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YAHOO website is giving me fits (NO IMAGES SHOWING) on start page only.

Question: YAHOO website is giving me fits (NO IMAGES SHOWING) on start page only.

When I go to, not a single image shows up unless I'm NOT on the start page.
But if I right click and select view image, the image shows up on a separate page. Hit the back button, it's gone again,

I am using FIREFOX.

i'm going to assume you all know I did virus/spyware scans, cleared cookies, reinstalled firefox, the work. And still nothing.
And no, I am not going to reformat for something like this.
I remember I think I know what CAUSED this. My internet went down and this was the first page I tried to load while the net wasn't working. When the net came back, the images still wouldn't show. That was 2 weeks ago.
What could it be? This is killing me.

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Preferred Solution: YAHOO website is giving me fits (NO IMAGES SHOWING) on start page only.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: YAHOO website is giving me fits (NO IMAGES SHOWING) on start page only.

Help, anyone?

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I am a beginner. Designed a website in DW Mx and it ran well for 4 months. Then redesigned it in DW 8 and added some Flash 8 features. Uploaded it using DW. Now the pages, text and flash features are working okay but none of the images are showing up. The remote view shows the images folder with all the images inside. The website address is The home page is index.html and has been uploaded to the public_html folder. Have spent days trying to fix the problem. The path to the site on my computer is C:Documents and Settings/Sajeev/My documents/local sites 2.Strangely everythng (pages, images, links) works fine when tested on Preview! Am stumped --please helpSajeev

Answer:images not showing on my website

Thank you for your suggestion.However, the image "Kidsbtn.gif" and similarly named buttons are loading okay and functioning okay both on preview and on the site. It is images like "images/mchomepage2.png" and "images/eyehomepage2.png" etc (as shown in the source code of the index.html page)that are not loading.When you refer to spaces in file names, what exactly do you mean? Is it the space for example in between "Fireworks" and "content" in "Fireworks content/Kidsbtn.gif"? "Fireworks content" is a folder where I have put the images I have made in Fireworks.Please advise.ThanksSajeev

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I am a beginner. Designed a website in DW Mx and it ran well for 4 months. Then redesigned it in DW 8 and added some Flash 8 features. Uploaded it using DW. Now the pages, text and flash features are working okay but none of the images are showing up. The remote view shows the images folder with all the images inside. The website address is The home page is index.html and has been uploaded to the public_html folder. Have spent days trying to fix the problem. The path to the site on my computer is C:Documents and Settings/Sajeev/My documents/local sites 2.Strangely everythng (pages, images, links) works fine when tested on Preview! Am stumped --please helpSajeev

Answer:Images not showing on my website

Try asking in the Webdesign forumclick here

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im trying to save images like from google images to files. then when working on new website projecti save the file but when i do, i get blocked images. yet i see many tutorials on youtubedoing the same i guess yet they dont have blocked images when they open their filesand show on their browsers. but for me, when i look at the file i save with the images fromgoogle, i get this message 'Some images have been blocked to prevent the sender from identifying your computer.' is it a security issue? i've not received any technical support to understandthis issue. is there anyone from technical support who can help me with thisissue? this is for html5 and CSS type of projects yet i've not been successfulwith saving the images or they get blocked.

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Not sure what the problem is, I though I had cleaned some things out but to no avail, this a coworkers PC is still messing up:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 1:51:25 PM, on 2/28/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop Elements 3.0\PhotoshopElementsFileAgent.exe
C:\Program Files\lotus\notes\ntmulti.exe
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop Elements 3.0\PhotoshopElementsDeviceConnect.exe
C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zlclient.exe
C:\Program Files\HP\HP Software Update\HPWuSchd2.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\Program Files\Spybot - Search & Destroy\TeaTimer.exe
C:\Program Files\RitzPix E-Z Print & Share\OurPictures.exe
C:\Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging\bin\hpqtra08.exe
C:\Program Files\iPod\bin\iPodService.exe
C:\WINDOWS\system3... Read more

Answer:HJT Log - PC giving me fits

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Hi, I am maverick, presently in India, need your help!!

I have toshiba laptop with windows xp(original OS), kaspersky Internet Security 2010, I use IE(very less), FF and Opera(Mostly).

Of late I am experiencing a lot of problems in surfing, specially, while using google search, please see pic below this,it shows the screen I see, when I search for say Roses and I can view the images here, if I click on the images the image will open, but if I click on the image icon on top left corner of google page I get the screen but with no image.

first screen shot

second screen shot

Also, I am unable to open yahoo mail and can not post messages, etc on my FB account.

Below is the screenshot from Yahoo mail

I've cleared the cache,etc, but still doesn't open.

I was having this problem earlier too and I formatted my harddisk and my laptop started to work fine, maybe a few days ago, I installed Active X, when promted in Face Book. And I started to face the problem again.

Can restoring my windows to an earlier restore point help?

Please help me.



Answer:Google Images not showing, yahoo mail not working!!

Bumped, as no solution even after 72 hours.

Please help me, I feel its the virus and not XP thats playing the traunt, guys please help me!!!!

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Hello,I have two laptops and a desktop all sharing the same Blueyonder BB connection. None of my computers displays a particular image on a particular webpage (either in IE 6 or IE &). All other images are fine, it's just one in particular (actually, it's an animated gif - but other animated gifs are running OK elsewhere on the same web page).However, when I ask others to check it out on THEIR PCs, they can see the image perfectly. Something to do with my web connection through the wireless network? But why should it only affect one image?Help please....

Answer:Images not showing on web page

In IE try Tools; Internet Options.Under 'Security' and 'Privacy' are your settings set as Default'?Just out of interest, this IE & you refer to, is that the latest version of IE7?? ;-))

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Everytime I try to open a folder in Windows 2000 I get an error message that says "Your current security settings prohibit running ActiveX controls on this page. As a result the page might not display correctly" And of course all that shows is an empty folder. I can get to my files by using search, but obviously that is very limiting. Here's how I got where I am. Visited lot sof less than reputable websites. Lots of Hijackers etc. Loaded Microsoft Beta anti spy software. It didn't work very well. I piddled with the settings and got myself in a lot of trouble. I did everything I could think of including uninstalling the software as well as re loading Windows 2000 over the top of the load I was running. I would gladly reformat my hraddrive and start from scratch if I could get to and save my files, but without being able to see in my folders, it would take a thousand years to find and save all the data I want to save. I've done some cursory research and experimentation with ActiveX, but needless to say, I don't have a clue what I'm doing. Any suggestions? I'm waiting for that whiz to come blazing in and save the day. I'll follow your suggestions and report back. Please help.


Answer:Active X giving me fits

Hi Jim.

ActiveX can be a real pain at times. When IE settings are altered, you can find yourself in a world of problems. The following M$ link may be able to help with that.

Try running an online scan with Trend Micro (A/S) here: It uses ActiveX so you may be unable to run it. The AV online scan is the same.

The following "Freeware" program may be able to readjust your settings so that you are able to backup your files & do a reformat.



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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E6600 @ 3.06GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3991 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) Q45/Q43 Express Chipset (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM 1.1)
Hard Drives: C: 232 GB (138 GB Free); E: 465 GB (330 GB Free); F: 931 GB (583 GB Free);
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 3048h
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Enabled and Updated

Hello again:

I don't mean to hog the forum but I have one more issue which has me at wit's end. I recently purchased OneDrive because I need to back up all that music I mention in the thread below among other things. So anyway, when I first started using it, it seemed to function seamlessly... until I noticed that the default setting was to sync to C: - which is inexplicable. I mean, if you are paying for 1TB of cloud storage and your system drive only has 500GB total, well over half of which is full, why would you sync twice that size data to C:? Anyway, no one here is expected answer for Microsoft's quirks but I panicked because I could figure out how to stop the sync and I was fast approaching "critical mass" on C:. So I gave remote access to a tech from Microsoft's OneDrive department and told him to just delete the music cache folder after unticking the sync to C: option (which I had been unable to find). This solved the problem, or so I thought. However, eve... Read more

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I have been reading your forums for sometime and have been able to fix minor problems with your help, so I hope you guys can help me now.

I have a Gateway laptop 3018gz that I purchase three years ago. My extended warranty gave out in August and soon after I started having problems. The latest one is a doozy.

On 9/8, it was working fine. No new installs, except an update to Yahoo Messenger. I turned it off that night before going to bed.

