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Share dial-up without a router/hub?

Question: Share dial-up without a router/hub?

I have XP trying to share dial-up to my kids computer it has 98. I have bought & installed the fast ethernet card on both computers. I ran ICS on both computers. My computer with XP will connect, But the 98 can't. When I go into network connections I see my dial-up connection and Local area connection2 but says "Network cable unplugged". Should I see my computer and my kids computer in there? I don't know I feel like I'm running in circles..... Please someone HELP

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Preferred Solution: Share dial-up without a router/hub?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Share dial-up without a router/hub?

Is your network cable a crossover cable?

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I've had my network on dial up for quite some time now, and I just thought I'd tell some people how to share their dial up connection to multiple computers or gaming consoles, wirelessly or wired.
To start off, you need at least 2 computers, or 1 computer and a gaming console, ex. xbox 360, ps3, wii. The first computer, computer A if you will, will have the dial up modem and an ethernet card (or wireless card). To set the main computer (computer A) up as a host for your connection, you will need to configure ICS. Right click on your internet connection (on your Network Connection window, on Windows XP)(or Manage Network Connections, on Vista). Go to the Advanced tab and check the 3 boxes. (Note: If you don't want your connection to dial all the time, as you have a phone also connected to your line, uncheck the 2nd box) (Note 2: If you have more than one LAN card or wireless card, a drop-down box will appear. Select the card you want to use for ICS). Now, your internet is shared.
Now for the 2nd part on computer A: setting up the IPs. **(If you use a wireless router, you can skip this step, as the router assigns the settings automatically). Go back to Network Connections (or Manage Network Connections) and right click your LAN adapter that you want to use: ex. Local Area Connection. Click Properties and go to TCP/IP settings. Being the host computer, Computer A will have to have these settings: IP:, Subnet Mask is usually, Do Not Put A ... Read more

Answer:How to share dial up

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I am using a dial up wireless internet modem on one computer and wish to share this connection across the entire home group.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Thanks for any help.

Answer:How do you share a dial up connection?

I would think you need to set one up in Network and Sharing Centre, then in Sharing tab in Properties, select the appropriate option. Give it a go.

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Is it possible to share a dial-up connection through network cards in two different computers as long as they are connected together? If so, how do I do it?

Answer:Possible to share dial-up connection?

clancaster23 said:

Is it possible to share a dial-up connection through network cards in two different computers as long as they are connected together? If so, how do I do it?Click to expand...

Just remember that you're bandwidth is going to be way dogged down trying to do this. We're talking zipolay bandwidth (OK, you'll have some, but probably just enough to frustrate you!)

Second, your Internet provider will definitely frown on this unless you use something (like a router) to mask the fact that you're using two systems at one time to access the Net. (Can't remember if Win9x or XP's Internet Connection Sharing does this masking automatically, but it seems to me that Win9x doesn't. I could be wrong).)

If you're using Win9x, you have to enable Internet Connection Sharing, I believe it is, in the Control Panel's Add/Remove Software: Click on the Windows tab and go to ... (have to look real quick ...) Internet Tools and enable Internet Connection Sharing. Too, firewalls may not work in this configuration either, so keep that in mind.

Hope this helps,

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Im not sure what happend up intill last monday I could share my laptop's(vista) dial-up wth my desktop(xp and linux and other linux).
now I cant connect internet.
im also geting a yellow triangle over the connectshion but im not sure if that was there before.
my two computer a connected via a crossover lan cable.

connectshion sharing is still enabled.
I also reinstalled the lan drivers for both computers.

im totally stumped!
does anyone have an idea as to what is cloging the works?

Answer:cant share dial-up anymore

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I've recently networked two computers, a newer HP Pavilion (XP-h) and an older Compaq Presario (ME) using a d-link router. Both computers have a dial-up connection when needed (which is rare) but on occasions it would be nice to have both computers online at the same time.

Is there a way to do this? I know I could do it easily with a broadband connection, especially because I'm using a router anyway, but that's just not needed here.


Answer:share a dial-up connection

you can do Internet Connection Sharing. You will have to choose which one will be the 'gateway', but I wouldn't recommend it on a dial-up service.

Actually I wouldn't recommend it period. It's a pain in the rear when something goes wrong.

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I already know the answer to this but I'm hoping there's something out there. Is there ANYWAY POSSIBLE to share a dial up connection through a windows 2000 domain?

Analog router is too much.

Answer:dial up share connection??!!

Well, I suppose you could. But why?

If you just made the connection on the main computer, you could then share it like you could a broadband connection. It would be no diffrent to setup.

Of course, it's going to be really slow if you share it. Any dialup connections have a tendency of cutting out a lot,so odds are pretty good it will keep going down.

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How can I share my dsl internet connection with a computer that connects throgh a phoneline and modem to my computer.
Its like i want to pass through internet to a dial-up incoming connection like RAS in Windows Server 2003

can do this in windows 7 ?

Answer:Share internet with incoming dial-up

no clue ?

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Heres the deal... I have cable internet at home but I want to be able to dial-up when I am away from home and use my internet connection. Basically I need to make my home computer my personal ISP. I have had suggestions of using remote software like pcanywhere but that shares the desktop... granted I could use the internet that way but that would make more information needed to be transfered slowing down an already slow type of connection. I simply want to be able to dial-up my home computer and have internet like you would with any dial-up service provider... Can anyone please help... thanx

Answer:Need to share broadband over dial-up modem

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OK, here is the problem. My wife and I both have laptops and often want to get online at the same time. I can't get cable or DSL and sattelite Internet is $$ not feasible. Can I set up to share one a connection either wired or wireless?? I do not want to add another line right now, I am looking at my options. Would a wired router get me anywhere? I am looking at the Wiflyer from and it looks to be my best bet right now, any suggestions??

Answer:Possible for two laptops to share one dial-up connection??

you will need to setup a rudimentary network

get yourself a small router, plug both the systems in to the router, enable internet connection sharing on the system that is plugged into the socket and then have your other laptop use the connected laptop as its default gateway etc.

this should work I think.

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Is there a way to share a dial-up Internet connection on two computers at home? My computer has a 56K US Robotics modem that I use for my dialup connection. I would like to be able to share the Internet connection with my laptop. Is there a way to do this wireless so that I can move around the house with my laptop and access the Internet? I know how to share with a router and cable modem, but not so sure about doing wireless with dial-up?
thank you for any help or suggestions.

Answer:Is there a way to share dial-up with wireless connections?

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Okay, I've checked that all PC's are connected to the hub properly, and I've searched the web for info, but am getting quite confused. I'd like to use the two new (old) 98 machines to share a printer and a dial-up connection already shared by 2 XP-pro computers. I know how to set up the ICS on the XP's already (easy). I'd like to be able to just config the TCP/IP on the 2 98 machines and have everything be fine and dandy, but I'm not sure how to do htis "properly". Will DHCP come into play, or is this going to take a little extra configuring by me?? I'm just a bit confused. The 98SE machines aren't "seeing" anything yet...

Answer:Confused and wanting to share dial-up between 2 xp's and 2 98SE's

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I am trying to set up an ad hoc wireless network to share a dial up internet
connection but am having trouble getting the internet sharing happening. I thought this would be a fairly painless thing to do - obviously not!

I am using two computers:

1 - a desktop with a dial up modem and a wireless network card running on
Windows XP Home that connects to the internet via a dialup modem.

2 - a notebook with a wireless network card running Windows Vista Business.

I want the laptop to be able to connect wirelessly to the desktop and share
the dial up internet connection (once that is working will then want to share

Both computers have wireless network cards.

I have managed to set up the wireless network and it seems to be working OK but the internet connection sharing isn't working.

The desktop still connects to the internet and works properly.

The laptop sees the desk top system but it shows that the internet is not connected to the desktop (even though it is).

I have tried a number of different IP config and DNS settings on both network cards but seem to be chasing my tail.

Can anyone offer me some assistance to get this up and running?

