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Solved: Vista file sharing permission

Question: Solved: Vista file sharing permission

I have a network setup and operating successfully between machines running XP and Visa. The Vista file sharing is currently set to "everyone". I'd like to improve security on the Vista machine by limiting access to users logged on to machines on the network.

When I go to adanced sharing | permissions, the only user names I see are "everyone" and the logged on user name on the Vista machine. When I try to add the user name from the XP computer the check names always fails.

The problem seems to be that the only location recognized for searching is the Vista computer. How can I add the XP computer as a place to search? Or am I missing something else?

Thanks for any help you can offer.


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Preferred Solution: Solved: Vista file sharing permission

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Solved: Vista file sharing permission

That new user needs to have a user account on the Vista machine with the same name/password as on the client machine.

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Hi, I have a several computers on my LAN. One of the computers is the file server. There is a shared folder that is currently shared on the network. It's sitting on C:\. There is no a proper permission set on that folder. This means anyone can access to it once they are on the network. What i'd like to do is to set a permission on that so that only certain users are allowed to access to it provided if they can provide a correct password. So what i've done is that i've found some help on the internet. I followed the procedure. What i've done for a testing only is as follows 1. turned off the simple file sharing 2. set up a user and a group and put the user into the group 3. go to the shared folder called aaa -> click on sharing and security -> under sharing, select the share this folder, then permission, add the group (Full Control)-> apply and OK -> then go to security tab, add the group (Full Control) 4. Firewall on both computers (fileserver and computer as a client) are disabled5. Both computers are on the same workgroup6. Both are running windows XP Pro After having done all that, i went to the other computer that has its simple file sharing turned off as well. I went to my network places folder, and i could actually see that folder. When i clicked on the folder, it said that it is not accessible, ... contact administrator. Can anyone please tell me where i did wrong here? or any settings that i missed out on? Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance

Answer:Help with File sharing permission on XP Pro

In the "client" computer, are you logged in with an Account that has a Username and Password which is identical to that which you set up in the permissions of the "server" PC?Alternatively, try using the "Map Network Drive" option in the "client" PC to setup a network drive which points directly to the "shared" folder. Use the option to log in using a different Username/Password, then use the details as set up in the "server" permissions.

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Hi,I have a several computers on my LAN. One of the computers is the file server. There are a shared folder that is currently shared on the network. There is no a proper permission set on that folder. This means anyone can access to it. What i'd like to do is to set a permission on that. So what i've done is that i've found some help on the internet. I followed the procedure. What i've done for a testing only is as follows1. turned off the simple file sharing 2. set up a user and a group and put the user into the group3. go to the shared folder called aaa -> click on sharing and security -> under sharing, select the share this folder, then permission, add the group (Full Control)-> apply and OK-> then go to security tab, add the group (Full Control)After having done all that, i went to the other computer that has its simple file sharing turned off as well. I went to my network places folder, and i could actually see that folder. When i clicked on the folder, it said that it isnot accessible, ... contact administrator.Can anyone please tell me where i did wrong here? Your help is greatly appreciated.Thank you in advance

Answer:Issue on File sharing permission on XP

Associates,Restirictions takes priority over Permission. So turning off simple sharing may cause that.Why don't you try to add users or groups from Security tab of that folder?After general sharing you can assign different permissions to your users.Turn on simple sharing and try what I offer. Hope this helps

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Does Windows XP provide the option to set the permission for file sharing? For example, can I assign a password for a particular shared file though the network? Hope you all can help. Thanks!

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I have two computers on my network. Both use Win7-64 Ultimate and both have Homegroups enabled with all the file types enabled (video, printers, etc).
My problem is that I get an error message when I try to connect to any subdirectory under the users name (on the other computer). I can see the file structure and can see the subdirectory, I just cannot open it up when I click on it (using Explorer under the "Network" heading. The error message is something like this: You do not have permission to access (network directory name and file name). By the way, I have enabled sharing with my C: drives on both machines. Any ideas of what setting I am missing?
Edit: Forgot to mention that I can share files with other drives and subdirectories, just not the ones under C:\Users\(UserName)

Answer:file sharing permission problem over network


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Dear all,
Sorry for my bad English.

I have my machine (named SANTO) running windows 8.1 with extra hard drive (Z setting as shared drive (Z) in a network and people will access to the files with my local account (say user SANTO\tttm1).
tttm1 belongs to localgroup (SALE) in SANTO along with many other users. I have a folder (say "Report") on Z and I want only tttm1 can edit contents in "Report" folder but not anyone else in SALE. (everyone can read)

Aside from grant allow to edit to tttm1 and deny to every single other user in SALE, is there anyway to do it faster? I have many folder like this one and each for an user in SALE....

As far as I know, deny SALE and allow tttm1 will end up with tttm1 cannot edit because deny will overwrite allow

Thank you for your time

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Hi, everyone. I have connected my laptop & desktop via wireless router to share internet connection and files. I want to burn to DVD what I've saved on my desktop to give it some much needed room since my desktop doesn't have a dvd burner. I have shared internet connection however I can't get the file share to work. I can see the my desktop drive I specified to share from my laptop under My network places->view workgroup computer. When I click on the desktop drive being shared, this message appears: \\ not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. The network path was not found."
What the heck does that mean? Thanks for any info.

Answer:No permission to use this network resource for file sharing

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Hi. I apologize if this forum is inappropriate, I do not know if I am having a Unix problem or a Windows problem here. I have two machines, WORKER1 and WORKER2, both running Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit. I have the latest version of Cygwin and OpenSSH installed on each, and am running sshd from Cygwin on WORKER2. I have a file stored in the default Users\Public folder on WORKER1 that I am having permission issues with and was hoping for some advice on how to fix it.

I am using Cygwin on WORKER1 to ssh into WORKER2 using public RSA key authentication. Then after doing this I am trying to run a file located in Users\Public on WORKER1. I keep getting permission denied and have run out of ideas. Here is the permissions information I am getting from ls -l and getfacls in Cygwin. The file I am trying to run is

[email protected] ~
$ ssh WORKER2
Last login: Tue Jan 31 10:51:54 2012 from worker1

[email protected] ~
$ cd //WORKER1/Users/Public/pMatlab/MatlabMPI/Examples/MatMPI

[email protected] //WORKER1/Users/Public/pMatlab/MatlabMPI/Examples/MatMPI
$ sh
sh: Permission denied

[email protected] //WORKER1/Users/Public/pMatlab/MatlabMPI/Examples/MatMPI
$ ls -l
total 28
-rwxrwxrwx+ 1 Administrators None 2 Jan 31 11:01
-rwxrwxrwx+ 1 Administrators None 127 Jan 31 11:01
-rwxrwxrwx+ 1 Administrators None 250 Jan 31 11:01 Dos_Commands.bat
-rwxrwxrwx+ 1 Adm... Read more

Answer:file sharing permission issue involving ssh, cygwin

Issue resolved. It turns out that all of my permissions were set fine, but the software I was using (pMatlab) unzips as an encrypted folder! I did not know that green folder meant encrypted - I just thought that maybe you could set folder colors and the author liked to color-code his folders.

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I have a home network implemented using workgroup. I want to share a folder on my vista pc with one other user over lan. I want to set it up like if that particular user clicks on the folder (under "Network"->"My PC"), he gets access, but if some other lan user clicks on the folder, it prompt for a password OR give any kind of error.
So far I have tried going to to-be-shared folder's security permissions and grant "Everyone" read persmissions, but then everyone over lan gets access to the folder contents. If I remove everyone, then that specific user I want to share folder with also gets blocked out. So far its all-or-none results for me. Someone suggested me to create a local account on my pc with the same username as the friend I want to share folder with, but thats little clumsy stopgap solution for me because then I would have to create a user on my pc for every person over lan who I want to share a specific folder with. Is there any other way to accomplish the desired results??

Answer:How to give file sharing permission to a specific user over lan??

there are a couple of ways you could make it happen but they all involve extra time and or money:
1) set up as NAS system some of the like the buffallo drive will allow you to create users to access network resources

2) use a open source ldap implentation to create a directory

3) set up a win srv 2k3/8 directory

without a directory there is no way to centerlly manage users and ressouces thats why setting

a cheap way would be if you have a extra pc and a large HDD you can?store all the profiles and shared folders on this pc

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Hey Guys!! Worked alot on finding out how to do file sharing b/w Vista/Xp .. The strange thing is that sometimes XP laptop is discoverable to my Vista PC, and sometimes it just doesn't appear.. Totally confused.. Help please! Thanks!

