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outook 2003 addressing problem

Question: outook 2003 addressing problem

when generating an e-mail i cannot get my contacts to appear when clicking on "to" while addressing an e-mail. all contacts are present in the "contacts tab" list. i am running xp.

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Preferred Solution: outook 2003 addressing problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: outook 2003 addressing problem

what do you get displayed
i click on to: and get the default offline address book and then have to change the righthand dropdown to contacts

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Outlook 2003, part of Office Teacher & Student
Windows XP Home SP2 with all updates
No LAN involved; no Exchange server involved.
Norton AV 2005 & Norton Personal Firewall 2005 [ separate programs ];

unable to log onto pop server
1 solution suggests creating a new profile.

1. If I create a new profile, can I import the messages & addresses / contacts? If so, how?
I found this for exporting / importing contacts.

2. If I use Microsoft's backup add-in, will the problems come along?

3. After backing up, should I delete the existing profile before creating a new profile?

4. After creating the new file, how do I access the messages & contacts? I found this.

Thanks for your help.

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I have two problems with Outlook. I don't connect when I click on a hyperlink in an e-mail. And no pictures are displayed.

Answer:Outook 2003 Hyperlinks Fail

If hyperlinks are not working in Outlook or other Office applications:

Start the Internet Explorer
Select Tools / Internet Options
Click on Programs tab
Make sure that Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser is enabled
Click Reset Web Settings.

Click Start / Run / regsvr32 urlmon.dll

If that single change does not resolve the problem, repeat the process by running the following additional entries:
regsvr32 Shdocvw.dll
regsvr32 Msjava.dll
regsvr32 Actxprxy.dll
regsvr32 Oleaut32.dll
regsvr32 Mshtml.dll
regsvr32 Browseui.dll
regsvr32 Shell32.dll (Windows XP and Windows 2000 only)

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I've been having problems with Outlook Express crashing and/or having problems that keep giving me an error message about the log file being too big or something. I keep my sent file folder and deleted file folder relatively empty. My inbox has less than 20 items in it, none of them huge. Can anyone tell me how and where I can fix this? If there is no fix, if I download a new copy of Outlook Express over the old one, will my address book reamin in tact? Thanks for your help.


Answer:Outook Express - log file problem

Try some maintenance first and see if this helps to clear it up.
Close all programs except Outlook Express, including any antivirus programs you may have running.

First in OE, Tools>Options>Maintenance, uncheck the option for: Compact messages in the background and leave it unchecked from now on.

File>Folder>Compact all Folders. Leave the computer alone until it has completed compacting.

Let us know if this resolves the problem or not.

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I just upgraded to IE 5.5. i am now unable to send Email out of IE. Message "Could not perform this operation because the default mail client is not properly installed"

Outlook works fine. Default mail program is set to Microsoft Outlook.

Any suggestions?

Answer:IE 5.5 and Outook 2000 - Mail Client Problem

Try this; no promises:

With outlook closed. Hit Start-Run and type:

outlook.exe /regserver

Brainbench MVP for Microsoft Word

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I am running XP Pro and I am unable to alter the resource settings for any devices in Device Manager,The areas are greyed out. I need to change IO addresses for my NIC and Sound Card and possibly several other things because I am unable to monitor several cooling functions in my BIOS because devices are using the IO addresses meant for my BIOS cooling monitoring. I need to figure out how to change my HAL from ACPI to standard without having to reinstall and having to reload EVERYTHING on my OS again ! The Microsoft help file Q309283 which deals with HAL options after Windows XP setup is not available for whatever reason. Figures the one file I need is unavailable !!! Can anyone of you fine folks help me out ?
I am logged on as administrator.
I am not receiving any error messages. I believe the problem is merely how the HAL is set. I need to be able to change it from ACPI to standard without having to reinstall.... HELP...

Answer:IO Addressing Problem, Please Help !

No One seems to be able to help me !

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I transferred MS Word 2000 from my old computer to a new one which I recently purchased. When I attempt to address an envelope, using my HP OfficeJet, the address is superimposed on the envelope 90 degrees from what it should be. In other words, instead of the address appearing normally (running lengthwise of the envelope), it appears crosswise of the envelope. I made no changes in the program during transfer from one computer to the other and it printed envelopes normally on the old computer. Any suggestions?

Answer:Envelope Addressing Problem

Perhaps the new computer is not set in PAGE SETUP for landscape.

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Hello All,
First of all let me tell you that i am very new to wireless networking so plzzzzzzz explain a bit when u tell the solution , i have the following hardware

Aztech Router
D-Link Access Point
10 Desktop Clients
6 Dell Latitude Notebooks

the problem i am having is that 2 desktops and 3 notebooks are unable to get an automatic ip addresses from the Router , rest of the computers are working absolutely fine and on some occassions the computers having problem too get ip and start working now i dont know where does the problem resides,pls guide me on that.

Farhan Nawazish

Answer:Automatic IP Addressing Problem

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I used to use O. Express but now have Windows Mail. When writing a letter before, I could go into Word, Tools, Envelopes and Mailings, and find a contact and fire the address details in. Is this no longer possible with Windows Mail contacts? I can't find a way of doing it.

Answer:Windows Mail - Word Addressing Problem

For my interest, why did you change from OE to Windows Mail, I have OE and was thinking of changing or adding another address in Windows Mail or Thunderbird.I don't know why, I have no trouble with OE.

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Question: Outook 98

I know you can add certain words in the Junk Mail file, such as
money, sex, hair transplant !! you get my drift! I beleive there is a file you just add the words? but what is it and where can I locate it ??

Answer:Outook 98

I sussed it....Filters.txt !

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Question: outook calendar

Bought a new laptop, took my Office 2000 Professional to be installed, instead he put on another Outlook. I installed Outook 2000, removed his program and now I get an error re:pst file. Any idea why I can't send/receive mail?

Question 2: My three year old laptop worked fine until the power cord somehow pulled the plug-in from the motherboard. Repair shop kept it for three weeks, said they soldered it several times and it wouldn't hold, so they sold me a new one. Did I get ripped off or is it next to impossible to fix?

Thanks so much for any advice given,

Answer:outook calendar

Hello and Welcome to TSF

I cannot answer your first question, there is not enough information to go off of. You need to post a complete error message and when you recieve this error.

As for question 2, yes you can solder those connections back on to the motherboard but sometimes they dont hold as they stated. You may just have had a unexperienced person do the soldering, hard to tell.

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Question: Outook Express

can any body tell me is it possible to have my send and recive box come up automaticaly instead of having to click on send/recivealso why do i now get the message asking Are you sure you want to delete all the items and sub folders in the deleted items folderI have no idea how this is happening my OEM is XP Home

Answer:Outook Express

if you go to tool/options in outlook, click on the tab "other" there you will find a tick box which allows you to enable or disable the "empty deleted items" message.if you want to set the send/receive to automatic then in the same options page click on the tab "mail setup". once again there is a check box which allows this action to take place when outlook is opened.harpur

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I always keep a backup of my Outlook .pst file just n case I need it...

