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Solved: Transferring emails (gmail) to hard drive

Question: Solved: Transferring emails (gmail) to hard drive

Dear Friends,
I am trying to transfer my e-mail (Gmail) to my hard drive. I have to take my laptop somewhere where there is no internet access at all, so I wouldn't be able to get to my e-mails (I need to be able to access my emails to document some events). I know I can just open up everyone of them and copy and paste each one to word documents, but is there some steps to simplify the process. Thanks for any ideas you have!

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Preferred Solution: Solved: Transferring emails (gmail) to hard drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Solved: Transferring emails (gmail) to hard drive

Hi thankful

You can setup Gmail in an e-mail client and have the e-mail client download the e-mails to your hard drive.
Copying and pasting would not be necessary.
Login to your Gmail account and click on the Settings link at the top right of the page.
Then click the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.
There you can enable POP access to Gmail.

Let us know what operating system you are using and we can determine what e-mail client you may already have available.

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I need to install a new hard drive on my system. I need to replace the drive C from which all programs, including Windows XP, boot. I have 240 programs installed on the machine I am using now with the old drive. What is the best way to transfer programs from the old drive to the new drive? I have Spotmau PowerSuite Pro available but have never used PowerSuite.

Thank you in advance for your rreplies.

Answer:Solved: Transferring Files To New Hard Drive

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I would like to take my hard drive out of an inexpensive gateway desktop i just purchased and to transplant it as primary drive on a new computer (that im going to build)

This old gateway is slow... its an ide drive that has xp pro and office and a bunch of other software i really like on the drive.

Ive heard there is hardware profiles snapshot/licensing issue. i dont have xp cd or key.. as this was purchased used for 75 bux.

Is this going to work permanently?

Im just hoping to talk to someone whos done a few transplants, and dont want to waste my time with something that just might not work out for more than 30 days.


Answer:Solved: Transferring hard drive to new machine (xp pro) help

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I have two IDE hard drives that I am now about to replace with a SATA drive, and I want to take my entire C drive and copy it to the new SATA drive so it becomes my new C drive, containing my OS and all that so it loads faster (I hope =/). I know I can hook up the SATA as a slave, then copy the C drive to it, then reboot it so the new SATA drive is the master ... but I wanted to be sure that would work before trying it. Is there a better way to do this?

Answer:Solved: Transferring hard drive contents

Just copying the "C" drive won't work. You have 2 choices.

1) backup all of your files, reinstall the operating system/drivers and then install your programs and the rest of your data.

2) Use a program such as GHOST to create an image of your current drive and then restore that image to the new drive. The downside of this is that if the new drive is bigger you will end up with a second partition consisting of the remaining disk space after the restore. If the new drive is smaller than the old drive, you are stuck with option 1.

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I recently purchased a new computer and was wondering if I could just move my hard drive to the new computer without reinstalling all the games. The games have been installed on that drive. The hard drive is a secondary drive (It's not the main C: drive).
If not, could I just install the drive and transfer saved files from drive to drive in the new computer after the games are reinstalled?
Thanks in advance,
PS: Both systems are running Windows 7

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My computer is a Dell 8400 with XP Media Center 2005. I have recorded several movies which I intend putting on DVD eventually but so far only have one transferred to my 80 g hard drive. Now I cannot move two others to the external as it tells me I have no room and the 80g drive is only about 15% full. My main hard drive is a 160g and had about 100g free. What could prevent my not copying the movie files to the external drive?


Answer:Solved: Transferring Media files to external hard drive

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If I have two hard drives in my PC and I transfer lossy files such as jpegs, MP3s, etc. from one to another, do I lose some data because they're lossy formats or do the files copy as exact duplicates?

Answer:Solved: Transferring jpegs from one hard drive to another- lose some data?

The quality of the JPEG pictures does not change no matter how many times you just copy or move the files from one location to another. Opening the JPEG files in some kind of photo editor and then saving them as JPEG filse would probably degrade the quality. Same kind of thing applies to MP3 and any other lossy files.

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I've just added my old 10gb drive (now D:) to a new PC with 80gb HDD (C:), and I'd like to transfer all emails from D: to C:, however, I can't find them - if I go to D:/Program Files/Outlook Express, there's about 16 icons, but nothing that says to me 'here are your emails'! Help.

Answer:Transferring emails from old drive to new.

Do a search for .dbx files. You don't say what your operating system is but from memory Win98 stores them in Windows\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Outlook Express or similar. WinXP stores them in Documents and Settings\"username"\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\"folder with a long string of characters"\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Outlook Express.You can then copy these files to the outlook express folder in the same location on C: or alternatively, in Outlook Express you can go to Tools, Options, Maintenance tab, click the Store Folder button and select the folder on D: where you have found your emails.

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Our computer has suffered a motherboard failure and I would like to retrieve email both read and unread. Is that possible? I can put the hard drive in an external case and access it from another computer. Does anyone know of any way to get to the emails, or if they are even stored on the hard drive? I have tried Web Mail but it seems to only have the latest from a short time ago. We are using on a computer that was using Win XP SP3 and Internet Explorer 8.

Answer:Solved: Are emails stored on hard drive?

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I have been trying to transfer my emails from an old laptop running winXP to my new laptop with vista. Both are running outlook 2003.
when I try to transfer the file via network connection the file keeps telling me that I can't. I get the error saying cannot copy outlook: access is denied. make sure the disk is not full or write prtetected and that the file is not currently in use. none of these apply. outlook is closed down the file is not write protrected....outlook is slowing becomming the bain of my exsistence. any way I HAVE to have these emails on my new computer becuase they are VERY important to my job. any help would be much appreciated!

ok scratch that, go it taken care. just used the quick transfer option form vista and the cable that came with it....

Answer:[SOLVED] Transferring emails from xp to vista

Hi mate

File/Import and Export/Export to a file/Personal Folder FIle (pst)/

Click on personal folders (at the top of the tree) and click on the check box - include subfolders

Choose a destination - a usb stick would be fine

Once finished insert the usb stick to the new computer and do the opposite ie

File/Import and Export/Import from another program or file/Personal File Folder (pst)

Choose the source (usb) and make sure you select personal folders and it should import all your emails accross.

Good luck

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i need to get the files off a windows 2000 pc and onto a new windows xp computer.

i have to use a bootdisc to access the windows 2000 files, and just need to know which files i need from windows 2000, and where to put them in windows XP.

Answer:Solved: getting emails and addresses off hard drive to another computer

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I found an answer to this question at Yahoo Answers. But the answer was given in 2010 and the answer no longer works-options listed in response do not exist. I assume yahoo updated their software and now there is a different way to save the emails in bulk.

So do any of you techies know how to save yahoo emails in bulk to a PC hard drive with the current yahoo software?

Answer:Solved: Is there a simple way to save my yahoo emails IN BULK to my PC hard drive?

Got my answer from another website. For those of you asking the same question here is where I found my answer.

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A friend of mine has asked me to transfer some music and picture files from his old IDE hard Drive in a HP Pavillion System, to his new SATA hard drive in his new Dell System, it sounds like it should be a fairly simple process, but my question is, what is the best way to just copy these files and not the entire hard disk?

Answer:Need help transferring files from IDE Hard Drive to SATA Hard Drive

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I have set up a gmail account recently. I changed my password and waited for the verification email.
It never arrived. I have checked Spam and Trash and Inbox and also my other server, BT Yahoo but
there is no sign of it.

Any ideas what else I could do ?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3470 CPU @ 3.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8122 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 620, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 478823 MB, Free - 421872 MB; M: Total - 463041 MB, Free - 449573 MB;
Motherboard: MSI, B75MA-E33 (MS-7808)
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated and Enabled

Answer:Solved: verification emails never arrive from gmail

make sure the email address for the verification is correct.