Answer:Solved: Vista/XP File Sharing

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XP Home SP2

Vista Home Premium SP 0

McAfee Firewall; part of McAfee Security Suite

XP's firewall is off.

Vista's firewall is off.

Ethernet & Ethernet.

XP can ping Vista's IP address

Vista can ping XP's IP address

Neither can ping the other's friendly name.

XP can see Vista.

Vista can see XP.

I cannot access files, from XP on Vista.

I can access files on XP, from Vista. I can push files from Vista to a folder [ sharing is enabled ] on XP.

Same thing happens in selective startup.
All Microsoft services enabled & hidden; all other services disabled.
All startup items disabled.

I verified that the following services were started:
DHCP Clinet
DNS Client
Network Con
Network Local Aware
TcP / IP

What is the significance of being able to ping the IP address, but ping the friendly name?


Answer:Solved: Vista & XP file sharing

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I run a wireless home network with the following hardware software:

Desktop : Dell
Windows XP SP3
Norton internet security 2007
Network Magic
Wireless and or wired access

Laptop: Toshiba
Vista SP1
Norton Internet Security 2008
Network Magic
Wireless access

Modem: Zyxel DSL
Belkin Wireless router F5D7230-4

Both computers can successfully access the internet.

My troubles arise when I try to share files between the machines.. I can see the shared folders on both machines but when I try to access the folders/files on the “other “ machine I get the following error messages:

XP machine: Shared Folder not available

Laptop : Cannot access shared folder.
This computer can communicate with the other computer where the shared folder is located but accessing the shared folder is failing.

These error messages persist even when both firewalls are disabled.
In my efforts at troubleshooting I have pinged from laptop to desktop by computer name and got the result “Could not find host” and by IP address and got the result “request timed out”
Similar pings from desktop to laptop by name and by IP address are successful.

All other pings to modem and router are successful.

I have disabled MAC filtering and router firewall but cannot solve my problem .

Can anybody offer any suggestions ?

Answer:Solved: File Sharing Vista/XP

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File Sharing from Vista on a network
I have set up a wireless home network using ADSL with the following components:

TrendNet TEW- 432 BRP Wireless Router Hard

Dell Desktop with Windows XP OS (Sevice Pack 3) wired to the router

IMac desktop with Leopard 10.5.7 OS

Compaq Presario Notebook with Vista Home Premium OS

I am able to share any folders or files from the Public Folder on the Vista machine with the other 2 computers on the network. If I create a new folder or sub folder anywhere but in the Public Folder I am unable to share it on either the iMac or the Dell. The error message is the following:

\\Brian-notebook\ new folder is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions

Since I am the administrator of the network I am at a loss as to what the problem can be. I have allowed permission for my name to access and change any files in the folder and I can see it in my network places. It is not a firewall problem since I can access any shared file in the Public folder. I have also elected to allow "Guest" to access this folder.

Any help in resolving this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Answer:Solved: File Sharing with Vista

Are you password protecting the folders?
If not, you need to turn off password protection.
Have you right clicked the folder, click properties, and set up sharing?

More help here:


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Im on my laptop right now, and came to ask a question about an issue that sprung up a few days ago, magically.

I used to be able to access my PC's shared folders without a hitch, but suddenly, it says they are all unavailable. Even if I browse to my PC via Network Places > Entire Network, etc, I can see the shared folder icons, but I can't get into them. It says I don't have permission to open the folders.

Any ideas? I can access the other computers on the network just fine, but not mine. As far as I know, all of the Workgroup settings are correct, and I didn't knowingly change anything that could have obviously affected this.

I even have shortcuts on my desktop to shared files that I work on, but they won't open. Says the drive or network is unavailable.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:File Sharing / Home Network - Sudden Permission Issue

Try restore back a couple of days ago then.

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I am having trouble accessing my PC shared files from my laptop. It used to work fine, but suddenly started getting the attached error message. I can see the shared folder ok, just can't get to the files inside. Well, the attached message is actually on my XP PC when I access the folder, but the message on the laptop which runs Vista is similar.

Not sure what "not enough server storage is available..." or how to fix it. It's strange how this just suddenly started happening, I don't remember making any changes prior to this.

Answer:[SOLVED] Problem with file sharing XP <-> Vista

Attached is the error message I'm getting on my Vista laptop while trying to connect to my shared folder on my WinXP machine. As I said earlier this was working fine just a few days ago and I haven't changed anything on either machine since.

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we have several computers on a wireless router high speed connection and the file sharing programs work fine on all the ones using xp but I wound up with a vista home premium os on my new( to me) computer and it will not run limewire at all, utorrent cannot get an open port on the router and ares opens and downloads for 3 minutes then locks the downloads but allows uploading just fine.
if I close it and then try to open it again it will not open, task manager shows it running in processes but not in applications and it will not stop the process
to open ares again I have to restart the computer
this computer is running an amd 5000 dualcore with 2 gig ram and nvidia graphics on board
360 gig hard drive with about 20% used
any idea why this is happening?
I believe it must be a setting in vista but haven't a clue where to look
tried shutting down all security programs with the same results
tearing my hair out


Answer:Solved: trouble with file sharing on vista HELP

Near the top of this page click on the "Rules" link. You will note that the first one talks about not asking for and not helping with P2P. While you're there you may want to familiarize yourself with the remaining rules.

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Well, I've a network of a few PC's some running Win2000 and some XP, I've a new PC with Vista.

I've set up users on the Vista PC but none of them can log into it. A window pops up saying,,

Logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer.

The Vista PC can access all of the other machines without issue.

What have I done wrong?


Answer:Solved: File Sharing Vista problem

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So far I have tried everything I know of and a lot from other sources, but I have yet to be able to share either. I have been able to "see" the two (vista & xp) PCs in the work groups, also I see the files to share, but that is it.
I am using a linksys wrt54g2 router in front of a ISP modem. No problems there.
Can anyone there shed some light on this problem? Is there anything I can do besides returning to school for a degree? Help!!

Answer:Solved: file & printer sharing: vista & xp

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Hi folks,

I'm new here so please be nice to me! Been wrestling with this problem for months now and finally figured that I need some help.

I've a small home network - two XP machines and one Vista. The XP machines are behaving well but XP to Vista (or vice versa) ISN'T. Everything was working fine up until three months ago when my partner updated Vista - file and printer sharing were working perfectly then suddenly nothing.

I've now got it back to the point where I can access the shared folders on either machine using the IP address (\\\Public) but not the computer name. This also means I can't browse the network - I get a 'MSHOME is not accessible...' message. Clearly it's not a permissions issue as the IP address is working.

I've tried changing the node type to Broadcast in the registry, but this hasn't made any difference

Obviously this isn't a major issue but as my router changes each machine's IP, it's going to mean work for me on a regular basis!!

Oh, both machines are only using Windows Firewall - and I've tried it with that disabled.

Many thanks,


Answer:Solved: XP/Vista File Sharing DNS issue - I think!

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I am trying to at the very least share a printer but if I could share files to that would be great. I have my printer connected to my desktop running Vista which is connected to the my router. Then I have a laptop which is connected to the router wirelessly. I have done all that I can think of to get it to work and nothing comes of it. They are both in the same workgroup and I have the desktop set for print sharing. But it just won't work. When I try to add a printer on the laptop and I browse for a printer it finds my desktop but not the printer. Any help would be great.

Answer:Solved: Print and file sharing XP to Vista

The basics for troubleshooting are:

1. Make sure you have the same IP scheme (e.g. 192.168.0.x).

2. Make sure you have the same Subnet Mask, Gateway, and DNS IP addresses.

3. Make sure you can ping the other computer's IP address. If this fails, just for testing, make sure you turn off XP's as well as any other firewall.

4. Make sure you can ping the other computers by name.

5. Make sure you have the same workgroup name (watch for trailing spaces)

6. For troubleshooting purposes, turn off XP's and completely uninstall any other firewall software. You can always add more complexity after you get it working.

7. With XP, make sure you have the same username and password as the person logging onto the other computers. The default setting for XP Pro is to require a password for network access.

8. More details about how to network XP can be found at:

9. More details on networking Vista can be found at:

10. More details about how to troubleshoot TCP/IP networks can be found at:

There continues to be a lot of misinformation about needing NetBEUI or to changing the NetBIOS setting. You can ignore both. Installing NetBEUI to solve a networking problem will just mask a some underlying and potentially important misconf... Read more

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Problem has been solved, thanks for the help!