Just doing a back up and notice that the files do not have any association linked... I am sure it used to show the Outlook icon but can't be sure... can anyone confirm this.. I did try to link to Outlook but is failed...

This is what I mean...

This is what I get when I try to associate it to Outlook... Which seems odd... unless it is because Outlook is open?

Answer:Outook Office 365 .pst

Mine have the Outlook association, I'm using the Office 2016 package rather than the Office 365 but should be same.

I would advise you use the installer (uninstaller - Change), to do a repair rather than manually setting the association as the Office associations are not standard

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Afternoon to you all.I am using Outlook 2010. If I click a link contained in an e-mail I get the following message "This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator" I am useing a personal laptop, Win7 and I am logged on as administrator. Any ideas anyone?ThanksBill

Answer:Help using Outook 2010

If it is only that one Email, I would guess Outlook classes it as a security risk/virus/trogan and will not allow it.You could check the security settings (may be set too high)or if it is an attachment, you may have to save it first, before trying to open it.Terry

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Hello, I changed the operating system on my HP laptop from Vista to Windows 7. I performed a back-up pior to the change. Once the change had completed I loaded microsoft office 2007 and clicked on outlook. unfortunately it started as a new install and I have now lost all my previous emails and do not now how to recover them. Can anyone help please?


Answer:Solved: Outook and Windows 7

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Have gmail configured through outlook and im trying to send an email that is purely text, with no links to site etc.I have replied to this person before using the email im trying to respond to.However it will not send and i get the following error:Task ' (1) - Sending' reported error (0x800CCC7D) : 'Your outgoing (SMTP) server does not support SSL-secured connections. If SSL-secured connections have worked in the past, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).'Any ideas guys?Regards

Answer:Outook sending error

Open Outlook ExpressClick Tools > Accounts > Mail tab.Highlight your email account and click Properties.Click the Advanced tab.Remove ticks from the boxes "This server requires a secure connection" for both outgoing and incoming mail.

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I finally ditched Outlook for my emails and went with Thundrbird, which looks like a great program. However, I still have to rely on Outlook for the Calender and Tasks features. I looked around a little, and found Lightning, but the reviews where not completely supportive. And I would like to have it integrated in my email client, so Sunbird is probably out.

What are others using? Likes and dislikes?

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Outlook 2007 has crashed, the program starts to open but i then get an error message saying "cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window". I have tried using system restore and the Microsoft Office repair tool all to no avail. Hoping there is soemone who can help, i do not want to have reinstall.

Answer:Outook 2007 Crashed

OS?If XP see click here

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I've just ordered Outlook Office 2007 which has Outlook 2007 included. However I've just thought - I have activesync 3.8 which works perfectly with my PDA (HP2210) at the moment. Will installing Outlook 2007 cause any problems?

Answer:Outook 2007 + Activesync 3.8

I do not know if you will have problems but in any event it would probably be better to bring Active Sync up to date - it is v4.5 now.

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I looked around and for some reason I can't create a email template in outlook 2007.
I found this:

Save the email as a template. Select the "Office" button, and then "Save As" in the "Save as type" drop-down list. Select "Outlook Template." Give the template a name, and choose a file location, or accept the default folder of "Templates." Click "Save."

BUT there is no option in the SAVE AS drop down menu for Save As Template....

Answer:Can't create outook template

HiI don't use Outlook. However I do use other Office applications. When I want to save a Document or Excel Template I click on File on the toolbar and select Save as.In the dialog box that opens, I click on the down arrow at the end of the box that says Save as type and this gives me the options to save the file as a template (amongst other things).

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Here we go again - another problem with Outlook, but this time I think it is Yahoo UK (please note UK):

I have had 1 email acct with gmail and 2 email accts with Yahoo UK. They have worked fine until a few days ago. When I try send/receive one Yahoo account came up with error 0x800CCC92. I finally removed it and when I tried putting it in as new, the test message would not work. After repeated attempts, I now can send for some reason, but for receiving I get:

Log onto incoming mail server (POP3): Your email server rejected your login. Verify your user name and password for this account in Account Settings. The server responded: -ERR (AUTH) Incorrect username or password.

I can access my email on the web for that account with no problem. All of the settings are exactly the same as the Yahoo account that works and I still cannot get the incoming to work on this one.

Any ideas?

Answer:Outook 2010 ERR (AUTH)

2 days after this post, Yahoo sent & received with no problems and I did nothing to make that happen. All was fine until today - it is happening again!

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Hello, my daughter tells me she has lost the tool bar on the subject. I gave here the info to look at and she tells me that didn't help. Can anyone give me a clue as what to look for. Thanks

Answer:Outook Express Email

To get the toolbar back in OE click View then Layout and put a tick in the toolbar box.

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Any weblinks that are dislayed an e-mail I receved does not work. As soon as I click on them outlook Express freeze and the only way to continue work is to press ctrl-alt-del and close express.

Answer:Outook Express web links do not work

Read THIS.

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I am operating on Windows 7 OS and am having difficulty with Outlook for Office 2010. It always asks for a password each time I sign on and when I open an email. For some reason it doesn't store my password.

Answer:Outook 2010 always requires password

That problem is by no means unique to Outlook 2010, it happens also on Outlook 2007 and on the version before that, and neither is it unique to Windows 7.

Try putting your POP3 server name and password into the "Credential Manager" in Control Panel. For good measure I entered my email credentials twice -- in "Windows Credentials" and in "Generic Credentials". I hardly see that pesky password prompt since doing that.

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Take a look at this message when I try to open OE. Please help if you can.
"Outlook Express could not be started. The application was unable to open the Outlook Express message store. Your computer may be out of memory or your disk full. Contact Microsoft support for further assistance. (0x8007007E,126)"

"Outlook Express could not be started because MSOE.DLL could not be initialized. Outlook Express may not be installed correctly"


Answer:Installed SP2- Outook Express won't open

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Hi There people  When trying to click on the hyperlink on an email in Outlook 2010 and I am getting this message "This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer Please contact your system administrator"  Just an afterthought I am running Windows 7 x64 Intel Quad 2.5ghz 2tb HDD 8 gb memory Office 2010 I am the sytstem admistrator as I built the machine ! ! ! ! ! !  Regards Tony 

Answer:Can not get Outook 2010 to work with hyperlinks

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Take a look at this message when I try to open OE. Please help if you can.
"Outlook Express could not be started. The application was unable to open the Outlook Express message store. Your computer may be out of memory or your disk full. Contact Microsoft support for further assistance. (0x8007007E,126)"

"Outlook Express could not be started because MSOE.DLL could not be initialized. Outlook Express may not be installed correctly"


Answer:Installed SP2- Outook Express won't open

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I am building up a new computer and I want to be able to transfer my Favorites, my Address Book entires, and a number of EMails that I have in my current computer to my new computer.

I am using IE 6.0 and OE 6.0.

I know I can save my emails on a Zip Disc or a CD as .eml files and view them that way but I want to actually transfer them from my current computer to my new computer.

