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What are the best web hosting companies? or mail hosting companies?

Question: What are the best web hosting companies? or mail hosting companies?

I am looking for a Host. ATM for mail but web too i suppose. I want it to be a place where you get those 200K+ downloads. Fast. Is there a place that has reviews or what is the best? Also is there any just mail hosting company that anyone knows that is really good? the webhosting, I a also want to have my email address on the web be able to be accessed by not some crapy interface. something sharp, cool clean etc... good prices. monthly at the moment would be ideal.


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Preferred Solution: What are the best web hosting companies? or mail hosting companies?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: What are the best web hosting companies? or mail hosting companies?

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My wife has a Micro company and she needs to change hosting companies
as the one she has now is blocking some of her E-Mails. She needs to do
this fairly cheap but wants decent services. (her needs are min. as it is a
small web page and only minor traffic) Anyone have any recomendations?

Answer:Web hosting companies?

This one is very popular and reasonably prices.

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Going round in circles. Help. Who knows of a hosting company who has UK server, supports Frontpage expensions, is reliable in terms of support. Heart internet seems to be not too expensive and offers lots of options, but couldn't get a really straight answer from them about time taken in their system to get help if needed. Any experiences re. web hosting that would be useful to hear about?

Answer:web hosting companies

I currently use Streamline and Freedom 2 Surf.The former is fully featured (FP, PHP, CGI, ASP and so on; limitless bandwidth; good email features) and is pretty cheap. In fact, going any cheaper involves a big loss of features. £47 ex vat for two years on my chosen package. F2S is not as cheap, and has slightly less functional email; no auto-responders for example, though it does support forwarding. £48 ex vat per year if you include email.The support of both is quite good; F2S has a slight advantage as it has phone support, but the bang-for-your-buck of Streamline is hard to beat.

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This question as probably been asked before, so apologies if that is the case.
Looking at the many website design offers and packages being made by hosting and domain companies, I was wondering if any of the forum member's have ever taken up one or more of these package offers. If so, what are your comments, good or bad?.

Answer:Hosting - Domain Companies Web Packages?.

I wan't looking for anything specific, but a general view as to whether any forum member had used any of these well advertised offers, and their own personal opinions.

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I do some side work for a small company which is looking to host their email with an offside company. We already have a registered domain, so we just need the hosting for about 10-15 mailboxes.

Are their any companies (,, etc) that I should look into or avoid?


Answer:Recommended email hosting companies?

I have used Ventures Online before, and it was really good. Very reliable, great support.

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Hello my Inet guru people!

have a situation.

We are moving out main domain out of networksolutions to another host (many various reasons, beside them redirecting under construction domains to their own person search pages to generate revenue with out permission)

The issue is, when you move domain hosts, your website and email service may not work.. due to the move / transfer for DNS info.

Is there anyway to avoid this down time while the domain is moved?

Networksolution's says it can take UPTO 10 days to complete a domain move, and we did it already with some sites we have, and of course now that the move has started, and we cant access the domain on networksolutions site to edit anything they have it directing to one of their search landing pages!!! (********, our lwayers are already looking into legal action)

But our emails service was on and off, and the website not accessible and still isnt.

So, is there anything that can be done to eliminate / minimize down time during a domain transfer?

Answer:Swtiching Domain Hosting companies - avoiding down time?

The previous DNS settings should stay intact so most people would never have any downtime. But it's currently pointing to their DNS I guess you'll have to wait till it's with new registrar before you can change it.

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I am looking for some examples of major companies that tried to implement a certain type of software and the software did not work out for the company...
One exmaple is like Nike and the i2 software, Nike implemented this supply management software and it went terribly wrong... Nike pointed the finger at i2 and we all know how that goes. I am looking for some more examples, any idea?

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I am getting a slew of E-mails from tons of random people. Most all of them are from websites that end in .biz. They are mostly all for Cialis, Viagra, and mortgage rates. I downloaded MailWasher and it didn't really do much for me. I have Outlook XP.

Is anyone a part of this terrible mailing list? What can I do to get these people off my case?!

Answer:Spam mail from the .biz companies

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I'm a network admin, but I don't know much about how the mail system works. Currently we have an 2 NT DNS servers with a horrible freeware program that takes mail in from the outside and forwards it to our Notes server.

What I am want to know is what is the program that others use to do this? Does windows 2000 server or advanced server have some built in function that does this? I realize Microsoft's mail program is Exchange but we use Notes. So since we use Notes does this require a 3rd party app to forward the mail messages?


Answer:What program to use to forward mail from DNS to companies Mail Server?

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Admins please feel free to censor, move or remove if necessary.  
I feel this needs to be broght to the attention of our malware alert community.  Today I discovered that my windows deluxe hosting account with Godaddy was hacked on 11-17-14.  The hack was basically a  full access to my directories including all my sub folder directories that are alias to my other sites I host.  Every directory and subdirectory that contained HTM or HTML files was modified with a footer hyperlink Data.  What makes this even more interesting is that I am not alone.  Doing some of my own Legwork being a former Network Admin I realized by keyword google search that there are numerous perhaps hundreds if not more domain names that reside on Godaddy Servers that are also hacked with the exact same circumstance that I am in.  So I would assume that there is a common issue and quite possibly a breach on godaddy's side.  I have yet to see if there are common setups such as wordpress, joomla or other scripts that have the potential to be a way for an attack like this to happen.  However I removed all of my joomla based hosting due other unrelated issues and moved them to my linux hosting servers.  All I have left on my windows hosting is some old custom asp scripting and some custom PHP scripts that I wrote.  Its possible that these could be a path of compromise but I have a hunch that this hack was done from another direction.  He... Read more

Answer:Possible Breach on Godaddy Hosting Serves (Windows Shared Hosting Accounts)

I did call tech support.  They are looking into this.  THey feel that this was most likly a FTP hack.  It certainlty possible.  But what concerns me is that if this was a FTP hack then wouldnt other hosting sites be affected?  So far all the sites with this inflated HTML hyperlink data are all coming up as Godaddy Hosting IPS's  Even more interesting is that they are all so far the IIS7 Servers (by using mydnstools).
So FTP hacking????  Perhaps...... but am I the only one to think that this is a possible breach?  