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In trying to establish networking between my shiny new Vista desktop and the rusty old XP laptop, I tried a lot of things including changing the "share" options for a lot of the files on the new Vista desktop. I should have been more careful to document what I had done.

How can I restore the original "file share" defaults in the now not quite as shiny Vista System? On the laptop, I can see many things from the Vista machine that I don't think I should see but what I think is the main "documents" folder, the working folder (if I ever can do work on the new machine, has "access denied." )

any suggestions for returning to factory status other than using the recovery disks I so painstakingly burned?

ancient one who long ago did OS360, IBM DOS and PS 44 but is probably too aggressive and very lost in Windows particularly Vista.

Answer:Solved: restoring file sharing defaults in Vista

well, I changed some of the files to eliminate "everyone" from security tab. without a restore to default tool, I would still like to find a list of the original settings.

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I've looked through the previous posts and have tried many different things, but I can't make any progress. Basically, I have a new Windows Vista Home edition computer that is connected to a router to the internet. I can get on the internet fine. I also have a XP computer connected into the router and connected to the internet. I have a printer connected to the Vista computer.
I cannot see any files from either computer. In addition, I can't share the printer (at a minimum that is what I'd like to do).

I have:

Updated the XP system with the LLTD patch.
disabled (as best I can tell) all firewalls from both computers.
enabled file and printer sharing
can ping both computers utilizing network addresses
from Vista can see my XP computer under "Network & Sharing Center"'s "View Full Map"
Created a user account on XP with the same name and password as my Vista account and logged into it.

Cannot get to anything on the XP computer from Vista or see anything within the workgroup.
Cannot ping either computer utilizing computer names - I tried adding the Vista machine to the LMHOSTS file on the XP machine - didn't seem to have any affect.
And again cannot see any files from either computer or get to the printer on Vista.

Any help is appreciated!!!

Answer:Solved: Vista and XP Printer File Sharing Issue

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I don't know what to do. Can anyone help me out with some suggestions? I have both computers in the same workgroup (WORKGROUP) and I believe file sharing is turned on with both computers. Here's my ipconfig /all for each....

Desktop 1 (Vista Ultimate)
Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6000]
Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Users\Big D>ipconfig /all

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : BigD-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-16-17-EC-38-09
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::d514:8fac:7cc9:aaee%8(Preferred)
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Lease Obtained. . . . . . . . . . : Wednesday, August 29, 2007 9:06:47 PM
Lease Expires . . . . . . . . . . : Thursday, August 30, 2007 8:12:45 PM
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
DHCP Server . . . . . . . . . . . :
DHCPv6 IAID . . . . . . . . . . . : 201332247
DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . :
NetBIOS over Tcpip. . . . . . . . : Enabled

Tunnel adapter Local Area C... Read more

Answer:Solved: XP Home & Vista Ultimate File Sharing

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I have just installed Microsoft Windows Vista on two of my computers, and I have Microsoft Windows XP on a third computer.

I would like all three computers to be able to share files, and use the one printer (which is installed on one of the computers with Microsoft Windows Vista).

Can anyone give me some ideas on how to do this?

Answer:Solved: File And Printer Sharing In Windows Vista

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Iv'e shared my public files folder on the home network and everything was OK. One day all the computers lost the access to the folder. When I got to the setting I saw that 'Public folder sharing' option was of. I switch it back to 'On', Saving, and nothing. Getting back to this dialog box and sees it's still off (screenshot). Sometimes it's get back to 'On' byitself. and still no access to the folder. STRANGE BEHAVIOUR...
(Once I suceeeded accessing and seeing only Videos and Music folders was shown, for a moment and then... lost access).

Iv'e checked that all the services are running and they are.
I'm tried to use System restore... No luck.

Any ideas?

OS: Windows 7
Network profile on thie computer: "Home network"
* I'm using Norton Internet Security firewall, eliminating the chance it's the problem, I tried disabling it and then trying to access the folders - no luck.
* All the computers connect through TP-LINK router, this computer is wired, another is wired to and the third is wireless. Niether the wired and the wireless can access this computer.

Answer:[SOLVED] Can't change 'Advanced Sharing Settings' and file sharing isn't working


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Okay, here's what I've got:

Music video file named: Evanescence-My_Immortal(dvd-2nafish).mpeg

Resides in: c:\users\(myuser)\downloads\

I can not delete, rename anything to this file or the directory it resides in. I "Do not have permission". This is the same with the true administrator account as well.

File permission and ownership is perfectly file.

KillBox doesn't see the file.
Boot and Nuke can't see the file and neither can any of the other utilities.

This is not an invalid file - i can play the video with PowerDVD and Windows Media Player.

I can't figure out what else to do. I'd prefer to just rename the file and move it where it should be, but I can't.

Any thoughts?



Download processexplorer.

Run Process Explorer.

Click on "Find"->"File Handle or DLL"

Type in the name of the file that is giving you trouble. Click on any items that show up and "Close Handle". This may cause Windows Explorer to freak out for a second, but it's fine.

You can now delete the file.

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I have Windows Vista service pack 2, recently updated, it's working fine.

When the new Google Reader layout arrived I disliked it and decided to download another RSS reader, Omea. During download it created a folder in Program Files as usual, but Omea didn't work so I tried to uninstall it. While the software shows up in the add/remove programs list, when I try to uninstall it doesn't recognize Omea Reader as even being on the system, saying it's already been removed. I manually removed the software but it has left one file behind I cannot delete because I need "permission." The file is IexploreOmeaW.dll

I already have User Account Control off.

I've tried removing the file from the account I used to download the software as well as from the other account I have on Vista. Neither worked.

I made the file unhidden and changed permissions on it in Properties. That still didn't work.

The path is Program Files -> JetBrains -> Omea Reader -> IexploreOmeaW.dll

What can I do to remove this? Thanks!

Answer:Permission to remove file issue on Vista

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I have a network share setup b/w a Vista Ultimate x32 and XP machines. Using the XP machine, I open the Vista hosted share but found some files "missing", ie. even though they physically exist in the Vista machine, I simply cannot see them from XP.

Turns out that these files are missing the EVERYONE in the File Permissions (right click file, properties, security).

These are files downloaded using Firefox, and whether they are JPG, AVI, TXT, DOC, XLS they are all missing the EVERYONE permission.

If I download the same files using Internet Explorer, the files get created with the EVERYONE permission.

My current workarounds ... which none are desirable are this:

- Use Internet Explorer

- Add EVERYONE permission for each file manually (you have to do this one by one, can't select multiple files and perform bulk operation)

- Use CMD line utilities like takeown and icacls

Note this is a secure home network, and while file sharing using EVEYRONE isn't the safest way to do this, I can finetune this later. The key problem at hand is what I've described above.

Appreciate any suggestions I'd be happy just to be able to get FireFox create files with the full permissions, same way IE does.

Thanks, Excalibur

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I have a Belkin F5D7632-4 Modem with wireless G router which I am able to access the internet with my laptop absolutely fine.

But I would like to know how to share my printer on my desktop PC and files with my laptop using the router.

I am a beginner at routers and wireless networks and I had a bit of a game at setting it up a few months ago. It would be nice to share the printer between my desktop and laptop as well as other files.

Can anyone help me?


Answer:Solved: File Sharing/Printer sharing - wireless help

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Hi all,

I have a client who would like 2 computers already connected to a router for a shared DSL connection to be able to share files. My problem is this: This is an office and the 2 computers are quite a distance from each other. I am trying to figure out the most cost effective and efficient way to link these two together for enabling file sharing? What kind of cables would I need and what are the steps I should take on each PC to set them up properly? They are both fairly new Dell computers with Windows XP. (I'm thinking Pro edition)

Please help me with this. Detailed steps and information would be much appreciated. My usual method of NIC cards and connecting cables just won't work here. I'm puzzled what the best way would be. Thank you so much in advance for your reply!

Answer:Solved: File sharing question for 2 computers sharing DSL

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I just downloaded a trainer for a game and when I try to run it, my AVG says there is a trojan in it, and I think it locked the file. I would like to run the trainer anyway, but when I double click, I get a "Windows cannot access the specified device,path or file. You may not have appropriate permissions to access the item" pop up. I am on my admin account- I only have one account on my XP(SP3),so it must be an admin account right? Well, is there a way I can run the trainer without Windows blocking me? Hope someone here can help out.

