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Monitor "no signal" after login screen

Question: Monitor "no signal" after login screen


My specs are:
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 945, 4x 3000 MHz
Mainboard: MSI 760GM-P23 (FX), Sc3+, AMD 760G Chipset
HDD: 1000 GB, Seagate®/Western Digital®, SATA
GPU: AMD R9 380
PSU: COOLER MASTER G550M, 550 Watt, ATX 2.31

Monitor: AOC e2243Fws
OS: Win 10 64bit
My problem:
When I boot up my PC, it will do so normally until i get to the login screen. There the picture freezes and the monitor goes black, showing "no signal". The PC and fans run. Turning the monitor off an on or unplugging the hdmi cable and putting it in again won't help, so I have to shut down my PC by force.
When I start the PC again, everything works fine. Even if I shut down the PC and boot up again after 1 hour or so, there is mo problem. If I wait several hours or to the next day though, the same happens again. Normal boot, loading screen, freeze, no signal.
As GPU and PSU are new and the problem persists for several months, I started to think, if it could be my motherboard. I also thought of my RAM, but Memtest didn't show problems.
So, is it possible that my motherboard is the problem?
If yes, what can I do?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Preferred Solution: Monitor "no signal" after login screen

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I started successfully my Windows 7+SP1 with newest patches
and can work normally.

Then I turn off my TFT monitor (not the running computer).
Win7 continues to work (as hard disc LED indicator and remote control tools prove).

Later I try to turn on my monitor again.
But much to my surprise the screen stays dark.
Just a moving indicator tells me now "No input signal".

Whats worng?

On a WinXP and another WIndows 7 computer (all with the same monitor) everything works fine. The desktop is shown again after returning to on.
So the hardware is not damaged.
I always have to reboot again to re-show the Windows desktop.

As far as I can rememeber in the first time the Win7 in focus system works as well but then I must have changed some settings.

I am using a motherboard with a core-i5 and H67 chipset with built-in graphic processor. So I have no separate graphic card.


Answer:After monitor off + on: "No imput signal" + black screen

It is likely to be the power settings for your monitor:

Press Start:
Type in the 'Search Programs and Files' box "Power Options" (without the " ").

Select the Power Options link offered in the list.
Then, 'Change when the computer sleeps' and from the drop-down menu for your monitor choose 'Never'.

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I have an HP Pavilion desktop computer that is about 4 yrs. old and am running XP with SP3. I recently upgraded the drivers for my Diamond Radeon X1050 video card. I have a flat panel screen (I think it's an Acer - inherited it from my mother) - model no. is L17NCDT if that helps.While working in a particular application like Word or Excel, or playing a game, all of a sudden the monitor goes blank and shows either "No Sync" or "Signal Out of Range." Since I can't see anything when this happens, I have to manually turn the computer off and then back on.Any ideas why this is happening and what I can do to fix this? It gets really irritating since I work from home and may have several windows open at once, then I have to start all over again.Thanks!

Answer:Monitor showing "No Sync" or "Signal Out of Range"

I start by rolling back the driver if I were you.

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my computer became really slow suddenly so i reseted it, after the windows XP loading screen is done and you think it'll go into windows when they ask you for your user account and password, the screen go's black, then my monitor gives me a "no signal message"

i decided 2 reformat because it seemed every time i'd reboot it the no signal screen was happening faster and faster, so i reformated, everything was working, i installed my anti virus, set up my ehternet and audio drives.. activated windows, but once i tried to install my video card halfway threw the installation the monitor flashed 2 or 3 times, then it went back to "no signal" and i find myself in the same hole again

really not sure what to do at this point, i dont know enough about the bios menu to try to fix it from there
im thinking about buying a new computer because even when the computer is turning on it seems to be about 5x slower then it used to be, and thats even after i formated the harddrive

i cant even acess safe mode, computer seems to freeze almost instantly

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Dear Experts,I was using the PC and suddenly, my monitor get turned off, but the light on power button changed the color from green to orange with dark on the monitor and there was "POWER SAVE"...and something said "NO SIGNAL..". Now, I cannot use my PC because I tried restarted the PC but still turned off...How to fix this problem? Can anyone help me for this..I am very appreciate for your helps..  Thanks,Natasha

Answer:My monitor suddenly turn off with "NO SIGNAL"..."POWER SAVE..Pls Help

Hello Natasha.It's like foning your favorite car mechanic and telling him/her that your car won't start and asking what you can do...   His first question will be "Whats the make and model?"So the first question about your monitor is "What's the make and model?"This fault is 'generally' caused by damage to the connection cable, or incorrect plugging but may be caused by heat stress or a video card problem.  We could accept some details of your pc as well, the more info you supply the better chance of us being able to come up with a reasonably sane diagnosis..Thanks.

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I tried to rename computer and now there's two entries in log in screen. That new one is set as default and wouldn't accept any password but original (normal) one does. Long in is set on auto but still have to chose between those 2 when starting/restarting.
I can't find that new one anywhere to disable/delete it. Not in Users or any other place for handling accounts.
How to get rid of or where to find it ?

Answer:Reanamed "Computer", now 2 of "Me" at login screen.

Not knowing if this is what happened in your case, but what you describe occasionally happens when Windows is set up to sign in automatically to a user account and then computer name is changed.

The reason is that a full username as long as Windows is concerned is different than username from user's point of view; Mike in your case or Kari in mine are usernames for most we do and need to use a username for but actually they are just user profile names. For Windows the username is ComputerName\UserProfileName.

On laptop I am writing this for instance my full username is AGM-W10LAP01\Kari, even when I am in fact using a Microsoft account. Three different things: my Windows sign-in user account is a Microsoft account [email protected], my user profile name is Kari, my full username is AGM-W10LAP01\Kari.

Long story short, that other you which does not accept your password is doing so because it is user OldComputerName\Mike. That computer name is no longer valid making the username invalid.

I've seen the duplicate using old computer name as part of full username going away when Windows after computer name change is then set to sign in automatically with a local admin account. Restart and remove automatic sign in and see if it works.


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 Hello, everyone. Encountered a strange error when I woke up this morning on my PC. I left it defragmenting my one, and only, hard drive.Anyways, the error read something like this:Filedirectory/ NTLDR not found / corrupt, system cannot boot.I was like "Uhhh ok..." and hit the OK button and ever since when I attempt to turn on my PC, nothing happens. The fans, lights, everything comes on. But the screen says "Signal Not Found" and the monitor just seems to turn off.Has happened multiple times. The BIOs/CMOS thingys or whatever don't even come up. So I'm not too sure what's going on. There's no hardware beeping going on any suggestions on what's going on, and how to fix it?Operating System: Windows XP Pro. SP2 x64System specs:EVGA 640-P2-N821-AR GeForce 8800GTS 640MB 320-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16 HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card - RetailSeagate Barracuda ES ST3320620NS 320GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive - OEMAMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ Windsor 2.0GHz 2 x 512KB L2 Cache Socket AM2 Processor - RetailECS GeForce6100SM-M (1.0) AM2 NVIDIA GeForce 6100S Micro ATX AMD Motherboard - RetailEagle Tech Cool Power ET-PSCP 500 ATX12V 500W Power Supply 115/230 V CE, FCC - RetailG.SKILL 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory - Retailso far everything I've tried has failed.Burned a .iso with some NTLDR files on it with my brother's PC, from:http://tinyempire.... Read more

Answer:NTLDR File is Corrupt. System cannot boot. Plus "No Signal" on monitor.

They have pretty good troubleshooting page on this board:

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Hardware/software: 400w power supply, asus p4s533, crucial 512 mb ddr 2100 ram, intel p4 2.0a , nvidia 128mb ti4200, soundblaster audigy, western digital 80 gb hdd, liteon cdr, xp pro.

Computer previously worked. On boot, monitor appears to receive no signal, and the asus talkback/speach report feature loops the phrase "system failed memory test". What are possible sources for this problem?

I havent had a chance to troubleshoot it yet, but find it suprising i received that error because I've ran and passed memtest many times in the last few m onths, although i guess its posssible it somehow croaked last 2 or 3 weeks sometime? Last time it was on Comp was acting weird. IE Explorer windows would keep hanging, and when i minimized programs the image stayed up on screen even after ctrl alt del to end them. I updated anti virus and full scan that passed fine so i turned off computer, and woke up to this, ironicly also friday the 13th lol.

Answer:on boot, no monitor signal, "system failed memory test"

I would start with the following:
[NOTE:] When clearing CMOS, remove power, and press power button to discharge motherboard.

1) Clear CMOS. If it boots, then go into CMOS and load setup defaults
2) Remove all cables and extra PCI cards. Only run Power Sup., Vid card, Proc., Memory, MoBo. Clear CMOS. If powers, add one card/cable at a time and see where it stops. If it doesn't power, proceed to step 3.
3) Place the mem. chip in another slot. Test. If more than one stick, try one at a time in different slots.
4) Try different Vid card.
5) Try separate power supply
6) Check Proc. (Too much thermal grease, smoke smell, cracked edges)
7) Remove MoBo from case. Look for burn marks. If you know what you are doing, try running step 2 without the case to see if it posts.

Did I miss anything? Please add if you think of anything.


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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the Computer Hope Forum,I have turned to Computer Hope many times in the past to solve all manner of problems, and I have yet to encounter a technical issue which I couldn't solve using the knowledge which resides on this site. Until today, that is.First, I will elaborate on the relevant aspects of my setup:GFX Card: ATI Mobility Radeon 5650GFX Card Drivers (According to Windows): HP 2309mOperating System: Windows 7 x64Catalyst Control Center Version: 2012.0928.1532.26058The precise nature of my problem is as follows. Recently after connecting my computer to TV at a friend's place (via HDMI), I came back home and plugged the computer into my HP 2309m monitor. I was greeted with a screen exactly like the images attached to this message. I have never had problems with this monitor before, so this came as quite a surprise.In an attempt to fix this problem, I went into the advanced display settings and tried to adjust them to change the frequency and resolution. However the settings read exactly the HP2309m's native resolution and frequency (1920x1080 60 hz). In addition, I also used the 'Restore to Factory Settings' option on my monitor. But all of this was to no avail. The screen would display with that strange color pattern as shown in the attachments and eventually go to sleep.When changing the resolution and frequency didn't help, I decided to re-install my video drivers. I did this by going to Deskto... Read more

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So this is a problem I've been having for a couple months or so.

It started when I was playing a game, Payday 2, through steam. About maybe 20-30 minutes into playtime, the monitor suddenly went black and then said there was "No Signal" coming in from the PC, even though it was still plugged in.

Whenever I tried playing Payday 2 the same issue would occur but I did nothing about it.

Soon, other games led to the same problem. Some examples are Alice: The Madness returns (Happened maybe an hour into playtime), Dead Cells (Roughly an hour or two into playtime), and Fallout 4 (Happens 10-20 minutes into playtime). I might be forgetting others.

It's rather frustrating to not be able to play games on my desktop anymore, and this strange occurance only happens when I try playing games. I could leave the computer on for hours while not playing games, just watching YouTube or Twitch and still have it be fine.

