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Help, OE inbox emails are gone, found but can't read or import

Question: Help, OE inbox emails are gone, found but can't read or import

Hello, So hoping I can get this resolved. I've spent days reading on here and haven't had any luck. Here's the problem. I have Windows XP. I guess since I purchased my computer in 03 I have OE3 (I know it's a dinosaur but need to get these emails before I buy my new computer). Out of nowhere all of my emails in my inbox were gone. I finally found them. I put them in a file on my desktop. I have many sub folders...Bill emails, saved emails, etc. They are all dbx files. I can't open any of them. I read stuff about inbox.bak but I don't see that anywhere. Under properties I found the location of each sub file. I then tried to import, but I received a message that OE was open. So, they wouldn't import. I'm not the best at following computer commands but can do okay. So, how can I import and be able to read these messages. I want to save some and delete a lot, but need to read them first. Help!

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Preferred Solution: Help, OE inbox emails are gone, found but can't read or import

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Help, OE inbox emails are gone, found but can't read or import

How To Backup Outlook Express Email: [The Correct Way]

1. Open Outlook Express
2. click on 'Tools'
3. Goto 'Options'
4. Open 'Maintanance' tab.
5. Goto 'Store Folder' near bottom.
6. Highlight & Right Click & then 'Copy' the Store Folder Location.
7. Close All Open Windows
8. Goto 'Start'
9. Goto 'Run'
10. Right Click & Paste the Store Folder Location you copied in step 6 into 'Run.' Click OK.
11. A new window will open containing the Email Database.
12. Goto 'Edit'
13. Goto 'Select All'
14. Click 'Copy'
15. Close window.
16. Goto 'Desktop' Right Click & Choose 'New Folder'
17. Give the 'new folder' a name such as "OE Email Backup"
18. Open folder "OE Email Backup"
19. Goto 'Edit'
20. Goto 'Paste'
21. Close window.
22. Save Mail folder to a safe location. [suggested temporary location is Desktop]


Restore Outlook Express Email:

1. Open Outlook Express
2. Goto 'File'
3. Goto 'Import Messages'
4. Select Outlook Express Version 6
5. Click 'Next'
7. Select 'Import Mail From OE6 Store Directory'
8. Click 'OK'
9. Browse to the Location of the saved email folder. [See 22 above]
10. Select 'All Folders'
11. Click 'Next.'

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I have really messed up this time. I use Win 2000 with OE6 & NAV. I was trying to see why my Windows Explorer said I had 56 MB of stuff in my Deleted emails folder although it showed no messages when I viewed the folder. I used Notepad to open the Deleted.dbx file & there was indeed a large amount of data there. I tried deleting the data but & ultimately ended up erasing the data and re-saving the file. It didn't seem to do anything to the size of the file.

The problem is that now when I look at my Inbox (which I didn't intentionally touch) I only see emails that have come in since I messed with that Deleted folder. All of my older emails are missing. The good news is that the Inbox.dbx still shows a large amount of data so I hope they can be recovered. My best guess is that I have changed the encoding into something that OE can't read. The readable OE folders show ISO encoding; when I re-saved the Deleted folder it didn't offer ISO so I tried ANSI. I have already tried resaving some test files in the other options offered under Notepad but no luck

Please, please tell me how can I recover my older Inbox items & get back to where I was this morning.

Answer:Can no longer read saved Inbox emails

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So this just started today (like an hour ago). When I get an email in Gmail it shows in my Inbox. If I open it to read it, and then close it, it still shows in my Inbox, but if I refresh then it disappears. Only unread emails show. If I check All Mail it shows the read emails, and shows the tag "Inbox", so they are still there, but just not visible. If I check them as unread in the All Mail view they show again in Inbox, but again, once read, they disappear. It's happening in both Chrome and Firefox. Anyone else having this issue?

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I have got all my emails from my mail-server's Inbox in to the Thunderbird's Inbox and my Mail-server's Inbox is empty now. Probably, I might have CHECKED "use Global Inbox" (store mail in local folders) during selecting the type of server (usually POP for commercial accounts), and type in the name of the incoming server.

I would like to ask you two questions:
1. How should I modify and UNCHECK "Use Global Inbox" in the Thunderbird so that all my mail-server's emails do not imported to Thunderbird?
2. How could I get back my all emails from Thunderbird Inbox to my Mail-server Inbox?

Please kindly help...

Answer:How to prevent importing emails from my mail-server Inbox to Thunderbird Inbox

Dont' think you can get them back on your ISP's mail server. All pop3 based email clients that I have seen have an option to "Leave mail on server" Outlook Express and Eudora both have this feature. I can't believe Mozilla would have forgotten to add that feature.

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I want to search in my inmail , not archives or sent folder

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I recently shifted from thunderbird to outlook now i added all my emails but for some reason some of the emails are not showing inbox and other folders until i click on drop down on the email name. Why ?

This happens to only some of the emails. All emails are being received and sent but some email folders are not showing until i click on drop down of email.

Thanks for answering.

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For some reason after I restarted my computer, every email in my inbox in Outlook Express was gone.And when I tried to import it, I got this message: And it won't import anything in the folder. I desperately need to get into my email. What can I do?

Answer:Can't Import Inbox.dbx

Rather than import it, what about copy the Inbox.dbx to the default directory?Does it show the messages in Inbox?

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For some reason after I restarted my computer, every email in my inbox in Outlook Express was gone.

And when I tried to import it, I got this message:

And it won't import anything in the folder. I desperately need to get into my email. What can I do?

Answer:Can't Import Inbox.dbx

if it was gone you don't have anything to import.

if i want to save emails for a new machine i email them to myself.

i export the windows address book to a floppy and import whenever i need it.

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Hi experts,

Just i want to transfer the inbox.dbx. from source (size 1,492,611 kb)
to destination pc OE6.

but i dont it but it does not done properly even i watch the size of inbox.dbx in destination (size 1.99gb) why, and what happened pls help very urgent.

thank u all of us.



