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Laptop and PC can't share wireless connection?

Question: Laptop and PC can't share wireless connection?

Hey guys i've not long ago moved into a new place with my fiance and she has a laptop and i have my PC rig.

Now we are running an ADSL connection through a Billion 5200G router. I've got a Linksys WUS854G USB Wireless G adapter and she's got whatever was inbuilt in her Toshiba Satalite laptop.

The problem is that whenever she opens up her laptop and starts using the net it kills my connection, i simply drop off the line. It never happens to her connection if we vice versa it either.

Not overly sure what the go is, ive had a tinker with the settings on the router and can't come up with a solution. So i put it to your collective genius's to help me with the problem


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Preferred Solution: Laptop and PC can't share wireless connection?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Laptop and PC can't share wireless connection?

Let's see this for each of the computers when they're connected to the Internet, and yours when it's not.

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD to open a command prompt:

In the command prompt window that opens, type type the following command:

Note that there is a space before the /ALL, but there is NOT a space after the / in the following command.


Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If you are on a machine with no network connection, use a floppy, USB disk, or a CD-RW disk to transfer a text file with the information to allow pasting it here.

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I was wondering if it was possible to share a connection from my laptop that has a LAN card and a wireless card, so another laptop can get wireless acess from my computer when its connected to a LAN.

Are there any tutorials out there that will guide me through this?

I am using Windows XP.


Answer:share wireless connection from laptop to allow other laptop access

With XP its pretty easy. Just set up "Internet connection sharing" By the sound of it, you should config your laptop to use the internet. With the wireless card, right-click it, go to properties, go to advanced, check the option for sharing the connection.

Configure the other card to ad-hoc to your laptop to connect to your laptop via wireless and you should have an internet connection.

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Hi there,

I've got a desktop with a wired connection to a cable broadband modem (with only one connection on it) and I'd like to have my laptop (which has a wireless card) to share that connection only wireless .... if you know what I mean... anyone tell me what I need to do to get that working? is it possible?


Answer:Get wireless laptop and wired desktop to share wired cable broadband connection?

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New Gateway MX6442 Notebook w/wireless networking and, also, Dell Dimension 2400 Desktop w/external DSL broadband connection, laptop runs WinXP Pro, desktop runs Win XP Home. Can they share the internet connection or not? Can they share anti-virus software from Norton? I need some feedback, thanks.


Answer:Wireless laptop & Broadband Desktop-share Broadband connection?

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I have recently installed Virtual PC on my machine as I want to have multiple versions of MS Office running.

There are three virtual machines, all running WinXP Pro (as is the main machine).

That main machine has a wireless Internet connection via a Linksys WUSB54G network adapter, which is connecting to a WRT54G router.

What I want to do is make the Internet connection available to the virtual PCs.

I've been looking into this and got as far as installing the Microsoft Loopback adapter on the VPCs, but I'm not really sure what I'm doing with this and so it's not working.

I've tried to install the Linksys WLAN monitor software on the VPCs, but the installation automatically closes before it can run (some setting somewhere??)

Can anyone help out with this? I know I've probably not explained it great as I'm pretty confused with it all!


BTW - I'm runing Virtual PC 2004 (free version)

Answer:How to share a wireless connection with Virtual PC?

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I am in a bit of a dilemma. We just built a new shop and are trying to get wireless throughout the whole thing. However the situation is unique and I need some help.

The internet connection is actually a large area wireless connection. It is provided by DTN. Basically we have a dish type of thing on top the shop that picks up internet from a transmitter about 3 miles away. There is a large cable that goes from the dish into a Cisco 350 Wireless card in the computer.


Wireless Card:

We are given a static IP address from the company which is in the 10.1.x.x range. What my original plan was to use ICS to share the DTN connection to a wireless router that is connected to the LAN port of the host computer. However ICS only works for the ip address. We have to use the 10.1.x.x IP that we were given, that cannot be change. So because of this ICS does not seem like it will not work, unless there is a 3rd party tool that can used.

Also anytime that I enable the LAN port on the computer now that the router is plugged in, the internet drops off. it looks like the computer is defaulting to the LAN connection instead of teh DTN connection (which shows up as a wireless connection to XP). Is there anyway to stop this from happening?

Other notes:

Computer: It is a Core2Duo running windows XP Pro.

Does anyone ... Read more

Answer:Share a Wireless Internet Connection?

Your ISP is giving you a private IP address as your "static" IP? Is your ISP run by a 17 year old out of his mom's house? That is the same as if they gave you or similar as your static IP. That is also probably the reason ICS isn't working.

I have a few suggestions but none are perfect:

1. Call your ISP and bitch at them for being pathetic and get a real IP address from them.

2. Attempt to bridge your Wireless and LAN connections. You should then be able to plug the LAN port of your computer into the WAN port of the router, and use your 10.1 "static" IP as the WAN IP address on the router.

You'll still need an IP for the bridge interface on your computer though, but if you've only been assigned one "static" IP then you'll have to use that on the router WAN port instead. It should still bridge traffic even without an IP on the bridge interface but you won't have internet access on that computer unless you installed a 2nd LAN port and connected that 2nd LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the router.

3. Leave your setup as it is right now but use a proxy server to share internet access.

I've used this freeware in the past with good results:

It's not as simple as ICS in terms of sharing internet, but all you have to do is go into the browser settings of all the client computers and configure them to use th... Read more

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I want to share my internet connection to the wireless router just for the wireless feature, sure I could connect the ethernet cable to the router but the router is 10/100 and my internet connection is 1000 so I'd lose a lot of speed. I have 2 network cards in my PC and I've connected the ethernet cable to one of my network cards and another cable to my second network card and to the wireless's router internet socket.
I tried selecting the Local Area Connection that has the internet and tried the "allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet connection", but then I can't access the modem through

I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Any help on how to achieve this ?

Answer:I want to share the internet connection from PC to a wireless router

Connect the 2nd router to one of the open ports of the first router, this makes it then setup the wifi. That leaves three ports open on the first router that is 1000.

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OS: Windows 7

Desktop connected to the internet via usb network adapter
The desktop has a lan card

How can I setup the OS so the wireless internet connection is shared to the lan connection to a router to the router can receive an internet connection.

Answer:How can I share a internets wireless connection to lan via router

First off you really don't need that router. Second you have to use Internet Connection Sharing which basically turns your Host computer into a router for other devices that are connecting through it. You would need a switch to connect more then one device and that router can be made to work as just a switch.

Read up on Internet Connection Sharing.

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It's my first post so go easy on me

I'm trying to setup a network that looks like this:

DSL Modem---Wireless Router+++++++wireless desktop-----Desktop

---- = wired
+++ = wireless
I'm trying to save myself from buying another wireless card so I was wondering if it's possible to connect my two desktops with crossover cable through their ethernet ports, and for both to get internet access through the one desktop and it's wireless adapter.

I have a D-Link 524 Airplus G router and a D-link Airplus G PCI adapter in the one computer. Both computers have onboard ethernet adapters. Both computers are running windows XP home.


Answer:Bridging a wireless connection to share internet

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Hi! I looked through the tutorials and didn't see anything quite like this so I'm wondering what needs to be done to get this working.

I had C0X internet hooked to my modem, had the modem hooked to my wired router and the router distributing the internet to my desktop and two xboxs, and my laptop was just picking up free wireless internet (much faster than what i was paying for!).

So I canceled my C0X subscription and I'm wondering this: can I receive wireless internet for free on my laptop, then send this signal via ethernet cable to my router, and have the router distribute the signal to my desktop pc and my xboxs? i'll attach a picture of what i'm talking about if you need it.

the laptop is winxp sp3 and the desktop is win 7 x86 ultimate...

i ran the internet connection sharing wizard on the laptop on the wireless connection and went to use the usb drive to configure the windows 7 but it says 'netsetup.exe is not a valid win32 application'... so i'm not sure where to go from here... in the network map on 7 ultimate it lists the desktop, the switch, the gateway and the xboxes, but it says no internet...if there's already a link i missed or someone who's done this successfully, please let me know.. thank you!

