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Emailing a form from a website.

Question: Emailing a form from a website.


I need to find out how to set up an online query or enquirey form (i have this already made in html), then, the part i cant do - when the "send" button is pressed, the info that was entered into the form needs to be emailed to my adress, and not displayed onto the website. so if anyone knows how to do this it would be a great help.

I dont know much HTML and dont know any other coding although it doesnt have to be just html.


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Preferred Solution: Emailing a form from a website.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I've tried to set up quite a detailed FORM on the site below. It is important to have this amount of detail on the FORM which is located in the "Contact Us" page.I'm using Dreamweaver MX and have managed to get the first 3 entry lines to be sent by email. These are First Name - Last Name - and Address.I'm not an HTML techie and dont understand code at all. I'd hoped that Dreamweaver would be idiot proof and allow this to all work for me without me having to get clever. Best laid plans etc.There is a "mailtemp.txt" file which is synch'd both on the rremote and local servers (hence the email actually arriving) but I cannot get the entire FORM to submit.Any thoughts or advice greatly here Entry pageclick here page where FORM is located.Cheers folksPaul

Answer:Advice re FORM/Emailing

First - give your pages titles!!! untitled page at the top of the browser looks awful.Emails. Form page has first 3 fields named - Name, address etc.the rest are textfield3, textfield4 etc.These names must be on the mailtemp.txt file also. Are they?

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1015 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) 82865G Graphics Controller, 96 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 38154 MB, Free - 24078 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 090Ch
Antivirus: Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Updated: No, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled
this is my first request with you guys, hope im getting it right,

I work for a delivery company and we got a new client that would like a simple request form with all of their clients prepopulated
in the form and a simple way to email it. I used adobe acrobat and got a nice form. everything works except when we email it all I get on my end is a blank form with no information and the format has changed to *.fdf. I made the form on my imac at home and the computers at work only have the free version of adobe reader. everything is great until its emaied. So now im doing one in html and its good but im still having trouble with the email part. they can fill the form out on their end but cant get it to attach with one click of the submit button and it also comes blank. So now im thinking maybe if I can just have them print it to my printer but we are not on the same network. Any suggestion on a simple fix with any of this. I just n... Read more

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Hi All

I have run across two minor problems.

1. My form will not fill the whole screen, just about but not quite. I can drag it to the top of the screen and it fits good, otherwise it leaves about a 7 mm gap between the top of my form and the top of the screen.
I have Auto redraw set to true. my height is set at 9000 and the width is set at 12000. I would like it to fill the whole screen.

2. I had my faxing problem solved, but my friend got a new computer and is now running Win.XP with office XP and I can't get it to email directly from vb. It goes to outlook and I have to send it from there.

Like always any suggestions as how to fix these minor problems are greatly appreciated.


Answer:Form size & Emailing

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Hi. Ive got a very simple two field form on my contact page which I want to have sent to me when the website user clicks submit. I know this is always a mine-field, getting cgi scripts to work etc etc. I'm currently struggling with matts script archive's send mail but getting the notrorious "CGI ErrorThe specified CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete set of HTTP headers."Anyone know of an easier way, or an extension for Dreamweaver to simply do this? Or otherwise what I should check is wrong with my sendmail script?

Answer:Webpage emailing form

There are several Dreamweaver extensions that offer email handling [of a sort] that I know of. Examples are NeXTensio2 combined with PHAkt2 which rely on using server behaviours [PHP, ASP, ColdFusion etc] while others are basic, pre-built PHP forms. A quick search on the Macromedia Exchange for the word email in the Dreamweaver section will return a few possibilities. Most of them cost though.To get your FormMail script to work properly at a basic level you need to include these fields in your form:<form name="form1" method="post" action="/cgi-bin/"> <input type="hidden" name="subject" value="Title of the email subject" /> <input type="hidden" name="redirect" value="Full URL including http of the 'thank you for contacting us' page" /> <input type="hidden" name="recipient" value="email address of the recipient" />The first section is obviously the location of the script on your web server. The second assigns a subject to all emails sent from the form, the thrid redirects people who submit the form to a 'Thank you' page and the fourth should contain the email address of the person to receive the emails.The script itself needs minimal adjustments in most cases for basic operation. Make sure the first line in the FormMail script is correct - get this information from your web host:#!/usr/bin/perl The next uncommented line is the address of your email program script on the server - again, get this information from your web host, but i... Read more

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Am I missing something really simple here,I have been advised to use this service, click here by the CAB and am looking at the new client form, at the bottom of the page.Now it says download and complete it and return it to us by post or e-mail for a written reply. How do I fill this form in and then email it, i have downloaded the form but don't see how I can fill it in without printing it out first. I suppose I could then scan the completed form back to the PC and email it that way.Again if I seem to be missing something simple here.

Answer:Completing a form and emailing it problem.

Open the Document(pdf)Ctrl+A (select all Ctrl+C (copy)open wordCtrl+V (paste)fill in save as Open e-mail attach doc.

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often i have the need to send an email from the "contact us" location at a web site on line bank for example. when i type the message all i get are unrecognizable figures..such as __l_l____l (as best as i can describe).

Answer:emailing from website

sorry ..forgot to mention ...running winxp w/sp2 and microsoft spyware.

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When I email a photo or photos a whole bunch of other images from viewed websites seems to go along with the photo I sent. How does this happen and how do I stop it. At the bottom of the photo a bar appears with every image that has been viewed on any website that I have visited. It also happens if someone sends me a photo,but does not have their website viewing but mine

Answer:Emailing Photo problems with attached website imag

Looks as if you have been hit with Malware of some sort. You should run SuperAntiSpyware as a precaution.

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I used to be able to right click on an image in a website and then select the Email Picture option in the dialogue box but no longer can I do this for some reason

I do get the message advising me that a website wants to open web content using the program on my computer. I select the allow button but Outlook fails to open. Even if I leave Outlook open it will not work

If I select a photo on my hard drive through Window Explorer and right click it outlook opens fine and the picture is in the email..

Any ideas why I am not longer to select a photo at a website and use email picture open to open outlook using email picture option ?

Answer:Emailing website image using Email Picture command in context menu

What browser are you using?

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Hi, I am currently designing a website using coolpage html editor. I want to put a form on my site enabling customers to order nametapes from our company. Can anyone tell me how to start?

Answer:Creating a form on my website

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HiTrying to avoid spamming, I want a form that visitors can complete with a free text box, their name etc and press submit to email me.Ive scoured the postings but still stuck - my site is created in DW MX and Im using easygen to make it dynamic.Is there a piece of PHP code or similar available for pasting in to my site?Cheers Steve

Answer:Email form on website

There are loads around.Heres one click herenot used it as I write my own!

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I've been asked to resolve problem with website form at click hereThe form on the contact us page no longer seems to work, the page that it points to once form has sent appears on smart ftp as being on server but can't seem to find itPlease help!!!!

Answer:website form problem

The page (sendemail.php) is on the server but won't open. It's possible that php is not running on the server, or is not working for some reason. I suggest that you check with the host.

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I am trying to build a search form for my website. I only want it to search the pages that are within my site, not anything outside of it. Does anyone have a clue how to do this???