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My main address is a gmail account, and I also have an address with my school. I want to be able to use the gmail web interface for my school address, and be able to access both addresses from the Gmail apps for Android and iOS. Also, I want the two accounts separate in each interface, and when I reply to an email sent to either address, I want it to automatically respond from the address the email was received at (in both the web interface and mobile apps). The easiest way to do this would probably be to make a new Google account just for my school email, but that would mean having to log out and log into the other account in the web browser when I want to access it on my computer. This isn't a big deal, but I was wondering if I could accomplish this using one Google account.


Answer:Solved: Using multiple emails in Gmail in web browser and mobile devices

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One Touch email is a fine principle

But I want to manage emails on pc and iPhone separately. When I delete an email on my pc using Outlook, I don't want it to delete alreadydownloaded emails on my iPhone. This is how my hotmail accounts work.

Gmail works differently. It syncs all messages immediately on both devices. Can I change Gmail to stop deleting/updating emails. I still want all messages displayed on both devices, whenever I start them.

Alternatively, can I make MS hotmail sync all messages, just like Gmail?


Answer:Solved: Can I stop Gmail from deleting emails on the other device - pc and iPhone

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I am trying to transfer the contents (including operating system - XP Media Center 2005) from a SATA 80GB hard drive to a IDE 160GB hard drive (short term measure, extra space needed) using Norton Ghost. The process appears to go fine until I try to boot up using the IDE hard drive, when I get the 'blue screen' and the computer keeps trying to restart. Any ideas?

Answer:Transferring one hard drive to another

It will only work on the same computer it came from. You can do that with XXCOPY click here

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My neighbour is replacing his 40gb HD with a new 160gb (the old one will be discarded). His OS is XP Home but the computer apparently came with no discs, having a recovery partition on the drive.Is it possible to transfer Windows from one hard drive to another without using installation disks? thanksRichard

Answer:Transferring XP to new hard drive

Some disk manufacturers (i.e. MAXTOR) have utilities for this. I use Partition Magic but any partition manager (i.e. Ranish) should be able to do this for you.

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I have a Sony Hi8 camcorder and want to transfer the videos to my PC. I thought i could transfer them via s-video through my video card, but i keep hearing i need a capture device or a firewire. My camcorder doesnt have a firewire connection that i know of.

What kind of capture device do i need and what kind of software do i need also? i have windows xp and i assumed i could use the windows movie maker program.

i am on a tight budget and need advice desperately. Preferably a step by step procedure. if there is a good article anyonw has come across that will help i would appreciate it.


Answer:transferring hi8 to pc hard drive

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I'm selling this machine to my brother and building a new system, but i want to keep my HardDrive - lots of software on here already, ya see. Is there anything special i need to know? Can i just put this one in and go with it?
I'll have to update drivers for all the new hardware, obviously...but will the bios and drivers and settings already on the HDD interfere? What do i need to do before and after removing/docking it? Thanks a ton y'all.

btw...Here's probable new system specs...suggestions welcome.
ASUS A8N SLi Deluxe Mobo
AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Venice CPU
2x512MB ValueSelect Corsair PC3200 RAM
2x eVGA GeForce 6600GT (SLi)
Sony DVD RW Drive
Xion Case (450wattPS, 2x120mm & 1x80mm fans)

Answer:transferring Hard Drive

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I have a new PC arriving tomorrow. I have a relatively new IDE 140GB drive in my old machine which is split into 3 partitions. When I install it into the new machine, will it be recognised as having 3 partitions. Is there anything that need to be careful with? The new machine with have XP Home with SP3. The old one has W2K with all the upgrades fully up to date.T.

Answer:Transferring a hard drive from an old to a new PC

"When I install it into the new machine, will it be recognised as having 3 partitions." - yes, should do. "Is there anything that need to be careful with?" - yes: 1. Make sure the jumper(s) of the 140Gb drive are set correctly in relation to the hard drive in the new PC, & 2. You don't void the warranty if you open the new PC's case &/or install new hardware. G

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Can anyone tell me how to transfer my files frommy old computer to my new one?

Answer:transferring from old hard drive to new

What operating system is the old computer using? And what operating system is the new computer using?Roughly what would you say the size of these file would be?Do you have a CD writer on the old computer?

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Hi, I don't know if this is the right forum, but if I get a bigger hard drive can I transfer everything including bootable operating system over to a same size partition on the new drive?

Answer:transferring os to new hard drive

free 15 day trial, works gr8

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My gfs laptops hard drive stopped working. Infact the laptop stopped working. It starts up fine but midway through loading windows it just freezes. I suspected hard drive and so took the dard drive out and replaced it with hard drive from my laptop and it started fine though we didnt try to connect to internet
We then replaced the hard drive with another hard drive she was given by her sister (hard drive from sister was working) and it starts fine but when i try to connect to internet it asks me to isntall drivers for ethernet and other things
Where do i get these drivers as she no longer has disc that came with the laptop. Desperate

Answer:Transferring hard drive into lap top

When you take a hdd with a Windows operating system installed from the computer it was originally installed on and install it in another computer you are asking for major problems. The excerpt below is from a Intel article which describes in detail what happens. The article also mentions a reference to an article by Microsoft, it can be seen here.
Moving a hard drive with Windows already installed to a new motherboard without reinstalling the operating system is not recommended.
If a hard drive is moved to a new computer, the registry entries and drivers for the mass storage controller hardware on the new motherboard are not installed in Windows for the new computer you may not be able to start Windows. This is true even if you move the hard drive to a motherboard with the same chipset, as different hardware revisions can cause this issue as well.
Additionally, moving a hard drive to a new motherboard may not exhibit any errors until you install new IDE drivers. This is because each chipset uses a different Plug-n-Play (PNP) ID to identify it. If you change your motherboard, your registry will have multiple PNP IDs (for the old hardware as well as the new hardware). If there are multiple entries in the registry, Windows cannot determine which hardware to initialize and therefore fails with a STOP error.
Please post the manufacturer of her hdd.  I will provide you with a link to a website which will have a DOS diagnostic image w... Read more

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I have an old Dell Dimension 4100 with XP Pro on which I want to replace the hard drive. I'm not sure how to do the data transfer so I can completely remove the current hard drive.

I installed the new one (using cable select jumper settings for both) and used the center connector. When I check "My Computer" the new drive isn't recognized but if I get into Disk Management it shows up as an unallocated partition.


Answer:Transferring everything to a new hard drive

Set the old one as Slave, and the new one as Master. Some older computers hate CS (Cable Select) when installing two drives.

Just make sure that they are both on the same cable, and the new drive will need a 80pin cable which it should of came with.

File and Settings Transfer wizard in WinXP works when you need to transfer to a new drive.

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HI everyone,
i recently installed WIndows XP on a very very small hard drive (2 gb) and i have one used for data as slave that is 80gb. The reason i didn't install xp on the big one was becuase i already had a lot of important data on there that i couldn't lose, and i didn't want to risk it. But now i'm running into issues of space on the small hard drive and i need a way to transfer XP to the larger hard drive without risking loss of all my data.
Is this possible?
Do i need a certain program?
Please help!

Answer:Transferring XP from one hard drive to another?!?!?

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This may be a dumb question..and i swear I'm not trolling...
But if I take my old Sata II hard drive and put it in the new PC I'm getting today which also has Sata II, will it just be like i was using it in the PC I'm on now and all of my files will just stay with it? Or will I have to format it and lose all my files?
*I don't have an external hard drive btw*

Answer:Transferring a hard drive from old to new

Welcome to Major Geeks!

If you place the old drive in the new PC as a secondary drive, you should be able to access files (pics, music, documents, etc.) from it. You will not, however, be able to use it as a primary (boot) drive or run most licensed programs (such as MS-Office) from it that were set up on the old PC.

What I would suggest:

* Install the old drive as a secondary drive in the new PC.

* On the new drive, make new folders titled "Old Documents", "Old Pictures", "Old Music", etc.

