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ATI Mobility Radeon 9700

Question: ATI Mobility Radeon 9700

I have a dell Inspiron 9100 with CPU ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 and will not work with Windows 10, I am looking for a replacement CPU that will work with Windows 10, I heard that ATI Mobility Radeon 9800 might work but not sure, any one have any thing on this.

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Preferred Solution: ATI Mobility Radeon 9700

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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hi guys, ive been experiencing problems with drivers and i though you might be able to help after looking around.
Heres the situation:
yesterday i installed their newest drivers dated 14/09/05 with the catalyst control centre.
Everything is so sweet, HL2 has never looked so good!
but one major problem, everytime i run a movie file the sound is produced as normal but the picture is unwatchable, it just stutter horribly and becomes blocky. Ive tried .avi, divx, mpeg4 and even my DVB doesnt work. Im running a P4 3.2ghz, 1GB Ram laptop. My friend told me its something to do with something called overlay but we both couldnt find any settings about this. Any ideas would be appretiated greatly, so thanx in advance

Answer:ATi Mobility Radeon 9700

I would reload the drivers that the laptop manufacturer has for it, due to the drivers at ATI's site are not always compatible with OEM parts.

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I have a prostar laptop, and my ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 is messing up really bad. The problem is, i'm not sure if it's software, or hardware related. When I install the driver, the screens messes up really bad, having all kinds of lines and dots in the picture. But, when I uninstall the driver, the picture doesn't look as good, and I lose resolution, but it doesn't have all the lines and dots in the picture.

Is there any wau to determine rather it's hardware, or software related? Thanks in advance for any help on this issue.

Answer:ATI Mobility Radeon 9700....

What driver set are you using?

I've found the Omega drivers work best for Mobility chipsets.

Of course, I'm on a Mac, so I rely soley on Apple to provide my 9700 driver.

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I've had a Dell 9100 Inspiron laptop for just over a year. I upgraded the video card at purchase to the Radeon Mobility 9700. Just recently, the card has stopped working. The screen will shut down unless I start the computer in VGA mode. No matter what resolution I try to change to, the screen will turn off. I ended up disabling the 9700 and was able to use whatever onboard video the original motherboard came with. I can now change my resolution and function fine surfing the net and such but of course, none of the games I play will work on it now.

I searched the net furiously for a replacement "card" but was unable to find anyone that carries ANY laptop video cards. Dell has sent me a replacement after raping me for 230 dollars. The best part is it says "Refurbished". Does anyone know where I can get either the same or a different model that can handle gaming? And even if I can, is it something that I can replace myself? I'm fairly handy with computers, but laptops are a little foreign to me...

Thanks for any help...

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I know the mobile one is for laptops, I'm not stupid, I just want to know if and what are the main differences in performance, graphics, etc in the two cards...

Thanks :P

Answer:Difference between Radeon 9700 pro 128mb and Radeon 9700 pro Mobility 128mb?

Tell ya what. Tom's hardware guide did a good review of the 9700 mobile when it came out. check it out here
It's the fastest mobile, faster than a 9600 desktop, bout equal to a 5700 ultra, and almost as fast as a 9600XT

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I need the ATI mobility Radeon 9700 driver for windows xp mediacenter edition 2005. I have an Acer 2023wlmi.
Could someone help me?
Thank you

P.S. I have already searched in the Acer and Ati web site.

Answer:ATI mobility radeon 9700 & MCE 2005

Not an answer, but I didn't know they made media center laptops.

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OK so I bet you get a ton of the same questions over and over again but I hope this one isn't that much of a repeat... I play a game called City of Heroes and one day while playing the game the graphics start acting strange, and when I quit and reboot and log back in on the bottom of the log in page it says that my graphics card does not have the updated version or something like that. So I go out on line looking for an update. Little did I know what this would lead me too. I find one...or so I thought and downloaded it and installed it. Then my computer goes crazy and my display/monitor gets reset. I try to change the display back to 1280 by 800 because I have a lap top but I can only go up to 1024 by 768?? So I do some looking around and find the my ati mobility 9700 video driver is no where to find on my comp. So I think no problem I'll just go to Dell and see if I can get the original driver downloaded. Well I find that Dell has it's own most recent updates for my video card driver....and I felt really stupid for not looking there first. I download it and start to install but half way through this pops up:

INF Error, Video driver not found
Setup was unable to complete the instalation. Try to sset up your display adapter with a standard VGA driver before running setup.

But being very computer illiterate I have no idea what that means. And I don't understand what happned to my video driver?? Or why my computer can't find it? Ple... Read more

Answer:ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 Problem!!

it's possible that you have corrupted or deleted something with your actions. if rolling back your driver or system restore doesn't fix it, try uninstalling the graphics card in your machine and rebooting. upon reboot, install the dell driver.

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I installed Windows 7 32 bit on my nearly 6 year old ECS Elitegroup G556E laptop. Impressed at the performance on an old system (res 1400x1020), i wanted to see how it dealt with Aero. So I opened device manager, right-clicked the display devices and then "update driver" for my graphics card (Mobility Radeon 128mb). I then chose to let windows search the internet for this card. It found a driver called Mobility Radeon 9700/9600, and installed it. "Great, that was easy enough" I thought. Time for a restart. Problem was, after the windows logo and "windows loading/starting" screen, the display went black, but I could hear the windows sounds, so it seemed like windows 7 loaded, just without me seeing it. I searched the forums for solutions to this problem, and most people seemed to fix this by hitting F8 after reboot and chosing to load windows i VGA-mode (640x). This did not work for me, however i managed to get windows running in safe mode. No problems running safe-mode in 1400x res either. So, I thought the problem was the driver, and sure enough, removing the device from device manager helped and Windows 7 once again started in normal mode with a generic VGA driver.So my conclusion to this is that the driver for my ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 is still not optimized for Windows 7.My question is: does anyone know where I can find a driver for this card that actually works?

Answer:ATI Radeon Mobility 9700 and Windows 7

The question of driver availability for video chipsets/adapters should be directed to the video chipset/adapter manufacturer -- in this case ATI (AMD).It's not unlikely at all that the driver has not been updated for Win7, as Win7 usesa newer version of the WDDM (v1.1) standard, Vista used WDDM v1.0; however Vista-compliant drivers should install and work, albeit at reduced performance as a result of not taking advantage of the newer WDDM v1.1 capabilities.The key question here is whether the driversyou auto-detected are, in fact, WDDM-compliant (Vista) drivers, or if the drivers were misidentified in the detection process. My recommendation would be to directly search the ATI website for the latest WDDM drivers for the specific model of Mobility Radeon you have installed.Lawrence Garvin, M.S., MCITP(x2), MCTS(x5), MCP(x7), MCBMSP
Principal/CTO, Onsite Technology Solutions, Houston, Texas
Microsoft MVP - Software Distribution (2005-2009)

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I have a dell Inspiron 9200 and just had to reload windows XP due to a Hard drive Failure. The problem is, is when I try to Install The ATI Driver that I downloaded from the Dell site. It tells me that it is already loaded on my machine.

When I look in device manager it does not list any Display adapters. I also tried looking in my add/remove programs to uninstall it and it is not there.

Any Help would be greatly appreciated.

First time poster.

Answer:Problems with install of ATI Mobility Radeon 9700

Check device manager and also look at View "Show hiiden devices" in there

You may also need to check in Safe Mode.

Once I had to remove an addon video card, boot up Windows, then turn back off, then install the card again, to get it to work!

I suppose also confirm your CMOS is set to start from the correct video card (if you have onboard and addon Video card)

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Win 7 (7100, x32) installed driver for this card and generally graphics is OK but I could not find any version of ATI Control Center or Catalyst package. It was some working for that card in XP. I am not sure if it is a source of wake up problem after sleep mode. My notebook wakes up but dispaly is dead. The only way is to reboot. I have studied a lot of posts about wake up problem but no solution so far (no positive change or total disaster including eventaully system restore option).
New versions of Catalyst does not include this card (already 5 years old).
Please let me know if somebody has solved the wake up problem for that card (or has not found any troubles and my judgement is wrong).


Answer:ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9600/9700 Series

Since this post is old, I don't know if this will help, but here goes!

1. You need to find a copy of catalyst mobility 8-12. have not had luck with newer versions.
2. you need to get mobility modder
3. follow the directions of mobility modder to mod the catalyst 8-12 drivers.
4. install as usual

as for the wakeup problem, i know what you mean. my solution is:
1. turn off the screensaver. turn off the monitor if you have to.
2. disable standby
3. disable hibernate.

i have this card in a 1st Generation Dell XPS/Inspiron 9100 and it truly is annoying to work with on windows 7

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I just upgraded my Toshiba Satelite P30 to Windows 2000 When i install the ATI Driver the Laptop crashes during startup (Total dispaly blindness and no respond to key board)

It works ok with WinXP/Pro
sytem P4 3.2MHz 512MB 60GB 17"mon

Please help

Answer:ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9700 Crashes in Windows2000

Which drivers are you using? For laptops you should only use the drivers from the laptop manufacturer not the ones from ATI.