Answer:Help needed to set up ad hoc wireless network to share dial up connection

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okey here is my situation, currently i am using windows 7 RC 64bit. the modem i used to use to connect to the net do not have a 64bit driver for win 7. so i installed xp in vmware and installed my modem in that xp. now i can connect online but i have to do it inside that xp. i am failing to share that dial up connection with my windows 7 os. i have already select the internet connection sharing for that dial up connection.

here is a screen shot of my screen with all the network settings tab and their current value. Network Adapter type is selected as NAT in vmware.

can some one from here please help me out with these different network settings , which i have got no clue.

Answer:How to share a dial up internet connecion from guest to host os in vmware

Its kinda hard to tell from the screen shot but it looks like you have this:

XP Machine - VM
IP -
Connects to internet

Win7 Machine - Physical
IP of VM adapter -

I am assuming that the network config screen you're showing for win7 is for the Virtual NIC that VMware uses. If this is true it needs the gateway set to

I've found when sharing a dial-up connection you sometimes need to run the Network Config wizard to make sure everything is set right. The default set-up by the wizard should also turn on a DHCP server on the device sharing the connection. Your Win7 machine then should be able to set up everything with DHCP - no manual configs necessary.

Also check firewall settings so all of this plays nice.

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Okay, here's what i have to say in brief:
I have this internet connection connected to my pc, i have another NIC installed for routing this internet to other computers. I have TP-LINK Wireless router and all I want to do is connect the internet to my PC first then connect router to my PC via another NIC so that the router can route that internet!
Any help is highly appreciated; i have been trying hard but really end up in dead-end everytime
I connected my router's WAN port via 2nd NIC and set the router to static mode (don't know what i have to do here)

Answer:Share my PC's internet using router (pc to router and router to other)

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Question: router to dial up

hi chaps..i have a router and 2 pc i want to share a connection...can u walk me thro the set up so i get my router to dial up and not the modem ta

Answer:router to dial up

Modems dial up, routers DONT!You'll have to connect the two machines together using an ethernet cable from one to t'other.

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I currently connect to AOL using a BT Voyager 105 modem via DialBB and then logging on via AOL 9.0VR. If I go ahead and install my "free" AOL Thomson router will I still have to go through the same procedure to connect?Many Thanks

Answer:AOL Router and Dial BB

No, as your modem/router will be 'always on'. Once the router is set up you'll be able to connect to the internet through any browser.If you want to use the AOL browser then you will need to log on to AOL in the usual way.

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I want to replace my modem lead with a wireless connection to my laptop. Can I use a BB router with the dail up modem?Thanks. Regards,ableddyn

Answer:Router with dial up

yes .. dead easy .any with wireless and router combined ,,

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Question: dial up router?

I'm setting up a small network, 3 pc's. To get i-net access do you have to use a cable/dsl router? I'm not even sure, is there a dial up router, and if so, can it be used for networking?
thanks, Jim

Answer:dial up router?

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I am having the same problems, where I live we do not have broadband.
Coms between the PC and the router are fine but I cannot get at the modem in the router to "Dail up" the net ISP - Any ideas ???
Don't want to revert to having a trailing telephone cable accross the lounge!

Answer:Router with dial-up?

Even though it appears you're having the same problem, please start a new thread when you have a new issue. It's very difficult to keep two problems straight and who's working on what in a single thread.

I've created a new thread for your issue here.

Note: You will need to post complete details of your configuration and your specific issue in this new thread for us to help you.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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Question: Dial-up & Router

Is it possible to get a dial-up connection going then split the connection through a router? If so, how?

Oh damn, should've put this in Networking >_<

Answer:Dial-up & Router

My brother does it with a small wireless Linksys router.

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Hi all,

I recently purchased a new routeur, D-Link's DIR-825. I am quite happy with it's performance so far, the main reason I bought this model was that it has a USB port so that I could use a HDD as a network.

I installed the "Shareport" utility provided by D-Link and yesterday I finally got around to plug my HDD into the routeur. Things went smoothly and I was able to "connect" to the drive from my home computer.

I then turn on my laptop, which is my work computer, and tried to connect to the drive. Shareport told me that it was already connected and needed to be disconnected.

I mean the whole idea behind me buying a routeur with a USB port was to have a hard drive that would serve as a network backup that could be accessed by both computers at any given time...

Besides, if only one computer can be connected to it at a time that's not what I call sharing, the "Shareport" utility should have a different name then.

Now is that inherent to this type of setup or is it simply a show of the software limited capabilities?



Answer:Can't share a HDD through a router

If you share a folder on your home computer does your work computer see it? If not then your work computer and your home computer probably believe they are on two different networks.

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I was wondering if it was possible to easily share a dial-up connection using an Netgear 802.11g router (WGR614) meant for cable/DSL? I have two Windows XP boxes and one Windows 2000 box that I would like to use for very basic internet service. The idea is that when one of the boxes connects to the internet, the other ones on the LAN network will also have a connection.

I know that it is possible to use internet connection sharing in Windows to shrae my dial-up connection. However, other systems on the LAN network do not see the proper gateway necessary to connect to my dial-up ISP. The gateway they do see is the gateway of the router which is something like

The problem is getting the computers on the LAN to see the one system that is sharing the internet connection. Is there a way to make this easier?

Answer:Sharing a dial-up using 802.11g router?

Disable DHCP on your router. As a router that device is worthless. You'll use the LAN switch function of the device.

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Help please.I can connect to Broadband with a USB modem, and I am trying to set up a wireless modem router (SMC Barricade SMC7804WBRA).Ihave reset the SMC to the manufacturers defaults and then entered the setting for my ISP (Talktalk) but when I try to connect all I can get is 'No dial tone........'.Cable is Ok as it works wih USB modem, and my laptop can ping the modem wired or wireless and I can also configure the modem.Any ideas what I can try?Thanks in anticipation,Roy

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right to the point

from the wall theres an Ethernet cord to the computer ethernet. To connect to the internet i have to click connect to and enter username and password, and it will connect, just like dialup. However now i want to add a router, but when i plug it into my router's internet port im lost.

also the network connection on the computer says pppoe connection, ive tried lots, from setting the router to pppoe settings ect.
i want to be able to connect the internet cord from my wall to my wireless router.

Answer:Ethernet Dial Up for router

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After having my PC & laptop connected together via crossover cable (as mentioned in this thread), I have decided to upgrade to a wireless router.

I have set it up all ok, the network is working fine and the security software on both is playing nicely. The only problem is I cannot connect to the internet on the laptop, via the dial up on the main PC. I did have ICS setup when I had the network setup by crossover cable.

Setup as follows:
D-Link wireless router DI-524
Main PC running Win Vista 64bit, connected to the router by ethernet cable on port 1, and connects to the internet by dial up modem.
Laptop running WinXP Home, connects to router wirelessly.

ipconfig info attached

XP main PC

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6000]
Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Users\Grenge>ipconfig /all

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : GUARDIAN
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

PPP adapter iiNet:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : iiNet
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . :
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : No
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . :
NetBIOS over ... Read more

Answer:Sharing dial up through router

I think I have stumbled onto the answer.
I found something on the dlink website which was called How to open ports but instead of putting the IP address of the router, I tried the IP of the computer with the dial up and all works well now.

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Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me on this.

I have two computers running XPSP1 Pro.

My machine has a modem which connects to my Dial Up Internet service. It is connected to my router through a regular NIC. My machines IP address is I have ICS enabled on my dialup connection.

My Router's IP Address is

Now, I am trying to get my sisters computer to browse the internet. Her computer is able to successfully browse my shared files, and connect/disconnect my dial up connection. However she is not able to browse the internet.

Someone please help.


Answer:ICS For Dial Up Connection Through Router

You have two options, you can buy a router that has a modem built in or a com port so that you can add a modem to it, or, what I consider the best way is, you can remove the router completly and use a crossover cable to connect the two computers. This would create a peer to peer network which enables you to then share the dial up connection on the first computer. Unfortunetly you are not going to be able to share that connection with the router you are using.
Good luck,

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i have a wireless laptop and a desktop pc that i'm trying to connect to gether. i have successfully tried wired and wireless network (peer-to-peer/ad-hoc). the problem with the wireless adapter on both pc's is that it has to be set up everytime you turn on the machines. file & printer sharing and internet connection sharing worked on both cases.
i am now trying to connect a router to the desktop using an ehternet cable to the wan port. (this will look like any dsl/cable modem feed to the router). and let the laptop catch the wireless network that the router brodcasts.
can this be done?