* Find the old files on the old drive and copy them to the folders on the new PC.

Once you are sure they have been copied correctly, reformat the old drive and set up the old drive for Windows Backup.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Folks,I have set up a new hard drive and am wondering if it is possible to transfer then old settings and programmes to the new hard drive? I'm using to the old hard drive as a slave but have put a new OS on the new drive but obvioucly all my old setting etc are on the old driveany suggestions folks?cheers

Answer:transferring OS from one hard drive

From your post I presume it is a new HDD in the original PC.If this is the case why not use something like Acronis True Image to clone the old drive. If you don`t want all the information (like a second partition) you could create an image of you C: (OS drive) and install that.True Image could then be used in the future for all your backups and (if necessary) recovery.Other suggestion that I`ve not tried are:click hereclick hereclick hereHope this helps.

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In a 2009 posting "Clapton is God" provided advice on how to make the transfer. I have just tried to do this but fail at the first fence. When I tried to open OE6 on my old drive it opened the new OE6 that I had begun to create on my new drive so I could not continue with item 1. from his instructions below: For info.I have my old drive installed as Slave with it "disabled" in the boot start menu.Clapton is GodSun, [email protected]:03OK. If you can re-attach the old hard drive, this is how to export your OE address book and then import it back into OE on your new hard drive:1. On the File menu, click Export and then Address Book2. Click Text File (Comma Separated Values) and then click Export3. Click Browse4. Locate the Mail Backup folder that you created5. In the File Name box, type Address Book Backup and then click Save6. Click Next7. Click to select the check boxes for the fields that you want to export and then click Finish8. Click OK and Close

Answer:Transferring OE6 from old hard drive to new

have my old drive installed as Slave with it "disabled" in the boot start menu.Should the slave drive not be "enabled" so you can see the info on it that you want to transfer...

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My computer came pre-installed with windows xp, so I didnt recieve a disk with xp on it. I am buying a new hard drive and want to install xp on it. Is there anyway to transfer xp from my old hard drive to my new one without buying a new copy of xp, and if there is, will I still be able to connect to windows update?


Answer:Transferring XP to a new hard drive

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A friend has installed my Seagate HD(complete with data, NTFS) from my old computer to my new one as primary slave drive. The drive is recognised in the Bios, and shows up in Disk Management as HEALTHY and ACTIVE, but cannot be seen in Windows Explorer. Any ideas as to how I can access my files? I want to drag and drop them onto my new hard drive.

Answer:Transferring old hard drive to new PC

Is your new pc NTFS? if its Fat32 it wont be able to see data on your old drive.

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HeyMy old computer - running Win 98SE - has recently given up the ghost.I want, however, to cannibalise the old one for parts, and one of the things I want to move over is my hard-disk.I was just wondering if anyone knows if there is any way to do this and still hold onto the data stored on it.Cheers

Answer:Transferring Hard-drive

The data will remain on the drive unless you do something to remove it!In theory, you can just remove the drive from your old machine, plug it in to a new one, and it should fire up as before.

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Is it possible to transfer hard drive with operating system to another computer?

Answer:Transferring hard drive

Yes, but unless the hardware is similar (especially the motherboard), it probably won't work. You could try reinstalling windows over the top in the new computer, you shouldn't lose your files if you do a repair install, but no guarantee it will work. Each time I get a new computer, I get a new harddrive, and put my old one as a slave harddrive. That way I get a new harddrive and fresh OS, and I get to keep my old data! (although you'll need to reinstall most of the programs). Make sure you unpassword protect and unlock your files before you do this though.

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SO SO VERY Confused!!!
my pic will not download on my email did all as instructed but no pic at all on email tryed to copy and even paste but paste box will not open when i try thought i could copy and paste si.nce the dowloaded pic will not show on each email.
it is important since it is a icon and church email needs it on emails. can you please help me

Answer:Solved: pic dowload to each gmail i send it will not post my picture on emails they state it

I Found Out How To Post My Pic On Gmail Email I Send Very Easy,just Go To Each Cotact In You Address Book For Gmail Where It States Add My Pick Just Add It There Hit Save And It Will Show Up On You Outgoing Mail Just In Case You Can Click On The Pic Hit Copy Then Upload It It Does Work!!!!!! Thank You Anyway.

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I want to install a new hard drive to replace my old hard drive, it came with software to transfer data from one hard drive to another, my question is how do I hook up two hard drives to the motherboard at the same time?


Answer:Transferring files from old hard drive to new hard drive

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Normally when we transfer files to an external hard drive, we just drag and drop.

To transfer files from many different locations, we may need to drag and drop a few times.

IS there a software that enables us to select all the files we want to transfer, and then initiate the transfer, transferring all the files in one go.

Answer:Transferring files to hard drive in one go

Teracopy can probably do what you want. Also verifies files after transferring to make sure they didn't get corrupted.

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I have a HP Pavilion TX1340 laptop with a 120GB 2.5" SATA HD running Vista Home Premium. The 120GB HD has two partitions. One is the 104GB is Local Dive C and the other the 7.48GB is the HP Recovery Drive D.

I am now in the process of preparing a replacement 320GB HD.

The 320GB HD is in a USB2.0 caddy and has been initialized and formatted. I have used Acronis True Image 10.0 to clone the two partitions mentioned above on the original 120GB HD over to the new 320GB HD and these are called Local Drive G (104GB) and HP Recovery Drive H (7.48GB). The remainder of the 320GB hard drive is now a third partition called Data Drive I (186GB).

I chose this layout as the laptop will only recognise drives up to 250GB.

What do I need to do/check on the new 320GB HD (partitions G, H and I) to ensure that it will boot up when I place it in my laptop? Do I need to change drive letters of will this be done automatically? Do I need to set up drive G to be the bootable drive?

I do hope you can understand this rather detailed and perhaps confusing description.

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I have fitted a new 80Gb hard drive to replace my 10.1 Gb drive. Eventually I managed to get Windows to recognise it by changing BIOS entries for HD`s to AUTO. I have formatted it and it now shows as drive D. I do not understand the jumper problem. The old drive,which is an IBM 10.1gb E-IDE drive. The jumpers are two rows of 5 pins and the jumper is set at the bottom right two pins. I believe this is master. What are the other pins and where is slave. On the new drive I have seen the diagram and can find master. When I have tried to transfer my old disc contents using Acronis Migrate Easy 7. When I install it and press finnish I am told that the program cannot be run because of an error and I cannot find it anywhere on my PC. It disappeared. Can any computer literate person help me? PLEASE!!!

Answer:transferring data from old hard drive to new one

You have Maxtor, Western Digital, Seagate, etc. They all have different jumpers and usually the best way to transfer data/system is to use the manufacurer's own software [found on their own site]. If, for instance, your new drive is Maxtor, go to the Maxtor site and download Maxblast. This is a utility, with instructions, which shows you how to migrate everything to the new drive! The drive makers understand users' problems and really try to accomodate. All of them have their own software to achieve your needs. Best of luck. Martin

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I currently have a 500 GB 7200 rpm SATA hard drive and was thinking about replacing it with a Velociraptor 300GB and then just using the old hard drive for files. What is the easiest way to get my OS, games, files, etc from the old hard drive to the new one?? This is all housed in a relatively new Alienware Desktop.

Answer:Replacing Hard Drive and Transferring OS with it

You could clone it using the tools available from Western Digital. From here

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I have a old computer with a failed power supply and I want to transfer the information on the old hard drive to the new computer.  How do I do it with no power on the old computer?

Answer:Transferring information from hard drive

Remove the HDD from the old computer.Then you need to set the jumper on the hard drive to slave...                Above is an example however your drive may be slightly different.Then simply hook it up in your working machine on the middle connector of the IDE cable...connect the 4 pin power cord and re-boot.It will now show up in Windows Explorer and you can copy/burn your files to your heart's content...