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Hey ho, had to reinstall winxp now i cant get any drievrs for the graphic card, I tried ATI they got the ones i need, but say they dont support toshiba notebooks and i cant install or even download the driver i need.i looked everywhere . on this site in the drivers section i cant find any ati drivers or any graphic drivers at all...Anyone got a Link for me plz?

Ati mobility Radeon 9600/9700 Driver for Satellite M30

Hope this works somehow been looking all day long now :(

Answer:Where do I get ATI mobility Radeon 9600/9700 Driver for Satellite M30?


it?s your lucky day my friend.
Check this sites and download the drivers you need:

The drivers are native Nvidia/ATI drivers but the *.inf files (the files where the hardware information and the settings for the cards are listed) were fitted for mobile systems. That means you can install them on your machine and by the way you will get the most actual drivers.


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I just bought a new laptop, and a glitch has developed where by lowering my resolution, the size of the screen decreases, leaving black space around the outside. This is particularly annoying in games that do not play at my computer's native resolution, and therefore run in a rectangle half the size of my screen. If anyone can help with this, I'd be very grateful. thanx

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Well my friend has a "ATI Mobility Radeon 9600/9700 Series" video card and we can't find the drivers for it. We've tried the AMD site for drivers. It didn't have the mobility 9600/9700 series, so we tried the 9600 series and the 9700 series, but didn't work. All sites that have the drivers won't let him download them.. Does anyone know where we could get them?

Answer:ATI Mobility Radeon 9600/9700 Series Drivers

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Has anyone had any success getting the ATI Radeon 9700 Mobility Drivers to come up correctly on a P30-145 on the RTM release of Vista? Currently everything seems to be detected ok but I get an error in the device manager saying: "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)" googling hasnt turned up much more than a number of people are seeing this same error and that it might need a BIOS update or that the problem may be in the ACPI drivers area?

Apart from the graphics card not coming up properly the only other comment I have is that system standby support does not seem to appear and that the cooling fan is continuously on, both of which I am sure could be fixed with a release from Toshiba.

Anyone else had experiences with Vista and Satellite P30?

Answer:Satellite P30-145: Where to get Radeon 9700 Mobility drivers for Vista


I have no Satellite P30 but it will be interesting to see which kind of support Toshiba will organize for older notebook models and where will be the last limitation (how old units will be supported).

As far as I know P30 is about two years old and we will see if the units produced in year 2005 will be Vista supported. Official start is January 2007. Before this I don?t believe you will get any official info. I just hope my Satellite Pro M70 will be supported.

Anyway good luck!

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In my notebook Satellite P30 my video card ATI sometimes does not cooperate very well wih the pc: result is a blue screen with the message: the file ati3duag.dll creates a problem with your hardware.

Sometime because of the same (?) issue the screen appears blurry.

I looked for drivers to Microsoft (for Windows Vista) , to the ATI Technologies and to this website but there is no driver available. May be a work around..?

Answer:Driver for ATI Mobility Radeon 9600/9700 on Satellite P30

Wait a moment. You have installed Windows Vista on Satellite P30? Where you have founded display driver for this?

The fact is that Vista OS is not supported for this old notebook model and Toshiba does not offer any support and drivers for Vista. In such cases you are alone and see how to get it work.

What you can try to do is to remove preinstalled display driver, restart the notebook and install it again.

One more thing: you can be lucky that Vista runs well on this notebook model because Toshiba has offered special BIOS version for all older notebooks with Vista support.

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Hi to all!

Please read first...

The same error occurs on my notebook with ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 128MB display adapter.

My display adapter is a "POWERED BY ATI" product so it is not a "BUILT BY ATI" product. (You can visit to understand the difference between them and you can see the error messages here.)

After i bought my laptop, i formatted it and installed Windows XP Professional again and i installed display driver successfully. But system crashes during playing games. I found an optimized driver at and it works fine. Now i am using Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition and Omega Driver still works fine.

But i prefer to use the display adapter's original settings with Catalyst driver and i want to connect my notebook with TV to watch DVDs and need to use "Monitors" section at the display settings. It has not included in Omega Drivers.

So what can i do to install Catalyst Driver? Or how can i modify The Catalyst Driver Setup to work with a "POWERED BY ATI" product?

Sorry for my English...


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well i know that the 8600M GT will be better than the other two but i need to know by how much of a difference.. and i would like to know which of the 2 radeons is better. the X2500 or the HD2300 and also by how much of a difference. or if anyone could just drop me a link here to tell which of this graphics card is better...

Answer:Mobility Radeon HD 2300, Mobility Radeon X2500 and the GeForce 8600M GT comparison

2.5x + to 1 if not more.

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Hi everyone, I have Lenovo y560 (dxdiag here: with ATI drivers from lenovo here. I'm trying to upgrade the drivers from the AMD drivers website. I used both the auto detect and the 5-step process and they both pointed to that driver, but when I try to install it the display drivers are not correctly installed because device manager shows my graphics card as, "ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5000." As a result the resolution isn't what it should be and I am unable to change it as well. I searched around on these forums, but only found out that a lot of people also have trouble updating the drivers for the Mobility Radeon HD 5730.  Is there someway to get the driver to update correctly? Thank you

Answer:HELP with y560: AMD Mobility Radeon Driver Rev. 14.4 for ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730

tngyn wrote:Hi everyone, I have Lenovo y560 (dxdiag here: with ATI drivers from lenovo here. I'm trying to upgrade the drivers from the AMD drivers website. I used both the auto detect and the 5-step process and they both pointed to that driver, but when I try to install it the display drivers are not correctly installed because device manager shows my graphics card as, "ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5000." As a result the resolution isn't what it should be and I am unable to change it as well. I searched around on these forums, but only found out that a lot of people also have trouble updating the drivers for the Mobility Radeon HD 5730.  Is there someway to get the driver to update correctly? Thank youThe driver that you have downloaded is not compatible. Uninstall the driver and use the one provided from Lenovo.See snapshot of the restriction (encircled in the picture). 

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HI,i got a problem,i have a switchtable graphics notebook (HP G62) first driver is intel HD graphics here it everything ok but when i want to put second driver (ATI Mobility Radeon 5470 or AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5000) it give me black screen for 1 minute and blue screen before with this message "attempt to reset the dysplay driver andrecover from timeout failed"   Sorry for my english.

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after reading some very negative comments about the video drivers offered by HP for mobility radeon HD2600 on my 8510p notebook, i decided to use the mobility modder by after doing everything following the instructions, i rebooted and started steam (counter strike source) and started the video stress test (in order to compare the fps with the test done some hour ago with the HP drivers). then an error message regarding the "device driver" appeared, followed by an "the instruction at... the memory could not be "read"." error. when trying the video stress test again, counter strike source just disappears now..

when trying to play the old counter strike, it says the video mode is not supported, will use software mode.

any advices about how to optimize my drivers/gfx performance (without using any omega drivers etc.). hope, i can avoid those HP drivers..

hp 8510p (gb967ea)
win xp pro sp3
mmodded ati display driver & ccc 8.6

thank you

Answer:hp 8510p: error @ CS:S video stress test after mobility modded radeon mobility HD2600

Does Microsoft have any drivers?

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how much faster is it than the 9600 Pro and XT.

and how much slower is it than the 9800 Pro and XT

my buddy owns a Radeon 9700 non-Pro...i wanna tell him how much faster my card will be, and how much faster his is over the 9600's

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I'm looking to buy a notebook, but the graphics technologies in the laptops has me confused. I can find good info on both, except which tech is the latest and greatest. So which one is newer or better?

Answer:Which one is newer/better? The Mobility Radeon X300 or the Radeon Xpress 200M?

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Please help as I am a newbie!I am putting together a spec for a new pc from Novatech on a tight budget and I have two issues which I am unsure of. The first is whether to go for a Radeon 9700 or 9700pro. Whats the difference? (about 70 is the glib answer)I have been on the web sites (including Sapphire) which give the same spec for both cards.Also, is it worth going for an ASUS A7N8X motherboard over an Elite A4 S8A2? I understand the ASUS is well rated but what diiference will it make? Thanks in anticipation

Answer:Radeon 9700 or 9700 pro?

click here

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I have a problem with my ATi card. It doesn't seem to be "right".

In Counter-Strike, the ends of the guns seem to be extra rounded, not a pretty site and doesn't look normal. Everything else I play or do looks fine.

I'm not sure what could be causing this.

