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Belkin Wireless adapter - can connect to the adapter, but not the internet!!!

Question: Belkin Wireless adapter - can connect to the adapter, but not the internet!!!

Hello, this problem has really confuzzled me. I have just bought a new wireless USB adapter, ran it through the setup entered the password etc. Fine. Nicely connects to the router everytime (well ok most the time). But it cant seem to find the internet, which i know is there because my house mate has no problems with it. I've read quite a few complaints about this adapter. Is it worth just returning it and trying a different one? Or does anyone have any ideas?

It finds the submask, ip address, sets a channel automatically. One thing i noticed though is it doesnt create a gateway. (i asume cos i cant find the net). I did have internet before but they were wired. I've since then disabled the normal ethernet adapter and disabled the old connections. So i dont think theres anything conflicting.

Please help?!!
Thank you in advance i really appreciate it.

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Preferred Solution: Belkin Wireless adapter - can connect to the adapter, but not the internet!!!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Belkin Wireless adapter - can connect to the adapter, but not the internet!!!

I'm going to guess that the IP address that it finds is 169.254.x.x and the subnet mask is, right? It's really NOT connecting to the router, which is why you don't have a Default Gateway or DNS servers.

You don't have to disable the wired interface to connect wirelessly, there's no conflict.

I'd suggest you first disable the encryption and see if it connects. If it does, then you need to make sure you enter matching passwords for the encryption on each end. Note that for WEP you should ONLY use the HEX password, do not use the passcode option.
Please supply the following info, exact make and models of the equipment please.

The name of your ISP and country of residence.
Make/model of the broadband modem. If dial-up, please specify.
Make/model of the router (if any).
Connection type, wired, wireless.
If wireless, encryption used, (WEP, WPA, WPA2, etc.)
Make/model of network card or wireless adapter.
Make/model of your computer (motherboard if home-built).
Version and patch level of Windows on all affected machines, i.e. XP-Home (or XP-Pro), SP2.

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I bought this yesterday and have still not managed to make it work, i'm on a laptop running windows 2000, it's a Dell Inspirion 800 (or something like that) and it's about five years old, i got it from my mums boyfriend so any other information is unbeknownest to me.
I have installed everything from the CD that came with it and plugged it in, all that happens is it flashes and doesn't connect, when i open the utility it shows the me the My Computer -!> Router -!> Internet and won't connect and doesn't even find my router even though the router can see it (apparently, thats just what i've been told).
I have tried changing the options but the Advanced Options won't open at all and neither will the router options.
When i tried the connectivity test I get something like the first four passing and anything beyond WAN just failing, i would be more specific but i can't get at it right now.
I know i should have looked first but i have just searched google and seen some pretty negative reviews on Belkin products.
I can't afford another one and won't be able to take it back so any help would be sooooo appreciated!
By the way, I connect to a Netgear router (can't remember the model number), before this i had a D-Link which worked perfectly well but he end of the USB broke of so it won't work anymore
Well as i said any help will be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Belkin 802.11g Wireless G USB Network Adapter won't connect.

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I bought one set of belkin powerline internet adapters to connect my blue ray for netflix and it was working great, I disconnected the one attached to my blue ray to try it in my mom's blue ray and worked great....Now it doesn't work on either....i was on the phone with Belkin for hours....
Anybody know what could be wrong?
I would appreciate some help before I return it....

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My Belkin wireless usb network adapter isn't connecting to the internet. The router and everything is fine as other computers in the house are working. It's just one desktop pc that isn't connecting.
Our internet was running slower than it should and that was because we had too many wires and so in order to speed it up we decided to use a wireless connection instead of an ethernet cable.

The problem seems to be that the adapter just isn't connecting. The little icon showing the status of the connection keeps going back and forth from no connection to attempting to connect.

I've made sure the box about the ip address is ticked and things like that. Is there any other way? Or maybe the adapter is no good.

My computer is Windows XP.


Answer:Why doesn't Belkin adapter connect to internet?

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I'm currently fixing a computer for someone and I am completely confused.
They have a Linksys WUSB11 (pictured above) and it's sending (very little) data to the access point, but isn't recieving data. It shows up as connected to the router with a very good signal, but in the little icon in the taskbar, only one computer is blinking.

Any ideas?

Answer:Wireless adapter won't connect to internet

is it setup in infrastructure or Ad-hoc mode. If its in ad-hoc set it to infrastructure.

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I have a Netgear 108 Mbps Super Wireless ADSL router (DG834GT) which is directly connected to my 1st desktop. Just bought another PC and trying to connect using the Netgear WG111T Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter. Both computers are running Windows XP Pro SP2. The 2nd PC can detect the wireless network, plus a few others from neighbouring houses. However, cannot seem to connect to my home network at all. Security options have been disabled as I firstly just want to get it working. Incidentally, I can connect to one of my neighbours access points but notwithstanding, cannot bring up any web pages.

Please advise!

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Cannot connect to the Internet using USB Wireless adapter


I have exactly the same problem with my wireless adapter. I have surfed around on the net looking for answers and solutions, but none appear to work. I fear it may be a problem with the WG111T device itself. What other options are there?
any advice welcome

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I'm having trouble connecting my PC to the internet through a wireless adapter. It'll say "acquiring network address" then disconnect and then attempt to connect again. It'll also recognize the network, but will not connect to it. Hard-wiring directly to the router works.

Answer:Wireless adapter won't connect to internet

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ok, i am working on my neice's computer (at my house), and all it has is dialup. i have dsl at my home, wired and wireless routers. anyway, i tried hooking up the computer thru the usb port (installed 2wire drivers), and it wouldn't work. i thought about it for a while, and wound up hooking up my linksys wireless usb adapter, and it won't work either. so, at this point i'm stumped. basically, with the linksys adapter, i can connect to my network, but i just can't access the internet with anything (browser, or software programs to do updates). i've attached a few screenshots below.

the computer is an older compaq, windows xp pro (but it's labeled windows me).

also, there is no network card in the back of the computer, that's why i'm doing the usb thing (which should work). - thx, sos

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Hi there.

I have a 54g Belkin USB adapter and a Speedtouch 576 wireless router.

When I start my PC up (the one with Belkin USB), it connects to the network but not to the internet and the only way to make it connect to the internet is to restart the router through my IE6 control panel thing.

How can I make it so it connects automaticlly and not have to restart router?

I run Windows XP SP2. Thanks.

Answer:Wireless Adapter won't connect to internet

Still having problems.

I've tried reconnecting the internet on the Router but doesn't work. When I restart the Router, my adapter imediatly connects to the network and internet.

How do I make it connect to internet on start up without having to restart router every time?

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Hi, this is a problem that has been bothering me for months.(about 10, as we've been too lazy to do anything about it) We own 2 PCs and one laptop. The main PC has a router connected to it, which sends out signals to the other PC and the laptop. Both the main PC(because it's bigger ) and the laptop get internet access just fine. However, for closing on like 8 or 9 months now the other PC in my room will not connect to the internet, although the adapter says it's connected to the router, it never brings up the message that it's connected to the internet. I've turned off windows firewall and such, but I'm starting to get to the point where I've just messed around with too many settings and would like some more expert help.

Because multiple users use this PC, I do not know the specific cause of the problem, but there was a windows update that I think was installed around the time of the loss of connection.

I also do not believe there is any connection at all, as the netgear activity chart is at about 1% if that helps, although the computer says it is connected to the main router. And yes this is a wireless connection that is having the problem. Windows XP 2000.

I have also restored the Internet Explorer 7 Default settings, and tried a copy of Firefox aswell. Niether of them can display the webpage.

Answer:Wireless adapter won't connect to internet.

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Can't connect to the web. My 3 other pc's connect ok. The wireless network shows connected. When I try to do "ipconfig /release" I get the message "the operation failed as no adapter is in a state permissible for this operation"

Answer:Wireless adapter can't connect to Internet

You WiFi is disabled. Find the Wireless Button on your keyboard and turn it back on or goto the control panel -> network connections and right-click the Wireless Adapator and select Enable.

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ok here it goes. I have a hp tx2000 laptop using vista with a alfa awuso36h usb adapter to connect to the internet. Ok heres the problem i was using this setup to connect to my neighbores wireless internet with no problems for about 2 weeks(yes they know and are fine with me using it). But within the past week (actually all of a sudden it wont work) my program that came with the adapter shows alot of networks with full signals but when i connect to any of them it shows connected but wont actually bring up the internet. When i click on i.e. It says i.e. Cannot display the webpage. And if it actually does take me to google it will disconnect for no reason and reconnect to a random network thats available. my neighbors connection i was using just all of a sudden quit working and if i try to connect to it , it says cannot connect to frontier87. Also the other networks that show up sometimes will say the settings saved on this computer for this network dont match the requirements of the network, but sometimes the same network will connect but wont actually bring up the internet. I guess i just want to know what has changed to make me not be able to use a network that worked fine for me last week. Please help.

