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Read receipt request in Outlook 2002

Question: Read receipt request in Outlook 2002

There is a "request read receipt" in Outlook Express under the Tools tab. Where is it in Outlook 2002 (XP)?

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Preferred Solution: Read receipt request in Outlook 2002

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Read receipt request in Outlook 2002

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How do you request a receipt that a message has been read in OUtlook 2002? In Outlook 2000, it's one of the options under the "view" tab. Where is it in Outlook 2002???? HELP!!

Answer:Outlook 2002 - Message read receipt?

Welcome to TechSpot Forums

Isn't it fun when they change locations for these things in almost every version?

Try E-mail Options -> Tracking Options.

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In the options of a new mail message, you can request a read receipt. I would like to create a button with this VB code behind.

I tried the following code, but something is missing. Who can help me out?

Sub Enable_Tracking()

Dim e1 As Outlook.MailItem
e1.ReadReceiptRequested = True

End Sub

Thanks in advance

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I sent an email in OE with a request for a read receipt, but the recipient says she didn't see the request. she's inexperienced and may have just panicked when the window appeared and so clicked No without reading it; but is there a setting that prevents the appearance of the window? My OS is ME, hers XP.

Answer:read receipt request not received?

Did you send the email to a hotmail or other web-based email account? (as in you dont require a client like MS OE or Mozilla TB) If you did then the receipt request may become obsolete - not all web-based email accounts support them as far as I know

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I use Outlook Express for my email system.

As a result of sending out some emails with a 'Request Read Receipt' , I have had a few replies which give a blank returned email but an attachment which is a 'Notepad' file of gobbledegook !
In the attachment line , it gives something like " Read_bladdy blah.txt(184 bytes)"
This is instead of the usual

This is a receipt for the mail you sent to
"x y z etc " <x y z a b c>;

This receipt verifies that the message has been displayed on the recipient's computer at 09/04/2012 22:09
Can anyone shed any light on why I am getting an attached Notepad file which is unreadable on some replies from some people ? Can they be using , say , Outlook as their email system ?

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I have Windows Live Mail set to automatically request read receipts. Recently I have been getting such receipts even when the recipient selects No in response to the request! The wording of the receipt is "Your message to ...was read on..." If the recipient selects Yes, I get two receipts, one worded as just described and one saying "This is a receipt for the email message you sent to.... This receipt verifies that the message has been displayed on the recipient's computer..."
Can anyone explain the reason behind this rather odd situation, please?

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I use Outlook Express for my email system.

As a result of sending out some emails with a 'Request Read Receipt' , I have had a few replies which give a blank returned email but an attachment which is a 'Notepad' file of gobbledegook !
In the attachment line , it gives something like " Read_bladdy blah.txt(184 bytes)"
This is instead of the usual

This is a receipt for the mail you sent to
"x y z etc " <x y z a b c>;

This receipt verifies that the message has been displayed on the recipient's computer at 09/04/2012 22:09
Can anyone shed any light on why I am getting an attached Notepad file which is unreadable on some replies from some people ? Can they be using , say , Outlook as their email system ?


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I have Windows Live Mail set to automatically request read receipts. Recently I have been getting such receipts even when the recipient selects No in response to the request! The wording of the receipt is "Your message to ...was read on..." If the recipient selects Yes, I get two receipts, one worded as just described and one saying "This is a receipt for the email message you sent to.... This receipt verifies that the message has been displayed on the recipient's computer..."
Can anyone explain the reason behind this rather odd situation, please?

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I use msgtag, because with many of my emails I need to know that they have been opened. Eg. notices of committee meetings, etc, for which there is no reply needed. It works fine.But there are some people for whom I need to attach a ?Read receipt request? because their systems don?t trigger msgtag.Is there any way that I can ensure that ?Read receipt request? is included on those emails automatically? I tend to forget to add it manually (especially when I?m sending the same email simultaneously to several people).

Answer:Read receipt request automatically on only some em

In Outlook you can set it to automatically ask for a read receipt for every e-mail which you could toggle on and off as required. Which e-mail client are you using?

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I already know how to create a "read" receipt for sent emails. From my understanding, when you set the function, I will received read receipts for all email that was read. I was wondering if this setting could be set on individual emails instead of all of them. Thanks!

Answer:Read receipt for read emails in Outlook 98

In the compose area of Outlook go to Options and check the box for that email.

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I'm using Outlook 2002. I often send e-mails that I need a read receipt. I know how to turn this option on and off but don't need or want to have it turned on all the time. Is there an EASY way for me to request a read receipt on specific messages only. I think it's a pain to have to drill down through >tools>options>Preferences>e-mail options>tracking just to check read receipt for one message. Then go back through the same procedure to uncheck it. There's got to be a quicker way

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Hi all

I'm wondering whether someone out there might be able to help me with a frustration that I'm experiencing with Outlook read receipts at present.

I have just started a new job and have set Outlook up as I like it. One of the things includes asking for a read receipt to all emails I send (this is quite important in the role that I am in).

Anyway, more often than not I get read receipts, but every now and then I don't get them, even though I know the recipients have viewed the message their end (have since checked).

I have always got read receipts in the past from these people (when I've sent them from previous jobs or from home) and I know that they haven't changed their settings and have said that they are quite happy to send a receipt.

Is this just a glitch in Outlook or would my new work's server be somehow causing the problem?

I have checked with our IT team at work and explained the problem and all they have said is that the problem must be at the other end (even though it relates to different people and different places). They have confirmed that I have my settings configured correctly.

I'd be really grateful for any advice you could provide.

Bye for now
Adelaide, South Australia

Answer:Outlook Read Receipt inconsistency

They may inadvertently choose not to send the read receipt unless their e-mail is configured to automatically reply to read receipts.
This feature is not on by default in Outlook.
To enable you need to go into Tools/options/e-mail options/tracking and set it in there to auto reply to read receipts otherwise they will need to say yes to the box that pops up saying the sender has requested a read receipt do you wish to send ? (or something similar)

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I have a user who for some reason when she sends a read receipt it sends it in a foreign language:

Subject: Entregueelivery Status Notification (Success)

Anybody got any ideas how to get this back to English?

Answer:Outlook Read-Receipt Problems.

Perhaps, she, like I, have Windows in another language?

