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office network - server setup

Question: office network - server setup

I am working in a small office. I am running on a T1 am cancelling it and setting up DSL. I only have 7 computers and will not need anymore than 15. I would like to setup a network in teh office via a server. I have a server right now that is setup but it is only hooked into 2 computers. Unfortunately I do not have the password for ther server.

I spoke with a couple of people and one suggestion was to completely rebuild/reformat the server. I do not have the original CD. Another suggestion is to buy a new server. I do not have an objection to that if it is the nest solution.

The final objective is to eliminate T1, hookup DSL and network the entire office through the server. All the wiring is already setup and running through a router.

Any suggestion? If I get a new server, what do I need? Do all the computers need to be running the same OS? Can I hookup the printers to the server as well so anyone from any computer can access them?

I know it is a lot, but I always receive great input form teh members on this site. I wanted to get your insight before I hired some guy to do the job.

Thank you.

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Preferred Solution: office network - server setup

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: office network - server setup

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i got sever 2003 and i need to set up a network. i got win pro on 5 computers and i want to set up my sever so that i can change passwords on the sever and suspend the accounts from the sevfer can some one hlep me with that please email me @@@@@

[email protected]

Answer:office network - server setup

do you know how do set up Remote Desktop Connection please email me


[email protected]

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Hi Guys
can anybody tell me how I would connect xp to windows 2003 server as a network printer so I can send fax from xp to windows server 2003 and I want windows server 2003 be able to send and receive fax then I want xp view faxes from windows server 2003. Can anybody tell me how I would be able to set this up?

Answer:xp to windows server 2003 fax server (network printer setup)

You need to add Fax Services to the server.

start -> control panel -> add/remove programs -> windows components.
Make sure Fax Services is checked. If not, check it and install the service.
Then follow the wizard to share the Fax printer on the network.
Once that is done, on your XP clients, go to \\servername or surf to the server via My Network Places and install the fax printer.

That should be all you need to do.

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Hi All,

Recently, I have been appointed by my boss to set up a server and networking in my office. Here's the scenario for which I need your help. This is going to be long term project for me since we are on a limited funding.

I already have 5 computers (4 dual core desktops and 1 core i7 with win 7) and I need to setup a server for mainly:
1. Store lots of office files, videos
2. Share internet (will also be installing a VSAT) ( and will NOT we be hosting our website on this server)
3. Share printing
4. Run a Human Resource Management database on the server
So, what type of server setup do I need to do all these?
I was thinking of linux OS since I use it but then would hamper the other staff's performance. Since ou r ofice desktops already have an operating system, I think it would be cost effective & secure to go for a linux server right? I was thinking I'd go with a ubuntu server edition LTS. Our country's e-governance policy also encourages the use of Open Source Software.
I have experience in networking few desktops but never actually worked with a server, but I'm always enthusiastic about learning. Plus, I have learned all I know bout computers by trying and no formal training.

All your help and tips would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

Answer:Small Office Server Setup Help

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Can any one suggest me Step by Step guide to setup Network File Server and Network Print Server

Operating System if possible XP otherwise Windows 2000 Server
Thankssss a lot in advance

Answer:Step by Step guide to setup Network File Server and Network Print Server

1. RTM (Read The Manual for the Network File Server).
2. Follow the manual's instructions for setup.
3. RTM (Read The Manual for the Network Print Server).
4. Follow the manual's instructions for setup.

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I am getting ready to upgrade an office with some new gear, but I have some questions about a few things first. The office I am going to be upgrading has 11 total computers all running some version of Windows - XP through 7.

The firewall/router/VPN device I am looking at is a ZyXEL ZyWALL ZWUSG20. It looks like people like it a lot. It looks like it only allows one person to VPN into the network at a time. I think 1 connection will be plenty for them, but was wondering if the next model up (ZWUSG50) would be better to go with since it allows up to 5 (comes with 2 VPN licenses to start). Also, anybody know the pricing of extra VPN licenses for these things?

The Zyxel unit should allow me to eliminate their current old as dirt Linksys router, correct?

Everything is going to be upgraded to Gigabit, probably a couple 8 ports and 3 or so 5 port switches unless I want to add more drops to some of the rooms. Any recomendations on 5and 8 port Gigabit switches?

As for the server, they are going to be using it mostry as a file server, but are going to need at least RAID 0+1 on it. They will also be using it as the main Quickbooks server as well as the server for another accounting software. I was thinking that I would want a Quad i5 or Xeon with 8GB of RAM.

I was planning on either running Server 2008 Foundation or maybe simply Win7 Pro x64 on it since they will not be needing to use it as a domain server - they will be staying in a workgroup. What are the pros/cons of S... Read more

Answer:Upgrading an office setup - questions - vpn, firewall, switches, server.

I've had good luck with Netgear gigabit switches. An 8-porter ran solid on the first floor till it was replaced with a 16-porter which is still running solid.

As for the server, you might want to look into virtualization, could make your life a lot easier.

For quick ftp uploads, I wouldn't want to modify someone's system without them knowing how to remove the modification. An easy way would be to setup a web-server running extplorer.

It allows for fine grained access controls as well as being free.

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Afternoon All,

I currently look after a small network as a favor to an office. They have 10 work stations within the building that use to run off daisy chained hubs. I have since replaced this for a 24 port switch and installed a small workstation for a server. They now want to connect a workstation which is on a different site. I have trialed a VPN connection to a workstation running windows 7 pro, all worked fine.

My question is what kind of security should i be putting in place, the only thing that protects their network at present is a wireless router modem that has a basic firewall, which i am sure won't be good enough giving that i am about to start VPN'ing in. I'm looking at a firebox product but I'm not to clued up on hardware firewalls.

Does a watchgaurd firebox sit between the internet modem and the switch? or am I mistaken?

If someone could explain the topology and put me right that would be great.


Answer:office network setup

There is really no way to secure the network with just a peer to peer like you are running unless you set up accounts for every workstation the remote client needs access to. If you are referring to security from the internet your current router is only showing the WAN IP address to the world so they have no idea what is behind the router. A firewall like the Watchguard does sit between your LAN and the Internet and will give you an added layer of protection.

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I am trying to setup a small office network 2 maybe 3 computers. The computers are running Win XP Pro. I have DSL for internet access. The computers all connect to the internet via a router. How can I setup a network and have file sharing safely?

What I did so far:
Ran the setup wizard on 2 computers and created the workgroup. Selected no file sharing becasue I got a message saying it was not safe and anyone online can access my files. When I try accessing the workgroup on the 2 computers, I get a message saying I am not allowed.

I have McAfee firewall installed.

Any ideas on how I can do this?

Thank you.

Answer:Setup Office Network

Well, you can't have file sharing if you're not willing to share your files!

It's true that any folders you share will be available to any other computers on YOUR network. Unless you deliberately configure it differently, the router's firewall will protect your computers from the rest of the world.

If you can prevent others from plugging an ethernet cable into your router, and if you do not have wireless, or have your wireless protected with a strong WPA passphrase, you are pretty safe from an outsider gaining access to your network.

Furthermore, you can configure the McAfee firewall to allow access from a very small range of IP addresses. And if you don't use Simple File Sharing, XP Pro gives you all kinds of ways to specify exactly who can get what kind of access to what files.

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Hi , I would like to remote my office pc from home, i have a soft but its says i can use it in same network for that i have to network betweet my home laptop and office pc, ive wndows vista in my laptop and windows xp in office pc, could you help me to do networking betweet 2 pc in different network n different ip plz

thanking you

Answer:Setup network between home and office PCs

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Thanks guys hope you can help me sort out which way to proceed. I have network accessible equipment in 2 rooms. My main concern is network performance is not impeded for PC 1 and the phone will be able to drop back to a normal phone line if the internet goes down. Question being which room to place the switch vs the modem/router.

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hello everyone i have about 20 computer in one room. all windows 7, i want to setup some kind of network. i have one pc also with win7 and sheared one of the partitions on the PC for everyone to see... whats the best way or any ways to shear file between all computers....

Answer:Small office network setup

Welcome to Seven Forums,

I'm assuming that there's no Windows Server (eg... Windows Server 2008/2012/SBS) in your network? What are the versions (Home, Pro or Ultimate) of these Windows 7 computers?

Will you be connecting all computers to the Internet as well? Do you have network switches? Is the setup going to be wired/wireless?

