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PCMCIA ethernet card to cable modem

Question: PCMCIA ethernet card to cable modem

I have a 3com PCMCIA ethernet card. I am trying to connect my laptop (using that card) to my cable modem. I have Road Runner cable internet that I use on my desktop. My laptop is running Windows 95. I don't know what to do to set up this connection. Can you tell me what to do? Thanks!

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Preferred Solution: PCMCIA ethernet card to cable modem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: PCMCIA ethernet card to cable modem

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Clueless one here.

I purchased a Dell Inspiron 4000 Laptop through an old workplace several years ago and want to connect it to the internet using a 3COM FE575C-3COM 10/100 PCMCIA card with a dongle. The laptop is still set up to connect through a VPN that no longer exits (old workplace went under). and I'm not sure if that's hindering things. That'd be great to erase all settings for that if someone wanted to walk me through it, but that's not the main reason I need help. I am the "admin" and have the "admin" password on the laptop.

First off, the laptop can see the hardware (ethernet card) when I insert it, but the connection is NOT showing up on my Netgear router that is connected to my Comcast Cable Modem (which is currently working on my MAC and how I'm typing here). When I go to set up internet connection on my laptop, I'm pretty clueless as to what to do (obviously not dial-up). I've created about 2 new VPN's, but nothing works. I don't have wireless, but I did have a wireless card that was able to get me onto the internet a few times (presumably mooching bandwidth which I don't want to do), so I know it can work or at least should work with a correct card set-up. I don't know if the hardware I bought is bad, the internet connection is just not set up correctly and/or why my router is not even seeing my second computer.


Answer:Connect Dell Windows 2000 Laptop via cable modem using a router and PCMCIA LAN card

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I've been having a nightmare with my BT Broadband Alcatel Modem (the purple one). Worked OK then cut out after 20mins or so and would need reboot before working again but then it happened all over again. I tried all sorts of things- patches, new drivers, PCI USB Controller Card etc but nothing worked. My OS became really unstable and eventually I upgraded from ME to XP to see if this cured it. It's stable but my modem still doesn't work. I saw (after the event) a forum where a guy (voiceoverman) had been having pretty much the same problem but he sorted it out by 'going the ethernet route' and getting a ethernet modem/card. I quickly rushed off to the shop to buy one but on explaining the problem to the assistant he said ethernet was for cable only! Is this right? If so, what else can anyone suggest? I've been trying everything I can think of for 4 weeks now and have started to lose my mind! Help!!P.S. I'm something of a novice so bear with me if I ask stupid questions.

Answer:Ethernet modem/card for cable only???

No - ethernet is not for cable only. It's more commonly used in commercial ADSL intallations, with multi-port routers - but also perfectly Ok for home use too. I have a number of friends who use ethernet - ADSL modems/routers.You will need a different modem or router, however, one with a LAN/Ethernet input.And I can't see any logical reason why this would solve your problem unless you are in a fringe area, and you get new, more sensitive modem/router.

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It was working fine and I went to MS and downloaded the updates for W98se. I then had a problem with wol558.vxd. Fixed that with help from MG. and could not get onthe internet after the updates. I still cannot get my cable modem to connect with my ethernet. Any ideas?

Dell Dimension L800r
PIII, 800MHz
256 Ram
20 GB

Thanks in advance!

Answer:I can't get my cable modem to connect to ethernet card. Please help!

I figured it out! I went in and deleted the card from the Device Manager and and restarted. It wasn't because I knew what I was doing though. I just remebered having a similar problem before. Funny, I always said I had a good memory, it was just short as ever.

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Hi, I've been trying to access the internet via a cable modem and have been unable to and was hoping someone could figure out what I need to do.  Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated! I have a Thinkpad R40 Type 2723 - AU2.  My hard drive crashed recently and I had to replace it.  I replaced it with a 320GB PATA drive.  I then installed MS Windows XP Pro with Service Pack 2 on it.  I also downloaded the Ethernet driver at the package and ran the file that got installed atC:\Drivers\WIN\Ethernet\APPS\SETUP\SETUPBD\W98-WS32After that, the Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network Connection showed up under Network Adapters in the Device Manager (when it wasn't there before) and it says "This device is working properly."Under "Other devices" in the Device Manager I have the following (all with a question mark and an exclamation mark by them):Ethernet Controller (I went ahead and Disabled this device)Multimedia Audio ControllerPCI ModemUnknown DeviceVideo Controller (VGA Compatible) I am using a cable modem with no router and the provider is Comcast.  When I connect the LAN cable to my other laptop it connects to the internet.  When I disconnect the LAN cable and hook it up to the R40 it says on lower right hand corner "This connection has limited or no connectivity.  You might not be able to access the Internet or some network re... Read more

Answer:R40: Ethernet card can't access Internet via cable modem

Nevermind.  I realized all I had to do is unplug the cable modem, replug the cable modem and then connect it to the new laptop.

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Hi, I've been trying to access the internet via a cable modem and have been unable to and was hoping someone could figure out what I need to do. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated! I have a Thinkpad R61i Type 8932-9ZG I re-installed the Windows XP Pro with Service Pack 2 on it. I also downloaded all the drivers for it which are enable on the downloads section, but some of its devices are disable or unknown and don't work correctly. My biggest problem is the next: When I plug the LAN cable to my laptop it doesn't connect to the internet. I tried to download ethernet driver but probably I didn't find the right one. I ran the LENOVO PC-DOCTOR on my laptop but the only advice what it gave me is the "download the latest driver from the LENOVO site" Well......thanks!!! I ran the EVEREST too, but I wasn't able to figure out the exact name of the missing drivers. So, could anybody give me any advice about the proper driver name that is neccessary for this laptop type.

Answer:R61i Ethernet card can't access Internet via cable modem (missing drivers)

Hi HUNpeter,
Welcome to the Lenovo forum.
The driver you need for your type 8932 with Broadcom ethernet is here:
Note that most Lenovo drivers are installed using a 2-step process:

Run the downloaded file to extract the driver to a subfolder of C:\DRIVERS
Navigate to the extracted folder and run the actual installer.

More complete Installation Instructions are given at the URL above. The important thing to remember is that just running the downloaded file only extracts the driver, and does not install it.
Best regards,

---------Results of Your Ideal Business-Class Laptop survey, concluded 2009-07-29.Did someone help you?Say thanks! with a kudo.Even better: Pay it forward, help someone else.

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Question: PCMCIA modem cable

Advice please. I have recently purchased a PCMCIA card off e-bay. It is a "Psion dacom V34+Fax Gold card global". This came without a cable to connect from the card to the telephone connection. Can anyone advise on where i can purchase one from and the rough cost. Thanks in advance.

Answer:PCMCIA modem cable

Much appreciate that if you have Beta.

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Answer:Cable for 3Com PCMCIA modem

My mates connection suddenly started giving no dial tone. After trying lots of things (new drivers, different laptop, different phone line even) I've come to the conclusion that the cable must be duff.The modem is 3Com Megahertz 3CCEM556 B 10Mbps LAN + 56KAnyone got ideas where I might get hold of one? Or can you think of anything else I could try?

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So about a year my laptop got water on it ... send it to fix last week and it works now !
went to TWC to get a modem And the modem works pecfectly fine on My regualar Computer but no my Laptop
I doesnt even blink when i connect the ethernet cable ?
What can vb ethe problem??

Answer:Sony vaio wont recognize cable modem or ethernet cable?

you need drivers , for the devices with a yellow ! - possibly the chipset
its possible the hardware is damaged , because of the water issue

however, post back the exact sony model and windows version and can look for drivers - should be on the sony support site

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A week ago, my computer suddenly could not connect to the internet. I was using a cable directly connected to the cable modem.

Since then, I've tried:

1) Added a WiFi router connected to the cable modem. Tried using the WiFi card built in to the computer. It connects but reports "limited access", and there is no connection to the internet, and I can't access the router itself.

2) Bought a new Ethernet card, installed the drivers that came with it. I've tried it connected through the WiFi router's hard ports and directly to the modem. Hard resets (power cycling off 2 minutes) on the modem each time and still no connection.

3) In device manager, both Ethernet cards show as "working normally" with no errors. So does the WiFi card.

4) ipconfig shows only "tunneling" devices with media disconnected.

5) I've uninstalled and re-installed the drivers for the on-baord Ethernet, the WiFi card, and the new Ethernet card.