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There is a user that continues to receive the same read receipt from a user she submited a message to on the same email server (exchange).
Both users have deleted the message from their inbox and sent items. We verified that all items have been purged from deleted items as well. Both are using Outlook 2000.
The only thing we have narrowed it down to is everytime the user who received the msg opens outlook the sender receives the same read receipt msg, even after this message has been recieved, read, and deleted.
Are there any known issues with Outlook 2000 occassionally not
designating the message as read?
Has anyone seen this issue before and what steps were taken to resolve it? Thank you for your assistance in advance.


Answer:Outlook, Keeps sending same read receipt

Hi all,
I'm bumping this up because I did a search for the problem and this perfectly describes it. In fact, this original post may well be from my co-worker in IT who really shouldn't have called me a "user" but that's an entirely separate issue.

Just wondering whether anyone has any ideas on what could be causing it. We're using Exchange 5.5 and Outlook 2000. Thanks for your help.

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I am using outlook 2003. I have received a message that requested a read receipt that I said yes to sending. It does not seem to be sending it. It doesnt appear in the outbox so I can not delete it but every thirty seconds my computer flashes up that it has an error trying to send something.
I tried using a program called OutlookSpy which was recommended on another site but that tells me I have used up my free test period and now I have to pay, but I do not even know if it would work.
All my other mail can still go in and out ok but the error messages are driving me nuts.
Any help would be gratefully received.


Answer:Outlook ' Read receipt' problem

Try this, open Tools> Options> Preference tab> click on E-mail Options button. Click Tracking Options button> on the lower section, click the radio button: Never send a response. Ok your way out and close Outlook. See if this will stop the message.

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I received an e-mail with a read receipt request on a POP3 account I can receive from but not send to. Outlook keeps trying to send the read receipt and displaying the following error message:

Task 'Incoming Only Acct. - Sending and Receiving' reported error (0x80042109) : 'Outlook is unable to connect to your outgoing (SMTP) e-mail server. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).'
The read receipt message is not in the outbox so I can't delete it. Where is it? Can I delete it? How can I get rid of this problem? Thanks. Steve

Answer:Outlook 2003 Can't Delete Read Receipt HELP!

They appear in the outbox when I test it. You may have to just change that account so that it can temporarily send it via a free SMTP server, then it should be gone Even if the SMTP server bounces it, it will still get it "out of the loop".

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I sent a message requesting a read receipt (it's automatically set up that way). The message was read and the read receipt was sent back simulataneously as usual to my blackberry and my computer Outlook Express (I think it's version 8). It was for a meeting acceptance. I saw the read receipt myself on the blackberry, and then about 15 minutes later the read receipt was gone--from both the blackberry and the computer. What happened to it? All the other read receipts I've gotten from this person for the last year are still there.

So... where did this one go?


Answer:Disappearing Outlook Express Read Receipt

Please do not open multiple threads on the same topic. Continue here.

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How do you request a read receipt with Outlook Office XP?

Answer:Solved: Outlook Office XP: Read Receipt

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Our IT guy tightened down our server to only allow registered users to send email through our server. The problem is now whenever I receive a "read reciept" in Outlook from someone, the server gives me this message:

"The message could not be sent because one of the recipients was rejected by the server. Server response: '550 <emailers address> recipient unkonwn (Account (our account #), SMTP server (our server #) Error number 0x800ccc79)"

Thanks for any help.

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Does anyone know if I can open/view an e-mail sent to me which has 'request a read receipt for this message' set on it, without the receipt being sent.Thanks

Answer:Stop MS Outlook 2003 'read receipt'

AJ......... If the mail is addressed to you than why not let the read receipt be sent ........  But to answer your question ......yes I believe there is a way to do that........  I am just a bit reluctant to show you how to do it .dl65  

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I have a customer using Outlook 2003 who sent a message to another client on my 2003 Exchange site with a read receipt on the message.  After the message was read, the sender now receives another copy of that read receipt every minute...on the minute.  I fixed the problem by detaching the senders mailbox from the store in Active Directory and then re-attaching it.Does anyone have any idea what could have caused this, or has anyone seen this before?

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On my network (NT4) I am experiencing one particular user who generates repeating read receipts to various users.

User OS = XP Pro
Exchange = 5.5

I have installed all office updates on user PC and run a detect/repair but still this keeps happening.

Not sure if the problem is with the recipient or the sender?

Answer:re-occuring read receipt messages in outlook 2000

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Hello World.

I believe this is my first post on this site.

The issue involves configuring Outlook 2007 to exclude one email recipient from the general setting to request read receipts on all messages I send.

I configured the Outlook 2007 Tracking Options (Tools-->Options, Preferences Tab-->Email Options-->Tracking Options) to request a read receipt for all messages I send out.

One of my contacts works for a company that uses Lotus Notes. The read receipt "flag" in messages I send from Outlook 2007 causes various problems when she receives them. She and I narrowed down the problem to the "read receipt" flag. Tech support on her side has not come forward with a resolution on the Lotus Notes side.

On my side, I have looked for a configuration to exclude messages I send to this particular contact from the general tracking configuration described above. I have not located it.

I also checked the Rule Wizard. The Rules Wizard has an option to selectively request a read receipt from specific contacts. Presumably this option would work where the client is not configured to request read receipts on all outgoing messages. More importantly, there is no Rules Wizard option to specifically exclude recipients when the client is configured to request read receipts on all outgoing messages.

In summary, the issue involves configuring Outlook 2007 to exclude one email recipient from the general rule to request read receipts.

Thank you very much in advance ... Read more

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Hi,I would like to create a rule in outlook 2003,so when i read a mail from a specific contact, i would like send a Read Receipt confirmation.Can u pls help me on this.

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Is there a way in Outlook 2003 to check if an item was received or read if the user didn't request a read receipt to begin with?

Answer:Outlook-check receipt if receipt not requested?


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Please help - I cannot edit (or sync) my Outlook anymore (Outlook 2002 on standalone machine w/ Win XP Home).

Suddenly everything (Contacts, Notes, Tasks, Calendar) became read-only. I already ran "Detect and repair", hoping it would reset whatever caused the problem.

It is posslibly missing some PST folders that I have been previously using - I deleted them recently. How can I "unlock" my folders?

Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Outlook 2002 suddenly read-only

Welcome to the board, M in NJ. This is A in PA, LOL!!

I'm sure Randy will come along and post that very cool WELCOME graphic I've seen him using!

Anyway, did you happen to back them up to CD or something?

I mean, anything written to CD becomes read-only, even after you copy it back.

So, I would close Outlook. Do a search for *.PST files. Then ctrl+a and right-click and remove any read-only property on them.

Then try opening again.

Also, you cannot access PST files from two PCs AT THE SAME TIME. So if you're trying something like that, forget it.

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Hi All, A user on our network has the read reciepts option selected, but she doesn't always get a read reciept from people that she sent an email to. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. We've checked with some of the people that sent sends emails to and they have opened her email. If anyone has any suggestions or know of a fix, please let me know. Thanks a bunch.

Answer:Outlook 2002: Read Reciepts

The people receiving her messages don't have to send a receipt. Have you checked to make sure they're sending one?

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You know which E-mail clients can Request a Return Receipt for e-mails ?

I know Eudora does, but any other clients which program is small in size and doesn't take up too much disk space?

Interested in popmail e-mail clients which would work with G-mail, Hotmail and Yahoo mail.

Does any Eudora Lite support all these features I wanted above ?


Answer:[SOLVED] Request a Return Receipt for E-mail

What I found on Eudora tried for lite How to Request a Return Receipt in Eudora - About Email gmail does it for education depts and government.

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We have a tracking problem that I am unable to resolve. We have a user that needs to keep track of users that read training related email. She sends out to a server based distribution list of around 90 people and requests read receipts. When you go into the sent items and look at the tracking tab, it only shows the group distribution list name and no other information, not even a time stamp. I believe she even redirects the read receipts into a separate folder for easier tracking. It was working where all the users were listed and showed the time stamp of when it was read, but no more. We have all the latest service packs installed on the Exchange server and the workstations. Our one Exchange 2000 server has been rebooted and seems to be running fine except for the memory leak that Store.exe has that requires a reboot about once a week. The re-boot seems to work better then just restarting store itself.

Thanks for any in-site you can give,


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Greetings. I would like to find out whether customers read my emails, but without obligating them to use a "read receipt" dialog box. Is there a way I can do this?

I know Constant Contact offers that as part of their service, but I would rather save the money.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:how can I confirm email read without using read receipt?

There are other ways to get confirmations, especially ones that spammers use, but I am not keen on posting them on the forums.

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I doubt this question has been posted before, however, I apologise if it has.

I have absolutely no VBA programming experience, however, have heard of a number of useful macros that can be created using them.

I am using Outlook 2002. I work in a team of 10 and we are required action requests from customers as and when they come in. This normally works on a first come first served basis, where we assign our names to the e-mail to show that we are dealing with it. The only problem is, I have the slowest of computers and cant seem to keep up with my colleagues!

I want to create a macro (to which I have received permission from manager already), that would carry out the below; ever time I click on the unread e-mail and then press the MACRO BUTTON (which I will drag onto my toolbar):

1) flag the e-mail to follow up (no deadline)
2) mark as read
3) and ADD the words "Shaz is dealing with -" on the subject line, BEFORE the rest of the subject line details.
4) automatically saves it, therefore, everyone will be able to see it straight away, and know that I am dealing with it

I am not very fast with computers and this will save me alot of time. As mentioned earlier, my manager has sympathised with my situation, therefore, has allowed me to do this.

I would be so grateful for your help.

Thank you


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Question: read receipt????

I have turned on the read receipt and delivery receipt option on in outlook 2000 and i guess i'm just stupid but i can't get any receipts

when i used to use this feature at work (not sure of e mail program there) i would get a notification in my in box (like an e mail) saying the person has received the e mail i sent

Can I get the same thing with 2000

Can some one explain how


Answer:read receipt????

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Hello, wondering if anybody knows the answer to this:

In Microsoft Outlook 2000 you have the ability to ask for a read receipt for either every message you send or you can go to View -> Options in the email message and select Read-receipt. Does anybody know whether it is possible to set it up so it asks for a read-receipt when you send an email to a specific user??

Answer:Help with read-receipt.

Not sure what you're after here; when you create an email you can go into the File Properties of the mail window and request a read-receipt. When the recipient receives the mail and open it, they get a message saying that the sender has requested a read receipt, is it ok to send. They either click yes or no so the read receipt is issued, or not. You don't really have another read-receipt options available to you other than that.

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Question: A read receipt

I sent an e-mail through Outlook to a coworker with a subject line that we both know that it is not work related. I am on dial up acroos the city and the location they are at they use Sprint DSL with our company name as the I got a read receipt back that states someone other than the person I sent it to read it. It said so and so on behalf of a (which is the first initial of her name didnt really say her full name) read the e-mail with that subject line that we know is non work related. Does that mean that person read the e-mail? If so is there a way to prevent that?

Answer:A read receipt

One post is enough. See previous answer.

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Question: Read receipt

I sent an e-mail through Outlook to a coworker with a subject line that we both know that it is not work related. I am on dial up acroos the city and the location they are at they use Sprint DSL with our company name as the I got a read receipt back that states someone other than the person I sent it to read it. It said so and so on behalf of a (which is the first initial of her name didnt really say her full name) read the e-mail with that subject line that we know is non work related. Does that mean that person read the e-mail? If so is there a way to prevent that?

Answer:Read receipt

maybe the i.t person......who monitors the server/net system has....done this......

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I am using the web based gmail application. I just sent an email that I would have liked to have gotten back a read receipt. Is there any way to ask that like Outlook does? I think not but thought I would ask. Thanks

Answer:Gmail Read Receipt?

Gmail does not offer the feature.

Even if it did, the read receipt offered by Outlook et al will only work if the recipient has enabled/allowed the sending of such receipts, and there are not a lot of people that do.