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Have successfully fitted additional hard drive and have loaded it with XP. Old disk has XP Pro.I now wish to transfer selective data to the new disk.How do I do it?

Answer:transferring data to new hard drive

Try the Files and Settings Tranfer Wizard, you will find it by running a search.BTW I can't understand why you would want a copy of XP on both drives unless you intend to format the original.

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I'm not sure this question is appropriate for this forum, but I figure it can't hurt to ask. I currently have a Dell OptiPlex GX280. Specs include: 3.20 gigahertz, Intel Pentium 4, 16 kilobyte primary memory cache,
1024 kilobyte secondary memory cache. Without going into details, I'll just say that the thing is slow and is having a number of issues, like the sound stopping, memory not being recognized, drives not being recognized. I've updated drivers, but that doesn't seem to help.
Anyway, I'm not looking to fix this thing. I just got a new refurbished Dell computer. This one is a Dell OptiPlex 380 with an Intel Dual-Core 2.6GHz processor and 2GB of memory, My hope is that I can just put the old hard drive into the new computer. They are both Dell Optiplex computers. Eventually, I would like to transfer files and programs over to the new hard drive, but I'd rather do that later when I have more time.
I use XP, like XP, and don't want to stop using XP. I have an XP install disk that I've never used and want to put that on the new drive, but first I need to reformat the drive and erase Windows 7, after creating some recovery disks. Then the plan is to use laplink to transfer files and programs from the old drive to the new one. I've done that before and was quite happy with the results. I'm considering creating partitions on the new drive so I can have both OS's on the drive, but I know I have to put XP on the drive before putting Windows 7 on it.
I need ... Read more

Answer:Transferring a Hard Drive from one Computer to Another

If I want to remove hdd from newer computer and pop in the hdd from the old computer into the newer.
Then you are hoping that the newer computer will boot into XP from the old computer's hdd. It ain't gonna work...
And to top it have also said there are lots of problems with the old XP.
My advice...plan to ditch XP and spend your time setting up 7 the way you want it.

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I bought a new computer and did not realize I was not buying Word, etc - just a 30 day trial or some such thing. So I need to know how to move my programs from my old computer to my new one. My daughter moved all my files but now I have a KVM switch (or something like that) hooked up so I can go from one computer to the other when I need to use a program that is on the old one but not the new one. That doesn't look so great having two towers side by side, so I want to reduce to just the new one but cannot until all the programs I have installed on this one are moved to the new one. help!

Answer:Transferring programs from one hard drive to another

For most programs that are complicated like Office you can't. When things get installed a bunch of registry entries are made making simple copying of programs over impossible. You should be allowed to re-install Office to the new computer though (legally even) if you promise to remove it from your old one. If you have the student version, you can legally have that on up to 3 computers at once I believe.

If you are only a casual user of all the Microsoft Office programs and don't have or are for whatever reason unable to install (don't have disks ect) to the new computer, you could get OpenOffice and use that. It is mostly compatible with MS Office (can open and save to MS Office files), and is free. Available at

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Hello'Can someone please help me to do something I thought would be easy, but is proving not to be?I recently bought a new computer as the old Evesham running 98se on a MS-6340 mobo has packed up and I think it's terminal. I had backed up my work to a second HD running as slave and I want to transfer this data to the new machine (Xp on Asus M2N8-VMX mobo).First I tried an external USB enclosure, but the system will not recognise the new USB device, and most annoyingly, keeps producing a flag every few minutes to tell me so and I am unable to stop it.So I have now tried putting the drive inside on the IDE cable as master to the DVD slave. Amazingly, on start up the screen went straight into the 98 configuration with an Evesham wallpaper and started scandisk, which I cancelled and it then went on to look for drivers for the various components. I wasn't happy for it to install itself like that in case it affected the OS or mobo, but couldn't stop it only by pulling the plug. The amazing part is that I didn't know the 98 os was on that drive as I have only ever copied My Docs and My Pics to it.I took the drive out again and now all appears back to normal, but now I don't know how to retrieve my data. Any ideas?Thanks in advance. G

Answer:Transferring Hard Drive From Old Computer

put it in as a slave drive on the same cable as the HD with the OS on it, you will be able to see all the data and retrieve anything you need

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I'll try keeping this short and simple. If you want more details, just ask.

I have a Dell E1505 laptop that only has a 50 or 60 gig hard drive. I am going to upgrade to a 320 GB hard drive. I want to copy everything so all of my programs still function (Photoshop, Registry Booster, Games) and I don't have to reinstall everything. I'm willing to shell out a few bucks to get a good program to do this. Can you guys recommend a good program and walk me through the process?

Operating System: XP Media Center SP3

I also have an external hard drive with more than enough room to transfer all 40 gigs of files.

Answer:Transferring a Hard Drive Completely

The easiest quickest way I know of is to use Acronis True Image. Simply connect your new hard drive to your computer as a slave and using ATIclone your old drive unto the new in a few minutes and everything works just like it did on your old drive, even your e-mail will be there.The process is easy and simple in fact I make a new image (clone) of my drive every week or so on a separate drive and if Windows decides to take a hike I'm back in business in less than 30 minutes. Some folks recommend Norton Ghost but I have no experience with it.ATI can be found hereAcronis True ImageOr hereATI

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Hi,I have an old, old system running 95, Is there anyway of transferring the Information on the hard drive, pictures / documents etc?Obviously if it was running 98Se a memory stick would be the option but its not.Basically want to clone the drive i think, onto a more modern system but i am a bit stuck on the methodsAny help appreciated

Answer:Transferring Hard drive data

Install the hard drive in your new computer as a slave and drag and drop the files from the old drive to the new drive.

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Ok, so recently i bought a new WD 1tb internal had drive as my old hard drive was making noises when the hard drive was being used. my situation is that i want to transfer all of the data on the old HDD to the new hard drive. I have tried various "cloning software" but i kept getting errors revolving around some CRC error (cyclical Redundacy check) and it would not let me continue that cloning procedure. all i want to do is basically keep all my data but just use it off the new hard drive that i got


OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8175 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series, 1024 Mb (x2)
Hard Drives: C: Total - 1430685 MB, Free - 665908 MB; F: Total - 99 MB, Free - 71 MB; G: Total - 1430795 MB, Free - 1410658 MB; J: Total - 953765 MB, Free - 953610 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., Z68XP-UD4
Antivirus: Kaspersky Internet Security, Updated and Enabled

Answer:Transferring Data to a new hard drive

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I have an older HP Pavillion 5101n that I would like to keep running since it still has XP Home Edition, and my 2 new pc's have vista, and I still have some programs that won't run on vista. My questions is: what is the procedure for transferring the XP Home edition complete opererating system to an external hard drive. The 510n still has the origninal hard drive and I am afraid it may die soon, and I did not receive XP back up discs when I purchased the 510n new. Thanks

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I have recently purchased a new pc with Vista installed but would like to transfer data from my old hard drive. As my old PC power supply is bust I have removed the HDD and was comtemplating using a USB Hard Drive Adapter? Is this straightforward enough to do? I appreciate any advice!

Answer:Transferring Files from old hard drive via USB ada

Should be straight forward enough. I suggest you buy an enclosure (Caddy) which will be useful to use the old HDD as an external hard disk for back ups. click hereThe other option is to borrow another PSU for your existing machine to get it working temporarily and use Vista`s Windows Easy Transfer to move all your data and settings to the new computer. You could save the data file to the existing HDD, then put it in the caddy and transfer from there to the new Vista Machine.