Something I noticed recently when this happens: The sound will keep playing, but there's a moment where I won't have control over the game that's running. In Fallout 4, whenever the disconnect would happen, the game would return my mouse to the center of the screen and would not register mouse movement in that time.

I should mention that my PC has an HDMI port, where I use an HDMI to VGA converter to connect to the monitor. If I unplug and replug the converter, the screen will temporarily come back before disconnecting again. I've ... Read more

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How can this be so hard? Why does Windows make it impossible to change monitors?

Here's a summary of the problem, with details below:

System: Windows 7-64 HomePremium SP1 with all important updates, Radeon HD 4830 video card. Gigabyte MB, Intel E8500 CPU, 8GB memory.

My old monitor gave out a couple of days ago, so I went to the store yesterday and got a new one. It does not have a resolution mode that matches my old monitor, and I cannot turn that resolution off, so I keep getting "No Signal" when the video adapter is enabled. The monitor works fine in safe mode and with the video adapter disabled, but every time I try to reinstall the video adapter, it goes back to the old, incompatible resolution, and I get "No Signal."
Here are the details:

I hooked up my new monitor (to the HDMI output, same as the old one), turned on the PC, the monitor showed it going through the BIOS startup, and the Windows startup, but just before the login screen, it went black and said "No Signal."

OK, I know what the problem is. My old monitor had a native resolution of 1650 by something, and my new one is like 1920x1080, and doesn't have a 1650 mode. So I reboot and start Windows in safe mode. Now I can log in to Windows at 800x600. It has an ugly black background, but it works.

I go into Device Manager and disable the video adapter (my card is a Radeon 4830), and restart. Now Windows comes up in its normal pretty blue background. I go into Displa... Read more

Answer:New Monitor reports "No Signal" with display driver enabled

you didn't say what brand/model the new monitor is---what is it's native resolution?

the new monitor should have come with a driver disk--and that's where you should be installing drivers from.

did you try a different HDMI cable? did you try a DVI or Display Port cable?
did you check t0 make sure the card is seated properly?

Radeon4830 specs show
Dual Link DVI supports 18-, 24-, and 30-bit digital displays at all resolutions up to 1920x1200 (single-link DVI) or 2560x1600 (dual-link DVI)
HDMI All display resolutions up to 1920x1080

you should be able to start machine in safe mode--install drivers that came with monitor--then restart and it should just work--if you're getting a 'no signal' message--there is a loose connection somewhere--or perhaps the monitor is 'not' functional--there really can be 'bad new' products--try the monitor on another machine!

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I had my old computer hooked up to a 22" LCD but when I got a new computer I hooked it (the old computer) up to a 17" LCD. On startup, I get the windows splash screen, then everything goes blank and I get the Input Signal Out of Range message.

I was able to get into safe mode where I set the screen resolution back to the lowest setting. I rebooted and had the same message. Now I have tried a number of times and can't even get back into safe mode. I start tapping F8 when the splash screen shows up - is that too soon?

Please advise on how to get back into safe mode and then what do I do differently once I get there. Thanks!

Answer:Changed Monitor - "Input Signal Out of Range" message

Try hooking back up the 22inch resetting the resolution and saving it from within regular windows.

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Hi, this is my first post. I have been trying to put together a computer, bought all the parts, put it all together, but when I connect it to a monitor it says "check connection." I cannot reach the BIOS screen at all...I have tried everything suggested, unplugging the RAM and just putting 1 stick in, unplugging the video card and putting it back, even tried using a different monitor. I have checked my connections over and over and can't find out what's wrong. All parts were bought brand new on Newegg. This is the first computer that I have built so I'm new..just wanted to see if I can get any help. Thanks in advance..

Details of my build:
Asus p5w DH deluxe motherboard
Intel quad core q6600 2.40ghz
Corsair Dominator 4gb DDR2 RAM (4 single)
Rosewill 550w power supply
Phillips 20x DVD+-
Seagate 500gb Harddrive

Answer:Monitor says "Check Connection/ No Signal" Computer Build

Forgot to add the video card: Sapphire Hd 2600 pro

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Hey guys, I'm currently troubleshooting a friends PC which has display issues directly after rebooting from an Avast AV update. Like so many similar issues, the pc seems to run fine (HDD spinning & LED light flashing, CPU fan spinning), Although, I've yet to hear mobo beep.
This is what I've tried already;
Reseating ram and graphics card. Trying another graphics card, monitor, graphics cable and PSU. After that, I tried scanning the HDD as a secondary drive in my own machine for a virus. It managed to get boot priority in my machine and it actually booted fine so I gathered from that, that it's not a software problem. I've heard people on forums talk about resetting CMOS but there seems to be issues that follow that.

Not fully sure of his spec, only it's a Packard Bell, OS: Win Vista x64, CPU: Intel Core2 Quad. If you need more info on spec I can boot it in my machine again and get it.

Merry Christmas

Answer:"No Signal" display on Monitor after updating Avast Free AV


Does the PC have any integrated graphics......

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Yesterday, I purchased an Nvidia 8800 GTS SSC video card to replace my old radeon 1600x pro. My original computer came from CyberPowerPC, so I did not do the original wiring for my system. When I went to install the new video card, I had to unplug the SATA cable to my hard drive and another cable literally taped to the old video card that had a tag labled "VGA don't pull!!". Now, I have noticed that type of cord is taped randomly through out my computer case, so I would imagine it has something to do with the computer LCD heat screen.

I inserted the new nvidia card, but realized I needed to replace my power supply because the watt value wasn't strong enough. So, I gently removed the card and reinserted the old one back into its slot. I then plugged the SATA cable back into where I believed I removed it from on the motherboard. I closed the case and then the computer boots up, but the monitor reads "No Signal". While I would LOVE to fix this until my new power supply ( gets here tomorrow, I am very curious why my monitor won't recognize the signal.

Is it possible that I have plugged the SATA cables back in wrong or would this have any effect? Did I short circuit my original video card? Is my guess that the "taped" VGA cable actually for the heat sensor?

Does anyone have any suggestions or advice?

Thanks for your reply in advance.
Quick system parts:
CASE: X-BLADE Mid-Tower ... Read more

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Well- I tried everything- Trying a PCI card... removing the battery... replacing the battery- tried another monitor... all my devices are getting power to them.... so i think im stuck with a busted mother board -_-

for everyone that helped: thanks so much for all the help!

if there's anything else i can try before i burry my mother board in the back yard im all ears

Answer:" Computer- not sending a signal to my monitor..." Follow up-

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Basic Info (clickable for links):

Card: Nvidia GeForce GT 640
CPU: Intel Core i5-3350P Ivy Bridge Quad-Core 3.1 GHz
MoBo: ASRock LGA 1155 Intel B75 Micro ATX Motherboard
Ram: G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 2x4GB DDR3 Ram
PSU: Antec EarthWatts 500W PSU Bronze Certified
Hard Drive: Western Digital 500 GB Hard Drive
Monitor: Acer 21.5" LED Backlight Widescreen LCD Monitor

Problem: This is my wife's PC, I built it myself taking parts off of newegg and for the better part of a little over a year, it seemed to run fine. After a year, it started having heat issues (middle/end of 2013) - we tried ordering an additional fan for her case but slowly the heat issues got worse until I finally RMA'd it recently. Right before RMA'ing her card, it suddenly stopped working - when windows would start to load it would suddenly turn off the monitor and say there was "no input". Now if I started it in safe mode (with or without networking) it'd run video fine, but not in low resolution mode (it'd still not run, monitor turned off) so I assumed it was a problem with the drivers.

I tried sweeping the drivers a couple times (100% complete uninstall) to no avail, and finally just decided to wait for the new card to come in. Sadly the new card appeared to have the same problem - computer screen input as soon as windows loads. I tried googling the problem, asking friends, all to no avail, and finally decided to just format her hard drive and start over.

After reins... Read more

Answer:Monitor "No Signal" Turns Off when Windows 7 loads

Update: Formatted her hard drive, reinstalled windows 7 (64 bit), reinstalled her LAN and USB drivers and such, and then got the latest drivers for her card. It now does it straight from fresh install - straight up no input after I put the drivers on.

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Hello, I recently purchased an Asus K8SMX Motherboard, along with a Socket 754 AMD Sempron 2600+ Retail Box. I installed the motherboard, and the CPU like normal, attached all the wires, the PSU, the ram etc and I ran it bare bone at 1st to see if it works. I pressed the power button, it "turned on" but didnt "boot successfully", i.e the monitor kept saying "No Signal" and no beeps are heard. The CPU fan is running while the PC is on and the Green Light on all ASUS motherboards which shows the PC is on is also running.

Since then I've done the following:

1) Tried it several times by removing the power cable and trying a different one and generally turning it off and turning it back on, (Also note that i can't use the power button to turn the pc off i have to switch it off directly from the PSU).

2) Tried a working 512MB Corsair DDR400 ram chip from another PC.

3) Tried a different known working 450W PSU.

4) Because the original VGA card was onboard I also tried a known working AGP graphics card.

5) Tried clearing CMOS by the jumper settings and removing the battery several times.

6) Tried running barebone i.e just CPU, RAM, PSU, Motherboard, and only Power Switch Wire attached.

7) Moved the motherboard from outside of the case and running it outside of the box.

8) Tried both ram slots.

9) Tried different combo's of known working hardware (i.e AGP graphics card with Corsair RAM, onboard graphics card w... Read more

Answer:"No Signal" On Monitor When New PC Boots Up!, BRAND NEW MOBO AND CPU!

You have tried all the things that normally fix user problems, My thoughts are either the cpu or the MOBO is bad. ed

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Hi, I'm new to these forums and I have a problem booting up my computer with my new graphics card. My monitor reads no signal when connected to the card. When plugged into the back of the pc, it just stays black. When I take the card out and start up my computer everything works fine.

I have a ATI Radeon 9600 SE 128 mb card (the low profile type) AGP. I'm running windows xp with service pack 2 and my PC has a pentium 4 w/512 mb of ram. The monitoir is a flat panel lcd with a vga connector. I haven't been able to get a picture with the card in place, so I haven't even got to installing the drivers yet or anything. My computer came with an integrated intel graphics controller, and this is the first graphics card I have tried installing. Any ideas why my computer is doing this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Monitor reads "no signal" with my radeon 9600 se

I know this may sound silly, but I've done it a few times myself, have you checked to make sure you've plugged your monitor into the correct video card? If you have, try plugging into the built in video card and making sure the 2nd video card is enabled. RIght click desktop, properties, settings, advanced and have a look through there.

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(If this is in the wrong section to post, please move the thread to the correct one!)

This happens in 2 games:
The Sims 3
Monster Trucks Nitro

When does it happen?:
In TS3: When I play it 5 minutes straight
In MTN: When I press UP Arrow and DOWN Arrow at the same time

This is really frustrating, can anyone help me, please?
My monitor is an ASUS VW193S
Graphics card ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series (I think it's an ATI Radeon HD 4870)
Operating System: Windows XP Professional with SP3

If there is any information you need, that may be useful to solve this problem, please tell me!