Answer:Search Form for Website

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Hi there

Just wondering if there are any experts out there on this.

I have a 'contact us' form on one of my webistes -

I had someone send me a message using this form, but they used a fake email when they filled it out.

This message I believe is from someone that is very close to crossing the line for stalking, but because they sent it through this form I cannot say for sure that it was them that sent it.

The message was very threatening - both in threatening to ruin my business as well as threatening bodily harm.

So I am trying to see if there is any way of being able to trace who sent the message through this form.

Is there anyone that has any knowledge on this that could help me with this please.


Answer:Can you trace who used a php form on a website?

I personally know of 2 ways to trace it , one i'm positive will work of the second not as much
1. a court order obtained from your local prosecutor
2. a hacker

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I need a contact form on my website, that will send to my email address what the visitor enter in the form fields. The problem is that I can't run any php scripts.. is there a way to use some html form?

Answer:Help with contact form for my website

After searches, I found a site that offers remotely hosted contact forms, EmailMe Form™ - HTML Forms, a simple way to receive email from your website . Basically, I paste the html code in my website, and it calls the php script on their server who sends the email.

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Hi All,I have a website form that has been created with Dreamweaver which includes a number of compulsory fields. These have all been validated and includes one which requires a number to be entered. With the exception of the number field all fields work OK and the form can be submitted successfully to an e-mail address.The problem I have is that the number field, which is set to a maximum of 4 digits, allows text to be entered as well as numbers. I can't find a way to prevent this. Can anyone help?CheersKenHow

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Hi, I was wondering how or where I can get a code to put an application on my website, and get it emailed to me. Thanks.


Answer:Hot to add a form/application to website

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I'm looking to create a form on a website with some multiple choice questions and some name and address details which I want to be submitted to me via email.Is this just a case of writing some HTML to do this, or do you have to have a database behind it?Any good webpages with instrctions and maybe some code I can copy?

Answer:Creating a form on a website

With respect, try the Web Design forum.

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Hi can anyone help me, I've been trying to do a order form in word 2002 so that customers can download this orderform from my site and email me it along with an image they choose to be used as reference for a portrait painting.The problem I'm having, the form looks great and has everything I need on but I can't seem to get it to be user editable so people can tick certain boxes, I have the boxes on the form but when I try and click as a customer would it just turns the whole of that field highlighted and doesn't put a dot in the tickable box. What am I doing wrong and does anyone know a way to do this. I think I've only got it a readable file and don't know how to unlock it to allow editing in the places that need it.Your hopefullyPhilip

Answer:Creating a Order form for my website

I think you need to go to FILE > SAVE AS WEB PAGE, then upload the web page to your website and see if it works.Charence

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Problem creating a website form.I created a form on my website which works fine except that it sends the resulting email to the Outbox in Outlook Express and pops-up a sequence of two security warnings. Please can someone tell me how to send the form straight to the recipient from the website (by-passing OE) and how to stop the two pop-up warnings? The form is of the type: form name=?form? method=?post? action=?mailto:[email protected]?SUBJECT=Brochure Request? enctype=?text/plain?>RegardsAwestruck

Answer:Problem creating a website form.

Sorry - can't help with that one, but you may get a better respons if you post to the web design forum. Cheers :-)

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I am trying to put a simple order form on my website. I have the table with item name, price, quantity field set up in Excel but I am having problems making it functional in Frontpage. I can save the Excel file as an HTML but people who don't have Excel can only view and not interact with the table. The only other way it seems is to manually put each line into the form (but there are a lot of items). Is there a way to use Access and then couple it with Frontpage?
Thanks for any help.

Answer:Excel Order Form to Website

salenbailey said:

I am trying to put a simple order form on my website. I have the table with item name, price, quantity field set up in Excel but I am having problems making it functional in Frontpage. I can save the Excel file as an HTML but people who don't have Excel can only view and not interact with the table. The only other way it seems is to manually put each line into the form (but there are a lot of items). Is there a way to use Access and then couple it with Frontpage?
.Click to expand...

Hi and welcome to the forum...

Why not just use a simple HTML form ?
YOu already know that using Excel not everybody is going to be able to use your form. And as for the Access bit. I would say no. You can download many simple HTML forms from the net which are customisable..

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Problem creating a website form. I created a form on my website which works fine except that it sends the resulting email to the Outbox in Outlook Express and pops-up a sequence of two security warnings. Please can someone tell me how to send the form straight to the recipient from the website (by-passing OE) and how to stop the two pop-up warnings? The form is of the type: form name=?form? method=?post? action=?mailto:[email protected]?SUBJECT=Brochure Request? enctype=?text/plain?> Regards Awestruck

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In sending an email to an [email protected] address we can insert an attachment, picture or text. Is it possible to put an attachment into a website contact form? There is no obvious provision for an attachment.

Answer:Put an attachment onto a website contact form

I'm sure you can do it. I am not entierly sure how to do it but use

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how can you make a website login for like the one on pca with the email address and the password....i no how to make the fields but am a bit confused on how u send it to what server/computer and howi want to make a website with a login screen can anyone point me in the rite direction?

Answer:How do you make a website login form

web design forum?johnny

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I have some webspace with a hosting company for one site built using frontpage and using a form to send results back to my email with results of customers orders, this works fine. I wanted another site to make paypal payment pages for a flash site I have so again I bought a domain name and used the add on domain feature at my web hosting company, I designed a front index page and individual payment pages that are going to be linked to my flash site. Right now for the problem for some reason when I tried to test it and filled out the order form and click submit it flashes on a username and password box up. I don't know why this is, has completly baffled me and my hosting company. Anyone have any ideas why this would happen, the form on my other site as I say done the exact same way works ok. Phil

Answer:Problem with Frontpage form on my new website

is it the standard Windows server challenge - the type you see when you want to logon to a network?You'll need to explain your system in more detail. As I understand it you have a site that's entirely Flash, and you want to send customer's payments from it to your PayPal account, is that right? For some reason you've bought a special domain name and set up yet another site to do this - why have you done that?It sounds to me as if the form is submitting itself to a different server directory - one on which you don't have write permissions, so the server is issuing what we used to call an NT challenge, the type you get when you logon to a network workgroup.Perhaps if you could give me a step-by-step explanation I'll be able to sort this out for you.

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Im trying to submit a form without having to click things?

The form is something like;

HTML Code:
<table class="alertwarning" cellspacing="3" width="100%"> <tr> <td><label for="findLocationControl_tristateLocationControl_locationAmbiguous_SelectOptionDropDown" id="findLocationControl_tristateLocationControl_locationAmbiguous_labelPossibleLocations" class="txtseven">Select from possible options for <b>"ts254pd/"</b></label></td> </tr> <tr> <td align="left"><select name="findLocationControl$tristateLocationControl$locationAmbiguous$SelectOptionDropDown" id="findLocationControl_tristateLocationControl_locationAmbiguous_SelectOptionDropDown" style="width:450px"> <option selected="selected" value="unrefined">---- Please select from the following options ----</option> <option value="0">1 Darwin Grove, Hartlepool, TS254PD</option> <option value="1">2 Darwin Grove, Hartlepool, TS254PD</option> <option value="2">3 Darwin Grove, Hartlepool, TS254PD</option> <option value="3">4 Darwin Grove, Hartlepool, TS254PD</option> <option value="4">5 Darwin Grove, Hartlepool, TS254PD</option> <option value=&... Read more

Answer:Does anyone know how to submit a form on aspx website?