On 9/9, went to turn it on, it gave me a BSOD,and instantly restarted. I was able to stop the restart, but never got the BSOD again. I restarted it and it froze and the screen scrambled. Has been doing this ever since. Sometimes the display won't even come up. I can hear the computer going (I hear the fan and the HD) and I hooked it up to another monitor to see if the screen was going, but it didn't work either. I was able to do a recovery on it, but just as it finished the screen froze again and scrambled.

I initially thought this was some sort of virus or trojan horse, but now I am not so sure.

Please help!!!!!!

Answer:Laptop Giving Me Fits!

Can you give us any info from the BSODs? Are you able to start in safe mode to look at the event viewer?

If you can start in safe mode, you may wish to uninstall Yahoo Messenger for the moment. Look at the add - remove programs area and see if you notice anything out of the ordinary.

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I am so sick of .NET Framework. It has to be unequivocally, unarguably, and indubitably the worst program ever written by Microsoft.

I have been fighting with this mess for three days and I am no farther than when I started.

I cannot load 3.5 because it says I have not loaded 2.0 sp2.

I try to load 2.0 sp2 and it says I haven't loaded 2.0a.

I search for 2.0a and it does not exist. The Microsoft database does not have it anywhere in their search engine.

2.0 just simply won't load at all. I get error 25007. One help site said to rename a directory and then it would work. It didn't work!

Help sites have been no help at all. The Microsoft help pages are no better.One says that I need to load 2.0 SDKd but when it ends it says it cannot load because 2.0 is missing. The link on the page titled "Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0" takes me to a page that is for .NET Framework 4.0!

4.0 says that it needs 3.5 loaded before it will load but it loads anyway.

3.0 won't load because it says it needs the phantom 2.0a.

3.5 won't load at all.

In desperation, I finally ran the program which removes all copies of .NET Framework except 1.0.

1.1 loaded just fine but 1.1 sp1 fails.

Is there ANY place I can find a step-by-step instruction for loading these programs from a RELIABLE source????

HELP!!! :cry

Answer:NET Framework giving me fits

Is this the utility you used for cleanup. It is supposed to able to remove from version 1 to 4.

I would remove .NET using ADD/Remove programs in control panel and then the cleanup tool.

Then install version 2 first skipping version 1.

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I have run the XP cleaning procedure with combofix, spybot, AVG and MG tools as suggeste by this great site, but I still have a nasty Awola bug on my computer. I will try to attach the logs, but AVG stated that it did not create one.

Please help, and thanks in advance!

Answer:awola still giving me fits

Welcome to Major Geeks!

Run this Disable/Remove Windows Messenger to remove Windows Messenger. Do not confuse Windows Messenger with MSN Messenger because they are not the same. Windows Messenger is a frequent cause of popups.

Uninstall the below old versions of software:
Spybot - Search & Destroy 1.3 <-- this has not been used for more than 2 years.
Viewpoint Media Player <-- should have been uninstalled in step 0 of the READ ME

Then install the proper version of Spybot as given in the READ ME. MAKE SURE to uncheck the option for using Teatimer.

Run C:\MGtools\analyse.exe by double clicking on it. This is really HijackThis (select Do a system scan only) and select the following lines but DO NOT CLICK FIX until you exit all browser sessions including the one you are reading in right now:

O4 - HKCU\..\Run: [Microsft Windows Adapter 5.1.3013] C:\Documents and Settings\Home\Application Data\zpbfwsb.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\Policies\Explorer\Run: [ngm] C:\WINDOWS\System32\ngm.exe
O4 - HKCU\..\Policies\Explorer\Run: [nhhp] C:\WINDOWS\System32\nhhp.exe
O15 - Trusted Zone:
O16 - DPF: NDWCab -
O20 - Winlogon Notify: khfdbxx - khfdbxx.dll (file missing)
O23 - Service: PLSRemote Service (PLSRemoteSvc) - Unknown owner - C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\PLSRemote.exe (file missing)

After clicking Fix, exit HJT.

Copy the bold text below to notepad. Save it as fixme.reg to your desktop. Be sure the "Save as" type is ... Read more

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I recently did a destructive recovery system restore.... OK, no problems getting everything back up to working order, re-installed chrome, my VGA driver, etc...

But my damn wireless network adapter just won't stay connected when I try to download something. Literally, anything makes this thing lose connection other than just surfing the web. Loading videos and downloading are the culprits. This is what the networking utility looks like before I d/l. It'll usually go for about 5 seconds, then turns to this. I downloaded the most recent driver from Dynex, still no luck. Unplugging it from its little stand, waiting 3 seconds and then plugging it back in makes it work again, but the second I go to download anything again it switches back to that other disconnected mode. Restarting the comp will also do the same.


Answer:DX-EBUSB giving me fits

with all your hardware and software efforts did you reset your browser options and open your cookies and include all your plug-ins for your browser of choice?

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Question: Intel giving fits.

Machine: IBM 8090
P4 3.0GHz HT
1GB PC3200
Windows XP Pro SP3
Intel PRO/1000 MT Desktop Connection (onboard NIC)
Suddenlink Cable for the internet.

When machine is first booted up, everything goes fine. 5-6 hours later, shows as limited or no connectivity, but still shows as connected.
Have already uninstalled the driver and installed the latest from Intel for this card. Same version as I already had,so no gain there.
Everything worked before last Windows Update, but only one I took was a Security Update.
Driving (no joke intended) me up a wall trying to keep connected.

Answer:Intel giving fits.

Go to add remove programs and remove the last security update from Windows and see if it returns to normal, if not post back and we'll try another route.
How old is you IBM/

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We have a series of holiday images that we would like to add to a website so wondered if there is any small program which will create a page with thumbnail links to a larger image in the easiest way possible.For example, a list of thumbnail down the side which can be clicked on to open a larger one in the center of the page.Hope that makes sens, Cheers, Dio

Answer:Adding a page of images to a website

XNView will generate a page of the kind you want, a few different templates to choose from. click hereChoose Standard Version

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In trying to re-install W-7 Pro from a Microsoft install disk, I formatted the System partition and need to provide a driver to the install procedure. I've run into a problem: I downloaded the Western Digital driver to a thumb-drive but when I tell the W-7 installation procedure to find the driver on the thumb drive, and "DriverRestore.exe" from Western Digital appears on the file directory, I select the file, and press "Open", the installation procedure responds with "The specified location doesn't contain any information about your hardware"
But I'm sure that file is for the correct Hard Drive.
What to do?
This is a great Forum,
Thank you

Answer:IBM Lenovo is giving me fits on re-installing O/S

What OS did it come with?

If Windows 8, it is probably a UEFI/GPT system do you need to install Windows 7 differently.

Start here: Setup was unable to create a new system partition

Edit: Also, please fill out your System Specs.

See here: How to See Your System Specs with "System Info"

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Please help,
Using IE 6 I have been getting 'iexplore.exe error - create log and close down' whenever I go to certain sites, e.g. Windows Update and Travelocity.

I am running Win 2000 Pro on an IBM Think Pad R30. I am using AVG for anti-virus and Zone Alarm for firewall. I have run Spybot and Ad-Aware to remove spyware and rebooted my computer but the probelm persists. I have also run and Hijack This and only saved the log file but am not posting it until asked.

Please help me if you can - this is a nuisance and is really puzzling me.


Answer:iexplore.exe error giving me fits!

Hijackthis is not one of the first steps.

First, please follow ALL the steps in this Sticky thread READ ME FIRST BEFORE ASKING FOR SUPPORT: Basic Spyware, Trojan And Virus Removal
If you already have any of the programs linked in the tutorial please double check your version to make sure you have the latest one and that you have any/all updates for the programs.

NOTE: In order to resolve the issues you are having it is very important that you at least try to perform all the steps as outlined. If you have any difficulty please post back letting us know what steps you have completed, what you found while doing the scans if anything and details about any problems you have encountered in completing the steps. The more details you can provide the better.
After doing ALL of the above if you still have a problem:

Make sure you have HijackThis 1.99.1 and follow the guidelines on where to install it and how to post a log as an attachment. This is all covered in the sticky thread NO HIJACK THIS LOG FILES BEFORE READING THIS: HJT Tutorial & LOG File Posting

Now post a HijackThis log as an attachment to your message (Do not post the log inline). All running programs should be closed, including your web browser, e-mail. Close before running Hijack This!

