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IE 5.5 and Outook 2000 - Mail Client Problem

Question: IE 5.5 and Outook 2000 - Mail Client Problem

I just upgraded to IE 5.5. i am now unable to send Email out of IE. Message "Could not perform this operation because the default mail client is not properly installed"

Outlook works fine. Default mail program is set to Microsoft Outlook.

Any suggestions?

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Preferred Solution: IE 5.5 and Outook 2000 - Mail Client Problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: IE 5.5 and Outook 2000 - Mail Client Problem

Try this; no promises:

With outlook closed. Hit Start-Run and type:

outlook.exe /regserver

Brainbench MVP for Microsoft Word

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I have 3 different public folders setup in Exchange 2000. Each one is a calendar for a conference room schedule. In Outlook 2000 I click on my calendar and I want to setup a meeting in one of these conference rooms. When I choose the conference room to "invite" them I cannot see the schedule it shows no information. How can I get this to show the information stored in the public folder calendar? Thanks

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Hi. Out-of-the blue, I can't delete messages in my Microsoft Outlook 2000 inbox. If I click on delete, I get "The messaging interface has returned an unknown error. If the problem persists retsart Outlook". I am running Windows XP and have tried a System Restore and have also repaired Office 2000 using the original Office CD-ROMS without success. I'm starting to think it may be virus-related. Any ideas or feedback would be appreciated.

Answer:Cannot delete messages in Outook 2000

Can you look in the event log and see if it is generating an error code?

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i have a computer with windows 7 X64 pro in a domain
office 2016.
when the user search in the windows search and finds file from outlook (PDF,picture, etc)
it dosent open and gives him the error "Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request"

any help?
i tried to repair Office 2016 that didnt help
searching google gave me the option to install 32 bit Office
but i want the user to work with 64 bit.


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Hello, I was hoping someone could help me with an Outlook 2007 issue a user has been having. Last week, our exchange server was flooded by a lot of e-mails, causing our users messages they tried to send out to fail and given a Outlook delivery delayed message for each. The issue was solved but I have one user who still has a delivery delayed mail in this inbox and upon trying to open it, Outlook crashes and if you try to deleted it, you get the message:

"One or more items in the folder you synchronized do not match. To resolve the conflicts, open the items, and they try this operation again."

I was thinking this notification was in sync with the e-mail that was delayed, so I did a search and couldn't not find anything related to it. Any ideas on who to get rid of this troublesome message?

Answer:Outook 2007: Cannot delete e-mail / Crashes when you try to open


Take a look at this: OL2000: (CW) Troubleshooting Synchronization Problems

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At our company we use Lotus Notes for email. There is currently one user who is trying to use the option within MS Office to send the document to someone via email, but when she clicks the option to mail as PDF, she gets the error message "Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request. Please run Microsoft Outlook and set it as the default mail client."

Things we have tried (in no particular order):
- uninstall & reinstall Lotus Notes 8.5.3
- modify the installation of MS Office 2007 Pro
- removed Outlook
- reinstalled Outlook
- using "Default Programs" set Lotus as the default mail client

None of these changed what happens. At this time, the user is saving the file as PDF to the desktop, then attaching it to an email.

System settings: Windows 7 Pro w/ SP1 (64 bit), MS Office 2007 Pro w/ SP3, Lotus Notes 8.5.3

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

Answer:Solved: Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulf

Can any of the others in this office do this on their machine?

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I have a dell inspiron 1705 about a year old. The computer came with xp and vista software. The xp was loaded, the vista came by mail a few months later. I loaded the vista as per instructions ( I think ?). Everything seems to work fine except my mail service ( which works fine on my wifes computer). Here are some of the recognized problems- direct mail opens fine-forwards do not ( I have tried to change the program being used by mail and am only allowed to use wordpad. When interfacing with windows live messenger which I belief is used to write to other mail systems- the computer wants a complete set up of information and then does not work. My xp program worked fine, my mail works fine on other computer-- the problem started with the vista upgrade. What do you think I should do?

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XP Home - Outlook 2000.Until yesterday, when sending several pictures by e-mail, I have always opened My Pictures folder and selected the pictures I wish to send. I then clicked on 'e-mail selected items' and a new message window appeared with the attachments in place.I tried yesterday and was greeted with the message 'Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request. Please run Microsoft Outlook and set it as your default mail client'.As I needed to send the pictures urgently I decided to use Outlook Express 6 where a message pooped up 'Outlook Express 6 is not currently your default mail client. Would you like to make it your default mail client'? I clicked yes. I then went back to my pictures and tried again only to get 'Either there is no default mail client.........etc'So back to using Outlook 2000 where in the past when I have changed from Outlook Express 6 to Outlook 2000, I got the message 'Outlook is not your default mail client.......etc', but the message no longer appears.I've checked for viruses, Avast! and Avast Cleaner, and spyware, Spybot S&D + AdAware 6, but everything shows as clear.I haven't changed any settings so can't understand why things have gone wrong.Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have to get the pictures off today or I will get an earbashing.Thanks.

Answer:Default Mail Client Problem

Hello Cook2click here should help you.

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" could not perform this operation because the default mail client is not properly installed " is the message i get when try to email through websites . now i am a complete knuckle head when it comes to pc 's so any help appreciated in easy stp by step language pls .. outlook is not the default by the way we use msn explorer on windows xp we have had trouble with outlook from day one user name and password rejected by freeserve BB thanks in advance

Answer:default mail client not properly installed problem

to see if it helps in any here

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have these 2 problems need help please with both

Answer:how to fix svchost missing problem also mail client not installed

Please provide more details on both your problems. Be specific when posting those details. If you get any error messages, make sure to include them.
We cannot help you unless we do have details.

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I was messing with an Android emulator for win pc. When I del the emulator it took out files for Dreammail client and the wifi. I had to wipe the [C] drive partition and reinstall everything. I did save the Dreammails data files to my [D] hard drive. But since I couldn't do a backup from inside Dreammail because Dreammail wouldn't open. I manually copied the data files them self's to my [D] hard drive. I reinstalled Dreammail. Dreammail can't read the files copied that way. Is there a way to manually copy the emails and contact list to a regular txt file. 1 of the raw data files is 29113751985.dmd.


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Hello there,

I seem to be having problems downloading my emails. Please could you tell me if it is a virus causing the problem. My hijack this log is below.



Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 11:18:31, on 28/10/2005
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7DEBUG\MDM.EXE
C:\Program Files\D-Tools\daemon.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\Google Desktop Search\GoogleDesktop.exe
C:\Program Files\SpywareGuard\sgmain.exe
C:\Program Files\SpywareGuard\sgbhp.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\Google Desktop Search\GoogleDesktopIndex.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\Google Desktop Search\GoogleDesktopCrawl.exe
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe

R1 - HKCU\Software\Mic... Read more

Answer:Problem with my mail client Thunderbird, unable to download emails

Hi and welcome to TSF.