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Cracker tries to scan ports to find out which of them are open.Because the administrator of computer can enter the hacker's Internetprotocol (IP) address into the suspect list, that is why cracker'sfind , it is wise to conduct scanning from computer other than hisown. To this end, crackers set up Web sites on free servers (Free WebHosting providers) that allow them to use PHP and PERL scripts. FreeServers (Free Web Hosting Providers) usually do not require personaldata to be provided during the registration, but even if they do,cracker can simply supply and made up data because no one is going tocheck them.

Answer:Fight of Paid hosting against the Free hosting

Is this meaning something somewhere because I dont see any context. Has this been attempted to be placed in a thread or is my internet really playing up today?

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Hello All,

I want to reserve a name JUST for e-mail not a domain for a website.

IE: [email protected]

1- Can I just reserve e-mail domain ?
2- I'd like to download the e-mails to my pc too. Or does it have to be web based only ?
3- Anyone have a good site to check out.

Answer:E-mail hosting question

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Hi everyone -

I need a company to host our e-mail accounts - about 20 of them (pop3). The company that hosts our web site for some reason doesn't do e-mail.

Any recommendations?



Answer:e-mail hosting needed

hi tomlunt

Below are a few email hosting service providers:


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I have been looking around and there are a lot of places to choose from. There are also a lot of review sites that have been less than steller. So I was wondering if anyone has experiance with email hosting serices. I am looking for 5-10 accounts. POP access would be great but not a must. From what I can tell most are offered with web hosting packages which is not needed since I already host my own sites.

I don't know if it is a good thing or not but yahoo is leading the way for about 3.00 per month and getting me what I think I need.


Answer:Mail hosting services

I use and they have been pretty good.
I use them for web hosting/web space and also email, something like $5 a month including 2 domain names

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I'm supposedly the architect of this mess and yet it seems overwhelming even to me.

Shouldn't really be that hard to set up some e-mails but apparently it is.

I have one hosting account

They provide e-mail to domains that are set up there. However they cannot provide “.ca” domains which I needed.

So I'm dealing with for a couple of domains

And then just to complicate matters I'm also dealing with “” for yet a couple of more domains. I was lured there by low prices but found out after I registered the domains that they do not provide e-mail support.

Instead what they do is refer you out to Google.

At Google, (apparently) you can have all of your mails in one place (which I want).

I want to be able to go to one web site and access my mail online and send mail from that one page by only switching the outgoing mail name.

Over the past week I've talked to tech support from all of these different companies, many different techies at each location, and got lots of different opinions and “guidance”.

At first I was told to change the name servers so that they point to godaddy but in doing so, that knocked off the e-mail from that particular domain provider.

Later I was told that all I need to do is change the ‘A Record’.

On the other hand at Google sends you a verification mail to verify that you own the domain and thereby automatically changes some records to aim towards Google.

So if you take a look at on... Read more

Answer:E-mail/hosting mess

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OK, right now my company has some crappy hosting for our website and our e-mail. My boss approached me and told me we're losing a lot of e-mails and being that they're orders I need to get this changed quickly. We're also in the process of getting our Exchange server upgraded and in the near future we're going to start hosting our e-mail ourselves.

In the time between now and when we get the exchange server up we're going to need our web host to provide us with e-mail, pop3 preferred, and then in the future we'll just want them to configure their mail server to just queue the messages for us until our server comes back and then start sending the messages back to us. I was wondering if any of you knew of a host that would be able to provide us with the pop3 and then let us switch over to having them just provide queuing for us.

Thanks and ask anything else you need.

Answer:E-mail hosting questions

i use they can host your WWW and pop3 and DNS. then when you have yoru exchange up adn running they will simply forward all your mail to your exchange. they hold mail for up to 72 hours incase your exchange ever goes down

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Hi my name is Lukasz and I need help, I need a free web-host 1 GB, webhost has to have a cpanel phpmyadmin and mysql and php extension and a ftp. I also need a free host for unrealircd server, I also need a tutorial on how to setup unreal ircd server on a webhost

Answer:Free web hosting and free unreal ircd server hosting help please

Lukasz said:

Hi my name is Lukasz and I need help, I need a free web-host 1 GB, webhost has to have a cpanel phpmyadmin and mysql and php extension and a ftp. I also need a free host for unrealircd server, I also need a tutorial on how to setup unreal ircd server on a webhost

Can't comment on anything except FTP/File Transfer Protocol. I use FileZilla on Windows and Linux Mint, it's free. This has always been a safe download site for me:
Download FileZilla - MajorGeeks
MajorGeeks.Com - MajorGeeks

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Hi my name is Lukasz and I need help, I need a free web-host 1 GB, webhost has to have a cpanel phpmyadmin and mysql and php extension and a ftp. I also need a free host for unrealircd server, I also need a tutorial on how to setup unreal ircd server on a webhost

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We don't host our own e-mail server in-house, and usually have it done by our web host provider.

Our first webhost provider sold out to another company, and it went down-hill.

We moved to a new host, midPhase. Well, they're run by a bunch of Russians (all of the System Admins I dealt with were russian). We had major connectivity issues with sending and recieving, and delayed messages by SpamAssasin.

We switched to a new host, which was my choice. Everything is fine, but we get delayed e-mails because of SpamAssasin. We can get e-mails just fine, but due to the high load that the server is processing, it takes a while (anywhere from 1 hour to 4 days). We also get some "Too many SMTP connections" as well.

I'm looking for a company that can have reliable, always up, quick, error-free e-mail for our company. Don't need Exchange, just basic POP3/IMAP access. 25 users.

Any suggestions?

Answer:Business class e-mail hosting

Have you tried any NON mom&pop shops. They're are plenty our there to google and there is a sticky here on the forum for hosting. Everywhere I look there are places with guaranteed uptime, spam filtering, and all of the other headache stuff dealt with on there end. You can bet that if millions of users send emails through them spread out over thousands of companies, they will be able to lead you in the direction you desire.

We have a guy in texas manage ours and it is by no means a large corporation with a contract and we are fine. We do pay a hefty $350/month but if we ever have a problem its cleared up within a day, the other 99% of email problems are due to user stupidity and the need for 3rd party programs that they aren't smart enough to work anyways.

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Dear all:
I work as an IT specialist in a very "old fashion" company. Currently 80% above of our systems are something like Win XP Home. I guess you all can imagine how hard it is to maintain the systems before I convince the company to spend extra few thousand dollars to upgrade to Windows XP Professional.