To repeat: Do NOT run Hijack This from the Desktop, a temp folder, or a sub-folder of C:\Documents and Settings, or choose to run it directly from the downloaded ZIP file. Place it in its own folder, for example C:\Program F... Read more

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I've been battling multiple viruses/spyware all week. I've made lots of improvements, but I still seem to be having some minor problems. Below is my hijackthis log. I would GREATLY appreciate help!!! Which entries, if any, should I be getting rid of?

Logfile of HijackThis v1.98.0
Scan saved at 2:21:31 PM, on 7/11/2004
Platform: Windows ME (Win9x 4.90.3000)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Def... Read more

Answer:Virus/Spyware giving me fits

Hi MikeM118

Welcome to TSF

Lets start you off by running these two programs

Click here to download AdAware 6 181

Run AdAware
Before you scan with AdAware, check for updates of the reference file 01R327 5.07.2004
by clicking Check for updates now, and following the prompts.

Now to set it up for optimum performance...

Make sure the following settings are configured. Remember that ON=GREEN.

From main window click Start | Activate in-depth scan.

Then click Use custom scanning options | Customize and have these options switched ON...

Scan within archives
Scan active processes
Scan registryDeep scan registry
Scan my IE Favourites for banned URLs
Scan my host-files

Then click the Settings button.. (the gear icon on the top row) then Tweak | Scanning engine and check..

Unload recognised processes during scanning.
Cleaning engine.
Let windows remove files in use at next reboot.

and uncheck..

Automatically try to unregister objects prior to deletion.

Then click Proceed, to save your settings.

Now click the Scan button.

When scan is finished, check the little box to the left of each entry to select them for removal, and get rid of them
Restart your computer

Spybot - Search & Destroy 1.3

Then go Click here and download S... Read more

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ok build amd 6100 fx on asus crosshair v formula
hd 6870 (x2) crossfired
win 7 64 home
rosewill 850 psu
8gigs gskill sniper 1866
1tb mitsubishi hdd
and lg blueray

error code
is usual 1033 blah blah blah

heres are some dumps

ok thats weird my dmps are 269kb forum resricts to 200kb ?? anythoughts
ok zipped em together hehe

Answer:New build giving me fits BSOD

additional info

according to sites I have checked say upgrade psu but this rig was working 100% with both cards before i redid drivers and fresh win 7 install ??

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OK, my pc is crashing a couple of times a day at this point. It runs fine all day while I'm working. As soon as it sits idle for a little while it's crashing. Not always, but it seems like it's pretty regular as far as being idle. It's completely locked up every morning when I wake up that's for sure. My event log shows tons of these sbp2port entries. Every couple of seconds for as long as it takes to lock up. I've done research on the error and it seems everyone is having trouble figuring out an answer. I've adjusted my paging file settings already. I've checked the file integrity with my xp install disk. Other than that I don't know where to look.

I read somewhere that malware can disguise themselves as this type of file, but I don't know if that's what I'm dealing with. I DO know that I got the virtumonde adware recently and got rid of it successfully..... I think. I don't know if this is still some remnants from that issue.


Thanks. Matt

Answer:sbp2port problems giving me fits!

See here for some info on what I've done so far...

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Started getting Pop-up ads in IE6 going to Google. No problem with other search sites or using other browsers. In general, computer running slow, Hourglass lingers longer than usual on desktop and Windows explorer. On reboot, get "updating configuration files". Ran Ad-Aware, Spybot, CWSredder from safe mode. Ad-aware shows CoolWebSearch. Also add/remove shows "shoppingwizard","offer optimizer", and "CasProg"

Followed the Major Geeks "How To: Spyware, Trojan and Virus Removal" ...
Didn't help.

Will post HijackThis log file if anyone will look at it.

Please (before my daughter kills me )

Answer:Adware (CoolWebSearch?) giving me fits!

Post your log as an attachment if you have completed the spyware tutorial.

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Every time I go to a site that uses AFP it says that I do not have the latest version and directs me to the Adobe site. I go there and dutifully upgrade that which I have "upgraded" many times before and it still does not work.

The only thing that has been successful is to simply uninstall the Flash Player and then use RegScrub to eliminate all vestiges of it and then reinstall until the next time it fails.

What is happening that makes the program not work even though I already have the latest version and why don't the "upgrades" work causing, me to have to jump through hoops?

The same thing happens at,, etc.

Any suggestions?

Answer:Adobe Flash Player giving me fits

This puzzling, that is, why some people have problems like this with Flash. You might try this: Adobe's Flash Support Forums.

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I just rebuilt my computer and am having trouble with my Visoneer scanner. I'm using Paperport 11 with it and have all the drivers installed. The scanner actually works fine, scans the image but when it's done, the image shows up and a:

"PaperPort Scan Manager has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

error message comes up and the program locks up.

Anyone have an idea or something I could try? It worked fine on my computer before.


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I have been trying to clone my windows 10 9879 installation to an empty SSD . I have tried the software that came with my Samsung drive (data migration) sometimes it sees the drives and sometimes it doesn't. If I get it to start the process it checks the system for about 7 seconds and then locks up and I have to hard shut down.
I downloaded and tried Seagate disk wizard but no luck with that either. The Seagate starts the process through a restart then just shuts down. I check the log on the Seagate software and see an error message about cannot determine sync agent services state. Also account not found but I fixed that by running as administrator.
Since I have the installation tweaked and working just the way I want well as data and programs that have on this drive I would rather clone it to the SSD rather than do a clean install.
Any suggestions on cloning software or how to proceed.
Thanks for any input in advance.

Answer:Cloning my 9879 istallation is giving me fits......

First, to clone a disk. The destination disk must be equal or greater in size. I suggest to use : Macrium Reflect Free
to make a Windows backup image to another external drive then restore to your SSD.

NOTE: Make sure the SSD firmware is up to date and also run chkdsk C: /f on the Seagate HD.

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Am wondering whether someone can help me with this one.

I have recently created a website, and I noticed on the site below that when you scroll down the page, the images and text scroll with it so they are always visible. Does anyone know where I can download something like this to add to my site?

I'd be most grateful for any advice and help.

Many thanks

Adelaide, South Australia

(ps, I dont necessarily want menus to come out like the site below does, I just want my links and graphics to move with the page)

Answer:How to make the links & images on my website move with the page when scrolling

Looks like they did it with Javascript. Look around on the Web and I'm sure you'll find it at a Javascript site.

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This has been happening for sometime now and is finally getting to me. iexplore.exe which is internet explorer I am told. anyway when I am at the desktop and want ot doubleclick the E for internet explorer and get on the net I doubleclick it and the hour glass comes up like it is going to take to my home page but then the hour glass disapprears and it doesn't go anywhere and I am still at the desktop. SO I doubleclick it again and the same thing this usually happens 4 to 5 times and then it finally takes me to the internet. once there it works fine. however everytime I clicked it even tho it didn't take me there it opened up iexplore.exe in the task manager under processes so now there is say 4 to 5 iexplore.exe processes running so when I want to shut down a box always comes up saying ending program you can end it now by pressing the button that says end now but the box comes back up, if you end it as many times as it is in the processes like 4 or 5 times then XP will finally shut down. I tried right clicking the e for internet explorer and then clicking open but it still doesn't until you do it a frw times then its the same when you try to shut down. I tried going to programs and clicking it there but same thing. Went into add and remove programs and then add/remove windows components and reset internet explorer and that didnt help. Ran sfc /scannow but no files missing, I have ran AVG and its clean, Spybot its clean, AVG Antspyware its clean, windows defende... Read more

Answer:Windows XP SP2--iexplore.exe giving me fits, doesnt want to open and doesn;t want to


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Help... I have graph image files that are generated in landscape format and some of my less tech minded user struggle to print them, these are also the guys who feel the most need to print them! Most printers default to portrait mode so when the user hits print they only get a quater page portrait version of the image. I then get the "your graphs print crap" feedback and I have to hold back my "well your IT skills are f**#ing crap" response...
I thought I could have a link to a page that is a "printer formated" version of the image ie rotated 90* then the user can just hit print. Trouble with this is there are a large number of images, automaticially updated hourly, to process and upload duplicates of every image and upload to the webserver would be very resource hungry. I would really need to be able to use the original image but be able to rotate it on the fly. As far as I can find out HTML lets your display rescaled images but does not allow you to rotate them?
Any suggestions?

Answer:Easiest way to make website images print in full page landscape?

