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Moving/copying files from shared folder causes error

Question: Moving/copying files from shared folder causes error

Trying to find a solution to this issue.

2 XP Media Center SP3 PCs connected via Ethernet to router. PC A has Shared Documents folder with permissions set to allow 'Everyone' Full Control. Only Windows Firewall onboard, NOD32 virus scanner. PC B can see/open files from share on PC A, but any attempts to move or copy result in error message "your current security settings do not allow this action". Both PCs have IE6, File & Print Sharing enabled and turning off Windows Firewall doesn't change anything. What else can I try? Thanks.

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Preferred Solution: Moving/copying files from shared folder causes error

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Moving/copying files from shared folder causes error

Make sure you have the permissions set on both the Security tab as well as the Sharing tab.

On the shared folder security permissions, make sure that you go to the Advanced settings and check the box that tells it to replace the permissions on child objects as well.

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Its real wierd.

Im using one pc with windows 7 and another with XP.
When I copy a file on the pc with win7 to the shared folder, I can see and access the file fine from the XP pc.

However, when I move (Ctrl+X) a file to the shared folder on the pc with win7, the file does not apear when I go to the shared folder from the XP pc.

Anyone knows what Im doing wrong?

BY THE WAY, is there a way to share the entire C drive or we are strict to the public folders? Its wierd that I gave full access permissions to the C drive, yet an error occurs while trying to access from XP. Only the public folders can be accessed.

Answer:Problem moving files to shared folder

Quote: Originally Posted by israelihero

Its real wierd.

Im using one pc with windows 7 and another with XP.
When I copy a file on the pc with win7 to the shared folder, I can see and access the file fine from the XP pc.

However, when I move (Ctrl+X) a file to the shared folder on the pc with win7, the file does not apear when I go to the shared folder from the XP pc.

Anyone knows what Im doing wrong?

BY THE WAY, is there a way to share the entire C drive or we are strict to the public folders? Its wierd that I gave full access permissions to the C drive, yet an error occurs while trying to access from XP. Only the public folders can be accessed.

You still need to allow premission to access the shared files on the Win7 machine. Just set up permissions on the Win7 machine by going to "Network and sharing center" and then to the left choose "Change Advance sharing settings". The select the settings in the pictures below.

You should also have access to the entire C drive once you do that.

I've been using my XP machine as my file server and it works perfectly.

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hello ,I Have a folder on my desktop called "All OCX" and there are a bunch of files in there , now i want to move / copy ( it doesn't matter move or copy ) them to system32 folder but i don't know how to do it :( can someone please help ? i really need this.

Answer:Help for moving/copying files to a folder batch

Erm . . . Just drag and drop the folder to your System32? A one time action doesn't need to be automated. How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

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I have to move a few thousand files and folders from my desktop to external USB hard drives to free up space on the desktop drive.

I need to keep the original folder and file dates. When I copy or move folders, Windows changes the folder date, but does keep the file date (created, modified and last accessed now become the current date.)

Is there any "tweak" in Windows I can do in order to keep all the dates accurate?

I've even tried a couple backup programs to move/copy files, and the folder date is changed to the current date in all three categories as above.

WinXP Pro

Thank you

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my pc shows error in copying files to writable cd folder.nero is not working.its xp problemhow can i fix it?

Answer:error copying files to writable cd folder

How do you know the problem is with Windows?What is the error? What exact version and Nero program are you using?

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Is it poss to move the shared folder to another partion

Answer:Moving Shared Folder

You can share almost any folder you like. What do you mean by "the shared folder"?You can copy a shared folder to a new partition by dragging and dropping, but it will loose its shared status. But there's nothing to stop you reapplying its shared status.

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I have a folder in my documents full of music samples to make songs out of and I am trying to move the folder to an external hard drive and every time I do I get the following error "Could Not Find This Item" "This Is No Longer Located in C:\<username>\My Documents\Music_maker\ Verify the item's location and try again"

the folder and files are definitely there because I am able to play every single music sample in Windows Media Player just fine, I am just unable to move these files because of that error message that constantly keeps preventing me from moving them, same error for deleting the folder... right click properties shows it is there and it shows a folder size (832MB) but that error STILL exists for no reason at all!

the folder I am trying to move is called strictly_80s and the error seems to happen with EVERY subfolder in the Music_maker folder!

Answer:Could Not Find This Item error when moving files from specific folder

Right click on the folder > Send to > Removable disk . Does it work ?

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By as easy a method as possible, I'm trying to enable my wife to copy many multiples of Internet shortcuts into a separate directory/folder, that I can access from another computer via our in-home network.

I've got the two computers configured so that I can access shared folders, and I've got a shared folder setup, with a shortcut to that shared folder on my wife's computer's Desktop.

Shouldn't the last step be as simple as just having my wife copy an Internet URL or other HTML link, and then simply paste that link to the folder by single-clicking and then right-clicking and pasting? That doesn't seem to be working for some reason since the Paste command does not appear on the drop down menu.

Any suggestions on this, or in the alternative, I'm open to other suggestions, that for all I know may be even more straightforward. The only keys are that it has to be something pretty elementary for my wife to mastermind (no offense to any female board readers intended - although I know it sounds offensive darn it . . .).

Answer:Solved: Copying Internet Shortcuts Into a Shared Folder

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Hi, I have a couple of shared folders located on a hard drive that I need to retire. If I simply drag and move these folders to a new hard drive, will my existing shares/user permissions/etc. go with the move? Or will I need to re-share the folders and setup permissions all over again? Thanks, Hammer

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Firstly, a Happy New Year to you all!I have just added a new 120gig hard drive to my PC and is seen as F:\. I want to move all the My Documents folders (and contents), that is my own account and that in my wife's name to the new drive so as to keep them separate from the system and programs on drive C:\. I am running XP Home SP2.Will moving the shared documents folder achieve this or do I need to move yhe individual my documents folders as well. I intend to partition the new drive in order to have all the music in the My music folder in shared documents on a separate partition.Any help is appreciated.

Answer:Moving Shared Documents folder to second drive

It would need some registry editing, I would Create folder on new drive and drag contents to the

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Hello all,

It's my first time posting, I apologize if I am posting under the wrong category.

I made a really dumb mistake last night while setting up a VPN. Long story short I deleted my user account. Now, I did not lose any data at all (the account's folder still exists, untouched, in the /Users folder), it is just the user account picture and log in information that are gone. I have no way (that I know of) of re-referencing it so that it appears on my log-in screen again.

My issue is that I effectively lost some programs and all configuration files that were exclusively associated with that account. Which is years of config data that I would HATE to have to do again. My questions are as follows (which are two sides of the same coin really).

Is there some way to re-reference this user account so it shows up and loads up like normal on windows login once again? (The system displays it as "User Unknown")

If not, is there something that I can do with the /AppData folders of the new (recently created) and old ("deleted") accounts to make my new account be just like the old one?

A thousand Internets to whoever helps me with this! I have been cursing aloud all day long.

Answer:Moving/Copying the AppData folder

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

Have you tried a system restore to a point in time before you deleted your user account?

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I am running into an issue with users renaming files on a shared drive. When the users try to rename, they get the error "A file name can't contain any of the following characters: \ / : * ? < > |". However, neither the new or old filename contains
any of these characters, or any other invalid characters as far as I can determine, just alphanumeric characters and spaces.When they try to rename it again, it works without an issue.
I have found reports of this error being generated if the file path is too long, but all users are accessing this from a shared drive, and even if the share name is taken into account the file path and name are easily under 100 characters.
I have 3 users on 3 different systems reporting this issue, so I don't think it is user error.
The workstations are running Windows 7 Pro, SP1. The server is Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise, Service Pack 2.
The users are located at a remote site, and accessing the share over a site to site VPN. There are XP workstations at the site as well, that do not appear to be having the issue.
Any help, suggestions, or guidance is greatly appreciated!