Answer:laptop won't connect to wireless internet through adapter

read the rules
WiFi "Piggybacking" / "Wardriving" - We do not support the act of using someone else's Internet without permission. Also, please note that almost every ISP prohibits sharing your Internet connection with another home, and we will not assist you in breaking their rules.

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I installed the WG111T wireless adapter and i have found the network i want to use, the connection is strong to the router but when i clicked to go on the internet it says the page cannot be displayed. Can anyone shed any light on my
situation as i spent hours trying to resolve this problem with no luck.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Cannot connect to internet but i have installed wireless adapter

Are you getting a proper IP address from the router ? Launch a command window & type ipconfig to see what it says.

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This is a little wordy, but I am trying to describe the problem.

Got a Mercury 54 Mbps wireless adapter, need to install driver. It works on my P3 laptop running XP. The adapter is compatible with Win98, 2000Pro, and XP.

I also have a P4 desktop running 2000Pro with SP4 that I recently made decent after removing a lot of spyware that absolutely made Microsoft Office useless unless in safe mode. Following instructions in your support forum, but could not follow it to the letter as I could not get Internet connection. I copied most of the required apps to the hard drive via USB thumb drive and ran them. Now Microsoft Office is serviceable on the P4 desktop

However, the adapter does not work on the 2000 Pro desktop. Even though I positioned the desktop at the same spot where I use the laptop, it shows the available network which does not have encryption, but I could not get IE nor Firefox nor any updates to connect to the Internet. They are set for direct connection.

I have cleaned the registry with Wise Registry Cleaner and fixed the Safe to Fix problems. Still, on start up, I get a RUNDLL message box with Error loading w00ab13e.dll, the specified module could not be found.

What is wrong? With the adapter config showing the wireless network, I cannot ping any websites in the CMD screen, comes back with unknown host.

I have a similar problem with the USB camera installation on the P4 desktop. The driver is installed on both the XP laptop and the 2000P... Read more

Answer:USB wireless adapter sees network, but cannot connect to Internet

First try removing your tcp/ip from network connections properties and try then readding them. Also do the same for your network card and drivers.

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I have recently just moved to a new city, and i am trying desperately to get my desktop computer connected to the internet. This computer is fairly old, and hasn't been used in a while but it worked fine when it was last used. It is a Gateway computer, with Windows XP. I have always used a wireless USB Network adapter (Linksys 2.4GHz - fairly old) and it has always worked fine in the past. I bought a new wireless router, which is also a linksys. My laptop connects fine.

I have tried EVERYTHING, so I'm not sure if I did something that made the situation worse. I have tried renewing my IP address, changing my security key for the router, configuring the IP settings to match my laptops, installing the same program that i used on my laptop onto my desktop (which i think might be the problem but i don't know how to uninstall it.) The program I installed was for the Linksys router, but it wouldn't finish the installation b/c i had already installed it on my laptop.

Anyways, I think i made a mess of things. When i try to connect to the internet using the task bar icon, it says that Windows cannot configure the wireless connection, and if i have enabled another program to manage this wireless connection, to use that software. So, i tried using the half installed Linksys program, and I type in my security key then it takes a while trying to connect. Finally, it will say that it could not connect to the wireless network, but it shows at the bottom that there is e... Read more

Answer:Desktop computer won't connect to internet with wireless adapter

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My PC running on Windows 7.
I'm connected Internet via Wireless adapter.
And here is the route print :

IPv4 Route Table
Active Routes:
Network Destination Netmask Gateway Interface Metric 25 On-link 306 On-link 306 On-link 306 On-link 281 On-link 281 On-link 281 On-link 306 On-link 281 On-link 306 On-link 281
Click to expand...

After that i try connect use vpn network.
And here is the route print after connected to vpn.

IPv4 Route Table
Active Routes:
Network Destination Netmask Gateway Interface Metric 25 26 100 On-link 306 On-link 306 On-link 306 ... Read more

Answer:How to connect vpn client and internet wireless adapter simultaneously

If you're using a PPTP VPN connection, the PPTP clients defaults to sending all traffic (even Internet traffic) through the VPN. You will need to go into the PPTP network properties and uncheck the box for the option to send all traffic over the VPN connection.

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thanks for looking in and trying to help. I have a laptop with Windows 7 on it, and as usual today the laptop's screen frame also accomodates the internal Wireless Internet antenna. I am able to use the existing networks when they are close enough to me.

But I wanted to have a better reception, so I bought one of those USB-based Wireless Internet Adapters (WIA) which have mounted a little 5 dBi antenna (dBi = Decibel) on its side. I bought recently a much larger 22 dBi antenna, which I can use to replace the smaller antenna on that WIA. Windows also recognized the USB device correctly (please see the screenshot link:, but the connection tool at the lower right side of Windows (system tray area) displays only those networks which the internal screen frame antenna captures.

I tried already to disable the internal antenna, but then I don't get any network. Why can't the Network Connection icon not show networks the USB WIA might capture? What is it I am doing wrong?

Please don't mind to ask me for additional details here, I will provide them as additional details.

Answer:Laptop: Wireless Internet Adapter: Windows 7: Can't use the adapter. Why?

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I've been using my USB adapter for quite awhile now and decided to go back to my laptop's wireless adapter and when i did it refuses to connect to my Internet.
I try diagnostics but it says there is no problems but it would keep verifying if the network diagnostics service is active. However it is functioning but still doesn't find a reason to why my internal adapter isn't connecting to the Internet.
Could it be that my laptop's network adapter is not functioning? 

Answer:my wireless adapter won't connect but my usb adapter can

Did you check your wireless settings to make sure the device is enabled?Control Panel/Network and Sharing Center/Change adapter settings which is on the upper left side of the page.What does it say for the laptop's built in wireless adapter?To answer your question, yes it is possible that it's "broken" and will not work.

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Hello Everyone.
I purchased a Belkin N150 wireless adapter. Everything looks fine with it (its small and pretty)....but i cannot get it to connect to my BTHomeHub2. It see's the hub, my signal strenth shows as excellent, but it just wont connect. I have tried various options, uninstall/reinstall etc to no avail.
I'm running VistaHP.
Unfortunately after reading the manual i am still no further forward with it, and have reverted back to a wired connection for now. I would still like to attach the adapter however, so would be grateful if ANYONE out there would be able to assist a pc idiot like myself, and give me perhaps idiot-proof instructions on how to get the damm thing to work. I mean it when i say your dealing with a pc dummy here, so please be gentle with me.
I am almost at the stage of putting it under my shoe and breaking it into tiny pieces.
Thanks in advanceX

Answer:Unable to connect Belkin netw/adapter

I think this might help ya' BT Home Hub Explored

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Why? I have phoned Belkin support, and they suggest it is a fault with the WPA encryption ... I got the MS patch for the problem, but no change. The cycle of connect / disconnect is regular 5 seconds and 5 seconds! With no encryption, and no firewall, the problem remains ...

Answer:Regular connect / disconnect Belkin USB Adapter

Did you by chance talk to a man that had an arib accent? I talked to him earier regarding my belkin network. We can get on the internet and that works fine, but we can't print at the printer. Got any suggestions

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I just connected a linksys WRT54G version 8 wireless G router to a desktop computer in my apartment that's directly connected to the internet via cable. I have a desktop pc in the next room with a WUSB11 version 2.6 linksys adapter. I'm trying to connect to the main computer's internet connection. When I first set up the router, everything worked fine. The second computer was connected with the wireless adapter. As soon as I secured the network, that second computer couldn't connect anymore. I've tried both WPA and WEP, and my wireless connection settings on the second computer are configured correctly according to the linksys site and various other places with instructions on the web. I've rebooted my router, reset passwords, tried disabling that wireless zero thing in windows administration tools I've read about online, and looking through every option on that linksys router website ( Any more suggestions? I'm a Windows XP home user.

Answer:Solved: can't connect to internet via wireless adapter AFTER securing network with new router

Just so we're clear. If you disable encryption on the link, you connect fine, but any encryption on the router inhibits the wireless machine from connecting?

Have you tried using only WZC and not the adapter's wireless client?

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The wireless internet aspect of my daughter's laptop failed. It is a system board malfunction.

I purchased a USB wireless adapter to overcome the issue and after installation it immediately connected to the access point which is connected to my wired Linksys router.

Cliff Notes:

1. Went to connect wirelessly in another room. No connection.

2. Unplugged the power to router, modem, and access point for 15 seconds in order to reset. Did not resolve the issue.

3. Access point is recognized by the laptop and shows it connected and signal good.

4. Wireless adater in device manager recognized and fully working. It is "Device funtioning properly."

5. Attempted to do a repair several times but here is the repeated message: "Connot connect with DNS server. Network Diagnostics pinged the remote host but did not receive a response."

