by adding 4 more web cams and 2 more computers connected to the internet.

The school has a Linksys Wireless B router /w a 4 port swtich. 2 ports are being used by a couple of webcams and the other is used for a printer.

They had some guy come in there do some wiring for some wall jacks in a couple of classrooms that are more then 100 meters away from the router. One of the wall jacks is a splitter that splits into the wall jack in the next classroom.

The switches I'm using are Linksys EZXS16W and EZXS5W.I wanna know how do I set this up. How should the connection be made. I never dealt with switches and splitters before. My only experience is with wireless routers and access points.

The setup I tried is this

Dsl modem-Wireless B router- 5 port switch-wall splitter-16 port switch- wall splitter-wall jack-computer.

There was a connection but there was no internet acess on the computer. Is there some sort of setting i have to enable on the router or is there some port thats desinated for a switch to switch. I noticed there was uplink port for each switch. Is that used for switch to switch connections? Also the 16 port has only one led on FD/COL on the port thats connected to splitter.

I'm sorry if this is confusing. I'm very confused and I have no idea how the hell they setup the wiring.
 ... Read more

Answer:Need Help on Networking a Small School

i dont have much real world experience, just some book knowledge (9 months into my first tech job)

1. you say the wires are over a hundred meters? 100 meters is max for UTP cabling (according to EIA/TIA)

2. you say you cant get net. but can you ping the router from a computer that won't connect to the net?

3. "One of the wall jacks is a splitter that splits into the wall jack in the next classroom" I've never tried this, but I'm told a splitter actually works. but, i could be wrong and this is part of your problem.

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hi all
ive manage to get vista x64 sharing files and sharing its printer with x86 xp pro
ive done this using private network and turning on the public folder sharing
and i will be using the folders the ms have already setup for sharing (much the same as sharing xp to xp )

i hope this is the correct safe way to share files on my home network ?
but i would like to ask why the share folders im sharing on the vista machine show on
the vista machine as on internet zone and not local

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I have a 5 machine network, 2 NT machines, 3 Win95 machines.
the 2 Nt machines and 2 of the 95 machines work fine, no problems connecting to the internet through my ISDN router, but the third 95 machine is a problem.
I can view other machines from it , i can view it from other machines, but when i try to ping another machine from it it won't work, this in turn means that it will not use the router.
Any Ideas.

Thanks in advance


Answer:Small networking Question

Try adding the Netbeui protocal to the offending machine. Small world, i saw you post on another board about the wsock.dll

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Would like to learn how to setup two computers, a printer, and DSL, with a wireless connection.


Answer:Wireless Networking for a small business

there are tons and tons of home networking tutorials on the web. Just do a search on google for detailed instructions.
However, you are going to need to buy a wireless dsl gateway. I'm a linksys fan myself, but there are many good companies making them out there. The gateways usually come with 4 ports for ethernet networking, in addition to the wireless access. You can connect the 2 computers either via a network interface card, or a wireless network card/device. The dsl goes into the WAN port on the gateway, and your computers go into the LAN ports, or connect via a wireless SSID. Once you get the gateway, there will be instructions included on how to do this.
As for the printer, you have to make sure your printer is network capable. If it is, once you have your LAN set up, you can share the printer with any computer connected to your network.
Good luck,

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Hello All,
My mother-in-law is helping start up a small business dealing with child care resourses and other local government agencies. I would like to help implement a small business server performing primarily as backup and file tranfer server. Money is a bit tight and I was wondering what the best route to take would be. I've looked into a couple product and have some experience with setting it all up, but I've never done it on such a small scale and I do not want to implement something that they will not need/use.
The OS on the client terminals would have to be Windows 7/8 due to the software the government requires they use only being compatible with Windows. The mainenance of the server and network would have to be relatively simple, due to my limited experience and the overall technical skillset of the employees.
I appreciate any help in this matter.


Answer:Small Business Networking Questions

Have you looked into the government security requirements for setting up such an environment?

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Throughout the years I have come across a number of small network configurations and I'm wondering if anyone has a solid guide to share.

I've seen quite a few methods used; universal usernames and passwords throughout the network, secondary DNS being static'd to the pseudo server (workstation where the data is stored), mapped drives for networking applications "Z:\datafolder" but i've also seen "\\server\datafolder", i've seen batch files that delete and restore mapped network drives on start up. I'm just not quite sure which method is best, if anyone has a link to a guide that would be fantastic.

Answer:Looking for Small Business networking guide

I've never seen anything like a general "guide" slowly accumulate things that you make as your practice as you go along and gain experience, and spend time doing different types of setups. Not all SMB networks are alike, often the networks are a bit customized to fit the line of business application being run. "Application driven networks".

Stuff like DNS, that's done as standard practice, if you have a Windows server running active directory (your domain controller) its IP address is the DNS server for all workstations, not the router, not the ISPs DNS servers, not something else...but it has to be the IP of the DC. Doing "Windows Server 101 class" is where you learn that one.

Mapped drives versus UNC paths...that's mostly just preference, but some applications that run from the server need to be run from a mapped drive letter. That's an old way of doing things, more and more applications these days will run from a UNC path..or just ODBC instance.

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The Small Business has a T1 and a swicth that connect the LAN network in the office(has the internet), however, I would like to have wireless connection in the office. For example, Can I connect one of the port from the swicth; to the uplink port of the Linksys router. And be able to get on the internet with wireless connection.

Answer:Small Business wireless networking.

Short answer? Yep

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I have a client with two dell computers. He does quickbooks on one and office stuff on the other or someone else is using it for office work. He wants to backup stuff simple. Like push a button or click an icon and it does it for both pcs.

I was thinking a usb external drive like a one touch. Should i do a NAS instead so both computers and put their files on it. Im sure he would like to store music there too and stream it since he doesnt want to put them on this important pc.

The main pc has a 40gb so im sure its not going to be much to back up. Maybe a 160 nas encloser or something he can just have in a cabnet. Can you backup to them with the windows backup program or do i need ghost or something.

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Hi there, no idea if this is the right forum for this or not. If not, just let me know.