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Hello friends, my first topic here and i am glad that this is the best place where i got in,,
ok i have a small offic that has 5 computer runing with internet by bt bussiness broadband, ihave 4 ports on braodbands that are connected to my computer,, now what i want to do is,, to setup network all 4 computers to my own main/server computer,, so i can look over the files and network on other computers,,,,,,the question is how to do this,/????

your reply will be greatly appreiciated,,,,


Answer:Solved: Setup my Small office Network

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Hi All, I am very new to networking and have been searching for hours hopefully to find a solution.

I was particularly interested on aniketchitale's post #4 (

I presently have a fiber internet connection to my office with about 40 wireless users on a single AP. The connection keeps dropping. Probably due to too many users on a single AP?

1. My question is similar to aniketchitale's, can get another wireless router, create a different SSID (eg. router1 and router2), but both wireless routers still connected to the same fiber connection. In other words, I would like to segregate the first 20 users to router 1 and the next 20 users to router 2.

2. By having 2 wireless routers each with their unique SSID, will all the users still be able to access to the same printer in the office?

I would really appreciate if somebody can help me.

Thanks in advance.


Answer:Office wireless network setup - 50 users

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Hello everyone, I'm new here. Just to introduce myself, I'm an I.T apprentice trying to get into networking. What I'm trying to do/learn, for personal use, is set up a home server, for three Windows 7 64bit Home/Professional computers to connect to, save files to/from, and of course get their internet connection from.

Before I go any further, I've already got a crappy PC ready to be formatted, a copy of Windows Server 2008 32bit, and some cables.

My current setup is as follows:

Telephone line > modem router > all three computers connected via wireless to the router, then a printer connected via wireless to all three PCs. What I'd prefer to do, if possible (and if correct, as I might be wrong) is set it up as follows:

Telephone line > modem router > server > all three computers connected via wireless to the server, with a networked printer setup.

Firstly, will this work? Secondly, what else will I need to do on the server, and the three other PC's to get them all working together with the printer? Do I need to run a wizard on all the other PCs?

I understand this is a lot to take in, and a bespoke step-by-step guide from someone would be most appreciated.

I'll be very pleased if anyone could do this for me.

Thanks, and Happy Friday


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Hi all -
I am looking for opinons on a new network server setup for my small office.

The office I work at is small and we are going to have a server put in. I want to know what you think the cost range should be for the work to be done from an outside source. I would do it myself but am too swamped with work, plus it isn't really my forte anyways!

We have a lan with 5 computers, 2 printers, T3, router and switch. We are going to have them put in a network server with MSFT small business, for e-mail exchange server and 2 hard drives in raid (that backup simultaneously).

My question is, what do you think the smartest way for me to have them do this is? And of course what would you charge or do you think it should cost?

We need them to transfer folders from 3 of the computers to new server. And set that up for us to be able to access it from the new server. I have also kind of picked out the server from Dell. I have already asked them to work up a quote.

Here are my thoughts, do I:
1. Buy the server (say a Dell, with Dual Proc... gig memory, etc...) and let them work with it.
2. Let them buy the server?
3. Buy all the software and hardware myself so I don't get ripped off.

Please feel free to add in anything or suggest anything!

Hope some of this makes sense. Networking is a little newer to me than most things.

Thanks for your time and input I appreciate it!


Answer:Network Server Setup. Need your thoughts.

3. Buy all the software and hardware myself so I don't get ripped off.Click to expand...

Wise choice here.

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I have tried to read and understand the instructions for setting up MS ICS on, checked out , but to be honest i am still confused as buggery as to how to get it happening. currently i have my modem into a router which connects the net, then shares to a winxp and win98se comp. i am setting up a spare win98se comp as network server for a bit of fun, i just picked up two intel network cards for $10AUS which is pretty good. anyhow, i installed them (lots of fun). and then i installed MS ICS. but i cant figure out how to get the machines to access the net. i think the problem i have is that i dont understand the whole TC/IP thing. i was looking through but i dont know what ip addresses i have, what DNS is, what gateway masks or what ever is . sorry to be a pain and ask but everything i read just confuses me more. it isnt a huge problem but id like to learn for future reference and also as this is a bit of a project i have set myself to advance my hardware and network skills. thanx

Answer:win98se network server setup

There is nothing on my site for setting up ICS. Perhaps that is where part of the confusion is coming from. Also, If you have a cable or DSL modem and a router, you don't need to use ICS at all.

Normally routers will assign IP addresses automatically. It is mentioned on my site that if this is the case then "select Obtain an IP Address Automatically". You don't need to manually enter in IP address information.

Also "Make sure that the Workgroup name is the same for all computers."

What else was confusing.

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Hi, i hope someone can point me in the right direction!We work from home. the office is in some out buildings but i have the house linked from the office with a Cat5e cable, allowing me to place a wireless router in the house to give me and the family internet access.In the office i have both wireless and wired internet points.I have a PC running windows XP which is being used as a file sharing (server) it also has a number of external hard drives with music and video content on as well as specific drives for work related things.My question is - i would like to keep the wireless network available to anyone who visits ie giving them the WEP key, but i want to hide the files on the server so they can not see them or access them.the hard drives with Music and Video should remain avaialble to family memebrs and devices such as Apple TV.Oh yes and we have a mixture of PC's and Mac's running as well.I am sure this is a software issue, i have thought about password protecting each folder on the server but then i assume each time i wish to access the folder or files within it i will have to enter the password, this is a bit of a pain if so.helpthanks

Answer:Home/Office Network Security Whats the best setup

How is the office files sharing set up on the server? One main folder with sub folders or each folder is stored separateIf just one main folder with sub folders all you would have to do is password protect the main folder If folder for each client are stored separate than you should create a main folder and put all the office files into that folder you can than password protect the main office folder The same would apply for any other data folder that you want to be protect

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Hello everyone,
I've been tasked with setting up a network in a Doctor's office. I have thought about client-server setups as well as p2p. Being it's only going to be 5 or so computers I figured p2p would be the best option. Does anyone with experience in this have guidelines or recommendations I should follow in order to follow HIPPA standards as far as physical security etc goes?
Next, I already built some basic desktops that are more than suitable for the business. Any recommendations on OS's (They are currently loaded with XP Professional. My main concern is the server for electronic health records. That's the key in security here and I want to make sure it's done correctly. I have already have a SonicWALL sitting around for wireless N. This is my first true network setup and I'd like to make the transition as smooth as possible for myself and the business. Thanks for any help in advance.

Answer:p2p Network Setup in small business(Doctor's office)


You really need to tread lightly with this and not think this is something you can just learn on the fly. There are serious legal consequences which can hold the Doctor, his practice, and you personally liable if the guidelines under HIPAA are not followed to the letter. You need to find someone with experience in dealing with setting up IT systems under HIPAA guidelines. I personally wouldn't tackle this job myself if I didn't have anyone guiding me through what needs to be done. And this is with past experience setting up and working with classifed government networks.

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I am setting up a new Dell server that runs Server 2008 R2 and it has 2 network ports. What is the recommended way to setup those network ports. I have seen it setup where each network port has its own IP address on a different network. One port will have a 10.0.0.? address and is cabled directly to the internet router and then the other port will have an address of 192.168.1.? and is then cabled to the network switch with all the internal PC's. I have also seen it where 1 port is disabled and the other will have an address of 192.168.1.? and is connected into the switch with the PC's and the router. What is the preferred way to do this?? The server is on a small network with about 15 PC's and the server will be running DHCP and DNS. Is there a performance or security advantage to setting it up either way? Also we have a decent Sonicwall router connecting us to the internet. Any help or advice is appreciated.


Answer:Best practice for network setup on new Server 2008 R2

The dual NIC setup with 2 networks is generally set up if you are running an ISA server as well to port forward and manage internet traffic. If you already have a firewall just set it up with one port for LAN traffic. You can also use a second port as a fail over NIC or you can team them to combine the bandwidth with the NIC management software.

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Currently, I have my two computers networked at home behing a gateway router.

I am playing on making one of the two a server. Here are the questions:

1. Will I have to remove the router from the setup since I will be using one as a server.

2. Should I get a static IP address?

3. Should I get a faster connection other than my current ADSL?

4. What would be the hook up configuration so that my other computer would still be able to access the internet.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Server over an existing network setup questions.

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Hello everyone
I am hoping to get some good input from the pro's here, like i always seem to get!