I thought I could have a link to a page that is a "printer formated"
You only need one page. There are javascript solutions but the easiest way is to use css, These should help with wider searches if needed:

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I know it's malware, and from reading the forums I didn't run Comboware (i think that was the name) because the previous issue involved Symantec AV protection. I use AVG, Ad-Aware and Malwarebytes on this machine so didn't use previous advice. BTW, love you guys and use bleepingcomputer all the time to check startup programs. Thank you!
DDS (Ver_2011-06-03.01) - NTFSAMD64
Internet Explorer: 8.0.7600.16385
Run by Owner at 20:11:29 on 2011-06-07
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 6.1.7600.0.1252.1.1033.18.4061.2728 [GMT -5:00]
AV: Lavasoft Ad-Watch Live! Anti-Virus *Enabled/Updated* {9FF26384-70D4-CE6B-3ECB-E759A6A40116}
AV: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011 *Enabled/Updated* {5A2746B1-DEE9-F85A-FBCD-ADB11639C5F0}
SP: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011 *Enabled/Updated* {E146A755-F8D3-F7D4-C17D-96C36DBE8F4D}
SP: Windows Defender *Disabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
SP: Lavasoft Ad-Watch Live! *Enabled/Updated* {24938260-56EE-C1E5-047B-DC2BDD234BAB}
============== Running Processes ===============
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k RPCSS
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted
C:\Windo... Read more

Answer:Win7 very slow, internet slow, and even Chrome is giving us fits.

Hello benahad and welcome to Bleeping Computer! We apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here. Please print or save this topic: it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps. ***Note: In order for ComboFix to run properly AVG must be uninstalled. Please go here and follow the instructions to uninstall AVG.You can reinstall it after the computer is clean. --------------------------Please temporarily disable Ad-Aware's Ad-Watch, as it may hinder the removal of some entries. You can re-enable it after you're clean.Right click on the Adaware icon in the system tray and select Exit.(You may need to do this each time you reboot.)--------------------------Please download ComboFix.exe. Please visit this webpage for download links, and instructions for running the tool:* Ensure you have disabled all anti virus and anti malware programs so they do not interfere with the running of ComboFix. Please go here to see a list of programs that should be disabled.**Note: Do not mouseclick ComboFix's window while it's running. That may cause it to... Read more

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Hi all,

Yahoo has hijacked my chrome start page... i aleady checked on my programs, there's nothing about yahoo, then i went on settings / extensions, but no yahoo as well..

how can i get rid of this annoying thing?


Answer:yahoo start page on chrome

Hi number,

Give the following a try.

Setting Google Chrome Homepage

Launch Chrome.
Type chrome://settings, then press Enter
Under On startup click Open a specific page or set of pages
Click the Set pages link
Click the "X" next to the Yahoo entry.
Click OK.
Restart Chrome to verify the change


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Hi everyone. How do I edit a file in Irfanview so that it will fit as my Yahoo Messenger avatar but not be so blurred? I was able to get it re-sized but when when I did that it became extremely blurred and so the image was no longer even worth using!

Answer:Solved: How do I edit a file so it fits in Yahoo Messenger as an avatar?

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Hey guys. I'm I've got a bit of problem.

I recently acquired an EVGA GTX 560 Ti Superclocked edition and when I plugged in my computer, the screen didn't show up right.

I have an NEC 1920x1080 monitor but the display had like a fat black border not utilizing the whole screen, even at BIOS.

Previously I had an MSI HD4850 Which is much older than the GTX 560 Ti SC and it used the whole screen no problem.

I tried different DVI and VGA cables but still same result. the gpu has a mini HDMI output that I still have yet to try. But theoretically, the DVI output should've been sufficient.

What could be the problem here? I don't see anything significant in the bios of my Rampage Formula that affects the use of the screen resolution. My motherboard doesn't have an integrated GPU btw.

Next is I couldn't update the drivers or the gpu's own BIOS because my computer freezes before I could finish a proper download.

I suspect overheating issues? Correct me if I'm wrong. I recently changed the thermal paste on the main gpu but used recycled thermal pads on the vram chips that I got from some old ram heat spreaders. The thermal pads that was originally in the GPU are all worn out. I think that's causing the heat problem. I just ordered some proper thermal pads today and expecting them to arrive in the next 10 days.

So here's more info about my pc specs:

Core2Quad q6600
Asus Rampage Formula
4x2GB (8GB) DDR2 ram
500 or 550w PSU (for... Read more

Answer:evga GTX 560 ti super clocked edition not showing resolution that fits my screen + freezes

Check the error logs and see WHY its freezing if you can . When it freezes is it just a cold freeze or a BSOD? Honestly, I would suspect that the GPU is simply faulty as that's what the symptoms are pointing towards

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the internet start page is alway Delta Search, while this is not the start page i chose.  I can't remove this website.  Very often my laptop  completely blocks when i try to enter websites such as facebook and youtube, the only thing i can do then is totally shut down the laptop with the button.  I ran Superantispyware professional and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and they quarantined two files called Trojan.Vundo, however the problem has not been solved.  I don't know how to completely remove this malware, please help.
DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_AMD64
Internet Explorer: 9.0.8112.16490  BrowserJavaVersion: 10.25.2
Run by Deblauwe at 18:38:30 on 2013-07-01
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium   6.1.7601.1.1252.32.1043.18.1978.714 [GMT 2:00]
AV: Microsoft Security Essentials *Enabled/Updated* {3F839487-C7A2-C958-E30C-E2825BA31FB5}
SP: Windows Defender *Disabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
SP: Microsoft Security Essentials *Enabled/Updated* {84E27563-E198-C6D6-D9BC-D9F020245508}
============== Running Processes ===============
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k RPCSS
c:\Program Files\Microsoft Security Client\MsMpEng.exe
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalService
... Read more

Answer:Trojan.vundo, internet start page hijacked by website Delta Search

Hello Sequan I would like to welcome you to the Malware Removal section of the forum.Around here they call me Gringo and I will be glad to help you with your malware problems.Very Important --> Please read this post completely, I have spent my time to put together somethings for you to keep in mind while I am helping you to make things go easier, faster and smoother for both of us!Please do not run any tools unless instructed to do so.We ask you to run different tools in a specific order to ensure the malware is completely removed from your machine, and running any additional tools may detect false positives, interfere with our tools, or cause unforeseen damage or system instability.Please do not attach logs or use code boxes, just copy and paste the text.Due to the high volume of logs we receive it helps to receive everything in the same format, and code boxes make the logs very difficult to read. Also, attachments require us to download and open the reports when it is easier to just read the reports in your post.Please read every post completely before doing anything.Pay special attention to the NOTE: lines, these entries identify an individual issue or important step in the cleanup process.Please provide feedback about your experience as we go.A short statement describing how the computer is working helps us understand where to go next, for example: I am still getting redirected, the computer is running normally, etc. Please do not describe the computer as "the same", ... Read more

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when i do an image search on google, all the images appear and then all of a sudden, most of them turn into tiny blue squares...anyone have a clue whats going on?

Answer:images on google images arent showing

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I just installed the new Quick Start to my S9. It is quite a well written application. However, what is the point of using it if I can recover my XP from hibernation with similar duration of boot time. I wish there is an configurable option in Quick Start to save power as much as it can. And that makes whole lot of sense to me. (Some vendor had talked about this long before, but I didn't see anything successfully marketed.) With tricks and turning  off all devices (via device manager or devcon util), I can extend my battery from 20% and up running XP. 3-cell battery can last 3+ hrs.  For Quick Start, if it has a configuration of such. It'd well deserve the purpose. All I need is sound, wifi...and nothing else. Card reader, LAN port...why should I need it? If I use it, boot it into XP. Otherwise, IMO, Quick Start is only a toy but not a productive software. p.s. I think it is a bug rather than a feature. When Quick Start boots if system hibernated before, it goes into read-only mode. That is safe and acceptable implementation, but it should use the setting stored instead of asking setting again, like language, all over again. LouisHong Kong  

Answer:Quick start - where it fits

Another problem is the mouse pad sensitivity. Lots of erroneous click while moving. Need an external mouse. And seems no one is addressing that. Just a Toyware at  this stage.

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have tried 2 scanners on my pc's both give fuzzy images have tried with different programs and altering all settings on scanners. can't get a decent picture out of either scanner - any ideas would be much appreciated.thanks for any help

Answer:scanner giving fuzzy images

Just a thought, but are the images you're trying to scan in focus?Have you got the pages flat against the glass bed of the scanner?

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When I look for an image in "google image", nothing shows but blank pictures with an "x" on the upper left corner of the blank images in google image. This just occured recently, then the images came back for a while, then this same problem occured again, can't figure this one out. I even reset the internet settings and all, but no help. Can someone here tell me what the problem is?