I am currently reviewing your log. Please note that this is under the supervision of an expert analyst, and I will be back to address your problem A.S.A.P.

Please Subscribe to this thread, (Thread Tools->Subscribe to this Thread) so that you are notified when a reply has been made.

Please be patient with me during this time.



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I've been having problems with Outlook Express crashing and/or having problems that keep giving me an error message about the log file being too big or something. I keep my sent file folder and deleted file folder relatively empty. My inbox has less than 20 items in it, none of them huge. Can anyone tell me how and where I can fix this? If there is no fix, if I download a new copy of Outlook Express over the old one, will my address book reamin in tact? Thanks for your help.


Answer:Outook Express - log file problem

Try some maintenance first and see if this helps to clear it up.
Close all programs except Outlook Express, including any antivirus programs you may have running.

First in OE, Tools>Options>Maintenance, uncheck the option for: Compact messages in the background and leave it unchecked from now on.

File>Folder>Compact all Folders. Leave the computer alone until it has completed compacting.

Let us know if this resolves the problem or not.

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when generating an e-mail i cannot get my contacts to appear when clicking on "to" while addressing an e-mail. all contacts are present in the "contacts tab" list. i am running xp.

Answer:outook 2003 addressing problem

what do you get displayed
i click on to: and get the default offline address book and then have to change the righthand dropdown to contacts

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"No transport provider was available for delivery to this recipient."

When trying to send pop mail from Outlook 2000, I almost always get the error above. I have Outlook 2000 setup for internet mail, and also establish internet connection manually (under TOOLS>SERVICES). Note, I do have my internet connection open when I try to send a message!

What I do to get around this problem is open OE5.1 and send an email to my email address using the same pop server, but as a different user (i.e. it uses the same outgoing mail server

Once I have done this, I can usually send messages with no problems from Outlook 2000. Note, I have no problems receiving mail in O2K, only sending.

I am unable to understand why this is the case. Why would OE5.1 have no problems using as it's outgoing mail server but O2K seemingly unable to detect that there is even an outgoing mail server chosen?

My system is P166 64MB ram, win98 (first edition), Office 2000, IE5.1.

Any help with this strange problem would be greatly appreciated......
[This message has been edited by Adster (edited 04-01-2000).]

Answer:Outlook 2000: problem with pop mail

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I am having a very strange problem, I installed a new computer connected in a 2003 server network, running Exchange 2003. The pc is running Office 2000 Premium. When the person who uses this computer gets a new email. it isnt sent to the outlook clients for a long period of time. However if you look at the mailbox using the web client. You can see that the message is in the mailbox. As an added twist when this person clicks on the file menu, and selects another mailbox that they have rights to, any existing mail in their mailbox is delivered to the outlook client

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Anybody know of any e-mail stionery choices compatible with Mozilla Firefox browser and Thunderbird e-mail client program?

Thanks as always for community knowledge.

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Hi. I was just messing around on my computer and I accidentally made Yahoo Mail my default mail client. I didn't meant to do this. I was just messing around and wasn't watching what I was doing and accidently did that. However, I don't want it to be my default mail client. How do I undo that?

Answer:(Solved) Undoing making Yahoo Mail default mail client...

To change it to OE, start it, go to Tools/Options/General and at the bottom click on Make this My Default Email Handler.


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I want to set Windows Live Mail as a default mail client. I know this can be done manually. But how can I do this in automated way, or is there any registry setting by which i can do that.


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I have several mail accounts.
I have now created 2 HTML mail signatures incl. a logo and attached them to 2 different mail accounts.
Problem 1: If I create a new email, then no matter what mail accounts is set, it will always put in the default mail signature.

So, I looked in forums and removed the auto insert signature in all emails, as someone suggested.

Problem 2: If I create a new email I have to insert it manually myself. (When I do it here, the insert menu has the choice of 2 signatures)

Problem 3: If I insert the one with the image, the image is not shown, only the object frame. And there is no image in the final email in the receivers inbox. (When I do it here, the insert menu has the choice of 2 signatures)

ONLY, if I REPLY on an already received email and then click insert mail signature.. THEN the mail signature comes correct with the image. (Here the insert menu only has 1 signature, the one attached to the mail account).

Has anyone found the reason and solution for this? MICROSOFT!!
PS: its on Windows 7.

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Help how do i change this back as i inadvertently clicked the box that popped up and forgot to uncheck make default open with for all email links, now when i click on a link it opens mail on win ten, how to change that help appreciated please.

Answer:Help i made mail client default open with when click on mail link

Anyone now how to change this so it always ask me what i want to do when i click on said mail links???

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Hi, I am trying to get Lotus Notes 9 social edition to connect to my Verizon ISP mail servers ( and
The replication tab gives an error message: "SSL IO error Remote session no longer responding.Failed with pop server".
I did a trace using preferences->Notes ports and it tells me there is no path to the server. I configured my Windows firewall to allow
notes to access the internet. I still can't "see" the mail servers (a Windows command line "ping" times out for either server). I have the correct server names and ports in the "accounts" entries in Lotus Notes (checked several
times). These servers require SSL access. Is there something in the networking part of Windows that I need to set up? An SSL certificate of some kind? Do I need to set up and use a VPN?  What am I missing? Thanks in advance for any help. 

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Okay, so a few years back, I "upgraded" to Windows Live Mail because support for Outlook Express was gone by the wayside. This was using Windows XP, and I still have the original hard drive & access to all of its files.

In making the transition at the time, I backed up my active Outlook Express files to import into WLM should something go wrong with the native importing (or, should the process erase the original files or some other ridiculousness).

What I didn't do was make copies of my old, archived email.

When the application turned out to be a huge mistake, I learned that the files from Outlook Express had been taken over by WLM and were no longer accessible from OE. I attempted to transition the archived E-mail from WLM to another client. No luck.

Also, attempting to find out from someone where the files from Windows Live Mail resided (or what format they were in) at the time resulted in absolutely no luck, either.

It's years later, and I still find use a couple times a month for the information I'd had archived there.

Is there anyone here who can help me? Or is this an absolutely lost cause?

Sincerely frustrated,


Answer:Windows Live Mail E-mail Client - Are the Files Lost?

So you've now lost access to all files, as you don't know where WLM stores them?

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how to receive all sent email in one account to particular account in outlook express

Answer:all send mail in client system to receive in perticular mail

You should be able to accomplish that by setting up a new Message Rule in Outlook Express:

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We have just started to have trouble with outbound e-mail. It hangs up in the Outbox for an indefinite amount of time (up to 10 minutes). We are occasionally getting error messages that say "TCP/IP connection was unexpectedly terminated by the server. 421 service not available. (Ox800cccOf). This problem began very shortly after Time Warner upgraded our service today from Internet and Cable TV to also include VoiP service on two phone lines. I've talked with Time Warner techs and we re-set the e-mail address and the refreshed the modem. They are now suggesting it's an Outlook problem and not related to what they did.