I'm an owner in a small business. We have 30 people. The people live all over the country and could be working in North America or South America. Right now, we all have Windows machines. We use all cloud based tools to support the business. For example, hosted exchange, Pipedrive CRM, Egnyte file sync (similar to Dropbox), LogMeIn, etc. I'm basically the computer guy, even though I don't have any background.

I have a computer image that I load onto new machines, then mail them out. Everyone logs into their respective cloud apps and away they go.

The problem becomes that people don't really like the file sync program. We used to use Dropbox, but with the limited features it had we went away from it. Egnyte is great, but it syncs more slowly.

I guess, what I'm after here is, I only know what I know. Is there some other type of configuration or setup that would be better for our company? We don't have a network, VPN, active directory, etc. and the cost of the email cloud hosting is getting to be pretty pricey ($350 per month for 50 mailboxes). Same with Egnyte sync, $15 per user per month.

I like the cloud stuff because it syncs things locally and gives everyone access to everything in a very quick manner. However, there can be file conflicts. I'm just looking for any advice on what I can do to improve our process. I feel like we're getting big ... Read more

Answer:Small Business Setup

You have to examine what you're future growth will be. I never like cloud based services but that's just me. I like to control the data and not let anyone else have physical access to it. Plus when you want to migrate off of some cloud based services, good luck in getting help from the cloud service to do this.

Depending on your future growth and what the central office (if you have one) has set up, you'll probably be staring at a large initial capital expenditure to do what you're asking which will have a long term pay off. Again this is something you all have to determine if it's acceptable.

My initial stab at this is to have data hosted at a central office either through centralized file sharing or through something like Share Point. I like Share Point as it allows change management control over all files loaded up on it. Doing it this way and depending on the performance with file transfers, you can layer on WAN acceleration devices which you will NEVER have as an option on any cloud based service. WAN acceleration helps a business better utilize existing bandwidth pipes reducing the need for a business to purchase more expensive pipes. WAN acceleration does this in a number of ways with techniques such as compression, data duplication, caching, TCP optimization, and in some cases UDP optimization. A company called Riverbed has WAN acceleration devices which also has mobile clients to extend the benefits to remote/laptop users. Typical WAN accel... Read more

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Hey guys. I'm currently trying to help someone set up a small secure network except i do not know the best way to include everything.
Basically there is a bus that is used almost as a command post. i need to set up a network that gets internet via satellite. except the only downside is that i don't know the best way to connect everything to it.

What needs to be configured into the network is:
10 laptops
1 main printer (which all laptops can print from)
3-6 sub printers ( which may still be on the network but more local then the main)
a readyNAS for file sharing
internal email.
and the ability to do both wireless and wired internet.
- basically in the bus should be allowed to do both, but the wireless needs the ability to be read up to
100 yards away.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks a head of time.
~~ blades

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Hey guys,

I need some advice regarding a small net cafe setup.

I have 5 computers linked to a router.

Now, these computers are designed to be used primarily for poker.

Now, my McAffee license has run out and to be honest they haven't been much help at all (the McAffee Internet Suite) as Spyware is still occuring frequently. Also, I think the McAffee suite is very obtrusive and seems to be eating up bucketloads of RAM which is annoying because you need your RAM and CPU free to perform well for the poker games (otherwise, games will be sluggish).

So with that in mind, I am basically just having to thoroughly run cleans every week to destroy Spyware and delete loads of crap.
ADVICE: Can anyone please advise me of how I should run my little setup? Please, propose a cost-effective solution to this problem and include software titles. It's clear I need a new security suite. At home I use AVG and thats cool but does nothing to protect from Spyware. Also, I was looking around for a program that can disable Internet download and other Windows/Internet features.. But couldn't find a program as such.

Thanks for your help and sorry for my lack of comp. savvy.

Answer:Small Net Cafe Setup

Dynamix said:

Hey guys,

I need some advice regarding a small net cafe setup.

I have 5 computers linked to a router.

Now, these computers are designed to be used primarily for poker.

Now, my McAffee license has run out and to be honest they haven't been much help at all (the McAffee Internet Suite) as Spyware is still occuring frequently. Also, I think the McAffee suite is very obtrusive and seems to be eating up bucketloads of RAM which is annoying because you need your RAM and CPU free to perform well for the poker games (otherwise, games will be sluggish).

So with that in mind, I am basically just having to thoroughly run cleans every week to destroy Spyware and delete loads of crap.
ADVICE: Can anyone please advise me of how I should run my little setup? Please, propose a cost-effective solution to this problem and include software titles. It's clear I need a new security suite. At home I use AVG and thats cool but does nothing to protect from Spyware. Also, I was looking around for a program that can disable Internet download and other Windows/Internet features.. But couldn't find a program as such.

Thanks for your help and sorry for my lack of comp. savvy.Click to expand...

SUPERAntiSpyware = +
Eliminate Spyware =
http://www.s... Read more

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I got asked to help install a small 5 person business.

I think i want to get a linksys rv082 after reading about them on here. Is that overkill? They want vpn and plan to grow to 25 ppl next year. Can i use it with only one wan connection?

Thinking untangle for webfiltering. I have use endian and pfsense before but i know everything loves untangle now.

I need a 24 port switch too. I like pro curves but they are pricey. Need gig but not sure i need managed or not for the time being. I like the dlink green 24 port, or the dell 24 with web management.

They want outlook mail and bb support. Probably going to order a dell server with sbs 2008 but i haven't ruled out online exchange hosting yet. They want this big server but they aren't going to have much more then outlook and sharing small files.

Answer:small 5-10 person setup

So your thinking of untangle for web filtering why not just use it for all, web filtering, spam filtering, firewall and vpn...

Then could get a gig hp switch and be happy. Would be pretty cost effective that way.

Also you could use a mid to high end desktop class machine as the untangle box. That's what we did for a 15 person business and they just love it


I keep thinking of things as I go. Hosted exchange wouldn't be bad for them. Don't know what your looking for and how much, but I just looked up a company that I know of and they are 7.95 a month for hosted exchange 2007. Link Here

SBS might be good too idk.

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I would like to know out of curiosity what are your favorite small business routers, firewall, access points, switch and NAS ?

I know people here are very fond of Ubiquity AP so I am curious what you guys use and bundle when you consult. What are your favorite kits ?

For me, it depends but I often go with a Zyxell Firewall/Router, Ubiquitys AP's and a Synology NAS.