Answer:No images showing in Google images???

Now the images such as jpg, gif and other images are now showing, however they take a while to come into picture! Does anyone know what I am talking about here?

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Can anyone help me find out why my website is distributing a trojan horse and how to remove it?

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I have an XP box. I am admin on it.
Now, I want to create another local user and I want him to have access to *, and everything else should be blocked, except the intranet.

How do I do that?

NOTE: The localuser is dumb, so please don't he can do this or that to access internet.


Answer:Giving localuser one website access.

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I've just noticed something rather odd happending when I try to access a particular website.

The website in question is:

Whenever I try to access this site from my PC, all I get is a blue IIS7 Welcome screen...

However, when I access that same website from my laptop, it works perfectly fine.

So I'm assuming something's wrong with my PC.

Has anyone ever encountered this before or have any idea as to what it could be that's causing the problem?

It doesn't seem to be any other websites that have this problem. Just the one I mentioned.

I've searched the internet repeatedly for an answer but I can't seem to find anything.

My PC runs Windows Vista Home Premium and my laptop runs Windows 7 Professional.



Answer:Website Giving Me IIS7 Welcome Screen

Apologies for the bump, but I can't see any rules behind flagging your thread as an unanswered question...and it's been over 2 weeks...

Any chance of getting a response for this issue?



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You might have heard that Yahoo just launched a beta of their Social Network...something similar to MyWallop...but because it's faster, and more pro
The beta is by invite only.
If you wish to give it a try send me an email at:
guillaume.belfiore <AT> gmail<com>

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Any idea why lately when I try to use Yahoo, my system hangs or really slows up? Sometimes when I go to shut down, I get the BLUE SCREEN saying that there was an invalid page fault and the whole thing just locks up, then I have to RESET and wait for it to scan disk and reboot. Doesn't matter which browser I use - I have IE 6.0 and Firefox Also I have EZArmor Antivirus and Firewall installed. Otherwise my system is running Windows 98se on an 800 mHZ Pentium III processor with 256 MB RAM.

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This is the only webpage that doesn't display properly. I reinstalled Java, I disabled all plugins and no change. This is affecting all of the users in my domain, not just one computer. It is just Yahoo's home page. All other Yahoo sub pages and every other website displays properly.When I view the Yahoo home page, this is the error message I get:Webpage error detailsUser Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; AskTB5.6)Timestamp: Wed, 11 Aug 2010 15:14:18 UTCMessage: 'YModules' is undefinedLine: 1Char: 1Code: 0URI: help is most appreciated!

Answer:The Yahoo homepage is giving me an error

I am not getting the back/forward icon arrows, file, edit, B I U etc. Please help. Thanks.

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Hello all,

I have been reading and following the community here for a while now. Thanks for all the indirect help!

The expected behavior with my settings of Edge, and what I see on every other Windows 10 setup, is that Edge should open with the "Where to Next?"/Top sites page without the "My Feed."

I am stuck on a unique Edge issue. The following settings are set on Edge:
- Open Microsoft Edge with: Previous pages
- Open new tabs with: Top sites

In addition, the following are set on Top sites, Customize, Page display settings for new tab page:
- Top sites
- Information cards greyed out

If I individually close all tabs (either ctrl-w or pressing the X on each tab) and then reopen Edge, the Top sites/My Feed always shows up. When opening new tabs the Top sites ONLY shows up.

Is there any method to disable a persistent "My Feeds" page from ALWAYS showing at start?
The expected behavior with my settings of Edge, and what I see on every other Windows 10 setup, is that Edge should open with the "Where to Next?"/Top sites page without the "My Feed."


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So, I know that svchost.exe when not in system32 is bad thing, but I don't really know what to do in this situation. This usually pops up when I am just browsing anywhere, and nothing to me is being blocked.  The IP is from Luxembourg?  Another forum told me that it belonged to sokroveno, a Warez site, but I've never been there.
I have run the svchost.exe through VirusTotal, bytehero found "Trojan.Win32.Heur.Gen", nothing else turned up anything.I have the standard Windows Firewall running.

Answer:Malwarebytes keeps giving me "website blocked" warning

Hello, Welcome to BleepingComputer.I'm nasdaq and will be helping you.If you can please print this topic it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps in the order listed.===Your log is clean.Malwarebyte is working well, If you are seeing a message each time it blocks an IP, you can disable that action.To disable the popups1. Open Malwarebytes2. Click on the Protection tab3. Uncheck/untick the last item"Show tooltip balloon when malicious website is blocked"4. Click the exit button rather than the X at the top right to close the window.How is the computer running now?

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Why is the default mail app showing recurrent errors when checking mail with Yahoo accounts? It keeps asking for password although password is correct plus if you ignore that error message and force check mail again, it will resolve on its own.
It's very annoying..

Answer:Why is my Yahoo mail account giving me errors?

Have you checked all the settings to ensure they're correct?
Also not all errors are caused by the phone it could be on Yahoo's end.

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For awhile, Gmail kept nagging me about providing my number in order to activate "two-step verification."  Now it's back to just asking for it in case something happens to my account, which is what Yahoo has been whining about all along.  I know all my information is "out there," but I don't think it's a good idea to hand any one entity all my information.
Also, an increasing number of websites are inviting me to sign in using Facebook.  It would certainly make life easier, but so far I've been registering with each site individually, to keep FB from knowing everything I look at and comment on.
Should I keep up this show of information-guarding, or is it just wishful thinking that it might make a difference?

Answer:Giving Google & Yahoo my phone number

Never give any personal info out on the web...........ever!

Use a throwaway email addy for any sites that require one.

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Let me preface this by saying this is my first time using an all in one mail app and so far I am loving the windows 10 experience and this mail issue is the only hiccup I am experiencing.

When trying to sync with my yahoo account I continually receive the error 0x80040902. I am not able to find anyone else with this specific error. Even though I receive this error my mail still downloads and I am able to view it. It is just quite annoying that I get an error every time I sync my mail account.

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Howdy, glad to join your forum! Just upgraded my pc to Windows 7 ultimate x 32, and I can't seem to get both of my moniters to be recognized though they are both displaying the same image (they are both showing up as primary or "1").
In my system prefs I'm not getting the 2 moniter option. In fact I have two video cards each with a VGA and DVI ports, both cards are Nvidia P162
N11071 Geforce FX5200 128MB AGP...when it was working before (with Windows XP) I would have 1 moniter on the bottom card using the DVI slot and the other moniter on top card using the VGA slot (that seemed to be the only config that worked)...NOW the top card won'y work AT ALL (eithe VGA or DVI) but both moniters will work using both slots on the bottom card, however-and this is the problem: my system is only recognizing 1 moniter and send the same image to both moniters, with no 2 moniter options...I looked on the Nvidia site to find a driver for the N11071 for Windows 7 and only drivers for Windows XP showed that the issue? What can be done? Help? Thanks!

Answer:Windows 7 not giving me the 2 moniter option both are showing same ima

georgie, welcome to the Seven Forums.

Two AGP cards? Like to see the specs for the motherboard that came with two AGP slots.

As far as a driver goes you're not going to find one as Nvidia never made one. The best you're going to find is a Vista beta driver,

ForceWare Release 95

that does work with Windows 7.

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I have a website that I made with Front Page 2000.

What I need now is a free website hosting site that supports Front Page extensions.

Also the hosting site must not add add banners to my site/pages. Or at least the banner should be as small as possible at the top of the page.

I have been searching different hosting sites, but most do NOT support Front Page extensions on their servers.:dead:

I need to find a free hosting service that supports FP 2000 extensions.

Any help would be appreciated.



Answer:Free website hosting for Front Page 2000 website? Is there one?

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My Yahoo home page and related yahoo pages won't display ads, does anyone know how to fix this. I have uninstalled IE8 reinstalled it, restored advanced settings and reset internet explorer it worked for a short while after i did this now its playing up again. Really annoying, I get the usual diagnose internet connection and of course ther is nothing wrong with it. I forgot to say its windows 7 pro I am running, I would update to IE9 but I hate it if only they kept the layout the same as IE8
Thank you in advance

Answer:My Yahoo home page and related yahoo pages won't display ads

Just Yahoo? If so it is probably their problem. They have lots of them. It may resolve or may not. That's the beauty of Yahoo.

If you see it on other sites then it is something with your system. Maybe a program you have is blocking ads from displaying. I know I had an issue with SpywareBlaster doing that.

