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AMD officially announces Radeon 300 series graphics cards at E3

Question: AMD officially announces Radeon 300 series graphics cards at E3

A barrage of leaks over the past few months left little to the imagination once it came time for AMD to officially unveil its Radeon 300 series graphics cards. Regardless, AMD filled us in on all of the pertinent details...

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Preferred Solution: AMD officially announces Radeon 300 series graphics cards at E3

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: AMD officially announces Radeon 300 series graphics cards at E3

Hmm so the rebranded cards didn't get an GCN update to 1.2 which blows

The increase in clock speeds and Vram isn't enough alone.

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Hidden in the latest AMD Catalyst 15.3 beta drivers, released alongside FreeSync last week, are a few pieces of information that hint at what might be in store for the upcoming Radeon Rx 300 series. Specifically, we might be in...

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Answer:AMD Radeon Rx 300 series rumored to include many rebranded cards

It saves money on R&D and manufacturing as you don't have to research anything new or get in/ change any equipment which is good for the business as it's saving costs, but it is poor for technology and comes across as incredibly lazy. It's 2015 and they're still releasing cards produced in 2012, at least Nvidia cards offer some improvements, even if they are a rebrand.

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I have just pieced together a new system based on an ASUS P5QC motherboard. Taking advice from the suppliers, I added an ASUS ATI-AMD Radeon HD4670 Graphics card.I also included 2 new 19" monitors; one for the new system; one for this Dell sff desk-top.The big problem that I have is that I cannot apply "maintain aspect ratio" from the Graphics card.One LCD is an ASUS widescreen; the other a Hannspree widescreen.The ASUS works on this Dell providing 2 conditions are met :1) The option "maintain aspect ratio" is toggled in the Graphics facility in Control Panel ordinary Intel card).2) The menu option on the ASUS LCD is ticked to allow 4:3 aspect ratio. The result is OK with the expected black rectangles on each side of the display. No problem there.When tried on the new system with the ATI-AMD GPU, this option on the ASUS LCD is greyed out and cannot be selected.The Hannspree works on neither system. Whatever resolution may be selected, it simply fills its screen accordingly, but will not presnt any option for 4:3 aspect ratio.The outcome is that all normal computer use is stretched laterally and is unacceptable. I could, if I wanted, repel invaders from the planet Zarkon; but I cannot draw a decent circle (say) and have it print truly. One reason the Zarkonians are easy to defeat has just occurred to me : they object to being stretched laterally...I guess it gives them a headache....however....I do not use the system for gaming; but do need 2 facilities :a) Graphics (in t... Read more

Answer:problems with ATI Radeon Graphics cards and LCD mo

Your graphics card is stated to have excellent 2D and 3D performance in this review:click herePerhaps taking advantage of the dual monitor outputs may help, configuring each for a particular task?

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I have a Leadtek A280TD (Ge-Force 4 Ti 4200 64MB) I want to know if the Leadtek A340T (Ge-Force FX5200 64MB) is better or not ??In other words are the FX5200 range better than the top end of the Ge-Force 4 Ti 4ooo range ??And how do they compare to the Sapphire Radeon 9200SE Atlantis 64MB ??? I have heard from a few gamers online that the Ge-Force FX 5600 range is unstable only lasting about 9 months, of hard core gaming ??? True or false?? I have also been advised to get a 256MB card so:-Winfast A340 TD256 Fx5200 256MB or Sapphire Radeon 9200 8x AGP 256MB ?????

Answer:Graphics Cards ?? G-eforce FX or Ti, or Radeon ATI

Are you thinking about buying one?If so how much have you got to spend, that way i am sure that someone will be able to point you in the right direction of what card to get..If you like games then my advice would be not to get any of the lower range card's ATI 9200, FX5200Why?Well 2004 will be a big year for games.Half life 2 and Doom 3 out, they both are going to require some hefty kit to get them looking like they should. The cheaper cards that you mention will be able to cope, but very poorly.So if you say how much you are willing to spend then we can help a bit more....

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Although I have an adequate gaming PC, I am considering either buying a new box or overhauling this one.

Currently I used an ATi Radeon 9600 pro, I was going to upgrade, but it seems every week theres a new ATi card on the market.

Even though I am not computer illiterate, I still stood at Best Buy staring at 3 different ATi cards that according the the box had all the same features....yet had different titles and prices.

Basically I would like someone to give me a hierarchy of ATi cards from best down to the 9800 pro.

I would be much obliged for any help. Thanks!

Answer:I would like some advice about ATi Radeon graphics cards.

Hello GarbageManatee,

How much money are you willing to pay? (This might be the most important question). Also, do you have PCI, AGP or PCI-Express slot? And what are the three cards you're talking about?

For example, since you're saying that from best down, I am pretty sure this X1950 XTX will make you happy (and it's not cheap for sure):

You may like this one, Radeon X1900GT, better base one the price:

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Hi everyone.

I have a Dell Inspiron 15R-SE 7520 Laptop which has the AMD Radeon HD7700M GPU.

I'm currently playing Grand Theft Auto 5 and trying to tweak the graphics.
The first question I have is regarding the anti-aliasing.

Within the game settings for the graphics I have the options of using FXAA, MSAA and Reflection MSAA.

Can I enable all of these options together or is it only advisable to use on or the other? If so which one? I suppose what I'm trying to ask is.... Is one option a global setting which overrides the other?
The second question I have is regarding the overall settings.

If anybody here has the same GPU as I have and plays GTA 5, which settings give you the best visuals whilst keeping the game running smoothly?
I would be very grateful for your experienced input.

Many thanks in advance.

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Hello everyone, and thank you for checking this thread in an attempt to help me! I'm not good with computers, so any instructions/directions you give me need to have every step carefully spelled out for me, or I'm likely going to run into some problems with my own stupidity! Now with that out of the way, I will explain the situation the best I can.

Lets start with my computer specs
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD A6-7400K Radeon R5, 6 Compute Cores 2C+4G, AMD64 Family 21 Model 48 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 15303 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon (TM) R7 370 Series, -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 113906 MB, Free - 40771 MB; E: Total - 953739 MB, Free - 794651 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., F2A88X-D3HP

The game we'll use as an example is Overwatch, but other games do not run as well as they should either, so it isn't exclusive to Overwatch.

This is what I should be running Overwatch at with my graphics card. I instead have a very bad stutter in game. I have had to put everything on its lowest possible settings to get 60fps, which drops to below 40 when fighting is happening, and regularly stutters to the point where I'm watching a slideshow presentation.

The CPU is running at 100% while playing Overwatch, with Overwatch taking up 35-50% of it.

I have made sure the computer is utilizing both cores.

My friend has troubleshooted with me in the past, but he is stumped. Here is what we tried.

We have ... Read more

Answer:Stuttery FPS w/ AMD Radeon r7 370 series graphics card

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Having recently bought a graphics card for the secondary PC (AMD 1.4 running XP Pro with 512M of RAM), it no longer plays video or plays games that would run when it had a 32M card in.Have installed the software supplied and updated drivers from the web yet on booting a game it will work on all the lead in displays then at the UI it beeps and gives the error report sending screen.Yes it is an old machine but it is for the kids and has given pretty good service, any ideas what could have caused this problem and how I can overcome it until funds allow for this machine to be replaced? One of the games is an MS game and worked fine before.

Answer:Radeon series 7000 graphics card 64M PCI

did you uninstall the old drivers first

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I?m having a problem with graphics on my laptop. Whenever I switch to full screen, either watching a movie or playing a game, the screen starts flashing and jerking. The end result is the movie or game goes back to the minimized size and I get an error message. The message states that my display driver failed and was restored. I?ve also noticed the icons in the upper right corner (minimize, restore, close) stop functioning.
My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite A135-52276. The operating system is Windows 7 Ultimate-Service Pack 1-32 bit. The graphics information shows ATI Radeon Xpress Series (0x5A62). The Total Available Grphics Memory: 831 MB. The current driver is from ATI Technologies, driver date 12-01-08, Version 8.561.0.0. Resolution is 1280 x 800.
I?ve tried Windows Update to check for updated drivers-tells me what I have is the best choice. I?m hoping you could help me-it?s really frustrating. Thank you.

Answer:I am having a problem with my ATI Radeon Xpress Series graphics.