Answer:cant i import the inbox.dbx

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After a recent reinstall of XP Pro SP3, it was necessary to import all old folders into OE6. Following several threads on this forum I managed to get all but the Inbox and Sent Items folders. Only the new empty versions will show up in the folders list of OE6. Checking the Store Folder, the old folders are there as .dbx files, with full contents based on the file size. I tried:

1) Importing folders using the Import feature on OE6. Useless.
2) Copying all old folders into the store folder, including overwriting the existing Inbox and Sent Items. OE6 could see all imported folders but these two.
3) Renaming the old folders before copying them into the Store Folder, so as not to overwrite the existing empty Inbox. OE6 could see all imported folders but these two.
4) Repeating step 3, above, but also changing the imported folders.dbx file suffix by adding .old. OE6 could see all imported folders but these two.
5) Creating Restored Inbox, etc in OE6, renaming the old backup folders to match, then overwriting the "restored" folders in the Store Folder. Restored folders contain no files in OE6, though the files in the Store Folder contain data.
6) DBXtract from copy of old folder (no .eml files created)
7) MailView of old folder (received message that "file does not contain any message", but found messages in other imported folders)
8) Verified that my backup .dbx files are not read-only
9) Verified that other old folders which did import correctly are larger th... Read more

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I am using Outlook Express 6 and would like to import my Inbox.dbx file.

Through Outlook Express, File/Import/Messages/Microsoft Outlook Express 6/Import Mail from an OE6 store directory/Brouse & select the "Mail" file with all the dbx. files, I am able to import all the files except the Inbox.dbx file.

The "source" Inbox.dbx shows it as having 10,737 KB.

When I move the "source" Inbox.dbx into it's own folder, and try to just import it, I get a:

"No messages can be found in this folder or another application is running that has the required files open. Please select another folder or try closing applications that may have files open." message.

Even doing a restart (soft boot) doesn't make any difference.


Answer:Can't import Inbox.dbx file

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I use Netscape 7.0 and I just upgraded from Win98 to XP. When I looked at my inbox, it was empty, so I chose the Import command. The only choice for mail messages was Import from Netscape 4.x. I did it -- and the only messages in my inbox are from two years ago. In Windows Explorer I found two Inbox files with .snm file extensions, but I don't know how to get them translated -- Netscape can't open them. Can anyone help? Thanks!

Answer:XP/Netscape Import Inbox problem


Welcome to TSG

Hope you dod not lose anything but it maybe it is not in the same place.

You may have to reinstall netscape 7 but do a backup of your user folders first.

Profiles Folder Location for Netscape 7.x / Mozilla 1.x / Firefox0.x / Thunderbird0.x

But read the pages and also read up on a clean install. I am guess you can get your files and move them. If you look the user folder is not in the same place under 98 as it is with xp.

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I am running ME. I wish to copy my INBOX or if easier all of Outlook to my external HD. When I go C/Windows/Application data/Identities/... ; everything that ends in .dbx is an Autocad file, which also ends uses .dbx.
I was able to copy SENT and SENT ITEMS.

I will be getting another laptop soon, should I wait until then? Is there a better way then to transfer Outlook Express? Perhaps LapLink?

Any help is APPRECIATED!

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I decided to back up my old e-mails into an external new HD. I found the inbox.mbx folder and renamed it to move it to a new folder. But then I discovered in panic that the whole folder had dissapeared from my OutLook Express client and when I tried to import it back to OE there was this warning :the "folder could not be found or was in use by other application". Something I read trying to solve this problem by myself, was that if you donīt copy, move or rename in the proper manner, the whole folder could get corrupted. Now this problem is beyond my power and I will indeed appreciate your help to get my inbox folder back to OutLook Express, before I do something else wrong. I know where the folders are but I guess I have a problem with the renaming that I am unable to solve. Please Help.


Answer:I Need your help to Import my missplaced Inbox folder at Outlook E.

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I replaced my hard drive and made a backup of the old drive contents before hand.

I installed a new version of Outlook (2007) and have downloaded all my old emails off my web server - so my inbox is working perfectly. I want to add my contacts / calendar, etc, but I am afraid if I import or "add" my old PST file I may get duplicates in my email inbox. How can I prevent this??


Answer:Import contacts & calendar in Outlook after I already restored inbox?

You should just be able to select what you want imported.

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Question: emails from inbox

I am using MS Outlook 2010 during some years. But only today something happened with my data. About dozen of email are disappeared. I have rebooted computer, but nothing has changed.

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In Outlook Express all incoming emails form 2 or more accounts would go into one inbox. I have 4 email accounts in Live Mail and I would love to direct all incoming email form all four accounts into the same inbox vs checking each account for new mail. Is this possible?

Thanks, Airpix

Answer:All new emails into the same inbox?

You should be able to set the other accounts to automatically drop their messages to the one inbox folder.
If memory serves (I don't use outlook anymore) you would right click on the inbox for each account itself and use the properties there to set the drop location for the emails.
This would still mean that any replies would come from the primary account as far as the recipient is concerned though. ...I don't know a way around that.

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Hi All,

Am new on here & to Windows 7. Am also new to Outlook 2010. So here is my problem......

Emails were being received ok in Outlook 2010 until I imported my data from Outook 2007. Now I am not receiving any emails. Can't work out why? Have checked my pop 3 settings & they are all correct.
Would greatly appreciate any help.



Answer:Emails not going to Inbox??????

My guess is that the import corrupted the account. Set up a new account, use the same settings, delete the old account and then cross your fingers. Make sure of the settings, go to the website of the email providor.

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hi everyone

All of my incoming e-mails are going into my junk e-mail folder, can anyone tell me how to get my incoming e-mails back into my inbox.

regards calmat

Answer:no emails in my inbox

This does not sound like its due to your email. I think that some software (probalby your Anti Virus) has an email filter system, to stop spam. You may want to look into those settings. What AV, are you using?

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I have been using MS Outlook 2003, it is quite old version of program. But it is convenient for me and my workers. All the communication goes via email. Every day I receive many mails from my people. Today I haven't opened Outlook by a reason - MyEmails.pst can not be accessed - 0x80040116. I haven't seen such issue before. It does mean that my .pst is crashed or something else?