After reading some other posts, I captured the output from ipconfig and several netsh commands. I've attached them to this post. The files starting with netsh are basically the command entered with underscores replacing the spaces from the commands used to generate them.

I also borrowed another computer. It connects both directly through the cable modem, and using the Ethernet ports on the router. It doesn't have WiFi, so I couldn't test that method of access. It can also connect to and c... Read more

Answer:Lost connection to Internet. Using Cable modem, ethernet cable.

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I have a cable modem attached to a network (router, cascaded to other routers - different vendors routers but it works / to attach 10 computers). The PCs use a lot of data/bandwith part of the day and works well, generally, but the cable modem sometimes has outages and its important we get network working again. We have no IT support. So thank you in advance for any direction you can provide.

I also have a DSL line/router that is not attached to anything (except it provides wireless).

Question: Can I just swing the cable from the cable modem over to the DSL router and expect internet to work?

I tried it one day and it worked, but we had very limited usage.

I tried it another time when the cable modem/internet failed - and it didn't seem to work. The usage was much higher so I don't know if the amount of data or the required "handshake" would take longer. or what...can you advise. This is just vanilla internet connection. No VPN or such. The applications can be shut down and reopened. But we would rather not have to reboot the PCs.

Second question would be: if I have both DSL and Cable Modem sitting next to each other - can I attach both so they can both be used and provide back up.

Answer:Can I just swap Ethernet Cable from Cable Modem to DSL?

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Advice please. I have recently purchased a PCMCIA card off e-bay. It is a "Psion dacom V34+Fax Gold card global". This came without a cable to connect from the card to the telephone connection. Can anyone advise on where i can purchase one from and the rough cost. Thanks in advance.

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Hi, I am having a tough time getting connected using my modem(I have actually purchased a new one but the same problem occurs)...the modem is for a Hitachi laptop...what happens is that when I attempt to connect to the internet, it establishes the connection and begins to upload files, but stops at about 50k of upload and then the internet explorer will eventually time out...I have attempted to limit the connection speed, the upload/download buffer...

Both modems were/are getting pretty they all get warm(fairly warm,not hot)...I assume that they develop some kind of warmth...I also want to get into the laptop to check out the fan and other internal components but am having a hard time separating the top of the laptop from the bottom...everywhere seems to separate nicely but the upper left corner area(around the "escape" button)...any help that can be provided here would be awesome...

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I have a laptop with Windows 95 and would like it to get an ethernet connection so I went to CC and got a Nexxtech ethernet notebook PCMCIA adapter. REalized at home that It doesnt support Win95. Any way around this?

Answer:Ethernet Notebook PCMCIA Card on Windows 95 Laptop

Nope, you will prob. have to go on eBay to find a PCMCIA card that supports WIN95.

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Portege 3440CT has no OS and I would like to install Windows 2000 v4. I have the Windows 2000 v4 CD but no way of getting it into the laptop. I have a USB Floppy drive that is recognised by the laptop. Where do I begin? I tried installing the 4 boot disks for windows 2000 but after disk 4 it negated setup as it couldn't find the CDrom. The problem seems to be trying to get the PCMCIA Port Noteworthy DVD to be recognised.

Answer:how to install pcmcia card,cable and driver f

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I have a newer Toshiba Laptop that I use Dial up on when I'm visiting a family member who doesn't have DSL. My on board Modem is bad so I just thought I'd pop a PCMCIA Modem in the slot. All I have is the standard 54MM's <I think that's right> and I need the 34 MM express card. I can't find it in a dialup modem. Only Ethernet.

Does anybody know where I could order one? I've searched and searched the net to no avail. I know I can buy an adapter for my larger PCMCIA card but it's a bit pricey.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Anyone have this Ethernet/Modem card? I can get the ethernet part to work but not the modem. I have looked for another driver but don't find anything.

Answer:3Com 10/100 LAN+56K Modem PC Card PCMCIA driver

Go to the mfg site to see if a driver is available, usually they are. But I am confused, if you are running a LAN, (on a cable & router) why would you worry about the modem?

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I lost the driver disk for my BroMax PCMCIA modem card. I just formatted my hard drive and installed Windows 2000 Pro on my notebook computer. I needed a driver to use my modem card with Windows 2000 Pro. I downloaded a driver for my modem card and compatible with Win2k on the card's manufacturer's website.

During the installation of the driver, Windows prompted me that this driver didn't contain the Microsoft signature. I continued the installation anyway. Then Windows said that the installation could not be completed for the following reason: "\SystemRoot\System32\DRIVERS\ltmdmnt.sys device driver could not be loaded. Error Status was 0xc0000221".I tried a few times. Sometimes it froze the computer, some other times, I gota blue screen with the same message "\SystemRoot\..." when I restarted the computer. Finally, I just uninstalled my card.

The card's manufacturer doesn't reply to my emails. Do you think there is something wrong with the driver I downloaded, or there is a different problem, like the BIOS settings?

PS: During the installation of Win2K, I chose the option to "upgrade" my files to the "NTSF" system or something like that for a better reliability and security. Then I was warned that my modem card would not work. I thought I would just have to reinstall the driver and proceeded with the installation. Do you think this "NTSF" or something issue is related to my problem?

Answer:Laptop PCMCIA modem card out of order

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I have the above modem and have broken the connector to the pcmcia card and wish to buy another but have not found the website of the manufacturer. Can anyone help or suggest an alternative source of getting one

Answer:conexant hcf ctr21 56k pcmcia card modem

click here

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I have a pcmcia modem card Compaq Netelligent 56k. But I can not find its driver. Can anyone tell me?

Answer:where 2 find pcmcia modem card driver

It would be easier if you provided a perfect name such as it's manufacturer and model #, but i beleive your driver can be found on driverguide here ( )
This may not be it but by the name given I found this driver.

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Hi all!!

I have a 3Com 10/100 PC Card for trade if anyone is interested. I tried to use it in my notebook to access the company LAN but no dice. Its brand spanking new still in the box -- used only once. Cost me 159 bucks and I can't return it since I opened it. I know this isn't a swapshop, but I thought I'd give it a try. I want a 56K V.90 PC card modem in return. Thanks!!

To all who pass through, instead of around, the journey makes the end very sweet indeed.

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i set up a DSL modem to a new computer.

although i have a ethernet connection on the DSL and the new computer,i used a USB cable.

should i go buy an ethernet cable and use that instead of a USB or does it make no diffrence?


Um technicallly ethernet is way faster than usb. usb 1.0 only does 300k per second while ethernet does way more. (not sure how much). Then again your internet connection might not be faster than 300k per second. If you have dsl its very likely that you get 765kbps or soemthing like that. I don't know how to translate kbps to kilobits so I dont know how much 300k is in kbps. I do know that I can't use the usb type even though my dsl modem supports both because my connection is much more than 765kbps its 1.5gbps or 1500kbps. I use ethernet because maybe my connection is actually a little more than 300k per second which is what usb 1.0 can do.

ps. Im not an expert but in my case I went with ethernet because well its made for networking and I wouln't wanna use up a usb slot.

Your internet provider should have provided you with an ethernet cable and the usb cable so don't spend your money unless your worried that your connection is slow because the dsl modem is connected through usb.

MMM, McDonald's Oreo McFlurry (its yuuuuuuummy)

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I am connected to internet through cable modem from time warner earthlink and use di 604 A router.I
am recieving error message of network cable disconnected when I connect through router but it is fine
when i connect modem directly to computer .when i try to connect through router the WAN led either blinks
slowly or doesnt light up at all.All this started happening when and i tried to restart router one day.Also
sometimes isee only packets sent but no packets recieved in local area connection status until i reset my
modem.Is this usual or do i have a defective router or modem or ethernet cable ? If latter is the case what do I need to do?Any help is welcome.Thanks

Answer:is it di 604 or ethernet cable or modem?

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Which connection is "better" in terms of a cable modem....usb or ethernet?

Answer:cable modem: usb v ethernet

Originally posted by rosh325:
Which connection is "better" in terms of a cable modem....usb or ethernet? Click to expand...

This is a no-brainer, pick Ethernet every time!

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I everyone, I was wondering if I should be using USB or an NIC card to connect my cable modem to my computer.

The computer guy said that the USB is not much slower than the ethernet. I want to use USB because that'll save me the trouble of getting a new NIC to network my computers

I don't really know how much slower one is than the other so if someone could tell me that'd be great.

Also, do you recommend ICS or routers?

Answer:usb or ethernet for a cable modem?