Answer:Share a Wireless Connection to a Wired Router (XP to 7)

Are you saying you are using someone elses internet access so you cancelled yours? Do they know you are using it?

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I want get my xbox connected to my home network but I don't have a wireless bridge. The router is too far to connect the xbox directly to the router. But I do have a computer with a wireless adapter thats near the xbox. Is there way I can share my wireless connection to my xbox or at very least connect my xbox to my pc to access my files?

Thanks in advance for any help with this

Answer:share internet from a wireless connection to xbox

This configuration will allow you to connect to your remote computer with a crossover cable.

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Just got a wireless card for my windows xp dell upstairs so it can get internet from wireless router downstairs. Dell says it is connected (signal stregth very good, it does say logged in as associate) but internet is not working on the dell. How can i fix it?

Answer:How do you get wireless router to share Internet connection?

Correct/Latest Drivers for the wireless card?

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I've just moved and had to set-up a new Internet connection at the new premises, and I've hit a couple of problems.

I have three computers, all wireless-enabled, who are all currently able to connect to each other wirelessly and share files, et cetera. So, the wireless network is fine in that regard.

But, when I plug the wireless router in to the ADSL modem, I cannot get the Internet connection to be shared. If I directly plug the ethernet cable from the ADSL modem in to any of the computers, the Internet connection works fine - just not if it's connected via the router.

I have attached a screen-capture of what I'm seeing on the configuration page for the router ( When I try to click 'Connect', the page refreshed a few times, and then stays as 'Disconnected'.

If anyone can help me with this, I would greatly appreciate it.

Answer:Solved: Getting Wireless To Share Broadband Connection

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Is it possible to share my internet connection with a 2nd wireless card?

Here's my scenario......I have free wifi at my apartment. But the signal is a little weak. My laptop's internal network card can pick up the signal, but my iPad doesn't see the network because the signal is too weak. I know my iPad can connect to the network, because I can pick up the signal on it in the laundry room.

So if I have a 2nd wireless card, can I share the internet connection to my iPad? I can't find a solution anywhere, everything I find is how to share a wired connection with a wifi card, but not share a wifi connection.
Any ideas?

I'm running XP Pro

Answer:Use 2nd wireless card to share internet connection

everything I find is how to share a wired connection with a wifi card, but not share a wifi connection.Click to expand...

No real difference. Set up an ad-hoc wireless network between laptop and iPad and then in the laptop bridge the connections or enable ICS on the connection that has internet access. Note that ICS will not work if the apartment network is using 192.168.0.x IP addresses.

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Hey everyone,

I have been having a LOT of issues with Time Warner Cable recently. Yet again, my internet is out. They will be sending a tech out tomorrow to resolve the issue.

While I have my macbook and can connect to my cousins internet nextdoor, my dad is out of luck. Here's an idea that came into my head...I just don't know if it will work...

In the past, I could connect to my cousins wireless internet, share it over the mac's ethernet port and then connect a PC to the macbook. This will give that computer an internet connection.

I was wondering, could I do the same thing, but instead of connecting a specific computer to the macbook, could I connect my router's WAN port to the macbook's ethernet port. I figured this would kind of make the macbook act as a modem.

I did give it a shot, and the router's data light WAS blinking. However, the computers connected to the router could not get an internet connection. Is there anyway I can make this happen so all of the computers have access for the next 24 hours?

The one thing I noticed is that the mac was giving it's ethernet port and IP of 169.x.x.x. Could that be a problem?

Any suggestions of if I can get this to work is appreciated!


Answer:Share laptops wireless connection for router?

The problem with doing as you suggest is that you have no DHCP server on the network segment between the Macbook and your router. Does the mac have the ability to bridge the network adapters ( wireless and wired) like windows does? If it does, then I would connect the wired port on the macbook to a LAN port on your router. This would effectively make your router operate as a switch that is an expansion on your cousin's network. You would have to turn off the DHCP server on your router.

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Here is the situation. I have setup a wireless network (802.11b) in my wife's office at work. I used a Netgear Wireless Cable/DSL Router with the factory defaults on (NAT = on and DHCP = on). Everything works fine on this network regarding file and printer sharing as well as internet connection sharing through NAT. The other part of my wife's office wants to share the internet connection that already exists but wants their own wireless network such that either local network cannot see the other's network. The office that wants to get hooked up just purchased their own Wireless Cable/DSL Router (vendor is Linksys) and wants to know if I can use that to hook them up to share the internet connection and at the same time provide them with their own LAN with no file or print sharing with the other LAN. How can I hook up the 2nd router to do this and what configuration changes must I make? I assume that I need to turn off DHCP on the 2nd router and possible set the gateway on the second router to the IP address of the 1st router which is by default. Let me know what to do ASAP. Thanks.

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I have a laptop (with win 7 home premium) connected wirelessly to the router. I have a server connected (wired) with some shared folders on it.

Now, when I try to open the networkshare on my laptop (when I'm connected wireless to the network), it won't work 3/4 of the times I try. But to let it work, I just do a ping to the IP of the server and when I try again the networkshare will open. Very strange.

When I'm connected to the network with a wired connection, the networkshare will always open up directly.

Is something wrong with my wireless connection? I have an excellent signal and installed the latest drivers for the network card.

My network is setup as followed:

Wireless router -> switch (downstairs) -> switch (upstairs)
My laptop is wirelessly connected to the router. The server is connected to the switch that's upstairs.

Hope I explained it well.


Answer:Troubles with accessing network share with wireless connection

have you tried creating a desktop shortcut with
as the target? (where is the address of the server machine)

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ok win 7 laptop need to share internet connection its plugged into could just get a wireless router but not today any simple solutions to allow it to share its net connection with others? HAVE managed to get wireless netwrok goin but no internet accesable to the other computers etc

thanks been trying to get it

Answer:trying to share a laptops internet connection across its wireless adapter to other pc

Re: trying to share a laptops internet connection across its wireless adapter to othe

You have to set up a Ad-Hoc network. Routers are pretty cheap now days.

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I am trying to set up an ad hoc wireless network to share a dial up internet
connection but am having trouble getting the internet sharing happening. I thought this would be a fairly painless thing to do - obviously not!

I am using two computers:

1 - a desktop with a dial up modem and a wireless network card running on
Windows XP Home that connects to the internet via a dialup modem.

2 - a notebook with a wireless network card running Windows Vista Business.

I want the laptop to be able to connect wirelessly to the desktop and share
the dial up internet connection (once that is working will then want to share

Both computers have wireless network cards.

I have managed to set up the wireless network and it seems to be working OK but the internet connection sharing isn't working.

The desktop still connects to the internet and works properly.

The laptop sees the desk top system but it shows that the internet is not connected to the desktop (even though it is).

I have tried a number of different IP config and DNS settings on both network cards but seem to be chasing my tail.

Can anyone offer me some assistance to get this up and running?

Answer:Help needed to set up ad hoc wireless network to share dial up connection

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Here is my setup. I live in an apartment that was initially designed as retirement living for seniors. This is important as the walls are extremely dense to keep out sounds from adjacent neighbors. My other issue is that my DSL modem is on the second floor (and cannot be moved without spending $$$) and I primarily work downstairs via my wireless connection. With the walls and floors being so incredibly dense, my connection is weak and I get frequent disconnects and erratic speeds.

Here is what I want to do. Upstairs I have a Linksys WRT300N attached to the DSL modem. This modem is using the most current Linksys firmware and has AES security on as well as all the information for my static IP (the DSL modem is setup as a bridge, so my 300n handles all the IP stuff). Directly below the 300N, on the first floor I would like to have my WRT54G v6 using the DD-WRT firmware connect to the 300N wirelessly and then onto the Net. I cannot run any cable to the downstairs being its an apartment, so I would have to do this wirelessly. Then when I am downstairs working, I can either use the wireless of the 54G to connect to the net or a wired connection.

My laptop's wireless card/USB card are both a/b/g units, not N.

Is this doable? If so, what do I need to do? I wish I could do a wired network as there are so many other wireless networks in my immediate area (14 to be exact), but no conduit that I can work with.