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I have a very sick hdd which I have replaced but have managed to get the sick drive set up as a slave but access is intermitent. Is there a way of transferring some of the programs for which I no longer have the disks. I can access the program but it is looking for a file on the "C" drive (or possibly a registry entry). The program is on the old drive which is showing as "E". Any ideas please because I am reluctant to have to buy the program again. If all else fails I will have to raid the piggy again.Thanks

Answer:Transferring programs to new hard drive

As you've already discovered, most software adds entries to the registry during installation, without theses entries it doesn't work and manually replicating them is near impossible. It may be possible to mirror copy the original drive to another, but as from the sound of it, you've already got the replacement drive up and running, I'm not sure if that's still a viable option, presumably other forumites more aware of the capabilities of those packages can clarify this.Let us know what programs are causing problems, there's a wealth of good freeware out there and we may be able to point you to some suitable alternatives.

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Hi,I've bought a new iMac as my old pc completley failed on me. Is there an easy way to transfer the files on the old PC HD to the new iMac HD?I was looking at buying an enclosure, but they seem expensive in comparison to buying an external HD.The ultimate aim is to be able to move the files and then have some sort of external/back-up HD.

Answer:Transferring data from a Hard Drive

Any ideas guys?

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Bought new computer.

Took old drive out of old computer.

No idea how to transfer stuff from it to the drive in the new computer.

The IDE cable has master connected to burner, slave connected to CD drive, and a 'CPU board' end connected to- i guess the CPU board.

I tried switching the slave connector and cd drive's power connector onto my old drive, but when I booted up the computer, it doesn't appear in My Computer.

What do I do?

Answer:Help transferring hard drive data

I'm having HD problems too! Did you change the jumper on the HD to slave

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I just installed and formatted a new internal hard drive (F). I have transferred certain exe. files from my old drive (C) to my new one and they are operating well on this new (F) drive. Now, I see these files on both my (C) and (F) drives. I need to delete them from my (C) drive in order to free up space there. When I try to do this, I am getting a message saying "access denied or write protected cannot delete file - make sure file is not currently in use). How do I do this?

Answer:Transferring files to my new hard drive

I suspect they`re not working from your new drive at all. You`ve simply copied them there. When you install a program you normally are asked where to install it and by default this is usually set to c:\Program Files\ - this then registers the location of the .exe in the registry.To remove the program you need to use Add/Remove programs. trying to manually delete the .exe files will result in the program not running at all and then you probably won`t be able to remove it properly, corrupting the registry.Why do you want to install programs on your new drive? Why not use it for data e.g. Move your "My Documents" to it. Then if you have any problems with your C drive and need to do a re-install of your OS the data will be intact.

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I am looking at buying a new pc shortly but one of the concerns i have is I would like to keep everything I have on my hard drive at present (18gb)and transfer to a new one that is much bigger without losing anything. Can anyone help thanks?

Answer:Transferring data to new hard drive

When you get your new machine, assuming it has Windows XP, look in the help files for Files and Settings Transfer Wizard which will tell you all you want to know about moving your data from old to new.?d

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how best to transfer data from my old dell xp pc to my hp8000 windows 7 pro?

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Most likely, I'm going to replace my hard drive (it's already began dieing). How would I be able to completely copy a windows install with all programs/etc, including the registry, to the new hard drive? I'm aware of hooking up the new one as slave to do this, but how can I transfer the entire hard drive copy (including boot record, all that) to the new one?

Also, my motherboard is 6 years old (made in 98-99'ish), holding a P3 550 mhz. Will this motherboard be able to support a 160gb harddrive?

Answer:transferring windows from one hard drive to another...

to make a bootable copy of the hard drive, its easiest to use a program like Acronis TrueImage

other programs will do it, but this one is well liked around here.

what is the model of your motherboard? I will try to check if it has large disk support.

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I'm not sure anyone can take the time to explain this to me. I have an old HP computer that I have taken out the hard drive. (it has all my old music on it). I wanted to add the old drive (windows 98) to me new HP that has windows XP. I've been able to hook up the old drive and get onto it, but have been unsuccessful with converting the old files to my new computer. I am NEW at all this and am just quessing with all this. Please help. I do not have the disk to upgrade the windows 98

Answer:Need help transferring files from old hard drive.

So you just want to have your hard drive from the 98 machine in your XP machine? Thats simple enough. You've already done all the hard stuff.

You need to look at the back of the hard drive in your XP machine (probably are going to have to take it out of the computer to do so) and make sure that the little plastic piece that is covering up/attached to 2 pins is set to the MA pins or Master. Then on your hard drive from the 98 machine, set it to SL or Slave. Put the drives back in your XP machine, connect them up (power and the big wide grey cable) and you should be all set.

You WILL NOT however be able to successfully run Windows98 on your XP machine and the programs off of that 98 drive, that is just something that cannot be done, not easily at least, and it would be FAR too much trouble to do.

What problems with files are you having specifically if you've already done what I outlined above.

Hope that helps. Also, read the thread in my signature if you get a chance, I think it will help you out in the future around here.

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I think this goes here...

I'm planning to buy a PS3 soon, and I'd like to get the 60 GB model as it has backwards compatibility with PS2 games. However, I'd like to replace the hard drive with something a bit bigger. I have a Gateway LT21 Netbook with a 250 GB Hitachi HTS545025B9A300 HDD that I never use, so I thought I could use its hard drive rather than dropping seventy bucks on a new HDD from Newegg. But I'm wondering if formatting it to the PS3 would in any way compromise the data stored on the hard drive? I.E., could I use it for the PS3 but use it again for the Netbook at a later date? Thanks.

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So an old laptop of mine died a while ago, and I decided I would take the hard drive out to try and recover the memory. I am unsure, however, of what device I need to purchase in order to transfer the data from the hard drive to a host computer. I was hoping something like this would work: Sears: Online department store featuring appliances, tools, fitness equipment and more did purchase a dual hard drive docking station by Black Widow (Welcome to Thermaltake), because I was told by a best buy worker that it would get the job done. (It says all standard 2.5" and 3.5" SATA Hard drives. While the hard drive fit into the enclosure, the area where the pins would connect in the enclosure was to small. In other words, the hard drives pins were too big (by a fair amount I would say) If it helps. the hard drive reads Momentus 5400.4 hp 200gb. I'm sorry if anything is incomplete/incorrect, as I am not very familiar with computer hardware. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:Transferring Data from Hard Drive


Originally Posted by kmile91

So an old laptop of mine died a while ago, and I decided I would take the hard drive out to try and recover the memory. I am unsure, however, of what device I need to purchase in order to transfer the data from the hard drive to a host computer. I was hoping something like this would work: Sears: Online department store featuring appliances, tools, fitness equipment and more did purchase a dual hard drive docking station by Black Widow (Welcome to Thermaltake), because I was told by a best buy worker that it would get the job done. (It says all standard 2.5" and 3.5" SATA Hard drives. While the hard drive fit into the enclosure, the area where the pins would connect in the enclosure was to small. In other words, the hard drives pins were too big (by a fair amount I would say) If it helps. the hard drive reads Momentus 5400.4 hp 200gb. I'm sorry if anything is incomplete/incorrect, as I am not very familiar with computer hardware. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Use this USB 2.0 2.5" SATA HARD DISK DRIVE CASE Enclosure Black | eBay

Also once you have it enclosed and ready hook it up to your computer and let windows detech it.
Let windows run a scan on it to make sure nothing is wrong with it, after that open up your hdd.
If it denies, allow windows to take ownership of it, and you may access your documents and take what you need.

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I have a new computer and wish to transfer the programme files from my old computer to the new one, can I backup the files to my external hard drive and then onto the new one, is this possible, thanks for any advice

Answer:transferring to external hard drive

Use windows easy transfer built into Vistaclick here

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Hello Forum,
I am new to this site and I come here today to ask a question, perhaps someone here will be able to offer a bit of advice.

I have a toshiba laptop, running xp pro sp2, 80GB hard drive.

Problem: Hard drive inoperable due to bad sectors. My hard drive was partitioned into several sections with the C: section containing the os and the D: section containing my data. I could not boot my system so I tried reinstalling os on C: section again, it required a format. I formatted the C: section and then attempted to reinstall os, no luck!

