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Can't bring up

Question: Can't bring up

I can pull up any site I want to on the internet, except Adobe web sites.

Is there some Internet configuration, security issue or other Unique requirement from Adobe that I'm not using?

My system is Windows 98 and my connection is Dial-up. Earthlink.
Using a 56K Diamond Modem.


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Preferred Solution: Can't bring up

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I beleive that I have a browser settings problem as I cant access .pdf Adobe Reader files and certain on line game files.

With the .pdf files, I get a square icon in the upper left hand corner of the page. The icon has a small square, circle, and triangle in it.

Any clues?

Answer:Cant bring up Adobe Reader .pdf files

Open up Acrobat Reader.

Click on Edit > Preferences > Options

What are the settings for your Web Browser Options.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 220 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 6 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2815 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 940886 MB, Free - 891582 MB; D: Total - 12879 MB, Free - 1571 MB;
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

My desktop computer is running quite slow, so I am checking all of the software that I have installed to see if something might be causing the problem. Do I need the above items please? I have Foxit Reader and I am running a free Office Suite called Open Office.

Thank you for reading this.

Kind regards


Answer:Solved: Do I need Adobe Air, Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Reader, please?

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Adobe Offering Insecure Adobe Reader Version For Download, Beware
Adobe just recently released updates to their pdf reader Adobe Reader, raising its version to 9.3.3. The update fixed several security issues of which at least one was actively exploited in the wild. Computer users who visit the Adobe website might notice that Adobe is not offering that version for download, anywhere on the page.
Instead they are still offering Adobe Reader 9.3 for download, a version that has been releases in January 2010, and updated three times since then to fix security vulnerabilities of which some are used in attacks.

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A critical vulnerability exists in Flash Player and earlier versions (Adobe Flash Player and earlier for Chrome users) for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Solaris, Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions for Android, and the Authplay.dll component that ships with Adobe Reader and Acrobat X (10.0.2) and earlier 10.x and 9.x versions for Windows and Macintosh operating systemsContinue reading Security bulletin

Answer:Security Advisory for Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader and Acrobat

This further enhances the point that these software mfg's need to start putting security first when they build their code.

It's completely ridiculous and irresponsible nearly 15 years later after they were all warned about it!

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I have a damaged file and I want to know if there is a utility out there that will fix the damaged file so we can open the file. Does anyone know of a utility that will do this? Does anyone know how to force a damaged file to open?


Answer:Solved: Damaged files that cannot be repaired in Adobe - Adobe Acrobat Windows

What is the file please is it an actual Adobe file
OR a file that would open with Adobe - a pdf file
all we have to work with is what you tell us, so we really need a little more detail

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I am relatively new to graphic design and imaging, but I have a question regarding my use of Adobe Illustrator CS3 and Adobe Photoshop CS3.

I have designed a logo in Adobe Illustrator CS3, and saved it as both an ".AI" file and an ".EPS" file.

Now, when I open the ".EPS" file in Adobe Photoshop CS3, it appears that the bright cyan (it's a white logo with one of the characters in bright cyan) is duller than what it seemed to be in Adobe Illustrator CS3.

Does anyone know why this would be, and what I can do to stop it?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Answer:Solved: Colour Difference/Dullness Between Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop

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I have IE (version 10. 0.9200.21928) in my server .What should be installed in my server to make it applicable for MS16-154.
Please help

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how to bring c:\ in cmd

Answer:how to bring c:\ in cmd

Do you know basic DOS commands? Assuming CMD defaults to:C:\Documents and Settings\your username>Type cd C:\ & press ENTER.

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I have four computers on a network using a D-Link router and DSL. All four computers work well (3 win98 and one xp); but, I recently got another computer and substituted it in place of one of the working machines. With the newest addition (Win98) I am able to see all computers in Network Neighborhood and can access each. But, I am unable to bring up any webpages using ie. I get the usual message about page not found. Could anybody help. Thank you in advance.

Answer:Cannot Bring Up Web

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I bought a glow-in-the-dark keyboard a few weeks ago. The paper they referred to as an owner's manual said to delete the previous keyboard drivers to avoid conflict. I was wary of doing that, and I also did not know how to do it. I was expecting a simple plug n play, but of course nothing is simple with this stuff. When I first tried to use the new board, Windows would freeze up, but I kept at it till I found a way to make it work. I've been leaving the little cd that came with the new keyboard in the drive. When I power on it says 'no keyboard' found. Then I reload the drivers for the new keyboard, the computer reboots itself, and it's been working for quite a while that way. I know it isn't the proper way, but it's been working so I've put up with having to reload the new drivers every day. Today Windows started freezing up again even after I reloaded the new drivers when it gets to the place where I select which user name to use. That's the way it was doing before I found a way around it. I think it must all have begun when there was some sort of fatal error in Windows this morning. I looked at the screen just as an error box faded away and XP started shutting itself down. I didn't see the error message. So I'm writing to ask how do I remove the drivers for this old keyboard, and after that is done, and I reload the new drivers again, will the reloaded drivers be permanent? Thank you.

Answer:We bring it on ourselves

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I have never met a group of people collectively, who have as much knowledge as I have here.

Which leads me to ask, can we just all focus and together, come to a conclusion concerning a very nice security setup, that would be lite and very secure.

Lets pick one of each below (these are just examples, but you catch my drift right)...

A security suite or firewall and anti-virus (free or paid).

One malware on demand scanners (free or paid)

One whitelist (free or paid)


One anti-exe (free or paid).

Answer:Can We Just Bring This To An End.

Just pick my config

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I replaced my hard drive a couple of months ago, and just got around to reinstalling Adobe CS2. Now, every time I boot my computer, C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe opens automatically (contains AdobePatchFiles folder). Not sure why this is happening, or what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks:) System:Windows XP Professional, Version 2002, Service Pack 3Computer: Intel® Xeon® CPU - E5420 @ 2.50GHz - 2.49GHz, 3.25 GB of RAM - Physical Address ExtensionMod Edit: Removed HJT log data, not a system troubleshooting tool, no evidence of malware indicated in topic ~ Hamluis.

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I downloaded Adobe Photoshop (Portable) and installed it. Then I wanted to change the location where it was saved. I tried to move it but it couldn?t be moved so I copied and pasted it into a new location. I know I should uninstall but since I just wanted 1 copy, I deleted one.

After that, most of the other Adobe programs were affected. When I opened some, they would say that some files are missing or my license has expired. Some started asking for serial number or to register.

When I opened Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.0 it said Photoshop Elements Help was missing and there were missing icons on the right side.

So I uninstalled and reinstalled the programs. I downloaded some but they can?t be installed. It always says some files are missing.

What is the cause of the problem?
How can I fix this?

Answer:Manually deleted Adobe program and now all Adobe programs are affected

Try downloading the entire app again and then reinstall!

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I have Windows Vista 32 bit and from the beginning I have problems opening pdf's from internetsites: my computer suggests that I install the recent version of Adobe what I did (succesfully as adobe says). I tried some of the suggestions I found on the internet: uninstall - install, execute as administrator, change the compatibility to Windows server pack 2, upgrated the internet explorer, but still it doesn't work. Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot, Swaantje

Answer:[SOLVED] problem with adobe reader and adobe flash player

Here is a link to a cool Adobe Reader alternative the program is not even close to half the size of Adobe's Reader.

