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Can't read emails offline with OE 5.0.5 (Mac)

Question: Can't read emails offline with OE 5.0.5 (Mac)

Hi guys,

Whenever I use Outlook Express (v5.0.5 for the Mac) to read my email offline, it will try to dial out if there happens to be a URL for a graphic contained within the message somewhere. This makes it almost useless to me if I'm talking on the phone and want to review an email (I only have one phone line and no broadband connection). I have recently switched to OE from Eudora, and there was a way to disable this behavior in Eudora, but I can't find any setting for this in OE (and I've looked in every menu).

So, is there any way to force this behavior (i.e., only fetch images while connected) or should I dump OE? Also, if I do dump OE, which email app would you recommend? I switched to OE because Eudora couldn't handle complex HTML as well as OE.

I'd prefer to keep OE if I can remedy this behavior.

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Preferred Solution: Can't read emails offline with OE 5.0.5 (Mac)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Can't read emails offline with OE 5.0.5 (Mac)

I think (not positive since I'm not at all familiar with Macs) the only way to fix the problem is to change your dialup preferences in Internet Explorer (OE uses the same preferences). You'd have to go to IE>Tools>Internet Options>Connections and check "Never dial a connection." That would also mean you'll have to connect to your ISP manually every time instead of having IE or OE initiate the connection when they're opened.

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I tried this in Gmail and it did not work.
I opened a GMail inbox, opened an email message  (done in Google Chrome browser), opened the browser menu, More Tools..., Save Page As..., allowed for *.html type, clicked SAVE, and then went to the file in the downloaded filepath.  I double-left clicked and an Edge browser window opened but it was just a blank white file showing nothing.

Answer:download and read emails OFFLINE

Have you tried opening the saved file with Chrome?

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Computer running XP and emails read in Outlook Express;
but compacted email are in recycle bin
Computer requested I compact the emails which I have done at least twice
However, on checking the recycle bin I note that there are items in there from the OE
I have been checking my recycle bin  and have done a' compact 'of the OE but it seems that the compacting sends things to the recycle bin?
What should happen if the computer asks for the  OE to be compacted? where does it send the compact?
I am having to go through the recycle bin line by line to see what I can safely completely delete but also when I try to restore an item it seems to  make a duplicate in the recycle bin !!
I can still read the emails in OE but where should the compacted emails  actually be saved? And how if at all can I get this corrected?

How if at all can this be corrected or resolved please?

Answer:Windows XP ;emails read in O. E. but compacted emails are in Recycle bin

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HiWondering if there is any way to do the following:I want to be able to copy an Outlook email folder from my main PC onto a USB stick, then plug that USB into a laptop, write/reply to email, and then plug it back into the original PC to send them etc. Copies of sent emails will therefore be on the main PC.Sort of an Outlook briefcase, that will synch the files somehow.The main PC is at work, and I cant access webmail so I cant use that as a solution. Neither can I access the emails outside of work, or have access to wifi on the laptop.Is this doable in any way? Are there USB based email programs, compatible with Outlook, that will allow me to write and reply to emails, even if I have to manually drag them from USB into the "outbox" of Outlook? Or can I drag the emails onto a folder on the USB and edit them on the laptop, then drag them back into Outlook?Hope this makes sense!

Answer:can i edit emails from a USB/offline

Best way to find out is to try it - this might help!click here

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I have just got a new computer with XP Home installed. I've managed to get my old emails (win 98) onto the new computer thanks to help from here. However, although I can see and read them when on line (new and old emails) I can only see the headings while offline. Emails have no visible content and I cannot actually write a new email whilst offline.The storage folder is:C:\Documents and Settings\Name\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{1C8CA9D0-DAFB-4226-AE4D-8F066A1C774D}\Microsoft\Outlook Expresswhich, to me a complete novice, appears to be a bit odd looking. I was wondering whether this would be causing my offline reading problems and if so what can I do to solve it?

Answer:Reading emails offline - EO

I've subsequently realised that I can reinstall OE from the windows cd and have done so. Now everything's working fine.

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I already know how to create a "read" receipt for sent emails. From my understanding, when you set the function, I will received read receipts for all email that was read. I was wondering if this setting could be set on individual emails instead of all of them. Thanks!

Answer:Read receipt for read emails in Outlook 98

In the compose area of Outlook go to Options and check the box for that email.

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approx 5 days ago, my outlook emails stopped coming into my inbox when my pc is switched off. All other times, my email is fine. I havent changed any of my settings. the emails never show, even later and I have to go to my email provider to check what I've missed. Any idea's what the problem can be and how I can fix it please. Everything worked well until this happened. thanks

Answer:Outlook not receiving emails when pc offline?

No mail can ever come into an Outlook inbox unless the PC is running and connected to the internet.

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Hi All, I have Win XP PRO/Firefox/Hotmail, how do I work OFFline to compose Emails. What in simple terms do I do, to set this up?Thank you

Answer:Working offline to compose Emails?

If you use free Hotmail you can't download and upload using an email client, which is how you would normally go about preparing emails offline although you could use Freepops to get round that limitation. click here

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MS Outlook 2000 gives an error message when trying to reply offline. I cannot recall it right now, but it does not allow you to even a reply message much les send it.

Answer:Replying to Emails in offline mode

Sorry, 2hawks, but I'll need the error to help with that. Others may not.

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Hi all...

I am new here though I have been reading the forum for sometime now. Very helpful. I have a quick question which you may be able to help me with.

Do you know how I can download ALL my mails (using the IMAP option and not POP) from Gmail such that I read them offline? As of now, it appears that only some of the mail is downloaded though during the initial setup I found WLM downloading all the mail in my Gmail account. Now when I try to access older emails, I get a message saying that the mail is not available in offline mode and I must go online to access it. When I do go online, I can read the mail. What I want is to read all my mails online AND offline. How would I do that?