Answer:can a router be fed by a pc with dial-up modem?

just to be clear, you want


dial-up ---- systemA -wired-wirelessRouter ..... systemB

SystemA needs ICS to be active so that systemB requests get routed thru
to the dialed connection. The systemA wired-side will be forced (by MS)
to have address, so your router WAN address needs to be something
else, say Allow the router to provide DHCP from
and up.

You would be happier if BOTH systems connected to the router which connected
to your ISP. Can you get ADSL service?

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I have a Linksys wrt54G v5 router. I use it to share internet with a desktop pc and a wifi laptop. I use the laptop for p2p so it might get a virus. I use my desktop pc only for secure things. So, how do I have to do so I only share internet. In case a hacker gets into my laptop he will not be able to infect my desktop pc.

I uninstalled "file and printer sharing" and "client for microsoft networks in both pc. Also, the name of the workgroup is different for each pc. Also, C: is not allowed to be shared in any. Is that enough? Can I download anything in my laptop without worrying my desktop pc will be infected?

If not, is there something I can do so that they will be in different networks?

Thank you all!

Answer:Router to share internet only

Hartman87 said:

I have a Linksys wrt54G v5 router. I use it to share internet with a desktop pc and a wifi laptop. I use the laptop for p2p so it might get a virus. I use my desktop pc only for secure things. So, how do I have to do so I only share internet. In case a hacker gets into my laptop he will not be able to infect my desktop pc.

I uninstalled "file and printer sharing" and "client for microsoft networks in both pc. Also, the name of the workgroup is different for each pc. Also, C: is not allowed to be shared in any. Is that enough? Can I download anything in my laptop without worrying my desktop pc will be infected?

If not, is there something I can do so that they will be in different networks?

Thank you all!Click to expand...

unless your router can support sub networks, you won't be able to do that. Besides the router blocks most of the attacks. Plus hackers tend to go for businesses not end users.

The only thing you will need is a software firewall like ZoneAlarm. As for viruses, get AVG Antivirus.

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I have a printer that's connected to my Mac. My wife's PC has a printer but it's not working. So, I figured I'd connect to my printer through her PC on the network, right?

Well, I went into her "printers" folder and didn't see mine listed. When I went to "add a printer," I told it that the printer is a "network printer" and then I tried to browse to find it. I see "sean kirkland's computer" listed on the network (that's my name), but when I try to click on this, it asks for a password and none of the ones I'd use work.

I had gone into my Mac and under the Sharing folder, I enabled "Windows sharing" and "printer sharing." I set up my wife as a user on my computer and set a password (just in case I even need to do this). It gave me an address that said "windows users can access this computer using //192.168......" I leave out the rest for security reasons. However, when I try to type this in her browser, it only leads me to a yahoo search saying it can't find this.

I'm not sure, but I think I'd need to find out exactly what password the PC is looking for when it asks for it (when I'm trying to open my computer's icon on her network listings). I also don't know much about the "network neighborhood," either. I enjoy trying to decipher and learn PC's. They're much different from Macs!

Thanks for any and all help in so... Read more

Answer:trying to share a Mac's printer with a PC on same router

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i have a router : siemens sl2-141 and i connected it via ethernet in my pc and i have full access to the internet. Now i want to share the internet connection to the other pc i've got at home... will i need extra hardware ? how can i do that ? shall i connect the other pc with the router via another ethernet cable or to connect the two pcs via ethernet ? the other pc has also an ethernet port.... Thanks in advance ;D

Answer:share internet into 2 pcs with a router

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Up until recently everything was fine with just the one router (A). Everyone was able to see the shared files and use the printer. But due to poor range I had to get a 2nd router (B).

Problem: Folks using router "B" can't see shared files or print.

They get all pissy when they have to connect to router "A" just to print.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I think i have to set up router B..not sure

Answer:Unable to share w/2nd router...HELP?

what is your current configuration? have you tried having the di524 use the airlink's DHCP server (rather than assigning it's own IP addresses)?

try disabling the d links DHCP server and using the airlinks might fix the problems

also do ensure that the subnets match

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An identical thread was closed because "We don't assist in the use of P2P applications" I am not asking assistance in the use of p2p. I mentioned that I use it for p2p because the truth is that my whole family uses that notebook including my little brothers. They surf any websites and download many things (including p2p, but I am not asking assistance for that) and it gets virus from time to time. My idea was to share the internet connection but still have two different networks. Or something that will give me peace of mind knowing that no matters how many hackers (Yeah, I know they don't care about my pc but anyway...) are controlling my notebook they will not be able to go from there to the desktop. But just saying that I use it for p2p and It might get a virus was simpler.

I think this thead is not against the rules so I paste the other one again. If it is against the rules, well, close it (What can I say )

Originally Posted by Hartman87
I have a Linksys wrt54G v5 router. I use it to share internet with a desktop pc and a wifi laptop. I use the laptop for p2p so it might get a virus. I use my desktop pc only for secure things. So, how do I have to do so I only share internet. In case a hacker gets into my laptop he will not be able to infect my desktop pc.

I uninstalled "file and printer sharing" and "client for microsoft networks in both pc. Also, the name of the workgroup is different for each pc. Also, C: is not allowed to b... Read more

Answer:Router to share internet only

OK, we'll give you the benefit of the doubt. If you want real protection, buy a second router. Install the first one as you normally would, and then plug the WAN/Internet port of the second router into one of the LAN ports of the router connected to the broadband modem. Put the "secured" machine(s) on the second router. They'll be protected by the NAT layer of the router from anything happening on the first router or the Internet. What I normally do is put the secondary router in the DMZ of the primary router so I can run with no restrictions if I want to forward any ports.

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Purchased a D-LINK DI804HV router and two DFE-530TX network cards for my two computers. Ran set up and installed everything, and I have access to Internet with both, and can print off of the same printer with both, but I have not been able to access the files from one computer to the other.
I have both W2K and W/98 set up on both computers, though I mainly use the 2K at boot on both computers. Am I doing something wrong, or is this something that can not be done? Can I access the files off Computer #1 from Computer #2 and visa versa?
Thanks ever so much

Answer:can't file share with router

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This is the equipment I have in my possession right now:

Laptop, with a network card
Desktop, with a network card
8 port hub
Toshiba cable modem (with usb and ethernet connection, ISP: Earthlink)
lots of ethernet cables
Right now my network is setup as follows:

Laptop connected to Earthlink's cable modem via ethernet.
What I want:

Have the internet on both computers, without needing the other computer to be on.
What I think i need:

a router (so that internal ip addressing will let me share my internet independent of the other computer)
What i dont know how to do:

where to get a router
what type of router to get
how to operate a router
what kind of settings need to be tweaked
how to wire the network
What would be nice:

later on if i want to hookup another computer, i wouldnt have to do any tweaking.
later on if i want to hookup an Xbox or a PS2 for online gaming, i wouldnt have to mess with the insides of something sacred as an Xbox/PS2
Hows that? how much would i have to spend on a router, if thats what i actually need. What if i get a wireless router? what do i need to put in the laptop and desktop so that they can communicate with the wireless router (i believe its something called an access point thing? not sure...) and how would that work with something like an Xbox or PS2

Thanks in advance

Answer:Trying to share internet using a router

Buy a Linksys BEFSR41 router at Best Buy. It's about $50 at most. It supports 4 computers. setup is simple, the 'manual' is a big foldout sheat with pictures. You access it's settings through your browser. I don't like wireless routers, they are always having connection problems. Wired connections are never a problem. But if you want wireless then get the Linksys WRT54G 4 port router with wireless. It's about $70.