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Question: Email read receipt

Can some-one please remind me how to request an Email receipt (Win98/Outlook Express). Thanks

Answer:Email read receipt

tools options read tab

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Ihave been on tech support all day regarding this problem, all has shifted to the other.
Here goes: All I am looking for is a read receipt for emails that I send. I went into tools, options, receipts, under the heading of requesting read receipt, I checked this box
then under heading returning read receipts I marked always send a read receipt. That is all the boxes I have marked. Still does not work when I email to my friends. I can email myself and I will receive a read receipt. What am I doing wrong,

Answer:out look express, read receipt

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Answer:e mail read receipt

how do I set my e mails up so that I get a receipt that it has been received

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I'm having a very odd issue with read receipt problem. I have outlook 2007 on one computer and outlook 2003 on the other one it does this when i sent email from the 2007 and 2003 office. The issue is when i send a email message i have outlook requesting a read receipt for all of my sent mail and today im getting read receipts to messages that I have sent to a group of people but the email that the receipt is coming from I have not emailed anything to that email address.. i dont even know who the email address belongs to.. can someone help me out please !!! Thanks in advance.

Answer:Email Read Receipt Problem.

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I use Msoft Outlook and have it set to request read receipts. I need to know when members of our group read their emails, one member uses google mail, also hotmail and NTL. I never get read receipts. Google mail is the account I send the groups communications to. What does he have to do to get it to send read receipts ? I would imagine its the cheapest account google offer that he is using.
I can then keep track on whats been seen which is proving vital.
If google mail is incapable of such, should hotmail be able to do so ? Where is this enabled ? I see one from ntl but only one.


Answer:How to get gmail to send read receipt ?

From Gmail Help -

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Like another user here, I inadvertently clicked yes on sending a couple of "read receipts" from Outlook 2003.
Now I have constant "Sending Message 1 of 2" popping up.
This happened before and I was able to use the trial version of Outlookspy to solve the problem.
The trial period has ended and I need to correct this again WITHOUT having to buy the Outlookspy tool.
I am not a MAPI developer.
How can I delete the phantom "Read Receipts" without paying for an add-in tool?
All help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, in advance.

Answer:Stuck Read Receipt - CanNOT Use Outlookspy

See this:

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Arggh, Subject should be: "Read receipt CANNOT go but won't stop trying"
A friend switched ISPs (and thus email domains) but decided to keep his old email address active for a while. The new ISP will not let mail be sent from the old address (receiving is fine). The guy accidentally clicked 'OK' to a request from a sender for a Read Receipt on a message that came in via his old address. Now, every time he opens Outlook, it tries to send the read receipt, but it cannot go out as it is 'from' the old domain. There is no copy of the read receipt in the Outbox or Drafts (or Sent) folders so we cannot simply delete it or change the "From" to the address with the new domain. Is there any way to kill this thing? (FWLIW, the account now is set to receive only, not send, in the send/receive settings. This has not changed anything.)

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I am looking for a program that will give me a "secret" read receipt when my emails are read. Being able to designate individual emails for this service would be nice. We use IE8's Request Read Receipt but many clients, especially those currently paying slow, don't elect to return the read receipt. They then deny receiving the past due notice. I remember having one of these with a past service provider "Xpress America" and it worked great! This is the site that is going to make my day! Any ideas?

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Answer:e mail read receipt still no good madboy33

you said go to outlook express, tools, options, reeipts, then box that says request a receipt for all sent messagas, but when I go totools the only options is internet options and from there I dont have any box letting me requesta receipt, any ideas where we are going wrong ?

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I currently cannot use Microsoft Outlook with Virgin Media blueyonder account.

The Outlook 2003 outbox is blocked by read receipts which I can't delete. I used the info in

Where the instructions say Choose Delete, I have done this (using OutlookSpy). The message I get is

IMAPIFolder:eleteMessages() returned MAPI_W_PARTIAL_COMPLETION

and the read receipt is not deleted.

Has anyone got round this problem?

I use IOLO spyware, firewall and antivirus.

Thank you

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How do you request message read receipt? Can't find it in the ribbon for 'Inbox' or 'Send' options. Seems like a lot of tools have gone!

Answer:Windows Live Mail 2011 - read receipt


I don't think there is a default option for it but it is selectable when creating a new e-mail

When writing a new e-mail, click the 'Dilevery' dropdown and check the Read receipt box


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A friend in the land of Oz needs to know how to request a receipt in Outlook Express, as I only use T'bird I don't know. Can anybody tell me, please?

Answer:Receipt in Outlook Express

In the menus, go to "Tools > Options", select the Receipts tab and tick the box "Request a read receipt for all sent messages".

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Am running Win XP Pro along with Office XP SP2. Just went to the Office XP update site and installed the Excel and Word 2002 Update Oct.16 2002, and the Outlook 2002 Update Jan 22 2002.

Word and Excel still work fine, but Outlook will only start in safe mode, hanging at the splash screen if started normally. I tried the trick of renaming the *.dat files noted in some of the bulletin boards, but tis did not help.

I then un-installed Office XP and reinstalled it to SP2 level without the three patches noted above. Outlook still refuses to start normally.

I seem to recall reading somewhere that there is a "patch to patch the patch" for this problem, but can't seem to find the article again. Have also unsuccessfully searched the web and am now truly stuck!

Since Office seems to have reinstalled itself with all it's old defaults, I assume that the un-install programme does not remove registry entries? Any idea if there is a manual un-install instruction set anywhere - I can't find it at Microsoft.....!

Answer:Outlook 2002 only starts in safe mode after applying update of jan 22 2002

have you tried a repair,it is in the tools tab
if you want to uninstall and get rid of the registry entries use jv16 from

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Sometimes when I get an email, (usually spam), when I open it, somehow, it sends a read receipt to the sender, (without asking me 1st!). The only way that I found out about it was that the sender's email box was full and it bounced it back to me as undelieverable! I figure it is some kind of script or something. Does anyone know of or have a "utility" that will stop the sending of a read receipt unless I ok it?? I figure this is one method used by spammers to see if the address are still valid.

Thanks a million!!!

Answer:Outlook 2003 - unauthorized receipt sent

In Outlook:

Tools - Options - Preferences - Email Options - Tracking Options.

Select Never send a response.

However, spammers never check their inbox anyway. They create one, send the spam and move on. They rely on people clicking on web links in the spam for a paying response.

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I am using Outlook 2003, with two e-mail accounts. One can be used to send and receive, whilst the other can receive only (restricted by the ISP). Just before Christmas a friend sent me an e-mail with a request that I send a read receipt. I agreed to this without realising that he had sent the e-mail to the account that cannot send replies. Ever since then Outlook has been trying to send the read receipt several times a day for the last two months. The read receipt does not appear in the outbox, and I cannot find any way of deleting it. Has anyone any ideas?