Short and sweet:



good for a Mac or a laptop that you wanna move about


Doesn't work with some computers (it sure didn't on mine)
Near impossible to network without ICS or some kind of NIC interface between the sharign computers (also, the one connected to the DSL would have to be always-on)
When using broadband modems especially, it hogs the USB bus bandwidth
Alcatel USB modem hogs power, and may cause the USB bus to shut down, which causes many problems


Usually provides higher speeds/better stability (as opposed to USB)
Fast to sync


OS-dependent (on the drivers level)
networking may be more difficult; suffer from some of the same issues as the USB
Isn't as easy to tell if it's "dead" (especially with the 3com modems)


Easy to network
Modem is not OS-dependent (except with the NIC card itself)
Can be setup for *almost* always-on (or always-on with a router)
*usually* very reliable

Easy setup


Pricey (for the hardware)
Unless using a router, PPP-based DSL (as opposed to earlier bridged connections) would still need connection software
PPPoE (in my experience, oE is very laggy and rather poor, as opposed to oA which the former two could use)
Hope this helps

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I want to connect 1 pc via the Ethernet port and one pc via the USB port on my Toshiba pcx1100u cable modem. Can these work together simaltaneously? I just want to know if it can be done. I already have a router but this is something I always wanted to try. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Can I use USB and Ethernet on Cable modem?

Nope. You have one data stream, you just get to pick which hole it comes out of. FWIW, I've never tried the USB on my PCX1100U, and I never intend to. USB sucks for networking, there's no point if you have an Ethernet connection.

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I have a cable modem linked to my pc via an ethernet cable for my broadband and want to get a network communication with my Playstation 3. I don't want to go wireless as I understand I get a faster Internet speed when I am wired. If I acquire a suitable length of ethernet cable running from the PS3 to the PC, how do I connect this cable up, bearing in mind I have a single ethernet port on the PC currently occupied by the cable modem connection. Do I need something like an ethernet switch or hub? Any advice would be gratefully received.

Answer:Ethernet...cable modem +PS3

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I have a friend with an old laptop running win98.

She was connected to the internet through a cable modem, using a usb connection.

Her boyfriend recently got his PS2 connected to the net through the same cable modem, but through the ethernet port.

There was a complicated registration process for the PS2 to connect to the net.

My friend can no longer get her laptop to connect to the net.

When it is connected, the usb light on the modem lights up but the computer wont connect.

Ps2, and laptop were never connected at the same time.

Is it possible that the PS2 registration process reconfigured the modem or connection type?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:Cable modem. usb, ethernet.

Hard to say, it would help a lot to know what make/model of cable modem is in use. FWIW, I'd much rather be connected using Ethernet anyway. Since you mention a "complicated registration process", I suspect that you are correct in your analysis. I'd consider one of the many really cheap Ethernet PCMCIA cards for the laptop and just use Ethernet, it's a much better way to connect. If they both would like to connect, now's a good time to pick up a cheap broadband router!

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I have recently aquired an old Compaq *[email protected]:ura laptop which has a psion dacom pcmcia gold card v34 + fax modem. running windows 95the card is recognised and the drivers are installed, but I have no lead to connect to my phone line. there is a six pin output connector on the card does anyone know the wireing setup. ps what is the cheapest way to share large files between this laptop and a desktop pc running windows xp

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I've just had a Cable Modem Broadband connection installed. When the guy left after running the cable through the house and plugging in and activating the modem, he left a setup disk and ethernet cable for me to finish installation.

In my network connections in XP I have a 1394 connection under LAN/High-speed internet. When I connect the Ethernet cable between modem and RJ45 connector on the laptop connection is displayed as 'connected' in network connections. However there isn't a IP Address allocated. Setup in TCP/IP is for auto by DHCP (which is required for my ISP). I have tried to repair the connection using the 'repair' option in the drop-down for that connection but get the following error......
Failed to query TCP/IP settings of the connection. Cannot proceed.

I am currently using a USB connection to the modem but this is only 10Mbs max.

Can anyone help me?


Answer:HELP! Cable Modem Ethernet Problem

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I am about to install my cable modem. I have a choice of usb or ethernet card. Which should I choose ? NTL recommends using usb as its simpler but is this the most effective method ?Your oppinions would be appreciatedChris

Answer:Cable I connect via usb or ethernet ?

USB is prown to problems ethernet is faster 4 online games and downloads is simple to install if u have a nete#work card and is not incompatible with stupid drivers

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I Installed cable modem via intergrated ethernet port on PC.Got online,got an ip address, Opened a couple of pages on the internet.Then it stopped working and I could'nt open any more pages. The only fix to get back online was to go to system properties disable the nic card and then enable It again.then It would allow me to open a few more pages. I Install cable modems and this happened twice in one week on two different PC both with itergrated nics. ANY IDEAS OF WHATS CAUSING THIS THANX.

Answer:Cable Modem Ethernet Connection

What is the OS that is installed on the problem children? What is the make and model of the NIC on the PC's? Find some commonality between PC's with the networking problems. make sure the NIC's also have the most up to date set of drivers loaded.

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Greetings all. I'm new to these boards and I'm hoping you all are able to help.

I have a Motorola Surfboard SBS120 Cable Modem, and the thing runs perfectly fine when I plug it up via USB. However I heard that my cable connection could be faster if I hook it up via my Ethernet (CAT-5) cord and utilize my Realtek RTL8139 Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC card.

My connection via Ethernet used to work, but I lost the cord some time ago. So I went USB. However just recentely (After learning the Ethernet cord was faster) I went to buy a new CAT-5 cable and hook it back up.

When my modem is hooked up via the Ethernet cord, one light on the Ethernet card come on, and the other blinks once after 5 seconds, then again at 8 seconds, then 20 seconds after plugging the cord in. (No blinking after this. The first lights always stays solid.) On the modem, the PC/Activity light comes on (But stays solid, no blinking) and the Power Light, Recieve Light, Send Light, and Online Light also stay solid and green.

However when I try to access any internet activities, they do not work. Messenger applications do not work, and Firefox displays "Server not found", and IE displays "The page cannot be displayed" A message pops up after a couple minutes with "Connection has limited, or no activity." and when I check the status of the connection, it is sending packets, but not receiving them.

I've reinstalled my Cable Modem's drivers, and my Ethernet card... Read more

Answer:Cable Modem/Ethernet troubles

First off, with the Ethernet connection, you need no modem drivers. Second, make SURE you've disconnected the USB when you're trying to run with the Ethernet, and also turn off the power on the modem whenever you change from USB to Ethernet. If that doesn't do it, let's see this when you're connected to the Ethernet connection.

Start, Run, CMD to open a command prompt:

Type the following command:


Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

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I've been having a problem. When I connect my Modem to my PC through Ethernet, I can't get a connection.

When I connect throgh USB, it pops right up, I get my IP Subnet Mask, Default Gateway and DNS Servers.

Now, I have the p5b-e mobo, ethernet onboard and all that, and the ethernet card is working.

I've come across this problem b/c I need to setup a wireless network with this computer as the Main and my other (no so close) through a wireless card.

I've tried pretty much every setup I can think of, and it simply doesn't work if I connect the modem through USB to establish a connection with the computer and use the ethernet with the router.

If you can help I'd appreciate it.

Answer:Cable Modem Ethernet Problems

Let me clarify: Are you trying to connect straight from your computer to the modem with ethernet? Is this working or not?

When you connect to the modem using USB, everything works fine?

If you are trying to connect 2 computers to a router it should be setup like this:


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HiI have a BT voyager 105 modem. This connects to my pc using a USB port. I have a laptop and need to connect to broadband but laptop connection needs to be ethernet.Rather than buy a new modem, can I buy an ethernet cable that will fit into the back of my modem and connect to the ethernet port on my PC?Have e-mailed BT but never get an answer to any of my e-mails.Many Thanks

Answer:Ethernet cable for BT voyager 105 modem ?

if you do not mind the pc being on when using the laptop all you need is a crossover cable to connect the pc and laptop.

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I am thinking of buying a used computer with an connection for dsl or one with a modem I understand I can use a modem with a phone line but what do I need for DSL?

Answer:modem for cable or ethernet connection

Hi, When you sign up for the DSL service, usually the DSL modem or DSL gateway device (this is not the same as a phone modem, but the telephone line is involved with DSL) is provided by them. It's usally an external device that they have a tech set up for you.
Remember, you need to tell them if you want wireless or wired.