Under such circumstance, it is best in my opinion to outsource critical operations for now, and email service is one of them! I heard a rumor that our current email service hosting company is having a financial problem, and might go bankrupcy anytime soon. I want to find another company to host our email server.

Can anyone of you recommend a good mail server hosting company? I'm currently located in LA. Our current Mail Hosting Company has Web-eMail access and auto reply service...

Thank you all very much =) :bounce:

Answer:Recommendation for a Mail Service Hosting Company???

here in chicago SBC (southern bell corp), comcast, and earthlink are all serving businesses well. comcast is slowly expanding thier network across the american midwest (probably a thousand miles wide by now) but haven't got anything on the west coast. so if you're looking for an isp as well it's a local matter and i can't help you much.

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Question: AI Companies

I'm interested in finding some Publicly owned AI companies. Kind of hard to find on Google b/c of all of the Univ research teams. Any ideas?

Answer:AI Companies

AI = artificial intelligence?

I don't think there are any pure AI companies, but there are certainly companies that use technologies developed out of AI research. For example, IBM implemented chess-playing algorithms for the Deep Blue machine. Optical character recognition technology is an application of computer vision research. Robotics stems from AI, and stuff like the Honda ASIMO robot is created out of AI research. The roomba automatic vacuum cleaner is an application of machinery and AI as well. Speech recognition technology was borne out of AI research too. The list goes on and on.

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Question: uk companies

hullowhat good uk online (or shops in kent) companies are there?thanx

Answer:uk companies

Why does an on-line shop need to be in Kent ?

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They are all the basic SSL certs, its mainly going to be used for OWA. I might throw it onto a few other things but mainly OWA. I figure going with the $30 is fine since OWA is only IE. But is there any pros cons you guys can see and is ssl247 legit?


Answer:Which of these 3 SSL companies should I go with?

We went with FreeSSL for our Neoteris SSL Proxy implementation. Absolutely no problems.

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I have a Gateway laptop now and have used or am familiar with other brands like Dell, HP, Toshiba, Sony, etc. that are in the laptop market.

I have recently been seeing laptops from Asus and MSI, 2 brands that I have seen in the components business, but I am not familiar with their laptops, so my question is this.

To any one who has used them or knows of them, what is their reputation and quality like? are they good laptops, are they cheaper than their competition? more expensive? better quality? do MSI or Asus laptops use their own brand parts in their laptops? (IE Asus or MSI motherboards, etc..)

I am interested in them and learning more about these laptops. Thank you!

Answer:How are these companies?

Asus is very reputable in the laptop business. They use predominantly their own parts. MSI I'm not quite sure.

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Question: pc companies

does anyone know a pc company that has sli technology pc as well as a nice gaming case e.g. thermaltake tsunami,etc. that costs around £1300. i checked many websites but they cost quite a bit like Armari.please help!

Answer:pc companies

you could click here and see if they can help.johnny

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I might upgrade the ram in my Intel 865 GBG, Currently I have 512mb which are Kingston DDR333. I took a look on the intel site and got this URL for a list of compatible ram
I know your not supposed to mix and match speeds but what about different companies? Also I never heard of the companies listed are they reliable?

Answer:Using RAM from different companies??

Whatever memory you have will work at the speed of the slowest module. The companies do not matter, except on some newer ASUS motherboards and ASUS laptops.

Enter your computer brand and model, into a search at, where you will get a trustworthy report of what memory modules your system can handle.
If a faster module will work reliably, Crucial will list it.
DDR200 is PC1600
DDR266 is PC2100
DDR333 is PC2700
DDR370 is PC3000
There may be others I have forgotten.
Generally the brand changes do not matter much, though some memory is made poorly from bins of chips, and that is called "third tier" memory. It is not tested before it is sold, although it may have a warranty. You become the tester. When it fails, they give you more.

All of the above are interchangeable in most DDR machines... if they are all the same, and not mixed with some PC2700 and some PC2100 or whatever. But the only way to know is to try, and that gets expensive. Since you are using PC2700 memory, use that or faster, but try to have all modules be the same speed. Sell your existing memory, and buy the larger modules.

However, if Crucial says it fits your brand and model, it fits, except in ASUS motherboards... regardless of the memory brand.

AVOID Value RAM, as it has slower timings and latency.
You will not go wrong with Crucial, Corsair, Kingston, Infineon, Samsung, or the memory you were recommended, Apacer or Avant.

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I thought I was actually pretty good at taking spyware and malware out of other people's computer but now I am some in my own and I don't even know where to begin. Its only popups and some system messages from time to time. The popups only come when I'm navigating from one page to another. No homepage hijacking, no extra toolbars installed and no new software installed. I also didn't notice anything funny in the proccesses tab. Any help would be great.

Answer:popups from different companies

Welcome to Major Geeks!

Please follow the instructions in the below link and attach the requested logs when you finish these instructions. If something does not run, write down the info to explain to us later but keep on going. Do not assume that because one step does not work that they all will not.

READ & RUN ME FIRST. Malware Removal Guide

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Our office was bought by anohter company. For a lot of reasons the old company still wants to use a certain database server in our network. But the management wants to have 2 physical separated networks. And disable the possibility of browsing each others networks.

We use a client-application on a terminal server that uses the database on the particular databaseserver.

Are there any best practices on these kind of problems.

I thought of a VPN tunnel between our networks and for the old company only access to the terminal server IP address.

Then they can access the client app and nothing else. Right?

Answer:Split off 2 Companies

Hi Theape

Stick a router in the middle with access control on it. An access control list will stop unwanted browsing.


Stick a firewall between them and allow 1 way communication. Put yourself in the Internal Network and the people you want to keep out in the external network.


Set permissions on the files that are being accessed.


Create VLANS on a layer 3 switch and split the users between them accordingly.

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Don't tell me all these companies could not afford to hire a decent lawyer to make sure that they were complying with the law .
Of course they could they just couldn't be bothered .
All theses people are interested in is your money .

Heres an extract of the article,

"The National Consumer Council(NCC) checked 25 products, including Microsoft Office for Mac 2004, Corel WordPerfect Office X3, Apple iLife, Adobe Photoshop, Norton, Kaspersky and McAfee anti-virus products, and games Command and Conquer 3, Football Manager 2007, and Supreme Commander.