Answer:Your favorite small business networking equipment

Routers, Cisco,
Firewalls, Cisco and sonicwall a distant second
access point, Engenus EAP300 or EAP350
Switch, Cisco or HP Procurve
NAS, qnap

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I have a small network, just 4 machines that are connected using a hub. Only one of them has internet access, that pc has 2 NICs and is connected directly to the DSL router. Now i want another PC to get online, the easy way to do so would be to get another cable from the DSL router to the PC i that i want it to have internet, but since the router is like 100 meter away that is not an option. My question is: Since all the PCs are connected, how do i share the connection of the PC that currently has Internet with the other PC? I try using the "Network Setup Wizard" but that didn't help.

All the PCs are running WinXP SP2, all have administrator accounts and limited user accounts. Wifi is not a no go btw.

Answer:how setup Internet in a small network pc

"Internet Connection Sharing"

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My older brother has (had) a small construction business in Texas. I say had because after hurricane Ike it grew by leaps and bounds. He now has an office with 4 computers and needs to have them setup in a network. Noone their is vey computer literate and he wants me to fly out and solve this problem. I have zero experience in setting up a network, although I have done a bit of research on it. What I would like is some input or suggestions on what you teckies would suggest as being the best or easiest way to get all the system to work together. At the moment when an estimate is created on 1 comp, they are emailing it thru attachments to another or something crazy like that. He's freaking out because he can't get the office organized enough to keep up with all the documents required to get the jobs and keep the customers, insurance companies, engineers and inspectors the paper work they require thus has lost some jobs because of it. Thanks in advance. Fabe (edit) would someone please move this to the disscusion threads? I just realized I put it in the wrong one Thanks

Answer:suggestions on the best way to setup small business net

the fabe

How long do you have to figure it out and set it up? have you ever wired an office?

You are gonna need some serious planning


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I am going to school for computers and would like to practice at home, I have 4 computers that I would like to run like a work place. So I would like to set up my computer as the admin, and the others to be controlled by the admin pc, like say to set settings, view the desktops, remote control them, send network messages, ect..

Does anyone have or know of a good tutorial for this? I am not sure what to google for the answer. Plus I figured that some of you may have allready have done this and could offer good suggestions and such. Thanks!

Answer:How do I setup a small windows network?

what is it you want to do? to setup a home network is fairly simple. in XP you put them all in the same workgroup. that will allow to see them, after that you can remote into them share printers and files as long as you have a user with the same password on all of them

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I currently manage a small business server(tower). It's currently to slow and does not have enough capacity for our needs.

Server Uses - DHCP, DNS, AD, PervasiveSQL, WSUS, File, Print, FTP, Antivirus

Possible additional uses - Exchange, pfSense

I'm currently proposing a 24u rack with the following components.
Dell - 2410 24u Rack Cabinet with casters
Dell 1850 - 2x Xeon 3.6GHZ, 4GB Ram, 2 73GB SCSI
Dell MD1000 - SATA Hard drives. 4 - 1TB Western Digital Drives in Raid 5, with plenty of room for expansion.
Tripplite Battery Backup - Rackmount, 1000w

My main question is connecting the MD1000 to the 1850. The 1850 is listed on the compatibility matrix for the MD1000, however im looking at this 1850 specifically.

Would that be compatible? Any input, suggestions, or feedback is appreciated.

Answer:Small Business Server Setup

as you appear to be running sql, that suggests you might be using some line of business application. take it from someone who has just been burnt - run your line of business application seperately from your small business server. also, pfsense is a router distro...the only way i can see you running this alongside sbs on the same hardware would be to virtualise them. for a production environment i would not recommend virtualising sbs, not unless you are going to run it on something quite a bit pokier than you are currently suggesting.

whats the budget for this project?

i've been really pleased with a poweredge 2900 III that i put in for a customer a few months back. single (dual capable) xeon quad core 2.5ghz, 4 gigs of ram, 5x 73gb 15k sas drives in two arrays, dual psu's, rd1000 backup. really nice performance, and honestly not that expensive - considerably less than the website price, get an account manager. this runs pretty much every feature of sbs 2003 r2, alongside sql and a line of business application - soon to be placed on it's own box!

run your sql on another box, appropriately specced for the number of users plus a bit of extra capacity for growth, and then run pfsense (also check out untangle) on something like a business hp desktop with some intel nic's.

edit: i suppose before getting on my soapbox and preaching at you about decent kit to buy, i should have asked what you are currently running all of those services on...often a few t... Read more

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I wanted to setup a small home network but unsure which operating system i should use it does not have to be high end as long as i can share files between computers that is pretty much all i need i am running windows 7 on two computers and windows xp on the thrid one any ideas or suggestions?

Answer:Want to setup a small home network

I am using Windows 7 for my network. The Homegroup makes sharing and streaming almost too simple.

While my wife's laptop is running XP it hasn't been booted up since I built the HTPC for the living room. If/when I get around to it I will map the storage drive to it.

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Right i have 3 win xp pcc's all with 10/100 ports - and i have one main printer which has a rj45 port for being a network printer and then i have a 4port (3347wg) broadband router for the broadband connection - unfortunately 3 ports on the broadband router are taken by win98 and 2000 pc's which i dont want on the network -
i need for all 3 win xp pcs to be able to accsess the printer and the internet-
so i am not quite sure how to hook it all up.. i dont mind picking up an extra router if i need. whats the simplest less technical way of running it?

Answer:nsure about small network setup

So you have a 4 port router with 3 ports taken... Uhh, and you do not want them on your netowork. OK, so 3 - 3 = 0, so we have 4 ports free. So go ahead plug in the 3 machines and you network printer into the router. Your router will then assign an IP address to all of the devices. OK, now plug in your internet connection to the router. OK now all 3 machines should be able to share the same internet connection.

As for your printer, your going to need to use the add printer wizard, and (Gosh its been a while since ive set one up) and i belive your going to add a "Local" printer to each computer. Then your going to need to select "add port" "TCP/IP" and then insert the IP address in there of whatever your router assigned to it.

Tha might be totally wrong, and you just might have to add a netowrk printer and then seach for it under there, or search for it using the IP address the router gave to it. I can fully remember so hopefully someone else here can tell you better.