So, Access is functiong and recognized by the laptop as connected and signal is good. The wireless adapter is recognized as fully functioning. Yet I can't receive a response.

Advice please. Networking isn't anywhere near a strong area for me.

* One other thing. My old Toshiba laptop connects with its a/b miniwireless card.

Answer:Access Point Recognized/Wireless Adapter Working: Can't Connect to the Internet

I assume your using some encryption mode? (WPA, WEP, etc.)

1. Make sure by the access point and the wireless adapter are set to use the same mode
2. Have you entered the network password correctly?

If any doubt, see if your router lets u backup its setttings. Then turn off all encryption in both the AP and adapter and see if they connect then (easiest way to prove it's an encryption issue )

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I just bought a Belkin 802.11g PCI wireless adapter. I upgraded from a D-Link 802.11b wireless adapter. I am connecting to my home network through a Belkin 802.11g wireless router. Since the upgrade, I have been getting excellent signal strength, compared to good or low before. The speed is 54, and drops to 48, then 36 , then 12. I don't know why it does this. Also, I've been noticing that the internet is going slower than before, even when the speeds are at 54. I didn't change any firewall settings and I updated the drivers. Does anyone know how I can fix this?

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Hi,I have installed my Belkin 54Mbps wireless network adapter 802.11g.I install the software and drivers and then the hardware wizard update starts and wants to install the drivers, when I select the cd rom to as the location of the installed drivers, it tells me there not signed, I continue anyway and then a message appears in the taskbar saying your hardware could not be installed and may not work properly?

Answer:Belkin wireless adapter

Have you checked Device Manager ?I take it you are using the adapter in another pc/laptop that does not have a wireless card.Firstly i would try uninstalling the software/reboot and try a reinstall.OR:Uninstall the software and use a flash/pendrive and windows Wireless setup wizard from conrol panel,this will transfer the wireless settings across from the host pc.

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On Friday night my PC died, again. Well, it wasn't really the PC, but...yup, Windows. It's like the 3rd time it has happened in about 5 months, and I am just about fed up with it, so I write to you know from Debian Linux. I've had a few niggles getting the sytem working correctly, and dare I say it, I'm nearly there.The only problem I am having know is getting my Belkin Wireless G USB adapter working. The driver disc doesn't come with a linux driver :(Does anybody know if there is a way to get the adapter working on Debian? It isn't a biggy if there isn't, I can just re-locate my router and carry on with the wired connection but, you know, it would be nice if I didn't have to.Thanks,Jay

Answer:Belkin Wireless G USB Adapter

These links may help click here click here

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Got a problem with this adapter.Ive set up 2 computers next to each other using these adapters. One is working perfectly, but the other seems to disconnect on a regular basis. Ive done the usual for both machines, ie, power settings, not allowing the pc to switch it off or sleep, but still the problem persists. Any ideas greatly appreciated.Tony

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Hi! Just wondering if you guys can help me out...
I just got a new pc with Vista Home Premium x64. Here are the specs
Athlon 64 X2 6000+
512MB GeForce 8600GTS

It works fine except when I have tried to install my Belkin USB wireless adapter. I went to Belkins site and it told me to download the Ralink drivers, which I did. Nothing. Vista tells me that the device is working properly, but the light on the adapter is not lighting up, and Windows does not pick up any networks at all. I tried the PC with a second, identical adapter to see if it was the device causing the problem, but I have gotten the same response, which lead me to think it was an issue with Vista.

If anyone could provide me with some advice I would be very grateful.

Answer:Belkin Wireless Adapter

no one?

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Hey, i just upgraded from windows XP to 7 and i need to install the wireless adapter or else i cant use the internet but when i try to install it, it says it cannot find the driver, now i have all my old files from my computer on there so the driver is there but it wont use it and whenever i try to install it it doesnt work, please help otherwise i cant use that computer for the internet

Answer:Belkin wireless g adapter

Tell us your motherboard and we will tell you where to get your driver.

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Hi my name is Michael and I am from the Netherlands. Dutch Lenevo Company is not willing to help so I turn to you. Last week I got my Lenovo G560 laptop. The wireless network adapter is able to see all networks in range. Wenn I connect to my network and enter the correct key I get the message; not able to connect to ...the problemsolver says: not able to solve the problem. To be sure the problem is within the laptop I connected an external usb adapter which functions perfectly.Futhermore I downloaded the latest driver.But nothing seems to work! I am going bezerk! Can anyone help me please?

Answer:Lenovo G560 laptop cannot connect to internet with internal wireless adapter (broadcom)

- un-install readycomm application- try to upgrade modem's firmaware.- use unsecured wireless connection and check if the issue is due to security method. you can also change the options as wep, wpa

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Hi everyone. Lately had a problem with the wireless signal dropping on my Belkin wireless adapter. It happened at anytime. After reading on the forums about changing channels I thought I would change the drivers first.
Looking on Belkin website and finding the drivers for Window 7, 32/64 bit, I found the ones I wanted (I think). Did a system restore then loaded the new ones in. The old ones if you want to call them that looked like they were uninstalled at the same time.
Lets see if this does the trick. I never fancied changing the channels cos I would have to do it on the laptop also and I have this uncanny knack of messing things up.
The advice I guess I am putting forward is to try to update drivers before doing anything else AND do a system restore point before you start, it only takes a minute.
Cheers everyone for all your good advice.

Answer:Drivers for Belkin Wireless adapter

Hi raccoon19,

Did your solution of reinstalling the drivers first end up working? Let us know if not, and we'll try to help out.


Windows Outreach Team

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I just ordered this adapter after trying a netgear wireless card that crashed my computer. After I ordered, I read lots of negative reviews on amazon about it. Has anyone used this adapter and what happened? Thanks for anything, Buck

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I have recently purchased a belkin F6D4050 N150 Enhanced Wireless USB Network Adapter and installed the driver from belkins site. The adapter stays disabled regardless of me trying to enable it. I have been trying to solve this for days!! I have followed your instructions and the ones on the other thread but now I don't know what to do Please help

Answer:Belkin wireless adapter problem

Quote: Originally Posted by antbtr

I have recently purchased a belkin F6D4050 N150 Enhanced Wireless USB Network Adapter and installed the driver from belkins site. The adapter stays disabled regardless of me trying to enable it. I have been trying to solve this for days!! I have followed your instructions and the ones on the other thread but now I don't know what to do Please help

Hi antbtr and welcome.

First we are going to need your system specifications, and network setup so we know what we are dealing with.

Can you tell us if you are using homegroup for your network?

What kind of encryption are you using?


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i have a Belkin f5d7050 wireless g network adapter, i just installed a fresh copy of Win XP pro sp2, after i installed the drivers and such for my adapter and it detects my network and then when i go to connect to it and enter the encryption key it will go to aquiring network address and nothing more, the last time i let it go for 6 hours straight and it never did connect it just kept aquiring network address. ive tried everything i know to do. any help would be greatly appreciated, i just dont understand it worked perfectly on my win 200 pro system...

p.s. im using a linksys wrt54g router


Answer:Belkin wireless g adapter problem

Which version do you have? Pull out the PCMICA card and it should tell you?

Ver. 5
Ver. 6

These two were more stable than prior versions.

I have had purchased 4 of the Ver. 5 never had a problem with them. I know one thing I did find out the other day is that, the cards can only handle low packets. If you do anything like high impact packeting for AV media streaming then you'll run into hipcups on the AV media content.

Otherwise for general data swapping and internet surfing they make and excellent choice.

Okay back to your problem, what I would do is this:

1. Hook the laptop up using wired ethernet cable and disable the wireless
2. See if you can get a connection directly to the Router
3. Open a DOS prompt and type: route print > c:\route print.txt
4. Under run type: notepad c:\route print.txt
5. See how the connection to your Router went when you use the Route Print
6. If all is a go!, Then enable the Wireless and wait for it to connect

In step 6 it should connect right away when you connect unless your not using the right key for WEP. I would recommend using WEP 128-bit A instead of HEX. Also change the key to something new in the Wireless Router. Once you are setup under Belkin Wireless Utility change it to allow XP Pro SP2 Wireless Management. To me this works much faster then what the 3rd Party Belkin offers.

Also make sure you update the firmware for the Belkin as it does change.

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Bought this adapter a few hours ago, and after attempting to install it, have decided to console trusty techspot for advice. Basically, I followed the "Easy 2-Step Guide" that Belkin provide, to its entirety, and the result was that when I opened up the Belkin wireless utility it couldn't find a signal, or even a network.

