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Quick grinding sound coming out of HDD followed by a freeze

Question: Quick grinding sound coming out of HDD followed by a freeze


So I'm having this problem for a while now. I keep "fixing" it and it keeps coming back after some time. I would be really grateful if you could point me to the problem's origin.

What's up?

I'm on my PC, minding my own business, when suddenly I hear a quick grinding sound (lasting ~1 second). I can guess it's coming out from my hard drive. After that, around 5 seconds past and the system freezes. I kept it like that for 20mins and nothing happened. It does not respond to anything. Then I proceed to restart the PC. Everything looks fine. But after some random amount of time (some time 5mis, some time 1 hour) the same thing happens: same grind noise followed by a freeze.

What I noticed:

Most of the time, explorer.exe freezez first, causing windows, taskbar and other related stuff to now work. Often other applications (web browser, video/music player, game) keep working for a few more seconds, ot at least keep playing audio.

What I did:
Checked the system for any virses/malware (Avast!, MSI, Mawarbites), cleaned and defragg (Ccleaner/Defragger). Computer is clean: no viruses what so ever. Ccleaner did nothing to solve the problem. Trough when I did a defragg of the OS disk (C), the "grind-freeze" stopped for about 2 weeks.

What I did next:
I found out that if I wipe the system and do a clean reinstall of Win7 Ultimate, the "grind-freeze" stops for several months. Yeah that's right. About 3-4 months.

Because the nature of the problem is so random, I can't pinpoint the exact reason.
Most people tell me my hard drive is dead/going to die. But I haven't lost a single file yet. And if that's the case, why does it still work after a system re-install?

EDIT: When I enter safemode, the "grind-freeze" problem NEVER happens. This is how I wrote this thread.

I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit. The whole setup (not counting the video card) is around 7-8 years old.

I'll appreciate any help. Ask any question you want.

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Preferred Solution: Quick grinding sound coming out of HDD followed by a freeze

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Quick grinding sound coming out of HDD followed by a freeze

Before you do anything else, make sure you have at least one full backup of your HDD (hard drive). If you don't have another HDD to copy your data to, you will need to get an external HDD to use.

You can easily rule out the HDD being the problem by cloning your present HDD to a new HDD, then replacing the old one with the new one. Macrium Reflect Free is an easy to use program that can clone and image HDDs. Copying a HDD to another one is best done by cloning.

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heare is a link to my speakers i do not understand this as if i use google crome on the same web page and scroll on g chrome it dose not make the grinding sound

Answer:weird grinding sound coming out of speakers when scrolling on firefox?

That is usually a setting in System Sounds. The panel for System Sounds can be found in the Control Panel/Hardware and Sound.

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Title says it all. I am not very familiar with Computers, but I know my stuff.

I have an ASUS P5Q-E Motherboard, and an Intel Q9950 processor. I also have the Antec Twelve Hundred gaming case, with a Zalman cooler on top of all that.

I smack the side of the behind the cover, and sometimes it will go away, but that's horrible for the machine. It is not the cooler, because I have tried moving it while the PC was running, and no problem. I smack the top of the fan on the top, the muffles, and comes back. It is not the Hardrive, or any External fans, because the noise is coming from the top, back right corner of the PC. I turn the speed of the fan on the top down, there is no change of sound, and there are no wires interfering with the fans.

Any help would be appreciated.


Answer:Grinding Noise coming from the CPU, or top fan.

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I recently bought an HP Omen 2 months ago. For the last month it has made a glitchy noise that can also sound like grinding. It espicially happens when I watch videos of any kind, or if I am just on the web. Strangely, it stops making the noise when I play a video game such as overwatch. I know for a fact that it is a hardware problem as I have performed tests. It has something to do with the power or the fan. It changes loudness when i change the power settings. Is this Normal? I would appreciate if I got an answer ASAP. Thank you in advance!

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Hello, My lenovo P50 is about a year old and has started making this weird grinding noise. I suspect dusts in the fan and the easier option would be to hand it over for lenovo to look at but Im in Abuja, Nigeria. Doubt there are any Lenovo certified centers here. The sound started about 3 days ago and it gets really loud.Does the sound affect performance? I do alot of intensive 3D rendering and compositiing in After Effects, performances seems to have dropped whenever I try rendering. So all I've stopped doing any CPU intensive work to prevent probable damage. I have the 4k |i7 6820HQ | 16gb ram | 256 SSD| 2TB HDD. Thanks   

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Hi friends,

Last week when I turned on the computer, there was a grinding sound from inside the CPU. Suddenly I turned off
and opened it.I thought it was coz of dust.So cleaned and again turned on,then it worked fine.Yesterday morning when I turned it on,again it made that grinding sound.I don't know whats wrong with my CPU. The hard disk,motherboard,SMPS all are new .Is there any problem with my CPU fan or HD?Today morning also I got the same problem.I turned off and removed the side panel.Then again turned on and now its working fine.I think the sound is probably from the fan.But the SMPS is new one.So I'm confused that is it power supply fan or CPU fan or will it be the HDD. Plz help me...!!

Answer:Grinding Sound From CPU

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Question: Grinding Sound

Hello, I have a Lenovo Thinkpad T61 Laptop. When I work on the laptop, it suddenly start producing a grinding sound. It is coming form the Top-Left corner of the laptop. It is not coming all the time. It is not coming immediately when I turn it on. But if I use it for like 30 minutes, it will start producing the sound. It will produce this sound for the next 15 to 30 minutes and then gradually stop after that. This happens every day. Is it a heatsink+fan issue? How can I fix this ? Thanks. 

Answer:Grinding Sound

It sounds like your fan is failing. My fan has failed on my old Thinkpad x61 tablet. You can get the instructions here look at page 88, the steps are there. PM me if you need any help. If you replace your fan remember to get new thermal grease.

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Question: Grinding sound

When Windows is closing down I think the hard drive is making a grinding twice before it closes down. It's not a beep but a grinding. On two seperate occassions it has done this.

Running: Windows XP, AMD gigabyte motherboard 1.8, 768 RAM, x800 ATI radeaon card.

What could be causing this?

Answer:Grinding sound


First of all, let me say you need to back up this drive immediately unless you want to risk the chance of losing all your data. This drive might be ready to bite the dust, so get that done.

I would go to the drive manufacturer's website and download the drive utility and run it on this drive to see what might be the problem. You need to get tha done quickly while the drive is still operational.

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hello i just build a i7 cpu this past weekend and i noticed the past 2 days everytime i have the computer on for 3 hours or so i get a grinding sound. can someone please help idk what this is

Answer:grinding sound please help

You'll have to take the cover off your case when you hear it and see for yourself. It could be any of the fans doing it.

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I've only had my laptop for 3 months, and I've had the grinding sound for maybe a month now. It's mostly when I turn it on. But it also resumes grinding at a constant pace every few seconds, it grinds for a part of a second, even as I type this. It's a very low sound, though, unlike when it starts, it's a bit louder.

I've also been having slowdown issues, as I'm sure that's relevant.

It's an HP Pavilion zt3340ea
512 RAM
Centrino 1.6
60 GB

Answer:New laptop grinding sound

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I have a Dell DImension Desktop (not a big Dell fan, but it was free, it's my only PC). Anyway, lately at startup I've been hearing a terrible grinding noise from insode the computer, it usually quiets down a bit later after startup, but a grinding/buzzing noise is always there to some degree.

I immediatly figured it was a HD problem, that the HD was grinding. I went to staples and picked up a new 80GB maxtor HD and installed it (removed the old one entirely). I re-installed windows at that point but the grinding noise IS STILL THERE! The noise is basically identical so I am starting to think that it was neve a HD issue, if it wasn't what else could possibly be grinding like that!? Maybe a fan somewhere? I'm not completely computer illiterate, but I obviously have no clue what's going on, please help me!