You will need a network adapter card, or a built-onto-the motherboard Ethnernet port, and a network patch cable. Most newer computers come with an Ethernet port built in, or you can install one in an open PCI slot inside the computer. If you are going with wireless you will need a wireless network adapter.
The DSL service also sells them and will install it for you, ask first about the cost....they are not expensive, any good supply store will have some.
If you buy one and install it>>You usually will need to install drivers for this adapter- with XP, or with older network cards, the drivers may be loaded by Windows.

Dialup with the phone line is slow, DSL is something you will really appreciate.

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I was wondering if this would work. I have 2 PC's, both with Win98SE, hooked up in a dial-up network through a Linksys router for printer sharing only. All hooked up with Cat5 cabling.

We can dial out, one or the other on phone line "B", or both at the same time, using Phone line "A" and "B".

We need a public IP address, for my wife only, as she has remote Sabre software for her travel business. (CANNOT have a firewall).

The upshot is, dial-up stinks! I want to go back to Cable, but without a router, which would bring back the firewall business.

Now, Toshiba has a model with both USB and ethernet
connections, where they say you can hook up 2 PC's at the
same time, through the different connections.

With the Modem at my machine, I could hook me up to the USB
and run my wife's PC on ethernet. (She's 60' away in another room).

Does this sound feasible? Would my machines suffer because of the different connections?

With this hook-up, I will most likely lose my printer sharing, however I could get a second printer for her use.

Comments please. . Thanks

Answer:Toshiba Cable Modem - USB AND Ethernet

if you are going back to cable why network them at all. Get a separate cable for the wife. Its installed from a splice on your cable inside your home.Call your cable supplier and ask them about the added expense. shoudn't be that bad

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Time Warner just came out on Saturday to install cable internet (Road Runner). However, he couldn't get it to connect through the ethernet, it will only get online from the USB.

The whole problem is that when I click on Repair (I have XP) it says that it cannot renew my IP address. I thought the problem might be on my end, so I bought a new NIC. No change.

Then time warner gave me a new modem, and the problem still persists.

I've already run the ipconfig /release junk, and it changed nothing.

Before I moved into this new apartment, I was using T1 cable from the old apartment, so I know my ethernet slot works as well as the cords and such.

What is going on?? I'm so confused, and I'd like my internet to go thru the ethernet so that I can get Vonage phone service.

Any help would be great! :giddy:

Answer:Cable modem won't connect thru ethernet

hi i have one sugestion, that you probibly did alredy but its worth a chack, make shore t that you have no firewalls on including the windows firewall, post back if the probiem contunios

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This computer i own has worked fine for a long time now, so has my isp and cable modem until recently.....

2 weeks ago the cable modem started to disconnect on a almost perfect timing (About once a hour) If i take the power cord and unplug it, let it sit, then re-plug in, its fine.....for another hour.

So ive called the isp, they replaced the good.....
Called them again, they told me it was a hardware or software issue.

So i rollback with system restore to two days before the problem...cable modem stays online like it used to.

The only thing i had deleted or added to the system at this time were

Old version of adobe acrobat
Lord of the Rings online free trial.

Since it will stay on after a rollback, i know its not the NIC card but i cant for the life of me figure out were the error is coming from.

Talking to the ISP tech guy, they can ping the modem and its alive but when i ping times out....

Any advice would be nice.
If i cannot find a solution im just going to reformat back to factory settings which at this point would be alot easier but im a stubborn fella.

Oh, i have run full system scan with CA virus/anti spyware provided by my isp i also have run Spybot....

I did find these entries

Mirc nHTMLn 2.9
FakeCD 99 3.0

Even after removal in safe mode, the problem still persist's with the modem until i rollback.

Thanks ahead of time!

Answer:Cable Modem/Ethernet will not stay connected

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Answer:If your cable Modem has USB and ethernet which one gives a faster connection?

Probably too close to notice but the straight ethernet will be faster

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I have a Motorola Cable Modem with Ethernet and USB Connection.

Can I use the USB connection to surf the net while the Ethernet port is busy with other LAPTOP?

What configuration will be needed to be made to use both Ethernnet and USB on my Cable Modem?

Answer:Solved: CABLE MODEM with Ethernet + USB Connection

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My parents have Comcast cable internet, and the modem is a real pain. For some inexplicable reason, it only wants to work with the USB connection. We have a linksys wireless router, and the cable quy came a week ago to help set it up, and it was working fine via ethernet. I still don't know how he got it to work, he didn't even touch our router, but we moved the modem to a different room a couple of days ago and now the ethernet won't work again! I even tried plugging my laptop in directly via ethernet, and it wouldn't get an IP no matter how long I waited. What's the deal?

Answer:Problem with Comcast cable modem ethernet

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I currently have my cable modem connected to my computer via a USB cable and ports. Would there be any improvement in data flow performance if I instead used an ethernet cable and ports which I also have?

Thanks muchos!!

Answer:Which is superior cable modem connection...USB or Ethernet?

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I am able to connect with my cable modem using the USB, but the ethernet does not work for some reason

It just started doing this a few hours ago

my ISP is charter communication

modem = Ambit U10CO18

whenever I try to go through ethernet I get "imited or no connectivity"

I need to use the ethernet so I can get my Playstation 3 online

it doesnt work with the PC or PS3 so it isint a PC issue

Answer:cant connect with cable modem using ethernet cord

If it's not a PC issue then it must be a bad cable or bad ethernet on the modem.

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I want to share the internet connection from my Arris TM502G cable modem, connected via USB, to my desktop's pci ethernet adaptor. To the pci ethernet port, I want to connect my WiFi router.

When I bridge the two connections, I can't get on the internet anymore from the desktop connected via usb, and if I share the internet connection on the USB cable modem to the ethernet port on the computer, I cannot ping the router. However, I can ping the router from my Wireless laptop. I have the ethernet cable plugged into the first port on the router (the one that usually goes to the cable modem), but I have also tried the first computer port on the router.The router configuration page does not show an internet connection, and it can't see my desktop computer, only my laptop.

The desktop has a self-assigned ip.

The reason that I want to do this is that my router has not been working while connected the usual, cable modem --> ethernet cable --> router --> computer way. It works for several minutes to several hours, but drops the internet connection (I can still browse the network, though). BTW, the router is a belkin F5d7230-4 with B and G wifi.

I am running Windows XP with SP2
Please help.

Answer:Share USB cable modem with ethernet router

What do you want to try to do? If the router is dropping the WAN connection it will probably drop it no matter what it is connected to. See if there is a firmware upgrade and then reset the router to factory default settings. Sometimes one or both these steps will "shock" it into behaving again.

You can't bridge the connections as you described unless you are paying for two public IP addresses from your ISP. And then you still may not be able to because you can probably only get one on the USB connection.

If you want to use the Belkin as an ethernet switch and wireless access point the following is the complete procedure.

JohnWill's procedure (Aug. 30, 2008) for configuring a secondary router as a switch and, optionally, wireless access point follows.

Connecting two (or more) SOHO broadband routers together.

Note: The "primary" router can be an actual router, a software gateway like Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing, or a server connection that has the capability to supply more than one IP address using DHCP server capability. No changes are made to the primary "router" configuration.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router(s) to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address, for another router, etc.
... Read more

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Im trying to set up my friend's new computer. He has given me a Pipex homecall set up CD and a very small 'Speedtouch' modem that appears to have no ethernet cable with it, just a usb lead to the PC and a normal telephone cable?
Is this right? Shouldn't it be a wireless router?

Answer:Pipex Speedtouch Modem- No ethernet cable?

A modem connects by USB and a router by ethernet. Most ISPs provide a wireless router these days. Is this a new contract? Probably best to ring the ISP and ask for a free upgrade.

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So saturday, my friend and i build my computer. Everything worked just fine that day. Sunday i had no problem connecting to the internet. Sunday is also the day i set up a password for my admin account.

Now when i came back from work monday, i tried to log in to my computer. As it appears, i forgot my password... (same i use on everything, so i must have messed up inputting my pass)

So i did a windows reset, since i had no CD or USB to reset my pass.

I tried installing windows, and it appears 'this copy of windows is not genuine'. I thought, okay, no prob, as long as i have all options.