Answer:Solved: Monitor says "No Signal" when I'm playing a game.

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My Buddy just purchased:
MB Asus P4T533
Graphics Card ATI Radeon PRO 9700
Sound Card Audigy Platinum
P4 2.? Ghz CPU
Thermaltake XaserII A6000
DDr Memory 512 MB

Sounds Good so far.... Well we managed to get everything powered up. But, when we tried to install the software eg., Winxp,drivers etc... Nothing. We keep getting a "No input signal" on the monitor. I switched his card with mine and switched the monitors, still nothing. Is there a jumper on this MB that I'm Missing???? The Graphic card dosen't seem to be seen by the MB. The fan is running on the card , but nothing else. We can't even get to the Bios to begin installation.....Help!!!!!


Answer: "No Input Signal" Error Message on Monitor

just try doing a power cycling of the computer as may be just due to the static charge

but if it is not then we can try swapping the hard drive cable with cd drive

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I have just been given a 2nd monitor. It has only a VGA connection. My existing monitor has both VGA and DVI but the DVI port has been non functional for some time.

My graphics card is an ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series which has 2 DVI ports but no VGA.

I was using my old monitor attached VGA cable to DVI port using an adaptor (DVI M, VGA F) to attached to the graphics card which worked fine.

I have replaced this with the new monitor, which works great with that setup.

The old monitor I have set up using a DVI cable to VGA port attached using an adaptor (DVI F, VGA M) to attach to the monitor. The monitor is detected by Windows (and AMD Vision CC) but only displays No Signal. I have checked the refresh rates and screen resolution and they are fine. Drivers are up to date. There is nothing in the BIOS that should affect the display. I have had dual display with extended desktop working in the past with an LCD TV as the 2nd monitor (using HDMI). I have 2 DVI cables, the problems exists with both.

This confuses me. What is different about a VGA cable + adaptor compared to a DVI cable + adaptor setup?

To get this to work do I need to:

Tweak some setting? If so can anyone suggest what?
Buy a new VGA cable + adaptor?
Buy a VGA to DVI cable?

Many thanks in advance.

Answer:Extended Desktop Issues - 2nd monitor "No Signal"

I believe some adapters do not connect ALL the signals (I seem to remember seeing this somewhere), and the feedback ones are the ones missing.

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After getting poor responses from other hardware forums, I had decided to try my luck in techspot. any comment is deeply appreciated...

This is what happened:
I had just reformatted and resinstall WindowXp. After running for about a day, the monitor suddenly shows "no-signal" exactly when I logged-out of windows. It should supposedly show that blue windows screen with the users name for log-in. apparently the harddisks are still running and the system is "on". Its not a sleep or energy-saving mode (I can b pretty sure cos mousing around doesnt help) just not able to detect any video signal. I did a hard-reset by pressing the reset button on the casing and everything went back normal. That was the first time and only time something like this happened. I m using a MSI AGP 6600GT video card on a 15" viewsonic CRT monitor. Latest video drivers were used.

May I know is that suppose to be a hardware or software problem? I had been getting n solving quite a no. of hardware issues and seriously hardware issues are tricky and troublesome... >: Is it a problem with the video card?

Thanks alot...

Answer:Help: Monitor displays "No-signal" after logging off windows

It may have just been a glitch, with your memory, at the time of signing out. If you can't replicate the problem, every time, then it is hard to determine what the problem actually is. As long as the problem hasn't repeated itself, I wouldn't worry about it.

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Hey Tech-Forums, it's been years since I've been here. Haven't been updated with technology for a long while due to it moving so fast. Anyways, I'm here to ask you all to help me solve a problem and save some money (hopefully).

Parents used my desktop as I have gotten a laptop myself. One day, dad uses the desktop and all of a sudden he tells me the computer had just restarted itself. He does the usual by turning it on and this time, the monitor is not receiving any signal hence the "No Input Signal". Along with that problem, the computer is restarting itself as I'm hearing some very low-tone beeping noises about 3-5 seconds apart from one another.

The monitor is fine when it is connected via my laptop. However, when I connect it back to my desktop, it will get the "No Signal Input" message.

Could anybody tell me what the possible problems might be? I'm hoping not to replace anything in this desktop even though it's about 3-4 years old right now.

Thanks in advance for those who can help me solve this problem and save some money from disappearing in my wallet.

Answer:Computer rebooting itself, Monitor gets a "No Signal Input"

Try taking out some RAM, run it with one stick. See if anything improves.

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I am having a problem with my monitor, it is basically stopped getting a digital signal. I get signal on an analog connection and also on a s-video cable connection to the TV. The funny thing about it was, it was working fine with the DVI connection from my V- card. (check the specs in my profile for the video-card) I rebooted and then thats were the issue began. Reason being for the reboot, I was trying to isolate an issue with my wireless connection. (which was solved) I went thru the normal troubleshooting sequence, recycle the power, check seating, (Cards, Memory, etc... ) OSD...Menu reverts back to analog when I try to set it to digital...I am thinking that it could be the dvi cord. Any Ideas?


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I was crazy enough to take my giant computer home for Thanksgiving (to work on some school stuff), but I forgot to bring a DVI cable. I bought a DVI-HDMI at Walmart, because I happened to have a HDMI-DVI adaptor. I plugged it in, turned the computer on, nothing showed up. I pressed the "auto" button on the monitor, then it got a signal. After I restarted it though, nothing showed up no matter what I did, not even the "no signal" message.

I plugged the monitor into another computer, and everything showed up fine. So it must be something in my computer, possibly the video card? What do you guys think the problem is?

Answer:Nothing showing up on monitor... Not even "no signal" message

It sounds to me like something either got jiggled loose or the graphics card is kaput. Fist thing... System specs of what your using would help. I am assuming that this is a Windows PC. If so i would first try making sure the video card is properly seated snug. Second i would try a different monitor (sometimes hardware just cant get along). If you try both of these i would say it is a bad card. The monitor isn't showing "No Signal" because the card is giving enough of a charge to tell the monitor its there, but it has no info to show. There is a possibility if something is wrong in the signal conversion you may have shorted the card out. But try the simplest answers first. With moving it i would definite make sure the card didn't jiggle loose on the ride.

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My Issue

I had just finished playing some LoL (League of Legends) and I was listening to Pandora when, all of a sudden, my monitor went black (as if it went into standby mode). Pandora was still playing, but keyboard commands didn't seem to work (i.e. I could not ALT+F4 pandora) - however I was unable to confirm this. I then hard-reset my computer.

Upon reboot, things seemed to work just fine; for about 10 minutes. Then the monitor went black again. After another (forced) hard-reset, upon showing the Windows 7 Logo, the screen just goes black.

If I boot up and go into my bios, I can see all of the configurations just fine and the screen does not go black.

I was able to start once in Safe Mode and the screen did not go black.

Any ideas? If it's hardware related, please help me understand what diagonostic steps I can take to identify the issue (e.g. HDD vs. GPU vs. CPU, etc.).

My computer

OS: Windows7

Mobo: ASUS P8Z68-V LGA 1155 Intel Z68 HDMI SATA 6GB/s USE 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard

CPU: Intel Core i3-2100 Sandy Bridge 3.1 GHz LGA 1155 65W Dual-Core Desktop Processor BX80623I32100

HDD: SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive

Optical Drive: ASUS DRW-24B1ST/BLK/B/AS Black SATA 24X DVD Burner - Bulk - OEM

Ram: CORSAIR 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 Desktop Memory Model CMV4GX3M2A1333C9

Power: Antec EarthWatts Green EA-380D Green 380W Continuous power ATX12V v2.3 / EPS12V 8... Read more

Answer:"No Signal" from Monitor After Windows Logo

your psu is well under powered for the system how much depends on your video card which you failed to list

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hi everyoneplease can you help me. my pc (P4 3.4 ghz) sometimes boots up and sometimes doesnt. i have checked all power cables ie to the hard drive and they are, as far as i can tell are 100% working.however even though the HD is getting warm under neath the lights on my box front panel do not light up (red and green light) when it doesnt boot up and when it does boot up the lights come on and hard drive is warm and pc operates just fine. sometimes it boots sometimes it doesnt - when it doesnt i get the "no signal" on my monitor and the no lights on the front boxwhat could the problem be?the HD is fairly new and is not connecting through IDE cables. there is a red cable to the motherboard and a power cable.i just give up.could it be my graphics card?any help would be much appreciatedthanks

Answer:PC sometimes boots up - if not "no signal displayed" on monitor

How many HD do you have connected?It could be the power that is not getting into the HD or the mainboard is not powered on. Make sure that your HD is well connected to the power cable.More info needed.

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Every now and then my monitor looses it's signal "no signal" is only thing on screen however when shut computer down and restart it the monitor is fine.

Would this be my video card going? or just the drivers?

I have Geforce 8800 GT (512 mb)

also I have a
geforce GT 220 is this one better than the 8800?

Answer:Monitor "no signal" and video cards?

DLambie said:

geforce GT 220 is this one better than the 8800?Click to expand...

The 220 is less than half the performance value of an 8800. Of the 200 series, you would need a 260 to better a 8800.

Personally, I'd go for GTX 550Ti or better as they are the newest GPU's and use less power for their performance level.

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After running into an internet connection related problem, I did not use my computer for about 3-4 weeks, and just today I started it up and to my surprise everything worked fine. I noticed there were some updates available and shut down my computer so they could be updated. I also needed to move around some cords so it would be more comfortable to me, being impatient of seeing "Update 19 out of 54" for about 10 minutes, I was forced to power down in the worst way possible, yes, I pressed the power button on the back of my tower, I figured it wouldn't matter seeing as I was shutting down anyways. When I turned my computer back on, my computer would boot up, and just run like it always did (making beeping noises about every 45 seconds, not sure if it always did that or not), except for the fact that my monitor light would stay orange (stand by I beleive), and when I would turn off my monitor and turn it back on, it would have a "No Signal Digital" message displayed on teh screen for about 7 seconds, and then it would be all black. I checked my cables, especially the monitor related ones, and they are all correctly positioned, my graphics card is a Radeon 2600XT, please help me if you can, thanks.

Answer:Monitor Giving "No Signal" Message, Help!

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Hey guys,

I've just bought a GeForce 7600GT XFX AGP8X 256MB DDR3 graphics card to replace my ATI Radeon 9800+ PRO 128MB.

My brother bought a 7600 (Different model) at first and tried it out in my PC a few months back to see how it'd make it run - It made Medieval 2, Company of Heroes and Battlefield 2142 run like a dream.

When we tried the same card again a few months later, it would not work with my monitor; my monitor remained on stand-by and after a while said "No Signal".

This was odd as nothing had changed between the month it HAD worked, and when it didn't; but never-the-less I went ahead and ordered my card which arrived today.

I replaced my old card to find the same result.

My brother has recommended backing up my important stuff and reformatting my PC, but I don't know if that'll help any - So I'm here asking if you guys have any idea what the problem may be, and why it's not working?

Bottom line summary:

My new graphics card is producing no signal to my monitor, what is going on?

