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office 2010 outlook blank emails

Question: office 2010 outlook blank emails

Greetings I am currently running exchange 2010 and office 2010. Using outlook 2010, some of the emails i receive are blank. Is there a fix or do i need to configure something. I have turned off av for the email portion yet still having same issue. OS is windows 7 professional. Any help would be much appreciated...


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Preferred Solution: office 2010 outlook blank emails

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: office 2010 outlook blank emails

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I faced some weird issues with that Outlook 2010 :-

1-In Sent Items .. some days disappeared and if i restart it ,, the disappeared days show up and other days disappeared and sometimes some sent emails from one day disappear .. Weird huh

2-Blank emails .. with subject only .. i Disabled ( Add-ins ) - (Anti-Spam ) - ( Scan Mail ) i thought it might be a AV problem which i am using Bit-Defender Business Client .. hmmm sometimes i work well sometimes it won't work .. Weird

3- the pst path .. i have one Client got this problem whenever i open his outlook it gives me error message says : the current location for the pst file can not be open .. after two times it work and sometimes after few times .. even if the path is the right path but whatever to Outlook 2010

What a weird Application from Microsoft

So What shall we do to Microsoft .. Nothing Smooth

Anyway Any Suggestion .. But only a new Suggestion

Answer:Blank Emails .. Outlook 2010

Nothing Yet ............................................

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Hi All,
This issue is being faced by many people as i read their post. Tried to follow the things mentioned but still the problem persists

We are 6 people in an organization using outlook 2010 with a POP3 setup. Recently we started getting blank emails (NO from, to, subject and body). Date and time is shown and at times there is a valid attachment also.
Other times we get same email multiple times (around 20-25 times) from any one of the 6 people.

We have Kaspersky Internet Security Suite 2015 working on the 6 systems. No signs of infections on the system.
I will be scanning the computers for viruses/malwares.

I would like to know why is this happening and what can be done to stop this from happening.
Thanks to all

Answer:Blank and Duplicate emails in outlook 2010

Have you viewed the properties of any of these emails to see where they really did come from?

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I have tried to resolve the issue by following the advice in another thread here but that hasn't worked.

It's not every email so it is not a consistent problem. However as it is to a help desk email address that I use for running tech support for a client it isn't looking good when I have to keep asking them to resend time after time!

Hope you can help.


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Someone else had this issue but their thread was closed with no answer posted on the forum. I have recently upgraded to Outlook 2010 from Outlook 2000. I am running Windows XP SP3. I am familiar with the proper way to exchange digitally signed and encrypted emails and have done it for a long time and it always worked fine on Outlook 2000. Since upgrading to Outlook 2010, I get no error message and neither do the recipients of my emails, however, the emails that I receive have no text in the body of the emails. I If the email is only signed and not encrypted, I can read the body of the email on my blackberry though, therefore, I know the text is there. If on my computer (and therefore on my outlook 2010) the body is blank. An encrypted email is unreadable on my blackberry.

I am NOT running Outlook Exchange and that is the only information I can find on the web. It is too bad that the other gentleman asking the same question in January 2011 did not post the solution to his problem on this forum, or maybe he never got a solution? Hope someone can help me. Thanks-

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The following message occurs when clicking on any link in an email in Outlook 2010:

"This operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this comptuer. Please contact your system administrator."

I am running a stand alone desktop computer in my home. Lenovo All-IN-One touchscreen C40-05, Windows 10, Home, MS Office 2010. I suppose I am the administrator because my wife refused the job and our children are grown and have all left home.

Removing Chrome and making Edge the default browser before reinstalling Chrome did not help the situation.

Answer:Cannot use links from emails in Outlook, MS Office 2010

The Microsoft fix is at Hyperlinks are not working in Outlook

The reference to Outlook is a little misleading, as the description in the section Let me fix it myself makes clear. It is an error in IE that is causing the problem and the problem will appear with the app that you happen to be using when you click on a hyperlink. So you should be alright afterwards.


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The following message occurs when clicking on any link in an email in Outlook 2010:

"This operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this comptuer. Please contact your system administrator."

I am running a stand alone desktop computer in my home. Lenovo All-IN-One touchscreen C40-05, Windows 10, Home, MS Office 2010. I suppose I am the administrator because my wife refused the job and our children are grown and have all left home.

Removing Chrome and making Edge the default browser before reinstalling Chrome did not help the situation.

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Hello everyone

I recently installed Outlook 2010 and I have got the following strange problem and I was wondering
whether anyone else had the same problem and found a solution.

Whenever I print an Outlook email, the pages come out in reverse order (page 2 then page 1) with a blank cover page which sometimes has "Microsoft Outlook - memo style OUTLOOK.EXE" printed
on the middle of it, and a blank sheet between each page of the message.

It only happens with Outlook. Printing is normal with Word, Excel, etc.

Any suggestions, please?

Answer:Outlook 2010 emails being printed with blank pages between each page

In Outlook please go to File - Print, highlight Memo Style, then click Print Options button above. In a new window Print, hightlight Memo Style again. Click Define Styles... In a new window, make sure that Memo Style is hightlighted and click RESET button.

If this wont help, click Edit button in the same window, and make sure all the parameters make sense and are correct (page size, etc.)

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I Recently upgraded several XP sp3 workstations from Outlook 2000 to 2010. When receiving an email with a digital certificate from a existing sender the contents of the email are blank but also get no certificate error messages. Email correspondence before with Outlook 2000 on same PCs was fine. Any help in this matter will be much appreciated.

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Hello I am a noob and cannot find a similar issue online to what I'm experiencing. Any help will be appreciated. I am running windows 7 home on a dell PC, with Microsoft Office 2010. I have a newer cannon flatbed scanner that I utilize to send docs. I have been scanning and emailing docs for the better part of a year without issue until recently. When I scan a doc, then attach it to an OE email, then type some information in the body of the email and hit send, everything goes through and the attachment and email are delivered, EXCEPT...the body of the email is blank. Everything I type in the body of the email is deleted only when I attach a .pdf doc. Again this setup has been working fine without issue for over a year, just all of the sudden it started happening.

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A number emails I have received are appearing with a blank email body on Outlook 2010. When I check my email using Webmail or with my Blackberry, I can see the complete message, but it does not appear on Outlook. I know there are a lot of other users having this issue, and I have searched for hours on the internet trying every suggestion I could find, but none of them have worked. Here's what I have tried so far:
Changed font in "stationery & fonts" --> composing and reading plain text messages --> from "Automatic" to black.
Completely removed Antivirus (both with Windows - remove program and with McAfee tool to remove virus software)
Started Outlook in safe mode - message still appears blank (even when I re-send from webmail)
Did a "clean re-boot", message still appears blank (even when I re-send from Webmail)
Archived messages over 1 year old, still appears blank
added "SaveAllMIMENotJustHeader" to regedit
Created new Outlook profile - message still appears blank

This has happened in the past with at least 2 different senders. I have re-sent myself the email using webmail (moving to another folder, then back to inbox, thne hitting "send & receive" again) and every time the message still appears blank, even though I can see the full message using webmail. I can't figure out what the problem is. Can anyone help me?!

Thanks in advance!

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Hello fellas,

i am newbie on working on outlook and webmail..

i just wondering on how can i imports contacts from my ms office outlook 2003 into ms office outlook 2010.

any helps is greatly appreciated..