Thanks in advance for your help.

EDIT: Effectively, I suppose what I want to do is to keep a local copy of all my mails using IMAP in addition to having them on the Gmail server.

Answer:Working with emails offline in WLM 2011

Hello kristalsoldier and welcome to seven forum

Have a read of this it may be of help.

Setup Gmail in Windows Live Mail (Gmail Email Account Setup)

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I use Microsoft Outlook for my emails, I have had no problems with it for years now when I want to send mail it seems to be working offline (Globe on the tasbar with red cross)I cannot seem to change these settings.

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Till now,I used to use Opera Mini that had option to save pages and read them offline.
But with the latest update that function is gone,so does anyone know another app which i can use for that purpose?
And it should be free :P
p.s. I use Lumia 620 with W 8.1 Denim with region set on UK

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HiHow do i save websites and there content, so that i can read it offline using internet Explorer.

Answer:Saving web content to read offline

Click on Bookmark > Add Bookmark.Check "Make available offline".If needed, customize with the Customize... button.You'll still need to open IE to view it... but it'll work offline (if you're in offline mode).

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I download files to read offline and cant read them, ive tried updated my Adobe Reader but it makes no difference

Answer:i cant read downloaded pdf files offline

When you download and open them in the browser, you need to click on the floppy disk icon in the toolbar to save it to disk. Better yet instead of just clicking download, right click the file and choose save as and point it to where you want to save it.Just watch that it shows a pdf extension when you try to save, as sometimes you get redirected to another html page.

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Hi everybody,

Today I was trying to create a VirtualBox VM that had direct access to a partition which is the only one on its disk. This partition contains non-OS-specific data (including documents and music). The guest OS is Xubuntu and the host OS is Windows 7.

I succeeded in making the disk image for this configuration, only when I tried to write to it from Xubuntu it didn't save the changes (I couldn't see the changes in Windows 7 when I checked out that same partition). I investigated the problem and I found a solution on the internet: I needed to take the disk with the partition on it offline and then clear the "read only" attribute.

The solution involved using the DiskPart utility to perform those steps. I tried to take the disk offline (with Administrator access), but DiskPart gave the following error: "Disk attributes may not be changed on the current system disk or BIOS disk 0." This is strange since that disk isn't actually a system partition: it boots from C: which is where Windows itself is installed.

I ran Disk Manager, and it looked like this:

So it appears a tiny 100MB partition has been added to my second disk, which is the disk containing E: which I want to be able to access from within the VirtualBox VM.

So, I have the following questions:
Is that 100MB partition the reason it won't work?
If so, do I need this partition?
If so, is there a way to move it to my first disk without breaking my Windows installati... Read more

Answer:I can't take my non-system disk offline to remove its read-only attribute

Just set up E: as a shared folder in VirtualBox. You don't take anything offline, and i highly doubt the entire drive is "read only".

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The files are,HTTP type ? catergory=4 file.I used to be able to open them with "MS Office 200 Word" by R/cicking on "Message file" and Using "Open with",Word, but I can no longer do this and I havent a clue why. For some reason "Word is no longer shown in the list of programs...Even searching through,"Browse".I have run the repair option under "Help",with no joy.I also used to be able to open the files by going,Start- All Programs- Microsoft word-,then-File-Open,the needed document.Is there an easy way around this? I can open any other web pages nomally. Please Help!

Answer:Cannot open Delphi forum files to read offline.

re-download them ,they may be corrupted they should open in your browser by default.

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I am new to windows 8.1. I have a Lenovo Yoga 2.

I want to be able to read web pages that I have saved as "favorites", online, while I am offline. I will not have access for a week and would love to read articles, pages that I have saved.

Can someone tell me how to do this step by step?

Thank you so much in advance!

Answer:Windows 8.1 IE11: How do I save web pages to read offline?

Hey mate,

You can save the webpage; it worked for me when I was offline:

Go to the web page in Internet explorer, click on Tools (the cog wheel), select file, then Save as...
You can save the page to the desktop, a folder you've created, downloads, or anywhere really. Then you'll have a list of pages that you can view later on.

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Question: cant read emails

Just updated to explorer11 from 9. using window 7 Home Premium. Will let me log in, tell me how many, 3 examples of mail, but ca not read any of them. Whats the deal. NEED HELP

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hye peeps , i can't read my emails on hotmail says the page as finnished loading says done in the left corner , but the page is blank . also trying to do a system restore , can't do that either , the page comes up but there is know writeing on it so i can't restore . its like the is something stoping me from reading it , also when i open my yahoo msn there are no pictures and can't get in them emails either . can anybody help me please . if possible could some tell me how to do fix from my windows 2003 cd, without formatting my hard drive any help would be really gratefull thanks.

Answer:can't read my emails.

For system restore try this:

Start >> Run

In the Run box type:

rundll32.exe advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection C:\Windows\Inf\sr.inf

Click OK

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While on here asking for other advice I was just wondering is there anyway of telling if emails that Ive sent are being opened/read. I mostly use yahoo to send mail but have got a hotmail account too.

Answer:can you tell if sent emails have been read?

Which is your e-mail service, is it Outlook Express or the ones used by Yahoo?

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I cannot read .pdf or .pff emails in Windows 7 .  I can read these emails on my laptop in windows xp.  Is there a fix for this problem in windows 7?

View Solution.

Answer:Cannot read .pdf or .pff emails

Do you have Adobe installed on your computer?  

