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How to fully replace Outook?

Question: How to fully replace Outook?

I finally ditched Outlook for my emails and went with Thundrbird, which looks like a great program. However, I still have to rely on Outlook for the Calender and Tasks features. I looked around a little, and found Lightning, but the reviews where not completely supportive. And I would like to have it integrated in my email client, so Sunbird is probably out.

What are others using? Likes and dislikes?

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Preferred Solution: How to fully replace Outook?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Microsoft have virtually forced Android Outlook users onto their new Outlook. I use Outlook on my Nexus 7. Since installing the new Outlook I find that the Contacts doesn't fully synchronize. It worked fine under the old Outlook. It seems to need loads of time to populate the Contacts file, and some of the details still have not filled in fully yet. Can anyone shed light on this issue

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I've done SOME googleing about that and everything i got was quite outdated or poorly written.
I've got a edited shell32.dll and when i replace the original it restores it self.
The purpose of the edit was to swap some of the current icons.

GOAL: replace the original with my copy and make it STICK

If you know how to do it and care to share that - treat me as a user with enough experience to navigate and work with generic software freely to a degree of - a guy whos' been behind the keyboard and corners of windows for years but hasn't had any programming experience or interest past learning how to solve windows and other software annoyances and provide convenience for his work/play environment.

Thank you for your time!

Answer:How to Replace Shell32.dll in XP SP2 Fully updated???

Check the event logs to see if Windows File Protection is replacing your file. If so, you may need to replace the file (with proper backup, I recommend) in the c:\windows\system32\dllcache folder as well.

Note that you may have to show hidden and protected operating system files to do so.

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Question: Outook 98

I know you can add certain words in the Junk Mail file, such as
money, sex, hair transplant !! you get my drift! I beleive there is a file you just add the words? but what is it and where can I locate it ??

Answer:Outook 98

I sussed it....Filters.txt !

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Question: outook calendar

Bought a new laptop, took my Office 2000 Professional to be installed, instead he put on another Outlook. I installed Outook 2000, removed his program and now I get an error re:pst file. Any idea why I can't send/receive mail?

Question 2: My three year old laptop worked fine until the power cord somehow pulled the plug-in from the motherboard. Repair shop kept it for three weeks, said they soldered it several times and it wouldn't hold, so they sold me a new one. Did I get ripped off or is it next to impossible to fix?

Thanks so much for any advice given,

Answer:outook calendar

Hello and Welcome to TSF

I cannot answer your first question, there is not enough information to go off of. You need to post a complete error message and when you recieve this error.

As for question 2, yes you can solder those connections back on to the motherboard but sometimes they dont hold as they stated. You may just have had a unexperienced person do the soldering, hard to tell.

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I always keep a backup of my Outlook .pst file just n case I need it...

Just doing a back up and notice that the files do not have any association linked... I am sure it used to show the Outlook icon but can't be sure... can anyone confirm this.. I did try to link to Outlook but is failed...

This is what I mean...

This is what I get when I try to associate it to Outlook... Which seems odd... unless it is because Outlook is open?

Answer:Outook Office 365 .pst

Mine have the Outlook association, I'm using the Office 2016 package rather than the Office 365 but should be same.

I would advise you use the installer (uninstaller - Change), to do a repair rather than manually setting the association as the Office associations are not standard

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Question: Outook Express

can any body tell me is it possible to have my send and recive box come up automaticaly instead of having to click on send/recivealso why do i now get the message asking Are you sure you want to delete all the items and sub folders in the deleted items folderI have no idea how this is happening my OEM is XP Home

Answer:Outook Express

if you go to tool/options in outlook, click on the tab "other" there you will find a tick box which allows you to enable or disable the "empty deleted items" message.if you want to set the send/receive to automatic then in the same options page click on the tab "mail setup". once again there is a check box which allows this action to take place when outlook is opened.harpur

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Afternoon to you all.I am using Outlook 2010. If I click a link contained in an e-mail I get the following message "This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator" I am useing a personal laptop, Win7 and I am logged on as administrator. Any ideas anyone?ThanksBill

Answer:Help using Outook 2010

If it is only that one Email, I would guess Outlook classes it as a security risk/virus/trogan and will not allow it.You could check the security settings (may be set too high)or if it is an attachment, you may have to save it first, before trying to open it.Terry

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Okay, so i was planning to upgrade my laptop once more. and this is the specs

My Laptop Spec: HP Pavillion ze5700 (UPGRADED)

OS: Windows XP SP3 32-bit.
Processor: Intel Celeron 2.8ghz (Which in DXDIAG states: Equivalent to M-PIV 1.4ghz)
RAM: 705mb
Video Card: ATi RADEON IGP 354m

Is there any Video Card, Processor, and RAM Slot that is Available? and that is CHEAP but has the power to play games in 2004-2008 range, or maybe. Record gameplays with DXtory?

Answer:Cheap Video Card replace/Processor replace/RAM replace

You can't upgrade the video card. Any upgrades to the CPU are slight.

I can not find any information on it, on what the RAM speed and limit is. It should say in the manual, which I can't find as well.

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Outlook 2003, part of Office Teacher & Student
Windows XP Home SP2 with all updates
No LAN involved; no Exchange server involved.
Norton AV 2005 & Norton Personal Firewall 2005 [ separate programs ];

unable to log onto pop server
1 solution suggests creating a new profile.

1. If I create a new profile, can I import the messages & addresses / contacts? If so, how?
I found this for exporting / importing contacts.

2. If I use Microsoft's backup add-in, will the problems come along?

3. After backing up, should I delete the existing profile before creating a new profile?

4. After creating the new file, how do I access the messages & contacts? I found this.

Thanks for your help.

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I looked around and for some reason I can't create a email template in outlook 2007.
I found this:

Save the email as a template. Select the "Office" button, and then "Save As" in the "Save as type" drop-down list. Select "Outlook Template." Give the template a name, and choose a file location, or accept the default folder of "Templates." Click "Save."

BUT there is no option in the SAVE AS drop down menu for Save As Template....

Answer:Can't create outook template

HiI don't use Outlook. However I do use other Office applications. When I want to save a Document or Excel Template I click on File on the toolbar and select Save as.In the dialog box that opens, I click on the down arrow at the end of the box that says Save as type and this gives me the options to save the file as a template (amongst other things).

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Here we go again - another problem with Outlook, but this time I think it is Yahoo UK (please note UK):

I have had 1 email acct with gmail and 2 email accts with Yahoo UK. They have worked fine until a few days ago. When I try send/receive one Yahoo account came up with error 0x800CCC92. I finally removed it and when I tried putting it in as new, the test message would not work. After repeated attempts, I now can send for some reason, but for receiving I get:

Log onto incoming mail server (POP3): Your email server rejected your login. Verify your user name and password for this account in Account Settings. The server responded: -ERR (AUTH) Incorrect username or password.

I can access my email on the web for that account with no problem. All of the settings are exactly the same as the Yahoo account that works and I still cannot get the incoming to work on this one.

Any ideas?

Answer:Outook 2010 ERR (AUTH)

2 days after this post, Yahoo sent & received with no problems and I did nothing to make that happen. All was fine until today - it is happening again!

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Hello, my daughter tells me she has lost the tool bar on the subject. I gave here the info to look at and she tells me that didn't help. Can anyone give me a clue as what to look for. Thanks

Answer:Outook Express Email

To get the toolbar back in OE click View then Layout and put a tick in the toolbar box.

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Hello, I changed the operating system on my HP laptop from Vista to Windows 7. I performed a back-up pior to the change. Once the change had completed I loaded microsoft office 2007 and clicked on outlook. unfortunately it started as a new install and I have now lost all my previous emails and do not now how to recover them. Can anyone help please?