Welcome to Seven Forums Snoopster03.
Windows update is often behind with drivers. How old is the laptop? The ATI designation indicates 3-4 years? You can go the Toshiba support site and see if they have a newer driver available for your model. Most laptops have specially created drivers which should be used for best performance.

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hello, can you give me a list of compatibles graphic cards as i need to improve graphic for i need to change the power supply unit too ??? the on-board graphic cannot support csgo and dota2 on medium quality video. i wanted to add new graphic cards as i can play on higher resolutions.  Thank You

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So have been having some real problems upgrading my graphics card lately this is my current spec:  Windows 10 Pro 64-bitCPU Intel Core i3 2120 @ 3.30GHz 33 °C Sandy Bridge 32nm TechnologyRAM 8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz (8-8-8-22)Motherboard Foxconn 2ABF (CPU 1) 28 °CGraphics Philips 190S ([email protected]) 1023MB NVIDIA GeForce GT 430 (ASUStek Computer Inc) 32 °CStorage 232GB Western Digital WDC WD2500AAJS-00L7A0 (SATA) 33 °C 298GB Hitachi HCP725032GLA380 (SATA) 32 °C 931GB Western Digital WDC WD1003FZEX-00MK2A0 (SATA) 34 °COptical Drives hp CDDVDW TS-H653T MagicISO Virtual DVD-ROM0000Audio NVIDIA High Definition Audio I cant afford much so I went for a Gigabyte Nvidia 730 2G DDR3.  Tried two different cards but still not booting from hp blue start up screen, so returned them thinking they were faulty; however, looking further in forums, said some HP computers may not be able to upgrade graphics cards much past onboard spec can anyone help and tell me what I could run? I love this PC and will be gutted if i have to replace it just to be able to upgrade graphics


View Solution.

Answer:list of compatible graphics cards for HP Pro 3300 Series MT

Hi: Below is the link to the quickspecs for your PC. The list of supported video cards can be found on page 4. Nowadays, another factor when choosing a video card is the age/version of the BIOS in your PC vs the model of the video card. It's no longer a simple comparison of the power supply draw and PCI express version. Choosing the newest ones out on the market today will probably not work in a PC more than a year or two old.

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As you will have probably found out ATI aren't very forthcoming with new mobility drivers. The good news is though that with a slight modification normal Catalyst drivers can be used follow this link for instructions:

I am using the latest drivers myself using this info.

Answer:Updating Radeon Mobility Graphics Cards

Hi Carmel

Thanks for this tip.
But note: The original Toshiba graphic drivers are modified because of graphic overheating issues. The ATI drivers are not designed for notebook usage. In his case the usage of no Toshiba graphic drivers can damage the graphic card.
You can use it but at your own RISK. If the graphic card will be damage so warranty will not cover the reparation.

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I have just very recently as today started using a new PC with Windows 7, Dell Optiplex 745/755, 8gb, 160gb hdd. Dual monitors is important to me so i got a ATI Radeon card which fitted in and works. My problem being is that on my other PC, Optiplex 520 running XP, i had a Nvidia Quadro 280 PCI card which worked along with the on board graphics which i had my 42in TV connected to for streaming sports, films and such. I would really like that set up again on this machine, is this possible with changing some settings ?? On the old PC i just inserted, configured and started using the 3 monitors. In fact i had 4 running at one point but 2 were of the same display. There is also an svideo connection on the ATI Radeon card, could that be used as a third monitor ? I am not a gamer as such, i use poker sites, watch sports for gambling, so its all quite basic in terms what i need for power. Any help here is great appreciated, thanks.

Answer:Using integrated graphics with ATI Radeon X1300/X1550 Series

Does the second monitor show any picture at all? Your PC supports two monitors with a Radeon card. have you installed the Radeon drivers from Dell? You have to go into the Control Center program for the graphics card to enable dual monitors, assuming you get a picture on the second one.

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how do i configure my ati radeon xpress 200 series graphics card for my tv using windows xp media center 2005?
thank you in advance!

Answer:how do i configure my ati radeon xpress 200 series graphics card for my tv

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A Mozilla crash report has suggested that I upgrade my graphics drivers to version 9.6 or later.  I'm only running version 6.14 circa 2005.  I do not yet know whether or not it matters whether I am running Windows XP sp2 (my current OS install) or sp3.  I just cannot find the latest drivers after looking all over.
AMD took over ATI but they don't have the drivers back that far at their site.

Answer:I just need the latest ATI RADEON Xpress 200 series graphics drivers

According to AMD this is the latest driver for the Xpress 200. But, you should really be updated to SP3.

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I am considering buying a new laptop (both are HP) and was hoping to get an answer to which processor would better suit me..I don't game a whole ton, so no worries in that. I'm looking for the best bang for the buck and the one that will last the most. They both are roughly the same price out the door with tax.

Core i7 Intel? HD Graphics 4400 or AMD A8-Series AMD Radeon HD 8210 which is going to be better in the long run.

Thank you all,

Answer:Core i7 Intel Graphics 4400 or AMD A8-Series AMD Radeon

the intel graphics are onboard and the amd is an add-on board.. in case of failure - the amd is replacable

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can anyone please explain the answer to this mind boggler??i bought a new graphics card radeon x1650 512mb so i caould run 2 monitors a standard 19" TFT and a 21" wacom graphics tablet monitor all is well when i first turn it on, restart but if i shut it down the pc will not boot up, the psu and case fans just spin, leave it an hour or so and then i it will boot up, or i take the card out put it back in, i thought it may be overheating but the card has its own fan which spins fine, there is the normal heatsink fan which i damaged but replaced 70mm, the psu fan and another standard case fan is there anyone that can help me is hp system with an AMD ATHLON xp2800+ system if anyone can work this one out i will be more than grateful thanks

Answer:graphics problem ?? radeon x1650 series 512mb

Could be the PSU. I had a similar problem when I added an extra dvd writer. I upgraded from a 300 watt to 500 watt.The ATI Radeon X""" series. must be connected to a power source. Usually the hard drive. My SATA hdd didn't like this so connected it up to the lesser used writer. I have the x1300 tho. Only 256memory on boardSeems ok nowHope it helps.D

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Can any one help
This has got to the stage where I am going to dicard this card,
Its a radeon 9200 series 128mb,
I have contacted the manufacturer with no success, downloaded all the up to date drivers, changed my monitor settings .. the list continues
the problem is when I play games , Doom half Life Medal of Honour, ( by the way the PC is a 1.6 Ghz with 500 + of ram these games worked fine on Win 2000 but on XP there`s a problem) this being that the graphics flicker and you can see behind certain images, not explained very well I know but the images flicker on and off in like triangle blocks so if you looking at say a wall , the wall is there but it flickers to black triangles.. if anyone can understand waht I`m saying maybe they could advise

Answer:radeon 9200 series Graphics Card Problem

I'm asuming you have Cats 5.12.
Does the card have a heatsink and a fan? If it does, is the fan working correctly?

If it is, then you've got a bugged GPU, see if you can get it replaced.

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Albatron Technology has unveiled three new Nvidia GeForce 8-series graphics cards that use the practically outdated PCI slot. While the appeal of the PCI8600GT-256X, the PCI8500GT-256X and the PCI8400GS-256 may not be obvious for anyone who has a PCI Express or even AGP slot on their motherboard, there are still quite a few systems (particularly small form factor or HTPC ones) where expansion options are limited, creating an niche market for these cards.

The graphics cards are all low profile designs allowing them to fit in smaller cases such as HTPC design that try to match the form factor of tradition consumer electronics devices.

Of the three versions, the PCI8600GT and PCI8500GT models adopt faster DDR3 memory and also feature HDMI connectors for higher quality output, highlighted the Albatron.

Albatron unveils GeForce 8-series graphics cards for PCI slots

Answer:Albatron unveils GeForce 8-series graphics cards for PCI slots

Looks like the x1300 isn't the best PCI card anymore

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How do such top of the range laptop cards compare with decent PC cards (that cost, say, about 100 quid) when it comes to 3d games?

Answer:Ati Radeon 9700/9800 graphics cards - how good?