Answer:Solved: Can't connect to internet using ethernet cable and modem

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i recently built a third computer for my network, added a cable modem, and got what i thought was an unbelievable deal on a linksys ethernet switch (ezxs44 4 port)..... free.
now for the problem: i have an ericsson pipe rider cable modem, 3 linksys lne100tx nic cards, and the ethernet switch. i've treid to connect my machines and the modem through the switch the same way i connected the 2 computers before(pc to pc with cat 5 cable), it didnt work and it locked my system.
basiclly i am asking for somone to tell/show me how to hook everything up so it functions correctly, i've tried to no avail (ive reset all the configurations for the nic card in my main machine and am only running it with the modem (the original windows/roadrunner software configuration). do i have to change the cat 5 wiring diagram?, what seetings should i use on the nic cards?, and what do i do with the cable modem settings.

let me know what you come up with(i'm getting desperate, girlfreind...........MY computer)
thanks again

Answer:linksys ezxs44 ethernet switch with cable modem

I would think one of your cables is wrong.

check the ends of the cables, make sure the same wire colors are going to the same pins, sounds like you have a crossover cable going from modem to switch.

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Appended below are the following log files:
0. ipconfig /all
1. TechGuy SysInfo Log
2. HijackThis Log
3. attach log from dds.scr (note: this program did not create a file named dds.txt.)
4. ark log from GMER
5. FSS log from Farbar
0. ipconfig /all
Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.
C:\Documents and Settings\Rick>ipconfig /all
Windows IP Configuration
Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : D68P4J71
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network Connection
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-13-20-0A-20-81
Dhcp Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration IP Address. . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
1. Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 509 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) 82865G Graphics Controller, 96 Mb
Hard Drives: ... Read more

Answer:Windows XP 32 bit cannot access Internet via Ethernet cable to DSL modem.

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I have Time Warner internet with a cisco modem two weeks ago I hooked up a belkin router so I can use my laptop also. Everything seem to be working fine until a few days ago now the laptop seems okay but the desktop is slower than dail-up. I called Time Warner and they had me connect the desktop directly to the modem by passing the router and all was well but as soon as I went back thur the router the problem was back so they said it must be a problem with the router but my laptop and two printers are working fine with the router just the desktop is having an issue. My question is the modem has an ubs connection and I was wondering if I could use that to hook it to my computer by passing the router.

Answer:Solved: Can I connect my cisco modem with ethernet cable?

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My cable modem and laptop will not recognize each other when connected using an ethernet cable. (I know the modem does work using an ethernet cable...this is how it was connected to my desktop pc) I have been able to connect via the usb port, but I would like to use the ethernet connection if possible.

I have a Gateway running XP sp2

Answer:Laptop will not recognize ethernet connection to cable modem

If you know the modem works with an Ethernet connection to the desktop, and the same cable and port are being used when trying it on the laptop, and the laptop fails, it is a problem with the laptop.

Is the network adapter enabled?
Have you tried known working Ethernet network adapter?
Since it works with a USB adapter, you at least know there isn't a TCP/IP or Winsock problem.

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I've got two devices connected to my DSL modem/router - my PC and xbox, with the modem/router sitting midway between the two in the middle of my house. I'm about to install a Boxee box beside the xbox but I only have one ethernet cable running to that area which is plugged into the xbox. How can I share this cable between the xbox and Boxee and still be able to see my PC on the same network? I've had a router between the xbox and the modem before but it meant the xbox and PC couldn't see each other. The xbox and Boxee will never be using the connection at the same time - is there some kind of KVM-style network hardware that I could use or would an ethernet switch do the same thing?

Answer:Connecting two devices to a modem/router on one ethernet cable

or would an ethernet switch do the same thing?


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I have a Satellite 1900-305 and I can't have internet access when connecting directly to the cable modem via ethernet (RJ45), even after doing the recovery procedure, and before I was able to. I can work normally and have internet if I connect to the modem trough a network hub. Can somebody help me with this problem?

Answer:Satellite 1900 cannot conect directly to cable modem via Ethernet

If I understand you correct you a trying to connect your Notebook via Ethernet to an Router or Modem or something else, which is connected to the internet.

Well could it be possible, that the cable you a using for this is a crosslink cable?


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Hey all, i just baught a new aztech modem. I baught it because my old modem got fried. When i use this modem, and connect using the LAN wire, it doesnt detect anything. But when i use the USB cable, it detects the modem. Could it be because my lan card is fried as well? How can i check on this?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Problem connecting internet modem with computer using ethernet cable.

Other devices on the network are not supposed to be detected by Windows plug and play.

If you have configured your network adapter to obtain an IP address automatically, then your internet should Just Work.

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it was working before but it was running slow so i tried to fix it and i think i messed things up and it wont let me connect to xbox live it cant obtain an ip address please helpp

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Hi everyone...

i was wondering if there is anyway to have 2 laptops connect to 1 modem using 1 Ethernet cord each...

i want to be able to connect to the internet on both laptops...

my modem has 4 ethernet ports,and both pcs use VISTA.

i tried it already but i only have a connection on 1 laptop...

please help!!!


Answer:Solved: 2 laptops 1 modem 2 Ethernet cable Question (Urgent!!!)

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Oh man, where do I start? I've never had this issue with a computer before and it started like a week ago. All of a sudden, I wasn't able to get online. We are using a cable modem from Cable America with an ethernet cord. If my PC is plugged directly into it, I can't get online. If I take that same cord from the back of my PC and plug it into my husband's laptop, I'm able to get online. That's how I'm contacting you guys right now.

I took my computer to a repair shop and he told me my LAN card was bad and put a new one in. He plugged it up and my computer was online at the store. I get home and it won't work! I take it back to the shop and he runs another test on it and he is very confused as to what is going on.

I've called Cable America and they told me the modem is fine and that my media state is disconnected. Well, why does the computer work just fine at the repair shop but not at home? After my son wakes up from his nap, I'm running out to Cable America and switching out the modem to see if it's really the issue.

I'm using Windows Vista...I know, I know, everybody's favorite OS. I just bought this computer just under a year ago, so I would love to get it fixed. I've even restored it back to factory settings and that didn't help.

Can anybody give me some ideas to try?

Answer:Solved: Problems getting online through cable modem with ethernet cord

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Hi, my modem doesnt work when i plug 2nd ethernet cable in to it i am trying to link another pc to me modem but it just makes the lights flash and then doesnt work i tried it in different ports still doesnt work i also tried my xbox in it that doesnt work either iv have internet for 2 years and also plugged my xbox in now and agen and it worked fine but just recently doesnt want to work any ideas how to fix it ??
Thanks jake

Answer:Solved: modem doesnt work when i plug 2nd ethernet cable in

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Hi Folks,

I'm really hoping that you'll be able to help me out here. I've been trying to sort this out for a few weeks now (should have asked for help earlier I know). The set up I have is a Toshiba Satellite A100 running XP Media Center Edition and an HP Pavillon Desktop also running XP Media Center Edition. I have a cable modem which is a Castlenet CBV600E and a router which is an Encore Electronics Wireless Broadband Router.

All was working brilliantly, for 6 months until a number of things happened. The laptop got a couple of trojans and generally annoying malware on it and the broadband speed was upgraded to 4Mbps (I'm in Gozo, Malta, that's good for here!). Since then the desktop will connect fine through the modem and through the router (although through the router the speed drop by about 1/3, but that's another issue), but I can only get a stable connection for the laptop by plugging it into the modem via usb.

If I connect the laptop to the router by wire or wirelessly then the speed drops to 481 kb/s download speed, 148 kb/s upload speed and the pings rise to 385 ms (just tested on If I leave the connection then the speeds will decrease until pages do not load at all and the pings rise to the 1000's ms. This can take from a couple of hours to 10 minutes. If I turn everything off, leave it off for a few minutes and start it all back up again the connection returns at a useable level for a little while, then degrad... Read more

Answer:Solved: Problems connecting laptop to modem and router via ethernet cable but usb ok

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Im currently using a usb cable to connect to my comcast ambit cable modem. anyways... when I try to plug in my ethernet cable... I cannot/or do not know how to obtain an ip using win2k advanced server.

My broadcom ethernet driver is ok.
and yes.. when Im trying to use ethernet... of course i disable the usb internet connection.

Ive tried this before, and had the same problem with win2003 server on a home pc.

I dont have active directory, or a dns server configured on this machine (dont need to use these features).

Any ideas would be great... thanks!!!

Answer:Solved: win2k server, direct cable modem connection (ethernet) no ip!!!

Did you power cycle the modem after changing the connection from USB to Ethernet? If not, that's the problem.

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Ok here's the situation:
I just moved into a student apartment. The internet is already activated and it is available through the RJ45 jack straight off the wall. Using an Ethernet cable I am able to use Internet without any issues with my PC.