Answer:many emails in my inbox

Try the troubleshooting steps here:

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I cannot delete SOME emails from my inbox and cannot fully empty my deleted items box on windows live mail (Windows 7). Any suggestions for a backward 71 year old please?

Answer:I cannot delete emails from my inbox

I take it you have right clicked them and clicked on delete.

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How can I dump an Email from the Inbox without opening it?

Answer:Dumping Emails from Inbox

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When I checked my email this morning it showed 760 unread emails but they were old emails. What happened? I use Live Mail.

Answer:Inbox filled with 760 OLD emails

Do you mean Windows Live Mail? if so give more details, i.e. type of account POP3 or IMAP.

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Running Windows XP Service Pack 2 with Outlook Express 6. While browsing "inbox" emails the computer suddenly switched itself off and then automatically re-booted. On navigating back to the inbox I found it to be completely empty. Approx. 160 emails, all gone!I suspect they are still on the hard drive somewhere. Is there any way I can retrieve them?I have already searched for dbx. files and folder and moved them to inbox, but they were only duplicates of the new emails in there since the crash.Is anyone able to help please?

Answer:Lost all inbox emails.

system restore? it solved a similar problem for me a while backjohnny

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*I have a Samsung 10.2 tablet from which I can send emails, using my virginmedia provider and address, but incoming emails do not appear in the inbox or else they appear for about 2 seconds, then disappear - I can access the incoming emails via the website. Has anyone else had this problem and can anyone help?

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I don't know what happened but I am missing emails from my inbox from March 1, 2003 to the other day. I do still have emails I have sent out during that time period. I checked with my server & they said that once I have received my emails they do not have them stored. It also is not because my view settings are to show only read emails etc. I did not delete these emails. I believe they must be somewhere in my computer (I hope) ...just need to locate them. I have searched in my outlook express & did not find them either. If anyone can HELP I'd appreciate it. Also wondering if anyone has ever heard of such a thing happening??!!


Answer:some of my inbox emails are MISSING!

Check your options menu and look for 'Delete messages after x days being downloaded'.

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IT is not my speciality area so plse bear with me

use xp sp3 and outlook express

have lost part of my inbox emails [ for period dated 9/9/08 until 10/2/10 !!!!! ] this has occurred only in the last week. new emails since are being received ok

other prior emails recvd, which were moved out to other folders within that time period are unaffected

in OE view/ current view / all messages... is set

the block of emails have not been deleted ie not in "deleted items"

run panda + some spyware - all updated and all regularly scanned

** have i lost these emails, 15 months of general inbox received ... or are they around somewhere
** if around how do i get them back ie just the inbox as was [ i can i presume move all current into a new sub inbox, get the origianl back and then move recents back into the ne home inbox..... presumes i an get the inbox back ]

have one .pst file [ apparently related ? ] but it is circa oct09 !
there is a .dbx around but it seems to have current date

of interest the emails now, as at 9/9/08 cannot be opened properly, [ message being :Outlook Express encountered an unexpected problem while displaying this message. Check your computer for low memory or low disk space and try again. ] but the very earliest emails remaining in the inbox do open as normal.

memory mentioned is not seem to have had any issues recently, and the fact that the older emails and the most recent all open !
space though............ Read more

Answer:Lost some inbox emails

OE stores mail files here
C:\Documents and Settings\yourLogin\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{4049BA6C-A559-4750-9335-49BF0F9EC9FA}\Microsoft\Outlook Express\*

your {4049BA6C-A559-4750-9335-49BF0F9EC9FA} may be different but only one will be under IDENTITIES\

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All of a sudden my inbox emails are disappearing. After I read it, it goes away. In fact, all my inbox emails I have had for 4 months have dissappeared. I have subfiles and they are not dissappearing only the inbox. I scanned my hard drive for a virus, and it did detect. It said it could not be deleted. It was an incoming email. I permanantly deleted it. But the disappearing act is still the star. !!

Answer:inbox emails deleting themselves

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A long time back, all my emails started going into my allmail box instead of my inbox.
Most of the time, that doesn;t bother me. But there are times, when i lose focus on the allmail.
Then I have to try and remember the shortcut to get back to allmail, or to go the sibebar, where Inbox is on top and below that "important" and so on. But to get to allmail, you have to go down to more, and find AllMail as a submenu in that. It might even be necessary to make the browser page smaller, so you can see the More menu.
So is it possible to either (a) get messages to go into inbox, or to bring Allmail up to the top of the sidebar, where Inbox is located.
The second one would be my first choice, as that's where my most of all my emails are ie in allmail.
But if i can only do the first thing ie get messages to appear in my inbox, is there a way to move all mails in my allmail box to my inbox?

update. Okay, after all these years, i have found out that all mail refers to archived mail.
So if all my mail is going into archived mail, does that mean that at one stage, i chose to have all my mail be archived. Perhaps I hit something invaderntly.
I came upon this, because I had another question about Archived mail. I was wondering if I was looking at mail, in all mail, and ticked a post, and chose to archive it, and then deleted it, was it still in the archive. But as I am in the archive (all mail) I am deleting it from the archive, or am I.

Answer:how do i get all my new emails in gmail to go to my inbox?

all mail refers to archived mailClick to expand...

No, All Mail is exactly what it says. Mail in every location: Inbox, any folders you created, archived emails, trash and spam.
There is a label in front of the subject line telling you where that particular email is located.
When you delete from the archive it moves to trash. You will see it in All Mail with Trash in front of the subject.
You can also see it if you open Trash.

Go to settings: (gear icon) then click on labels. If you cahnge All Mail from Hide to Show it will appear at the top rather than having to click the arrow aside of More.

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I have been trying to move xp oe inbox only emails to oec. Export/import does not work. How can I do that?

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Hi, I have Windows Vista, Windows Mail etc, and all is working fine. Except if I try to send an email to myself, even a tester with just one word in subject ("test")and a few simple words in the Message, something is stopping it from arriving in my Inbox.The message is sent, no problem. But it just doesnt come back to me.Any idease please?Regards cowgirl66

Answer:My Own Emails don't arrive in Inbox

I've just loaded Vista and had exactly the same 'problem'In my case the solution was simple (but took 2 days to realise). Previousy running outlook express where inbox messages automatically showed, I did'nt realise in windows mail I had to physically click 'send/receive' to bring them up on screen.