PS_ if it helps im running off of a GeForce FX 5200 256 MB Vid Card (ya, I know it's not the greatest), I havea GIG of staple's RAM and that's a bout all I think you'll need, plz help me out here!

Answer:GRINDING/BUZZING it the HD or..?(HLP!)

A fan is the only other moving part unless its a floppy or cd in the drives

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Here's a question ..... !The last couple weeks when starting up my computer and for the first 30 seconds or so until the welcome screen appears, I can hear a grinding sound coming from my computer. Everything appears fully functional when this sound stops and no manner of tapping or tilting the computer case makes any difference to the sound.My question(s) is therefore what actually moves in the computer when you initialy switch it on and should I be worried?The comouter is only 2 years old (E-machine - XP).Thanks in anticipation.

Answer:Grinding sound on start-up !

Take the side off the case and listen carefully. It`s either a fan sticking until the bearing gets lubricated or it`s the hard disc. The former is easily solved the latter needs urgent, and I mean urgent attention.

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Here's how the problem started..
My 17" crt display went kaput, and the monitor started emitting smoke. I closed the power immediately and that was it.
Forward 2 days later...
called in LG service and the guy fixed my monitor! bingo.
But now when I start my computer, it makes a REAL LOUD noise and everything vibrates wildly. the noise and the vibration 'stay' for 2-3 minutes before stopping.
Now I have searched a bit and come across several probable causes - and eliminated quite a few , like hard-disk, dvd-drive , wires touching fan..

What I really want to know is that could there be any relation between my monitor going dead an smoking, and the cpu vibration?

The system is functioning just fine right now and a soft reboot does not cause any sound or vibration. Also the problem does not happen everytime..

Specs -
17 inch crt LG
amd x2 4000
asus m2a-mx
1gb ram
no pci cards , pci-e cards..

Answer:Cpu making grinding sound and vibrating

Hmm, the only moving parts on a computer are the fans and the hard disk itself. This might sound crazy but have tried to to remove the side panels and listen/see what is vibrating?

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So, after a couple of days of using my brand-new acer aspire e15 (nvidia 840m, intel i3) I started noticing a little "rumble" sound every once a while, a little click that can be heard approximately once every two minutes or sometimes even more often (expecially when putting more acrtion into CPU). No luck getting any help online, it doesn't seem to be a hard-drive failure sound or anything that serious, sound more like the fan hits something while starting up, at least from what I could gather without opening it up. Should I just contact the warranty service right a way or maybe it's supposed to be like this? Any help appreciated.

Answer:Brand new AspireE15 makes a little grinding sound ...

There is no moving parts in the lower left corner.This is a hard one to diagnose without actually having it in your hands.Did you check if you left a CD in the drive? If I heard a rumble and clicking in mine, I would think HDD.I know a few days use isn't enough to get a lot of dust in it, but maybe something got into the cooling in packing, etc. Try blowing out the intake and exaust ports all the way through and see if anything comes out.

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Hi, I just purchased Lenovo L440 last week . I hear some grinding sound under the surface near mousepad when i place my ear closer to the mousepad. Its been just a week and I am worried about this issue but do not know if this is an issue or normal behaviour as i do not hear this sound if i am not hearing from closer to the surfac

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This is the first laptop I've owned, and of course it's a used one. Anyway today while using it, it just froze up on me, and then it would not respond to anything, even cntrl,alt,del. So I had to unplug the battery to get it to turn off. Then when I tried to turn it back on, the HD started to make a sound like if the needle in the HD was actually grinding into the disk. It sounded painfull!. Then it would attempt to post, and then gives me a "disk error". I am going to take a wild guess and say that my hard drive crashed in the truest sense? LOL ... Since my first inclination was to immediately try to find a replacement, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to how to go about selecting a suitable replacement. It is a IBM thinkpad 600 series. I was thinking maybe I should remove the old one and get a part number first? What would you do? Thanks for the input.:blackeye:

Answer:My thinkpad HD is making an awful grinding sound!

Sounds like a head crash. This is when the head and the platters actually make contact. It can make a screaching or grinding sound. Only thing I can suggest about a replacement is to make sure it is the right size drive. Most of the time laptop HDDs are listed separately from the rest so it shouldn't be a problem finding one. If you wish to get an exact replacement then yes, you'd probably want the numbers off of it.

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I have a problem with a M58P desktop. now and then I hear a grinding rubber sound from the computer. The computer is working fine and I have also run the diagnostics and no problem/error was reported.Any ideas what couses the sound ?


Go to Solution.

Answer:M58P - Grinding rubber sound from the computer

what is a grinding rubber sound? Usually grinding sound would occur of fan/mechanical bearing wearing out, or that the fan vane is touching something when spinning, or that the drive is unbalanced.

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My comp is making a really loud fan spinning grinding noise. I used speedfan program to try to lower the fan speed, I notice the fan slowing down because the fan sound is changing. Except the lond grinding noise is still present, SO IT MAY NOT BE THE FAN but what else can cause a loud grinding noise? Is it the fan or something else? BTW I cant really tell where the sound is coming from, specifically.

Answer:Loud grinding/fan sound, not sure whats causing it

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Hey. I need help fixing my external passport hard drive.My hard drive was functioning normally until it was jerked off the table and knocked against something when the laptop was suddenly moved. I noticed a dent on the outside case. Afterwards, the hard drive icon wouldn't appear in My Computer and I get a "device not recognised" message. I have tried plugging it into a desktop computer with no success. I am fairly sure it is a hard ware, not software problem.Upon plug in, the hard drive spins with a sort of grinding/clicking sound whenever I press my ear against it, then stops and falls silent. The light still stays on. I'm guessing that the heads have become jarred. Is their anyway that I can fix it? I don't have warranty on it.

Answer:External Hard Drive Dropped While In Use. Now grinding sound.

There is absolutely no way you can fix this drive. It is dead, and the data on it has gone to heaven.

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First post, hope I'm doing this right.Hi guys, about 3 weeks ago I purchased a Lenovo ideapad 110. It's a great laptop, however, about a couple weeks ago, the laptop started making a loud grinding/buzzing sound when playing audio. The sound only lasts for second, but it's quite jarring, to the point where I have to take out my earphones and take a break from what ever I was watching/listening to. It also happens without earphones, so those aren't the problem. YouTube is when it mainly occurs, however other sites with audio have it too. I've tried playing with the audio settings and updating the drivers, it worked for a few days, but the sound has returned. My previous laptop, a hp did this too, but never this frequently, so what exactly is this? I'm not very tech-savvy, so I have no idea.Here are the spec if it helps.15.6-inch (1366 x 768 pixels) TN displayIntel Pentium N3710 Processor (1.60GHz 1600MHz 2MB) with Intel HD Graphics4GB RAM (up to 8GB), 1TB HDDWindows 10 HomeBuilt-in DVD Recordable DriveStereo Speakers with Dolby Audio, 3.5 mm Combo Audio JackUSB 3.0, USB 2.0, HDMI, RJ45 Ethernet and 4-in-1 Card Reader (SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC)Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi 802.11 acDimensions: 378 x 265 x 22.9; Weight: 2.2 kg24WH batteryThanks.

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Hi everyone. I have my headphones plugged in and am getting poor sound quality out of them. My computer says that the sound is coming through my speakers, but its not (its just coming through the headphones.) I've attached a picture of what the comp's showing me for reference. I've tried going to the Sound menu and making the headphones the default device, with no luck. This issue seemed to happen after I was done using Google video chat with my headphones plugged in. I am trying to get the sound quality in my headphones back to normal. They work with every other device. Please help!