What I want to do:
- Use my Buffalo ADSL router/modem to share the connection: both wired and wireless.
- Use my router as local DHCP to create a private network with my home devices.
- Be able to access both the internet and the router without having to unplug anything.

The setup:
- There is no way to use a DSL (phone) cablein the house so I have to plug the Ethernet cable carrying the connection in one of the LAN port of the router.
- My PC use another free LAN port.

The issues so far:
- I am only able to share the connection through the LAN ports of the router.
- Wireless devices are able to connect (it even read "Internet access" in the tray bar) but are unable to browse. It can't resolve proxy and always time out.
-When the Ethernet cable is plugged into the router, the router itself becomes unavailable. I'm assuming the connection has its own gateway somewhere else and prevents me from accessing the router.
- I effectively don't have any private network anymore.

edit: another weird thing I noticed. On my laptop anytime I try to connect to a wireless network it connects to 2 networks at the same time. One with the proper SSID and the other "Unidentified network"

n.b: I have reset the r... Read more

Answer:Issues using my router/modem to share connection coming from Ethernet cable

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As my PC will be moved upstairs soon where there is no way to get a ethernet cable any more,
I will be forced to go wireless...
I have never wanted it and never used it except on my mothers laptop witch is obviously built-in.
So my experience with wireless stuff is very low...

some fact that may play a role for your comments:
-from PC to modem/router threw the walls will be about 8 yards max.
-there is a chimney in the direct path from PC to modem/router.
-there is barely any metals used in the house although the modem is placed next to the water-main.
-the laptop of my mother never had any issues and is about 2 years old cant tell you the what hardware it used ATM.

Now what I want:
-I want my 6.4 MB/sec speed (other wireless devices dont play any role > mom laptop (80% facebook and 5% mails and 5% searching the web and the rest is youtube lol ; and the smart TV really doesn't do anything except for streaming some video clips very rarely.

- I NEVER want to get disconnected!! not even for a millisecond if you catch my drift.

- I prefer an internal piece of hardware witch I have a PCI slot for with the room. Although I would also like to be able to give internet to multiple PC's or whatever , ya never know ; LAN party for example...
i do realize a switch would suffice but I'll just give you everything because I know there are many ways to go wireless. just dont know crap about them...

- I'm not a millionaire but I dont buy crap so keep that in... Read more

Answer:Solved: Help! need to switch from ethernet cable to wireless connection to modem/rout

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Alright, here's the down-low...

I'm running a Compaq Presario Media Center PC from 2007. AMD Athlon 3000, 3GB (cheapo) RAM, 256 mb video card. Everything except the ram is at least a year old. Windows XP, newest SP, loads of programs, last format over a year ago, keep the system clean (defrags, crap cleaning, anti-malware, etc.)

I just got an MSI Wind U100, 1.66 Intel Atom, 2GB RAM, Windows 7 on the 160GB HDD.

(on the side - Windows 7 is fantastical. It's to XP like XP was to 98 [yes, you may take that to mean it's worse if you like. If so, then it's to XP like 98 was to 3.1])

So, I'm trying to sync/backup most of my files. I realized the way to do this is NOT to create a shared network, etc, via ethernet/wireless. Instead I'm using my iPod as a portable HDD and that works nicely, though file transfers are ab it slower.

I was setting up a network between the XP Desktop and the 7 Netbook. I plugged them together with an ethernet cable. I don't know whether either computer has a smartport (?). It was a regular ethernet cable.

I activated my LAN, rebooted both computers...and while the network would have taken a lot of other squirming around due to the XP - Win 7 difference, that is not my nightmare.

MY PROBLEM: Netbook rebooted fine. As Desktop boots, my monitor maintains the orange LED which means power but no input signal. WTF, right? I check the monitor by plugging into the Netbook, monitor is fine. I plug the monitor into the i... Read more

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I used to have an internal cable conecting the sound card to the modem card inside of the CPU. When I put in the new 3Com/USR 56k modem FX/VC/DT/SP, there was no connector to which to conect the sound card cable.

I read somewhere once, that one could connect the output of the modem card to the input of the Sound Card using a short cable on the outside back of the CPU to achieve the same thing.

The other option is to dedicate a speaker system to the modem card. (If i do this route, do I use a monaural speaker or a stereo speaker system--in other words, i think the modem is a monaural sound source but i wanna check for sure?).

I think it would be cleaner to be able to take the OUT from the modem to the IN of the Sound Card on the back of the CPU. Does anyone know if this will work?


Answer:Sound Card to Modem Card Connector Cable

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Something screwy's going on with my wireless modem and ethernet card, and at this point I'm not exactly sure what the problem is. I do have a feeling however that my ethernet card is dead. My wireless modem has a usb slot, and I know you can use usb instead of a network adapter, but what all does it involve? I have the correct usb cable, but I know it's not as easy as just hooking it up. Wouldn't I need software for the modem or something along that line?

Answer:Using USB from modem instead of through ethernet card?

You have to configure the router to use the USB interface instead of Ethernet from the configuration page. Just go out and get another Ethernet card, if it is not the problem return it.

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i called my computer manufacterer abut the fact that i can only connect to the internet using my usb cable.

saturday when i got home the ethernet light was on but i couldn't get on line.

i rebooted and the light ain;t been on since.tried another cable no luck..

i wonder if plugging in the cable while power was on hurt anything although i thought it worked like the usb cable.don't believe i did that saturday anyway....totally confused

not sure i did anyway..the computer take said that he thought it was the NIC...the internet provider said it could be a blown port on the modem help.

i get open connection symbol on my task bar.


Answer:modem or ethernet card


maybe someone else can help you, but I'm clueless on how to're connecting to the internet using a USB line, so.. yea

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Please help!! I Installed an optional update for my lan network card on the 17th of this month and since then the lan card is not recognizing my ethernet cable. I tried to uninstall the update but it won't let me.....i have tried everything under the sun to get the connection working and i finally realized that the update may have affected the connection.

I am stuck at this point......

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Please guys, in plain language, I have checked the archive but more confused than ever.I am on BroadBand with a Speedtouch 330 USB modem, but find this not very acceptable to Linux distro, so have been advised that a ethernet/router is the best way to go, but it appears that these still use the USB port, so ---1) Do I have to install an ethernet card into the PC.???2) If so do I have to get a router that does not use a USB socket to connect to the card.3) Can anyone please supply me with the straightforward requirement to connect up to get BroadBand with Linux, because apparently Linux and USB are very dodgy.Any help will be much appreciated.

Answer:ethernet card/router/dsl modem

Hi, assuming you do not actually want to connect more than one pc to BB - I would advise fit a ethernet pci card, all you need is a spare pci slot, and get a Ethernet ADSL modem. Have a look at click here and look at the BIPAC 5100s Modem. With this setup you would also have the additional security of a built-in hardware firewall within the modem. You would also have the capability of expansion to make up a home network, ie connect additional pc/pc's, if at any time you so wished.Cheers.

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Broadband is becoming available in my area at the end of April, so i am getting ready for it. I have chosen an ADSL service from Virgin.Every single broadband provider that i have looked at, are gonna charge me for a broadband modem which i am not too bothered about. But i thought an ethernet card was a broadband modem....durrrr. Am i way off the mark??Thanks

Answer:Is an ethernet card a broadband modem?

yes. Basically an Ethernet card fits in your machine and is the means by which you connest to a broadband modem which stands alone outside the machine. Ours were provided free from Telewest when we signed up last year. There are clever people in here who will give you more in-depth technical explanations but I have just tried to keep it simple or I lose myself.

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Hello everyone
I am a complete newcomer to Linux I only installed it yesterday and I have a problem I can't get the control /hardware wizard to find my USB cable modem. I know that it is the "norm"
to have either a network card or an ethernet card but I have neither just a cable modem which is an ethernet adapter. The wizard seems to only look for a card or a dial up modem and mine is neither. Does anyone know can Mandrake be made to use this arrangement? and does Mandrake have drivers for a usb cable modem? or is it time to go back to the dreaded windows and in the clutches of Billionaire Gates
Help please Thank You

Answer:USB Cable Modem no card

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I'm trying to connect a win98 machine and a linux machine with a crossover cable. I've used both ethernet cards and know they have worked, I've also used the crossover cable. The think is, there is no connectivity with ping. Routing tables and interfaces appear to be ok, but on the linux machine the link light on the ethernet card does not go on. If I switch which end of the cable goes into which machine it is still the same deal, link light on on the windows machine, and not on on the linux machine. From what I know of link lights this seems very odd. What could be causing this behavior?