I am looking for some ideas and some suggestions

I need to build a server for an office that will be running between 10-15 computers.
at least 7 of the computers will be using, and sharing data from the server for a medical program. the server will have all of the data files and each client has access to read/write.
the new server would be replacing the old one that is there now. a vpn is setup and some other stuff, some guy set it up originally that didnt know quite what he was doing.
the server is an old dell and they want to get a new one and a nice daily backup system. it is currently a tape drive.

there are about 4-5 printers in the office that are hooked up to the switch in the server room
i want to build a new server, and have all of the printers directly connected to the server, and shared that way. the printers range from a large minolta color copy machine to basic HP deskjets

what do you guys think?
the client computers are used by the ladies that run the office. they use the medical program to pull patient files and update them, etc. one of the computers is used for billing and printing employee timecards, and the others use the internet and email.

any suggestions on what operating system the server should run?
thanks in advance, i look forward to your input!


Answer:Need help choosing a new server and network setup for a business

Sounds like Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 R2 is a good fit. Dunno if they need SQL, if so, SBS Premium edition.
Get a dual CPU, 4 gigs of RAM, hard drive space yet to be determined, Dell RD1000 removable SATA cartridges for backup using SBS built in backup. Antivirus for Small Biz Server which would be a managed network package with Exchange component. APC smart ups 1500 or so. New switch with a giga port for the server.

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Hi Guys,
I'm trying to set up network using windows 2003 server.I don't have enough knowledge of networking except that I have a few computers at home that are on a network.So I'm trying to do the same thing for a friend's little business.The problem is that he bought a server with Windows 2003 server that I have never used before.I have been able to put all the computers on the network.I can access the server from any computer by logging in as Administrator. I believe that I need to make users on the server so that users can connect to the Server using their own password but I don't know how to do that .

Can someone please tell how to do that.Or give me a link for a basic tutorial for windows 2003 server that explains how to create user accounts on the network.

Thanks very much!!

Answer:Setup Network Users in Windows 2003 Server

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I look at a lot of these threads and it seems like a lot of people have 'switches.' What is the point of a switch if your wireless router has 4 ports and that's all you need? Any benefits?

Answer:Help a noob setup a home network/media server

Foz2001 said:

I look at a lot of these threads and it seems like a lot of people have 'switches.' What is the point of a switch if your wireless router has 4 ports and that's all you need? Any benefits?Click to expand...

GbE comes to mind, as doing large transfers between machines would be noticeably better versus wireless or the 10/100 ports on the router.

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Hi Guys,

I'm new on the board and I've joined becase I could do with a hand.
Basically our work's tech guy has left to join the army (long story) and before he left he setup out 2000 Windows AS for me which was cool.

We are now opening another office and I need to replicate the same setup again. I'm ok when it comes to the hardware side of it... switches, routers etc.... But my problem is when I have to configure the Server setup.

Can you recommend any good sources on the internet that can talk me through it step by step... like I'm a 2 yeard old. But preferably not step by step and theres about 2351 steps in all.

Your words of wisdom would be a great help !

Cheers guys !

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Im going to build a server for an office I'm moving into wtihin the next couple of weeks.

The "server" - or so im calling it, will be used as a whore for file sharing/storage, and the tape drive will be on this box as well. But im not hosting anything off of it such as domains, its just simply a computer on the network that will be used for backup and sharing...

My question begins with, Is there ANY reason why i should be purchasing server grade hardware and components for this build, as well as Xp pro instead of Server 2003? And for the Tape drive (backup) to work, does it need to be more of a "server" rather than a p2p type of network?

-BTW networking has been something im trying to get my hands dirty with more and more in small office networks over the past 6 months, so be kind if you would!

Answer:Network Server for small office Q's...

justaddboost said:

The "server" - or so im calling it, will be used as a whore for file sharing/storage, and the tape drive will be on this box as well. But im not hosting anything off of it such as domains, its just simply a computer on the network that will be used for backup and sharing...

My question begins with, Is there ANY reason why i should be purchasing server grade hardware and components for this build, as well as Xp pro instead of Server 2003? And for the Tape drive (backup) to work, does it need to be more of a "server" rather than a p2p type of network?Click to expand...

Server grade hardware will give you redundancy and longer equipment life (normally). Depending on how important your uptime is and if your backups work and are trusted. Tape backups are known to fail without notice till it is too late. P2P or a domain is up to you. If you don't have that many workstations P2P is easier but if you have many then a domain comes into play.

With a File/Print/Backup Server I would look at Hardware Raid, Redundant power supplies at the least.

IMO, as for a File/Print/Backup Server I would look at Samba for file and print sharing, BackupPC for PC backups. I also Rsync my servers at night to off site locations.

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I need to setup home the moment i have one desktop at requirement is that if i buy another system with minimum requirement and set it as client and my machine as server to surf the internet and use other applications, then from where should i start.
what is minimum hardware required?i have linux and xp both installed on my machine.
hope i defined the problem clearly. i am willing to provide more information.

please help. thanx

Answer:Home Network Setup for internet surfing and client/server

You need a router, not a server.

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Hey everyone--going to say thanks for even reading this (let alone for any suggestions) before I start.

I work from home with a buddy. It's a two story building with a "warehouse" out in a secured garage outside. The computers look like this:

Two main computers that we use in the office
One computer in the garage (w/ a wireless card, as running wires would be a pain)
One computer in the basement (w/ a wireless card, as running wires would be a pain)
Two laptops (not necessary, but we use in the house)

I'd like for all of these computers to be on a network that saves everything on a server (the computer garage could be the server if needbe, or we can have the server somewhere in the house). I'm upgrading all computers in the next month, so they should all have the necessary software for us (one new laptop and two new PCs).

I want to be able to log into any of these computers in either my name or my coworkers name (and be able to change anything on one, then log into the other and access the know, like a network should be)

I'd also like the computer in the garage to be wireless (we can have a laptop out there, that would be fine).

My questions:

What's the best server to set up (HP, Dell...going to use a newer server that uses SAS 2.5" drives, and we don't need much storage (I think a couple 73gb drives would be more than fine for now)

What software should be used? I'm assuming win 7/8... Read more

Answer:Home Network Server Setup (please help--hardware/software questions!!)

Do you need email or anything like that or just file storage? It its just storage, I'd stick with a mid-grade Synology or QNAP NAS. Get a couple NSAS drives or enterprise SATA drives and call her good. I'd personally go Synology over QNAP. You can then backup to USB HDDs or an online service like Crashplan.

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I want to create a standalone server for my small office, there are 10 workstations all connected at from one internet access point through routers and hubs. We currently have all business data on one workstation which everyone accesses through a network folder and printing is handled the same way. Of course this taxes the resources on the particular machine.

Ideally we want to have a standalone machine to handle the office data and printing needs. It would also need some kind of log in prompt as well. Any suggestions for software to use on the standalone machine? Would it be a good idea to have this machine also control the Internet Access Point? And what kind of setup, any switches or routers should I add or configure to the setup? Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks!

Answer:Advice creating an office network/server

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I'm looking for a little help if someone would be so kind, because I'm a bit out of my normal depth with this.

I'm putting together a small home network (well, I guess large compared to some!), where I have three desktops connected to my router by wireless. I also have a CentOS/Apache/ISPConfig server box, and a WinServer2k8/IIS server box. My intention is to connect both of these servers to the router in such a way that each has it's own 'real' IP. Registered domain names would then be pointed at either the IP of the Apache server or the IIS server, and so the router would deliver the traffic to the appropriate box according to which IP the domain is pointed at.

To those ends, I've purchased a block of IP addresses from my ISP. Having just called them, I've been instructed that the IP block I've bought are my internal IP addresses, and that once I've set them up on the router in this way, they should work.

I've never actually done this before, and my networking experience doesn't really stretch past the very basics of home networking, and so I have very little idea of what kind of options I need to use to set this up on the router - there are things in there that are more advanced than I understand. Could anybody please point me in the right direction?

Answer:One router, multipe real IPs, multiple server boxes - setup network?

Regular SOHO routers such as a linksys will not let you manage multiple static IP's. You will need an enterprise class VPN/firewall/router such as a Sonicwall to do that. I assume you want one IP for your web server, one for FTP and so on.. all pointing to different servers/nics. I would suggest a Sonicwall Pro 2040 or Pro 3060. I've seen both on ebay (used) for a reasonable price (around $300). Keep in mind these boxes go for about $1500 to $2000 and up (retail). There are other products from other vendors such as Cisco which will be significantly more. You will need a router in bridge mode (or a bridge) between your WAN connection and the Sonicwall. A regular linksys may suffice for this. There may be other solutions to this but this is one.