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Ok for some reason this is driving me up the wall. I guess I have only done this a few times and that was a long time ago. I am trying to connected a laptop and a desktop together (ad hoc connnection; wireless cards in both computers) and trying to share internet with my DSL connection. I have all firewalls turned off and ICS turned on. I can share files but internet does not work on my laptop. Trying to bridge connections sends my DSL connection up the wall.

Then I got an idea to try to use my linksys ethernet bridge hooked up to my DSL modem and then trying to share internet between the 2 wireless cards: ie one in the laptop and one in the pc. However I could not ping the bridge or at least it did not work. So I am confused now. Anyone who gives me a step by step instruction on this easy task gets a cookie

Answer:Trying to share internet without a router

Bridges don't talk to client cards. An AP would do that. Well, you might could actually get it to work if you made the bridge an Ad Hoc device. Anyway, you get one IP from yor provider unless your paying for more so it's unlikely that setup would work anyway. Nont to mention, the bridge is probably getting the public IP so it stops there.

Same thing for trying to bridge your two network connections on a PC. not the scenario you'd do that here. Routers are so cheap I can't see a valid reason not to buy one but if you don't want to then your stuck with ICS or other NAT/Proxy software. If you are getting an IP on the ICS client from the ICS host and can move data back and forth but not get to internet sites by name, it's probably a DNS issue.

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i have a bt broadband router not wireless, it is connected to the pc via LAN card, i want to be able to also connect a laptop wired to the router to share broadbant but, there is only one connection port, if i use a hub or switch can i overcome this problem.i dont want to network just share the internet connection.what is the cheapest option, will be greatful for any suggestionsgeorge

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Here is the thing:

I have internet cable connected from my cable modem to a pc (winxp pro) with a usb cable. I want to connect a laptop to it using the ethernet card on the laptop (winxp home) and the ethrnet card on the pc. I do the set local area network on the pc with internet stating its the one directly connected and I do the same thing with the laptop but I state its connected to internet under another pc. I reboot both and nothing happens. The laptop has wireless lan and the normal ethernet and I have several unplugged devices in the taskbar same with the pc, I tried each ethernet card separately and they work fine, but I cant get to share the internet on the big pc on to the laptop. I have a router and when I connect the laptop my isp pops up and states I have to call them and have them charge me for the extra connection. Any ideas or things I can do this is really important :/ .

Answer:I want to share my internet with another pc w/o a router or hub etc.

1. Plug your laptop into the PC using a crossover ethernet cable.

2. Get into Network Connections on your desktop.

3. Select your USB -> Modem connection and your Desktop -> Laptop connection at the same time by holding down Control.

4. Right-click on one of them and click Bridge Connections.

"should work"

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How do you and can you setup 2 Computers, one with Windows XP, the other with Windows 98, to share files and printers over a Linksys Router? Don't you need a hub?

Answer:How to File Share with Router

Please do not post your question in more than one place. Your answers will be scattered all over and people cannot see whatall you have tried.
Plus it tends to p*ss people off!

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I have a windows 2003 server (DNS, DHCP, Active Dir, Print Server, File Server) and was using ICS until today, yeah big mistake i know, but i learnt the hard way!

All computers on the network are connected via 2 8 port switches.

I have a spare router D-link DSL 500 which has a built in modem.

My question is, how would I configure the router to simply share the internet connection across the whole network? I have a spare network card in the server not being used, would it be as simple as plugging one of the 4 ethernet ports on the router into the servers network card?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Router to share internet only

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Hello all,

Okay hear is the problem that I am faced with... I have a Virgin Mobile MC760 3G broadband device, I want to share that 3G internet connection with my D-Link DIR-615 router so that I can connect to the 3G over WiFi on my other devices.

The host computer that the 3G device would be plugged into is running Windows XP version 2002 Service Pack 2.

I realize that they do sell 3G routers but I would like to use the D-Link DIR-615 that I already have to avoid buying another router. I also realize that it may be easier to share the connection by creating a wireless network on the host computer and then enable internet sharing, I don't want to do this I need to share the connection through the router.

I don't know if it is possible to do this but any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Is it possible to share a 3G connection through a router?

You will need a second network card on the PC so that you can connect it to the router and use Internet Connection Sharing.

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Good morning. I know from past experience that this is likely an easy question for a lot of you.
Can I set up a home network when I have only dial-up service? All the routers I have looked at seem to need input from a cable-TV supplier which also provices Internet, or a high-speed telephone line. The main thing I want to do is connect a PC and a netbook, so I can work outside, without having to make file transfers via external storage. Connecting to the Net from the netbook is secondary, but if possible, would be nice.

Answer:Router + Dial-Up Telephone Service

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I have a single computer with windows xp pro, could I use a Linksys cable/DSL router model BEFSR41 and a netgear FA310tx card. I'm wondering if this is possible and if so would it be faster.

Answer:Solved: Can one use a cable/DSL router for Dial up

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Hey [H],

My boss came to me with a question yesterday that was out of the ordinary.

He is going to his in-laws this weekend to hook up the 'internet' at their house.

He has given them his old PC..... It was connected via a wireless router to his DSL modem.

All of the equipment worked just fine at this house.

Where he will be setting up his old PC they will have a 56k conventional modem. My gut tells me that there will not be an issue but I just wanted to check with you guys.

Will there be any issues with using a wireless router and a dial-up modem?



Answer:Dial-Up Modem and a Wireless Router

ya it will work fine.
im assuming its just going to be the 56k modem to the Old pc and no more router.

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I have my new WXP(SP2)Pc and system connected via cable to my Netgear router and broadband connection (I use it for connecting to work and for home use). The router I was advised to buy to enable me to connect to work appears to have a number of free 'ports' still available. Can I connect my old W98 dial up Pc to it (cable or wireless) and have my old W98 running on the same broadband connection? If so what will I need and how do I do it?

Answer:Can I add dial up Pc to my broad band router?

Does the Win98 PC have an ethernet port? If so, then a 'straight through' CAT 5 cable is all you need to connect it to the router. Is the router a wireless model? If yes and you want to connect the older PC wirelessly then a wireless adapter card fitted inside the PC or wireless USB adapter if you don't fancy opening it up.

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Hi all. I have seen this around before.

So I have a sprint XV6900 and im running pdanet connected through bluetooth as a PAM and im on vista. What I am looking to do is connect in any way possible to my trendnet tew432brp wireless router so I can share my connection with my xbox or ps3. Any help is greatly appreciated! thanks in advance

Answer:using dial up connection through wireless router

Not going to happen. You'll need a 3G router for that to work. The other option is to set it up without the router functionality enable and use a PC for ICS.

(I assume you're actually paying for PAM. You can also use WmWifiRouter. That's another neat utility).

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Hi you guys! So I do a lot of tech support for my family, however I'm a bit stumped a family member presented me with a problem on her hp netbook. She has verizon internet which is dial up and has a belkin router broadcasting the signal. Today however she was unable to connect. Usualy a box would pop up when she would connect to the network or a notification window would come up saying it is connecting to the dial connection. The window did have a box to check or un check asking to do it automaticaly, My question is how would i go about checking the box again and connecting the dial up connection?
the computer is a netbook running win7 starter it is an HP brand

Answer:Help connecting to dial up connection via router


Dial up connections are not possible behind a router. there would need to be an RJ-11 Cable(Phone cable) plugged into the computer.
Does the pop up box contain an IP, phone number, Just username and password, is it a windows box or Verizon box?

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I have two PC one XP and one 7. At first they were working. but after reinstalling windows 7. It suddenly won't work.

The strange thing is that I didn't change the router settings and that my drivers are working fine.

Is it possible that the ISP change their setting and decided not to allow internet sharing anymore?

When I tried ping or tracert, it says request unreachable. But when I directly connect the modem to the LAN card, internet works fine.

Answer:Can't share internet connection via router

Do you have mdnsresponder.exe in the task manager?