Can someone let me know what I need to to in order to transfer my Favorites, my Address Book entires, and my EMails? I need pretty complete guidance such as where to find the items on my current computer and where to put the items once I get them onto my new computer.

Thanks a bunch for the assistance.

Answer:Need Internet Explorer & Outook Express Help.

go to "Documents and Settings" directory then into your User Directory and you will see the Favorites directory and then just copy your old favorites into this directory.

I hope this helps.

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I created a database in Access 2007. I am a relative newbe at this. One of the functions that I am using is a macro that Microsoft supplied as part of a Contacts table/form template to add Contacts from Outlook to the Contacts table in the the database. It was working just fine until I split the database, putting the tables on a server and the front end on my local PC. After splitting, it will no longer work. I have spent hours searching the Web and found 100's for people asking the same question, but no solution. Front and back end files are all in Trusted locations. Went back to a copy of the pre-split database (which still worked) and copy the object to the new split database. Would not work in the new database. . Saw some talk about using a temp Contacts table, but it did not give enough detail for me to follow.

Anyone have any ideas


Answer:Add Contacts from Outook to Access database

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Hi. Out-of-the blue, I can't delete messages in my Microsoft Outlook 2000 inbox. If I click on delete, I get "The messaging interface has returned an unknown error. If the problem persists retsart Outlook". I am running Windows XP and have tried a System Restore and have also repaired Office 2000 using the original Office CD-ROMS without success. I'm starting to think it may be virus-related. Any ideas or feedback would be appreciated.

Answer:Cannot delete messages in Outook 2000

Can you look in the event log and see if it is generating an error code?

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When I get an email and there is a link like etc etc I click on it and I am given a load of garbage about contacting the Administrator, I am the administrator I built the machine.

I have been onto various sites and Forums so I am new here so I thought that I would start the thread.

specification are
Windows 7
Office 2010
2tb HDD

Answer:Can not get Outook 2010 to work with hyperlinks

Save this page to your HD using SAVE AS and create a file name with the extension HTML.

Now go to the folder where you placed it and double click on the file name.

Does it open in your browser?

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Hi.. I have a number of Outlook pst files from different versions of Outlook and I want to be able to read and extract emails into a new .pst file for Outlook 2003 (or a number of .pst files as I have a lot of emails going back some years!). I also want to extract all contacts into a .csv file so I can transfer them into various other address books such as Outlook Express, XING etc. Anyone know of a really excellent application that will allow me to do this? Thanks Richard

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I was a former Outlook 2002 or similar early version Outlook user and I upgraded to Outlook 2007 which assummed the earlier settings.

No email messages are now downloaded directly to the inbox in Outlook 2007!

Instead if I click on the Tab, Search Folders (below the Tab, Inbox) and then immediately return to the Inbox Tab, the downloaded messages will appear in the Inbox Tab.

This is entirely frustrating since I tend to view emia messages multiple times during the day.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

This is my first post...

Older Style PC with Windows XP Home, v3

Answer:Help with Outook 2007 - Download to Inbox

My first thought is "have you checked to make sure you don't have an email filter active?"

Unfortunately, i'm not near a 2007 machine to check for further solutions at the moment.

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i have a csv file with my contacts from old outlook. how can i import all the contacts in one go into outlook 2007? i know how to do individually but have a lot of contacts
thanks for any help

Answer:import multiple contacts into outook 2007 from csv

Read this. Although for Excel it should work for any csv file. Map custom fields is fairly important.
It would have been easier to have created a pst file of your old contacts (export as pst) and then imported that.

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I would like to know how to import or is it export my entire outlook email content to my desktop in a version that will last no matter what happens to the email server and access to it.
I have a mac as well as a pc. The pc has outlook on it. I do not believe I have outlook on my mac. Could someone explain step by step how I can save these emails? I want them to be saved as they are with no changes possible.
[email protected]
My mac is os x version 10.5.7 and I have a macbook. The emails are received on a server.

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Okay, this is driving me INSANE! I have OUtlook Express. Now I have version 6 because I upgraded trying to fix this problem, but no such luck.

All of a sudden, in Outlook, the preview plane is BLANK. Nothing there.....the header is there, but nothing in the Preview plane. I have to double click on a message and then Open it.


Answer:Outook Express won't display anything in the Preview Window

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Microsoft have virtually forced Android Outlook users onto their new Outlook. I use Outlook on my Nexus 7. Since installing the new Outlook I find that the Contacts doesn't fully synchronize. It worked fine under the old Outlook. It seems to need loads of time to populate the Contacts file, and some of the details still have not filled in fully yet. Can anyone shed light on this issue

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I know there have been some posts going back over a year, but none of them fully solve this issue. For years, the best way to sync Outlook 2010(without corporate exchange server) to the windows phone has been to use the Google Calendar connector to get to their cloud and then onto the Windows phone. This had the advantage of doing two-way synchronization and working with the default calendar in Outlook (the existing .PST file).
Google fully discontinued this service on August 1. Microsoft does not have as simple a solution. The two options I've seen for cloud syncing are to use the Microsoft Hotmail Connector and to use Google App Sync. The Hotmail Connector does not work with the default Outlook profile which means than when an invitation is received from any email account other than hotmail/ it saves to the default calendar, and you then have to copy it to the hotmail calendar in order to sync. The Google App Sync requires a whole different profile with a migration which is an equally big headache or possibly greater. So, neither of these options work without making a lot of manual intervention.
I've been using a local sync program called CompanionLink to sync contacts, notes and tasks. It can sync the calendar but has a couple of disadvantages. 1) you need to manually sync calendar which is not good if constantly on the go and always want to have your appointments. 2) CompanionLink does not feed appointments into the native calendar so it won't appear on the loc... Read more

Answer:How to sync Outook 2010 (non-corporate) with Windows phone?

Frankly the best solution is to sign up for MS Office 365. The cheapest plan (Exchange Online) is $4 per month per user, so for $48/year, you'll get seamless sync of contacts, calendar, tasks, and if you choose, email and more, across Outlook and Windows Phone.
Not free, but works much better than Google's App Sync, the Hotmail Connector, and any of the local sync solutions, and it'll work great with any other devices you add in to sync with (since everything supports EAS).

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Hello, I was hoping someone could help me with an Outlook 2007 issue a user has been having. Last week, our exchange server was flooded by a lot of e-mails, causing our users messages they tried to send out to fail and given a Outlook delivery delayed message for each. The issue was solved but I have one user who still has a delivery delayed mail in this inbox and upon trying to open it, Outlook crashes and if you try to deleted it, you get the message:

"One or more items in the folder you synchronized do not match. To resolve the conflicts, open the items, and they try this operation again."

I was thinking this notification was in sync with the e-mail that was delayed, so I did a search and couldn't not find anything related to it. Any ideas on who to get rid of this troublesome message?