Answer:Solved: Outook and Windows 7

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Have gmail configured through outlook and im trying to send an email that is purely text, with no links to site etc.I have replied to this person before using the email im trying to respond to.However it will not send and i get the following error:Task ' (1) - Sending' reported error (0x800CCC7D) : 'Your outgoing (SMTP) server does not support SSL-secured connections. If SSL-secured connections have worked in the past, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).'Any ideas guys?Regards

Answer:Outook sending error

Open Outlook ExpressClick Tools > Accounts > Mail tab.Highlight your email account and click Properties.Click the Advanced tab.Remove ticks from the boxes "This server requires a secure connection" for both outgoing and incoming mail.

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I've just ordered Outlook Office 2007 which has Outlook 2007 included. However I've just thought - I have activesync 3.8 which works perfectly with my PDA (HP2210) at the moment. Will installing Outlook 2007 cause any problems?

Answer:Outook 2007 + Activesync 3.8

I do not know if you will have problems but in any event it would probably be better to bring Active Sync up to date - it is v4.5 now.

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Outlook 2007 has crashed, the program starts to open but i then get an error message saying "cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window". I have tried using system restore and the Microsoft Office repair tool all to no avail. Hoping there is soemone who can help, i do not want to have reinstall.

Answer:Outook 2007 Crashed

OS?If XP see click here

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Any weblinks that are dislayed an e-mail I receved does not work. As soon as I click on them outlook Express freeze and the only way to continue work is to press ctrl-alt-del and close express.

Answer:Outook Express web links do not work

Read THIS.

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I've been having problems with Outlook Express crashing and/or having problems that keep giving me an error message about the log file being too big or something. I keep my sent file folder and deleted file folder relatively empty. My inbox has less than 20 items in it, none of them huge. Can anyone tell me how and where I can fix this? If there is no fix, if I download a new copy of Outlook Express over the old one, will my address book reamin in tact? Thanks for your help.


Answer:Outook Express - log file problem

Try some maintenance first and see if this helps to clear it up.
Close all programs except Outlook Express, including any antivirus programs you may have running.

First in OE, Tools>Options>Maintenance, uncheck the option for: Compact messages in the background and leave it unchecked from now on.

File>Folder>Compact all Folders. Leave the computer alone until it has completed compacting.

Let us know if this resolves the problem or not.

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I am building up a new computer and I want to be able to transfer my Favorites, my Address Book entires, and a number of EMails that I have in my current computer to my new computer.

I am using IE 6.0 and OE 6.0.

I know I can save my emails on a Zip Disc or a CD as .eml files and view them that way but I want to actually transfer them from my current computer to my new computer.

Can someone let me know what I need to to in order to transfer my Favorites, my Address Book entires, and my EMails? I need pretty complete guidance such as where to find the items on my current computer and where to put the items once I get them onto my new computer.

Thanks a bunch for the assistance.

Answer:Need Internet Explorer & Outook Express Help.

go to "Documents and Settings" directory then into your User Directory and you will see the Favorites directory and then just copy your old favorites into this directory.

I hope this helps.

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I am operating on Windows 7 OS and am having difficulty with Outlook for Office 2010. It always asks for a password each time I sign on and when I open an email. For some reason it doesn't store my password.

Answer:Outook 2010 always requires password

That problem is by no means unique to Outlook 2010, it happens also on Outlook 2007 and on the version before that, and neither is it unique to Windows 7.

Try putting your POP3 server name and password into the "Credential Manager" in Control Panel. For good measure I entered my email credentials twice -- in "Windows Credentials" and in "Generic Credentials". I hardly see that pesky password prompt since doing that.

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Hi.. I have a number of Outlook pst files from different versions of Outlook and I want to be able to read and extract emails into a new .pst file for Outlook 2003 (or a number of .pst files as I have a lot of emails going back some years!). I also want to extract all contacts into a .csv file so I can transfer them into various other address books such as Outlook Express, XING etc. Anyone know of a really excellent application that will allow me to do this? Thanks Richard

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Hi. Out-of-the blue, I can't delete messages in my Microsoft Outlook 2000 inbox. If I click on delete, I get "The messaging interface has returned an unknown error. If the problem persists retsart Outlook". I am running Windows XP and have tried a System Restore and have also repaired Office 2000 using the original Office CD-ROMS without success. I'm starting to think it may be virus-related. Any ideas or feedback would be appreciated.

Answer:Cannot delete messages in Outook 2000

Can you look in the event log and see if it is generating an error code?

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I was a former Outlook 2002 or similar early version Outlook user and I upgraded to Outlook 2007 which assummed the earlier settings.

No email messages are now downloaded directly to the inbox in Outlook 2007!

Instead if I click on the Tab, Search Folders (below the Tab, Inbox) and then immediately return to the Inbox Tab, the downloaded messages will appear in the Inbox Tab.

This is entirely frustrating since I tend to view emia messages multiple times during the day.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

This is my first post...

Older Style PC with Windows XP Home, v3

Answer:Help with Outook 2007 - Download to Inbox

My first thought is "have you checked to make sure you don't have an email filter active?"

Unfortunately, i'm not near a 2007 machine to check for further solutions at the moment.

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When I get an email and there is a link like etc etc I click on it and I am given a load of garbage about contacting the Administrator, I am the administrator I built the machine.

I have been onto various sites and Forums so I am new here so I thought that I would start the thread.

specification are
Windows 7
Office 2010
2tb HDD

Answer:Can not get Outook 2010 to work with hyperlinks

Save this page to your HD using SAVE AS and create a file name with the extension HTML.

Now go to the folder where you placed it and double click on the file name.

Does it open in your browser?

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when generating an e-mail i cannot get my contacts to appear when clicking on "to" while addressing an e-mail. all contacts are present in the "contacts tab" list. i am running xp.

Answer:outook 2003 addressing problem

what do you get displayed
i click on to: and get the default offline address book and then have to change the righthand dropdown to contacts

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Take a look at this message when I try to open OE. Please help if you can.
"Outlook Express could not be started. The application was unable to open the Outlook Express message store. Your computer may be out of memory or your disk full. Contact Microsoft support for further assistance. (0x8007007E,126)"

"Outlook Express could not be started because MSOE.DLL could not be initialized. Outlook Express may not be installed correctly"


Answer:Installed SP2- Outook Express won't open

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I have two problems with Outlook. I don't connect when I click on a hyperlink in an e-mail. And no pictures are displayed.

Answer:Outook 2003 Hyperlinks Fail

If hyperlinks are not working in Outlook or other Office applications:

Start the Internet Explorer
Select Tools / Internet Options
Click on Programs tab
Make sure that Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser is enabled
Click Reset Web Settings.

Click Start / Run / regsvr32 urlmon.dll

If that single change does not resolve the problem, repeat the process by running the following additional entries:
regsvr32 Shdocvw.dll
regsvr32 Msjava.dll
regsvr32 Actxprxy.dll
regsvr32 Oleaut32.dll
regsvr32 Mshtml.dll
regsvr32 Browseui.dll
regsvr32 Shell32.dll (Windows XP and Windows 2000 only)

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Take a look at this message when I try to open OE. Please help if you can.
"Outlook Express could not be started. The application was unable to open the Outlook Express message store. Your computer may be out of memory or your disk full. Contact Microsoft support for further assistance. (0x8007007E,126)"

"Outlook Express could not be started because MSOE.DLL could not be initialized. Outlook Express may not be installed correctly"


Answer:Installed SP2- Outook Express won't open

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I created a database in Access 2007. I am a relative newbe at this. One of the functions that I am using is a macro that Microsoft supplied as part of a Contacts table/form template to add Contacts from Outlook to the Contacts table in the the database. It was working just fine until I split the database, putting the tables on a server and the front end on my local PC. After splitting, it will no longer work. I have spent hours searching the Web and found 100's for people asking the same question, but no solution. Front and back end files are all in Trusted locations. Went back to a copy of the pre-split database (which still worked) and copy the object to the new split database. Would not work in the new database. . Saw some talk about using a temp Contacts table, but it did not give enough detail for me to follow.