No takers on this thread, so I've surfed around a bit. Anyone interested in this question could do worse than read the following click here

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I have several Fujitsu/Siemens Scaleo P desktop PCs (Pentium 4 2.8GHz, 2Gb memory, Asus motherboard, WinXP) into which I would like to put a low-cost but more suitable graphics card with HDMI out for video playback.
I've tried an Asus 210 Silent but the PC hangs on Windows bootup. All old drivers/utilities removed, spent ages with no success. Even tried a 2nd card (and another identical PC). PC fires up fine in Safe Mode. As soon as the NVidia drivers are loaded it hangs on bootup again. Asus and NVidia support simply not any help.
Then tried an XFX Radeon 5450 card (and a 2nd card and PC). Now the PC won't boot at all, won't display anything and PC doesn't even bleep after being switched on. Fans continue to run fast. The PSU in the PC is 300W so tried a 500W but that made no difference.
Just wondering about the PCIe specs . . . would that have any influence?
Now quite frustrated as I don't seem to have got anywhere with either card. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

Answer:Asus 210 Silent & XFX Radeon 5450 graphics cards

Just wondering about the PCIe specs . . . would that have any influence?
What spec your machine 16x 8x in comparision to what card requires?
anything in BIOS you can set to alter PCIe speed?

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Have installed Cacheman s/w to see if I can improve my systems performance(i.e.hold more data in RAM).I can't tweak this s/w to its full effect because certain settings wont work with Catalyst drivers(I have a Crucial Radeon 9200se graphics card). Was thinking of installing Omega drivers but didn't know if they are stable/any good/improvement over ATI drivers.Would appreciate any feedback.(I didn't find anything when I did a search of this site).Cheers, dagwoood.

Answer:Omega drivers for Radeon graphics cards-opinions.

try click here and look at there forums under graphics cards awesome for this kinda question. I have tried Both Ati and Omegas and cannot nottice a difference on my 9800pro still using the factory supplied with my card as ive found this better!!! personal choice though

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i was wondering did any one want to buy a radeon 9200 se series video/graphics card. i never opened the box, i bought it in september and i didn't know that the card was a AGP slot card. i thought it was a PCI slot card. so then i tried to return it but i lost the reciept. please e-mail me at [email protected] or reply to this post if your interested. i paid $130 for this part, so i'll probably want around $100 for it now.


Answer:FOR SALE!!: Radeon 9200 SE Series video/graphics card. (AGP 4x/8x)

You will be hard pressed to get 20$ for that card

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Hi, I need help with a Graphics issue. My laptop renders my external Monitors slightly out of focus or fuzzy. I thought it was the Monitor but when I hook up my much older PC (running XP) the Screen quality is fine! I got a different monitor hooked up to it now. The screen is still fuzzy. I noticed a few other weird issues. -When I hook up the Flat Screen exterior Monitor to my laptop both Monitors stay on. When I hook up my Laptop to my old heavy Tube monitor the Laptop monitor automatically turns off. -When I go into Personalize/Display Setting it has 2 monitors showing. The Exterior is #1 & the Lap is #2. The max setting for Monitor #1 is 1924 X 768. #2 has a ton of choices. maxing out at: 1920 X 1080.My Computer friend said I probably do not have the right &/or updated ATI Radeon Xpress 200M Series Graphics drivers. I went to ATI website & they didn?t have drivers listed for that series. It?s probably too old (2006). I was able to download ATI Catalysis:8-11_vista#32_dd_70229.exevista#32_dd_ccc_wdm_enu 70229.exeI installed both & rebooted & nothing changed. I?m not sure if I did something wrong during the install. I even went into the Display setting/Advanced/ Monitor/Properties/Drivers & had the system directed to : 8-11_vista#32_dd_70229.exeI thought there would be some prompts to help me optimize the display. Nothing happened. So I guess what I?m asking is:-What Graphic drivers do I need to be up-to-date?-Where can I find them? (since I ha... Read more

Answer:Need Help finding updated ATI Graphics Driver Radeon 200M series

With the old CRT's , check your refresh rates

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AMD's upcoming Radeon 300 series graphics cards may end up being rebadged 200 series cards with minor tweaks but it's not all bad news for gamers. WCCFtech has it on good authority (they're confident enough to drop the "rumor" tag...

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Answer:AMD Radeon 300 series graphics card pricing leaks online

Rebrands or no, that extra memory will put some pressure on NVIDIA's lower end cards.

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What's the latest, most high-rated ATI Radeon graphics card? I finally got ze $ to buy whatever I want.

Answer:Is ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series a good/decent graphics card?

The latest and the best card from Team Red (AMD)?


AMD Radeon

(The AMD Radeon HD 7970 3 GB card)

Many on the forums will persuade you to go with team green (NVIDIA) though if you wish to have better driver support and stability, especially for SLI (dual card) solutions...

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Recently there was a power outtage in our city (suburb of Detroit), which destroyed our graphics card on our HP M470N Media Center desktop. It runs Windows XP Professional, which is all up to date with .NET and SP3.

The computer guy at my place of work installed the following graphic card: XFX brand Radeon HD 4650 1GB DDR2 AGP 8X card but left it to us to install the proper drivers. What I don't get is, should the drivers come from XFX or HIS Digital, whose serial number is on the graphics card? The box said this card was manufactured by XFX, but the computer guy who put it into our computer said it was really made by HIS.

I've tried drivers from XFX, HIS and AMD, and none of them will install. A few times I uninstalled and reinstalled drivers from all three companies, each one at a time, and none would install. The AMD Catalyst Control Center, which is essential to configuring the dual monitors on our computer, will not install at all and can't be found in the Windows start menu or Windows Explorer under Program Files > ATI Technology. The driver also would not install, and under Windows Control Panel > Display, all I could find under properties was the default VGA setting and no recognition that there were two monitors connected to the computer.

What do I do to fix this so we can use dual monitors? What company's driver should be installed on the computer? Why won't ATI Catalyst Control Center install. Please help! Any assistance is greatly... Read more

Answer:Solved: Major Problems with Radeon 4650 Graphics Cards

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Hi, i have a 2.66 daul Pentium Dual core comp with 1gb of daul channel ram running on Win media center. On board graphics is ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 Series at 256MB. Can anyone give me an idea of what im expecting in performance from this video card? I im not expecting high end here but it seems to be its too slow. I lag quiet a bit ( frame rate drops) on old games that require 32 meg cards. (ie old half life engine) Ive updated driver via using their integrated mobo drivers and yet it just seems to me no matter how bad an integrated video card is, it should play a 10 year old game... IF someone can give me an idea of what this card can do so i know its just a crappy card or bad hardware/software problems.. thanks ^_^

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Read here:


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Hi, I'm new to the community, but thought I'd post my recent experience just incase anyone else has any similar queries. So I recently purchased a ex office based Thinkcentre M58 6258 SFF for £30. Intended as a stop gap before I can afford a better rig. It came shipped with Hynix 4GB PC3-8500 1066MHZ ram, 320GB HDD and a Core 2 Duo e8400. Really decent performance for the money but I wanted that something extra for casual gaming and also because this will be my main music production centre for the time being. After spending around a week trying to find any confirmed working decent spec graphics cards, how much ram this actually takes, compatible CPUS, whether the PSU can handle it etc,  I took the plunge. So I can confirm that I am now running a Core 2 Quad Q9550, Corsair XMS3 10GB (2x4GB & 1x2GB) PC3-1066 1333MHZ DDR3 and a Dell AMD Radeon HD 8570 1GB low profile SFF graphics card. SSD drive is on it's way. This has been running for nearly a month now, no hitches and the psu doesn't seem to be working any harder than it did previously. Note that the latest bios dated 5/6/2012 has been applied (link below) and all latest chipset drivers direct from Intel. Hope this helps somebody out, because all these upgrades cost me around £120. So for £150 or just over this is a great little rig that should serve me well for a while.

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AMD has announced its ATI Radeon HD 5670 - the first sub $100 (?62) DirectX 11-capable graphics card.
With rivals Nvidia yet to bring out a DX11 card, AMD has been doing well with its ultra-high, high and medium end cards in the 5000 series ? and it is now bringing out a cheaper version.
The ATI Radeon HD 5670 comes complete with Eyefinity multiple-monitor capability (up to four monitors, but three at launch), and uses 61W maximum and 14W in idle.

Source -
AMD announces sub-62 ATI Radeon 5670 DX11 card | News | TechRadar UK

Answer:AMD announces sub-£62 ATI Radeon 5670 DX11 card.

nice hm..... i can almost afford this one...