Answer:Help connecting two wireless routers wirelessly to share one net connection

Something like this might work for you.

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Hello. I have several computers networked to a Belkin N1 Mimo Wireless Router. I can share files fine with the computers connected via an ethernet cable to the router. The problem is with the wireless computers and laptops. I can access the internet perfectly when I'm connected to the router by wireless means. I cannot access the wireless computers and laptops, however, to share files with them. I'm not sure what the problem could be. I would appreciate some help. Thank you.

Answer:Solved: Can't Share Files Using a Belkin N1 Wireless Connection

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Setting up a wireless network at my boyfriend's. He has 2 PCs both running XP Home SP2 and has a D-Link DSL-G624T router with a USB dongle in the 2nd PC.

Network itself is set up fine, the two computers can see each other and share files. The only problem is that I can't share the internet connection.

I went into Network Connections on the PC that's plugged into the router and opened up the Local Area Connection properties, looked on the Advanced tab, and the Intenet Connection Sharing bit is missing! How on earth do I share the connection without it?

Sorry for being clueless, but I really need some advice.

Hope I've provided enough info.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Answer:Solved: Can't share internet connection over Wireless Network

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I have at home an internet broadband connection PPPoE and two computers a desktop one further called PC and a notebook one further called laptop
I've made an ad-hoc wireless network between them
I've tried to share the internet connection through ICS, in order to have internet on laptop too, but from unknown reasons to me it doesn't work

The OS on PC is Windows XP Prof SP2 and on the laptop Windows Vista Ultimate
I've also set the ip for the wireless connection on the PC to, mask and on the laptop ip mask, default gateway and preferred DNS

In Windows vista it appeared connected to the wireless network, but no internet access. When i selected to diagnose the connection it said that it can't find DNS server or something like that.

I must say that the broadband connection has different ip's eveytime it connects. Must the ip's in the wireless connection be the same with the ip' broadband connection?

Answer:Share an broadband internet connection over a wireless network

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My PC connects to the internet through a Netgear RangeMax access point. My roommate's computer, which is a few feet away from mine, gets poor signal and we are getting latency issues in WoW on her computer (while mine has none) and we both have the same wireless NICs (US Robotics). However, my signal is good and I have no issues in WoW.

Is there a way I can simultaneously connect to wireless and my Linksys wired router and connect her computer to the Linksys and share my internet connection through it somehow?


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I just recently bought a TPLINK TD W8950ND wireless N router. I have connected it to the internet and it works fine but the Ethernet speeds are reduced compared to my Netgear DG834GU. The wireless speeds on the wireless N router are indeed faster and the range is better, even though sometimes it loses wireless connection and doesn't connect until it is restarted.

To solve this problem I decided to try make the Netgear my primary router and connect the PC to that via Ethernet for its superior speeds, then connect that routers LAN to the tplinks wan port to share the internet connection wirelessly for its superior wireless capability. The problem is the internet connection is not being shared. I do no know much about networking but I set the routers to different static addresses within the subnet and turned off DCHP on the tplink router.

ANY help or different solutions would be welcome.

P.S. I find it odd that the TP link has slower Ethernet speeds being a newer modem router then the netgear, maybe its a configuration issue? because the line speed reads pretty high but the actual speed is no where near

Answer:Connecting two routers to share internet connection (wired to wireless)

I find it odd that the TP link has slower Ethernet speedsClick to expand...

My suspicion is a defective router.

When you daisy-chain routers the way you describe the Dhcp server of the second one must be enabled and almost always the routers need to be using different LAN subnets. Since you did not state any desire to protect the wireless devices from the ethernet connected ones I suggest putting everything on one LAN ...

JohnWill's procedure (Aug. 30, 2008) for configuring a secondary router as a switch and, optionally, wireless access point follows.

Connecting two (or more) SOHO broadband routers together.

Note: The "primary" router can be an actual router, a software gateway like Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing, or a server connection that has the capability to supply more than one IP address using DHCP server capability. No changes are made to the primary "router" configuration.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router(s) to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address, for another router, etc.

Note: Do this first, as you will have to reboot the computer to connect to the router again for the remaining changes.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you woul... Read more

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I was wondering if anyone could tell me if this connection will work.

At home I receive internet via cable (always on). Because the internet connection output is on the living room (where the tv is) it is a bit difficult to share the internet with the rest of my wire network – which is located on the opposite side of the house.
I was thinking of setting up the following connection:

Set up a wireless router in the living room. Where my current network is, install a wireless NIC card in a pc. Use on the same pc the onboard NIC card to connect to a HUB and share the connection with the rest of the network.

Will it work??

Thank you in advance for your help


Answer:How to share internet connection with a wireless and normal wire network

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Sorry if this question is redundant but I can't make sense of all the acronyms used in the search results I got to know if they apply to me. So here's what my situation is:

I was given an 802.11g USB 2.0 Wireless LAN Adapter and the installation disk that goes with it. Now I can connect to the internet via a public wireless network - that's how I got here! :wave: So far, so good. Now I want to share the connection with my roommate. At our old house, we used a shared DSL connection through our home network. But when I tried to set up the home network at our new place (it's ethernet), it wouldn't let me share this intenet connection because it says that I am connecting to the interenet through another computer. But it's a public access connection...? There's no land line here, so no DSL or dial-up access is available. I don't have a very good understanding of the whole wireless internet thing in the first place, and there's no help file included with the wireless adapter. Is it possible to share this connection or not? I don't want to set up a wireless home network - I want to share the wireless internet connection on an ethernet home network. I'm very experienced with PC's but this is my first time using any wireless technology and I'm floundering. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Answer:Can I share a wireless public internet connection on my home network?

It does not matter what your connection is - wireless, wired, dialup, carrier pidgeons - it doesn't matter. You can always share it.

What you are experiencing may be some limitation of the Windows ICS or the wizard you are using. Depending on how the public access thing is set up, you may be able to share the connection by bridging the wireless and LAN connections on your computer. (Select both wireless and LAN in your network connections, right click and say that you want to bridge these two.

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Hi All,
I am just trying to set up my new telstra next g wireless broadband to share thru my server, which is running server 2008. I am wanting to configure the client pc's (5 of them) to connect thru the server with a username and password, to access the internet, with managed quota limits for internet usage.
Are there any free programs i can use that can achieve this? And can someone please walk me thru this
PS. I have configured active directory, and iis7

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The problem is that I get terrible speeds on my PS4's wireless.

I use a Windows 8.1 laptop in the same room, and would like to somehow share its internet connection with the PS4.

I tried to wire the console and the laptop via ethernet, and bridge the ethernet and wireless connections in the 'Network Connections' page of the Control Panel, but I get the message:

"An unexpected error occurred while configuring the network bridge"

Any idea why this is happening, or if there is a better way to go about this? I also have an external USB wireless adapter at hand, just in case I would need another different wireless connection.
Thanks in advance!

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i have a cable modem with broadband connection. all is fine, my daughter are now running a rota as to who can use the internet. i want to be able to connect our laptop,( which is set up for the broadband connection if we unplug , from the main computor)and the main pc at the same time for independant internet access using just the one cable modem is the possible and what do i need to buy to do it.

Answer:share broadband connection - with laptop

click here for options have not got broadband yet, but when I do I am going to network our 2 pc's using a router and connect this to the cable modem - hardware firewall in router good for security

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I have a pc and have just purchased a laptop.
Can you advise the best way to manage broadband on both.
without going for the dearer wireless connection.

I would like the one broadband connection for both and thus pay for the one connection
i have eircom broadband 2mb.

I thought I could plug out the broadband and in to the laptop[. I tried and cannot do this without transferring the account to the laptop.

I have searched the archive but am still confused.

I believe that you can join the two (pc and laptop) using a dedicated usb cable.
even with this i am lost.

If i join the two computers with the usb cable will only one machine have contact with the Internet at any one time.

