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Dell Broadband 2350 Router & lack of Support

Question: Dell Broadband 2350 Router & lack of Support

I'm trying to open a port so I can set up my FTP. I've tried port forwarding, port triggering, etc. and no one can ping me. I set up the port as 21 and, using the router's IP address, which isn't my dynamic IP address from the ISP, I'm so firewalled I can't get out.

I did go to and got a number, which I pinged and got results on all four packets. When I run IPWatch, I get the router's 192.168._._ number.

BTW....this is a Dell 2350 Broadband Router -- brand new.

The wonderful thing is that Dell Support WON'T support Advanced settings -- they DON'T KNOW HOW! However, for $40, they will trnasfer me to a technician who can help me. Figure that one out. For a $70 router, I can't even get support to set it up. I'm dealing with tech support in India, so have the language problem and don't feel I should have to pay for something that the salesman assured me I could do (which was to be able to set up an FTP).

Presently I'm working on a Dell Dimension 2400 desktop with an Inspiron 8600 laptop and okay there re file sharing, etc.

I know I can't ping myself and even called my ISP provider who tried to see if he could see (ping) any or all of the ports. I'm freakin' stuck and MADD AS HELLLLLLLL at DELL!

I want to set up my Titan server so that I can share homemade media shows w/pics to family and also am working w/a company in Atlanta and I'm out here in the middle of the Pacific. I need to work on setting up their website so they need to be able to access me for documents, etc.

If there's anybody out there who can help me, I'd sure appreciate it! Obviously, I'm not a kid (68) and not totally computer illiterate, but this just boggles the mind.......and I don't wanna have the biggie over it! But anyone answering this post can consider me a good looking 28 year year old redhead with green eyes!!!!

P.S. I just did my first reformatting, so I'm still quaking over that...LOL

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Preferred Solution: Dell Broadband 2350 Router & lack of Support

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Dell Broadband 2350 Router & lack of Support

You don't need to worry about quoting the "192.168._._ number" - everyone on the planet using NAT uses that (well nearly everyone!). It's the public dynamic IP address you may want to withhold from the rest of us!

For port-forwarding you need to set-up in the router port-forwarding to the LAN IP address of the PC on which your Titan server is operating NOT the IP address of the router. Your external user tries to FTP to your public IP address, that hits the router and the router forwards as per its config to the device on your LAN running your server: that way the external user gets through the firewall without knowing the internals of your LAN. If you have a dynamic public IP address that's obviously going to change from time to time (it does what its says on the box! - it's dynamic) which can make access for external users difficult -- so you may want to look into a Dynamic DNS service (such as offered free at or where you can get a domain name and your external users use that rather than an IP address and the DynDNS service keeps the domain name in line with the changing public IP address.

On the ping question: it may be that the router is configured to not respond to pings from the internet - some/many routers have this facility (for security reasons) and it is often the default but I do not know the model in question. If you have the possibility in the management GUI too enebale/disable ping you can switch on response to do your pinging then.

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hi, does anyone have the instruction manual for this router. or does anyone know what cable to use for the internet connection. can i connect it to another router using a patch or crossover lead. any help greatly received.

Answer:Solved: DEll 2350 broadband router

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hi all

i have a dell wireless 2350 broadband router and when i plub a cable from my laptop to ethernet port on the router it connects...then disconnects...then connects...and disconnects and so on.

i have reset the router with no success.

is the router broken? i tried installing dell setup utillity but it just says no router connected
has anybody got any knowledge on this...i want to make sure i havent missed something before i tell my client he should replace the router.


Answer:dell wireless 2350 broadband router broken

Try resetting the router to factory default settings.

Sounds like a problem with router's LAN port, cable or laptop.

Try different LAN ports. Try a known working cable. Can the laptop connect via ethernet to the modem directly?

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Hi all,

I have a Dell 2350 Wireless Broadband Router, and it has worked pretty well the last few years. Now it's acting up, although it works on the first computer (running XP) and the wireless laptop (XP). It has run (wired) on my new computer (Vista) for one week, then stopped. It tells me the network is unidentified, and the connection is local only. No changes were made to the router or any of the computers when it stopped working. I have done System Restore and Factory Image Restore as the Dell Chat guy told me to do, which solved nothing. I have also connected the DSL modem directly to my new computer and verified it works, so it's not a problem with the Vista computer.

Thanks in advance!


Answer:Problems with Dell 2350 router

May be a bad cable or router port. May be a 3rd party firewall (security suite) that got misconfigured and is now not trusting your router's subnet.

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I have a Dell 2350 wireless router connected to my Dell Dimension 3000 running Windows XP Home. The router has been connected for over a year working properly. Last week I went on vacation and removed the ethernet cable to utilize the connection in the vacation location. While away, a Dell technician replaced the motherboard in my computer. The internet and computer work well with the cable modem connected directly to the computer. However, I have not been able to re-connect the router. When all the connections are made, the "power" light does not come on, and the message that a cable is not connected appears. I have attempted to reset the router by unplugging the power cable and also tried to reset the unit with the reset button on the back of the router. Neither changed the status. The internet and 4 LAN lights are on, but the power light remains off, and there is no internet connection. The "internet" light does not flash. I'm on the verge of tossing the router and replacing it. Can it be saved? Thanks.

Answer:Activate Dell 2350 wireless router

It does sound like a hardware issue. You could see if it is under warranty and send it in for repair (or open it up yourself if it is not).

If all else fails, here is a great router at a cheap price

it drops to this price every few weeks. This router supports linux firmware such as DD-WRT which make it a wonderful router.

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Ok, I don't know if there's any solution to this other than to find the username and password, but I'll see if anyone can help me out.

I have a Dell 2350 router that belongs to my brother in law. We've been using it at my house for a while (unsecured) but now I'm trying to set it up and secure it in my college apartment and can't seem to get it to work.

For starters, it works fine as an unsecured router, I can get on and use the internet, but obviously I don't want everyone in my building to be able to access it and drain my bandwidth or do anything worse. I use windows vista, so I get on to the "connect to a network" screen and then I click "set up a connection or network" and then "set up a wireless router or access point." At that point it detects the router and says it can't configure it automatically so I click to configure it manually and that's when it asks for a username and password. I don't know it and my brother-in-law doesn't remember it either, we've tried several possibilities, but can't get in. I have tried to reset it, using the button on the back of the router, but it still needs the username and password.

So, does anyone know if there's a way to COMPLETELY reset it to factory settings, including the username and password or if there's some other way around it? Thanks in advance!

Answer:How can I completely reset a Dell 2350 router?

Try hardreset of the router, unplug it and wait thirty seconds then plug it back in. Once its powered up, go to start, run, type in cmd, hit enter, then type in ipconfig. It will give you a seires of numbers for your default gateway. Open IE and then put that string of numbers into the address bar and that should bring up the router page. You can configure it from there.

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I'm running into some problems trying to network my 2 Computers to my Dell 2350 Wireless Router for Internet Connection and File sharing. Both computers are hardwired directly to the Wirelss Router, so there isn't actually any current Wireless connections.

My setup is of the following fashion.

Computer 1 (Dell XPS w/ Windows XP)-----.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [2350 Router]----[DSL Modem]-----
Computer 2 (Compaq Presario w/ XP )-----`

(Periods to the left of the router for spacing purposes only)

What is working:
The router does see both computers on the network if I do a Statistics/Diagnostic check.

Computer 1 has no problem connecting to the internet.

What isn't working:
Computer 2 I can't seem to get connected to the internet.

I can't seem to get file sharing to work. I did enable file sharing in the LAN connections and I did select the items that I actually wanted to share.

I did set up the router so that it is a secure connection. Both LAN connections have the Firewall disabled.

I have been through a plethora of tutorials with this very scenario and have tried doing everything that I have read.

The last thing that I checked was to turn everything off for a bit, then I turned on the modem, the router, then PC 1, then PC 2 to make sure IP's were being assigned - which they were. Nevertheless I still can't seem to get this working.

Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you ver... Read more

Answer:Problems Networking 2 PC's W/ Dell 2350 Router

I'm sharing files at this point - Woohoo. However the sharing of the internet connection is still stumping me - Anyone know any things that I should double-check?

Once again any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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After a lot of trouble I finally got the Router to configure. My Laptop is picking up the wireless signal.

But now I can't access the internet from my main PC.

What do I do? Any help gratefully received.


Answer:Dell 2350 Router - PC Cannot Access Internet

we need more info in order to help

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I have a Dell wireless 2350 broadband router but I do no own the power adapter. Nowhere in the manual or on the device are the power parameters marked. Can anyone who owns one measure the voltage an tell me if it's AC or DC? I could try plugging in power supplies but I don't want to fry the router.