Answer:How can i Import ms office outlook 2003 contact into ms office outlook 2010

Here is an article that fully explains the process involved with step by step instruction:

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I had a problem with Outlook emails hanging up in the outbox and then sending as many as 14 copies of the same message. I was unable to fix this Using the "Repair" function of the upgrade installation disk (created from the downloaded file). I removed Office completely and tried to reload; however, my disk got corrupted and Outlook is no longer available. Is there a way to recover Outlook without having to purchase it separately? I am using Office Professional Plus 2010 Home Use Program. The email that came with the original download from Digital River states to go to the "Account Management Console" to reload; however, this is on a hard copy and the original email with the link is no longer available. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Solved: Outlook 2010 missing from Office Professional Plus 2010

If you downloaded this from Digital River, then you may be able to download it again, contact them and ask.

If you can download the install file again and it works, burn yourself a CD of the downloaded install file.

Also write the keycode on the CD.

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MS Office Outlook sending emails but no emails to send? I have added a few new accounts to my outlook and have had nothing but problems since. It is important that I keep these emails in my outlook, because I work from home and need to access these accounts. I have recently noticed, whenever I hit send receive, the number rises everyday, which now has me concerned. Each account has a different amount "sending", but nothing is in the outbox. IE: account A: sending 1 of 135, Account B: sending 1 of 1020 and so on. I also read online somewhere that if I was a torrent user, that "is" my problem, but I have stopped using it for weeks and there is no traffic going in or out, and I've turned the program off completely.

I've used Outlook for years, with many accounts and have never had problems. I've noticed more problems since this 'sending' message has started. I also noticed, I was the ONLY one at work not getting any SPAM for at least 2 yrs, UNTIL, I took a few days off, went back to work and BAM, hit with SPAM. Its a bloody nuisance because my accounts are linked with "rules and alerts", so if one is infected, all others follow behind! Has one or all of my accounts been compromised? If so, can it be fixed?


Answer:MS Office Outlook sending emails but no emails to send?

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Hi all
Having totally WIPED office 2010 from my system and re-installed again the problem I had with the "Purge" folder not appearing now is SOLVED.

However you still don't get a line through the deleted items -- but they are in Trash folder now.

This is BETTER but still NOT WHAT IS NEEDED -- as another computer with Outlook 2007 doesn't get the "Non purged" items in the inbox which it should do.

IMAP should effectively leave items in the Inbox until purged -- otherwise I might as well go back to POP3 - more fiddly to manage whern you leave stuff on the server but it works.

What I'm resigned to doing now is to use the REST of the office 2010 suite (EXCEL etc) which is really good but stick with Outlook 2007 for email.


Answer:Outlook 2010 Saga with IMAP, Can I use Office 2010 and

I do like the way 2010 deletes the emails without purge, but I have found that rules randomly fail and some mail goes awol for a while when switching between folders (it reappears after a while)

IMO outlook 2003 is still the best (I hated 2007) but I will reserve full judgement until 2010 is out of beta.

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I am attempting to find add-ons for Outlook 2010. This is what I need the add-on to do:
Export an email from Outlook onto our server, and into a job folder.
Save file with date email was received, not exported out of Outlook, and subject line.

Answer:Outlook 2010/export emails from outlook to CSV folder with received date and subject

Why not drag and drop the email to the file system?

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I have Windows 7 x64 with Office Pro Plus 2013 x64.
Some times i get blank emails instead of the full text (& attachments).
How can fix this issue ?
Also i have AVG 2015 (free edition) in my PC.
My outlook is exchange and we have email checkpoint for spams emails.

Answer:Office 2013 blank emails

Have a look at this MS website. It seems the problem is associated with AVG. This website has a fix you can try.

Email message body is blank in Outlook

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I have had a terrible time trying to trace down "not responding" in various programs. About 90% of the time however, it occurs in Outlook 2010 and sometimes in Word 2010. I took down the information from the event viewer after the last time it happened so badly that I had to restart the program because waiting didn't bring it back.
Win 7 Prof, SP1. i7, 930 with 24 gig of 1333 Kingston HyperX ram. Several drives: C SSD Plextor and Office is actually installed on a WD Caviar. Neither drive show errors. Only thing I see is that the Caviar is using Microsoft 2006 driver and I haven't been able to find a newer driver. Happens when SATA is set to AHCI and when it is set to IDE.

Thanks for any help or suggestions you can offer.
BTW, I have run scannow and also have gone through my pst files and archived.


Answer:Outlook 2010 and sometimes other Office 2010 not responding

Your post is evidently messed up as your graphics are not readable.
You might want to look at your post and see what you can do to clarify
your pictures.


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Hi Folks

This is my first post on the Windows 7 Forums I hope General Discussions is the correct place for my post.

I will shortly be getting a new desktop pc with windows 7 home premium 64 bit. It will have Microsoft office Outlook 2010 on it.
This will replace my current computer which has Outlook 2003.

Is there a way of transferring my saved emails from Outlook 2003 on my old pc to outlook 2010 on my new pc?

Also I currently have 3 email accounts. Is it possible to configure Outlook 2010 to be able to view emails from 3 different email accounts?

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.


Answer:How do I transfer emails from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2010

Hello Richard and welcome to Seven Forums.

I'm not a fan of Outlook so I don't have a lot of experience with it. Having said that, I remembered an old Microsoft Answers forum thread about moving 2003 .pst files over to 2010. The first answer by Russ Valentine should still be valid. One suggestion if I may. Before attempting to move any emails I think it would be helpful to back them up, make a system image, do something to protect them should the unthinkable happen.

Moving Outlook 2003 Data Filses to Outlook 2010 - Microsoft Answers

There's a separate Seven Forums category for "Browsers & Mail" about half way down on the home page. You may get some better repsonses and suggestions if you ask one of the Forum Moderators or Admin to move this thread over. In the upper right corner of your original post is a red triangle. If you click on that you should get a dialog box where you can ask that the thread be moved.

Browsers & Mail - Windows 7 Forums

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Hello, I hope you can help!

I have installed Outlook 2010 as an update to my Outlook Express.

I can send /receive fine having manuallt set-up the incoming/outgoing server info etc, but when I send test messages or from my separate O2 email account, all sent and newly received emails are all going to the old Outlook Express, and not into the new Outlook 2010.

Why is this, I hope you know as I do not.

Thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions.

Answer:Outlook 2010 - received emails are going to Outlook Express

one program at a time?

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Hey folks.
I'm stumped after working on something for a couple days already.
I've got a colleague (WinXP Pro) who has Outlook 2003.
Within the last week about half of her emails have been coming in with no body to them. They seem blank.

I have been able to contact some of the senders and asked them if they have been writing in messages along with the rest of the email (eg. an attachment) and they have said yes. Anyone can view the attachments they send, if they do, and the headers of them emails are intact.

This MAY have coincided with one other thing... a day or 2 before anyone started noticing this, a message popped up on the screen asking for the Office 2000 disk (which was installed on the laptop before 2003 was) so it could install some feature (feature unknown) that wasn't on the laptop already.

I let it install the feature anyway, as it wouldn't let my colleague use her email and she was able to at least use Outlook after that.

Any idea why I can't view the bodies of the emails all the sudden?

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Strange error, A windows 7 64 bit PC with Outlook 2010.
Some emails get cut off, meaning that if you send an email say with 100 lines in it, only half of it actually arrives to the recipient.

Weirdly, it's not the FIRST time you send it but if you reply to having it sent back to you.

Anyone ever seen this before?

Answer:Outlook 2010: Some emails getting cut off

Quote: Originally Posted by afurness

Strange error, A windows 7 64 bit PC with Outlook 2010.
Some emails get cut off, meaning that if you send an email say with 100 lines in it, only half of it actually arrives to the recipient.

Weirdly, it's not the FIRST time you send it but if you reply to having it sent back to you.

Anyone ever seen this before?