What type of problem are you having with flash player?

Can you watch a youtube video?

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Can you help me?

Answer:What's new in Windows 8 bring?

MetroUI, No start menu, different task manager, matte colors, improved explorer, completely botched up user interface.

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I have a broadband conncetion, I can access my email account, but can not bring up my browser. It comes bacck and says it wil dial my connection now. My operating system is XP home and my computer is Dell XPS Gen 3. This is a new development.

Answer:Can not bring browser

Check the Connections tab in Internet Options. Make sure that you don't have a dialup setting and the radio button:
Always dial my default connection is not ticked.

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I have a Dell inspiron with Windows 8.1.

I can't bring up google. I get a message that reads,

Windows could not connect to the Group Policy Client service. This problem prevents standard users from sinning on.

As an administrative user, you can review the system event log for details about why the service didn't respond.

I'm on with Mozilla but all my passwords are saved on Google.

How l can I fix this?

Answer:Can't bring up Google.

First off you have posted in the Windows XP forum, but you are running Windows 8.1. I will have a nice Mod move you to that section of the forum.
Second, Mozilla Firefox is a Browser, When you say You can't bring up Google, do you mean Google Chrome the browser? Or do you mean Google the search engine web site?
Now Try This:

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im having the same problem with my computer
but im having trouble viewing

Answer:cannot bring up thread

that's because the thread has been removed

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hello everyone,I hope iam in the right Form...Can someone please tell me how to bring up 2 sites...& Minimize one....Example> I bring up yahoo & Minimize it...then try to bring up another site,it wont do it...the last site i try to get into brings up the Minimize used not to be like that...I could bring up 3 or 4 diferant sites.....any help would be Appriciated...

I am runing Windows Xp home Edt.

**Thanks bobbylee

Answer:Can't bring up 2 Sites

bobbylee said:

hello everyone,I hope iam in the right Form...Can someone please tell me how to bring up 2 sites...& Minimize one....Example> I bring up yahoo & Minimize it...then try to bring up another site,it wont do it...the last site i try to get into brings up the Minimize used not to be like that...I could bring up 3 or 4 diferant sites.....any help would be Appriciated...

I am runing Windows Xp home Edt.

**Thanks bobbyleeClick to expand...

You should be able to do it by just opening two windows in IE.

But, I would like to recommend getting firefox from, that program allows for tabbed browsing which will allow you to have multiple sites open in the same window.

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Hi, Yes I know that this might be unorthodox but I am trying it anyway - why not? My hd was replaced, so instead of using the xp setup cd (actually I only have a hp recovery cd no ms xp setup cd)Anyway I have a saved image of my xp os with all the customized desktop and applications on it.I did a restore using Image for Dos after creating a partition and formating it with diskpart and format.Now it says when I boot "reboot and select proper boot device"I can get past this with the xp boot diskette I got from microsoft and the system boots fine.I know that since I did not do the setup with the new hd that there is no MBR to point to the boot partition.Microsoft has no hits when I search with the indications.Any hints? I know this can be done somehow.thanks for the help!

Answer:new hd - using an image to bring up

I did a fixmbr and it did the same thing.I did a fixboot and the same thing.One of ms messages said to check if the partition was active, it was not so I changed it and it works!thanks for the inspiration of this site!It sometimes is so helpful just to tell someone about a problem and get it off  your chest so to speak and then you see the light!

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I have a Dell inspiron with Windows 8.1.

I can't bring up google. I get a message that reads,

Windows could not connect to the Group Policy Client service. This problem prevents standard users from sinning on.

As an administrative user, you can review the system event log for details about why the service didn't respond.

I'm on with Mozilla but all my passwords are saved on Google.

How l can I fix this?

Answer:Can't bring up Google.

First off you have posted in the Windows XP forum, but you are running Windows 8.1. I will have a nice Mod move you to that section of the forum.
Second, Mozilla Firefox is a Browser, When you say You can't bring up Google, do you mean Google Chrome the browser? Or do you mean Google the search engine web site?
Now Try This:

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I'm traveling to Peru, which I hear that there is a lot of theft. Of course, there's theft in many places including where I live. I have two cameras.. canon 350D, and the sd700 is. Taking a poll from camera lovers who have traveled a bit..would you bring both cameras?
I'm am bringing the sd700, but debating about the 350D even though I LOVE the pictures. Not sure I want to lug it around... just out of curiousity and fun which one would you bring, or both??...

Answer:Which cameras would you bring?

take the one that is easiest to use. leave the other home. no sense in carrying excess baggage. with airport security the way it is. the less you carry, the better off you will be. have a safe trip.

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Question: Bring back pop up

The original issue for one of my users was she was getting a message on a certain webpage that said "To display this webpage correctly you need to download and install the following components: Java Virtual Machine"

The options on this box were to download or cancel. When you hit download, it would take you out to the java site in a different window and it would load the original screen one button at a time as you kept hitting download. Now I think I know how to fix this, but one of our level 1 techs decided to check the box that said 'Never download any of these components'. So now it appears this webpage doesn't want to downlod java components anymore.

Does anyone know how to get this pop up back after he checked that box? I feel like I've tried everything in the security settings and the advanced tab. She's got IE6SP1 on a 2000 machine.

Also to note: I actually reverted back to IE5.5 and the webpage worked fine, but when I upgraded to IE6SP1 again it gave us the same screen with red x's all over the place. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Here's the email:[email protected]
Let's prove there's demand! :D

Answer:Help bring SongKick to WP!

They never reply to my emails

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I can connect and maintain a strong connection(56K phone line) but have a hard time bringing up a new page or pictures on a page. I ran AVG and there is one virus I can't get rid of. It is a "Trojan horse Downloader.Agent.3.AP" and is found in C:\Documents and Settings\Jacqui Rizzo\Application Data\hgv?e.exe. When I look for the file in the specified area, it is not there. I run AVG, Ad-Aware, Spybot S&D, Spyware blaster, and Spyware guard. According to my last HJT log, it was clean. Thanks.

Answer:Can't bring up new pages

Hi again odm......of course, that log was about six weeks ago and anything may have happened since then.

Please download HijackThis - this program will help us determine if there are any spyware/malware on your computer. Create a folder at C:\HJT and move HijackThis.exe there. Run a scan and save the log file. Get HijackThis Analyzer and save it to the same folder as the hijackthis.log file. Run HijackThis Analyzer and type in y if you agree. Open up the result.txt file created. Copy the whole result.txt log and post it in the forum. Do not fix anything in HijackThis since they may be harmless.

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I am trying to figure out how to bring two seperate networks together as one over the internet without usings a server box.

I have location 1 my office with a network and DSL modem.

I have network 2 my other office with a network and DSL modem.

I'm trying to seamlessly join them over the internet.

Can someone please explain to me how to do this.


Answer:how do I bring two networks together as one?