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Yesterday morning a whole chunk of emails, several hundred, from mid April until yesterday morning vanished from my inbox in Outlook Express. Earlier emails are still there and subsequent ones have downloaded ok and have not disappeared. They are not in the deleted items folder and I also checked that view is set to 'show all messages'. I have tried system restore but that has not made any difference. I cannot find them anywhere; does anyone have any suggestions as to what has happened and what I can do to prevent it happening again and where to find them.I am running win xp with microsoft essentials as virus scanner - I wondered if that has anything to with it?Finally, quite a few are still on the server, is it possible to force Outlook Express to download them again?

Answer:emails vanish from inbox

I'm sorry but I cannot help with restoring your e-mails. If they are on the server you should be able to download them again. Download all if I remember correctly but it is long while ago I used OE. System restore does not restore data. MSE is unlikely to have had anything to do with it. Compression of folders or an archive may have.If you have valuable e-mails it is worthwhile creating a back up of them see click here

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Friends send me emails. I do not receive. Not in inbox, trash, junk. I know they've been sent because they will forward them to me from their letters sent folder. This has been happening more and more consistently in the last three weeks. I've checked spam settings, the addresses are in my address book, and I've received emails from them in past. Any ideas. Verizon is my ISP, MSN my email. Should I call Verizon, MSN, or maybe HP if it's a problem with my computer. Thanks.

Answer:MSN not receiving Emails in inbox

im assuming you have hotmail? i have it and have never had a problem with it. good luck trying to contact msn or hp.

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Dear Folks,

I have an XP-home system and my ISP in MSN Premium through a QWEST Actiontech DSL Modem. I have Internet Explorer ver. 7.0.5730.13 for my browser and get my e-mail My service was interrupted for a few months due to financial crunch. When I had it restored,they actually had to start up again. There was some initial problem with getting my old phone # (which I'd had for 14 years with no breaks), but hat got straight very quickly. Now here's the prob.

I cannot delete emails from my inbox. I can move them to staorge, forward, reply, etc. I have been usin the same e-mail sysytem for several years. I could always delete e-mails before. I have more than 900 messages in my inbox. and more coming in all the time. PLEASE HELP! The support group at MSN has pretty much blown me off. Thanks, in advance for any ideas. annerackham

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Am using Windows XP and Netscape 6.2 and I received two letters (identical) from a company and cannot delete them. The gray bar goes about half way and then just sits there. Other mail can be deleted as always....Please tell me how to delete these as they will sit in the Inbox forever!

Answer:Cannot delete 2 emails from my Inbox

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I cannot delete certain emails from my inbox on this computer. I'm using msn premium. Please help.

Answer:Cannot delete certain emails from my inbox

What is your e-mail program?

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with my hotmail account all emails received always go direct to my junk emails and totally bypass my inbox. i think this is to do with cookies but not knowing too much about the workings i have no idea how or what to amend so they arrive in my inbox.
if someone could advise me can u make it not too technical!!!! please
thanks steve

Answer:junk emails & inbox

In Hotmail, go underneath your User Name on the upper right side to Options/More Options/Preventing Junk Mail/Filters and Reporting check the radio button for Standard.

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again next time you go online to recieve emails even though they have been deleted.What I am trying to say is; if you go inot Ie6/outlook express v6 in XP and retrieve your mail from a dial up isp (BT) then zap away the mails you don't want go back online later and the same mails usually spam all come back again.Can a virus do this ?

Answer:Can the same emails come back to your Inbox

It would have to be on the BT server but i think more likly u just downloading headers and leaving the mail on there,just a thought.Regards.

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I need help to restore them if possible. Thank you. stream.

Answer:Emails gone from inbox in Thunderbird 3.0.4

Didn't manage to inadvertently create a new profile did you? Have a look here,

Profile Manager - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

to see how to check, and see if that is what happened.

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Question: lost inbox emails

I'm using thunderbird and this morning all the emails I had in my inbox were gone. all other folders work fine. tried reindexing and compacting enither worked. did find ainbox file that is 1.79 gigs what do I do with it

Answer:lost inbox emails

Possible you have already checked for this, but could it be the inbox got accidentally dragged and dropped into another folder? That happened to me once.

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MS Outlook is giving me endless problems. My Inbox is not receiving emails, even when I send one to myself!! Help please.When was the last time you did something for the first time?

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I cannot delete emails from the inbox in Windows Mail - I just get a message telling me that "An unknown error has occurred". I use 32 bit Vista.

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I was reading my emails when I had to leave the computer for a few minutes. When I came back ALL the emails from my Inbox were gone. No one touched my computer. The 'Show all msgs' is selected. I only have one POP3 account. I did not have the box checked to leave copies on the server, but I do now.

Does anyone know why this happened? Where my emails went? How can I prevent this from happening again? I've lost some very important messages, photos, etc.

I would appreicate any insight into this problem. I am using Vista Home Premiuem, Windows Mail. This is the first time I've had a problem with Vista or Windows Mail. I've seen where others have had this or a simular problem, but not any real answers.


Answer:Emails from Inbox disappeared

Hello Kadie, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Double check to make sure that you have the Show all messages selected for the Inbox folder. It is a per folder type setting.

You might check your other folders (ex: Junk) in Windows Mail to see if they may been filtered to there.

If you have a antivirus program that has a email scanning and filtering option, then you might check it to see if it filtered your email with it thinking the email was some form of spam or junk.

Hope this helps,

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I seem to be getting erratic email delivery. I have two different email addresses, one with my ISP and the other, a hotmail account. Some emails are delivered immediately, others don't appear at all (I found out later that people have been emailing me and their mail is not arriving.) And some email takes days to arrive.I have email addresses with my domain name re-directed to either my Hotmail, Outlook express or Netscape email addresses could this be the reason they are not arriving?By the way, no one gets their mail back undelivered.