Anyone have any ideas


Answer:Add Contacts from Outook to Access database

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Hi There people  When trying to click on the hyperlink on an email in Outlook 2010 and I am getting this message "This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer Please contact your system administrator"  Just an afterthought I am running Windows 7 x64 Intel Quad 2.5ghz 2tb HDD 8 gb memory Office 2010 I am the sytstem admistrator as I built the machine ! ! ! ! ! !  Regards Tony 

Answer:Can not get Outook 2010 to work with hyperlinks

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uninstalled mcafee but when i right-click on something i still get a mcafee scan option?  how do i remove it? i am runnning microsoft windows 7 starter x86 32 bit thanks.  
I have already ran revo pro uninstaller and removed some registry items.  i ran the program in advanced mode and removed everything.
its basically gone but i still get a mcafee icon on the desktop every time i turn on the computer and when i right click a file it gives me a (mcafee) scan button which does nothing because the p'rograms not there...
this nuances are frustrating how do i remove them?
Thanks in advance.

Answer:McAfee won't fully uninstall? How to fully remove?

Hello and Welcome -
Please follow this item from McAfee - Fully uninstall McAfee
How to uninstall or reinstall supported McAfee products using the Consumer Products Removal tool (MCPR)
Thank You -

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i have a csv file with my contacts from old outlook. how can i import all the contacts in one go into outlook 2007? i know how to do individually but have a lot of contacts
thanks for any help

Answer:import multiple contacts into outook 2007 from csv

Read this. Although for Excel it should work for any csv file. Map custom fields is fairly important.
It would have been easier to have created a pst file of your old contacts (export as pst) and then imported that.

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I just upgraded to IE 5.5. i am now unable to send Email out of IE. Message "Could not perform this operation because the default mail client is not properly installed"

Outlook works fine. Default mail program is set to Microsoft Outlook.

Any suggestions?

Answer:IE 5.5 and Outook 2000 - Mail Client Problem

Try this; no promises:

With outlook closed. Hit Start-Run and type:

outlook.exe /regserver

Brainbench MVP for Microsoft Word

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I would like to know how to import or is it export my entire outlook email content to my desktop in a version that will last no matter what happens to the email server and access to it.
I have a mac as well as a pc. The pc has outlook on it. I do not believe I have outlook on my mac. Could someone explain step by step how I can save these emails? I want them to be saved as they are with no changes possible.
[email protected]
My mac is os x version 10.5.7 and I have a macbook. The emails are received on a server.

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Okay, this is driving me INSANE! I have OUtlook Express. Now I have version 6 because I upgraded trying to fix this problem, but no such luck.

All of a sudden, in Outlook, the preview plane is BLANK. Nothing there.....the header is there, but nothing in the Preview plane. I have to double click on a message and then Open it.


Answer:Outook Express won't display anything in the Preview Window

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I know there have been some posts going back over a year, but none of them fully solve this issue. For years, the best way to sync Outlook 2010(without corporate exchange server) to the windows phone has been to use the Google Calendar connector to get to their cloud and then onto the Windows phone. This had the advantage of doing two-way synchronization and working with the default calendar in Outlook (the existing .PST file).
Google fully discontinued this service on August 1. Microsoft does not have as simple a solution. The two options I've seen for cloud syncing are to use the Microsoft Hotmail Connector and to use Google App Sync. The Hotmail Connector does not work with the default Outlook profile which means than when an invitation is received from any email account other than hotmail/ it saves to the default calendar, and you then have to copy it to the hotmail calendar in order to sync. The Google App Sync requires a whole different profile with a migration which is an equally big headache or possibly greater. So, neither of these options work without making a lot of manual intervention.
I've been using a local sync program called CompanionLink to sync contacts, notes and tasks. It can sync the calendar but has a couple of disadvantages. 1) you need to manually sync calendar which is not good if constantly on the go and always want to have your appointments. 2) CompanionLink does not feed appointments into the native calendar so it won't appear on the loc... Read more

Answer:How to sync Outook 2010 (non-corporate) with Windows phone?

Frankly the best solution is to sign up for MS Office 365. The cheapest plan (Exchange Online) is $4 per month per user, so for $48/year, you'll get seamless sync of contacts, calendar, tasks, and if you choose, email and more, across Outlook and Windows Phone.
Not free, but works much better than Google's App Sync, the Hotmail Connector, and any of the local sync solutions, and it'll work great with any other devices you add in to sync with (since everything supports EAS).

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Hello, I was hoping someone could help me with an Outlook 2007 issue a user has been having. Last week, our exchange server was flooded by a lot of e-mails, causing our users messages they tried to send out to fail and given a Outlook delivery delayed message for each. The issue was solved but I have one user who still has a delivery delayed mail in this inbox and upon trying to open it, Outlook crashes and if you try to deleted it, you get the message:

"One or more items in the folder you synchronized do not match. To resolve the conflicts, open the items, and they try this operation again."

I was thinking this notification was in sync with the e-mail that was delayed, so I did a search and couldn't not find anything related to it. Any ideas on who to get rid of this troublesome message?

Answer:Outook 2007: Cannot delete e-mail / Crashes when you try to open


Take a look at this: OL2000: (CW) Troubleshooting Synchronization Problems

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Here is my scenario

End-user has a blackberry in which I updated the DST 2007 patch on it. On the PC side, I ran WindowsXP-KB931836-x86-ENU which updated the DST on the PC. I also ran Microsoft tzmove patch for Outlook. Both patch ran successfully. When EU enters an appointment in his blackberry at 3pm it shows up in his Outlook at 4pm. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?


Answer:Daylight Saving Time Issue - Outook/Blackberry

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Hi all. Irritating & timewasting beyond belief - even for Microsoft - is a hidden shortcut in either Outlook 2007, Office 2007 or perhaps in Windows 7. Centred apparently on the "T" key, a combination of keystrokes reduces the display size of text I type. At enormous waste of time, each occurrence can be remedied, via the View tab in Outlook 2007, then the "zoom" facility. But how do I a) locate the set up instructions for this shortcut, and b) alter or reload them?

I'm a reasonably sensitive typist: this glitch is wasting sooo much of my time. Am in the dire straights of using new Windows 7, with new Office 2007 apps, on a new laptop, a Dell Inspiron 1545.

Advice on shortcut set-up in Outlook 2007, and or in Windows 7 will be much appreciated. Thanks

Answer:Outook 2007 or Windows 7 keyboard shortcut, reducing size of display text.

Is it a laptop you are using.....if so are you sure its not the zoom function on the touch pad

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I have 3 different public folders setup in Exchange 2000. Each one is a calendar for a conference room schedule. In Outlook 2000 I click on my calendar and I want to setup a meeting in one of these conference rooms. When I choose the conference room to "invite" them I cannot see the schedule it shows no information. How can I get this to show the information stored in the public folder calendar? Thanks

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Hi all,

The laptop in question is a Toshiba Satellite A105-S4334. A few weeks ago, it got dropped right on its corner with the power plug still in it; the little metal plug of the AC adapter is now slightly crooked, and the power jack has a little chip off the plastic part of it.

Anyway, after this mishap, it worked fine for another 3, 4 weeks, and then suddenly this week, it's refusing to power up. Its battery has been shot for a while (can't hold a charge), and I've been using it with the battery out. Why the sudden refusal to boot?

I took the whole thing apart---minus the little chip, the power jack looks totally fine and cosmetically sound. Put the whole thing back together, taking care to check that plugs were snug---still no power.

Stuck in the crappy battery; booted just fine (and then shut itself down after like 2 minutes).

How likely is it that it's the power jack which is broken? And why did it take this long to crap out, if it IS broken?

A new one of those silly jacks costs over $20 on eBay, so I want to make sure that it's the jack before I just up and buy one. Of course, if it's the AC adapter that's broken, that would cost even more! Bah.


Answer:Replace the power jack or replace the adapter?