Now if you wanting to keep the exsiting 3 machines on the nework, your going to need to buy a switch/hub. Its not more dificult at all, just some more wires. You would just plug one end of the cable to the rounter and another end to the switch/hub that has the "Extension Port" but I belive most are auto detectable now. and then plug all the devices you need into both the rounter and switch/hub, and then your good to go.

Hopefully this was simply explained, bu... Read more

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Hi guys,

I've been trying for a while now, to connect 3 of my computers in a small home network. As far I understand all I have to do is have a wireless router.. and then put all 3 computers under the same workgroup, then they should be able to see each other. I do have a trend micro firewall, which I put under the profile small home network.

Anyone know why I can't see my other computers...? or a way to get more information of why I can't see them?


Answer:trying to setup a small home network.

As long as they are all in the same LAN you will be able to connect to each other. Ensure Network Discovery is enabled.

Use the same username and password on each computer and it will save you the trouble of re-authenticating.

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Hi, Need to upgrade our server(s). Would very much welcome your advice & views. Current setup: 8 x staff (VERY mobile, frequent world travel) 2 x Offices (Brighton & Maidstone) 2 x Servers in Brighton (Compaq/Intel Pentium D 3GHz, 2Gb ram, 2x500GB HD) 1 x NAS in Maidstone Brighton & Maidstone linked via a broadband VPN (Dreytek). Plus the Dreyteks take incoming VPN from laptops on the road. Applications: each site running local file shares, plus Brighton runs SQL Express 2005 (Rental Management software called Easyjob 4.0) Maidstone uses the SQL application (slowly) via Remote Desktop to an XP machine in Brighton. Obviously limited to 1 user at a time. MS Office files are thankfully not heavily shared between the two sites, as each office tends to work on own projects. However there are a few files that get worked on my both locations from time to time. On the desktops & laptops in each office / on the road, we map a drive to both local & the remote shared office files with offline folder switched on. Obviously accessing files at the remote site is slow. Brighton Hardware: 2 x Servers in Brighton (Compaq/Intel Pentium D 3GHz, 2Gb ram, 2x500GB HD) Server 1 (File share + exchange): SBS 2003 Server 2 (SQL Express + Remote Desktop + Archive files): XP SP3 + SQLExpress 2005 SP2 Maidstone Hardware: Server 3 (Linux NAS) Thinking behind identical hardware at Brighton was the option for quick rebuild on 2nd box if 1st suffered serious hardware failure. The SBS server keeps falling ove... Read more

Answer:Bets server setup for 2 small offices

Afraid I can't offer any sensible advice, except to say that, surely this Question should be in the Business Forum, listed on the left of this page, where it is more likely to get the response(s)you require.

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Hey, so I have to go see some people tomorrow and setup a network for their construction company. There are only 4-5 users, all running windows 7 (I think, only saw a few of the comps today), and they want to be able to share every printer in the office.

I don't think any of the printers are wireless, and I believe all the computers are connected to the internet directly through ethernet cords. They had me put in another ethernet jack in their building last week and I got to see the setup they have in the back.

Here is a diagram of their current setup.

A few things that confused me: In the diagram you'll see "Wireless radio" I put that there because I'm honestly not sure what it is. I think it broadcasts wireless internet through the building, but there is only one ethernet jack on it and it is connected straight into the dsl modem. Nothing else connects to it. I wish I had a picture, but it is a tower like device that looks like a giant inverted Y, about a foot tall.

The dsl modem also puzzles me. It has several ports running to the various devices (as you can see in the diagram) but there does not appear to be a router. In my setup at work, we have a cable modem that feeds to a router, then from the router to all the devices/switches. The router handles DHCP and all that jazz.

I take it that this dsl modem is handling all that since there is no router? (Or could that be handled through the inverted Y thing?)

So what is the easiest ... Read more

Answer:Unsure of how to setup a small business network

EDIT: I found the inverted Y thing!

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Hello gurus,

I need to set up a small network of 6 pc's that will share one internet connection, and a printer. What hardware do I need other than the pc's? Other than the operating system software for the pc's (Windows 95/98), what other software do I need? This is a project a friend of mine is letting me do at his office so that I can gain some experience in networking. He has someone standing by to help me when/if I get stumped, but I know that the gurus here at Tech Support Guy can get me through this. How hard is this going to be? Anyone know of a place where I can get all the info I need to set up this network?

Thanks a bunch,
You guys (and gals) are all AWESOME!!!!


Answer:{Advice Offered} - setup of a small network

1) Will this be a peer to peer network or will you have a server on the network?

2) What type of internet connection will you be sharing?

3) How are you planning to share the connection? Hardware?

4) What type of printing services do you want to provide the network? Will they just use print sharing or will you provide a centralized network printer?

Hardware needed:
1) A NIC in each PC of course, I prefer 3com 10/100 NIC's.

2) A Hub. Go for something with a few more ports then you actually need. You have 6 systems so I would go for a 12 or 16 port hub. This will give you great options for expansion. Don't buy a cheap hub. I would recommend a Dlink 10/100 autosensing hub or a HP 10/100 hub. You really can't go wrong with HP.(IMO)

3) Internet sharing solution. What ever you use you need some type of firewall. There are several avialable. I've used webramps but, I wasn't real impressed with the options avialable and configurability. There are several available and you should check all the options and features befor you by it.

4) If you aren't going to have a server but want network printing type services you can put an Intel print manager in place. There are a couple to choose from.

Let us know how you get on.

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Windows Vista/Small Business Outlook Setup

I have been trying to help a friend. I consider myself fairly computer savvy, this guy can barely search on google, so I am doing the best I can.

So this guy owns several companies and several websites, what he would like is that all these emails from his various websites come into Outlook on windows vista, and be sorted by which site they are coming from. I played with his computer the other day and tried to create new rules for incoming mail but it kept going to a rule that I didn't set up.

If anyone out there can tell me how to restart his process and re-setup outlook so this could happen for him it would be greatly appreciated. I have been a lotus notes user for a while and am not comfortable with outlook, especially newer versions. I tried my best, but I need some help.