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Well, we're well aware that it's time to rework our network.
I do web development from a home office, and share the Wireless network (and internet connection) with hubby (who is a bit of a security hole.)
So, I think I need an NAT router between him and the rest of the network, as someone kindly suggested elsewhere.
Hubby will run some form of Windows (currently insisting on 2000) Otherwise, I have my laptop, on which I do most of my work. I'll probably stick with XPPro on it as well.
My other machine currenty runs Apache, PHP, MySQL etc for web develpoment purposes.
The thing is, things are just awkward. I think I need to set this up to be a server for the inner (private) network. I'd like it to run on a Linux platform (so I can configure my development environment to more closely resemble my web server).
I am a Linux newb and know nothing about networking.
I was thinking about running Ubuntu server, but am not certain how it will perform on my 32bit AMD.
I am also not entirely sure how to set up my files, file sharing, print sharing?, etc.. I am concerned about workflow as well as about security.
I don't want to spend a schwack of money on hardware, but expect to buy a second router, and can probably throw together another franken-box if it would help somehow (don't see how it would, but now you know.)
Would someone talk me through this? Any resources you can point me to?
I am eager to learn this stuff, but also think I've procrastinate... Read more

Answer:Planning my network, development server for home office

You want to share the broadband internet but want to isolate your spouse for (your) security? If I read you correctly, see JohnWill's post #3 in You don't necessarily want to leave the spouse's wireless unencrypted, but the rest of the problem/solution seems to fit.

You really need a server; not just file sharing among your several machines?

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I am first time around here seeking help.
We are in a small office and are currently using one Desktop computer as a File server by sharing a folder using the existing WiFi from Internet router. This was done by connecting one LAN cable from the Router to the Desktop and the remaining computers connect to the router through WiFi. This way, each user could browse the internet while also having access to shared files from the central Desktop.
We are in the process of shifting to a new office where some users are seated far away, also the maximum connections possible in the router through WiFi is 16. So, we have laid LAN cables and got 2 Low cost network switches (unmanaged...TP Link 1024D). At the moment we are not planning to purchase a Server, but continue to use the same desktop. Instead of continuing to use WiFi, it is planned to make use of the new LAN cables and Switches.
The problem is if I connect the File sharing Desktop on Port number 1 in the Switch, I will not be able to use internet in the computers connected through LAN cable (and vice versa). I need to use Internet as well as shared files from the Central Desktop.
Thanks in advance.

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I am getting the following error when I try to reinstall a custom setup office XP install on a windows 2000 machine.

"OFFXP: Setup Detects Office XP Running When You Attempt to Install Office XP"

I had the uninstall the office xp on this machine through add/remove programs because it was crashing alot. The custom install works fine on all other windows 2000 and xp machines.

I found the following error in MS knowledgebase
article 292497 (I can't post the link because I'm a new member)

It says to to hit ignore. If I hit ignore it does install but it doesn't install with the correct options for the custom install. (I have it set to not install outlook and it installs outlook, etc.) Obviously its not following the custom install.

Any ideas? I believe something is left on the pc from office when it was installed. I even ran the Removal Wizard on the Office XP Resource kit. It is supposed to remove everything left from previous versions. However, it must be missing something because I am still getting that error when I try to reinstall Office XP that is described above.


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Reinstalled all Sony Pre-Loaded software,
which did NOT include any Prior version of MS Office. (Other than a Trial
Version of Office 2003 which I never used or installed. It's still in my
computer) Have no idea what version it is. Simply doesn't say because it's never been installed. It's sitting in the same start menu as all of the other MS Office 2007 Programs.
In another message forum I was told to delete it. However, Office 2007 Pro worked fine for 2 days with the Trial program still sitting in the Start folder.

I managed to install MS Office Professional 2007 and it's worked
for 2 days without a hitch. Today, I get the error message when I try to use
Outlook "Cannot start MS Office Outlook. Cannot initialize MS Office Shared
Utilities. Restart your computer Or reinstall MS Office Outlook." No Luck!!
Also, when I try to start up MS Word, the message says "Not enought memory
to load Word." (I have 2 Gig of Ram and a 320 Gig hard Drive???)

When I insert the Office Pro 2007 disk to Reinstall, the message is: "The
path you have chosen does not point at a qualifying upgradable product.
Click Try again or Cancel to quit setup."

I also don't have ANY previous versions of any Office Suite program to use.
I had Office 2003 Pro installed but that was deleted when I purchased Office 2007 Pro. I do have the disks for Office
2007 Pro.

For the record, I am an American living in Cali, Columbia. It... Read more

Answer:Reformatted My Hard Drive And Cannot Reinstall MS Office Pro 2007 in Office Setup

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I have an old Win XP machine with Office 2007 that I am replacing with a shiny new Win 10 machine. I have purchased Office 365 Home Subscription. I will need to keep both machines running for at least a few months because of one software application that I cannot port to the Win 10 machine. I also have an iPhone and an iPad.
I have several email accounts not all with the same host. Most are with GoDaddy. I have two that were for two different businesses I ran and a couple for personal use.
I need help configuring the email so that I can get messages on all of these devices (old Win XP machine, new Win 10 machine, iPad, & iPhone).
I have several questions:
Can the old and new machines share email messages if one is running Office 2007 and the other Office 365? Or do I have to upgrade the old machine to Office 365?
The old machine is currently set up as POP3. Is that going to be a problem?
Is there a way that I can "ignore" emails that I see on one mobile device and have it also not show up on any other mobile devices, but not be deleted and still show up on the PC?
If I set up an email folder structure, will that structure be mirrored on the server and also on all of the other devices? If I move an email from one folder to another or move an entire folder, will that be propagated to the server and all devices?
Are any of the books out there any good at helping me sort all this out? If so, which ones?
Thanks for any tips or pointers...

Answer:Email setup when converting from Office 2007 & Win XP to Office 365 & Win 10

Can the old and new machines share email messages if one is running Office 2007 and the other Office 365? Or do I have to upgrade the old machine to Office 365?
          Yes, but this is more dependent on the protocol you use to access the messages than the versions of Office.
The old machine is currently set up as POP3. Is that going to be a problem?
          Most likely yes.  Post Office Protocol (POP) is "first generation" protocol for dealing with e-mail before the age when someone was likely to be trying to juggle the same e-mail messages on multiple devices.   It is a client side arrangement, which means your e-mail messages (in most default configurations) are downloaded to the device you're reading them on and as soon as that's done, or at some set time afterward, they are deleted from the server and are no longer available for additional download to other devices.
          If you expect to be wanting to juggle the same messages across multiple devices you should convert to the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP).  IMAP is a server side protocol, where all messages, and the folders that you set up, and the filters you create to sort them into those folders, are all created and stored on the e-mail server.  The devices that access your mail all connect to the server and get the folder setup and the message headers (usually) until you ... Read more

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Why we should setup a self-owned DNS server and Proxy server for enterprise environment, rather than using an external free service.

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Hey Guy's I am just about to finish up my Home Server Build, and had some Questions. I was wondering what you guy's would recommend for a Home Server / Backup Server OS. I would like to try to go with Linux. I have used Linux before several of the different versions mostly Ubuntu, I have done the No GUI OS's but I think I would like to have a GUI here.

2. I would like to make this accessible from anywhere if possible, Using Wake on Lan, and then some type of connection. The Connection I should use is really what I am unsure about. Will having a connection like this pose a Severe Security threat? What is the best way to Go about this? Does having an OS with a GUI make the OS less secure?


Answer:OS For A Home Server, and How to Setup a Safe Acess Anywhere Connection to a Server

Windows Home Server. Supports Wake on LAN, Remote connection, Media Streaming (local and internet), backups.

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i have 2 dns servers running server 2003
they are both connected to the same switch (they sit right next to each other)
they are both setup vertually identical (identical hardware)

one of the servers surfs the internet fine - the other is ALOT slower at surfing & disconnects from workstations sometimes.
someone mentioned in my last post about dns looping. i want to make sure i have not messed up my dns nic settings.

what i have done:
installed latest nic drivers
checked my cisco switch for errors on the port. (zero errors)
made sure the port and the nic were both set to auto detect (they are)
they are both running at 100/full

BTW - all my workstations have the "dns client" service disabled

this is what i have
server 1
p dns:
s dns:

server 2
p dns:
s dns:

is the above settings causing dns looping ? or could it be causing some of my problems ?