Can you help?


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I have Outlook 2000 installed on my laptop. This was installed by my company and I used this successfully in my office to send and receive mail.
Recently my company went chapter 11, they told us to keep the laptops, but they are probably configured for the company server LAN etc. Anyway,
I have dial-up service for email at home through netzero. I was able to add netzero and send and receive email via outlook through the dial-up service. The problem is when I travel and use hotel high speed internet connections outgoing mail does not send. I can receive, but not send.
Also, we have cable internet service in my home. I purchased a linksys router and card for faster service etc on my laptop. Again, I can receive mail through outlook, but all mail I wish to send gets stuck in the outbox?
How do I resolve this problem?

Answer:Outlook 2000 Outgoing Mail Problem


The first problem is because you cant send mail through your ISPs mail server when using a different ISP, try using their webmail service instead.

Dont know about the second problem though

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I set up a mail merge document in Word 2000 and then merge the results to a new document, then save the new document. I can open this new document fine. But, if I move the document to a different computer it won't open and crashes Word. Don't know why it does this as it shouldn't still be linked to the source mail merge database. It's just a completed mail-merged document.

Any ideas on this one? The only way it works is if the two computers are networked together, then it opens fine on the second computer, which suggests that it's looking for something on the orginal computer which it needs before opening the document on the second computer.

This has me baffled. Weird and frustrating.

If anyone would like a sample document I could attach one.


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click here YahooPops can be used to collect Yahoo mail in your usual email program; it is free and very efficient. I hae used it for a year or so and while it is now only on version 0.5, it is stable and reliable.Worth a look if you use Yahoo mail.

Answer:Collecting Yahoo Mail in your regular mail client.

I get mail from my private yahoo account via OE configured in the usual way so why would I need extra software? Is there something I should know?

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I don't get it. I just want to see Yahoo!Mail as a pull-down menu choice when I go IE8 -> Tools -> Internet Options -> Programs -> E-mail. I want to bring up Yahoo!Mail when I click on an email link in IE8. Instead I get the error message "Could not perform this operation because mail client is not properly installed"

If I go Start -> Programs -> Windows Explorer -> Tools -> Folder Options... -> File Types, I don't see URL: Email Protocol.

Is this because Yahoo!Mail is web-based email and it can't be done? If that's so, why can I do it with Hotmail when that's also web-based?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.20GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 3 Stepping 4
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 511 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 , 1 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 78520 MB, Free - 45410 MB;
Motherboard:, IS7-V2 (Intel i848P-ICH5), 1.0 ,
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

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My default mail client is "Outlook Express"
REGEDIT - "%ProgramFiles%\Outlook Express\msimn.exe" /mailurl:%1

I have noticed that if I click on a "hyperlink" that directs me to "reply" to email I receive error "Could not perform this operation" because the default mail client is not properly installed"

I can use the "Reply" button without any probs?? just when i use the "hyperlink" ??
Can someone help/advise..thanks..

Answer:mail error (default mail client)

sussed it!!!

"C:\Program Files\Outlook Express\msimn.exe"/mailurl:%1

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Hi to all! I am new here. We just got a new desktop computer with OS window 7. I was able to set yahoo as my homepage and able to access to my email and installed yahoo messenger. My problem is everytime I click "read mail" it says that it cannot perform operation because the default mail client is not properly installed. So I went to my control panel - internet options - programs to change my default email but there is no way I can choose yahoo mail as default email. I tried it many times and still trying to figure how to set my yahoo mail.

Also, every time I click the hyperlink email it says that "There is no program associated to perform the requested action. Please install an email program or if one is already installed, create an association in the default programs control panel". So I tried to make changes of my default programs but no yahoo mail.

Is there anybody here with similar case with me? Hope you can help.
Thanks everyone!

Looking for your help.l

Answer:How to set yahoo mail as my default mail client?

Me too. I'm having the same trouble in hyperlink email; tried a lot of things. Two of us need help! VK

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Hi,I have Y!Mail set as my default mail client and when I click on it, it opens in IE however my default browser is FireFox. Does anyone have any idea how to change Y!Mail to open in Firefox instead?

Answer:Yahoo Mail - default mail client

any clues?

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When you send an e-mail or receive one from outlook, by default it looks for the person in your contacts and puts the display name up instead.

But when reading the e-mail it displays

John Doe [mailto:[email protected]]
To: Jane Doe

How do you get rid of the mailto:etc,etc ??? I would prefer a hyperlink instead of the mailto because then it reveals the person's e-mail address.

I know you could just hover over it or click on the hyperlink to find out the e-mail, but I'm just asking for the purpose of printing. I don't want my e-mail address shown in a long stream of E-mail send's and replies between a friend when I print it.

If there is a setting in Outlook to turn this off, please let me know, I fooled around with everything and I cant get it to work.

- Drew

Answer:PROBLEM: Microsoft Outlook 2000/2002/2003 E-Mail Display

Under "tools/options/prefrences/e-mail options/advanced e-mail options " You can select "automatic name checking" which I think will convert the mailto to a name if it is in the global address or contacts list. I don't know what that does to people you send to I would think it depends on their setting...

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Hey all, hope you can help.
I have just reinstalled small business server 2000 on a server, and all was running fine. Exchange has suddenly stopped routing mail to the internal clients. The POP3 connector appears to be pulling mail in fine (I have tested it, and the hosted POP3 account is being dequeued when Exchange synchronises), but it's not getting pulled into Outlook by any of the 6 clients PC's on the Network, so remaining on the server quque. It is not being routed to the PRIV1 file in Exchsvr.
I have logging set to maximum, and I can't locate the problem. Maybe Backoffice issue? Appreciate the help anyway.

Answer:Small Business Server 2000 - Exchange mail routing problem

Are you using the built in pop3 connector or is this a third party application? Does your pop3 host offer you a web based utility to check emails? Is exchange leaving them on the server there or is it deleting them out? Are you seeing where in the server they are actually stuck in a que? Have you ensured all exchange services you need are started? Have you also checked basic network/internet connectivity of this server?

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Just a reminder for those using Win2000 and XP.

With the advent of Windows 7, the market shares of both Windows XP and Windows Vista have started bleeding, with users transitioning to the latest iteration of the Windows client. Still, although Windows 7 grabbed over 5% of the OS market, according to Net Applications, Windows XP is still the most used platform worldwide with a share of over 69%, with Vista at 18.55%. With the end near for the XP release that made Vista?s successor the ubiquitous OS worldwide, Microsoft is urging customers to upgrade to Windows 7. Microsoft plans to kill Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) on July 13, 2010. The Redmond company even has resources available to help customers make the jump from XP to Windows 7.