Answer:Windows 7/Small Business Outlook Setup

Welcome to the forums

How are these e-mail addresses set up, are they each on their own POP3 account and set up as unique entries in Outlook? Or, are they all forwarded to one main address?

Also, which version of Outlook do you have?

I'm sure we can get this sorted for you with the above information

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basically a friend of mine works for a small business in town. they need a server to store tons of research and databases on it so it can be accessed from the network. they also want to be able to access these files while they are at home via internet. now the computer is easy part, some sort of dual core machine with mirrored raid drives and fast internet connection with decent network.

is gigabyte network worth it?

and for accessing the files away from the office, would you recommend setting up vpn for everyone to access? if so, which vpn service and how? if not, should i go with some sort of ftp server setup? any suggestions would be appreciated. its been awhile since i have done this. thanks.

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Hello all,
I would like to hear peoples thoughts on the best way to setup email for my business.
My company have an email address [email protected] which we currently have forwarded to a hotmail account and we work out of hotmail... terrible I know.
We'd like to step it up a gear and be able to share the email account in Mircosoft Outlook (not Hotmail) across 2 different shops across London. We would ideally like to know when an email has been replied to or deleted .etc. across both shops which are in different parts of London.
We have a website, and web server with our hosting, not sure if this helps, I would assume it would have to be on a completely different server, I may be wrong.
It would also have to be secure
If anyone can point me in the right direction I'll be able to investigate the solution further
I really appreciate anyone's help and advice
Kind Regards

Answer:Need to setup Company Email for small business

I'd suggest you use your ISP's own mail service with IMAP protocol instead of POP3, then redirect your "own domain" mail to that address. Outgoing main can still use your personal domain address, but using your ISP's SMTP server.
With IMAP all messages, both sent and received, will be available to any computers that you connect to the server.

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I'm asking here because I want to make my basement area for LANs with friends, also be nice to have enough switching performance to handle streaming in FullHD up to 10 computers, currently have only 2 Wi-Fi (RT-N18U) at house, I'm willing to invest, but prefer to stay on some reasonable budget. The maximum of PC clients on wifi+lan should be around 12 at peak + some tablets, smartphones etc.

What setup do you suggest? Take 1 cable to the basement and add some fast switch? Should it be enough? Or completely rework setup ?

Answer:Small home - LAN party area setup

Might need to upgrade your basements circuits to handle the load.
12 gaming PC's each pulling 300 watts from the wall is 30A. That 300watt/PC is just an estimate it may quite a bit more depending on the configuration.

16 Port Gigabit Switch and 1 wire to the router is all you would need for your LAN gaming in the basement

Where would you be streaming HD from, the internet or from a local machine? If it's from the internet, it will depend on your internet speed, if it's from a local machine, it's going to depend on the machine serving the video.

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Hey, I'm looking to setup not so much a server but just basically...hmm. Well, I just want to have a rack or a server chassis that I can just load a bunch of hard drives in and be able to access the hard drives from two separate computers. What's the best way to do this? Apologies, I'm not familiar with servers or networking at all...

Answer:Setup a small server type thing...

cwilhelm said:

hmm. Well, I just want to have a rack or a server chassis that I can just load a bunch of hard drives in and be able to access the hard drives from two separate computers. What's the best way to do this?Click to expand...

Sounds to me that what you're looking for is a NAS solution. If you want, go with the do-it-yourself method: get hold of an old machine, install large hard drives, throw WHS/Linux/FreeBSD/whatever, and start serving.

cwilhelm said:

Apologies, I'm not familiar with servers or networking at allClick to expand...

This might clear some things up:

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hello team

I would like to setup 2 wifi units for the office but need for them to have different SSID's. One router will be connected direct to the ISP link but the 2nd one will act as a repeater with its own SSID.

1stly is this possible and 2ndly how do i make this happen?

Answer:Solved: WiFi Setup - Small Business

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I just had a discussion with my colleague about a P2P network (6 machines) in a small office.Is it necessary to install application software (e.g. for text processing)on all machines of the P2P network or is possible to install the software on one machine only (no server) and all other machines can use it as well? Thanks, Tom

Answer:P2P in small office

would need to have 6 liecences to install the software and then install on one machine and th other run it off that,Best bet is to have 6 copies of the software, and run on each machine, otherwise the network will slow down.

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There's a small office which consists of around 2 desktops and 4 laptops.The setup is as follows -Desktop 1 = File Server (wireless to the laptops and wired to the other desktop.Desktop 2 - Used for accessing files of server using Ethernet and for imaging, emailing and browsing.Laptops are all are networked wirelessly to each other, have a file share from the server and connect to the server using RDC.At the moment the wireless is pretty slow when accessing files from the server and the laptops/computers have become slow as well when opening files locally.Im not sure the exact spec of the desktops but they are around 4-5 years old Dells with around 2.77Ghz and 1 gig of ram.The laptops around 1.7Ghz and 512mb of ram.I was thinking of maybe getting rid of one of the 2 desktops and investing in one High spec desktop which could act as the server and be used simultaneously for image editing etc. The setup need to remain without wires in the office, so is there any other way we can have the current setup wireless faster?Finally we require a security camera that records to the hard drive if some one was to break in and one that we can monitor from any computer that has internet.What would be the best type of wireless security camera?Oh and just to point out the current setup is not a windows server environment just a very basic windows networked environment through a small business linksys router.Cheers!

Answer:Small Office Help Pls

Just to point out there are 2 desktops at present as the server has an application which all the laptops need to access but as it ain't a networked application it can only be accessed on the server hence the Remote Desktop Connection from all laptops.Current problem is only one laptop can view/control it at a time and if we want only 1 desktop acting as server and general desktop, how will we be able to access that application still while doing other tasks on the desktop? (Will we still require a 2nd desktop then?)

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I work in a small office of 6 users. We currently have a Windows 2000 server running as a domain controller and a file server. We have taken on some international clients, and several of our employees need to travel. While on travel leave, they need to access our server to download presentations, update files, etc.

What do we need to set up VPN remote access? Right now we are connected to the internet via cable modem and a D-Link DI-707P broadband router. The server is connected to port 1 of the router, and all 6 users are connected to ports 2-7 of the router.

Do we need additional hardware or software (VPN client?) to set up the connections? I have read in some articles that the windows 2000 server must have two NIC cards to allow VPN connections? True?