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Hello everyone,

I'm using a laptop (with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit installed) as a DVR and media streamer to all other devices in the house.
My TV recordings are recorded into a temporary folder and when the recording is finished the program moves the files into the My Videos folder.

The My Videos folder is shared so we can watch the recordings from the Xbox downstairs or other Windows 7 devices in the house.
This worked pretty well in the past but for some reason new recordings (or downloads) aren't shared by default anymore. All files have a small lock icon (shared with nobody) and I have to manually share new files within an already shared folder.

This is pretty annoying and takes away the convenience.

I would appreciate any tip to fix this problem to have all files in the shared folder(s) shared by default.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:New files aren't shared in shared folder

It's easy once you know how, just right click the C:/Video's folder and choose properties, Security tab then Advanced button, then just put a check mark where it says "Replace all Child Object Permission Entries with Inheritable Permissions Entries from this Object, then hit Apply, OK....this will fix the problem you described.

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hi all,

is there a way to speed this up in Vista? I've read that this was a known issue in the past and that it was "supposed" to be fixed in SP1.
Well, I have Vista Ultimate SP1 running and copying/moving files takes FOREVER! I just can't believe how long it takes to do such a simple task.
I've tried a suggestion somebody else offered which worked well (xcopy), however I shouldn't have to do this in Windows.
I even noticed the other day that it even takes forever to burn files to a cd.
I never experienced this type of "lag" under WinXP Pro/SP2.


Answer:copying/moving files

*bump* hello? :(

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I'm having trouble copying/moving files in Win7. In XP, when you want to move a file, it gives you a drop down menu which you can then select where you want your download to go, but in Win7, I can only get it to move to general folders such as 'my music' or something like that. If I want to move it further, I have to manually click into each folder and subfolder to finally end up where I want to move my file, which is a big pain in the a$$. How do you all organize your stuff in Win7?

Thanks for any help.

Answer:Copying/moving files in Win 7?

You can open side by side windows with 7.

For instance, on the left would be the files you want to copy, on the right would be the folder/sub-folder opened that you want to copy to.

Then drag them over, but I am not certain if this is a copy or a move, not on a 7 machine right now. (I have a hunch it will move them, don't know if that's what you want).

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Im having a strange problem that only came about recently.

Whenever I move folders from my shared folders ( Users/public/public documents for example) it copies the files instead of just simply moving them. The folders are on the same hard drive/partition so there does not seem to be any reason it should start doing this. I dont know what I could have changed on the computer to cause this to happen either. it is quite a frustrating problem however because large files take a while to transfer when they should be moved instantly.

If anybody could help I would appreciate it.


Answer:Problem moving files from shared folders.

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Hello All,

Since I got Windows 7 I have learned it is the same as Windows Vista not much difference, well except the new boot loading screen. Anyway why does it take so long for this to copy or move files?

I am copying moving 4GB of data from my USB to my external hard drive and it takes forever, it says 1 hour remaining, it;s all ready been here for good 40 minutes now.

Why is windows 7 so slow and copying/moving files?

Answer:Copying/Moving Files why so slow?

is it the drives that are slow, or the operating system? or is it antivirus software sniffing the data?

it sounds as if you're transferring a big file from a usb stick to another usb external drive. it's bound to take time.

lots of people recommend teracopy, which is meant to speed up file transfers, although i've never tried it myself.

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OK after 2 weeks with Vista I'm begining to get annoyed.....
How can I move or copy files to another location without using the drag and drop method?

Previous OS's had little icons on the top bar for moving or copying, do these icons exist in Vista in some hidden spot?


Answer:Solved: Copying/Moving files

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Hi. I use Windows 8 for a while and it`s great when I copy / move files. I can see all details and pause or resume it. Is possible to do this same in 7?

Answer:Copying / moving files same like in Windows 8

yes, you can by using a program called teracopy! I use it as replacement of default windows.....

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I have a Dell Dimension 4600 running XP. I also have a Seagate 250 gig external hard drive where I keep music, photo, and movie files. Lately, I began to get delayed write errors when copying/moving files from the c drive to my external (g) drive. I looked online for some fixes, went into the properties of both drives, and disabled the cache (whatever that means!). Now, I'm not getting the delayed write errors, but the moving/copying of large files is taking much longer that it was before. Copying a 1 gig folder will now take up to 5 minutes, when before any of these issues started, it used to take a few seconds. Any ideas what could be going on? Thank you all in advance for your replies.

Answer:Slow Moving and Copying Files

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Just finally finished building my pc. . . . SATA, XP Pro x64. It has an Asus
(A8V-VM SE, micro ATX, K8M890, Socket 939) mobo, 2x1G twin sticks of RAM, ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 64 Pro 92mm CPU Cooler, Corsair 620W PSU, an AMD Dual Core Processor and a Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 SATA 3.0Gb/s 320Gb hard drive . It runs really fast now except when I'm moving or copying files . . . it literally freezes my pc and I can't do anything else until the file has finished moving or copying. This has been a problem since the pc was built. The pc was originially built with other parts, i.e., single core processor, etc.

I performed an HD Tune test and the hdd came through with flying colors. I also ran SeaTools for DOS, and no problems were found. Windows Chkdsk found no problems either.

Considering the other parts of my pc, I thought that the problem with moving/copying would be gone, but it's still there.

I just ran Drive Speed Checker. It shows that my hdd's ability to move/copy files is slow. I attached a copy of the test results.

It could be said that the speed is a good speed, but my pc shouldn't freeze so that I can't do anything else until the move/copy is finished.

Does anybody have any thoughts or ideas about how I can fix this problem? Since the hdd is in really good shape otherwise, I don't want to spend the money to get a new hdd.

Please let me know what you think.

Fred? This baby is now named Fishy
... Read more

Answer:Slow Copying/Moving Files

If you're copying files from different locations on a single drive (like from C:\folderA to C:\folderB) that can be a bit slow, even on higher-end PCs. Your screenshot shows that a 10mb file is moved in under a second. That's not bad, perhaps not great, but you're in the fast 'half' of the chart. If you're copying files across different drives (like from C:\folderA to external drive E:\folderB) that should be quicker unless you don't have USB2.0 enabled in the system BIOS. Go into your BIOS and take a look at the USB settings. Also, most BIOSes (is that a word, "BIOSes"?) allow you to just press a key to use Optimized Settings. Try that and see if helps. There could be a BIOS setting that is slowing things down (like maybe a caching setting somewhere). Also make sure indexing is enabled on the drives in question, and make sure they're defragged; use a third party defrag program in addition to the Windows built-in defragger, it isn't that great and typically needs help from another defrag program. Here's a few I've used and they work well:
Auslogics (my personal favorite)
Diskeeper Lite
JK Defrag and the JK Defrag GUI
IOBit SmartDefrag http://www.major... Read more

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What is the best way to verify (check sum / content) files after copying / moving?
I have read because of the buffer storing the transferred file(s) for a while verifying a file after transferring might check the content in the buffer not the physical file(s) on the drive.

Answer:How to verify files after copying / moving?

I know you can compare checksums in WinRAR if that helps... sorry, more of a hardware guy myself.