I can't personally say I have had that error but I never had an email quite that large but I did find this link to people having this issue but there doesn't seem to be a fix for it.

Outlook. Email message cut off in Outlook

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Runing Microsoft Office 2007 in Vista can you import outlook express emails into office outlook and be able to read emails and access outlook express address book as well.

Answer:inport outlook express emails and address book into office outlook in vista

Yes. OUTLOOK - FILE - IMPORT / EXPORT - IMPORT FROM ANOTHER PROGRAM OR FILE - OUTLOOK EXPRESS BTW - I've never tried it (I don't use Outlook Express). You can also try Exporting from Express and Importing to Outlook, though I'd guess the above method will work.

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I have a user that when she tries to print an email that is .html, it just spits out blank pages. I am trying to solve this problem without re-installing office. Does anyone know of any settings that she might have changed possibly to cause Outlook to print out blank pages? She can view them, but when she goes to print them, it just prints out blank pages. I know the emails are not the problem because other users can view and print them. Any help is appreciated.

Answer:OFFICE 2000 printing blank pages for .html emails


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Ironically, I just found the solution that fixed my problem! I will share it, so anyone else having this problem can resolve it just as easily.

Start Menu > Type "winword /r" into the Search Bar > Press Enter, and allow the installation wizard to complete. Done! Problem solved!

I have scoured the internet for the past week, trying to find a solution. I have tried every solution through Google, including Brink's IconCache reset. Nothing has resulted in a solution.

I am at my wit's end. I have tried the system restore, deleting the IconCache.db (and rebooting), resetting the default program settings, trying to repair it (nothing happens, starts up and just closes) changing this and that, and nothing has worked.

I see the icons in the /ProgramFiles(x64), but nothing in the regular program files. This issue happened out of nowhere. The unfortunate part is we do not have the disc in order to re-install the programs (Microsoft Office Standard 2010), because as this is a work computer only the corporate office has discs and we're on our own with this problem.

I would really appreciate some help. Feeling frustrated with this whole issue, and I'm hoping I can get a working solution.

I attached some images below. Hope they can help figure this out. Thank you.

PS. The only reason one of those icons has a working icon is because I changed the icon through properties, but it didn't do anything else to the other file types. I really don't want ... Read more

Answer:Infamous IconCache.db issue/Blank Office 2010 Icons

Thank you - quick easy solution

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I have 3 POP/SMTP accounts and 1 MAPI (hotmail) account configured. The last couple of days they are presenting problems because they will not allow me to send an email. I have tried sending one email from any one of the three to the other, or any other recipient and the error is this:

"Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

Subject: test
Sent: 2/7/2014 5:30 PM

The following recipient(s) cannot be reached:

() on 2/7/2014 5:30 PM
None of your e-mail accounts could send to this recipient."
Now the weird thing, this error message gets sent to the hotmail (MAPI)address almost immediately, which by my understanding, has nothing at all to do with the SMTP accounts. These accounts receive fine. Several resets, malware/virus scans no problems indicated.

I did notice that the TO: email address gets changed to "()"

Answer:Outlook 2010 Not sending emails

Any suggestions, I am dead in the water

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Hi,I have installed Office 2010 and have problems recieving emails in Outlook 2010.I have set up the POP and SMTP to my ISP ( and can successfully send emails, but not recieve them. All other settings are as described on Orange website and duplicate the ones I used in Windows Mail.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Outlook 2010 cannot recieve emails

There lies the problem, just the standard error reported, server error...Wierd that it will send but not recieve on the same mail server...

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I currently run Outlook 2010, I have already set up an email account.

My problem is as follows;

If I open Outlook, and wait till its fully loaded,i.e. its done a full sweep and downloaded any new emails,

if I then try and send ( or even reply back to a new email, the following happens.

I see that the Archives Outbox is bold and has a figure [ 1 ] ( in green ) this stays and stays and stays even if I close Outlook down even if I reboot, it is still there.

If I try and send another one the same thing happens except the figure now changes to [ 2 ]
That was tried at 10:50 yesterday morning and its still there after I booted up this morning

Please help


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I have tried everything I can find to solve my problem with no luck!
Windows 7
Outlook 2010

I have two accounts in Outlook, one is mine and one is my husbands. Server is local internet provider through our telephone company company. I have a business and get a lot of emails daily.....many are left in my inbox so I can go back to them at another time. Here is where the problem lies! I can see emails in the morning and when I go back to these later in the day...they are missing. Usually Outlook shows today's emails, the yesterday, then next day, etc. and stay there until deleted. Well, not any more!

A Dell technician has gone through every Outlook setting and cannot find the problem. The strange thing is that my husbands account is working perfectly. This is a huge problem for me, since many of these lost emails are from customers who are waiting for a reply.

I have gone to my webmail, and the missing emails are not showing there either. I hope there is someone here to can help.

Thanks You!

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I have two xp computers on my home network running OL 2003 POP3.
Now I have a new Laptop running OL 2010 IMAP.

So, I can perfectly view and send emails normally on the new Laptop running the OL 2010 IMAP. After several days of building up important emails on the OL 2010 all the emails dissapeared.

Problem occures when I booted up the XP computers running the OL 2003. It seems like OL 2003 down loaded all the residing emails already downloaded on the OL 2010 computer. some how OL 2003 keeps purging all the already read files off from the server and strangly removes them from the OL 2010 copy on the new laptop.

Can this be fixed?

Answer:Outlook 2010 emails getting purged

Do you have them purged automatically in Outlook 2003?

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I can send emails, but can not receive emails. I try a test email within my profile and works fine, but will not receive any outside emails.

Answer:Can not receive emails in my Outlook 2010

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I run an accounting program called PASTEL ACCOUNTING which generates emails that are sent to OUTLOOK 2010's outbox. i can see them in the outbox and they are subsequently sent correctly. i know this because they are received correctly by the recipient. However once the mail has left the Outbox it is not stored in the SENT folder and i therefore have no record of its existence!
PASTEL tell me that since it has found its way into OUTLOOK it must be an OUTLOOK problem! i have a feeling MS will tell me its a PASTEL do i solve this?
PS this did not happen under OUTLOOK 2003 when everything worked properly.

1 Person had
this question

Answer:outlook 2010 emails not shown in SENT box

I get that occasionally.

Is the account wherein you don't see the "Sent Mail" items an IMAP account?

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Hi everyone!

I recently upgraded from Outlook 2007 to 2010... and I can't find a simple way to create and edit group emails in 2010.

Also, I like to not only see the email address in the group list, but the name of the contact along with it.

Please help. All input is highly appreciated! Thank you!!

Answer:How can I do Group Emails in Outlook 2010?

Use this tutorial :
How to Create and Manage Contact Groups in Outlook 2010 - How-To Geek

I believe it also answers what you want in your last sentence.


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cant recieve emails. Follow-up message I get, "Delivery Status Notification (Failure)?This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification. Delivery to the following recipients failed. "Please Advise.

Answer:cant recieve emails in outlook 2010

That's usually caused by not having the correct address for the recipient, but the full message you get will give a more definite reason."I've always been mad, I know I've been mad, like the most of us..." Pink Floyd

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i have few questions regarding search in outlook.

i want to perform the following searches in outook.

i have an exchange email account and i have made a folder in it and have applied a simple rule in outlook to send all emails from one specific user into that folder.
now the issue is that there are a lot of emails from that user ..

i want to only search/display emails from that user that were received in the last one month between 6 PM to 12 AM.

the time is the most important thing in my above search criteria.

is it possible ?

Answer:Help me in searching for emails in outlook 2010

I don't see time as an option, natively at least.