Clicking is the way we normally initiate a process. Other ways are automatically at start-up or using Task Scheduler. How do you want to submit it? Also, what's the difference between a "form" and a "send form"?

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I want to download qbasic from this website but I cant tell me how to do that and from where?

Answer:Where to dwonload qbasic form this website?

Did you try using google?, there's no way you're John Cena. He's smart enough to know how to do a web search. And he wouldn't be posting in the XP forum if he was running Vista.

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So a couple days ago my desktop started acting weird, wouldn't respond to my key presses as much and then after about ten minutes of firefox use I could no longer click or type in forms (Such as the address bar) and I have to restart firefox. Now I see that the computer only goes to some sites but not many, not even google. I have to post this on my laptop it has gotten so bad. I have ran scanners that removed several items but still no good. Here is my log. Thanks for any help!Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 7:48:44 PM, on 7/17/2008Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.20733)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:E:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeE:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeE:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeE:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeE:\WINDOWS\system32\Ati2evxx.exeE:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeE:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeE:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware 2007\aawservice.exeE:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeE:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exeE:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exeE:\Program Files\Webroot\Spy Sweeper\SpySweeper.exeE:\Program Files\iPod\bin\iPodService.exeE:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeE:\WINDOWS&... Read more

Answer:Odd Form Problems And Website Issues

Hello kdin200x and welcome to BC. Let's see what we can find. Follow the steps below in order:Before running a new scan let's clean out the temporary folders. Download ATF Cleaner to your Desktop.Double-click ATF-Cleaner.exe to run the program.Click Select All found at the bottom of the list.Click the Empty Selected button.If you use Firefox browser, do this also:Click Firefox at the top and choose Select All from the list.Click the Empty Selected button.NOTE : If you would like to keep your saved passwords, please click No at the prompt.If you use Opera browser, do this also:Click Opera at the top and choose Select All from the list.NOTE : If you would like to keep your saved passwords, please click No at the prompt.Close ALL Internet browsers (very important).Click the Empty Selected button.Click Exit on the Main menu to close the program.Now download OTScanIt from here or here to your Desktop and double-click on it to extract the files. It will create a folder named OTScanIt on your desktop.Note: You must be logged on to the system with an account that has Administrator privileges to run this program.Close ALL OTHER PROGRAMS.Open the OTScanIt folder and double-click on OTScanIt.exe to start the program (if you are running on Vista then right-click the program and choose Run as Administrator).
In the Drivers section click on Non-Microsoft.Under Additional Scans click the checkboxes in front of the following items to select them:Reg - BotCheck
File - Additional Fold... Read more

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Having a fairly simple website for work containing a contact form, with the proliferation of mobiles and increasing views on our site, I've designed a simple contact form for mobile users and am asking for opinions on usability from other mobile devices, I've used my galaxy tab but don't have access to numerous other mobiles.
The form is here
the rest of the mobile site is this one
I am aware the reest of the site doesn't yet point to the reminder form , I want opinions before it goes live.

Answer:Mobile website Contact form

don't know what happened to the links there
links are

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If you know about security in website and computer then tell me how to secure Website from Malware Attack. And what is the role of Google Webmaster in security purpose?

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I would appreciate it very much if someone could recommend a program to me that will send a fax automatically after someone fills out a form/makes selections on my site.

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Hi all.

I am using WebEasy Professional 6 to design my website. I have inserted a form on my 'contact us' where clients can submit comments, however these comments display in html format when I view it in my inbox (Microsoft Outlook). Does anyone have any suggestions to correct this? Thanks!

Answer:Form on website displaying comments in html

Greetings, BexBomb.

Sounds like you've got something missing, most likely a bracket. Look for code similar to this:

<form>yada yada</form

Notice the missing > after the second "form".

If you can't find the culprit, post the address and I'll take a look at it, or you can validate the page at which should show any HTML mistakes on the page.

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Hey guys - got an issue I'm totally stumped with:

I have a customer I support on Office 365 and have done for the last 6-8 months. Their website is less than spectacular but does include a booking form for enquires (car rental company)

I have no control over the website but am talking to the guy who has access to the site and domain panel for the company.

From my understanding, when a customer fills in the form and clicks submit, the web server hosting the site and form sends out a confirmation email to the customer and to the [email protected] email address for the company - for this to work the domain has to allow both the website and the office 365 email address to send emails - to allow this to work, this needs an TXT/SPF record allowing both servers to send email using the domain (please correct me if this is wrong!)

We had the same issue a few months ago, in the end we created an SPF/TXT record that combined the webserver and the 365 exchange server, it took a few hours to finalize but it did seem to resolve the issue.

For some reason in the last few days, the form has stopped working again, the customer doesn't receive a confirmation email, nor does the [email protected] address - the only thing I can thing of is that the domain is not allowing the webserver to send email or something to that nature.

I have submitted test bookings which have gone nowhere and had no response to any address, however if I just send emails to the [email pro... Read more

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I have this online form of sorts that has a bunch of Site names in the first column and then a box next to it that needs the site code that matches the name. I have the master list in Excel which is a good 1000 sites with their codes. Is there any software that will look at the text then search a list and plug in the number or is that only possible with some kind of cgi or sql thing.

Answer:Website form filler, not for passwords and stuff

I don't know of any software that will do this for you, but it may be possible to write an Excel macro to do it??

You'd have to elaborate on what you're doing for us to help you further. What's a "site code"? Is it an arbitrary code for the website? Its IP address?

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Can it be done? insert an image into a message form. Attached
By deezalboy

Answer:Insert an image into a website message form

Well, not if the message doesn't allow html or bbcode. I'm guessing from the screenshot that the box only allows text. The best you can do is ascii art (assuming it aligns properly) or text smilies.

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We can attach a file to send an email to an email @ address, is it possible to copy and paste a file into a website contact form like in photo?

Answer:Copy and paste file into Website contact form

Not usually.

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MAPI problems, sending web forms
If I fill in a form on a website, and press submit it just opens a blank email page outlook express rather than sends the information |I have already filled in. Help. Apparently it is something to do with MAPI but I have dfone a MAPI fix but no difference.

Answer:I can't submit a form on a website, it brings up a blank outlook express page

That is a problem withe the FORM on that webpage, not with your browser.
Click on View/Page Source and find <form and then type=submit.
Somewhere between those items is where it goes wrong for them.

If those people can't get it right, it is either a spoof, phishing for creditcard details, or a webdesigner that's not competent.

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Hi all

I have a simple Access (2003) db which has a single form view with a subform. The main form is a record based upon a physical case file the subform only details actions past and future, a sort of event log.