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 245 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 6 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3838 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4200, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 464356 MB, Free - 430131 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 04GJJT, A00 , ..CN7016314M02S2.
Antivirus: Norton AntiVirus, Updated and Enabled

I can't bring up MyMSN which is my home page. Regular MSN comes up fine but for two days now, I can't access MyMsn. Does anyone know if they are having a problem or have I picked up something? I keep getting a "Refresh this page or try back later" message.

Thanks for any help anyone can give. Newbie Retiree and not sure what to do.

Answer:Can't bring up mymsn

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After dial up and logging into my ISP all I get are URL not available. I have switched ISPs, switched from IE to Netscape, reloaded my modem drivers, played with buffers - switched off and changed settings. I have gone to DOS and used PING. This problem has been going on for about a week. A few days ago I got 80% lost using PING, now I get 100% lost.

My ISP is OK, since my laptop works fine. My desk unit which is having the problem is Intel 350 Pent II with 64 MG ram and Windows 98.

Answer:Can't bring up anything from Internet

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When I push alt tab it does nothing,also I can't seem to open up my task manager. did a spyware/malware scan last night and nothing. Help?

Answer:Can't alt tab or bring up taskmanager

What happens if while on the Windows desktop you press Ctrl+Shift+Esc?

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As of late, my AD-AWARE and SPYBOT scans have been relatively clean. Then... this morning, for the first time in several weeks I fired up AIM and when I did a scan late tonite it found all kinds of stuff, Wupdater, Newnet among others.

Is AIM the likely culprit of these programs? I use OPERA as my browser and since making the switch to it have had hardly any spyware. AIM seems to open up IE for any of it's updates, games etc.... I was just curious about AIM contributing to this new spyware I found on my system.



Answer:Does AIM bring in the SPYWARE?

Hmm, think I read something about the New version of AIM carrying spyware... I'll try to find the thread.

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Hi all. I have ThinkPad T520, and I wanted a USB 3.0 port. I found out that there is a dock station 4338-35 which has one. I was naive enough to believe that the docking station has its own USB 3.0 controller, so I've bought it. So yep, now I have lots of USB 2.0 ports, and no USB 3.0 port, because my laptop doesn't have USB 3.0 controller. Awful sad. How naive. Let me be a bit more naive and ask: is it possible to upgrade T520 somehow, and get USB 3.0 controller on it? Or, is USB controller built into the chipset so it's not possible? Thanks.

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In documents I select new folder and don't get one. This happened to me before but I forgot how to cure it. Please assist.


Answer:won't bring up new folder

Quote: Originally Posted by amsanborn

In documents I select new folder and don't get one. This happened to me before but I forgot how to cure it. Please assist.


The new folder is being put into the "Default save location". You can find out which folder this is by clicking on the link above that says "# locations".

Or, back out of the Documents library and then right-click the Documents library itself and choose Properties.

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Currently living/working in our RV while we are looking for a new home. Most RV parks have WiFi which works for my purpose IF I am outside. Once I step into the RV it is like stepping into a Faraday cage, i.e., the signal strength drops to almost useless levels.

What I'd like to be able to do is grab the signal (maybe a Ubiquiti?), get the park's IP address. Feed that into a existing WRT54G (as if it was connected to the WAN) via CAT-5 cable which would then be my "inside" WiFi. I know I don't want a repeater because I will lose bandwidth. Looks like I want to do a bridge (client?) but am not sure what to get for the initial signal grab.

Thoughts, suggestions, comments, welcome.

Or am I completely nuts and just need to get a rainsuit and an umbrella and work outside?

Answer:Best way to bring Wifi into RV?

you could mount a wi - fi anteena out side or on top of the R V if You Know How ?? then run the cable to your pc / laptop

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This is really bugging me. There is ONE webpage that i cannot bring up on my browser, IE 6.0.2.


I have asked a few people already to go to that site, and everyone can see it. Why can't I? I even turned off my Norton Firewall, and I tried rebooting and clearing the cache. Can everyone here see that site? Ok, what else could be my problem?

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"In an instant message chat, Microsoft has told the Windows Featured Communities that the demand for Windows Vista Beta 2 has been overwhelming. It is, in fact, the largest downloaded software in history. Currently, they are serving product keys out ten times faster then the downloads can be served. In fact, they are pumping out bits as fast as they can - any faster and there would be a measurable impact on the internet. In fact, I quote a Microsoft representive:

"So, we are literally saying that if we increased our bandwidth any further there's a possibilty of taking down the Internet - people might have problems with World Cup viewing, etc"

People who have recieved Vista Beta 2 product keys, but are unable to download, may need to wait a few days, up to one week. Microsoft encoruages users who want to try out Windows Vista Beta 2 to order the DVD. When they recieve the DVD in 1-4 weeks, install it, and activate it, they will be automattically guaranteed an RC1 upgrade."

this info was taken from

i was wondering hwo this would happen how couls so many people DL vista and MS expanding there bandwidth "bring down the internet"??

Answer:bring down the internet?

the only way i could see it is there basicaly being a traffic jam, i'm willing to bet they're sending one out to every single backbone carrier, ISP, everything, they're uploading to the net as fast as they can, and probably every router within so many hops has seen vista go thru so many times, its all hogging up bandwidth more than they've seen before. Basically all the routers and ISPs that are shoving this out is causing everyone else's traffic, mainly the vista downloaders and probably microsoft web site browsers are experiencing it the most, but since vista is taking up so much bandwidth its causing everyone else's internet to be slow. I actualy havent noticed much a difference, mines always slow, **PUKE FOR DIALUP**

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I know that SLI and CrossFire have been around for a while, but is there any benefit to adding more than 2 cards ?There seem to be some new cards that will allow 'QuadFire', which - I guess - is 4 cards working in tandemclick hereAny thoughts on how much more grunt we will see by adding in the 3rd and 4th ?

Answer:What will QuadFire bring ?...

some games are faster with one card, plus sli drivers have took some getting right, so getting four cards working properly looks iffy.

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I have not recieved a reply to a posting. Is it possible to bring a posting back to the top of the list without re-starting a copy of the same subject.(post)

Answer:bring postings to the top

Yes it is. Go to your posting and type a response. This could be anything - "bump", "oi", "elp" etc.

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I can't get my pc to wake up whenever I hit the sleep button on my keyboard by accident. When it's sleeping and I hit a key, the fans will will turn on and I can hear some sounds coming from inside the pc but the screen is still black. After that nothing else happens so I have to reset my pc. Using WinXP Pro.

Answer:How do I bring my pc out of Sleep

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Hi there

This "update in place" mechanism is a PAIN if it fails during the process -- this means you actually have to restore the previous image of your OS (if you have one), remedy the error and start again.

Mine failed because I was nearly out of HDD space for the OS so it ran out of space. OK I restored the OS from an image, used GPARTED to increase the partition size and then OK started again. OK this time.

Now in the "REAL WORLD" there will be many people who could be rendered with an inoperative computer if the update in place fails and there isn't an automatic roll back or the roll back fails. Some people (probably MOST who aren't on these forums) STILL don't take regular reliable backups !!! - Idiotic I know but true. !!

Having an ISO would eliminate a lot of this - just wipe your HDD and install clean -- what's wrong with that idea.