Answer:Outlook keeps trying to send view receipt

You could try changing the tracking set up to never send a receipt. If you havn't deleted the email do so then turn the tracking back on if you choose.I have mine set to send a read receipt automatically so I do not get requests to send.

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On occasional e-mails I do like to know that they have been delivered (bit like Post Office recorded delivery really). Before sending I go into 'Options' and tick 'Request Outlook Delivery Receipt'. However, I am not getting any notification of delivery. I sent a test one to myself and this doesn't work. Any ideas?

Answer:Outlook Delivery Receipt Prob.

This might help: click here

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hi there,

i am new to the forum and am in desperate need of help. i am having issues during receipt of my emails. my outlook and computer stops responding about halfway through receiving emails and am not sure why. sometimes i get a message stating that security failed during logon and sometimes nothing happens and it freezes completly and I have to manually close my computer and start it up again. does anyone know why this could happend and what i can do to fix it. i run a homebased business and need to have my emails and computers working at all times. the issue is on my laptop computer.

please help

thanks to all

Serena -

Answer:outlook email problems during receipt of emails

One thing you could try - assuming by the tags that you are using Vista and Outlook 2007 - is the following...

Go 'Start' -> 'Control Panel' -> 'Programs' -> 'Programs and Features' ->
locate 'Microsoft Office <your version here>' -> right click on it -> select 'Change' -> then select 'Repair' and then 'next'...see this process through and try Outlook again.

More questions...
Did you install Office yourself or did it come pre-installed?
How much RAM do you have?
What is your Internet connection?

Outlook 2007 is a real memory hog - anything less than 2GB I have found to be terrible...and particularly with Vista.

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we're using OUTLOOK EXPRESS is there a way to get a wave file or tone to play every x. minutes when mail is received.

in general setup, one can choose play sound when mail arrives, but no wave file, or frequency of sound can be specified it appears.



Answer:repeat notification receipt email OUTLOOK EXP

Hi jkoppel

Start>Settings>Control Panel>Sounds, scroll to New Mail Notification and select a wave file to associate with that command.

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I am trying to disable emails from being received. I only want to send out emails from outlook. I tried going to:
send receive Groups
Edit and unchecked Receive mail items but no luck.

Appreciate any help. :wave

Thank you,

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How can I enable Outlook 98 to notify me once a sent e-mail message has been opened?

Answer:[SOLVED] Message Receipt Tracking in Outlook 98

Welcome to TSG!

This will depend on how you installed Outlook 98.

If you are using it as a Corporate Workstation, then OL98: (CW) Tracking the Delivery and Reading of E-mail Messages

however, if you installed Outlook 98 as Internet Mail Only, then OL98: (IMO) How to Request Read Notification with an IMO Install

If you're not sure of which type of Outlook setup you have, then go to OL98: How to Tell What Type of Outlook Setup You Have

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Hi,I am using MS Office Outlook 2003.  I have it configured to receive e-mail from a webmail account. ( eg; [email protected] )  I receive some of the e-mail sent to this account, but not all.  TIA for any help you can provide.

Answer:MS Outlook 2003 - Intermittent receipt of e-mail

QuoteHi,( eg; [email protected] )  I receive some of the e-mail sent to this account, but not all.  So, this is email sent to you through a website you maintain?  Is that right?

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Hi everybody. I've had a search around and found several threads on this topic, but I'm not having any luck in finding a solution at the moment, so I thought I'd detail my exact symptoms. Hope that's ok

Setup info: I'm running Microsoft Outlook 2000 as may mail handler on a LAN comprising of 5 computers, all running on Windows XP. (Although each of the five profiles are stored exclusively on each PC - I don't have a dedicated email server). All of my PCs run Norton Antivirus, except for one computer which runs the self updating internet version of Norton Antivirus.

Problem: I've had a few phone calls telling me that people are unable to send email to us - I checked and I've not recived any email for a few days. I have experimented with all of the profiles by emailing to every computer in the office. None of the computers receive email, although all are able to send email to external sources (such as hotmail). There are no error messages.

The exception to this is "Computer 3", the one with the Internet Antivirus. This displays a whole host of error messages and will not send or receive email. I've checked the antivirus log and it appears that the software performed an automatic update a couple of nights ago. However, turining off my firewall etc has no effect.

The most common error message I receive is;
Error number 0x800ccc6a - 451 transient Brightmail processing error

Any advice on how I could fix this would be gre... Read more

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I am using Outlook 2003 on exchange server. I have set up an email account to receive POP email from a personal account. Exchange server will not allow me to send mail from this POP account, which I work around. My problem is I accidently Ok'd a return receipt received in my POP account. Outlook keeps trying to send this receipt and can't. It is not residing in my Outbox so I can't see it to cancel it. Any ideas?

Answer:Cancel return receipt in Outlook 2003

Go to File-Work offline.
Delete it.
Then go back to File-Work online.

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Hello ....

I have a client with a problem I cannot solve.

He is using Outlook in Office 2010 connecting to a Hotmail account via MAPI.

Sending and receiving email from Outlook creates the error 0x8004102A (Send/Receive Error).

Folders created either in Outlook or on are synced almost instantly so there appears to be no sync problem between his PC and the web.

However mail sent to the Hotmail address of my client can take up to half an hour or more to arrive in the inbox. When it does eventually arrive it syncs almost immediately with his PC reinforcing the view that the problem lies with

What happens is that my client will receive clusters of emails at various intervals with nothing inbetween. Sending mail is fine - it is sent instantly and arrives as expected in good time. The problem appears to be the slowness of emails into the account.

This occurs with just one email or a number. It is NOT down to the amount of mail.

I hope I have explained this so it can be understood. I would welcome any suggestions or help to solve this problem. (M$ is of no help at all sadly)

Many thanks Slow receipt of email and Outlook error.