Outlook Blog - Better Searching in Outlook 2010

Find that mail with Outlook advanced search options - The Productivity Hub - Site Home - TechNet Blogs

Instant Search query commands reference | HowTo-Outlook

A Guy

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I've searched the forum and while i've seen similar issues going on none of the other troubleshoot techniques seem to do the trick for me.

I linked out look to a domain email address I have and I am able to receive emails with no issue. When I send emails it actually shows "inbox(1)" then moves into the sent mail folder but it never arrives at the destination.

I am not very adept with computer issues so any help, steps, etc are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:Outlook 2010 won't send emails

Quote: Originally Posted by downway69

I've searched the forum and while i've seen similar issues going on none of the other troubleshoot techniques seem to do the trick for me.

I linked out look to a domain email address I have and I am able to receive emails with no issue. When I send emails it actually shows "inbox(1)" then moves into the sent mail folder but it never arrives at the destination.

I am not very adept with computer issues so any help, steps, etc are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Have you checked with your ISP to see if you are using the appropriate settings?

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Installed anniversary update, but certain apps wouldn't work.
Restored to the previous version, but now Outlook 2010 doesn't show images in emails.
Have tried all the suggested fixes, but no joy. (Trust centre and registry)
I use Firefox latest version.

Answer:No Images in emails - Outlook 2010

There is a security option in the Trust Centre Settings not to display images - is it turned off? I don't display images in emails for added security.

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I have converted all my Mac Thunderbird emails to .pst format using thunderbird to pst converter application which I got from here I am completely confused with the import function as I am new to the windows platform. Please help me out here.

Answer:How to Import emails in Outlook 2010

Actually this is quite easy. Here is the Microsoft Support article that shows the step-by-step tutorial on how to import your PSTs into Outlook:

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I currently run Outlook 2010, I have already set up an email account. My problem is as follows; If I open Outlook, and wait till its fully loaded,i.e. its done a full sweep and downloaded any new emails, if I then try and send ( or even reply back to a new email, the following happens. I see that the Archives Outbox is bold and has a figure [ 1 ] ( in green ) this stays and stays and stays even if I close Outlook down even if I reboot, it is still there. If I try and send another one the same thing happens except the figure now changes to  [ 2 ]That was tried at 10:50  yesterday morning and its still there after I booted up this morning Please help Regards  Tony [recovering disk space, attachment deleted by admin]

Answer:Outlook 2010 not sending emails

I"m using Outlook 2007 so we have some differences.  Anyway, I'm wondering why you are doing current activity (new messages and replies to recent messages) in the Archives area.  Do you not have an Outbox under Personal Folders, which is outside of Archives? 

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I currently run Outlook 2010, I have already set up an email account.

My problem is as follows;

If I open Outlook, and wait till its fully loaded,i.e. its done a full sweep and downloaded any new emails,

if I then try and send ( or even reply back to a new email, the following happens.

I see that the Archives Outbox is bold and has a figure [ 1 ] ( in green ) this stays and stays and stays even if I close Outlook down even if I reboot, it is still there.

If I try and send another one the same thing happens except the figure now changes to [ 2 ]
That was tried at 10:50 yesterday morning and its still there after I booted up this morning

Please help



Answer:Outlook 2010 not sending emails

Scubatony, Welcome to the windows 7 forum.

Have you taken a look a the outgoing settings for your email. Like the smtp port and such.
What ISP are you using?
Many times they provide all the information for your outlook advanced settings.


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Whenever I reply to an email, part of the original email appears on the right side of the window and the rest at the bottom of my signature. Does anyone know hot to fix this?

Answer:Ms outlook 2010 reply emails

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I did a folder search 2 days ago to find an email - not having done it before - I searched Older Than One Week - didn't find what I was looking for - thought no more of it.....Today I am looking in my folders for something and find an important folder with only the last weeks emails in it...and there should be 2 months of emails in there.All my other folders seem ok - and I don't know how to retrieve or find these lost emails.  I have NOT deleted them . .  they were there yesterday and today only the last weeks is there.I am running Windows 7, MS Office 2010 - I appreciate any help to get my emails back to normal please.Thank youTillpott

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Since last week I have not being receiving emails. My email is configured to be able to receive incoming mails for my gmail account and work account. On my ipad and iphone the emails show when coming through for both accounts however on my Outlook they do not show.

Answer:Outlook 2010 not receiving emails.

Once you have downloaded your messages on one device, and that device is configured to "delete messages on server after downloading", they won't exist anymore to download them on a different device or application. They can only be dowloaded one time.

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Windows 10 and Outlook 2010. Outlook 2010 delete button only works occasionally. Most times the email to be deleted remains undeleted. Using right click on the email then delete has much the same result.

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When I invoke the "New E-mail" function in Outlook 2010 (or "Reply") I find myself composing in 11-pt. Calibri with a font color of light blue. How do I change this? Wading through the maze of menus avails me nothing. Alas.

Answer:Outlook 2010: How to set defaults for new emails?

click on File -> Options -> Mail -> Stationery and Fonts and you can change the default font and color type to what you like.

a link that may help you

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It is easy when I am viewing a contact to click on the relevant symbol to send an email to that contact and an email form appears already pre-addressed. I type the email and send it. I know from experience and tests, as well as a tracking facility I use that the email gets sent and received. However, it doesn't go to my sent mail folder. This means I have no way of referring to the content of that email in future which is a nuisance. This is never a problem when I am sending emails from the usual new emails section, but sometimes it is quicker to send some emails from within contacts where various bits of data reside. Can anyone help find emails that I have sent from within contacts?

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Installed anniversary update, but certain apps wouldn't work.
Restored to the previous version, but now Outlook 2010 doesn't show images in emails.
Have tried all the suggested fixes, but no joy. (Trust centre and registry)
I use Firefox latest version.

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my emails are not going out from outlook it saying sending goes from one to 10 then goes back to the same. then give me several errors sending like 8009-etc

Answer:my 2010 outlook is not sending emails

Try giving us the exact error messages you are receiving.Possible errors that you could look into:1. You are not connected to the Internet or a network, or your mail server is temporarily unavailable.2. Your account settings are incorrect. 3. Check your POP3 and SMTP settings4. Your user profile in Outlook is damaged.5. An e-mail item on your POP3 server is damaged.6. The configuration of your AV software is incorrect.7. The configuration of your personal firewall software is incorrect.Read more here: When everything else fails, read the instructions.

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I am using MS Outlook 2010 on only one email account and I notice that most sent emails are listed within the Sent folder under my email address, however, some sent emails end up in the 'Sent Items' folder under the master category 'Outlook Data File'Why and what controls this? All emails are sent the same way.

Answer:MS Outlook 2010 question on sent emails

Not sure what you mean by master category. Is that a folder that you have? Can you post a screen shot somewhere?

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Hi !
Notification for new emails in Outlook 2010
There is a builtin option for notification in Outlook 2010, but the problem is that it?s only visible for a very short time.
If you are not looking at the computer when it shows, then you will not see that you have got new emails.
I wrote a small program that fix the problem b? creating a permanent notification on your screen.
It creates a new window that does not go away until you have acknowledged it by typing "Y" or "y",
upper or lower-case doesn?t matter.
This also means that you get a new "open window" below the screen, so if another windows hides the notification-windows
you will still see it.
If the notification-window is not your topmost window then you will have to select it before you type "Y".
------------------------------------------------------------------------ @ECHO OFF
WINDOW /POS=30,-4,150,100
BEEP 0 18
save it as fx. "New email.btm"
this line controls where the window will be on the screen:WIN... Read more

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I have recently installed MS Office 2010 on the Desktop at home which is primarily used by my wife. I had already installed it on my laptop (used by me) with no problems. My wife has a gmail account/email address and, when installing I was prompted for her preferred email address and password.