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I have printed out sheet after sheet off the Internet on setting up a wireless network and sharing printers.I have followed the instructions to the letter and I still cannot get either a network link or a printer link to work.Can any one tell me in simpleton's terms how to do one or both of these what seem to be simple tasks. That is until I try it. Regards Bruz

Answer:Cannot share printer through a wireless router

Which operating system, because in Vista I did it with three printers on three machines in two minutes.Make sure that you have turned on all the necessary sharing options in Control Panel\Network and Sharing on all machines you want involved, they should be obvious. If not Vista then I'm afraid memory is a bit dim now.

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Now I am setting up a printer sharing for my network. I like to share the printer which is connected to a PC behind a linksys cable/dsl router. The router is connected to WAN. Then, I like to print from a PC that is also connected to WAN. I can share the printer when I connected its PC to WAN directly (mean no router between PC and connection jack). But, when I put it behind the router, the printer-PC can't be identified (searched).

I also set the router's DMZ feature with the IP address of the printer-PC to have router allow inbound connection to the printer-PC. But when I type in the internet IP address of the router (not the local ip in the web browser of the other PC that needs printer sharing, this inbound connection is not forwarded to the printer-PC.

Can anyone of you please give me suggestion on router configuration? Thanks..

Answer:Outside PC want to share a printer behind a linksys router

FIrst, printer sharing has nothing to do with web pages, so trying to access the server computer with a web browser is useless. Well, unless you have activated a webserver there or you are using some special print server software that has a web page.

Assuming that you are using Windows file and printer sharing, then exposing this to the internet is a bad, bad, bad idea.

Setting up a print server with a JetDirect service is slightly better. The right way to do it is a VPN solution or some kind of secure tunneling using SSH or something similar.

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I have a Linksys WRT54G router, Westell modem, and BellSouth DSL. Not surprisingly, the router doesn't work (I don't think I've ever actually owned a router that works). I can access the configuration and the wireless network is working, but I can't get an Internet connection. I have it set to Automatic DHCP.

I don't know if this might be part of the problem, but this seemed odd to me: my computer has the same IP whether it's connected to the router or the modem, but the router has a completely different IP when it's connected to the modem:

Router to Modem:
Computer to Modem:
Computer to Router:

I have no firewall. The connection works when the computer is connected directly to the modem. Obviously, I've already tried resetting everything.

Any ideas?

Answer:Solved: Router doesn't share DSL

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I have ADSL WiFi router, i need to know can i share my PC files to my mobile phone using this ADSL router? If i can how do i do it?
Note:- I connected my router to the PC using a cable.


Answer:Can i share files using WiFi router?

Have a look here: Share Files Wirelessly Between Android and Any Computer | PCWorld Business Center

And here:

Basically, you're using a third-party file explorer that sets up a mini-server on your Android phone, which in turn hooks you up to your wireless network.

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Hello all,

Long story short, I moved to a new apartment and have to wait a month or even more to get my DSL internet, so I temporarily got myself a USB 3G device to have some access to the internet till I get my DSL line.

I live in Bahrain so I don't think you guys will know much about the ISPs over here. The USB acts as 3G modem for a single PC that's connected to it, what I want is to share that internet using my D-Link DIR-655 router so I'd be able to connect my iPhone and PS3 as well.

Any ideas to get that setup working as smoothly as possible would be great. DIR-655's default gateway is, and the auto DHCP range IIRC is to

Answer:Share 3G USB modem internet through DIR-655 router?

Use Internet connection sharing on the laptop. Or use something like Connectify.

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I am currently in a student housing and have an internet connection through a lan cable that comes out of the wall, so i have no access to anything. I just bought a eeepc with windows 7 and have an older laptotp with also windows 7. My old laptop is connected to internet and i would like to share that connection to the other one using wireless without a router. I looked on internet and found out it was possible with some tutorials for xp and vista.

Windows XP: Set up a wireless network without a router

But i cant seem to figure out what's wrong. My second computer connects to the network I set up with the 1st one but there is no internet access.

Anyone ever had this problem? did i forget something?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Answer:How to share internet connection without a router

Hi longlife,

What are your system specs and what type of router are you using?

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Can 2 Computers Share A Dsl Connection W/o A Router? (both Xp)

Answer:Can 2 Computers Share A Dsl Connection W/o A Router?

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I know that 1-way internet via satellite only has download and needs an upload source...If I have a broadband 128k connection (to be used as the upload source) and lets say, a 1mb connection via can I connect them both at the same time to the router, knowing that the router only has 1 port for the internet cable to be plugged-in?

Any help is much appreciated...

Answer:How can I share an Internet Via Sat (1-way) connection on several pcs? (router)

I don't know how you'd use a standard broadband router for this task. My guess is that you'll need to consider either ICS and a host Windows system, or perhaps a Linux rig of some sort. Since you have some sort of broadband, why not just increase the speed of that service and forget about the satellite connection?

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Hi i have just bought a router and i want to share the printer but through the router so you dont need the PC its connected to to be on.The only thing my Router accepts is wireless connection and Ethernet connections..but my printer is USB.Is there a thing to transfer it from USB to ethernet?thanxschaztait

Answer:Connect Printer to Router to share

Yes, you need a "Network Print Server". As your router is wireless, you could use a "wired" print server with it and still have wireless printing. click here

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Ive just brought a trust 445A speedlink modem/router (4 ports)so that I could network two computers together both running xphome.I've had no problems getting both to connect to the internet. But getting the two computers to see each other has been a different matter all together.I've managed to get one to see the other, but when I try to connect it tells me that I don't have permission and see my administer (me) and the other one doesn't see at all?I have disabled both firewalls, and also giving perimission for both hard drives to share (I know that a bit silly but!)where do I go from here?I've tried the search but to no avail, if I remember rightly gaz25 (I think that was his name) actualy posted a dummies guide to setting up a home network, but try has I might I can't locate it at all.

Answer:network/router, computers won't see or share?

Are you sure you have disabled all firewalls? Including the ICF within XP?Have you given the home network group the same name on both machines?Try rebooting both machines.

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I am trying to set up a simple home network whereby I can share files between 2 pic.PC 1 is connected via cable to my 02 router.PC3 (upstairs) is connected to the 02 router wirelessly. I don't have any problem with the internet connection but I've run the basic network setup wixard for XP - which is frustratingly vague on real detail - as was my Google search- all I can see is the PC i'm using in Network places in the wireless PC which isn't much help on it's own.I want to be able to share using the 02 router as go between (one wired/one wireless) or is that not possible?

Answer:Wires/wireless share using 02 router?

Have a look click here

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I have got a new router here.

Zyxel P-2812HNU-P1

It has USB on it.

How do I share an USB sticker or a HDD from it on the network ?

Answer:share an USB sticker on a network router

Here is a screenshot of what is in the router's manual about USB connection.

How is that been made in windows 7 ?

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OK herse the deal.;.

I have two computers, and i have a broadband blaster dsl modem connected to my DSL service which I get through AOL.

I have a BEFSR41 version 2 LINKSYS Etherfast Cable/DSL Router. (all update on firmware).

Ok, here is how everythin is connected....

My DSL MODEM is connected to a jack in the wall by an RJ cable, and is also connected to the LINKSYS router in the WAN port by a CAT-5 cable. My two computers and directly connected to the LINKSYS router, taking up 2 of the 4 available LAN ports (using CAT-5 cables). My AOL is set to sign on thrugh TCP/IP since I have a router. I can get on AOL DSL great, now heres the problem. I just finished setting up the other computers thats connected, and when I go to internet explorer i get no internet. On the router, the lights are on and it shows the connection is there.

I want to be able to go on one computer on the internet through internet explorer, as long as the other one is signed on AOL DSL.

I don't want it to be so that each computer has to individually sign on AOL to use internet.

Answer:AOL DSL, two computers, one linksys router, share?

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Hi everyone:

I currently have two PCs networked at home using a crossover cable. One is running ME, the other is a dual-boot with 98/XP Pro. I have no problems at all with this network, but notice when both are on a dial-up they are slow. (No option of cable, unfortunatly - live in a rural area.)

My question is - I want to now add two more systems to the network. One being another system running 98SE and another a PowerBook running OS X (yes .... it will work. This PB also has Virtual PC on it).