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Totally useless, just takes up space.

I'm sure they get paid for the advertising, but I don't want it.

Any way to turn it off?


Answer:How to turn off Yahoo Live Events on Yahoo home page?

You can easily turn notification off , from the Notification center

To turn off Yahoo live events, please follow the steps are given below:

Sign in to Yahoo Mail account
Go to the and click ?Manage?
Find the concert you no longer want to hear about and click to turn On/Off.


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Hi Folks,

I have had a recurring issue with my Windows 7 computer redirecting Google, Yahoo, and sometimes Facebook to a Yahoo Developer page (or a generic error page on iPhones and iPads on the network). Once it starts, it sometimes stops on its own after a couple minutes, sometimes it requires a power cycle of all networked devices (modem, router, a printer, 2 iPhones, and iPad and my PC).

I've had Norton continuously since purchasing the computer, run anti-malware bytes and SuperAntispyware, and none of them have been able to locate an issue.

I even tried re-installing Windows 7, but I think perhaps because I have an upgrade disk rather than the original I didn't get a full purge and the problem continued before I returned any backed up files onto it..

I also removed my PC from the network for about a month and never experienced the problem with my other devices. I'm fairly positive it's the PC, but I can't figure out the issue and am hoping someone here can help.

Per Cookiegal's instructions, here is my Hijack This log

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 4:55:47 PM, on 2/9/2013
Platform: Windows 7 SP1 (WinNT 6.00.3505)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v9.00 (9.00.8112.16457)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\mbamgui.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Java\Java Update\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steam.ex... Read more

Answer:Google, Facebook, Yahoo redirect to Yahoo Developer Page

Hiya and welcome to Tech Support Guy

Are you still having this problem? If so, can you do the following:

Download Security Check from here.
Save it to your Desktop.
Double click SecurityCheck.exe and follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box.
A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.

Please download Junkware Removal Tool to your desktop.

Shut down your protection software now to avoid potential conflicts.
Run the tool by double-clicking it. If you are using Windows Vista, 7, or 8; instead of double-clicking, right-mouse click JRT.exe and select "Run as Administrator".
The tool will open and start scanning your system.
Please be patient as this can take a while to complete depending on your system's specifications.
On completion, a log (JRT.txt) is saved to your desktop and will automatically open.
Post the contents of JRT.txt into your next message.

Please download AdwCleaner by Xplode onto your desktop.

Double click on AdwCleaner.exe to run the tool.
Click on Search.
A logfile will automatically open after the scan has finished.
Please post the contents of that logfile with your next reply.
You can find the logfile at C:\AdwCleaner[R1].txt as well.

Please include the checkup.txt, JRT.txt and adwCleaner[R1].txt in your next reply


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Good morning all.  I'm running to a bit of an odd issue.  I'm at work, and I recently 'upgraded' my PC to a LENOVO THINKCENTRE M91P 3.1Ghz CORE I5 Tower running Windows 7 32-bit.  I have been using an Insignia Bluetooth Dongle on my previous system, also running Windows 7 32-bit, with the identifier BCM20702A0 in the device manager, and it's always worked fine in connecting my QY7 headset so I can listen to music and such at work.  I plug it into this Lenovo, and it grabs the drivers fine and looks ok, and I can even pair my headset to it just fine and it displays in the devices listing normally, but I have no control or connect option on it like I once had.  It's just basically an icon there.  I put an image below.On my previous system, I had more options here, one of which was either "Connect" or "Control" which would lead me to a screen similar to the wifi connect screen where I could turn my headphones on, set it to pairing, and hit a connect button for it to connect and identify as an audio device.  Now, I just get these 4 options, no visible way to connect, and nothing listed for my headphones under my playback devices.I've spent 4 hours looking for other Broadcom drivers, all of which gives me a message saying it can't see a bluetooth device, so I'm always stuck with the windows drivers for them.  I've searched every avenue I can think of, and now I'm asking anyone here if they can help me out.Some other notes.  I have gone ... Read more

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i have big problem i open my messenger and give my id and password and after giving id or password when i press enter or click on sign in button my messenger just totaly vanished on desktop or taskbar i re install 30 to 40 time all version but nothing happen i remove messenger catche in programm file i have kaspersky 7.0 i use full system scan kasper detected some viruses i deleted them all and i also use sdfix and combo fix but nothing happen please please help me Mod Edit: Topic moved to more appropriate forum~ TMacK

Answer:Yahoo Messenger Automaticaly Close When I Press Enter After Giving Id Or Password

Hi yashrocker Have you looked in the task manager when this happens to see if the program is still running?

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I don't know if this is the right place to post this but, some pages on a MediaWiki installation, Bulbapedia, does not display updated pictures, instead, it shows an old picture. The page displays correctly on other computers and it doesn't happen on other pages, just some. Any ideas on how to fix this?
I am running Windows 7 And I use Google Chrome.

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win 7 security keeps giving me messages before i can get on a web page and every time i go to a new page.
I did a search but cant find the same problem as i have so here goes:
The issue was getting so annoying that i went into settings and changed a few items from "prompt" to disable.
Now i dont have the original problem of security because of the changes i have made but i am concerned because
i get a message that says "your current security settings put your computer at risk"
But if i go back to where i had it then i will get this security message at every single time i change to a different web page and
even on the same web page every time i go to another place on the same web page i get this securit message.
can someone help me out please

Answer:win 7 security keeps giving me messages before i can get on a web page

You could review the link about my signature and post some screen shots of the original message,
Please undo what ever changes you've made,
Post which browser your using as well and your current and passed antivirus programs

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it connecting to the wifi network but showing the error page when i use it

Answer:My mobile wifi is connecting to some networks but internet page showing trouble page why?

Check VPN settings, if you don't use VPN neither know what is it, turn it off

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Hello all,

There was already a post on this issue but no straight answer that leaded to a solution. I'm having some weird issue with Yahoo web pages. Initially, when trying to open the browser will display a webpage selling online space for storage, the website was I thought it was some kind of virus and try numerous things to get rid of it but the weird thing is that if I plug this laptop to any other network with a cable or wireless, yahoo web sites will open.

Previously I was able to open yahoo mail by entering any other yahoo website but now nothing will open and will display "page not found". When I try the icon changes to a weird circle shaped image and now the website shows up as

I got so pissed up of not being able to fix this that I reimaged my PC thinking it had some virus I couldn't remove but to my surprise as soon as I tried the website again i got the same problem!. This is some problem at the wireless router but can't figure out what, I've been through all the settings of the wireless router and don't get to the problem, any other website opens ok. Any ideas?

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Someone please help!

Everytime I open a yahoo page on internet explorer it is redirected to the Dell page which tells me I am probably infected with malware. I don't know what to do, hence why I am here.

I beseech you kind people who are far more computer literate than I please help!

Answer:Yahoo page on Internet explorer redirects to Dell page

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below another staff member will review and take the steps necessary with you to get your machine back in working order clean and free of malware.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread.Thanks and again sorry for the delay.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan:Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links. Save it to your desktop.DDS.scrDDS.pifDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run.A small box will open, with an explaination about the tool. No input is needed, the scan is running.Notepad will open with the results.Foll... Read more

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hope someone can help.
I can't access any pdf files, either when sent through email as attachments or on web sites, all I get is a blank white page. I have Adobe Reader 7.0. I have checked with several friends who say that they can access the pdf files I'm trying to get so it's not the files it's me.

Thinking that there was something wrong with my Adobe Reader install, I deleted it using Add/Delete Programs and installed it again, then rebooted. This did not solve the problem. So I deleted/installed/rebooted again a couple of more times. I dunno, I guess you could say that if it didn't work the first time it ain't gonna work the 5th time, but I thought I might get lucky! <shrug>

I'm using Win XP Prof and Netscape 7.2. I have SpyBot, Ad-Aware and Norton AntiVirus installed and use them.

Anyone have any ideas?

Answer:Clicking on PDF files giving blank page

Try the suggestions listed HERE.