Using a third party diagnostic CD I see that my data on the D: partition is still available and intact. The diagnostic disk creates a makeshift os which allows for very limited manipulation of information on hard drive.

Question: Since I can not install os onto bad hard drive section C how can I transfer data from the section D: partition to either a new hard drive or to a storage medium?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:Transferring data off a bad hard drive

You can take the drive out and temporarily attach it to a working pc to copy the files. Since yours is a laptop, you can either buy an enclosure to attach usb or a adaptor to attach via IDE cable

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Hey everyone, I'm not exceptionally computer savvy, so please bare with me. My previous computer (manufactured in Feb 2012) was rendered inoperable last week due to a fried motherboard. My new computer arrived today, and I have removed the 500GB hard drive from the previous computer, and am attempting to transfer the data on it via a SATA/IDE to USB 2.0 adapter I purchased online. This particular hard drive is SATA.
When I plug everything in, the new computer recognizes the hard drive, but it shows it as "System Reserved", and misrepresents the drive's size as being at around 90 MB, when in actuality it is 500 GB. None of the data on the hard drive shows when I access the drive; it shows as being empty, with the "System Reserved" title. After some research I have discovered that this is a partition of the Windows 7 OS installed on the previous computer (the current PC also has Windows 7 installed).
Per a friend's suggestion, I tried accessing the hard drive via the converter on a friend's Chromebook. Presumably due to the differing OS, all of the files appeared as intended, without issue. However, being a Chromebook, I cannot complete the transfer there, as there is not enough room. I also do not have an external hard drive. I need to transfer the data from the old HD to the new PC's HD.
Now that I know the data hasn't been compromised I am relieved, but I cannot figure out a way (despite hours of Googling) to get the new PC to recognize the folders on th... Read more

Answer:Need Help Transferring Data From Old Hard Drive

You could try downloading an ISO for Ubuntu and burning it to a CD.  Then, with the old HDD attached via USB, booting from the CD and running Ubuntu as a Live CD (Try It mode).
You should be able to see all the files on the old HDD and copy & paste them to the new system.

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Hey there, thanks in advance for any help.

My grandparents had an old Compaq computer with a 40gb Maxtor hard drive. I decided on buying them a barebones and building it a new one for them, and just recycling their old hard drive so they didn't lose or have to back up anything. The computer seems to work fine, except windows won't boot. It recognizes the hard drive and that windows is on it as the start-up option menu appears, but after I click on Safe Mode for example, it just reboots.

Answer:Transferring a Hard Drive from an old computer to a new one

Put the windows CD in and run a "windows repair" on it. Currently when you are trying to boot, the system is trying to load the drivers of the OLD computer's motherboard, and this is why it can't load into windows.

Running the repair will HOPEFULLY work, and load in the new drivers for the new system. If not, you will need to reinstall windows from scratch.

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Hi everyone! i ordered a new computer last nite. i would like to have everything from my old hard drive on my new hard drive and working correctly if possible. On my current hard drive i have windows vista, a game, and other files i would like to be on my new setup. How could i go about getting all of this on my new hard drive ? ive lost my game disc and dont feel like buying it again since i just dropped money on this computer lol. i still have my vista disc though. thanks in advance for the help.

Answer:Help transferring old stuff to new hard drive

you can find a lot of freesoftware able to copy partitions, clone partition and/or drives. But first of all, you have to save your datas. I'm not writing about your game, but about the documents, emails, contacts, passwords, connection settings, pictures, videos. This is usually the first thing to do also if you didn't think about, because after any disaster people remember to have had something very important unsaved and it could be too much late...

After that you can think to clone or to copy your system to another drive. I'm not sure that it is possible at this time with vista but it should be possible.

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To begin with I would like to say I had no previous experience of installing components inside my base unit. Ok the problem i had was that my hard drive was damaged, so i telephoned Dell and they said they will replace the hard drive as the old one was badly damaged. They have done this but the problem i have now is that i had lost many files/data that i needed on the old hard drive so i took it to a local technician. They repaired the drive and said it was possible to send data from my old drive to the new one by connecting it with cables to the computer and i can select the files i want to transfer. Now i have no idea how to connect the old drive to the computer. I have heard that i do not need to by cables as they may be in the base unit but i havent got a clue where to find them and also i have heard stuff about jumpers, slave drive and master drive. All i want to do is transfer the files and throw away the old drive. Please can anyone tell me what to do and how to connect thh drives. I am using windows XP home edition if that helps and also have a CD-R/RW / DVD player combo drive. (NOTE not a DVD R/RW).

Answer:Transferring data from old hard drive to new?

I think you would need to install the hard drive into your pc and fire it up. Locate your files and then send them to the new hard drive.

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I have an older computer with two drives, C: and D:. C: is starting to fail, so I want to transfer all it's contents to D:, and additionally make D: the boot drive. What is the easiest way to do this?

Answer:transferring hard drive contents

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I recently purchased a new computer for basic home use. My old HDD contains
roughly 10GB of pics, vids, files, etc that I need to transfer to my new computer.
What would be the best & easiest way to transfer the data?

I searched, but didn't come up with much. I'm sure this is a simple process.
Any help would be appreciated.



Answer:Transferring data to new hard drive?

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I am upgrading to a Dell Dimension 8400 with a much faster processor. My problem is my old computer has 2 extra hard drives I have partitioned. Both machines are running XP. Will I be able to remove my extra hard drives from the old gateway and install them into the dell without reformatting them? I have a ton of stuff on them and it would be a serious pain to have to burn them onto disc.

Answer:Advice on Transferring Hard Drive

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I have a laptop running Win 8 (laptop came pre installed with Win 8), I have an SSD that I was using for something else but now is not being used so I'd like to swap this into the laptop and use my Win 8 license - is this possible ? Initially I was hoping it would be as simple as backing up my original HD to a system image, then swapping the drives and restoring this image to the SSD, but it seems that this may lead to issues down the line with registry etc , I was then planning to do a fresh install on the SSD and transfer the license over using slmgr.vbs -upk to take it away from the old HD and enter it onto the new one - can anyone confirm will this work before I swapping out drives?

If this is possible what would be the best way to install it fresh (legitimately) - download a trial and enter the license key from the old HD ?


Answer:Transferring Win 8 license to another hard drive

it works fine. I just did this for my parents a few months ago, moved them from a HDD to an SSD. if win 8 is preinstalled then the key should transfer from the bios. i recommend clean install from iso to the SSD (make sure you have your Win 8 key from magic jelly bean first just in case). there are multiple ways to get a win 8 iso, how you do that is up to you. but once you have it, it's easy.

I also bought a cheap new dell laptop a few weeks ago and did a clean install on that too using the same HDD though. I never typed a serial, it autopopulated from bios and was automatically activated.

So I've done this twice in the last 2 months or so with zero problems

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I have installed a new WD 80 GB 7200 hard drive. Tried to clone my old hard drive which is a samsung 60 GB 5400 but was unsuccessful so I did a fresh install of everything onto the new one. I have set up outlook express to match what is on my old drive but still can't get my e-mail. OE tries to connect but then disconnects instantly. Here is the error report.
MY system specs.
Athlon 1800+
PcCillin 2002 AV
Cable modem
The connection to the server has failed. Account: '', Server: '', Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Socket Error: 10060, Error NuInternet Service
+ Default Outlook Express Mail localhost / FAILED
InBoundMailPort = 110
+ InBoundMailServer = localhost (PASSED)

Internet explorer works fine and everything has been updated.
Can anybody help please? Also need some useful links for tweaking xp pro and oe6. Thanks.

Answer:transferring oe6 settings to new hard drive

Check your settings for SMTP.
It doesn't seem to like '' as the SMTP server name, are you sure that is correct?

I would have suggested '' for smtp and '' for POP3, but hey, I am way down in NZ and guessing here .. ?