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My harddrive is "failure imminent" . I'm running Win XP Home.
I purchased a new hard drive but I need to learn how to transfer the system files to the new hd. I have been unable to make the new hd bootable. I can't use my recovery disks because I purchased a 120 gb hd and the failing one is 60 gb.
The software that came with the new hd said it would copy files over to the new disc, but all it did was write gibberish files. At this point I have the new hd set up as a slave, and I could xcopy,but I don't think that would copy the system files.
And I don't want to copy everything over to my new hd!

Is there any way to get a clean install short of buying a WinXP disk??

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What good is an operating system if you can't safely move and copy files? I have had this (and similar problems) happen several times in Windows 7. I am trying to move large (video) files. I dragged the files into a sub folder. Windows Explorer indicated move into x folder. But Windows then shows the files in both the source and destination folders. (So I thought they must have been copied instead.) So I deleted the files from the source area, but then they were gone from both places. (I always do shift-delete, so they were gone, gone!) Now I'm looking at the folder/directory from a command prompt and it doesn't match what I see in Windows explorer. (There seems to be some confusion with moving verses copying and also--especially--updating or refreshing what is contained in folders.) This is not the first time. I have been burned with this several times. My only solution is to not trust what I am seeing and reboot my computer. Come on guys! This is a basic operating system function that I'm attempting here!!! I am an old DOS guy from way back. I am using an i7 processor and Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit).

Answer:Major problems copying and moving files

I can consistently duplicate this. Move a file to subfolder. File still shows in source folder. Delete from source folder. File is deleted from subfolder (and then also disappears from source folder).

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I don't know what it is, but I've been having troubles copying files from my desktop to my media HDD.

I've been getting errors such as the one I attached.

Also transfers are SUPER slow - I have 8g of ram, it should not take 10-20 minutes to move a few hundred MB's over to my media HDD.

What can I look into why this is so slow & even giving me error problems period?


Answer:Having trouble moving/copying files from desktop to HDD lately.

The Media HDD is an external USB drive? Try running chkdsk /r against it, see if there are file system problems. If not perhaps there is a hardware problem.

Check the hard drive with the manufacturer's diagnostic tools.
Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
Bootable Hard Drive Diagnostics

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I have a Dell Dimension 4600 running XP. I also have a Seagate 250 gig external hard drive where I keep music, photo, and movie files. Lately, I began to get delayed write errors when copying/moving files from the c drive to my external (g) drive. I looked online for some fixes, went into the properties of both drives, and disabled the cache (whatever that means!). Now, I'm not getting the delayed write errors, but the moving/copying of large files is taking much longer that it was before. Copying a 1 gig folder will now take up to 5 minutes, when before any of these issues started, it used to take a few seconds. I did a chkdsk of the external drive and the issue continues. Any ideas what could be going on? Thank you all in advance for your replies.

Answer:Problems copying and moving large files

Please do not double-post.

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My laptop used to work great in every aspect on windows 10 days ago .... 2 days ago i installed linux mint to give it a try and formatted the hard disk, but i couldn't acclimate to linux os.

so i downloaded W10 iso and did a fresh install...but i discovered that my laptop becomes quite slow while transferring files! i can't even access settings or open browser while the transferring process!

any help please!

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Hi, I installed a fresh copy of W7 16835 ... I am having problems copying/moving file from one system to another. If I do an RDP into another workstation and copy large files from my current worksation to the second workstation ... the second worksation completely locks up until the copying is finished. Anybody having this problem and know how to fix it?


Answer:Windows 16835 ..copying/moving files

Quote: Originally Posted by super569

Hi, I installed a fresh copy of W7 16835 ... I am having problems copying/moving file from one system to another. If I do an RDP into another workstation and copy large files from my current worksation to the second workstation ... the second worksation completely locks up until the copying is finished. Anybody having this problem and know how to fix it?


First things first we need your system specs, and networking set up


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hello all,
i tried to install a fresh copy of windows xp to my desktop. first the booting taken place and after blue screen showing set up is copying files , and it is not moving to further steps as usual(it only shows windows setup copying files in blue screen).i kept it to more than one hour but of no use, can any one please help if had this problem

Answer:windows set up is not copying files and not moving to further steps

and welcome to the Forum

Copy errors during the installation is usually an indicaton of faulty memory.

Probably worth testing your memory . . click on the link to Memtest in my signature . . let it run on one stick at a time overnite or until it starts reporting errors

How to burn an ISO file:

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When I try to copy / move a file or folder from the Win Explorer (as admin) to another program this sign is shown, transferring is not possible:

How could I make it work?

Answer:Copying / moving files form Win Explorer not possible?

Back in Win8 it was renamed to File Explorer but still works the same. File Explorer is the file management part of Windows and also pretty much the core of Windows, if it doesn't work Windows won't run.

I have no issues in Copying or Moving files from one drive to another but that's not the same as copying to a program. Generally one opens the program in question then opens the file or files it can work with. Having that information usually is helpful.

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ok i have been using Vista since bata and i now have a fully up-to-date copy of vista on my PC. however i still have the same problem as i did back in the beta days:

sometimes when i want to "move" or "copy" a file (one that takes more than a few seconds) i get a message on the progress bar (not responding) even though i know the action is still taking place, however if you just wait a while the file will be moved or copied successfully.

this problem does not occure if i move or copy a file then just leave the computer to it and perform no other actions e.g: open web page, open aplication ect...

The only time this happens is if i open another window over the top of the progress bar. i know the action of moving of copy is still taking place because i have waited so many times in the past and eventually the file is transported in the allotted time, its just the progress bar reports back as not responding.

i move and copy alot of files and i never had this problem with XP, my PC isnt slow (spects at the end) its just most of the time if i move a file thats, say 10gb, i dont want to just sit there for 3-4 mins whilst it does it, i want to carry on doing whatever im doing.

like i said i know the action is taking place but why does the progress bar "hang" when i carry on with my work after moving and copying?


4GB ram
1TB hdd

any one else had this problem?

Answer:Vista - Copying, Moving Files = Not Responding

I have noticed this aswell, although maybe not to this extent. I have long since written it off as one a the very few glitches in Vista that will never be fixed.

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Can anyone help? I'm can't move copy or paste files from one folder to another or onto any media or removal hard drive. Can't find any viruses etc using Avira & Iobit 360. Files all open & save ok. I've restored back to various dates. I'm running Windows Vista V6 Sp2. I downloaded Windows Fix-it. This temporarily fixed problem but it's returned, ahhhh.

Answer:Problems moving, copying & pasteing files

Do you have, or can you borrow a Vista installation disk? If so type sfc /scannow in the Start Search box. This checks and corrects where necessary any missing or corrupt system files, which does sound like the source of your problem.