?With Windows 2000 Server and Client and Windows XP SP2 support ending July 13, 2010 are you aware of all the resources available to help you move to a new client and server operating system?? asked Stephen L. Rose, senior community manager, Windows IT Pro Client. ?We have created a End-of-Support Solution Center to help with the planning of your migration strategy from Windows 2000 or Windows XP to Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008 R2.?

Windows 7 is, of course, the best choice for an upgrade, especially if the migration also implies a hardware upgrade, as is generally the case for corporate customers. Users that are intent on ridding XP for all it?s got can continue doing ... Read more

Answer:Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000 Client and Windows XP SP2 Support Ends July 2010

Good info.

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Hello,after preinstalation Vista-->XP, I have this problem: ones logg in when I turn on the laptop, the Client Security Solution asked me for the Windows password, than at next coming window the sistem asked me for password for Trusted Client Platform. Ones I type the password there is coming "try again or cancel". The sistem gived advice to clear the pasword from TCP /Trusted Client Platform/. How to do it?  

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Using Access 2000, I have a number field, formatted number....
doing a mail merge in word, causes the field which is called Dues to loose it's formatting... Word says to apply a Numeric Picture Switch...{ Dues \# $#,##0.00 } but try as I might I cannot get it to work....

So I have the Syntax wrong on something? I am in a time crunch and have to have this letter out asap am tomorrow....

What is wrong???? I did a letter like this in January and it worked fine.....Help!

Answer:Access 2000/Word 2000 Mail Merge

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I am currently creating some labels using the mail merge routine in Word. My original data is in Excel and when I try to create the merge it is taking a very long time whilst using the DDE link, and then just as long to creat the merge.In the past it has been a reasonably quick process.I have already uninstalled and reinstalled Office with no better results.Anybody come accross this problem before?

Answer:Mail merge Excel 2000 to Word 2000

P.S. Operating system is XP Pro

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Hi every one, I have a presentation in ( E-mail client and E-mail server ) , but actually i don't know the basic points that i need to present , I searched in many websites , but i didn't find any thing except the definitions for both of them and some examples. !! I need more outlines to talk about, can u help me plz !!

Answer:E-mail client and E-mail server

How are they different?The purpose of each?How do they work?This isn't rocket science.

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I am evaluating a new web hosting firm. They seem good, but they have SQL 2000 servers. I run SQL 7 on my current machine. I can connect to the new database server fine with ASP through an ODBC DSN, but I cannot figure out how to connect via Enterprise Manager, Query Analyzer, or even Access 2000.

It is going to be a real hassle uploading data without EM or one of the other tools. Microsoft says that connecting via SQL 7 clients should be possible, but I do not understand this information:

[When using the SQL Server client connectivity components from SQL Server 7.0 or earlier, you must set up an alias using the Client Network Utility before you connect to a named instance of SQL Server 2000. For example, on a SQL Server 7.0 client, to connect to a named instance of SQL Server 2000, you must add an alias that points to \\computername\pipe\MSSQL$instancename\sql\query. If you use an alias name of computername\instancename, clients can connect by specifying this name in the same way as SQL Server 2000 clients do. For the TCP/IP Sockets and NWLink IPX/SPX Net-Libraries, you must use the Client Network Utility to define an alias on the client that specifies the port address on which the named instance is listening.]

Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks

Answer:Connect to SQL 2000 with SQL 7 client?

Yes, you can either Add a system DSN for your server, or go into start>programs>mssql7>client network utiliity and create an alias for that server. If you use named pipes, you need to configure one that shows what pipe that server is and the server name. If you are on TCP/IP you just need to add that server name, the IP and port number (usually 1433). If you go to the client network utility, it should be fairly self explanatory. After you add this there, you should be able to connect with enterprise manager.
Hope this helps

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I've got a windows 2000 machine with a color laserjet attached to it via a parallel port. The 2000 machine is part of a windows domain, and is shared out properly.

I've got other windows 2000 clients that can connect to the printer no problem.

I'm having difficulty with win xp machines installing this printer.

I get the following error message... "windows cannot connect to the printer. either the printer name was typed incorrectly, or the specified printer has lost its connection to the server."

I restarted both machines, and they both seem to have a valid internet connection. I ping both machines both ways, so they can physically communication with eachother.

I thought it might be that I had simple sharing enabled on the xp machine but that didn't seem to fix it.

Again this works fine with other windows 2000 machines. As far as networking goes, they are on the same switch.


Answer:2000 printer with xp client

I have been running the same difficulty with my HP 2200 Laser Printer. I've narrowed it down to driver difficulties. You can try loading additional drivers in the printer properties section. Try adding XP/ 2000 drivers, but make sure you have them from the manufacturers website and placed on your hard drive. Sorry I can't be more specific, until I find the solution.

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on win 2000 lan connected to isdn server 2 out of seven machines show new mail in the systray, but there are none in the in box.
any help please
regards Alan

Answer:Outlook 2000: Mail Notification in System Tray but No Mail in Inbox

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As described two threads below, yesterday I installed WIN10 "november major upgrade". Since then, I am unable to
send mail from *** any mail client *** on the box. Tried Outlook, Tried LIVE mail, Tried couple of programs
that have "send-mail" feature. Every time i used the same settings for outgoing e-mail server.
These setings work as verified by sending mail when using the same settins from different PC (win XP) on the same LAN.
In Outlook and LIVE mail the error reads as "Error 452.4.1.0 Policy violation . Your host has no valid reverse DNS. Pleas contact .... blabla". In the apps that have "send mail" feature the error was native "Connection closed gracefully".
I tried to disable Win10 firewall - no avail. I tried to disable my antivirus - no avail. I really need this to be solved :-(

Answer:After "November major upgrade" I cannot send mail from any mail client

Well, it seems that I am moving forward... I identified the cause. My PC has two Ethernet cards, each connected to different subnet (first and the second 192.168.192.xxxx). The second subnet is used for my company and internet communication while, the first one is just for reaching the neigbooring company local net. I have fixed IP address on both subnets. In order to avoid internet connection on first subnet, I have set metric 999 on IPV 4 protocol on the corresponding card and neighbooring company forbid my fixed IP address (on the first subnet) in the router. Now the upgrade has, *** god only knows why ***, completely screwed the settings on the first subnet card and has enabled the DHCP feature on the first subnet. So - when I launched the mail client, it used the wrong subnet, thus wrong WAN (that is operated by different ISP), thus it was rejected by the smtp mail server. Question to Microsoft: WHY DID THE UPGRADE CHANGED THE CARD SETTINGS? I disabled the first ethernet card and mail client works. I shall restore the original settings, get rid of doubled listing of the first card in the "active subnets list" (probably caused by me giving the subnet non-default name, and the upgrade assigned the default name to some other piece of data so the same subnet is now listed twice), and all will be as it was before upgrade. I spent 6 hours on this and Microsoft ows me 100 biers.