So, first thing's first: move closer to the router. So I about 1.5m away, and still nothing. Hmm. Then, after much playing around with useless settings in the utility I decided to call Belkin support. The guy spent 20 minutes getting me to do this and that, and ended up saying that I had to change a channel or something on my BT router. Does anyone know if this could be the answer to getting connected to the network, and if so, how do I change the channel thingy?

As always, any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:Belkin G USB Wireless Adapter Problems

some obvious things to check first;

is the router configured to ALLOW wireless (it can be off)
did you check your pc device mgr to see if the device is enabled


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Unlike using this device on an XP machine, plugging it into the USB port does not result in automatic installation.

Vista 64 doesn't seem to have a usable driver installed. Or does it?

So, assuming that there is no pre-installed driver that I can use, where can I find one?

Many thanks.


Answer:Belkin 54g USB Wireless Adapter - Driver?


Drivers available here>

Belkin : Support : F5D7050 Drivers

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Ok i installed windows 7 few days back the RC and i tried to install the Belkin USB Wireless adapter drive, now its installed and i restarted my computer now after restart and login it will connect to the internet for like 2-5mins and then disconnect when i try fix it totally looses connection and there no way getting it back unless i restart it again.

I find it strange how it works for few mins and just doesn't work at all and tottaly loses connection, anyone have any ideas why it isn't working?

Thank you,

Answer:Belkin USB Wireless Adapter Problems...


Try dis-abling IPv6 support in sharing and network>adapter>pick adapter>dbl click>properites>uncheck ipv6

let us know how it turns out


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I have a desktop pc that the ethernet card died in so i just went and bought a belkin wireless usb adapter

it just does not work ... If i reset my modem it works for one second then stops

it used to hang on waiting for network when trying to connect
now i have gotten it to connect but it goes to limited conectivity.

I have disabled my onboard network card
ive removed all networks on my wireless list
i have run the network connection wizard
ive done
TCP/IP stack repair options for use with Windows XP with SP2.

For these commands, Start, Run, CMD to open a command prompt.

Reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults: netsh winsock reset catalog

Reset TCP/IP stack to installation defaults. netsh int ip reset reset.log

i have tried turning off the security on router
ive tried to change the channel
ive tried changing the name on router
i am able to connect all my other laptops and wireless gadgets to this router


Answer:Belkin wireless usb adapter not working

Ever considered the device may be faulty?

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Hi i recently upgraded to windows 7 from XP and in windows XP my wireless adapter worked perfectly, but now i have upgraded to windows 7 i needed to get a new v5 driver, but now i have that the adapter wont find the router, this is really annoying as witout that i cant get the needed drivers for teh computer aswell as anything else making it redundant.

If you need any info i have missed just ask, but as im not familiar with win 7 you may need to tell me how to get it

Answer:Belkin wireless G adapter F5D7050v5

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Hi there, hoping someone can help. I've had wireless in the flat for sometime now, but with a persistent problem that is driving me beserk. I bought a Belkin MIMO router last year that sits in a room away and is connected to the modem. for the computer in my room, i purchased a wireless g plus mimo network adapter (a curved looking thing). This is also made by Belkin.The issue i have is that the computer regularly freezes up entirely, needing the power to be turned off. This only ever happens when the adapter is plugged into its docking station. It happends randomly, sometimes after 5 minutes online, sometimes after 8 hours. There seems to be no regular reason for the crash.Ive tried downloading new drivers, but the computer refuses to download acknowledge the adapter when it is plugged in with the new drivers.the computer has no other problems, running perfectly when not connected to the internet.hoping someone can help, its driving me nuts. being online is like having a gun to my head that can go off at anytime.thanks in advance.

Answer:Belkin Wireless Adapter - XP freeze

Have you tried checking if any firmware updates are available for your wifi adaptors? Look on the manufacturers website and enter your adaptors model number. Usually the downloads are under a heading called 'Support' or something similar.

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I wonder if anyone has got this one to work, I've tried everything, I did have problems with it on Windows XP also, but always got it to work after a while, but now it seem impossible to get it working and im in desperate need for help!

I've installed the latest drivers and when it tells me to plug in the USB adapter, I do that but then it says it can't find it but it did install the software and such so I reboot a few times to see if it starts working, but no, it just wont work, i've done the compability thing also but still doesnt want to work.

Answer:Belkin N1 Wireless USB Adapter (F5D8051)

I have the same problem with the N Wireless Adapter. Worked fine in XP-32, not detecting in 7-64. Really need this, you know.

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Hi all members.

I read alot topics on this forum to try solve my problem. I found in here 2 topics about Belkin Wireless G USB adapter , but still i have a problem

I describe whats the problem .

I try to instal on my Windows 7 x64 b.7000 drivers for belkin w g usb adapter f5d7050

I download drivers 4 belkin usb adapter f5d7050 ver.3(like I read about it) - before install i change in install file the compability for all users to windows xp , but it dont wanna install(I get a error)(the product only supports Win200/Winxp32/Vista32/Vista64) , then i switch compability for windows vista and instaler go on,
While installer is going it ask to connect adapter to usb ,what i do, but it seems dont find any anyway .
After all when instalation is finish i just get information that device dont work proply , and the light in adapter never go on

I try update drivers from menage device but still device is not working

I really dont know what else i can do

Mayby that will be some clue
i install Windows 7 on separetly partition "E" , so I have on c: vista , and on disc e:Win7 , but in windows 7 mode i cant see partition with Windows vista(I can see just in Disc menagment, that she still there),
. when i open windows vista i see all partitions.
did it make any sense?
I can make some screens if it help .

anyway my main problem is to instal belkin drivers 4 adapter to WORK fine,

Please help, and sory for my english but thats my second language

Regards tasman

Answer:BELKIN Wireless G USB adapter Problem- again

When you did the update driver in the device manager did you browse to the belkin folder in your program folder.

I never had to install the driver with any compatibility. I just installed it then I just updated the driver in the device manager and going into the program files/belkin/model number and then it started to work.

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I have a well specified Vista Computer & an established Ethernet Cable connection to the Internet all of which work extremely satisfactorily.I purchased the above adapter and invited my Grandsons with their HP Laptop & Sony PSP to use their devices on my Internet and it failed miserably.I installed the software - that was easy - checked in Device Manager which said it was working properly. Unfortunately my Vista computer just didn't recognise it - there was no reaction - no icon in the taskbar and no connection was possible. I have a BT connection with a Voyager 220v router. I suppose I'm not doing something I should - if so can anyone advise. The adapter was pplied by Dell with the computer so I am assuming it is Vista compatible.Brambles

Answer:Belkin Wireless G USB Network Adapter

Don't install the software.

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The problem is my internet keeps disconnected every few minutes from a full strength signal.
I checked my driver details and it says version 2 drivers are installed I've uninstalled V2 and installed the V3 drivers numerous times but it still says I'm using V2, Ive installed the drivers off the CD, downloaded them off Belkins own website numerous times, but I still have the same problem.
The model number is F5D8051
Wondering if this would be the problem and if not then what?

Answer:Belkin N1 Wireless USB Adapter Version 3

Are you using WEP encryption? I heard that WEP encryption can cause disconnect problems. If yes, try WPA or preferaby WPA2.


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Hi,Just recently bought myself a belkin N wireless adapter as my computer is not wireless or support wifi and to replace my cable plugged into the computer. The problem.... I have a router down stairs connected to my pc downstairs. when i installed the software on my pc upstairs for my new belkin adapter and installed the relevant driver and restarted my computer as instructed it still could not apick up a signal to any wireless networks?? but my wireless laptop upstairs does.Could anybody help me.I run a vista 64 system

Answer:belkin wireless adapter problems

what model of belkin wireless n adapter is it?is it a usb adapter?have you enabled the adapter by going to device manager and clicking on network adapters and right clicking your belkin and select it even recognised in device manager?

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I've been using a Belkin wirless adapter on an older laptop and after 20 minutes of use or so it will be hot and Windows will no longer recognise it or use it. I installed all the correct drivers and they appear to be up to date. So I'm not sure what is wrong. It

It seems that if I have it on a USB extender then it becomes unrecognised about 30mins after use.

It's model number is F6D4050 v1
And the 28days to return it to the shop has long passed.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Answer:Belkin Wireless USB adapter getting hot and being unrecognised

sounds like a faulty unit - it should still be under warranty for a year

have you tried it on any other laptop - that would probably be the next thing i would do

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I'm out of ideas now.

I just build a new machine, and everything is working, except when i try to install the drivers for my Belkin Wireless Adapter, it freezes at ar5211.sys. When I install it using only safe mode, it will install just fine, but then when i restart, windows xp will lockup at the loading screen. When i re-enter safe mode, and uninstall all of the drivers and the utility, it will load windows.
I've tried both the drivers that came with the card and the newest from Belkin's website.

I'm using a Gigabyte DS3, I don't know if that helps. I'm really stumped on this one. Thanks very much for your help.