AND/OR inside the case the the jack is soldered directly to the motherboard. Is also possible that
1) It's already cracked
2) If not yet, it's gonna crack

So look to see what connection looks like between power jack and motherboard, If you feel u wanna/can re-solder yourself or the typically price to redo the whole power thing seems to run $125 parts/labor/warranty if you take it somewhere. So how much is it all worth to you?

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Dropped the phone outside, right corner chipped and spider web cracks throughout. However, there is nothing wrong with the digitizer, all information is being displayed clearly through shattered glass.

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For some reason W7 has decided to change 'Copy and Replace' with 'Move and Replace' when picking a file up with the left mouse and dragging it to another folder where an old version of the file exists.

My Excel SS is in two places: My desktop and USB which I use for backup. I would simply open the folder on the USB pick up the file on the desktop with the left mouse and drag it to the USB folder. Then I would get the message 'Copy and Replace'.. But not anymore it's become 'Move and Replace'.

I know I can 'Copy and Replace' by holding down the Ctrl key but I dont want to.

It looks like there should be a simple answer

Can anyone help? I swear I didnt change anything.

Answer:How can I 'Copy and Replace' not 'Move and Replace'.

Have you ever tried right click drag and drop ?
There will be a list option after you drop,

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[I need to know if there is a function...perhaps a Macro or Query...or a more complex 'Find & Replace'...that can accomplish the following...'cause my database is huge; & I'm hoping not to do this manually]:

I keep an Access database for my homeowners' association on the condition & conformity of 24 different exterior attributes, for about 2400 townhomes. The Board of Directors wants to move away from using the term "Grandfathered", which is distinguished by the acronym "GF" in the database column that shows conformity (labeled IAW). We use this database to generate annual architectural reports for our 10,000 residents.

Our board wants the entry "GF" replaced with a "Y"...they want the GF entry removed from the report completely; & they're serious about it.

Now...I have already created a Query that has located all the GF entries in their various columns of various records...which our Board wants me to use in an internal "in-office" database (in order to keep track of what attributes actually were grandfathered a reference for our field inspector when he inspects the townhomes).

But we also want to create an unassuming symbol on the report...perhaps an ~ or a *...something that will alert the inspector to an attribute that once was grandfathered, on his field report. [This is to be done so that he will not
be flying blind when he comes across a non-con... Read more

Answer:Find & Replace (but Replace in a different Column)

see attached. But actually getting that data back to the table, if that is what you want, is a bit trickier.

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hello all i did try to read about this before asking here, but am confused by conflicting opinions on, whether it's detrimental to your notebook (particularly the battery) to either leave it plugged in to a power source all the time ...and whether you should ever let it completely drain off in order to recharge it? (cycle it?) ...the community here has helped me more times than i can count and, i trust in the knowledge and intentions of the people here, so... i wanted to ask here, where i know the folks won't steer me wrong...

and in a related concern, i was trying to find out... is it possible to/OKAY to, operate the computer with its battery cartridge removed if one does want to keep it plugged in to a wall for extended periods of time ...would that help prevent deterioration of the battery???

and separately, i know heat is no good for laptops ...i have a dell inspiron 1525 with a li-ion battery (i believe it's type gp952) that is about 1.5 years old maybe the battery was on borrowed time anyway (?), but... it also has, without a choice, i'm afraid, overheated a few times this summer because i'm forced to stay in an attic, without any air conditioning or even a fan and, sometimes i feel like I'M going to croak, so i imagine it can't be good for the compu!

thank you all for spending your time here and lending your knowledge to the rest of us who need all the help we can get! ...god bless... *princi

Answer:notebook pcs : to fully discharge or NOT to fully discharge?! :)

Here is info on laptop batteries.
Being as the lithium ion battery only has about 5% self
discharge rate,it should be fine to leave it out for some time.
Try to charge it every 6 months or so.
Don't let it completely discharge.
Other types of batteries can have a memory effect and need
to be completely discharged periodically.
This is not the case with yours.

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We have a TON of text based INI files for our companies software deployment scripts.

We also have a TON of people who use different ways to deploy the same software. On one server alone we can have a bunch of different ways people install E.G.

msiexec.exe /quiet /norestart /i \\dfs\dfsshare\SAV\Symant~1.msi
msiexec.exe /quiet /norestart /i <qt/>\\server\share\WIN32\Symantec Client Security.msi<qt/>
msiexec.exe /quiet /norestart /i \\server\share\SAV\WIN32\Symantec Client Security.msi
msiexec.exe /quiet /norestart /i <qt/>\\dfs\dfsshare\SAV\Symantec Client Security.msi<qt/>

and so on down the line.

I LIKE the abilities of Ecobyte Replace Text 2.2 but the problem is I have to type in the whole line as it is in the file to then replace it with the new one for the new deployment.

What I want to do is have a search based on PART of the line so I can then put in Symant~1.msi and Symantec Client Security.msi and replace the ENTIRE line with a new line.

Is there any multi file utility that allows you to search for part of a text line but replace the entire text line?

Answer:Need a robust text find and replace utility - Like Ecobyte Replace Text 2.2 but not

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Ok now its been a while since my pc has not been working. Ive had it for just over a year now. One day i turned it on and it would get to the Bios splash page but it would not go any further. There were no beeps nothing. All fans run, and from what i remember hard drives would start spinning too.

I thought maybe it was a PSU problem as the PSU would have very subtle flickering sounds, almost like sparking cables. However after taking the PSU to a technician they said it was working fine. This cost me 50 AUD! What he then told me was that it may be the mobo. But before i go and send it to a proper technician and fork out X amount of money id like to get your opinion.

As i mentioned above. The pc turns on, doesnt boot past the BIOS splash screen and just stays there. There are odd noises from the PSU. Here is my setup:

ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe
AMD Athlon64 4000+
PC-3200 (2x1gb) CAS2 Corsair DDR mem
Radeon X800 GTO (Iceturbo 2)
Thermaltake 680w power supply
Maxtor 300gb Maxline III
WD Raptor 36GB
Creative Audigy 2 ZS

I have not had the guts to take anything out and test them individually. But has anyone had or heard of this problem before? What could it be about the motherboard that would also make the PSU make that noise? Is it just a safety mechanism of the PSU?


Answer:To replace or not to replace.. that is the question.

Hi and welcome to Techspot!!

Test the RAM sticks individually. One of them might be bad. You can use Memtest86 to try them out.

Also, try them in different memory slots. That sometimes helps.

Regards :wave:

BTW, Great thread title

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Log Name:      Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-Performance/Operational
Source:        Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-Performance
Date:          1/17/2017 6:19:45 AM
Event ID:      351
Task Category: Standby Performance Monitoring
Level:         Warning
Keywords:      Event Log
User:          LOCAL SERVICE
Computer:      USER-PC
This driver responded slower than expected to the resume request while servicing this device: 
     Driver File Name :
     Driver Friendly Name :
UHCI USB Miniport Driver
     Driver Version :
6.1.7601.18328 (win7sp1_gdr.131126-1436)
     Driver Total Time :
     Driver Degradation Time
: 55ms
     Incident Time (UTC) :
     Device Name :
     Device Friendly Name :
Intel(R) 82801G (ICH7 Family) USB Universal Host Controller - 27CB
     Device Total Time :
     Device Degradation Time
: 0ms
Event Xml:
<Event xmlns="">
    <Provider Name="Microsof... Read more

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My trusty pc runs great but my optical drive is starting to struggle reading and writing,  i gather it's easy enough to replace the drive but cant find anything about the drive online. what kind of drive do i need to replace it, sata etc. thanks

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An EX mate of mine ran his XP Pro CD through his system and deleted virtually everything - - -Is there any way to try and bring the computer back from its now Day 1 setup and find anything that existed -Mainly system setups etc so that I can help him get this thing back and running - I can pull the back off and find the M/B make etc if needed , but everything else is set to Generic M/soft from looking at the System Hardware panel -There is nothing in Control Panel that I can find that even lists the maker etc . .Thanks for any little bits of help -

Answer:Ran XP CD and now fully at Day 1

What do you mean by "ran his XP Pro CD through his system"? Formatted and reinstalled Windows?