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As described two threads below, yesterday I installed WIN10 "november major upgrade". Since then, I am unable to
send mail from *** any mail client *** on the box. Tried Outlook, Tried LIVE mail, Tried couple of programs
that have "send-mail" feature. Every time i used the same settings for outgoing e-mail server.
These setings work as verified by sending mail when using the same settins from different PC (win XP) on the same LAN.
In Outlook and LIVE mail the error reads as "Error 452.4.1.0 Policy violation . Your host has no valid reverse DNS. Pleas contact .... blabla". In the apps that have "send mail" feature the error was native "Connection closed gracefully".
I tried to disable Win10 firewall - no avail. I tried to disable my antivirus - no avail. I really need this to be solved :-(

Answer:After "November major upgrade" I cannot send mail from any mail client

Well, it seems that I am moving forward... I identified the cause. My PC has two Ethernet cards, each connected to different subnet (first and the second 192.168.192.xxxx). The second subnet is used for my company and internet communication while, the first one is just for reaching the neigbooring company local net. I have fixed IP address on both subnets. In order to avoid internet connection on first subnet, I have set metric 999 on IPV 4 protocol on the corresponding card and neighbooring company forbid my fixed IP address (on the first subnet) in the router. Now the upgrade has, *** god only knows why ***, completely screwed the settings on the first subnet card and has enabled the DHCP feature on the first subnet. So - when I launched the mail client, it used the wrong subnet, thus wrong WAN (that is operated by different ISP), thus it was rejected by the smtp mail server. Question to Microsoft: WHY DID THE UPGRADE CHANGED THE CARD SETTINGS? I disabled the first ethernet card and mail client works. I shall restore the original settings, get rid of doubled listing of the first card in the "active subnets list" (probably caused by me giving the subnet non-default name, and the upgrade assigned the default name to some other piece of data so the same subnet is now listed twice), and all will be as it was before upgrade. I spent 6 hours on this and Microsoft ows me 100 biers.

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I made an ICS to share my ADSL connection. The host computer is win XP Pro, and the client is a laptop with windows 2000.

I did everything as written in the manuals and all the checks seems t o be working:

pinging from the host to the client and from client to host works.
DNS seems t work (pinging a url gives the same IP on both machines)

but, trying to get a web page in internet explorer or connecting with messenger doesn't work.

also configuring the internet option is done as well.

Can someone help with this ?

Answer:problems using ICS with windows 2000 as client

Define "doesn't work".

How about opening a DOS window and type:


Open C:\RESULT.TXT with Notepad and copy/paste the entire results here.

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I have create a profile on a nt4 server but when the user the profile doen't work

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After MANY attempts to network my Mac and Win2000, i heard i can download Client and it should work. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on this?

I can ping the Mac, but I still can't "see" it.


Answer:Novell Client 4.9 and 2000/Mac networking

Are you trying to setup file and print sharing between the two. What Mac OS are you running. It is rather easy with OS X.

If both are connected to a Netware Network, why cant you setup a shared folder on the Netware Server?

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Hi all,
I have an office with windows xp pro in a workgroup and another office with a win2k domain.
I established a VPN connectino to the domain, but when I go to map drives, I keep getting prompted for my password??

No firewalls
Shows I'm connecting to the domian, but ea time I put in my password, it just pops up agian.

I've used the "login as different user" as well, no luck

Any ideas???

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Over the last year a co-worker and I have been developing a complex Job-Costing system in a Microsoft Access Database (4.0). It is a 50 Meg file that is on our Server. The problem is that only one person can Access the Database at a time. This is going to be hell when we accually release this to the other 15 people is the office. I have experimented with an access 2000 Project (MSDE Client/Server) but I dont think it is the option for our office. I was wondering what was needed to make our database multi-user. It says it can handle up to 255 multiple users, and 1 user is far from that limit.
Please give me all the information you can. Thanks.

Answer:Access 2000 -> Client/Server with Jet 4.0

Tools-Options, Advanced (I think) tab. Default login should be SHARED, not EXCLUSIVE.

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Hi guys,
Got a client with a number of point of sale terminals which are running Windows 2000...unfortunately.
Symantec.Cloud on another computer on the network is blocking attacks from all the POS units. This is the vulnerability:
OS Attack: MSRPC Server Service RPC CVE-2008-4250
I've patched the vulnerability with KB958644.
I've ran an old version of malwarebytes on one of the computers and it's removed a couple of trojans, however attacks are still being reported as coming from this computer.
So the question is, how do I go about removing a virus from an OS which just so old?
Any help appreciated - first time poster.

Answer:Got a client running Win 2000 with viruses...

Hello and Welcome on board ,my Name is Machiavelli and I will assist you with your problem.If you booted into safe mode on your computer then print my instructions!I'm in the 'Malware Staff Team' and will provide you with advice:To remove Malware on a computer can be very complicated. Malware (malicious software) is able to hide and so I may not be able to find it so easily. In order to remove Malware from you Computer, you need to follow my instructions carefully. Don't be worried if you don't know what to do. just ask me! Please stay in contact with me until the problem is fixed.Below are a few tips:Removing Malware is usually very difficult.We need to search and analyse a lot of files. As this is done in our free time, please be patient especially if I don't answer every day!Please follow these instructionsIf you don't follow the instructions your computer may crash. If you fix your PC by yourself, this can be very risky!Please stay in contact with me until your problem is resolvedAs Malware may not be totally removed in one session or in one day, please stay in contact with me until the problem is resolved.Please don't run any other tools without consulting with me as this can complicate finding and removing all MalwareDon't run any tools while I'm fixing your PC. That is counter productive and again, will only complicate finding and removing all Malware!Read my post completelyIf you don't do so, you may make mistakes that could result in your System crashing by your own ... Read more

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Hi All,

I am trying to do an e-mail merge from a database that is saved on my hard drive.

According to the help files in WORD 2000, I should be able to do this, similar to sending form letters, only e-mail instead.

I can get everything set up and working, right up to the Merge dialog box, but all I have to select for Merge To, is 'New Document,' or 'Printer.' According to the WORD 2000 help files, there should be an option called 'Electronic Mail.' There is not, and I don't know why. I am apparently missing something, but I can't figure it out.

Any help or ideas will be appreciated. Any thoughts as to what else I may run into--difficulty wise--would be appreciated also.

Thank you.


Answer:WORD 2000, e-mail merge, missing 'Electronic Mail'

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Hi Guys and Gals,

I am now working on a contact management database, and want to autofill a seldom used field in the address details. Ireland is composed of 32 counties which are used in the address, but these 32 counties are grouped under 4 Provinces, which nobody uses in addresses. I want to group my contacts by Province, as well as County, to make travelling to them more streamlined. What I do not want to do, is constantly lookup which county is in which Province, and then Type it into the input box. I was thinking that a DLookUp with IF Then statemnts, but have not been succesful.