Answer:Need Power Reqs Dell 2350 Router

You are probaby going to have to contact Dell or their support formus and give the complete part number markings, including revison; because the specifications show both 5V @ 2A, and 12V @ 0.5A ratings. Meaning the 2350 router has at least two versions.

I burned our an ethernet switch at work due to a similar issue with a Linksys EZXS16W. When the original quit working I bought a replacement with the same model number, figuring I could use the old 12VDC power adapter. It burned out and Linksys customer support claimed there was ever only one version that used 3.3VDC, so I must have used a wrong adapter. Wrong!

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I am returning the Dell described below. Decided to do that on or about Sept.23 and I began applying to Dell for their RMA number. The timing of my ordering and then receiving the Dell was an almost impossible time. I am blessed with the C.O.P.D. disease and a head cold began to make it's presence known---and how it did!! Still have it and you never want the combination of these two "killers" to hit you together. I began to have my anxiety depleted when I could not get in touch with Dell; or rather no contact with any sympathetic soul and in fact, it was pretty much just the opposite. Support in India is strictly for no one. Well, they got my Scotch/Irish anger burning and I didn't give up---it was like not being able to contact anyone at Dell Support. I really and truly felt helpless; it was like no one was home.
Dell kept saying that I had 21 days to return the computer and I had among the several items in the computer box this one page of printed info with Dell logo in several places so I scanned it and sent it attached to one of my many emails to anyone at Dell I could find a name for. Today, I got my answer. Who ever approved it said he(?) was making an exception and gave his approval. Don't really see how an exception was made when the "letter" I scanned and sent to them clearly said 30 days and in which I was well within the boundary. I did threaten Dell with letting PCMag and Smart Computing know about their lack of support and commu... Read more

Answer:Dell and their lack of support

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I canot open router config page on browser in the manual it sas go on http://my.router or the default ip, eather of these is not operational, i tryed with zyxel p-320w and it works, i have an application in the cd suplied with the router but i need to browse the router to configure it as an access point in an existing network, so to turn off the DHCP Server Function becouse there is an DHCP alredy running in the network to avoid IP conflicts. Any idea, Thanks

Answer:Solved: Dell Wireless 2350 Brothband Router

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I have a household with Two Dell desktops and Three laptops the oldest laptop being a 37 month old N5110.  Kids in school you know the drill.  Of course the oldest is mine, the purchaser, the N5110, After reading about Dell not supporting this product for Windows 10 software update. I pulled my old Sony from the retired computer pile in my home office, and with a few auto updates I got a reservation for Windows 10,  So this past week I decided that if Dell drops the N5110 upgrade path I'm dropping Dell from my approved vendor list, Designating Dell to be just another Apple, stranding its customers by not providing a migration path.  The reasoning behind the Intel / Microsoft PC compared to alternatives in the 80;s was the future upgrades.  I have the Intel CPU & MS O/S but I guess I screwed up by purchasing Dells.
Oh I even tried the BIOS fix,  I already have that version installed.  I guess I just wait to see what Dell does after reading N5110 post I'm afraid that I'll have to select another Vendor, I did it to Apple in the 80's, But I'll stay with Windows and find another preferred hardware vendor if they strand this laptop with no future.  I think it is funny that someone defined the laptop lifecycle at three years at dell. Plus I use Dells in the office.   

Answer:N5110 Windows 10 upgrade and lack of Dell support

I have a similar problem.  The only laptop i have is N5110 Inspiron. It was one of the best configurations of that time. 
I am very much unhappy about the BIOS compatibility issue which stops me upgrading to windows 10. 
I blame both Microsoft and Dell for this. Now its like none of them wants to take up the responsibility to provide a fix. If this has to be the trend in future it will become a norm to washout devices after every 3 years. Which is not value for money. 
I hope dell comes up with a upgrade to BIOS or they reachout to Microsoft to fix the issue and upgrade on what ever is existing. I know its not a joke  cause every hour spent writing that code for a 1 person would cost too much of money.But again its  their duty.

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So I am sitting here on my MacBook Pro which in my opinion does not have any wireless issues whatsoever, it works. I still own this ThinkPad with a garbage wireless card, and I feasted my eyes on an Intel 7260 but lo and behold, it isn't on the whitelist! Scouring eBay and Amazon I did find a FRU, but would the number of that FRU be the same on the Hardware list? Lets see, well I cannot even find it. All I get are Page Not Found errors which to me is a hilarious joke of Lenovo's support. What does this mean for me? Is my X230 at a very very unnecessary end of life? Should I like, fork out Ł1400 for an "upgraded" model that probably won't fix most of my problems? My problems is money and saving money. Should i now look elsewhere? No, because I'd rather keep my money to actually FIX my current laptop's problems (the N2200 is a garbage card and would like to replace it with something that's up to date to todays technology but that isn't happening by the sounds of it) I am frustrated with my current laptop's problems and it's having a large effect on my studies. And possibly you can also lose customers by inadequate non-existent support and failure to give us the freedom to actually let us upgrade for those who do. For those who don't, more like.

______________________________________________________Owner of: ThinkPad SL510, X131e, X230 (not fond of)Other systems: MSI GT640, Sony Vaio PCG 709K, Dell Latitude D430,

... Read more

Answer:Lack of X230 information on Lenovo Support, where's my old support?

GLaDOSPulse wrote:
All I get are Page Not Found errors which to me is a hilarious joke of Lenovo's support.

Seems to work for me...
System service parts: click here!
X230 FRU: click me!

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Hello to all,   I recently did a clean reinstall of Windows XP (Home) on my Dell Dimension 2350. All went fine. Now I need to install the correct drivers. I have the Dell Resource disc and this is where the problem starts.    As noted elsewhere, after the reinstall the screen display of the Resource disc is as it would be in "Safe Mode". I was aware of this. As such, the Resource disc Search Criteria screen was a bit larger than the monitor screen. I was able to size it to fit the screen but this is really not the problem it is the following: The Search Criteria options I have from the drop down menus (on screen) are as follows:System Model:   All, Dimension C521, DXC061, Dimension DXP0G1, Dimension E521, DM061, XPS710    (Which, if any, do I pick?)Operating System: (I think I got this one)   All, Windows XPTopic:   (Maybe this one too)   All, Applications, Dell Diagnostics, Diagnostics, Drivers, Utilities   For the life of me I cannot figure out the exact drivers I am to install*. Windows XP only appears in the Operating System menu. I pretty much know the install order but as I said, I'm a bit confused about selecting the correct drivers from the disc. This computer is not connected to the internet at the moment so I can't download and use any sort of driver detection program. Other searches have confused me further and have provided no specific answer to this problem.&nbs... Read more

Answer:Installing drivers after Windows XP reinstall on Dell Dimension 2350 using Dell Resource disc

You need, in installation order:

Chipset driver
Video driver (depends on which video card)
Audio driver
Network driver (depends on which you have)
Modem driver, if you use a dialup modem

Go to the Support page and put in your Service Tag. It should give you the drivers you need. You can download them on any PC and copy onto a USB stick for installation on the 2350.
You only need the applications, if you actually use them (eg, Roxio, Jasc Paintshop, etc).
Then install your antiviral software and get online to the Microsoft Update site for all the patches and updates.
Keep in mind that XP is no longer supported by Microsoft and they stopped releasing security fixes for XP and IE9, more than 1 year ago. So they're both full of security holes and put your personal data at risk.

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Question: dell 2350

I have a promble with my dell model 2350. I get mess. error#0F00:133D, ide divice. Cannot re boot or anything. C000021a,status 0xc000026c. Can anyone help me. Also it will not read any disc i try.


Answer:dell 2350

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Question: 7 for Dell 2350

I bought Dell Dimension 2350 Pc about 6 years ago and I've used windows xp pro now and I want to install windows 7 to my pc; but I have some questions in my mind below my questions and my system feature below it. There are also my computer's features link because I've not change any part of my pcs.

Windows 7 is better than windows xp? I think: of course
windows 7 works on My system with better performance than xp???????
Can I setup and use windows 7 on my system; but I will setup xp + 7. I think to use 10 harddisk for xp and 30 gb for 7


My System= Dell Dimension 2350
-Intel? Pentium? 4 - 2.00 GHz
-384 MB DDR SDRAM (128+256) PC2100 (266-MHz) = I can upgrade this if necessary
-64 MB integrated Intel 3D Extreme Graphics
-40GB Ram = I'm think to use 10gb for xp and 10gb for 7 but if necessary I can use all( I will install xp for my family because I want to seperate os after family sent emails from my account that is hosted on outlook)

I'm waiting for each commment. Thank You!