Answer:Belkin Wireless Adapter Lockup

are you using the latest drivers from their website?

tried moving the card to a different slot?

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Hi, I need to get access to the internet via my newly-installed Ubuntu desktop PC. It makes my PC run faster ;-), but the only problem is that it won't recognise my N Wireless Adapter from Belkin. I have looked on the Belkin website - to go to it click here - but it says that there are no Linux drivers available for it. Is there any way I could somehow write my own driver for it or use the windows driver by installing another program?Thanks dudes,SB

Answer:Belkin N Wireless Adapter - Ubuntu help

click here it may be of some help?

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Hey im currently having difficulty installing the belkin usb network adapter 75d7051 driver for vista im running vista home basic with a 32 bit operating system. Every time i install the driver from the belkin site it seems to install but doesnt leave an icon on my desktop. If anyone could help me it would be really appreciated

Answer:belkin wireless usb adapter problem

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Hey, got a question which is driving me crazy. I just can't get my wireless adapter to work.I have installed the software of the belkin wireless g usb network adapter, and i go and put the adapter in a USB socket. It comes up new hardware found and tries to install it. It looks promising until the end where is says it cannot install it as there was an error and somthing about code 10?? what am i doing wrong? i have followed the instructions word for word and I still keep getting this message.Any help would be much appreciated =)Tom

Answer:Help needed for belkin wireless adapter

Hi Tomdude,Try uninstalling the drivers. Clear all remnants manually. When you reinstall be sure to close all other windows and any programs that don't need to be running. Follow the directions and plug in the USB when asked. If this fails, groan inwardly and maybe clench your fist. When you've done this look on the back of your adaptor for the model number (mine's a F5D7050).Google 'Belkin driver adaptor 'model number'. This will take you to Belkin's drivers page. Download the driver from the site and try again. Good luck!

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As I now have a wireless router, been trying to connect the daughter's desktop via a Belkin adapter, an FSD7050 but have lost the installation disc. Downloaded and installed software, by ethernet cable, but does not work, the adapter will not install. Any clues please as to what I am doing wrong? The new router is OK, as the laptop connects to internet through it. Any advice much apppreciated.

Answer:Belkin wireless G network adapter

go to thsi page and follow the instructions to get the correct here

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Emachines EL1300G-02w
Had windows XP Home Edition with sp3
Now it has windows 7 the wifi was working fine but I shut it down and came back next day and there was a red X on top of my network icon I have tried to reinstall the belkin disk but it tell me there is no driver

Answer:Belkin N Wireless USB Adapter F5D8053

Uninstall the wireless adapter in Device Manager and reboot and let Windows search for the driver.

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Recently, i bought a new BELKIN wireless g adapter. The adapter keeps on dropping connection and i can't even download a 200mb file without it dropping. My friend has that adapter and somehow he made it work but he says it was like 2 years ago, he can't remember how he did it. Can anyone PLEASE say how to fix it because i can't be bothered to look for another adapter


Answer:BELKIN Wireless G Adapter Problem

I'll be watching this thread, because while I can't offer any help, I've had a similar problem with a Belkin N adapter. I don't think that it is as bad as you described, but that makes it no less annoying.

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I'm having a bizarre problem with the Belkin Wireless Adapter F5D7051. When I try to install some programs, the uninstall process for the adapter software and drivers starts. The first program was software and drivers for my wireless printer. The second was a poker tool that I think connects to the internet. I've tried using the Windows Zero Configuration to connect, but that didn't help. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Hi. I recently installed Windows Vista home premium x64 on my Athlon 64 system and
plugged in my Belkin F5D7050 wireless G usb adapter, only to find out that,
of course the drivers didn't work. Went online, using my laptop, downloaded the latest and greatest drivers and I installed the driver and the device still doesn't work.
For instance, when I set it to search for wireless networks nearby (which it
should find mine), the activity light on it doesn't even flash once. It
hasn't flashed ever since I plugged it in after installing Vista. So my
question is, is there a driver that would work with my adapter, and if there
isn't could you recommend a low cost wireless usb adapter that would work
with Vista home premium x64? Thank you for your help, sword182.

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Belkin PCI wireless adapter problemI am running XP Pro.I have just bought a Belkin PCI wireless adapter F5D7000 to use with my Netgear DG834G wireless router (which I have owned for 5 months or so)I have done everything that I can think of. I installed the software and followed all the instructions to the letter.I have shown on the taskbar (Wireless Network connection 4). The problem I am having is, Wireless Network connection 4 just keeps showing "Acquiring network address" then after about 4 seconds it shows "not connected" then it shows ""acquiring network address" and then 4 seconds later "not connected" and so on and so on.Could it be that my Netgear DG834G wireless router is not compatible with the PCI wireless adapter. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated

Answer:Belkin PCI wireless adapter problem


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I have recently set up a wireless network using the Belkin N Wireless router. The router's connection to the internet is fine, and all three of the laptops connected to the network are able to access the internet.

As my PC did not come with a wireless card, I am using the Belkin N Wireless adapter supplied with the router. After initially installing the provided software and plugging in the adapter, I could not find my home network using the Belkin Wireless Utility, I could only see several secure local networks (indicating that the adapter at least was working).

However, after uninstalling and reinstalling the software, Windows refuses to identify the adapter, with a system tray window stating that a device that I have plugged in has malfunctioned, and directing me to the USB root hub, which defines the adapter as an unknown device, furthermore the Belkin software now displays no connections whatsoever. In addition, the LED on the adapter is not on when it is plugged in.

I am running Windows XP SP2.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I have trawled the internet and exhausted my own ideas as to what the problem could be. After emailing Belkin, I was twice sent an automated response telling me to disable WLANcfg.exe, although I can't find any such program in the system directory or elsewhere.

Answer:Belkin N Wireless Adapter not working

"... the LED on the adapter is not on when it is plugged in."

Assuming that's a power LED, that could be a dead adapter. Plug it into a USB in another computer and see if the power LED comes on.

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Hello everyone,
I have just built a new PC as of last night and I am having problems connecting to the internet. I bought a Belkin N150 F9L1001 USB adapter for the computer so I could access the internet but, sadly, it is not working for me. The problem is that every couple of minutes while I am connected, it will show my network as not having any internet access. When this shows, I troubleshoot the program and windows shows that it had reset the network adapter (because "the default gateway is not available) and then I'm connected to the internet again. I've been all over the forums here and have tried to fix the problem to the best of my abilities. I have even tried using the adapter in a different computer, which worked, so I know we can rule that out. Anyways, any help provided would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Answer:Problems with a Belkin Wireless USB Adapter

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iv just got broadband (finally!!!) and need 2 set up a wireless conection to my room.i have windows XP and am on NTL.iv connected the router and installed all the CDs but it keeps sayin 'wireless not connected' iv tryed everything, installin it again over and over, i dno why it wont connect. everythings plugged in and turned not very good with pcs, please helplisa xxx

Answer:belkin, wireless USB network adapter

you have to put in name the name of the router and your pc are the same......if you get in trouble belkin have a free phone number and they will walk you through it they are really good..Good luck

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I have a BT voyager 1010 usb adapter and im trying to connect it to my belkin unsecured network. It manages to connect but signal is v low, even when its right next to the router. Are these 2 comatible? or am I doing something wrong?

Answer:belkin wireless network and bt adapter?

If you have a connection, but low, it is possibly down to interferance from things like speakers, etc. Move the belkin to a different location away from any other device...

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I just bought Belkin's Wireless G USB Network Adapter at CompUSA today because it was cheap ($9.99 after rebates) and I have been wanting a wireless USB adapter. When I got home I decided to check online for reviews before opening it, I found some bad reviews saying that people have had trouble keeping the connection, etc. I would like some first hand reviews to help me decide if I wanna take it back or not. Has anyone used this product before? and did you have trouble with it? Thanks.

Answer:Belkin Wireless USB Adapter Review?

I'm considering getting a USB wireless adapter as well. Have you decided to keep your adapter?

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Hi i have a wireless adapter and it wont connect it says the drivers are missing i don't have the install disk and i cant seem to find any drivers on the net for it is there anyway i can get a driver for it to make it work?
if i dont i cannot connect to the internet nor do anything else so please help.