Here's what I have so far:

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Private Sub Region_BeforeUpdate(Cancel As Integer)
DLookup "[StateOrProvince]"
If [StateOrProvince] = ("Antrim""Armagh""Cavan""Derry""Donegal""Down""Fermanagh""Monaghan""Tyrone""Londonderry") Then [Region] = "Ulster"
If [StateOrProvince] = ("Tipperary""Waterford""Kerry""Cork""Clare""Limerick") Then [Region] = "Munster"
If [StateOrProvince] = ("Kildare""Wexford""Dublin""Wicklow""Kilkenny""Offaly""Meath""West Meath""Louth""Laois""Longford""Carlow") Th... Read more

Answer:Solved: Client details in Access 2000

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i have a windows 2000 advance server with direcway usb satellite installed, i share it for my clients. but they can't reach any secure site like hotmail or any other that kind. I don't have any proxies or firewall installed, just the advance server and the inernet satellite.

need some help on how to allow them to rech secure sites. thank you

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WinXP SP2 ICF blocked ICS DNS/client windows 2000 pro SP4
Hello I got problem with ICS. Here is my spec:
ICS server is Windows XP with SP2 with ICF ON.
ICS Client is Windows 2000 Pro SP4
It worked for several months but suddenly it stopped, mainly problem is in DNS because ICF is blocking something.
I cant browse from client machine any more in http because it start and find destination but cant return DNS data to client machine, when I turn off ICF, DNS is working again and I can surf on client machine.
With ICF on I can use ftp and other services.
I tried static configuration and I tried automatic DHCP configuration for ICS and its same.

I am receiving one error in event on Windows XP SP2:
Event Type: Error
Event Source: ipnathlp
Event Category: None
Event ID: 31008
Date: 12.18.04
Time: 12:08:48 AM
User: N/A
Computer: LONDON11-A56F4D
The DNS proxy agent was unable to read the local list of name-resolution servers from the registry. The data is the error code.

I tried with repair on network connection I tried to flush DNS on Windows 2000 and I tried to test netdiag under ICS Server connected to shared ppp here is results:

C:\Program Files\Support Tools>netdiag /test:winsock /v

Gathering IPX configuration information.
Querying status of the Netcard drivers... Passed
Testing Domain membership... Passed
Gathering NetBT configuration information.
Gathering Winsock informa... Read more

Answer:WinXP SP2 ICF blocked ICS DNS/client windows 2000 pro SP4

I think your problem will be within the windows xp box.
Try turning off the Firewall in the control panel.
See if you can surf then from the 2000 box.
if you can you need to open the http port on the windows firewall on the xp box.

You might want to check out this link

hope this helps

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This Exchange Online Book describes how Exchange 2000 consumes bandwidth under different configurations. It also contains an analysis of traffic between Exchange 2000 and multiple versions of Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, and Netscape Communicator messaging clients. You can use the statistics and information in this Online Book to better understand network bandwidth loading, including how to set up segments, assign users, and extrapolate results for various configurations.
System Requirements

Minimum Requirements - Adobe Acrobat 4.0 Reader

Operating System - Windows 95 & 98, NT 4.0 & 2000, Windows Me, Win XP



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I can login as admin and see all the files as I've left them for that ID. However, the main user login was reset and just has access to the apps, not any of his old files. If I go to Docs and Settings, select the old user ID, and dig around, all of his old files are there.. But Win XP changed his old login ID by adding a "1" to the end of it, which I guess created a new ID. The old files are not associated with this new ID.

My question is, how do I put his old login ID on the login screen and make sure the files come back? I can create a new one, modify an existing, but not resurect and old one, from what I can tell.

Also, I installed the upgrade under the Admin login ID. I guess thats why it works and the other doesnt?

Please help.. I'm dying here at the office.

Answer:upgraded a client pc from 2000 to XP, now login ID lost..

Brav said:

I can login as admin and see all the files as I've left them for that ID. However, the main user login was reset and just has access to the apps, not any of his old files. If I go to Docs and Settings, select the old user ID, and dig around, all of his old files are there.. But Win XP changed his old login ID by adding a "1" to the end of it, which I guess created a new ID. The old files are not associated with this new ID.

My question is, how do I put his old login ID on the login screen and make sure the files come back? I can create a new one, modify an existing, but not resurect and old one, from what I can tell.

Also, I installed the upgrade under the Admin login ID. I guess thats why it works and the other doesnt?

Please help.. I'm dying here at the office.Click to expand...

Fire up another tab or window and have google ready, I'm not explaining the things you don't or won't understand.

Take ownership of the files using the admin account.
Copy said files somewhere else other than in the profile directory.
Right-click My Computer, click Properties, go to Advanced, then click the User Profiles button.
Delete any unknowns.
Log out.
Log user back in.
Copy files from saved location to user profile.

You could do it another way by giving that account permission to use the "old" profile directory, but that's a hack. Not advice I like to give out.

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Thanks in advance for your help, great web site has helped me out alot. Unfortunately this is the first time I have had to post something as I have not been able to find the cure.

I have a windows 2000 box on a remote machine that I am currently accessing through PCanywhere. The communication went down in the plant a few days ago and would not allow the operators access to start the plant. I drove a few hours away to find that the computer would not grab an IP address. I tried static but it would not take it. I disabled the integrated NIC in the bios and installed one in a PCI slot. This allowed me to set a static IP. Before I was allocating a certain IP with a D-link DI-604 according to MAC address. Now with the static IP address I can access from the office with PCanywhere. My problem is that it appears the DHCP client, TCP client and possibly a few others are corrupt and the files that the services are pointing to are missing.

On a whim I have tried copying registry entries from identical machines with no results. I have done all the steps you have outlined, and found a few viruses. I have run sfc /scannow, nothing has changed.

Everything works right now, but I am afraid it might be a limited thing. I have read the instructions to post and I guess I am supposed to paste the log file in this post, so here it is and thanks for your help:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 11:27:05 AM, on 11/8/2006
Platform: Windows 2000 SP4 (WinNT 5.00.2195)
MSIE: I... Read more

Answer:Windows 2000 DHCP client Corrupt among others


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I installed remote desktop on my 2000 client but i still cant log iinto it from my xp pro box. I can however log into my xp pro desktop from the 2000 pro client . I also notcied that terminal services is running on the xp box but its not available on the 2000 client. Is there a solution to this?

Answer:how do you load terminal services on a win 2000 pro client

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I just rebuilt some Windows 2000 Dell machines using the discs that came with the systems. There are applications that I need on the server. I have no problem browsing to the server and getting to the files although when I execute them to download them on the client workstations that I just rebuilt the hour glass appears for a brief second then goes away then the hour glass appears after about 10 seconds for another 2 seconds then goes away. From here it does nothing and at times will lock up the workstation. I have tried to access the files from other computers on the network and I am not running into the same problem I am having on these rebuilt systems. I have rebuilt many other 2000 Pro systems and never had this issue. Any help would be appreciated. If you need a screen shot of anything please let me know ie, system logs on server etc.....
Thanks in advance to whoever thinks they can help

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Question: Mail Client

I've used web based email for the last few years and now am looking for a mail client. I am currently looking at Thunderbird but wondered if there were other mail clients I should consider? I am rather paranoid about attached viruses/malware.