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I have been trying to move xp oe inbox only emails to oec. Export/import does not work. How can I do that?

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hi, my old PC conked out & I have bought a laptop (windows vista).For a while I used virginmedia webmail, but found it filled up too quickly and people were phoning me to say their emails to me were bouncing back. :-(
So today I opened a Windows Mail account. Got all my emails into my inbox - 99 of them but how can I import my sent messages from virginmedia webmail. Can it be done easily please?
cheers glad of your help

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i would like to no how to import my emails from incredi mail to thunderbird

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When I deleted an email from my inbox, all the remaining emails were deleted one at a time but almost instantly. When I went to my deleted items folder, I could see the emails but could not restore them and could not shut down Outlook 2007. I had to use task manager to shut Outlook down. I promptly ran a full virus scan but nothing showed up. I checked the next day and it looks like I can restore my inbox files. Is there something new or old out there that can cause this? I'm sure it was something containe in the email I tried to delete but don't rememder which one it was. Thanks

Answer:virus that deletes emails from inbox

Run this ESET's Online ScannerGeneral clean up and Prep (Do prior to any AV scans) can I view the log file from ESET Online Scanner? ESET Online Scanner saves a log file after running, which can be examined or sent in to ESET for further analysis. The path to the log file is "C:\Program Files\EsetOnlineScanner\log.txt". You can view this file by navigating to the directory and double-clicking on it in Windows Explorer, or by copying and pasting the path specification above (including the quotation marks) into the Start ? Run dialog box from the Start Menu on the desktop.

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Help ! I am moving house , I have a blueyonder broadband outlook express account. I am unable to have this service at my next address.I literally have hundreds (if not thousands) of very important emails which I do not want to loose when I have to close down the service at my current address.I know that I could print these (which defeats the object and would use lots of trees) or forward them onto someone elses e-mail account.Surely there must be a better and easier way than this?Thank you in anticipation of solving this problem for me.

Answer:MovingHouse-Don't want to loose emails inbox etc

If they're stored in Outlook Express and not stored on the Blueyonder server, they are already on your PC. Unless you're leaving that behind too....

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Hi there - hope you can help with this please! I am using Outlook 2010 for my email. I keep receiving deleted e-mails again and again also emails that I have kept in my inbox are duplicated at the same time. It is a POP server and set to keep a copy of messages on the server and keep them for 20days. I havent changed any settings and my e-mail has been perfect up til now.

It was suggested that i clear my browser cache which I did and it was OK for a day or so but now has reurned to re-sending emails.

Sysinfo report included below - Thanks in anticipation
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU T4300 @ 2.10GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4025 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family, 1820 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 464545 MB, Free - 386937 MB;
Motherboard: Acer, Aspire 5732Z
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

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My last emails received in the Inbox was dated sept. 2 ...on that date all my emails in SENT box as well as all my contacts in the directory had disappeared... tried to restore SENT emails but to no avail, fortunately was able to restore deleted contacts .... have consulted Yahoo Help regarding the MISSING SENT EMAILs and I got request reference number 15052347 last Sept 13 and 14 ...NO answer till this moment.

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Someone please help. My inbox emails have suddenly disappeared from Firefox inbox. I don't know what I may have done, if anything other than to update Firefox to cause it, but would like them back if at all possible. Thanks.

Answer:All emails lost in Firefox inbox

Firefox doesn't have an Inbox, as far as I know.

Which client do you use for your email?

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a friend of mine suffered a shock when he saw all his inbox email were deleted by someone

is there any way to recover it

thnaks in advance

Answer:emails deleted from yahoo inbox

What a near impossible question to answer but if the messages have been deleted from the server and they don't appear in the deleted box then NO they can't be recovered.

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I am getting emails sent to my inbox from my email address as the sender.  The email topics look like spam topics.  I googled to find help and they said to change my email password,  send these to the spam folder, and do not open the emails.  I have done this and they are still coming. 
I called HP and Norton and they could not help.  Norton ran some tests and said I do not have a virus or maleware.
What is the cause of this problem, and how do I stop this from happening?  Your advice is appreciated

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After the proposed program folder, compression procedures have been lost incoming emails over the past 2 years. The program is under compression trimmed Inbox.dbx file. The reason is likely that the size of the file exceeded 2G.
The lost information is very important to me.
Are there any ways to restore lost information?

Answer:Outlook Express 6 inbox emails

SPAMMER, he'll be back under a diff username with a link to a recovery prog to buy.

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For the last week I have not been able to delete emails from my INBOX.  I need probale causes and fixit suggestions..

Answer:Unable to DELETE inbox emails

Would probably help if we knew what e-mail client you use...

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Due to a persistent virus, we wiped the system and reinstalled Win Vista. Verizon FiOS has a feature that when Windows Mail is reinstalled (as part of the Vista reinstallation) all the old emails appeared in the Inbox. Unfortunately, it did this 3 times so we now have 3 copies of every email in the Inbox totaling over 11,000 emails.

Is there any program that's safe to use to get rid of these duplicate emails? Some I looked at had tons of ads and I had to use system restore to get them out of my computer.

Gateway Model #SX2800-01
Win Vista Home Premium 64 Bit with SP2
Email: Windows Mail Version 6.0
Intel Core 2 Quad Processor Q8200
4 GB DDR3 Memory
640 GB HDD
DVD – Super Multi Drive with LabelFlash
Integrated LAN 10/100/1000
IE 9
Office 2010
Quickbooks Pro 2009
Envision LCD Monitor/Model # G918w1
HP Deskjet 3050A All-in-One J611 Series Printer (print/scan/copy)

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Please can anyone help with this Windows Live Mail problem?
Suddenly my incoming emails have stopped appearing.
When I click send and receive they appear to be coming in but nothing is in the inbox.
I have checked into spam and other folders and they are not there.
I know I am getting emails because they are coming in on another computer.
It appears I can send because a sent message does come in on the other computer.
Thanks in anticipation.

Answer:Emails appear to download but inbox empty

Silly me - had the incoming dates button wrongly adjusted and wasn't seeing the new emails coming in.