Answer:Belkin wireless G adapter f5d7050

Here is a link to the drivers - they may need to be installed in compatibility mode with the OS they are written for if you get an OS mismatch error :
To install a driver OR program in compatibility mode - right click the setup.exe file - click properties - click compatibility - check run in compatibility with vista/xp etc - check run as administrator - leave the rest blank. Start setup.exe and install.

link - Belkin : Support : F5D7050 Wireless G USB Network Adapter - Drivers

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My Belkin Wireless F5D7000 PCI adapter is giving me problems. The factors:* 65% of the time I have no problems.* When it is playing up my 'speed' drops from 36-54mbps to 1-11mbps. THis causes slow choppy internet and sometimes it disconnects.*If I bring my laptop into the same room its 'speed' is fine.*It seems to happen at random.*I have tried different channel numbers.Any ideas?Thanks

Answer:Belkin Wireless Adapter Problems

no one? :(

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Hi,I setup a wireless connection yesterday using a belkin F5D&632 wireless router and a Belkin Wireless G USB Network Adapter. It all worked fine yetserday and I had no problems with wireless connection.When I restarted my pc today the wireless connection was gone - I tried reinstalling the wireless network adapter and now when I plug it in I get message that "USB Device not recognised." it then says windows does not recognise it and the usb device has malfunctioned.Does anyone have any suggestions?many thanks

Answer:Belkin Wireless G USB Network Adapter

Did you uninstall the entries, driver and software for the USB device before you tried to install it again?

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& also a Belkin USB Adapter. Since change to O2 Broadband my main machine is fine connected to router via LAN. I understand that O2 BB is ADSL II and the other 2 machines use a both PCI Adapter and another on a USB adapter but are these compatible with ADSL II ?Reason I ask is often get disconnections from both wirless connections, one machine which is literally 2 metres away from my wirless router the O2 second one they have supplied me. Shurley distance or interference isn't the cause this near. The other machine downstairs.Is their any dedicated ADSL II wirless adapter which I should use or is my belkins possibly about 2 years old (USB 1 Aquired second hand) PCI card was new about 6months ago)any suggestions welcome.

Answer:ADSL II and belkin Wireless PCI Adapter

Wireless Network Adapters communicate with a Wireless Router using 802.11g (or similar) wireless networking protocol. This has nothing to do with ADSL, which is the technology by which the ADSL Modem transfers the broadband service over the phone line. If you are experiencing dropped wireless connections, there are a couple of things you can try:1) In the router's wireless settings, change the Channel number used for the radio transmission. This might overcome interference problems, which cause connections to drop.2) In the Wireless Network Adapter's TCP/IP Properties, give it a fixed IP address. This eliminates the problem of the adapter failing to regain its IP address if the connection is lost briefly.

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I have Windows 10 and 7 on the same computer, as you could probably guess, I'm 'downgrading' from 10. I plug my wireless adapter into my computer running the brand new Windows 7 installation and it makes the 3-chime "dundundun" sound, which I think means there's an error. It shows up in the device manager under Other Devices as "802.11ac NIC" (or was it 802.11n?) with a /!\ on the icon. There's an ethernet listing right below it with the same icon. I've plugged it into all USB ports, 2.0 and 3.0. It's a Belkin F9L1108TG (F9L1108v1). I lost the CD that came with it and Realtek's website is down so I can't download drivers from them as I've read is necessary. Belkin's website does not supply the driver for this model. I don't have ethernet access to my router/modem from my computer (it's a desktop) so I can't run Windows Update or anything. I've downloaded multiple driver packages from third party websites on my W10 OS as a last resort, but they didn't work. I didn't have to go through this with my old W7 setup a long time ago. What do I do from here?

Answer:Belkin Wireless Adapter not recognized

Welcome to the forum,

Can you post the hardware ID's of your Belkin, like this,

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I have a Desktop computer, and its running Windows XP, and for some reason i cant connect to the network using my USB Wifi addapter. It use to work, but then suddenly it stoped working after my computer froze while playing a game. Anyways, its just says that "not connected". I tried refreshing the network list, but still doesnt work. I have also checked multiple times if i put the correct password and its correct! Sometimes it connects and i try opening IE or Chrome and IE says: " Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". And Google Chrome says: "ERROR 106 (net::ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED): The Internet Connection has been lost". I also checked Windows Firewall and checked if Windows Firewall was blocking these two. But it wasn't. And there are times when it connects, but then disconects. And its weird becuse my iPod Touch and my brother's laptop have no problems connecting to the network. So i dont know how to fix this anymore. And i have this problem for about 4 months already. PLEASE HELP ME!

Answer:Can not connect to Network in my Windows XP Desktop using Belkin USB Wifi Adapter

you could try logging into the router and removing the wireless security and see if it can then connect - if it can , add the security back on and see if connects

can we see a device manager screen shot - also try a tcp/ip reset
Device Manager
Post back the results in device manager
You will now need to take a screen shot and copy that back to the working PC.
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the screen shot and attach the screen shot in a reply on the forum here.

how to access device manager for different windows versions

Hold the Windows key and press Pause key, should open to allow device manager to be seen

on a laptop you may need to use Hold the Windows key and press FN key + the pause key

if this does not work then -
Start > control Panel > system > {XP hardware Tab, device manager button} > +

network adaptors, click on the + > post back the devices listed there
are there any ! ? or X
post a screen shot of the device manager - network adapters

To post a screen shot of the active window.
1) hold the Alt key and press the PrtScn key. Open the Windows PAINT application and Paste the screen shot. You can then use PAINT to trim to suit, and save it as a JPG format file.

To upload the screen shot to the forum, open the ... Read more

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I have been experiencing wireless wifi connection problems with my HP Pavilion dv6000 laptop. I am running xppro (I went from vista to xp pro..took a long time as I am slow) Anyway, I read that you can add another wireless network card as a work around, in the event that the internal wireless card breaks/dies.

I bought a BelkinWirelss G USB network adapter- F5D7050 and tried to install it on this laptop. I was able to install it on my IBM T23 and Gateway laptop. I had to disable the radio on the gateway before it worked. The IBM is old and has no built in wireless card. ON my HP pavilion dv6000, I slid the wireless button to disable and also went into device manager and disable there too.

For some reason after loading the Belkin in, it does not find any wireless networks. I called Belkin and spoke with their help desk but they were not helpful. My question, short of disabling my HP wireless card, do I have to remove the actual software (uninstall broadcom ) so the computer will look only at the belkin software?

My HP laptop, warrantied expired 2 months ago. Any help would be appreciated..

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Firstly Hello

Right, to the point, i run a Belking wireless G gaming adapter through which i use my xbox 360. My NAT type is moderate and i don't know how to change it!

I have changed all the settings on the router itself, following advise from forums etc. and i know that all works, as i have connected my xbox to my laptop via network sharing and that all works. So i know its a problem with the adapter. I really dont know what to do, ive searched the internet forums and no one seems to have the same problem. Has anyone got any ideas?

Answer:Problems with Belkin Wireless G Gaming adapter

If it is like my wireless D-Link gaming adapter, you connect it to the PC via the LAN port and access the software built into the gaming adapter by typing its IP address into the browser address box. Once you access it, you can make any changes. You will need instructions as to what IP address to use. Go to Belkin's website for specific info.

I'm actually using my adapter not for a gaming console but for a PC.

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Okay so this is really screwed up. I had my Belgin 54g Wireless USB Adapter plugged into my USB port and everything was working, and then I left my computer on and went to sleep. Now, sometime when I was sleeping (***??) my computer decided it no longer wanted to recognize the USB adapter, and tell me it's not plugged in.

Of course I tried restarting, plugging it out and back in, and when I tried reinstalling the hardware, it said "The device is installed, but may not be working properly. The device cannot start. (10)"

So I don't know what to do right now... Please help! :D I can't stay on my sister's computer forever.

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Hi guys!

sorry if this has been posted before.

I recently purchased a Belkin wireless network adapter for my HP windows 7 computer, and the checkout woman said it would work.

Unfortunately, it does not work. at first, it was just dodgy, connecting with only a small connection. It started getting better, but it would always cut out after a while.

A friend of mine tried to fix it, using lots of methods including the xlink kai method and others including downloading the drivers and another one which I can't remember. None have worked.

Has anyone got a really easy, fool-proof, easy understandable way to make this work please?

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Answer:Belkin wireless USB Network Adapter failing

Hi Wardy,
please fill in your system specs and provide the model number/s. This way more people will be likely to assist you

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OK. I believed the hype, waited to buy a new computer until 7 came out. Been doing this since before there even WAS Windows, and it does it to me every time. Everything was supposed to work that worked with Vista, which was supposed to run everything that ran on XP, etc. - I got the computer, a Compaq desktop, got a Linksys wireless adapter to go with it. Wouldn't install. Wouldn't even recognize the dang thing was plugged in. Called Linksys, talked to some woman in Indonesia who told me there was no driver for W7 yet. Went back to BestBuy where I got the adapter, thinking they could help. Seems their geeks aren't any geekier than I am. Got a refund, bought a Belkin G family. At least the computer recognized that the Belkin is plugged in, and it knows there is a signal, but it refuses to connect. That's weird. Good signal, knows it is a Motorola adapter, but will NOT connect! Re-installed it in compatibility mode. It just laughs at me. Seriously, can I go back to DOS? Barring that, is there anything else I can do besides wait for an adapter to ship with a driver that works on 7?