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Ok so I have Windows Vista Home Basic SP1 currently and installing all my new updates right now and I have 4GB RAM and a 2.66 GHZ Quad core, intel and I have a 500GB Sata HDD but only 127GB of it are being recognized, how do I get all 500GB?

Answer:HDD not being fully used

Hello Calendk, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Could you post back a screenshot of your Disk Management window? It will help give us a better idea of what may be happening with your hard drive. You may have some unallocated space on the drive.

Thank you,

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I am posting for a friend, so I do not know many specifics of his computer.

Had 256 mb RAM, and upgraded to 1 Ghz. (new RAM is kingston and same speed as old RAM.)

After the upgrade the BIOS recognized the new RAM and went to the XP load screen with the load bar. It then goes black and does not load to the desktop.

He has put in the old RAM, put everything in different slots, and every combination, same results with all of the RAM. Even the OLD RAM.

I suggested he boot in safe mode and that worked. But he cannot get it to boot normally.

I suggested he boot from disk and that did NOT work.


Reset CMOS?

I posted this in the hardware section and I think it may actually apply better to an XP issue.

I think for arguments sake we should assume that the RAM was installed successfully and is having other issues.

Answer:Xp not fully loading

fixed. check hardware section for solution.

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I have installed bt voyager 2000 wireless modem using a network cable. I can connect to aol, but cannot open my banking pages within it. Neither can I access internet explorer without an awful long wait and even then sometimes the pages do not open. I have no idea what to do, have even tried stopping my firewall software to see if that makes a difference. I bought the wireless modem as I have a laptop that I want to use wirelessly, but if I cannot get this to work then I will go back to my usb modem, have broadband

Answer:connected but not fully

I find that if I turn off my firewall (macafee) then I can access my internet banking and any other encrypted pages, but still cannot access internet explorer or hotmail without waiting a very long time, and even then sometimes the page does not load. I really don't want to have to be connected without firewall, if I use the voyager inbuilt firewall I cannot connect to encrypted pages

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Question: fully activated

Recently i got my pc from my cousin, is that look ok?

Diagnostic Report (1.9.0027.0):
Windows Validation Data-->

Validation Code: 0
Cached Online Validation Code: 0x0
Windows Product Key: *****-*****-V9488-FGM44-2C9T3
Windows Product Key Hash: rmk1OjF0iZq7gQoRmEcpnJHr0oc=
Windows Product ID: 00426-OEM-8992662-00010
Windows Product ID Type: 2
Windows License Type: OEM SLP
Windows OS version: 6.1.7601.2.00010100.1.0.001
ID: {E56287DC-A99C-4EFD-B86C-9484A3EC0421}(1)
Is Admin: Yes
TestCab: 0x0
LegitcheckControl ActiveX: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Product Name: Windows 7 Ultimate
Architecture: 0x00000009
Build lab: 7601.win7sp1_ldr.160408-2045
TTS Error:
Validation Diagnostic:
Resolution Status: N/A

Vista WgaER Data-->
ThreatID(s): N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Version: N/A, hr = 0x80070002

Windows XP Notifications Data-->
Cached Result: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
File Exists: No
Version: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
WgaTray.exe Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
WgaLogon.dll Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002

OGA Notifications Data-->
Cached Result: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Version: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
OGAExec.exe Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
OGAAddin.dll Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002

OGA Data-->
Office Status: 109 N/A
OGA Version: N/A, 0x80070002
Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Office Diagnostics: 025D1FF3-364-80041010_025D1FF3-229-80041010_025D1FF3-230-1_025D1FF3-517-80040154_025D1FF3-237-80040154_... Read more

Answer:fully activated

Sorry to tell you this but I think that computer was activated illegally, Searching for your key on Google has over 10,000 results (should be zero) even searching SevenForums for V9488-FGM44-2C9T3 turns up 79 results.


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Need some good programs.

Answer:What do I need to protect my pc fully?

Well first off, security begins with the user & their browsing/download preferences. All of the security written cannot protect the user against theirself, as some will allow items to be opened, even if the installed security prompts a warning not to, or the user has created a huge whitelist of things to ignore or to be considered "safe".
Also, it's good to deploy adblockers (such as Adblock Plus) on the browsers, Firefox/Google Chrome/Opera has these available in their extension repository. There is a 3rd party one for IE, but it doesn't work in "Enhanced Protected Mode". NoScript is a great Firefox extension, though it does take some time to get used to. One can permanently (reversible) allow a site, or can run each on a temporary basis as needed on less frequented sites. WOT (Web Of Trust) is also a good extension to use to see reputations of sites. Generally, those in Red will be shaded upon visiting, with a warning, though if one knows 100% that it is a safe site, the user can continue to it.
Torrent software, it's also inadvisable to use these, as this provides a computer to computer (P2P) connection, along with the content that one wants, many illegal, also comes along with all sorts of malware that can do many things other than simply infect a computer. Some of these provides a direct path to all of your data, including any financial transaction information, these are forwarded to the crook whom planted the malware.
Java, unless needed, remove... Read more

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I burned some mp3s onto a CDRW and wanted to delete it so I could burn some new mp3s on it, but when I format the CD it doesn't fully erase everything (as there is still 110kb of data on it after the format) even though I perform a full format. As I can't burn any mp3s onto the CD using Windows Media if the disc is not completely empty, I was wondering whether there was something wrong with my disc or if there is another program I can use to fully format the CD.

Answer:CDs won't format fully

How are you "formatting" it? If you're using packet writing software, there is always some overhead. What CD burning software are you using?

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I'm having a major problem with my DVD-ROM drive. I put a dvd in it and try and watch the dvd, but the drive doesn't even read the dvd. I've put a music cd in the drive and it didn't read it either. I've tried finding a place to update my drivers, but i'm having a problem finding a place.. I'm not sure what kinda of drive I have. I got this computer as a gift- all it says when i check out the driver properties and that is IDE DVD-ROM 16X. I've searched that out on google and i've come across ATAPI downloads and some ASUS driver downloads as well. I DO have an asus motherboard.. Anway, whats up with my dvd-rom? Any help would be greatly appreciated, its been like this for almost half a year or more now ohh and i forgot to mention I have Windows XP professional.. just if that helps

Answer:DVD-ROM not fully functional

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My machine had been running normally and then yesterday I rebooted, but it is not coming up. It gets through the XP splash screen, mouse pointer moves, but the login screen never comes up. This happens in safe mode and normal. I tried a repair from the XP disc, but am getting the same result.
Any ideas?

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I just did a fresh pc build all new parts and is put together correct, and I put in my O/S boot disk and it goes through the loading files but when it gets to the "starting windows" and the next screen should be "license agreement" the screen just goes black. I tried the same disk in another pc and acted like i was booting from it and it went to the install perfectly. Not sure what the issue could be. If anyone has experienced this please let me know.

CPU: i7 930 bloomfield
Mobo: EVGA e758-a1 3way sli
GPU: EVGA gtx 470
CD-ROM: Lite on Blueray/Dvd-rw/dvd-rom/cd-rw/cd-w
Ram: CORSAIR XMS3 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)Hard drive: SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB
Powersupply: COOLER MASTER GX Series RS750-ACAAE3-US 750W ATX12V v2.31
Monitor: SAMSUNG EX2220X Glossy Black 21.5" 5ms LED Backlight LCD Monitor

Answer:O/S will not fully install... please help.

1) Try with 2gm of Ram.

2) If you have onboard video, remove video card.