I also have a continuous form which displays all upcoming actions sorted by date on all cases for a particular user so they can see just how busy they are likely to be for a particular period. What I would like to do is have an on click() property for the detail of the continuous form so that it opens the main form filtered by the record in the continuous form that was clicked. User can then update or add new events for that case before closing form and returning to the continuous form

Hope this makes sense

Answer:MS access open single form filtered by selected record in continuous form

coasterman, welcome to the Forum.
It makes perfect sense.
If you add a Command Button to the Continuous Form and after selecting the mainform select the "Open the Form and find specific data to display". This will give you the code that you need to add to your On Click or On Double Click property or of course leave the button and use that.

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I sent to look at my Sent Items tonight and to my surprise I saw another email apparently sent yesterday that I definitely didn't send.

I was astonished to find this as I have just upgraded to Vista in the last 2 days and have sent minimal emails.

The subject is "Form posted from Microsoft Internet Explorer." & is sent to a Hotmail account. The attachment is a POSTDATA.ATT. When I look at this file in txt format it has info such as one of my email addresses, my website & description - as if I had filled out a web form & pressed Submit.

Now, thinking about it, shouldn't IE let you know that it is about to send data?

One strange thing is that the email is dated yesterday evening in the Sent list, but when I open the email to view it, it will always have the current date & time - seemingly from the Windows clock.

I am thinking that either

1) this is due to a bug in the new IE & yesterday I visited a website which submitted data via email without my knowledge or

2) this email is an old email that I Imported from backed up email (PST format) from a form I ACTUALLY sent that Internet Mail has redated - maybe something went

Sorry for the long post but I'm just wary, hope it makes sense! I was liking Windows Vista so far!

Answer:Sent Items: Form posted from Microsoft Internet Explorer. - I didnt submit any form!

I have moved this to vista forum as I believe it is more likely to be a vista live mail issue

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Hi All,

Noob first-time poster I'm afraid!

I'm new to Access 2007 (but have used 2003 & 2000 reasonably extensively).

I'm building an App and have created all the necessary tables, as well as creating the relationships in the Database Tools area (which I know are correct - I'm a SQL Server DBA in my day job)!

Anyway, it's an almost text book example of an employers and employees database; one employer having many employees (employerID is the foreign key on the employee table).

I have created an employer form (using the wizard) which is fine, but then when I add a button to open the employee form (selecting 'Open the form and find specific records', matching employerID on the Employer table with EmployerID on the Employee table) it doesnt work. Instead, I get a popup box asking me for the EmployerID! Even if I manually enter the correct employerID when the popup box appears it actually displays all records, so I'm sure that the problem is more fundamental (and therefore, probably my fault)!

I'm hoping that I've just overlooked something REALLY stupid, but would apprecaite any suggestions!


Answer:Access 2007 Form Button Wizard - Form does not open with the correct records

I have seen this kind of problem with Access 2007 VBA code which does not work when it dod in 2000-2003.
It can be a Syntax problem which you may be able to get around, if not you can get around the problem bby using a Criteria in the Query that supplies the Employee Form.
Although I would have thought it would be better design wise to have the Employees as a Subform or Tabbed Subform on your Employer Mainform.
I do not have Access 2007, only 2003 so I can't help with the VBA, but you could post the code anyway.

Did you use a Wizard to create the Employee Form, if so check the Record Source SQL it may be preventing your EmployerID from working.

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Hi all. I do have another post going but do not want to cram so many questions in one post. (Hope that this is an acceptable practice )Anyway, my Sony desktop crashed the other day. I had a new Hard Drive installed and recovery disks were used. PC is good to go. Trying to tweek it back to the way I am used to having it.QUESTION:I had a form filler program called ROBOFORM on this PC before it crashed. I had MANY years of passwords and stuff saved there.When I brought this PC to the Geek Squad at Best Buy the other day to see if the PC could be repaired, I was told the hard drive went. They were, however, able to make a disk with my ROBOFORM passwords. I can not get the disc to open the list of passwords. It asks me where I want to open the and give me a list of choices. (Paint, notepad, adobe etc.) None of them will run/open the files so I can see them.This was a program that I paid for. How can I make the disc start to fill my forms again when I am at certain sites? (Gee, hope I am making sense)I just realized I never downloaded the ROBOFORM program onto this pc.  Does that have anything to do with the disc not opening??If I go and download ROBOFORM, how does it know who I am. How will it know about the disc full of passwords? How do they recognize each other?HELP PLEASE..........My Passwords are VERY important to me.Thanks!!

Answer:ROBO FORM / Form Filler - Help Needed Opening/Running a Disc

Yes. I know the website but what do I do? Will they know my info or do I need to pay again. I am lost.(Sorry)Dee

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thanks for taking a look at this thread, any help will be greatly appreciated by a complete Noob.

I've been given a LOT of help by members of this Forum (especially OBP) with a DB I'm making as a first look at any type of IT product, and I'm very grateful, so thank you all.

Recently, I was advised to take a look at the "Tabbed" style of "MainForm" instead of the "Switchboard" style I originally used. I must say, I really like the tabbed style much more than the switchboard but I've hit one hurdle that I can't seem to overcome.

In the Switchboard style, I was able to set a form to load in either DATA ENTRY = YES or DATA ENTRY = NO mode depending on which sub-switchboard the user selected. For example, I had a ENTER NEW sub-switchboard that all forms would open in DATA ENTRY = YES mode & I had another EDIT EXISTING sub-switchboard that all forms would open in DATA ENTRY = NO mode.

However, with the new tabbed style, I cannot set the form load type for separate tabbs, it will only accept the LAST type as the GLOBAL type. Example, on the ENTER NEW tab, I set the form to load as DATA ENTRY = YES & sets the form to open in DATA ENTRY = YES on both tabs, then I go to the EDIT EXISTING tab & set the same form to DATA ENTRY = NO & it sets the form to open in both tabs in DATA ENTRY = NO mode.

So, my question is:
Can I set the same form to load differently on different tabs on the same MainForm?
If so, w... Read more

Answer:Solved: MS Access - Tabbed MainForm - How to make a form open a form in multiple mode

I would just copy the Subform, so you have version 1 for data entry with the Data Entry set to "Yes" and version 2 set to "No".
The only thing you need to do then is to Requery the Editing form each time you make an entry in the data entry form.
Although I prefer to just have an Edit form with a "New Record" button for the data entry.

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My multi item form isn't letting me add new records, only update and delete current ones.

My guess it that this is because the form is based on a multi-table query. That's fine, I can make a new form specifically for adding new records, but I'd like to be able to salvage this form if possible. Is there any way to either force this form to accept new records in the bottom row, or is there any way to get rid of the "add record" bottom row completely so it's not misleading users into thinking they can add records here?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Solved: Access 2007 - multi item form (continuous form) trouble adding records

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Hi All,

I need some help to figure out how to do a project.
i was given a sample tax form from the government that i have to re-create in electronic format. I have to build the form to match their specifications exactly. I've tried to do it in MS Word 2003 using a table, but the when i try to ensure that the tables cells are the same size as that on the paper - the tables keeps either changing the dimensions of the cell or changing the dimensions of other table cells.

the major thing is to ensure that the form i build matched that paper sample exactly - for example i cannot be off by even a millimetre.