Answer:CPU says sound coming through speakers, but its coming via headphones

Did you try re-plugging the headphones yet? Is it jacked or USB?

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Hi, I have an Hp Pavilion dv2700 special edition laptop. I used to have Vista, but now I have windows 7 after I got the computer fixed. I downloaded and installed some programs, but I didn't like the effect they had on my computer after running them, and so I did a system restore to a previous date, which changed the settings back to when I didn't have those programs. Ever since, Windows has been installing updates to my computer, and some of those updates were obviously for the audio device installed in/on the system.

My question is for some reason, (and I can't really discern when the problems started arising), every time I try to listen to something on my computer like songs or videos, etc.-- with moderate volume level--and I try to load something else and/or the hard drive is active, the sound coming out of the my speakers starts to crackle and make weird electric-like grinding noises. This never happened to me before with vista, and it's irritating me a great deal now. Is there any way to fix this problem? Or am I just stuck with this?

Oh and I forgot to mention...when I plug in my headphones the sound continues to play on my speakers rather than within my headphones, any explanation for this? And what I could possibly do about it to fix it?

Thanks for the help in advance; truly appreciate it .

Answer:Speaker sound crackle or make weird grinding, electric type noises

I just checked the HP website and they do not support Windows 7 on the Pavilion dv2700, meaning they don't have any drivers for Windows 7.Evidently you didn't check that out before installing Windows 7 on it.Drivers for HP laptops are custom-made for the manufacturer (or at least some of them are) so that they match the custom-made components.Furthermore, although HP do have Windows Vista drivers for your Pavilion dv2700, they are not guaranteed to work properly on Windows 7.I'm guessing that's the cause of your current sound problem. Go back to Vista & you will almost certainly have no such problem.If you want Windows 7 buy it pre-installed on a new laptop which has been designed to run it, or before upgrading the OS in future, check that suitable drivers are available from the laptop maker's website!If you were led to believe that all Windows Vista drivers will work just as well on Windows 7, you've been misinformed.

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So this problem seemed to come out of nowhere, I have no idea why it started. Basically, when I use my internet, eg: opening link, loading video or downloading randomly my speakers make a grinding noise and until the noise stops (can be 1-10 seconds) my internet drops (the internet icon on the bottom right shows it is still connected but nothing loads until the noise stops. Even then, the noise can drop in and out like 10 times in a minute and is constantly messing up the internet.

If someone could help, it would be much appreciated, my speakers are Logitech (doubt that makes much difference as I doubt the problem is linked to them and my LAN card is some Ralink thing, nothing special.

Here is a low volume recording of the noise, turn up your speakers to hear it well.

Answer:Speakers make buzzing/hiss/grinding noise and internet drops until sound stops

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I purchased a new Vista computer back in April from Dell and it's worked fine up until a couple days ago.

The last few times I've tried to use my computer after bringing it out of Sleep mode it freezes up and nothing responds. After trying to use ctrl+alt+delete and few other things I get this error:

"Logon process has failed to create the security options dialog"

The only way I can get things working again is to do a hard reboot. It then runs fine until I put it back into sleep mode and try using it once it's brought out of sleep mode again.

I googled the error and found lots of info on people having this error, but no concrete solutions.

The only thing I can recall that changed or was installed lately was a Microsoft update. No hardware, power or software changes were made.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this or has anyone else encounted this problem?

Thank you.

Answer:Freeze up after coming out of sleep mode

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Installed a low profile pci card yesterday.

A four port USB pci low profile card.
On to the card I installed a permanent internal usb wireless Internet device which I may or may not use depending on circumstances.

Device manager shows USB device as:
Realtek RTL 8187B Wireless 802.11b/g 54 mbps USB2.0 Network Adapter ( I updated driver)

Otherwise, when not using the adapter, will use the cable connection directly to the modem.
I use this command ( I call sleep really acts like a hibernate) to cause a good overnight sleep:
C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState Sleep

Which is activated by a command in my keyboard that I created to differentiate from the normal sleep that occurs from my power option which the computer is awakened via a touch to the mouse or keyboard.

All this worked fine prior to the install of the PCI card/ USB device.

What other adjustments must I make to the system to make sure the device either the network adapter or PCI card does not continue causing a cold re-boot (a malfunction of coming out of the hibernate) coming from sleep rather than a simple power-on tap to the power button that usually worked fine.

Probably something I missed.

Currently my power options have the USB "enabled" to selective suspend. Ought this be "disabled"?

But does this enabled/ disabled matter?


Answer:New install causes reboot freeze coming from sleep

Originally Posted by rjl24

Installed a low profile pci card yesterday.

A four port USB pci low profile card.

On to the card I installed a permanent internal usb wireless Internet device which I may or may not use depending on circumstances.

Device manager shows USB device as:
Realtek RTL 8187B Wireless 802.11b/g 54 mbps USB2.0 Network Adapter ( I updated driver)

Otherwise, when not using the adapter, will use the cable connection directly to the modem.

I use this command ( I call sleep really acts like a hibernate) to cause a good overnight sleep:
C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState Sleep

Which is activated by a command in my keyboard that I created to differentiate from the normal sleep that occurs from my power option which the computer is awakened via a touch to the mouse or keyboard.

All this worked fine prior to the install of the PCI card/ USB device.

What other adjustments must I make to the system to make sure the device either the network adapter or PCI card does not continue causing a cold re-boot (a malfunction of coming out of the hibernate) coming from sleep rather than a simple power-on tap to the power button that usually worked fine.

Probably something I missed.

Currently my power options have the USB "enabled" to selective suspend. Ought this be "disabled"?

But does this enabled/ disabled matter?


... Read more

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I am by no means computer savy when it comes to diagnosing computer problems, so I thought I would come to this board for some help.

I just bought a new Dell Dimension 9150 Desktop a few days ago, brand new from the Dell website. Here are the specs:

DIM 9150,820 (2.8GHZ),DCT
19IN (19.0 IN VIS) E193FP,FPIB,DIM,P

I like to put my computer on standby or hibernate when I am not using it. On this new computer, every time I wake up the system from standby or hibernate, about 10 - 20 s after waking it up, the system freezes. Ctrl Alt Delete has no effect. The only way to shut is down is to do a hard shut down with the power button. And on 3 or 4 ocassions after it frooze, the computer rebooted itself?!? I called tech support and they had me do a system restore but it didn't help. They are sending me new computer, but I am afraid it will happen with the new one too. Does anybody know what caused this and is it a frequent problem with Dell computers? I really apprec... Read more

Answer:Computer Freeze Coming Out of Standby or Hibernate

MCAFEE is a resourse hog. I would uninstall all traces of it and load an alternative like Trend Micro- PC-Cillion 2006. I would also go to add/remove programs and remove all the Dell crap that comes with the PC as well as the spyware that it comes with as well.

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Hi,I always put the computer in standby when I leave it a while and then hit any key to start the computer again.Since about 2 or 3 weeks ago, when I hit a key to bring the computer back on, 7 out of 10 times the mouse has frozen.Any advice please would be welcome to cure this problem.Cheers.

Answer:Mouse has started to freeze coming out of standby

USB mouse?

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I have a toshiba p305d s8900 laptop and here recently my networking programs are unresponsive when my computer comes out of sleep mode. any idea how to fix this?
as of now i have to restart the computer to regain internet usage.

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Hello to you all!

I've been having problems with my sound card (in the title) and that problem is that I cannot hear any sound come out of it but the strange thing is the little green bar that indicates sound is coming through and how loud it is keeps going up and down as I play music.