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will the 9 series make the $220 8800gts drop to something like $100 or will it still be $200?

Answer:Will the 9 series cards make the 8 series cards cheaper?

eventually, and then the 10 series will do the same to the 9 series, rinse and repeat. basically as long as its one of the fastest cards the gts will be expensive, when it becomes obsolete (relatively) its price will drop.

from the question i assume you are looking to upgrade, if you want to only spend $100 then i'd say your best bet is an OCed 7600 GT, lotsa bang for your buck, i can run FEAR with pretty high settings with just one of them.
but really, what are you looking for?

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BFG Technologies, the leading North American and European supplier of NVIDIA-based video cards, is offering a 100 day trade up program for any BFG graphics card released after February 21, 2008, including all BFG GeForce 9-series products. The program is currently only available to U.S. and Canadian customers but the company says that it will offer the program in other countries as soon as it becomes feasible to do so. Here?s a copy of today?s press release:

BFG Technologies?, Inc., the leading North American and European supplier of advanced NVIDIA-based 3D graphics cards, power supplies and other PC enthusiast products, announced today the BFG Trade Up program. The program is designed to give customers a one time opportunity to exchange their current BFG graphics card within 100 days of the original date of purchase for a better model and only pay the difference in price, plus applicable taxes. The BFG Trade Up program applies to all BFG graphics cards released after February 21, 2008. This includes all BFG graphics cards released by the company after this date including all BFG NVIDIA? GeForce 9-series products.
?As industry innovators of 24/7/365 technical support and the graphics card lifetime warranty, the BFG Trade Up program further demonstrates our continued commitment to provide value-added products and services that extend our customer?s technology investment,? said John Malley, senior director of marketing for BFG Technologies. ?Newer, faster graphics cards are a... Read more

Answer:BFG Announces Graphics Card 100 Day Trade Up Program

lol they just 1-upped EVGA haha, 10 days longer then EVGA

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Earlier today, AMD announced the ATI Radeon HD 5450 graphics card ? the latest addition to the ATI Radeon HD 5000 Series of graphics cards.

The ATI Radeon HD 5450 will cost less than $60 (USD) for a 512MB memory configuration and supporting DirectX 11 making it one sweet deal if you?re looking for a DirectX 11 graphics card for your Windows 7 PC.

The Radeon HD 5450 offers entry level performance and ultra-low power consumption and also supports AMD?s multi-monitor technology called ATI Eyefinity and their ATI Stream technology. There will be variations of this card depending on partner offers including passive cooling models or whisper-quiet, single slot fan-cooled models.

This graphics card is perfect for someone putting together a home theater PC (HTPC) with Windows 7 as it comes with features like HDMI 1.3a with Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio.

For a complete list of specs on the ATI Radeon HD 5450, click here.


Answer:AMD Announces Low-cost DirectX 11 Graphics Card

And a review of it,

Radeon HD 5450 review

We stated it several times in this review, the Radeon HD 5450 is obviously not intended for gaming. For everything else you can think about, it is working pretty well though. We like the fact that the 5450 can be completely passively cooled, we like that it can support three monitor simultaneously and we simple like what it does and offers for the money.
For just 50 USD you receive a really funky HTPC card with wide connectivity, Blu-ray decoding and acceleration. And then the 80 shader cores can really help you out with software like Mediaplayer Classis Home Theatre edition as you are not only accelerating DXVA 1080P content, you can enhance it as well. So in that respect is really is good value for money.

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Hello TechSpotians,

I have been thinking about gettin myself an upgrade for my PC. You may have seen many of my threads, and may have called me quick at changing my mind *looks at Leeky*
As the title states I would like to get myself a hd 6950 2GB. I have read something up on the future hd 7xxx series, and articles said that they would have more processing power and etc...
I have heard that AMD might be releasing some of the hd 7xxx series Q4 2011 and start mass manufacturing in Q2 2012. But as AMD starts the production of the office cards first and then up to the high end cards it might take a while.

So my question is, will it be worth the time to wait for the hd 7xxx series or just get the hd 6950?


EDIT: I don't think it is known if the 7xxx series will support CrossFire with the 6xxx series, but I heard that you can CF a 5xxx series with a 6xxx series. Is that true?

Answer:Wait for the Radeon HD 7xxx series or get the HD Radeon 6950 2GB?

i would get the 6950, thats a very powerful crd as of now with great driver support, even though the 7xxx series is coming out it usually takes like 2 -3 months for decent driver support and longer sometimes with crossfire support in games. as for the crossfire question, u can crossfire cards from the same generation so 5xxx series only crossfires with 5xxxseries and the same for 6xxx, my friend has a 4870x2 and was starting to lag a bit in BC2 so i got him a 4890 and we put those in crossfire, works much better. But yeah i would get the 6950 now and like u said the nice 7xxx series prob won;t be out til after CES in early 2012

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Now this looks cool!


The Extio F1400 is the world's first remote graphics unit and allows the keyboard, mouse, up to four monitors and audio peripherals to be completely separate from the computer. And here's the kicker – the computer is connected to the Extio F1400 with up to 820 feet of fiber-optic cable.

Extio F1400 PCIe card


The Extio F1400 will start shipping in the second quarter of 2006 – pricing is not yet available.

It will probably cost a fortune, but I can see many possibilites for this device.

Answer:Matrox Announces The World's First Remote Graphics Unit

looks pretty cool.. id never need 4 monitors tho lol

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AMD was excited to introduce a family of true next generation GPUs at their E3 event today. The Radeon R9 Fury X, R9 Fury and R9 Nano are enthusiast oriented graphics cards based on the Fiji architecture that will sit...

Read more

Answer:AMD announces Radeon R9 Fury X, R9 Fury and R9 Nano GPUs; also Project Quantum, a dual-Fiji SFF PC

Custom form factor requirement makes Quantum DOA. White box manufacturers won't touch it..only the Alienwares and the like will even give it a shot and they won't move enough units to make it viable.

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In a strange turn of events, Nvidia elected to use Epic Games' media event (instead of its own last night) at the Game Developers Conference to reveal its newest flagship graphics card, the Titan X.

Read more

Answer:Nvidia crashes Epic Games' media event, announces Titan X graphics card

Soo... What are the chances of a 6GB "980Ti" variant? A bit like the 780Ti was to the Titan Black?
Because it would be better for games and a hell of a lot cheaper

If the rumor mill is to be believed, the price is going to be $1,349, Most people who buy this for gaming will have no use of the double precision floating point prowess of the card, and the few that would probably should have spent a couple hundred extra bucks to get a proper Quadro!

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Hi there,

My computer came with a VIA/S3G UniChrome IGP card, which is apparently a Graphics/Video Card with onboard video (or the other way around, video w/ onboard graphics) Now, this is a terrible card- it can barely play any modern games. I want to get a new graphics card, but I'm concerned if I install a new Graphics Card, that because of the onboard video, it will affect this greatly, or if I actually need a video card instead of graphics. What do I actually need, and will it adversely affect anything on my PC.

I can provide more information if you want...

Answer:Installing New Graphics Cards with Onboard Video/Graphic Cards

We need to know what mobo you have and what slots it has.

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k , know this is probably not the best place to ask this question but im doing my comptia a at the moment and was hoping for a little imput with this question .

Discuss the types of graphics cards and sound cards that are available and the considerations that should be given before the purchase of either .

thanks in advance fo any info mlr

Answer:types of graphics cards and sound cards

Man sounds like you want us to do your homework.

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I have a Gigabyte Radeon 9200. If I have the ATI version of the same card, will I get better performance? The Gigabyte version is cheaper, will it have the same performance when they both have the same specs? My systems runs well, and it has for almost 2 years except for the graphics, I'm not that satisfied with it.

Answer:Gigabyte graphics cards and Ati graphics cards

Same chip, just different manufacturers.

You need to just pay attention to the specs. One may use better g-RAM than the other. Also, one will have different alternate add-ons than the other, which may change your decision.

I will note, though, that Giga-byte often sells good graphics-card packages with great stuff, but the heatsinks they use are often cheap and shytty. Not to mention that the boxes from Giga-byte usually smell like the rotting putrescence from the severed hands of the 4th-world country workers they use to build the stuff.