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Question: cannot read emails

Asking for a mate if anyone can help please. He has two Yahoo accounts, one is OK but the other - He has many emails showing as received (including where they came from) but when you click on anyone of them the program opens the OUTBOX and never the email message.Thanks for looking.

Answer:cannot read emails

right click on the link to the emails and try pasting that into the browser.

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Question: Can't read emails

My computer has been very slow with W10.

now I can still get into my Yahoo emails but it won't let me read them, I cleaned out my cache & cookies to no avail.
I had a notice from Yahoo a few days back but assumed it was spam as most are, maybe I've reached my capacity with them, or it's my slow computer ?

Also haven't been getting notification of replies on some forums any more.

PS .... just re opened my email page & it's working now, must be just my slow computer as everything is so slow now, maybe my memory.

any help appreciated,


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Hi. I have no idea how to read or break this. Please help!!

< content removed by moderator> because it can be easily decrypted / decoded to reveal what is probably personal and private information

Answer:How do i read these emails

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when someone sends me an email in Russian to my yahoo account it looks like a bunch of junk. how to i make it so the stuff is readable? i need some type of decoder. where do i get one?

Answer:Read emails in Russian

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If I receive mail from an unknown sender, or one with no subject line, I always go to file/properties/message source" to read it.Am I right in thinking this is a safe way to read the mail?I've got NAV in place, updated continually, and have found this always picks up any nasties coming in, and use this really as a "belt and braces".

Answer:Safe way to read emails..?

get mailwasher from the downloads section of this site, you can then delete from server before d/loading to your machine.johnny.

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I am having a problem with opening some emails. When I click on some emails, the reading pane is greyed out and when I attempt to open those same emails, they give the following error: "Can't open this item. The text formatting command is not available. It may not be installed correctly. Please install outlook again." I've uninstalled outlook, renamed the reg keys, reinstalled outlook, and still recieve the same error. I tried changing the email editor, still not working. I'm not sure what to do next.

Answer:Cannot read some outlook emails

If it was an Outlook issue, all your email messages would be equally affected, but since only some of them are affected, they are probably damaged or corrupt. Nothing you can do about that.

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hi all,

my problem is that i can't read my email coz the writing appears jz like "00000000000000" for all email i've receive.i've no idea with that.can anyone help me bout this.tq in advance

Answer:Emails Read As "00000000000"?

Hello Poca and welcome to Bleeping Computers.I need a little more information1) What are you using to read you email? Outlook, Outlook Express, Web Mail, Thunderbird,..?2) When you said you cannot read your email, did you mean it does not show up or are all the character 0's? Is it just the body of the message or the entire message?3) Did this just start or has it been happening for a period of time? Hen did it start? Are any other programs acting different or not at all?4) Are you running an antivirus and antispyware programs?

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Anyone know a way that an personal/private email could be sent, read, but not able to forwarded the email to other computers. A program that would stop sensitive email content from being fowarded but could be read by the original receiptent and would not be blocked ( i.e. blocked by virus detection software etc.) would be handy indeed. That way I could email info about my family etc. without the worry of the email being passed on. Is there a way?

Answer:emails, read only, no forwarding

Haven't found a freeware one yet .....

google "prevent email forwarding"

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I just move a bunch of emails to my DELETED folder and now when I try to delete them I get a message that says "MESSAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED" AND THAT i NEED TO CHECK MY COMPUTER FOR LOW MEMORY OR LOW DISK SPACE!! I do NOT have low memory or dosk space (I have 368 of 455 gigabytes free space). Any ideas what I can do?!?

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When my partner logs in to her Hotmail email account on her computer it comes up with 45 emails in her inbox.But she cannot read any of them? When she clicks on any of them nothing happens.Using my computer I can log in to her Hotmail account and get the same 45 emails in her inbox. This time though, when I click on any one of them I can read them. She then sits on my computer and reads/answers all her emails. Alternatively, I forward them to her NTL email address.The problem seems to be with her computer, but what could it be?

Answer:Can't read emails on Hotmail

Its best not to keep emails in the inbox move them to a different folder if you want to keep them,One of the emails may have become corrupted try deleting the last one sent,

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i am having problems reading my emails on outlook express. all i am getting is checked for virus using spamjab.i have not had this problem until the last few days.i have windows xp home all latest downloads from microsoft. the title is downloaded and thats as far as it goes. can anybody help me with this it would be much appreciated. thankyou

Answer:unable to read emails

See click here

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Hello, I have my old Mail file on one computer and no longer have access to the same notes db. I need to move my files to another computer and access them. Also read me, that file doesn't work correct

Answer:How can I read my old emails from another laptop?

What is the e mail client your old emails are under and what client on your new computer?

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Evertime I try to open an attachement from a friendly email, I open it and it just shows all this mombo jumbo writing.Not the actual thing. Is there something I can check to see if it should be checked to make it work. I use windows xp and verizon with msn if the internet provider.

Answer:Can't read attachments from emails

Each attachment should only be opened in the software package that created it.

For instance, a .doc attachment would open in Word, or Open Office or Wordpad.

An .xls attachment needs Excel or open office.

A .jpg needs to be opened with any image editor.

If you use notepad or similar, then you will see pages of garbage text.

Please tell us what the full name of the attachment is, and what software you are using to open it with.

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Well, is just getting worst. I cant even open emails, I can actually see the inbox, but I cant open any of the emails at least that I browse in private navigation in firefox. But I already deleted, coockies, history, cache, updated java.

If I hadnt all my important mails in hotmail, I would already changed to gmail or something.


Answer:Cant read my emails on hotmail

Microsoft seems to be making even more "improvements" to Hotmail, so maybe your current problem is, like highway construction, just a "temporary inconvenience."

To make sure that it is not something in your Firefox configuration have you tested with another browser? Or with Firefox's Safe mode?