- Heskey

PS. I'll reinsert old card for now.

Answer:Inserting new GFX card = "No Signal" monitor


I realised the 'No Signal' error was due to forgetting to plug the power into the card!

But that's not the end of my troubles, it just brought me back to remember what the trouble we had at x-mas was.

PC boots up fine, I can see it, but just after the XP loading screen, before the login screen the monitor cuts out to blackscreen and says 'Mode Not Supported'

I don't know why this is when this 'mode' WAS supported when I first used my brother's card.

- Heskey

I just remembered my Monitor will only run the desktop at 1280, but al games at 1024, and being a good GFX card it's probs tranna boot my PC at 1280, which of course it doesn't support. So I'll set my resolution to 800x600 and install the card. Hopefully should work.

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this is a problem with completely new hardware:
- 350W power suply. this is not strong enough but the problem keep happenung without external graphics card
- 4x4 CorsairDDR3-1600 DIMM CL8
- AMD A10 Series A10-5800K
- XFX Radeon HD 7970 925M
- Gigabyte GA-F2A75M-D3H
- windows 7 SP1 64bit

After windows install and reboot the windows logo appears and stays as long as it normally takes to boot. then the monitor showes "no signal" and stays that way. i have tried:
- booting without extarnal graphics card
- booting in safe/low graphics mode
- switching onboard graphics off/on
- setting default display port manually
- reinstalling window for most of these configurations
the monitor is rather old and only has a vga cable i did use a adapter for dvi tho.
the porblem doesn't change at all when trying these steps.

are there any other things i can try?

Answer:Monitor "no Signal" after Windows Boot

I would suspect the monitor first. Can you borrow another to try?

You will definitely need another power supply too.

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My old CRT monitor (Samsung 957DF) finally completely died yesterday so I had to replace it.

Several months ago I bought a relatively cheap TFT monitor (Acer V223HQ Bb) and while my Windows 7 installation was still fresh, I could switch between the two monitors (Samsung CRT and Acer TFT) without problems. Windows would always recognize which monitor is hooked on and display the proper picture.
But now I can't make this new Acer V22HQ monitor work with my PC. It only works in the Safe Mode and it displays the picture in BIOS and while Windows 7 is loading, but as soon as Windows 7 wants to show the Login Screen (for the administrator) the screen on this monitor goes blank and the monitor displays the message "NO SIGNAL". Since without picture I can't know what I am doing, I have to restart and go into the Safe Mode.
However, in the Safe Mode it's not possible to change the monitor driver easily because it displays some default monitor driver ("Generic PnP Monitor - On").

At one point I thought that maybe Win 7 thinks that I still use the old CRT Syncmaster monitor and wants to use that driver with the TFT monitor, but now it doesn't seem that's likely. I tried to attach a VERY old Philips CRT monitor on this PC and Win 7 recognized it immediately and put the proper drivers. Why can't it do the same for Acer TFT?

While I had Philips CRT attached today, there were two monitor drivers in Device Manager: "Philips CT012" (I think) and "Gen... Read more

Answer:New TFT monitor displays "No Signal" message

Remove your video driver while in Safe Mode then reboot, your PC should see the default 800x600 since it is what you see in Safe Mode then download the newest drivers from the ASUS website for you video card, run CCleaner and Drive Sweeper, load the new drivers and see if this fixes the problem.

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Hi, Everyone
I wonder if you've had the same problem with your monitor. I need a bit of help please. So i just bought this computer yesterday , plugged my brand new HP monitor to it.Nothing happens , I can tell the computer is powered up , led light's green but the brand new monitor display a message along the lines " gone to sleep " .

Answer:Monitor displays no signal then goes to "sleep"

Monitor is not getting the signal from pc.
How have you connected the monitor to the pc? HDMI, DVI, etc ?
and what connections are available at back of pc?
Have you plugged it into a separate graphics card or the onboard motherboard video?
You may have to tell the Monitor on its own menu (buttons on the monitor) which connection to use (this is usually automatically detected but sometimes not)

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My brother is having problems with his computer. When he turns it on, the monitor will say "No signal". We tried hooking up a different monitor, but still had the same problem . How can we fix this?

Answer:"No signal" on monitor when booting up computer

The computer most likely is not able to produce a video output to the monitor- to test this, connect the original monitor to another computer to see if it can display video.....

You have already done the other test,-- connecting a different monitor to the suspect computer.

The video device may be an onboard chip, if it is, you might be able to install a new video card in a slot.... wouldn't get my hopes up just yet as it is often the case that the motherboard is burned out when the video will not display.

If you already have a video card in a slot, try a different video card.

If you could post the computer brand and model ID it would help a lot. Also, take a look at the motherboard area around or between the PCI slots....
Here's a video about finding the ID of motherboards>>

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I was listening to music this morning, when out of nowhere my computer started making this loud buzzing noise. It then froze up my computer while still making this noise. So I shut down my computer. When I restarted the computer it seemed to go into a diagnostic mode to try to repair the computer. The computer never made back to my login screen. Now the monitor wont even recognize my computer. I turn the computer on and the fans turn on. But the monitor says "no signal". I have already hooked the computer up another monitor and that monitor says the same thing. Im thinking maybe the video card is bad? Any help would be appreciated!

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Hey guys
I've put all together in the new case with new components,and i keep getting the message that theres no input signal.I tried to disconnect peripherals one by one and reconnect to see where the problem might be,i tried different monitors but still the same.I'm stuck and dont have a clue what to do.
These are my specs,its all new out of the box beside the video card.Raidmax Case,500w power supply,Intel Pentium D Processor 935 lga775 3.2GHZ,ECS P965T-A Mobo,2GB DDR2 PC6400 RAM,256MB Nvidia Geforce 6200 OC pci.

Any help would be great.Thanks

Answer:Monitor "no input signal" message got me down

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I've been using this computer for less than a year, and recently the monitor started to go black and display "No Signal" on random moments. Sometimes 2-3 minutes after windows startup, sometimes after a couple of hours.

I know the whole computer is NOT crashing, because the music I was listening to was still playing. All I have to do is restart the computer and then the monitor works.

Since last week or so, my pc slows down even when there are only a few apps running. Once, after I had rebooted my pc, the screen resolution was REALLY poor. I tried to open IE to get informations on this problem, the whole pc froze for 10 sec and a message saying something like "insufficient memory on line 10" appeared.

I rebooted the pc, changed the screen resolution, and everything came back to normal...But I still get the "No signal" message on the monitor on random moments..Sometimes when I play a game, or sometimes right after windows start.
I had this error a while ago..And I couldn't get the monitor to work with this pc (the monitor was working fine on another pc). I got my pc repaired and they told me it was one of my RAM.

Could it be the RAM again? It is different from the last time because when it happened the first time, I couldn't get the monitor to work with my pc...This time, I am able to get the monitor working with my pc.

NOTE: If the problem comes from my Hardware, you won't have to explain how to fix it...This comput... Read more

Answer:Randomly get "No Signal" message on monitor

hi ...

A few questions for you...

Do you perform any kind of maintenance on your computer?
Do you have an antivirus program running and up to date?
Do you have at least one or two antispyware programs running and up to date?
Do you have a firewall program running and up to date?
Do you regularly clean your computer of temp files, temporary internet files, and empty your recycle bin?

Very often, with a new computer, when it gets to be around 6months to a year old.. if there is an accumulation of junkware/spyware/garbageware on your computer, it starts to slow down, and can exhibit the symptoms you are describing. A virus can also cause strange symptoms to appear.

If you regularly maintain your computer, then I would think that it might be a hardware problem. But if you can answer "No" to any of the above questions, it might just need a tune-up, which a local PC tech can provide for you.

Good luck.. hope this helps..

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Hi ppl. i was wondering if u could help me on this one because I am baffled.
I was adding a NIC to my PC and when I restarted my PC, the monitor says NO SIGNAL INPUT. The only thing I did was remove my cd drive and add a NIC. I didn't touch ne other plug.

Can someone help on this.

I have an AMD chip with two CD-ROMs, one of them is a CD_recorder.

I checked all the wiring but nothing seems out of place. Can u point me in the right direction please.

Answer:Monitor shows "No Signal Input"

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Hello, not sure what section to post in sorry about that.

Randomly while i'm playing a video game both my monitors will go black and come up saying "No signal" and wont come back on until i restart my computer, this only happens while i'm playing games has never happened while just watching youtube or movies.


Edit: This is a brand new custom built pc from pccasegear so it shouldn't really be having issues


Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit
CPU: Intel Core i5 @ 3.00GHz Kaby Lake 14nm Technology
RAM: 8.00GB Dual-Channel Unknown @ 1063MHz (15-15-15-36)
Motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. PRIME B250M-A (LGA1151)
Graphics: 4096MB ATI Radeon RX 480 Graphics (XFX Pine Group)
Storage: 223GB KINGSTON SUV400S37240G (SSD) 1863GB Seagate ST2000DM006-2DM164 (SATA)Audio: Realtek High Definition Audio

Answer:Monitor "No Signal" randomly mid gaming

No it shouldnt be having issues , your gpu or cpu is crapping out , you could try running msi afterburner to see what your gpu and cpu core temps and usage are in game prior to it shutting down but if i were you id just get them to fix it , , they sold you an unstable system :/ At a guess your cpu is overheating but thats for them to sort out

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Alrighty guys, i have a problem.

About a week ago, my PC was running just fine. My monitor was also running fine(Im using a HDMI cable for my monitor).
Then one morning i turn on my PC, and my monitor displays "no signal" with a black background. So i try using the VGA cord and poof! It works! But when i switch back to the HDMI the same thing as before happens.
I conclude that i needed a new Graphics Card.
So i go ahead and buy the nVidia Geforce GTX 650 2G.
It came in this morning and i installed in onto the PC. I figure out that the output from this Graphics Card is mini-HDMI so i buy a mini-HDMI to HDMI cable.
Guess what happens???
SAME THING!!! Black screen with "No Signal"
I revert back to the VGA cord and poof! It magically works!
I have gone all over the web searching for solutions. NONE!!!
I rolled back the driver, system restored, changed the resolution, changed the cable, and still i get no result.
So i decided to try it on a different monitor.
It worked! But right after the system booted up, literally right before the login screen would come up, the screen goes black and there is no signal!
So i restarted my PC and decided to run it again but in safe mode. And it worked fine, only on safe mode.
I also tried using the monitor with another system (Xbox 360) using a HDMI cable.
It worked on both inputs...

Right now I can only use my VGA cable, and i want to use my HDMI.
Im not setting up dual screens or anything. Im just siplmy... Read more

Answer:Monitor displays "no signal" when HDMI is used

Hi KidWrath, welcome to the Seven Forums.

Please post a screenshot of your Screen Resolution Tool window when the display is connected with HDMI even if it shows No signal (right click an empty spot on Desktop, select Screen resolution from the context menu, post a pic of the window that opens).