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Question: fully buffered RAM

Hi just bought ram from eBay , & I think made a mistake buying Fully Buffered just never thought its full title : 16GB (4x4GB) DDR2 PC2-5300F 667MHz ECC Fully Buffered SERVER MEMORY RAM and my system is : Board: XFX XFX Nforce 680i Sli 1 with these items as seen here
Type DDR2
Size 6144 MBytes
Channels # Single
DRAM Frequency 333.3 MHz
CAS# Latency (CL) 5 clocks
RAS# to CAS# Delay (tRCD) 5 clocks
RAS# Precharge (tRP) 5 clocks
Cycle Time (tRAS) 15 clocks
Bank Cycle Time (tRC) 20 clocks
Command Rate (CR) 1T
Physical Memory
Memory Usage 25 %
Total Physical 6.00 GB
Available Physical 4.46 GB
Total Virtual 12 GB
Available Virtual 10 GB
Number Of SPD Modules 3
Slot #1
Type DDR2
Size 2048 MBytes
Manufacturer Unknown
Max Bandwidth PC2-6400 (400 MHz) can anyone please advise .Ken or email me .THANKS

Answer:fully buffered RAM

truckerken said:

Hi just bought ram from eBay , & I think made a mistake buying Fully Buffered just never thought its full title : 16GB (4x4GB) DDR2 PC2-5300F 667MHz ECC Fully Buffered SERVER MEMORY RAM and my system is : Board: XFX XFX Nforce 680i Sli 1 with these items as seen here
Type DDR2
Size 6144 MBytes
Channels # Single
DRAM Frequency 333.3 MHz
CAS# Latency (CL) 5 clocks
RAS# to CAS# Delay (tRCD) 5 clocks
RAS# Precharge (tRP) 5 clocks
Cycle Time (tRAS) 15 clocks
Bank Cycle Time (tRC) 20 clocks
Command Rate (CR) 1T
Physical Memory
Memory Usage 25 %
Total Physical 6.00 GB
Available Physical 4.46 GB
Total Virtual 12 GB
Available Virtual 10 GB
Number Of SPD Modules 3
Slot #1
Type DDR2
Size 2048 MBytes
Manufacturer Unknown
Max Bandwidth PC2-6400 (400 MHz) can anyone please advise .Ken or email me .THANKSClick to expand...

Get an RMA from the seller and send the RAM back. Once PayPal has been credited, purchase the correct RAM for your rig.

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Here is my post before and now with the newest detail last. Quotes and italic text is from my original thread. The text in plain font and not surrounded by quotes is from today, new info.
All the way after all this is the DDS text.

"Hey you guys, I have an odd problem, at least as far as I know it is.
Had this laptop for about 4yrs now, had to reinstall windows a few months ago. Dog chewed the CDs, so only used the first CD and some things I had to add myself. Still have volume issues, cannot fix it. But w/e, that's just a background.

I had some issues with blue screens and freezings, used a bunch of free software from Windows and other trusted places and those finally stopped.

But one issue has persisted. Windows updates and restarts sometimes all on it's own in the middle of the night. I usually leave the laptop on 24/7 now. It took too long to get going and sometimes it would not start right. Win updates rarely equal a full restart, most times I wake up and find the laptop stuck. I have the Gateway Tablet, so the blue start screen is there and the on screen touch keyboard is displayed. I have to force it off by holding the power button.

Whenever I have to restart it, forced or properly, it always fails and freezes the first time around.
It will let me on and start to load, but then it will just sit there. The apps I click never load and the Task Manager pops up, but after that, everything freezes.
I have to force it off.
Now, most of the time, after ... Read more

Answer:HELP, pc just won't fully load

New development.
Ran Malwarebytes Anti-Malware in Safe Mode, it found 5 PUP issues, net told me to ignore them. And one Trojan.Dropper that I selected to remove. It told me to restart the PC and it started up fine. That black screen with the Win and Win Pro selection is still there, ugh, but the pc loads. No idea how long this will last, I've done this before and eventually it messed up again.
How do I keep it from happening again? I have Comodo.
It has some files in Quarantine, should I select to Delete them all or just leave them?

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i have tried booting from usb cdrom after the os windows 7 ultimate 64 bit would not load anymore suddenly the start up screen of my computer was black with a massive white loading bar and windows starting. then it goes into the normal windows loading screen then to a black screen and i am able to write with my keyboard that is all i can do and i have tried booting ubuntu from the cdrom drive which starts then does the same thing. and the usb boot just gets skipped will not work i am getting rather annoyed at the moment would really like to know how to fix this asap.

Answer:no os will fully boot

Boot to ubuntu and press space bar to get menu. Type or select memtest and run it for a while.1/3 of highway deaths are caused by drunks. The rest are by people who can't drive any better than a drunk.

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Experienced neighborhood power blackout. xp pro sp 2 now boots all the way through login to user wallpaper screen and stops. No icons, start, or scripts running, just a pretty picture of sand and surf. Safe mode boot gets to login screen and when selection is made the start line tries to pop up then goes away to black screen. Is this repairable or is reload and data loss my future? Sorry, not all that computer literate either.

Answer:xp will not fully load

boot to your XP disk and follow the installation steps... when you get the choice to hit R for repair... this should get you started...

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My current problem is that Windows XP won't start in any mode (normal or safe). It runs through the Windows XP splash screen (with the black background) then almost get's to where the user list would be displayed however it doesn't quite make it. It stops on the Windows XP logo with the blue background.

The way this seemed to have happened was that I was trying to install Itunes and it kept failing because of registry permission issues. I tried fixing these permissions and it seemed to take. The install of Itunes continued to fail because quicktime (which is apparently required) would not install properly. Some issue with the Windows Installer not right. So, I followed Microsoft's advice and I changed the registry for the location of that class and rebooted. This is when the fun started.

So, any advice?

Answer:XP won't fully boot

Use system restore to go back to before you messed with the registry.
Here are the instructions for starting System Restore from the command prompt:

Start your computer by selecting Safe Mode with Command Prompt.
When the command prompt is displayed, type the following: [systemroot]\system32\restore\rstrui.exe (the system root folder is the folder to which you installed the XP operating system files, usually c:\windows).

Press Enter

Now you can follow the instructions on the screen to use System Restore

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My cpu isnt being fully used.  my cpu is i7-3612qm on my dv6t-7000 laptop. Its only utilizing 58% . Uck. Its not the power settings, which is on high power. i even went and checked the high power settings which show the plan max being 100%.  Im unsure of where else to look. i know its not throttling, on a stress test with aida it wont even go above 58. it went up to the mid 80s on windows 7. Not really sure what to do here.:/ any ides? < pic in the link 

Answer:CPU Not being fully utilized

Skittled_Brains There are several different models of the DV6 7000, some coming with Win7, others with Win8. If your model has Win8 drivers, you could try installing the chipset drivers and that would probably help performance. But, to check for drivers, I would need you to follow these directions for finding the detailed product number:  Finding Your HP Product Model Number | HP® Customer Support If it only has Win7 drivers, the problem you're up against is that Microsoft only supplies drivers with the most basic functionality, and what you really need for FULL functionality is the specialized drivers written for the specific hardware found in your HP PC -- and unfortunately, there are no HP Win10 drivers for your PC. HP only guarantees Win10 compatibility for machines made after August, 2013. HP does not have any schedule indicating when, or IF, they will be producing drivers for the older machines.This means that your PC is most likely NEVER going to be fully functional under Win10 because the drivers is needs for full functionality simply do not exist!  To restore full functionality, you would need to do a factory reset using HP Recovery Media to its original pre-installed OS. ood Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------If my posts helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol ... Read more

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I have an older celeron 800 mhz with 512 ram 80 gig HD. I am doing a clean install of xp PRo. HD is clean and formatted by windows (NTFS). I can start the install process fine but when the Install program goes to reboot and start second phase of the install the Windows screen comes on for a second and the computor reboots. I have tried a number of CDROMS, changed the RAM and I cannot get windows to start second phase of the install.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Answer:xp won't fully install help please

What type of hard drive? Is this the same hard drive that you have been using in this computer or a new one? What brand name of hard drive? How are the jumpers set on the drive (if IDE)? Where on the ribbon cable is this drive (if IDE)? Are you using an 80 connector cable (if IDE)?