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Evertime I try to open an attachement from a friendly email, I open it and it just shows all this mombo jumbo writing.Not the actual thing. Is there something I can check to see if it should be checked to make it work. I use windows xp and verizon with msn if the internet provider.

Answer:Can't read attachments from emails

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Hello, I have my old Mail file on one computer and no longer have access to the same notes db. I need to move my files to another computer and access them. Also read me, that file doesn't work correct

Answer:How can I read my old emails from another laptop?

What email client were you using on the other computer?

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This is a wierd question but I'll just ask away. Is there any kind of free email service which will let me know if my recepient has read the mails i send to them?

Answer:monitoring if emails are read?

Delivery and Read Receipts are the notices that Outlook sends you whenever an email you send has been delivered to, and read by, the recipient. This option to receive these receipts can be applied to individual emails, or globally, so that you receive a receipt for every email that you send. While you might think this would clutter your Inbox with receipts, the truth is that you can configure Outlook to efficiently manage the way receipts are handled.

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I cannot open hotmail thru Internet explorer How can i get into them or can I read them from somewhere else

Answer:hotmail will not let me read my emails

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At present i have a account and use Outlook Mail to send and receive, is there a way that i can track my emails and know when they have been read?

Or alternatively change Outlook Mail to give me this facility without changing my email address.

Answer:Notification that emails have been read.

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I have Win XP Pro and use Outlook Express. In the past, I received emails and could open them and read them. In the past couple of months, I've gotten emails with attachments that are unreadable. They are full of characters and when I scroll down, I get a huge amount of garbage. There is a message box saying that I have to open Folder Options and create a program from a list that will read this junk.
What happened? I didn't have this problem before. How do i associate a program?
Any help would be very appreciated.

Answer:Emails hard to read

What are the extensions of the attachments?

Did you uninstall any software recently?

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Hello, I have my old Mail file on one computer and no longer have access to the same notes db. I need to move my files to another computer and access them. Also read me, that file doesn't work correct

Answer:How can I read my old emails from another laptop?

It is challenging, but doable. Both the new and the old systems must use the same email client program. You then find the location of the files and drop the old email into the proper location on the new pc.

I can document only Thunderbird (TB) but it will serve to give you a starting point.
The TB data is stored at:

c:\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\xxx.default\Mail\xxxemailServerDomain\ -here-


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In Hotmail if I want to delete unwanted emails without having to read them first I tick the box and click delete. A similar system works with AOL.Just click the email and click delete.Now that I am not on AOL but am on Broadband (using outlook express) if I click an email it automatically opens in the lower half of the window. Is there any way I delete email in Outlook Express without having to read them first???Thanks

Answer:Deleting emails - without having to read them

Go to View/Layout and remove the tick in the Preview Pane (in Outlook Express).

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I have a web based Email. I can open but not read JPEG format Emails.
I have a scanner which I use mainly as a photocopier. If I save files to "My documents" or "Word" they sometimes appear as JPEG and I do not know how to convert them either. I have windows XP
I have JAVA installed. Do I need to install other hardware?
Easy to understand instructions please!!!!
Thanks ANNEC

Answer:How to read JPEG emails etc

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Hi,I use my own email account (Imap) at work, but I am concerned that the IT team are reading private emails.Is there any way to prevent this?I have ticked the TLS box setting for IMAP/SMTP.I'm not sure if my server supports this, but it still worksUnfortunaly, one of my email accounts wont work if I tick the TLS or SSL box. So does this mean the emails can be read? Is my other account where I have ticked TLS secure?Thanks,Dave.

Answer:Prevent my emails being read on IT network

Are you sending via work's SMTP server or your own ISP's? If it is work's then there may well be log files in which your messages could be read if someone with access to the logs was intent on doing so. With your own ISP's SMTP server (which would probably need to support SMTP Authentication to use with a different internet connection), there shouldn't be a record that work could access. As you're using IMAP with which the messages remain on the mail server, incoming mail shouldn't be accessible by "unwanted guests".

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This may sound odd, but for IT my son has to do a poll along with mutiple choice questions on whether or not people read all of the e-mails received & reply to all or just read, delete,and reply to the ones that they want to reply toIs there a site on the internet that he can get the answers from in a multiple choice way or will he have to design his own questions? Hope not for his & my sakeThanks in advance for any tips/advice

Answer:Do u read all ur emails & reply or delete them?

click hereclick hereclick hereclick hereIn no particular order.

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Out of the blue my wlm has stopped working correctly. I can see all my emails in my Comcast & Hotmail accounts (the subject line) but when I try to open them I get an error message saying: 'There is an error opening this message & that's' it!
I also noticed that the following options are greyed out (not available) Reply Reply All Forward.
I'm not sure what's going on but it's been like this for 2 days & for a brief moment I was actually able to open & read an email today.
Can anyone help please? I don't know what infomation about my PC to post but I'm sure whoever answers this will let me know.

Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit
Windows Live Mail version 2009 Build: (14.0.8064.0206)

Thanx in advance for any help

Answer:Unable to open & read emails

Have you checked to see that your settings for that account are still the same? Right click on each of the accounts in the left-hand pane and check to make sure thing are set up properly under the ?properties? option.

If things looks like they?re on the up-and-up, you might try removing the account and re-adding the account.

Let me know if either of these helps out.


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I have a customer who is having problems receiving text emails.
When a text email is sent to her the body is blank. However if I send her a html email she can read it fine.

What would cause this? What are some things I can look at to fix this?

I have looked through the tools>options and didnt find anything that would seem to cause this.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!