Anyway the strange thing is the windows default sound thingy works perfectly fine, if any of oyu kind people could help me that would be fantastic!

Answer:Solved: No sound coming out of my SB X-Fi Xtreme Audio sound card

update your driver

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I'm looking for sound effect program.I had program 10 years or so , I think it was sound blaster live ( not sure) had some thing similar .Want I wont is program that will add sound effect to sound coming through my computer speakers or headphone. The different sound effects that make your voice sound deep ,less muffled voice, tunnel ,echo ,slow talking ,sound like you talking in small room ,car or out side.

I wont it for both music/sound/audio streaming from the internet and music/sound from the computer , I have on the computer.And be able to go in setting and turn it or off or add or remove effects.

I'm not sure but I think it was sound blaster live I had ,that had some thing similar to add effect to sound coming through the computer speaker or headphone.

Note I have windows 7 .So some thing that works with windows 7.

Answer:I'm looking for sound effect program , sound coming through the computer speaker

Creative (ie: Sound Blaster) has had that type of setting in their software for years. The Creative/Sound Blaster software is for their chipsets only. There could be a similar audio tool that works with any audio source, but I'm not familiar with any.

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I have no applications running at all in Windows. I have the system sound muted, but I still have some sound coming out of the speakers. It sounds like some talk radio. I also have all networking disabled. I have no idea where this is coming from.

How can I tell if any process on my computer is accessing the sound drivers?

Answer:Solved: computer sound muted but sound is still coming from speakers

In some cases, if the speakers are cheaply made and not sheilded, they can acutally pickup radio waves (especially if you live near a radio tower). Does the "Talk radio" continue if the speakers are on, while the computer is off?

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It's the most suspicious sound I've ever heard. It sounds exactly like fat, felt tip marker making a quick check on paper. It can also be compared to a rat sniff or a piece of paper being turned. I wear headphones and can hear this noise occasionally for up to 15 minutes. It likes to happen at night, when 'they' are active ( humor me ). Because of the sneaky, low volume, discreet, low down, creepy, stalky, shifty sound I am disposed to imagine that someone is looking through my files for credit information and they are unaware of these sounds from my sound card, or they don't care about the sound because they are safe from being caught.

Sound like I'm crazy? Just paranoid. I did say it makes me imagine. The kind of person I am is the same kind that will run system restore at a moment's notice for anything that looks suspicious or a NoScript violation. Because that sound is clearly designed to resemble a sniffing rat doing something sneaky on my computer. I tried to record the output with Audacity 1.3, but it had stopped before I had recorded anything.

My setup:

Windows XP Pro 64 bit Service Pack 2
Verizon High Speed Internet
Marvell Yukon 88E8056 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller
LinkSys Router routing to a Windows 7 laptop, WPK-PSK, TKIP
Soundblaster Live!
Mozilla FireFox

Answer:Solved: Suspicious sound coming from sound card output.

It was that Windows XP search dog. When you ctrl + f to open the search side bar in a window there is an animated dog that seems innocuous. Every 15 minutes or so it will scratch itself and make that noise twice. As long as that search side bar is open, minimized or not, that noise will persist.

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Right, got a brand new pc 2 weeks ago. Been really lovely to me so far, apart from the HDD grinding..
I've looked through the whole interwebs and a bit more but none on the solutions has helped me! I've disabled Super fetch and Windows search which helped a little. But i still hear grinding from my harddrive? is it just my case (ive removed the harddrive screws)?
I've been looking into the Reliabilty and Performance monitor and it looks like Svchost.exe is causing the problems.
Trying to get screenshots of it (in the reli and perfor montior) but for some reason its being quite quiet! Bah!

Light grinding
Semi grinding
Semi grinding 2
My system specs:
OS: Windows Vista 64 Ultimate

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz (2400 MHz)
GPU processor: GeForce 8800 GTS 512 512mb
Motherboard: eVGA 780i SLI
RAM: 2 x 2gb OCZ Reaper PC2-6400
Soundcard: Creative X-FI ExtremeMusic
HDD: 750gb WesternDigital CavierSE16

Is there any other information i can give?
Thanks a lot!

Answer:Harddrive grinding and grinding and gri....

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Hello, I currently have a Lenovo Thinkpad T420, Windows 7 x64-bit.
I've recently run into this problem where, after starting my laptop up from sleep mode, some programs will freeze/hang when I attempt to use them. For example, when I log back into my computer from sleep mode and open Google Chrome, I cannot load anything, as if I have no internet connection, although I am connected to a network. I would then proceed to close Chrome, and try opening a new window for Chrome. But, Chrome will not appear anymore. I would then open task manager and see that there is still a Chrome process running, and I cannot kill that process. I have also noticed that the program, Steam (gaming platform), also is not responding, and cannot kill that process either from task manager. I would then try to shut down the computer, but the computer ends up hanging at the Shutting Down screen. This forces me to manually shut down the computer using the power switch. Other times, windows explorer will become non-responsive, and I must manually shut down the computer at that point. I have tried scanning with Malware Bytes and no viruses/malware is found. I have also tried using CCleaner to try and clean up my system. I have ran Chkdisk for hard drive errors, as well as the system file checker. This problem occurred about a month ago, and I do not recall anything unusual that I did during that time. The problem occurs maybe once every five times coming out of sleep mode. I also notice that this pro... Read more

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When a browser is open and I use the quick launch volume control, the volume window that pops up makes my browser freeze up for a second. When on the desktop it works just fine. This happens for firefox and chrome. IE has no problems with this.

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As I've described here, Anniversary Update causes my laptop to freeze when waking up from sleep. It has occurred to me that I may be able to use Remote Assistance/Quick Assist from my other Win10 computer to troubleshoot the laptop while it is frozen (i.e., initiate Quick Assist connection to other computer, then put the laptop to sleep, then wake it into frozen state, then use the other computer to control remotely and diagnose.)

My question: if I am able to control the laptop remotely while it's frozen, what should I look for? One obvious thing would be to open the Device Manager and look for a yellow question mark, but that seems like a long shot. What else should I look at to diagnose system freeze while it is happening?

(Why do I think that I may be able to remotely control the laptop while it is frozen? Because I let a Microsoft support tech take control remotely to try to diagnose the problem. At the time, it was frozen on the password login screen and so he could not do any real troubleshooting and I could not enter the password to go any further, but I did notice that he was able to control at least the mouse, maybe also the keyboard, while it was frozen on my end.)

(Note: mods moved this post from "General" to "Network and Sharing", I guess because it refers to Quick Assist, but my real question isn't about Quick Assist or networking; the real question is "how would you diagnose a frozen system, if you were actually able to control it... Read more

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I have four quick launch icons on the taskbar. If I make any changes to the quick launch area (remove or add icons) none of the icons will work. They are still there, they just won't launch the program. If I restart the computer everything works again. At times the icons will stop responding when no change is made to the quick launch area but it happens every time a change is made. I am running windows xp media center edition sp3 and ie 8. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Solved: Quick launch icons freeze after any change

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Whenever I'm watching a vid or playing a game from time to time I hear this high frequency sound coming from my PC and the vid or game starts to move like in slow motion for a while then it's back to normal again until it happens another time.

Answer:High Frequency Sound sound coming from PC

I'd probably be looking at an RMA for the graphics card if the noise is coming from there. A lot of nVidia cards produce coil whine as what amounts to a standard feature, but in this case it's more likely that voltage regulation circuitry producing audible vibrations during routine operation is indicative of an impending capacitance fail state due to microscopic shorts and/or trace breaks.
If the noise is emanating from the PSU then replace it ASAP- no good can come of keeping a faulty power supply hooked up to the system.