In addition to that, my company has extracted the tax data for its 400-500 employees into an Excel Spreadsheet. I have to use the excel spreadsheet to make the "form" i created fillable.

The previos analyst used ms word 2003 and created the form using the drawing menu and text boxes and then mail merged the info in the excel sheet to the word doc.

can someone suggest an easier to do this? i wold be grateful for any help i can get.


Answer:Create Electronic Form to match sample paper form

Welcome to TSG

If I got your meaning correctly, then yes, ther's an easier way.
I'm almost sure that you can create the form in Excel, though setting the exact sizes and positions could be difficult.
I'm absolutely sure that you can create the form in Powerpoint, and with this latter, setting the exact sizes and positions should be much more simple.
Automatically filling the Powerpoint form is also possible.

If you only need to print out the filled forms, or create PDF-s, this Powerpoint-Excel duo might be good for you.
If you need to do further calculations with the filled forms, then I strongly recommend to stick with Excel.

I'm also curious what others can say.

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I have a database which ultimately will have a couple of thousand records. The primary table has 30+ fields. I have lots of queries and connected reports to show various subsets of the data needed from the table. However, there are times when what is needed is all fields for a specific subset. Because the records sought often need to be filtered by several criteria, I've found the "Filter by Form" option to work well. I have a button on the main dashboard marked "Find Record" that automatically opens a search form in the "Filter by Form" mode. This allows me to enter information into as many controls as necessary, and returns exactly the right records after clicking on "Toggle Filters" on the ribbon. The problem is that ultimately I need to make this "Access-free". The goal is to create an application from the database without ribbons. I've created a button to run the filter, and another one to print the results, but when the search form is open in the "Filter by Form" mode, it greys out the buttons. I understand that there is a GotFocus command or something similar. Can anyone help with specifics, both the syntax of the command and where the command needs to be typed? Thanks a bunch...I look forward to your reply.

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I have a subform which on its own - works beautifully but fails under the mainform. I use a main form to select the record that the end user wants to update. Upon update event on main form, the sub form opens, presenting fields for possible updating. The Sub Form also present 2 buttons - Save & Close or Cancel and Close (Undo). When the main form opens, the code set AllowClose as False. When the sub form is opened as a result of the update on the mainform, the issue is the Close command /code gets canceled. (Error 2501). I have tried: 1. setting AllowClose (true and False) on both forms, 2. only the main form and 3. only the subform. None of these 3 configurations resolves the issue. Also, I tried moving the buttons to the mainform instead of the sub form but that failed as well.

The application has a dozen forms and all of them utilize AllowClose functionality so the end user MUST use the buttons on the forms to force background queries (updates, deletes, perform calculations, recalc control totals etc). This is the first time I have tried to use Allow Close on a subform with buttons.

XP and Access 2007


Private AllowClose As Boolean

Private Sub Form_Load()
AllowClose = False
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer)
Cancel = Not AllowClose
End Sub

Private Sub SaveChangeandCloseForm_Click()
AllowClose = True

Private Sub CancelAddingNewRecord_Click()
If Me.Dirty Then
End If
If Not Me.NewRecord Then
En... Read more

Answer:Action Canceled - Using AllowClose on Form and Sub Form - Access 2007

Why not just use a listbox to display the records based on the selection on the main form? I don't think you can actually close a sub-form on a main form since it is tied to the main form.

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Morning Guys.

I am having a problem with Access 2007. I am not good with code, so would like to resolve this without using code if possible?

I have a form "A" that I have created. I want to be able to select a row on form "A" press a button and it will open a form "B" based on the selected record in form "A".

I have had a look at the button wizard, and it lets you have the option, but when you go through the wizard, it gives you an empty box on the left and a box on the right showing all the fields in the form "A". Nothing to relate to?

Any ideas?


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I have a form Third party Invoice.I need to calculate taxes for GST like as it done for Purchase order,sales order.
so please help me how to calculate taxes for my customized form  ????

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Can someone please help. I'm I can't seem to figure out how to keep an imported Excel file open to my users once I lock the Word form that I imported to. I need for my users to be able to be able to fill out the form as wellas open that Excel file if they need to. Any help would be greatly apreciated.

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I have this small database I am converting from A97 toA2010. I created a new A2010 db and pulled over objects I needed. Everything is tested out and working fine.
I also added a drop down box to the main switchboard toselect a "user". Its purposeis so the filter through all the records and pull up only the list of drawing #for that specific drafter.
So I have a table called tblSign_In which has UID autonumber, and the employees name. Thiswill be the user names for the drop down of the Main Switchboard.

I have a table called SHEET LIST that list all the data Ineed to display. This will end upholding tens of thousands of records of information about drawing. I added to this table a field called theLogInID field (UID) to link back to the tblSign_IN, and the correct number andcombination.
I also have a query called qrySHEET LIST which selectsall SHEET TABLE and inner joins to thetblSign_IN to pull the Employee Name linking on a LogInID field.

What I was trying to do is filter SHEET LIST form (my outputform) by the user selected on the MAIN SWITCH form in the drop down box Icalled cboSignInEmployeeName.
For example:
Sheet List (tbl) might contain information like: Sheet# 22a6; description Dryer; buildhours:12; drafter #4.

qrySHEET LIST (also my ouptut data) is pulling all theabove, but replace 4 with actual drafter’s name, John Smith.
To filter, I have two methods:
The query is my record source for my form SHEET LIST, so Iadded

WHERE (((tblSIGN_IN.[Employee Name... Read more

Answer:Filtering a form using selection of a combo box on a another form (user ID)

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I am a new user to Access 2010. My operation system is Window 7.
I have created a data base with two tables. The first table contains a list of students and their personal information. The second table contains student subjects and has many subject records with a relationship to the student record. The relationship key is the student id.

I have created a form that populates with the student information and contains a subform that populates with that students subjects. All of this works great for existing students. I can edit the student information and and new subject records.

Now here is my problem. I would like to create a form that preceeds my current form. The user would input a student number and click search button. If that student number exists on the student data base then the form that I created should open populated with the student data and their subjects and allow the user to update it. If the student number does not exist, then I would like that same form (or a form with the same layout) to open and the only data populated is the student number that was input on the search form. The user should be able to input all of the student data and course information and hit a save button that would insert the records into the correct database tables.

I have tried many methods to create the intitial search form that would open the correct version of the student form without any progress. Could someone provide me with the macro that would open that correct form, or set t... Read more

Answer:Access query to open Add form or Edit Form

needaccesshelp, welcome to the Forum.
First a couple of points, you do not need to "save" the record, access does so automatically. Also when creating a New record the subform should be automatically populated with the Student Number, this is controlled by the master child links.

The combo you need is a Find combo which can be created using the combo wizard, that combo can have it's Not In List Property set to yes, which can then be used to trigger adding the student that to the table and then to the form (and combo).

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Here is what I'm trying to do.

For lists Equipment in drop down box.
Whatever equipment that is select, the equipment type field needs to be updated from a table.

Is there a way to get a value from SQL statement?