So far so good.

Outlook worked correctly for about 24 hours, after which it continued to display her incoming emails but stopped sending.

When trying to send an email the mail goes into Outbox but then hangs up. It does not send, nor does clicking 'Send All' do anything.

This is a problem we had on an earlier version of Office (Outlook 2003), which we never did get properly sorted out. What is irritating is that, as I said, Outlook continues to work fine for me on my laptop (with an aol email account) but not for my wife with a gmail account. Neither of us has or uses a hotmail account.

Can anyone help?

Answer:Outlook 2010 - emails won't send

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I run a PC (same set-up) and a Laptop Lenovo i3. The PC captures sent items but the Outlook in Lenovo does not. I matched settings Laptop against PC - Identical. Any ideas as I believe others have same problem but cannot find the answer

Answer:Outlook (Office 2010 Pro) Windows 10 - Why is Outlook not capturing 'Sent Items'?

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question I run a PC (same set-up) and a Laptop Lenovo i3. The PC captures sent items but the Outlook in Lenovo does not. I matched settings Laptop against PC - Identical. Any ideas as I believe others have same problem but cannot find the answer Are emails being sent from the outlook program in your lenovo machine? If yes, are the folders for outbox having anything?
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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A user is trying to print .html emails, however, whenever she prints, only blank pages are printed... but she can correctly view the email. Other users can see and print the email just fine. Does anyone know if some setting could have been changed? Ide rather not have to reinstall office, so if anyone could help i would appreciate it. Thank you!

Answer:Please help: Office 2000 printing blank pages when receiving .html emails


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Issue: Office 2010 help (F1 or ?) display help window but window appears blank. Also chm files no longer display content.
I know there is a wealth of information out there and on this site regarding similar issues but none appear relevant to Windows 7 64 bit OS or Office 2010. So before someone advises I read - I have followed all
recommendations relevant to 64 bit OS and IE. (Note IE version 10 in use.)  I have spent considerable time restoring and installing various Microsoft recommended fixes (including winhlp32.exe which turns out is not relevant to the problem and now I appear
to be stuck with it) nothing appears to work.
If a help window is opened on any application the help window appears as a blank space, with the exception of table of contents and search info, however, right click on the right hand pane and request view source, it transpires the help content is there
you just can't see it. The exact same situation occurs with chm files. Note everything was working fine until recently and I can not see any relevant MS updates which may have caused the problem. I have attempted a work-around by altering the registry in accordance
with above referenced article but it does not work. I have also compared the registry settings with another PC and can find no reason for this very annoying and time consuming issue. (Note I have also attempted to reset IE settings in the hope it was a security
issue - still no joy.... Read more

Answer:HTML Help Windows 7 and Office 2010 - blank pane with invisible content

From your post, I know that your HTML help and chm file cannot display content properly.

Regarding current situation, please try following steps to check the issue:
Step 1: Remove IE temp files:
How to delete the contents of the Temporary Internet Files folder
Step 2: Check Windows update and install security updates for IE:

Install Windows updates in Windows 7
For .chm issue, please check this:
Some .CHM files may not render properly on Windows Vista and Windows 7
If above steps didn?t work, please help to do following test and let me know the results:

Test in New user account:
Create a user account
Test in Safe Mode with network:
Start your computer in Safe Mode:

Note: please choose Safe Mode with networking under advanced options screen.
Hope these could be helpful and look forward to your response.Best Regards, StarSprite

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hello all-

I am receiving blank emails in outlook all of a sudden. one comes every time i send/receive. i have uninstalled reinstalled office, no change.

i have formatted the computer and reinstalled- still there.

this makes me think the problem is external to the computer.

the email consists of: no from, no subject, just date/time and the size, each one is almost 1kb.

any diag suggestions?

thanks in advance

Answer:outlook 2k2: blank emails

Have you checked for the latest updates to Office? You can go here to scan for the latest updates for Microsoft Office. Hope this helps.

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Most of my emails arrive with no problem. But I have about four or five people that when i receive emails from them, I get the header information, but the text in the message is blank. This is new and in the past I have receive messages from them with no problem.
They are not all on the same isp, and it has happened on two different isp's that I have accounts on.
They have sent messages to groups of people, and the others in the group have received the message when I have not.
I am not sure, but it may have started after I did the last security update for MS Outlook.

Answer:Blank EMails in Outlook

Hiya and welcome

What was the last security update that you installed? Was it by any chance to do with scripting? Also, are the people that are sending you mail with Outlook or another email provider? Did you have problems before the update?



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Hey guys long time viewer of the forums and finally decided to join.
I have a problem with my iPhone and outlook email. When I read my email on my iPhone it marks read on my outlook on my computer. How can I stop that?
It's a godaddy account with I think POP3 settings.
Any help would be appreciated.
EDIT: Nevermind, turned out it was IMAP. Changed it and fixed.

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ok, how do i stop my incoming emails from duplicating

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No Picture in Outlook 2010 eMails
Hello, When I go to view emails in outlook 2010 I have no pictures.
This changed some how all of a sudden.
Now, I know that this is probably because of security but there are certain emails that I get all the time that... I would like to see pictures in and then there are curtain ones that I don't care about.
So, my question is how do I get outlook to show those emails that I want to see pictures in the get outlook to always show pictures in those emails.

Answer:Solved: No Pucture in Outlook 2010 eMails

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I've been using Outlook 2010 for a couple of years with multiple Gmail accounts without any problems until today.

One of my Gmail accounts can receive emails but cannot send. When testing the account settings the attached error message appears.

Haven't made any changes to the account setting to date.

Answer:Outlook 2010 Can receive emails but cannot send

looks like quite a number of gmail users are facing this issue. Might need to wait for an answer from google.

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I have 584 emails from my wife who died recently. They are in a folder in Outlook 2010. This computer is BADLY in need of replacement and I would like to export (save) all these 584 on a flash drive or an enternal drive so I can re-install them on a new computer (into Outlook 2010 on the new machine). Can this be done and how?
Thanks so much - this means a great deal to me.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6700 @ 2.66GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 11
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3322 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT , 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 469971 MB, Free - 303738 MB; D: Total - 6952 MB, Free - 920 MB; E: Total - 476937 MB, Free - 272133 MB;
Motherboard: Intel Corporation, DP35DP, AAD81073-208, USDP817005ME
Antivirus: ZoneAlarm Antivirus, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

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I've been experiencing a weird issue with Office 2010 v14.0.7173.5000 (32 bit).

Whenever I try to delete an email from my mailbox (which is stored on Exchange but cached locally to an OST file) Outlook crashes.

It generally happens on the second deletion of an email within a list - Outlook halts for a second and then crashes out, closing the application altogether.

No event logs are left by Outlook or Windows system itself.

Any help on the matter would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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I have an old system and a new system.
I am running outlook 2010.
Currently on my old system I have a few POP3 email accounts and also lots of emails in seperate folders (sorted by the rule filter).

I backed up the outlook to a .pst and then imported this on the new machine.
Great, I have my emails etc...!

Problem: When I create my email account again on the new machine, it seems to want to download all the emails again.
How can I prevent this from happening and just to "continue" as normal?
Maybe something I need to set up/configure on the POP3 provider?


Answer:Outlook 2010 backup/restore emails

Hello ahmedilyas.