I am confused as to the difference between a "switch" and a "router". Do I need a router to first split the internet connection so each system will have a stable internet connection running at about the same connection speed THEN a switch (hub) to connect them? Or just a switch/hub? I also realize I need to make new cables that are non-crossover.

I've checked online at some home networking sites, but just can't seem to find the answer. I'd appreciate it if someone here could tell me what exactly it is I need to buy.


Answer:Router & switch difference? Sharing dial-up

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I just want to know how to connect/set-up an internal modem to a router so that i will not use Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) of Windows XP because i heard that it is faster to surf the web using router rather than ICS. What kind of router should i use? Should i use a telephone line (RJ 11) or CAT5 RJ45 cable to connect the modem to the router? From the modem, the "line" port (as indicated) should be used to connect to the router port?

how to set-up the network settings in Windows XP using a router?

Thanks for any reply/comments.

Answer:How to connect an internal dial-up modem to a router?

You don't hook a router up to an internal telephone modem. You hook it up to your network interface card (that's the bigger looking telephone jack, RJ45). You hook the other side up to either a DSL moden or a cable modem. You'll need to get with your new ISP for exact configs, but usually the default settings are for DHCP.

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Does anyone happen to know of a WIRELESS router (802.11b/g) that happens to have a RJ11 (telephone port) for dial-up modem?

I know someone that wants to use their laptop anywhere in the house (despite the slow connection of dial-up)........
.... and I'm having a hard time trying to find a wireless router that has this capability....
any clues?

Answer:Wireless router w/dial-up (RJ11) support?

3com used to make a LAN modem (not sure if they still do) that you could connect to the wireless AP.. Look on ebay..

Could probably do the same with a smoothwall box.


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Network Config/Topology:
1x WinXP Pro Desktop (Gateway PC) with dial-up PCI Card ( U.S. Robotics USR5610B)
1x Win2000 Desktop ("Client" PC) connected via cat5 cable (at first crossover then patch)
1x WinXP Pro Laptop ("Client" PC) connected via wireless.

Basically I've ran a cat5 crossover cable to the computer next to me (Win2000Pro), I easily configured ICS to work on that computer, and all went well until I bought a laptop. Once I got the laptop, I wanted to, of course, have it available to access my dial-up connection (so I could be in other rooms within the house and still access the internet on the amazingly slow speeds of dial-up since it's the only thing available here). Basically after a while, I decided to switch the ICS over to my newly purchased Linksys Wireless G PCI card and setup an ad-hoc network...that worked too, but the only problem was that the "client" desktop could no longer access the internet through the Windows XP Gateway since you can't bridge ICS (at least I've never been able to get it to be a success). So, I setup AnalogX's Proxy program and configured the computer to work as such. But, that gets old after a while when you're limited to certain ports,, I went out and bought a D-Link DI-524 Wireless Router so I could have both my connections going to the same ethernet port on my computer so ICS would work. I first thought it was because of the router and my misconfiguration...but... Read more

Answer:Dial-Up ICS using Wireless Router with DHCP Failure

Basically, to simplify this question, does anyone know of a way to reset and fix ICS, especially the DHCP server hosted? It's not transmitting IP addresses and not picking up the address under To my understanding, even though I set it up as static on my other "client" ( and on this gateway (set to, it should still work and be picked up. What's causing the problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi folks - having just had to disconnect my computer from the router as it had broken (that is now resolved), I have reconnected the computer to the router but the computer keeps trying to ask me to select dial up connection - and whenever I try and just click on a browser, it keeps saying "server not found".
How do I get the computer to access the Internet via the router again?

Answer:Cannot access Internet via router - computer keeps trying dial up!

My local area connection status says its been connected for 15 minutes but it won't load any web pages up no matter what browser I use. Hope that helps too.

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Hi Everyone

I have a laptop with Windows 7 installed, using USB 3G device connect though the Internet. The problem is I have 3 machines and a spare router that I want to share the Internet.

Can you please advise how to share the internet from a laptop through a router ?

Answer:Unable to share the Internet from a laptop through a router

Hello! Sadly, for all intents and purposes, it just doesn't work like that. I'm not saying it's impossible, because I have read how techies have made this happen - but it requires an insane amount of configuration, 3rd party software, a little programming, and a good grasp of linux. The router has to have the internet connection to share out to other computers. Go and get a wifi hotspot instead of a 3G USB device. The wifi hotspot, depending on the provider, should support up to 5+ connections. Another option is the see what ISPs are in your area, get service at your residence, then you could use the router. Hope this helps!

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Hi Everyone
I have a laptop with Windows 7 installed, using USB 3G device connect though the Internet. The problem is I have 3 machines and a spare router that I want to share the Internet.

Can you please advise how to share the internet from a laptop through a router ?

Answer:Unable to share the internet from a laptop through a router

I would buy a cheap 3G router from ebay and configure that.

eBay: 3G router

I have configured one before and it works fine providing you have a good signal.

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ok here is the deal. My modem is connected to my Wireless router (belkin) which is connected to
1. My Desktop (through ethernet cable)
2. My Laptop (through WiFi)

I ve tried out a zillion tutorials n guides to 'share files' between my Desktop and Laptop. Nothing works...!

i ve tried with the firewalls turned off, network wizard, typing \\PC\Folder on the browser... etc etc....
Any help ll be appreciated,


i m able to ping the router from my laptop, but i cant ping my Desktop.

Answer:Solved: cannot share file over wireless router!

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Hi,I'm trying to set up a wireless home network through a wireless ADSL modem router, but I can't seem to allow my laptops to connect through the internet. The router I'm using is a Belkin ADSL High-Speed Mode Wireless G Router (#F5D7633UK4A) and I was able to connect my main desktop computer successfully to the internet with my ISP (AOL). However, when I try to connect to the internet wirelessly using my laptops (IBM Thinkpad R50e and Dell Inspiron 510m, both Centrino models with built in wireless adaptors) it just gives me a "page cannot be displayed" error on the web browser. I tried switching off Norton firewall but it doesn't help. I've attempted to ping to my router from my laptops using command prompt but it gives me a request time out error. The default gateway for the router is, which works when pinging with the desktop computer but doesn't with the laptops. I've also tried assigning each computer an unique IP address (192.168.2.XXX) but it also doen't seem to work. I'm running out of ideas to see where I've gone wrong, so any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Can't share internet via wireless ADSL router

Try click here on both laptops....

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Hey everyone,

I have been having a LOT of issues with Time Warner Cable recently. Yet again, my internet is out. They will be sending a tech out tomorrow to resolve the issue.

While I have my macbook and can connect to my cousins internet nextdoor, my dad is out of luck. Here's an idea that came into my head...I just don't know if it will work...

In the past, I could connect to my cousins wireless internet, share it over the mac's ethernet port and then connect a PC to the macbook. This will give that computer an internet connection.

I was wondering, could I do the same thing, but instead of connecting a specific computer to the macbook, could I connect my router's WAN port to the macbook's ethernet port. I figured this would kind of make the macbook act as a modem.

I did give it a shot, and the router's data light WAS blinking. However, the computers connected to the router could not get an internet connection. Is there anyway I can make this happen so all of the computers have access for the next 24 hours?

The one thing I noticed is that the mac was giving it's ethernet port and IP of 169.x.x.x. Could that be a problem?

Any suggestions of if I can get this to work is appreciated!


Answer:Share laptops wireless connection for router?

The problem with doing as you suggest is that you have no DHCP server on the network segment between the Macbook and your router. Does the mac have the ability to bridge the network adapters ( wireless and wired) like windows does? If it does, then I would connect the wired port on the macbook to a LAN port on your router. This would effectively make your router operate as a switch that is an expansion on your cousin's network. You would have to turn off the DHCP server on your router.

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I have 2 wireless cards on my laptop. 1 of them is currently turned on to connect to my wifi router downstairs. Now I have an xbox in my room connected to another wireless router that I want to share internet with. Is this possible? If not I have nic on my laptop but I still want to use the router. How do I go about doing this? If you can me some details about settings. Thanks.My router next to the xbox is Dlink Di-524.I'm running windows xp sp2 on my laptop

Answer:Share wireless with 2 wifi cards to router?