Is it possible to have Internet on both machines at once.
Can you point to an item in the archive or a tutorial or if soneone wants to go through it step by step i would be very grateful.
Any help would be welcomed.

best regards

Answer:connecting a pc and laptop to share broadband connection

You need a broadband router, then you can have as many machines connected as you like. FWIW, a wireless router will be no more expensive than the wired models, and since this is a new laptop, it probably has wireless capability.

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Hi guys i need some help.

I have a laptop with windows7 installed and PC with windows xp installed.

I am using tp-link with a capability of wired&wireless modem router.

I connected my laptop via wireless and connected the internet, it is working properly.

When i connected to the xp PC via Lan connection. I can able to share the files.
But i am unable to share the internet connection.

What i have done so far
1. Checked the sharing option in wireless lan.
2.Checked the option sharing in broadband connection in laptop windows7.
3.Changed the properties of the local area connection in PC to ip address as (where windows7 laptop ip address is and subnet mask as
And leave other as blank

still it is not connecting to internet.

Answer:unable to share internet connection between laptop and PC

Sharing, as in networking, relies on the XP and 7 machines being assigned to the same 'workgroup' within each machines settings. Sharing in this sense is LAN side.

You do not need to bridge/share at adapter level at all. Let the TP Link device use it's DHCP server to enable connection sharing. Sharing in this sense refers to the WAN side internet connection being made available to both machines on the routers LAN side.

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I know this sounds like a crazy question but i travel a lot and i like to play my PS3. When i go to a new hotel some have a open internet connection and others don't. I want to connect my laptop to the wifi and share it to a separate router with a WPA2-PSK so that i have a more secure connection on the play station. Now first is this even possible to do? I use to beable to share my internet connection from my phone through my laptop to my ps3. Now when i try to do that just with the wifi in the hotels it doesnt have a high enough security setting. any information will help.
Thanks a lot!!

Answer:Share a wifi connection through a laptop to a router

Now when i try to do that just with the wifi in the hotels it doesnt have a high enough security setting. any information will help. Click to expand...

Maybe, but some information could help more than others. What/who says not "a high enough security setting"? What OS are you using? Trying to bridge the connections or use ICS?

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I'm building my desktop pc tomorrow and I have a leftover PCI wireless card from an older motherboard. My college dorm has only 1 ethernet port and I would like to be able to access the internet through my laptop and my desktop at the same time.

How can I access the internet through my laptop, if I want to use the wireless card to connect the desktop and laptop?

The connection would look like this:

[LAN port] <==wired==> desktop <==wireless==> laptop

I've tried doing it before and my laptop was unable to recieve a DHCP IP.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Answer:Share desktop's LAN connection with laptop through WLAN?

Pretty sure they'd have to be in ad-hoc mode, then you'd have to have some way to route the packets from the desktop out to your ethernet connection or just have a proxy server setup on your machine. Oh, and a statically set IP on the laptop.

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Hi, I have just bought a new laptop, before I take it all out of the box can you tell me if I can share my Wireless Broadband which I have on my desktop with it as it has NOT got Wifi but it does have a wireless lan 802.11 whatever that is??? I think I may have made a mistake buying this so I wont take it all out of the box until I can be sure that it will be OK being as it is not wifi, also this new one have Vista on it and my tower has XP home on it will this be OK?....Thanks in advance..Val


If it has 802.11g then it has WiFi. Just connect it the network, which it should detect when switched on. Tick the box to confirm that it will always connect to this network.What makes you think it lacks built in WiFi? What make and model is it?There should be no problem with XP and Vista. I ran the same setup for a short while before replacing my desktop.

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hey i just bought a brand new laptop and i wanted to share my current home dsl connection with my laptop so i got a router , dlink di524, and i installed it. i went to set up the network and i did , i copied it onto my usb drive and put it in my laptop. After all of this my laptop connects to the network and it says im connected but when i try to go online it says im not online at all , did i miss something?

Answer:new laptop , wanted to share connection but doesnt work

Sorry, is this wireless or wired router?
Also check your internet connection settings and see if the router is allowing your laptop to connect.

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Simple question and I should know the answer but I don't know where to go on my laptop can someone help me out please?

Answer:How can I share my phone's internet connection with my Windows 10 laptop?

First, you have to enable Mobile Sharing on your phone. If you're using a Windows Phone, swipe down from the top of the screen and enable Mobile Hotspot. If you've never used this feature before, take note of the network name and network password.
On your Windows 10 laptop, go into WiFi networks, this is down on the bottom right corner of your PC's screen, the system tray. Click on the WiFi network icon, and find the WiFi network with the network name of your phone. It will ask for a passphrase to log in, that will be the network password. Your laptop will bind to the phone's wifi network and you'll be tethered.
Please note that this may not work if your cellular provider does not permit it, or if they require you to upgrade to a different plan that includes tethering.

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could someone help me , I am trying to share my connection on my laptop, alltel aircard, with my deskop pc, my laptop is wifi enabled. I am just confused about the wiring, I also have a belkin wireless router, thanks again

Answer:Share laptop and desktop connection/alltel aircard

"I am just confused about the wiring ..."

Connect the two PCs directly with an ethernet cable; if neither port is auto-sensing it must be a cross-over.

Or if you want to use the router as a switch follow these instructions, with your PC with the internet access being the primary. You will not need a cross-over cable.

JohnWill's procedure for configuring a secondary router as a switch and, optionally, wireless access point follows.

Connecting two SOHO broadband routers together.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address.

Note: Do this first, as you will have to reboot the computer to connect to the router again for the remaining changes.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no uplink port and neither of the routers have auto-sensing ports, use a cross-over cable. Leave the WAN port unconnected!

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Currently I have Broadband Cable Internet. I use a Cable Modem and a Router. The Cable Modem is in the basement. I have a Linksys Router down there. I ran an ethernet cable from the Modem to the WAN of the Linksys. I ran an ethernet cable to the Nic card of the Basment computer from port 1. I am gettomg the internet fine down there. I have run a long eithernet cable from the Linksys port two up to second floor. Here's my problem. I have two computers up there. I bought another router, a US Robotics. I thought I could run the ethernet cable into one of the ports and then hook up the other two computers using two of the open three ports. It is not working. I can only get one computer up on the internet, the second one won't connect. They will both work if I disconnect the basement computer but for some reason I can't seem to get all three up at the same time. It's the same deal with my laptop. I can use the D-LINK and it will find the US Robitics wireless router but only if two of the other computers are not connected to the router. Any Ideas on what I'm doing wrong or what I could do to make this work?

Answer:How can I share internet on three computers and wireless laptop?

See a previous post

You're not setting up the routers correctly. You may want to read through another post which dealt with a problem similar to yours ( ).

Your two routers solution was probably overkill but should be workable. One wireless router plus one 5 or 8 port fast Ethernet switch would have been your best setup. These switches are very inexpensive. I would have put the wireless router in the basement and a network switch on the 2nd floor.

For your two router solution check out the previous post.

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I'm trying to connect my Dell desktop to my Sony laptop via a network cable. Neither computer is picking up that there is a connection. I've tried two different network cables both of which worked when I previously hooked up my laptop to other computers. I've even gone as far as installing a new network card in the desktop in case the existing port is knackered for whatever reason. All connections are enabled and all devices according to windows are working properly. Any idea's?

Answer:Solved: Annoying problems trying to share connection between desktop and laptop

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i been using my laptop to surf and recently got a desktop but dont currently have a wireless network card installed so would like to connect the desktop to the laptop and access the net that way but im not sure what to do once i connected them both with network cable.

help much appreciated thanks.

Answer:Solved: cant connect my desktop t laptop to share internet connection

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How do I connect a PC to a wireless laptop to share internet access?

And what OS does the PC have to be to share the access?

Answer:How do I connect a PC to a wireless laptop to share internet access?

Just buy a wireless router if you have broadband. 98se and later have internet connection sharing but you'd need to get to the wireless computer anyway with the second NIC. just buy a soho wireless router and read the manual. It's fairly easy to setup, Many are ready to go out of the box.

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I have a desktop wired into my LAN. We also have a router for our two laptops. I've shared files between two laptops on a wireless network, but I can't seem to get my desktop on there. I changed the workgroup name to WORKGROUP to match my laptops, but neither my laptop or desktop is appearing on my network places of the opposite computer.