(I know currently there are some get around's on this (Kari's tutorial for example) but the average user won't do that of course).cre

The update in place is a DOG on VM's too - probably worse than on a REAL machine - especially if you run out of HDD (Virtual) disk space for the OS. You need to backup the image of the VM, Create a NEW VM and then restore it !!. You can't just image the OS or copy the Virtual Disk files.


Answer:Ms PLEASE bring back ISO's again

Good idea to have the option of this to download it

The only problem is would this work ok for the average user, I cant see many wanting to download an ISO, clean install and then install/setup all their apps again

IMO, the in place upgrades/updates as they are now are best for the average user, for more technical the ISO could be offered

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A laptop running XP and uses dial up, shows that it is connected but will not bring up a web page. The initial home page does not come up, and when we type in the web addy, it doesn't come up as well.

Any idea what could be the problem? Could it be something to do with the DNS? Just guessing here.


Answer:Can't bring up web page?

Does it give a 404 error?

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I downloaded IE9 and installed it. But its not good.

Why the tab bar is coming besides the address bar ? And why its not draggable to below the address bar ??

Am i missing something ?


Answer:How to bring tabs down in IE9

Hello and welcome to the forum.

There are two things you can do you click click Alt every time then the menu bar will appear.

Or if you want it there all the time:

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When I'm instructed to bring up a graphic by clicking on hypertext I get, instead, first a quick flash of an image that appears to be the requested picture. But it disappears so quickly that about all I get to see is a fleeting glimpse of the rectangular outline of it before it is gone and is immediately replaced by a round, red circle with a diagonal through the middle (no entry icon found on some street or road signs, etc., common in Europe) as it reverts back to the original scene where I started. I have checked my Security settings and can't find anything that appears to be out of line. I am using IE 6.0 and my OS is Win XP Pro.

P.S. Can someone tell me what he has under Internet Settings\Security\Restricted Sites, if anything? At the moment I have nothing. TIA.

Answer:Can't Bring Up Graphics

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Hola, amigos!
As I mentioned a few days ago, I'm getting a new graphic card.
After much compromise and rebate, I settled for a Powercolor PCS Radeon HD 5450 - and no regrets!

Actually came in 2 days earlier than the delivery due-date. Impressive.

Ah, the speed at which Fable's glorious!

Answer:Bring forth the Radeon! :D

The package contained:

1 Radeon HD 5450
1 Installation manual
1 driver CD
and if it counts, a bubble-bag.

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Ok fellas, here is my situation. I have a dvd/vhs player (dvd part is broken). I need to get a vhs onto my computer. I was thinking hooking up the dvd with the yellow and red rcas to my 7900gt video card (there is a adapter that hooks onto video card with yellow and red rca inputs). Now I tried hooking my tv up this way for the **** of it, and the computer screen projected onto the tv. now i need to do the opposite. I need the vhs from the player to project onto my monitor. Is there a program (perferably freeware) where I can then save/record the video onto my harddrive?

Answer:How to bring VHS onto Computer

You need VIVO (video in video out) for that.

You could purchase the Hauppauge PVR-150 (TV Tuner/Capture) to do it.

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On my other puter it goes to the site but will not open the site .We had a problem and just got it bk on line I have Hughes net.Help

Answer:Don't bring site in

Any site?
What browser?
Did you try different browser?

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Here is my hijack this log. Thanks for your help:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.0
Scan saved at 10:59:51 PM, on 1/17/2005
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7DEBUG\MDM.EXE
C:\Program Files\Roxio\Easy CD Creator 6\DragToDisc\DrgToDsc.exe
C:\Program Files\Roxio\Easy CD Creator 6\AudioCentral\RxMon.exe
C:\Program Files\Roxio\Easy CD Creator 6\AudioCentral\Playlist.exe
C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zlclient.exe
C:\Program Files\Winamp\winampa.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP Share-to-Web\hpgs2wnd.exe
C:\Program Files\BroadJump\Client Foundation\CFD.exe
C:\Program Files\\bin\tgcmd.exe
C:\Program Files\Webroot\Spy Sweeper\SpySweeper.e... Read more

Answer:Was told to bring this here.

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IE works in safe mode with networking but when in regular mode IE does not bring me to a webpage. Also, in regular mode, I am able to ping

Answer:IE cannot bring me to a webpage

Error messages?


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I have an older computer that I use. I cleaned out alot of viruses from the computer but I am having problems bringing up web pages now. I cannot get any web pages up. I have rebuilt my network and also updated internet explorer. I have gone to dos and can ping websites using their IP address but cannot find host when I use their domain name. I have a valid IP address. I have also reset all of the internet settings to default. This one has got me frustrated. It says on IE that cannot find page or dns error. I may also get an error message that it cannot open the search engine to find the address. It seems to me like a DNS problem but I cannot figure out how to approach this one anymore. Any help would be much appreciated.

Answer:cannot bring up a web page.

I found the answer going thru the web at this website
doing what they said did not exactly fix the problem but, at the end I looked thru those reg files were reinstalled I found that the settings were not correct. I compared those reg files to anouther computer I have also running windows 98 and found some big differences. Adjusted the settings to be the same and it logged right into web just perfect. Thanks to all the people that did look anyways.

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Whenever I bring up Netmeeting in Windows 2000 Pro, I get this error:
conf.exe - Entry Point Not Found
The procedure entry point SMapLS_IP_EBP_20 could not be located in the dynamic link library Kernel32.dll

I dual boot with Windows 2000 Pro (SP2) and Windows 98 SE on the same partition. I get this error whenever I bring up Netmeeting in Windows 2000 Pro. I donít get this error in Windows 98. Can anyone help?

Answer:Can Not Bring Up Netmeeting

I have a friend that cannot get it to work on her PC running Win2k Pro either. Not sure if it is a Win2k issue. I would try the latest version and any updates for it first. Look at this article from the MS Knowledge Base:

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Here is my list so far. I plan on playing Fallout New Vegas, Skyrim and Arma2 including some retro emulators such as Project64. I want this rig to be less then 600usd and was wondering if there was anything you guys thought would be better to change. I have an optical drive I can take from my current dell and I think we have Windows somewhere in a flash drive. Do I need windows 7 to play these games or just Steam? I dont need a monitor or keyboard or mouse. I have a Samsung 32in TV that I use as a monitor.

Cooling Fan:
Video Card:
Power Supply:

Right now it seems like this will come to over 600usd. I wanted a good processor and video card so that games wont lag and will be a good fps. I will likely play at the medium setting mostly, but may use high as well for games like skyrim. My dad knows computers moderately well and could help me with installing everything correctly.​

Answer:How can I bring the cost of this rig to under $600

I've just added everything to my shopping cart, including the Hyper 212 which was only $5 more at Newegg. It looks to be a total cost of $620 for everything listed. I did notice one thing, AMD recommends a 500W PSU with the HD 7850, the list has a 450W PSU chosen. Other than the 250GB drive, everything else looks good to me. I personally wouldn't spend $60 on a 250GB HDD. For $25 more you could have 4 times the capacity. I know you are looking to save a buck or two but sometimes shortcuts have too high a cost.

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ok, I need some help removing some malware from a co-workers computer. I have been working on it all day, using mostly this site for info. Symptoms include:

Control Panel has disapearred, gives system warning that access cannot be granted, check with administrator.