The group said end user licence agreements, or EULAs, mislead consumers and remove legal rights."


Answer:Top companies breaking the law again !

So what's new?

One day, some company or other will make a decent EULA and it will go something like this:

'Thanks for buying our software, we hope you enjoy it.

Please don't take the Mick'.

End of agreement >> tick here.

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Recently found out... after long "investigation"... that my PSU is not dead but dying.
My question is...

I need to buy a PSU tomorrow so... What companies make good PSU's?
Ive found out so far that OCZ, Xion, Hiper, Thermaltake, Xcio make good ones.

My computer specs power wise...
Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2
Dell Dimension 4700
Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.40GHz
2038MB RAM
ATX-305 305w "Dying/Near Death"
DVD Drive
DVD/CD Burner
Floppy Drive
80g HD
PNY GeForce 7300 GT 256MB PCIe with a Iceberq 5 Heatsink
Network Adapter Card

I'm buying a PSU tomorrow, within the $0.01-$49.99 range online.
Been browsing Newegg and eBay and some other websites for PSU and narrowed it down to this and this.
Anyone have any suggestions on something else I should take a look at?

-Thanks, and sorry if in the wrong section.

Answer:Good PSU Companies?

stick to the big names like Antec,Enermax,Seasonic or Tagan and you wont go far wrong.

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Does anyone know of any companies that can/would burn large amounts of cd's at a time? This would be in the Connecticut area or fairly close. Thanks

Answer:Companies to Burn CD's

A Google search for "Connecticut CD duplication" (without the quotes) got a number of hits including this one:

You might also try a search for CD Duplication for your area.

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QuickMediaSolutions is one of the leading Best SEO company in Noida, India. We are also well known SEO company in Delhi , PPC Management Company in Delhi ,SMO Company in Delhi , Digital Marketing Company in Delhi , Internet Marketing Company in Delhi .For more details visit at : Us : [email protected]Address : G-11, Ground Floor, Preet Vihar New Delhi 110092Mob No : +91 - 9555555547Landline No : 011 - 43048554

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We have just finished learning UML. I want to know whether software companies (like Virtusa or any kind) use UML to check the interface, draw diagrams etc. Please help..

Answer:Use of UML in software companies

As per my knowledge there can be a companies which are in need of interface, draw diagram will sure use the UML.

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The internet has been around for about 20 years and we have seen the emergence of big companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Ebay, etc. Its a fairly short period of time. These companies provide information or services to make the lives of people better.
I want to ask what could be the next big internet company?

Answer:Big Internet Companies


Originally Posted by Rpn0708

I want to ask what could be the next big internet company?

That is very difficult to predict. There are many possibilities, but there's also the problem that many of these companies are overnight successes rather than companies that built up slowly over many years, making them even harder to predict.

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Question: changed companies

Hi all

mainly for the brits, Ive changed back from NTL to BT but cant locate the NTL files to delete, can anyone help please,



Answer:changed companies

Hi Tony

maybe you can expand on this a bit? i.e. What 'NTL files' are you wanting to delete?

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A question:
For you AV testing companies (AV-Test, AV Comparatives,etc) are really indipendent ?

Answer:AV testing companies

None of them

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Hello,Please suggest some good, not very expensive WEBHOSTING companies.Thank you.Narendra

Answer:WebHosting Companies

Thank you very much for your replies.They are great sites, never heard of them! Got to decide which one to choose.Thank you again.Narendra.

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I have a slight dilemma that I was hoping someone here could help me with. Our company was recently purchased and we are getting ready to move to our parent companies building as it is larger and newer. However, they do not want to get rid of our companies domain name, departments, etc.. and they want to mix our employees within their respective departments at the headquarters.
The setup would be:
Two IT departments with separate locations (separate buildings) all interconnected by one 10mg line. Two separate domains the parent company (I will call and the child company (company
Accountants from both company1 and company2 in the same locations mixed together, as well as all the other departments (aside from IT).
How would this be accomplished? I know that I could build trusts between the two domains, but I am a bit hazy on how it would work if I had two accountants sitting next to each other, one from company1, and the other from company2.
Also, would I be better off using routers in a situation like this, to create routes between the two sites?


Answer:Co-Mingling Two Companies Domains

I have run into the very same problem (more from previous IT peeps not knowing anything).

I would recommend a domain trust as a restructuring of AD could (depending on company size) be a challenge. However, it is something that will have to happen eventually.

I would look to the long term and not the short, and try and plan something for the next 3 years. I have found that today's problems are often negated by tomorrows growing plans.

Are routers necessary? It depends: Obviously you will have broadcast isolation, which could improve network traffic. In the case where they are in seperate buildings i would probably put a router in (unless you are talking very few clients) because it can simplify (and broaden) possible connections for the inside and outside connections. Also, if you are worried about 2 accountants sitting side by side (security issues?) you could simply put them on VLANs.

Also, you could run the two domains side by side and the employees (with trusts) could simply pick which domain to log into.

There is no right or wrong answer here, but the important thing to remember is that whatever you do needs to groove with future plans. Keep that in mind so you aren't re-inventing the wheel!

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i want to make a comparison excel sheet of two companies different prices. both companies have different prices of thing.i want to compare which company have the lowest amount.

Answer:comperison of different prices of two companies

Look up the IF function in the Excel Help'll also have to deal with cases where the prices are the same.Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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I read this fake news about people who still use internet explorer are dumb. It made me realized that a lot of offices do use Internet Explorer. I always wonder why companies still use IE while there are so many better alternatives. In my opinion maybe because some companies can only use that because its a legacy-friendly.

Answer:why many companies still use Internet Explorer?

In the corporate environment you have more control over IE in Active Directory and can limit people to what they can access via Group Policy and Domain Management tools.

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There are lots of companies provide software programming and development. But that one in the best. Have a look at

OUR forum rules regarding advertising

Link removed by AcaCandy

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Has anyone used the likes of these click here or click here with an ADSL connection? Someone mentioned to me there may be a problem with the carrier these non BT companies use.

Answer:ADSL & Non BT Phone Companies

You will still need a BT (or Kingston) line to access these companies networks. You could not get ADSL from them.

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Today, Microsoft filed five civil lawsuits, the first of their kind against a nasty phenomenon known as malvertising. That?s the industry term for malicious online advertising. Microsoft works with the other leading providers of online ad platforms to mitigate the threat posed by malvertising, but we?re now taking that effort a step further.Original article: can only applaud MS as they go after these malfeasants!