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Hello All.  This is my first post here.  I'm glad to have found what looks like a fantastic forum.As a non tech expert, I am gearing up to reinstall my XP Home Operating System on my Dell Inspiron 8500 laptop.  First time for such a scarey event.  (Any pointers?)The hard drive is partitioned and as I understand it, my data files are on the D Drive and the program files are on the C Drive.  When reinstalling the OS onto the C Drive, it will wipe clean everything on there while the D drive remains unharmed.  I have found from the "Data File Management" button, under the Outlook File Menu, that my email files are stored in the Application Data Folder on the C Drive.  How can I move/copy and somehow not lose my whole history of email during the reinstallation process.  How then, do I get the reinstalled Outlook program to find and recognize all the emails again?  It's a bit strange.   Am I write in the impression that all of my emails, thousands, are contained in one file?  Thank you so much for taking the time to read and hopefully help me with my situation.  Best,Matthew

Answer:Moving/Copying Outlook Mail Files

Matthew ,  You should find all your Email stored here .The default location where Outlook 2003 stores your data is in Documents and Settings\<user>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\outlook.pstTo double check where Outlook is saving data, go to Tools > Options? > Mail Setup > Data Files? and you will see a listing of all of your data files (along with an interface for managing them).Hope this helps you dl65  

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My laptop used to work great in every aspect on windows 10 days ago .... 2 days ago i installed linux mint to give it a try and formatted the hard disk, but i couldn't acclimate to linux os.

so i downloaded W10 iso and did a fresh install...but i discovered that my laptop becomes quite slow while transferring files! i can't even access settings or open browser while the transferring process!

any help please!

Answer:Laptop gets very slow while copying/moving files

The drive may have formatted with the wrong sector size. I've heard of a 512 / 4K sector problem that can cause this. I suspect you need to completely ease the drive and use win 10 boot media.

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I pinned the Files folder in my account to the Windows 10 Start menu, and also saved this folder as a favorite in Edge, which is my default browser. But after closing Edge, when I then click the tile in the start menu, or after opening Edge, if I click the OneDrive link in the favorites bar, OneDrive opens my Shared folder rather than the desired Files folder. To see the Files folder, I can click "OneDrive" in the menu bar. Moreover, after the Files folder has been opened, if I then add a tab and click on OneDrive in the favorites bar, OneDrive correctly opens the Files folder, and will continue to operate this way (the correct way) as long as I don't close the browser. When I saved my OneDrive Files folder as a favorite in Firefox, I experienced the same problem. So the problem does not appear to be related to Edge.
How can I make always open in the Files Folder the first time?

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All the files exist on a server 2008 R2 NAS shared folder. Our users can copy files from a zipped folder to another non-zipped without issue on their XP workstations.  On the new Windows 7 workstations, neither copy/paste, ctrl+c/ctrl+v, nor
drag and drop move all the selected files to the destination.  The progress popup shows progress and then just disappears without event  nor error.  The destination folder will contain some of the selected files but seldom all.    I
have been able to recreate the problem and have applied several TN posted solutions but the issue remains.  Has this been seen by anyone else?  I am not interested any third party apps or complicated workarounds being my end users are not technical.

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Hi all,

I've installed Vista and I'm trying to copy files over from my old pc over my network. The old computer can write to the shared file fairly fast... what i would consider normal, but when I try and copy and paste from the shared documents folder into the new PC it is taking absolutely way to long.
For instance, when copying a folder of music, 34MB, it took about 7 minutes. Thats insane.
Could it be bad memory? I havent tested the new memory yet because i dont have any floppy disks to make a bootable disk.


Answer:Vista (64bit) slow copying and moving files?

Do you have SP1 installed?

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I just found this webpage containing "tool" that claim to speed up file transfere:

15 Free File Copy Tools Tested for the Fastest Transfer Speeds

Are there any side effects or consequences to speeding up file transfere?

To me it looks a bit fishy that Microsoft did not 'discover' this speedup technique and incorportate it into Windows

Answer:Do you believe in/trust software that speeds up copying/moving files?

Of all the copy tools listed, the only one I have personally used is TeraCopy. It worked flawlessly with no issues. It's also listed in the Forum's "Free Great Programs" section. (Since everything is listed alphabetically you'll have to scroll through several pages of programs. Or, click Ctrl+F to open a "find" window and type in TeraCopy to go right to it.)

As to why Microsoft doesn't incorporate these things into their OS, I have no clue.

FREE Great Programs for Windows 7 [2]

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I've just installed 8 on my Dell OptiPlex 380 at the office and I've noticed that randomly, file explorer windows will close on their own - even when I'm not actively working with them. The same goes for file copy/move operations.

I first thought it might be that the external hard drive was losing connection but now I've noticed it when working with local drives and when browsing my documents folder. No error at all - the window simply disappears. If the it's a copy process, the file will be partially copied so it's definitely ending the process and not just hiding it.

For the record, this existed from the first second I installed it, before I even installed any software.

This is especially annoying when moving files, as they only get partially moved and end up being corrupted. Thank God for backing up. =)

Ideas of where I should go with this?

Answer:Windows keep closing when browsing files or copying/moving

That's odd, you can try hitting alt+Tab and see if the window is simply hidden.

Or, you can use Teracopy:

TeraCopy for Microsoft Windows - Code Sector

Try that, copy something, see if the windows vanishes with that as well. Something is stealing the Copy Process' Point of Focus.

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To start off, I absolutely love Windows 7 and this is the only problem I've had with it yet.

Any time I go to move or copy a large enough file, W7 slows down so much that it is unusable. The transfer rate starts off at about 40 MB/s, but eventually slows to about 9 MB/s. If I cancel the transfer, everything goes back to normal and W7 works flawlessly and very fast.

I already installed and tried TeraCopy (someone else had my same issue and installed it with successful results), but for me this did not change anything.

Can anyone please offer me some advice on how to fix this issue? The transfer rate/slowdown was bad enough on Vista, but this is just unmanageable. I really, really love Windows 7 and definitely do not want to switch back to Vista or even XP, so I'd love if someone can help me.

Thanks again, very much.

Answer:W7 slows to unusable crawl when moving/copying files

What are you transferring to? Could be a driver issue, or even an anti-virus issue...what anti-virus solution are you running?

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Hi everyone!

I'm having very annoying issues with my computer and need help...

Basically, opening any folder takes at least 30 sec, moving, copying and deleting give me time to grab a cup of coffee (or 2!) and so on... Opening applications isn't easy either, the Start menu takes a long time to pop up as well.

But... applications do work once they're open. Even games such as the Sims, heavy ones, I mean.

I'm puzzled... my tech guy had kind of repaired a similar episode 2 months ago by replacing the network adapter (hope that's the right word for it... English is not my first language... I mean the plaque that will connect me to the internet) and formatting the computer. Now the issue is fully back and I'm not using the network adapter anymore (I disabled it) and now I use a USB wifi adapter instead. Taking it out makes no difference.

Could someone help me narrow down this issue?

Here's my PC info:

- AMD Phenom 8450 (triple core)
- 1 GB RAM
- Win XP Professional SP3
- MSI K9a2 CF motherboard
- Sapphire x1650 pro graphics card
- 2 hard drive partitions... my C drive (the windows drive) has about 50 free GB and the D (just for files) has only 8.

I have conducted chkdsk /r on both my partitions and there were no errors found (I couldn't find one of the logs tho... just saw on the screen that no errors where found at the end).

As said, everything was recently formatted, nothing weird installed.

If I could copy and paste the taskmanager I would,... Read more

Answer:Slow performance when opening folders, moving, copying and deleting files

How large is your profile? To find out:

1) Open Windows Explorer

2) Navigate to C:\Documents and Settings

3) Right click on your username and select properties

If the Size is more than 100GB, I'd strongly suggest either deleting stuff you don't need or moving stuff that you to use often to some sort of "archive" folder outside of your profile.

Let me know if this helps. If not, we'll look a little deeper into the issue.

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So, I've had this 2TB external hard drive for a while. I'd say about 3 years, maybe a little more at the most. It started when I was downloading some mods for one of my favorite games. I was making backups of the files just in case anything didn't work and I needed the original. So, after about 2 or 3 days of modding. I noticed my game would stop at the loading screen, music stopped too and the game did absolutely nothing but just sit there. Wasn't frozen, just waiting. I thought this was quite odd, but I didn't think much of it considering I was modding and changing files all the time (even if I did keep them straight and knew what I was doing).