Internet tries to connect to, which I know is a malware site.

System Resources are being used up dramatically.

Other usual symptoms with an infection like this.

I have run Hijakthis and Combofix. and I have attached the logs. Any help and advice is appreciated.

Answer:Bring the suggestions, I need them.

Welcome to Major Geeks!

Please uninstall HJT as it will be properly installed when you do the following:

Please follow the instructions in the below link and attach the requested logs when you finish these instructions.

READ & RUN ME FIRST. Malware Removal Guide

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I love summoned war area can U bring it out on here I'm on using surface tab with windows 8.1 rt hope U can help

Answer:Will you bring out a game?

Be best to contact the Summoners War developer [email protected]

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I am working on this computer and he has McAfee, ThreatFire, ParetoLogic and Speedy PC. We were having trouble with going to windows live, but your website helped with that, but I still can't load McAfee. It shows up running in the task mgr., but when I click on the icon it acts like it is going to come up, but doesn't. Down on the right side of the taskbar where the active programs are there is the McAfee symbol. When I right or left click nothing happens. He is running Vista Home Basic on his Acer. I downloaded Prevx and Malwarebytes had found malware and removed it. Paid some guy online $35.00 to help me fix problems, but he knew about as much as me and did a system restore and removed the above Prevx & Malwarebytes. I have tried disabiling the UAC and other stuff, but to no avail. I have spent 2 days on this and I am getting really frustrated. This computer is in Spanish which I can read some and the keyboard is also. I keep changing the language and it keeps changing back. I have a feeling that the McAfee has expired, but it still shoud come up. Oh yeah, the security center shows that there is no anti-virus software installed.One more thing...The ThreatFire has 2 screens that come is a map and the other is about security and I can't close the windows unless I reboot. Also, I am having a hard time being able to read the letter verification.Thanks for any help you all can give me!

Answer:Can't bring up McAfee

McAfee and ThreatFire are both anti-virus programs and shouldn't be installed and running at the same time.

Those other cleaner/booster/optimizer/tuneup programs are basically useless and will do little to nothing to improve speed or performance. What they can do is break programs and damage the operating system.


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Thursday July 9, 2009

Hello again, MG's best people::-D

I am having trouble bringing my desktop PC out of 'Stand By'.
I rarely used this function, for several idiosyncratic reasons, but now I'd like to be able to do it. Unfortunately, the PC has other ideas about this decision.:confused

It seems like a hardware problem, so I stuck this post in here; but it may be an OS issue and belongs under 'Software'....

I go to Start > Turn Off Computer > and then hit the 'Stand By' button. The PC and monitor shut down like it is really turned off, except the little blue light behind the button (where you boot-up the machine) is 'on'. The machine does not purr or make much noise. That's what I thought it was supposed to do.....

Okay. So now, when I jiggle the mouse, or hit 'enter' or hit the space bar, I am waiting for the PC to come back on, which it seems to be trying to do. The machine starts to purr a little, but there is no great humming and the monitor stays black. I can't get it up and running, or even out of this state that I am now cornered in.:cry

The only way to go at this point is to press that button that normally boots up the rig, and has a little blue light on behind it, and hold it down until the machine manually shuts down. Then I gotta re-boot it back up again.

Is this something someone knows how to fix in a simple way ?? I'm no experienced officer, so the �... Read more

Answer:Can't Bring Her Out of 'Stand By'

Hello there, only advice I can give is to replug everything such as power cable, mouse cables other usb devices ect, oh and that pc powwer button light is that normally the colour of the light when pc is turned on or is it another colour?


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I can't figure this out, if I click on an Adobe installer for pdf or flash, or windows media player nothing happens. If I click the quick start icon, the icon is highlighted for maybe three seconds and then is no longer highlighted. Upon looking at the task manager, I see the process being started and then disappearing from the list. It stays in the task manager for the same duration as the quick start icon is highlighted. I'm running windows 7.There is no error message thus making this really confusing. How do I fix this?

Answer:WMP, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe PDF Viewer won't install.

what browser are you using? truenorth

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I am currently experiency teething problems with video editing and have been posting on the adobe community forums. Since approximately 3 days ago, I am unable to access any website if the word "adobe" appears in the URL.

I have three browsers installed- using mostly Chrome, also Firefox and Edge. I have only my desktop at home, using Windows 10, but have not yet installed the anniversary update. None of these browsers connects. However if I use my Samsung S6, then there is no problem, even if it is connected by WiFi to my router.

The message that I receive is:
"This site can't be reached. The connection was reset.
Checking the connection

Checking the proxy and the firewall"

Posts that I have read, suggested that the problem could be with the firewall- I turned the firewall off.

Other posts suggested it could be the hosts file- I had it changed by a program "hostess"

I uninstalled all my Adobe products, but nothing helps.

Please advise

Answer:Unable To Connect To Any Adobe Site/or The Adobe Server

Check that you don't have any 'cracked' Adobe pay software installed, part of many cracks are things like .dll changes, which block access to license sites.

To reset the hosts file to MS defaults, delete it and reboot.

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OS is Win 7 - Adobe reader 10 installed - will not open adobe 7 pdfs - is there a fix? Win 7 will not let me run Adobe 7 due to compatability issues

Answer:why doesn't adobe reader 10 open adobe 7 docu

It should. If not then get some portableapp"The era of big government is over," said Clinton 1996

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Hi there,

I've got some 500MB AVI files which I'm having problems with since I cannot import them into either Premiere CS3 to convert the file from AVI to another format or to Adobe Encore off the cuff so that I can create my DVD without both pieces of software locking up and crashing.

I've already tried reinstalling both bits of software to no avail and there has been no change. I've tried a Google search for similar situations but I cannot find any at the moment, so please could you help as soon as possible.



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On 9-June-2012 our Dell XPS 8300 started getting the BSOD when trying to open Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Contribute. From January 2012 through 9-June we have had no trouble with Adobe. We have not added any new software or hardware around the 9-June timeframe. The ONLY time we get the BSOD is when starting one of these two products. We never get the BSOD at other times. We DON'T get this error when we start Adobe Photoshop. On 14-June I installed the latest video driver, but that did not help. I have run chkdsk /r /f and memtest and I have tested the video memory.....all without errors.

I've attached all the files I believe you need.

PC Information
Model Dell XPS 8300
OS Windows 7 Home Premium (service pack 1)
Ram 12gb
System 64 bit
Video card Nvidia GeForce GT530

This machine was purchased new from Dell in January 2012 and put into service.

Thank you in advance for your help!

This is a business computer (my boss's) and help would be great! I have run out of ideas on my own.

Answer:BSOD when startup Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Contribute

Problem Devices:
DW1501 Wireless-N WLAN Half-Mini Card PCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_4727&SUBSYS_00101028&REV_01\4&AA4FEAE&0&00E0 This device is disabled.
Is the above disabled device intentional? If so, why?

Please enable the above device and update its drivers from the Dell support site.
Problematic Software:
Start Menu\Programs\PC Tools Registry Mechanic Public:Start Menu\Programs\PC Tools Registry Mechanic Public
Many of us on the forums actually do not recommend automated optimization tools for Windows 7. Windows 7 does a much better job of handling its own optimization than its predecessors did. We especially do not recommend registry cleaning as an "optimization" step because automated registry cleaning causes more harm to the registry than it actually repairs.