SQL = "SELECT [Equipment Type] FROM OrderDetails Where " _
& " Equipment = '" & Me.Equipment & "'"
[Forms]![OrderDetails]![Equipment Type] = SQL

Answer:Help with access form (insert table value into form field)

Mhouser, if you are trying to "display" a value related to the Combo selection you can have thta value as an extra column in the combo and refer to it with simple VBA.
You should not populate a Field's actual value with that from the combo as that is duplication.
Can you tell me which one you are trying to do?

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Ok guys, I can give a really easy example of this problem I'm having right here on the message board. If I place my cursor in between these two words (this) (that) and then click on a smiley, it SHOULD insert the smiley face in between them. I'll do it now.

See how it put it at the very end of the line? When I'm finished typing this whole thing, I'll try to insert a confused smiley here ( ) .

The same happens for ANY auto-insert stuff, whether it be the hyperlink or the quotes button, anything here. Its annoying . Anyone know how to fix this? No matter where my cursor is, it always inserts the auto-text into the end of the post.

Answer:Firefox - Form auto-insert always at the end of form

I imagine it's a quirk of the javascript in VBull. IE has added a lot of nonstandard code that makes editing windows more robust, and I expect that's what VBull is using. If so, there is no workaround.

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Hi all.
I have a form word document that looks ok when viewed but when printed there are the words "formdropdown' in areasthat should contain names, addreses, etc.
Running XP Pro.
The form works ok when printed from other pcs.
Having the same prob with other forms.

Please help.



Answer:Word Form Doc Printing Crap Instead Of Form.


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Unable to convert Word form to Excel form. Tried screenshot of Word form, pasted to Excel sheet and filled-up by text but the text itself always mis-arrange.Kindly help me please...

Answer:Convert Word form to Excel form

Rather my cherry picking and copying a few how to... suggest you follow the results here:'s a google list found using:convert excel document to wordas the search term...

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Actually, it makes sense because it's in the middle of the form where the cursor is sitting and the user will first enter their data. But first they need to read the instructions at the top of the form.

Is there a way to set it to load the page scrolled to the top rather than to the middle where the data is to be entered?

Thanks, Peter

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Hi all. I have different table for each type of inventory that we have. I would like to design one master form that would ask what type of inventory that the user would like to enter. Depending upon what the user selects, it will change the fields to the categories in the pertaining table. Is this possible?

Answer:using a form field to select display of a form

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I have my form sending to my e-mail so it prints out my data line by line. Can anyone give me some pointers on how to get this data into a nice form that can easily be read.

E-mail from From Looks like this.

[email protected]

Answer:Form to E-mail back to a Viewable Form

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I inherited this Excel document and have been asked to modify it so that when a selection is made from a drop down list a Form pops up for them to enter the reason. I put this code into Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)

If Len(Trim(Range("$H$" & Target.Row).Value)) = False Then
Exit Sub
If Len(Trim(Range("$H$" & Target.Row).Value)) <> "" Then
ProcessReasonForm.Show vbModeless
End If
End If

Which worked fine on three machines that I tested it on locally. However in the 2 remote location there it was tested it the Form would pop upwhen ever any changes were made to the spreadsheet. I need the form to only come up when a selection from the dropdown list in column H is made. As no personal data is in it I'll post a copy with this. To view code use "amber". Any ideas would be great as I'm lost as to why it's happening out there but I cant recreate it.


Answer:Solved: Form call is causing the Form to pop up everywhere!

File is attached. Code to unlock code is amber.

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This ought to be pretty simple to do. I have a small table that contains contact information for a number of businesses: name, address, etc. I have an “ID” field that is an auto number and is the PK. I have created another table that contains the business name, date of a donation and a memo field to hold the donation info (since it’s stuff instead of money.) In the second table, “ID” field is also an auto number and is PK. I have related the tables with a one to many: theoretically one business with many possible dates/donations which is the basic premise. I created a main form to input the business data and created a sub-form for the donation data based on their respective tables. Each business will be unique but a business may give multiple donations, say one each month or more – whatever.

I can’t get it to work. I’ve got that big, honkin’ Access 2000 Developer’s Handbook but am still getting up to speed using it…. but I’ll keep looking until I hear from someone!


Answer:Access 2000 Form/Sub-form

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Hi! I got this problem!

I have 2 forms. A main form and an extended form. I want to pass data from a field in the extended form to main form and save it in the main table. So the field's name in the extended form is: txtBDiluentLot, the name of the main form: BondSparF and the name of the extended form is BondDiluentF. I have written a code:

Private Sub StängKnappen_Click()
If IsNull(txtBDiluentLot) Then
'do nothing
Forms![BondSparF form].Form.[BondDiluentF].Form.txtBDiluentLot = Me.BDiluentID
Forms![BondSparF form].Form.[BondDiluentF].Form.txtBDiluentLot.Me.SetFocus

End If


End Sub

.... But when I run it it says: Run-time error: 2450

Microsoft Access cannot find the referenced form "BondSparF form".

Why I can't run it???

Thanks a lot!

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Hello all,

I am creating a school database, and I'm having trouble with the register students part.
i have the form for new course, and the form for new student. so how do i create a button on the course form so that when i click add new student, the new student forms pops up and is linked to that course.
thanks again!

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I am new to Outlook forms so my apologies in advance for the silly question. I bought a book to support me with my outlook 2007 and found that you can do forms. I have created a form and saved this in my personal folder. when I send this it looks ok, when this is received all the form content has gone and a normal email shows up at the receiver's end. I cannot find anywhere why this does not work. I delete the cache file but that did not work. Any help really appreciates, Kind regards, JBS

Answer:Not form content when form is received

If its a HTML form and you're settings are set to send Text only then that is why.
You need to be sending HTML formatted email which might I add is frowned upon by many email providers.
Plenty big businesses won't accept HTML email for security reasons. text only.

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I have a 256 meg mp3 player can anyone sudjest a program where i can convert the songs from cds to mp3 form , i foiund some but it can only convert 5 song from each cd. ( IT NEEDS TO BE FREE ) THANKS!!!!!!!

Answer:problem converting cda form to mp3 form

perhaps a trial version like this?

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In access, I have a field that connect to a popup form for selection and after selecting the data required, the data did not print in the field. How can I have the data in the popup form to be printed in the field.

Answer:Transfer data from a form to another form

aattas, welcome to the Forum.
Can you explain a bit more about what you are trying to do and why you are using a pop up form?

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Hey I am still having trouble taking info from a form to a printable page. Now I want to take the simple add it up form that I have and transfer all the items they add up and the total to a printable page. Are cookies the way to go. Should I set a cookie and retrieve it, and how do I set a cookie to the javascript that calculates my total?

Here is my add up form.<FORM NAME="MyForm">
P>Size<SELECT NAME="size" SIZE="1" ONCHANGE="totalPrice()">
VALUE="2400">4' x 4'</OPTION><OPTION VALUE="3550">4' x 6'/OPTION><OPTION VALUE="4125">4' x 8'</OPTION><OPTION VALUE-"4700">6' x 6'</OPTION>
OPTION VALUE="6300">8' x 8'</OPTION><OPTION VALUE="7900">8' x 12'</OPTION></SELECT>
P>Ceiling Height-(at least 8'?)<SELECT NAME="ceiling" SIZE="1" ONCHANGE="totalPrice()">
P>Door Hinge <SELECT NAME="hinge" SIZE="1" ONCHANGE="totalPrice()">

Answer:Its me again Can you set a cookie to any type of form, ie: add it up form

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I want to create a form in a sort inbox style so i ahve a list of records at the top in a datasheet and then by clicking on the list the details should show up in colunmar view below.