Answer:Can't read text emails in Outlook

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Hi, I have a problem which developed yesterday (I downloaded the latest Firefox) but I dont think that is the problem. I run Incredimail (its easy for collecting info on the servers for idiots like me) anyway I run Mozilla Firefox but have tried Flox and IE7 and they now all want to open my emails. Really I dont mind them doing this but they dont allow me to send emails. So it's a problem, I seem to remember this happening before but it went away. Can someone help please. Thankls Al

Answer:My browser wanmts to read my emails?

heres my personal opinion. i would get rid of incredimail. to many people have had to many problems with it. with me personally it messed up my computer so bad that i had to reinstall my getting rid of incredimail for starters your problem might be solved.hope this helps u.

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Hi All,One of my user is having an issue where his emails become marked as read even though he has not selected it.  It's not happening to all of his emails and for the ones that do occur, it happens after a couple of minutes.. usually within 10 minutes.  The 'mark as read' option is turned off on his Preview Pane within Tools > Options.  We are using Outlook 2002 with an exchange server.  Has anyone ever come across this issue?  Thanks in advance for any help/advice.Sfatsura

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Is there a way in which all my work emails can be sent to my home computer as I'm on long term sick leave? If so how can I do that?Any help greatly appreciated!

Answer:How can I read emails from work at home?

Your company's IT department should be able to set up access for you , probably using a VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) allowing you to log in the the company server and get things that way , but it will need their support and agreement . Ashley

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I cannot advance to next page of new emails in latest aol app windows 10

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Emails I have saved can't be opened by Adobe Reader but can open with Windows Live Mail, the files are described as .eml, Should I do some update?

Answer:Saved emails not read by Adobe

As far as I know Adobe Reader can only open .pdf files

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Hi there,

My friend has an Outlook account which he cannot see his emails properly on. Basically, he receives the emails on his home laptop (Win 8) but cannot see the message but can see who it's from. But on his IPad he can see both who the email is from and what the message is.

Any help you can give would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,
Chris Mountain

Answer:Solved: Not able to read emails properly....

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My hotmail is downloading and I can see all my emails but when I click on one to read nothing happens although at the bottom of the window is says 'done'.
My friend can access and open my email from her pc and foreward it to my AOL account but I'd really like to acess my mail myself.

Please help me with this problem


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ok i tried this in the email forom with a bunch of hits but no respnses so ill try it here

runing win xp

i can browse yahoo and check my mail in yahoo but when i go to my hotmail emails internet explore shuts down as soon as i click on emails in hotmail and returns to my desktop

what can i do to get to read my hotmail emails ???

Answer:Solved: read my hotmail emails ???

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runing win xp

i can browse yahoo and check my mail in yahoo but when i go to my hotmail emails internet explore shuts down as soon as i click on emails in hotmail and returns to my desktop

what can i do to get to read my hotmail emails ???

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Hello, So hoping I can get this resolved. I've spent days reading on here and haven't had any luck. Here's the problem. I have Windows XP. I guess since I purchased my computer in 03 I have OE3 (I know it's a dinosaur but need to get these emails before I buy my new computer). Out of nowhere all of my emails in my inbox were gone. I finally found them. I put them in a file on my desktop. I have many sub folders...Bill emails, saved emails, etc. They are all dbx files. I can't open any of them. I read stuff about inbox.bak but I don't see that anywhere. Under properties I found the location of each sub file. I then tried to import, but I received a message that OE was open. So, they wouldn't import. I'm not the best at following computer commands but can do okay. So, how can I import and be able to read these messages. I want to save some and delete a lot, but need to read them first. Help!

Answer:Help, OE inbox emails are gone, found but can't read or import

How To Backup Outlook Express Email: [The Correct Way]

1. Open Outlook Express
2. click on 'Tools'
3. Goto 'Options'
4. Open 'Maintanance' tab.
5. Goto 'Store Folder' near bottom.
6. Highlight & Right Click & then 'Copy' the Store Folder Location.
7. Close All Open Windows
8. Goto 'Start'
9. Goto 'Run'
10. Right Click & Paste the Store Folder Location you copied in step 6 into 'Run.' Click OK.
11. A new window will open containing the Email Database.
12. Goto 'Edit'
13. Goto 'Select All'
14. Click 'Copy'
15. Close window.
16. Goto 'Desktop' Right Click & Choose 'New Folder'
17. Give the 'new folder' a name such as "OE Email Backup"
18. Open folder "OE Email Backup"
19. Goto 'Edit'
20. Goto 'Paste'
21. Close window.
22. Save Mail folder to a safe location. [suggested temporary location is Desktop]


Restore Outlook Express Email:

1. Open Outlook Express
2. Goto 'File'
3. Goto 'Import Messages'
4. Select Outlook Express Version 6
5. Click 'Next'
7. Select 'Import Mail From OE6 Store Directory'
8. Click 'OK'
9. Browse to the Location of the saved email folder. [See 22 above]
10. Select 'All Folders'
11. Click 'Next.'

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My dad recently got a new laptop to replace his five year old beast. On that five year old beast is thousands upon thousands of very important business emails and legal documents. Naturally, he needs to have access to these emails.

Due to his concerns about getting his new laptop up and running, I didn't get to do the logical thing and transfer his old emails and settings over to his new laptop before he started using it. Now, it's been over a month and his new laptop is quickly accumulating new piles of vital emails.

I need to find a way for him to read his old emails quickly and easily.

He uses Microsoft Outlook. I've got the original computer with all the emails on it as well as his new computer. Can I import his old email into Outlook on his new computer without losing any of his new email or overwriting his new settings? Failing that, is there a way for me to view his emails, as saved by Outlook in .dbx files, in plain text?