I think is the resolution to your problem:
Don’t re-download all emails |

When starting with a new mail profile (which gets created when you configure your new computer), Outlook is unaware of what has been downloaded already by another mail profile. That is why Outlook starts to download all the messages again.
Some mail servers allow you to set a date from which emails are being offered to a POP3 client or allow you to set the option to download from the current day onwards.
For instance, Gmail can do this in the following way;
Log onto the web based version of Gmail.
Click the Settings link in the right top corner.
Select the ?Forwarding and POP/IMAP? tab.
Set the option: Enable POP for mail that arrives from now on.
Press: Save Changes
If your web based mail account doesn?t provide such an option, and you still want to leave the messages on the server, then you can move all the emails that you do not want to download again to a different folder on the server. As POP3 only offers messages from the main Inbox, Outlook can?t see the other messages so it won?t download them again either.

Some web based mail accounts also offer an Archiving option which makes moving your items to another folder on the server much easier.

Hope that helps. Please let us know if you need any further assistance.

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Have just replaced Outlook 2003 with 2010. I have one admin account and two user accounts in Vista.Both users have found their 2003 Outlook info, email address and old emails etc. One user works fine, the other won't send emails. Tried disabling Norton emails checker and Outlook add-ins. Outlook email send/receive Progress box just says "Processing". No error reports.Any ideas on how to clear this log-jam?

Answer:Outlook 2010 blocks sending emails

If you create a new Mail Profile AND THEN start Outlook in Safe Mode (by holding down the Ctrl Key as you start it) you should be able to get it up and running.

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I have two emails that keep returning over and over again. I delete them but they come back every now and again. They are NOT being left on my mailserver as I have checked. They are the same emails because the time and date is the same as the ones I delete. It is a mystery and very annoying to constantly find a 2 next to my inbox and having to find them to delete again. If I don't delete them I end up with multiple copies of the email.

Answer:Outlook 2010- deleted emails keep returning

Go to your web mail server and delete all messages in the Inbox. Then, if this doesn't solve the problem, on Outlook go to menu File ?> Info ?> Account Settings ?> E-mail tab. Double click on the e-mail account with the problem, click on the More Settings... button, and chose the Advanced tab; on the last three lines (controlling the messages to leave or delete on the server) make sure all three boxes are unchecked.Hope this helps. If it does post it here, please.

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I am running Outlook 2010 as my email program on a PC with Windows 8 and Norton Internet Security 2013.
Normally Outlook works perfectly but every so often it will indicate that I have, for example, 3 emails to download with a combined size of, say, 34kb. It will start to download very, very slowly showing initially about 34b, which increases very slowly indeed but never ever manages to complete the download. They would normally have downloaded in a matter of seconds. My ISP is O2 and if I go to their web mail page the emails download perfectly and instantly.
I have tried disabling Norton Anti-Spam but it makes no difference.
At the moment it is working perfectly:-(

Answer:Outlook 2010 very, very slow downloading emails

I came across this in an article that may help:
"Try to enable only the headers
By default, Outlook 2010 downloads both the emails and the attachments for every folder. As a result, users with mailboxes larger than 1 GB may find that Outlook takes a long time to download their messages. Previous versions of Outlook only downloaded the message headers by default. This setting was changed in Outlook 2010 to allow the program to index all content and display information about the emails and attachments each contact has sent Follow these steps to change this setting to only download the message headers to speed up Outlook:
Run Outlook 2010.
Click the Send/Receive tab.
Click Send/Receive Groups and select Define Send.Receive Groups.

This will allow you to edit settings for send/receive groups.
Select All Accounts and click Edit.
Click the Download headers for subscribed folders option.
Click OK.
Click Close. "

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I just got a new nice laptop dell computer (my old laptop running windows 7 64 bit and Office 2007 is all working fine - sending emails fine on a POP3 account).

The problem is, Outlook 2010 will not send emails with the same POP3 settings. I have been all over this with my ISP, changed the outgoing port from 587 to 25, changed my outgoing mail server to to Nothing seems to help. My ISP swears it is a defect with outlook and windows 7, but how could that be?

Error I get when trying to send an email:
Task '[email protected] - Sending' reported error (0x8004210B) : 'The operation timed out waiting for a response from the sending (SMTP) server. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).'

HELP! thx

Answer:I am baffled, Outlook 2010 will not send emails

Who is your ISP?

And it's obviously a setting somewhere. "Where" is the question. Have you checked the ISP's website for instructions?

BTW I'm using 2010 on Windows 7 x64 without issue.

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Hello all, I'm hoping that you could help me with this, I'm not very computer literate but seem to muddle by well enough until now.

I've recently bought a HP Pavilion and have installed Outlook 2010 and managed to figure it out as best I could, or so I thought.

But I was looking for some emails from the end of February and they've disappeared. My sent items from the same period are there but the recieved emails are not and any conversations from that period, the recived emails are away.

I haven't transferred my old emails from my old Laptop to my new PC.




Answer:Emails from over one month ago DISAPPEAR on Outlook 2010! Help please

Hi Barrie,

Welcome to SevenForums,

Can you please check the options shown below to see if AutoArchive is enabled?

With Outlook open, click on File > Options to open the panel shown below.


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Derek:I would like to redirect this question to you since you helped me so much once before and I got great results. I have a new Dell i7 Computer with Windows 7 on it. We loaded Outlook 2010 on it and things went fine for a few days, but now I cannot receive or send emails. Could you please tell me what I can do to solve this problem. Thank you so much and I appreciate your help.

Answer:Outlook 2010 Not Sending Or Receiving Emails !!

Check your email account settings in Outlook and rectify where necessary.If everything is correct there, uninstall and reinstall Outlook.

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For the past couple of weeks I've had a user come up with a strange error.
We have Exchange 2007, and she is using outlook 2010 on windows 7 64 bit.
Some emails are not reaching her inbox, but there seems to be no reason as to what emails, or some will come in one day, but not the next.
According to the exchange server, the emails are getting coming in like usual, but they are not appearing on her machine. If I open her webmail after she should have received these emails and outlook was open at the time, they are missing from webmail as well. If I have outlook closed, but have webmail open, the message is received, and opening outlook after that sends the message to outlook as well. Also I can setup her account on other machines and it works there, so it is something specific to that machine.
So far, I have tried creating a new profile and removing her old one, reinstalling Microsoft office, then completely removing Microsoft office and scrubbing her profile from the registry before reinstalling. Thus far nothing has worked. I'm up to the point of completely reinstalling the machine, but do to the highly personalized programs on the computer, I am hesitant to do that unless completely necessary.
If anyone has any ideas even what the problem actually is, I would appreciate it.

Answer:Outlook 2010 causing emails to disappear

Are there any error messages in the message tracking logs on the server for that user? Are there any error messages in Event Viewer on the user's computer that might provide some clues? Do the senders get an NDR when they try to email this user? Is the user able to send mail using Outlook, or does that get stuck as well?
At first blush, it sounds like there's a problem with the services the Outlook client uses to contact the server and download email. Try running the connectivity analyzer tool on that particular machine:

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I have just installed outlook 2010. i was using outlook express. outlook 2010 will send emails not a problem but I am still receiving them in outlook express. What can I do ??

Answer:my outlook 2010 wont receive emails

Stop using Outlook Express. :) As long as OE is configured to check your email account, it will do just that.

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I have got this Windows 8 PC and purchased (YES) a copy of MS office professional.
I loaded and set up outlook for my btinternet site, and can send mail but not receive it.
I have checked and rechecked the settings and they are the same as my thunderbird, and BTinternet website settings.
I am going mad trying to get it to work.
Please advise if you can.