Answer:[SOLVED] Need help with file permission

Your profile account is listed as admin, yes, but it's not really the TRUE Admin account. The real one is hidden in the bowels of XP. Go HERE to read more about how to activate the administrator account. You could also try right-clicking on the icon, select "run as" and then select the administrator account on the screen that pops up. I'm assuming you set up an admin password when you installed XP. If not, it might not have one and you can just try pressing ENTER and not insert a password.

Let me know how that works for you.


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hi all

i m managing file server on windows 2003 server. in a directory i want to give all permission except file or folder delete permission to domain user.

please make reply as soon as possible.

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Sorry for the post I figured it out !!!

Answer:Solved: File Permission Problem !!


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My network consists of the 3 machines in my sig. Both my desktop and laptop can read and write to all the shares setup on the WHS machine perfectly fine. Up until a few hours ago, I have never had a reason to do a file transfer between my desktop and my laptop.

Clicking Start, then Network brings up the network browser as usual, and when I'm on my desktop, my Server and my Laptop show up. When I double click on the Laptop icon, it brings up a window to enter a username and password. I enter the username for the laptop, then the password. "Logon unsuccessful". I then enter the username in the format "DOMAIN\username" like it suggests, same error.

I then think its because I dont have any shares setup on the laptop. So i create a folder on the Laptops desktop, and go to the advanced sharing settings and share the directory. I know its shared as the icon changed to a shared folder icon. No luck, still can't connect.

What am I missing? This shouldn't be that difficult. FWIW, the username and password for my Desktop and Laptop are identical. Also, same problem going from my laptop to my desktop. Both are set to "Private" in the network and sharing center.

I just turned off "Password Protected Sharing" in the Network and Sharing Center, and now I can connect. But I WANT a password, so that didn't solve the problem, just thought I would throw that out there.

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I have a router, that has a Windows XP PC connected directly via LAN, and a Laptop with Vista installed connected via Wireless.

I have not got into Vista, I installed it once on my PC, for about 3 hours, and then I formatted and took it off, and I've never bothered to learn it.

However I'm at my parents place, and the above configuration is what I am dealing with.

I have tried to get them off Vista, but the laptop came with it, so I have to deal with it now.

First of all, the Wireless Vista Laptop keeps losing connection with the router, I try reboot the Laptop, still has a yellow exclamation mark by the wireless icon. The only way to get it to work again is to reboot the router, this fix is only temporary. I can't do anything, including accessing the internet while I have this problem.

Second, I have a shared folder, on the WinXP, it's located within my My Documents folder, it's not the My Documents folder itself, it's a folder within the My Documents folder, the thing is the laptop gets to see the contents of the folder for a bit, before out of the blue it's no longer available. I have a feeling it's related to the first problem. However sometimes I'm still able to go on the internet on the laptop while this problem exists.

Answer:Windows XP / Vista File Sharing, Vista Wireles Internet

I forgot to mention, the Wireless Vista Laptop is always situated about 1.5 meters from thre router, and I have another wireless xp laptop I take all over the house that is never interupted

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OK...I have a Vista Business machine and a Vista Home Premium machine. I want to share a Folder from the Vista Business machine to my kids Vista Home Premium photo's and such. I have it shared on my machine, but they can't connect to the drive from their machine. What am I missing? Getting "Access Denied" and I have permissions set to read only instead of full control. Advice and pointers are welcome. BTW, they are on a wireless PC that connects via my LinkSys Router. This is all on a HOME network.

Answer:Vista Business to Vista Home Premium file sharing

Can the Home Premium machine even see the Vista machine at all? Have you tried using the Public folders instead? And even though you say you're on a Home network / LAN, is the Vista Business machine ever used as a part of a Corporate machine / domain user?

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I have a desktop running win xp & an HP pavillion laptop running vista. I have been doing file sharing for some time but now i suddenly get the following error msg on the xp:

\\<folder on the vista pc>\ is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator to find out if you have access permissions.

Access is denied.

On the laptop running vista i get:

\\<folder on xp pc>\ is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator to find out if you have access permissions.
Not enough server storage is available to process this command.
Notice the added line about server storage

I am the administrator & have never installed any passwords. All the folders are set to share mode. There is 20GB available on the laptop & 82 GB available on the XP.
I found some info on the net & tsg about & used regedit to go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\lanmanserver\parameters.
& changed the IRPStackSize to 15 on each pc. FYI: the irpstacksize line was not in either registry but I followed instruction to add it. It didn't work
I have been at this all day & am totally out of ideas.

FYI: I installed some new software in the last week:
Acronis true image home 2009"
JVC power tools 2009
I used Acronis to make an image of my C:/ drive, & a boot disk (dvd). I have been backing up my registry with ERUNT & nothing ... Read more

Answer:Solved: cannot file share. Permission denied

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Just wondering if anyone knows of a program that will copy files and folders along thier permissions. I came across the Scopy stuff on M$ but just wondering if there is a easier way....a GUI is always nice.

Answer:Solved: File and permission copy program

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Every time I want to open a program or install, etc., I get an alert asking for permission. I obviously approve of it or I wouldn't have tried opening that file. Is there a general way to turn off these alerts so I can add or subtract programs without this alert??

Answer:Solved: Vista Permission Alets

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Hi, I have Windows 7, was trying to change one host file which involves adding one line to it and every time when I try to save it i get a response "can not change the file, ask permission from administrator". I am administrator and only one using this computer. I thought administrator is able to change files on a computer without a problem.I've read through other threads here regarding similar issues but none of them solves my problem.
I'm not very tech savvy, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Solved: Can not change the file, asked administrator permission

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I'm new to Windows Vista having gotten my first laptop with VISTA preinstalled. However I notice whenever I ask Vista to do something it confirmes that I have asked it to do something and then it asks for permission again.

How do I stop this?

Answer:Solved: How Do I Stoip Vista from Asking for Permission All The Time?

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I have UAC disabled and have always been able to clean up my start menu by cutting and pasting the folders into categories I created. This morning I installed a Powerpoint add-on which created its own start menu entry. On attempting to cut the folder and paste it into the Microsoft Office category I got an error message saying I need permission to perform that action. This is the first time that has happened to me. My account is the only one on this machine and of course, it's an administrator account.

I checked Local Policy but could find nothing applicable.

Any ideas on how to get around this please?

Answer:Solved: Since when does an administrator require permission? (Vista headache!)

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Skipping the long story, I'll just say that I had to wipe my drive and reinstall Vista from scratch. I knew I was going to have to do it before my computer completely choked, though, so I went to the Drivers folder and copied everything directly onto an external harddrive. I thought I could then reinstall Vista from a disk, copy/paste the drivers for my hardware, and I'd be good to go.

I have reinstalled Vista (I didn't get a disk with the laptop, so this was a general Windows setup disk that I got from somebody else without my laptop's drivers on it [w/ my own key, of course]) and all went well with that. I have, however, mediocre sound and video, no wireless, etc. So I copied/pasted my drivers into the Drivers folder. Except when I did, I had to skip overwriting ~228 "conflicts" because I didn't have permission to do that. I tried to change the "Read Only" setting on the folder, but I got the same message about permission and access being denied. So I can't install all my drivers, and I suspect if I could, everything would start working.

Is there anyway I can get Vista to let me do this, or am I going about it the wrong way?

Answer:[SOLVED] Just reinstalled Vista: need permission to reinstall drivers

You could go to the manufacture web site of the laptop and download the drivers save to disk or flash drive from the computer you are on now and transfer them to the laptop.

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This one beats me.

Two new Vista Home premium dells are introduced into a simple peer to peer network. There were seven XP home puters and two of them were replaced by the new Vista?s. All 7 of the XP?s were sharing files and printers just fine. When I first setup the two new Vista?s they two recognized each other just fine and shared printer?s fine.
These are connected with a Belkin wireless FSSD7230-4 G router and Belkin wireless adapter cards. The old B standard adapters wouldn?t work with Vista so I had to get two new vista compatible Dynex G adapters. So there is a mixed B/g network.
I have no problem at all with XP seeing and accessing Vista or Vista seeing and accessing XP but the ability of Vista to access Vista is about 5% of the time. It will decide to access just fine even after a reboot for a half hour or so then it loses the ability to access again. When you click Network places they are all there but when you click them 95% of the time the green bar just slowly moves across the top and eventually one of several different messages comes up such as not sufficient permissions or the path is wrong? The messages vary. If you try to diagnose the problem it says to reset the adapter and usually it says that it was successful but you still cannot access the other vista puter.
Usually you can ping each other but frequently even when you can ping the other and see it in Network places you can still not access it. I just get that endless green bar an... Read more

Answer:Vista to Vista intermittant file sharing?