This is what I'm asking you to post:
Tutorials for making a screenshot and posting it here:Screenshot with Paint
Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

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Hello Tech Support Guys,

I have ran into quite the problem. So here's the back story... So for awhile now I have had this Graphics Card (AMD ATI Radeon HD 4600) and recently my brother gave me a HDTV that supports VGA. As well as my monitor only supports VGA and DVI. For awhile now I have been connecting my monitor via VGA to the Graphics Card, and everything has been running smootly... But last night, I decided to do something I didn't think wouldn't work out. I hooked my Graphics Card up to my HDTV and it worked, but the resolution was very bad, but that is not the issue. The issue at hand is the fact that now when I try to plug the same VGA Cable into my Graphics Card I get a "No Signal" from my Monitor and then it looks like it goes to sleep. But if I am to remove the VGA Cable from my Monitor to my TV it seems to work.

I have a couple of ideas in which this could be affected by:
1. The first time I unplugged my Monitor to hook my VGA to my HDTV, the computer was still on, hence the operating system.
2. The Graphics Card may have set the Default Display as the HDTV, and won't revert back.

I have tried to restart plenty of times, go into Windows Low Resolution mode, resetting the RAM (Memory), when plugged into the TV changed the resolution back down to the resolution that the monitor can display.

I have a feeling I am going to have to go into BIOS to change the default Display, but I don't know how to do that, nor do I know how to fi... Read more

Answer:Monitor Is Giving A "No Signal" Error?

"I have a feeling I am going to have to go into BIOS to change the default Display"

There's nothing in the BIOS settings related to the default display. The only display setting in there is related to the on-board integrated graphics adapter where applicable, and that's just to enable or disable it. Some systems with integrated graphics don't even have that because enable/disable is done automatically when an add-on graphics card is detected or removed.

Have you tried re-installing the graphics driver with Windows running in low-res VGA mode?

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To save constant referral to my system specs, this is what I have;

Acer Aspire 5630 Series Laptop., andAcer 22" LCD Monitor - X223Wsd.
I want to set up the monitor to use alongside the Laptop. When I tried to fire it up this evening, this is what happened;

Laptop power 'Off'. Monitor connected to Laptop and powered 'On'.Laptop powered 'On'.Monitor showed a brief "Auto config" message before the Boot start-up screen appeared for the usual few seconds on the Monitor screen, followed by the "Microsoft" polling bar. The Laptop screen in the meantime was black and blank, no images appearing at all.Monitor then dropped out with a "No Signal" message, and went to stand-by power setting, as the Windows "Welcome Orb" appeared on the Laptop screen.Laptop then continued to open up per usual.
I tried to start the monitor by hitting the power button again, but no joy.

Also no indicators from my notification tray that new hardware has been recognised etc. and drivers installed etc.

What gives? Any advice please.

You'd think that one Acer would recognise another Acer in the crowd, now wouldn't you?

Answer:Installation; Laptop + Monitor = "No signal"!!

you may just have to enable the second monitor in windows through your nvidia control panel , or look at this

How to Enable Multiple Monitors in Windows Vista - YouTube - Truveo Video Arama

edit btw during boot my monitors do exactly the same as yours seem to be so im assuming thats normal

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There are a few threads that do not specifically indicate that the Acer monitor has this problem.

I post this thread title merely for those searching for a solution, since the other threads do not feature Acer in the title.

The problem to this issue is certainly not the video card or drivers.

The problem is the power button. In order to reset the monitor so that the "no signal" problem disappears, one must unplug the monitor power cord and plug it back in. Then, do not turn the monitor off with the power button. Just shutdown or hibernate the computer leaving the monitor power button on 24/7.

This has solved the problem in most cases.

Some posters have suggested an Acer class action.

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... um hello. Sorry for the intrusion but I'm hoping for some help...

First time user and I google this place.

I installed a brand new Gigabyte RX 460 Windforce OC 4G (GV-RX460WF2OC-4GD/ rev1.1) into my custom PC. While surfing the internet or playing video games, my monitor goes black. The PC is still powered and otherwise, apparently active.

What I've done so far:
1 Originally ran a PNY GeForce GTX550 Ti GDDR5 1GB PCIe 2.0
2 Used WagnardSoft Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) v17.0.4.2 to uninstall display drivers.
(I was unable to run Win 7 64bit uninstall because the display drivers were not showing up on the uninstall programs list).
3 Restarted PC and confirmed that I could operate my PC using windows default graphics drivers.
4 Turn off PC, removed GeForce 550Ti, installed AMD RX 460. This RX 460 only requires power from the motherboard.
5 Turned on PC and installed latest AMD driver that supports this card (non-whql-win7-64bit-radeon-software-crimson-relive-16.12.2-dec19)
6 System works correctly and everything is working so far...

...except my monitor goes to black screen randomly.

What I've tested:
7 There does not appear to be a set time when the screen goes black. Can be as little as 20 minutes or hours later
8 I've unplugged my DVI-D/DVI-D connected monitor and plugged in a different monitor (using HDMI/HDMI). Different monitor went black after some 4 hours of operation.
9 Currently running HWiNFO64 to monitor system temperature. R... Read more

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I really hope someone can help me with this. My monitor is displaying a no signal message at startup, not even showing the windows boot screen. However, I plugged the cable into the on board graphics card and it works fine, it's only when I try it on my other card that there's a problem. I've cleaned and reseated the card, but no joy.

This is a completely out of the blue problem. It was working fine last night, tried to turn it on this morning, and this happened. Any advice? Or do I just have to get a new graphics card?

Thanks for any help you can give.

Answer:Monitor displaying "No Signal" on startup

Try to check if it is well plug in the AGP or PCI Express slot in you PC. If yes then you Graphic card is dead you will need to change it.

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so i got a problem with my computer and i hope one of u guys may be able to help me.
what basicly happens is this: While playing games (mostly TESO (an MMORPG)), my screen freezes, goes completely black, i got an error sign that says: 'no signal detected' and screen goes black again.

i can't do anything, yet i'm still able to hear the sound of what ever i was doing.

my log book gives me this error:

Name: Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-EventTracing/Admin
Source: Kernel-EventTracing
ID: 3
level: error

on advice of a friend i have tried the directX diagnostic tool and running sfc/scannow in command prompt.
both showed nothing out of the ordinairy.

so if anyone could help me, or give me any advice that would be appreciated.
Keep it simple though, my knowledge of the in and outs of a computer is NOT very high


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When I turn on Packard bell imedia PC it seems to start. Windows logo comes on and it looks as if it is going to start screen, then it goes off and monitor says "no signal". Could the fact that power was switched off at socket by mistake have any bearing on this problem? Could this have damaged something?
Monitor and cable work perfectly on other computer. Thanks.

Answer:desktop PC starts but monitor says "no signal"

psu = power supply, on its way out or its overheating and shutting down to save the cpu from blowing.
how old is the pc, cpu fan heat matrix may be blocked with gunk

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I recently built a PC (specs provided), the whole system works wonderfully. However I soon noticed that my Samsung HDTV Monitor (Model: T24D390) would state there is no signal from my PC with the two being connected via VGA (DVI connector to graphics card) and the TV would then turn itself off. This problem was solved by turning both PC and monitor off and on again any number of times until it worked.
I bought a DVI to HDMI cable to run from my graphics card to my monitor as the source for the monitor is named HMDI1/DVI PC. The first time I used this cable my monitor displayed my PC instantly and without issue, however a couple of days with the same set-up, my monitor once again displayed no signal despite recognising that there is a source plugged in, it simply refuses to display my PC. The solution was once again turn both devices on and off until it worked (sometimes this will work first time, sometimes it will take 10 tries).
This issue seems to be an entirely random and annoying event which forces me to repeatedly power down my PC within a short space of time, something I imagine isn't doing it any favours.
Any help would be appreciated.
PC Specs
Intel Core i5 i5-4690K CPU
MSI Nvidia Gtx 960 Gaming 2 GB PCI-E Graphics Card
MSI Z97 Gaming 3 Intel LGA1150 Z97 ATX Motherboard
Corsair Vengeance DDR3 16GB RAM
WD 1TB Internal Hard Drive
EVGA 500W PC Power Supply
Windows 10 (Problem occurred on Windows 8.1 also)

Answer:PC or Monitor "No Signal" Issues (DVI to HDMI)

hey there dude, i seem to be having the same problem with my 960gtx GPU.Thou some of the specs you gave are slightly different from mine, the problem you describe is exactly what i'm facing now. Any solutions to the problem yet?

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Hey guys,
Just bought a new BenQ monitor as I'm currently using my brothers whilst he is overseas and needed a new one when he returns shortly. The current monitor is a Samsung, which only connects with a HDMI cable straight to the graphics card. The new monitor does not react when the computer boots, giving simply a "no signal detected" screen. The Samsung doesn't connect when using the blue D-Sub cable. The screen also is reduced about an inch around the edge when the HDMI cable is used (except when gaming where it is full screen). I've tried reinstalling graphics drivers and motherboard drivers, reseating the graphics card and rebooting the computer but so far no luck. Any help would be much appreciated, cheers guys.

Answer:Monitor showing "no signal detected"

Which model of Benq? Did you install the monitor software?

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I have had my computer connected via VGA cable for years and suddenly I am getting a "HDMI No Signal" message and my computer no longer connects. There isn't even an HDMI attached to my monitor, nor was there ever one! I tried different VGA cable and even tried connecting the monitor to a different computer and same thing happens......ANY IDEAS?!!?

Answer:ASUS monitor says "HDMI No Signal"

Hi welcome to the forum.

Sounds like the monitor needs to go in to be service. You would probably better off getting a new one. As the repair cost could be close to same cost.

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Good day all,

I just had the oppurtunity to move on to Windows 7, after installing everything was good(As far as I can see).

Now, my system has a GeForce 210 Graphics Card, so naturally I would want to install the NVIDIA drivers. Here is when sith happens:

After the mandatory restart, Win7 loads(good so far), then my Monitor (a Likom 556S... something 15" CRT monitor) would whine at me about "Frequency out of range". I could hear the startup sound, but see nothing except the "Frequency out of range" message.

The manual for my Monitor says that the maximum resolution for the Monitor is 1024 x 768 @ 70 Hz.

I tried changing to different modes(Via Safe Mode) to no avail, I even plugged my PC to a different monitor(It worked fine) and set the resolution to a very low 640x480 @ 60 Hz, but when I plugged it back it still is "Out of Range".

Anyone can assist me with troubleshooting this?


Answer:Monitor cries: "OUT OF FREQUENCY RANGE" at login

Try this.

1. Boot in safe mode.
2. Un-install the nvidia display driver.
3. Set the display settings to some supported value.
4. Restart, install nvidia display driver and set the appropriate settings which your monitor supports.
5. Restart.

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Hi guys
When I m switching on the CPU is starting and the green led stays on but the monitor is showing "no signal" , I even changed VGA cable, connected my monitor with laptop it works fine , give me some ideas

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Hiya all,

I just recently purchased a new monitor about a month ago a ACER S242HL LCD monitor (24") and all is working well in Windows 7 but sometimes when you switch the PC on nothing displays on the monitor (the power light is still amber) and when you press the power button off and then on all you get is a blue light come on and a box appear saying "no signal".