MS completed the migration of Hotmail accounts to accounts back in May

Take a look at this article explain how to migrate (written before MS auto migrated accounts), it might point you in the right direction: Move your account to an account - TechRepublic

How are the servers configured in Outlook? You said: connected to Hotmail via MAPI.
Try connecting to via IMAP:
Use IMAP or POP E-Mail Programs
Set Up Outlook 2010 for IMAP or POP Access to Your E-Mail Account

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When I send e-mail the receiving person has to OK a question that I want to be notified that they received my e-mail.
I don't get this notification, but I would like to turn it off so they don't have to respond to the question.

I thought I had seen a check box for this, but I cannot find it.

Thanks for any help.

Answer:(solved) Turn off Outlook Express receipt notification

I'm assumimg you're using outlook express, if not ignore this.
In outlook express, tools, options, receipt tab, uncheck request receipt for read messages box.

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I've gone through a reformat to correct some problems not involving Outlook 2003. I reinstalled Office 2003 and imported my .pst file to restore all settings. No problem. I am trying to set up the views the way I had them. I think the view in the inbox before was ona daily basis. In other words the tree or thread showed e-mails recd. say on Monday, then Tuesday etc. Now the inbox will have something like Today, Last week, 2 weeks ago, 3 weeks ago, earlier this month, last month, and older. I know there is a recd. column that shows the dat but I was thinking I had them broken down daily by headings in the inbox. Am I completely forgetful or was there a different view.
Steve Rehmann

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I know this might be off topic but, Does anybody know of a website where I can download
software to enhance the sound and bass of an mp3 or WAV audio file ?

I am planning to put this song on a cd after enhancing it !!!!

It has to be free as I don't have my own credit card !!!!!

Also I'd like the program to be fairly easy to use and good
quality !!!!!!!

PLEASE post the links here !!!!!!!!!!! Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd appreciate any help u or anyone else can give me with this !!!!!!!!!

Thank you !!!!!!!!


Answer:Request for help #2 !!!!!!!!! PLEASE READ AND RESPOND !! THANKS !!

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Hi everyone,

My computer has reall been giving me fits lately. I would really appreciat if someone could review my hijack log. I really appreciate your help!

Logfile of HijackThis v1.98.2
Scan saved at 6:33:43 PM, on 10/7/2004
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccProxy.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SNDSrvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\Security Center\SymWSC.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Modem Event Monitor\IntelMEM.exe
C:\Program Files\Dell\Media Experience\PCMService.exe
C:\Program Files\Real\RealPlayer\RealPlay.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccApp.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP Share-to-Web\hpgs2wnd.exe
C:\WINDOWS\system32\P2P Networking\P2P Networking.exe
C:\Program File... Read more

Answer:Please Help... HiJack Log read request

You really should consider an alternative P2P method. Kazaa is loaded with spyware.

You may want to print out these instructions or save them as a text file with Notepad to your desktop because we will be restarting into Safe Mode later on in the fix and you might not be able to access the Internet.

Place a checkmark next to these entries, close all browsers and windows, and have HijackThis fix them by clicking Fix Checked:

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Bar =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Bar =
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchURL,(Default) =
R3 - URLSearchHook: PerfectNavBHO Class - {00D6A7E7-4A97-456f-848A-3B75BF7554D7} - C:\PROGRA~1\PERFEC~1\BHO\PERFEC~1.DLL
O2 - BHO: PerfectNavBHO Class - {00D6A7E7-4A97-456f-848A-3B75BF7554D7} - C:\PROGRA~1\PERFEC~1\BHO\PERFEC~1.DLL
O2 - BHO: myBar BHO - {0494D0D1-F8E0-41ad-92A3-14154ECE70AC} - C:\Program Files\MyWay\myBar\2.bin\MYBAR.DLL
O2 - BHO: (no name) - {549B5CA7-4A86-11D7-A4DF-000874180BB3} - (no file)
O2 - BHO: (no name) - {FDD3B846-8D59-4ffb-8758-209B6AD74ACC} - (no file)
O3 - Toolbar: My &Search Bar - {0494D0D9-F8E0-41ad-92A3-14154ECE70AC} - C:\Program Files\MyWay\myBar\2.bin\MYBAR.DLL
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [P2P Networking] C:\WINDOWS\system32\P2P Networking\P2P Networking.exe /AUTOSTART
O... Read more

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Before I got my comp completely wiped due to viruses, I could insert the a SD card from my Canon Powershot S2 IS into the port on my Dell Inspiron laptop and the comp would recognize, produce a little sound, and then ask me what I wanted to do with the new device. I'd transfer my pics and be on my way.
Post-wipe, when I insert the card, the little sound happens but not the pop-up 'what do you want to do with this device.' I have also tried to access from the control panel and the device is simply not there.
I'm using Microsoft Windows XP, Media Center Edition, Version 2002. SD cards are: Canon SD Memory card SDC-16M and SanDisk ultra II 1.0 GB. I tried some of the other posted fixes and then realized my version is out-dated and that's why they aren't working. Any fixes for my old but a goody version?

Answer:SD card not read with XP v. 2002

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Hi everyone,

At work we have outlook 2003 and I cannot upgrade that computer, at home I have recently upgraded to outlook 2007 but it left me with a little problem.

I use tasks to delegate jobs out to my team and I have it set up so categories are in fact their names. I used to send task requests with the name of the employee in the category section and when it arrived in the work inbox someone would accept the task and it would immediately go into that particular employees task category.

Now I have 2007 Outlook and although I have set categories up as they used to be (employee names) the task request gets accepted (at work) and instead of going under the employee name it goes into it's own category with no specific category.

Can anyone tell me (short of going back to outlook 2003) how to solve this issue?



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I have tried to import my .WAB file from Microsoft Office Outlook 2002 to Outlook Express. I used File, Import from within Outlook Express. I select the .wab file to import, and I get a message in about 1/2 a second saying it has been done but no addresses are imported.
Do you have to have both programs open? Is there another way to import addresses into OE?

Answer:Import Outlook 2002 address book to Outlook Express

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Basically, I need to know if it's possible to import data from outlook 2002 (XP) into outlook 2000. I'm creating a file filled with contacts for a person, they have 2000 and I have 2002.

Thanks for your help!

Answer:Possible to import outlook 2002 contact data into outlook 2000?

Yes. Export the contacts from your Outlook as a .pst file and import it into thier's

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I need to send an e-mail group list created in Outlook 2002 to a user who has Outlook Express (I think it's ver 5).