Sound simple its not.

I can get it to work the other way round by having a datasheet subform in my main form but thats not much use.

What i need to do is to somehow reverse how the form subform relationship works.

Any ideas?

Answer:Access: Form with subform datasheet. Selecting record on datasheet shows in form.

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Hello I found an answer to this question but it was specific to his form. I have several Excel Logs (Tables) that contain information that is also entered into a separate form. Some forms are in excel and some are in word. I would like to hit a button that transfers a row of data to the form so i only have t enter data once. The forms will have additional information that will be entered. The forms are saved as a specific file type and are also printed so the answer that i found on this site may work but it puts the data into a different spread sheet in the same workbook and i need to send the data to a new workbook and in one case to a word doc. Can someone help me out. I have attached a couple examples of what i currently do.

Thanks for the help

Answer:Solved: Populate Excel Form and Word Form from Excel Table

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I am using Windows 2003 with Access 2003. I have a main form that uses fields from a table that I would call the Master table, and this form has several tab pages in it. In this form the 2nd tabbed page uses a subform which displays data from a different table (I call it the Job Number table). I have linked these two tables with a one to many relationship. One of the fields in the Job Number table is named "Contract Amount". So each job record in the Job Number table tracks a separate Contract Amount value, but it is linked to the Master table through the one to many relationship. My goal is to sum all of the the Contract Amount values for each linked Master record and display that amount on my 1st tab.

I have created a subform that uses a sumquery which sums the Contract Amounts from the Job Number table. I tested the subform and the sum feature against the live data, and it does perform correctly. I then added that subform into my main form on the first tabbed page along with other fields on the same tab page. These other fields come from the Master table. In the Data Entry view, I can see a box where the subform should display, but the data doesn't display. What can I do to force the subform to display data along side the other fields from the Master Table?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Answer:Display subform in a main form with other fields from main form

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HiMy wifes boss has signed up for a domain name/web hosting package with and we are having trouble getting the e-mail replies to go through. (we want to send an e-mail which has the name of the domain instead of the AOL logon name)eg... [email protected] instead of [email protected]at the moment she connects to the internet via AOL dialup. the 123-reg helpline tells her to set up an account in outlook express which i dont have a problem with, however i am unsure whether AOL will let us send e-mails from the Outlook Express account through aol.this is the second setup i have done for hosting packages for people and the first one was simple, this is proving to be more of a challenge.i am going to visit the person on saturday afternoon to try to sort this out and would welcome any advice. i do not have anything to do with AOL and am a little stuck. things may become clearer when i get there and get my hands on the computer. (at least i hope so) loli have trawled the 123-reg site but it just mentions mail forwarding which we have already set up, this comes to the aol account but if we hit reply, thats when the problems start.any help welcomethankKeith

Answer:emailing through AOL

With AOL it is now possible to use outlook or outlook express as your email client, its been this way for some months now and AOL will help you to set up an account, the phone help line is free.It is also possible to now use AOL as your gateway to the internet by using them as you would with any other ISP with no need to use any of the AOL software. Just use your username and password to make a connection to the internet and then use any browser/email application of your choice.

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Question: emailing

I have 120 women I need to send the same email to.  I do not have all their email addresses yet, so how  can I copy them all and then email all 120 women the same email?


If you'll be sending this from within a mail client, you may want to configure a distribution list as it is referred to in Outlook, or a mailing list as Thunderbird calls it. This will allow you to send the same email to all recipients that have been added to that list at one time.

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Question: Bcc emailing

I belong to a group and need to email 160 other members with our newsletter. I have the email addresses in an Excel 2002 file. In the past I've copied and pasted the addresses into bcc in Outlook Express 6 and sent them on their way.For some reason this time OE6 does not recognise the email addresses ie does not underline them and separate them with a ; - the list just sits there in list format. When I send the email it appears to go nowhere.Any idea what I'm doing wrong. The only alternative I can think of is send each email separately - and that could take 3 hours!!I've stopped McAfee interrupting the procedure and also checked that the timeout box is unticked in OE6.

Answer:Bcc emailing

If you have all the contacts correctly entered into your address book, there should be no problem in creating a new group for sending ie Address Book>File>New GroupIt may be easiest to manualyy enter all the contacts rather than the cut & paste route.

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Question: Emailing

In their wisdom SKY have decided to alter their email page-yes, you've guessed's a disaster. Is anyone else having a problem with this new shambolic set up if so please advise on how to get a clear page to email, at present when one opens up the required email to send a message it is overlaid with smileys and assorted icons.


Please post a screenshot.

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Some program has been trying to send out emails from my computer. I can see my AVG scanner showing up a POP3 email alert with IP address 194. etc.
I've blocked ports 25 and 110 with my firewall as I don't use these and have attached a HijackThis log.
Have run virus tests and spyware tests (AVG and Norton), which haven't turned up with anything yet.

Any ideas on what it could be ?


Answer:something emailing out...

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Question: Emailing big MP3's

For some reason I can't email an MP3 that is more than 8 meg. I break it up in 2 pieces in Outlook options but it still won't go.
What to do. I'm running XP and Outlook Express

Answer:Emailing big MP3's

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Question: emailing

does anyone know whether you can email multiple recipients, in outlook express, the same content but not showing all recipient names to everyone? can't seem to do it, even if I create a 'group' it still shows all their names to everyone.


BCC to everyone.They will only see their name.

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Question: Emailing


What is the reason that pictures or attachments that other people send to me will not go through if I want to send them on to someone else? This just started around 5 or 6 months ago.

I used to be able to send things that other people send to me--but not anymore. I do not recall resetting my computer another way.

Since McAfee updates my computer every other day, I can't forward anything with pictures. I have got so I don't care if I read emails or not. Can you help?


email address removed for safety reasons



It would be good to remove your email address from your post, spammers can pick that up.

Is that Hotmail address the one you are having problems with? Is Hotmail accessed through the website or do you use Outlook Express with it?

Temporarily disable McAfee and see if you can send pictures. Also if you are using a firewall. If one of these is causing the problem, look for adjustments.


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Question: Emailing myself

I am infected with a virus that sends out spam links like this one to people in my adress book. I know this cuz I saw it in my in box to myself from myself. My os is XP, and I have Norton full, AVG free, and malware bytes free. Ran scans but still have the same prob.