If you switch the PC off and on again after a few moments the light goes blue and you see bios, windows etc and everything is fine.

At first I thought it's my PC (even though I just got a new graphics card, replaced fans etc), I thought it was RAM causing problems for the computer to boot up, but when the monitor didn't display again I left it on with the speakers turned up and I heard the windows 7 login music, so the PC is booting up but for some reason the monitor is acting like there is no signal.

I am using a DVI cable at the moment.


Answer:Monitor "No Signal" issue

Can you try a cable or monitor, to see what is faulty.

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i jus bought a brand new computer running a 8800gtx and i am running a 22 inch acer lcd. when i plugged my monitor in it goes directly to no signal and goes to sleep. i have tried switching from analog to digital in monitor settingsand i have tried both vga with dci-d adapter and straight dvi-d cords. any suggestions

Answer:Acer monitor has "no signal"

Have you tried to use another monitor? LCD or CRT?

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Hi, my monitor does this weird thing where it works perfectly fine,
but when I turn it off and back on for whatever reason it doesn't work anymore,
"No Signal Detected!" it says...
I would then have to go through the process of disconnecting the display port cable and reconnecting it (or something along the lines of that) and it'll turn back on that way,
what is this, how do I stop this??
The reason I'm creating this thread is that now I can't get that monitor to come back on, period.
Does anybody know how to fix this?!

*Yes I have checked that the monitor is on the right channel, being display port.*
*No the cables aren't loose.*
*No the cables aren't damaged/faulty.*
*Yes I have tried turning it off and back on.*

Answer:PC Monitor "No Signal Detected!"

Well, it could be a few things:

1. Your display port is borked. Have you tried a different method of connecting? DVI or HDMI?
2. Your graphics card has failed completely.
3. Your monitor display port has failed.
4. The monitor has failed entirely.

The first thing that I would do is to try another monitor on the computer and see if it works, if you have access to another one.

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When I boot my computer and turn on my monitor at the same time, the monitor displays "no signal". However If I turn the monitor on later when the windows is already running, it's perfectly fine, no later issues until reboot. It usually do the job, when I unplug the cable, then I plug it in to the cards other slot or just plug it back. Last time, when I updated my geforce driver, my monitor did the same thing and I had to restart my machine 4 or 5 times before it worked again.


LG W2453TQ Monitor
GeForce GTX 560 Graphics Card
ASUS P8H61 Motherboard

I'd really appreciate your help,

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Have been using my TV as an external monitor for my Sony Vaio (cracked LCD) for a couple of weeks now with no issues, using an HDMI cable to connect the two. Turned on earlier today and had a "no signal" error. Tried two different HDMI cables as well as different tv, same issue every time. As screen on laptop is shot I have nothing to go by to solve this. Any suggestions?

Answer:"No signal", external monitor.

Try pressing the Fn key then with it still down press the F7 key.

That should switch between the laptop's own screen and an external one.

If F7 doesn't work try all the F keys one at a time, with Fn key held down as before.

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The PC turns on the DVI cable is connected to both the monitor and the PC. It's a flatscreen AOC monitor, brand new from PCspecialist. I can't see it being a problem inside the PC.
The monitor does turn on, it shows the brand AOC and then just "no signal" going to black, the monitor on button lights up still.

Answer:"No Signal" Monitor on Brand new PC.

Are you connected to onboard graphics or the graphics card?
can you give some more details such as model Name No.?

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My computer decided to do a system startup repair on its launch but we had a power shortage shortly after so the repair was interrupted. When the power came back on I decided to boot up my pc, the keyboard and mouse worked fine and everything worked well except for the monitor which had a "No signal" coming out of it and then it just shut off, with the power button of it blinking. Can someone please help me with this?

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undefined4Arial BlackBlack
Hello everyone! I used to be on this list but my mail server disallowed it after a few months.?? Beats me.
I do need help and hope this goes through. I have a tower, 1.2Ghz Athlon. I blew it our with an air compressor the other day to clean it. Afterwards, it ran just fine for about half an hour. Then a bod came up so I shut it down. When attempting to boot monitor reads "no signal sent". I have reseated everything in the pc, including the ram. I have tried another video card, all to no avail. The cpu fan is working and a light is on the motherboard. The HD light goes on as well. There isn't any bios beep though. I hope I didn't fry something. Any ideas? Thanks


Answer:receive a "no signal sent" on monitor

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Hi, I usually don't post on forums since I am usually able to find solutions to problems my computers may be having from many of the useful replies and stickies. However, I've read several posts on this subject but havent been able to find anything that might help me, so I'm hoping someone out there might have some advice as to what is causing the issue at hand.

I recently took my computer to get fixed and the place foudn that it was a video card issue. By the end the computer was working, they even proved it by turning it on and running Warcraft 3 with out any issues.

When I brought my system home and tried to run it I started to get the message that my monitor wasn't getting a signal.

Since the monitor I have has two inputs (one for a cable that coonects directly to the Video card-it's colored white, and one that connects to a blue connector on the PC). I decided to try both individually, I tried the white cable and got the no signal message. I tried the blue cable and got the same message.

To check if the monitor was defective I pluged my laptop to the monitor and I got the monitor to display the laptops display.

So now, I'm at a complete loss of what may be causing the issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:"No Signal" Message on Monitor

When are you getting the "No Signal" message? The moment you turn on the computer? Does the computer itself boot OK? Can you hear the normal startup activity peaking with Windows startup?

You may have bumped something loose when bringing the computer home. Check all the connections inside, especially the video card ones.

If the "No Signal" message appears only after the Windows logo screen, then the technicians at the shop set your video to a resolution or refresh rate that your monitor cannot handle. You should boot into safe mode and tweak the settings in display properties.

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I just got a new computer built and got a new monitor along with it but a problem has arose. I can use the computer but when something that required a lot of RAM or just a lot of priority to open for example "Steam" the software in which you can download games and such (Basically XBOX or Play Station but for computer), It just lags a little bit and goes to no signal. I know the problem isn't with the monitor because I've tested other monitors and I have done the same with the cable. I'm using a DVI cable not a VGA. I have updated my drivers for my graphics card several times and on the GeForce Experience application it says my drivers are up to date. HELP!

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I am trying to fix a computer for a friend. The monitor says "no signal", the keyboard does not light up and there is no beep when the computer starts up. I have the case off and have checked the connections. This is an older pentium computer. It has a power switch in the back of the computer in addition to the one in the front. This back switch was turned off for about a week. Now the only way to get the power off is to use the switch in the back. The trouble started after he tryed to replace a cd rom with a writable cd rom and it was running Windows 95. The old cd rom has now been replaced and the computer was working in safe mode until we tryed to use it after it had been turned off for a week. I tried another monitor on it and just got a black screen. Can someone help?

Answer:Computer monitor says "no Signal"

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After coming back from a 2 week vacation, I tried booting up my windows xp home edition desktop and I can't seem to get past the windows xp splash screen with the loading bar. The monitor keeps losing the signal, displaying the messege "No RGB signal" whenever the loading screen would normally transition (or maybe a little sooner) to the logon screen. It was working perfectly two weeks ago. Here's what I've tried so far:

last known configuration=same problem, monitor loses signal before logon
Booting in safe mode=loads all the drivers then monitor loses signal
Booting in VGA mode=monitor loses signal

I've also tried booting with the fail safe and optimized options in the bios with no luck.

When I tried reinstalling the OS using the restore disk, I got past the formatting C drive and copying files. However, when it restarts and gets to that bluish screen, the monitor loses its signal again.

I opened up the case but there was nothing suspicious, just a lot of dust.

Everything was working 2 weeks ago, and I havn't made any changes since then, so I have no idea what's wrong with this thing...

someone please help me

Answer:"No RGB signal" on monitor when booting XP

bump, any info what be appreciated.

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Hi guys
When I m switching on the CPU is starting and the green led stays on but the monitor is showing "no signal" , I even changed VGA cable, connected my monitor with laptop it works fine , give me some ideas

Answer:CPU starting up - monitor "no signal"

Hi Ashik,

LONG time since i've seen that, trying to remember,
I believe that its because a BIOS setting has/needs to be changed reset them to default.
Are you saying your using this as a second external moniter, in this case it may be that you have to use the graphics card control panel to set it up and enable it.

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Box in the centre saying "No Signal" with R/G/B coloured boxes underneath. OS XP-SP3 and Flatscreen is GEForce 6100, Gateway HD2200
Recent History today: I was removing Canon (picture editing) programs that hadn't been used since 2006, and changed my Firewall from Outpost to Online Armour. After Restart i have this "No Signal" small coloured window.
Monitor On/Off Touch Menu at the side of the monitor is royal blue and no able to change any settings for video and resolution.
I opened NVidia to try the Optimize Wizard, but couldn't find any 'controls' they referred too, to adjust any colours/brightness etc...
My Recovery Discs are at the local computer store, so unable to recover those till next week? Thank you for ur help - i am a novice; so instructions need to be detailed. Sue Hart

Answer:"No Signal" Monitor controls?

What happens when you start in safe mode?

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hey, i was trying to fix a friends computer after he was using the internet (everyday browsing nothing to hard on the machine) and suddenly his PC crashed and followed by constantly displaying "no signal" on the monitor.

he has a asus p5l-mx mother board and was using the onboard graphics.

after checking all the cables i inserted 2 pci express cards i had laying around the house. both of them i know are working but niether of them worked in his machine.

my theory is that there is a problem with the motherboard? sorry for the brief explination.

if any one has any theorys id be happy to here them.


Answer:monitor showing "no signal"

You have two options that will accomplish the same task here. Choose the one that works better for you.
1) Try using the monitor on a PC with known working video output. If you still have a problem then you know the monitor is malfunctioning, if not, it's somewhere on the PC and quite possibly the motherboard.
2) Try a known working monitor on the PC. If it works then it is the old monitor with the problems, if not it is the original PC.

I'd do both of these with the onboard video output. You might get nothing anyways from the PCIe video cards if you don't change anything in the BIOS (some BIOS require you to change a setting to disable the onboard graphics and use a separate card)

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I recently bought a AMD graphic card (MSI R7 370 Gaming 4 G AMD Raedon R7 4GB GDDR5). I set it up myself, and it seemd to be working fine. I gamed and designed for a few days. Then, today, the monitors crashed and said "No Signal" (two monitors, one is RCA and the other is Philips). I also recently installed Windows 10. I tried certain solutions like resetting my BIOS and taking out the RAM and putting it back on but none seemed to help.
My specs are as follows:
•Windows 10
•WD Cavlar Blue 1TB SATA
•Intel Core i7-4770 Processor
•500 Wat power supply
•Patriot Viper Xtreme 8gb
•Another 8gb Ram (Don't know name)
•MSI R7 370 Gaming 4 G AMD Raedon R7 4GB GDDR5
Please help, the monitors aren't working although they used to be fine.

Answer:"No Signal" on monitor, but PC is booted up.