Answer:ATi Radeon 9700 Pro

What set of catalyst drivers are you using? I know ATi has been having a lot of trouble with counterstrike, particularly with the cat 3.2-3.5. There is a possiblity that the 3.6's fixed a lot of the problems with the game, but I'm not sure.

You could check the forum over at (warning) try not to get a headache from all the whinning there. :rolleyes:

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Question: Radeon 9700

ok i wasnt sure if this goes under cooling or under audio and graphics. But i just got my A97 ati 9700 pro graphics card. It is amazing.

the thing is its right above 1 of my pci cards. Well im just wondering if the fan is ok. Because the fan has very little clearance on the graphics card board. Shoud i move the pci card so that it has space to breath?

Answer:Radeon 9700

Personally I would move everything down to give your vid fan room to breathe and cool off. I try not to put anything even close to the top PCI slot, unless I have to. I think others will feel the same way.

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Question: radeon 9700 pro

My computer recently died and when i tried my graphics card in another pc it wouldnt run any games but it would run in windows fine and i don't know how to tell if the card is fried.

Answer:radeon 9700 pro

Does the fan seem to run fast enough? I know it might be hard to tell how fast is fast enough.

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The other night, I was playing a pretty high graphic demanding game, and all of the sudden the picture on my monitor distorted. I have heard of fans going out in ATI cards quite frequently, so I assumed that my VGA chip was overheating and promptly turned off the computer. I opened my case and supplied power to see if the fan on the card was working, and it was not. So in hopes of saving my card, I bought a new VGA fan from Fry's Electronics. I properly installed it and put the card back into my case and booted. The image is better, but I still see some distortion in the display. I've hosted an image of what it looks like on my desktop currently. The url is . I was just curious if my VGA chip is permanently messed up or if this is repairable? Or even perhaps something minor that I may have overlooked is causing this problem. Any suggestions on comments in relation to my problem would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Help with ATI Radeon 9700

Try updating the graphics. I think you fried something.

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Question: Radeon 9700 Pro

I was just wondering how much of a difference is their between 8x and 4x modes on t his card..right now the motherboard i have does not support 8X,but is their a big enough increase in preformance to warrant a new MB..Thanks

Answer:Radeon 9700 Pro

all the test I have seen so far show the difference between 4x and 8X AGP to be negligible.

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Thought I'd see if anyone else has had a similar problem before I get it replaced. I just splashed out on a new graphics card (Sapphire Radeon All-in-Wonder 9700 Pro) so that I can use it as a Tivo, as well as to play games.

The card arrived yesterday, so I fitted it, but forgot to attach the extra power connector. My PC booted, but wouldn't POST, and instead beeped continuously whilst displaying a message informing me to connect the extra power connector to the card. After attaching the extra power connector, my PC fails to start, and all I see is the case fans spin a couple of times before the PC dies completely. The only way to get things to work again is by disconnecting the power at the wall socket.

It seems as if the graphics card is short circuiting my PSU (431w Enermax) and causing the protection circuits to kick in. I've tried fitting it to another PC with the same results. This is the first time I've ever had anything completely dead on arrival, and doesn't say much for quality control.

I'm open to suggestions, as its quite possible that I may have missed something when installing the card. Has anyone else had similar problems in the past?

Answer:Radeon AIW 9700 Pro - DOA

Me, too

I am having this exact same problem. I purchased a Radeon AIW 9700 Pro with all new parts for a sweet machine, and it does the same thing with my Antec SmartPower 400W power supply. If I unplug the power to the card, the fans go on, but as you said, if the card is plugged in, it fails, and must be unplugged before it will try to start up again.

PLEASE help! I NEED this machine, so if anyone has anything to offer, please let me know ASAP.

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Question: radeon 9700 pro

hi there, does anyone know if the gigabyte maya 2 9700 pro graphics card has a self adjutable fan.its just i think its broke as its not spinning, but with the side of the case off and all me other fans it might just be cool enough when i'm looking.oh and if has gone anyone know where i can buy a suitable fan from?

Answer:radeon 9700 pro

Seems a few people have problems with gigabyte fans,perhaps a look though here may help you outclick here

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Will my current CPU do this card justice? I mean I would love to get one bad, but I worried my CPU will end up being a bottleneck.

Would It be worth it?

Answer:AMD 1.33 and Radeon 9700

well I understand that all the eye candy is handled by the video card sure....

Although as the games become more advannced, like the new UNREAL game. That has a lot more calculating to do.

The rag doll physics, the AI and drawing all the texture maps. At the moment though, all I would see is huge increases in FPS, and with all the AA, and Ansio filtering.
Nice, thats enough for me.

Would you suggest a format before I install it? I mean for drivers and things like that?

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Question: Radeon 9700 AIW

Having Trouble with HDTV output and WinXP not keeping display settings.....anybody esle have trouble with Radeon AIW 9700 Pro?

Answer:Radeon 9700 AIW

No, not me, but if you give me more details I may be able to help you.

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Newbie post:

I'm considering purchasing a Radeon 9700 pro with overclocking in mind. My question is, for those who have direct experience with this card, which manufacturer should I go with in order to have the greatest chance of a good overclock?

I've read the reviews, but I'm wary because often reviewers get a card from the manufacturer that may not be indicative of real world overclockability. Of course, I'm aware that just because somebody had good results with a particular card doesn't mean that when I get one in my hands that I'll get the same numbers.

So the major manufacturers that I've seen are: ATI (obviously!), Sapphire (Atlantis [heatpipe] and regular [active cooling] versions), Crucial, and FIC. The Sapphire seems to be the cheapest ~230$, and price is a concern (otherwise I'd get a 9800 pro!).

According to the reviews I've seen, I'd say that the 9700 pro should go from the 325/310 stock speeds to somewhere around 380/350.

Any opinions? I'm open to suggestions for other cards as well in the 200-250$ price range.

P.S. I plan to use stock cooling for the overclock, then eventually upgrading to the Zalman ZM80C-HP Heatpipe VGA Cooler + ZM OP1 Fan, or something similar.

Answer:Best radeon 9700 pro overclock?

$253 can get you a 9800 Pro 128MB and Sapphire provides a free overclocking utility! It's what I have, although I haven't tried overclocking yet...

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Okay here's my problem. When I fire up a game and I finally get to either the main menu or somewhere else Direct3D is used, the screen is all garbled, flashes, and appears to be a rendering issue to me. The games I tried it in were GTA: Vice City, Dues Ex 2, and Warcraft III TFT.

Here's the System...

Asus A7N8X mobo (nforce2 chipset)
512mb RAM Corsair XMS 3200DDR (Just 1 stick, should be 2 i know...)
Radeon 9700 Pro 128

incase you need this...
350 watt power supply
Western Digital hard drive, 80 gigs
Windows XP Professional

I have the NEWEST:
bios flash
Catalyst Drivers
nforce2 drivers

and Im running pretty much the default settings on the motherboard AND under the video card settings in the display control panel.

I've been scouring the internet for days and I've tried almost everything without luck so any help would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks in advance =)

Answer:Radeon 9700 Pro 128 Won't Render

First off, dont flash your bios unless it is preventing you from using a feature you need. If your computer worked fine with the bios you have, no sense in upgrading it. I think you may have a corrupt DirectX install. Run dxdiag from the command line and see if all of your files are installed. Then run some of the basic DirectDraw and Direct3D tests, to see if they work. If that doesnt help, try earlier versions of the catalyst software. When I upgraded from 3.8 to 3.10 I could no longer control AA and AF in any of my games. I think older drivers may be the better way to go, just so you know if that is the problem or not. I've had the best success with catalyst 3.7 drivers, which may seem old. I use the same board you do, and had a Radeon 9700 pro at one time (9800 now) and had a few probs with artifacting and poor frames in certain games, battlefield was the most noticeable. Also, does your computer lock up, or just not play those games right. You might want to check the heatsink for attachment. And the last thing I can think of at the moment is the SMARTGART tool that ATI integrates into their drivers. dont uninstall this, if you did, reinstall your drivers. This can be helpful in troubleshooting.

If you can post with a few more details I willl help out further.

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i cant find anything that will make my performance better. I want to be able to make sure im getting the best performance out of my card, without making the graphics look like garbage, but my fps on windows xp isnt too great. Got any ideas?!?!?

Answer:Tweak radeon 9700 pro?

What system are you running this card on ? That card has some pretty incredible performance out of the box so I'm wondering how you can feel disappointed about its performance.

The R9700 Pro really flexes its muscle in high resolutions ( above 1024*768 ) & on high end systems ( 2GHZ & above ).

I remember the days where review articles would say "This card really shines in high resolutions so anyone with a 15" monitor doesn't need to buy it". When browsing on a few forums, I was amazed at the amount of people that used GF4 style cards with such monitors.:rolleyes:

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How good is this card compared to todays latest cards? I do play games.Which is the top of the range, and how much?