Answer:Microsoft going after malvertisement companies.

This is long overdue.

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I have to assume there are companies out there that certify an application as to what the minimum system requirements are, just like you see on PC game boxes. I have some people that have developed a web-based game and are in dire need of finding out just where their hardware requirements lie. To take it one step further, they are hoping whoever provides this service may be able to find unoptimized code, as they feel that it may be sluggish more because of this than outright hardware needs. Can anyone suggest a company or at least tell me what you would consider this? I tried googling "software certification", but got way too much fluff regarding paper certifications.

Thanks gang.

Answer:Software Certification Companies??

I've worked closely with a few companies beta testing a few different games. During this time, system requirements would often come up. From discussions with developers, I often got the impression that they would set their own requirements.

Thats just and observation on my experiences, but it's all I've got!

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I've been using AVG for many, many years but was wondering if there's anything better on the market nowadays? $99 p/year is getting to be a bit much. Any recommendations or advice?

Answer:Internet Security Companies???

I've been using Win 10's Defender with the Windows firewall, and before that 8.1's Defender and Win 7's MSE, all at £0 p/year. Unless you are an 'adventurous' browser these are all you need imo.

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Why is it that HP is a large computer company but cannot figure out how to locate service centers around the US to take your laptop into, to get fixed? have to send it-which is a big risk for someone to steal ALL of your personal stuff off of it and then wait approx 2 weeks to get it back?  I use mine everyday!!! 

Answer:Why are there no service companies where I can take my compu...

@busymom1 It is indeed scary to have your computer away from home and away from the security you have in place to protect it. Your Answer: Service CentersFind Authorized support providers - USA Commentary  I suggest that regardless of how or where you have your computer repaired that you take appropriate action to protect your data. In particular, when the computer is leaving your care - be that at the local repair shop, at a repair depot, or being mailed to work or college -- it is always best to back up and then remove your most critical data from the computer. Critical data is anything that you do not want shared with the world:  financial records, pictures of your babies, any document with your home address, medical information, documents that contain passwords in plain text form (yes, people do this for unknown reasons). HP follows strict guidelines to protect your privacy as should all authorized repair centers. No one can guarantee there are not risks -- you are responsible for protecting your information to the best of your ability. Contact HP Technical Support to ask questions about having the computer serviced: HP Contact Information ? Sales, Technical Support, other Contacts  For USA / Canada Create case online: HP Customer Support - USA / Canada - ContactReceive Case Number and Contact Information (after the completed form is submitted) For UKFor faster support, create case... Read more

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What do companies do when an employee returns a laptop or exchanges an old one for a new one? What would they do with Instant Messenger chat logs, favorites, emails, and any other personal information that may have been left on the computer?

If the computer is old and they are probably not going to give it to another employee, what would they do with it at that point?

Does anyone know what policies are, or if you've worked in the business what are standard practices ( what really goes on?)

Answer:What do companies do with returned laptops?

It would depend on the company and their awareness of security/privacy issues, also their policy on personal use of business laptops. Plus their budget for supporting those policies.
A good company should ensure that all personal info was cleared out before giving it to another employee.
If it's being discarded, the hard drive should be securely wiped to remove personal or commercially sensitive info.


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I am having problems with an office setup that was fine for awhile. I had the DSL line going to a router and then the router was cabled to two other computers and 2 network printers for there network. Then another company came in and need internet access but needed to be on there own network for there network printers/copier and with wireless access for there laptop. So I added a wireless router and cabled all there devices to there wireless router. I cabled a wire from the first router to the wireless router so that the second company had internet access. It seems to work sometimes and not others. Sometimes its like the company 2 wireless router tries to act as the DHCP. What is a good solution to networks like this.

Company 1

Company 2

Answer:2 Networks/companies 1 DSL line

For complete isolation, I'd use three routers. Each company has a local router, and the WAN ports of the two are plugged into the LAN ports of the 3rd router that is connected to the DSL line. I've used this configuration, and it's normally trouble-free.

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I know that ECS and Amptron and a couple of other companies sell the same boards under different brand names. I'm looking for as close to an exact replacement for a BioStar board. Are there any other brand names that I could look for the same board?

This one happens to be a BioStar NF4 GeForce 6100-M7 Socket 754.

I haven't found it in the BioStar brand so if I knew it was also sold under different brand names, I could broaden my search.

Answer:What companies make this board?

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Hello. I unfortunately was contacted by one of these companies and ended up
buying software from them.

It was an OZM company based in the UK I think.

The company on the surface seems legit along with the software..but I got taken for 'more' money because of further problems.

'Windows services' started stopping..and or my computer was being commandeered by trojan software.

Have I gotten a good thing..or do I need to get rid of all this software by like restoring my computer to it's factory spec's.

Is this company..and all like it nothing but an unnecessary or engineered scam?

Thanks for any and all responses

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has anybody here ever used a data recovery service? if so, which one did you use, and how much did it cost? i've currently got 2 drives (1 desktop, 1 laptop), that i would like to get the stuff from (music, pics, older software, e-mails, etc.). i know the desktop one isn't recognized by the computer at all, i've tried a couple of things. however the laptop one, i'm not totally convinced yet. anyway, i was wondering if anyone has heard of this company. - sos

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What is the difference in the different graphics cards such as Hercules card based on Kyro and other cards? Others I'm curious about are the Voodoo cards, ATI cards, etc. How are they all different in architecture and what is each card good at doing?

Answer:Difference between graphics companies???

A good read for a start would be the article by accelenation which I posted a link to here
That should give you a bit of background information about the different chip manufacturers since some make their own cards and others just produce the chips and the likes of Asus, VisionTek, Gainward, Elsa, Leadtek etc. make the actual cards. ATI make their own cards but recently have had Hercules produce cards based on their Radeon GPUs (Hercules also have done Kyro based cards in the past).

ATI and Matrox have always been renouned for good 2D clarity whilst Nvidia are more well known for powerful 3d cards. Its only recently that ATI have had a good stab at coming back into the powerhouse category of cards. Then you have 3DLabs who Creative recently bought who specialise in cards for business use.

As I said check out the linked article as its a very informative read.

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I'm looking for good monitor (LCD) companies. Please list all of the major ones here (ones you will recommend), as I am not to sure of which ones are good and which aren't.