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Hello everyone,

It has been sometime since I have been on these forums. My computers has been fine and in shape and whenever problems arosed I could fix them with my virus scans. That is the main reason why I have not bee active on the forums. But this time is different, for some reason every time I use Google to search for a website and I click on the desired webpage, it sends me to a completely different page. I have to go back and click on the link one or two times for it to send me to the right page. What could the problem be? And I have scanned my computer with both windows defender and spybot. I am not sure if hijackthislog is still used but here it is.
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 19:44:53, on 10/28/2010
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18702)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\AOL\ACS\AOLacsd.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\AOL\TopSpeed\2.0\aoltsmon.exe
C:\Program Files&... Read more

Answer:Google search not giving requested page

Hello and Welcome to the forums! My name is Gringo and I'll be glad to help you with your computer problems. Somethings to remember while we are working together.Do not run any other tool untill instructed to do so!please Do not Attach logs or put in code boxes.Tell me about any problems that have occurred during the fix.Tell me of any other symptoms you may be having as these can help also.Do not run anything while running a fix.Do not run any other tool untill instructed to do so!In the upper right hand corner of the topic you will see a button called Options. If you click on this in the drop-down menu you can choose Track this topic. By doing this and then choosing Immediate E-Mail notification and then clicking on Proceed you will be advised when we respond to your topic and facilitate the cleaning of your machine.Note** If you are having problems posting the complete log into this thread upload them here and post the links in this thread Please print out or make a copy in notpad of any instructions given, as sometimes it is necessary to go offline and you will lose access to them.I would like to get a better look at your system, please do the following so I can get some more detailed logs.DeFogger: Please download DeFogger to your desktop.

Double click DeFogger to run the tool.
The application window will appear Click the Disable button to disable your CD Emulation drivers Click Yes to continue A 'Finished!' messag... Read more

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Sorry to start a new thread, but most of the stuff I've read here is older and doesn't seem to apply.

Running Sys 7 and Firefox ver. 26. Yahoo hijacks my home page. I've run a variety of malware programs with no joy. I suspect Yahoo has installed a "hidden" add-on, although I'm not 100% sure of that. I've uninstalled anything that has Yahoo connected to it also joy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Don

Answer:Yahoo Search Page Hijacks Home Page

Hello dondd,

Sorry to start a new thread, but most of the stuff I've read here is older and doesn't seem to apply.Click to expand...

Do you mean you have another topic covering the same problem?

If so, you should post that you are receiving help here and mark the topic solved otherwise you might end up with conflicting advice.


Please download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and save it to your desktop.

Note: You need to run the version compatible with your system. If you are not sure which version applies to your system download both of them and try to run them. Only one of them will run on your system, that will be the right version.
Right click to run as administrator. When the tool opens click Yes to disclaimer.
Press Scan button.
It will produce a log called (FRST.txt) in the same directory the tool is run from.
Please copy and paste log back here.
The first time the tool is run, it makes also another log (Addition.txt). Please also paste that into your reply.


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Just today, i wanted to log onto my yahoo account to view email. I entered my user name and password, and tried to sign in. Yet what happened was that the page was redirected to a previous page i was at. It has been happening all day, and i need to access my mail urgently. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Question: Website - Images

Hi there, quick question. I've seen on some websites people display images (say 4 or 5), which are shown individually, like a video style. I'd like to do the same but have no idea how. My website is a football one, so to show 4 or 5 different match action pics would be great.How do i go about creating something like that? Help!Does that make sence?! Thanks all.Jon

Answer:Website - Images

you could make an animated gif with the pictures, then their is flash video more complicated but better results, if you use a program like dreamweaver you could make a "behaviour" to do it, then there is javascript, you can do it that way.........there are lots of ways to do it :) post a link to a sample and i will check it out.I currently do a football site click here and use spry a lot, but as it is a youth football site i dont publish a lot of photo`s due to child protection issues and if its a kids football site you may need to look into your associations guidelines before going ahead ......its even worse for video :(

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HiI have just built my website using serif web plus 10 and uploaded it to my hosting unfortunatley there are no images showing and some of the text is missing. when i preview the site in web serif it works fine. can someone please help its driving me insane.The website url is click heremany thanks jon

Answer:No Images on website.

Hi Thank you so much after two days of ripping my hair out. The _wp_generated folder was simply in the wrong place. Have moved the folder and now ihave images .Regards Happy jo

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about six months ago i created a website with windows just to put images on there to show family and friends, i have put many photos on the site, deleted when full and then fill it again all with no problems atall, yesterday i used windows wizard to put some more on, only six pics, it took ages to complete, and when i went to the site the pics were behind what looks like a beach scene with a sandman and a clock reading ten past four, i clicked on one and the image is massive with the blue bar below and to the right to view, i put some of my original pics on just to see, and they were the normal viewing size,i recently purchased photoplus 8 from serif, i was wondering if this is in anyway to blame, any solutions please, thanks in advance, joel

Answer:images too big for website

I am assuming here that you are using a digital camera to get you photos. If so have you changed the reolution of the images that it takes. The higher the quality the bigger the file size and of course the image size. You really should not need any image bigger that 640X480 pixels to go onto the web page. Bige file take a long time to load and dont really improve the image quality when displayed. So use a photo editing software such as Paintshop Pro to resive you images for web use. You dont need the latest PSPro for that and will be able to find an older version as a freebie if you look at some of the magazine discs.

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Well, I have followed MA's destructions in FAQ about this i.e. done the Regedit jobs, and it is still happening? Whassup, please?


Answer:Website Images - Little Red Xs

Check the settings for your firewall or any ad blockers you may have installed, look for options that block spam, ads, pop-ups, etc. Disable them and see if that helps.


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Question: website images

am attempting to make a webite for my sister for her new business

when she looks at this site the pictures are red blocks?
she cant see them!

a) can you guys
b) any1 know what the problem is?

appreciate the help

Answer:website images

Shows up for me in both ie7 and firefox.

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Hi, this is my first time using dreamweaver. I've uploaded all of my files to the host but the images aren't showing up. I'm not sure if I've uploaded my images folder or what I even need to do to do that. Here's what it looks like: click here.

Answer:Help - Can't see images on website

Also, my links aren't working on click here...??? Is this related

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Its sad because as long as i have been here I am not sure where to post this. XD


Well I am building a website right now, and I need quite a few images.

First off,

I would like a header Image for it saying: Honor For Gamers. Here is the link for the header.psd that came with the skin: (let me know when you have it so i can delete it)

Second I would like some badges that fits the theme:
Honor for Gamers - Powered by vBulletin

You can come up with the design, and ect.. but i need 4 of them with these names:

Private Member( or Pvt. Member works)
Website Visitors

If you can do that, if would be extremely grateful.

Answer:Need some website images

I'll see if i can come up with something for you.

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Question: Website Images

Hello, Just a quick question, Is it illegal to copy/take another websites photos and product images for you own site? I understand that some photos have water marks which I know means that its their own property but what about images that dont have watermarks? Can I use it for my own website?

Answer:Website Images

If you don't own them you can't use them! If you find an image (or text) in a book do you think you have permission to use it without prior authorisation? Rhetorical question - of course the answer is a loud and emphatic "no"!However, writing to the relevant site webmaster may prove fruitful in any given case where you would like permission to reproduce given material.Basically, just because an image is not watermarked does not mean that you have the intellectual property to it!Hope this helps :-)

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Hi,I've created a website in Publisher 2003 and used jpeg images mainly. I've uploaded all the necessary htm files to my host using their control panel, including the pictures but the majority of the pictures aren't showing. The support from my host says that the images don't seem to all be pointing to the images uploaded but I'm sure they are. Any suggestions?

Answer:I can't see my images on my website

It's possible that you have used the full, rather than a relative, path for your images. For example:src="../../../Documents and Settings/YourName/My Documents/My Pictures/webpicture1.jpg"instead of src="webpicture1.jpg"Another forum member had a similar problem. See click here

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Question: website images

I'm making a site with oscommerce, i also have a canon digital rebel slr camera. I don't know whether to put the image quality on high low med? oes it matter. Is there a program to reduce these pics so they can be compatible with website. Good quality, low size , fast loads?


Answer:website images

Any graphics editor (Inrfanview is just fine, and is free) will reduce the size.

You need a small size, but that also means low quality. Experiment with sizes and find a happy medium.

It totally depends on the size of the photo on the webpage as to what resolution, but generally 640 x 480 is plenty for web use.

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I need to know what kind of program or solution to use to recieve (filter) the best quality of a picture that is taken by a digital camera but is limtied size in a website


Answer:Website images help

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Question: images in yahoo

how can i insert images/pictures into the text part in yahoo email]not attachments]regards,birdog

Answer:images in yahoo

Don't think you can as there is no insert command and the good ol cut an paste doesnt work in Yahoo mail as it does in Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. You could maybe build the picture into a Word/other document and send the document as an attachment.Not really a solution but hope it helps....