I tried exporting it as a .pst file but his computer opened it in Wordpad and garbled everything.

Is it OK to send it as a .pst file? If so, what's the proper way for the user to import the e-mail list onto their computer?

If .pst files aren't the way to go, what is the best export/import process?

Answer:Exporting an Outlook 2002 e-mail list to Outlook Express

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OS: XP home

I recently re-installed my entire computer, incl. MS Office 2002.
When restoring the .pst files, something went wrong. Maybe I needed to re-install more than just .pst files, maybe it screwed up because I renamed the back-up files?

Either way, the problem is that the Contact folder is not displayed in the Outlook Address Book, and I cannot manage to make it so.
I tried the following:
- Right-clicking the Contacts folder, Properties, Outlook Address Book tab. The checkbox "Show this folder as an e-mail Address Book" is greyed out, so I cannot check it.
- Tools, E-mail accounts, View or change existing directories or address books. Outlook Address Book - MAPI is listed (as only one). When pressing Change..., I get an error message: "This E-mail account cannot be configured. Please run Outlook and choose this profile before attempting to make changes to it." There is only one profile (I had 2 before re-installation, but no longer needed the second).
If I try to Add... an Additional Outlook Address Book, or a Personal Address Book, I get the error message "The account you have added is not fully configured. It might not work properly until re-configured correctly."

Nice, but how to re-configure it correctly??? I prefer not having to re-install the program...

I tried to Remove the listed Outlook Address Book, but then could still not Add... one (same error message), so the originally listed one re-appeared.

What can I do?

Answer:Solved: Contacts not in Outlook Address Book (Outlook 2002)

Did anyone respond to this 2.5 year old problem with a solution? I have exactly the same problem now and hope there is a solution out there. I'm puzzled and cannot find the solution on the net. Thanks.

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Ive got an Outlook 2003 using Boss and a Outlook 2002 using Assistant who are having issues with sharing their calendar. The assistant is inputting appointment data into her bosses Outlook 2003 Calendar.

The issue is : The 2002 user puts in a whole day appointment on a given day (say 10/10/2004). When she opens her bosses 2003 calendar, the same appointment is still a whole day, but it stretches across 2 days (in this case 10/10/2004 and 11/10/2004). Both users use common Regional Settings (Australia).

Outlook 2002 user is at Office XP SP3.
Outlook 2003 user is at Office 2003 Pro SP1
Exchange Server 2000 (sp unknown)

Anyone have any ideas for me?

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When Outlook Express is opened, every e-mail that was sent "return reciept requested" causes Outlook Express to try to send a return receipt, which then fails resulting in an error message.

OE ignores all changes to the "return receipt" functions and continues to try to send them even before they are opened; when the mouse hovers over the particular e-mail.

A recent malware infection (which has been removed) caused a change in the registry and turned off Task Manager (which has been corrected). I suspect the problem with OE is also a registry issue, but cannot Google any information on this specific function or issue.

Two questions:

1. Is there a registry entry that controls the fuction of OE's "return receipt" function ?

2. If OE is uninstalled & reinstalled, will the stored e-mails be lost ?

An aggravating factor is that sbcglobal does not have a configuration setting to prevent duplicate e-mails from being downloaded and a recent change to the e-mail account by sbcglobal has resulted in the messages being duplicated 2 and 3 times in OE, and it is attempting to download another 4000 ( ! ) more, which will also all be duplicates.

This "return receipt" problem is preventing the ability to delete the duplicate & unwanted e-mails, so OE's functionality is reduced to nil.

Also, is there a static limit to the number of messages that OE can store & manage ?

Answer:Outlook Express Hangs on "Return Receipt Requested" E-Mails

start by clearing your outbox

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I happened to check my processes in the task manager and I find 10 incidents of outlook.exe running although I have closed out my outlook program (which is my primary email, NOT Outlook Express). All total they are using about 125,000K of memory. ( I have 1 gig in RAM)

Anyone know why this is?

TIA for any answers.


Answer:10 outlook.exe processes, outlook 2002 on XP home edition with SP1.

Not sure how it got that way without more information but what happens if you simply end those processes.

Then you can open it up again and see if it starts replicating itself. There may be more going on behind the scenes that you are not aware of yet. This might be a good initial test to try.

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I'm trying to read the e-mails from my old Windows 98 computer on my current Windows XP computer but I haven't been able to figure out how to successfully do this. The e-mail client on the Windows 98 machine was Outlook Express 6 and the one on my current XP computer is Outlook 2002.

I followed the instructions listed on the Microsoft support site (Article ID: 270670) for backing up the data from Outlook Express which left me with a folder of .dbx files (Inbox.dbx, Drafts.dbx etc) which I then burned onto a CD and transferred over to my XP computer. My problem is that now that I've done that I'm not sure how to get Outlook 2002 to import that folder of .dbx files or recognize it. I googled it but didn't find any helpful results other than links to expensive conversion programs. So could anyone here offer any help on the matter? Thanks in advance.

Answer:How do I import messages from Outlook Express 6 into Outlook 2002?

Update: I realized that Outlook can't open the .dbx files and that Outlook Express has to export them to Outlook. However, when I tried this it only exported the messages in my "Sent" folder and none of the messages in any of the other folders, including Inbox.dbx which is about 500MB in size so I know the messages are in there. Any advice on what to do next?

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I am having real difficult time with a couple of clients with their outlook 2002 and Outlook Express. All of them are on Windows XP Home and get a similar error message that states:

The message could not be sent because one of the recipients was
rejected by the server.
The rejected e-mail address was '[email protected]'.
Subject 'testing
emailing reports', Account: '',
Server: '', Protocol: SMTP,
Server Response: '550 5.7.1 <[email protected]>...
we do not relay <[email protected]>', Port: 25, Secure(SSL):
Server Error: 550, Error Number: 0x800CCC79

Tech Support of a few ISP's have said that the email is configured properly but all refer me to Microsoft to resolve. So far they haven't been much of a help either.

Does anyone have a solution to this frustrating situation? I really appreciate any help you can provide.

Answer:Sending Error in Outlook 2002 and Outlook Express

Actually, the email is not configured correctly. 550 errors are relaying errors, meaning you are either using an SMTP server not allowed by your ISP, or their SMTP server is having problems. Chances are, its the first scenario. In most cases, you must use your ISP's smtp server.