Answer:Mail Client

Top 5 Email Client For Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows Users

I like windows live mail from MS.

Good luck. Hope all your mail brings good news.

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Question: New Mail Client

I understand MS is phasing out Outlook Express. I have tried several different clients and all have problems. The lastest is Windows Live Mail. It hangs on startup. I have found several threads on this problem. I would like to stay with OE. Will it work in Windows 7?

Answer:New Mail Client

Phasing out? Microsoft hasn't supported OE since XP. OE does not work in Vista, nor does it work in 7.

The only email client I use and have used in the last 5 years is Outlook. It is worth the money.

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I am still experiencing problems with Microsoft Outlook and would like recommendations on the best e-mail client to use.


Answer:Which is the best e-mail client

The answer partly depends on whether you want your email to be internet based or computer based. For me, I want to be able to access my email easily from any computer anywhere, so I choose an email client that's internet based. Currently, I have Yahoo Mail (along with Yahoo Messenger), Windows Live (formerly Hotmail or MSN) with Windows Live Messenger, and Gmail. I find Yahoo Mail to be superior to the other three, because it gives so many more customization options as far as the ability to personalize almost every feature. I have recently upgraded to Yahoo Mail Plus, which for a small annual fee, gives me a ton of storage and the ability to send and receive very large files. Yahoo Mail admittedly does have its quirks, but all in all, I prefer it to the others.

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I use Outlook Express but I am not totally satisfied.

I need an e-mail client which:

- Stable as a rock.
- Puts the pics in a seperate folder(s).
- Backup TXT in seperate (ansi or whatever) simple files.
- Can open HTML,XML etc...
- Highlight in color seperate recieving e-mails on e-mail adress.
And more......

Answer:Looking for a new e-mail client.

i don't know if the functions you're looking exists in them , but i can tell that they considered as fine mail programs

thunderbird by Mozilla

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I kinda like Incredimail, but what is you fav?

Answer:Best e-mail client.

Debaser,he means client,like outlook express
anyway,my favorite is eudora

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Question: Mail Client

Hi, Windows 8 OS on a Toshiba laptop How do I assign my Live email account as default so i can attach attachements to outgoing email. I get a message telling me I don't have an email service assigned to this computer.  Any help? and remember I am quite computer illiterate.  JohnEdit: Moved topic from Windows 8 to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

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like the title says which do you use?

Myself personally started with Outlook Express then moved to Outlook
ive also briefly flirted with Thunderbird but didnt really like it

what do all of you use?

Outlook Express

Answer:What E-mail Client do you use?

I used Eurora for a while, many years ago, but then when I got a new computer I tried Outlook Express and I liked it a little bit more, and have used it since. So, on my Windows XP machine I use that, and on my Linux computer I use Evolution, which was what was included with the installation of Ubuntu.

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Question: mail client?

What is a "mail client"?geedad

Answer:mail client?

click here

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The only choice listed in internet options is Hotmail as a mail client for IE 6.0.  I don`t use Hotmail but want to use my OutLook Express to send mail, links etc directly out of IE.  How do I go about getting the Outlook to appear as an option under tools, internet options, connections from the IE toolbar?  Before with my old Win98se program it was automatically there.

Answer:Mail client from IE 6.0

 skylane42..... If you go up to the tools button ( up top ) and select mail and news......... you should have the following options .... "read mail", "New message" , "Send a link" and "send page". If you choose any of these items , Outlook Express will open for you .Hope this helps you .dl65  

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Question: mail client

I think I accidentally uninstalled the mail client along with people and other apps. Can I reinstall it from anywhere? I only want the mail, without other bloat stuff. I wonder if it can manage multiple mail accounts, like Yahoo and Gmail...

Answer:mail client

yes. you can reinstall any of your deleted apps. just go to the windows store app and redownload it. you can do a normal search for the app.

if you don't want to browse through all the apps to find any specific app, go to your download history to find it. you do this by bringing up the context menu for the store app by either right-clicking or swiping from the top edge or bottom edge.

yes, you can also manage multiple emails from the app. I have a Hotmail and two Yahoo accounts connected to it.

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Question: Mail Client

My family and I have decided that Outlook Express is a crappy waste of disk space.
It needs to have multiple identity support, you gotta be able to click your name and type in a password, not type in your name, no password.
SMPT and POP3 support required!

Answer:Mail Client

Usually, when I get fed up w/all the others, no matter what os I'm using, I go back to thunderbird, which is clean, simple, and works...Mozilla puts it out ... I don't know about passwords, as I don't use'em, but anyway, best wishes...

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Question: E-mail Client?

Simple and most basic question to most of you, but it means nothing to me.I am trying (for the first time, I've never needed to do it before) to synch my smartphone to my pc.However, I get the error message "There is no e-mail client. Please install an e-mail programme".I have Yahoo and Google e-mail accounts and I'm running Win 7 64.What do I need to do please?

Answer:E-mail Client?

Windows outlook ExpressWindows OutlookMozilla ThunderbirdEduraThe Mac version - the name escapes meThis is a puzzlement because when I linked my iTouch by wireless to my PC I simply then went to Web and connected to my Web mail accounts So your smart phone wants to look at what E-mails are downloading into your computer vis the E-mail client programDownload and install Mozilla ThunderbirdA cost free 'playaround'

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Question: mail client

hi , i want to use a mail client and i prefered outlook, now i am not getting what is pop and smtp , i am using a dial up connection using yahoomail , please tell me the procedure how can i setup it and use it ...

Answer:mail client

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Hello All, I use Windows Built in Mail, but I also use Newton Mail because it can have all my email accounts inside, and it is compatible with IOS & Android.
Besides that as a backup I also have Thunderbird installed

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Question: mail client

anyone know of an email client that automatically saves email into files- maybe txt or docs. doesnt matter. it just pisses me off that whenever i reformat i lose all my crap that i forgot to export from outlook express, and outlook express takes forever to save it all (like 10 clicks per email...), and the exportation function seems to work, but importation always *****es about somethin and then i lose all my older mail. also is it me or does outlook express's filters TOTALLY NOT WORK AT ALL. i added quite a few of the less tasteful words, yet i see them alllllll the time. is it possible that the spammers are now using diff versions of the letters that are visually the same via ascii or something?

Answer:mail client

Not sure about the other mail clients most of the time if I need to keep something I have a small seperate partition on my harddrive I save it to. When you reformat the system it doesn't effect the partition as long as you don't delete or format it. As for the spam guards my outlook seems to only download about 30% of my spam mail but believe me that comes from alot of tweeking. As for the ones who get threw I just start researching where they came from and if I can't get them I reak all you know what on the site their advertising for. Believe me when I say there's some people you just don't want to spam.