Answer:Share files between wireless laptop and wired LAN desktop

Is the desktop set to "turn on network discovery"? Is there any firewall that is blocking it?

I do it flawlessly between the 5 computers and 3 laptops in this house.

Compare the network options on your desktop and your laptop.

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Info: Single desktop with dedicated cable modem on NIC (winxp).
Linksys PCI wireless card
Wireless equipped laptop (winxp)

How do I configure so that the laptop can share the broadband?

Answer:help plz: want to config wireless PCI card to share desktop's broadband with laptop

You will have to setup Internet Connection Sharing. Try the linksys software that came with the cards.

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Hi Guys,

Brother has himself a new laptop running vista. He can connect to the wireless router and get internet access, but we cannot figure out how to share the printer which is connected to my computer running XP sp3.

Anyone got any ideas?

Answer:Solved: Help needed trying to share printer with a laptop on a wireless network

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Hi All,
I need some help connecting my desktop and laptop for file sharing either Wired or Wirelessly.
Desktop - Win Xp
Laptop - Win Vista Ultimate 64-bit

My desktop is connected to my wireless router - Linksys WRT54g, which is in turn connected to my DSL router - Huawei SmartAX MT841.

I just got my laptop newly and i want to move some of my files on the desktop to the laptop. I need step-by-step instructions as to how to get this done either wired or wirelessly whichever you think is more effective.

Hope someone can give me a speedy solution!

Thanks a lot in advance,

Vasudev Masur.

Answer:How to share files? - Win Xp Desktop&Win Vista Ultimate 64-bit Laptop[Wired/Wireless]

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I have setup the belkin wireless G+ MIMO router and both computers (PC Compaq Presario SR5085AN and Laptop Compaq Presario 2100) and I have access to the internet from both computers, but try as I might I cannot get the two of them to talk to each other please help

Answer:Share files xp home laptop (wireless) to PC Vista (Wired) via Belkin router

Turn off any firewalls for debugging. If the firewall is the problem, you'll have to configure it to allow access to "trusted zone" addresses. Note that some firewalls must be completely uninstalled to stop them from affecting your networking.

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD to open a command prompt.

In the command prompt window that opens, type type the following commands:

PING each remote computer by IP address, and if successful, PING by name. Open a command prompt as described above and type.

PING <ip address>
PING <computer name>

<ip address> - is the x.x.x.x IP address
<computer name> - is the computer name

A failure to PING is almost always a firewall configuration issue. Any failure to PING needs to be corrected before you go any farther.

Note: You can obtain the IP address and computer name of a computer by opening a command prompt (DOS window) and typing IPCONFIG /ALL. This should work for any Windows version. The IPCONFIG /ALL display will provide a wealth of useful information for debugging your network connection.

Check your Services are Started on all PCs:

Computer Browser
DHCP Client
DNS Client
Network Connections
Network Location Awareness
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
TCP/IP Netbios helper

Note: You can check the services in Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services.

All of these services should be started, and their startup type should be automatic.

All compu... Read more

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Windows XP Service Pack 3Connection: ADSLAV - Eset, NodIf I'm supposed to write something else as well, please do say so.For 6 months it has been working fine. Desktop computer connected to router via LAN (or ethernet, I don't know which expression is the right one), laptop connected wirelessly to that same router, and IPTV connected via LAN. Then all of a sudden a few nights ago, no internet connection on desktop comp with notification about 'no connectivity or low connectivity'. All indication lamps on the router show as before.We have so far tried (and nothing worked): (we have good working computer knowledge, but not troubleshooting and stuff)- restarted router many times- restarted computer many times- did a system restore- unplugged the router's power - disconnected laptop from the network - changed the LAN cable for a new one- changed the IP address from automatically to manually and typed some other addresses (as advised by our ISP who in the end said that we need to reinstall the drivers for network card) - following our ISP's advice, we tried to find the the driver in device manager, there was a driver named network controller, we thought that was the one and uninstalled it, rebooted the computer and tried to install the driver back from the disk that came with the computer (supposedly all drivers on one disk), but the disk said all drivers are installed. Now we don't have that network controller installed. Device manager isn't showi... Read more

Answer:Laptop wireless int. connection and IPTV work, desktop computer int. connection doesn't (LAN)

Start/Run...type devmgmt.msc and hit Enter.

Click plus sign by Networ Adapters group.

What do you see?

System manufacturer and model?


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Hi there, im new to the forums and i've got a problem that's been a real pain for me lately.
I've got a wireless connection in my house going through a Linksys WRT54GC router and also a wired connection with Cisco gateway (only 1 laptop uses it). About 1 month ago some strange things began to happen with the wireless connection, my PC seems not to be able to connect unless I reinstall the protocols and it's really annoying to do that every time I run my PC. Also, the wired connection stopped working (probably because of cable being broken) but it requires a router restart 90% of the time when I want to connect the laptop (that used to connect through cable) to the wireless network. The 2nd laptop has an issue mentioned in the title, the LAN works but it can't connect to the Internet through the router. Ipconfig /all shows that DHCP isn't working, there's no default gateway and DNS seems to be wrong. Could that all be related to router not being updated for a long time? I tried reinstalling drivers, unistalling and installing back network card and doing most of the things mentioned in similar threads but nothing seems to work. I know it all looks very silly but I can't do anything about it, at least now - I don't have access to any router settings and can't update it.
Every bit of help is appreciated. I can paste all the information needed from all computers.
Operating systems are: Windows 7 on PC and the 1st laptop, 2nd laptop... Read more

Answer:Working LAN but no internet connection on a laptop; broken wireless connection

can we see the ipconfig /all and an xirrus screen shot

ipconfig /all
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post results here

We would like to see the results from ipconfig /all post back the results in a reply here

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD then press Enter to open a command prompt box (A new dialogue box - black with white font, will appear on screen ):

In the command prompt window that opens, type the following command:

Note that there is a space before the /ALL, but there is NOT a space after the / in the following command.

ipconfig /all > network.txt & network.txt

It will export the results to notepad and then automatically open notepad.

Now all you need to do is copy and paste those results to a reply here
to do that:
From the notepad menu - choose Edit - Select all
all the text will be highlighted
From the notepad menu - choose Edit - Copy
Now go back to the forum - reply and then right click in the reply box and paste

Run Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector
Download and install
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to copy the program across to the ... Read more

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hi everyone im almost having the same problem, i just purchased a wirless netgear wgt624 router and i have a hp vista laptop. i also have an arris touchtone comcast dsl modem. my problem is that i can connect to the internet wirelessly thought the router. but i can not connect on the internet on my desktop. i would like to get the internet goin at the same time both through the router. i have tried to insert an e cable from the router directly to the computer but i get limited or no connectivity. and its not the cable bcuz i swapped out with another e cable and the same result occurs. plz help

Answer:Wireless internet connection on Vista laptop but no connection on desktop

i have a hp pavillion dv6000 and its running on vista home premium

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Hey, I've been having this problem ever since coming back home from university. My laptop doesnt seem to be able to stay on the internet very well. I'll be randomly browsing, downloading, whatever, and then suddenly it'll stop. The wireless icon on the taskbar comes up with a &quot;!&quot; and says no internet access. The wireless connection is still full strength at this point, but no internet. What I don't understand is that the internet connection to the main computer (which is wired) works fine all the time; the internet connection works on the other wireless laptops in the house; and at uni I have no problems with the wireless internet. I don't know where the problem can be. Turning off the wireless card and turning it back on works for a few minutes or so, restarting the computer works for a bit longer. It usually works just long enough for me to get the false hope that it's fixed itself... Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional , 32 bit Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU T4200 @ 2.00GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10 Processor Count: 2 RAM: 2010 Mb Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 45 Express Chipset Family (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM 1.1), 5 Mb Hard Drives: C: Total - 238372 MB, Free - 169421 MB; Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0G848F, , .BCHR9H1.CN7016694U01VD. Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011, Updated and Enabled I'm not particularly tech savvy, computers and... Read more

Answer:Losing internet connection to laptop but not wireless connection

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So basically - as the subject says - 
Having a brand new Dell XPS 15 9550
with most recent Dell Wireless 1830 802.11ac drivers
cmd command "netsh wlan show drivers"
shows that current driver does not support hosted network,
meaning, that i am unable, for example, to share my ethernet internet connection Over wifi to other devices - i am unable to make my laptop a hotspot.
Which is ridiculous in 2016 and for a laptop of this level and is basically a prerequisite to be Windows 10 approved.
So my question is DELL, what the ***? When do we get normal drivers?
Anybody has the same issue - knows the workaround? Thanks.
I could not have expected that 2000$ laptop would not be able to do that. this is soul crushing.