In the future, if you need help optimizing Windows 7, please post a thread in Performance & Maintenance - Windows 7 Forums or follow the tutorial enclosed in that forum to Optimize Windows 7.
The following drivers should probably be updated:
BrSerId.sys Sun Aug 6 19:51:11 2006 (44D69C8F)
BrUsbSer.sys Wed Aug 9 06:11:02 2006 (44D9D0D6)
wdcsam64.sys Wed Apr 16 02:39:08 2008 (4805BB2C)
adfs.SYS Thu Jun 26 14:52:37 2008 (48640195)
All crashes point to your Acronis Virtual Disk Storage Filter driver. Make sure you have the most up to date version of the Acronis software. If you do not, uninstall your versi... Read more

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Dear Forum,

I know I have to do either a clean install, or an in place upgrade install soon . However, I just would like to repair my CS5.0 Encore that started acting strange lately (no new programs/hardware installed). I uninstalled/reinstalled the whole suite several times (using Control Panel > Programs and Features, Adobe Clean Tool, and CCleaner64). I noticed that several Adobe folders remained (In Program Files, Program Files (x86), and in Common Files within those folders). I even had PrPro.exe with a dozen dll-s in one folder (which, of course, didn't work). I have two other Adobe programs (Adobe Media Player, and Adobe Reader X).

My question: What would happen if after a thorough uninstall of all three programs (maybe RevoPro, instead of Programs and Features?) and after having no Adobe product installed in the system, simply delete all folders/files that have anything "Adobe"? Would still be shared dll files that needed by other non-Adobe programs? Would the registry cleaner delete all the bad registry entries that created by simply deleting the Adobe files? If it works, I would do the in-place repair install of Win 7. Or I will be advised to try this just before I am ready for a clean install () in case, if this ruins the system.

I would greatly appreciate any helpful advice (and I understand that might not be an answer to these questions).



Answer:After Uninstalling Adobe CS5, Adobe Folders and Files Remain

Just delete the leftover files , then use ccleaner to work on the registry , defrag a few times and you should be fine. If you still have problems come back and we`ll gladly help you do a clean install.

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Next week Adobe will be updating security patches for it's Reader and Acrobat The security updates coming on Tuesday are for Adobe Reader 9.3.2 for Windows, Mac, and Unix, Adobe Acrobat 9.3.2 for Windows and Macintosh, and Adobe Reader 8.2.2 and Acrobat 8.2.2 for Windows and Mac. The update will patch a hole in Adobe that can allow a user to take control of a computer and exploit the machine. This is a continuation of an update several weeks ago for Adobe Flash that was patched for the same hole.
These updates will take the place of the next quarterly updates that were scheduled for July 13th
Source: Adobe Blog Pre-Notification - Quarterly Security Updates for Adobe Reader and Acrobat - Adobe Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT)

Answer:Adobe set to fix Critical Adobe Reader and Acrobat (Hole)

adobe is having so many security holes.....that's why i installed small & safe, sumatra PDF's really great...!!

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This started this morning. Running Windows 10 Pro. I can run the browser (Chrome), luckily. Word also. But I cannot most other apps (I think), like WinSCP, but not Calc, not Notepad++, not Notepad. If I try to run Calc, it loads in the task try and if I hover the mouse over it I can see the image of it. Same with Notepad++, But if I click on the icon, nothing happens. Word is fine when loading or clicking on the task try icon. Same with Chrome. Same with Edge, Firefox, Visual Studio. So far, limited to Notepad, Notepad++ and Calc but there could be more.

More: Explorer as well.

WELL, not exactly. I use a program called Agent Ransack to search the desktop. I don't use it much but I know that you can click on an Explorer icon and choose the folders you want to search. I did that and explorer came up OK. BUT not from the Start Menu or task bar.

Unfortunately running Explorer from this program limits me to selecting folders.

Answer:Cannot bring some apps to the front

Switch to and bring to the front in Task Mgr does nothing.

If I run Word and then File->Open-Browse, I can use Explorer no problem. Just not from Start or Task Bar.

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Sometimes I cant bring up Internet Explorer. I dont get an error message. I turn off computer, and Sunday that worked, but yesterday it didnt. This morning Im right in. Im not that computer literate. Can you help me?

Answer:Cant bring up Internet Explorer

This condition may happen because your mouse's left click button does not send a signal every time you click it.There may be several factors affecting this: (1) low battery (if you are using wireless mouse) or (2) dirt collecting under the left click button or (3) the drivers of the mouse. Either replace depleted batteries or update mouse drivers or buy a new mouse.RegardsCoolGuy

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I need some advice on how to change the look of my website to make it look more 2014.
It ranks well organically, so I wouldn't want to change too much of the content.
But, I think it's looking dated and it's not responsive.
Any tips???
click here you.

Answer:How can I bring my website up to date?

Thanks Forum Editor for the advice.
That was exactly what I was looking for!
I can't help seeing 90's now when I look at all the rounded corners.

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This morning I cleaned way too many old emails from my Inbox. After that, I clicked on "Receive Mail". The total number goes up next to Inbox, but no new emails appear. I've tried at least four times. When I go to my server and check emails, they are there. When I go back to OE6 (Windows XP), click on receive, up goes the total, but no new emails show. Going back to server, they're gone. I know they're in my computer somewhere, but I haven't a clue. I did a restart, a system restore, and compacted. However, when I tried compacting, it hung up on the Inbox. Said there was an unknown error. In addition, I'm having trouble deleting any more emails. I'm OK around a computer until you want me to go to the registry or something, so please be patient. Thank you.

Answer:Cannot bring emails into computer

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If you google around for "fastest xp boot" or something like that, you'll find out that many people have achieved booting XP in 15-20 seconds. My laptop takes about 45-50 seconds. Does anyone know of a way to speed it up and bring it close to the 15 second mark? Thx.

20 GB Hard Drive 4200RPM
Sony Vaio PCG FX370
256 MB RAM
1 Ghz Pentium 3 256KB L2 Cache

Answer:Bring down XP Boot Time...?

15-20 seconds sounds like a pipedream to me . . However, the fewer items you have starting at Boot, the faster it will boot.

I am pleased with my 45 seconds

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Hi, I'm trying to bring up a new system on a table in the garage with no case. I call it bring-up "lite" as the config is very lean with no SATA drive yet (it's still in my old machine that's typing this) and an old XP Pro C drive on the lone PATA port. No DVD or Floppy yet as I don't think an optical drive can share the lone PATA ribbon cable with the hard drive, right? I have a GByte GA-G41M Es2H uXTA mobo and E6700 cpu.

Problem is I during the attempted boot, I never get out of the DOS mode with the black background and white text. It seems to get close to trying to bring up Windows, but instead enters an infinite reboot loop. There's a 1/2 blue screen that fly's by to fast to read. I know trying to boot from an existing XP drive with drivers for another mobo can be problamatic. Is that my problem?
Thanks in advance...