So I re-installed the game without any mods, tried to load the game and play. Same thing and I thought it was related to the game itself until I noticed.. Windows 7 was checking the drive (and fixing, every time) errors on that hard drive every single boot when something on the drive had been changed. Windows must be detecting issues when writing files and thus, checking the drive. But it's weird, there's always just a few files missing. I've tried other games (installed them) and got the same result.

I haven't used this drive much. In fact, it used to be used for data storage. I know there aren't any issues with installing games to external hard drives. I've done it many times. The drive also runs off of a external SATA (eSATA).

Anyone have any ideas? The drive doesn't c... Read more

Answer:Solved: Hard Drive missing files after installing, copying, or moving anything.

Really? No one?

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I have all 4 PC's in the office using Windows 7 Pro. I have one computer that is designated to house my share folder for scanning documents and attaching them to our management system.  We are finding that multiple problems occur - not at once and at
different times .  Sometimes, the document within the shared folder called "IMAGEBATCH" will not delete.  Sometimes that document deletes, and then re-appears within the IMAGEBATCH folder.  Sometimes the document will not
scan through the network to the IMAGEBATCH folder.  Sometimes we get an error saying we "don't have permission to delete this file".  These circumstances occur on all computers, including the computer that houses the original file IMAGEBATCH. 
Sometimes in the day, each computer that is supposedly looking at the same IMAGEBATCH folder see different files.
Restarting the computer clears the problems, but then start right back up at irregular intervals, sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the middle of the day.
I did find a duplicate file named IMAGEBATCH on the "C" drive of that PC, so I deleted that, but the symptoms are still there.  This is the only shared folder in our entire network.  What can I be missing?  I have checked to make
sure it is a share folder, all the permissions are in place, and that we all can see the folder through the network.  What am I missing?  I am the owner and administrato... Read more

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why would vista take forever to move delete (permanently and moving to recycle bin) and copying files. it's not really the operation that's slow but the calculating time remaining stays up forever after the operation is complete and keeps it from starting for a long time?
anyone have any ideas

Answer:calculating time remaining moving, deleteing, copying files verry slow

because many handles and processes are working simaltiousely, your hard disk activity is so busy with all processes, so it should need so long time for this, add to this, you need UAC to be on and shows you prompt message for file operations.
Good luck

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I've mapped some folders in my laptop (Windows 7 Professional 64-bit).
I wanted them offline so I chose make available offline. After some days I've removed 'Make available offline'.
Now, the problem is when I open a file in shared folder for modification it's taking a local copy the changes are not reflecting in server. 
What I dont understand is when I removed offline, how am getting a local copy instead of the files in server.


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Hi! I have decided to shared folder but averytime I add a file to that folder the file is not automatically shared but I have to share it manually. Is there a way to tell that avery file I'll add to that folder has to be intended shared...

Is is not a big deal but it is annoying...

Answer:Add files to a shared folder

This is how I share files. Network File Sharing.pdf

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I accidentally deleted my share pics folder when i was cleaning out my photos. I realized it was really dumb, because i cant get it back. I emptied trash, forgetting it was there.
Can somone please help me get it back?

Answer:Shared files folder?

brandendumont, file recovery is a serious and tedious process and can be expensive read about it here and then decide what you want to do.
**stop using the PC that you are trying to recover files from immediately and turn it off until you read the links OK.

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I am running windows XP and using the shared Dcoument folder to share JPEG files on two other computers. When I go to the other computers to open the Files (jpeg) the folders are showing up along with the thumbnail of the picture - not the actual picture just a Icon. I tried viewing the folder in different views but i get nothing just the Icon.
Is it a setting on the main computer that needs to be checked in order to see the JPEG files
on the other computers.

Look forward to your help.

Answer:Cant See Jpeg Files in Shared Folder

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I have a folder on One drive that I have shared with a friend with one drive account.
Both accounts are personal. Is it possible for my friend to add files to the shared folder.

Answer:Can others add files to shared folder on one drive?

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question I have a folder on One drive that I have shared with a friend with one drive account.
Both accounts are personal. Is it possible for my friend to add files to the shared folder. Yes, your friend can add files to your shared folder, provided you have the proper permission settings for the folder set up. On your PC, go to Onedrive and navigate to the folder you have shared, and click on "share", then "invite people", then add the people you want to allow, then change "recipients can only view" to "recipients can edit". Done!

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On my home network with 4 PCs I can access all shared files with no problems except from one PC. This PC is running XP SP3 and any files in the folder when it is shared are available and can be opened no problem but any new files moved to or created in this folder are can't be accessed by any of the other computers, as in "Windows media player cannot access this file. The file might be in use, you might not have access" and so on.
Never met this before on my others systems new files and old files are all available as long as they are in a shared folder.
Thanks for any suggestions

Answer:No access to NEW files in Shared folder

Have you compared Properties of a file that can be accessed with one that cannot to make sure ownership and permissions are the same?

XP Home or Pro? If Pro using Simple File Sharing?

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I have a PC with Windows 8.1 and a Mac with Mavericks. I have a folder on the Mac that is shared with the PC. When I'm on the PC and I try to open a file that is shared by the Mac, such as an ISO file (a disk image), then I get a message saying that I cannot open the file, or the file is in use (it depends on the app/filetype). I have the same problem when I open a video file. Strangely, text files and PDF files are just fine. And if I copy any of the problematic files to the local Windows disk, then I can open them just fine.

The specific error messages are:

- AVI files opened in VLC: "Your input can't be opened. VLC is unable to open the MRL."
- ISO files opened by Windows Explorer: "Sorry, there was a problem mounting the file."

This only started happening after I upgraded to Windows 8.1 on the PC and Mavericks on the Mac. Mavericks upgraded its SMB version from SMB1 to SMB2, so perhaps that is related?
Does anyone know what the problem might be, and how I could fix it?

Thanks in advance!

Answer:W8.1: Can't open files on SMB folder shared by a Mac

Welcome to Eight Forums,

The upgrade seems to be an issue in your case. I'd suggest for you to download the latest driver from the manufacturer's site for your network adapter, see if that helps. I don't think that there's a way to revert your Maverick's SMB version.

Please post an update or your progress.

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Somehow files and folders in "Shared Documents" have become inaccessible through the directory tree. The only way to open "Shared Pictures" or "Shared Music" is through the hot link availabe under "Other Places" when "My Pictures", or the like, is open in an explorer window. When I try to access the folders and files through the directory tree I run into *.idx files. This is a new condition for me. Can anyone fill me in?

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Hi. I have been using my shared files folder to exchange files with the other computer I have at home, but I am trying to put a file in there and it tells me there is not enough disk space. The folder is empty. Why is that happening?

Answer:No space in shared files folder

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Hi everybody :

I'm having a problem with my System. I'm running Windows 7 Professional / 32-bit. Lately, I've been getting numerous BSODs. Most of them say "Bad_Pool_Header. On the latest one, I didn't notice any specific problem stated. To see if it's hardware or software, I'm thinking about doing a rebuild on my System (re-installing the Operating System). One question I have is....can I copy an entire folder to an external drive ? On the Propeties of my external drive it states : " 3.39 GB used.......928Gb Free". The Properties for the Pictures Folder states : "Size of files in Library---19.1Gb". So I figure the Folder SHOULD fit. But, can I do it in "one go". Or would / should I do it in parts ?