I have never set up a VPN connection before, so any suggestions on products/companies would be most appreciated. Assume that I know nothing, because I know NOTHING.

The most important thing is that the solution be very secure, and as cost-effective as possible. We are not cheap, but we don't have money to burn for no reason either.

Thank you.

Answer:small office VPN's? please help

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Question: Small office help

We currently have a small office staff of 4-5 people. We track some of our call backs through Microsoft Access program. Is there any way we could set-up a wireless network that we could all use the program and update it with new clients information through real time? All the computers have Access we would just like it to update the file on everyone's computer when a new user enters informtion. Any information about the process to go about doing this or better options then this I would love to receive more information about. Thank you in advance for all your help.

Answer:Small office help

I think a mind shift to a centralized solution is what you need. Having a copy of the database in each and every machine requires compex and error prone synchronization. Why don't you set up a database/web server, have it manage all data and update clients through an intranet, web-based application? Any type of network connection (wireless or not) suits this scenario.

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As title.

A friend has asked me whether I'd be willing to setup a new network for his business.

Proposed setup would be:

Dell server running SBS 2003
2 or 3 desktops probably running XP Home
possibly 2 laptops, possibly running XP Media Centre 2005.

All PC's will be brand new.

I'm quite comfortable setting up a new network using XP Pro, allowing each PC to obtain an IP address automatically and connecting a router to the network.

I'm wondering whether SBS is a step above my experience, should I decline the offer and let a pro do the job?

From what I've read, SBS seems to be designed for people with little experience, as plug and go as is possible, is this correct?


Answer:Small Business Server 2003. Easy to setup?

Hey, first thing is that you'll need XP Pro on all the clients - XP Media Center won't join a domain without unspported hacks to the OS

As far as installing SBS, I've never seen a first time install done exactly right. If you have the time to do a trial run, and are willing to do some research ( , , SBS newsgroups) you could take a shot at it. Though I would suggest that you line up a local expert in case things go wrong.

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Hey [H]. So I will be the first to say I know shit when it comes to networking. I know the basic jist of everything and can google search problems when they happen but when it comes down to getting everything setup and what to use.... Whooosh!
For my company, I am the Office Manager and help desk per say. My office location is only 10 people. We are currently breaking ground on a new building and we are starting fresh with everything.

Our office layout we are going to have about 40 data/voip drop points around the building. We have a company that is coming out to run the lines and get our voip setup but they do not handle routers, switches, etc.

We connect through a VPN to our corporate office but other than that we are pretty much a stand alone office. Our only connection to our corporate office is for AS400. I believe we also have a static IP..... again WHOOOSH. Other than that we host our own files, which isnt much, maybe 20gb/year.

I am in the auto industry so 99% of our stuff is still printed.
Currently the setup I am looking at is

7-10 windows users
1 windows basic central file server/door card access server

The majority of our business is done through phone calls and email. The file server will retain documents from vendors such as quotes, formal business letters, etc. My office does not retain any financial information, all of the important documents are stored at our corporate office.

Now to my questions. I do not know where to start when it comes to switch... Read more

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My home now have 5pcs windows base pc, i have a 1mbps ADSL line internet broadband.

1. If now i have 1pcs ADSL modem(no rounter function), 1pcs 16ports 10/100 switch, and i only want among this 5pcs PC, have 2pcs PC only can access internet. how to setup?

2. If now i have 1 pcs ADSL modem(with rounter & switch-8ports function), and i only want among this 5pcs PC, have 2pcs only can access internet. how to setup?

Thank you for answer my question.

Answer:how to setup a small network with internet access control.

hocheetiong said:

My home now have 5pcs windows base pc, i have a 1mbps ADSL line internet broadband.

1. If now i have 1pcs ADSL modem(no rounter function), 1pcs 16ports 10/100 switch, and i only want among this 5pcs PC, have 2pcs PC only can access internet. how to setup?

2. If now i have 1 pcs ADSL modem(with rounter & switch-8ports function), and i only want among this 5pcs PC, have 2pcs only can access internet. how to setup?

Thank you for answer my question.Click to expand...

Firstly, get a router. The router should have DHCP turned on by default. Let the router issue out IP info to the PC's you want to have internet access. On the PC's you don't want to have internet access, assign them IP's manually, and just do not include the gateway or DNS information. That will keep them on your LAN, but with no internet.

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I am looking into setting up a small business network for a local charity. They want to be able to access files remotely and backup files automatically to/from a server inside their office. It's a budget projected that needs to be done at minimal cost to the charity for this to be viable.

They have about 8-9 computers total, a mix of windows PCs from 7 to 10. Each of which would need to be able to access the server and retrieve files. The files may contain some confidential business information that should be protected by a firewall and various security measures.

They currently use Spectrum for their internet service provider and receive 60mbps down / 10mbps up speeds.

Here's what I came up with:

Used Xeon server (dell refurbished or something) from the last 2-3 years with 4gb ram and raid support. I would use 2x2TB hard drives in a Raid 1 config. I would run Ubuntu server 16.04 on the server.

I would set up OPEN VPN and URBACKUP to allow people to remotely access the files and storage from outside the office and automatically have their files backed up.

I'm not exactly sure what to do about security.

Do you think that's a good start and what kind of security should I ad?

Answer:Looking for Suggestions: Small Business (Charity) Server Setup

Why not use a public SaaS like GDrive or Dropbox? Then you can just set up a perimeter firewall at each location for IPS/IDS, AV, VPN, etc. This would really simplify it.

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I recently received a 64bit server preinstalled with Microsoft Small Business Server Standard 2003. I completed the setup, creating a domain and so on, and during the final reboot after setup the power went out. I was able to restart it but it was behaving strangely as I was adding users and computers and finishing the rest of the to-do list and then I went home and returned the next day and researched the Event Viewer and behold, several services were erroring out after that restart when the power failed. IIS and Exchange were the key ones. I re-ran setup from the CDs, reinstalling all server components, and still, I get the error "#50070: Unable to connect to the database STS_Config on <server>\sharepoint. Check the Database connection information and make sure that the database server is running." every 5 seconds. I have googled this error and performed the service dependency "fix" referred to in all the posts I found, to no avail. I looked in services and saw that the MSSQL$SHAREPOINT service would not start, it was showing "started" but was in stopped state, and if I started it, it would run for a second and then quit. I thought I would be smart and repair SharePoint Services 2.0, using the CD, which said it completed successfully but did nothing to help this error. Then I tried to run a repair on Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (SHAREPOINT) in Add/Remove Programs, and it gave a fatal error. So I uninstalled it and tried to reinsta... Read more

Answer:Small Business Server 2003 setup woes

Empathy. Same here. Will let you know if I find anything.