But if that doesn't bother you, then Giga-byte is a decent choice.

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Right was just looking up some graphics cards for a customer and im wonering how is the 9 series thats supposed to run all games on high settings a lot cheaper than the 8800GTS/GTX/Ultra.?


Answer:9 series gfx cards.?

Yeah, it is cheaper but it is not better than the 8800 GT/GTS//GTX/Ultra. Price and perfomance wise, it is a great buy but if you're a serious gamer, why not buy an nVidia 8800 GT. I think that it is more powerful and offers more value for money. The ATi Radeon HD 3870 is also worth checking out.

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It is said that NVIDIA possible cancel G200b and to release new G3x0. -It will integrate 384SP and it will use 45nm technology.  -Its power consumption will cut a lot than G200. Its clocks will be improved to 850/2000MHz.  -It will match 1GB 256bit GDDR5 memory and the clock will be more than 4000MHz.It will defeat 4870X2 and any SLI set up, ever

Answer:Nvidia GTX 300 Series Cards

isn't the 4870 a ATI card?

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I have an older laptop I'd like to fit with an N-series internal wifi connection (I have a Trendnet N-series router) but all I'm finding are PCI-e cards instead of hte old standard Mini-PCI standard for notebooks...

Is the N-series not available in MiniPCI format? will I be forced to get a USB dongle that I risk breaking off? (this laptop already has a PCMCIA->USB 2.0 adapter sticking out the side, adding a N-series wireless dongle is going to make it stick out 4-5" from the bace!)

Answer:Mini-PCI (NOT PCI-E) N-series cards?
Bottom one.

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Question: Radeon 900 series

Can any one help I've just installed Radeon 9000 series 128 MB graphics card. The cards fine, but I also run Winbond Doctor. When ever I open Winbond the alarm sounds on my computer. The problem lies in the AGP line of Winbond, it reads,Low Limit 2.85, High Limit 3.79, Status 2.72If I change the Lower Limit to 2.30 which by the way I cannot save, no alarm. Is this the normal voltage for this card, (I'm running DVI monitor)Why can I not save the settings. I've also tried to find Winbond Doctor on the net no luck, looking forward to your input.

Answer:Radeon 900 series

click here

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For all of those 48xx series users whining about GPU temps. Here is the fix "until 8.7 drivers", I only increased my fan to 43%. It lowered my GPU temps from 80 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celcuis. Forums - View Single Post - Radeon HD 4850 Heat issues

Answer:48xx series cards MUST READ

Funny - I was whining about my nVidia 8800GTS KO Edition - almost the same thing - at *idle* the damn thing runs 65-68 lol....

I found out the fan runs at 37% until it gets called to - at like 85 or so. So I used a version of RivaTuner (made for eVGA) to create profiles for my fan speeds.

Now, at idle I get 48, and when I was playing Crysis last night I was barely breaking 60 with 4XAA and 1600 x 1200 res.

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I have found more information about three kind of wireless cards and have read a manual for maintenance and Service Guide Some WLAN module is missing at listing of Computer major components from Chapter 3 I have find about more information from this manual from Chapter 1 Product description.  Realtek RTL8188EE 802.11bgn 1x1 Wi-Fi AdapterRealtek RT8723BE 802.11bgn 1x1 Wi-Fi + BT4.0 Combo AdapterBroadcom BCM43142 802.11 bgn 1x1 Wi-Fi + BT4.0 HMC Combo AdapterIntel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165 802.11 ac 1x1 WiFi + BT 4.0 Combo Adapter   Last card new intel Dual Band Wireless AC 3165 haven't spare part number. It's missing part in this list at a page 20 (Chapter 3) I am looking for this card. I have find more information from Intel. There are three variants of Intel AC 3165.  AC3165NGW M.2 2230 and  AC3165D2WG m.2 1216 (3.3 volt and 1,8 volt)I have few questions: For which M2 have this notebook used ?

View Solution.

Answer:Wireless cards for HP notebooks 15-ac series

Hello @edwtie, Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! The Forums are a great place where you can find solutions for your issues, with help from the community! I came across your post about the WLAN Module, and wanted to help! There is only one M.2 slot for the WLAN card, so it should be A, or E keyed.  The compatible WLAN Modules for the notebook seem to be 2230-2730. Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution", this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks! Have a great day!

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I'm trying to run a game in High Def and it says I need to upgrade to GEFORCE 3 or better. Is this a video or a graphics card and what is the best choice to fix this problem.
I've read posts on graphics card and have it down to a choice between GEFORCE and ATI Radeon 3870 that Im having a hard time making since I don't know much about this yet and my comp is at least 5 yrs old. Running an EMachine 3400, 512 mb with windows xp and extra membory added. And which is better the 9600 Geforce or the 3?

Answer:Graphics Cards and Video Cards

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Hi, im trying to download the latest driver for my ATI radeon HD 4800.

Im trying to get version 9.12, but it doesnt seem to budge from version 8.632.1.2000

i have even unistailled it and got windows to find the updates, it still say at the one i just showed you

i even download it from the ATI site

Answer:ATI Radeon HD 4800 series

Quote: Originally Posted by Mitch656

Hi, im trying to download the latest driver for my ATI radeon HD 4800.

Im trying to get version 9.2, but it doesnt seem to budge from version 8.632.1.2000

i have even unistailled it and got windows to find the updates, it still say at the one i just showed you

i even download it from the ATI site

Use Driver Sweeper to clean out the old drivers, then try installing the new ones

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Hello everyone! Could you please tell me why my computer says that I have 2.2 gb of video memory?
I have a ATI Radeon HD 5600 series which has only 512 mb

My PC is:
win7 ultimate x64, Intel core 2 quad Q6600 @2.4 GHz, 4gb of ram, ATI Radeon HD 5600 series, asus motherboard (i dont know the model)

Answer:ATI Radeon HD 5600 series

Hi, welcome to the forums

Your system is sharing physical memory with video memory. It's nothing to be concerned about as Windows will re-allocate the shared memory if it's needed and with no noticable difference to performance.

You may be able to change the shared allocation using the ATI Control Panel or even the BIOS but you'd have to check them as I don't have an ATI card


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My computer is : MDG with Intel Celeron 2.8 GHz processor
ATI Radeon 7000 series dual video card
512 mb RAM
Onboard sound
Windows XP Home

Here is my problem....... I have hooked my big screen tv to DVI on video card. Everything works fine... the desktop shows on the tv and it plays all streamed video. For example UTube and any stand alone video on Windows media player or and DVD player. My son plays hockey in the AHL so when I hook to AHL Live games, their streaming will not show on the big screen, the desktop shows but the streaming window is black also on the computer monitor. Can this be rectifyed ?

Answer:ATI Radeon 7000 series

Make sure the game is running at a resolution supported by the TV.

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good morning, my moms computer has a ATI radeon Xpress 200 series chipset Graphics card, with Win 7. windows 7 wont detect or use it, and updating the drivers for some reason is not helping, does anyone have any suggestions?

any help would be appreciated!

Answer:ATI Radeon Xpress 200 Series (i need some help)

LuckyNumber7, welcome to the forums.

Give this thread here a read,

Help - ATI Radeon 200M not detected

and see if it helps.

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I installed windows 7 on my Intel 865G with built in VGA & sound card. All works fine except VGA. I used ATI Radeon x1300 series 3d card abd after installing that i am facing distortion in my sound card. can anu one tell me that what i must do to solve this

Answer:ATI Radeon X1300 series

We need the make and model of said desktop/laptop, this is to insure we give you the right information. Also, could you please fill in your system specs completely. It's a big help to us here.

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Ive gotten this video card maybe 3 months ago when I was in Bosnia. Originaly on the box it said the card is 128 mb ram but when I check the specs for it once I installed it the ram size was 64 mb and ive tried everything from dusting off the card to cleaning my whole pc and updating the drivers for the card and it still shows up as 64mb so if anyone has a solution post it please.

Answer:Radeon 9200 se series

well in your bios there should be option saying AGP aperture Size or something like that make sure its set to 128mb.