Are both the Vista machines updated to SP1?

Also some additional information -

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I have just bought a new laptop which is running Vista - my first experience of vista - and am having trouble getting file sharing to work so I can get all my photos and music from my old desktop running XP Home. I have turned off my firewalls in case this was the problem, made sure file sharing is turned on, made sure the workgroup is the same.

The problem is that my Vista laptop cant find any computers in the workgroup. I am able to find my vista laptop from my XP desktop though. I have made sure I have turned on Network Discovery on Vista also.

Any idea what I need to do? I dont really want to have to put everything onto DVDs to transfer...

Answer:File sharing from vista to XP

Slight update to this:

I have now managed to make sure that both computers can ping between each other, but have now noticed that the desktop is not recognising the laptop in my network places as one of the workgroup computers....

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Question: Vista File Sharing

I couldn't decide whether this was appropriate for Networking & Security or here...

I have a file server at home that is running Vista. My main pc is running the Windows 7 RC currently. How can I properly set up file sharing from my Vista server so that I don't get an authentication prompt when accessing the files?

I have googled this a decent amount and couldn't get any solution to really work. I tried creating the same account with the same password on both boxes, and that didnt work. I don't have a domain, so I can't set account permissions for a different computer. What is the proper way to do this? Is it possible?

Also, any time I hibernate and resume my main pc, I have to reconnect and re authenticate to the file server. Quite annoying. Thanks.

Answer:Vista File Sharing

The easiest way is to have matching accounts with the same passwords on both boxes, then just share the folder from the Vista machine and give that account appropriate access. You're probably missing that last step.

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not going to bore anyone with the perverbial vista sux etc. it suffices to say that it is bad code and that microsoft doesnt have to worry about anyone copying it since it doesnt work and noone wants it.
for us out here in the trenches who have to support it because people had it shoved down their throats when they bought it during a period, it is a real nusience hopefully, like millenium, short lived.
in a small business where someone bought a vista computer and others have xp, the problems with it's file sharing are to the point to where im simply going to recomend that the vista machine be upgraded to windows 7 business so that the xp machines who save files to the shared folder can at least see the files after saving them. that's right. that's how bad it is.

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Hi guys, i'm having problems sharing files and folders between my laptop and main pc, both are running vista, i've enabled file sharing on the two, my laptop picks up the folders, but wont let me open them. I have another pc running XP and vista lets me access the files on XP fine. I've enabled full permissions on both PC and Laptop, so what am i doing wrong?

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Ok, so I've got Vista Business, the wifey has XP Pro, and the new laptop has Vista Basic. I can access my wife's whole HDD with no problems, from my PC or the laptop. But, no matter what I do, I can't gain access to either Vista computer, from any of the other computers. I can see them on the network, connect to them, but it always says Access is Denied when I try to access a folder or map a drive. I've got Network Discovery on, File Sharing, Public Folder sharing, and Media Sharing all on, on both Vista PCs. Just need to get it running smoothly.

Answer:File sharing on Vista...

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I just purchased a new Toshiba laptop. It is 64 bit with Vista Home Premium.
Desktop is Compaq with XP. Connection between the two is cable direct connect through a Linksys router. Occasionally I do go wireless. Its a very simple network and its doesn't require any security since i am the only person that uses both computers.

Toshiba can read and write files on Compaq.

Compaq can see the Toshiba in its network places but when I double-click on it, I get a request for a username and password which I do not know what to respond to since I have no passwords set on the Toshiba.

I've set sharing on Toshiba C-drive and even turned off the Windows Firewall.

How do I turn the password prompt off or at least know what to respond.

Thank you to anyone who can help or point me in the right direction.


Answer:File Sharing Between XP and Vista


I suspect you are using homegroup. when homegroup is set up it generates a password. thats probably what it is looking for. If you dont remember it you can go into homegroup and generate a new one or change it

Hope this helps


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ok, so here's my dillema, I have a laptop which I want to install some software, however my cd-rom is broken and I don't have the money or desire to have it fixed... I have a desktop which is running vista, with two dvd r/w drives and when I was running xp on the desktop, I was able to share the dvd rom drives and use them over the network... however since i've installed vista on the computer, i am not sure how to enable sharing of the drives between the two computers, every time I go to the sharing part of the properties for the drives the button for it is grey and unclickable... is there something I need to adjust in the network settings and properties to make it available over the network, or is there some back door way to access the cd/dvd rom's from another computer????????

to clarify, since I already had someone suggest this to me, I am fully capable of sharing individual files and folders, and have already done so... including trying to create shortcut's of the drives in the shared folders... any other suggestions would be appreciated...

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i have 2 comps, one runs vista and the other runs XP.
to save myself down loading all my game files agian i'm transfering them from my xp machine to the vista. but some will open and some wont.

eg: COD2 files transfered and ran with out prob, but guild wars wouldnt run at all. is there a general rule of thumb that i can use to get around this??

Answer:file sharing from xp to vista

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Question: Vista File Sharing

I disabled "Password Protected Sharing" in the Network and Sharing Center. So why am I still being asked for a password to access files from one machine to the other? I can't even save my password; despite checking the box that says "Remember my Password" I constantly have to type my (long and secure) password for my laptop to access my desktop and vice versa.

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Question: Vista File Sharing

Hi all

I have set up file sharing on my home network, i have 2 external hard disks that i am wanting to share over the network. currently the way it is set up a username and password of the vista computer (with externals attached) have to be entered to see the files. this is good for one of the hard disks but i am wanting the second hard disk to allow everyone to see the files with out having to know the username and password.

is there a way of doing this with the advanced sharing options?



Answer:Vista File Sharing

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I have a desktop with Windows XP SP2 and my laptop has Vista Home Primium 64 bit. I have Norton Internet security 2008 installed on each computer. I managed to get my desktop to show on the network map in vista, but I cannot connect to my shared folders on my desktop. In my desktop, it will not see my laptop in Network places. I have both firewalls turned off, but still nothing. I have file and print sharing turned on in each computer. Both computers are set to the same workgroup. What am I doing wrong?

Answer:Xp/vista File Sharing

Have you read this document and made the necessary changes?File and Printer Sharing in Windows VistaPay attention to the Password Sharing section further down the page. Also verify that your workgroups are the same, that you have file sharing enabled on Vista, and that the folder in question is actually shared. Also verify that the same userid and password is defined on both systems and that user has access to the shared folder.

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I have four networked computers, three of them run Vista and the fourth runs XP Pro.

I can see every Vista computer on each Vista computer, but cannot access them. File sharing is enabled on all of them. The XP computer does not show up in the network places window on any of the Vista computer, nor does it's IP address show up on my IP scanner.

The XP computer can see one of the Vista computers (not all), and it, too, has sharing enabled.

Three of the computers, two of my Vista computers & my XP computer, run Kaspersky IS 2009. The third still runs a trial version of NAV 2009. My router is a DLink XTreme N Gigabit router.

I was told that this problem stems from firewall configurations, or lack thereof, on each computer. I am unsure as how to rectify it.

I would like to be able to access data between all of the computers.

Answer:File Sharing Between XP/Vista

Please close...

I got file sharing to work...

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I have a desktop and laptop on a wireless network.

I'm trying to set up file sharing between the two, using a Private Network in Vista.

I've checked several times. The settings on both computers are identical, but the laptop can access the desktop's files, while the desktop cannot access the laptop's files.

Any suggestions?


Answer:File Sharing in Vista

Hi is password protected or have you selected the laptops directory as a shared folder? When try to access the laptop with ya desktop what message are you getting or is it just a "public" empty folder?

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I am trying to share files between Vista and XP .. My Other Xp laptop detects the XP laptop.. but my Vista PC cant discovery my Xp Laptop .. Help Plz.. Done everything lol

Answer:File Sharing Vista XP

Are you trying to share wired to wired. or wireless to wired? I know it is possible to share wired to wireless from Vista to XP, just some certain settings that need to be changed.

Are you able to see anything under the Workgroup? Are you getting any errors?