Answer:Solved: bring-up problems

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I was working on a heavily infected computer, that had DNS trojan on it. Soon, the rest of the computers on my network cannot get to Malwarebytes website,
Even my G1 Google Phone, when connected to the WiFi will not make it to the Malwarebytes website. When I switch the phone back to 3G, it gets to the website just fine.

Here are my Logs..
DDS (Ver_09-02-01.01) - NTFSx86
Run by elbo at 14:01:52.64 on Fri 03/13/2009
Internet Explorer: 7.0.6001.18000
Microsoft? Windows Vista? Home Premium 6.0.6001.1.1252.1.1033.18.2037.930 [GMT -5:00]

AV: AVG Anti-Virus Free *On-access scanning enabled* (Updated)

============== Running Processes ===============

C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k rpcss
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k secsvcs
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalService
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k NetworkService
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNoNetwork
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile... Read more

Answer:Cannot bring Malwarebytes website up

I am pretty sure all my systems at this point are clean. I found if I bypassed my Netgear router, connecting directly to my cable modem, I was able to connect to I did a hard reset of the router, but still cant get to Are some viruses attacking routers now?

I think I will see if I can reflash the bios on the router, other than that, I suppose I will have to buy a new router.

All my systems come up clean with Malwarebytes (loaded from USB) and SuperAntiSpyware.

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Hi guys,  I have bought the converter to use the presentation on TV. My laptop is 3000 v100; it has a 15 pin vga.I conected the 15 pin vga with rca (yellow) as my picture: When I conected it to TV, nothing appeared on my TV. Is it possible to do like this? Or do I need to buy something else? Thank you in advance, Oatasis 

Answer:How can I bring the laptop display to TV?

Do you have switched your Display device by pressing FN+ Display Button?

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 I can not seem to get my screen with the icons on it. I don't want the window boxesI am on win 7....I'd appreciate the help.

Answer:Win 7 how to bring up the screen with the icons?

Right click taskbar, select "Show desktop".

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I don't know what to do, I only get links to dell with instructions that don't make any sense or don't work.
I reinstalled vista on my 1545 inspiron laptop using the disc that came with it. Now I guess there are no drivers. this means I have no way to put the drivers on my computer since there's no way to connect to the internet (no cd came with the modem which is wireless), no way to use the USB. There is also a disc that came with my computer called drivers and utilities. i put it in and run the program and I dont even know what it does, as far as i can tell it doesn't do anything but show you the problems. There was a part that seems like it installs drivers, but they all say they don't work on my computer. what am i suppose to do, if no one knows is there another place where i can get help cus i called dell tech support and they said they can't help me unless i pay 500$. i have asked here, maybe i'm asking the wrong question but nothing helps

Answer:how can i bring my computer back to the way it was when i first got it

The USB ports should work.

The DVD drive does work. Download the drivers you need from Dell Support, copy/ burn them to CD/DVD and copy them in to the Dell system.

Dell Support -

Regards. . .



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This is a Ricoh laser printer using an RPCS (Ricoh) driver on an XPpro computer. The spooler in on a separate patition. It used to be that when I click on PRINT, the dialog box would come up pretty quickly. But lately it takes almost a minute to bring the dialog box to the screen. The spool time is normal depending on what I print.
It is a parallel connection.
I have 6 drivers installed, 1 local (this one,) 3 network + a pdf + a win fax.
What do you think may be the problem with the slow load time?

Answer:slow to bring up printer box


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cannot bring it on top of my screen saver or on my web page

Answer:I cannot bring my help and support screen up

Check this

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I have Windows 7 o.s. and cannot bring up my calculator in Windows 7 accessories

Answer:Can't bring up Windows 7 calculator

Type calc.exe in the seach box in start the exe.Subhash

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Right now, I'm pretty much thinking that Vista will not sell as well as well as XP did because IMO Microsoft got it right in XP. I think they hit a plateau in XP, provided a stable and relatively safe OS (of course precautions must be taken) and I fail to see why I should upgrade and also what Vista will showcase other than a new flashy look and DRM. The DRM part is enough to deter me from using Vista, but I've also heard OpenGL performance will be crippled and such. What is Vista really bringing to the table. Shed some light on the dark >.<

Answer:What will Vista bring to the table?

Here's a great place to start:

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I have an eMachine T2042. Does anyone know the key or key sequence to hit at boot time to bring up the Bios screen?


Answer:eMachine Key To Bring Up Bios

Common keys are F2 and the Delete key. You can visit the manufacturer's site and check their support link.

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Just curious, how many of you would be in favor of bringing the Charms Bar back to Windows 10?


Answer:Bring back the Charms Bar!

either way is OK with me. Just give me the options to turn it on and off if they do.

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Is there a way to bring back your Firefox web history after deleting it?

Answer:Bring back web history?

History is recorded in the index.dat files. If you haven't deleted these files you should be able to at least view the history. There are viewers for such purposes. (Freeware)

Your antispyware app. may warn you the WinSpy is malware but in reality it isn't.

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I've just got my new X200s including ultrabase and DVD R/W (7469-73G). The warranty service ist "bring-in". I thought that this kind of service usually is "bring-in and return" but German Lenovo service told me that this service is "bring-in and pick-up". Just in case I need Lenovo warranty service I have to send my X200s to Eastern Europe (Bratislava, Slovacia) which is hard to accept because Lenovo has service locations in Germany. Best of all: When repair is finished, I have to pick-up my X200s in Bratislava or ask e.g. UPS for pick-up which is quite pricy for private customers. Is there anybody from Germany or Europe who has experience with Lenovo's bring-in (and pick-up) service?  

Answer:X200s bring-in service

reuchlin, welcome to the forum, I don't know how, but someone perhaps thought you were calling from Slovacia. The information is incorrect.  If you should need warranty service in Germany call 01805 004618 and explain the problem; should it be decided that you need to send your system in for repair you will not be asked to send it to anywhere outside of Germany but rather to Lenovo's repair centre for Germany which is based in Heppenheim. When your system has been repaired they will return it to you at no extra charge. Hope this helps

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Here's my boggle.

I'm running Windows2000, (had this same problem with win98se too) have all the updates via windowsupdate, using MSN as my ISP, Internet Explorer 6. What happens is that at varying lengths of time I can no longer load websites, I'll still be connected to say mIRC or Trillian/AIM/Yahoo/ICQ, but anytime I try to open a website it says it can't find it. I had this problem on dialup and now on DSL as well. Sometimes it'll happen after like 10 minutes, sometimes it's 2 hours. Sometimes it'll only last for a few minutes, sometimes i have to reboot to fix it. Any clue what could be causing this? I don't have Norton installed, only appz i have installed are messengers, the windows updates, and simple stuff like ACDSee, webcam, kazaa, stuff like that. Any clues?



Answer:Unable to bring up websites.

Hello Nate,

To resolve this issue check the following things:-

Internet Explorer flashes an error "Cannot Find Server", if :

a. The Server is down at that particular time of request.
b. There is some Network error at client machine.
c. If the DNS numbers are wrong.

Some time it happens due to DNS settings,so DNS settings can also resolve this issue.

Reply back to me if the problem persists,with the clear picture of errors you are getting,at [email protected].