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I run Office 2007. In Outlook, I am having loads of trouble sorting my mail. Take my Inbox, right at the top just under'Inbox', I have the following symbols, an Exclamation mark, a Reminder symbol, an Icon symbol, an Attachment symbol. The 'TO', 'Sent', 'Size', 'Category', 'From', and 'Created'. When I choose
View>Arrange By>From, The first set works well, the mail is all from sender 'A'. In the next set however, where I have various other senders, my email address is shown in the first column for ALL the mail.
So, I have from say ebay, [email protected] and so on. I do have the Sender in blue above each category, with either my name or my email in the first column.
What have I done wrong???:confused

Answer:Sorting emails in Outlook Inbox

Right click a blank space on the row with all the icons and field names on it and click Customize Current View. After a little experimentation you will be able to get it to display as you want it.

Not a good idea to put your email address on a public forum btw.

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I just set up Thunderbird on my dad's machine, and all emails are going to the "trash" folder. I searched around settings, etc, but can't figure out how to set incoming emails to default to the inbox. Can someone tell me how to do this? Thanks.

Answer:Thunderbird: How can I get incoming emails to go to inbox?

By default email should go to Inbox, except the suspected spam Thunderbird sends to the Junk folder.

Did you set any message filters? Change any settings in 'folders and offline storage'?

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I have live and gmail emails in my Windows and Gmail. When a new message comes in it shows briefly in my Windows inbox, then disappears. Messages can be seen under my gmail folder, but the inbox under live is blank. Why is this and how can I fix it?

Answer:Emails do not remain in Windows inbox

Welcome to PCR Lizmac, I am not able to answer your question as I am a Linux user but I am sure that someone else on our site will be able to answer your question. Have a Happy New Year and enjoy PCR.

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All mail in my Juno inbox before June 30, 2017 are missing. My browser is FoxFire and my computer operates under OSX version 10.9.5

I selected to view a limit of 100 messages per page and usually have several pages of inbox e-mails-now I only have one page of 100. When I called Juno, I was told it was because I needed more GBs as there was no room for them (although there was room for the e-mails created daily for my SENT and DRAFT accounts), and so I purchased 5 GBs (had 3) and was told the missing inbox emails would be "released" as soon as my GBs increased. Well after 24 hrs after my GB increase, no pre-June 30 e-mails returned and the out of country reps are saying there's nothing they can do and to pay for the Juno tech support offered.

I am missing pages of my inbox e-mails dated June 30 and before. Please can you help? Thank you.

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I am using Outlook express and Win2000 O/S.

It has been operating fine with same settings.
Suddenly, inbox is no longer showing new emails recievd.(only old emails)
Although, outlook is succefully accessing server and recieving emails... and saying eg.6 messgages recievd.
However in new messages are shown.

To test: I send a message to myself. It send, it recieves.. but no new email in inbox appears.(although it says new message recieved)

If I run a search for the test email by subject, it will find the sent email in sent box, but not in inbox or any of my other folders.

Where are my emails going.??

I re-installed win2000, but no fix.

Please help

Answer:Emails being recieved not showing in inbox


Hi There!

Check your outlook options and see if there's something set there to sent the emails to a different location. something may have been changed and be placing the new emails into a different folder other than your "Inbox".
Good Luck!


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My emails disappeared right before my eyes from my Thunderbird email inbox yesterday.
I am desperate and would like to retrieve my emails.
I have tried compacting and also reindexing and neither of those brought my emails back.

I also tried to delete the inbox.msf file but am not quite sure if I got the right one. Still no
return of my emails when I restarted Thunderbird after deleting the inbox.msf file.

Would anyone have a detailed step by step set of instructions to deleting the inbox.msf file that they can share with me? I have some emails that I absolutely have to retrieve and today is only day 2 so I feel the longer I take to get things back the less my chances will be of restoring my email profile to what it was before all the emails disappeared.

Help please, and thank you.

Answer:Emails Disappearing from Thunderbird Inbox

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I'm owner of a Nokia 930 and recently noticed that emails from my inbox(all) deleted or lost.In any case mails disappeared.

Answer:POP emails deleted or lost from inbox?

Go to settings on email and then sync.... From there you get the option to download emails from anytime rather then the standard 7 last days

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Starting yesterday I am unable to move my emails from the inbox to the delete box to delete them. It says not enough memory. But I do have enough memory to open existing/new emails even with large attachments. What do i need to check and fix?

Here is my computer information:
Microsoft Windows XP
Home Edition
Version 2002
Service Pack 2
HP Pavilion
Intel Celeron CPU
1300 MHz
1.29 GHz, 256 MB of RAM

Thank you!

Answer:Solved: OE emails will not delete from inbox

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How to block spam and junk emails from my inbox

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My boss spent about 2 hours going through his inbox and deleting what he didn't need and keeping what he did to free up some space. He did this on Wednesday Aug 1, 2007. Yesterday, he brought in his laptop and sync'd it to the network because i was doing updates on his machine. When it sync'd his email, all of the messages he had previously deleted came back into the inbox. (on both machines)

Is there a way for me to get his inbox back to the way it was on Wednesday? I thought maybe I could do a backup of it now and then restore it to the back to Wednesday and then just inport the messages from the last two days back in. I don't know if that would work though. Any thoughts? He really doesn't want to have to go through them all again.

Thank you in advance for any help.


We use Outlook 2003 running on XP Pro (Desktop) and Vista Business Ed. (laptop) The exchange server is running Windows Server 2003. Let me know if you need more info.

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Someone please help. My inbox emails have suddenly disappeared from Firefox inbox. I don't know what I may have done, if anything other than to update Firefox to cause it, but would like them back if at all possible. Thanks.

Answer:Emails lost in Firefox inbox

Quote: Originally Posted by Bert01

I don't know what I may have done, if anything other than to update Firefox to cause it.

Well you should restore your backed up profile. If you don't have a profile backup but have system restore enabled you can try getting your old profile back by navigating to:


Copy and paste the above into Explorer's address bar or the Start> Run dialog box and press enter.