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Hi, I have a custom built desktop machine running XP SP2 connected to this machine is my printer, wireless router and cable modem. I just bought a new laptop with vista home premium and there is another XP laptop on the network... both of these are connected wirelessly.

with XP firewall running:

Vista can see all the machines on the network but when I try to access the XP desktop's shared folders it says it cant access the machine, check the spelling of the name and make sure its connected. I can however access the XP laptop's shared folders and I can also get access to the vista laptop from both the XP machines. Vista machine cant see the printer either.

XP laptop cant access the desktop shared folders or printer either.

Without XP firewall running:

everything is tickety boo!! music and photo shared folders can be accessed from all machines by all machines.

This makes me think its the desktop firewall settings but I cant for the life of me find where its wrong or what I need to be changing.... firewall settings have exceptions for file and printer sharing allowed.

I guess the obvious solution is just to turn the xp firewall off but im not sure how good the router firewall is on its own - its a belkin wireless pre N router.

ANY help or assistance would be greatly appreciated as my head hurts trying to figure it out!

Answer:File Sharing between vista and XP

Successful Sharing involves some general consideration in Network settings,

As well as specific adjustment of each computer according to what it is allowed to be shared.

Vista File and Printer Sharing-

Basic XP -

Advanced XP -;en-us;304040

Printer Sharing XP -

Windows Native Firewall setting for Sharing XP -

Windows XP patch for Sharing with Vista -

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Ok so ive seen a few of these posts on a number of forums, ive tried everything but still no luck. I have a windows XP laptop, and a brand new Vista Computer. I was trying to set up sharing between the two. From the XP machine i can see the vista, but from the Vista machine i get this error.

"\\Computer is not accesible. You may not have access.....

Logon Failure: The user has not been given the requested logon."

Now to fix this i tried going into my local security settings and adding my vista comp to the "access the computer from the network." When I go to apply the setting though i get "Failed to Save Local Policy database."

I just want to be able to access my files so i can copy them over plz help.

Answer:file sharing XP to Vista

Hi. . .

Do you have the Vista Network & Sharing Center configured?

START | Network | Click on Network and Sharing Center

Regards. . .



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We have Vista Home Premium and a five year XP and can print from either computers on to an Epson R300 but have not been able to share files between them. My husband is convinced it is not possible as they are not compatible. I know some software cannot be transferred, but we are thinking on the lines of documents and photgraphs.When I read that Vista makes networking so easy, we are wondering where we are going wrong.If you can help, please make it easy in explanation. When I read some of the replies I just cannot always understand the terminolgy used.

Answer:File sharing between Vista and XP

This is how it is done. click here for some people however it does not work and there is a suggestion that the service pack due in the spring of 2008 will sort things out. I can share files between my Vista and XP machines.

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I'm trying to share files, really an entire hard drive and a printer between two computers. For the application, I need to run a program from one computer on a laptop by remote.

All in all it should be pretty simple stuff. I share C, It appears in the network under the computer. I'm having a problem when trying to access the file by remote tho. I'm denied access and it gives me a box

"\\Computer1\C is not accessable. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this network to find out if you have access permissions.

Access is denied"

I dont know how to enable access to the file from the other computer.


Answer:File Sharing with Vista

I can only provide non-specifics since I don't have Vista here, but in XP I am pretty sure you are able to share AND require logon credentials (of some kind) in order to access certain items.

A few things to check:

1) On the hosting machine, the account that is attempting to share the hard drive and printer--is it Administrator, or a limited user of some type? Not sure if this matters, but can't hurt to check.
2) When connecting to the hosting machine from the remote machine does a logon/credentials page appear asking you to enter information? If so what info are you entering?
3) When using the "Sharing" tab, what options are you selecting to share the drive?

Hopefully this gets you going in the right direction. This past weekend I was able to get my uncle's laptop (Vista) and my aunt's laptop (XP Pro) to connect to their printer in their computer room (XP Pro). I know it's possible!


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Hi all

I have 2 machines, 1 with Vista and the other with XP

I have just set up an ad-hoc network on my vista machine and connected both machines to it.

I can see the computers on both workgroups, however i can not access them. When i double click on the XP machine (in workgroup computers) it comes up with a user name and password panel. Neither of my computers have passwords so i have no idea what the user name or password would be.

Any suggestions????

Answer:Vista to XP file sharing (AD HOC)

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Hi Guys

i am currently having problems transferring old files from my xp home machine to my vista machine, my xp machine is showing on my network on my vista machine but it says it cannot access the machine. i have followed several online tutorials and made all the changes i believe i needed to make but it still wont work. I have connnected these machines via a x over cable as my router is in another room (if that makes any difference?) also my xp machine will nt show up my vista machine on the network..

if anyone could help i would be extremely grateful

many thanks in advance


Answer:file sharing from xp to vista

Turn off any firewalls for debugging. If the firewall is the problem, you'll have to configure it to allow access to "trusted zone" addresses. Note that some firewalls must be completely uninstalled to stop them from affecting your networking.

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD to open a command prompt.

In the command prompt window that opens, type type the following commands:

PING each remote computer by IP address, and if successful, PING by name. Open a command prompt as described above and type.

PING <ip address>
PING <computer name>

<ip address> - is the x.x.x.x IP address
<computer name> - is the computer name

A failure to PING is almost always a firewall configuration issue. Any failure to PING needs to be corrected before you go any farther.

Note: You can obtain the IP address and computer name of a computer by opening a command prompt (DOS window) and typing IPCONFIG /ALL. This should work for any Windows version. The IPCONFIG /ALL display will provide a wealth of useful information for debugging your network connection.

Check your Services are Started on all PCs:

COM+ Event System (for WZC issues)
Computer Browser
DHCP Client
DNS Client
Network Connections
Network Location Awareness
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
TCP/IP Netbios helper
Wireless Zero Configuration (XP wireless configurations)
WLAN AutoConfig (Vista wireless configurations)

Note: You can check the services in Con... Read more

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Came across this forum, but that didn't solve my problem. Wondering how to share files, most importantly recorded TV shows from my vista based HTPC to a few Macs that I have in the house. I had this working previously in MCE2K5 but am having trouble with RC1. Specifically, on the Mac side I can see my HTPC in the "Network" section, but when I try to connect, it says "The alias 'mycompname' could not be opened, because the origional item cannot be found"

Anyone have this working yet?

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Question: vista file sharing

Need advice
I am trying to share my vista computer with a laptop I have that has win 98 installed. I am trying to use the "manage network drive" method. I can get the vista computer to recognize the win 98 computer files, but I can not get the win 98 computer to recognize the vista computer. I am trying to do this using a router. Everything else works using the router e.i. internet etc. This is a wierd sounding explanation I know but don't know to reword the problem. I had a similar problem a while back when I tried to do the same with win 2k and win 98 computers. Anyway could use some help.


Dell E-520
vista home premium 32 bit
160g HD
2g mem

Answer:vista file sharing

Create an account on the 98 machine that exactly matches a preexisting account on the Vista machine (username and password; password cannot be blank). Now LOG IN on that account on the 98 machine. You should now be able to access files on the Vista machine.


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Me and my brother were trying to share files on the network like you would in XP. He right-clicked the folder and went to share and at the "Choose people to share with" screen it asks you who you want to share with and I wasn't on the list. He went ahead and clicked share and when I went to double click his shared folder, it said I didn't have the permission.

Could someone please explain how to share files over a network in Vista like you would in XP?


Answer:Help with File Sharing on Vista?

there is an extra step in Vista thats activated by default...
There is a new area in Vista called the Network and Sharing Center (or something like that). Search for that...inside there is a bulleted list of whats active or not in your sharing system.

Check to make sure "password protected sharing" or something similar isn't turned on, it was on my Vista Biz install by default, once I turned the password feature off I could see my shared drive\

Here is a shot of the Network and Sharing section (note that password protected is ON by default) :

Here is a better step-by-step :

Sharing Files and Printers in VISTA

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Hey guys,
I am running Windows XP Pro on my PC, Windows Vista on my laptop, and seem to be having issues regarding file sharing. File sharing has worked in the past, however I am having trouble after some recent changes. Both computers are on the same network. I have installed LTTD on the Xp machine. When I view network map on my laptop, I am able to see my desktop connected on the network. When I go into network on my laptop however, I am not able to see the shared folders that I have on my Xp machine. Also to add, when I am running Azureus on my desktop, I am able to see a media folder under networks on the laptop. Any ideas as to why I cannot see my shared folders?