Answer:Outook 2007: Cannot delete e-mail / Crashes when you try to open


Take a look at this: OL2000: (CW) Troubleshooting Synchronization Problems

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Here is my scenario

End-user has a blackberry in which I updated the DST 2007 patch on it. On the PC side, I ran WindowsXP-KB931836-x86-ENU which updated the DST on the PC. I also ran Microsoft tzmove patch for Outlook. Both patch ran successfully. When EU enters an appointment in his blackberry at 3pm it shows up in his Outlook at 4pm. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?


Answer:Daylight Saving Time Issue - Outook/Blackberry

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Here's the situation...Every week I ghost copies of our servers. Two Windows 2000 servers and two Windows 2003 servers. Each server has one Western Digital 80GB ide hard drive in a hard drive rack and there is one open rack for inserting the backup hard drives.

I use ghost 2003 on floppies, each is configured to run the ghost backup automatically. When I am ready to ghost, I insert the backup drive, insert the floppy disk and start the server. Ghost loads, backups the drive, and says ghosting is complete. I take the main drive out and replace it with the ghosted copy. The ghost copies for 2000 and 2003 boot up fine, no problems.


When I remove the Ghost copies and reinsert the main drives, the 2003 servers will not boot, but the 2000 servers do. This doesn't happen every week, and sometimes one 2003 server will work and the other won't. When they don't work, the servers post but for some reason don't see the hard drive (this is not the ghost copy). On one of the 2003 servers, I have figured out the problem. When the server won't read the hard drive, I would pull out the drive and reinsert it, fixing the problem.

Recenctly, the other 2003 server wouldn't boot the main drive after it was ghosted. I thought maybe the hard drive bay was bad, so I switched the hard drive out with a spare bay. Reinserted it in the rack and the server still couldn't find the hard drive during boot. If I stick the ghost copy back in... Read more

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Our server crashed during the Backup Last night around 07:00 (in the morning). It was totally stuck when I came into the office this morning...

Now I have been busy all day finding out why the server was not starting properly. Every time the server got to the "Applying Computer Settings" Menu the server got stuck after 15-20 minutes.
I could start the server in Safe Mode. After several boots I found out that the exchange information store service is causing the server to get stuck, as soon as I start this service the server (SBS2003) hangs...

I am not really an exchange expert. How can I fix the problem....

right now I am going to use "eseutil /g" to check the databases, any other maintenance I can use??

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Solved: SBS 2003 + Exchange 2003 Information Store Problem

Problem has been solved

Step 1:
I restored the mailbox and public store from the backup including the logfiles

Step 2:
Made a backup of the Exchange Logfiles and deleted the logfiles in the original location

Step 3:
opened a commandpromt and browsed to C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\Bin
Ran: "ESEUTIL /mh on the public and private EDB (seperately)

Stap 4:
Ran "ESEUTIL /cc "LocationtoLogfiles (e.g. C:\ExchangeLog_Temp)"

The process completed succesfully and the public and private store are mounted and online again!!!!
@ Moderator: sorry about my previous post, forgot that one and therefore it was out of date

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help with this would be very appreciated.

We run windows xp, word 2003 and excel 2003

we have created a mail-merge between our database of patients in excel and word, but when we come to the section where we tick the boxes next to the people required for the mail-merge we can select only 1 or 2 or 100, but when the mail-merge goes to the next section it has reverted to selecting the whole database of patients, which when your trying the send a letter to only a few people and it instead tries to print 5000+ letters is annoying to say the least.

i have tried changing the database to running from access, and i have started fresh and re done the mail-merge letter but this is all to no avail as the same error occurs???

any ideas,
please help

Answer:Mail merge problem using excel 2003 and word 2003

There may be some bad data within the columns that may be causing your issue. Look to see if there something out of the ordinary within the dataset you are trying to use for the mail merge. I think one may be column headings with spaces in them and another may be where two or more rows may have meen merged in your spreadsheet.

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Question: IP Addressing

Can anyone point me to a site that explains in simple terms all I would need to know about IP addressing as a home user. I am thinking about setting up a wireless network at home but, am beginning to get frightened off by IP this & MAC that etc.Thank you in advance

Answer:IP Addressing

MAC address click hereYour IP address will be assigned by your ISP but you can find it of you click here

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Question: IP addressing

Hi all, I recently started trying to understand how networks are setup, primarily because of a school project I have to make in which I have to simulate the creation of a network from scratch in an enterprise, I donít need something very elaborate, just basics. Iíve read some useful posts on this forum and I thought I might as well ask something that I have not understand quite well yet. Iím supposed to include at least 200 PCs in the network Iíll simulate, so Iím thinking I should just use a single real ip address from an ISP on a router, then connect this router to five different switches, all of which will have 40 PCís connected to them, I guess this way the real IP address would be setup on the router and then I would be able to setup virtual addresses to every computer that is connected to a switch. Now my questions are:
1. Is it ok to use a single real IP address for such a high number of computers? The router would only really be connected only to five switches and Iím guessing it should be a very fast connection, like 100mbps or something.
2. Is it ok to setup the network just like that? Or do I need some kind of server or those layer 3 switches Iíve been hearing about?
3. In case I used more than a single real Ip address, how would I connect them? Would they each need a router? And in that case, how would the routers communicate with each other?
Any help would be really appreciated

Answer:IP addressing

1. You would most likely run out of bandwidth, I wouldn't do it that way, but I guess it really all comes down to budget and what the computer will be used for, but in general I would say you would need at least two connections.

2. No I think you should be okay.

And 3.... Why don't you read this..

These are just my you need to verify these with facts before you turn anything into a teacher.

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OK at work my company changed our phone and our internet over to a T1.

So now we all have static ip addresses.

We used to have dynamic ip addressing.

Our problem is that we all are field service people and we use laptops because we are in and out of the office. But when I get home and use the internet at my place I have to go and change the network adapter properties to obtain IP address automatically, because I have Road Runner and at the house it is dynamic addressing.

Then when I come back to the office I have to reenter all of my static IP address settings to use the internet. So as you can see it is a real hassle.

My question am I able to set up say a different profile so I can just click on the connection that will suit where I am at the time? Also if so how.

All by the way we are using Win XP Pro SP2

Answer:Some help with IP addressing, please

What operating system is on your laptop?

If it is XP, you can set an alternative IP address using the same profile.

If it is Windows 2000, you can setup a different hardware profile, and it will prompt you prior to going into the operating system.

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Question: HDD addressing

The ad for a new 160 BB HDD am looking at states: 48-bit addressing is required to exceed the 137GB capacity limitation imposed by 28-bit addressing.

How do I know that my system uses 48 bit addressing?

Answer:HDD addressing

most modern pc do use 48bit.......