Answer:ATI Radeon 9700 pro info?

Best value is 9800 pro around 150 -160Top of the Range 9800xt around 300I don't think you'll find a massive difference between a 9700pro and a modern equivalent. You may do better saving your pennies and upgrading later.R

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I recently bought a Radeon 9700 Pro off of Ebay for $273 (after shipping). The card was taken out of a Dell I believe. I am sure it is an underclocked card because of that. I don't know the actual ramdac speed yet but will know about sometime next week. Anyway, the point is, if it is indeed underclocked, what are my chances of being able to clock it up to the normal speed? How hard would this be?

Answer:Radeon 9700 Pro Underclocked

If your card is indeed underclocked, you shouldn't have any problems at all clocking it back up to the correct speed. All you will need (if you even need it at all) is a simple piece of clocking software. I would recommend PowerStrip, but its up to you. Good luck.

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hey im new to the forums here but a friend told me this was good for computer problems. anyways, a few days ago i was playing a game and left it alt-tabbed for a while. when i came back the resolution changed to 800x600 and it turned into a tiny block in the middle of my screen. i think my computer is normally 1920x1600. i tried to set my computer resolution to 800x600 to see if it would stretch to fit my monitor like it normally does but it doesnt anymore. i thought the problem might have come from my graphics card so i went to display properties -> adapter -> and disabled the device. i rebooted and enabled the device again and the resolution was fixed.

however, i started up my computer the next day and the resolution got messed up again. so i disabled the device again and now my computer wont start. windows will not load at all. i get to the screen with the logo and the loading bar on the bottom and then it goes black. i can get to the boot menu and the setup menu and i have tried repairing windows using a cd but it still wont work. does anyone know how to fix this problem or at least get to DOS?

im using a Dell Inspiron XPS, 3.4 gHz, ATI Radeon 9700, 1 Gig of RAM. please help, and thanks in advance.

Answer:ATI Radeon 9700 Disabled

Oh my God.... You disabled your graphics card.... Oh my God... hahahahahaahahahahahaha wow.... haahahahahah wow... that was a good chuckle.

Sorry man, but this is pretty elementary :P It's not a huge deal.

If you have another video card somewhere, like a PCI video card, throw it in there and plug your monitor cable into that. When you get into windows, enable your video card, and then you should be fine

Sorry for laughing :P

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I have an ATI Radeon 9700 pro graphics card, and recently I installed world of warcraft after taking a break. When I started playing it, it would freeze, then my screen would go black and there would be a clicking noise from my monitor, then the game would come back up. Then usually about a half hour into it, the game will freeze, my monitor will click and my screen will go black, and I will have to turn off my computer and restart.

Getting quite frustrated I did some research and would a ATI driver cleaner. I uninstalled my drivers, ran the cleaner and deleted everything it found, then I reinstalled the drivers using the cd that came with the card. Now when I start up my computer I get the following error message:

"The Catalyst Control Center is not supported by the driver version of your enables graphics adapter. Please update your ATI graphics driver, or enable your ATI adapter using the Displays Manager."

I ignored it and ran WoW again, and now it'll run for about 3 minutes, then freeze and go to black. Once it went back to my desktop and everything was huge and grey and it said my card stopped working.

I have turned off every single graphic enhancement in the game, and it still does this. Can someone please help me? It did this before when I used to play WoW but it just stopped one day and played fine, but it doesn't seem to want to work this time.

I have an IBM Thinkcentre with Window XP and plenty of RAM and hard drive space. If someone could... Read more

Answer:WoW keeps crashing with my Radeon 9700 pro

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I searched alot to find others who have this bug, and was unsuccessfull... well here it is, it happens usually when I play games, but sometimes happens when im simply surfing the net or chatting on msn.... look at the screenshots and be amazed

This occured on my ATI Radeon 9700 Pro 128 MB card

I also downloaded all the new drivers and catalyst
pc info=
AMD Athlon 2400 Pro 2.0 GHZ
1 GB ram
Asus A7V8X Motherboard

Answer:WOW FIRST radeon 9700 GLITCH?

Check and make sure the heatsink is firmly secured on the video card. Also, make sure the fan is running on the heatsink, and that there is good air ventilation in the case. Oh, and check the monitor cable too, sometimes there's a bent pin or something, that messes up the display.

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I'm trying to hook my computer with a Radeon 9700 Pro up to a Sony LCD Projection TV with a DVI to HDMI cable. When I sucessfully get the system to recognize the display, however, It won't let me change the resolution. It locks it to either 640x480 or 800x600 (Don't remember which). If I select "Force 720P Mode" somewhere in the advanced display options, it looks much better, but the resolution still isn't perfectly what it should be, the sides of the screen get cut off, and I still can't change any of it. Any thoughts?

Answer:Radeon 9700 and Television

Get the latest ATI drivers. I had the same problem with my projection TV and the new drivers have a bigger resolution range. Use PowerStrip for further adjustment if necessary

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Hello there everyone

I have a alienware 766 SN3 laptop and yes it is a pretty old laptop . There is a problem with the video card . Its a ATI Radeon 9600/9700 series card ( checked in device manger - this was the name given ) i would like to know the cost of this card and also of where i can buy it from .

Thanks a million for you time.

Answer:ATI Radeon 9600/9700

I did a long serch on this.

I am sorry to say i couldn't find anything on the mobility card of that model but it also suggested it could use a nvidia card Go5600 amd yet again came up short

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What is going to be the difference between buying the retail version of the Radeon 9700 Pro versus the OEM version??

Answer:Radeon 9700 Pro Retail vs OEM???

extra software, free games, and a pretty box and a bigger price tag come on the retail, also usually a longer warranty.

Also sometimes adpater cables - such as s-video out and such will come with retail.

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I have tried the catlyist drivers for my card but when i try and play some thing like cod or brothers in arms or doom 3 or some thing my monitor freaks out and reports no video. a little help would be apriceeated

Answer:Drivers for ati radeon 9700 pro

could be a number of things, hard to guess without knowing your system specs.

It may be the drivers aren't installed correctly, old drivers, refresh rate too high for monitor, video options in game not correct or could be a hardware problem.

What you could try first is go to and download the latest drivers. Then uninstall your current drivers, run a program called Driver Cleaner, and install the new ones and see if it works.

If not, please post some more details about your system.

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I just installed my ATI Radeon 9700 Pro video card, and my games seem to run the same if not a little worse then before. I had a Geforce3 Ti500. My computer is a P4 1.5, with 512 megs of ram and windows xp. Has anyone else had problems with this card or know how to tweak it? I was wondering if there could be a conflict with my AGP drivers. I've never updated them, because I can't find the right drivers on Intel's sight. My computer says the driver is: Intel(R) 82845 prosessor to AGP controller. On intel's site they only have an update for 82845G. I downloaded those drivers and tried to update, but it didn't work. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Answer:Problems with my Radeon 9700 Pro

What have you tried so far? Do you have the newest drivers for the card?

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Hi, I have an ATI Radeon 9700, 768 RAM, and a P4 2.4 ghz processor. Anyways, when I try to play a game above the resolution of 1280 x 1024, the game exits and says

"...hardware acceleration found
...PIXELFORMAT 3 selected
...creating GL context: succeeded
...making context current: succeeded
...WARNING: fullscreen unavailable in this mode
...setting mode 9: 1600 1200 FS
...using colorsbits of 16
...calling CDS: failed, bad mode
...trying next higher resolution: failed, bad mode
...restoring display settings
...window already present, CreateWindowEx skipped
Initializing OpenGL driver
...WARNING: fullscreen unavailable in this mode
...shutting down QGL
...unloading OpenGL DLL
...assuming '3dfxvgl' is a standalone driver
...initializing QGL
...WARNING: missing Glide installation, assuming no 3Dfx available
...shutting down QGL
----- CL_Shutdown -----
RE_Shutdown( 1 )
GLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL subsystem "

Anybody know what's wrong and/or how to fix it?? Thanks alot


Answer:Problem with ATI Radeon 9700

It does occur in all games and I do have XP.

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I recently installed the AIW Pro video card with no problems other than the hard lockups with high graphics applications.

I had a 4 yr old 250W power supply and thought it I needed to replace it with a 350W. I tried to different brands (AGI & Codgen) brand new 350W power supplies but my system won't POST unless I unplug the fan to the video card. put the old 250W back in and there no problem. Why are these new power supplies giving me a headache?

Answer:AIW 9700 Pro radeon No POST

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I am using an external monitor for my laptop. The monitor is a Samsung 226BW. My native resolution is 1680x1050. The monitor reports that it is running 1680x1050, but Windows XP (x86 pro) says its running 1400x1050. It's more then obvious it's not running 1680x1050.