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Hii pls help. Im having difficulties with the sound on my pc.

Speaker type: microlab x4
Sound card: creative 5.1
OS: Win7

Creative 5.1 driver installed + realtek HD audio driver R263 installed.
When creative 5.1 driver is chosen as the default device, sound is coming but not from woofer and front speakers.
However when i play blu-ray movies (both on media player and vlc) sound is coming from all the speakers as opposed to sound coming only from the rear speakers when i play song from media player and youtube.

When realtek is chosen as the default device no sound is coming.

Hope you guys can help me out. thanks a lot.

Answer:No sound coming (realtek sound driver)

Creative and Realtek are two different audio chipsets. Most likely, you have a Realtek audio chipset on the motherboard and a Creative Sound Card installed.

The rear speakers working and the front not working, likely indicates a cable connectivity issue (ie: the output cable(s) of the sound card to the speakers) or possibly a speaker configuration issue in the audio setup.

Simply switching the default audio chipset won't help. YOu would also need to change where the cables are connected.

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This is about sound issues from the computer as in cant get sound from the comptuer.
Went to computer properties then multi media controller has yellow question mark next to it so tried to update driver it goes to the wizard but it will not find any drivers for it without a cd which dont have.
Tried roll back drivers says no drivers are backed up on file.
Went to sound audio video game controllers audio codecs says all the codecs are working for this computer.
Control panel sound audio says no sound device is connected.
Its also a problem because cannot access volume control either as media controller are not installed.
Thought it might be a motherboard issue so went to download to everest and got the chipset drivers for it.
That was simple enough but when went to foxconn and installed audio drivers for the motherboard because think it runs through the motherboard foxconn P4M800P7M8 from foxconn site.
The sound card is realtek ALC655 AC 97 enhanced audio controller.
Again got these drivers from foxxconn and exactly same issues.
Extracted the files easily enough from wizard but when go to exe run folder the run it says cannot find setupfilex.dll
Then go to gxdver it dont do anything.
Go to exe icon run and logger then it goes cannot run please find the setup exe file from the directory.
In the folders cannot seem to find anything that will install the actual drivers without a conflicting issue somewhere.
So everytime download this compressed driver folders for the drivers... Read more

Answer:sound drivers no sound coming out of computer

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If this is the wrong forum for this question then I apologize in advance.

I'm having some problems when I try to record music.

I have my microphone plugged in, but whenever I sing/play into the microphone, the sound only comes out from the right speaker. Therefore, when I mix my songs using my software, the sound is still only coming out of the right speaker, which is very frustrating. This also means that if I listen to my songs on my iPod, the music is only coming out of the right headphone.

If I listen to songs from CDs or whatever, or just any other sound on the computer, the sound is coming out of both speakers simultaneously as is normal. I only have problems when I am using my microphone.

I am using Windows XP (2002 Home Edition) and Realtek HD Audio Manager. My speakers are ViewSonic Speakers, which entails a subwoofer and two smaller speakers (the left and right ones). I plug my microphone into the blue 'Line In' port at the back of my computer rather than the pink 'Microphone' port, because this is what works best for the recording/mixing software I am using, but even when it is plugged into the 'Microphone' port I have the same problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much,


Answer:Sound problem: Mic sound only coming out of one speaker

Either the Microphone cable is not plugged in correct.Try not to plug it in all the way/or push it in further. Sometimes you have to play around with it to get them to work. Or you might have the balance on the microphone on one side which is a setting in the Sound Icon. Double click on The Icon and then options and then on Properties. Make sure There is a check mark next to Microphone and then click OK. You should see the Microphone settings on the screen and make sure the balance is in the middle. If none of this works you might need a new Microphone.

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Hi there im in need of help please sound is not coming out from any external audio devices from my computer and from my computer itself. The digital audio device is called:



Answer:Sound is displayed working on my pc but no sound coming out.

Go to device manager and see if there are any yellow exclaimation marks?

Also, make sure you do not have it muted.

Do you have another set of speakers to try on the computer?

Try running system restore.

Go to the control panel and check if the sound is working.

Try the speakers on another computer.

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hi,my familys pc is making this "griniding" sound, could it be a fan?

Answer:pc making "grinding" sound

Yes or something hitting. Best way to find out is to take the cover off and look and listen. (If there aren't any warranty issues).

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Okay I have a Audigy sound blaster and an onboard sound for my PC. I've installed and reinstalled my Audigy sound card, no sound emitting from the card. I switch to onboard sound and I try a "test hardware" on the sound features. It shows on the audio monitor that there is sound for output but I get none. My speakers work fine and I even tried a pair of headphones to test the sound. This happened to me recently, my sound just stopped all of the sudden while listening to music. Since then there is no sound. I've tried everything, from disabling the onboard to reinstalling and installing drivers. ANYONE have any tips???

Answer:Sound card, no sound coming out

Did you try the usual steps? Double-clicking the speaker icon in the system tray, and making sure nothing is muted and all the sliders are high?

Go into Control panel, then sounds and audio devices. Click the audio tab, check the Default device setting, make sure your card is selected.

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Hello, I noticed a previous user here had a similar issue to the one i am facing. Specifically, there are times when sound comes from the speakers of the laptop and sound mixer is showing a "name not available" application as the source. I understand i might have a kind of malware infestation, but my KIS 2013 and MalwareBytes Antimalware don't seem to find anything.
I already posted in "Virus, Trojan, Spyware and Malware Removal Logs" section (sorry, i did not know if i should post here first :S ).
Mod Edit:  Deleted dupe in MRL, this is correct forum - Hamluis.
Could you be kind enough to help me with solving this problem?

Answer:Sound coming from app "Name Not Available" In Sound Mixer

Welcome aboard   Download Security Check from here or here and save it to your Desktop. Double-click SecurityCheck.exe Follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box. A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.NOTE 1. If one of your security applications (e.g., third-party firewall) requests permission to allow DIG.EXE access the Internet, allow it to do so.NOTE 2 SecurityCheck may produce some false warning(s), so leave the results reading to me. Please download Farbar Service Scanner (FSS) and run it on the computer with the issue.Make sure the following options are checked:
Internet ServicesWindows FirewallSystem RestoreSecurity Center/Action CenterWindows UpdateWindows DefenderOther ServicesPress "Scan".It will create a log (FSS.txt) in the same directory the tool is run.Please copy and paste the log to your reply. Please download MiniToolBox and run it.Checkmark following boxes:Report IE Proxy SettingsReport FF Proxy SettingsList content of HostsList IP configurationList Winsock EntriesList last 10 Event Viewer logList Installed ProgramsList Devices (do NOT change any settings here)List Users, Partitions and Memory sizeClick Go and post the result. Download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (aka MBAM): to your desktop.* Double-click mbam-setup.exe and follow the prompts to install the program.* At the end, be sure a checkmark is placed next to Up... Read more

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Question: sound not coming

i have a trouble wit my pc, my sound card genius 5.1 doesnt work but all the drivers and application are correct then y its happening, i disabled the onboard sound then i tested ic an hear only the frrrrrr sound, what can i do, i unistall it and reinstal again then no result, i check almost all but i could not find any result
plz help

Answer:sound not coming

Are you sure the plug is in the right hole? Just checking....
Also are you testing it through your cd player or are you using directly from within windows. Sometimes it wont work with the CD rom if the wire inside is unpluged.

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I turned my laptop today and for some reason there is no sound. the volume settings are fine and the mute box is not checked. Anyone with an idea?