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Question: IP addressing

Hi all, I recently started trying to understand how networks are setup, primarily because of a school project I have to make in which I have to simulate the creation of a network from scratch in an enterprise, I don?t need something very elaborate, just basics. I?ve read some useful posts on this forum and I thought I might as well ask something that I have not understand quite well yet. I?m supposed to include at least 200 PCs in the network I?ll simulate, so I?m thinking I should just use a single real ip address from an ISP on a router, then connect this router to five different switches, all of which will have 40 PC?s connected to them, I guess this way the real IP address would be setup on the router and then I would be able to setup virtual addresses to every computer that is connected to a switch. Now my questions are:
1. Is it ok to use a single real IP address for such a high number of computers? The router would only really be connected only to five switches and I?m guessing it should be a very fast connection, like 100mbps or something.
2. Is it ok to setup the network just like that? Or do I need some kind of server or those layer 3 switches I?ve been hearing about?
3. In case I used more than a single real Ip address, how would I connect them? Would they each need a router? And in that case, how would the routers communicate with each other?
Any help would be really appreciated

Answer:IP addressing

1. Yes, that is how most businesses operate. The router and switches would generally have a 1Gb/s or 10Gb/s connection between them, this is known as the network "backbone" as it is the channel all the data is routed down.

2. You need at least a DHCP server and a DNS server. These may or may not be built into the router, but I would recommend placing these services on a server to reduce load on the router. You will need at least one server anyway for a domain, and maybe more for other functions, so you may as well put DNS and DHCP on there.

3. Only need 1 IP for the company internet router.

BTW, 40 computers on 1 switch is a little unrealistic in terms of load. I would recommend at most 20 computers on 1 switch.

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Question: IP Addressing

Where do I find IP Addresses on my computer, I tried "winipcfg" And I get "Fatal Error" "Cannot read IP configuration".
I am rebuilding drive "C:" after a bad virus.

Answer:IP Addressing

Now I am trying to run RoadRunner Setup and I get:
"HostName = update server"
"UserName = anonymous"
"Password = RRSetup"
"Connection Failure... Unable to get an IP Address using the host name."
"update-server gethostname returned NULL."

Any ideas ?

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Hi all. Irritating & timewasting beyond belief - even for Microsoft - is a hidden shortcut in either Outlook 2007, Office 2007 or perhaps in Windows 7. Centred apparently on the "T" key, a combination of keystrokes reduces the display size of text I type. At enormous waste of time, each occurrence can be remedied, via the View tab in Outlook 2007, then the "zoom" facility. But how do I a) locate the set up instructions for this shortcut, and b) alter or reload them?

I'm a reasonably sensitive typist: this glitch is wasting sooo much of my time. Am in the dire straights of using new Windows 7, with new Office 2007 apps, on a new laptop, a Dell Inspiron 1545.

Advice on shortcut set-up in Outlook 2007, and or in Windows 7 will be much appreciated. Thanks

Answer:Outook 2007 or Windows 7 keyboard shortcut, reducing size of display text.

Is it a laptop you are using.....if so are you sure its not the zoom function on the touch pad

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I couldnt think how to actally phrase the title. forgive me if its missleading .However > Does anyone have any experiance with Xp In getting drives muddled up? Ive not come across this Before I have a New system With a single drive set as master on IDE1 & windows insists on registering it as F: Not C: as expected. However add a slave drive to any Ide connector left & it calls that C: (even if its only formatted NTFS (no Os installed on it)

Answer:Win XP pro & drive addressing

Use Disk Management and you can change drive letters around.BUT - If your Windows drive is F - then all you installed settings and programs know that - and if you tried to change it to C they would all be totally confused.So - basically you're now stuck with it!If you install another drive, it will normally select the first unused drive letter - which in your case is C - though that you can safely alter.How it happened in the first place is impossible to answer at this late stage.

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Hello Everyone,

I am a new poster here and new to networking field.
I have to design a network in which there are three routers connected to each other and each router has a subnet of maximum 60 hosts. One of the router is connected to ISP through serial Link.

I need to design continious network using RIP Version 1 protocol with minimum IP wastage I have been given IP address rand of Classc from to

I want to know should I use one IP address with each subnet having 2 usable host address for router links and then use another ip address to to create subnets for hosts,

Or Should I use one ip address which gives me 8 subnets with 30 usable host. And then use diffrent IP address for hor subnets which have 6 host.

Which way there will be continious network with minimum ip wastage.....???

Answer:Addressing Structure

We don't normally do homework assignments. We will help if you have a specific question...

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Can anyone point me in the right direction to solve a problem I have printing labels. I am secretary to a 20 member group; I have all their names and addresses and have them all positioned correctly to print out on a sheet of labels (by trial and error, not by importing from a database).Now I've changed to a different (nameless) brand of labels and short of tweaking every line of every address there seems no way of making them line up with the new labels.So far I 've succeeded (!) in printing 20 labels all of the same address, correctly aligned with the new labels; and one page with all 20 addresses not aligned with the labels. Help! There must be a simple solution, but I don't know where to find it.

Answer:help with addressing labels

I assume you're using Word to do this? What version?The process is something like thisStart a new blank document.Go to the tools menu in word 2002, there is a letters and mailings option then a envelopes and labels optionIf you select this, you need to select the size of labels you are using, there are hundreds of sizes, I'm sure that whatever you are using it will be there or the Avery equivelent will be there.Once you have the right labels selected, Word creates a table which fills the page with the cells the right dimensions for your labels

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I am using T'bird and like it. However, one deficiency has cropped up: in the Contacts sidebar, the options are Add to To: and Add to cc:. There is no Add to Bcc:. Is there some way to add this option as an extension or something? I couldn't seem to find anything. Seems an odd oversight for an otherwise fine program.

I realize I can change To to Bcc in the address box once the contact is shown as either To or CC. But that step shouldn't be necessary.


Answer:Addressing to Bcc in Thunderbird

that is odd

the option for add to bcc field is on mine.

do you have the latest version 1.0???

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Question: email addressing +

what does correct e-mailing addressing mean?what does computor host names mean?what does URL'S mean?

Answer:email addressing +

1)Correct email addressing is just that... Dot and Comma perfect.2)In a networked environment The system that contains the data is called the host,3)An acronym for "Uniform Resource Locator," this is the address of a resource on the Internet. World Wide Web URLs begin with http://

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What exactly is it? I heard that is was supposed to improve graphics performace somehow. Currently sideband addressing is disabled on my comp but if it increases performance, why would nVidia have it disabled as the default setting? Is there any danger of turning it on? Would I get any performace gain out of it?

Answer:Sideband Addressing

In some cases when a certain motherboard chipset is used, it must be forced manually (equivalent to the AGP drive strength bug prevalent in early VIA chipsets).

SBA doesn't provide too much of a nominal performance gain, as for the most part, it will compromise stability, though it should always be enabled (automatically) if the card is running in AGP 8x mode.

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Question: Addressing Emai

I wanted to send a return email to the sender, and to the "undisclosed recipients" to which the original email was sent,.
I use Outlook, which will send the return to the original sender, but does not recognize Undisclosed Recipients.
Without each additional address is there a way to send my email?.

Answer:Addressing Emai

'Undisclosed recipients' indicates that the sender marked those addresses as 'Bcc' (BLIND copies) and not 'Cc', so you can only reply to the named sender of the email, and no one else that they also sent it to, ie you cannot reply to any of the 'undisclosed recipients'.