No matter what I do, I cannot get 1680x1050. I can get 1600x1050, 1400x1050, but not 1680x1050. I installed Samsung's drivers for my monitor,

I am using VGA, and my desktop PC is hooked up through DVI which runs 1680x1050 fine (8800 GT).

The laptop's specs:
Radeon 9700 Pro
AMD XP 3400+
Windows XP Pro

Is there any kind of hack to make this work? I even went as far as installing Omega drivers... even though they aren't recommended. I use this laptop for development, and it's very important I see the right screen resolution. Any suggestions would be great, thanks!

Answer:Abs G3 A45 - Radeon 9700 - Won't go to 1680x1050

From the ATI site:

Resolutions, colors and maximum refresh rates (Hz) in 256, 65K or 16.7M colors
Monitor Resolution Hz

800x600 120
1024x768 120
1152x864 120
1280x1024 120
1600x1200 85
1920x1080* 16:9 75
1920x1200 75
1920x1440 75
2048x1536 60

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Hopefully many of you will find this survey useful and it might provide some insight into the problems that many users have had with the ATI Radeon 9700 series of cards. We all know that these cards are excellent performers, but for those of us that have had problems it has been an absolute nightmare. Please give us feedback on your own experiences so that others can benefit from any information we gather.

Please do not vote that you had no problems whatsoever, unless you are running your card at its full spec (e.g. you have not had to lower your AGP settings from 8x to 4x etc. just to get your card to work).

EDIT: My specs

System #1
Jetway 663AS Pro mainboard
CWT 450w PSU
Athlon 1.3 GHz CPU
SB 5.1 Live Value Soundcard
Promise Ulta100TX2 IDE Controller
Fujitsu 40GB Hard Drive (x2)
Maxtor 80GB Hard Drive (x2)
Teac CD540 CDROM
Teac CW512EB CDR
3com 905TX NIC

System #2
Abit NF7-S v2.0 mainboard
Enermax 431w PSU
Athlon XP 1700+ CPU
512MB DDR Ram
IBM 180GB Hard Drive (x2)
Teac CD540 CDROM
Teac CW512EB CDR

My Radeon 9700 Pro (sent back) refused to work in either system.

Answer:Survey: ATI Radeon 9700

It might be a good idea if users could also post their system specs, such as mainboard make/model and PSU make/model/wattage, just so as we have some useful info for those that are considering buying a Radeon 9700 card. Feel free to comment as much, or as little, as you feel suitable, and remember that all info should be accurate, so no fan boys misreporting their experience please.

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Hi folks,

I recently installed a new graphics card into my machine, so I can delight in playing doom 3 and the likes. I got it set-up and it worked for a bit, but about 3 hours into my first go on doom 3 the whole system shut down. The screen went black for a bit first then I jusy had to turn it off. After this, it began happening as soon as the game reached the ID Software animation at the start. It also began shutting down occasionally when I opened videos very quicly after doing something else or tried to open alot of windows very quickly.

My specs are:

AMD Athlon 64 3200+ processor
1024 mb 3200 ddr ram

any ideas?
THanks peeps


Answer:Radeon 9700 pro Crashes

This has become more frequent now, All i have done is downloaded and installed the ati catalyst drivers??!?


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(P.S. - my first post )

I am currently having a problem with my ATi Radeon 9700 PRO when AGP is enabled to 8x. It is not a major problem as I can just turn off the AGP, but I am demanding the true performance and quality of my graphics card so it can make gaming a better experience. The problem with my graphics card is that whenever I am playing a Direct 3D game (Joint Operations, Call of Duty, etc.) and the AGP is set to 8x with Fast Write enabled, the game will unexpectingly hang at random points of the game, and the VPU of my Radeon 9700 PRO will recover my graphics card (most of the time) without crashing the system itself. Not a major problem but it sure is annoying me. The game will be able to run for about a minute and thats when the graphics card will hang and reset itself, thus crashing the game (luckily not the entire system). I do have the latest graphics drivers and DirectX 9.0c drivers available, and I also updated my CPU drivers so that it knows how to handle AGP settings. Right now, I have the RADEON 9700 PRO on an ASUS P4P800 Motherboard and a Pentium 4 3.0Ghz w/ Hyper Threading as the CPU. If you want more information about my computer, check out my user profile (SiNz). If anyone can help, please feel free to drop in suggestions. Thanks! :grinthumb

Answer:RADEON 9700 PRO AGP Problems

1st of all, WELOCME!:giddy:

When you say you've upgraded to the latest "cpu drivers" do you mean either your chipset drivers or mobo BIOS??

Anyway, as long as it's stable at AGP4x, you'll notice no discernable difference in perfomance, but if it really bothers you "just because," there are a few things you can try, if you haven't already....

Update chipset drivers
Update BIOS
Update GPU driver

Try turning off fast writes
Try turning off "write combing"
Up the AGP voltage to 1.6v

Good luck

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Whenever I try to put my 9700 Pro in, everything loads just fine until after it loads Windows XP. Then when it going to try to log me in my account, it just goes black. I can see the mouse cursor and even move it around, but it doesn't go any farther. I've tried just about anything, I tried to disable my on-board video card on BIOS, but it doesn't even show it in BIOS, I have tried to disable it by right clicking on the desktop and going to the settings, I have reformated the computer, is there anything anyone can think of, cause I'm really annoyed of it right now. I don't really know anything about computers so if anyone explains something, be sure to be really descriptive. Also tell me if I left anything out that you might need to know and how to check it. I would really appreciate the help from anyone.

P.S. It's also AGP if that helps any

Answer:RADEON 9700 Pro problem..

Do you have the 4-pin power connector from the PSU directly to the video card plugged in?

Assuming you do...

-Boot up in safe mode.
-Go to your device manager and find the integrated graphics. Delete the driver.
-Turn off computer
-Insert new card
-Attach monitor to new card
-Turn on computer
-It should find the new hardware automatically and ask you for the drivers.

If the above does not work, check in your motherboard manual. You should be able to download it from the maker's website.

Some boards have jumpers that need to be adjusted to disable onboard graphics. But we can only guess unless you give us your motherboard make/model number.

Good luck!

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Gents.....i have a irratating problem with my Graphics set up is as follows.....Amd Athlon 3000 processor.....Radeon 9700 pro graphics.....8x agp motherboard (MS-6712).... 1024 ddr 2700 333mhz psu is 520 watts......audigy 2 sound card......Cutting it short benchmark ...via madonion 2001 13800.....far better than when benchmarked with my nvidia ti4600 installed but and its a big but......when running any graphics draining programme...the game/benchmark screen stutters along noticibly.......Why???? when using the same set up but with ti4600 installed i get no stuttering or very occasional crashing....and as i've mentioned superior with radeon card installed.....i have the latest drivers ???....Regards.....Alan

Answer:Radeon 9700 pro........stutters

NVidia drivers leave all sorts behind when uninstalled.... Have you checked there are no traces here for the registry entriesTry going Start/Run and type in msconfigand on the Startup tab make sure there are no entries there.

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I have just installed FS2004, which refused to start with my existing driver, finding new one on ATI web. I downloaded this (the 3-segment version as I have no broadband. On opening the text of installation wizard is off screen, bottom right, and cannot be dragged. Any ideas?

Answer:ATI Radeon 9700 Drivers

Increase your resolution.Right Click desktop, properties, Settings Tab.

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When trying to play basically any game (Guild Wars, Unreal Tournament 2004, Republic Commando) eventually my computer will always go blank and freeze. I'm not sure what exactly is the problem, but I get the feeling its my Radeon 9700 Pro video card. As soon as I got my Shuttle cube pc, I transferred the Radeon 9700 Pro from my old computer to the cube pc. Is the small case of the cube pc causing it to overheat and freeze? And why is it only during games that the computer usually freezes? Why not any other time? UGH! so frustrating. This is an SOS. HELP!

Answer:Radeon 9700 Pro is the problem - but what does it MEAN?

As a test to see if it is an overheating problem, try running with the case open and have a house fan (if you have one) blowing directly on it to cool it. With a shuttle case, it could very well be a heating problem.

And the reason this is ONLY happening in games is because games are VERY demanding on your system (and also when the most heat is produced....)

Couple of other things to consider if it is NOT a heating problem.

1. Do you have the latest drivers installed? Not just the video card, but also the chipset drivers for your motherboard?
2. How many watts is your power supply rated at?
3. Try running on it to test your ram
4. Try running a hard drive diagnostic to test your hard drive. I believe that the maxtor software "powermax" works on all makes of hard drives. (confirm before trying, or if you are unsure, give us the details of your hard drive first, i.e., make/model) You can download it HERE

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I've got the 9700 pro in my Dell 3.02 ghz 8250. Anyway everything's been fine for just over 2 years - suddenly the other night I turn off the computer and lines appear on the screen. Now, particularly if the hard drive isn't whirring the screen remains ok but when the hard drive starts doing some things I get on screen problems. Sometimes like this...