If the Monitors are exhibiting a "No Signal" Logo. Then it's time to check your Graphics Setup.
The Card may have become disconnected or have failed

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I just got a new computer built and got a new monitor along with it but a problem has arose. I can use the computer but when something that required a lot of RAM or just a lot of priority to open for example "Steam" the software in which you can download games and such (Basically XBOX or Play Station but for computer), It just lags a little bit and goes to no signal. I know the problem isn't with the monitor because I've tested other monitors and I have done the same with the cable. I'm using a DVI cable not a VGA. I have updated my drivers for my graphics card several times and on the GeForce Experience application it says my drivers are up to date. HELP!

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this is my first build (its definitely the way to go if any of you are thinkin about tryin it out) and ive had no complaints except this one problem ...

my computer seems to refuse to boot up whenever it doesnt want to run ... i hit the power button and all the fans start running n lights come on inside the tower, but nothing else happens ... usually have to hit the reset button a couple times or turn it off with the power button n it will boot up when it wants to and ive been dealing with it by not turning off or restarting my computer (sadly lol) but its getting annoying ... sometimes i get the beeps from the mobo and the screen comes on n other times ill get the beeps but nothing happens ... ive gone a week restarting my computer (manually) sometimes before it decides to boot back up in the past ...

when it does decide to boot back up jus before loading up XP i get a message about an error in the boot up (which i cant remember off the top of my head unfortunately) n the next line appears saying its going to boot from C:\Windows and everything runs fine once it gets passed there ...

I've tried turning everything off, unplugging everything, and plugging it all back in ... I've tried clearing out the inside with an air duster ... I've tried 2 different monitors ... i dont know what else to do ..

please help ... thx

*edit* almost forgot

Mobo: Gigabyte P35C DS3R
CPU: IC2D E6750 2.66ghz
2 Western Digital 500gb 7500rpm drives in a RAID array
1 Western Digita... Read more

Answer:CPU turns on, but monitor says "no signal"

#1) XFX GeForce 7900GS video card -> What drivers did you install? If it came with a CD you should use those instead of the windows assigned ones

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Recently, my desktop computer's monitor has been displaying "No Signal" even when I turn on my PC. My Computer does not beep like it usually do, but there was this one time when I opened it up, briefly looked at it and closed it again and then it miraculously worked.

The next day, I tried turning my computer on hoping that nothing won't go wrong. However, the same issue happened, and I noticed that when I turn on the computer that it doesn't beep nor light up as it used to. I am pretty sure it's not the monitor's problem. But from my endless search for the solution of this problem in google, I think that it's either the processor or graphics card's problem.

Please help me as much as you can! Thanks in advance.

Answer:Monitor "no Signal" Problem

There is no one thing that does this. Obviously check the monitor cable to the video adapter. Inside of the case check all connections especially RAM and your video card.
You can try resetting CMOS by removing the MB disk battery or using the jumper on the MB (this probably won't work but it is free).

After that, the problem could be any piece of hardware. Power supply is most common, but everything else is possible also.

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I was working in some audio programs last night and my PC began to freeze. However, it was still active and somewhat glitchy (graphics where disapearing and turning white). I had to perform a hard reboot with the "reset button". Everything seemed to work OK after that. Today I start up the PC and start working again. It started getting glitchy again and froze. Again, I had to perform a hard reboot. This time my computer never came back. After I hit the power button, the HDD light flashes and then turns off, the power supply is running, the fans are running, the mouse has its led light, the Hard drive is running and the internal speaker beeps once. However, it wont even go into BIOS. All I get on the screen is "no signal". Is my graphics card fried? How can I troubleshoot this problem?
Thanks in advance.

P4 2.8 ghz
Windows XP Pro
1.5 Ram
Radeon 9200 Graphics Card

P.S. Yes, I checked to make sure everything was plugged in correctly.

Answer:Monitor gets "No signal" after boot-up!

Freaky, I was JUST going to post this same topic!!

I was playing WoW a few days ago, and my computer suddenly locked up and froze completely. "Hmm, thats strange" I thought to myself. I tried to turn my computer back on, and everything turned back on. Lights, fans, everything, EXCEPT my fan on the bottom of my graphics card. I got the 'MONITOR IS WORKING! CHECK SIGNAL/CABLE" message displayed on my computer, so I at first assumed it was just my graphic card frying again.

So I took out my card and checked for signs of burning (Like my last one). This card had no signs of problems anywhere on it, it didn't smell burnt, the fan turned fine, ect. There was nothing physically wrong with it! Anyway, I took the Geforce 4 MX440 out of this computer and tried to plug it into my good computer, and I got the same message! So now I know that it wasn't a graphic card related problem, since a 100% working card didn't work in my computer.

Here are the hardware specs on my dead computer:
1gig DDR400 ram
Athlon 3200+ XP processor
Asus A7V600-X mobo
Radeon 9800 Pro
80gig HDD
420w Raidmax PSU

I already tried checking both sticks of ram, and they are fine. My HD lights up, and the fans turn on my CPU, so I don't think those are the problem. I reset my BIOS by taking out the battery while my computer sat unplugged for an hour, and still, no dice. The only thing I can think of that could be wrong with my computer is my motherboard, like may... Read more

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Hello everyone,

Okay so the story goes that the other night my computer was working great, no problems whatsoever. I leave it on while I sleep, and yesterday morning I wake up and try to move my mouse around to take the monitor off standby. Nothing happens. This is not the first time my monitor gets stuck in standby mode, but usually I just move the cords around, and it bounces back to life. I have unplugged everything, turned it off for hours and nothing seems to work. I can turn my monitor on briefly, but then I get slammed with a "No signal", and the monitor reverts back to standby. ;( I have tried google, but I am not sure what could be wrong. I am not computer savvy, and this computer was a gift. It has worked perfect for about a year now. Any help would be

Posted on my iPhone, sorry for the sloppy post!

Answer:Help-Monitor "No signal Detected"

That is basically my situation, except this happens also when I first turn my computer on. I also have Googled and Googled with no luck. Most people say it's a PSU issue, which is COMPLETELY off the mark

However, I've kind of developed a solution. When you first turn your computer on, listen to when it seems like it's done powering everything up. Right as it gets to that point, hit the reset button or power button to make the computer turn off for a short amount of time, then boot again (reset button works for me most of the time, although I have used the power button on another person's computer with the same problem).

It's weird I know, but I've been doing it for some time since my computer does the same thing. If you do get it working with this method, I recommend not letting your computer go into sleep mode.

Also, what brand is your graphics card/motherboard?

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So I turn my PC on, to go to the BIOS. But the screen says "No Signal Detected"
How can I fix this?! I know you have to change something in the bios to do it, because my motherboard doesn't have a display port in it. The display ports are from my graphics card which is a MSI R9 290X

Answer:PC Boot But Monitor says "No Signal"

To see BIOS your probably going to have to connect a VGA cable or DVI depending on what output the board has.

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Around 20-30 minutes ago everything was working fine
I have a brand new Gigabyte g1 gtx1060 and i use a HDMI cable to connect it to my B2330HD Samsung monitor. I had a resolution set up which made the screen smaller in order to see everything on it ( because hdmi and nvidia ""love"" each other so much and are uncompatible )

Everything was working fine, and then resolution changed to 1920x1080 by itself , a few flickers later i got the message unsupported resolution and after restart i receive the Check connection no signal message.

I am currently connected via VGA cable with my B150M-A motherboard but connecting it to HDMI also provides a NO SIGNAL display message.
What are the steps i can take to fix this issue because i need to utilize my card ( gaming purposes ) and not the chipset one on the board.

If you need any other information please ask Thank you and sorry if this is not the correct section, i just don't know what to do after failed searches on the internet.

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Well... the Title pretty much says it all..
Everything Boots normally, but the monitor says "no signal".
(This problem was very abrupt, aside from two times when it had to do a physical mem dump *blue screen*, i think it said something about hard/software incompat.??? not too sure)

Here are a few of the things I tried....
- unplugging then holding power button for at least 30 sec. (worked once, then same problem..)
- cleared CMOS by removing battery (worked two times in a row, then same problem resumed..)
- I have swapped out RAM with my previous, working, RAM...
- Removed RAM completely and MOBO beeped at me... So i know the MOBO can recognize the RAM..
- Tried 2 diff CPU's... I have checked both and they are compatible with the MOBO and have worked when I used them before...
- Tried another graphics card *didn't know if it was previously working*
- tried completely removing Graphics card, and plugging into MOBO, exact same thing.
- tried monitor on this system. it works fine.
- tried using another VGA (D-SUB) cable and didnt work (Using DVI adapter for my Graphics card)
- HDD did have some virus's on it, but they were cleared, did several scans with 3 good working Anti-Malware/Anti-Virus programs.
- All Hardware is (from what I, and my father can tell) in good condition, no known damage.
- When I start the system, I tried hitting the Caps lock, and Num Lock keys, and keyboard did not respond.
- I do not know how the MOBO would be at fault s... Read more

Answer:Solved: Yet another "No signal" on Monitor... ugh

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Whenever I turn on my computer a receive a "No Signal" error from my monitor. I've tried plugging it into my motherboard's VGA port, an 8600gt and an 8800gts but I get the same result every time.
I have also tried reseating the RAM and the two graphics cards, checked all cables and cleared the cmos (through jumper and battery).

I'm unsure whether it is the motherboard or the CPU, maybe even the ram is fried.

Does anyone have any tips or have any suggestions which component I should replace first?

Thanks alot if anyone can help,

Answer:"No Signal" on monitor - Motherboard or CPU?

does your tower power up and just no screen?
or does your tower not power up with no screen?

also, are you using both of those cards at the same time? (please say no if in sli config)

can you list your spec's aswell:

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Hi, whenever I turn on my acer aspire m1640 computer , the monitor and hard drive turn on but the monitor says "no signal" and then goes blank, I have checked that all the cables such as the VGA and stuff are plugged in properly and they are, and when I turn it on there is no beeping, nor anything to suggest that the computer isn't running as it should be.
Just incase, I have cleaned the fans, but that hasn't helped. I'm kind of inexperienced with computers, so you might have to explain it in an easier way.

Can anyone help me?

Answer:Help!! Computer monitor says "no signal"

technewbie123 said:

Hi, whenever I turn on my acer aspire m1640 computer , the monitor and hard drive turn on but the monitor says "no signal" and then goes blank, I have checked that all the cables such as the VGA and stuff are plugged in properly and they are, and when I turn it on there is no beeping, nor anything to suggest that the computer isn't running as it should be.
Just incase, I have cleaned the fans, but that hasn't helped. I'm kind of inexperienced with computers, so you might have to explain it in an easier way.

Can anyone help me?Click to expand...

You should try another monitor there may be a fault on the cable self.

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Hi folks,

I came on here a few weeks ago when my computer began to keep freezing, leading to me having to reboot it (see the thread here: )

I realised there was something partially blocking the fan grill and removed it. Problem solved - or so I thought.

A few days ago, the problem returned and I had to keep rebooting - but it was becoming harder and harder to get the PC to boot up - it would often just hang on the Windows 7 screen.

Last night, I began to back up my pictures, movies etc, intending to perform a full system restore tonight.