Answer:server 2003 - dns server - nic properties setup HELP needed

How exactly do these servers get to the internet?
What is the Gateway set to?
Is one of these the DCHP server?
Which is the primary DNS server? Are they replicated correctly?
What OS are these running? (2003 SP1 or R2)
Why have you disabled DNS client on the workstations?

Much of this will be needed to determin the problem.

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Hi all
can you tell me if it is possible or not to use Office web App server 2013 alone without going through SharePoint, Lync, or exchange 2013?
Let me explain:
in a society where there is an infrastructure SharePoint, Lync and exchange 2013 with office web app server 2013, is a user that does not have office on his Computer, can open office (word excel..) document, bypassing SharePoint, Lync and exchange?
If it is possible thanks to guide me on how I can find nothing on the net...

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Hi Guys & Gals,

I've been trying to get my Home XP(SP2) desktop talking to my XP(SP2) Laptop, using tips gleemed from the threads in this forum.

My desktop does not require a sign-on.
My laptop is from work and requires sign-on to the work Domain.
I have put my Desktop into a workgroup of the same name as the laptop domain.
I have enabled file & print sharing, and added the laptop into my trusted Norton security zone on the Desktop.
I have shared folders on both machines.

I can see the Workgroup from my Laptop but not the desktop within it.
I can see the Domain from my Desktop but it times out if I try to drill further.
I cannot see my shared printer (connected to the desktop) from the laptop.
I can map from my laptop to desktop (shared folder), but not vice versa.

The only thing I haven't tried is to run the Network setup wizard on either the desktop or laptop.

Here's my question: if I run that wizard on my laptop, will it destroy my work network settings?

OR any other ideas what I should try to get each machine to see each other?


Answer:Solved: Running Network Setup Wizard - affect on existing setup?

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The Microsoft Office XP Resource Kit for BizTalk Server demonstrates how a supplier can use simple Microsoft Excel 2002 spreadsheets to create purchase orders and send them to a back-end BizTalk Server. It also illustrates a highly scalable back-end BizTalk Server installation using process orchestration and feed by asynchronous XML Web services and correlation.
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP

Microsoft Windows 2000 Server SP2
Microsoft Internet Information Services
Microsoft Message Queuing
Microsoft Office XP
Microsoft Visio 2000 SR1
Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 SP3
Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 SP5
SOAP Toolkit 2.0 SP2
Microsoft BizTalk Server 2000 SP1

See the readme.htm file in the download for additional system requirements.



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I am asking because I think this solution would be better than using the

sidewinders vpn solution that the firewall is provides?


Answer:Anyone setup ISA 2004 server as a dedicated vpn server in the dmz?

Yes and it's one of the best firewall products I've ever used.

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I would consider myself a moderately skilled computer user. However one of my weaknesses has been understanding networking and FTP servers, and the articles on how to get them setup are very poor on the "what do I do now" or "off the track" kinds of issues. So I am sheepishly seeking some advice.

I now have a need to run a FTP server on my home network. I have a DSL connection that I run through a DSL modem provided by my ISP and from there it goes into a Linksys wireless router and then it is wired right into my Dell XPS.

Enter stage right with a freshly D/L'ed copy of Filezilla Client and FZ Server. Then I shut down my firewall to get it to run and then figure out how to get through the firewall later.

I fire it up and try to connect to the default and it fails to do anything else. I tried to by pass my router and connect directly but failed to get the FZ server to do anything but fail to connect. All of the guides I have read do not offer advice on what to check if such and such step fails and so I am stuck. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Answer:FTP Server setup issues with Filezilla Server

OK, I took two screenshots of what I am experiencing. I changed the server address to "localhost" and still no love. Please anybody, any ideas?

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Hi all ,

This is my first post on this website , i hop i can find some one to help me .
The problem is i installed windows 2003 server on my computer and i don't know how can setup ftp server and web server on it ? i create the domain but i faild to do the rest . I have MCSE 2000 but i feel i don't take anything , I am looking for any help like pdf file or book can i buy .
also the ask me for dns server on my home page , is it the dns ip address comes with my ip static address or not ?

Thanks for help !!!


Control panel. add/remove programs, on the left add/remove windows components, application server, iis. Click on details of iis for ftp.

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Hello all, I am currently working on a project and I am in need of a way to run applications off of a central server from an XP client. The applications that need to be run are from the Microsoft Office package. This is for a school project, if more information is needed I can try to provide it, thanks for the help.

Answer:How to set up an Application Server to run office from a central server?

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Hi,When I run the network setup wizard on my XP Home PC in order to start the network for the XP Pro PC in the other room, I get the message that the wizard was unable to complete the operation. It then says to run it again or setup manually.What could be causing this?Thanks a mill.Tj_El

Answer:Help! Network Setup Wiz unable to complete setup

A repair of Windows XP resolves this.

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Setting up a small office network & home network

Hello fellow hard forum members,
Im a newbie and have little experience in setting up a small office and home network. I have searched many threads and tried many possible ways to setup a network, yet I cant seem to get it working correctly. This may seem like a stupid question but can someone please help!

Here is what I am trying to do: Office Network
Setup a small office network of a total of 3 computers.
*(Computer A) main computer that is hooked up to a printer and has internet connection.
*(Computer B) another computer that will share the printer, documents and internet connection of computer A.
*(Laptop) will share internet connection, printer and documents from computer A.
(This laptop will be also used at home on my home network as well) Is this possible? Can my laptop be a part of an office network and when I take it home at night, can it also link to my home network?

Here is the setup:
**All computers already have a working network card; this will be a WIRED network here at the office.

Computer A Windows 2000 Server OS
Computer B Windows 2000 Server OS
Laptop Windows XP Pro OS

Router: Linksys BEFSR41 V.2
DSL Modem: Speedstream 5100 Service by SBC
All Ethernet wires are currently hooked up to router

Here is where I am at so far:
**Computer A currently has internet connection and is sharing the printer and documents
**Computer B currently is sharing the internet connec... Read more

Answer:Calling all NETWORK EXPERTS!!! Setting up a small office network & home network

2x computers..both running Windows 2000 Server? And they're being used like desktop computers? That's pretty expensive.

Is one of them running active directory, and the other a member server?

Guide to help with TCP setup on a domain behind a broadband router

Yes a laptop can be a member of the domain, and be taken off the network...and still do a domain login..NT can cache the login credentials locally.

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Question: Office XP Setup

Newbie, i know

right, im trying to install Office Xp on Windows XP.
it gets so far then it tells me Error 1305, Cannot copy file MSWDS_EN.LEX or something like that.

Went to the Microsoft Knowledge base,
it basically told me It was a CD-Rom problem... something to to with cache...???
i have tried the cd in both my CD drives with the same result..

Its a copied version of Office.

any ideas

Answer:Office XP Setup

You should purchase a legitimate copy.

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Hi there,In our Church we are about to set up a new Office with two persons (females) working in it. We are about to buy two new computers which will have new approved Church software on them. This software is for Parish Records (Deaths and marriages, Church finance etc) and the Software Company that has written this has specfied Windows XP Professional. As a member of the Select Vestry, I have been tasked with kitting this office out with its requirements.Now, here is my problem, what is the cheapest way to kit these two Computers with the latest Microsoft Office Aplication (I don't know if that is Microsoft Office XP or 2005? .......they need to have Word, Excell, Powerpoint)Can we buy one edition of Office and put it on the two computers or do we buy one edition and get a licence for the other? What is the cheapest way to kit out these two computers ( remembering that this is a church office and we would want to do the honest and right way...... NOT dodgy.......LOL) Any suggestions on were we could get the best deals?We haven't bought the Computers yet but is there any mileage in trying to get a deal when purchasing getting the complete package? At the moment, we are looking at Dell for the computers.Your help and suggestions in this matter would be greatly appreciated.ThanksHarry

Answer:New Office Setup - Can Anyone Help?