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hi so im trying to install my video card, im able to fully install it.
But when it requires a restart, my computer starts up but when loading tha windows icon it just restarts without any BSOD or anything?
then i go to safe mode and says its unable to detect driver

this is where i downloaded it from: | Support & Downloads

Answer:ATI radeon 3800 series.. help

First of all let's start with this (which you have been asked before in several of your other threads),

If unsure what you have grab this,

Speccy - System Information - Free Download

and it should show what hardware you have.

as for your current problem, looking back at your other threads/posts it would appear that you have bigger problems than the video driver not installing which could be a hardware or software problem.

Is this a clean untouched Windows install, or has it been fed through something like RT Se7en Lite (or something similar), or a downloaded version from somewhere?

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I want to dowload the drivers for my GPU from the AMD website. SIW and Everest both tell me that my card is a "ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 Series". At the ATI/AMD website it has 2 download options: RADEON XPRESS 200 or RADEON XPRESS 200M. How do I tell which I need for my computer?DetailsProperty                ValueDisplay Adapter   ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 SeriesVideo Processor   ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 Series (0x5A61)Video memory size   256 MBytesAdapter DAC Type   Internal DAC(400MHz)BIOS Date               05/03/17Display Drivers               ati2dvag.dllDriver Version      Date               2005-04-15 09:14:58Inf File Name               oem1.infInf Section               ati2mtag_RC410   

Answer:ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 Series

M is for mobile (laptop). If you're on a laptop you want to download from your laptop manufacturer.

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I got this graphics card thats its integrated to the motherboard.....and, in Windows 7 beta the driver was installed by windows update, but when i changed to windows 7 RC the driver is no longer in windows update or the ATI drivers page, and the one who appears in the catalog of windows update is not functionable for this version of windws 7. Can someone help me with this???

Answer:ati radeon xpress 200 series

finally y found something thats works for the graphic card............:i went to this page: search for "Ati radeon express 200 series"...................and after trying a lot af updates this one was the only one that was usefull for me...

ATI Technologies Inc. driver update for RADEON XPRESS 200 Series (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM)
Windows Vista
Drivers (Video)
2,8 MB 2947995

unpack the files in a folder or whatever u want.....then go to the device for the display manager...choose update controler controler in the equip....choose in a lis of controlers.......the look up for the folder.....................and pick up Ati radeon express 200 series (micosoft corporation...etc)and thats all..........

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i was wondering how much a ancient ati radeon 7000 ve series would be worth so i can get a new 9600 xt for my xp

Answer:ati radeon 7000 ve series Used Retail Box

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I've been playing World of Tanks on High graphics, but even just in the garage looking at my vehicles the internal temperature rises to a peak (so far) of 58C with my fan on 100%.
Is this too much for my computer?

Answer:AMD Radeon HD 5800 series 50C-58C

No - especially not for an AMD card.

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I was wondering is there any driver updates, tips and tricks or overclocking that I can do to my vidio card?

thanks in advance!

Answer:ATI Radeon 9200 series

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I have a ATI Radeon? HD 3600 Series which has 1 gig of RAM and it's about 3 years old and it's a pretty good card but I just want to go up one notch on my video card and get a dual card so I can hook up 2 monitors. I want of take my pictures from one screen one put them in the other screen for more screen space. What would you recommend. In the last 5 years I guess they are all PCI Express slots.

Answer:ATI Radeon™ HD 3600 Series

Unless you have some non standard version of the card (3450 or 3650?), you don't need a second card for a second monitor. Don't think there has been a video card made in a long while that can't run two monitors, using two of usually three ports (VGA, DVI, HDMI, in some combination) on the card.

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Question: 2 Radeon Cards?

Hi Guys,

Today I went out and bought 2 new graphics cards. Since I'm looking for screen real estate, and not gaming, I got 2 Sapphire Radeon R7 260X 2GB cards to replace my Nvidia 610's.

I installed the cards, and I cannot for the life of me get all 6 monitors to work at once. I installed the drivers, and checked pretty much everything I can think of. My displayport adapters are active, not passive, however I had the same issue with the passive adapters too. If I disconnect one of the cards, I get a picture on the other 3 monitors. And then if I reconnect it, I get a picture on those. Catalyst control center doesn't even recognize that there are 6 monitors attached, however windows device manager shows both cards.

Additionally, I tried plugging in one monitor into each card, and that did not make a difference - it still worked on one or the other. I tried both display ports, both DVIs, and both HDMIs, as well as a combination of the 3.

Other specs

- AMD 9590 8-Core 4.7GHz Processor
- Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 board
- 600 Watt PSU
- Windows 7 Ultimate (64)

Answer:2 Radeon Cards?


Got it resolved. It was due to CrossFireX being enabled. CrossFireX disables the second card's outputs, and just uses it for graphics processing.

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Question: Radeon

hey pplsimple..well maybe not..does ANYONE know how i could do a hardware overclock on my nice shiny new Radeon 9800pro?prof


you will need to either use powerstrip or rage 3d tweak to overclock(software and not as risky)or(very risky!) extract your cards bios with atiflash mod it with radedit and flash it back again.expensive if it goes wrong.

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Question: Ati Radeon Cards

Hey, on the internet, i have seen ati radeon "SE" or "powered by ati" cards. They are priced much cheaper than "made by ati cards" and I just wanted to know what the difference was. Im concidering a new card, but want to know if the "SE" cards are worse than the "made by ati" cards for gaming or other stuff.

Thank you for helping,

Answer:Ati Radeon Cards

ATI makes chipsets and reference boards for other companies. They sell these chipsets and references to them, and those companies make their video cards as well, like Sapphire, Powercolor, and Asus. ATI still likes to make their own cards as well though, and these are 'made by ATI'. The other ones, that are 'powered by ATI' are not bad cards at all, and are sometimes even better, because they use different memory.

Anyway, back to the different Radeon cards...there's the regular ones, which are just like 9600. Then there's the better versions of that, the 9600 Pro, and the 9600XT, which feature faster clock speeds, and other features. Then there's the lower version, the 9600SE, which is slower, and has a few pipelines taken basically, it's not really that good.

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I know there will always be something bigger, better, and faster coming out on the market but when I originally built my desktop I chose a Mid-tower because I didn't want a High-tower due to the size etc... but I do dislike the mid-tower because it leaves about an inch of space for air flow from the intake fan to the output fan, due to its size. I recently got back from school so I have yet to set-up my desktop but I put in it a EVGA Nvidia 9800 GX2 graphics card which was the new and best, and this was only a year ago now.

I haven't really been following new cards and such for a while but can anyone give me a summary of what has happened since the 9800 GX2? I know some are now equipped with DDR3 but what else about them is making them the new and better series?

Would there be any advantage to upgrading to a 2 or 4 series?


Answer:The New Series Of Nvidia Graphic Cards vs. The 9800's

Their are always advantages, 2 series pending on the exact model.Newer manufacturing techniques, power consummation, more memory, faster memory, higher memory interface (bit). 4 Series DX11, 2 DVi and 1 hdmi out multi monitor support, and the afore mentioned. It would really depend on what you mainly use your card for. Since the card you have is a pretty good one to start with. JMO Fabe

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my graphic driver error please help me

Answer:i need amd radeon hd 5000 series (driver)

@sarwono Try and install this. REO

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I just had our company IT person complete a fresh install of win 7 64 bin on my Dell XPS 410. Prior to that I recently installed one of the AT HD Radeon 5000 series (don't have the exact model # near me). It was installed and software was DL. The software gave me the Catalyst to control my card. I was using two monitors to play Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Catalyst allowed me to stretch the screen so I had a full cockpit view. Of course this also made my windows desktop screen stretched also as one full screen.

Now that I have win 7 fresh install and the DL update Catalyst for the graphics card. I don't have the option any longer to stretch my screen. The new catalyst doesn't have the option.

NOTE: I first attempted to install the original software from disc that came with the graphics card but it would crash my computer everytime.

Can someone help me. I'm not a computer genious AT ALL!!!!!!

Answer:ATI Radeon HD 5000 Series/Win7 64 bit help

Hi glades250, welcome to sevenforums.

You need to reinstall the drivers for Windows 7 - ATI Radeon use the first download link.

Let us know if you need further help.