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We have word 2003 with sp3 XP Pro with SP3. When we go into File Open and list files in a folder we cannot choose copy from right click and move to another folder and right click and choose paste. The paste is dim. I can do a send file to desktop but no copy paste. If I use Excel on this same machine I can do the above with File Open. Have run a repair, have uninstalled and reinstalled Word with service pack. This used to work on this machine. Is there some temporary file that is damaged that is keeping copy paste from working.

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Hi Guys
I am getting the following error
"Could not find this item"
"This is no longer located in Drive:\ Verify the location and try again"
If I click retry it continues as if nothing happened.
Just started happening a couple of weeks ago and I don't recall any special happenings or installs at the time.
Does anyone have any ideas to the cause or rectification.

Windows 7 Ultimate

Answer:Folder not found error when moving folder to another location

Only if you copy from D drive? Always folder TEMP that's in problem?

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I run XP Home. When I click on My Network Places, it opens up to a Shared Doc Folder. In that folder are three sub folders called, Shared Music, Shared Pictures, and Shared Video. Each of these folders contain two .vbs script files all with weird names like "logo_anim_loop" and "nick on amp". I have no idea what these files are. They can not be deleted. Can anyone tell me what these might be and why they are there?

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Hello all, thanks for your help.

Goal :
Sharing a Vista 64 Home Premium Folder with an XP Laptop.

Problem :
XP can view folders, but not files, in the Vista Shared Folder. Files that were in the folder when sharing was setup in Vista are accessible, but new files are not displayed. New Folders do display, however.

System Setup :
MSHOME network, Vista private network sharing of a single directory. Vista connected by cable, XP laptop by Wireless.

Already Done :
- Triple-Checked Permissions (guest, everyone, etc.)
- Normal Vista Sharing configuration in place
- Checked through specific settings for 'guest' and 'everyone' access of the folder, including 'read files..'
- Checked the net in luck

The folder I'm sharing is a P2P download folder. Sharing doesn't work properly when the program is on or off, so it doesn't seem to affect anything.

Other things I've done :
- Turned 'indexing' on
- Made sure 'read only' was not enabled under folder settings.



Answer:Vista Shared Folder Files not Updating

Update :

The P2P stuff isn't a factor - created a new directory and shared - same problem.

I'm wondering if it may have something to do with XP. (service pack 3)

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I run XP Home. When I click on My Network Places, it opens up to a Shared Doc Folder. In that folder are three sub folders called, Shared Music, Shared Pictures, and Shared Video. Each of these folders contain two .vbs script files all with weird names like "logo_anim_loop" and "nick on amp". I have no idea what these files are. They can not be deleted. Can anyone tell me what these might be and why they are there or how to delete them?
(I posted this in the XP section but got no response, so I'm trying here.)

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I am running winows 7 ultimate 32bit as a server, i have the c:\ drive shared to all 13 users on the network. All 13 computers are running windows xp pro. The problem that I am having is this:

When i open up the shared c: drive on a windows xp computer, and open a folder to view files, it only shows 122 out of the 227 files.

when i open up the c: drive on the windwos 7 machine, i can see all 227 files.

when i open up excel or word, and open a file that is stored on the windows 7 machine, it will open fine, but when i try and browse for the file that is stored on the windows 7 machine, it does not show it.

now here is the interesting thing:
when i open up the shared c: drive on another computer running windows 7, (not the server) i can see all 227 files and have no problems.

i have multiple folders, ex: mypics2008, mypics2009, mypics2010, mypics2001, mydocs2000, mydocs2010, all shared off of the c: drive on the windows 7 server. this problem started a few weeks ago, i was able to see all the files in every shared folder off of the windows 7 server through all of the windows xp pr machines a month ago, and all of a sudden in the past few weeks, i am no longer able to see all of the files shared off of the server.

any help would be appreciated!

i have rebuilt the index on the windows 7 server
i have removed and redone ALL security, and sharing settings
i have checked, rechecked and checked again all the file sharing settings
I am stumped, and i consider myself knowledgabl... Read more

Answer:Solved: Cannot view all files in shared folder

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I have 4 worstations in the same HomeGroup
I can access the files of workstation 1 from the two workstations but the 3th one
in the 3th one the the shared folder appears but when I try to aceess the files inside I get an error can't acess contact administrator
the pasword protection is disabled in the workstation 1 and I can access the files from the other two workstations so I have no clue what is going on
I have disabled the firewall and Norton IS on both workstations but still can't access the content of the sahred folder

any help appreciated

Answer:can't access files in shared folder windows 7

have you tried right-clicking and choosing properties on that shared folder

then click the tab for Sharing . . .

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Hi all,

This is a problem that's been bothering me for days. I use an older computer (Windows XP Professional, SP2) that's relatively slow, but has a decent amount of disk space to store some of my files. While I store files on there, I prefer to access the files using my newer computer (Windows XP Home, SP2) since it's faster to extract/unzip files.

I can access all the folders & subfolders in the Shareddocs directory of my old computer perfectly, *except* ZIP/RAR files. Once I unzip the archive, my new computer can access all the files. But if I try to use my new computer to unzip the archives, it's telling me that it cannot find the file & that I don't have permissions for it.

So far, I've tried unchecking the "Simple File Sharing" box, and checking the permissions, and I have given everyone Full Control on my old computer. But I am still unable to extract/view the archives.

Any idea what might be wrong? I can just unzip everything on the old computer, but it's so horrendously slow I'd like some sort of solution to this.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Cannot access selected files in shared folder

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I have two computers, a desktop running Windows 7 Professional and a netbook running Windows 7 starter edition. I have shared some folders on the netbook and can access them from the desktop computer. However, I am unable to share folders on the desktop. From the netbook, I can see the desktop on my network and also the shared folders, but when I try to open them I am told I have insufficient authorization to so so. I have checked the authorizations on the desktop side and can see that "Everyone" has permission to open these folders for reading, and that the authorization extends also to subfolders and files.

I've been trying all day to resolve this problem and would appreciate any help.

When I set up these permissions, why doesn't Windows warn me that there's something else that will impede what I'm trying to do?

Answer:Insufficient authorization to see files in shared folder

You might try going into the Security tab of the Desktop's main drive or folder you want to share then add "Everyone" there as well. Security tab>Edit button>Add button>type Everyone for object name, apply, ok and so forth.

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I went into an image folder, right clicked on a image, and selected copy. I then left the folder to paste the image in another spot. Well for some reason when I went back into the folder I copied the image from everything in it was gone.
I first checked the recycle bin but there wasn't anything there. I'm assuming it is due to the file being large sized. It was full of photoshop images my husband had worked on. That is the main reason I'm worried they are gone. We did have some files I backed up but haven't done it in a while.
I tried doing the Previous Versions tab but there wasn't nothing. I checked hidden files and nothing. I then tried a system restore and then undid it since it didn't help.
I'm out of ideas to try. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

Answer:Files missing after copying from folder.

You can use this software here to find missing files:

Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File and Disk Recovery - Free Download

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This is something small, but kinda annoying for me. In XP, if I copied and pasted a file within the same folder, the file name would be "copy of file.ext". this was great for me cause I could easily sort the files by name and then move them to the final destination folder.

But now in Win7, the copied files get renamed with copy at the end, like "file.ext - copy". Now I cant sort by name, and have to use the sort by creation date. Its not that hard obviously, but try teaching that to senior citizen when all he wants to do is easily find his photos.