Sometimes like this....

When I try to play any game it quickly goes like this.....

I don't think it's anything to do with overheating because sometimes it is messing up as soon as switching on while at other times the PC has been on for some time and everything's ok.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Help Needed With Radeon 9700 Pro


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Ati Radeon 9700 pro. Need Help!!

I recently formatted my harddrive and since ive been experiencing some problems.
When playing CS these instances appear after a while of playing
(they are sometimes red, blue or yellow too, and sometimes sticks around after exiting the game).
I have the latest version of catalyst and I never had any problems before the formatting,
havent touched anything in my computer either.

My system is from dell:
2.53GHz P4
Ati Radeon 9700 pro 128MB

Could someone please help me with this? Im going crazy here!

Answer:Ati Radeon 9700 pro problems

Is it a pure ATI vid card? (or a Sapphire, or other brand)
Does it have the stock ATI HS and fan?
Did you install the Motherboard AGP drivers? (Provide the MoBo version for further assistance)
Could the card be overheating?
Are you overclocking?
What is your power supply?


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Hi all....

Yesterday I purchased a Radeon 9700 Pr0 and wanted some tips that may help it run a lot better.

First thing my PC Stats..

AMD 2.2 XP Cpu,
1 GIG DDR Ram,
Radeon 9700 Pro,
SoundBlaster Live,
MSI K 3 Ultra 2 Mobo,
Direct X 9
The latest ATI Radeon Drivers.

I installed the latest ATI cataliyst drivers and the Control Pannel etc. How ever I have some small problems. Its running fine but its not running as expected considering its running slower than that off a G-Force 4 TI 4600 which was my previous card.

I just wondered what can I do to improve performance but still maintain a good quality Image with hight FPS wilst gaming. My FPS are around 80 - 90 On Games like MOHAA, but even my G-Force was better.

Also do you have this problem:-

If I right click on my screen and go to Display Properties/ Settings then click on Advanced my monitor goes blank wile it opens the Control Pannel for the ATI card "Does yours do this" if not then any Ideas why my screen goes blank for 2 - 3 seconds etc.

Any other info regarding the ATI Radeon such as help full links would be great...

Thx Troops..

Pvt.J.Rhyan @ Sifter

Answer:Help, Any Radeon 9700 Pro users in here...

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I don't think my 9700Pro, on a Asus P4S8X board is running an 8X AGP speed. The Bios is set to 8X, but the ATi Catalyst Driver software says it is running at 1X, and SisoftSandra 2003 says it is running at 2X.

Is there any way to REALLY know what it is running at? Also, why might it only be running at 1 or 2X?? Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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I have on my system, a Mesh Elite 2.8 ghz Pentium 4 , Windows XP ,an ATI Radeon 9700 with something called TV-out & DVI.I assume this is to enable you to use your TV as a second monitor.There was small lead which plugs into a socket, next to the one where the monitor is plugged into, on the back of the tower case.On the other end of the lead there is a single yellow male plug that I assume goes into the corresponding socket on the scart adapter.I have done this and tuned the TV to the AV channel and then I went to display properties /advanced /displays.There are pictures of 4 types of monitors, Monitor, TV, YPbPr and FPD and the last 3 all have red crosses across the pictures of the connectors.I selected to switch amongst displays but nothing happened.I must be doing something wrong so can anyone advise me on how to get this function to work Cheers Ray

Answer:enabling TV- out on radeon 9700

try this linkclick here

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hi,I wonder if anyone can help me,I have a gigabyte radeon 9700 on gigabyte granite bay board(8inxp)but the 9700 keeps locking up and crashes, someone told me I have to cancel the fast write both on the bios and the ati control panel but I can't find it either on the bios or the ati control panel, help! flyingpeterpan

Answer:radeon 9700 locks-up

fast writes can be enabled or disabled via:control panel/display/settings/advanced/smartgartclick off and apply,you then have to may find its already disabled.if smartgart thinks fastwrites will cause problems it will disable it automatically.if thats the case then even setting to on,they will be disabled again after restart.i would try updating your drivers to 3.6,and if it was me,i would use ati`s driver instead of gigabytes here i find them to be more stable than the third party ati ones.they will be compatiable with your card. update direct x too click here and patch any games you have.might also be worth unticking the "automatically restart" box in:control panel/system/advanced/stsrt up and recovery/settings. now you should get an error on the screen instead of a restart next time windows crashes.note any errors down for reference.

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Hi all...

I just bought the new Radeon 9700 graphic card. Took the old one out and bam... those damn power cables! Now, I don't know much about fixing these kind of things. I've tried a few different setting, but the computer doesn't even begin the boot process.

Could anyone explain how to connect the cables? In layman's terms, please?

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Connecting Radeon 9700

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I have a new system with Radeon 9700 All-In-Wonder graphics card. Initially I was able to receive 3/4 channels through an aerial but not any longer. Any suggestions?I have added McAfee virus and firewall sinceandI tried to reinstall Ati multimedia center againcould these be responsible?Would be greatful for any suggestions.

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Being a new user of the Radeon card after many years with Nvidia, could some please explain what the Catalyst drivers are?Looking in Device Manager my current driver is shown as Is this a Catalyst driver?Is there anything special in upgrading these drivers i.e. would I have to uninstall the old ones first?Your advice will be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Radeon 9700 drivers

cat drivers from click here really does not matter which you choose(just get the os right)as its an all in one driver ie/drivers for every radeon card are included in the cataylast bundle.latest is 3.2 with 3.4 expected sometime tomorrow click here drivers will show up in control panel as 6.13.6307

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I would like to know what your views are on whether to get a Radeon 9700 or 9700Pro. I can save about 100 pounds, which would be nice, but what is the difference between the two. I would say I am a moderate gamer, so I want a good card, but I am torn between a hundred quid in my pocket or a (to me) unknown difference. Any thoughts welcome.

Answer:Radeon 9000 or 9700 Pro.

Have a look at this chart and make your own mind upclick here

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Hey, I'm new in these forums and I just wanted to know if any one has any idea which video card is better from a performance point-of-view for a laptop.

*ATI Mobility 9700 128mb -- VS-- ATI Xpress 200m 128mb*

I have recently been looking for a good value gaming laptop and I have found a couple of systems that have these graphics cards. The 9700 has a great reputation from its desktop predecessor, but I have also heard some good things from this newly released 200m. If any one has any information on the 200m and which one is better, let me know! Thanks.

Answer:Laptop Graphics: ATI Mobility 9700 128mb VS ATI Xpress 200m 128mb

X200 with a faster clock =9600

you decide

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I posted the info here actually:

My original post

Hope this helps.

Answer:Newest Radeon 9700 Pro Drivers

If anyone needs "Special Purpose" drivers...Beta type for gaming purposes, be sure to check out RAGE 3D

They have tools, tweaks, drivers, and a message board for "ALL THINGS RADEON!"

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How are you supposed to hook this card into your tv with a s-video cable? The s-vid out looks different than the cable. (fits the tv so I know it's a s-video card). Am I missing a common adapter or something?

Answer:Radeon 9700 AIW connecting to tv via S-video

Have a look at the 2 links below and let us know if they apply to you.

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I am looking for a 9800non pro or 9700 pro to replace my aging G4 ti 4400. If anyone is looking on selling theirs please email me with an offer [email protected]

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Some rellevant info. about my PC:

MB: Abit IC7-G Max2 Advance ATX (Newest BIOS from
CPU: Intel P4 Nw-C 2.6 (FSB800)
RAM: 2x256MB Corsair XMS CAS-2
GFX: PowerColor Radeon 9700 Pro. with ATI Catalyst 3.5
O/S: Windows 2000 Pro. with SP-3

For a day or two ago, I was looking inside my BIOS, just to check it out, because my PC is new, but I never touched anything! The problem is, when I booted my PC now, the SMARTGART was somehow, reset? I could see it, because it was set to: Current AGP Speed: 8X and Fast Write: On (Current Status: On), but now, it was set to: Current APG Speed: 4X and Fast Write: Off (Current Status: Off), well, I tryed to push Retest All, and it changed it automatically to AGP Speed 8X and Fast Write on, though it didn't change Current Status: Off to On. I tried to boot, nothing happened, the only thing that did happen, it was reset to what I mentioned above. I did the same procedure as above, nothing happened, and nothing seem to work. I have tried to update from Catalyst 3.4 - 3.5, and I've tried to remove them, and install them again, I don't know what to do, someone, please help!

Answer:Problems with PowerColor Radeon 9700 Pro.

Ive experienced something "odd" like that with SmartGart myself.