Answer:Driver for Linksys and Belkin Wireless Adapter?

I was having issues also with Belkin's crap on my wife's pc. I could get it to work if I had the pc wired to ethernet and then installed the software. It would fail to load and then pop up a window asking to run with recommended settings. It wouldn't do this if the ethernet was unplugged. It would run in compatability mode XP and then it would work. As soon as the pc booted and I connected to a wireless network it would BSOD me within a minute or two like clockwork. I finally found a wireless adapter that does work with W7 and it works like a charm.

Customer Reviews Of LINKSYS WUSB300N IEEE 802.11b/g, IEEE 802.11n Draft USB 2.0 Wireless-N Network Adapter 256-bit WEP, WPA and WPA2 Encryption Security - Retail

This is where I bought it. There is a review that says it doesn't work in W7.

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I was going to attack my dad's usb wifi adapter, but when I did, I saw NO activity on my belkin wireless indicator.
And the drivers only support Windows.
Drivers download: []

The laptop has these specs:
CPU Qty. 1
Name: IBM THinkpad

Operating System: Lubuntu 32bit
USB v1.0 Qty. 2
Memory Size: 493 MiB
Memory Cache: 8 KiB
Please tell me how to fix this! D:

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Hello all,

I bought a Belkin N 600 wireless USB adapter about two weeks ago, and yesterday it stopped working. I received a pop-up message saying the device had malfunctioned, and in the device manager it displayed error code 43. The device showed up as "unknown device" under the USB tab, rather than under the network adapters tab.

This is what I have already tried:
Reinstalled the driver from the CD
Reinstalled the driver from Belkin's website
Reinstalled the USB drivers
Restored my system to before I initially installed the driver
Ran troubleshooter
Spent an hour on the phone with Belkin tech support
Became frustrated

Any help would be very much apppreciated.

Thank you!

Answer:Error Code 43 Belkin Wireless Adapter

Don't know much about it myself, but this article: - How to Fix Code 43 Error

Seems to indicate that it is most likely a driver problem, as your previous actions agree with.

The only item in the short list of actions suggested that I don't see in your post, is the one about making it the default device. If that doesn't solve the problem, I would return the device and find one that does work.

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Hello, I have a F5D8055v2 Belkin Wireless N+ USB Wireless Network Adapter which im having problems with in windows 7 64-bit. I have tried the following steps in order to try to make this adapter work

1) Downloaded and installed the latest drivers
2) Run the disc which came with the adapter in vista compatibility mode and normally.
3) Installed the drivers from the disc directly from the windows driver install wizard from the device manager.
4) Just connect the adapter and let windows install the drivers without a disc or program but this failed and said "Drivers could not be sucessfully installed"

All these steps have been attempted and none of these work. The problem I have been getting is that the drivers would install all fine and windows would detect the wireless adapter and the adapter would light up but the problem is when I go to enable it in the adapter settings I click enable and it says "Enabled" but it doesn't change it to enabled, it stays at disabled so there is no way i can get the adapter to work.

I have tried 3 other wireless adapters like the Netgear WN111, some dual rangemax netgear adapter and a TL wn321g and all have failed to work with my computer so im starting to think that there is something wrong with my computer and not the adapters.

I am in desperate need of help so if anyone here knows how I could fix this please post here ASAP. I would highly appreciate your help and effort.

Answer:Belkin wireless adapter not working for windows 7

Quote: Originally Posted by DeadlyCheese

I have tried 3 other wireless adapters like the Netgear WN111, some dual rangemax netgear adapter and a TL wn321g and all have failed to work with my computer

Welcome to SF, DailyCheese. Can you get anything to work on your usb port?

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I've installed it exactly how it says to install it but it keeps coming up with the following message whenever I click on the icon on the desktop:

The USB cable is plugged in properly aswell so I can't see what the problem is.


Answer:Belkin Wireless Network Adapter Problem!!

kernel geek said:

Check theres not something wrong with that usb port by testing it with a removable stick (memo card), get the latest mobo drivers. Check if your usb type ie 1.1/2.0 the adapter might require that you have usb 2.0. If none of the above work get your money back.Click to expand...

The light on the USB stick is flashing so it can't be anything to do with the USB port itself.


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my network adapter has worked ever since i got it a year ago, but today i decided to get all the dust and build up out from the inside, so i unplugged everything and did so, and now when i plugged everything back in i get the found new hardware for my network card so i put in the cd and it said it was not digitally signed by microsoft, i clicked install anyway and it wont find the files on the disc to complete the install. I restored the computer to a previous day and nothin changed, and my wireless network i was using was erased somehow. I also downloaded the driver system file it was asking for on the cd "BLKWGU.sys" but now it doesnt even recognize that its a network adapter so it doesnt ask for that file anymore, it asks for the .inf file but when i point it to the correct location it says the information needed to complete setup is not in there. if anyone can help please do, it would be greatly appreciated!

Belkin F5D7050_V4 is the model number

Thank you

Answer:BELKIN F5D7050_V4 wireless network adapter

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I have a Belkin wireless network adapter (f5d7050)

I have previously used it with no problems in Vista. I am now returning to it to use it with a wireless connection but i just can't get it to work anymore. I've installed the Vista drivers and uninstalled them, restarted computer and everything, but Vista refuses to understand what it is.


Edit: i finally got my device working no need to reply to this thread.

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I recently bought a Belkin wireless G USB adapter F5D7050. I installed the software for it as indicated on my PC with XP

I can see it connects and see all the connetions through the wireless connection Icon (windows).

But to control the settings of the adapter, like setting up the WEP/WPA the software does not let me.
Actually nothing can be set on the software. The window just opens and you can wander through the tabs but nothing is displayed.

Has anyone seen something similar. Is it a setting in XP?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Belkin wireless G USB adapter works but software does not. help!

I had one that would not work till I selected my wireless connection icon properties and unticked 'Let windows set up my wireless network settings', so forcing the belkin to be the only setup utility. Just a thought.

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I am trying to use a Belkin Wireless G USB network adapter (version F5D7050) on a PC running Windows 7 64 bit. This adapter used to work fine, however, it suddenly stopped finding any networks. I tried to reinstall the software but it would no longer recognise the adapter. I bought a replacement adapter, however, when I try to install the software, I reach the screen that says "please plug in your usb adapter now" and when I do this nothing happens. I then get a message saying "notebook card not found. Please insert notebook card to continue". I have also tried downloading the latest driver and running this manually, but still no luck. Can anyone help me with this?


Answer:Belkin Wireless G USB network adapter problem

can we see a device manager screen shot - with at the devices attached

{Device Manager}
Post back the results in device manager
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to copy the program across to the faulty PC
Start > control Panel {Vista set to classic view}> system > {Vista, device manager on left hand side} {XP hardware Tab, device manager button} >
windows 7
start > control panel> System and Security> Device Manager

network adaptors, click on the + > post back the devices listed there
are there any ! ? or X
post a screen shot of the device manager - network adapters

To post a screen shot of the active window, hold the Alt key and press the PrtScn key. Open the Windows PAINT application and Paste the screen shot. You can then use PAINT to trim to suit, and save it as a JPG format file.
To upload it to the forum, open the full reply window and use the Manage Attachments button to upload it here

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so i have searched the internet back and forth for an answer to this so i thought i would ask here! So i have an Belkin wireless g adapter f5d7050 version 4XXX drivers i have two computers one is a desktop and another a laptop both running windows 7 64 bit home premium! i plug in the adapter on my desktop it said cannot load drivers on WLAN 2.0 i install the drivers and restart and it works perfectly! Not the case with my laptop i plug it in it says can not find drivers for unknown device! I load the drivers and restart and nothing still the same message i go to device manager and there it is unknown device under universal serial buss controllers! so the device works that i know so does anyone know what the problem is?

Answer:belkin wireless g adapter unknown device

Welcome to the Seven forums.

On the laptop, find the folder in the applicable program files area
Belkin\USB F5D7050\Wireless Utility\Win7_32 (probably Win7_64 for you)

Double click on InstallDriver.exe and see if that works for you.