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To begin with I would like to say I had no previous experience of installing components inside my base unit. Ok the problem i had was that my hard drive was damaged, so i telephoned Dell and they said they will replace the hard drive as the old one was badly damaged. They have done this but the problem i have now is that i had lost many files/data that i needed on the old hard drive so i took it to a local technician. They repaired the drive and said it was possible to send data from my old drive to the new one by connecting it with cables to the computer and i can select the files i want to transfer. Now i have no idea how to connect the old drive to the computer. I have heard that i do not need to by cables as they may be in the base unit but i havent got a clue where to find them and also i have heard stuff about jumpers, slave drive and master drive. All i want to do is transfer the files and throw away the old drive. Please can anyone tell me what to do and how to connect thh drives. I am using windows XP home edition if that helps and also have a CD-R/RW / DVD player combo drive. (NOTE not a DVD R/RW).

Answer:Transferring data from old hard drive to new?

Better to have a "visual" guide to installing a slave drive to the master drive (c:)...This might help:click here

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Hey everyone, I'm hoping you can help me out.

I'm trying to transfer my "old" hard drive (it's only a couple of months old, bought for a computer that just went out completely) into my new, custom built computer. I had a brand new PC built by an online PC builder but with no hard drive specifically so that I could take out my old one and put it in my custom-built set-up. I mean, the hard drive is basically brand new, has Win. XP and all my files loaded and provides me with plenty of storage space for my needs, so I didn't see a need to buy a new one.

However, the installation process (I'm following these installation instructions for moving a hard drive with Win. XP) isn't going well. I follow the instructions but it never gets to BIOS. It simply freezes at the initial boot screen.

Someone please help me out here. How do I get my old hard drive to work in my new set up?

Answer:Transferring my old hard drive into a new computer

As far as I know, what you are trying to do is not possible. That hard drive you have with windows installed has all the drivers for your old computer in it. When you are trying to boot up the new computer, it is loading up drivers for hardware that does not exist.

If I were a betting man, my money says you gotta do a fresh install from scratch my friend.

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I have read several posts about how to transfer an old hard drive (which I want as my slave drive) to my new computer. Here is my question: The old hard drive is from a Windows XP machine. My new computer is a Windows Vista machine and I also have another computer that is a Windows 98 machine. My goal is to transfer some files from my old hard drive to either the Vista or 98 machine then discontectd the old hard drive and discard. Does it matter what operating system I use to attempt to tranfer my old files from my XP hard drive to either the 98 or Vista machines? If there is a problem, how do I get my files off the the XP hard drive?

Answer:Transferring old hard drive to new computer

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Buying a new hard drive next week, and obviously i dont want to wipe out my windows, so whats the best way to transfer it?

Clean Install then restore from system image?
or just transfer the system image straight over?

Answer:Transferring Windows to a new Hard Drive

Use Norton/Symantec Ghost or Acronis TrueImage or a freeware alternativ to clone the harddrive.

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The question really says all about what I want to do, or need help on. I recently signed up for a new outlook account to try out the new outlook preview and I've set up gmail to automatically forward new messages to my outlook account so that I can use outlook to manage my gmail account.

Do any of you know how I would be able to forward the old messages, and not the new ones, to my outlook? I already know that they can be fetched into outlook by outlook's very own service, forwarding would be faster, so..?! Also, since I now use outlook to send email on behalf of my gmail account, how do I make it sync each email I send using outlook with my gmail - so that gmail has it all?

TY in advance. Please do help.

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Hi, don't really know if this is a hardware or software problem, but here goes. I have a lot of media files on a 160gb external hard drive (not partitioned, but has a lot of folders) that I want to transfer to a 320gb external one that has 4 partitions on it and use the first one for my computer backup only.

I started copying files straight from one drive to the other which worked fine for about 12 or so songs. When doing the same with the next lot they seemed to transfer ok but a message came up in the system tray saying 'write delayed failed. Could not save the information for N:\$Mft. The file has been lost. This could be caused by a computer hardware problem, please save the file elsewhere'. (This is the partition I am transferring the files to). When I okayed that another message kept coming up with the same wording only the letter of the partition had changed to the next 3 partitions on this drive, but I was not using them at all. Even the recyclers & restore files were lost.

I tried transferring a few files to my internal drive first which worked okay, but when transferring them to the external drive the same thing happened again. I have explained this as well as I can. I am at a loss as to what to try next, so I am hoping someone can help please.

Sorry if this is long winded but I thought I'd better explain what I had done and what went wrong. Thanks for reading and in advance for any help offered.

Answer:transferring files from one external hard drive to another

Im not sure, only advice I have is to maybe recreate a partition and see if it works.

Yeah, Im not much help, but i figured if i replied, your thread would make it back on the top so the real geniuses can figure it out.

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I have a 4-year-old Thinkpad T40 running windows XP pro, and when I had it repaired a little while ago, the technician recommended that I replace the hard drive, which was on the verge of failing, and reinstall windows.
To do this, I've bought a new hard drive and a enclosure for my old drive. I've also got IBM recovery CDs, so I can format the new drive, install windows, and get the laptop back to an "as-purchased" state. I had planned on putting the old, corrupted drive in the USB enclosure and running it as a slave drive to transfer my data.
Here's my question -- What's the best way to transfer applications from my old drive to my new drive? I will be able to do a fresh install from discs or the web for some of my programs, but not all. There are application transfer programs out there, but they seem to depend on having to computers, which I won't -- I'll just have the one computer with the new drive as master and the old drive as slave.
Any suggestions? Thanks.

Answer:replacing hard drive and transferring applications

Well, you could create a backup of the current setup. Click start\run , type NTbackup, and complete a full system backup, If you could get an external hard-drive create a ghost image of the old hard-drive, install the new HD, and then dump the new image onto it. There are a few other tricks you could use as well.

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I have a Dell Optiplex 745 with Windows XP. It came with a partitioned drive. The C: drive has 20 gb of space and is 95% full. The D: drive has 212 gb of space and is 2% full. I would like to transfer files from my C: drive to my D: drive, with the goal of leaving operating system files on the C: drive and everything else on the D: drive. How do I (i) determine which files I can or should transfer and which files I cannot or should not transfer (presume beginner's level of familiarity), and (ii) make the transfer? Thank you.

Answer:Transferring files in partitioned hard drive

Only move user files, like your pictures/word documents. If you need to move software, the headache you could cause isn't worth it. Uninstall the software and install to the other partition. You can move the whole of your my documents, my music, my pictures, etc... Some reference may stop working, but that shouldn't be much of problem. Just create a new folder on D:\ called documents, pictures, etc... and move the files in to those folders.

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hello all,i listen to a pay site called "", which has you download an appliance called a "scrobbler" so you can add music to "my library radio" (which is exactly what it implies).if i had very good speakers and a microphone, could i transfer "my library radio" to my hard drive ?thank you.

Answer:Transferring sound from one site to hard drive

You could always go to FAQ or use search box ->

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its a Seagate 2TB 5900 rpm drive. Model no. is ST2000VM002-9UY166 2000.3 GB.
Whenever I start transferring, I get about 70-80 mBps for the first few seconds but then it drops down to a constant 18-22mBps.
I am not copying huge amounts of small files. I am copying individual big videos or iso files.
The task manager shows about 50 mBps at 100% disk usage as I am writing and reading from the same disk. I used crystaldisk mark 5 and I got significantly better results. The results are shown below.

I guess I am having this problem since I bought it just a few weeks ago.

I have an external usb 3.0 hard drive and I get about 40 mBps read as well as write speed on it. It doesn't matter if I connect it to a usb 3 port or usb 2 port.