Thank you!

Answer:Good monitor companies?


Everyone pretty much makes a decent LCD now a days, it just depends on how picky you are with resolutions, particular brightness and what ever.

As far as gaming, display lag with LCDs is a thing of the past. You cant find a monitor with more than a 16 ms response time. Wich is the minimun for gaming I believe.

As far as really nice monitors Id have to say Dell makes one of the best LCDs.
Acer, Viewsonic, Sony, NEC.

It also seems that they have refined the manufacturing proccess on LCD panals. I have ordered over 15 for people of various size and brand and on each of them I had no dead pixels, wich means im either lucky or there getting good. Dead pixels up to 10 a year or so ago were very common. And you could not return them if you had any under 6. I dont see that policy on retail sites anymore. So things are getting good as far as LCD.

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I have a few large 3d renderings Im getting printed and framed for pops for Christmas.

I know of Kinkos Ive used before but they arent around here too close, I could drive 45 mins though.

Any other stores besides kinkos that does this kind of work?

Answer:Anyone know of any Print Companies, ie Kinkos?

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Did youtube get new URL? is now

Have the 2 companies merged ?

Answer:2 companies merged ? Both youtube?

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Is there any good pc companies that specialize in gaming that is pretty cheap?

Answer:Good Computer Companies

Kind of depends on what you definition of cheap is and what kind of gaming rig you want (games played and such).

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Dunno if this belongs here but you kinda need a router to use Vonage i think? here goes, sorry mods if its in wrong place

Is it possbile to use cell phones that use wireless internet connections to get the same prices as vonage? 30 bucks a month anywhere in us/canada/carabeian? and the cheap rates over seas and such?

by using vonage on a wireless connection is what i mean and having a cell phone hooked up, so anywhere you go in the world, as long as theres a wireless signal you can you use?

if this is a stupid question or subject sorry just was thinking about it


Answer:Question about Vonage and other companies

there is a company that is doing that or maybe its a phone. i wanna say its lingo but i am not sure. i have vonage and that makes perfect sense but because of the lack of enough wireless networks that are open, ur usage would be limited. google lingo.

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From several articles, seem like companies are not waiting for SP1 to upgrade their OS's. What are your thoughts?

Answer:Should companies wait for Windows 7 SP1?

Win 7 is based completely of Windows Vista. I feel like Win 7 kind of is Vista SP3.. Due to Vista's failures, I expect to see more and more companies upgrade from Vista almost immediately.

The upgrade from XP to Windows 7 will be much much slower. Companies will have to wait for software to be fully tested before upgrading, just like what happened with XP to Vista.

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i was wondering what the big companys like sony use to make cd-rom disks is it a special software or special hardware or is there a way that a person at home can make a cd-rom not a cd/rw but a cd rom

Answer:how do big companies make there cd-rom disks???

Yeah- you can burn one. Just close the session and it will be a CDROM. A CDRW just signifies a different type of media; CDRW discs can be erased. CDR (or CDROM) discs cannot be erased. Anyone with a CD burner can create a CD. Just burn it. If you need to create a lot of discs, you can get a duplicator that is essentially a tower with one CDROM drive and up to 20 (or more) CD burners (CDRW drives). The source goes in the CDROM drive and blanks go in the other drives. You push a button and it burns copies. They are expensive and you DO NOT need a PC to use it. They are stand alone machines and the duplication software is written to some chips in the machine so you don't need a monitor or Windows or a keyboard or mouse. Just a power cord and an outlet, and a stack of blanks. But this is only for mass production; like I said.... ANYONE with a PC and CD burner can create CDROM discs.

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does anyone know of companies that i could send my Toshiba MK2006GAL Hdd to as it has broken Thank-YouMark

Answer:Companies for Recovering files from broken HDD

has it broken? is it no longer spinning up?

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How Annoying Adware Makes Companies Money:
SOURCE: (ARTICLE DATE: 5th Aug 2016)

Researchers from New York University and Google teamed up to figure out just how adware operates on a user?s computer. They will present a paper about their work next week at the USENIX Security Symposium in Austin, Texas.

The term adware (the combination of ?advertisement? and ?malware?) usually refers to advertisements that are either aggressively displayed on a screen or surreptitiously downloaded to a user?s computer. Once they?re on a computer, the adware can do things like collect a user?s information to then push more targeted ads, or bombard her with pop-ups for legitimate products

Adware is shockingly common, which makes it extremely lucrative?the researchers cite reports that estimate that adware companies raked in $460 million in 2014 alone, nearly triple the income of companies that generate malware. And though for years Google has been tracking some of the sites where adware commonly lurks, they don?t know much about the companies propagating the ads...
[To read the full article please visit the link at the top of the page]​
NYU, Google researchers hack business model of adware, scareware, other unwanted software:
SOURCE: (ARTICLE DATE: 4th Aug 2016)

Commercial PPI is a monetization scheme wherein third-party applications -- often consisting of unwanted software such as adware, scareware, and browser hijacking programs -- are bu... Read more

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Ok, here is the question. You pay Yahoo, or whatever webhost you choose, $10 per year for registering your domain name. Where do they go to register it? Can I do it for free? How does this work?

Answer:Where do companies register your domain names you pay for?

Why do I have to pay someone for a name I thought up and no one owns yet? Seems kind of stupid.

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Hi,Can anyone help?Every time I enter a search item in the address bar, I only get directed to American companies, even when I type + uk!G.

Answer:Internet Explorer selecting USA companies

probably been hijacked run adaware and spy botjohnny.

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Hello Everyone,Could anyone possibly recommend any good website ranking companies, or software I could use myself, in improve the ranking position of my website on the major search engines?Thanks very much,>oliverdore

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Lo all,

everyone's PC i fix these days, (for friends etc), I install Mozilla or firefox while I'm there and explain why...

but, I'm thinking that I might roll it out at work pretty soon. I know a lot of people will winge to start with, but that's just tough. only problem is, a few of the sites we need to use only functino on IE. that's the downside, bu perhaps i can write some emails and winge about that.

Answer:How many IT guys are rolling out Mozill in their companies?

I personally use Firefox, but I have no control over the user population and what goes on there machines. We have a seperate dept. that decides that crap.