Note: this isn't a situation where I can just try something and hope it works. My dad's a lawyer and losing a single email can be roughly equivalent to the end of the world. So I'm not going to do anything experimental like trying to import his old emails just to see if it works unless someone knows for sure that it will.

Answer:Read emails in plain text without Outlook

Ah I was going to aim you at a small app that was free but now costs $5 called DBExtract as it will do exactly what you need.

it recovers the emails into a text file, sadly leaves the header and footer info ( email server info etc in the text file )

Worth a look at the app anyhow, their maybe an older free version still knocking around on the net.

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Using gmail today i noticed several items in my Gmail web, sent mail folder that I had not sent. They were all from me, to 4 contacts, one of whom got a majority of these messages. They appeared to be sent from Outlook, as I use IMAP, and they each had a winmail.dat file 0k, attached.

Subject said "NOT READ: fwd(etc....)
Or, others were relevent, 'NOT READ: final copy of flyer for reveiw" which i had sent the exact subject heading to this person months ago.

Last suspicious activity was sending a email in outlook to [email protected](DO NOT CLICK) responding to craigslist advertisement.

I unplugged my IMAP service until i figure this out. I had NO ANTIVIRUS CONNECTED AS I JusT RESTORED MY PC.

is it possible 'they' had acces to my very sensitive google docs? files? I changed my Gogle account password immediately, but could it be too late?


Answer:HELP!Outlook sending unknown emails with 'NOT READ:' in sub

Heres what my Gmail Web server looks like. I hid sensitive information.

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Hi! I am able to log in and open the inbox but not able to click on the contents .I am facing this problem since 3-4 days.I am using laptop of hp and window vista is the software .Can anyone give me some suggesyion .thanksDr.Sachin

Answer:can't read emails- hotmail -using window vista

If it was alright before this try doing a restore to the date it worked

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When I read an email and click delete, it is suppose to go into my DELETED folder. When I go to my DELETED folder, all it shows is the unread emails. I am sure I did this by choosing some option when I first set this up....I am new to Outlook but now I can't figure out how to undo it. I want to be able to see my 'read' emails. Thank you for any help you can give this 'older' lady.

Answer:Where are my "read' emails in Outlook 2007

Before we begin are you talking about Microsoft Outlook installed on your computer or the web site?

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Hi. I am so glad I found this site! I have tried everything!

My trouble is with OutLook Express 6 email.
I am running Windows XP,and IE6.
I can receive emails, but they do not display in the
message box. It is totally blank. I have checked all
my settings with my husband's laptop (in Tools, then Options) and all are the same. The only way I can read
the email, in text only, is to check the "Read" box in the Options that says "read all messages in plain text".
Then the text can only be read as an attachment.
It apprears as if the HTML function is not there any more.

Also, I cannot compose, reply, or forward emails at all.

I hope this makes sense and you can help me.
Please let me know if you need anything else to diagnose
my problem.

And thank you so much for your response.

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I have desktop and laptop computers.I use the same email address on both of them and they gain access through the same router but if I get an email on one computer I cannot then read it on the other. Is there some way to do this or even to copy it to the other one?

Answer:can I read emails received on my othyer computer?

This may help:click here

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I have really messed up this time. I use Win 2000 with OE6 & NAV. I was trying to see why my Windows Explorer said I had 56 MB of stuff in my Deleted emails folder although it showed no messages when I viewed the folder. I used Notepad to open the Deleted.dbx file & there was indeed a large amount of data there. I tried deleting the data but & ultimately ended up erasing the data and re-saving the file. It didn't seem to do anything to the size of the file.

The problem is that now when I look at my Inbox (which I didn't intentionally touch) I only see emails that have come in since I messed with that Deleted folder. All of my older emails are missing. The good news is that the Inbox.dbx still shows a large amount of data so I hope they can be recovered. My best guess is that I have changed the encoding into something that OE can't read. The readable OE folders show ISO encoding; when I re-saved the Deleted folder it didn't offer ISO so I tried ANSI. I have already tried resaving some test files in the other options offered under Notepad but no luck

Please, please tell me how can I recover my older Inbox items & get back to where I was this morning.

Answer:Can no longer read saved Inbox emails

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Going abroad (very soon)I need to read my OE emails while awayCan anyone point me in the right direction, on how to do this.or is there a way to (tempoarily) divert the OE to a Hotmail account ??Alan

Answer:Read Outlook Express emails- abroad??

You can read your e-mails by logging into your account with your ISP, navigate to the e-mail center and read them there. They can be downloaded later by leaving them marked as unread or deleted when you have finished with them.

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when I try to open emails just get a white envelope was ok before

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I wonder if anyone can help me? A colleague of mine is trying to read emails from Hotmail. When the email appears, after the user clicks on the email from the inbox, an error message appears saying 'Microsoft has encountered a problem and needs to close'. This closes Internet Explorer. I then log onto Hotmail as myself and am able to view emails without any problems whilst logged on as the user's Windows XP login.

The user in question uses I.E. Version 6. I have tried deleting temporary Internet files and also cookies. I have also tried restarting the PC and also restarting the default settings on Internet Explorer which hasn't fixed the problem. Do you think upgrading the browser to version 7 would be the best way to fix this issue as the user has said he can access his Hotmail emails from home without any problems?

I would be grateful for any help.

Answer:User unable to read emails on Hotmail

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I can open my hotmail (msn) account but cannot open the emails listed in my inbox, move to a different section, delete mail or write new messages. It is all totally frozen. I have run my Norton AntiVirus, but it comes up clear. I think someone has hacked into my account and is using it to send out emails under my name because for the last week or so I have had some mail returned that I never sent... for things like Viagra.

Answer:Cannot open, read, delete or move emails in hotmail

Any help out there?