Answer:7 for Dell 2350

Not sure on some of your questions, but I can say that you will not be able to use screensavers or aero effects because of the video. I would try to push your Ram up in your system quite a bit more. I am running it on my old Dell Optiplex GX260 with these specs:

P4 2.6 Ghz
1GB Ram
40 GB HD
Geforce 6200 256 MB (Just upgraded from a 64 MB so I could use the aero effects)

I am using two hard drives, one with XP and one with 7. I just open the case and swap them them out if I need to go into XP. I did the same thing on my wifes.

I'm sure someone else can give you a better idea, I have seen it run on Computers like yours, but have no idea of the actual funtionality of it.


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Just purchased the DELL ONE 2350 with the i3 processor.  I know that version with i7 has an MSATA included, so is it possible to add one to the other versions?  Could I upgrade the HDD to include an MSATA drive?  Looked in the manual and does not show how.  Don't want to open the computer and find out I can't do that.
Has anyone tried to add an MSATA drive to this computer?

Answer:DELL ONE 2350 MSATA

Hi Don,
Some systems that take an mSATA SSD require a daughter board and others don't. I'm not able to tell from the manual what the specifics are for your system, so I'd suggest calling Dell customer support. Of course, you do not need to buy the mSATA SSD from Dell.

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How do I find out what memory I can use in a Del 2350 pentium 4 machine? Not
necessay what is recommended for it but what is posssble to put in it. For example I think the 2700 memory is recommended for it but is it possable to put 3200 or 4200 memory in it? Maybe some for the higher level memory that is backward compatable?

It appears that some of the new memory chips are lower priced that older ones
when I look at tiger directs webpage. So what what can I use?
Thank you,

Answer:Memory for a Dell 2350 What can I use

Crucial indicates that you can use up to 1GB of either PC2700 or PC3200. Crucial guarantees compatability. 2350 Series

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I was able to get this DELL 2350 started with a Reinstallation CD MSW XP Home Edition Including SP1,

However I want to update through Windows update and am receiving the following error message;

Your computer's date and time appear to be out of sync
with an update certificate. To fix this:
1. In Control Panel, open Date and Time Properties.
2. Ensure that the date and time are correct.

Read more about steps you can take to resolve this
problem (error number 0x80072F8F) yourself.

When following the directions to run the registry files given for three options, the files pop up but what am I suppose to do with them if I opt to open registry files, I do not think this is the problem.

However I am not sure the time has been reset from Pacific to Eastern etc.
Will appreciate any suggestions and or will retry Windows fix if I know what to do.

Answer:Updating Dell 2350 to SP2

Forget this for now !I've a possible Hard drive down, with this DELL that originally had a registry hive problem, maybe the HD was going, . . .anyway there is some read here, but I have not found a solve for this, . .'m going to look around for an HD and then see if that is or was the problem.Thank you.

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Hi there all,

I have looked through the forums hoping to find an exact answer to a problem I've encountered in repairing an Dell Inspiron AIO 2350.
Originally the Computer came to me with a cracked digitizer screen, So I replaced this. It was displaying the image from windows fine but due to the damage it was having issues with the touch screen and having "ghost" input (circles were flickering across screen).
So I got an New replacement Digitizer with out the LCD assembly since the LCD itself was displaying fine....
This is where things got "interesting" I assembled the computer back, and turned it back on... and got no display on the screen at all ... I pulled it apart several times and got the same result (was checking to see if anything was missing or misplaced)
I noticed an ribbon cable retainer clip was broken, so I got an replacement board for this and when it arrived I replaced it, re-assembled the computer and ... same thing.
After hitting up google I tried to see if it would display to an external monitor with the HDMI out connection, and it did.... I selected the monitor to duplicate the primary monitor and tested the screen... digitizer worked as intended... but no display on the main screen.
I am now deciding whether it is a cable or converter board issue? I have been on the phone to a person at dell and they mentioned the cables may be reversable (not notched). I will try this to night but I am wondering if anyone else has experienced the... Read more

Answer:Dell Inspiron AIO 2350

Also if it helps... when you press on the side buttons of the AIO ... for Input selection etc there is no On Screen Display (OSD).

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Hi everyone,

My problem is with a dell 2350 with XP and it has a Bluford motherboard.

It had (2) 128Mg sticks of pc2100 Ram, I inadvertantly installed (1) 128Mg stick of pc2100 and (1) 256Mg stick of pc2700.
My son turned it on, check disk came up and showed it had 384Mg's of Ram and asked to continue, he clicked ok. Windows loaded, at the User screen he clicked on his name but couldn't type the password, "number lock" lights were lit on the keyboard showing power. Without being able to type the password he turned the machine off.
Powering it up again a few minutes later the power light comes on, fans turn on, light on the motherboard lights but it doesn't boot.

I've swapped back to the (2) 128Mg pc2100 memorysticks, checked all plug connections and it still won't boot.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Dell dimension 2350

Have a look here: Tutorial: No POST (Power On System Test)

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Working on a friends computer that is a dell 2350 desktop that the computer will not come out of power saving mode!! When I power it up I can see the lights on the drives activate as it boots up, and i'm pretty sure i'm hearing the famous click when it is supposed to wake up the monitor...but the monitor stays black and if you hit one of the buttons on the monitor it says..."In Power save mode, press any key on keyboard or move mouse"...but naturally...tha does nothing!!

Being that it has onboard video...I put a pci video card in just for kicks, and it still is the same story!! I even took the cmos battery out for a bit hoping that it would reset everything and atleast allow me to get to the bios...however...that didn't work either!!

Being that i'm away from home at the moment and my resources are VERY limited...I was hoping maybe someone was particularly firmiliar with this problem!! If so all the help would be appreciated!!


Answer:Dell 2350 wo'nt wake up

Smart moves so far. Have you tried holding the power button down? A lot of computers that go into a sleep mode, or possibly take a power surge need to have the power button held down for 5 seconds to start up normally. Found this out the hard way sometime back similar to your own problem.

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Yeah I know it's and older system but I recently purchased 2 512MB pc3200 400mhz DDR memory modules.. When I installed them it did not reconize in the bios and I got that stop error screen and comments or help would be great

Answer:I have a dell Dimension 2350

I did some checking on the Dell Dimension 2350, and it does support up to 1024 MB(1 GB) of RAM.

There is some disagreement though about the module types.

The CRUCIAL site advises DDR PC2700(DDR333) or DDR PC3200(DDR400) modules. 2350 Series

DDR PC2700 • CL=2.5 • Unbuffered • NON-ECC • DDR333 • 2.5V

DDR PC3200 • CL=3 • Unbuffered • NON-ECC • DDR400 • 2.6V

The KINGSTON and MEMORYX sites advises DDR PC2100(DDR266) module.


DDR PC2100


This is the Dell support site for that desktop:

According to the technical specifications section, it advises the DDR PC2100(266 MHz) module.


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Hi guys i need some more help,I have a couple of pc`s and one of them I use for a server for teamspeak and games and so forth,and that is all it is used for.The one that I use for a server is a dell dimension 2350,it has onboard everything of course(lol).Now I would like to ask a couple of questions,1st what kind of pci card can I add to this pc for better graphics than the intel extreme (lol what a joke)that is onboard.I know that alot of people have had a lot of problems with setting a pci card up in this pc.Does anyone have any experience with this.What kind of card will work?And 2nd ,canI add a sound card to this pc ,well will it take any added stress off of the cpu by doing this,if it will it would be worth it i guess to do so.Thank you in advance

Answer:dell dimension 2350

OLDER graphics cards as well are in PCI, which will to some extent bring some performance boost over this condition as adding graphic card on a integrated board brings benefits in 2 ways mainly:

1: free up CPU, as in integrated case, CPU has to do most of the work of graphic processing.

2: free up RAM as well, as in integrated case, VGA shares system RAM.

although you can only find significant perfeomance boost sa in case you have AGP slot, which dell dimension 2350 hasnt.

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hey i got a low end dell here 2350 xp home edition check it for AGP slot i guess i dont have one i checked online and it says i dont - - however i read something about PCI cards ?
i just dumped 52 bucks on CounterStrikeSource and damn i wanna play it lol
dont want a new pc so could anyone help !!!!! i need name of good pci card that can run cs s without being too sh***y

all this help at my fingertips
Thanks People -----Seriously

hey pci cards in general work and are compatible in my pc right ?
or am i just wishing a pci card could run video games ?

Answer:Pci Cards ? Dell 2350 Help

The pci 6200's and 5500's are generally the fastest pci cards.

Here's a 6200, but it's out of stock atm.

Here's a different pci 6200(256mb)

Here're two fx5500s.