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MS Word 2007.
I open MS Word>Mailings>Envelopes>click on the address book>double click on the selected address:
Then a dialog box opens:

Microsoft Word has stopped working.
A problem cause the program to stop working correctly.
Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

I received a message that Windows could not find any problems with the program.
Any ideas as to what I must do to correct this?

Thank you for your help

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Question: Outlook Addressing

I created a group of email addresses in my contacts. I need to send an email to the group, but the recipients need to see all the addresses in the group in the To: line. Currently, they are seeing the group name in the To: line. Is there a setting in Outlook for this? Thanks.

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Question: IPv4 addressing

I am new to networking, so I have a lot to learn yet but I am curious. When a pc is on a router the IP address starts out 192.168......, which is the case in my home. My sister is connected to her modem with out a router and her IPv4 starts 24.257...... Is the 192.168 a router protocol and that is why the ip address are different?

Answer:IPv4 addressing

research public and private ip addresses and network address translation. 192.168.x.x is a private ip address, the other is public.

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I'm planning options for VPN access for our employees from home. I have setup my machine at home as a test machine and got it working, but my experience is very limited and would like to know if I'm going about this the correct way.

Company Network Info
Static public IP
Internal IP's in the 192.168.0.x range

My question is what, if anything, I need to do to avoid IP conflicts when a user connects via VPN from home? If a user is behind a firewall at home and is given a 192.168.0.x address, will that cause a conflict when connected via VPN. Would it be better to choose a difference address scheme for the VPN address pool?


Answer:VPN addressing advice

It depends on what you are trying to accomplish... And you going for a Network to Network (Site to Site) arraingement (i.e. a permanent connection between their home network and the office network) or a Network to Host setup?

If a Net to Net, then each remote network will have to be on a different subnet like you referred to in your post.

Otherwise, with a Net to Host design, the VPN device at the office will assign and INTERNAL IP address to each client via the client software (or MS's DUN) and it routes like that. This makes the Home subnet irrevalant

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Question: Addressing Scheme

Right here goes I need a bit of help.
6 pcs, 2 laptops, 3 laser printers.
I'm using a star topology and everything is connected directly to a switch. Im using a router to feed the broadband connection into the switch to be shared amongst the network.

The address range is

I have no Idea how to start allocating and getting the address scheme sorted.

can anyone give me any advice or help?

Answer:Addressing Scheme

Where are you getting this range of IP addresses from?

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I have a IBM T23 laptop that I have reformatted and am trying to log onto my wireless internet via a linksys pcmcia card which When I try to connect it tells me I have private IP address and I am not sure how I can reconfig so that I can connect via my router to the internet. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Private Ip Addressing

Could we see this:
Start, Run, CMD, OK to open a command prompt:
(For Vista or 7 type CMD in the Search box after Start)

In the command prompt window that opens, type the following command:

Note that there is a space before the /ALL, but there is NOT a space after the / in the following command.


Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter to copy the contents to the clipboard.
Paste the results in a message here.

If you are on a machine with no network connection, use a floppy, USB disk, or a CD-RW disk to transfer a text file with the information to allow pasting it here.

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Can anyone answer me? An arriving packet has a destination IP address Row 86 has a destination value The mask is Does the row match the destination IP address?

Another question: Say your firm has the 20-bit network part. What subnet part would you select to give at least 10 subnets?

Thank you very much!
Modify message

Answer:Solved: IP addressing

That appears to be a homework question
We do not help with homework because getting somebody w=else to answer the question doesn't help you learn
If you cannot understands the question ask your tutor

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Hello Everyone,My friend started his computer up today and he couldn't access the internet, it said he had no IP address. He contact his cable company and they checked his modem ... it is working fine. So far we have tried the following to no avail:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Windows XP 1 Click on "Start" in the bottom left hand corner of screen. Ads by Google IP Address Management Proteus Enterprise IPAM Appliance Try a live demo now 2 Click on "Run"':. 3 Type in "cmd" and hit Okay. You should now be at an MSDOS prompt screen. 4 Type "ipconfig /release" and hit "Enter". This will disable your internet connection. To undo it, type "ipconfig /renew". 5 Type "exit" and leave the prompt.(this did nothing, it said there was an error) 6 Right-click on "Network Places" or "My Network Places" on your desktop. 7 Click on "Properties". You should now be on a screen with something titled "Local Area Connection", or something close to that, and, if you have a network hooked up, all of your other networks. 8 Right-click on "Local Area Connection" and click "Properties". 9 Double-click on the "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" from the list under the "General" tab. 10 Click on "Use the following IP addre... Read more

Answer:My IP Addressing Is Missing!

Was there any virus infections prior to the fix done? Do other computers able to connect to the network?

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Any chance you can edit my post and/or sticky something about 32bit verses 64 bit OS's?

I am tired of the misconception about RAM limits and could use a link to a thread here as a "professional" reference. Back in 2000 Win2000 Datacenter would address 32Gb quite nicely thank you. Win7 32 bit (and any other 32 bit OS) could address a ton more than 4Gb, except Microsoft chooses to limit to 4Gb total.

a careful read shows the posters confuse what is possible with what is available.

is a good time line, 64Gb addressable RAM from the CPU since the Pentium II?

There is much touting of 64 bit desktop system superiority, but precious little fact giving. But for most users it holds no advantage - otherwise we would all be running Macs as Apple beat Windows to 64 bit by a couple of years. i.e. Panther in 2003 vs XP Pro in 2005.

Answer:32 vs 64 Windows RAM addressing

DOA said:

Any chance you can edit my post and/or sticky something about 32bit verses 64 bit OS's?

I am tired of the misconception about RAM limits and could use a link to a thread here as a "professional" reference. Back in 2000 Win2000 Datacenter would address 32Gb quite nicely thank you. Win7 32 bit (and any other 32 bit OS) could address a ton more than 4Gb, except Microsoft chooses to limit to 4Gb total.

a careful read shows the posters confuse what is possible with what is available.

is a good time line, 64Gb addressable RAM from the CPU since the Pentium II?

There is much touting of 64 bit desktop system superiority, but precious little fact giving. But for most users it holds no advantage - otherwise we would all be running Macs as Apple beat Windows to 64 bit by a couple of years. i.e. Panther in 2003 vs XP Pro in 2005.Click to expand...

I think you will find that 32-bit is a hardware limitation, as both Linux and Apple 32-bit versions can only address up to 4GB of RAM.

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How i can setup a routable IP address inside my LAN??

Answer:routable IP addressing

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Question: Bulk addressing

When emailing a large list of persons, how do you get all the addresses in without having to type each one separately(in Windows Live)

Answer:Bulk addressing

Did you already read what MS had to say about this?How do I send a bulk email on Windows Live Mail It seems that the limit is part of Live Mail. If so, you may wish to use an alternative e-mail service. A number of companies will offer free bulk  e-mail. Is this for a limited number of recipients? Like  your extended family? If so, there are other ways to do it without breaking any rules.The link below may help answer your question.E-mail address limits.Disclaimer. This information is subject to change.Do your people want the e-mail?  Will they subscribe to a service you provide? If so, you can use a different method to keep them up-to-date.