Answer:Emailing myself

Hello let's try this first.Change your DNS Servers: Go to > Run... and in the open box, type: cmdPress OK or Hit Enter.At the command prompt, type or copy/paste: ipconfig /flushdnsHit Enter.You will get a confirmation that the flush was successful.Close the command box.If the above commands did not resolve the problem, the next thing to try is to reset your network settings and Configure TCP/IP to use DNS.Go to > Control Panel, and choose Network Connections.Right-click on your default connection, usually Local Area Connection or Dial-up Connection if you are using Dial-up, and and choose Properties.Double-click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) or highlight it and select Properties.Under the General tab, write down any settings in case you should need to change them back.Select the button that says "Obtain an IP address automatically" or make sure the DNS server IP address is the same as provided by your ISP.Select the button that says "Obtain DNS servers automatically". If unknown Preferred or Alternate DNS servers are listed, uncheck the box that says "Use the following DNS server address".Click OK twice to get out of the properties screen and restart your computer. If not prompted to reboot go ahead and reboot manually.-- Vista users can refer to How to Change TCP/IP settingsCAUTION: It's possible that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) requires specific DNS settings here. Make sure you know if you need these settings or not BEF... Read more

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Question: emailing

i am running xp home ed, have recently put both my isp's on this computer, now having trouble sending and receiving mail, isp's are ukonline and wanadoo help please


what program are you using for your email?

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Question: Emailing pdf

I downloaded adobe reader x in order to read a screenplay I've written. It has to be sent in on pdf. I emailed it to myself to see how it looks, I can't open file, only view it. I can open in on my docs. in pdf. How come it won't open if I email it to myself. Will the person I email it to have the same problem. I have microsoft officeword 2007Edit: Moved topic from Vista to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

Answer:Emailing pdf

It sounds as if you're trying to save a Word document as a PDF file. You can do that in 2007. Open your Word document, click on the Office button, choose Save As, and choose PDF. The window that opens will prompt you to name the document, giving you a default location where to save it. You'll see in the File Type area that it will be saved as a PDF. The file will then be able to be read by anyone who has Acrobat Reader or any other PDF reader when you email that particular document to them.

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Question: emailing from vb6

How do you e-mail from vb? I have to open two files, read there data do some calculations and email all this data.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Answer:emailing from vb6

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Question: emailing

When I click on anything to email from a letter or on a web site. It brings up a program that is no longer on my computer. How can I straighten this out?



If the prog doesn't show in add/remove, type in the name of prog in search, then delete files, then reboot. If it hasn't gone then type in dial.exe and delete any files.

Also run SpyBot, Adaware or similar.

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Question: emailing a pic

How do I set my default email program to 'yahoo'?
When I go to email a pic from my pictures library, it says it can't because I don't have a default email client set up.

Answer:emailing a pic

You set up default, by typing default in search. Then going to the appropriate setting in default programs. .

But I do not know if you can do this with Yahoo

You could set up the email client. To use Yahoo on the client you may need the pay service.
Yahoo is web mail; however, I have heard that you may be able to use it with Yahoo Messenger.

If you want to set up a client go to Windows Essentials and download Windows Live Mail.

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Question: web & emailing

Could not connect to Hotmail as %s.
Hotmail no longer allows email access via Outlook Express for free email accounts.
Account: 'Hotmail', Server: '', Protocol: HTTPMail, Server Response: 'Access to Hotmail via Outlook and Outlook Express now requires a subscription. Please sign up at', Port: 0, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 998, Error Number: 0x800CCCF6
I'm using a hewlett packard presario V 5000 with windows XP PRO and broadcom 802.11b/g wlan,it has 512 mb of ram with a 120 gb hd.

Answer:web & emailing

Hi there.

Outlook Express no longer supports Hotmail. Seeing as Microsoft owns Outlook Express and Hotmail, this will not be fixed. You are going to have to use Windows Live Mail if you wish to continue receiving your email on your computer instead of online.

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Question: Emailing *.exe

Can anyone tell me why I can't email *.exe files from my Outlook system. Is it something to do with Freeserve?

Answer:Emailing *.exe

some servers do not allow *.exe. Zip the file up click here and then send itmadboy33

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Question: emailing

In windows live. I have my contact list from connecting to facebook. When sending a email, I click on the "To" button to call up my contact list,only a part of my contact list pops up. But when I click on my contact list link, everybody is there.


did you try to start typing the persons name or e-mail? usually they will just pop up then with the rest of the name or address

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Question: DVD Emailing

I would like to send some short "snippets" from a family dvd, to a member of family abroad, by email. I know somebody will have the answer....please can I have it? - preferably in easy terms!!

Answer:DVD Emailing

i doubt if you would be able to send much through the mail due to size alternative would be to upload chunks to something like a yahoo briefcase, and e-mail the username and password to it to allow access for download from the other end.

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Question: emailing photos

When I send a photo by email, I do not get the option to change the size of the photo. It just opens the email programme with the actual can I find or reinstate the option.

Answer:emailing photos

Could you clarify your query please nogga.Are you meaning when an email is sent to you and you try to open it?orWhen you are attempting to send one?

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Question: emailing video

I would like to email a short video to a friend. I believe it has run on Windows Media Player. Each time I try to send it, it comes back as undeliverable, too large.

Is there a method or tool to compress it? Would it be better to download it to youtube and link to it?



Answer:emailing video

Sounds like it would be easiest to upload it to either YouTube and link to it, or put it on a file hosting site and link who you wish to it. (You do not have to share it with everyone).

You could make a DVD disc, and send it on.....or,

Here are a couple online file storage places....these are not file sharing apps, and they are legal to use, provided you are not working with copyright protected files or video. If found that you are the hosting site itself will of course pull the account and material.

It's all in their Help or FAQ's.....

Currently 4shared sets a 100 MB size limitation per file.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _

Offers tools for managing and sharing your data online. Allows private sharing of files to select group of people. Its privacy security prevents sharing your files to other people that you don&#8217;t share the files with. The site also lets you create photo albums as well as hotlinking to your social networking profiles.Click to expand... (14-day free trial!)

Hope these help.

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before with outlook express i was able to switch identities under file but now i can only seem to do it through the address book and the two identities mail are going to the same inbox.....can you help me?

Answer:trouble with emailing

Without deleting all idenities and starting over you might try this. If it doesn't work I'm not sure what else to tell you.
Inbox Repair Tool for correcting most problems with damaged Personal Folders .pst files:
If you do not see the Inbox Repair Tool on the Start menu, under Programs Accessories / System Tools, use Start / Find to search your system for Scanpst.exe.
When you run Scanpst.exe, it performs a number of tests.
If it finds errors, it asks whether you want to make a backup copy of the original file
Always say Yes
Then it tries to correct the errors.
For seriously corrupted PST files, try running Scandisk.exe
Look under Programs / Accessories / System Tools first
Then run Scanpst.exe, repeating 3-4 times until neither program returns an error.
We've known this technique to restore data that the user though was lost forever.
If the file is on an NTFS volume, you can't use Scandisk.exe so easily.
One approach, for Windows 2000, is to open the drive in My Computer and use the Tools menu commands to scan the disk.
You may need to restart Windows for the scan to run.
If that doesn't do it, you can try our tips to repair a 2gb Personal Folders file or Offline Folders in Microsoft Outlook.
To repair a 2gb Personal Folders or Offline Folders file Microsoft Outlook limits the size of Personal Folders .pst files and offline folders .ost files to 2gb.
If a new or changed item increases the size over than limit, you will not be able to u... Read more

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