I know its a small thing to complain about, so please dont flame me. All Im saying is that I would like to know if theres a way to tell Win7 to rename copied files within the same folder as "copy of file.ext". Anyone out there think they can help?

Answer:Copying Files Within Source Folder

Strange i can do it

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We generate thousands of drawings for our projects. Ecah drawing have some related text files.For exaple a drawing p1234.dwg may have p1234.i, p1234.b etc . every week we have to copy the finished drawings and related files in a separate folder and send to client. We prepare a list of drawing being sent in Excel. Is there a way that this list can be read and the related files can be drawing files are copied to a separate folder. We can not copy the original folder as such as all drawings in that folder may not be required to be sent or all text files may not be required to be sent.Thanks for your help.

Answer:copying list of files to another folder

Any good backup program should give you the option of copying individual files. If you need to generate new files each week, then you may have to copy the newly generated files to a separate folder by saving them in two places and then copy the updated folders over to the customer.When they discover the center of the universe, a lot of people will be disappointed to discover they are not it. - Bernard Bailey

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I assume it is a bug since it is the only annoying thing about Windows 7 IMO. If I have a file and a directory on my desktop, if I right click and copy that file, then right click on that folder and paste, it rearranges my whole desktop icons. Is there a solution to this problem?

Answer:Windows 7 bug when copying files to folder?

Not a bug. It is correct. It is ordered by a default, usually name. To change default sort order then select a different feature of the file. 1/3 of highway deaths are caused by drunks. The rest are by people who can't drive any better than a drunk.

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How can I copy the contents of many folders into another single folder without copying the folders themselves?
I have 900 mp3 files in 50 folders and I want to copy just the contents of each folder into a master folder without the folder there are stored in so I have a single 'list' of songs.

Opening 50 folders and doing a select all, copy, paste is very tedious and the probability of missing a folder is high.

Answer:Copying files within folder without the folder to another folder


What Windows version and Service Pack? asking for reference and in case their is a different way to do this with your Windows version.

One thought is to do a search for *.mp3 files and when they all list from the location you have the 50 folders, highlight and right click copy and paste to the new folder.

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This seems crazy to me. I have a folder with a lot of TV shows labelled with the date of showing. When I sort them by "date" they end up all over the place, not in chronological order due to the way the files have been named.

So I want to drag them into correct order. With Vista this was fine, you could move a file within a folder. But with W7 (mine at least) if I try to move the file it just springs back into the same place.

I have tried changing security settings and enabling sharing, but it makes no difference.

Can other people move files within a folder? This is the same for all my folders.

Answer:Moving files within a folder

7 would move the file depending on the way they are arranged.

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When I had XP it was easy to move files from folder to folder but now I have windows 7 how do I move a file from one folder to another.When I right click on the file all I can see is send to but where I want to send it to is not listed.Can someone advise Thanks

Answer:Moving files from one folder to another

Also when using XP I was able to highlight a group of files and move them en masse can I still do that on windows 7

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Can any one tell me a good reason why when I move a folder of folders and files any executables in those folders loose their compatibility and administrative settings?

Is there any way to prevent this happening?

If not, is there any way to apply this setting for a collection of files rather than one by one?

Any help and advice greatly appreciated.

Answer:Moving a folder of files

Can you give more details for what you mean by "lose their compatibility and administrative settings"?

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I curently use a shared folder on my desktop to store all my music collection that then allows me to either use WMP on my desktop or WMP / Itunes on my laptop. I am currently trying to add all the missing artwork. a lot of my artwork can be seen in WMP but not itunes. I know how to get the album art into itunes but when i look at the shared network folder on the laptop it doesnt show any files except for the ripped music files. On the desktop i can see the all the files. I guess there is a setting to allow this but I can't seem to find it! Desktop is XP, laptop is vista. All ideas welcome, many thanks :-)

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I've been using file and printer sharing for quite a while on various home networks, but this problem has me completely stumped.

I have one folder on each of 2 Windows XP Pro machines shared. I can access some of the files in this shared folder but not others. The problem is not specific to size (some are larger, others are small) or type (some are EXE's, others are .TXT's). I simply get the "Access denied" error when trying to open, run, or copy some of the files.

I've tried deleting the folder and re-creating it, and that doesn't work. I've disabled Windows firewall on both systems. That didn't work either.

Answer:Solved: Unable to Access Certain Files in Shared Folder

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Hi Guys,

I am migrating my user's home folders from one storage server to another storage server. We have offline files sync enabled and users use to work at work in offline mode and the files/folders sync when they connect to the company's network.
I have done some testing before migrating and found an issue that need assistance from your guys.

I pick a test user say "Testuser01" and logout him out from the system. I have copied all home drive stuff from Sharedserever-1 (Old) to Sharedserever-2 (New) for test user and make the required changes in AD profile and GPO for drive mapping. As
the Testuser01's documents pointing to H-drive (My Documents) are available offline on laptop in Documents folder. Now I have worked offline as "tesetuser01" and created some test files but when I logged in and connected
with my company's network H-drive is it correctly pointing to new Sharedserever (i.e. Sharedserever-2) and Documents path also redirected to the new server location. However the files created in offline mode were disappeared instead of sync with
the new Sharedserever.
I could not figure out why and I don't know if it something with CSC - Client-Side Caching folder ?
Any help would be appreciated.


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Additional Note:
Performing a net user * /DELETE has no effect on the share that is not working properly. Also when performing a new use the share does not appear in the list.

I keep having a re-occurring issue.

I start by creating a shared folder on a Windows 2000 Server. From my Windows XP Pro laptop I'm able to access the files in the shared folder. At some point either from logging off the network or network changes that occur over night, I lose share. By losing the share I mean that I can access the folder that is shared but it does not show any files in the folder even though there are files. If I turn off the server, I get the same empty folder results. I've tried registering and flushing the DNS several times and reassigning my IP address. I'm at a loss as to why the share will not show any files. If I create a new share on the same server it will work fine until I leave for the day and return the next day. I would like to understand more about how shares are created and handled in Windows and then I might be able to figure out why this problem is occurring.


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I have an excel spreadsheet listing over 300 hundred pictures that I need to send to find.

I know where all these images are located, but the folder they are in has thousands of other photos.

Is there a way for me to easily find the picture on my excel list?

Answer:Copying multiple files in a list, from one folder to another...

Welcome to the Seven Forums.

What do you want to do with the picture once you find it?

It should be possible to run batch file...
...the batch file reads the Excel list*
...the batch file copies** the photos of interest
...and puts then into a temporary folder on your desktop***.

*assumes that the Excel file can be saved as text (CSV).
**or moves or maybe a few other things
***or a different location/folder

Does that sound like something that would help you?

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Hello all,

I'm running a genuine copy of Windows 7 Ultimate. I just completed a fresh install (with MS's help) and now I'm reinstalling all my files and programs. I have copied the "My Documents" folder from a backup drive to another drive. However, I noticed that in the source drive there are "214 items" but in the destination drive there are only "144 items". This is my second attempt at trying to move the files from one drive to another. The first time I copied the times, only 114 items copied over.

This doesn't make sense. Maybe because there are too many files or it's too large of data for the clipboard? What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Missing files after copying folder to another drive

Copy the data in smaller chunks, if you try to copy something that`s already been copied it will let you know.

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I want to move my Program Files folder from the default drive/partition to another drive/partition. From C:\...\Program Files to D:\....\Program Files, for example.