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Question: Memory Addressing

I'm running a 32-bit version of Vista, which means that it can address 4GB of physical memory correct?

Well, I am currently having a few issues with Vista. If I put 4GB RAM into the computer, it simply won't boot. I get an error message saying the Kernel is either corrupt or missing. However, if I only put 3GB into it all is well except that Windows only shows 2814MB rather than 3072MB. Now since the VRAM also has to be addressed, that would be physical memory minus the VRAM of 256MB = 2814MB.

What I don't understand is if it can address 4GB, why does it fail to boot with 4GB and why has 1GB of expectedly addressable space gone missing resulting in even 3GB not displaying fully?

Any ideas?

Answer:Memory Addressing

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Question: Addressing Linkrot

Can anyone make a suggestion for an application that will perform a link audit on a site so as to help prevent linkrot? Free is always preferred, but all suggestions are invited.


Answer:Addressing Linkrot

I suggest AM-DeadLink 3.3. You can download it here:

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32bit OS
4GB ram
1GB vram
does the local ram on the GPU have to totaly 1:1 mapped out of the 32bit limit
or does it get address virtually and other then the hole drives make usely 256 to 512MB
have an impact on how much usable ram in the system


person 1: 4GB - 1GB -other stuff = <3GB usable
person 2: 4GB - drive hole - other stuff = 3.some useble

Answer:OK need help with OS addressing debate

What 32bit os? Does it fully implement PAE?
Windows Client versions will show less than 3GB.
Windows Server or Linux (Or nearly anything else modern) on a machine that supports PAE, you will get all 4GB.

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Hi all,

I was hoping that somebody might be able to assist with a small but annoying problem.

I am running XP Pro and it somehow the addressing in Outlook 2003 has been disabled, therefore I cannot link any contacts to my emails.

Any suggestions on how to get it up and running again.

I have tried My Computer - Manage but cannot find the right application.


Answer:Addressing Disabled

Why would you go to "manage" concerning contacts in Outlook???

You go to contacts in outlook. Do you have entries here?

Or perhaps you need to clarify what you mean by contacts?

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I have a W2K server and a workstation that I play around with. The server has two NIC's in it, one for an internet connection and the other for the lan connection. The external connection works fine, picking up an address from my ISP's DHCP server. I'm having troubles configuring the internal TCP/IP settings for the internal NIC. Here's what I have:

The IP is set to When I do this the subnet mask defaults to I've set the default gateway to match the IP address. Reasoning for doing this: I don't have a router (the PC's are cabled directly together) so I figured the gateway for the workstation would be the ip address of the server.

When setup this way the external connection no longer functions. I have to disable the internal connection in order to use the internet on the server.

When the internal connection is enabled, the workstation picks up a DHCP address (, subnet's to, and picks up the default gateway of At this point the two computers can communicate, but I have no internet connection. I've tried to change the subnet mask on the server but the workstation still defaults to a subnet of

Further info: I am not running DNS on this server. I've set the internal connection to use the DNS of my external connection. Not sure if that's right.
Aside: I did have this working but I tried to install ISA server and things got messed up. I uninsta... Read more

Answer:Very confused re IP addressing, subnetting, etc

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Hi all!

I've transfered files from one laptop to another, Win XP. MS outlook files are there but when the user addresses an email with a distribution list the 'enter a recipient' message pops up when there is a full list of contacts in the list. Whaz up with that?

Secondly, how can I adjust autocomplete to function using last name. Contacts are listed by last name yet show up in the To window as first name.

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I have the following scenario:
A LAN of 30 workstations, 1 file server, 1 mail server.
A second LAN of 10 workstations and 1 file server.
A way to connect the 2 LANs together and connect them to the internet.
Static routing, providing connections from all computers to the Internet.
The internal mail server must be accessible from the internet.
A way to server visitors, giving them access to the internet when they plug-in their computer, only from the first LAN.
I have already made a basic network diagram but I don't know how to design the
IP settings of the network design.
Tables of open ports and services, for those hosts that will have any.
Routing tables for any routers.
Table with NAT settings, if any.
Table with DHCP settings.
I'm a programmer and I'm a trainee in an IT department. Unfortunately the network admin is on vacation and I have to design this and present it to the IT manager. So, any help is more than welcome.

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I am looking to buy some RAM with the below specs: click here for details. I have just placed an order from Watford/savastore, and these are what I?ve ordered click hereI just ordered one for the time being (I need 3 to max out my sampling for the Keyboard) nothing about 11 bit addressing - but just hoping they will work in my Korg Triton Keyboard Also if they are not correct, are Watford electronics/savastore ok to accept returns?regardsTony

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Relevance 41.41%

i am working on a Dell Optiplex SX260.
I went to check the ipconfig and i got an AIPA addressing
so i tried to ipconfig /renew, ipconfig \flush dns and nothing in the cmd line seem to work
so i went into the Registry to check the IPAutoconfig value to see if it was 1 or 0 because if the value was 1 then AIPA was enable, but i didnt find anything about the IPAutoconfig value
so i updated the nic driver and restarted then try ipconfig /all in the cmd line but no ip appeared so i tried ipconfig /renew and got and error about the DHCP server not be recognized
so i tried to unplug the ethernet cable from the workstation and the switch it is plugged into and tried to replug it up and still no results
is there anyone who can give me some good directions to resolved this AIPA issue.

Answer:How to resolved AIPA addressing

DHCP (or lack thereof) is the right path to follow. The 169.x.x.x is a result of a dhcp request w/o a reply.

1) remove all static addresses from the NIC settings
2) ensure the firewall allows tcp/udp in/out ports 67-68 any src or dst ip addresses

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Relevance 41.41%


I have obtained a static IP address from my ISP.

I would like to use a static IP addressing scheme for my LAN and would like to base it on the net format.

I have 2 PC's, a Firewall, and an ADSL Modem.

In particular, I would appreciate advice on the following:

>> Starting with the PC being addressed as IP, what addresses / subnet masks / default gateways do I assign to the PC, Firewall and Modem?

>> I assume that DHCP should not be enabled on both the Modem and Firewall?

>> Can the Management IP addresses of the Firewall and Modem be part of the LAN addressing scheme?

I need some HELP to get my Firewalled-LAN up and running and to have internet access.

Advice is very much appreciated.

Many thanks.

Answer:IP Addressing Scheme & Configuration HELP!

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I have 6 email addresses provided by my ISP.

It used to be Ö
That when I replied to an Email .. The from address was the address the Email was received on.

This is not happening anymoreÖ
OE uses one of my Anonymous address, and not even my default.

And sometimes, I forget to change it.

I canít find the fix for this.
Any ideas ??
Many Thanks.