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i have 2 comps, one runs vista and the other runs XP.
to save myself down loading all my game files agian i'm transfering them from my xp machine to the vista. but some will open and some wont.

eg: COD2 files transfered and ran with out prob, but guild wars wouldnt run at all. is there a general rule of thumb that i can use to get around this??

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I recently bought a toshiba satelitte with vista and ive got a p4 xp desktop computer.

Ive hooked the desktop up to a wireless (built in modem) belkin router.. Ive got wireless internet on the laptop and everything.

But what i want to know is how do i share files between the two, i cant see each computer on the network?

How do i share files between a vista pc and a xp pc?

Help Please?

Answer:File sharing between xp and vista

The secret is that both machines have to have the same Home Network name. By default, XP is MSHOME and Vista is WORKGROUP.

Run Home Network Wizard on both machines changing XP's default to WORKGROUP and they should connect right up.

Good Luck

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I've finally managed to set up my xp - vista network but its still not quite right.

I can access the shared folders on the XP machine fine from the vista machine, but when i try to access the vista shared folders from the XP machine, i get asked for a user name and password, when i type in the username and password it just pops up again as if i typed it wrong. I've currently not got a password set on the vista machine but i tried it with and it still didnt work

Its set to private network, and file sharing and public folder sharing is on (password required). both the firewalls are set to allow file sharing.

anyone had this problem before and know how to fix it??

Answer:XP to Vista File Sharing

When I suggested "post a summary" I meant in the same thread.

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Question: Vista File Sharing

I am running Vista x64 on my desktop and have a laptop running XP. From the XP machine I am unable to ping the Vista PC, hence I am unable to access files. From Vista I am able to ping XP and can access all shared files but not the other way around.

The Vista PC is connected directly to my Linksys router. My XP laptop connects wireless. The interesting aspect is my router is with a DHCP range from .100-.150, my XP laptop is and my Vista PC is

I am not sure how my Vista PC is on a different subnet outside of the DHCP range. I think is the main problem yet the Vista PC can see the XP machine. Both computers have no problems connecting to the internet. I have turned off all firewalls but still have had no success.

The Vista PC is a new Dell Studio XPS which was simply plugged into the network and was connected to the internet with no configuration. File and printer sharing have been enabled and it set on a private network. Both PCs are in the same workgroup.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Vista File Sharing

You need to allow the IP's through your firewall, Your need to setup your IP address's like this XP laptop:, Vista PC: and allow other wise if you don't allow the the number one up/down from the range the IP 's will be blocked and you wont be able to ping.

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I have vista home edition and I keep turning off file sharing and everytime I turn my computer back on the next day the file sharing has been re enabled.. why is this and how do I stop it.. thanks..

Answer:file sharing in vista

When you say you turn off file you mean Simple File Sharing?

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I've read a bunch of threads and solutions to this problem but so far my problem persists. Problem is I get "The user has not been granted the required logon type at this computer" when I try to see Vista file shares from one particular account on the XP machine. If I create a new account on the XP machine I have no such problem, so I believe I know enough to get the settings right. There must be something wrong with this one account, but I cannot see any difference in the settings from those of accounts that do work. I've thought about deleting the bad account and recreating it from scratch, but am afraid of losing data... it's my wife's account!

Any ideas? I know about using secpol.msc on the Vista machine, and Everone is included where it should be and omitted where it shouldn't be.

FYI, I am running AVG Internet Security with the Firewall on. I would think if anything was wrong in that area the ather accounts wouldn't work either.



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Have 3 PCs (A. vista laptop, B. win 7 laptop and C. xp pro sp3 desktop) networked....A can file share (browse) on B...B can file share (browse) on A....C can file share (browse) on both A and B....neither A nor B can browse on C...errmsg is that \\C is not accessible...might not have permission...etc "Logon Failure:the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer"

Any thoughts on how to solve this problem?


Answer:File Sharing Win 7/Vista/XP

I have got the same problem i can see and access the files on win XP but i cannot access files from win 7..... more I can only access one folder Users...

Plz help

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Hi all,
Had vista for 3 days now and finally got my xp desktop to read files from my vista laptop. However, I still can not get the laptop to access files on the desktop and get the message that my pc is not accessible and I might not have permision to use this network resource. I have played around with private and public settings etc. to no avail. From another thread here, someone else with a similar problem was advised to make the subnet mask, which worked for him as my networking experience is very limited could somebody advise me if this would help in my case and also how would I go about it.
Finally, I should point out that my laptop / vista IS showing up on the network map and I can access media files. Any help would really be appreciated

Answer:Vista & Xp file sharing

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Hello all,

Here's the short story: File are on an XP Pro machine in a shared folder. There is a Vista laptop that will stay able to share for a short while, then will go back to not being able to access.

The full story: We have a network of about 10 computers. All of the computers use XP to access a file server running XP pro in order to use our database. No problems with those machines. We just got a Vista laptop. I set up the permissions on the file server and it was good to go. Loaded up the database and was all set. The next day, no good. So I resetup the permission, and again good to go. But, a day later, no good. Any ideas what the problem could be?

Thanks for any help,

Answer:File Sharing Across Vista/XP

Well, you do realize that XP-Pro has a limit of 10 connections for file/print sharing, right? Could you be running into that limitation?

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Alright simple setup, I have two machines, one is a dedicated file server running XP Pro, another is a HTPC running Vista Ult 32bit. They each have their own wireless adapter (wireless bridges were too expensive), and they are connected by a gigabit switch.

The problem is I cannot get either machine to see each other's shared files (HTPC is sharing for demo purposes, wont be sharing once it gets working).

Since the switch obviously doesn't assign IP's, I set each machine as follows:

HTPC (Vista)

If there is a simple solution to all of this I would greatly appreciate it, I'm sure I could find it but at the moment I'm working 40hr work weeks, and I spent the last 3 days just getting the fileserver to work after getting an odd USB over current status error, which ended up being fixed by removing one of four memory sticks.


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I know this topic has been posted on before, but my situation is unusual.

I have just installed office 2007 on my new vista pc which is replacing an old xp pc and attached to the same network as before. The shared files are hosted on my existing xp pc. Now here's the thing: the network works. I can view and open files on the network from either pc. But, once I save a change to a office 2007 document and close it, I can't open it again. I get the error message that the file is in use or that I don't have permission. And it's not in use and I do have permission because it was just open. If I restart the vista pc, it will allow me to open the file again, but once I save it it's the same problem and it won't open. And office is set to save files in the office 97-2003 format because the xp pc has office 2003. But it shouldn't be an issue because the files will open - ONCE!

Also, on the vista pc when i click on to the network, it takes a long time for all the files to load or be accessible - even though it's only about 5 gigs of mostly word docs. It was instantaneous on my old xp pc which had an ancient usb wireless b 11/mbs adapter and the new pc has a wireless g. Internet is lightning fast, but net work access is slow and unreliable.

So, can anyone out there help me?

Thanks in advance

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I have looked through threads and tried several things with no success. I am now able to see the XP computer on the vista network map if the XP computer is connected through the Local Area Connection, however I cannot go into the XP computer to get to the shared files. The vista computer is connected to the network through a wireless connection. I installed the LLDT update, added the XP computer in the trusted control of norton on vista, I am able to ping both computers. Any help is appreciated.

Answer:XP and Vista File Sharing

The LLDT update has nothing to do with actual networking, it just allows XP to show up in the Vista/Win7 network map, strictly eye candy.
Turn off any firewalls for debugging. If the firewall is the problem, you'll have to configure it to allow access to "trusted zone" addresses. Note that some firewalls must be completely uninstalled to stop them from affecting your networking.

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD to open a command prompt.

In the command prompt window that opens, type type the following commands:

PING each remote computer by IP address, and if successful, PING by name. Open a command prompt as described above and type.

PING <ip address>
PING <computer name>

<ip address> - is the x.x.x.x IP address
<computer name> - is the computer name

A failure to PING is almost always a firewall configuration issue. Any failure to PING needs to be corrected before you go any farther.

Note: You can obtain the IP address and computer name of a computer by opening a command prompt (DOS window) and typing IPCONFIG /ALL. This should work for any Windows version. The IPCONFIG /ALL display will provide a wealth of useful information for debugging your network connection.

Check your Services are Started on all PCs:

COM+ Event System (for WZC issues)
Computer Browser
DHCP Client
DNS Client
Network Connections
Network Location Awareness
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
TCP/IP Netbios helper
Wireless Zero Con... Read more

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Hello everyone!