I'd get the cheaper 6200 if it was in stock, but since it isn't then maybe a fx 5500 and oc it some(if you're into oc'ing).

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I have a Dell Dimension 2350 that has served me well for several years.  Being a fool, I decided to upgrade the memory myself.  I bought the appropriate memory card and installed it.  The computer would not turn on.  I removed the new card and while now the fan will turn on, the hard drive is silent and the monitor gets no signal.What do I do now?Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:killed my Dell 2350

Quote from: Limmo on July 23, 2008, 07:37:56 PMI have a Dell Dimension 2350 that has served me well for several years.  Being a fool, I decided to upgrade the memory myself.  Certainly doesn't sound foolish to me! Paying someone $50 - $100 to install memory - now THAT'S foolish!Try re-installing the original RAM into the original slot. Be sure that the RAM is seated properly - takes some pressure and the white clips will 'snap' into place when properly seated.

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Any idea why this Dell 2350 was running hot?

Answer:Dell 2350 running hot?

a computer repair techs dream........ easy money

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My Dell 2350 keeps shutting down. I have had it for years and use it for work, school, and small recordings. I intended on getting more memory because i know the virtual memory is probably close to the max use..

It did this once and then stopped for awhile. Today I opened it up to whipe out the dust and made sure i did the static thing before touching anything. Now even when I turn it on in safe mode.. It will run for awhile and out of nowhere it shuts down. Please help. I noticed in other forums you need more information. But I cant get the PC to stay on. Cant afford the MAC I want and need this computer to give me a few more years.PLEASE HELP.. I have to use it for work in the morning and dont wanna spend 100's for a geek squad at Staples or somewhere to tell me what you great people could..



Answer:DELL 2350 Keeps Shutting Down

edit: a quick look shows that as a desktop -

Does the cpu fan start as soon as you switch it on? Does it keep spinning? You need the cpu fan running to cool the cpu.

Is there air coming out the back slots from the psu? You need the psu fan running to cool the psu.

Try running with the side of the case open and another large fan blowing inside.

How clean are the heatsink fins? DO NOT REMOVE THE HEATSINK! Just see if they are clogged. If so, unplug, push the power button and then blow the fins and the rest of the comp out good using canned air or a low pressure compressor air jet.

If, after all that, it still shuts down, and the fans run ok, then you need to check whether you have dislodged one leg of the heatsink (if you don't move your comp this is unlikely).


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I am getting a the following video card for the Dell Dimension 2350 1.19ghz PC in our basement (a Pentium with Windows XP Home Edition).  I have a question about how many watts the video card is going to use.  The PC has a 200 watt power supply.  Here's a link to the eBay page where I am getting the card from.  (I have not paid yet.  I'm going to pay through Paypal on Monday using my credit card, so that charges won't appear on it until Thursday.) card is the 64MB NVIDIA GeForce2 MX400 PCI video card (VGA output)Do you know if the power supply will be able to handle this card?

Answer:Dell Dimension 2350

I can't find the power requirements for this card but the PCI spec is limited to 25 watts. What video are you now using - onboard or a different PCI video card?You're wise to consider power, but, remember, you're looking at the difference in usage between your current video and the new card - and that difference has to be less than 25 watts. If you currently have a PCI card, more than likely you'll not have a problem.But, remember, if you change power supplies, Dell is notorious for non-standard PSU's. Check with them before replacing.Best of luck!

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Question: Lack of HP Support

I have had so much stress after buying a brand new HP 250 G4 notebook! I've only had it a couple of months but since the start there have been browser and sound issues. Wish I'd got my  money back! I've spent hours on the phone to many HP customer support reps who have tried to fix the issues. I've even had my notebook sent off for repairs. When it was returned to me the sound issues had not been resolved despite the speakers having been replaced. I called HP again who then got me to install new drives. Issue still not fixed. My case has been kept open and I've not heard from any HP rep for a week. I know I'll have to call them! I'm fed-up and wouldn't recomment HP to anyone! Anyone else have any advice on how to get some decent support. My issue has been going on for two months! I'm based in the UK!

Answer:Lack of HP Support



I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).

If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.

Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.

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I cannot get any answers from the support or accounts from this compnay. Are they going out of business? Anyone know? I heard the German mother compnay was fed up of funding a loser but do not know if this is still on-going?

Answer:1 & 1 lack of support

...signed up for their home web hosting package, and have found everything ok so far, but time will tell. Haven't heard any rumours about the parent co!

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Question: HP lack of support

I have a x360 it scrashed, worked for hours online with teck and them they said we will send you a box i got it the next bad now i have been over a week for a return shipping lable that i was told would be in the box call after call goes no were, this is the same proble i account with my HP840 that was found to have the wrong parts and hard drive when i sent it to a purervisor and he looked inot, i sent the hp840 back to the factory twicw and it came back worst that when i sent it of, HP has a very bad QC/QP dept that need to have everyone of them ran off. even this new x360 has had problems straight out of the box, its time to close the door on HP as i have given them every change and move on th dell or something elese, I know how a computer works and can or may just build my own with American made parts

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about a year ago i bought an HP dv6605us laptop.

i wasnt sold on vista so i un-installed it and put xp on.

found enough drivers to make it function but its not enough now. i need something that'll let me use the video out.

just incase i figured i'd leave the Vista recovery partition still on the computer.

i boot up the pc, hit f11 for system recovery....nothing.

is it not possible to "recover" vista through xp? its probably a stupid question lol.

i know this is the only place i'd find the best answers. thanks guys.

Answer:fed up with hp's lack of xp support

platonjk said:

is it not possible to "recover" vista through xp? its probably a stupid question lol.

i know this is the only place i'd find the best answers. thanks guys.Click to expand...

I found a possible answer for you on the HP web site.

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For a while now I'v been plodding along quite nicely using 2 hdd (1 20GB + 1 80GB)in the dell, one with wondows xp and the other with all files and folders. But the other I done a clean re-installation of window xp and this is where its all gone pear shaped. After installation I plugged in the 80GB drive only to lose all IDE devices, 1 dvd rom, 1 cd rom, 1 floppy and both HDD. All the jumper connections are fine and there are no lose connections. The 80GB hdd doesn't even show up under hardware devices. What can I do?

Answer:Having a nightmare with a dell dimension 2350.

Can i asked why you needed to unplug the 80G drive while you formated is it an external drive?Have you looked in drive managment for the devices they should all be listed there.If not you could try uninstalling the IDE controllers in device manager and letting windows find and install them again on next boot.

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got this old m/c from a workmate recently and working i tried to add another old hard drive, first went into bios and checked it was detected as secondary master.then allowed it to boot up. didn't the green light on the motherboard will stay on, it will attempt to start but 5 seconds later it will switch off, no time for anything to display, it will then keep trying to start but going off after 5 seconds. disconnected hard drive no effectany suggestions ?

Answer:dell dimension 2350 will not boot

You should be adding it as a 'slave' not another master drive.Have you altered the jumper pin on the back of the harddrive? a little U shaped metalpin that you take off and re-position - there should be a diagram on the harddrive to tell you which pins to move it to, to make the drive a slave.

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I need a replace board for this unit Dell Dimension 2350, thing is that Dell is asking about 100 dollars which is todally unreasonable for an out dated model.  I used google an only found e-bay.  Thing is that I kind of need this board before too long.  The lights on the back of the orginal dont come on at all.  So it seems bad.

Answer:Dell Dimension 2350 Motherboard

Why do you have to replace it with a Dell board ? ?As long as the board takes your CPU you can shop around.

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This is a friends computer. Here is the highjackthis file:
Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 1:28:50 PM, on 1/20/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Antivirus\ISafe.exe
C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Antivirus\VetMsg.exe
C:\Program Files\Roxio\Easy CD Creator 5\DirectCD\DirectCD.exe
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop Album Starter Edition\3.0\Apps\apdproxy.exe
C:\Program Files\HP\HP Software Update\HPWuSchd2.exe
C:\Program Files\QuickTime\qttask.exe
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MSASCui.exe
C:\Program Files\Messenger\MSMSGS.EXE
C:\Program Files\MySpace\IM\MySpaceIM.exe
C:\Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging\bin\hpqtra08.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Verizon Online\ConnMgr\cmisrv.exe
C:\Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging\bin\hpqgalry.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Verizon Online\AppMgr\vzOpenUIServ... Read more

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Dell 2350 All in One, running Win 8.1, won't boot up...just get error code 0xc000000f (BSOD).  Did a recovery disk come with this machine?  I haven't been able to find one.  
I don't have a recent backup (last 3 months) but have several files that I would like to recover if at all possible.  
What should I do to recover from this error?  