Make sure that Firefox is not running.

In the window that opens right click on the folder named Firefox and then choose "Properties" > "Previous Versions" then restore any version that was created on a date before you updated Firefox.

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It's very possible, that your Hotmail account has been hacked.
I suggest, you close it and you create a new one.

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Computer running XP and emails read in Outlook Express;
but compacted email are in recycle bin
Computer requested I compact the emails which I have done at least twice
However, on checking the recycle bin I note that there are items in there from the OE
I have been checking my recycle bin  and have done a' compact 'of the OE but it seems that the compacting sends things to the recycle bin?
What should happen if the computer asks for the  OE to be compacted? where does it send the compact?
I am having to go through the recycle bin line by line to see what I can safely completely delete but also when I try to restore an item it seems to  make a duplicate in the recycle bin !!
I can still read the emails in OE but where should the compacted emails  actually be saved? And how if at all can I get this corrected?

How if at all can this be corrected or resolved please?

Answer:Windows XP ;emails read in O. E. but compacted emails are in Recycle bin

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I wanted to reformat my laptop, so therefore needed to transfer my emails too. i have done this in the past with no problem. So I went to find where they are stored and got this:C:\Documents and Settings\Kevin Carroll\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{8AE1C31C-FE58-480B-9EE7-3E57DAB5F302}\Microsoft\Outlook Express\Inbox.dbxMy Inbox had several sub folders with a lot of emails in them. I tried to go to the above location just to see that all the folders were there. But I couldnt find it with Windows Exploere, and still cant. Theres no "local settings". Anyway I dont knwo what i did but somehow moved all the folders to a thumb drive. I think I may have just copied and pasted them. And put them all in a master folder called OE. So now Im up and runnin with my reformatted laptop. I moved OE to my desktop, and tried to import. When I import I get a big list of all the folders/emails, all seem to be listed together. Now there all empty!!! But they ARE in OE with dbx extensions, and are not empty, they are a few kb each. I cant seem to import them. Also BEFORE I imported them, I had received some email today, and stored them in a folder. But when I imported, or tried to, the OE stuff, all the new ones disappeared. Im at my wits end... what hve i done wrong, and can it be undone?Many thanksKC

Answer:Cant import transferred emails into OE

*And put them all in a master folder called OE.*Can you give a list of files and their sizes within this OE folder you have please.

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I want to convert the contents of folders in my msn email program to text on my computer while leaving the folder in msn in tact. I do not want to import/export the msn folders to another program and leave the msn folders empty. How can I convert the contents of msn folders into plain text on my computer?

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Dears,, How can i import yahoo emails as a file. Thanks & Regards,,

Answer:Import yahoo emails

Don't think you can.LIR

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Thanks again for the replies to my previous post -the reinstall has fixed the problems with regards to Windows Updates, yet I have another problem that I can't sort out by myself and I'll need some help. This is what's happened-: I said before that I've since formatted the PC, and have put Windows XP Pro back on there.Yesterday, I went to my "saved" emails location in a folder on my D:\ drive to re-import my emails back into Outlook Express, or so I thought. This is so that I can put my old emails back before downloading the new ones that I have waiting for me at present. I went to carry out the Import in Outlook Express and got this error message: - "No messages can be found in this folder or another application is running that has the required files open. Please select another folder or try closing applications that may have files open." The messages are there in the folder on the other hard drive!!! - I can see them in Windows Explorer. I can't see what the problem is as I've always imported messages and contacts by using the Import command in Outlook Express and carried out the Import from the folder on the D:\ drive back to the C:\ drive. Do you have any ideas as to what is going on - I really need to get my messages back as there are some important work emails within these messages that I need to access. Please reply at your earliest convenience as I'm really desperate as I don't know where to go without having the old emails back on my PC in the first place. How do I g... Read more

Answer:Can't re-import backed up emails!?

Try click here

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Hi All,

I have a mailbox full of a hell of alot of email, which should of been sent to users. However because the email addresses wernt set up right the emails went into the catch all.

Is there a way of taking these emails and putting them back into Exchange to be routed to the users? I cant think how to do it that way.


Answer:Import Emails in exchange

well sort of...

I'd log into exchange as that catch all account (administrator in most cases). Sort the mail by recipient , then create .pst files for each recipient , move the appropriate messages into each .pst file then manually import contents of each .pst file into the proper exchange accounts.

it's manual work, but unless you're talking about 1000 users it's not bad, I did it once for about 160 and was done in about 4 hours (with 80GB worth of exchange database). although I did it during a migration that did not go se well, lol

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Does anyone know how to recover emails/email addresses and import them back into MS Outlook 2007 (part of MS Office)? I?ve got the instructions for recovering/importing Outlook Express dbx files, but I can?t find anything about MS Outlook 2007 emails.This has all been necessary because my Windows XP profile became corrupted. I?ve created a new profile and copied all my files to it, but I?m now trying to get my email account sorted out.

Answer:How do you recover/import old emails?

False alarm: I've worked out how to do it.

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good dayi am switching computers and wish to import my emails to the new one. i use outlook 2013. my outlook file from the old computer is in the .ost format and i cannot import it to my new computer. i tried a tool that supposedly converts ost to pst, but when i imported it after conversion, i got a bunch of weird folders with non of my emails there. please assist how i can get my emails to the new computer, and have them in the pst format.thank youKhumo

Answer:cannot import emails to new computer

Been a while since I used Outlook, but wouldn't have thought it a problem moving data from Outlook to Outlook between PCs.Anything you overlooked? Oops-Sorry! Looks like I may have cocked up. .ost? related to Outlook Exchange maybe?Any useful info here? edited by Peet100

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What have I done?
I migrated email hosts over the last few days and all was working fine yesterday.