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Question: e-mail client

My e-mail is web based with my ISP. On some websites there is a contact button that would open outlook express on my old computer so I could contact them. This computer is Win 7 & when I click contact I get a pop up saying e-mail client is not installed. Is there a client I can download that will work on IE 8 & still let me use my ISP web mail?

Answer:e-mail client

Yes, it's Windows Live Mail.  You need to download Windows Live Essentials, which consists of Mail and numerous other components.  You do not need to install all the components if they are not wanted; you'll have the option to select which ones you want to install after starting the installation.

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Question: E-mail client

Can anyone recommend a good free e-mail client for windows 7? This is not for me as I have MSN Premium that I pay ten dollars a month for, and I am very happy with it. It is for a friend that I am helping that does not have much, or maybe I should not any, knowledge of the computer. If any of you can recommend a good freebie, I will accept the one that receives the most favorability. Thanks

Answer:E-mail client

I like's like me, simple without being fluffy with decorations that yield nothing in terms of use/efficiency.
But , I also liked/used Outlook Express, which some seem to have thought was terrible .

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Yes, I'm stubborn. I figure I could just back up (well, I have), format & reinstall. But this would be no fun, and not very educational.

Anyways, here's a brief (yeah, right...) description of the problem I'm experiencing & it's history.

PII MMX, 350MHZ, Award BIOS, 20GB HD, 256MB SDR 100MHZ

I had 2 partitions on my single HD. On C there was Win98SE and on D Win2K on NTFS. I divided D into two partitions using Partition Magic, making the new one (E) FAT32, and formatted both. It went well.

Then, on D (NTFS) I installed Win2K Pro. Went wonderful. I proceeded to add all the components that had not been included in the additional installation (from the CD), installed Service Pack 2 (express setup from the Net), and then began installing all available Updates through the Windows Updates utility, including the Security Rollup Package, hotfixes, IE 5.5 Media Player 7.1, Compatibility Update and a couple more.

Sometime after installing two newly introduced security updates (Q318138 & Q321599) I began experiencing problems with my OS: it became very irresponsive. Like, after clicking the Start button I had to wait for like 2-3 minutes for the start menu to show up. I uninstalled Q318138, and it seemed to have gone away.

I thought that was the bad apple, and happily continued updating (Have my head examined? Why?). Next was the MS .Net framework. Then my computer began hanging during restart, though hitting reset seemed to solve i... Read more

Answer:Win 2000 non-responsive, [email protected] client & Windows Updates

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I have a client (on a windows 2000 SP4 client) that sees the network drive as 1GB only - and therefore with no free space, even though there is 32 GB free!! Both Server (SBS 2003) and client are using NTFS. When I try to save a file to the network, I get Disk Full error.

Any idea's greatly appreciated.


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I have Vista as my OS and I use IE and Outlook 2000.
Whenever I click an email link in IE, Windows Mail opens.
When I try to set Outlook 2000 as the default email client from Internet Explorer I get a 'Set your default programs' dialog box which does not list Outlook 2000. Any thoughts ?

Answer:How to set Outlook 2000 as the default email client from Internet Explorer

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im having a issue with a outlook 2000 user cannot connect to exchange server 2000, ive recreated local account, disjoin domain, change name on pc, tried other users and no go. Seems theres some registry screwup thats not allowing pc to use exchange, any suggestions?

Answer:Solved: Outlook 2000 client cant connect to Exchange server..

FYI, it seems the pc was missing some registry pieces for RPC.
Heres the link from ms:;en-us;325930

Once i fixed what was missing . it all works again, i can connect a user through the pc to exchange...

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I just upgraded from XP to Windows 7. I was using outlook express in XP. I understand Window Mail is not available for 7. any suggestions on a mail client for windows 7 to handle my Comcast email?



Answer:need mail client for window 7

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I have a dual partition hard drive one partition containing Windows 7 the other Windows XP.
My e-mail clients are Thunderbird and Outlook Express respectively.
I have a third e-mail client Yahoo Mail and my ISP is TalkTalk.
I am unsure how e-mails are managed on the TalkTalk server. I want to have the ability to download my e-mails in any of my e-mail clients but it seems if I download it in any one of the clients I can then no longer download it again in another.
How do I configure my computer to allow me to do this?
I would be grateful for help on this. Thank you.

Answer:e-mail client downloads

In the client, choose "Leave Message on Server".

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Question: Mail Client Error

Everytime I press a mail link I get the message "could not perform this operation because the default mail client is not properly installed".I am using XP.How do I get to rectify this?

Answer:Mail Client Error

What mail client are you using?Go to internet explorertoolsinternet optionsprograms tabEnsure that your mail program is listed there. If not, please post back.

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I have two win10 home grouped computers. Comcast is my internet provider. Thunderbird mail on one working satisfactorily. Would like to use same on the other computer. is this possible.

Answer:Thunderbird e-mail client

If you want to use the same e-mail account on both computers then you must have the account configured as IMAP account that way it will work just fine.

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is there anyway to use yahoo as a default mail client? i downloaded windows live essentials and tried to add hotmail as default client but when i login i keeps giving me some bs error

Answer:default mail client

Hot mail or Yahoo cannot be your client. You can download a client, such as Windows Live Mail and set it up to receive Hot Mail, if Hotmail allows POP3 or IMAP.

The client is not an email provider, it is a simple way to download the email to your hard drive, so it can be read off line.

If you want additional help, just post

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I'm looking for a good mail client that would work with MSN/ Hotmail accounts that isn't Outlook. Right now I just use the web interface but that is beginning to become annoying. At first I wanted to use Thunderbird but that didn't work out so well. So what works? Am I doomed to use Outlook?

Answer:A good mail client?

to get thunderbird working with hotmail you need an external program called hotmail popper.
I've heard Eudora is good, other than that... Outlook Express?

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how to add aol to my client mail registry - so I can choose it as a default mail

Answer:how to add aol to my client mail registry

What mail client are you using?

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when i attempt to access e-mail addresses from websites I get an error message stating "cannot perform this operation because default mail client is not properly installed". Craigslist is a perfect example.w do i install my default mail client so i can click on website addresses and not get this message.

Answer:default mail client

When you click on links starts with "mailto", windows try to open an associated program for that like "Outlook" .
If you have not any Windows Base Email Client Software installed such as "outlook" you may got this error.
If you want to send email from a Web-Base Email Server, simply copy the Email-Addrress you clicked on before and paste it when ever you want. Just do not click on that.

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Hey everyone, i'm after a bit of advice. I currently use Firefox as my web browser and find it so much better than IE. Will i find that Thunderbird is better than Outlook Express and will i still keep my current email address????

Answer:Using Thunderbird mail client!!!

You'll keep your current address. Better or not is a matter of preference...

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