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I have a small office with 3 PCs, 2 printers and 2 scanners. I am in the process of replacing the PCs with new machines, all running Windows 7 Professional. Should I be using the Homegroups function as the basis for the network?

I need to have some differing folder and file permissions on the various PCs and user accounts, but nothing too elaborate. I also want to ensure that whatever network I put in place can handle the addition of 1 or 2 more PCs over the next 2 or 3 years.

I used Homegroups in my home network and was very happy with the ease of set up. It has also functioned well with no problems whatsoever. With limited technical capacity amongst me and my staff, I really need to keep things simple and well functioning in my office - without the need for significant maintenance.

I am a bit confused as Homegroup is obviously focussed very much on home networks. However, is there a compelling reason not to also use it in a small business such as mine? If there are such reasons, what are they, and what should I be using instead?

I would very much appreaciate some guidance on this. Thanks.

Answer:Should I Use Homegroup in a Small Office?

Well I actually have a server built into my house... I use the homegroup function.

The only thing different is that I only enable the server folders for homegroup and leave the rest of the computers disabled.

It does make it it easier but I also do have workgroup enabled. I still trust my Ipv4

It is all about how you feel about it and your opinion.

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I have office pro and Small Business installed (network). I'm trying to upgrade Outlook to Workgroup.

The setup seems to have been criss-crossed, so I un-installed Office Pro. Now when I try to install additional components on Office small business, it still thinks that another version is running/installed.

I cant even un-install it or re-install.

Answer:Office Pro and Small Business

Try the Office 2000 Eraser from Microsoft.;EN-US;q239938

Also, empty all your temp folders out and subfolders of the temp folders.

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I run a small business and have 3 pc's w/ Win 98 on all ; and would like to make one a file server. Just to store files and to have admin rights on. All 3 pc's already have either-net cards in them . Can anyone help w/ this small problem?

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I am having trouble with my Office. As an example, whenever I try to open excel it will pompt me to insert the disc, this doesnt happen for all programs but does for some features with office. I dont have the disc, and the previous owner of the pc also cannot find the disc. Is there any way to fix this bug?


Answer:Office Small Business

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We presently have two computers networked in our small office. The network connection has worked for years. We replaced our old router with a Linksys router several months ago, and everything worked great. When one computer recently crashed, we replaced it with a more powerful computer running Windows XP (the other is running Windows98). Now these computers cannot "see" one another, although they both have access to the internet so I know the router is working. Both computers are set to "obtain an IP address automatically." The people we bought the new computer from won't come to us, and suggested I disconnect both computers and bring them there, but I want to resolve it without disconnecting. Can anyone help? Thanks.

Answer:network in small office

Welcome to TSG!
Seems many have problems network sharing WinXP with Win98 or WinME machines.
I suggest installing Netbeui to aid in local communication of the two systems.
Here is Another Thread which lists some items to look for and supplies a nother link to del's post on setting up netbeui on a WinXP machine.
After you have successfully set up the netbeui protocol then shutdown and restart both machines.

Let us know how your are proceeding.


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First of all, my install of XP and SP 2 were pretty much flawless. The puter is working great.
I did all scans from spyware thread, and restarted, and tried to load Office XP.
First, it told me that there was a problem with, which was either a damaged disk, corrupt file or something else.
It then displayed another error message; error 2350
I tried uninstalling and reinstalling; same prob.

Oh well, everything else works great. I'll check back later for any replies.


Answer:Need help with Office XP Small Business

Is your CD scratched or dirty?

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I'm the system administrator in a small architectural drafting office that uses four UNIX and six Windows XP Professional workstations. I need to establish printing to two wide format plotters from all systems. The plotters do not have any network connectivity, but I have print drivers for both Windows XP and UNIX. What is the best way to establish printing?

Answer:Printing in a Small Office

We are not going to do your homework for you.



While we are happy to promote the education of users, we feel it is inappropriate to circumvent the learning process by directly assisting with assignments and projects of an educational nature. Direct answers to school or college assignments are not allowed and will not be given. However, if a user is having trouble comprehending a certain topic, the members and staff at TSF will be happy to provide assistance with understanding the topic.

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I have just moved to a new office and need to link my 2 laptops to a Desktop I want to use as a file Service and also to 2 printers that have USB connections only. I have Broadband and my router has 4 Ethernet connections.Is there an easy way I can link all my kit so they all talk to each other ??Thanks

Answer:Small Office Network

If the laptops are wireless, then your best route would be to purchase a wirless router / modem combination, WITH a USB port for the printer:along the lines of:click here

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I'll be doing IT work for a small office including replacing their network (wifi, router, switch, patch panel), setting up a couple of iPads, reformatting a couple of computers, setting up some new software (new version of Quickbooks, Acrobat), and setting up some other random peripherals (monitors, keyboard, mice).

I've made some very nice proposals for them, but not sure how to add in my time/charge for doing the work. Of course I want to make it worth my while, but at the same time I don't want to scare them away with some giant number. Again it's just a small office.

Answer:Small Office Upgrade

I haven't done any consulting work myself yet, but I would think that you would want to include your time with all of the other work and make it a flat fee. Try to figure out how long it would take you to do it, how much you want per hr, then make that your fee. If you complete early, good for you. If you take longer, good for them. just be sure to define the scope of work up front so you don't get scope creep.

I'm curious to hear what others say on this that have actually figured out how customers like to be charged. I'm basing my opinion above on how I would want it done if I were the customer.

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I would like to ask you for an advice for an antivirus software for a small office (3-4 PCs XP/Seven).

At home I've been always using AVG Free and I think I cannot use the free edition in an office, can I ? I had a look at the price of the non-free edition and there is a yearly fee which has to be paid which I don't really like. Is this command the there is a year license for antivirus software ? Which other antivirus would you recommend ?