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When using Outlook Express (Note: EXPRESS, not MS Outlook) I often use the 'Find' function to search for old sent or received emails. However I'm not able to open the emails from this feature (message reads: 'Message could not be Displayed - Check your comp for low memory or low disc space'). I have plenty of both - I'm using a near new comp with 80GB hard drive, only 35GB of which is used. I have 2GB of RAM with 1GB or more of head room when running usual applications.

This is a time-wasting hassle, as I need to write down the date and time the email was sent, close the find box, then search for the email chronologically. If that's not the one I was looking for I have to do the same thing all over again.

Would this have anything to do with the size of my Outlook Express folder, which has about 7GB of emails stored.

Answer:Can't Read Emails from Search List on Outlook Express

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MS Outlook 2007 automatically deletes emails once they are read. The only way to save them is to move them to a folder other than the inbox. I felt there was probably a setting for this but I have been unable to find it. My older version of Outlook did not do this and I am at a loss. Thanks!!

Answer:Solved: Outlook 2007 deleting read emails

Welcome to Tech Support Guy Forums!

Are the messages appearing in the Deleted Items folder?

In Outlook 2007, set your view to this:
View > Current View > Messages
Do you see the Read messages now?
Let us know what you find.

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I have Windows Mail, and until just recently if I deleted an email that had been read, I could still go on to find it in the Deleted Items Folder.
Now, for some unknown reason, this has stopped happening. If I HAVE read an email, and go on to delete it to make room for incoming mail, then that message just disappears into thin ice.
On the other hand, if I delete an UNREAD message, it automatically can be found in the Deleted Items Folder.
Can anyone help me; it's so puzzling


See the post by Brink auto delete

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I am using Mozilla Firefox, have also tried using internet explorer and it does not work on that either.

Answer:I can't reply or send any emails in yahoo. I can read email

if you removed some cache your problem will be always happen to me but i solve it by this method .hope it works with you Best Regards

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I must have inadvertently altered the configuration but even though the monitor bar that pops up when you click on the read/send button, indicates there are emails, they do not show in the In box nor any other box. I have the latest version OECan anyone please guide me.

Answer:Unable to read incoming emails in Outlook Express

The easiest way will be to go into OE, tools, accounts, mail and set up a new account using your details from the ISP - then delete the one that is thereclick here click here

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Hi..this is a problem that has only developed today. A quick message said that 1 to 18 messages downloaded, but I was unable to read or see them. A relative was asked to send me an email and this too could not be read. I am using Win XP. Would appreciate any assistance. Thanks..Ray

Answer:Unable to read downloaded emails ..Outlook Express

Hi..problem solved. With several hundred emails in the Inbox did not notice that the downloaded emails were randomly distributed. After wasting much time checked on "View" then "Sort by" and found out that original settings had changed. All OK

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Since I received the spam email from business review, which resulted in 4 virus alerts from AVG, my computer has been running slow. Suddenly today I am only able to read the last three days of my emails, although the inbox folder indicates nearly 800K of saved files.

I am using Windows 98 Second Edition
I have loaded the outlook 6 upgrade from microsoft.

I have copied over the inbox file as a backup, but don't know how to read this.


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Is it possible to set a security feature on an email so that the receiver can not mark the message as unread once the message was opened. I had this happen to me with several emails from another outlook user. We work on the same server.

Once I opened the emails, I was not able to close them and mark as unread. Within an hour the property was removed. I trying to figure out how this happened. Thanks in advance for any insight.


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i have just send some emails and a word document typed using a truetype font that i have just downloaded.if the recipient doesnt have that font on their computor, how will it display?

Answer:can they read word docs &emails if dont have font

click here

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I received an email from a friend last Saturday. I read it on Sunday from my Outlook inbox but did nothing with it. On Monday I went to reply but it had disappeared. I have repeatedly checked deleted items and everywhere else in Outlook and can't find it. Someone else who used my laptop on Sunday denies having done anything with the email. Can it have really disappeared without human intervention?
Thanks in anticipation....

Answer:Can read emails in Outlook 2007 automatically disappear?

Depending on your email provider, and the Outlook settings, you may still be able to access the email on the provider's webmail page. For example, if you read BT emails through Outlook, going to and logging in there will show all emails received. BUT, if Outlook is not setup to leave mail on the server, they may not be there.

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So this just started today (like an hour ago). When I get an email in Gmail it shows in my Inbox. If I open it to read it, and then close it, it still shows in my Inbox, but if I refresh then it disappears. Only unread emails show. If I check All Mail it shows the read emails, and shows the tag "Inbox", so they are still there, but just not visible. If I check them as unread in the All Mail view they show again in Inbox, but again, once read, they disappear. It's happening in both Chrome and Firefox. Anyone else having this issue?

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How do make my new emails bold in vista mail? I have not made any changes I just re-installed vista and new mail account.

The mail has not be read or moused over. IMAP account. I have searched and read every post I could on the forum but it seems that they all come to a dead end with no resolution. I hope there is one. Please help if anyone know how to fix this.

Answer:Vista Windows Mail 6.0 shows new emails as read (un bolded)

Here is how to show various messages in Windows Mail.
Change the way Windows Mail looks

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After many years of successful use of Nokia 620 the problem with error 403 appeared.

Answer:There suddenly is a block in my Nokia 620 phone that prevent me to read the emails

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question After many years of successful use of Nokia 620 the problem with error 403 appeared. Could you kindly share how you are reading the mails? With an app or using a browser? And are you on windows phone 8.1 or windows 10 mobile?