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my lenovo g470 has amd radeon 6300m card. but its not diming whether brigthness is 100% or 0%  intalled driver is the latest amd 14.7 beta driver... operating system windows 8.1 how can i dimm it its draining my batery fast please i need help...  energy mnagement intalledi have tried win7 EM and win8 EM but no luck

Answer:amd radeon mobility 6300m series on win 8.1

hi raennexx,
If you have the G470 with switchable graphics (Intel + AMD is listed on Device Manager > Display Adapters) then the brightness control is comming from the Intel Graphics. In this case, navigate to the Control Panel (icon views) > Programs and uninstall anything that says Intel Graphics and intell this version directly from the Intel website:
Intel® HD Graphics Driver for Windows* 7/8/8.1 64-bit
Version: 04/10/2014Size: 138.68MB
When finished, reboot the PC and check if you can now adjust the brightness via Fn+Arrow key up/down or via these methods:
- Method 1
- Method 2
- Method 3

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DOes anyone know if any manufacture is planning on releasing the video card in agp version?

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Hello so im not so good with all the terms but i can get some of them so in the responses keep it to a minimum please

I have a radeon 9000 series and i was wondering if this card can run any of the half life 2 series at all or decently. ive tried it and its failed so far but i might be doing something wrong

my other option is to upgrade my graphics card to a better one.... but i only have pci slots. i saw a article earlier about gaming with pci slots but i would like some one on one feed back.

please look at this guys article and tell me which card would be best for half life 2 series, team fortress 2, and overlord (may or may not be getting this one) please any feed back would be great.

my specs are
compaq presario
2.5gb ram
radeon 9000 series
pentium[R] 4 cpu 2.93ghz, 2.93ghz

Answer:Video card help radeon series

will my computer be able to run something with the requirments of Pentium 4 3.0Ghz/Athlon 64bit 3000+

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I have a radeon 9000 series graphics card, i have it working and everything but when i try to play half life 2:episode 2 it pops up with a "need to update drivers" message but when i go to the ati site none of the drivers work for me coming up with "missing inf file" "connect a vga cable"

If you could and if anyone had this problem and resolved it please send me the link with the update
Computer Specs are
pentium 4 cpu 2.93ghz 2.93ghz
2.49 of ram
radeon 9000 graphics card (which i am able to use)
windows XP

Answer:Need to update radeon 9000 series

What Operating System are you running and it is fully updated using Windows Update?

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Ok so this is 2nd post first one no longer appears here and no information on where it went..

I am pretty computer literate, not a genius but know what's necessary.

The problem is when watching fullscreen videos on websites or any media player, unfortunately this doesn't work as it sends my screen into blackness and if left in blackness long enough; I get the blue screen (of death... scary, well it scared the life out of me the first time) .
I am running Win7 Ultimate x64
AMD Athlon x2 Dual Core Processor TK-53
2.5 GB RAM
on a Dell Inspiron 1501 (laptop)

The video card itself is a 128MB ATI Xpress Series (that's all it says, doesn't really have a number identifying model).

Win7 works perfectly fine, games.

Answer:[HELP!!!!] Problem with -> ATI Radeon Xpress Series


can you upload an image of the Blue screen or tell us what is written there (in the BOLD letters)?

Also somtimes problems with online videos are caused by bad or old flash player plugin or an old browser.
-In which browser you are having the problem? (IE,Friefox,Chrome).

-Have you tried updating your flash player?
(go to Adobe - Install a different version of Adobe Flash Player)

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Hi, im having troubles with my ATI radeon 9550 gamecard, ever since i bought my computer, i havent being having the bestes times with it, whenever i play games "warcraft3 is the main problem" my computers gamercard heats up, it's stable when i have no games up, but once i open up a game and have it maximized the heat boosts up o around 59 60 degreeg's then my computer freezes.

Ive tried keep the computers case open but thats not working, i have a cool flow leaving the computer from the back, and i dont no whats happening.
This is my dxdiag

Operating system: Microsoft windows xp Professional (5.1, Build 2600)
System model: AWRDACPI
BIOS: Award modular BIOS v6.00PG
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.66GHZ
Memory: 764MB RAM << aint the problem i havnt used close to anything.
Page file: 329MB used, 1549MB available
Direct X: DirectX 9.0

Card name: ATI Radeon 9550 / X1050 Series
Manufacturer: ATI Technologies Inc.
Chip type: ATI Radeon Graphics Processor AGP (0x4153)
DAC type: Internal DAC(400MHz)
Device Key: Enum\PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4153&SUBSYS_40501458&REV_00
Display Memory: 256.0 MB
Current Mode: 1024 x 768 (32 bit) (75Hz)
Monitor: Plug and Play Monitor
Monitor Max Res: 1600,1200
Driver Name: ati2dvag.dll
Driver Version: 6.14.0010.6755 (English)
DDI Version: 9 (or higher)
Driver Attributes: Final Retail

Please help me ^^

Answer:ATI Radeon 9550/X1050 series

Try running games with the computer case open

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I'm either having a problem with the card itself or the driver, If i have the driver/card enabled and have my charger plugged in for my laptop the screen goes black but the computer itself stays on, there is no way to get the screen back on, i have the settings so when its plugged in it doesnt shut off or anything, if i have the driver/card disabled and the charger in it has no problems, same with if i have the driver/card enabled and the charger not in, anyone know how to fix this?

i have vista, and a gateway laptop

Answer:ATI Radeon Xpress 200m Series

hi the driver and other software is here you need to scroll down a bit

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I plan on getting one of these cards for my Toshiba Satellite.

1. Do you guys think it will be good for 1080p movies and action games at 720p? (my monitor supports 1080p)

2. Where would i buy it? I dont see any link of where to buy these.

ATI Mobility Radeon? HD 4600 Series Specs

Answer:ATI Radeon Mobility 4600 Series

Going that your in america,ive heard nothing but good things about - Computer Parts, PC Components, Laptop Computers, Digital Cameras and more!
Only they dont deliever to Europe lol

I got an XFX ATI Radeon HD 4650 1GB,works good on the likes of call of duty 4,but just dont expect to run it in maximum graphic options,but its not far off

If you want to run the latest games in full graphic option,id say the 5770 or something similar would be the one.

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I dont know how to see what 6700 card it is but the fan on it fell apart (I got the PC back in 2014). I'm trying to find a replacement to but have no idea what to look for. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:AMD RADEON HD 6700 series replacement fan?

There is no such thing as fan for a card that is the same for all vendors everywhere forever.
A 6770 would likely have a Dust buster type fan and getting a new one from the OEM that made the card will likely cost more than buying a new card.

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i want to update my AMD driver, using auto identification
when the catalyst downloader finish and system prompted to choose location to install this message appear
can anyone help me

Answer:Error VGA AMD Radeon 6400M Series

try downloading drivers from AMD website manually, without using the auto-identification app.

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Although my new HP a1230n comes with, what appears to be a decent video card. Because it is integrated on the motherboard, would I be okay with staying with this card? I am an older guy who doesn't play hardcore games on my computer anymore. But I do want to do video copying with my DVD burner. And, if I did replace it, would the installation of another card in a PCI slot be going into my device manager and do some disconnecting?

Answer:ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 Series replacement

Hi Jakatak,
The HP a1230n's are actually pretty nice machines out of the box. They have PCI-Express slots so you are current with video upgrade capabilities if you ever did want to add a 3rd party videocard. That's an Athlon XP system too with a very fast FSB/memory bus.

As far as the integrated graphics are concerned, the Radeon IGP is actually one of the better integrated chips you can get. They are basically a shared vmem Radeon 7000 in capabilities, so playing a plethora of older DirectX 7.0/8.0 games is possible. They do pretty well in 3d benchmarks compared to other integrated chipsets. Obviously, they are not well suited to modern 3d/directx 9.0 games though.

So if you're not planning on installing any newer 3d games and mainly use the PC for video, audio, web surfing, burning dvd's and only light gaming- the Radeon IGP isn't a bad solution for this.

If you wish to get a fancy, whiz-bang videocard that supports directx 9.0, newest shaders and higher performance- you have a WIDE selection of cards in the PCI-Express you can use. has selections from both ATI and NVIDIA from $110 to $600 depending on how much 3d muscle the games you wish to play need.