Check your BIOS and make sure it is set for the correct AGP speed settings depending on your motherboards AGP capabilitys.

Start->Run and type "smartgart". The "retest" settings do not seem work correctly. When I have tried using 'retest' myself I just recieved the SmartGart menu again everytime I restarted Windows if I tried to retest again. The settings that it switched to after doing a retest won't work for me.

Just restart and let SmartGart come back up. Leave the settings where they are. Dont try to retest. Click ok.

I also know first hand that a VERY common problem with Radeon series card's are related to AGP issues rather than ATI cards themselves. If you have ANY problems in the future you might want to make sure AGP is on in BIOS and if not turn it on. I have an option for AGP 4X ENABLE/DISABLE in BIOS (my motherboard only supports 4X).

Also, the way I fixed my problem was this:
Go into Display Properties, Settings, Advanced, SmartGart.
Set the AGP speed for OFF and FastWrites to OFF.
Reboot and see if the problem you (may have in the future, or have now) persists. If not, increase the AGP setting up to 1X.. works? Try 2X. Works? Try 4X. If one doesnt work, switch back to the previous.

There seems to be an issue with motherboards not doing what they are suppost to do as far as AGP slots. Which may be why I had a problem or... Read more

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I cannot view video file on my TV. The desktop appears just fine, I can play games using the TV Display just fine, but if I open a video file in Windows Media Player, Quicktime, or REAL Player, nothing appears. But the video plays fine on the moniter. Anyone know a fix to this? And by the way, I have tried numerous screen resolution.

Answer:Ati Radeon 9700 Pro Display Problems HELP ME

Did you get the latest update for the WMP? I've seen problems here in the real world (hehe, I live in Hawaii get the joke?), that folks are having the same trouble as you. I don't think MS is aware of it. I didn't see any posts there on it.

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My son wishes to upgrade his computer to a Radeon 9700 pro card. It is an Athlon 2700 XP, but I am concerned that the power supply (300w) in the case may not be enough, as I understand that this card (and the 9500 pro) require about 45w power on their own. Has anyone experience of these cards running on a 300w supply, or will it be necessary to replace the 300w supply with a 360 or 400w supply?

Answer:Radeon 9700 Pro Graphics Card

It depends what else you have on your system. Tell us all the other cards, upgrades, etc that you have. If you just have a standard set of components (Sound card, modem, processor, one HDD, Network card, etc.) then you would be fine with 300W. But let us know what your system is and we can tell you for sure.

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Relevance 62.73% seems that even though i ran my driver cleaner and got rid of all ati drivers and reinstalled it still freezes with the noises and still screen...i dont understand what the hell is wrong with this dam card...ever since ive had it i have had nothing but problems with it...ive recently formatted...cleaned out the drivers and reinstalled new ones..still having the god forsaken problem...any suggestions? btw it only freezes in warcraft 3...pos

Answer:Radeon 9700 pro problems reoccuring

Have you checked for an patches for Warcraft?

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I have a powerstrip for my ati card...what do each of these commands do...they are enabled and disabled by check boxes, they are in exact order as seen on my guessing that opengl is used for games like first person shooter/counter-strike and direct3d is used for games like rpg style/warcraft first person shooter cs game is perfect...nothing wrong with it...but warcraft 3 freezes everytime i try to play...what differences would changing that stuff make...if u know anywhere i can find definitions for all of these phrases please let me know it'd be much appreciated

-enable vertical sync [opengl]
-disable 32-bit z buffer [opengl]
-use triple buffering [opengl]
-force full scene anti-aliasing [opengl]
-enable trueform [opengl]
-force anisotropic filtering [opengl]
-disable vertical sync [direct3d]
-force full scene anti-aliasing [direct3d]
-disable 32-bit zbuffer
-enable fast z buffer optimization [direct3d]
-disable texture compression [direct3d]
-enable trueform [direct3d]
-disable hierarchical z optimization [direct3d]
-enable fog table [direct3d]
-enable surface color fill [direct3d]
-force anisotropic filtering [direct3d]

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I have an old dell optiplex gx240 with one 4x agp slot. I have been given a radeon 9700 video card which is 8x. Will this work or will it fry everything.

1.8 ghz pentium4
512 ram
windows xp pro

Any help would be gratefully received

Answer:Radeon 9700 and Dell Optiplex

As long as the power supply will support the 9700, all should be okay

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My colleague at work built a new system for a friend of mine and has been having major problems from the get-go! I think before I go into the exact details of the problem, I should give a detailed analysis of the specifications of the machine.AMD Athlon XP 2800+ASUS A7N8X Deluxe Motherboard1GB TwinMOS PC2700 RAM (2x512)Maxtor 120 GB Hard-DrivePowercolor Radeon 9700 Pro Graphics Card300W Power SupplyWindows XP Home with Service Pack 1DirectX 9Catalyst 3.2 GFX DriversUpto-date BIOS for MotherboardAGP set to 4x in BIOSAGP Aperture is set to 64 MBThe machine was built and ready last weekend and was tested for several hours running Windows with no problems at all. On Monday the machine was setup at my friends house and seemed to be working fine. I decided to test out a game while my colleague was there, and installed Unreal Tournament 2003. The game installed fine and we booted it up. The game got to the NVidia screen and then without warning the machine suddenly switched itself off. Thinking this was definitely not normal, we tried it again only with exactly the same results. We installed Battlefield 1942 and the same thing happened. Only this time during the game itself. Neither of these games would work for any longer than 1 or 2 minutes before the machine turned itself off. I had the idea of using a System Diagnostic Tool and downloaded SANDRA. We used the Create A Report function which gives you an in-depth report of your entire system specs. It got to the PCI/AGP Port and th... Read more

Answer:Radeon 9700 Pro Crashing Computer??

I built a similar system to yourself in March and had similar problems, it'd boot me out of games after a minute or two, namely BF 1942 and Deus Ex.The build: A7N8X Deluxe, 1gb RAM, Radeon 9700 Pro, Win XP (SP1) etc etcIt turned out the problem was down to the RAM, the A7N8X is very fussy and prefers Corsair. (Scan confirmed this when i called them asking to exchange the memory, "you should have been advised to buy Corsair with this at time of original purchase as it's a known problem). I changed the original RAM i had to two sticks of Corsair Platinum and everything worked fine.This may not be the cause in your case as i see you have twinned RAM sticks, but as your problem is exactly the same as mine maybe it is. Try swapping RAM if you know anyone who has some you could borrow to test.Also, try click here They have a forum under the Asus section specifically for the A7N8X and is an excellent source of help and information.

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Searching ATI's site, I'm finding that too much system memory may cause screen problems.
When cold, I get garbled code like characters at my startup screen and then lines on the windows xp splash screen. Sometimes I get lines on my desktop. However once warmed up the display is fine.
Any solutions out there.

Answer:9700 Radeon Pro startup problem

I have the same problem although I've never known the cause...

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P4 2.66
120 GIG HD
350 PSU

I just got this new Radeon 9700 128 mb pro the other day - right now it's causing some major heartache. I discovered that my previous 250 PSU was too weak so I upgraded, temporarily, to a 350 just to see if it would work. It got rid of the slow slow refresh speed, but now I'm getting blue screens. Various blue screen msgs include:

DRiver_irql_not_less_or_equal in ndis.sys
Page filling in nonpage filling(? something to that effect)

Now whats happening, is that my CS is good, i'm getting good fps, but it feels not as smooth yaknow? And then also, the game quits after 10-15 minutes of playing. I've tried to update my SiS Accelerated Graphics Port driver, I've got the newest ATI driver (minus catalyst control thing), I've upgraded my network card...and now i'm down to the wire as to what else I can do. I've read so many posts on this subject, but there seems to be no distinct agreement on an answer. Should I try to go for a 450-500 PSU? Should I flash my BIOS? Should I get new RAM? Should I get a new CPU fan? Should I get an additional cooling device for my RADEON 9700 card?

Additional Info:

The video card itself has an additional cable for a connect to the PSU. Apparently, it wants you to connect the cable to the PSU through the right now what I'm doing is I have a cable connecting betwe... Read more

Answer:Radeon 9700 Video Problem!

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Well, about a month ago I was having a problem with my new Radeon 9700 Pro with Direct3D display corruption. I finally fixed that later on by disabling AGP4X in my bios and turning AGP down to none and Fast Writes off in settings. I messed around a little bit this morning before I got to work and moved it up to AGP1X, AGP2X, etc.. turned fast writes on/off trying to get it to work with higher settings. If I use anything other than AGP at lowest speed and fast writes off then I get the same problem I had before. Although my graphics still look pretty dang nice the fact is I would at least like to be able to get AGP4x on my K7S5A motherboard (which supports 4xAGP).

Not sure what else to try other than wait for new ATI drivers. I tried every combination of everything possible last month trying to fix my card and finally got it to work.