Answer:Dell 2350 All in One :0xc000000f Error

You were supposed to make your own repair disks. Try rebooting the computer, start tapping F12 without waiting for any screen and see if you can access the boot menu. Run the diagnostics to test hardware. Include the Custom Hard drive test. 
You can download the Create Media tool on your other computer, select make disk for another computer, download the iso file for windows 8.1, burn it to disk and boot to that. First thing to do is to run the diagnostics to test for hardware failures. No use reinstalling anything on a failing hard drive or with any other hardware failures.

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my friend system kept goin in circles when starting up always keep sayin do u want to start windows normally after 4 of 5 times every time it wil eventualy start , check the ram, cleaned up the system and got annoyed an tried to re install the only copy i had at the time was windows vienna xp sp3 did dat but when he system restart it was showin every ting in "4" bit color not 16 or 32 but 4 why was dat ??

and now the system cant even start in the back the diagnostic lights show from the left 3 off and 1 amber so dats ---> off - off - off - amber

i lookin for the sequence but cant find any any advice on the situation does it need a new board??

Answer:DELL Dimension 2350 not starting up

Your problem sounds software-related; not hardware-related. Can you boot into SAFE MODE (keep pressing F8 repeatedly as the computer boots up)?

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Hi! I inherited my daughter's Dell Dimension 2350. I upgraded it by reformatting and installing Windows XP Pro. It came w/Home Edition.

I now have no drivers for my network card. So I can't connect.

Actually, this thing's Ethernet cable plugs into something called a Pulse Jack JYO 0002, not really a network "card".

Where do I get drivers? Help, please! Thanks!

Answer:Drivers for Dell Dimension 2350 PC

Hi Ocean56,

Dell have drivers for your system available for download here............

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Dell 2350 case How do you open it? Looking at the back it has rivits
instead of screws on 3 sides. I don't want to drill out the rivits so there
must be a way to get into it without tearing it up. How do I do that.

Thank you,

Answer:Dell 2350 case How do you open it?

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I am having a problem with my computer. When I turn it on, the window XP logo comes up and my wallpaper loads without icons or task bar. Then after a few seconds the windows shutting down display comes up and thereafter the user account screen comes up with owner account visible and when I press that option it starts the process over again to where the wallpaper shows without icons and starts shutting down. I was wondering if anyone has had a similar problem ?

Answer:Dell Dimension 2350 Desktop

If your hard drive is still good, probably the quickest way out of your problem is to do a Repair or System Recovery. Either way you will have to reinstall your windows updates. Do you still have the CD's that came with your computer?The Resource CD I think has your Sound and Graphic driver.Windows XP Repair For System Recovery try tapping the F11 key when you turn your computer on. I don't know for your Dell. You can try Error Checking This can be run by command prompt.Command Prompt by Tapping F8 key.Type = chkdsk /f ---- space between k and /Type = y to run on Restart.Press Enter.To get out type = ExitBlack Screen with Safe Mode in 4 corners.Press CTRL - ALT - DELETEPress New Task - Type = msconfigX screen out that overlaps System Configuration UtilityNormal Start up = OKYes to Restart

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Which is better of the two computers. A dell 4500 or 4550 vers a dell 2350. Both
having the same processor which is 2G Hertz pentium 4 in this case.

Thank you,

Answer:Dell 4500 vers 2350

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i have been on bt broadband for a month or so and when i first installed,the bt home page was invisible apart from the icons etc at the top. after a phonecall to bt they explained they were having teething probs with the server etc. and so now i still have this prob 6 weeks later! its more irritating than wanting to read all the homepage news/adverts etc. just wondering where the hell it is!!

Answer:BT broadband/lack of home page?

I get it no problem here's the url click herehope it works for you now

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Relevance 59.45% there anyway i can get round BT Yahoos reluctance to allow any chat activity either by finding a direct link to it or by downloading an older version of chat that aint going to mess up my broadband connections...seems theres a yahoo for us molly coddled BT users and and a Yahoo including chat for normal Growed up members....any advice welcome....thank you all.

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I have Kaspersky running on my PC but it let in some malware that required a complete disk reformat and reload of all software. I folowed Kaspersky's advice for thi9s situation but it won't accept the access code. They have ignored 4 emails for help.Anybody with ideas? Maybe I have to cut my losses and use different protection.

Answer:Kaspersky - lack of support

Try the Forum click here

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Has anyone had problems with the Lenovo Warranty not being honored? I sent my laptop to the Depot (USA) and they kept my laptop for 3 weeks and sent it back without repairing it.  The symptom was the laptop was overheating and shutting off. I have only owned the laptop since January, and the overheating started in April/May, i initially thought it was a 64-bit driver problem.  After sending it to the depot, they claim the following 1 - They claimed something had been spilled on the laptop, voiding the warranty2 - They were going to charge me $950 to repair3 - For my money they would not send back the replaced parts so I could verify what had happened I wanted the parts back so I could  a) see if a spill had occurred b) see if someone at a work site had sabotaged it. They sent my laptop back withyout answering any of my questions.  Starting to wonder if the warranty is worth diddly. Model is 4062-4JU.


Go to Solution.

Answer:Lack Of Warranty Support

if the depot claims spill damage, they are suppose to contact IBM service and give photographic evidences, which you can request to be sent to your email.

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Ever since I got my new pc I have been attempting to contact MS Support in the UK to answer a very simple problem.

I bought Windows Media Center from Arvato GmbH in Germany. Their email address is none functional. When I bought it it fitted into the pc great, then my pc broke.

I have a new pc and nobody seems to want to help. I called the UK support number to be told that the number has changed to a 'less expensive' number - so I dialed that. After the usual robitic responses I actually reached a human being, although speaking a barely distinguishable accent. I told her the full history. 'Now let me get this straight, you have Windows 8.1'? 'Yes' I said 'but the problem is Media Center product key not working in Add Features in 8.1 - I have paid for a product that I cannot download.'

*click* nobody on line

After several attempts to call them back, I got a phone ringing somewhere, and ringing, and ringing - you get the picture? Then another robot told me there is an error *click*

After another few attempts I gave up.

If Apple Macs were not so damn expensive I would stick MS where the sun does not shine.

Edit: Wow! finally got to 'speak' to MS via social media software. Gave them the details, we shall see ........

Answer:Microsoft - Lack of Support

I purchased windows 8 pro and media center retail product keys when 8 first came out..
I recently re-used both key numbers to install on a NEW computer. this is allowed with retail keys, but it is limited in time frame.. You can not do this with oem keys... First disconnect from your internet connection, input the key, activate via phone.. had to do it for the pro key and then again for media center

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I'm curious who has had enough problems with the lack of 64 bit software support that they are considering going with the 32 bit version when Windows 7 is released in the Fall.

Personally, the lack of a Cisco VPN client, some poor software support, and a few driver issues, is really making me reconsider going with 64. Then again, I have not tried out the XP virtualization.

Answer:64 bit software support (or lack of)

Not me. I've got all the driver support I need to productively use x64. The only shortfall I see, for me, is the last of Flash for 64-bit. For that I just use 32-bit Firefox.

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Hi Does anyone know how to contact Gigabyte support in the UK. I am having trouble with my PC not booting and although I have their contact details which come straight out of the mobo manual, they are proving elusive. This is whats in the book:G.B.T. TECH. CO. LTD. ? Tel: 44-1908-362700 ? Fax: 44-1908-362709 ? E-mail:[email protected] ? WEB Address: click here I Have tried filling in their query form online but it it either does not submit properly or they don't bother to reply. I have tried the email address above, no response!and the telephone number takes you to Telewest... Weird.Can anyone help, has anyone had any luck lately with contacting Gigabyte support?. Helppp!

Answer:Gigabyte lack of support

If you ring 01908 362700 that is the GBT Office, I've just tried it.The 44 bit is the international number for dialing from outside the UK

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My Brother pc & with me both sat through reisntalling Windows xp because the pc was booting to one of them Blue n' White umountable boot volume error screens.The Format and install for the XP Files was fine but the reboot before the main process the system just hung and monitor went into standby. So after hitting the Enter key it sort of woke up and after having a think carried on the process of installing windows.But now each boot up it gives you 2 options to boot into windows XP which I know it shouldn't.Is this a HDD Problem or anyone any ideas.Also noticed when it sort of feel asleep the Green Power light and CD drive where the Dell Reovery CD was flickered on and off as if the power was on & off.Also on another attmept to try the above keyboard error came into the fault log in bios. Tried another straght keyboard.Weired problem, help again please.

Answer:Dell Dimension 2350 & WinXP Probs

Try doing a system file scan. Start/Run type sfc /scannow (Watch the space after sfc) You will need your XP Disc.The green light does flicker on and off as it is reading the cd.