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I don't know what in the world I did. I did open an email link that went to youtube and showed a video of a Christmas flash mob. I also searched for articles comparing hand washing to using hand sanitizer. Then I tried to stop programs on start-up by logging on as administrator (even though my regular account has administrative privileges it wouldn't let Some stop stuff from starting up). In any case, now I have a redirect virus (not necessarily just in google). It redirects unless I can copy the address into the address bar. Pop-ups are coming up - some with an innocent listing of other websites and some that look, well, let's just say bad. I also have an Internet Explorer error message popping up constantly whether internet explorer is open or not. It says "Internet Explorer has encounted a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." But it never closes anything. Finally, I can't read the body of my yahoo emails anymore. I see there are emails. I'm looking at the listing, but I can't see the body either in the preview space below or by double clicking on the email (it opens but there's nothing at all there - not even to and from).

So here's what I've done in an attempt to stop this based on solutions offered on this site and others: "restore" back before I opened the email, searched hand washing, and messed with start-up programs (I've even tried restoring futher back), downloaded... Read more

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For example, the Email or Message tile number disappear when you open and close the app though you may not have even opened and read the message. iOS and Android keep the number of unread messages on the app icon or tile until they are read.

Answer:Why do the start screen Email and SMS tiles number of unread emails count disappear if not read?

Its default behavior.
Why? We can only speculate.
my thinking is that is shows what has happened SINCE you last opened the app.
I'd like the option, but that's just how it is.

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Where I work we have a user who is in a remote office connected via a site to site VPN to our main office but it's over a somewhat slow link (1mbit). Since she's a laptop user we have offline files enabled on her laptop so that all of her stuff gets synced back to our corp network, it generally works well when she's in the main office or on the road and just connects to our VPN to sync. However, it seems that when she's in the remote office and is connected her laptop will end up connecting to our file server back here, which is all well and good except that when she goes to browse her files, etc it takes an extremely long time because it's doing all the reading from our main office. I know there are some GPO things we can do but it takes awhile to put those in place, I've been looking for a way to essentially force that folder to think it's working offline so she can do what she needs to do in a timely manner, but I haven't been able to find a way how yet and was wondering if anyone here knew. I know there's a way in Vista, but she's running XP.

Thanks in advance.

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Any option for an offline installer for office ProPlus that comes with office 365?
I am looking to install it on several locations, but some sites have a poor internet connection and it would require a lot of time to download it from office 365 portal

am looking for an offline or semi-offline installer for ProPlus, I do have internet access and it would be fine if anything had to be verified online, but I dont want to download the whole office online

Answer:Office 365 offline/semi-offline installer

Have a look at this - How to deploy Office 365 ProPlus from an on-premises web portal - Office IT Pro Blog - Site Home - TechNet Blogs

Deploying Office 2013 Professional Plus from Office365 Offline | Jack Stromberg

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I have discovered that if I disconnect my DSL from my computer, IE will work, the sidebar will work, and most of the programs will operate correctly. If I connect it into the back of the computer, almost immediately Windows Vista will report a problem and start looking for a solution. IE will also prompt "stopped working" and the sidebar will quit . Also most programs that require some type of installer wizard will not open, but shutdown.

Does anyone have any ideas or know a solution to the problem.

Help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

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I can setup offline folders on a Windows 2000 Pro client so the files are available when offline.

Is it possible to configure offline folders so that even when the computer is connected to the network the offline folder is still used.

What we want to acheive is for the notebook user to always use a local copy of their data but to also have an up to date copy on the server.

If i need to clarify anything or provide more details then please let me know.



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Hi all

I am wondering if you can help me.

I returned from a day off yesterday, and every email that arrived yesterday was black within my inbox, as if it had been read by me.

Is there any reason for this - I did not sign into my email at all. Could it be my settings?



Answer:Lotus Notes - emails marked as "read"

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I am still having issues getting offline files to work correctly. I have a notebook running Windows 7 Pro 64, that syncs with a desktop also running Win7 Pro 64. After a clean install, due to the many issues I've had dealing with Offline Files before, I just synced 1 folder to see if it would work. And it did. Windows 7 synced the folder and it was made available offline. I could easily make folders available offline by simply right-clicking on a folder and clicking the option "Always available offline".  I was also able to successfully sync my Documents, Desktop and Favorites folders (using folder redirection).
Oddly, when I tried to make a new folder available offline a few weeks later, the option is gone for any other folders (new or previously existing). And when I right-click on a folder (or file) and choose Properties, the Offline Files tab no longer shows as well.
I have a fairly simple home network setup. My notebook computer syncs with a desktop PC also running Windows 7 Professional 64 (I call this the "Server" PC). Nothing has changed network-wise or configuration wise on either PC. I haven't messed with any network settings or played around with offline files settings since the last successful sync. No new networking hardware has been added either.
Screenshots below...
screenshot 1: See the three folders below with the green sync icon over them? But notice how the "Always available offline" option is missing from th... Read more

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I have a new printer for my Vista, the Dell v725w. However, it will not print. My problem is with the Vista as the printer can scan and make copies. I just for whatever reason cannot print. Whenever I click "Use Printer Offline" to turn the on the printer online, instead it states "Printer status Offline-Offline". It says "offline" twice! When I click again, it goes back to "Use Printer Offline". I cannot turn the printer back online as "Use Printer Online" won't show back up! I also get a message saying that it is a communication error.

On a side note, does the "WI-fi" and "Ethernet" icons on the v725w need to light up to indicate that the printer is communication with the Vista desktop? If so, that could be my problem and I don't know how to turn on Wi-Fi/Ethernet" to fix the communication.

I hope someone can help. Thanks.

video of Dell v725w
Dell Inkjet V725w & V525w printers - YouTube

Answer:Dell Printer v725w status "offline-offline"

(please delete .. some weird glitch where the text did not show and I could not edit to fix it)

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