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OK, a good one for you. Does anyone know of a reliable data recovery company in the uk? My G/F's laptop has just fritzed it's hard drive. The computer repair shop can't get at any of the data by software means so I reckon it'll be a hardware job. So I'm looking for recommendations as to who might be able to do it.



n.b. this needs to be UK based, with a fairly quick turnaround time as she needs some of the data to complete her uni thesis. Yes, I know she should have backed it up, but she didn't, no point crying over spilt milk.

Answer:HDD fried, data recovery companies?

You're going to be looking at paying a lot of money.

A quick Google - Using Google is your best bet, try and get some reviews of these companies from other useres etc.

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I was wondering how the companies which have like 50+ computers do software deployment. I'm aware of the possibility of pushing SW through Active Directory or use some forms of scripting, but what do you do when there's let's say new version of antivirus software (or any other) that needs to be installed and it cannot be scripted nor pushed via AD - it requires some clicking and user input etc. Do you install that by going to each of the computers, login as admin, installing the SW, then moving to other? Wouldn't you go insane after doing this on 100 or more computers?
Just wondering how this is achieved

Answer:curious - software deployment in companies

Well, can't speak for any other company, but mine currently ignores software updates and only pushes out virus defs via logon script ( go figure, I can't convince them to do otherwise ).

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I've just about had it with my network...complete garbage.

So originally, I had a verizon dsl modem hooked up to a Belkin router. The router was brand new when I moved into my place. I bought it the first week. Anyways, to keep a long story short, my internet disconnects constantly while on wireless. The streaming ability seems to fluctuate rapidly. So I called Verizon and they sent me a wireless router/modem. I disconnected all my old stuff and hooked up this new router. The performance has improved but not all issues have been fixed. For instance, some youtube videos either take an incredibly long time to download or just don't download at all. Or even get part of the way and then stop (kind of makes me wonder if its port numbers!?).

When I originally had the issue on my Belkin router and verizon modem, I tried the laptop in the house (I believe it was an onboard card) and I had the same problem. So I unhooked my computer and hooked it up next to the router and plugged it directly in. The internet surprisingly works fine. Doesn't stutter at all. Yet whenever I go wireless it takes a dive.

So at this point, the only thing I can figure is my adapter is bad or there is something physically wrong with the line. I've tried all other options, and this diagnosis seems the most plausible.

So im curious what is everyone's suggestion to remedy my bipolar internet? And what company is worth buying from or makes quality wireless products in the event I s... Read more

Answer:Good companies for wireless products?

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How do people put games online? For example agario or any other game that you can play online or download. How to people do it?

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So i was wondering, who are Microsoft's rivals and who are Microsoft's partners (if any) ? Also if you can add some neutral companies that work with Microsoft from time to time ?
Ex. Google - Rival

Answer:Which companies are Microsoft's Friends and Enemies?

Megahard is Microsoft's arch-nemesis.

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Companies like Claria (makers of Gator), 180Solutions and others are putting cease and desist orders to anti-spyware companies like Microsoft, Webroot, Lavasoft and others. It looks like they're all going to end up in court soon.

Someone in this forum said that Lavasoft has backed down and has removed protection from it's latest database.

So far Microsoft and Webroot aren't backing down. I hope Microsoft kicks their ass ( I can't believe I'm M$ side on this! ) and puts them out of business.

Here's the link:

Answer:Anti-Spyware Companies Being Sued!

This is definitely a case where Microsoft can make another huge impact soley because MS can devote the time, finances, and legal muscle to stand up against adware makers.

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Our company runs a lot of warranty jobs for Circuit City and other big companies who no longer service or are just outsourcing their labor.

We go to hundreds of homes, all for the same issues- Power Supply, MotherBoard and CPU... What's Crazy is most times the warranty company sends a whole motherboard and only part needed was a power supply. The process for the company diagnosing the problem is all messed up.

BUT-- THIS IS THE CRAZY PART. They don't require the customer to use a Battery Bakup or UPS!!! Are they also offering a warranty to keep the power at a steady voltage in your home?? because here in Florida, the power is VERY inconsistent, and your computer WILL be messed up if you aren't using a Battery Backup! Why don't they tell the customer this when they sell the computer?? It would be an add-on to the sale! Instead, the customer buys the warranty- (which doesn't cover personal data loss!!!) and then has to wait around for the warranty company to diagnose the problem. And if your personal data is gone--- I bet you were wishing you would have just bought a UPS and NOT the warranty!


Answer:Computer Warranty Companies-- This is CRAZY

I think you are in the wrong forum.

Try civilized debate.

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Can someone Offer there opinion on the Best Broadband service as far as How much the broadband is and how fast of a connection they have. All opinions will be greatley appreciated. I am currently using Verizon DSL at 768kb/s download and 128kb/s upload. I also use aol and when I upload to friends on either aol or aim I get very slow upload speeds. I reach about 16 kb/s uploading to my friends on both programs. Is there something that I can do to make the uploads faster. I have already tried many tweaks from None of them made a difference on either my download speed and my upload speed. Someon please help.

Answer:What are the best Broadband companies as far as the connection and pricing?

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We are a small company and would like to know what the best fax program is for being able to receive/send faxes without the use of a fax machine. Can you suggest something reliable and easy to use for 'non-tech' users.


Answer:Good Fax programs for small companies?


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I have run across this with some computer manufactures, that the restoration disk to load windows with does not have the repair option and only allows you to do a clean install of windows. This can be troublesome when I want to do a repair install of Windows. I have a question would it be ok to use a oem version of the operating system to do a repair install? I'm worried that it might not have all the drivers for the motherboards out there ect. If that's true could I then use the original restore disk from the company to install the drivers?Would that work?

Answer:Windows Installation Disks from companies

NoOEM discs are designed to do one thing and one thing only:Wipe your data and take the machine back to Day One status.Describe your machine and what you want to accomplish in more detail and we'll go from there...

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I have a small contractor client that has an office and shared with 2 other companies he works with.

Company A - Contstruction - 4 Employee

Company B - Oil Company ( 2 Domain Names) - 5 Employee - 2 From Company A - 1 of these does the QB for them

Company C - Design Company ( 1 Domain Name - Google Apps) - 1 Employee, 1 from Company A does Quickbooks for them so needs access to company file. Believe they all have Macs and 1 PC for QB....

So current server is a piece of junk workstation someone built with intel raid 5, server 2003 and is failing.