Answer:Dell XPS 15 9550 - Dell Wireless 1830 802.11ac - Hosted network supported : No - cannot share Ethernet connection over WiFi

same here. :( XPS 13 9350..

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I thought i saw this a few years ago, about someone that did this to their divx player.

Is there a way for a device say google tv or a divx player that has a usb slot that is meant for usb hard drives/media to share a network location as if it were were on a usb hard drive?

I thought some guy took WAP, loaded some software on it that allowed network shares to appear locally and then connected the WAP with a usb cable to the device, just wondering if there was something commercially available that does this?

Answer:USB Wireless device to share network share?

Some routers have usb slots made to do this

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The shared folders on my main pc are no longer shared when I log on to my wireless networked laptop. It workded fine and now when I switch the laptop on (desktop main pc) my share i.e. hand beneath folder disapears and when I try to share the folders again am told not switched on. Switch off laptop reboot pc and shared once again but no good when no one allowed to share with them

Answer:share folders lose share when log on to laptop

Check your firewall setting are set to allow the share.

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My niece has BT line, ADSL enabled and wishes to use her laptop wirelessly . I need advice on the best way to hook this up ! Hers will be the only Computer in the house, What do you reckon guys ?

Answer:One laptop,wireless connection ?

Wireless ADSL Modem/router combo,easy setup via webpage dialogue.Not seen any wireless modems(although they probably exist)

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Hi-starting to have family conflicts over the pc....wondering how to connect the laptop to it, (preferably wireless) We have cable internet. I saw a microsoft product at Walmart for $30 ea that is supposed to do it. It looks too easy and too cheap. Can someone advise me about this, I know ethernet is the fastest, but it has to be corded. Is the wireless way slow? What all would I have to buy? info appreciated!

Answer:wireless connection between pc/laptop?

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Grateful for your help - I have successfully set up my BT Home Hub, but I cannot connect to the web from my laptop. The task bar shows the connection is "excellent" but my browser stays offline. Am I missing a stage of the process?I am sure this is so simple I'll kick myself, but I can't think of what to try next.Thanks

Answer:laptop wireless connection

wrong wep key/fading eyesite!

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I have my personal laptop for work and at home too.
at home I have verizon wireless and at work the have wireless but is secured with static IP address , subnet mask , defauult gateway and preferred DNS server.

I have the setup done in my laptop for work and now at home my laptop detect my home wireless connection and it say "connected" but i can't log surf the net.

if I go to TCP/IP protocol page and check the obtain an IP and DNS automatically button my connection at home work fine.. but then next day i have to manually input all the addresses again

it is a way to have two diferent setup that detect automatically my connection without going thru this pain all the time

Jose Rivera

Answer:2 wireless connection in the same laptop

The only way I know to make this work is to set up hardware profiles in Windows. You can get to it by right clicking on My Computer and then clicking on Properties. You will see a new window come up. Click on the Hardware tab. Click the button which says Hardware Profiles. A new window will pop up showing the current profile you're running. Click on that profile and then click the copy button. Name this profile something unique like Home Network. Close out the windows by clicking OK and reboot your computer. Now when you boot up, you'll see a menu option which will ask you to pick which hardware profile you want to load. Select the one you just created. When Windows comes up fully, go in to your TCP/IP properties and change them over to DHCP. Now, when ever you select the new profile, you'll automatically be using DHCP instead of the other configuration you have with the static information.

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Hi Tech ppl,
Having a lil bit of a prob here........
New router, wireless, first time, i can connect ok via router ---> cable --->Laptop.
My laptop did find and was linked via wireless yesterday but today the wireless card will not start up, no wireless connection, cable still ok.
How do i restart / troubleshoot / understand how to make it work.
p.s. i can connect my Wii to the router no problem.
Any help would great

Answer:Wireless laptop no connection

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Hi, hope someone can help!I have recently set up a wireless connection using a Belkin Router and network adapter on my pc. I would like to purchase a laptop to connect to the same internet server (AOL) and am not sure how to do this or how difficult it is - all I know is that I need a laptop which already has wifi and that this should pick up on the signal from my router - but will it do this automatically or do I have to set it up? The bit that confuses me is how I get it to connect to the same AOL connection. I would also like to use the laptop to connect to the internet in other locations (eg from my parents router) that have a wireless connection and again am unsure how this works, or if it is possible. Sorry to be so dumb but I am new to all this and would appreciate a nice simple answer!!!

Answer:using a laptop and wireless connection

click here.

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I have an IBM thinkpad laptop that I need to connect to an encrypted network. The laptop runs on XP and using the XP network wireless tool, I can see my network and when I click connect, it appears that the computer starts to connect, but then times out after awhile and nothing happens. I can connect to other networks just fine, and even on this network, I just connected another laptop that works fine. I've searched around but only came across general wireless problems, and mine is in need of more specific help. Any suggestions?

EDIT: Well It fixed itself and this can be deleted.

Answer:Wireless Laptop Connection Help

I guess you used the correct network key, right?

You can mark your own threads solved using the thread tools at the upper right of the screen.

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I'm completely new to network/wireless, so please bear with me.Our main computer is a PC downstairs running XP SP2 with 2 spare USB ports. It has a standard 2MB BB connection (using wires, NOT wireless).We have just purchased a new Dell Inspiron laptop, also with XP SP2, and I want to use the laptop to 'piggyback' wirelessly off the existing BB connection.The laptop is equipped with a 802.11a/b/g card but the PC has no wireless capability at all.What piece of kit do I need to plug in to the PC to get it to 'talk' to the laptop and share the BB connection? I'm only interested in sharing the BB connection between the 2 machines, I'm NOT bothered about file sharing.

Answer:Wireless connection between PC and laptop

What you require is a wireless router.You may also need an ethernet adapter for your main PC if it does not have one already.Different routers are used depending on which type of broadband you have.For ADSL they are available with built in modems which would replace an existing one connected to the PC via USB. (I`ve not come across any routers with USB connections hence the requirement for an ethernet adapter on your desktop.Assuming the simplest scenario of a cable modem connected to the PC via ethernet, the router would need the existing cable from the modem plugged into a port marked WAN and a new cable connected from the PC to a port marked LAN (usually several available for more than one wired PC connection).You would then enter your ISP account details into the routers inbuilt software.The router will now appear to the cable modem exactly as your PC did running your ISP`s software. It will pass requests from any computers connected to it either, wired or wireless, invisibly and does not require your main computer to be on when the laptop needs internet access.If you post more details on your current broadband set-up I could be more specific but you probably get the idea.John

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I recently upgraded my system to windows xp media center edition, but now i don't have a way to wirelessly connect to the internet. Before I could just click on connections and go to wireless connection and have a wifi list that is not the case now. I also dont have sound or anything Can someone please help me thank you in advance for any consideration

Answer:No Wireless Connection on Laptop!!!