Answer:No sound coming from my pc

Just happened.....then you could try System Restore to a date earlier when it was working....first thing to try.

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Im using HP G61 Notebook Pc Using ("IDT HD Audio drivers")

It came operating with windows 7 x64 bit home premium.

My problem occured after i've formated the whole of my hard-drive including the recovering partition drive.

My aim was to seperate system files with my data by creating two partitions. One to be for Operating sys and the other for my data to have a better perfomence.

I've installed windows 7 ultimate x64 bit, which respond as everything works fine.

-When i play music, it appears that it is playing.
-The driver's property is up-to-date and works properlly
-No sound on turning on or shut down.
-The icon on the task bar appears in good condition.

I tried so many defferent driver's updates even from HP, but still no changes.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-PLEASE HELP-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My direct e-mail contact is ( [email protected] )

Answer:No sound coming out

It sound like you do not have a sound driver installed on your computer. Go to you laptop support page and download the latest sound drivers.


Your speakers are not set as the defualt sound device.

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i have no idea why but my computer just started to play stuff. and nothing pops up. i can't find it. i have to wait for it to stop or restart my computer. can anyone help me, please?

Answer:help! sound coming out of nowhere

Hello and welcome to TSF.

We want all our members to perform the steps outlined in the link given below, before posting for assistance. There's a sticky at the top of this forum, and a

Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps

link at the top of each page.

Please follow our pre-posting process outlined here:

After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post them in a new topic, as this one shall be closed.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.

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I have no sound coming out of the speakers or head phones and there is no default for sound how do I fix this, I'm running the win. xp home edition. help

Answer:no sound is coming out

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When I tried to play a video on Youtube I couldn't hear any sound coming out. I tried some things, but without any luck. Someone please help.

Answer:Sound isn't coming out

If you have any third party security software installed, uninstall it and see whether it fixes the problem.

EDIT: You could also do a Refresh with this Tutorial:Refresh Windows 8
You need a DVD to do the Refresh, I hope you have already burnt a DVD, if not burn the DVD and start the Refresh.

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I am having a problem in sound in my machine. Suddenly the sound is not coming out. I installed the driver, then the system will obviously restart and I can hear the windows logging off sound. But after restarting the sound again is not coming. I tried the process at least three times, but nothing. Then I disabled and then re enabled the sound device and it is working again. After restarting again the sound is not coming out. There is no problem with the sound boxes because I checked it. Please help me...
my machine config is,
P4 1.7 GHz
845GLAD Intel MOBO
384MB DDR RAM(256+128)
No external sound card installed.
Sigma Tel audio inbuilt with mobo.

Answer:Sound not coming, plz help.

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I have no sound coming out of the speakers or head phones and there is no default for sound how do I fix this, I'm running the win. xp home edition. help

Answer:so sound coming out

You only need to ask in one place

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HiI somehow have got a a most annoying peice of music that starts up remdomly, and is most annoying. I have no idea where it can from, but more importantly, dont know how to get rid of it. It only lasts a matter of seconds, but is annoying. also the kids downloaded a new desc top and eversince then we have had sound when the screens change. please tell me in simple terms how i can remove both of these. I would love to listern to my music without Billy Joel piping in with "in the midlle of the night" ! I run XP

Answer:where is this sound coming from

 Gill....... ........ Ok , click on start/control panel/Display display properties should appear on the "Theme" tab and tell us what it is set at .   Then click on the "Desktop" tab can change the background image here by selecting whatever  you want from the list or use your own.The other thing you could check is go into control panel on add/remove programs and see if theres anything there that you dont recognize .let us know dl65  

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Hey, So I got a new computer with Vista, and well.... Sound only comes out of my left ear and not my right. It's not my headset because when I plug it into something else, it works with both ears.

Thanks in advance guys, I dunno what to do D:

Answer:Sound only coming out of one ear

have a look at the sound volume balance control - just in case its on one side

otherwise it may just be faulty and as new take it back under warranty

reloading the sound driver may help - but we need to know make model of PC to get the sound driver off the manufacturers website

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Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST.txt) (x64) Version: 11-03-2015
Ran by admin (administrator) on ADMIN-PC on 19-03-2015 10:34:25
Running from C:\Users\admin\Desktop
Loaded Profiles: admin (Available profiles: admin & MSSQL$HUY)
Platform: Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1 (X64) OS Language: English (United States)
Internet Explorer Version 8 (Default browser: Chrome)
Boot Mode: Normal
Tutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool:

==================== Processes (Whitelisted) =================

(If an entry is included in the fixlist, the process will be closed. The file will not be moved.)

(Bkav Corporation) C:\Program Files (x86)\BkavHome\BkavHomeUpdateService.exe
(Bkav Corporation) C:\Windows\SysWOW64\BkavService.exe
(Elex do Brasil Participações Ltda) C:\Program Files (x86)\Elex-tech\YAC\iSafeSvc.exe
(Elex do Brasil Participações Ltda) C:\Program Files (x86)\Elex-tech\YAC\iSafeSvc2.exe
(Microsoft Corporation) C:\Windows\System32\wlanext.exe
(Cherished Technololgy LIMITED) C:\ProgramData\IePluginServices\PluginService.exe
(Taiwan Shui Mu Chih Ching Technology Limited.) C:\Program Files (x86)\WinZipper\winzipersvc.exe
(AV Security Software) C:\Windows\mlwps.exe
() D:\GAMES\LienMinhHuyenThoai\GameData\ggdllhost.exe
(CANON INC.) C:\Windows\System32\CNAB3RPD.EXE
(Elex do Brasil Participações Ltda) C:\Program Files (x86)\Elex-tech\YAC\iSafeTray.exe
(Intel Corporation)... Read more

Answer:Sound coming out of nowhere

CHR dev: Chrome dev build detected! <======= ATTENTION
CHR HomePage: Default -> hxxp://
CHR StartupUrls: Default -> "hxxp://"
CHR DefaultSearchKeyword: Default -> webssearches
CHR DefaultSearchURL: Default ->{searchTerms}
CHR DefaultSuggestURL: Default ->
CHR Profile: C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default
CHR Extension: (Google Docs) - C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\aohghmighlieiainnegkcijnfilokake [2014-10-16]
CHR Extension: (Google Drive) - C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\apdfllckaahabafndbhieahigkjlhalf [2012-12-03]
CHR Extension: (YouTube) - C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\blpcfgokakmgnkcojhhkbfbldkacnbeo [2012-12-03]
CHR Extension: (Google Search) - C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\coobgpohoikkiipiblmjeljniedjpjpf [2012-12-03]
CHR Extension: (BetterSurf) - C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\dedmngkbaffkenlfdcbganndoghblmap [2013-11-15]
CHR Extension: (Media Buzz) - C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensi... Read more

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Hey guys
today I opened up my computer to clean out my graphics cards (Nvidia gtx570's [2] ) after I installed the latest drivers and when I switched on my computer I had no sound coming out. Here's what I know so far;
- The sound is not muted
- The device manager says everything is working in the sound region
- I have uninstalled my sound drivers and graphic card drivers and reinstalled both, still nothing
- I have done my best effort to figure out if missing codecs are the problem, but keep in mind I am new to the whole audio codec business so this may be effecting something?
- I have checked the BIOS and reset everything to default
- I have tried using headphones and other speakers, still nothing
- When I play music the volume control shows activity
It seems as if everything is in working order except.. I still can't hear anything
I have no idea when it comes to sound cards and what not, could I have knocked a sound cable or something while removing my graphic cards?
Any help is GREATLY appreciated as I have spent my whole day today trying to fix this problem and tracking down forums for help but everything has proved unhelpful.