Unfortunately you will need to buy a copy of Office for both PCs. 2 PCs is too small a group to apply for any discounts.The question you need to ask is "Do I actually need Microsoft Office?" there are plenty of cheaper alternatives, for instance Open Office is completely free but includes most of the funtionality of Microsoft Office, but doesn't include any technical support.Sun Star Office costs about 50, is more or less the same as Open Office, includes technical support, and you may be able to install it on several PCs.Check with your software company to see if Microsoft Office is necessary.Hope this helpsAlan

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Hey guys heres what I have and what has to be setup:

600mhz, 256mb ram, 20gb for Windows/Programs and 80 GBs in Raid 1 (SERVER)
2 Laptops
4 Desktops

I connect through Verizon Wireless (The new stuff, due to no dsl and no cable and satellite sucks)

The way the diagram will be

Internet -> Server -> 1 Laptop/Desktop Hardwired - the rest wireless

I wanna know the best equipment to do a proper setup that wont crash.. I am currentyl just using a Wireless Router hooked up to the server and it works but crashs daily...

Almost whats the best software to configure all of this stuff? Or just use Windows stuff?

Answer:best way to setup this office

It's not a real big network, so I'm sure that a consumer router would be fine.

Perhaps the Linksys WRT54G?
It's proven stable to me with stock firmware and so far is one of the best routers I've used.


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Question: Office XP Setup

Newbie, i know

right, im trying to install Office Xp on Windows XP.
it gets so far then it tells me Error 1305, Cannot copy file MSWDS_EN.LEX or something like that.

Went to the Microsoft Knowledge base,
it basically told me It was a CD-Rom problem... something to to with cache...???
i have tried the cd in both my CD drives with the same result..

Its a copied version of Office.

any ideas

Answer:Office XP Setup

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Question: Office fax setup

I am having an issue installing fax service for an office. Fax was already working with an old fax machine and two old gateways running brvp phone tools software. I just upgraded to two brand new dell xps410 and pulled the modems from the old machines. The modems were found, installed and working properly. I installed windows fax console from control panel, added the fax in the printer wizard and set the fax to send and receive. I am sometimes able to send faxes but can not receive fax or save to folder. Also when I send a fax, a copy of the document gets sent to the actual fax machine. When I disconnect the actual fax machine and get the computer fax to answer the call, I get a fatal error as soon as the transmission starts.
Would some help me on this, an fix ideas or some free software i can download?

Thank you


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Question: New Office setup

First off, I'm new to these forums. This looks like a nice friendly environment where I can recieve good computer assistance. Anyway, my office computer finally crapped out on me after 5 years, and I need a new one ASAP. Here is what I've been thinking about purchasing, I just want to make sure I'm not making any mistakes. Just let me know if all this hardware is compatible and is reliable. This computer needs to be very reliable. No gaming will be done on this computer.









So if anyone can provide me with any advice on the hardware I have selected, it will be greatly appretiated. I will check these forums constantly throughout the day. Thanks everyone!

Answer:New Office setup

Don't get the motherboard, MSI or dfi are the way to go there are other good makes as well, but you want the big names like MSI, DFI or Abit.
You have chosen the most reliable make harddrvie, you might want to go for sata though, maybe even get anouther and put it in RAID1 (extra reliability)

I can't see a psu.... For reliabilty and safety as well, get Antec, Thermaletake or ocz.

It is all compatible though (apart from no psu, but that is a wrong link by the looks of it.)

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Hello Guys,

Is there a way via scipting to force a pc to refresh their local printer
settings from the print server ? We have enabled Duplexing as the default for
printing ( conserve that paper ! ) for our HP Laserjet printers on the
Print Server, but if a user goes on their local printer settings and unchecks
duplexing, it will not re-pull that device setting from the print server
unless you delete and then re-add the printer on the local machine. Is there
a way to have the printer settings pulled from the server without have to
delete and then readd the locally installed network printer ?

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We have a requirement to get the windows services from one of our remote server. We already have a group with admin rights on that machine and users added to it. But while fetching the services from that details we get below error.
We are using to fetch the services.
InvalidOperationException Was caught
Cannot open Service Control Manager on computer :"". This operation might require other privileges.

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Can anyone please explain how to backup my Windows Home Server onto a network Drive?

Answer:Windows Home Server 2011---Server Backups over Network

First you need to have a location where your backing up to. Do you have another server or network location (NAS?) that you are backing up to?

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This app has been very buggy lately esp on this Vista OS. Just did another repair disc on Vista for an installer problem, and decided previously to uninstall Office XP Pro.

After the Vista repair, my attempts through the Office CD to install have returned an erro 1321: Setup cannot modify the file
C:\Program Files\CommonFiles\MicrosoftShared\SmartTag\MSTAG.TLB. Verify the file exists and you have permission to upgrade.

I did locate the file where it was indicated, but not sure about an upgrade.

If I am stuck here, I do have an older Office 2000 CD, but is this compatible for Vista and Win 7.

Or maybe I should purchase at Ebay Office 2003, I'm not too keen on the ribbon for 2007 and later applications

Any advice is welcome.


Answer:Office XP Pro setup problem

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Hi, forum i have this problem: Ever since i installed the MS Office (few month ago), it won't let me open Word documents. (Some installer appears with storno button only. When i click storno, it lags. Then i have to kill it using task manager and when i try to open the document next time, it asks me if i want to open Word in safe mode, and in safe mode it works.)

So, i had just enough of this procedure and wanted to reinstall the office, but everytime i run the SETUP.EXE from the office DVD, it falls ("instance has stopped working - close program")

Does anyone know how to fix this?

PS: Recently, the office icons disappeared from the .ppt etc. files (it shows just some broken icon, but the office programs are still associated with it)
PS2: I had the same problem in Windows Vista.

Answer:MS Office setup.exe not responding

Now i noticed that also .pdf icon is missing.

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Relevance 44.69%

When starting a new install of a tax program on Win 2000 and Win XP workstations the splash screen displays with a message box partially hidden behind it. The hidden message shows on the task bar as "MS Office SR1 Setup, Disk 1".
Can not get the hidden window to come to the foreground.
If I end task then both programs terminate.
I have about ten customers who have encountered this.
They install the new app when logged in as administrator or user with admin privileges.

One user has found a work around of logging on as administrator or changing shortcut to start program as Administrator.

Has any one else experienced this or have a solution


Answer:MS Office SR1 Setup message box

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Question: Small Office Setup

Hi all,

I work in a small office where we have one PC desktop (windows7 Pro), one Mac, and one PC (windows7 Home Prem.). I would like to use the PC desktop as a server for sharing files with the Mac and Laptop. I have a lynksys router already setup for internet use and the PC desktop has a 1terabyte external hardrive (seagate) that stores all files via usb port. I think I have all that I need, but would appreciate any advice.


Answer:Small Office Setup

Using a NAS (Network Attached Storage) is better, but since you already have the external hard drive that will be OK if it meets your needs. Remember to backup frequently, as external hard drives also fail.

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Question: Office 2000 setup

Having had problems with my Office 2000 program I un-installed it and now I am trying to reload it but cannot. My windows system is Millenium edition. Office seems to load, then at the end after my computer restarts I get the Message "error 1911 Could not register OWSDSC.DLL type library" When I type ignore, (nothing happens when I press re-try) various other file names come up with a simmilar message. When I try to open Office I get the message "Not a valid win 32 prog". I have tried Ms help on line elp with no results. Can any one out there help.

Answer:Office 2000 setup

click here this will give you all the files for Office 2000, you can download any that are corrupt on your system.There is probably an easier way, but until someone else, comes along with the answer, you can have a try here.The file: OWSDSC.DLL, is down near the bottom of the page. good luck. J.

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Just got a new HP Probook 4720s with XP installed. When I try to install my Office 07 it accepts my Product Code but then gives me a setup error. What could be causing the problem? I can't get past that and I have a purchased 07 copy.
Any ideas?

Answer:Office 07 setup error

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Since I updated to 8.1 on my Lumina 920, I can't log in to office to do the setup it is asking for. I have a valid MS acct and can log in with my pc. Any ideas?

Answer:Why can't I setup Office on my Lumia 920 with WP 8.1?

Do you have any screenshots or any further description of any errors you're coming up against?

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I have been looking at purchasing office 2013. I noticed a lot of people that have both 32bit and 64bit on the same disk. Now is there anyway to seperate the two editions? Thank you.john

Answer:office 2013 x64/x32 setup dvd


I believe they come in 2 separate DVDs inside the box

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I am installing a DL of office 2010. but midway through the installation it asks 4 the setup.exe location.???????? what next.I found the folder but it didnt accept it????? where to get a working file 4 setup.exe 4 office pro 2010?