Answer:Windows8, Outlook 2010, Cannot receive emails

Hi Dburness

Ask your provider if your outgoing server details are different for the computer set up as apposed to the web set up

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I found out yesterday that in order for my Lenovo Window 7 Home Premium SVP1 64bit (Outlook 2010 32bit) to receive emails from my POP/SMTP account, I had to delete the email account on my Dell Windows XP SVP3 32bit (Outook Enterprise 2007). So I copied all info and deleted from Dell and set up on Lenovo. When I send/receive, it shows that I'm downloading the emails but they don't show up in the inbox. I know they have to be somewhere, but where? Is it a 64bit/32bit problem? I also tried to send an email but not sure if it got sent since it didn't show up in the sent box. I REALLY appreciate your help - these forums have helped me keep my computers running smoothly for the last 3 years!!! If there is something else I need to know about outlook 2010 email, please fill me in...


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I have seem to run into a challenge I am not able to figure out. I am receiving emails that are beening sent to my junk mail which are not. We have marked them as not being junk and added them to the safe sender list, but they are still going into junk, any thoughts?

Thank you for your help,


Answer:2010 Outlook - emails going to Junk Folder

Look to see if you have any "rules" running. "[tools] [rules and alerts]"

You may have set up a rule based on conditions that you no longer wish to happen. This might happen when a user sets the rules area to filter junk mail and then later beginning to use the junk mail filters.

I'm not sure of the priority that Outlook uses as to which area has precedence, but this might be worth checking.

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I am running a desktop, a laptop, an Ipad and a smartphone. I can access my incoming emails on any of these devices. However, my outgoing emails only appear on the device from which they are sent. How can I auto BCC copies to my own address so that they appear in the inbox on all devices. I am using Outlook 2010. I see some sites telling me to go to "Tools", which I cannot find on my version on OUtlook.

Answer:Outlook 2010 - Auto bcc sent emails to own address -

Yep...found out how to do it. Not as easy as previous versions.

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Hi, I can't click on any links that are in emails I recieve in Microsoft Outlook 2010 I am running windows 8. The links are in email newsletters that I recieve and have been recieving before and after I got Microsoft Outlook 2010 and Windows 8 a year ago. I went to my web mail for my internet provider and can access the links in the same newsletters in there. In Microsoft Outlook when I click on a link in one of these newsletters I get a message; "The operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator" I reaalize that is me, but I don't know what to tell me :) I have the email address of these newsletters in my contacts in Microsoft Outlook and I have done the settings in "Junk Mail" and "Rules" in Outlook to allow them. This was working yesterday but today is not. I did not change any settings that I am aware of. However, yesterday I did an update on Adobe Flash Player and inadvertenly must have checked download Chrome I uninstalled it in control panel. Hope you folks can help. Also many thanks to "XPUserForReal" for his help on August 10 I couldn't find the Select a best answer icon. Really dumb huh! HelenT

Answer:2010 Microsoft Outlook can't use links in emails

Have you by any chance installed Google Chrome at some time, then uninstalled it?Uninstalling Google Chrome will cause that error, (although there are other causes too) but whatever caused it, the result is the same: the Registry has incorrect entries concerning HTML links and associations.See this:

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Emails send but don't arrive. Emails received can however by forwarded and replied to. Emails are received into inbox OK. This makes no sense to me and I've tried everything. Now wondering if I should de-install Office 2013 and re-install it. However, I assume I will lose all my emails, which I'm reluctance to do. Any help please!

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I thought I was making progress in changing over my email from an old laptop to a new Windows 7 laptop. However, I've got it all set up and it shows it is sending and receiving emails, but nothing shows up. Where are they? I've got the email account set up identical to the older laptop so that's not the problem. I've checked on the Microsoft Answers website and that is just a BIG joke!!!! Maybe I should just go back to my old laptop? Thanks for any help you can give me.


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I have Outlook 2010 running on Windows 7. I'm a remote worker and use it for my work email and on a day I can't remember making any changes (updates, downloads, etc.). After months of running perfectly, all of the sudden, deleting emails is taking up to 24 seconds each. No error message, and no other speed issues when performing any other functions. This includes Shift+Del which is lightening fast. (I'd just do this all the time, but I choose to keep my deleted emails for several months. At the end of every workday, I move them to a folder I created.)

I've been though every troubleshooting guide I can find online and even called my IT guy at work. He had me give him remote access and he tried a bunch of stuff. Nothing fixed it. He downloaded Windows Live 2012 and it does NOT have a speed issue when deleting. He did rule out any problems with my HP laptop. We are at a loss. His solution is for me to start using Windows Live, but I paid for Outlook and it makes integrating with Salesforce so easy, I want to continue using it.

I have:
2 .pst files (511MB and 16MB)
zero RSS feeds
used the Control Panel to "repair"
tried safe mode with the same results/problem
disabled add-ins manually with the same results/problem
installed all critical and most recommended updates (2 security updates for Windows have repeated failed attempts)
run Microsoft FixIt
run defrag

Thanks in advance. Any ideas appreciated.
&... Read more

Answer:Outlook 2010 - slow when deleting emails

There are a number of variables in play here. How congested is the VPN infrastructure, with road warriors like you, what kind of hardware is your employer using for their modem, router, managed switches, speed of their connection they are paying for, how much traffic is going in and out of that connection, how are they running the Exchange server ( is it in a Virtual Machine), what kind of hardware are they running it on.

Then there is the factors of how many emails are in your inbox, in your archieve, have the system admin tried to do a Post box repair on your .PST & .OST.

Now of course, when was the last time the machine you are using, defray was ran, Disk Cleanup was also ran. How much memory is in it. What is the manufacturer & model of the computer you use?

Really in your situation, they should be using a Webmail solution for the road warriors, then using Outlook on it, while you are connecting from outside the domain. They can still allow you to use Outlook 2k10 when you go to the office and connect directly to the domain.

There is some really good information at, regarding Outlook, Exchange, etc..

I know that with most companies, the IT department will be hard to find a lot of the stuff out, that I inquired about, but they are there to help you resolve problems between you and the servers. That is what they are getting paid to do.

Also make sure you have no issues with your own connection, if these issues are happening from your home. ... Read more

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What have I done?
I migrated email hosts over the last few days and all was working fine yesterday.

- I backed up my imap files on the client (Outlook 2010 to a .pst)
- I pointed the account to the new mail server
- Inbox was unaffected except new email popped in
- All my existing folders vanished (as expected I think)
- I imported the backed up folders and mails
- All my old folders & emails appeared (but in a 2nd "outlook data file" section)
- I dragged them to my email folder
- I could watch them sync up by logging into webmail
- Last night all perfect
- today I logged in and started to drag and drop a few more folders
- Tried to delete an email in the inbox and got "The operation cannot be performed because the object has been deleted"
- Somewhere along the line (yesterday) I had already set the root folder to "inbox" by the way - near the start of the import process - all fine
- Today on the PC / Outlook I can send and receive fine but I cannot delete an email

I am wondering if in my drag and drop I hit inbox instead of the folder above where I was dragging mail folders but other than that I can't think of anything that changed or would cause the error.

Any suggestions? I set up an extra Thunderbird account and that works fine so it must be an Outlook set up problem I guess. I'd like to keep using outlook for my main mail account so any advice more than welcome

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Hello everyone,

I have Outlook 2010 Pro, McAfee Security Center ( Newest Version ), i have Gmail also picking up my outlook email through Time Warner. The emails make it to Gmail, but don't show at all in Outlook. Where should i start? I've done the repair in outlook, but it still happens.