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Im going away to study abroad, and the halls I am staying in has wireless internet connection.How do I adapt my laptop to be able to accept the connection - ie what do I need to buy and how much should I expect to pay?Thanks alot, sorry is this is too easy a question, im just not sure at all!x

Answer:Wireless Connection - Laptop

Most likely you just need either a PCMCIA or USB wireless adaptor - check with them first of all to be sure of what they suggest. Some examplesPCMCIA Wireless Adapter - Best Wireless Adapterclick hereWireless Adapter, Wireless Adapter Reviews, Wireless Media Adapters, USB Wireless Adapter from Netgear, Belkin, Linksys and moreclick here

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I have an HP Pavilion wireless laptop with windows vista and a gateway desktop, windows XP Home edition and every thing worked ok untill I got a virus on my desktop Since then I've formated the hard disks and reloaded the opering systems, but I don't know how to get the laptop working wirelessly without taking the motorola modem and connecting it directly to the laptop, I have a D-Link DIR-615 router.

Please help,
< Moderator - Removed email address >
Thank you very much

Answer:Laptop wireless connection

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My PC connects to the internet via a Netgear router. When my daughter tries to connect using her laptop it recognises the wireless connection but when clicking to connect she is taken to her MSN account login screen. Other laptops just connect and go straight to the designated home page. How do I get round this MSN screen?

Answer:Laptop wireless connection

your desired web page e;g Google or which ever you wish for your home page.Which Netgear Router do you have ?

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I have a Belkin N1 wireless router. It works fine with my laptop. It used to work fine with my son's laptop as well.My son recently reset his laptop to its factory settings. He now wants to reconnect wirelessly to the Belkin router. I have turned off all the security on the Belkin and set it to broadcast the SSID. MAC filtering is also turned off. But my son's laptop cannot see the Belkin. It can see other wireless routers in the area and is able to connect to one of them (which is not secured).I have even tried to enter the Belkin router's name manually into my son's list of wireless networks. But it still won't connect.So the router is working, the wireless card on the laptop is working, and there are no security issues. Yet the laptop doesn't see the router.Can anyone please suggest what the problem is and what I can do about it.

Answer:Laptop cannot see wireless connection

Change wireless channel - 1,6 and 11 are the only ones to try, all others overlap. Check for updated drivers for the laptop wireless adapter.

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Compaq Presario C742EM, Windows Vista Home Premium, Broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN, Orange Livebox Router

I have tried Command Prompt command to reset ipv4 and ipv6, i have tried resetting winsock, The signal is excellent and it connects but only limited connection on both IPv4 and 6, i cant access the router through on browser and pinging through command prompt gives me a error code 1231. Please any help would be great i dont understand how i can use the wpa key and it looks as it connects and accepts it but i get no access to router or internet!?!?! Thanks for any help!
Windows IP Configuration​Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : mum-laptop
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-1B-38-81-A7-68
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection:
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-1A-73-A1-A6-91
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . .... Read more

Answer:Laptop Wireless Connection Need Help

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Hi everyone,

I moved my laptop from downstairs to upstairs yesterday (been done many times before), and now it is unable to connect to the Wireless Phillips SNA6500 router. I know it is not the router with the problem as I can connect to it with another computer. The router is in the same room as at the laptop.

When I try and repair the connection it says it is unable to disable the network adapter, check that it is installed correctly.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the wireless network card but I still have the same problem.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be? Would be grateful for any help offered.

Answer:Laptop Wireless Connection

Does it connect with a wired connection? What version and patch level of Windows in use?

Start, Run, CMD to open a command prompt:

Type the following command:


Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If you are on a machine with no network connection, use a floppy, USB disk, or a CD-RW disk to transfer a text file with the information to allow pasting it here.

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Is there any technology which helps to connect my laptop to an LED TV without any cable (wireless connection) ?

Answer:Wireless Connection from Laptop to an LED TV is possible?

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Hi,I have recently bought a router so I can get a wireless connection for my laptop but I am a bit confused on what I need to do to get up and running. The manual says that I need to connect my modem to the router in order to get a connection, but I have an internal modem!! Also Could someone point me in the right direction??Hardware includes:Linksys broadband router (Wireless G)Internal 56K v.92 Capable Fax ModemIntel® ProWireless 2200 802.11b/g Mini PCI Wireless LAN Card

Answer:Wireless connection for laptop

You need to take that back to the retailer ASAP. If you are a cable customer, you buy a router. If you are an ADSL broadband customer, you ditch your modem and buy a modem/router. Even if it's internal - as mine was - it's gotta go.You later state "Linksys broadband router"; please clarify your exact model for us, because that contradicts your earlier statment that you bought just a router.

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I have bought a new laptop and just need to know what to buy to get connected wirelessly. i currently have broadband and a dsl200 modem (supp by pipex) in use on my pc, i know i need a router but will i need a wireless adapter for my laptop, the laptop spec states Wireless LAN = Wireless (802.11a/b/g) Network Card = 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernetdoes this mean it is wireless enabled?

Answer:wireless laptop connection

Yes all you will need is the wireless modem/routerclick here any one of these will do.

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Laptop win7, router wireless Linksys, PC windows XP, HP Photosmart 4480.

I want to connect the laptop thru router & PC to printer. In Laptop's Network I can see only the laptop, nothing about the PC.


Answer:Connection wireless Laptop PC

Have you run the networking wizard to setup a home network?

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I have a laptop and i want to get internet on it but i do not have the faintest idea of how. i have a computer with broadband connection. i was thinking of a wireless card but im not sure so if anyone can help out that would be great..please let me know the smiplest way as im not very good with these things

Answer:Wireless connection for laptop

To create a wireless network for Internet access and File/Printer sharing, you have essentially two options:1) Install a Wireless Network Adapter in each PC and create an ?Ad Hoc? Wireless Network. This is a network in which the two PCs talk directly with one another, rather than via a Wireless Access Point. ?Internet Connection Sharing? is then enabled on the actual Internet connection in the ?host? PC and the ?client? PC will have Internet access provided the ?host? is running and online. When you enable ?Internet Connection Sharing? on the Internet connection, it automatically configures the Local Area Connection with the IP address and subnet mask However, as you will be using a WiFi adapter, you want this address to be allocated to it, rather than a ?wired? Ethernet adapter if you have one fitted, so the Local Area Connection should be disabled before setting up ?Internet Connection Sharing?. The "Client" PC's Local Area Connection should be set to get its IP address automatically, which it does by DHCP from the "Host" PC. Also, if you run the Zone Alarm firewall in your ?Host? PC, the Internet Zone Security level must be reduced from High to Medium or ?ICS? traffic will be blocked.To enable ?Internet Connection Sharing? in Windows XP, open the Network Connections folder, right click the actual internet connection (modem connection), select Properties and then the Advanced tab. Tick the box ?Allow o... Read more

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Please delete. Wrong section.

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Hi I'm Maurice. My laptop wireless connection disappeared and I replaced the network card but I still had to connect with my linksys usb to get internet. Before it connected wirelessly. Is something else wrong?

Answer:Laptop wireless connection gone

Is the network adapter enabled in the bios and in the device manager? i recently worked on a computer that kept disabling the network adapter in the device manager. If on Vista just type in device in the search box. Locate your network adapter and make sure it is enabled.

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Morning all,Got my first laptop up and running,came with no hdd and needed more memory.Here are the specs:click hereMy question is do I need anything further to connect wirelessly to the internet,if so what or if not how do I go about it.Xp the os fully up to date.Cheers.

Answer:laptop/wireless connection.

The spec suggests that it doesn't have a built-in "Wireless Network Adapter" - its only "wireless" connectivity is an Infrared port with the option of installing a mini-PCI card to implement wireless LAN. Your best bet would probably be to get a USB Wireless Network Adapter (dongle) and plug that in. Presumably you have a wireless network to connect to? If not, you would need to install a Wireless Router, the type of which depends whether you have ADSL broadband via the phone line or Virgin's Cable broadband.

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I have a new laptop that when I go onto my wireless network it shows the signal is excellent but still says limited or no connectivity but it shows a 54Mbps connection. I have been checking all the things I can think of that may hold it back, it says the problem the network is not assigning an address. Any ideas will be appreciated!


Answer:Wireless laptop connection?

I have a new laptop that when I go onto my wireless network it shows the signal is excellent but still says limited or no connectivity but it shows a 54Mbps connection. I have been checking all the things I can think of that may hold it back, it says the problem the network is not assigning an address. Any ideas will be appreciated!PhilYou'll need to setup both your router and desktop to use WPA2 encryption. Follow the instructions given in the manual for your wireless router. In many cases the document is on the CD provided in the box in PDF format, so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.You can generate a 63 character key here: it to Notepad as you will need it for wireless configuration.