I come here with a "bug" that is really really starting to cause problems.

Firstly, I would like to direct you to this thread.

I asked for help on another forum and well you can see what we went through, however they were not able to completely solve the problem.

I've done some quick tests, and it has basically ended up being that whenever an exe file is involved, Windows will go crazy with permissions or something.

The behaviour is pretty much that I try to delete a folder with exe files in it, and it will tell me that I do not have permission to do so. If I go inside the folder, I can delete the files no problem. Once they're gone, I can delete the folder.

But other instances are that when I try to delete some files, the file will remain, but it won't be there, my computer will say that I need to specify the correct path. Then after a few minutes, the file will actually disappear.

This has become quite a nuisance, because for example, I need to run Punkbuster so I can play some games. Punkbuster runs 2 services, PnkbstrA.exe and PnkbstrB.exe

PnkbstrB.exe is created by PnkbstrA.exe when a game is launched and it's updated on-the-fly. This is a problem, since my system will then deny access to PnkbstrB.exe, so A can't delete/update or do anything to the file for a few minutes, and I'll just end up being kicked in-game because I don't have B.

If I go into the Syswow64 folder, B is there, but you can'... Read more

Answer:Solved: File Access Denied - You need permission to perform this action - Windows 7

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i am using an admin account, but for some reason i have lost control of my desktop.
screenshots below:

i am now unable to save/create files/folders/shortcuts on my desktop.
i have already re-disabled uac from control panel,
i have also set:

to 0
i ran a malwarebyte scan but it came out clean.
i am running windows vista Windows 6.0.6002 Service Pack 2

any help would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:[SOLVED] [vista]admin user requires permission for desktop

Please attach screenshots to your next post. The amazon clouddrive pics are not showing.

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ok my mom just got a laptop with vista and her old pc is a desktop running xp

so she needs some files from the old pc to the new one too much to burn and transfer that way
i cant figure out how to open file sharing between the two computers, they are both on the same network, is there a way to do that between xp and vista?

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OK, I have a desktop PC running XP Media Center Edition and a notebook running Vista Home Premium 32 bit. The XP desktop is connected to a router (D-Link DI 624) via ethernet cable and Vista notebook is connected wirelessly. I also have a netwrok drive. I have installed a program called Network Magic as well in the hopes that it would help. Via network magic I can acess the network drive from both computers and share files and folders. I can print from Vista notebook (printer is a wired hook up to XP desktop PC). So, obviously network is working in general. In Network Magic I can see the shared folders in the XP from the Vista machine and vice versa but when I click on a shared folder on Vista machine nothing happens at all and on XP machine I get a "Shared Folder Not Available" message. SOunds like a simple permissions problem, right? Well, I have tried everything I can think of to share files. Workgroups are the same, sharing is turned on, programs have firewall permissions, etc. Here's a little oddness: None of the drives show up under usual network places (like "View Computers or Devices" or View Workgroup computers" including the network drive. I can only access the network drive through Network Magic - Network Map - right click and then "Browes Shares". The ony items that show up under workgroup computers are the computer itself and, in the case of the Vista, the router. To top all this off, I had itt all working perfectly before and I... Read more

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I can set up a folder to share (vista to XP) it works fine. Next time I boot the folder is no longer shared. Any ideas?

Answer:Another Vista file sharing queston

click here

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I have a new DELL XPS Laptop running Vista 64 bit Home Premium, and I'm able to connect to my ATT wireless okay and do email, browse, etc, but I'm having issues getting the file sharing to work. Seems I cannot view my workgroup computers. My wireless in built into the ATT modem which is a 2WIRE brand. I've called ATT support and they cannot fix it, I've configured the 2WIRE firewall for the laptop, still no go...

One thing I am getting when I try to click on, view workgroups in XP, is that it tells me workgroup is not accessible, and that I may not have permission to use this resource. Contact administrator...Well, I am the administrator. So I'm trying set the permissions again in my network but cannot find out how to get there. Also the laptop cannot see the main computer either.

Any ideas on this, and has anyone had the same problems when trying to file share Vista with XP? I had no problems when networking both my XP systems.

Summary: I can browse and do email from my new laptop going through the wireless connection, yet the ping test fails, and I cannot file share. Baffling isn't it?


Answer:Vista & XP Home File Sharing

First off, I did follow all step by step instructions for setting Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit system, everything good...

I'm still hammering away here. And seemed to have found the problem...My AVG security systems was blocking me out. I went to the help section of AVG support online and I am attaching the link. Read carefully and follow the instructions. This again, is jus for AVG anti-virus users...I've been at this a week now off & on. There were some other minor issues, but after going through all the Vista checks, & XP I knew I had those correct.

Heres the link: AVG Antivirus and Security Software - FAQ

Also noteworthy is that if you are using ATT modem with built in 2WIRE819 router you ill also have to go in there and configure the network settings, plus all the other normal file sharing permissions...

Hope this will help.

Originally Posted by udornvet

I have a new DELL XPS Laptop running Vista 64 bit Home Premium, and I'm able to connect to my ATT wireless okay and do email, browse, etc, but I'm having issues getting the file sharing to work. Seems I cannot view my workgroup computers. My wireless in built into the ATT modem which is a 2WIRE brand. I've called ATT support and they cannot fix it, I've configured the 2WIRE firewall for the laptop, still no go...

One thing I am getting when I try to click on, view workgroups in XP, is that it tells me workgroup is not accessible, and that I ma... Read more

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running across a LAN with file sharing enabled here. I have no administrator password set on my vista pc, so if i set password protect to true, what password is it actually using? and how could i change it. is it the same as the admin password?cheers

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I have a PC with Vista installed and want to share one of my hard drives to a couple of XP Home machines on my network. All 3 PCs are on the same workgroup. I have all permissions set as "Allow" under the sharing options. The XP PCs can "see" my computer name under the workgroup computers but when trying to access them it asks for a username and password, but I have no password set on the Vista PC. I tried just to enter my Vista username but it would not allow me to access it. How can I share/access this drive?

Answer:Vista file sharing problem

Jordan1 said:

I have a PC with Vista installed and want to share one of my hard drives to a couple of XP Home machines on my network. All 3 PCs are on the same workgroup. I have all permissions set as "Allow" under the sharing options. The XP PCs can "see" my computer name under the workgroup computers but when trying to access them it asks for a username and password, but I have no password set on the Vista PC. I tried just to enter my Vista username but it would not allow me to access it. How can I share/access this drive?Click to expand...

On the Vista box
Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center

There are two entries
File Sharing make sure it is ON
Password Protected Sharing make sure it is OFF
Use the down arrows to the right to set the values

Some other things
you must use the same network name and password on BOTH boxes
turn off firewalls between boxes

Thats it.

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Hi guys, newbie (to this forum and to Vista) here with what may be a very silly problem.

New HP pavilion laptop preloaded with Vista Home Premium. After some minor hicoughs with wireless (not resolved, but that's another problem) I have set up the machine with 2 users, myself (with full administrator rights and a password) and my wife. So far so good.

On my user id I have imported all my files from the old PC (which was running W2000 Professional) and I can see them fine. Now I try to share them by giving my wife co-owner rights. Vista accepts this, goes away for some minutes and then then comes back saying "Your Folder could not be shared". From my user id the top level folder shows that my wife is set as co-owner, from her id I cannot see the files.

Help !

Answer:Vista file sharing problem

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Opened up directories, shared on network.. Gave user everyone full control, and set all sub directories to inherit these permission settings.
I can browse through the directories, but I cannot write to them from the Vista machine.. Any thoughts?? Very frutstrating.. Took me a while to figure out the above recipe in Vista. Not sure why they changed it in 7, especially for the worse..

Answer:File sharing with Vista machines..

Will also add.. When I try to write to the directories, I get...'you need permission to write to this directory' message.. This was one of my biggest complaints with vista. The constant telling me I do not have permission, when I am the sole owner and user of these computers.. I do not want to always be typing in passwords, so I do not set them on my machines, but I would like to be able to read/write to each computer in my network.

I never did figure out how to ever share the core windows folders, or the program files folder, program data, which means, no remote backing up of files, etc.. They really needed to include some sort of 'ultimate control' option in this release, that lets users do away with these messages once and for all..

I am trying to write to the public folder on the windows 7 machine, and I am getting the permissions error..

Any advice appreciated!! Please tell me there is something simple I am overlooking.. I really want to enjoy this OS..

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