For more details,post your question at [email protected]


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Just installed Netscape 7.0. IE browses the 'net just fine; however, Netscape will not bring up even one site. I keep getting an error that the site cannot be located, or words to that effect.

I have the same problem on another machine on this same network with Netscape 6.2.3.

I'm using a Linksys router for internet connection sharing, in case that might have a bearing on the problem.

I'm stumped.

Answer:Netscape 7.0 will not bring up the sites

Best to post in the other thread of yours

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i know this can be done, just not very sure how,

in a form in access you can enter e.g a driving instructors ID number and his details will automatically appear

but how? in my case the ID number is an autonumber and primary key so in the form at the moment i cant even change the number...

but anyway... any suggestions?

Answer:ID number to bring up details?

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windows forum my question is so how do we use snapchat if u remove both official and 3rd party apps atleast give a substititute or bring back official snapchat or i m changing my phone back to andriod
i want to use snapchat
since 6snap and snapchat bot are unavailable it makes me think and probabally some other that why not go back to andriod or ios give a substitute for snap chat

Answer:bring snapchat/6snap

First... This is a fan based News and Discussion site comprised of users such as yourself. It is not in any way run by Microsoft, Lumia or any developer.
Second... Only SnapChat can authorize a third party service to access SnapChat. Recently there was a security breach where one of these third party Apps on iOS or Android saw the developer intercept all the pictures sent via their App and then they reposted all the "juicy" ones on the open web. This caused SnapChat to cancel access to their service by ANY third party App on ANY platform. This decision rests solely with SnapChat and no other agency.
Third... Only SnapChat can create or sanction an official App for the Windows Phone platform. They have steadfastly declined to do so and there have been public comments by SnapChat co-founder Evan Spiegel that indicate he would rather pretend that Windows Phone does not exist. Asking anyone but SnapChat to allow your phone access to the SnapChat service is futile at best. SnapChat recently removed from their site any method of asking for added support for devices left out of their service. They quite pointedly do not want to hear from any more Windows Phone users about the situation.
Fourth... There are already way too many threads regarding this topic on the forum here, other forums, Blogs, social media accounts, etc. Your desperate, threatening voice is but a drop in the ocean. SnapChat is not listening to you and does not care about you. Those who hear you and would like to he... Read more

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When I have a link in an email in outlook and click on it, it brings up internet explorer but does not fill in the URL, it just leaves it blank. Is there a setting somewhere that will allow the url to be filled in?


Answer:Links in outlook, don't bring up URL

Hi topspinner

Try this
close all programs:
Start>Run, key in
regsvr32 urlmon.dll
Click Ok

You should see a window telling you whether regsvr32 was successful or not.

See if that makes a difference.

If not, try registering the following additional .dlls, again with all programs closed, so write down the .dlls and remember the space after regsvr32.

regsvr32 Shdocvw.dll
regsvr32 Msjava.dll
regsvr32 Actxprxy.dll
regsvr32 Oleaut32.dll
regsvr32 Mshtml.dll
regsvr32 Browseui.dll
regsvr32 Shell32.dll

If none of the above has worked, see the following links to check your:
URL:Hypertext Transfer Protocol setup.

The following are Microsoft Knowledge Base Articles which cover this problem:

Internet Explorer 6.0 Service Pack 1 may display a blank Web page after you select Auto-Select encoding

Internet shortcuts in Outlook Express do not start Web browser

You cannot open a new Internet Explorer window or nothing occurs after you click a link

OLEXP: "Send To" and E-mail Links Do Not Work Using Outlook Express as Default

Let us know if this works or not or if you need additional help.

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At the command prompt when I write:
MORE | SAMPLE.TXT ("SAMPLE.TXT"=this copied->pasted)
open automatically Notepad with the contents of the SAMPLE.TXT... well after that cursor at command line moved a line down from the start of line WITHOUT the prompt, (C:\Users\User\testOS\) ???

C:\Users\User\testOS\AC>MORE | SAMPLE.TXT

<cursor here>

Answer:WHAT TO DO to bring prompt back

What ?

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I closed my left side with shapes on it now, I'm not sure how to open in again

Answer:How do i bring up Shapes in visio!!

Not sure what version you're using, but are you referring to the "Category" section? If you close Visio and reopen, it should show up again.

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Hi, i am going to restore my PC  back to factory settings, in order to get rid of a few problems, however last time i did this when the PC  went to load up (once it had finished) it stopped loading at the point where my backgornd had appeared and nothing else. So only a picture of the defualt xp background was up with no icons or windows toolbar.At this point last time i phoned a pc help phone number (very expensive) and they told me the run command to insert to bring up the winsdows toolbar and once inserted the PC  loaded up as normal and their were no more problems what im asking is for the run command to do this, i can rememeber it involves the words windows and system 32 i think.Thankyou for the help.

Answer:The run command to bring up windoows?

well if you only have you wallpaper.You have to press ctrl+alt+delThen go to file (right top) -> new task.there you have to type explorer(.exe).Hopes this helps you out.Jonas

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Hello,I am trying to develop a formula/function (FF) in a workbook column of data (e.g. Wkbk "A", column D) that looks at another workbook column of data (e.g. WkBk "B", column C). If the FF in "A" finds a match in "B" it will pull in the data from column Z of "B" into "A", column W. If no match if will do nothing.

Answer:Need 2010 help with IF a matches b then bring in c

If you are looking for a function to search a column, then you are probably looking for VLOOKUP.Read up on it in the Excel help files or DAGS for examples. It's a very powerful function.Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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On forums, many time a poster will include a reference to a picture. To view the picture, a red "x" will be displayed at the end of the post. When I right click on the "x". options will
pop up. When I right click on the "show pictrue", nothing happens. What is my problem?

I posted this question on another help site, no reply.

Answer:Cannot Bring Up Pictures on Forums

do you get pictures on the web otherwise OK - or is it only in forums?

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this is the things i bought
z68xpu ud3 mother board
Intel Core i7 870 processor
8 gb ddr3nano kingmax 1600
hdd 2tb sata 2 black edition
vga sli 590
power supply odin pro
case haf 932 coolermaster

Answer:I got a new desktop since my Alienware bring me down

Thats a little sad.

The Gigabyte Z68XP-UD3 is a Z68 chipset board using the FC-LGA1155 socket. It requires a "Sandy Bridge" LGA1155 CPU ( four digit model number starting with 2. i.e. 2400, 2500, 2600 etc... There are also unlocked three multiplier CPU's suffixed "K" ( 2500K, 2600K and 2700K) for people who like the idea of overclocking. Which brings us to your CPU...

...which is a "Lynnfield" CPU made for FC-LGA1156 for the previous series of Intel motherboards ( P55 primarily).

In short, your CPU is NOT able to work with the board you have chosen. You will need to return it and select a CPU from this range of models.

This is the motherboards product page. You can view the CPU support list from the button on the right-hand side of the page. I would also double check RAM compatibility (either from the board's manual or download a copy of the memory support list ) - the RAM you have listed is rated at quite a large voltage range (1.5 - 1.8 volts)...anything over 1.65 volts will cause your (eventual) CPU to have an incredibly short lifespan.

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