Answer:office setup.exe not found

Download it again. Didnt know you could so I am thinking its not a valid copy?

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The error is: "1904 Cannot register module.....MSADOR15.dll"

I've already been to the MS site and it is asking me to download the latest MDAC (2.71) which I cannot.

Any other suggestions?

Thanks All

Answer:Office XP Setup Error

Can you supply the entire error message?

Also are you able to complete the installation of office even though you have this message.

If you can install it there is a way to manually register the file but I will need to see the entire message first.

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After entering Email & password, it says 'We encountered a problem and couldn't complete this task'.

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I'm helping a Doctor set up a new office and need an IT expert can you suggest anyone if so please e mail me at

Mod edit: Removed email address.

Answer:Need IT to setup Dr. office northern IL.

I suggest that you remove your email address to avoid spam. As the thread starter you should automatically receive email notification of any posts.

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I want to setup a security system in an office.
Where do I start!?

I need:

- camera
- motion detection and recording software
- internet connection

Ideally, I would like to login via the internet (SECURELY!) and check everything is OK.

I also want motion detection software: so that when the security is set, it starts recording and send pictures to an email address immediately.

(Also, it's important that the camera can record in teh dark as bets as possible.)

Where do I start?

I'd like to do this DIY: as I'm intrigued to learn more about how it's all done!


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I have been trying to install microsoft office for windows XP

Error 25003. Microsoft office setup cannot continue because the installation source has been corrupted. PLZ HELP I NEED WORD FOR A GCSE ASSIGNMENT


Try installing it in safe mode. If that does not work, make a directory on your c:\ drive called office.src and copy the entire cd into that directory. Then install from that directory instead of the cd

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I downloaded MS office 365 x64 bit.
My comp is x64, but the current office i have is x32.
here is my problem..,

i want to keep the old one as well. But i cant install the new one due to this problem.
please help.

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Question: small office setup

I have three different laptops trying to access a server via a new Linksysy 802.11g wireless router. I set up a WPA encryption key.

Computer #1, a Sony VAIO with internal wi-fi, had no problems connecting through the new router to the server.
Computer #2, a Compaq utilizing a Linksys wireless card, doesn't see the server or identify the router. I think this needs a new driver so I'll download that tomorrow.
Computer #3, a Dell laptop with internal wi-fi, automatically recognized the wireless network but doesn't ever ask for the WPA key so it has never connected. For this computer, how do you make it ask for the encryption key? I feel like if I could just get it to do that it would work fine. Help?


Answer:small office setup

What Operating System and service pack leve are you on for each computer?

If you don't have an option for WPA in your Wireless network configuration you may need a new driver. If you are on Windows XP you need to be on SP1a with the WPA update or SP2.

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I'm trying (desperately) to set up my network on Windows 7, but have hit a bump in that it just cannot find my network.

I checked Device Manager to see if the card was found - it was with a troubleshoot exclamation point on it.

I removed the card, used the installation disc and am not able to get very far. After the install (after which nothing happens), I click on the Belkin Wireless Networking Utility icon on the desktop and it says "missing shortcut: searching for Belkinwcui.exe", after which I get a window saying "The item Belkinwcui.exe that this shortcut refers to has been changed of moved, so this shortcut will no longer work properly".

That exe file isn't anywhere in my computer, searching through Explorer. In fact, in the Belkin install folder (Program Files (x86) -> Belkin ->FSD8001v1...) there just looks like maybe a driver (AegisE5.dll) and an application (AegisI5) that doesn't run.

My next choice, I guess is to take my PC upstairs and line it into my modem/base station directly, but I'd rather not move it.

Am I missing something? Why won't this work? How come I can't install my Wireless Card?

Please help, if you can. Thanks.

Answer:Cannot Setup Wireless Network (Belkin N1 Network Card)

I'm experiencing an almost identical issue. I had the same problems with the installation disc. After multiple install / unistall / restarts I was able to get the client installed. However, when I click to open the .exe nothing happens.

On top of that, the system is not recognizing the card. I tried all 4 PCI slots with no success.

I installed this same card (same model, different physical card) on a pc running xp sp3 very easily. Since that was so easy I bought another card for my windows 7 machine.

However, I was lazy and didn't do any research. Before I came upon this forumn I found a couple of google links saying this card was incompatible with vista (therefore incompatible with w7?).

Any else out there get this card working?

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hello all,
I have turned on "sharing" to share my printer with my other desktop.
I have created a network on one of my XP machine's called 'Grandview'.
I did it using Network Setup Wizard, thinking I could use 'Grandview', instead of MSHOME as the default.
I wanted to then un-share the USB printer that is connected
to this machine, from MSHOME and share it only through the 'Grandview' network.
(I reasoned that hackers search for open sharing on MSHOME
and not other networks that a user has created like 'Grandview'... probably a dumb assumption.)
I couldn't make the USB printer a network printer because I don't have an the ethernet cable connection in the printer...

BTW.. I have two desktop machines connected to a WRT54GS 'wireless' rounter.
Both machines are running XP Pro.

Anyway, Now I want to delete the 'Grandview' network, because I haven't had any luck
unsharing MSHOME and I suspect that I won't, either.

What I need is some advice on how to delete the 'Grandview' network.
I cannot find any threads that discuss deleting a network created in Network Setup Wizard.
Would anyone have some suggestions and help?

Thank you
Rick (shobuz99)

Answer:I want to delete a network I created in Network Setup Wizard

A different workgroup offers no protection from hackers. If they are connected to the network and can see MSHOME, they can see any other network workgroup as well.

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I have a Win XP host (desktop) running a wireless home network using a router hub. I have successfully set up my laptop (Win XP) as a client, and am attempting to set up my older desktop (Win 98 SE) as a client. I created the Network Setup floppy disk from the Win XP host. When running this on the Win 98SE desktop, an error is received that it cannot locate network hardware.

I know the network hardware is installed properly as I am able to access the internet and e-mail from the Win 98Se desktop. I can successfully "ping" the Win XP desktop and the Win XP laptop from the Wn 98SE desktop. Also, I can see the directories I set up as "shared" on the Win 98SE desktop from both the Win XP desktop and laptop.

When I open the "Network Neighborhood" in Win 98SE, the only icon listed is the "Entire Network." Clicking on this results in an error window "Unable to browse the network. The network is not accessible. For more information, look in the Help Index at the topic 'Network Troubleshooter'" (which is no help, btw).

The crazy thing is, I had it working great (sharing files and the printer on the host) until I tried to set up a new printer. During the installation it crashed, and I can't "see" the host and the laptop from the Win 98SE desktop anymore. I uninstalled and reinstalled the Bellsouth home networking software thinking that would fix it, but it didn't.

The network hardware I am using is a Sa... Read more

Answer:Network setup wizard cannot locate network hardware

Is the Win98 machine directly connected to the router or is it a wireless connection? Could a firewall be the problem? Are all computers a member of the same workgroup?

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Hi all,

I'm looking to build a machine to serve multiple purposes for the best price. I have two main goals: file server and VM server (running VMware workstation). The file server is only going to be used for backup purposes. For the VM part I'm considering running pfsense, web server, and maybe a few other things, probably at most 3-4 virtual machines.

This is what I'm currently looking at getting:
1x Western Digital Caviar Blue WD1600AAJS 160GB
2x Western Digital Caviar Green WD10EARS 1TB (I have a 3rd one in my NAS server I'm getting red of)
3x Intel PWLA8391GTL 10/ 100/ 1000Mbps PCI PRO/1000 GT
1x G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)
1x GIGABYTE GA-P55-USB3 LGA 1156 Intel P55 USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard
1x Intel Core i3-530 Clarkdale 2.93GHz LGA 1156 73W Dual-Core
1x EVGA 256-P2-N711-LR GeForce 7200GS 256MB

I'm not quite sure of the os yet either Win XP or Win 7.

Right now I'm looking at a total of $718 including shipping.

Ideas? Suggestions? Thanks!

Answer:File server/VM/network server build suggestions

You are going to want a good bit more of RAM. I'd go with at least 8GB. Are you going to use any sort of RAID card or just use the onboard? Is the file server going to be in a VM?