If that fails, you can contact Belkin directly:
Belkin : Support : Support Options

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Windows Vista Ultimate (RED) Edition, 32 bit
PSU: Coller Master 610 Watts
Sound: Creative Labs Fatal1ty Edition (the first one, not the new version)
CPU: Intell Core 2 Duo 3.00ghz
RAM: OZC Gold edition, 4 gigs
HDD: 250 Gig Seagate
Opitical: Stock CD/DVD Read only Samsung

I have to have this desktop wireless, wireing it is simply not an option, so please don't post saying to wire it. I purchesed the Belking N1 Desktop Wireless Adapter, mainly becouse I have always had good luck with their products and they are generally rated fairlly high. I have installed the device as per the included directions. I have called Belkin and had the device replaced. I have called them and installed as they described and any which way in between. Nothing as worked.
I can get it to work for a short while and than it will lock my pc up and or cause it crash on end. The only remedy is to roll back the OS and take it out. Belkin keeps telling me that it is fine (the adapter) but that is bs if you ask me. I am currently using the pre-n version of that same adapter but it is not compatible with vista (although it does still work on it). I am pretty sure that the pre-n version is not in any way compatible with vista service pack 2 and most likly not at all with windows 7.
Any ideas from anyone as a possible solution? And yes I have updated the firmware and used that version.

Answer:Belkin N1 Wireless adapter for Desktop Not Working

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On this laptop, we tried to connect to our router via this USB Network adapter. We went into 'Manage wireless networks' and disabled the Belkin Wireless adapter, to see what would happen if we re-enabled it. But after we disabled it, it dissapeared. We can't even set it up again. what do we do?

Answer:Belkin Wireless N Adapter wont enable


USB network devices sometimes do conflicts with another USB device (mouse/keyboard).

Also, it might help to disable Hibernation Mode from your computer.

You may also set to your own SSID (Wireless Network Connection), here's how.

Please post back with an update.

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I just upgraded a computer with a fresh install of windows 7. Everything went pretty smooth. got all the hardware and peripherals working NP, untill it came to the Belkin F5D8053 n.
Win7 didnt recognize it straight off, so downloaded the latest Vista drivers from belkin website as there was no win7 support . After about 3 attempts i got it working by doing the install with troubleshoot compatibility and setting it Vista SP2. Was working ok all night even after a few reboots. Then got up the next day and booted up, and it just seemed to have died for no reason. I've been trying for 2 days to get it working again since, and i'm out of ideas.
I've tried re installing the drivers in various different ways, using all the different OS compat settings for XP and Vista. tried older drivers, even tried generic ones, and the ones that win7 installs automatically, tried different USB ports, Tried doing a System Restore to the point when it worked. After searching through forums i found a guy who said he got it working by installing a particular Ralink driver, tried that no luck. The little blue LED comes on when you boot up and win7 tries to connect with the wireless, then the light goes off straight away and the wireless icon in the tasktray turns into the network symbol with a red cross on it and says there's no network present. The driver appears to be installed ok if you look in devices. I not long discovered If you go to the adapter settings on the left in Network and Sharing wind... Read more

Answer:Belkin F5D8053 N Wireless USB Adapter Problem

Here is a similar problem resolved by the person when QNA was running, but unfortunately it may be of no use to you, as it sounds as though you have already tried everything :

belkin F5D8053 wireless usb adapter disconnects in windows 7
here's the Answer (since I can't answer my own question, nor can I answer anyone else who asked this exact same question, as their questions are closed)
Here's what I did, it may or may not work for you.
Download the older Belkin Driver from their website here article
Uninstall whatever driver you have installed now from Add/Remove Programs
Once that is done, find the file you downloaded, right click on it and go to Properties.
Put a check mark in 'Run as Administrator' and change it to run in compatibility mode for Vista. (If Vista does work, retry all this with XP Svc Pack 2) Vista worked for me.
Now run the file.It should install and let you use your adapter.
Mine used to disconnect me about every 5-10 minutes and give an error that no drivers were installed. I would have to unplug and reinsert the usb adapter and it'd work again.
After doing this procedure, it's been up and running for about 2 days now with no disconnects!

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the weird thing is that it used to work! then i uninstalled it to try a newer wireless adapter but it didnt work for some reason, so i took it back to the store and now my old one doesnt work either. yes i know there is a thread on this site exactly for my product and OS but the steps mentioned do not work for me and i dont know why. i am at the end of my tether! please help!!

Answer:Belkin g wireless f5d7050 adapter not working

It may help to remove the device from the computer then uninstall the old drivers from Device Manager and reboot. After it boots up insert the device and let Windows find drivers for it automatically.

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Hi,I setup a wireless connection yesterday using a belkin F5D&632 wireless router and a Belkin Wireless G USB Network Adapter. It all worked fine yetserday and I had no problems with wireless connection.When I restarted my pc today the wireless connection was gone - I tried reinstalling the wireless network adapter and now when I plug it in I get message that "USB Device not recognised." it then says windows does not recognise it and the usb device has malfunctioned.Does anyone have any suggestions?many thanks

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Help please! I have a Linksys Wireless Router set up on my desktop and have been able to network my husband's laptop without any problems. Now we have decided to add my son's desktop to the network. I purchased and installed the Belkin USB network adapter but cannot get the two computers to recognize each other. The desktop with the router has XP Home and my son's is running Windows 98. What do I need to do to get this darn network to work so he can access the internet and the printer?


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I have read through the prevous posts on the other belkin wireless adapters and followed those steps to try and get my wireless to work. i was not able to do so. So, like anyother person who gets frustated, i looked to buy a new one. The thing is i really dont want to. Right now to get on the internet i am using my Cell phone conected through a usb port. I bought win7 last night. i have looked high and low for a solid answer on a wireless usb that will work. First can anyone solve my problem? Or if not, pleaase tell me one that will work from Wal-mart!

Steps when i inst win7

Downloaded win
created a fresh start
HOWEVER i can still run XP and there is a folder with all of my old windows xp files

Answer:Belkin F56050 wireless adapter not working

sorry make that F5D6050

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I bought a wireless router & adaptor for my desktop as I got a new laptop & wanted both to connect to the internet. The laptop works fine, but trying to install the adapter (connected to my PC via USB cable) I keep getting a windows message saying it is not digitally signed or recognised by Windows & therefore it can't install it. This means windows will not look for any wireless networksAny ideas gratefully received

Answer:Belkin wireless adapter not recognised by Windows

Click the ignore option when you install it, common problem but it will work anyway...

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Hi, I just bought a new Belkin N750 USB wireless adapter today to replace my old cisco USB adapter well I install the drivers and software that came with it and everything loaded correctly and showed that there was connections available. I connected to one of the available connections and it connected but it says identifying the network well after a bit it says unidentified network and won't connect to the internet. Where I live we don't have access to the routers as the are controlled by the rental agency and I can't get access to them or the rental agency won't help out also. But anyways I can connect to the networks with my old usb adapter but not with the new one. My computer is Windows 7 64 bit and if anyone needs anymore information just let me know. So if anyone can help it would be great. Thanks.

Answer:Solved: Belkin N750 DB wireless USB adapter

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Hello there,

I already successfully installed win 7 today.

All my hardware working great except my wifi usb adapter.

1) Brand: Aztech
Model: WL635USB
*got driver support until windows vista only.

2) Brand: Belkin Wireless G USB Adapter
Model: F5D7050
*driver support until windows XP only

anyone can find the driver for my adapter?


Answer:Wireless USB Adapter Issue - Aztech and Belkin

I just tested installing a Belkin F5D8055 Wireless USB Network adapter on the RTM version of Win7. I got the drivers from the Belkin site as a selfextracting EXE. First time I ran the exe it said I was not running Vista and closed the setup. I then did the fallowing steps and it is now working fine for me.

1. Downloaded selfextracting EXE from Belkin Web site. Download the Vista version of the driver.
2. Right click on the file and choose Properties.
3. Click on the Compatibility tab at the top.
4. Check the compatibility box and choose "Windows Vista".
5. Check the "Run this program as an administrator" box.
6. Click ok and try running the EXE again.

When I did that it ran without errors and forced one reboot. Life is Good.
Thx. Dougsh....

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Hi there,I have been using the above mentioned USB wireless adapter on my laptop for more than 2 years. Then suddenly it stopped working. What actually happened is that I turned on the laptop with the eHi there,I have been using the above mentioned USB wireless adapter on my laptop for more than 2 years. Then suddenly it stopped working. What actually happened is that I turned on the laptop with the external hard disk connected and strangely the laptop started to do something strange changing the formatting volume.....of the unit...and I thought it was the hard disk...but I am not the way since that moment the USB ADAPTER did not give any sign of life...the LED is always off.I have uninstall it and re-install it, the installation goes well but the device is always with the led off. I spoke to belkin support and they have been useless....xternal hard disk connected and strangely the laptop started to do something strange changing the formatting volume.....of the unit...and I thought it was the hard disk...but I am not the way since that moment the USB ADAPTER did not give any sign of life...the LED is always off.I have uninstall it and re-install it, the installation goes well but the device is always with the led off. I spoke to belkin support and they have been useless....ANY IDEAS TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM????THANK YOU

Answer:Belkin Wireless G+ USB adapter NOT WORKING ANYMORE

I have been struggling to understand your question! Why is it written twice and then jumbled up? Anyway, you could try a 'System Restore' to back before all this happened.

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