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hi all i'll try to explain this as best as i can... i'm trying to setup a second router but first let me explain what my first router is for

router1: this router is connected to my cable modem and all my pc's/iphones/devices connect to this wirelessly and there's nothing else connected to it other then wireless devices

now my main computer is connected wirelessly to this router (router1) via a pci wifi card and it's also connected to my xbox 360 via a crossover cable via the pc's built in lan card and what i want a second router for is so i can connect another pc to my main pc that has no wifi card and 2 xbox 360's so i connected my pc to the router and the second pc and both xbox 360's (all in the lan port not the internet port) so they can all share my main pc's network/internet

and i've got them setup like this:

local ip ""
subnet ""
dhcp = on
starting ip ""

pc1 (that connects to this router) wifi settings:
gateway ""
subnet ""
ip ""

*all other devices/pc's that connect to this router via wifi use auto settings and work fine*Click to expand...

and here's the second new router:

local ip ""
subnet ""
dhcp = on (also tried off)
starting ip ""

pc1 (that's connected to router2) lan/wire... Read more

Answer:Solved: help setting up a second router to share my pc's resources

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Hi! I looked through the tutorials and didn't see anything quite like this so I'm wondering what needs to be done to get this working.

I had C0X internet hooked to my modem, had the modem hooked to my wired router and the router distributing the internet to my desktop and two xboxs, and my laptop was just picking up free wireless internet (much faster than what i was paying for!).

So I canceled my C0X subscription and I'm wondering this: can I receive wireless internet for free on my laptop, then send this signal via ethernet cable to my router, and have the router distribute the signal to my desktop pc and my xboxs? i'll attach a picture of what i'm talking about if you need it.

the laptop is winxp sp3 and the desktop is win 7 x86 ultimate...

i ran the internet connection sharing wizard on the laptop on the wireless connection and went to use the usb drive to configure the windows 7 but it says 'netsetup.exe is not a valid win32 application'... so i'm not sure where to go from here... in the network map on 7 ultimate it lists the desktop, the switch, the gateway and the xboxes, but it says no internet...if there's already a link i missed or someone who's done this successfully, please let me know.. thank you!

Answer:Share a Wireless Connection to a Wired Router (XP to 7)

Are you saying you are using someone elses internet access so you cancelled yours? Do they know you are using it?

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Hi there!
I have two computers an imac and a pc which i am using my pc as a server. When I used router to connect both computers to the same interent, my friends couldn't log into my server. even though I disabled the routers firewall , misteriously it would comeback and still my friends could not connect to the server. When I knocked out the router and connected my pc (the server) to the modem, then everything seemed to be ok. the problem is now I can't go online using my imac. The error message is something about invalid IP configuration. Apprantly, there is only one ip address available when using modem directly. I don't know how to solve it. Can I use splitter before modem? in that case, I guess, I will need two modems, is that true? and I am not sure if cable company will register two modems!!

I am very new in this and am trying to learn so many things. I would really appreciate if you could kindly help me.

Answer:how can I share 1 interenet line (cox cable) to a pc and mac without using router?

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I have searched through the forums, googled, and tried linksys and MS, still having trouble. So hopefully someone here can help.

I have a wireless Linksys router that has 4 connections for a wired setup. I had used the router for my Xbox that was upstairs but had my pc downstairs at the other end of the house. I switched over my Xbox from wireless to wired after running the house with CAT5 through the walls and in the attic down to my office.

My main PC (WinXP) is connected to the first wired port of the router and my Xbox to the second port. They both work fine. I recently acquired a laptop running Win2K and tried connecting to port 3 of the router to gain internet access in the bedroom upstairs. The router lights up showing that is recognizing a connection with the laptop, but the activity lights do not light up. When I disconnect the Cat5 from the laptop the laptop says the network has been disconnected.

I set the LAN connections to autodetect IP etc. etc. and as far as I can tell, all the settings on the Win2K laptop match my XPpro desktop. Is there something I am missing?

Thanks (Sorry for the long explanation)

Answer:Share internet with cable modem and router?

rbarr110 said:

I set the LAN connections to autodetect IP etc. etc. and as far as I can tell, all the settings on the Win2K laptop match my XPpro desktop. Is there something I am missing?Click to expand...

Have you checked ipconfig (open the command window and run "ipconfig /all" to see if the autodetect is pulling in the information correctly?

There really shouldn't be anything beyond plugging in the cable as far as the router is concerned.

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I have a computer with some shared files on that I my LAN can access. However this is only on the immediate LAN

The computers then all go in to a router which has NAT enabled and connects to the rest of the work network.
I have opened up port 135 through 139 both UDP and TCP etc

How can I add this folder as a network share on the computers outside of NAT (it even has a web address pointing to it that works for the web file server)

any ideas?

Ps I know about the security implications and no I don't want to turn NAT off

Answer:Share Windows shared folder through router

I'm about 99% sure that file sharing will not work across networks.

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I have 3 PC's connected to a router which is connected to a cable modem. All sharing a cable line. I ran speed tests on each of my PC's and one of my PC's (the one Im using now) came back with a extremely low result. Here were the numbers:

PC1 - 100.64 kbps
PC2 - 2776.49 kbps
PC3 - 2776.49 kbps

These bandwidth tests were performed on and I tested each PC one after the other. What I want to know is, how is it possible that one PC can perform so slow when the other 2 can achieve super fast speeds?

PC1's built-in Ethernet card is a 10/100 Mbps type, which is the same type as PC2.

PC3 has a 10/100/1000Mbps card, and it achieves the same speed as PC2.

All are running Windows XP Service Pack 2, all PC's are connected to the router via Cat 5 cables (same brand). Router is a Linksys Etherfast Cable/DSL Firewall Router (#BEFSX41)

Can someone help solve this? I dont know what would differentiate the download speeds when PC 1 and PC 2 have the same built in ethernet card speeds, but achieve different download rates?

In terms of usage, PC 1 is a heavily used computer, I browse and save webpages, download demo PC games, files, etc, but dont know if this contributes to the slowdown. I have cleaned my Temp Interent Files folder.

Both PC 1 and PC 2 have closely the same specs (PC 1 is a Emachine c1641, PC 2 is a Emachine W2260) and PC 3 is a newer laptop. PC 1 has about 1GB free space left, PC 2 has about 16GB. (IF space is an determinan... Read more

Answer:3 PC's share router, bandwidth tests is 100.36 kpbs for 1 while 2 and 3 @ 2,776.49. ?

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I want to share the internet connection from my Arris TM502G cable modem, connected via USB, to my desktop's pci ethernet adaptor. To the pci ethernet port, I want to connect my WiFi router.

When I bridge the two connections, I can't get on the internet anymore from the desktop connected via usb, and if I share the internet connection on the USB cable modem to the ethernet port on the computer, I cannot ping the router. However, I can ping the router from my Wireless laptop. I have the ethernet cable plugged into the first port on the router (the one that usually goes to the cable modem), but I have also tried the first computer port on the router.The router configuration page does not show an internet connection, and it can't see my desktop computer, only my laptop.

The desktop has a self-assigned ip.

The reason that I want to do this is that my router has not been working while connected the usual, cable modem --> ethernet cable --> router --> computer way. It works for several minutes to several hours, but drops the internet connection (I can still browse the network, though). BTW, the router is a belkin F5d7230-4 with B and G wifi.

I am running Windows XP with SP2
Please help.

Answer:Share USB cable modem with ethernet router

What do you want to try to do? If the router is dropping the WAN connection it will probably drop it no matter what it is connected to. See if there is a firmware upgrade and then reset the router to factory default settings. Sometimes one or both these steps will "shock" it into behaving again.

You can't bridge the connections as you described unless you are paying for two public IP addresses from your ISP. And then you still may not be able to because you can probably only get one on the USB connection.

If you want to use the Belkin as an ethernet switch and wireless access point the following is the complete procedure.