XP warns me that this is not desirable but I would like to shift the folder because of the way I have partitioned my XP drive. Otherwise I am going to have to partition my hard drive again, and reinstall XP.

Any opinions please, for and against. Bazza

Answer:Moving XP Program Files folder?

Bazza, this link talks about moving C:\Program files to another drive.

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I have a HP Pavilion running xp home edition sp2 with a 40GB hdd. The c: drive is declared at size 33.1GB due to the HP recovery partition.
On the c: drive the largest folder by far is Program Files at 19.3 GB due to a subfolder Microsoft Games 17.2GB containing Flight Simulator 9 14.1GB.

I would like to fit a second drive and move the folder Program Files on to it to free the space on c: to let the ststem run more freely. Can it be done without having to reinstall everything?

Answer:Moving Program Files Folder

Can it be done without having to reinstall everything?Click to expand...

No, because of each of the program's relevant registry entries will need changing to reflect the new location, one hell of a manual job that is to the point of being quite simply impossible.

You would be better to create a folder on the 2nd hard dive call it MY Programs (or whatever you like) then whenever you install a program select the custom install options and install the program to the folder on the 2nd hard drive.
You can tweak the registry so that any applications you install from now on will be installed on the 2nd drive
change the Data of this String Value ProgramFilesDir from C:\Program Files to the path of the folder on the new drive where you wish the programs to be installed to
See here for info -

If you want to make some space on C then uninstall any apps and re-install them on 2nd drive.

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Hi all,

I have a folder with around 80,000 files in it and would like to move them to 3000 files in each new folder.

Any suggestion?

Answer:Moving a fix numbers of files to a new folder.

just create your new folders then highlight the files you want and right click and drag to new folder created and select the 'move files' option
depending on how many files and the size of the files moving, it may take awhile for the process to complete every time you move a lot of files to another folder

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I have tried everything I can think of, and can't do this. I want to put all my .xls files into a library folder. Everytime I try to do this. Excel opens before I can move anything. My files are scattered all over various drives, and I want them all together.I am sure I am missing something very simple. Please help?

Answer:moving files into library folder

You can't move files into Libraries. Libraries are sort of shortcuts to all the files in a folder. You can add folders to libraries. For more info click on this link Windows 7 - Tutorial Index and then click on the L. There's a bunch of them.


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I've recently reformatted my hard drive and set up a fresh installation of Windows XP. Before installation I repartitioned my drive so I have one logical drive for windows to boot from, another dive (P:) for all my applications, and F: (Fun n Games )

Now I want to configure the 'Program Files' Folder Path to be 'P:\' instead of 'C:\Program Files\'.

1. How can I do this?
2. Should I move everything already in c:\program files\ to the new location? (i.e. 'Common Files', 'Java', 'Outlook Express' etc.)

Answer:Moving the 'Program Files' folder.

Definitely don't do number 2. That will probably just corrupt your programs. Leave the ones that are already in Program Files there; there is no easy way to move them (esp. Common Files, Outlook Express, Internet Explorer). The programs that you have installed you cacn specify where you ant to install them. As to changing the default location, there is probably a way but I don't know off hand.

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I am having trouble with mkv files. Before you ask, yes I can play them fine with vlc media player. I also can delete them easily with a unlocker program. My problem is once an mkv file is on my computer I cannot move it. In case you are wondering this happens with every mkv file. They are not corrupt in any way. For some reason Windows Explorer decides to lock them up (when I use lock hunter it says that the mkv file is in use by Windows Explorer). I have looked at a lot of tech forums but it's always people that need help deleting. The few that I have found where people need help moving them, there problem is always solved because they didn't realize their external hard drive had to be converted from FAT to NTFS. It seems no one has the answer to this.

If this problem can't be solved this is my second question. What happens if I convert the mkv file to an avi or something else? Will it mess with the file at all? Will it erase the subtitles or something? I've heard an mkv file is special because it can store subtitles and lots of other things. I'm thinking if I can convert it to something else then it will allow me to move it around from folder to folder. Not really wanting to test it out on a file that took half a day to download heh. I suppose I could test it on a smaller mkv file but then I would not be sure if it would work with a larger one.

Any help is greatly appreciated

Answer:Having trouble moving mkv files to a different folder

Unlocker doesn't only delete, it moves as well. But I guess you already knew that?

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Hi all,

I have a folder with around 80,000 files in it and would like to move them to 3000 files in each new folder.

Any suggestion?

Answer:Moving a fix numbers of files to a new folder.

By the way the word is COPY and then confirm, then remove old folder
ie sometimes move faults and then you may be unsure where's what.

Anyway check out the above link

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Hi all,

I have a folder with around 80,000 files in it and would like to move them to 3000 files in each new folder.

Any suggestion?

Answer:Moving A Fix Numbers Of Files To A New Folder.

You can halt Shift and choose which file you want to move. The left panel in Explorer you'll see the number of files which you choosed.

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A folder has 80 subfolders, and each of these subfolders has 3 folders, and each of these 3 folders has 15 files, for a total of 3,600 files. I want to move all of these files to one folder. I realize I can do it by moving files from each folder, but I'm looking for a way to automate the process.

Thanks for any help

Answer:Moving Files from Many Folders to One Folder

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I am using Outlook 2002. After a search, I would like to be able to drag the email I found to another folder. When I try, I get a message "CAN'T MOVE THE ITEM(S)."
I have no problem doing this in Outlook 2000. Does anyone know why I can't do it in 2002?

Answer:Moving email files to another folder

Just right-click on the message and choose «Move to a folder». Then just choose the folder you want.

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I have shared one folder and in security I added "everyone" and given full permission (full control, write, etc.)

But still I cannot access some pdf files in the folder from another computer. I can open the folder but when I try to open the pdf file I'm getting some permission error. Then I went to the first computer I selected all pdf files >> right click >> properties >> I changed security and added everyone there. Then I could open the pdf files from another computer.

Now the problem is every time when I add some files in the shared folder. I have to select all the files inside and add permission even though the folder itself is given full permission. I wonder why is it so?

Answer:shared folder with full permission cannot access files inside

If the same users access this folder. Add each person individually with Full Control rather then the Everyone Group to the permissions of the folder. Or You can add the users to the Power Users Group. Then allow the Power Users Group to have Full control.

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Hello My roomate has created a folder on his desktop called "music1", and the permissions are set for full access/shared etc on his computer. I can access many other shared folders on his computer with my pc no problem. I can even listen to other music files on his computer in other shared folders. For some reason or other I cannot play his music files or copy his music files when trying to access the music1 folder on his desktop. If i'm thinking correctly the root folder must be shared to allow access to subfolders, but in this case...the shared folder (music1) is the root folder that was created on his desktop. any ideas?

win xp home os's


update: also I have discovered that if I remove the read only permission>hit apply>ok then when I reopen it the "read only box is checked again"

i deselect it again, and again, and again..only for it to reappear again.


Answer:Solved: shared folder cant copy, play or read files...

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I'm encountering a problem on different computers.
Internet Explorer 11 and Edge are not able to open files from a shared folder located on the same computer.
For example, let's say I typed this "\\\folder_1\DOC_FILE.doc" on the address bar.
The browser then shows : "This page can't be displayed".
When I display more information, the error "INET_E_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND" appears.
I have already tried to uncheck "Enable TCP Fast open" and it is still not working.
It seems like this problem cannot be reproduced on all IE11/EDGE browsers, and can be encountered on both Windows 7 and Windows 10.
Any ideas ?
Best regards

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