But now my signal is receiving "no signal" from the PC. It appears the PC is working - I get one short beep, the fans whirr and the hard drive makes its usual noises. But "no signal".

Can anyone please help me? I'd be eternally grateful to you wonderful people, as I have been on so many occasions in the past.

Many thanks,


Answer:PC very poorly - monitor "no signal"

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Hey guys, new user here. I have a sva flat screen monitor that I've owned for 2 or 3 years, although it's spent most of that time on a shelf unused so it's practically new, still. It began giving a blinking message on the screen that says "Signal out of Range" and it has done so with two different pc's. I can't find any helpful info on the 'net so wanted to post here. I love the monitor but am close to beating the **** out of it with a hammer lol. When I push the menu button several times to scroll through the functions (without changing anything) the message changes to "Auto" for a few seconds, then the outta range message disappears for a few seconds before starting again...very frustrating.
Thanks in advance,

Answer:"signal out of range" on my monitor

Sounds like the video card is displaying a resolution the monitor cant handle. Does the monitor display anything at POST or as windows is booting, then go to the out of range once windows starts? If so, boot to safe mode and lower the resolution or refresh rate.

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I have not been able to use one of my computer over the past couple of months because every time I turned on my computer nothing would pop up on my monitor. The hookups are correct, I cleaned the inside of the tower to make sure there isn't any dust and I even thought it was a monitor issue. I have used three monitors including one I just bought. It says there is no signal. I know my issue is the tower. The tower sounds normal so I was wondering what could be the problem with my PC.

Answer:Computer Monitor says "No Signal"

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I am now clutching at straws. I have searched the web and cannot find a solution to the problem below although there is a similar problem with MCE 2005 with the digital Audio overlay. I can see this is not an uncommon problem and cannot find anything for VISTA. Please help.

When playing recorded TV MY VISTA MCE will, from time to time, freeze the picture on screen (the PC still appears to be running - I can move the mouse) for several minutes, then return to playing the recorded TV. Some times when this freeze occurs, I will get the 'no TV signal' blue screen. And sometimes (but not often) I will get a dialogue box with "Logon process has failed to create security options dialogue" "Failure security options".

I have an external Maxtor firewire 1 Tb disk - I have disabled Firewire and using USB for this device -still get error,

I have change some of the BIOS settings - no change,

I have change to various versions of Video drivers (MSI 8500GT Nvidia card) - no change,

I have reloaded VISTA numerous times - no change,

I have VISTA SP 1 - no change,
I have VISTA SP 2 - no change

I have updated all the drivers I can, both with WIN update and one by one in device manager by looking on the net and on local drive - no change,

I have slowed the data transfer rate on my 1.5Tb disk from 3g/min to 1.5g/min - no change.

I have tried various codec packs - no change.

I have run out of ideas - is there a problem with a buff... Read more

Answer:"No TV signal" bluue screen when playing recorded TV in VISTA MCE

I have disabled devices in device manager - no change - I have played recorded tv in window media player - not MCE - and still get problem - is there a registry setting for a cache or something .......

Does any have anything else to try?

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Hello everyone,

I just had this problem occur the other day. I was playing the new WoW, when I started getting a really BAD picture: lines going across my screen, red and green dots and what not.

Then the game froze and I had to shut down the computer. I tried logging on a few more times with the same problems.

I tried logging on just to use the internet and the screen kept going black, then back to normal, eventually just freezing.

Now, when I log on, the screen goes black right at the blue login screen, and my moniter reads" IGN no input signal."

I am running Microsoft XP. I saw another thread like this elsewhere with the agreed-upon cause being overheating. All my fans work (including processor and video card) and I even took off the side panel after the computer has been off for a day, still no luck.

The oldest parts on my computer are the harddrive (safe to assume this is not the problem) and my video card.

Any help would be appreciated, and sorry if this is in the wrong board


Answer:After computer startup, black screen, followed by "no input signal"

I have the same problm need help bad

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I have just had some heating problems with my graphics card and I found out it's fan was out, so I removed it and pugged my screen into the onboard VGA.
After fixing the graphics card I placed it back into the PCI slot and connected my screen cable to it and when I turned on my PC everything worked fine until somehow the screen blacked out after a minute and told me there's no signal, after shutting down my PC and turining it back on the screen doesn't turns on, and only if I unplug the power I get the same problem.

When the cable is in the onboard VGA it works fine but when I put the graphics card I get that problem, I think the card works fine because the fan on it is on.

How can I fix this?


Answer:After a minute my screen blacks out and says "no signal detected"?

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When I am on the computer and interrupted, I leave the computer to do something, and the screen saver should kick in properly.

The screen saver isn't the problem. One time when I had left the computer, I was gone for 20 minutes. I set the screen saver to activate after 5 minutes of no movement at the desktop. And after 8-10 minutes after the screen saver is activated, the screen turns pitch black. This has always been normal for my computer, I just move the mouse and the desktop comes back. However, the other day when I was gone for 20 minutes I came back and moved the mouse, only to discover that the screen that emerged from the screen saver was a single white box in the middle of the monitor screen saying "no signal." I have seen this before: I see this screen when the monitor is on but the PC tower is not. This means that the monitor is getting no feed from the PC tower.

So when I move the mouse and I get the no signal message, I hit ctrl+alt+delete to see if anything happens. Nada. I turn the monitor off then back on, and the same message still apperars. Not only that, but as anyone knows, when you ctrl+alt+delete twice, the system restarts. Not at this message. So why is it doing this? What is the source of my problem? Monitor? Video card?

Oh and by the way when I hit the reset button right on the tower is the only way I can actually reboot the system, but everything turns back to normal, I am just wondering how I can prevent this weird problem when I ... Read more

Answer:Screen saver reveals "No Signal" message

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I'm putting this here since it's only happening when I'm playing games but I'm not sure if I'm in the right place for this. When I'm playing graphic-heavy games my screen goes black after 6 min (I've timed it) and gives me the message "signal lost" (or maybe it's "no signal"?) and I have to reboot. Anyway, this has been going on for nearly a year. I haven't added anything except regular updates (windows update, drivers etc) and before this started I could play graphic-heavy games without any problems. I even took it back to the store and had it checked for any problems. I described what was wrong but when I got it back they said they found nothing except dust. I took it home to play and the same thing happened again. Nothing wrong, sure. I've tried to keep it dust-free and cool, used a different screen, going back to previous drivers in case the new one was unstable or something, updated the drivers (and the games when possible) again, changed the in-game options to low or off but nothing seems to work. If I'm very lucky I can play the games for 30-120min instead of only 6min but I've no idea why and I can't get it to happen again with any regularity. Ordinary games works without any problems. Examples are Broken Sword, Sherlock Holmes, Still Life, Darkness Within and various MMORPGs like Luvinia. Examples of graphic-heavy games no longer working: Two Worlds 1&2, Mass Effect and the Recko... Read more

Answer:Screen goes black when playing - "signal lost"

72c is sort of hot. Is that the temperature at the time of the problem as well? Make sure your videocard is firmly seated.

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I recently put together a computer myself (AMD Athlon X2 6000+, XFX 8600 GT XXX, 2 gigs of corsair XMS2 ram @ 800mhz, 500 gig seagate barracuda hard drive, Sound Blaster audigy 2 ZS sound card, and an asus M2N-SLI Deluxe mobo with a 500 watt PSU) and after about a week of normal operation, I seem to have encountered a problem nether my father or I can seem to resolve.

Basically what happens is I power up the computer, everything runs normally. After it finishes with the screen with the XP logo and loading bar, my monitor sort of flashes (it constantly stays black, but sort of powers down and powers back up) one or two times, and then the LED on the monitor glows amber instead of green, and my monitor just displays "No Signal".

Now this is what I have tried so far. I have uninstalled/reinstalled the video card drivers. The interesting thing is after i uninstall them in safe mode, it boots up normally, and almost the second the drivers for the video card finish installing (this is just normally, not in safe mode), the screen goes black, and then displays "No Signal". I have tried moving the card to my other PCI-ExpressX16 slot after uninstalling, and tried reinstalling the drivers while it is there, but the same thing happens.

I do not understand how this problem came about, as the computer was working perfectly until i tried booting it up one day, which is when the problem started. I havent had any blue screens or errors of any sort, the only pr... Read more

Answer:XP Showing "No Signal" after loading screen

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Title pretty much says it all
screen is fine
DVI cable is unknown but I doubt its the problem since I tried using HDMI and it still showed no signal.
Integrated Graphics still work.
Any suggestion as to what would be the problem ?
im guessing it to be my GPU
im using win 10 64
GPU: amd hd 7770 radeon
CPU: i7 3770
its been working fine for almost four years. The past few weeks, the screen started to shutdown more often than before. I'm guessing that's an indication of GPU start to fail ?
So I decided to clean up some dust and make sure all components were connected well.
But one day I pressed the power button like usual and nothing came up. Keyboard and mouse worked lighted up but no display.

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Hi all

Hope you can help with this problem...

? Intel i5-760 with Thermalright MUX-120 cooler
? Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 5770 graphics card
? 2 x Corsair DDR3 2GB DIMMs
? Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
? Seagate 500GB SATA HDD
? Lite On IHBS 112 DVD/CD/BluRay ODD
? Lian-Li Extreme Power 650W PSU in Lian-Li PC60FNWX case

All well cooled. Running IntelBurnTest only gets the CPU temp up to 50 deg C max.

Problem is this? built the system, installed Windows 7 successfully, all updated via Windows Update. Latest AMD drivers loaded for graphics.

It ran ok for a day or so then I started to get a problem which has got more consistent ? If I boot with both DIMMs installed, Windows gets to ?Loading Windows? then the screen (a BENQ, HDMI connected) goes black and then after a few seconds an error ?no signal? is displayed. As far as I can tell, other activity continues (HDD activity LED etc). This happens almost without fail? If I start in Safe Mode it does run Windows OK

Did some troubleshooting ? tried different monitor, cable, used VGA rather than HDMI, moved the 5770 to different PCI slot ? made no difference. I thought it must be the 5770 at that point? until I got Windows up & tried running IntelBurnTest again and got error before it could start saying ?you can?t specify more memory than you have? or somesuch. So I shutdown, took out one DIMM and rebooted. Boots reliably now! Tried the other DIMM. Still boots reliably.
... Read more

Answer:Screen blanks... "no signal" error

The BIOS updates for this mobo show a few compatibility issues with ODD and memory that have been fixed. You might try that...
ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

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Am looking at one of my club members PC and after using his firewire connection the screen went blank and showed the "No Input Signal".
This PC has a separate graphics card and no onboard card so my first thought was the graphics card has fried! Tried 3 different monitors (all known to work) with 3 cables, no joy. I have just replaced the card with a brand new one and still no joy. I'm guessing it must be the motherboard. The PC is a Dell 5 years old. If it is the motherboard it hardly seems worth replacing. All data is backed up but I could always connect the hard drive to another machine if there is anything on it of importance that had been missed on the backup. Is my diagnosis likely to be correct or is there some other possibility?

Answer:Message "No Input Signal" on Screen

Is there a spare PCI slot on the motherboard? I'm presuming not but worth a shot.

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