I checked for the DMA thing but I couldn't find any channels in the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers section. I just see controller for my hard drive.
I tried searching for some related stuff in bios but all I found was that my hard drive was set to AHCL mode or whatever it is.
I even tried changing the sata port to which the hard drive was connected in my motherboard.
The results of crystaldisk info are shown below-

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Answer:Getting 18-22 mBps while transferring any data in the same hard drive

The term of 70-80 mBps may be incorrect, probably is Mbps where small b = bits and capital B = Bytes. There's 8 bits in a Byte, 1024 Bytes in a KiloByte/KB, 1024KiloBytes in a MegaByte/MB, 1024 MB in a Gigabyte/GB and so on. kilobytes to megabytes at DuckDuckGo
The meaning of b and B goes way back in computing, my first experience with it was in the late '80s when first learning about computers.

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My standalone PC's power module has just died part way through a transfer process of data from my internal hard drives in the PC to a laptop.What I would appreciate some help on is whether there is a way that I can transfer data from the internal hard drive directly to the laptop (if possible) or via an external hard drive.I want to have to avoid sorting out a new power module at 30 odd if I can help it as that's an obvious way.Is there a alternative?Thanks,deldah35

Answer:Transferring data from an Internal Hard Drive

You going to have to pay one way or the other, you may be able to get a Cable that will connect the Hard Drive to USB. Other than that is you will have to buy a USB Hard Drive Caddyclick here

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Recently my old Dell laptop stopped turning on and the IT department at my college said it was because my motherboard crashed. I decided to just buy a new computer since it would cost more than I wanted to pay to fix the motherboard of an old computer. I pulled out the hard drive of the old laptop and connected it to a SATA/IDE adapater so I could transfer my files to my new computer but I have a lot of really important e-mails still trapped in my Microsoft Office Outlook (I think it was Outlook 2007 but it might have been XP?). How can I find and transfer the e-mails on my old computer so I can transfer them to my new one? Please help!

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I want to transfer some old VHS footage to my hard drive, but I'm not sure if I have the correct set up - I understand that I need a TV/Video card. My display adapters are shown as 'GeForce 4 MX integrated GPU' in device manager, is this suitable? I also have an 'S-Video' socket at the back of the PC next to a yellow phono socket. Is it just a case of linking a scart lead from my VCR to the S-Video socket?I have 'Win fast TV 2000 XP' installed, but when I open it I get the message 'Can not find any video capture device'. Is this just because the VCR isn't connected to the PC, or is it because I don't have the correct card?Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Transferring VHS tape to Hard Drive - help needed.

Some information on this previous PCA thread click here

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After transferring all of my saved files (pictures, videos, mp3s) from my 500gb Seagate external hard drive to my new Western Digital 2tb hard drive, over half of everything has been corrupted. I don't know why, I am devastated right now.

When I first started transferring all of my files to my new external hard drive, I realized I had to format it in order to transfer large files. So I had to go back and copy everything right back to my old hard drive. After I finished formatting the new one, I copied everything back to it. Now not only are most of my files from the new one is screwed up, but most everything on my old external hard drive is corrupt too. Is there a way to fix the files that has been damaged and why did this happen in the first place?

Answer:Files bad after transferring to external hard drive

screwed up how? can you be specific? If the files were corrupted on the old hard drive and you attempted to copy them the OS would give you errors while copying them. If you did not get an error message while copying them than the OS (I assume windows) did not see them as corrupted.

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I have a six year old Sony DVD recorder & have about 40gb of information I would like to transfer to another hard drive either on my PC or a new DVD recorder.

Answer:Transferring Information from DVD recorder to another Hard Drive

c this
c the link
1]: [click here

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In my Sony VAIO desktop The 180 gig C drive only has 10 gigs left, not even enough to work with anymore and I have purchased a one TB drive which I want to use as my C drive. I am running XP.Presently both drive bays are full, the single partition C drive and a second drive partitioned into D,E,F,G which has my picture and music files, etc. ..I also have a USB external disk drive onto which I have cloned my C drive with Ghost.Which of the following should I do: take out my D>>> drive and run the new one as a slave and clone the C drive to it and then exchange with the present C drive. I realize that I have to run the new drive in slave mode and then make it the master. After reconnecting my D>>? drive will the drive letters automatically come up in the old order?Secondly, I could clone the new drive from my external one, but I just don't quite know how, would I have to reassign drive C to the external and run it as a master, how could I do that without switching connections around physically especially with no access to the internal parts of the drive?Sorry for the length of this post....Ott

Answer:Transferring my C drive to a larger hard disk

A: if 10 gb is not enough to work with i dont know isB: do you want to boot from an external drive?? thats not possableC: why dont you just copy whats on you D drive to the new drive and install it thereD: your post doesnt make alot of snes

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I don't know a whole lot about computers, so I thought I would ask for help concerning my OEM version of Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.

I have a Small Form Factor Acer computer that I am wanting to strip for parts (the CPU, memory, optical drive) for my new build. So I bought a case, a PSU, a GPU, more RAM, and a motherboard. Then, before I actually started taking things apart, it occurred to me that I might not be able to just "plug and play", so to speak. I thought that perhaps there could be driver conflicts, or worse yet because then a friend told me that OEM means that my OS is "tied" to my mini-ITX motherboard and that that I will have to buy a whole new Windows 7.

Is this true? I was hoping that I could just leave my current installation as is and just move the HDD over to the new build, but it seems that my version of Windows 7 will not allow this.

I hope this is the right place for this thread. Thank you very much for any help you can provide.

Answer:Transferring hard drive with OEM 7 to new motherboard/build

Unfortunately, OEM licenses of Windows 7 can only be installed on one motherboard. Unless the reason for the new motherboard is a defect of some sort, the OS will be unable to be licensed on the new motherboard. For more information, read the following excerpt from the Microsoft Licensing FAQ.

Q. Can a PC with an OEM Windows operating system have its motherboard upgraded and keep the same license? What if it was replaced because it was defective?

A. Generally, an end user can upgrade or replace all of the hardware components on a computer—except the motherboard—and still retain the license for the original Microsoft OEM operating system software. If the motherboard is upgraded or replaced for reasons other than a defect, then a new computer has been created. Microsoft OEM operating system software cannot be transferred to the new computer, and the license of new operating system software is required. If the motherboard is replaced because it is defective, you do not need to acquire a new operating system license for the PC as long as the replacement motherboard is the same make/model or the same manufacturer's replacement/equivalent, as defined by the manufacturer's warranty.

The reason for this licensing rule primarily relates to the End User Software License Terms and the support of the software covered by that End User Software License Terms. The End User Software License Terms is a set of usage rights granted to... Read more

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I am thinking of getting a new X58 mobo to replace my 780i. I was wondering is it possible to uninstall chipset drivers and such like, then transfer the whole hard drive into the new mobo. Whereupon I can install the new chipset drivers and be on my way. I expect that this will count as a significant change in hardware but as I have a retail copy of windows surely this should be no problem (I would still only have the OS installed on one computer).

Answer:Transferring existing OS hard drive into new mobo

You left out a key detail. What version of Windows are you running? It can be done, but Windows 7 is the most flxible in terms of detecting the new hardware without issue, especially considering you are going to an Intel chipset.

It should go without saying, but a fresh install is always the best way, and regardless of the usual arguments against, it doesn't take that long to do.

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I have a dead computer in my juke box and want to transfer the hd into one that works. When i tried, the computer would not boot using the os in the hd.  To complicate it, the windows version in the hd im trying to use is in Spanish.  Anyone have any ideas?

Answer:Transferring a hard drive, complete w/os into another computer

Welcome to CH.You have posted in the Windows part of the forum.If you are using SunOS, your question should be given to the UNIX and Linux experts. In general, no Windows  OS will read the files. You will need a computer with a compatible Linux  system.Furthermore, the old computer may be a workstation or server  that has hardware much different from a Personal Computer.Anyway, the procedure is to 'slave ' the hard drive as a secondary drive and mount in into the Linux OS.Some details about the jukebox? How old is it? Who made it?

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