Thanks for your help,


Answer:Antivirus for small office

If you can wait a few more days, you can use the free Microsoft Security Essentials for up to 10 PCs in a business environment.

Announcing: Microsoft Security Essentials available FREE to Small Businesses in October! - Microsoft Partner SMB Community Blog - By Eric Ligman - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

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I had setup a network with 3 computers all using XP Pro. They were hooked into a hub, and the network was used just for file and printer sharing. Everything worked fine. They then got DSL and wanted to do internet sharing as well. I got a linksys router and hooked them back up. They all have internet now, but two of the computers can not access the third one. The third can access the other two. They can see the third computer on the network, but can not see any of its shares. When I try to open the computer over the network I get xxxxx is not accessible. You may not have permission to use this network resource.

I have tried unsharing/resharing, uninstall/reinstall network components, nothing works. One other note I can send messages to the third computer using net send. It is in the workgroup, but just won't allow file sharing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:XP Small Office Network

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Hi Friends, well i am a newbie here and need your help for setting up File/Folder/Printer sharing in small office LAN and also secure Files (password protect) among users. I have attached two JPG files in which i have tried my best to show the network diagram and how i want to share the files and folders. So please have a look at it and help me. All the PCs are connected and i have made one Windows 7 Ultimate PC acting as File Server keeping its D Drive in sharing with other five Windows 7 Ultimate PCs acting as clients. I just want to know how to protect Files as per my requirement. Thanks

NOTE:- There are no fixed PC of any dept users. All the users or Dept Head use any PCs as per availability.

Answer:Want to Create Small Office LAN

I think what you really need is a Server/Client environment especially if the intended result is to have anyone login to any computer to access the shared files on a computer that is acting as a server. If you don't have a server/client scenario then each user would have to have a local username and password on each computer and they would have to remember to keep it the same on each computer including the Windows 7 computer that is acting as a file server. That is the only way you could lock down the share permissions when you are dealing with a workgroup setting like you are describing.

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Ok, there are 3 of us connected with a router. We all ran the network set wizard and all has been fine forever. Today the other 2 computers are no longer in my Network Places. They can see me, but I can not see them. I did not change a thing. Booted up and they were gone. I use QuickBooks on one of the other computer so it is kinda a must to connect. I have dinked with it all day, but cant figure it out....prob cuz when it comes to these issues I am lost..

Thanks for any help guys.

Answer:Need help on small office Network

Can you ping the other two computers? Can you access them using \\ip here or \\computer name here? Are you running a firewall localy on the computers or just using the router as a firewall?

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It's end of year budget time so the department is looking for toys... err... "equipment to increase productivity and cost savings for the organization." Right.

Anyway, NAS has been discussed on the [H] forum before but mostly in a home built manner, does anyone have experience with any of the vendor supplied solutions? I'm looking at the small office devices at the moment, but any information about vendor products in general would be helpful. Compatiblity with different operating systems, usability of management interface, any thoughts on the support recieved.

Digging around I've found 2 different dual-drive devices in a reasonable price range [500-1200 USD] but am open to any suggestions.

Linksys EtherFast Network Attached Storage (120 and 250 gigs)

Snap Appliance Snap Server 2200

Googled around already for any type of reviews or comparisions, and as is common with NAS it seems, found little that is helpful. Thanks to all in advance.

Tom's has a review of the SNAP 1100 from 2002:
Has good things to say about the interface and useablity.

Answer:NAS again, small office options

How are you doing backups? Or are you planning on using the NAS for backups? I've found that if the NAS does not have the clients for your backup software it takes forever to back them up.

There is also a school of thought that says back up to the NAS boxes, then to tape when the network is not in use.

Either way you want to have a client agent for your backup system.

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Hi everyone,
This is my first post, i am asked to design a network for a doctors' office. Below are the details and need some ideas.
The new office facility has three doctors' offices, one manager's office, a nursing station, five patient rooms, the receptionist's desk, a waiting room for patients, and a lounge/break room that doubles as a conference area for occasional meetings. There is also a wiring closet near the manager's office.
The doctors have asked for network access in each doctor's office, the manager's office, the reception desk, two ports in the nursing station, and one in each patient room. They would also like to have a public wireless network in the waiting room for patients, and a private wireless network that covers the lounge/break room and all doctor and patient rooms. You may assume all computer stations are within 100 meters of the wiring closet, and there is a false ceiling that allows for easy access to wiring in any direction.

Answer:Small office network

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i am working with 4-5 pc's that i want to set a network up with. I don't want to set any of them up as a server. They are all conected to the same router and dsl line. what would be the easiest way to share files, i was thinking about setting up a domain and setting a few security groups. any responses or links would be helpful. thanks..

Answer:very small office network

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A client of mine is looking to setup a small wireless "Guest Access" network.
Nothing too complicated, just wireless internet access.

What APs would you guys use for this?

I'm looking to keep the price down, say about $500 - $600 for all the equipment necessary.

I figure they'd need 2 APs to provide decent coverage in their offices (Mainly conference rooms, and a training area). I'd probably lose the default antennas and look at some ceiling mounted omni-directionals also.

I was looking at either D-link's 7100ap/7200ap (7200ap has PoE, that I don't need)
or Linksys Wap4400N (again, useless PoE)

I don't feel it necessary to go for hi-level Cisco/3com/etc since this is going to be minimally used and only for browsing / e-mail.

Let me know

Answer:Wireless APs for a small office?

Why is POE useless? Do you have outlets in the ceiling, or feel like running other wire for power?

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I'm trying to set-up my small business LAN and need some Networking help.

My requirement is to have a LAN with domain specific mailing facility and restricted internet use for all users. Also i plan to host a wiki, intanet and Subversion server.

Open questions -
1) What would be a good network design to have LAN acces, mailing facility and internet
- should i have the mail server outside lan ? on lan ?
- should i have internet server on lan ? outside ?
- at what all levels do i need to install antivius ?

My focus on soultions with -
1) Security
2) Low maintenance
3) Need something simple and low budget



Answer:Small office LAN set-up questions

Sounds like a good homework assignment. You'll learn more by doing your own work.

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