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Hi all,

I have windows 7 and IE8 is playing up for me. I go to some sites and the images will not load, it ust show the red x in the box.

I have tried it with no add-ons, cleared cache and all browser history.
I have even like removed it and put it back on as well and still nothing.

I have googled this trying to find a fix but nothing helps..
I just can't figure it out, can someone please help me...

Thank You Heaps

Answer:IE8 not showing images

the red x usually indicates a missing pluggin have you installed adobe flash player and shockwave player if not installing these may help

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Hello, i am looking for some help. I am a beginner at webdisgning and i have just recently got my first webhost. Problem is i have up loaded all the files for my website:Images Folder [containing all images i need]Index [Home Page]gallery [Secondary Page]The problem im getting is that no images are showing up, all i have is the text, background and the boxes where the images should be! If someone could please point me in the right direction then it will be much appreciated. Thanks!

Answer:Images Not Showing Up

So we can see the problem? It is probably that the images are either not uploaded onto your webserver or else the path to them has been incorrectly named - it will be a quick thing to solve if we could see a link

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I have an image viewing problem. My system is Win XP Corp SP2
and I use Microsoft Oulook 2007.
Some images show as Small square with little red X. I think these images are gif format.

It happened suddenly, I cannot think of what could be the problem.
Oh yes I use Fire fox 3.5 browser.
Any ideas ???

Appreciated. :

Answer:Images showing as Red X

welcome to TSF

Look over this link, see if it helps

Also, Test your Macromedia Shockwave & Flash Players

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I'm using Windows XP home (with SP2), and Internet Explorer 6, on my laptop, which is not connected to the internet.However, I do some work on my website on the laptop when I'm away from my home pc.Just recently, whenever I preview my site in IE, none of the png images will display-just the box with the name of the image, and a red X. The site will show properly in Firefox.Also any program that uses a cut-down version of IE to display that program's helpfile, behaves in the same way: ie: any png images in the helpfile won't display.Has my IE 6 gone wrong?

Answer:png images not showing

IE6 was never right in the first place. Upgrading to IE7 will probably be the easiest solution. click hereclick here

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Hi all, I have recently reinstalled my computer because of a popup problem, I have reinstalled many times before and never had a problem like this:

Say if I am viewing ebay, none of the centre section loads, all I get is page cannot be displayed.

Pictures from this location will load up, but pictures from will not show up making the page display badly, none of the images show in my ebay,

I have save.exe on my computer but have disabled that, I have mcafee 9 firewall and antivirus and have disabled them, I have even tried installing firefox and it still does it,

Is there a setting somewhere I have missed, if you cannot understand this, I will install a screen capture program and post screenshots.



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Hi all,
I am trying to write a .net program, I have good experience with the language but this has me stumped. I have placed in image boxes and put images in them but when in the browser none of the images show, they all just have the dreaded red cross lol. Any help with this would be greatly appreicated. I'm using visual studio 2005 if that helps.

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When I go to pages on the internet that have images (mostly on myspace or facebook) not all the images show up. There isnt even a box in their space. Is there some way to fix this? All the images have shown up in the past but then one day they stopped showing up. If anyone knows anything about this PLEASE let me know!
Thank you!

Answer:Images are not showing up

Hi and welcome to TSG!!!

The problem is that maybe the pictures were disabled acidentally. To re-enable them from internet explorer select tools internet options and and the press the Advanced tab. Then scroll down through that list until you come accross the Multimedia section. Ensure that the option Show Pictures is checked.

Hope this helps

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Hi all..

I have this web site HERE and I think that somin is wrong with my IE settings or something else. I mean when I go to a web site and it dont mean just the one above but most, some of the images dont show. I have to right click on them and hit show image. Its been doing it for months now but I thought I should do somin about it.

I wondered is there somin I have to check to make sure all images show first time..

I thought may be my Temp Internet folder was too small but its 600 kb. Any ideas people..Im using Windows XP home and IE 6...

Thx inadvance..

Answer:Help images not showing up on my end..

Take a look at this MS KB article.

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Hi All,

Back to pick your collective brains once again ......

I've been using my computer for several months now, with little or no problems.

I've installed no new software, made no new changes ( at least not consciously ) but today i started experiencing problems with IE7

When i load a web page, it loads text only and no images or graphics.

It doesnt seem to be a problem for flash content, but rather static images, logo's and the likes.

If i right click on the image, and select " display picture " it loads it fine, but i cant figure out why this would be happening.

Anyone else come across this problem and have any solutions ?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:IE7 Not Showing Images

Hi carnivalofsorts,Have you tried loading the default settings back into IE7?

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Hi Guys,
I hope im in the right forum .
I have a friend who im trying to help remotly with browser issues and images.

1PC cant se images in any browser for example if you typed into the browser 1 pc shows the image and one doesnt as with the images on the site itself

The pc that wont show images has Win XP with IE8 and the latest Firefox and when you put the image address into the bar it recals it and when you go back and type it again it says its a 1X1 pixel image?

This is a problem as she cant view the website and I thought it was my coding but if you type the images addres into the address bar and you dont see it thats outwith the website aint it?

I realy would appreciate any assistance, I only have remote access to her pc but can check most things. Ive ripped out all the google tool bars etc and just cant seem to get to whats up?

The images are in the server and they addresses for them are on the pages as if you use the consoles in the browser to lok at the code you see its all OK?

Any and all suggestions are welcome
Thanks Tag..

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For about two or three weeks now I have been having issues with images on websites disappearing or not showing up when I know they should be there .. I use a graphics program called Paintshop Pro and I belong to a few forums for people with the same hobby. I use Fotki as my online storage and I have a few hundred tags stored there but of late when I browse forums or image sites I am either getting no image where I know there should be one (just a blank space) or in forums a red x or the word [image] like that .. it is driving me bonkers!! I have to reload the browser over and over and sometimes it will load the images other times I just have to give up and try again later on.

I reinstalled my windows system thinking it could be a issues with my files being corrupt (a little drastic I know but I was desperate) I mainly use Firefox browser because IE is bothersome because I absolutely abhor advertising and the add ons come in handy - BUT - I now have IE v8 and it does the same thing - either will or won't load images and I did not import browser settings.

Oh I use to be a frequent member of Facebook but now I can't even sign in I get a DNS error - not sure if this is relevant but I will throw it out there anyway.

Anyone got a clue as to what I can do please?????


Answer:Images Not Showing Up ???

A couple of screen shots to show what I am talking about the top one is of my Fotki and the second is from another forum. ​

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All other web page images are showing, but not gif - any ideas? Running Windows Home XP SP2 installed. Tried IE repair - no luck.

Answer:Gif Images not showing

have you got show pictures ticked in tools,advanced?

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DAMMIT NOT showng up.

It's not browsers only, its application windows and the like, but some images do show up oddly enough.

Answer:Help with images now showing up

It's not browsers only, its application windows and the like, but some images do show up oddly enough.

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Hi All

Im having a really annoying problem with my pc, on some websites images are not showing up ( for example). i am running win xp sp2 with all updates, i use zonealarm and norton antivirus and have checked both for settings blocking images and cant find any thing. I have tried using both Firefox and IE6 with no success so it appears not to be a browser issue. I have accessed these sites on a different computer and the websites have been fine. I have checked the forum and tried all the obvious solutions (ticking java and images), installing java 1.4sdk but nothing seems to help !!!!

If some one has any idea of how to solve this i will be very appriciative.



Answer:Images not Showing up on Web

Hi and welcome to TSF

Did this issue just start without explanation?

Have you tried clearing temporary files and cookies from IE - TOOLS>Internet Options>Delete both ? Some sites will not render in Firefox anyway - maybe the two issues overlap.

Have you tried switching your file wall off just to test out that possibility?

I would try uninstalling and re-installing zone-alarm.

Also, an additional check for malware might be worthwhile:-


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certain images arent' showing up for me. it says failed to connect. under tools i have show images auto already checked so that's not the is a screen shot

Answer:certain images not showing up

What does McAffee site advisor do, will it block certian sites? may want to check there, also check your host file to see if is blocked.
in XP it is located in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc

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I've just recently came across some problems with my web browser. When I open up only a certain couple sites, pictures aren't loading. They don't show they're broken links, and others can see them so I know it's not the server, but has to be me. I don't think I've changed any settings for this to just happen out of the blue.
I run on Windows XP Pro, and using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0. My ISP is cable. Not sure what other info you may need.

Thanks in advance for any help you may give.

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