Answer:No Sound Coming from PC (Tried everything)

Well i would double check on all the cords to your speakers and make sure they are all in properly. if they are then i would try testing a headphone jack and see if you can hear sound that way.

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when I install windows 10 my sound driver does not work how I can solve this problem and my micromax dongle is also not working in it

Answer:not coming sound from pc

PC or Laptop? We need the make and model number of your computer because they are all different.Go to your computer manufacturers website then download and install the latest audio drivers. You could also go to Device Manager, find your audio device (under "sound video and game controllers") and try the driver update from there. Look out for any errors showing under that heading, usually yellow or red icons.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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I reinstalled Windows XP on my computer and the sound did not install. How do I get the sound to work?

Answer:No sound coming from my PC.

You will need to reinstall the audio driver. It can be found in your motherboard setup disk..

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I'm on my dad's Dell XPS laptop (runs on Vista) and can't get sound. It's apparently been this way for a long time, so I can't begin to guess what triggered the problem. Here's what I am looking at right now:

The driver seems to be working fine based on what those pictures show. I get no error messages. Still though, nothing comes out the laptop speakers. There's headphone jacks on it, and I've tried them with no luck. I have a Sound Blaster X-Fi card, but it's not plugged in.

Any help I can get on this would be appreciated!

Answer:Sound Not Coming Out Speakers

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help I have no sound from my laptop

Answer:no sound coming fromlaptop

You should have given more information about your computer. Windows XPFirst right click your speaker Icon and open Volume control and make sure your sound is not muted. If you don't have a speaker Icon go to the Control Panel and check your sound Windows XP See if your sound has been stopped in Services Under Windows Audio. Start - Control Panel - Open Administrative Tools - Open Component Services - Click Services (Local) and Scrowl down the list to Windows Audio to see if it says - Started. If stopped Left click Windows Audio and click restart. - Or Right click Windows Audio - left click Properties - Left click Start If the above doesn't work, go to control panel and open System Icon - Hardware Tab - Device Manager - Click the + Plus sign for Sounds.......... - Right click Realtek AC 97 (Or whatever Sound you have) - Left click - Update Driver. To update you will need the CD that came with your computer Or go on the Internet to download the drivers for your sound.

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I just upgraded an old computer that i was given. Asus M4A7BST Motherboard, AMD Athalon II X4 630 2.8 ghz, 4GB Ram, running windows 7x64. I have a the AMD 14.9 Catalyst installed. Everything is working perfect, other than when I plug the computer into anything via HDMI, i have no sound output from the HDMI. If i use the VGA it will let me use the regualr audio out, but if I try to hook into the 3.5mm when HDMI is plugged it won't output my audio at all. I have tried removing the driver manually, and letting windows search for the driver but it installs the same one again.

Answer:No sound coming from HDMI

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Hi, I am new to this board and this is my first post. I have pretty good computer knowledge and assembled by computer about 3 years ago.

I have an ASUS A7N8X Deluxe motherboard. My problem is sound only comes out of one speaker in a 2 speaker set up. Nothing fancy just a 2 speaker set up. Used to get sound out of both speakers and then had to store computer to make room for some painting. When reattached speakers to computer, sound only comes from one speaker. I tried another set of speakers with the same result.

I have downloaded latest NVidia audio drivers but that didn't help. Anybody have any suggestions.

Answer:Sound coming out of one speaker only

Try some headphones in the socket if you get sound from both one of your speakers are duff.

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the sound from my laptop is suddenly not coming out. windows xp. it says Bad DirectSound driver. please install proper drivers or select another device in configuration. Error code: 88780078
Is there anyone here can help me to solve this problem?

Answer:sound is not coming out from laptop


If this a recent occurrence the you can try System Restore to a date when the sound was working

Restore PC to an Earlier Date & Time

Go Start>>All Programs>>Accessories>>System Tools>>System Restore
Click in the radio button Restore My Computer to An Earlier Time
Click Next
Pick a Date in Dark Blue only (pick a date to before you installed All-In-One)
Click Next
Then Next again.
This should restore the PC to that time & date

It will update and restart

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Alright, i have searched high and low for a fix to this but just cant figure it out.... days and days of searching and nothing, so now i bring it to a forum. I have a computer that has no sound. the speakers are plugged in and work. I do not have a sound icon in the bottome right corner task bar. when i go to try to fix that its greyed out and i cant click anything, i dont know what to do right now any help would be helpful

Answer:No sound coming from my computer

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i dont know what happened, but i am not getting nothing from my speakers when i try to watch videos, etc. however, if i plug in my microphone, i can hear just fine through my speakers. i have googled to death, but nothing really addresses my problem.

i am well aware it is just something stupid, but please point it out for me if you can. i really need to be able to have speakers again. i am sure i just did something stupid

Answer:no sound coming from speakers.......unless

If this is a desk top, check to be sure the speakers are plugged into the correct place at the back of the tower..


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When I try to play an audio clip, I hear sound coming from the computer itself but not from my speakers. How do I turn off the sound from the computer and play it through the speakers? I would still want the "Beep" to come through the computer if possible for new emails notification. Is there a way to leave that Beep or does all sound from the computer have to be turned off?

Answer:No Sound coming from speakers

Please post additional info,hardware specs, OS

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i can not seem to get any sound to come from my computer any time i open anything media related it says i can not play music because no active mixers. i tried going to the computers website and downloading the audio driver from there but that does nothing. i took the panel off my computer and moved what i believed to be my sound card and that just brought up a new window when i started my computer saying it found new hardware. when i went through the windows it gave me i ended up having no drivers for the new device and dont seem to know what to do.

Answer:no sound coming from my computer

davidfrat said:

i can not seem to get any sound to come from my computer any time i open anything media related it says i can not play music because no active mixers. i tried going to the computers website and downloading the audio driver from there but that does nothing. i took the panel off my computer and moved what i believed to be my sound card and that just brought up a new window when i started my computer saying it found new hardware. when i went through the windows it gave me i ended up having no drivers for the new device and dont seem to know what to do.Click to expand...

Hi David and welcome to the TS Forum

Heres a couple of things to try

First go into Device manager and find the items that may have a yellow exclamation mark next to them and uninstall them, then reboot, when windows starts it should reinstall any lost drivers, you may need to have the driver disk at hand if you dont have it download the relevant drivers from the manufacturers website.

Verify that the sndvol32.exe file is located in the system32 folder under C:\\windows\. If not install it there from your CD or download it online. Then go to the control panel and click on "Sounds & Auido Devices" put a check beside "Place volume Icon on task bar."


Go to Start --> Run, and type in services.msc.
A window will pop up with a list of services. Scroll down to Windows Audio. Right-click
and click on Properties.

Make sure that "Start... Read more

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I have no sound coming out of my computer. It says I have no sound system connected on my computer. I use to have sound so I don't know what went wrong.

Answer:No sound is coming out of my pc speakers

Hello and welcome to TSG! Do you have a sound card or onboard sound

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I had a Wacom tablet, and I uninstalled the driver and took it out of my computer. But ever since, the computer has been doing this "beep" sound every 1-2 minutes and it's really annoying. It's not an internal sound, it comes through the speakers and it's this generic Windows noise. What's the problem and how do I get rid of it?

Answer:Annoying Sound that keeps coming

I'm not sure what it is.

BTW, what did you do with the tablet? I'm looking...

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the sound from my laptop is suddenly not coming out. windows xp. it says Bad DirectSound driver. please install proper drivers or select another device in configuration. Error code: 88780078
Is there anyone here can help me to solve this problem?