Answer:Ethernet card link light with crossover cable

Bad cable! What are the models of the network cards you are trying to connect?

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for my new AT&T "Fast Access Lite"768Kbs account.I have an older Gateway(Model#KAD K7),prob. came from factory w/Wind98,but was upgraded w/XP,extra RAM put in,too.It only used Dialup,before.It seems to have capacity & speed to handle DSL:Tune -up tells me Processor is AMD Athlon 800MHz,Memory,512MB.Seems installing should be no different from a dial up modem which I've done in past &I'm an electronic tech. for over 30yrs. Just need one w/Ethernet port,&works out w/this PC,for decent price to serve the function.Grateful thanks in advance for name of card & where to obtain since ATT gives me no help here,(but the've already helped themselves to billing me for what I cannot use ,yet!)

Answer:Trying to find supplier of a 10Base-T NIC card to use Ethernet Cable w/DSL

Are you looking for PCI?Have you checked Newegg?

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This is more to do with point of entry and the correct cables required. On an Ethernet card the socket as connections for 8 wires, and a modem card as connections for 4 wires. Taking in consideration that the 4 wire plug can fit an Ethernet card socket, not visa versa. My query: What is the difference between a modem card and a Ethernet card- function wise.And what is the difference between RJ11/RJ45/BT Plug/Crossover/Patch etc?.Explanations in the easiest possible terms please.A website link explaining this, would be appreciated for simplification and ease of passing the information on.Any help advice appreciated.

Answer:Difference between Modem & Ethernet Card/Cables?

Bookmarked - I have the same question arising from a problem with a friend's PC.

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As of late my DSL modem tends to dump it's service and after 3-4 re-power-ups, it comes on-line, but communication between the ethernet card and modem are broken. I use Q-West as my service provider her4e in the Mid-West, they do ok by me, but i HAVE A BUG THAT KEEPS RE-WRITING MY ip ADDRESS, etc. If you have a suggestion pop me an answer, please!!

Answer:Ethernet Card And Modem Dont Chat! do you know it's the modem and not the service/ISP?

Do you use a router?

The more pieces to the puzzle, the more things to check.

I suggest trying to reset from scratch (unplug modem, unplug router if applicable....then replug), after ensuring that it's not a QWest problem.

If you use software for your DSL connection, uninstall/reinstall would be my choice.


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Hi All,
I have Laptop Toshiba Satellite L775, windows 7. I used cable modem Motorola SURFboard SBG6580 and it was working fine. Then I changed my ISP to Century Link and used their DSL modem and still everything worked just fine. Now I moved to another city and used same cable modem (SBG6580) and connected my business PC thru ethernet and it is working fine. The problem is with my laptop which I tried to connect wirelessly but coudn't so I tried to connect it thru ethernet but it does not even recognizes it. Funny thing is my hard wired computer has picked up same network name thru modem and is working fine both thru ethernet and wifi (this computer I am using first time with this modem).
My laptop find available networks and when I select my network with password, some time it says connected with limited access and some time "windows was unable to connect" message. I tried most of the solutions by calling Suddenlink and Motorola but no luck. I am wordering if it has to do anything with centurylink's DSL modem being used on this laptop before and somehow blocking cable modem?
Any help?

Answer:Solved: Cable modem to DSL back to cable modem-now my laptop can't connect to interne

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I have roadrunner with a Toshiba cable modem on Win98se everything has been fine until about a week ago the PC(network card) light on my modem shuts off and starts going on and off randomly. When im on Winxp and this happens it keeps saying network cable unplugged and then it goes back on and like a minute later happens again. I tried switching the ethernet cable thinking it was the cable but it still happens its so random i have no idea whats the problem i even tried installing new drivers for the SMC ez network card i have still doesnt fix the problem, also on WINXp when all the lights are on i still cant seem to connect to any websites or access anything. Only thing i can do is keep rebooting till my PC light is stable and then its only a matter of time before it starts bugging out again. Any Help or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Answer:Network Card/Cable Modem?????

I have cable also with W98 and SMC EZ card. Have you called your ISP help line? I have a different modem but have had a similar problem. Also, did you go into start/run and type winipcgf [enter]? When the dialog box opens, click "More Info">>. Near the middle in the white window, click the drop down arrow and you should be able to select your SMC adapter. *Do Not select PPP Adapter* Make a note of your IP and default gateway. Click "release all"; the IP's should zero out. Then click renew all. They should reset to their original settings. If they reset to different IP's, especially a "default", or won't reset then try to power cycle the modem. I don't know about your model of modem- only mine. On mine I power down the computer, pyhsically remove the power cord and cable in from the modem. Wait about a minute, reconnect the modem, then reboot. Try this 3 or 4 times. If none of this works then definitely call your ISP, which I recommend you do any way. Good luck and let us know what happens.


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I have seen advertised on ebuyer an "EA1115 Ethernet Network Card". Can I use this card to connect my PC (WinME) to my NTL cable modem? If so, great as it's only 3 !! PC World do similar for 10. Thanks,

Answer:Will this card connect to my cable modem?

Forgot to ask, also will a NIC benefit BB access versus USB?

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I need to know if this is a Windows 7 issue...

I am running software which is licensed through my network card ID. I have recently bought a new laptop, running Windows 7 for the first time. Unless there is a network cable plugged in, I have no access at all to my card and so the software does not work.

My card is a Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller. I have read in a couple of places that both Windows 7 and Realtek have introduced "Green" power saving to disable your network card to save power; but so far I have not been able to find settings that can stop this happening.

There is an option to "Allow the computer to switch off this device to save power", but it appears to happen if this is checked or not.

Has anyone else had this issue and is there a solution?
Thank you

Answer:Prevent Network Card shutdown on ethernet cable removal


You can try this:

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Good morning, I have just purchased a Lenovo X200, and installed the 3G card into the machine, it was working nice, but I have experienced some problems when trying to connect by the 3G connection when i am plugged with a ethernet cable to the network at work. Explanation : At work i am having an internet connection by the ethernet cable, connected to a normal network, this internet connection has a filter not to enter in all the internet, so sometimes i need to go by the 3g connection ( opened to internet ) to look for some pages in the internet. When i try to connect to the internet by this 3G having plugged the ethernet cable, the computer does not enter into the internet, unless i unplugged the network cable. Can anyone help me? Many thanks Raul

Answer:Internet connection problem using a 3G card when ethernet cable is connected

A quick way to solve is to use the dialup connection instead of the lan one. So You will get de default gateway to the dialup connection and all should be working fine, with or w/o the wired lan attacched.

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I can't get my network card to work when plugged into the wall. The computer detects the card and all but I can't get it to detect the lan cable, and the card doesn't light up. At first I thought maybe the cord port was jacked but I was messing around with it and at one point my laptop and the PC/network card were connected and it lit up. Can't get internet that way of course. I can also get it to work from PC to PS3, I can successfully transfer files through FTP.
What's going on?

By the way I'm at a university. There's no modem or router for me to reset or anything like that. And yes the actual cable works, and so does the walljack I'm connecting from, they both work with my laptop. I've tried plugging and unplugging, using different cables, resetting the cmos, doing a system restore point, uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers, no changes. It's a brand new card, and it never worked.

I mean it would be one thing if it at least detected the cable and the internet didn't work, but for it to detect the cable when plugged into anything except the walljack when I know the walljack works, the cable works, and the network card works to at least some extent... I've never had a problem like this before. I could reinstall Windows 7 but, I dunno, I have a feeling that won't work.

No problems are detected in the device manager. ipconfig /all gives me a media disconnected for everything.

Answer:Getting 'no ethernet cable detected' error even though network card works

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Hello Guys,

I've been searching for the past 2 days a solution, but nothing came up to work. Tried different things, nothing good yet.

So I'm directly connected to a modem, cable, and well, my computer takes time to identify and then identifies it first a a public network (i was able to change it to home). ipv6 no internet access, ipv4 no network access.