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Dell dimension 2350 loading xp failure loading new operating system sometimes will go to 100% then powers down and shuts off instead of going to second phase thats as far as i can get

Answer:dell dimension 2350 loading xp failure,

Did you just install xp?

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Hi all, I have a DEL 2350 that I purchased in 2003. I recently up graded to Windows7 and for the most part it works well. The problem is the integrated Video Graphics Brookdale-G Graphics Chip Eccelerated VGA Bios.

Any one have any experience upgrading this machine to Windows 7. I get 1024X768 but only 256 colors

Help please i really don't want do downgrade to XP

Answer:Win 7 Driver for Dell 2350 Brookdale-G Integrated VGA

SASGeek, welcome to the forums.

That chipset is also known as the Intel 845GL,


which does not now and never will have Windows 7 support, due to its age and the lack of the hardware in it necessary for Windows 7. That isn't to say that some haven't got it to work. From this thread,

Intel Integrated 845g Chipset Drivers

it seems the last XP will work for it in Windows 7, just won't get Aero or any of the other new effects.

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My Dell Inspiron 2350 All-in-One  was damaged by a power surge during a storm. I took it to Best Buy since this is where it was purchased.  They wanted way to much to fix it so I was going to replace it myself. The tech said that the internal power supply inside the PC needed to be replaced. After I opened the PC I could not locate an internal power supply. I have looked at the manual and can not find the internal power supply. Where is the power source or internal power supply that they said needed to be replaced that was damaged during the surge?

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I need the Ethernet Driver for a Dell 2350. I found some on the Dell site, however they do not work. The Device Instance LD is PVI\VEN_14E4&DEV_4401. Any suggestions?

Answer:Ethernet Driver needed for Dell 2350

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Hello, I know this Dell is rather old but it is all I have for use until I have saved for a new laptop. My problem with it is that it is very slow.

It has a 1.8GHz Intel Celeron CPU and 512MB of RAM and it runs Windows XP Home Edition, but when I attempt to browse the web via Google Chrome or Firefox or any browser, it's really slow. Trying to load a video on YouTube on this thing is pretty much impossible. I assumed this was just normal behaviour for a machine this old but I was told by a friend that 512MB should be more than enough to run Windows XP without it being this slow.

I constantly get the "virtual memory minimum too low" message while trying to visit Twitter or Facebook or even when checking my mail. I've just tried increasing the virtual memory and I will check if that has made any difference but I'd just like to know if there's anything else that can be done to improve this machine's performance. Thanks in advance for any help.

Answer:Dell Dimension 2350 running slow

here are things I do to maintain my computer at its top potential:
1. update OS
2. update antivirus definition and regular scanning with antivirus and antimalware will help.
3. update device driver.
4. HDD check - chkdsk /r

hope it helps.

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I just wrote zero's to the hard drive and reloaded windows on the subject PC. In the device manager I have an Ethernet Controller and a MultiMedia Audio Controller that I cannot find the the drivers for. (Yellow Question marks next to them). I installed another nic card so I could access the internet.

I have been unable to find them on the Dell disks (which disk contains them?) and I have had no luck finding them on the Dell website.



Answer:Dell Demension 2350 Ethernet Controller
I'm assuming XP

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Does anybody know off hand....would replacing a dell motherboard in this specific model (Dimension 2350) require some case mods to get a aftermarket board in there!!??

If not...I'm trying to figure out what socket is the cpu?? Looking up the "Service Tag #" at it gave me the following specs for the mobo and cpu...


PROCESSOR, 80532, 2.0G, 512K, 400, SOCKET N, C1

Doing some research...I think it is a socket 478...but just looking for some reinforcements!!

Also...if a third party board would fit, no problem...what about the wiring connectors for the psu, usb headers, power/reset button, etc, etc.

I contacted dell and they said (After having to tell her my life story!!!!) that a replacement motherboard would be $109.00 and the non-english speaking idiot assured me that the pre-existing os that is currently married to the system, would work with the new motherboard!!! Does that sound correct?? If so...then we will probably go that route!! Like I said before...just looking for reinforcements on my thoughts!!!!

Sorry for rambling...but I wanted to make sure I got it all in there!!


Answer:Replacing board in Dell Dimension 2350

OEM boards are often non-standard in many ways. Although not a common as it once was, OEM manufacturers have been known to rearrange the pinouts on the motherboards and power supplies making it nearly impossible to use the old case with a 3rd party motherboard. Big name brand manufacturers go out of their way to force you to buy equipment directly from them, thus ensuring they get more of your money.

You should be able to replace the mobo without an OS reinstall. At work we get PCs with identical hardware in lots of 50. When something other than the HDD dies, you can just take the old HDD and throw it in a new system and be good to go. The only thing that might happen is you might need to reinstall your NIC drivers, since the MAC address on the onboard NIC obviously changed. Also, be sure to put your adapter cards and disk drives in the exact same slots and channels as they were in the old system. Moving them will make Windows think they're new devices.

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I installed and reformated a maxtor drive with maxtor software on a dell 2350.
I get the message "Smart status bad on Maxtor HD" upon boot up. My hard
drives are setup as master & slave. I don't see SMART in my bios to diable that
so what should I do to correct this problem. A previous maxtor drive did not give
this problem. I make the computer wait on boot up with that message.
Thank you,

Answer:Smart status bad on Maxtor HD & Dell 2350

Make sure the jumpers are set correctly on both drives; one Master and the other Slave or both to Cable Select - improper jumper settings can give false SMART errors.

Howver if it is a true SMART failure then you need to test the drive to confirm, and possibly repair an error if its a bad sector, or to replace the drive if its faulty and beyond repair.

Most Dell's have built-in diagnostics by pressing F12 or you can use the Maxtor/Seagate diagnostics:

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I'm running windows 2000 pro, and have a 5-disc cd rom Fedora /Linux installer. How do I set up the full Linux program to my old Dell dimension 2350 32-bit 1024 Ram home computer?

Answer:How do I install Linux on Dell 2350 2000pro?

Fedora fits on a single CD...what's on the other 4 discs? Which version of Fedora is it? The newest is version 13. Do you have any experience with Linux? Do you want to keep Win2000 or do you want to completely wipe the drive & install Linux only?

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My Dimension is some 8 years old. I recently got a new LCD monitor for it. It seems to work OK but the software supplied tells me that I am not getting the optimum resolution. Seems to be the graphic card not being up to the job. Would the purchase of an external graphics card improve things? If it would any suggested product brand? JedtheNed

Answer:Dell Dimension 2350 Graphics Card

It has 3x PCI slots (click here), so you could get a PCI graphics card, which would be the best & cheapest option.A few examples click here{agp}%2bc{420}%2b&ob=4 / click here / click here. Any 6200 card & above will be fine, so you'll want to avoid the FX5200 in eBuyer's link.What monitor is it exactly - make & model please? G

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Hi, my dell dimension 2350 won't start up (at all). There is no sound whatsoever when I press the power button (the fan's don't run or anything). The only sign of life is when I have the power cord plugged into the computer the motherboard light turns on (green in color). Other than that, nothing. Instantly I thought it must be the power supply...but I bought a power supply replacement, installed it...and still nothing. I don't know what else it could be. I was thinking maybe the motherboard? but the motherboard looks fine visually (no broken capsules) and wouldn't the fan still run and the cd drive still be able to go in and out if the motherboard was damaged? I don't know...I'm out of guesses.

Also, the diagnostic lights on the front and back of the computer are not lighting up in any way.

Anyone have any ideas on what the issue might be?
Any help would be great....thanks!


Answer:Dell 2350 won't start - motherboard? powersupply?

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Booted Inspiron 2350 up today and have no means of Input, Neither Keybpard, Mouse or Touchscreen work.
Computer boots up fine to picture screen, but no means of getting to login screen.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 2350, No input options

If you reboot and immediately press F2 or F12, does the keyboard work?
Try this:
Power off and unplug power cord from *rear" of PC. Press/hold power button for ~30 sec. Reconnect power cord to rear of PC and reboot...