I would go to the drive manufacturer's utility (website of manufacturer) and download their utility and use that to prepare the drive for format and install.

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Please can some one help me my pc was working fine last night when I went to go on it this evening it would not boot fully so I tried to boot it in safe mode and all the other modes avalible but it would not work.
I pressed F10 to reset but that failed as well I am running windows xp it never came with a recovery disc when i first bought my computer.
Please can someone help me!

Answer:Help my pc will not re-boot fully!

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Good Evening and thank you for helping me:

Here is my issue: I switched from AVG antivirus free home edition to Avast. When I uninstalled the AVG it did not remove the toolbar. I have disabled the toolbar but it seems as if it's still active. I have yahoo DSL for internet service with a yahoo toolbar. My internet explorer will sometimes default to avg instead of yahoo while surfing the internet.

When I try to launch my AOL, I?ll get a message stating that AOL has detected a firewall and I?ll have to retry it a few times before it will connect.

I checked my windows firewall settings and this is what I see. In the windows firewall_exceptions tab programs and services: There is a box with this verbiage; "Windows firewall is blocking incoming network connections except for the programs and services selected below" these AVGs are in the list along with my other programs. Avast is not in the list. (Shouldn?t this say avast now?)

AVG installer
AVG installer

When I look at internet options_general tab_change search default settings_search providers, I see this list:

Aol search, Status tab: Default, Listing order tab: 1, Search Suggestions tab: not available
Bing, Status tab: blank, Listing order tab: 2, Search suggestions tab: disabled
Viewpoint search, Status tab: blank, Listing order tab: 3, Search suggestions tab: not available
AVG secure search, Status tab: blank, Listing order tab: 4, Search suggestions tab: ... Read more

Answer:AVG not fully removed

Have you tried using the AVG removal tool?

It will remove all vestiges of AVG from your system. If after that you still think you are infected with virus and/or malware you should post in the malware section and they can interpret your logs for evidence of infestation/s. Those gals and guys are malware fighting brains!

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Question: Won't fully start

Please help.  My compaq computer (XP Home) will not fully boot up.  When I turn it on, it will get to the Windows XP start up page, but before going any further the computer restarts.  If left alone, this cycle will repeat over and over.  I have not had any success starting in safe mode.Two recent changes to the computer - Installing McAfee Internet Security Suite, a number of updates downloaded (finally got highspeed internet at home.)

Answer:Won't fully start

Did the problem begin before or after you install McAfee & the updates / backed up all your stuff / got a shiny windows CD / tried Last Known Good Configuration?Alan <>< 

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I have a feeling that when i start my computer, its not fulling finishing loading the programs in windows.. It can be slow physically, but mostly I notice that when in task manager, under processes, it doesnt even show the username.

I've noticed it before when a program would lock up at the begining and hold the rest of em up somehow... But I went into msconfig and unchecked everything, then rechecked what I knew was needed..

Its still doing that...

I also read once upon a time that norton antivirus has troubles starting when there is Creative software loading, so I go rid of the creative stuff.. Nothing different happened so I get rid of NAV (I got a new copy from the store, anyways)...
Just trying to figure it out.. I can still get on and do everything normal, but its just bugging me..


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Hey there
I got a single question before I decide to upgrade to 7: will I be able to run all applications that work in xp, and will they run at least as fast as they did in xp?
(and by "all applications" I mean homebrew stuff that didn't even work under vista, explorer shell extensions, etc..)
Thanks in advance

Answer:Is 7 fully compatible with xp?

Chances are they will, but then again, you may run into the occasional program that may not... why not setup a dual boot configuration to cover all of your bases though??

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My friend just bought a 250 gb HD and Win 2k isent reading all of it, is there anyway to get it to show the rest up?Please and Thank you!

Answer:How to get Win 2k to show fully a 250 gb HD

We need a little bit more data/info.....if you can supply it.

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bought 250GB HD WD250. Bios recognizes it as 250GB but in windows disk defragmenter it shows 128GB. Is it really giving me my 250GB and its just a display probelm? or is there a way to fix?

Answer:not recognize HD fully?

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i have a problem with some of my programs, i try to uninstall them but there is an error message like cannot open log file./ or cannot read from disk.I also have a problem with internet explorer which just suddenly closes without warning.

Answer:cannot fully uninstall

Repair Internet Explorer click here

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I had some issues with standby and my monitor not posting and video, but new ATi drivers fixed that. However I needed to reformat for some other issues and now standby no longer works.

When I hit the sleep button the monitor shuts down, the fans still are running, I can hear the HDD going every once in awhile. Previously standby shut everything down and my power light would blink. I'm not getting that.

When I hit any key or move my mouse the screen pops on, and I am at the logon screen for windows. Not sure why since there is only one account. When it worked previously there was no login screen, it went straight to my desktop. Also the mouse can now resume the computer. It was not able to do this when standby was working before that reformat. Maybe that is the issue?

Anyone have suggestions, because I really want to save some power while I'm at work and sleeping and I don't want to fully shut the PC off. My hardware is in my sig.

Answer:PC not fully going into standby?

Check and make sure your power settings are on low or balanced. Start > Control Panel > System and Maintenance > Power Options.

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a friend of mine asked me to upgrade his memory because he had too less. He bought his Acer computer about two month ago.
It has an Asus P4V8X-MX Motherboard with two slots. In the first slot he had 256 MB of DDR RAM 400, the second was empty. But the system showed up with only 195 MB of RAM. So I bought two new sticks, each 256 MB of DDR RAM 400 (Kingston) as in the manual recommended. But now it only recognize 442MB of RAM!
What's the problem?

CPU Intel Celeron 2.66 GHz

Answer:RAM not fully recognized

this motherboard has onboard video doesnt it? There is where the 64Mb of ram is going

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'C:\Windows\speech\speech.dll'Naturally speaking cannot be installed ??? any sugestions Many thanks C De Roose

Answer:cannot install fully

Is the version of Naturally Speaking Vista Compatable, by the way Vista has Speech Recognition included.....

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My friend just bought a 250 gb HD and Win 2k isent reading all of it, is there anyway to get it to show the rest up? Please and Thank you!

Answer:How to get Win 2k to show fully a 250 gb HD

Need a bit more info,as we do.......on mobo/ram/etc

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Alright, so my HDD isn't giving the full space that it should.Name: Seagate Barracuda 7200.8Size: 250GbModel: ST3250823AS/N 3ND0JGNBFirmware: 3.02Ok, all good so far.Problem: I'm only getting 127Gb space from it. I have no idea why.Please help.Sincerely, Phallan

Answer:HDD not fully working.

Assuming you have Windows XP... (You gave us very little info)Right click on My Computer, then click Manage. From there click on Disk Management to show you a graphical representation of your physical disks. Find the drive in question and verify that the drive is partitioned completely.

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This is the first amd sys. I put together. i keep getting a missing or corrupt files message. Ive tried differnt dvds, different hds(sata,raid,ide). Ive tried booting from a usb. sys. inf- amd 3.5ghz 6core cpu, on a gigabyte 78lmt-usb3 board, corsair 1666+ 3x2 ram, 750watt pwr spply,80gig ide hd/160gig hitachi sata hd

Answer:I cant get win 7 ult. to fully install

Well then you are running out of things it can be. Have you tested the ram modules or removed one and tried to load windows??To err is human but to really screw things up, you need a computer!message edited by HopperRox

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I have a VPN firewall setup, but when I connect to the VPN, I can get an IP address but I am unable to connect to other computers on the network (ie. a file share on a server). I have tried by the IP of the server and by the hostname. I can get to the router using the "internal" address though, which I found strange.

The setup is as follows:

Local network: 192.168.x.x
VPN network: 10.x.x.x

I don't have any special "routing" going on between the VPN "VLAN" and the rest of the network - is that something I need to do? I was under the impression that the router would take care of that automatically.