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A friend is moving his business, and the new business park that he's setting up shop in does not have anyway to get any wired internet to his building, excluding a T1 line, which he can't justify the cost of.

One windows 7 machine acts as the server, primarily for Quickbooks database, and there are two other windows 7 machines that are clients, reading off said database.

He's getting one of those usb dongles for wireless internet service, for the server only (the other two computers will be tethered to a smartphone for internet for QB and windows updates periodically).

They do NOT want to share the servers wireless connection to the other machines.

My only concern was if the server will continue to try to check the LAN for internet connectivity, or will it check both network connections when one fails, or is there a setting I can tell them to change to ensure it knows to go to the wireless dongle for internet all the time, without interfering with the workstations talking to the server over the LAN to get to the database?

The setup at the old office was business class DSL, they are using a relatively new Linksys router, which had the DSL authentication information.

Thank you!

Answer:LAN network for server/client only, USB hotspot for server internet.

I managed to find a solution this morning, for anyone that's interested, the whole article is here: Multiple Network Connections at the Same Time on Windows | Ivan Zlatev

But the short answer is, under the advanced properties of TCP/IP v4, uncheck automatic metric, set your internet to a value of 1, and the LAN to a value of 9999.

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Hey all,

So my office is going from digital phones to VoIP due to some changes in our ISP subscription. We've gotten quotes from two companies, both in the $20k+ range for a 17-line system. I recognize there are cheaper ways to do this, but that's not my instructions here. My instructions are merely to evaluate if it is possible and/or cheaper to install the same components ourselves (ignoring whether or not the third-party will support if we do that).

We've currently got a Linksys EA4500 (or something like that) and a 24-port 10/100 switch feeding the data network. The digital phones are wired on a separate block with RJ11. The plan would be to do an Avaya IP Office setup (IP500 v2 controller with a combo card) and a 24-port POE gig switch to run data and voice.

What I'm less certain about, having not set up a VoIP system before, is the layout of the cabling. Please let me know if I'm thinking of this right

ISP -> Modem -> Router -> VoIP -> Switch -> POE phones
That would put the router to be the DHCP server and then the VoIP into the switch

ISP -> Modem -> Router -> Switch -> VoIP ||| Switch -> POE phones
This would go from the Router to the Switch, just in case there's some weird routing that would occur in the VoIP controller that might make the switch angry

I'm really not sure if either of these options really make a difference, but I figured I'd check. Both sale... Read more

Answer:Small Office VoIP Setup

Doubtful the 3rd party is going to support virtually anything if you try to end run around some of the equipment in the proposal and cut his fees. He'll blame every problem on your part of the process.

So it boils down to either go fully supported, or roll your own with asterisk/freeswitch/cisco/lync/hosted ip pbx.

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I have been attempting to install Microsoft Office XP w/Frontpage on windows 98 OS. My previous version of office is Office Standard 2000. When I attempt to run the setup program, the following error occurs.

Error 25506. Microsoft Office requiresupdated system files not detected on your computer.You must install the system files update prior to installing Office.

C:\windows\system\ASYCFILT.dll is version 2.40.4275.1 when we require 2.40.4277.1

I have installed system files update from the disk (assuming this is what they refer to) and the same error occurs. Am I doing something wrong? Where can I find this file version or solve this problem?

Thanks for anyone who can provide any help.

Answer:Office XP w/ Frontpage setup issue

Have you followed this process?;EN-US;301064

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Microsoft Office 97 Setup
Htmlmarq.ocx was unable to register itself in the system registry.

I'm receiving the above error while installing MS Office 97 on my system and ultimately the message that Ms Office 97 did not install successfully.

I'm unable to use it.

Please help me to install it and also help me to sort out the error that why this "unable to register" occurs while installing some other softwares also and how to resolve it?

Answer:Microsoft Office 97 Setup Error!

You may want to look at Microsofts KB to see if O97 is supported by XP Home Ed.

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Hey there,

1st post here, hello to everyone!

A bit about myself:
Up until 2 yrs ago, I have been working many contracted roles as IT support guy in mostly larger enterprise level companies. The past 2 yrs I have been self-employed taking on mostly large scale Vista Enterprise/Office 2007 roll-outs, as part of the Planning/Implementation/Deployment team(s).

I am now between contracts and have a new opportunity;
I have been contracted to help maintain an existing small office network for a friend.
I have been there once for about 15 minutes, don't really have any info gathered about the setup there, except for what was verbalized to me from one of the office girls. (I was told she has somewhat of an understanding of the setup there)

1 MS Business Server 2003
3 or 4 client machines. a couple laptops and and a couple desktops.
Mixed client machines; XP & Windows 7
1 networked laser printer & 1 networked scanner

Not sure of the security or firewall setup as of yet.
I am going in there this morning to do some information gathering.

Their needs up to this point:
Remote access for the CFO (we have a laptop that the previous CFO used to remote into that can be used) Remote access for myself on my mac
Give Braeden access to the network & ability to scan
Darlenes issues:
cannot scan
cannot d/l pics from camera
allow access to simply
Look at why space on the Y drive is running out
Ensure Simply is on the server/running efficient... Read more

Answer:Small office IT support setup

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I have tried to set up Office 2003 but it hasn't made the email my default and it hasn't imported my data from outlook express. Also, I keep getting messages saying macros' are disabled. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it but it still doesn't prompt me to make the above changes. In short - it seems to be in a mess!! Can anyone help me put it right - I am not a computer expert as you may have guessed! thanks

Answer:Office 2003 setup problems my default
Tools-Internet Options, Programs tab. That's where you set your default email program, believe it or not.

...import from OE
Sorry. I dunno.

...macros are disabled
What program is saying that?

Stop uninstalling/reinstalling now. We'll get you there.

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I am going to revamp a mac based office. They have about 4 newish iMacs or MacBook Pros and they are 4 users (all 4 are designers and graphists) and they want something relatively fast.

They currently have an iomega ix-200 (1TB) and a netgear WNDR4500 and they says its quite slow.

I was thinking about revamping everything up (budget about 2000$)

Router :

Ubiquiti EdgeMAX EdgeRouter (5 port)

Switch :

HP-1810-24G v2


Synology DS412+ with 4 (WD20EFRX 2TB)

Anything else you guys would recommend ?


Answer:Faster setup for a mac based office

What are they complaining about that is slow? File transfers? Backup? Slow browsing?

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I get the following erroe when setting up Office 2010

Error 1013. Setup cannot acess the folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\EQUATION. Verify that the folder exists in your system and that you have sufficient permissions to update it.

When I open the EQUATION folder I can't change the security.

Thanks for any and all help.

Answer:Error during Office 2010 setup

Any problem with permissions can usually be handled with the hidden administrator.
Administrator Account

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I'd like to know what files in Word, Excel, and Firefox can be backed up so that I can copy them onto the new computer. I really dislike having to redo all of the settings. It's very time consuming and I get frustrated as I never remember how I set things up.

THanks in adavnce for your help.

Answer:Moving to a new computer - Office setup...

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I'm so happy today coz my company have new office setup! And, I'm glad that this time we chose a great company which is Fuji Xerox. Great and Right! I'm sure this must benifit my work.LOL

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When setting up office 2000, all the options for "next" / "cancel" etc buttons are greyed out, also when Office is installed, all toolbars are greyed, anyone help solve this, Windows 98, Office 2000 Premium...

Answer:Office 2000 setup probs

further tested with version of Office XP and all setup options are still greyed-out, appears to be any MS application that has this problem...any help in resolving this, thanks in advance...

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does anyone know if this can be done with a single 2400 by ATI

i googled but came up short....

Answer:office setup: 3 monitors + ATI 2400?

Well, you could do it with a 780G (and up) chipset for sure. I think a 760G too, but not sure...

Hybrid Crossfire supports up to 4 monitors.

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I have several intel based 8.1 devices, all of which correctly sync using my microsoft account.
Just got a Nokia 530. This only partially sync'd common data - it did not sync email accounts - and says my microsoft account password is invalid when I attempt to set up Office 365.

Answer:Why can't I setup an Office 365 account on my Lumia 530?

Re: Why can't I setup an Office 365 account on my Lumia 530?

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I was wondering if it is possible to setup a Microsoft Mail internal email system on a peer to peer workgroup using Outlook XP? All the PCs are running Windows XP Home edition.

Thanks a lot,

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delete the thread

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