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Is there a free upgrade to change microsoft outlook 2002 to microsoft outlooke 2003 ?


Answer:Can Microsoft Outlook 2002 Be Upgraded To Outlook 2003

according to this site an upgrade is not possible you need to buy the newer version for $109.00 USD

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Lenovo G505s: still has Driver/Software for AMD VGA Driver is ver. 15.200.1045.0; which is running the Catalyst driver. These drivers are considered to be obsolete as recently updated all their VGA driver versions from Catalyst to Crimson, along with the announcement of certain video cards with limited driver update support. Can we please ask for the progress of updating Lenovo G505s drivers for Win10, 64x, to a most recent version of AMD VGA Crimson Drivers?

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Put together a system and after running down issues and setting W8 the way I like it, I neglectfully forgot to test the mini-card to USB device. It does not work. I was trying to copy something over on a compact flash memory disk I have. I did some basic troubleshooting on my level, went into device manager and found an unknown device, tried to update the driver over the net an it didn't. So any opinions or ideas are welcome.

Answer:Multi-card reader not being read - Request assistance!

You will have to install the drivers for it before it works.
Did it come with a driver Cd? If it did try to install it in compatibility mode.
Try to download drivers from the manufacturers website and install them.

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does anyone know any kind of software that logs the hard disk activity (im working with win98)? it should be something that records every single read/write operation that is done on a given hard disk and specify the file and directory it was made on/created/deleted, the time of the operation, etc. if this software can also record executions - even better. i know that there are anti-virus software that use these kinds of modules to operate, but i haven't find any software that keeps a serial log file for these operations.

tnx in advnx ;-)

Answer:disk read/write reports software (2.5.2002)

closing duplicate,
view this thread

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does anyone know any kind of software that logs the hard disk activity (im working with win98)? it should be something that records every single read/write operation that is done on a given hard disk and specify the file and directory it was made on/created/deleted, the time of the operation, etc. if this software can also record executions - even better. i know that there are anti-virus software that use these kinds of modules to operate, but i haven't find any software that keeps a serial log file for these operations.

tnx in advnx ;-)

Answer:disk read/write reports software (2.5.2002)

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Hello.My Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 has been working recently on Windows 10. All of a sudden it will not read my yoke and rudder petals. The air plane either just sits on the runway or slowly taxis to the left. The program in settings insist every thing is running properly. Recalibration doesn?t work as it is not being read. I searched for driver updates. There are none. I have shut down the computer for 5 minutes. I reinstalled the flight simulator to no avail. I have the same results. What have I missed? Please email me back as soon as possible. Any ideas to get this working will be greatly appreciated.

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My wife and I share the same PC which runs XP Home. We use different login identities and preferences. We currently use Outlook Express, however I do have Office XP. Does anyone have any views whether we should upgrade to Outlook 2002? Are there any benefits?Thanks,Mark

Answer:Outlook 2002 versus Outlook Express

Personl choice...... go for outlook.Full address book integrated with other office programs and the calendar.

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Windows XP Pro SP2
Outlook 2002 SP3

Vista, Home Premium, 32 bit
Office Standard 2007, which was installed as an upgrade.
I did not install Office 2002. During Office 2007 installation, I put the Office 2002 CD into the other optical drive. Office 2002 was NOT installed.

I made the mistake of configuring the email account on the Outlook 2007 account while the computer was connected to the internet. Now, I have many new messages on the Vista computer, which I would like to retain. These messages have been removed from the server.

1. How do I transfer the messages & calendar from the source to the destination?

2. How do I merge the messages in the Outlook 2007 inbox with the messages [ to include those in the inbox of Outlook 2002?

Thanks for your help.


Answer:Solved: Outlook 2002 to Outlook 2007

In outlook 2007, use File - Impor and Export - Import from another program or file - Personal Folder file (.pst).

Then you point it at a copy of the PST from your old 2002 version of Outlook, copy it over on a CD or DVD or via a network if connected (it will be a large file usually).

You can tell it to not create duplicates etc as you want.

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Hi, I am changing to outlook 2002 from outlook express, how can I be sure that all my saved e-mails etc will be retrievable, can I back up express before I do this,also I need to know how to back up express and outlook in case I do a re-install of windows...Thanks

Answer:Changing to outlook 2002 from outlook express

click hereclick hereclick hereclick hereclick here

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Compaq Presario AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3700+, 984 MHz, 1 Gig RAMSystem:Miscrosoft Windows XPMedia Center EditionVersion 2002Service Pack 2Ad-aware SE PersonalMcafee Virus scan version 11I would like to make Microsoft Outlook 2002 my default mail handler but all my incoming mails find their way into Outlook Express 6. I have already designated Microsoft Outlook 2002 as my default program (Tools-Options-Others-General-Checked the box for "Make Outlook the default program for email").  What else should I do?

Answer:Microsoft Outlook 2002 and Outlook Express 6

QuoteI have already designated Microsoft Outlook 2002 as my default program (Tools-Options-Others-General-Checked the box for "Make Outlook the default program for email").  What else should I do?Where is that?  Open Internet Explorer, go to Tools, Internet Options, Programs, and set Outlook as the E-mail program.

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I have set the options so that the Outlook Today page is supposed to begin when Outlook 2002 is started. Instead it always opens in the inbox.

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Can anyone tell me how to copy contacts from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2002 (XP).An error message tells me the .pst files are not compatable

Answer:Outlook 2003 Contacts to Outlook 2002 (XP)

I am not sure but you could try using the export/import wizard and exporting the file as a .csv file from outlook 2003 and then importing it into 2002.

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I have just completed along assignment abroad and handed back the notebook to the client, after backing up all necessary files.I was running Outlook 2002/XP and synchronising with my HP Ipaq 4150, EXCEPT for email/Inbox.I am now setting up my new notebook back in the UK and have installed the MS Office 2003 upgrade.Question: can I just transfer my Outlook.PST file and overwrite the default one set up my Office 2003? I ask because I was running Office 2003 abroad, but there were problems with Outlook 2003, so I reverted to Outlook 2002/XP.Or, should I set up Outlook 2002/XP on my wife's computer, and then export my Outlook.PST data in another acceptable format?Regards,Kibo Kid

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