I am thinking SBS 2011 would be great, get Exchange for Company A and Company B since they want to sync.

My concern is with the multiple emails. 2 of the Company A users will need to open another mailbox for Company B.

Would I just make multiple user accounts and open that open in Outlook? Any other suggestsions?

Answer:3 Companies Under 1 Roof - Setup Ideas

Make another account for the shared mailbox and share out their mailbox and then attach it to Outlook as needed.

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I've never ordered a computer online, and I had this question: When ordering a computer with multiple hard drives, which hard drive do they install the OS to? Is it the smallest or largest by default, or is there some other method (like the "first hard drive" section on the form)?
I'll be ordering from CyberPower in a month or two, and I'm hoping they install to the smaller one because I'm using that hard drive specifically for OS and apps. I e-mailed CyberPower and they have yet to respond, and this was a week ago, so I was wondering if there was a general method or if it's specific per company.

Answer:prebuilt-companies: which hard drive is the OS on?

From my experience, the manufacturers of these machines are fairly indiscriminate about their installs (I'd imagine that they have an unattended setup) They will install the operating system on whichever drive is designated as the primary master.

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Ok, I have a friend who's against tracking cookies. But all the good advertising companies use them so I'm kinda stuck in a rut here. Can someone please explain for me so I can tell him why they use tracking cookies and that they are completely harmless?


Answer:Why do advertising companies use tracking cookies?

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Hello everyone i am looking for some hardware tools and some other products Load Cells and controls.Would you suggest some good companies.

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do u know some software wich will give me info about some italian firm, like when it was registered, names of owners ...


Answer:italian companies legal information

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Our solutions avoid dependencies on end-users making smart choices, IT/Sec-Ops personnel that are brilliant, or adversaries that stick to the same old tricks. We block everything ? even zero-day malware. We require no updates and do not rely on whitelisting or blacklisting. Even if a user on an enterprise chose to inadvertently detonate malware, we prevent it from detonating.

"It's a brilliant solution..."

Technologies And Companies In The Cybersecurity Battleground

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Hi TSG'ers

Recently, my computer started booting up to a home page for the Anonomizer company; which sells itself as a program that can shield your computer from detection as you surf the net annonmously, I was suspicious of this program since I did not request the page or the download of the 'free' software.

Does anyone know about this company. Is Annonomizer malware ?

Does anyone know of a published list of company names on the net that provide names or url addresses of companies/ products that are not to be trusted?

This would help alot since I could put the 'not trusted' url 's into my secuirty settings in IE to prevent any unsolicted download from occuring.

Thanks for your help advice in advance

Answer:List of Known Spyware Scam Companies ?

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Hi I am wanting to get a computer custom built for me and have found a company out of the Computer Shopper Magazine that has reasonable prices.

Should I pay a higher price for a well known company such as Alienware to put it together or would it be safe to go with a company I found out of a magazine.

The companies site I am planning on buying from is

They have brand name parts (nVidia, ATI Graphics Cards, Western Digital HD's) and I have cross referenced major components with AMD's site to make sure it is all compatible.

I put my current computer together and there are major things wrong with it. So I am planning on salvaging what I can from that computer and letting another company put the HD, MotherBoard, CPU and Memory and all other misc. parts togther for me to ensure it all works correctly.

Answer:Custom Build Computer Companies

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Hi all!

Here's one for ya. I work in a corporate IT department and we're looking at changing our current remote support solution from Goto Assist (Citrix based) to TeamViewer.

The problem I have is...

The end client download for Goto Assist is provided via a Java Applet which downloads and installs the client. Due to the use of Java, this isn't blocked by most web firewalls. Just a case of allowing the Javascript to run and off you go.

TeamViewer however, only allows the client to be downloaded via a .exe file. Obviously, due to security of most corproate firewals, this would be blocked.

I'm trying to think of a way of being able to allow 3rd Party companies to download and install the application. Sending via e-mail is a no go, due to Outlook's built in security. I have got a .MSI version of the application, but again this seems to be blocked by most e-mail clients.

I'm wondering if anyone's come accross this issue before? Basically a way of a 3rd Party client to download and install an application through their web security.

One idea I've thought off is some way of creating and hosting a Java Applet (much like that of Go To Assit) which masks the download of the exe.

Any ideas/suggestions would be much appreciated

Many thanks in advance for any replies!

Answer:Blocked EXE Downloads for 3rd Party Companies


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Hey guys, just wondering if you guys trust antivirus testing companies such as AV-Comparatives and AV-TEST and if you don't, what you use to help in the decision making process. Feel free to discuss in the thread.

Articles are appreciated.

Answer:Do you trust antivirus testing companies?

You can't trust anything these days.

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I realize they are the biggest music store, but why not ALSO release it to other services?

Answer:Why do so many companies ONLY release their content to itunes?

It's very simple: Apple pays them tons of money not to do so.

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This is a quote from my computer science class.

Linux is giving proprietary OSs like Windows stiff competition. However, there are still some companies and even industries in the US that appear to be wary about converting to a Linux based OS environment.Click to expand...

Exactly what companies are we talking about here? I don't seem to know any companies that use linux..

Answer:Companies wary to convert to linux?

Lol? Is this a joke?

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SAN FRANCISCO - Corporate America is getting better about telling the U.S. government about serious security incidents, according to an official from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS).In 2006, companies, universities and government agencies reported 23,000 incidents to the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT), up from 5,000 reported in 2005, Jerry Dixon, deputy director of the DHS's National Cyber Security Division (NCSD), said at the RSA Security Conference on Wednesday. So far, in the first quarter of 2007, more than 19,000 incidents have been reported to US-CERT, Dixon said.

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WARNING! I have been caught out twice by companies touting ways of keeping viruses at bay etc. The first time the company was ITezy taken over by 'TECHMATE', high pressure sales techniques but plausible (as always)arguments and expensive solutions. Most recently 'TechResolve'.NET, claim to have all the answers but basically only download and apply freebies such as Advanced System Care and Smart Defrag 2. OK I should have learnt the first time!!! BEWARE.

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I am just curious: what password policies and complexity requirements do companies classified as being a Fortune 500 company have?

Answer:Fortune 500 companies -- what password policies and requirements do they have?

In my experience some crazy long special character and number Bitlocker password.

Users log in requires 7 character alphanumeric with special character, most likely they just end with a "!"

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