JohnWill's procedure (Aug. 30, 2008) for configuring a secondary router as a switch and, optionally, wireless access point follows.

Connecting two (or more) SOHO broadband routers together.

Note: The "primary" router can be an actual router, a software gateway like Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing, or a server connection that has the capability to supply more than one IP address using DHCP server capability. No changes are made to the primary "router" configuration.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router(s) to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address, for another router, etc.
... Read more

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I am finding that my internet connection via Pdanet (tethering my Android phone) on my PC is faster than the satelllite connection via my wireless router. I am trying to find out if there is any way for me to share my Pdanet internet connection via the wireless router. I have tried ICS and have found it does not work and the Pdanet support FAQ confirmed my suspicion that ICS could not be used to share the Pdanet internet connection.

I have my Android phone tethered to a PC with Windows 7 64 bit OS via Pdanet. The phone is Android OS 2.1, so making it a wifi hot spot is not an option. I have also tried rooting the phone and using Wireless Tether but found that my phone lacks the necessary networking to make Wireless Tether work - so that's not an option either! Pdanet works fine and is actually quite fast.

What I am wanting to do is connect to my Linksys router and somehow allow my Pdanet internet connection to be shared with other PCs via the router. Thought about creating a network bridge between the Pdanet modem and Linksys, but when I click on the 2 connections the option for network bridge does not even appear. Perhaps Pdanet will not allow it? I don't know. So my next thought was to connect my PC to Linksys and somehow route my Pdanet connection back through the router. Is that possible? I have read some things that talk about hard wiring the PC to the router but don't want to do that if I it's not necessary as it would mean relocating my router w... Read more

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A friend has an XP computer connected via an ethernet cable to an Orange Livebox wireless router/adsl modem. He's now bought a Vista wireless enabled laptop that he wants to connect wirelessly to the internet via router.However, he doesn't want the two computers to be networked to each other - he just wants them to share the internet connection.Can anyone please tell me whether this is possible?

Answer:Must computer network to share wireless router?

Then do not network the 2 comps.

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I know this sounds like a crazy question but i travel a lot and i like to play my PS3. When i go to a new hotel some have a open internet connection and others don't. I want to connect my laptop to the wifi and share it to a separate router with a WPA2-PSK so that i have a more secure connection on the play station. Now first is this even possible to do? I use to beable to share my internet connection from my phone through my laptop to my ps3. Now when i try to do that just with the wifi in the hotels it doesnt have a high enough security setting. any information will help.
Thanks a lot!!

Answer:Share a wifi connection through a laptop to a router

Now when i try to do that just with the wifi in the hotels it doesnt have a high enough security setting. any information will help. Click to expand...

Maybe, but some information could help more than others. What/who says not "a high enough security setting"? What OS are you using? Trying to bridge the connections or use ICS?

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I am using a Netgear DG834 modem router to share a broadband internet connection. The internet works fine on both computers but I would also like to set up some folders on my XP computer to be shared by the ME computer. I have tried right-clicking on the folder I want to share and selecting Sharing and Security - Share this folder on the network but when I click on Apply I get the following error message :An error occurred while trying to share [folder name] The Server service is not started. The shared resource was not created at this time.

Answer:Share files and folders on modem router XP and ME

Also I cannot see the ME computer when I go to My Network Places - Entire Network - Microsoft Windows Network - [Workgroup Name] Error message :[Workgroup Name] is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available.

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I want to share my internet connection to the wireless router just for the wireless feature, sure I could connect the ethernet cable to the router but the router is 10/100 and my internet connection is 1000 so I'd lose a lot of speed. I have 2 network cards in my PC and I've connected the ethernet cable to one of my network cards and another cable to my second network card and to the wireless's router internet socket.
I tried selecting the Local Area Connection that has the internet and tried the "allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet connection", but then I can't access the modem through

I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Any help on how to achieve this ?

Answer:I want to share the internet connection from PC to a wireless router

Connect the 2nd router to one of the open ports of the first router, this makes it then setup the wifi. That leaves three ports open on the first router that is 1000.

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Just got a wireless card for my windows xp dell upstairs so it can get internet from wireless router downstairs. Dell says it is connected (signal stregth very good, it does say logged in as associate) but internet is not working on the dell. How can i fix it?

Answer:How do you get wireless router to share Internet connection?

Correct/Latest Drivers for the wireless card?

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I currently have comcast cable and I trying to figure out of there is a way to share the connection without having to purchase a router. I have a standard workgroup switch. My cable modem runs VIA eithernet to the switch but only my desktop can use it. I am assuming this has something to do with the Mac address. Is it possbile to hook up another computer to the switch via eithernet and also use the connection? Unfortuanety I dont think ICS will work because it changes the ip address to or something like that and I have to use a comcast assigned I.P

Any help would be greatly appericated.


Answer:Possbile share cable connection without a router

Nope. Multiple pc's require a router.

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Ok, I recently moved into an apartment with an ethernet link all ready to go. I was told that I could use my Linksys BEFSR41 wired router to share this connection with my other pc (before I moved in). Now that I am here, and trying to set everything up, I am having problems.

I have the cables right.. ethernet cable to the WAN port on the router, separate cables from 1 and 2 slots on the router to the pcs.. and in network connections on the pcs, I am getting LAN connected. On the host pc, I also have a Internet Connection gateway above the LAN connection.. it says "Disabled". I tried right clicking it and selecting Enable, and it tells me that it is connected but it still reads Disabled. And of course, neither pc can access the internet.

I have tried contacting the apartment manager for more details about the ethernet, but I was told rather brusquely that the management only supports direct links and not routers. At this point I feel I am being given the brush off in this matter and am unlikely to get further, useful information from the office. That is why I have turned to this community to help me resolve the problem.

Things I have tried:
Powered down pcs and router for several minutes, and then powered up router, waited a couple minutes, and powered up pcs.
Checked settings on both pcs; verified that they will never try to dial a connection and LAN settings have no options checked.

Other facts:

Ethernet link is working, as when I have just a direct connection... Read more

Answer:Solved: How do I share my ethernet link with another pc through a router?

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how can I share on the Net (Asus DSL-N14U router), usb in Ftp with W10, if possible as W7 described in the image?

Thank you

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Hi, I'm switching from landline ISP to mobile ISP (dongle). So I'm thinking of sharing 3G dongle (ZTE MF190) internet connection with other PC, device etc, through D-Link modem+router(DSL-2640B) that I use for landline internet connection before. Is this possible?

I notice that I cannot use homegroup via D-Link anymore after connecting to 3G dongle.
I've tried ICS(internet connection sharing) but to no avail.

Thanks for further assistance..

Answer:Share 3G dongle internet connection with Wi-Fi router

You will probably find it easiest to use one of these: - Cradlepoint Wireless 3G&#47;4G N Router &#40;MBR90&#41;

That way the router remains the access point.

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I have two computers connected to a cable modem through a Linksys Cable/DSL Router with 4-Port Switch. I can surf the internet just fine from both computers, but I can't do any file sharing between them. They are both Windows XP Professional SP2 with different computer names and the same workgroup name. When I go under My Nework Places and click on View Workgroup Computers, a dialog box pops up saying, "<Workgroup Name> is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available." It's just a simple home network that I'm trying to build and I have my user accounts on both computers are administrators. How can I be able to share files?

Answer:Unable to share files through Linksys Router

You can try going into the computer by using teh ip address. Whatever you setup your individual computers IP addresses through your router. Instead of using \\compname use //local IP

If this doesn't work post back.

:wave:Welcome to TechSpot:wave:

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OS: Windows 7

Desktop connected to the internet via usb network adapter
The desktop has a lan card

How can I setup the OS so the wireless internet connection is shared to the lan connection to a router to the router can receive an internet connection.

Answer:How can I share a internets wireless connection to lan via router

First off you really don't need that router. Second you have to use Internet Connection Sharing which basically turns your Host computer into a router for other devices that are connecting through it. You would need a switch to connect more then one device and that router can be made to work as just a switch.

Read up on Internet Connection Sharing.

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