For now I just set it back to AGP at lowest speed and fast writes off.

Answer:Radeon 9700 Pro, AGP speed problem

I think you are more knowledgeable than me, but I thought I'd ask anyway. Do you have your card overclocked?

Also as far as drivers, if you think that might be the problem, have you tried the Omega drivers. I've had pretty good luck with them. I've heard that ATI will release new drivers next week also.

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Ok, well I just installed my new Radeon 9700 Pro video card, and I am almost positive everything is installed correctly, all the latest drivers and such, but the problem is this. Whenever I try to play any game using OpenGL (i think thats what it is using), all the graphics start messing up. Like the pixels start disappearing, there are black splotches on people, there are crazy vertical pink lines all over the screen. Then, if I exit out of the game, my desktop keeps some of the problems, like the random vertical pink lines and such. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone could help me out. Thanks.

PS: Also, I forgot to mention, that if I leave my computer off for a very long time, like all night, then I start it up in the morning, it works perfectly for about 5-10 minutes before it does exactly what I explained before. Thanks again!

Answer:Radeon 9700 Pro Hardware (i think) problems

What was the previous card you had in there? Was it an ATI or nvidia? Have you tried the latest catylast drivers from ATI's site? What games do you have problems, and which ones dont give you problems?

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I'm really frustrated about my ATI Radeon 9700 pro agp card. everytime i start some game, like Doom 3 etc. the agp heats up and crashes. I've got an Intel865PERL mainboard. I thought about tweaking the voltage or other settings like 8x or 4x through the BIOS but didn't get any option like that over there. Then i updated the BIOS, but to no avail. I even downloaded the latest GPU drivers. And I don't think this is happening due to some lack of ventilation in the casing. I've got a thermal casing. A few days back i was playing doom 3 and it crashed and 'out of curiosity' i opened up the casing. i touched it and my index finger almost burnt!!! proper ventilation or not, this card is heating up abnormally and i've got a bad feeling that it might blow up and ruin other components in the casing. HELP!!!!!

p.s. the fan attached to the agp is working fine.

Answer:ATI Radeon 9700 Pro - Heating up & Crashing

odd... is it new? go get another one..

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Anybody else having graphics issues with the Radeon 9700 Pro? I just bought this thing. In some games I have worse FPS than with my old GeForce 2 MX 400 even with everything turned off (no AA/AF or TRUEFORM)

Also I got some wierd graphics problems every once in a while with Blocky Colors relating to Fog/Water effects. I think it may have to do with AA/AF being enabled, as that seems to be when things get ugly real fast. Anybody know if it may a driver issue as opposed to being a Game issue?

Best example is Asherons Call 2 (Beta), where the problems really stand out when trying to tweak everything to full.

So if anyone else is having some problems I would love to hear about it to see if maybe we can come up with solutions.

Answer:Radeon 9700 Pro Graphics Problems

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Reformatted a hard drive for a mate of mine recently. The format went fine, the reinstallation of WinXP (with SP2) was great, and without the previous clutter that was bunging up his machine it ran like a dream. For a day or so...He gave me a call telling me about some 'funny lines' appearing on the screen. I've had a look (his PC's now been at mine for a few days) and there are now some artifacts that manifest as a whole bunch of horizontal lines running across the monitor. These lines refresh as the cursor is moved around the screen. I have updated the drivers for his Radeon 9500/9700 (I don't know which it is off the top of my head, and I'm damned if I'm booting it up at this time of night) to the latest Catalyst drivers, but no joy. Here is a summary of when and where the lines appear:*BIOS screen - Never*POST screen - Never*Windows boot menu - Often (70-80% of the time)*WindowsXP SP2 (normal mode) - Always. sometimes immediately on entering to desktop, sometimes after a couple of minutes*WindowsXP (safe mode) - NeverNow, I have a Radeon 9800pro in my machine and have tried his card in mine with the same results. I have the same OS (XP SP2). I don't know if he had SP2 installed before I reformatted his HDD; does SP2 have know issues with this video card? Does the fact that it does not work in either machine indicate a hardware problem (i.e. is his graphics card knackered?) as opposed to a driver/OS issue?Oh, and if it is his card that's gone to silicon heaven then could s... Read more

Answer:Is there any hope for this Radeon 9500/9700...?

Definately sounds like a h/w problem to me. Does it have a fan - is the fan working correctly - this is usually a weak point on grafix cards.

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I cannot view video file on my TV. The desktop appears just fine, I can play games using the TV Display just fine, but if I open a video file in Windows Media Player, Quicktime, or REAL Player, nothing appears. But the video plays fine on the moniter. Anyone know a fix to this? And by the way, I have tried numerous screen resolution.

[email protected]

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I suppose the question is in the thread title it has to be said.However, the main reason I ask this, is because I am in the process of shopping for a PC to upgrade/replace the PII 400 I have at the moment. I'm not sure what brand to go for, but suppose (for example) I went for a hewlett Packard Pavilion from PC world/dabs/comet etc....would I be able to put a Radeon 9700 pro in this computer (model "Pavilion 434", 2.66 ghz processor, 80 gb hd (5400), MX 440 etc)..and then sell the MX card?. Reason I ask this here, is because Hewlett Packard, Packard Bell, Compaq, etc, don't give there "wattage" out on there spec sheets.Is this the reason Packard bell/HP etc don't include high end cards on there base units?. That said, a 3.06 gig Packard bell (Ixtreme) was reviewed in a mag recently with a Radeon 9700 pro in it, but didn't have a great review though (nothing was mention re the psu though).One last question. IF I ordered a computer from [b]Evesham[/b] (say), and configured it to include a 9700 pro graphics card, would i assume right in thinking the computer would be built with extra psu (400 watts for example), or would the tower case be same for models that also configure with low end gfx cards (geforce mx say)?ps:, I read one post on here where someone brought a system (from Evesham)congigured with a radeon 9700 pro, but only recieved a non pro. are there short supplies of pro models?Tony

Answer:what psu is required for Radeon 9700 pro card?

rather than solutions I'm afraid!The Radeon 9700 pro, as I understand, requires two seperate power connections and so will need a decent power supply and also the (easy?) availability of the second power connection, if you were to fit it.It is also the case that the 9700 pro can run at 8 x AGP, so to get the absolute most from it you should check that the motherboard will support 8 x AGP. There is also a voltage difference between the types of AGP slot, but I believe the card can cope with that, but it would be worth checking.Whenever you order a PC from anyone you should always confirm the precise details in writing, and not just order Model xxxy. The model details can change put if you specify what you are ordering and they do not supply it, they are clearly in the wrong!I can't comment on shortages, but lots of places are advertising it!

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A few friends of mine told me, and I didn't listen. They all said they didn't like ATI, and some had problems with the Radeon 7000. But everyone said it was SOOOO good. Now I'm depressed and stuck with something I can't get working right....

convince me that I did spend my money on a good thing over my Geforce 2 MX

Answer:Feeling shafted from my Radeon 9700

Suppose to be the fastest thing on wheels, well at least agp buss's.

Not me, I still can't say ATI and drivers in the same sentence.

I will stick with my TI 4600
my opinion, hope you get the problem worked out

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There are some new (possibly beta) Drivers available for the Radeon 9700 Pro which do correct more issues than are listed on this page. If your an owner of the Radeon 9700 Pro like me and find the Catalyst 0.23 (drivers: 6166) don't seem to help much try these ones:

6178 Drivers for Radeon 9700 Pro

Hope this helps someone they fixed some problems with Half-life for me

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I just bought a used Radeon 9700 Pro and when I try to install it my system won't post. It starts to power on for a split second, then it just dies, no sounds or anything. After that it won't even try to power on unless I take the card out.

I have:

Epox 8Kha+ (with only x4 AGP)
Athlon XP 1600+
2100 DDR
420 Watt power supply

My power supply should be powerful enough. So my question is even though the 8kha+ only has X4 AGP the 9700 pro should work right? The ATI website says it works at 2x, 4x, and 8x. I emailed Epox and they gave me something uninteligable, but I think they said the 9700pro only works at .7V, but all the AGP stuff I'm seeing is 1.5V. Where am I confused?

Thanks for the help.

Answer:Radeon 9700 Pro with AGP x4 Epox 8kha+

some agp cards run at lower voltage. if their incompatible with your motherboard it wouldnt turn on or just burn out your video card. i dont know why your computer just turns off when it's in. you might want to check the motherboard manual and see if the agp voltage is adjustable.

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Problem,I use 2 for gaming and digital photography and one for the net. I now want to update my graphis drivers for the first comp but not sure if i will need to connect to net or I can download and save to disc on the second one. Either way I have little knowledge on how to update....hope someone can help.

Answer:Radeon 9700 driver update

click here

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