Answer:Outlook Express Addressing

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Hey guys, could someone please explain to me how the following works:

ISP provide Company A with Class C address of

Would Company A then use this IP address for the main router, and then all internal hosts use private address (e.g, etc) that channel through the router? (so all computers on the network will appear as on the outside line) Or can/would Company A use the range of for all hosts on the company network?

The way i see it is, if a host has to be reached on the internal network (i.e for someone wanting to connect to a terminal server from their home) then that terminal server will need it's own address ( rather than and all hosts that do not require access from outside the company network can use

Thanks in advance for your help!

Answer:Basic IP addressing question

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Bear in mind that I'm a normal, non-IT computer user. My surfing habits are safe and conservative. As best I can tell, Anti-Malware applications seem to fall into three categories:1) definition, or signature based2) HIPS behavioral blocker, and 3) heuristic analyzerHeres what I'm currently running:1) Windows Defender, real time protection enabled.2) Webroot SpySweeper, shields up!3) Eset NOD32, advanced settings enabled.4) Microsoft Cloudmark Desktop (spam-filter for OE).Two questions:1) Are the three categories listed above accurate and comprehensive?2) If so, is there wasteful overlap or worse, gaping vulnerabilities in the global, synthetic funtion of the four utilities I'm currently running? To address this potentiality: a. Which should I remove? b. What should I add?Anti-Rootkit non-sequitur:1) given my rather average knowledge of computers, can you recommend a fundamentally sound, user friendly Anti-Rootkit utility that either a. tells me what to do with what it finds, or b. refers me to a database wherein I can differentiate between True Positives that need to go and False Positives that I can leave be. c. Sophos Anti-Rootkit seems to fit the bill. Opinions? i) does it shield as well as find&remove?Thank You,P220ST

Answer:Addressing Vulnerabilities Logically

sounds like you have a pretty good handle on your system and that your knowledge and experience are greater than my own. I have been focusing
on the firewall part of the equation and have found Outpost to be pretty good,although I do not feel I am thoroughly familar with it yet. Shutting down
all avenues of access, especially inbound, except for what you specifically
permit, seems to be the best first step. I am also pretty happy with Webroot.
I do not know enough to really comment further, but does your anti-virus have some sort of logging capability? Checking logs occasionally seems to be a recommended procedure. Thanks to bleeping computer for providing this forum.

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I'm pretty new to networking. I have two desktop pc's and a laptop pc. I decided to set up a small wireless network so I bought myself a linksys wireless broadband router. While goin through the set up I kept running into this MAC address thing and was wondering what exactly it was and if it would be a good idea to set it up.

Any info is appreciated.


Answer:What is MAC addressing and is it a good idea?

Every ethernet network device has a unique MAC (Media Access Control) address. It is 12 bytes long and expressed in hex. The first 6 characters are the manufacturer ID, and the last 6 characters is the host ID. No 2 devices are ever supposed to have the same MAC address.

What you are coming across is the ability to filter based on the MAC address. When you turn it on only the wireless cards with the MAC addresses you specify will be able to associate with your access point. You should turn it on if you only want your own devices connecting. If you frequently have new devices on your wireless, then you would have to add the MAC's every time which can be a pain.

It helps with security but it does not protect against someone who really wants to get in. It is fairly easy to sniff the MAC's of your wireless devices and then clone them.

Brian Taylor

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Having spent considerable time Google-ing this subject, and scouring for answers, I have decided to ask for the assistance of some brave and optimistic technicians.

I seek a Windows Hack that will allow 98SE to support 48-bit Logical Block Addressing. I have located one "High Capacity Patch" online:
I tried the demo version of the patch, and am not sure it really did anything significant.

It all started at the store, where I was hell-bent on getting one of those new WD 74gb SATA Raptor hard drives. Unfortunatly, it said on the box, only for XP/2000 machines. Being a die-hard 98 user, I was disappointed, and decided to "settle" for a WD 200gb IDE hard drive. Trading capacity for speed.

When I began to partition it for use as the master drive, I was held back by the 137gb rule.

24-bit LBA only allows the OS to see 137gb, and anything beyond that barrier is subject to possible corruption. I'd like to remove this barrier, and any input would be appreciated.

Here are my PC statistics:

Operating System: ver 4.10.2222A Microsoft Windows 98 SE
OS Service Pack: Windows98 SE Service Pack 1 (Unofficial)
Internet Explorer: 6.0.2800.1106 (IE 6.0 SP1)
DirectX: (DirectX 9.0b)
Utilities: Norton System Works '97
Alterations: X-Setup Pro, & E-Icons 98, + various other registry hacks

ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe ACPI BIOS Rev 1011 (0... Read more

Answer:Logical Block Addressing

Why not just partition two 100 GB drives?

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Can someone please suggest a program suitable for addressing envelopes as I don't have word or anything like that. Thanks

Answer:Envelope Addressing Software

OpenOffice FREE, click here

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I have what is probably a basic, stupid user question, but I'm having a brain freeze.

I have a router that issues DHCP addresses in the range to I use other IP addresses outside this range for devices that need static IPs. I've used and I also have an extra router on the network with with DHCP disabled.

So I set a computer to use, and it doesn't connect. Am I missing something?

Answer:Local Network Addressing

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I am looking for a way to send one copy of an newsletter via email to multiple recipients and at the same time hide all recipients' addresses from each other.
I want to make it so everyone will see the mail was being mailed by me, and the To: field will only show their own individual addresses.

Is there a way to do this other than with specific software?
If not, any recommendations as to what should I use?


Answer:Outlook email addressing

Click on the CC for carbon copy and then select BCC for blind carbon copy. Put all your recipients in the BCC and in the main field send it to yourself.

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I'm setting up a network and it's conceivable that my DHCP server will need to assign more than the 220-odd spare addresses (after reserved IPs for the network kit) in the way I normally set up networks.

I have, therefore, set it up with a 24-bit ( rather than 16-bit block (

I've never grasped binary, and therefore IP addresses and subnets.

Should the subnet mask of my network be or, as I want to assign more than just the last byte as differing, should it be something different?

I can set the DHCP pool starting address ( and size (currently 253) - how can I safely assign more into the pool?

Answer:Advanced IP Addressing Question

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<- see image shown above ->Im trying to calculate the retail price which is original peice* percentage (e.g. c7= 410*125% ). My questions is how can i use absolute cell referencing to calculate the retail price (c7:14)?The WRONG function below is how far i got=(IF(LEN($A$3)-2=LEN(A9), ($B$3:$B$6),0))*(F9)Please help!

Answer:abosulte addressing in excell

I'd love to help, but you've confused me.I don't see how a simple multiplication (410*125%) requiresIF's and LEN's and A9's and F9's, etc.I'm not even sure how any of this relates to Absolute References.There has to be a lot that you haven't told us about your layout and inputs and outputs.Could you clarify things a bit?

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The auto completion feature works fine in Outlook Express, but upon "sending" a pop-up list with similar addresses comes that forces me to choose the correct one (which is already in the address line). This is annoying and redundant. Is there a way to stop the pop up from coming?

Outlook Express 6.0

Answer:Addressing in Outlook Express

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