Answer:VPN not fully functional

So the 10 and 192 devices are all on the same layer 2 network (VLAN)?

If they are, is the default gateway for the 192 devices the same as the VPN firewall?

If all of the above are yes, have you confirmed any of the 192 hosts are actually receiving any comms from the 10 VPN client by sniffing the traffic at the host?

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Hi, I have recently found this problem on my PC. Once I try to turn it on, the PC's LED doesn't light up and my CPU and GPU fans are running but my pc is not on and not showing on my monitor. It is a new PC and I don't know what the problem might be. Only people that are 100% of the problem reply please, thank you a lot for your support.

Note: Is it bad for my computer to be turned off from the on and off button that is located at the back of my PC?

Specs: Windows 10
AMD r9 390 GPU
i7 4790k
16gb ram
650 watts PSU (Corsair)

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Hi There  please help went to turn it on today screen lights up black background with Dell logo and timer circle just keeps whirring round and  round almost two hours now. sounds like all internal security live but that it.
please can you provide solution

Answer:XPS 12 will not turn on Fully

Have you run the onboard diagnostics of the computer to check if the hardware components of the computer is working fine? Since that when the computer is stuck on the Dell Logo it could be a No POST Issue.
**To run the Diagnostic test > Turn off the computer > Fn + Power Button or Power on the computer then continuously tap on the F12 key until you see a different screen > Look for Diagnostics > Highlight it and press enter.

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Hello, I have a Compaq Presario CQ56 with Windows 7. I ran Microsoft Security Essentials, went to work, came home and the computer is on the home screen (?) and flashes a quick black screen. The longer the computer is on, the shorter the flashing screen intervals are.
I have tried F keys and am only able to bring up Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking and SafeMode with CMD, but NONE of these work and the computer does the same loop once loaded.
I have tried accessing all F keys and none bring up a BIOS or Sys. Recovery. I Have tried removing the battery and power and holding the power button.
ANY help/suggestion will be greatly appreciated. I have to complete some coursework and need the computer asap.

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I have just installed Win XP Pro onto a PC that succesfully runs Win 2000. Now, firstly, I have played around with XP in the past and not had a problem using this very same PC. The specs are:

Athlon Barton XP 2500
512mb DDR RAM (sorry I foget the actual speed)
128mb Nvidia GeForce4 MX 4000
Seagate 80gb IDE hard disk
Gigabyte 7VAXP-A Ultra motherboard

XP runs great until it is time to shut down. It goes well with no error messages. However, once the monitor powers down the hard drive is still whirring away. I've tried leaving it for a couple of hours but it still did not power down properly. As I mentioned before, Win 2000 and XP have not done this before. Now the strange bit. If I move the mouse - a Logitech cordless optical mouse - the drive will then properly shut down I have seen this happen before but it was a long itme ago using an old 6gb drive with Win 2000. I seem to recall I changed a registry setting and it sorted the problem out that time. Trouble is I cannot remember what that setting was.

So, finally, the main question. Does anybody know the whereabouts of the registry power down settings for Win XP Pro?

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HiI can't seem to get rid of repairs303169536.dll which is part of surfsidekick3 (i think). I have gone through the nine steps before posting, and the step by step guide to removing surfsidekick 3 and VCClient. The latter went fine apart from hijackthis could not delete repairs303169536.dll - it gave this output:An unexpected error has occurred at procedure: modBackup_MakeBackup(sItem=O20 - AppInit_DLLs: repairs303169536.dll)Error #5 - Invalid procedure call or argumentPlease email me at [email protected], reporting the following:* What you were trying to fix when the error occurred, if applicable* How you can reproduce the error* A complete HijackThis scan log, if possibleWindows version: Windows NT 5.01.2600MSIE version: 6.0.2900.2180HijackThis version: 1.99.1This message has been copied to your clipboard.Click OK to continue the rest of the scan.I tried letting hijackthis to delete it upon reboot several times but that didn't work.Here is my hijackthis log:Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1Scan saved at 20:39:50, on 15/03/2006Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)Running processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\csrss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System3... Read more

Answer:Help Getting Fully Rid Of Surfsidekick 3

Hello Mol10 and welcome to the BC HijackThis forum. Let's try Killboxing the file and thenrunning an Ewido scan. Please print these directions and then proceed with the following.Download Pocket Killbox and unzip it to your desktop.Double-click on KillBox.exe.Click "Delete on Reboot".Paste the line below into the top "Full Path of File to Delete" box.C:\WINDOWS\System32\repairs303169536.dllIf not greyed out click the checkbox for Unregister .dll Before DeletingClick the "Delete File" button which looks like a stop sign.Click "Yes" at the Delete on Reboot prompt.Click "Yes" at the Delete next Reboot prompt.If you get a "PendingFileRenameOperations Registry Data has been Removed by External Process!" message then just restart manually.Now, download and install the trial version of the ewido security suite. Update the program and then close it. Do not run it yet.Start in Safe Mode Using the F8 method:Restart the computer.As soon as the BIOS is loaded begin tapping the F8 key until the boot menu appears.Use the arrow keys to select the Safe Mode menu item.Press the Enter key.Start ewido and do the following:Click on the Scanner button.Click on the Complete System Scan.If anything is found you will be prompted to clean the first infected file found. Choose Clean and put a checkmark in the checkbox for Perform action on all infections and click the Ok button to continue the scan.When the scan is complete... Read more

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I got some stupid program, surfsidekick 3 on my computer, then thought that i had removed it but i'm still getting heaps of annoying popups that will not go away and are slowing down my computer...if anyone knows how to help i will grateful

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 9:54:23 PM, on 29/04/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveUpdate\ALUSchedulerSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\ewido anti-malware\ewidoctrl.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton AntiVirus\navapsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton AntiVirus\IWP\NPFMntor.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SNDSrvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SPBBC\SPBBCSvc.exe
C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost... Read more

Answer:Cannot Fully Remove Ssk

Hello,It looks like you already fixed some entries yourself.... However, fixing in hijackthis doesn't delete files.. so not sure what is still present here.Perform next steps in the right order:* Download Brute Force Uninstaller.Unzip it to a folder of it?s own (c:\BFU).Read here how to unzip/extract properly: the Brute Force Uninstaller by doubleclicking BFU.exeNext to the 'scriptfile to execute'-window you'll see a little icon as shown in next picture: When you click that icon, a little window will open that says: 'Please enter the full URL to the sript you want to execute'In the field, copy and paste next URL: Ok. Then click execute in Brute Force Uninstaller.Extra note:If nothing happens after pressing the Execute button, this means that the script didn't download. In that case, download the script ( alcanshorty.bfu ) manually from above url ( rightclick on it and choose 'save as' and save it in your BFU-folder). Then start BFU.exe again and click the browse button next to the 'scriptfile to execute'-windowBrowse to the script you downloaded and Click Ok and Execute in Brute Force Uninstaller.Wait for the complete script execution box to popup and press OK.Press exit to terminate the BFU program.Please download Look2Me-Destroyer.exe to your desktop.Close all windows before continuing.Double-click Look2Me-Destroyer.exe to run it.Put a check next to Run th... Read more

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HiI will shortly be leaving AOL due to their poor service lately.I've heard and read many discussions regarding removing AOL and many say its a nightmare to fully get rid of AOL off your PC. I don't really wanna reformat my PC so is it possible to get rid of it all easily??Thanks in advance.

Answer:How do I fully Remove AOL?

click here

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I have installed a second 320GB HD on my computer, (the first, C drive is 80 GB).
The jumpers / cables and power supply are OK. BIOS detects this HD as 136 GB only. When i goto 'my computer' - this drive is shown as a DVD-RAM drive E. drive D is shown as the CD drive
When i goto properities in the C drive, under the 'hardware' tab, i can see this new drive listed at approx the corect size - 305 GB.
My motherboard is Ecs Elitegroup. I updated the BIOS with no change.

Please help.

Answer:HD not fully detected

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