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In May of 2011, I purchased a ThinkPad for my son to take to college.  With it, we paid extra for a warranty that we thought would ensure that he would be taken care of, if any problems with the computer came up.  In November, the computer ceased working and after three weeks of calling and waiting (and much frustration), a technician finally came out and made a repair.  Unfortunately, after one day, the computer once again ceased to work.  This time, it was not even possible to run the diagnostics because the computer would not even boot up.  Again, I placed a phone call to the customer support number, hoping to have a resolution before finals started.  A case number was assigned and I was given the name of the "Escalation Specialist" who I was told would be calling me in 24-48 hours. While I tried to be patient, there was no call and so after almost a week, I tried calling the Escalation Specialist.  Instead of reaching him, I was greeted with a message that his voice mailbox was full, so I could not leave a message.  The recording said that I could be transferred to an operator if I pressed the # sign, but when I did that, I was told that this was not an option available to me.  When I called customer support/service back to let them know this, I was told that I should stop calling because each time I called, I was being moved down in the list of people to receive return calls.   Wow!  is this what customer service has... Read more

Answer:Lack of customer service/support

hey UnhappywithLeno,welcome to the forums and apologies on what had happened.could you pm to me the following :Name:Country:Mobile:Email:MTM [machine type model]:(To locate MTM - Number (S/N):Date of Purchase:Case/Order Number : (if any)Screenshot of Error(if applicable) : (upload it to a hosting site and paste the link here)Location of unit : Home / Repair Center (delete where appropriate)Description of issue :Troubleshooting Taken : (if any)

WW Social MediaImportant Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!Have you checked out the Community Knowledgebase yet?!How to send a private message? --> Check out this article.

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Can anyone tell me how to get Kaspersky to react and give support. I reported a problem 2 months ago, Kaspersky have taken on average 7 days to respond to each e-mail when they ask me to carry out various test. I am now no further forward and KIS is letting Malware in. Has anyone found a clever way to put the proverbial boot in? It is sad that their support is so slow when they get such an accolade for their IS package from PC Advisor.

Answer:Kaspersky Tech Support or lack of

No Security program can stop everything that is why you need good back up the likes of Malwarebytes or Superantispyware.Are they false positives or genuine malware infections.

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So with the new round of games coming out I decided it was time to add another Radeon HD 5770 to my system so I could rock some massively overclocked dual GPU goodness.

Well think again! After screwing with this system for about four weeks I have determined that CrossfireX is bogus and I should have just attempted to sell my original 5770 and buy a better single card.

I'm currently on a clean (SUPER CLEAN) install of amd_catalyst_11.5b_hotfix_8.85.6rc5_win7_may25 drivers and using the latest amd_catalyst_11.5_cap3_may26_110525 application profiles. Windows 7 Ultimate x64, everything up to date. MSI Afterburner used for overclocking profiles.. etc.

The new games I was wanting to max for their splendid eye candy:

Crysis 2 - will run in Crossfire mode with little scaling evident, although if any AA is enabled there are all kinds of screwy visual defects going on. So in the end it runs better with Crossfire disabled and graphic options set to medium.

Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed - This game will run fine with Crossfire enabled, however only GPU #2 is being used, so 0% scaling. Upon further investigation the use of both GPUs was disabled via ATI's application profiles shortly after the game was released due to major problems with it.

Total War Shogun 2 - Now this game is one that is supposed to scale well when running in Crossfire mode. WRONG, because upon launch the entire system will freeze as soon as the intro movie starts... Read more

Answer:Totally fed up with (lack of) CrossfireX support

Bump for my frustration..

Is anyone actually getting good results with CrossfireX, or SLI for that matter?

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Right after i installed the 64 bit version, i assumed that chrome already had such a version released, but after a closer inspection i realised it was still a 32 bit one. After looking further into the matter i found out Google only released it for Linux users, which is beyong my reasoning.

After that, i tried firefox, which apparently had a 64 bit version available, yet it asked for no apparent reason for me to give my administrator name and pass, which were incorrect according to the installer, and it exited. It eventually crossed my mind to right click and select 'run as admin' and it worked fine.

Also, i have noticed the built in IE browser is 32 bit aswell, which seems odd.

On top of all those, is the information that adobe flash player does not support 64 bit browsers true? EDIT: i tried using the 64 bit version of firefox to browse youtube, but it keeps saying i need an additional plugin, i install the adobe plugin, yet it keeps giving me the same error, which to my mind means adobe does not support 64 bit yet?

Answer:Lack of browser support for Windows 7 64 bit?

Hi as of yet I have not seen any real support for the 64 bit browsing, so for the time being you will have to live with the 32bit unless someone else knows of a answer

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I have been trying several times over the past few week to get a response from Auslogics using their web based form (the only way I can find of contacting them) and have had no response whatsoever from this. This is concerning a registered version of BoostSpeed. Has anyone found a way of getting a response from them?

Answer:Auslogics Technical Support (or the lack of it)

What problem are you having with it? I assume that you have looked at the FAQs

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I bought a PC from Watford Electronics last July, and emailed them to ask about a problem with Windows XP. No reply, so I emailed Microsoft in the USA and they replied: ?Thank you for contacting Microsoft Customer Service. If you are using Windows XP and it was purchased outside of North America, your best resource for assistance is the Microsoft subsidiary in United Kingdom. There are significant programming differences between North American and localized versions of software. You will be best assisted by the subsidiary that specializes in your specific version.?So I emailed Microsoft UK, and their response was that because the software is OEM (original equipment manufacturer) then support is provided by the manufacturer.Two more emails to Watford Electronics, with no response. I have just found the email address for the managing director, Shiraz Jessa, so will try him.

Answer:Support (lack of) for Windows XP Home

What is the problem, maybe we can sort it on here?

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Has anyone had problems with the Lenovo Warranty not being honored? I sent my laptop to the Depot (USA) and they kept my laptop for 3 weeks and sent it back without repairing it.  The symptom was the laptop was overheating and shutting off. I have only owned the laptop since January, and the overheating started in April/May, i initially thought it was a 64-bit driver problem.  After sending it to the depot, they claim the following 1 - They claimed something had been spilled on the laptop, voiding the warranty2 - They were going to charge me $950 to repair3 - For my money they would not send back the replaced parts, nor would they tell me if the parts were refurbished or new. I wanted the parts back so I could  a) see if a spill had occurred b) see if someone ast a customer site had sabotaged it. They sent my laptop back withyout answering any of my questions.  Starting to wonder if the warranty is worth diddly. Model is 4062-4JU.

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Hey Lenovo team, The P50 website for Lenovo India ( ) does not have a configurator & online purchase platform unlike the US website ( ). I emailed TheDoStore support ([email protected]), requesting information on the configuration options available in India and got the following response: "... unfortunately we don't have an expert who would be able to respond to you. We would like you to please call 1800 3000 9991 where an expert will be handle your query and give you the best possible advice.  ..."  - Not the most encouraging of emails. And the 'expert' team at 1800 3000 9991 was not very competant. They could confirm only the configuration that was available in stock and could not even confirm if other options (see below) were either out-of-stock or not-launched/not-available in India. Could somebody help me out with the following?Processor: Are the i7-6820HQ & Xeon E3-1505M options available?Display: Is the 4k IPS non-touch available?Storage options?And what are the buying options for the P50?Is 1800 3000 9991 really the only option? Or are there other resellers? Is it expected to be listed elsewhere online, where I can see and verify the configuration, rather than just trust an 'expert' over a phone call?

Answer:P50 in India - Lack of support (even) for buying?

 I suggest you post this to the Feedback of Support Websites part of this forum. Lenovo employees will carefully read your post in my past experience.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------TPs own: X31 (2003), X61T, X200T, Tablet 2, P50 (2016); Win 7/8.1/10, Ubuntu8.04-16.04.

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I have a dell dimension 2350. It has an integrated video card. I am trying to install a Gforce FX 5200 PCI video card. I tried almost everything. I need a computer wiz to crack this problem.Ralph

Answer:dell dimension 2350 video card installation

Ralph......have you gone into the bios and disabled the on board vid display .....then install the new plug in card Hope this helps you dl65  

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Running Windows XP probably SP2.Moved this computer a few weeks ago, defragged, deleted old programs, tried to streamline. Everything working fine for about two weeks, it was running faster, and playing Internet games with ease. Then turned it on one day and before it finishes loading all programs it shuts down completely. Sometimes it doesn't get past the Windows start up screen; sometimes it loads McAfee and all desktop icons then stops. Tried to start in safe mode, varying length of "up" time. This is my backup computer to my 1+year old XPS system (that I luv!) With two teenagers and me in the house, definitely need more than one computer. Any ideas??

Answer:Dell Dimension 2350 shuts down before complete loading

Open the case and blow out all the dust bunnies with compressed air, make sure all fans are spinning when it is running. Listen to hard drive does it make a clicking sound? If so, it would be failing.
Boot into Safe Mode with Networking, download CCleaner, delete Temp files, run Registry Cleaner, Download run full scan, Defrag computer.

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I have a Dell 2350 case in with only one hard drive bay housing. I want
to put a second hard drive. Where can I get a second hard drive bay housing
for it or is there another way to mount a second drive without a second bay

Thank you,

Answer:Solved: DELL 2350 CASE Where to get a second dirve bay housing?