- I backed up my imap files on the client (Outlook 2010 to a .pst)
- I pointed the account to the new mail server
- Inbox was unaffected except new email popped in
- All my existing folders vanished (as expected I think)
- I imported the backed up folders and mails
- All my old folders & emails appeared (but in a 2nd "outlook data file" section)
- I dragged them to my email folder
- I could watch them sync up by logging into webmail
- Last night all perfect
- today I logged in and started to drag and drop a few more folders
- Tried to delete an email in the inbox and got "The operation cannot be performed because the object has been deleted"
- Somewhere along the line (yesterday) I had already set the root folder to "inbox" by the way - near the start of the import process - all fine
- Today on the PC / Outlook I can send and receive fine but I cannot delete an email

I am wondering if in my drag and drop I hit inbox instead of the folder above where I was dragging mail folders but other than that I can't think of anything that changed or would cause the error.

Any suggestions? I set up an extra Thunderbird account and that works fine so it must be an Outlook set up problem I guess. I'd like to keep using outlook for my main mail account so any advice more than welcome

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My emails keep vanishing shortly after downloading them in to my inbox. They are not in the deleted items folder and I have checked all other folders.The odd thing is that when I search for them by clicking 'find' they show up as being in the inbox.What is going on?All is not lost however as I keep them on the server for seven days and can access them via web mail but cannot get outlook express to download them again.Does anyone have any suggestions or work arounds?

Answer:emails vanish from outlook express inbox

click here

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My PC did a Windows 10 auto update and 31 Office auto updates last night. This morning all of my emails are missing from the Outlook 2007 Inbox. All other data is still there including Sent Items, Contacts, and Calendars. Also all my Archive folders are also intact. Can you please suggest a fix to try?

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I've always done this even before I found out about Merlin Mann's ways of doing things. Inbox zero is an email management philosophy that includes methods of organizing your emails, especially if you're the type to receive tons of them.

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Im using vista home premium.
Windows mail is deleteing email one min. it will be there and the next its gone. Its not in any folders are the trash or the computers trash can. Its not every email but enough important ones are gettting deleted that I have to fix this problem

Answer:Windows mail deleting emails out of inbox by itself

Make sure you don't have any rules turned on that delete mails from your inbox.

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emails that were in my inbox last week have disappeared and i need to get them back

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For the past few days I've been getting lots of infected emails in my inbox. First it started with about 20 or so, but they've grown more numerous day by day. Today it was up to 76. A lot of them show up as Microsoft Windows Update emails that have a virus attached. Actually they're all worms. Also, many are showing up as emails from gibberish email addresses like [email protected]. What is it that can be causing this, and how do I get them from showing up? I've created some rules in Outlook to delete them but they keep showing up. Any ideas? Would my ISP be able to help me out at all? McAffee catches them all, but I don't want them showing up in the first place.

Answer:Lots of infected emails showing up in my inbox. Not sure why, please help!

Not much you can do about it except not open and delete them.
You could set up a filter to automatically delete them based on a key word, depending on your email program.

The problem is, people who have your email addy in their address book have become infected and are the ones that are sending out the mass mailings.

The more people that have your address in their address book, the more chance of you receiving this garbage email.

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Windows XP....Outlook Express 6
I am unable to delete certain emails from my Inbox. It appears to happen randomly. Most emails delete fine.
I tried moving emails to the Draft folder and then delete, still doesn't delete. I do not get any error message. I get no reaction whatsoever.
I've tried to find some commonality, but none. These are emails that have been forwarded to me.
I forwarded one of them to somone and it was sent back to me with a Reply. I cannot delete it either.

Answer:Solved: Unable to delete emails from Inbox

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I went to check my emails on Sympatico's Outlook Express one day and they just disappeared somewhere. This is the second time it's happened to me. can I find them?

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OK this is strange. I opened WLM this morning and all was fine, my emails downloaded and I could see my inbox. All of a sudden though my inbox went away and the inbox window only shows the last email in my inbox...when I click on any of my folders, no list of emails appear and instead the last email in the folder shows on the screen...I went to View --> Show --> All Messages and that is properly selected but I can't see my list of emails in my inbox or any folder anymore.

This seems like a bug? I definitely didn't select any menu item, just open the program up this morning, all was fine, but then this occurred. Any help would be appreciated.


I had accidentally dragged the preview pane to the top of the window. Sorry.

Answer:Live Mail - Can't See Inbox (List of Emails)

Same thing has happened to me, but I don't know how to get out of the preview pane, if that's the problem. How did you do it?

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A few months ago, our small firm switched from our AT&T @sbcglobal accounts (which used Yahoo Mail) to With Yahoo Mail, we were able to sync the Inbox with Outlook (desktop platform) and download emails to archive with project folders.

We would now like to sync just the inbox of with Outlook (or any other program that will get the job done). The problem is that whenever I try to sync an account, it attempts to download all messages in the entire account, not just the Inbox. We have so many messages that this sync doesn't work, and we don't want all the messages downloaded anyway, just the ones we've moved to the Inbox to archive.

If anyone is able to help with this I'd greatly appreciate it. There are too many irrelevant topics flooding the results when I do a Google search; I can't find a solution.

Answer:Solved: How to download emails from Inbox Only?

Set the account up as POP account and it will only download what's in the inbox:
See the section called Apps that support POP and SMTP.
Be sure to check the box to leave the email on the server and uncheck the box that says to delete email after a certain number of days if you want the email to stay on the Outlook server.

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For the last week I have been receiving an email from my son's email address, but there is never a "subject" and on opening the email it is always just a link to some rubbish.
I have gmail, windows live and have tried to say that it is junk but always get the messsage it can't delete it. I've also told my son to open a new email address and have deleted his contact name from my list of contacts.
I'm now at a loose end as to how I can stop getting this junk email?

Answer:Spam emails - can't stop them arriving in inbox

Now that you've opened these emails I would run your security programs then change your email passwords and ask your son to run all his security programs before he changes his.

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I configured outlook 2007 to my G-Mail account and couldn't see any email in my outlook inbox or in any other folder in my outlook. I tried unconfiguring outlook and then configuring again but it didn't work. Also that I am able to receive any new mails or compose but old mails are not getting updated to my outlook folders (inbox, deleted, drafts etc). Kindly help

Answer:No emails in my inbox after configuring outlook 2007

did you setup your gmail settings to pop or imap and also set the date for the emails to arrive

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