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hi guys, my *newer cpus mobo has apparently been shot:
dell inspiron 530
3gb ddr2 RAM
duo core processor
winXP 64 bit

Im trying to install the old graphics card (foxconn 630G01 REV A00{internet tells me its a AMD/ATI radeon 9500}] into a:
HP pavillion (i assume just says hp :x)
AMD sempron 34002.0 ghz processor 32 bit
1 gb of ram

also the current graphics is on board nvidia geforce 6100

im running into several probelms first off the device manager does not detect any hardware changes in plug and play (does this mean my graphics card is not compatible with this cpu?)

also im not sure if i have to uninstall the nvidia before i can install the AMD but i do not want to uninstall it before knowing my device manager will read the AMD

i have no installation disk so i have to get the drivers from the internet.
ive already installed the Catalyst AMD driver manager but it also does not detect it.

the AMD site says this particular card has been moved to a legacy structure. im not too computer savy so im not sure what im doing but im not brain dead and could follow instructions i just need a little help.

if you need anymore details just ask thanks a million

Answer:AMD/ATI Radeon 9500 series problems

Maybe it's not compatible with your motherboard.

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What is the difference between the Radeon Mobility HD 5000 series and 4000 series? I know the 5000 supports DirectX 11, but how is this a good thing? What is new? I've heard of Eyefinity, but I don't see how that and DirectX 11 will help at all on a laptop.

Answer:Radeon Mobility HD 5000 series

Quote: Originally Posted by Windows i7 920

What is the difference between the Radeon Mobility HD 5000 series and 4000 series? I know the 5000 supports DirectX 11, but how is this a good thing? What is new? I've heard of Eyefinity, but I don't see how that and DirectX 11 will help at all on a laptop.

1. price
2. clock speeds
3. amount of memory
4. DX 11
5. 3 monitor support
6. Dx 11 for newer games that will support DX11 greater eye candy and gaming
preformance, as well as Photoshop and any graphically demanding programs.

As far as helping a laptop it depends on the laptop and the CPU, amount of memory and type either DDR2 or DDR3
And on the GPU DDR5 or GDDR5

The 5 seire cards work with a different chip design for lower power consumption and greater battery life.

I use Nvidia so hopefuly an ATI member can better answer your questions and correct or add to any things in this post.

You have an exceptional laptop but it will never provide the same gaming experience as a comparable Desktop,where you can change the GPU/CPU.

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Hello. Can someone tell me what's the last driver version for ATI Radeon HD 4800 series graphic card? I have 13.9 Catalyst... is there any newer that supports my video card? Because I constantly keep getting "Display driver AMD has stopped responding and has recovered" error while playing games... someone told me that I need to update my drivers, but as far as I know 13.9 is last that supports my ATI card..

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so i just wanted to know is it x1600 or x1650...

and what kind of cooling is it?

bad quality pics i know, but should be clear enough to tell whats on the pic.

EDIT: gonna put better pics when i get my cam back (these ones are made with SE G502)

Answer:ATI Radeon x1600 (x1650) series

I'd say that card is a Saphire card but that cooling I don't think is stock is this something you purchased privately? In my opinion someone did a lot of modification to this and used a serious bank of fans for cooling but with your current photos that's really just a SWAG.

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just updated my video driver to this....and now anything in 3d is all messed upwhen I play a game, random triangles will be missing everywhereI can post a screenshot if it would be helpfuldoes anyone have a solution?if it matters, I used AMD driver updater from steam

Answer:ATI radeon hd 4300/4500 series

also, I think I found someone who had same problem there is something helpful in there, I don't understand it myself though

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My apologies for not using the search feature to see if this topic has already been created and answered, but I am having a terrible time trying to scroll or even load pages. Under the device manager, I have a yellow question mark beside my video card, and when I tried to update the driver, it said something about "cannot be started" and "error code 10". I tried looking around on ATI's site but couldn't find anything that looked close to the video card I have. The driver info says "Version". This video card was working perfectly fine earlier today, and had been for about 3 months, so it's not a compatibility problem. Someone decided to do some PC maintenance and delete some old drivers, although I have no idea how that would have any effect on the current video driver. There was also a screen that said "this device is not using any resources because it has a problem".

If any more info on my system is needed, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

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I've had my computer for over a year now, and when I got it, it was running Windows Vista. A couple of days ago, I upgraded to Windows 7. The computer has a ATI Radeon 3400 series video card, though I'm not sure where to find exactly what card it is. Anyway, every once in a while, when I had Vista, I would be in the middle of just browsing the web, and, all of the sudden, my screen would freeze up, then everything would go all funky (the colors were right, but the picture was all screwy, I don't know how to explain it), and finally, my screen would go blank, then the picture would come right back up, but the colors would be somewhat off. What I mean is the picture just looked like it had a lot less quality. There would be something down in the bottom right of the screen that said "ATI Radeon... had an error and restarted" or something to that effect. Now that I've upgraded to Windows 7, I was hoping that if it was a software problem between Vista and this card or something, it would go away, but unfortunately, now instead of my picture coming back up after the screen goes all funky, I go to the good ol' blue screen I love so much. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:ATI Radeon 3400 series problem


Try updating the drivers for your GPU

Check the Nvidia web site

How long have you had this card?

When did u install it? Did u use antistatic bands/ or ground yourself before hand?

I'm asking because this happened to me once when i didnt use a band, it killed the card and it gave strange colour outputs with vertical lines!

That scared me enough to buy antistatic bands and work mat!


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I'm looking to upgrade from my X800 XL to another ATI card, but the new X2900 which supports shader 4 and DX10 are out of my price range at the moment. I could go for an X1950 XT for a fraction of the price but I would have to upgrade again sooner as it's only DX9 and shader 3. Does anyone know when the X2600 range is due for release? I can't find one anywhere and I'm guessing it'll be a more reasonable price while still beating my current card silly.

Answer:When are the Radeon X2600 series released?

No release date as yet Check this siteclick here

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I'm asking in behalf of a friend who is (as of the moment) using a 64mb Radeon 7000 Series AGP with Windows 7 x32. Are there any moded drivers around for it lately? Currently he is using the XP driver version When he tries to log-off he get's a BSOD with the ATI driver...Any ideas here?

He is using the AGP as a temporary one and will opt to have a 256 or 512mb later. Thanks in advance for the help and advices.


Answer:ATI 64mb Radeon 7000 Series AGP

No there aren't any modded drivers for cards that old, there is nothing to mod as there is nothing in the new drivers that would support them. The best he can hope for is to use the last XP driver,


which is a few years newer than what he has now.

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Every time i try to play a game on my hp pavilion a430n, with the radeon 9600 series graphics card;It tends to make the graphics in the games go haywire.....could someone please tell me what the problem might be???

p.s.Updated my graphics card to the latest version if that helps any.

Answer:Radeon 9600 series problem! please help!

I've been using a Visiontek 9600 XT without any problems -- can you tell us what you mean by "haywire"?

And is it an identical issue with all games or just a particular one?

Is this a new card or an old one -- and has it ever worked properly?

edit -- ok I see your attachment now.

I suspect the card itself is bad. If it is under warranty -- I would contact the vendor for an RMA.

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Hey,Please are there ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5000 series drivers for windows 8 64 bit? I have tried to update my HP ENVY 14-1260 BEATS drivers online. It automatically gave me a black screen. I could still hear the music I was playing before it went black. Please help.

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When will something like this be available??? ATi's offerings in the midrange sucks nowadays. 9600XT is not a midrange card anymore, we should see something like the X700pro or X700XT in AGP.

If you know of any developments please post some links.


Answer:ATI Radeon X700 series gfx accelerator in AGP???

there are ati mid range new graphics cards. they might nto be avaiable where you live locally so i suggest you ahve a look at

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I need an upgrade for my ATI Radeon 3600 series graphics card. I only have 475 watt power supply. What cards do you suggest for gaming?
Operating System
MS Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit SP2
Intel Core i7 920 @ 2.67GHz 44 ?C
Bloomfield 45nm Technology
8.00 GB Memory Speed: DDR3 SDRAM (PC3-12800)

DELL Inc. 0X501H (CPU 1) 30 ?C
W2253 ([email protected])
ATI Radeon HD 3600 Series (Dell) 57 ?C
Hard Drives
488GB Seagate ST3500620AS (SATA) 31 ?C
Optical Drives
AMD High Definition Audio Device

Answer:Upgrade for ATI Radeon 3600 series?

Sorry for the late reply Mailman, I would recommend a 5670HD, it's a low profile card and wont use much power, but has good graphics performance for the type of card, and it will fit into most cases.

Hope this helps.

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