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hi all

i just got broadband today and i left my router at my other house down south n wont be able to get it until next week

i was wondering if it is possible to make my laptop act as a wireless reciever so my girlfriend laptop can connect to mine n retrieve the internet from it

my laptop is connected to the modem via ethernet and yes i do have wireless built in



Answer:Laptop - Wireless Connection

Try 'Internet Connection Sharing' built into Windows, just do a search for it in Help and the shortcut to the wizard should be there. Alternatively click 'Connect to', 'Show all connections', and you should see 'Setup a home or small office network' option in network tasks.

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I have a laptop that is wireless capable. The only connections I receive are encypted. What can I do to connect when I have this problem?

Answer:Laptop Wireless Connection

If it's your network enter the proper encryption key.

If it is a secured public network ask, or pay, for the encryption key.

If you are trying to break into a network, don't ask for help here.

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I've got Virgins 50mb to help my wife watch live TV streams from Thailand, now the problem is the 8 year old PC ( Sony RS322E - RAM 512mb) is having trouble with the live streaming but the 2 year old Acer Laptop ( Aspire 5630 - Ram 1gb) is perfect with the live streaming.PC is Ethernet Connected ( Average speedtest is 8mb ) and the Laptop is Wireless Connected ( average speedtest is 40mb )1 - Does it mean that the memory of 512mb is not enough for live TV streaming ?2 - When watching live TV streaming does it take up much space on the Hard Drive as i've only got about 1GB available ?3 - If i need to upgrade my RAM, is it easy to fit ? can i do it myself or should i send it to a shop as am only a novice.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Wireless Laptop gets better Connection than PC

Go to click here to downoad a memory check. You don't say anything about the PC but it is very likely to slow now. 8 years! - is that about 600MHz? Just about the end of it's life I'm afraid.

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Please forgive my complete ignorance on this subject.

I currently have a stand alone PC with a broadband connection via AOL. I'm thinking of getting a laptop hopefully with a wireless connection. I believe this would be via a router?

My question is this: Would I need to load all the aol software onto the laptop in order to access my emails using my aol account or is there another way of doing this? Is it easy for a novice like me???

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as this could be the deciding factor in getting a laptop.


Answer:Laptop via wireless connection

hi teegaa,
i don't think you should load all the software from aol;what you could do is to set up a home network between your workstation and your laptop;techguy forum is full of very good expert advice on how to do that:i know i got help from very fine fellows who answered my question; just dig into the forum and i'm sure you'll get the answer to your question;good search!

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K just yesterday I was tryin to hook up a wireless network for my girlfriend and her mom. Everything worked fine, I got my girlfriends computer hooked up and is running perfectly. No problems internet wise at all. Now as for her mom's its a HP pavilion ze5300 and I try to connect....and no luck. It recognizes that there is in fact a network available (the "found wireless network" message appears in the tray).

From there I select the wireless network "home" from the list. Then proceed to type in my WEP code. I type it in perfect, and go to accept....then go to IE and nothing happens. "Internet Explorer could not open the search page" is what it lost, it says its connected but then I cant browse the internet. Its off and on a lot.

Oh BTW her integrated LAN is the: LAN-Express IEEE 802.11 PCI Adapter

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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Yesterday i posted that I was trying to access the Internet on my Laptop Computer. I stated that the only connections I received were encrypted and that I was wondering if there was a way to connect to these.
I don't know who the Network belongs to. I have DSL at home. Is there any other solution to my problem? I wasn't trying to be devious or access these sites illegally.


Answer:Laptop Wireless Connection

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Hi guy's, Looking for a bit of guidance.
I've recently acquired a compaq presario F500 and am having a lot of trouble with the wifi.
Bought the on ebay and it turned up with a usb wifi dongle which told me straight away that the onboard wlan must be playing up.
I managed to get the wlan pci-e mini card working by using a trick I saw on google involving covering pin 20 on the card with tape to over ride the switch and keep it powered on. The wifi card worked brilliantly until the pc was shut down and it hasn't worked since. I've tried a few cards that I have knocking about and have now decided to just give the USB dongle a try. it is an edimax usb nano 150mbps. It works however the connection speed isn't very good. I'm getting a full signal but when speed testing, the ping is ok, and the upload is on par with my , however the download speed is very low. I'm on a 20 mb line but on my laptop using this dongle it won't go above 700kbits on the speed test. I got about 10mb when testing the wlan earlier (when it worked) and when I first plug in the dongle and test the speed it goes normal, but after a minute or 2 it just goes really slow.
Are usb adapters generally slow? It just seems bizarre that my upload speed isn't affected yet my download is.

Answer:Laptop Wireless connection.

Thanks, I've tried the site you linked as well as a few others and I'm getting the same results. When I first plug in the wireless adapter and test it work's fine and I get good speeds, but then after a few minutes it goes back to giving me a much lower download speed.
Maybe it's a faulty adapter but I want to be sure before I go buying another.
I've also tried updating the drivers but that didn't change anything.

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Ok so my friend sold me a laptop and it had windows 7 home premium 64 bit on it, but he had a lot of porn and other stuff on the laptop so I decided to wipe it and put windows 7 ultimate 64 bit onto it. So I installed ultimate and I get into the desktop and it wont pickup internet connections, we have wireless internet because my mom uses her laptop all the time. i installed drivers from compaq but it doesnt help, and no matter what i do the network controller in the device manager has a yellow exclamation mark next to it. the model is a compaq presario cq56.

Answer:New laptop no wireless connection

I'd say you probably didn't install the LAN driver or perhaps the wrong driver.

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just about to purchase Dell Laptop 9300, already have base computer with Broadband Connection via aol, any suggestions of best way to link laptop with base station to enable wireless connection or would it be easier to use different network dialler

Answer:Laptop & Wireless connection

click here

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I recently purchased a Lenovo g500 with Windows 8.1
The laptop can connect to the wireless router, but it keeps losing an internet connection every other minute. This doesn't happen to anyone else on the network or my old laptop.

Answer:Laptop can't keep a wireless connection

Try connecting the laptop via Ethernet cable to the router. Go to Lenovo help and support for latest drivers for your wlan. click here

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Hello - I have a Sony Vaio running XP w/ an Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection. I have never had trouble connecting to any wireless network until I tried to connect to my brother's system. He is all Mac. I gave up there. When I got home I had no trouble connecting to my own wireless setup. I am now at a friend's house and the "Aquiring network address" runs and runs but does not connect.
I tried the "netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt" fix I read in the forum but I'm still unable to connect wirelessly. It's fine wired. Is that enough info. for a suggestion from anyone for some help?
Thank you for your time

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Please can anyone help? I've been trying to solve this for weeks, but have got nowhere, as I know nothing about networking. I have a Belkin router connected to my main PC by ethernet. When I first got it, I set it all up and everything worked fine. My laptop connected by the wireless signal - I hadn't managed how to 'file share' etc., but that's another story....A couple of months ago the laptop stopped connecting. It can see other people's networks, but not my own. I've tried changing the channels, moving things around (physically) but nothing works. I even tried plugging in the laptop to the router, but even that doesn't work now. Has anyone got any idea what I could try next?? Thanks.

Answer:Laptop can't see my wireless connection

Just to confuse me even more, I've just discovered that according to my settings on the main PC, I don't have a wireless device??

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I have broadband connection via BT voyager100 to my Dell desk top and use AOL9 for this computer. I now have in addition a Dell laptop using AOL9(both on Windows XP)I am happy with the desktop being on a wired connection but would like the laptop to use the broadband on wireless connection. Can anyone tell me what extra parts I need. I find the technical jargon mind-boggling.I know I need a router of some kindand a Pc card?

Answer:Wireless connection for a laptop

you could simply use a wireless access point that plugs into your lan port and for the laptop a wireless access card that plugs into your pmcia slot.

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