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This all-in-one desktop has and easily accessible panel for maintenance purposes – so does anyone know if the 12 MB RAM (8+4?)  could be upgraded to 16 MB, and the 32 GB SSD drive be swapped out for a larger SSD drive?
I know I could just buy the 27 inch version with more memory etc but I've had a 27 inch Dell monitor before and the reflection on it was terrible, so bad that I had to return it because I just couldn't use it.
Thanks in advance for any advice.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 2350 All In One Desktop– memory upgrade?

Hi Gary hobo,
Dell sends a technician only to replace faulty parts on the system. I would suggest you to purchase a 8GB DDR3L 1600 MHz memory and contact a local techncian who will be able to replace it.

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This is my first time making a thread, so bear with me. I can't find my audio driver for my computer. I know what's missing, but I can't find a place to download. I don't know exactly what info I need to display exactly so that's down below:

Answer:Can't Find Audio Driver Dell dimension 2350

Hi and Welcome

Try the below as written and hopefully it should get your audio working.

Download and install the Chipset driver from HERE, install and reboot (important to reboot)

Then install the Windows UAA HD Driver HERE (as you don't have SP3 yet for XP installed), then install the Audio driver from HERE and reboot, then test your audio.

If its not working properly use the FixIT HERE as it will test out the Services etc to see if all are running ok.

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I did it!

i replaced the motherboard, the powersupply.

that's all.

an i purchased add in card (i plan on Getting a Radeon 9800 Pro for christmas)

it's a HARD thing to do, as it's an extreme thing that the average novice probably couldn't acheive.

but for me at 15 years old.

and i did it FLAWLESSLY! i thnk that's cool. lol


and my mom got this dell for FREE!


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Could someone tell me how to remove the case on my Dell Dimension 2350 Desktop CPU. I need to install a new CPU fan. I have the part (I think). I do not see any screws, they are small round metal ones with round holes. Thanks

Answer:Solved: How to remove case on Dell Dimension 2350

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Dell Dimension 2350
Pentium 4 1.80GHz

I have not used this computer for about a week, and now when I turn it on my keyboard doesn't work. It is a generic keyboard that came with my Dell.(Mouse works fine until I try to type, then freezes). I went into Device Manager and there was a yellow sign indicating a problem with my keyboard. I tried to update driver, but there was no newer version than the one installed. Device properties indicate that "this device can not start. (code 10)". I don't know what code 10 is. Tried to uninstall, and reinstall... nothing.

So, naturally, I tried a different keyboard (the one I know is good) and this one is USB (wired Natural Ergonomic 4000 by Microsoft) and it installed fine. According to device manager, it works properly. However, still can not type. Tried to connect it to a different USB port; that didn't help either.

Any suggestions?


Answer:Keyboard doesn't work (Dell Dimension 2350)

Try plugging both keyboards into a different computer and see if they work.

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This Dell has a Pentium 4 2.2GHz with a case mounted CPU cooling fan that exhausts heat out the back of the case via a tunnel to the CPU. Shouldn't this fan be pulling air in over the CPU rather than pulling air out of the case? I bought the PC used and wondered if the fan had been replaced improperly or if this exhaust configuration is correct. Thanks.

Answer:Dell Dimension 2350 CPU fan direction - intake or exhaust?

Would you want to blow hot air from the CPU back into the case?
No you want to exhaust hot air from the CPU out of the case...this is normal I think.

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I seem to be having a problem where I can't change the volume on my Inspiron One 2350. This is when I am on my PS4 via a HDMI input. I am able to change the brightness perfectly fine but when it comes to volume, I am not able to change the level of volume at all. I have tried to completely shut down my computer and PS4 all together and start it up, and sometimes that would work or it won't.
This has been occurring for the last 2 months, I am hoping that there is a fix to this. There is a video below to show you what I am trying to show you. Hopefully this makes things more clearer.

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i have recently downloaded windows 7 ultimate on my Dell Dimension 2350 but the resolution is stuck on 640x480 with the generic pnp VGA graphics adapter, i already had windows 7 ultimate on my computer with the right resolution but forgot what graphics controller i downloaded if you know of one or can help please do

thank you

Answer:graphics drive for windows 7 ultimate dell 2350

fxwllms, welcome to the Seven Forums.

The driver you need for it is the last XP driver,

as there is no Windows 7 driver available for it,

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its running windows xp.  I know it has a bunch of viruses on  there.  I tried to run an antivirus on there, spybot, avira, all those free ones.  But spybot doesnt even start.  I tried to run hijackthis, that also doesnt start.  Whats more the desktop screen says "your active desktop failed to load", press here to restart your active desktop.  When I click the button, I get a popup that says "this page cannot run any scripts. do you want to continue running scripts?"  And lately the computer seems to be freezing.What do I do?

Answer:dell dimension 2350 runs slow and erratic

Save all of your stuff and reinstall XP.

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I am starting up a PC that has been here for a while and amongst other problems I am still in need of a Multimedia Audio Controller DriverWhen I started loading drivers from Dell's site today, I DL'ed a chip set, I am not sure if its possible to download the wrong drivers to the components, but there were 3 of them under Other devices and 2 have disappeared somewhere ?Having said that I still need to fix the following ;I have become a little tired of trying to get this from Dell,( about 4 hours now trying to complete this thing) actually I should have it in a file on my hard drive but I can not find it.Do you have a better way of finding this driver. I'd like to get started updating windows but I need to do this other stuff first.Your assistance is appreciated.Jove

Answer:Dell 2350 MultiMedia Audio Controller Driver

Based on prior experience with the Dimension 2350 this should be the one for the built-in sound. Devices ADI 198x Integrated Audio ADI Onboard Sound Driver Multiple System.When you download make sure you pick where to save it, The Desktop makes it easy to find.Are you using Internet Explorer or Some other Browser?The Chipset driver will usually load drivers for several device that are built into the chipset.Roger

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Greetings! I would to ask more attention for Driver Support!I'm not entirely satisfied with driver support although the product is good thats why i did choose Lenovo. I know this is not the newest series by Lenovo but still you should support. (other series as well)The latest Video, audio driver is from 2013! So this is the way where Lenovo must be improve to satisfy product users! Regards,Robert

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well just been in touch with support to find out if a new bios is coming out to support graphics cards that most people have. (HD5450 nothign over powerful) Sorry not suported in any way, only 3 crappy cards are supported officially. Basically told to sling hook Remind me not to buy IBM again from the total lack of support or updates.PCI-E standard - not if your IBM 


Go to Solution.

Answer:M57 and any graphics cards - total lack of support - and do not buy

just as a note i have a motherboard from over 2 years ago with a standard pci-e slot and it works on that!!!! 

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A friend will be moving to Mexico but was looking at buying G550 MFG#: 2958A4U laptop in Canada but needs to make sure that it is serviceable in Mexico. I phoned Lenovo web sales but they could not help since that p/n is not sold on the website. Is this model serviceable in Mexico and if so is it only by mail within Mexico ie no on site service??

Answer:Extremely Frustrated with lack of pre sales support

tell him " make sure your lenovo has valid international warranty "he can check it here, but he needs serial number. ps : do not post serial numbers here for security issue.

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Quite suddenly I'm getting a frequent popup in a small window that says "Dell Update, 1 update is ready to install. Dell Inspiron 2350 System BIOS" The options are "Install now" and "Remind me later". Does this look legitimate? If so, is it something I want to do? My computer is almost 4 years old and it's running fine. I hate to risk breaking something. I'm running the latest Windows 10 Creators Update.

Answer:Popup for Dell Inspiron 2350 System Bios Update

Thank you for your message.We see that the last Bios update for this model was released in July 2015 & the version is A09.Restart the computer & tap F2 to get into Bios & check the version installed. If you have A09 you have the latest version.Considering the system age & the system model, we do not recommend a Bios update if everything is working fine. Installing a wrong Bios update or incorrect install may brick the motherboard.

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Does anyone have an email address that will put me in contact with someone in Canada? I spent three hours trying to get help that wasn't through the telephone, telling half a dozen people that I couldn't use the phone to get help. Technical support won't chat with people in Canada and I just jumped through a dozen hoops, only to end up in the same place. If anyone could please offer any kind of advice that would be greatly appreicated. Thank you.

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hey guys just picked up a nokia lumia 1520 running windows 10 last night ( os build no 10.0.10586.494 ) and am coming from android, i was trying to connect my google account via the accounts section of the people app and when i click google account it states that the browser is out of date. is there any work around for this? trying to bring my email and contacts over. thanks!

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