Here's my ipconfig log :
Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : TheRealThing-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Broadcast
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
DNS Suffix Search List. . . . . . :

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Broadcom NetLink (TM) Gigabit Ethernet
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 20-6A-8A-15-AF-E8
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
IPv6 Address. . . . . . . . . . . : 2408:210:82a1:9300:21bb:17de:75f8:e7eb(Pr
Temporary IPv6 Address. . . . . . : 2408:210:82a1:9300:d457:7a9d:f912:561(Pre
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::21bb:17de:75f8:e7eb%11(Preferred)
Autoconfiguration IPv4 Address. . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . .... Read more

Answer:Win 7 - can't have internet access cable ethernet from modem ipv6 no internet ipv4 no

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Got a problem I cannot seem to solve. I need to communicate with a wifi router that is not itself directly connected to the computer in order to change its channel to improve overall signal quality for the two Wi-Fi routers I have and deconflict with a neighbor's Wi-Fi. The router I need to adjust is connected to the internet through the cable router. It is not directly connected to the computer - thus the Genie program won't talk to it. If I do wire directly to that wi-fi, the internet connection is lost (no cable port to wire it up, unfortunately) and the Genie program won't let me do anything either. So I need to know how to adjust a Wi-Fi router that is acting merely as a wireless antennae to a different router, rather than a direct connection to the internet.


(Background info to save time)

I have a very long house with a lot of metal in it. The Cable drop for internet is in the basement at one end. The cable router has a built in Wi-Fi serving half the house, to which I have (via a LONG cord) connected a second (NetGear) wifi router. Until recently, these have worked fine for the limited internet surfing we've done. This was necessitated by not having good signal at either end of the house if Wi-Fi was in the middle, or no signal at one end if Wi-Fi was left at one end of the house or the other. Thus, two Wi-Fi's.

However - my son is now of an age he wants to play FPS games on the laptop; meaning he needs good ping. ... Read more

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Comcast came by today and set up a cable modem today on one of my machines. It works perfectly on this machine, but when I plug the ethernet cable that connects from the modem into my other machine (a laptop), I can't connect to the internet. The browser can't connect, and I get nothing when I type "ping google" (I typed the full web address of google, but for some reason these forums won't let me post the full address here) into Command Prompt. I noticed that there is a solid orangish-reddish light that turns on on the network card when I plug the ethernet cable into the network card of my laptop, but the light is green when I plug the ethernet cable into the working machine's network card. On the laptop, I tried to "repair" the connection from the "Network Connections" window in the Control Panel, but it gives me an error message that says "Unable to renew IP address." I checked the properties of the connection (TCP/IP etc) on the laptop and all of the settings look identical to the settings of the working machine.

The laptop (that can't connect) is running Windows XP SP1, and the machine that can connect is running Windows XP SP2.

Any idea what could be wrong?

Answer:Network Card & Cable modem problem

First off, ping the loopback of the laptop. Type PING If that works then you know the NIC is OK. If not you have a problem with the NIC in the laptop.

Second, open up TCP/IP properties and make sure that Obtain IP address automatically and Obtain DNS address automatically are set.

If that wont work try to uninstall the NIC in the laptop through device manager. Restart and let windows reinstall the NIC. mabye the driver is corrupt. Who knows. Even if Windows finds a driver, go to the website for the NIC maker or laptop manufacturer and get the newest driver and install that driver.

If none of that works then get a PC card NIC and try that. Ive had more than one NIC go el muncho on me in the past.

Good Luck.

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I have inherited a lap top computer with a Kingmax modem card (KFM5600C) but, alas, no modem cable. I have searched far and wide but, to date, with no success. Does any kindly soul know where I could possibly locate the correct cable.

Answer:Modem cable for a Kingmax MGAFM5600KC card

dont know if they do what ya after but the do every other kind of cable so may be worth a here

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Debating on going wireless or not: Have an Asus M4A87TD EVO that has RTL8111E PCIe Gigabit LAN controller featuring AI NET2. So Gigabit, Im thinking at least 100/1000. I am wire into my router which puts out high speed and low ping to wireless. Standard Ethernet cables supply the data pipeline, not sure what the transfer speed is on them, If anyone can let me know that would be great.
I have been eyeballing the super speed ethernet cables, but not sure if it would solve the ping issues I have with desktop, (being too high), and the cost for a 15' line.
Tried finding a wireless card that handles N+network and 5.0Ghz for my dual band.

1. What is the standard ethernet cable speed?
2. Can the standard ethernet cable from router to computer be causing high ping? (have second computer with 3' cable, same issue)
3. Would it be better to go wireless and forego the wired ethernet cable?
4. What wireless card would you recommend?

Answer:Network speed and ethernet cable questions with wifi card question


1- what kind of cable? cat 5, cat5 E, cat 6?

2-Yes if cheap, old, or not shielded.

3-Not if you are transfering large amounts of data on your internal LAN

4-An 802.11 "N" card

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Had this problem for a few years, but hasn't really bugged me until lately when I need it!!

I have a Dell Studio XPS M1330 Laptop, has NVIDIA motherboard. I think ever since I purchased the PC this problem has occurred.

Problem: NVIDIA nForce 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet card will only detect an ethernet cable when I restart. The minute I unplug it, it will not detect it if I plug it back in. I have searched high and low for a solution but have not been able to find one that works. I have disabled the sleep setting on the device and made sure the computer is not allowed to turn off device to save power. Drivers are updated.

Please help if anyone has an idea. I have a lot of knowledge with computers so you do not have to dumb it down....although I can't figure this one out!


Answer:NVIDIA nForce 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet card not detecting cable

I assume you are unplugging it and going straight to wifi?
You'll want to disable the wifi before plugging it in again (most laptops have a buttong for this that looks something like ((i)), or there will be issues with the router.

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Hello,i have problem with my Z500 Ideapad My system is 8.1 (windows)Before everything was ok, i dindn t install anything but only IIS on my pc. My problem is the following I have this situation : My configuration after a windows update is completly changed. The cable is always the same and i tried also to change it but the result is the same. i don t have the light on, i can see only the Ethernet connection that says unplugged/ disconnected cable even if it is connected and i have the light on the modem is not on. The ip is set in automatic on ipv4 and ipv6this is the situation related to the hardware.  something happened because now i have a yellow part on the blutooth audio device and maybe for the ethernet connection something was updated but i tried also to rescue the previous driver and nothing wi fi connection is not always stable so i need the Lan one for my work. what can i model name is 5931 which is the right driver to manually force to have the previous situation? could you help me?it s really urgent Manuela

Answer:z500 lan connection : ethernet card enable but with disconnected cable and no light

Try disconnecting the cable first. Uninstall the ethernet driver in device manager by selecting erase/delete the files. Reboot. Install the ethernet card driver. Reboot. Connect the ethernet cable and see if you now have the internet service.

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Is there any contraindication to install Windows XP Pro on a Satellite 4070CDT with the max. off RAM (192MB)?

I have been trying out and it seems ok at first glance though I have a strange problem with a Xircom Real-Cardbus Ethernet 100+Modem 56 often getting a error indicating a hardware failure. Just pulling the card out and in again mostly solves the problem for some time but it is very unpleasant and a constant waste of time. There seem to be a (poor) communication problem between the card and the notebook.

Any experiences from others about one of these topics?

Thanks in advance

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Answer:Satellite 4070CDT and WXP Pro: Ethernet 100+Modem 56 card not working properly


it can be that XP doesn't detect the PCMCIA card in a right way. Do you use the Windows XP standard driver or have you installed a vendor specific driver?

You can try to update the PCMCIA card with a driver from Xircom page and perhaps it will work!

You can also check your BIOS settings of the PCMCIA card. It should be setted to CARDBUS! You can enter BIOS with pressing ESC and F1 at startup!


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Just need the network card. What is something good and cheap?

Answer:I need a good network card (for Cable modem with router)

Linksys eg1032

$15 retail

I got a brand new v5.1 on ebay for $0.01 (+$3 shipping).

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while inserting a pcmcia card to the pcmcia socket it only discover a PCMCIA MTD-0002 card and it does'nt work ?

Answer:while inserting a pcmcia card to the pcmcia s

I presume you don't have the drivers CD?Look up the driver online as we do not know what type of card you are having issues with.Some HELP in posting on plus free progs and instructions Cheers

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Looking to make some use out of my P133 laptop with a fubared video/screen (contrast slowly cranks up to pure white). Im going to toss the screen and just use the rest as a router. Freesco will be the OS of choice.

Anyone here recomend any PCMCIA ethernet cards to use? remember, 16-bit only for the old-school laptop. My main concern was finding cards that wouldnt totally bone the computer if there was much traffic. Will be posting in hardfourms forsale/trade forum.

Answer:16-bit PCMCIA ethernet

How about some Intel's with Dongles? They are even brand new, still in the sleeves! I have like 6!

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