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I have a new Dell running Windows 7 and have installed Office 2010. Initially I had no problems with Outlook in receiving emails, but was unable to import my previous emails from my Office 2007 on my old Dell running XP. So I used the Windows Easy Transfer method to transfer from my old Dell to my new one. All my old emails are now in Outlook 2010, but by 2010 settings changed and emails no longer arrive in their individual email address folder. I thought I had fixed this, but all my emails for each of my 5 email addresses are arriving in the Inbox, as well as their individual email folder. But worst of all, despite deleting emails I don't want, every time I open Outlook and the Send/Receive runs, I am now receiving all the deleted emails back again. So today I apparently received 141 new emails! Help! I have searched the Microsoft website but can't see a solution, and their only support option apparently will cost 199 - considering both the software and computer are less than a month old, I feel I should be able to get support from Microsoft, but since it doesn't seem to be an option, I am hoping someone in the Helproom can help. Thanks.

Answer:Outlook 2010 keeps receiving emails I have deleted

Which ISP? Are you leaving messages on the server?

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Hello all,

I hope this is the right place to post my current issue.

Last Friday (6-21-13), our email servers on outlook as well as website were transferred over to a go-daddy server. All seemed to go well when I came in on Monday. I had all my old emails still there but then the tech walked me through the process of getting new emails. I was able to receive new emails but in the process it seems she had me overwrite my old email file. So now I can't seem to recover any of the old emails. My pst. file still seems to be enormous so I would think the info is somehow there. We had our IT guys work on this for over 12 hours and they were unable to help.

Has anyone ever been able to recover outlook emails?

Any help would be so greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Answer:Retrieving Old Emails on Microsoft Outlook 2010

Your email server should have a copy. Or, the copy is somewhere on your PC, in the form of PST. Perhaps it's in the archived area?

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There is a delay in receiving emails on outlook 2010 in windows 7. I immediately recieve emails on ipad and owa but not on outlook.

So far I have tried deleting email account from my profile and that didn't worked.

I also deleted the outlook profile and that also didn't worked.

Any suggestion?

The outlook is installed my laptop and I have no issue with Internet connectivity on it. It puts connected through Dame wifi that the ipad is connected to..

Answer:Emails are recieved with delay on outlook 2010

This is because Outlook is not constantly checking for new mail but instead in predefined intervals. You can change the time interval for sending and receiving new mail in Send / Receive settings.

First open the Send / Receive Groups menu and select Define Send / Receive Groups:
Set the time interval (highlighted yellow):
Set the value to 1 minute to force Outlook to pick new mail every minute. Personally I have to say I really cannot see any reason to have Outlook constantly checking new mail, even at work it's enough for me to check 4 times per hour.


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Recently I've noticed Outlook has been taking a very long time to download my emails from the server, it's probably been happening for the past two weeks or so. I've had my new rig for a month or so and it was fine when I originally installed Office 2010, just as it was on my previous two rigs. Office 2010 is installed on my SSD with the OS, anti virus software and Adobe CS2, nothing else.
I haven't made any changes to the program either, it just seemed to go really slow by its own accord for some reason. I could probably upload 6GB or more worth of photos to, say, Photobucket quicker than downloading 700KB worth of emails in Outlook, yet my download speed in 60MB and my upload speed is 3MB. All other net based stuff is fine, very low pings (pings at anywhere around 9ms), no lost packets and a stable connecttion at all times.

This isn't end of the world stuff and I'm not overly concerned if it doesn't get sorted out. I haven't spent a lot of time looking into at all (probably less than it took me to type all of this out) but thought I'd ask you guys who know this stuff inside out if you had any ideas.

Answer:Outlook 2010 Slow Downloading Emails

In earlier versions of Outlook, when downloaded the mails, it only downloaded the message headers by default. But in Outlook 2010, By default, it downloads both the emails and the attachments for every folder. As the result, Outlook mailboxes larger than 1 GB may takes a long time to download their messages. This setting was changed in Outlook 2010 to allow the program to index all content and display information about the emails and attachments each contact has sent Follow these steps to change this setting to only download the message headers to speed up Outlook:
Run Outlook 2010.
Click the Send/Receive tab.
Click Send/Receive Groups and select Define Send.Receive Groups.
This will allow you to edit settings for send/receive groups.
Select All Accounts and click Edit.
Click the Download headers for subscribed folders option.
Click OK.
Click Close.

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Hi there,I am unable to receive emails in Outlook 2010.I can see the emails in Horde Webmail which is provided by my web hosting provider, but those emails are not downloaded in my Outlook.I am able to send the emails successfully, but not able to receive.I have already tried the following:- Checked all the settings and made sure that they are correct.- Deleted the email account and created it once again.- I have run 'outlook /resetviews'.- Checked firewall and antivirus, tried disabling them.- Created a new test account on my domain to check if it happens on other accountsEven after all the above tries, the emails are not being received. The problem is not only in my computer, but the whole team of about 10 people is affected with the same problem. All are using different computers, so it's not a PC related problem.Outlook is not showing any error messages, and the Send/Receive tasks are always completed with all green checkmarks.Everything was working fine, but I have started experiencing this problem since about a week.Please help!

Answer:Unable to receive emails in Outlook 2010

Can you ping the incoming mail server from your computer?

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How can I permanently delete emails in outlook 2010 w/o first sending them to the deleted folder?

Answer:Permanently delete emails in Outlook 2010?

Hold down the SHIFT key while deleting them.

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I'm working on a project where we've migrated our user base from Windows XP to Windows 7 Enterprise. They're using Office 2010 Pro. I'm seeing this issue with only one specific user, and not really sure where to start with his troubleshooting. Have read through some forums, but doesn't seem to be a prevalent issue.

We've migrated his .NK2 file and most of his email cache is working. As he begins to type the address, it drops down with suggested emails. However, there are two specific addresses in the GAL which will not cache. I had him manually click on the 'To...' button in a new message, search the GAL for the user, click 'To...' once again in the bottom left of the address book to add the address to the message, click okay, and send the message. Normally this would be more than enough to get it to cache, but no such luck.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated guys.
- Adam

Answer:Select emails not caching in Outlook 2010 Pro Plus

Hello MyShadow462, welcome to Seven Forums.

I wonder if this thread might help?
Auto complete in Outlook 2010 not working consistently

Or perhaps this:
pst file Corrupted - Repair

... and one more :
How to reset the nickname and the automatic completion caches in Outlook

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I just upgraded to Outlook 2010 and it had been working flawlessly up until a few days ago. I now get notifications that I have new email but I can't see it unless 1.) there's a rule set to send it to a particular folder or 2.) I set the filter to "today" or "this week."

Now, this may just be some odd setting I have off (thanks to a cat who loves to curl up on my laptop keyboard any time I leave the room) but I'm at a loss. Any advice on where to look or redo my settings?

Many thanks!

Answer:Outlook 2010 - Have to Filter to See Recent Emails

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Hi I am trying to move one pst file from one laptop which has Outlook 2010 32 bit to another laptop which has Outlook 2010 64 bit installed,
steps taken
1) Copied the pst file from the User/AppData/Microsoft/Outlook folder to usb.
2) Pasted the file from usb into User/Documents folder.
3) Tried to open the file in Outlook and I get the error that Outlook encountered errors while opening the file.
Now how is that possible when the file is working perfectly in one laptop but when I copy and paste it into another it gets corrupted? Is it due to 32 bit to 64 bit outlook? I tried to repair it using scanpst and it brought back few mails, so what else can I do? Am I doing something wrong in moving the file.
Thanks a lot

Answer:Outlook 2010 PST file copying from 32 bit to 64 bit Office Outlook

Hello saadie, welcome to Seven Forums.

Lots of information about .pst files (including moving them) here:
About the Outlook PST-File | HowTo-Outlook

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If you can see the subject of Outlook's emails but not the message content, you may want to try this. It worked for me.

File >> Options >> Mail >> Stationary and Fonts >> Font...>> Set Font Color to Automatic >> Uncheck all boxes >> OK

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