Answer:sound is not coming out from laptop

Try reinstalling Audio Drivers.
And running :
sfc /scannow

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Hello.The people who installed my sound card did not install it properly or failed to install the proper hardware. I have tried to play windows media movies but I get no sound, and when I go to control panel and try to play sounds I cannot play them; plus, there is no volume level icon on my start menu.Is there anyway besides going back (to the people who failed so badly with fixing my computer up when it was broken; since they failed to put in the right sound software), that I can make my sound card work properly?I am not a computery person who likes fiddling with parts or is extremely knowledgable about software. I would prefer if someone could tell me how to fix it quickly and efficiently or if someone could give me a link to where I can download the software (preferably not an hours-long download).I would be very grateful if someone could assist me with this sound problem on my computer. Please help, I need my sound to work!Sincerely,Phillip

Answer:no sound coming from computer

Caution this is a double post Warning Do not post in two sections continue to do it will get you into the SIN BIN And we might not respond.

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It's hard to describe this noise but it's something like a duh-duh sort of noise.
This looks like my problem here but the answers didn't work:
Dell Studio XPS 8100
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit)
Speakers: Dell Realtek High Definifion Audio

Answer:Duh-Duh sound keeps coming from speakers

Keep the Volume Mixer open (right click on speaker in your taskbar> Open Volume Mixer) and watch it when the sound goes off. You should see a spike under one of the running applications in the mixer. That will tell you what's creating the sound, and we can move on from there.

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Turned off my laptop for maybe five mintues and when I returned and turned it back on, no sound was playing through my speakers or headphones when I plugged them in. I tried restarting the audio devices and re-installing the drivers, and the problem is still not fixed.
Model: HP Envy 15-3040NR
Can still see the activity down on the bar, like it's working-but without sound.

Answer:Sound Not Coming Out Of Laptop

Hello! You might try this.

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I recently picked up a PC off a friend that he wasn't using, I formatted it and had to individually install all the chipset drivers as he didn't give me the motherboard CD, I'm having a problem with the sound, all the drivers are installed, I can get sound from my headphones but I cannot get sound when I plug in speakers.

Has anyone had a similar issue to this before?


Answer:No Sound Coming From Speakers

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Ill be doing something like listening to music on my lumia 635 and the sound just stops and I cant hear anything

Answer:Why is there no sound coming out of my speaker?

Is it possible that you somehow turn the volume down accidently? I would check this first.
Is this happening using earphones or just the built in speaker?

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Hi I have onboard sound with a K7SOM+ Socket A Version 5.1 Motherboard made by elitegroup however i only have sound coming out of the left speaker. I have tried putting in speakers from another computer however the same problem happens. I did build the system with my friend. (I am not brilliant with building them as this was my first task) but im wondering whether it is a jumper setting or something. However all this confuses me at times. I've tried looking in the motherboard manual but stuck what to do. If anybody could help then this we be great. Cheers

Answer:Sound only coming out of one speaker

Has the balance been altered to one side or the other? Put it back in the middle and see if it comes out of both speakers

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Hey, recently after i force shutdown my pc because it freezes on me alot there has been weird sounds that comes from my computer every few minutes. It sounds like a computer dying down or "mmmmm" and the sound fades out. Is there any solution to this?

Answer:weird sound coming from pc

This post is in the wrong section.

But to answer your question it just seems like its your hard drive reving up and then going back down to idle speeds.

what does your PC do after you hear it rev up like that? does it freeze then?

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I recently moved and am hooking everything up to my PC. I cannot get any sound from my speakers. There are two places for jacks on the back of the PC and I have tried both. I am sure the power is plugged in. There are two places for jacks in the back of the main speaker, and the second speaker is plugged into one of them. I have ran XP troubleshooter and checked out the sound card. Everything worked before I dismantled it. Any suggestions??!!! could sure use the help. soon please!

Answer:no sound coming from my speakers

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I need help please. I just formatted and clean installed Win98SE. My CDRom drive works and will install programs but when I try to play an audio CD the minutes tick by but no sound. I've checked everything I know to check but no luck. Any advice you can offer will be greatly appreciated! As info, after the reinstall of Win98, I reinstalled my Creative Soundblaster PCI 128 driver.

Answer:No sound coming from CDRom

I'm assuming everything worked fine prior to the re-install? Did you rearrange any cabling?

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Hi everybody,
My speakers have been acting this way ever since I could remember. I recently borrowed speakers from my relative, and plugged that in to see if sound would come out from BOTH speakers, but interestingly enough, no sound came out from one of the speakers. So it can't be my speakers that are causing the sound problem. I hear that sometimes the sound card can stop working effectively, is this true? I wonder if that's the case. If anyone can help, that would be great! Thanks a bunch

Answer:no sound coming from the right speakers... help!

Just a guess ,, have you tried reinstalling/updating drivers ?? sometimes a kick up the arse will fix.

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I'm at my wits end!! I have no sound coming from my computer. I can't listen to music, watch videos, nothing! I've tried playing music files from my computer, and from the internet.

OS: Windows Vista
HP Pavilion dv7 notebook

I've made sure nothing was muted, uninstalled/reinstalled drivers, restarted the computer, just about everything I could think of. Please Help!!

Answer:no sound coming from computer at all!

A few prompts.
Is the notebook new or has the sound ever worked and what happens when you try to play a music cd in the drive?
Is it recognized as a music cd?
And this might sound silly is the volume On in the program you are using?

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I have no sound coming from firefox and IE. Ive installed the latest flash in both and I get sound everywhere else. What can I do?

Intel Duo 2.4
2 gigs of ram
Soundmax HD digital audio
Geforce 7900 gs
Asus P5-B

Answer:No sound coming from Firefox or IE

Never mind. I found the problem here, stupid me.

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Earlier this week, windows xp just reinstalled itself. I had no idea why, but I was unable to run a lot of stuff due to having to update drivers. I'm not sure what to do about the sound drivers though.

I'm running an eMachines computer, xp 32-bit. In dxdiag, in the sound tab, it says that no sound card was found. Any ideas?

Answer:No sound coming from computer

I failed to mention this in your other, similar post but what do you mean exactly when you say XP reinstalled itself?

As for your sound drivers, unless I'm misunderstanding the problem go to the eMachines website and see if you can locate the sound drivers you need.

I can't be more specific because you didn't provide the model number of your PC or what kind of sound card you might be running.

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Help please!  Today for some reason we stopped getting sound out of our Z560.  I have restarted the computer.  Downloaded the driver.  Rolled Back the Driver.  Installed Driver again. I keep getting errors and no sound.

Answer:No Sound is coming out of my Z560

Hi Jmgreine,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
I?m sorry to hear that the Audio is not working in your Z560 Laptop even after restarting the computer and re-installing the audio driver. Please let me know if the audio is working when Headphone/External Speaker is connected to the computer.
Hope to hear back soon
Best Regards

Shiva Kumar

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Ok I just got everything set up with my new computer, everythiing runs fine execpt there's no sound! Everything is plugged in correctly, speakers are go but still no sound. My volume is not muted, so what's up? I have onboard audio by the way. Updated drivers, everything. Thanks for the help!

Answer:No Sound coming from speakers.

What does it say in device manager?

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My computer had to be restarted fresh and windows was reinstalled. This is the second time this had to be done. Every time this happens, the computer does not recognize the speakers or anything plugged into the USB connectors. The first time this happened, some guy fixed it, but I have no idea how he did it. Sound will not come from the speakers. I went to the audio section under the control panel and my speakers do not appear. How do I get the computer to recognize that I am in fact plugging things into the audio/USB connectors? Thanks for the help.

Answer:No Sound Coming From Speakers

Do you have a sound card installed or do you use on-board sound? If a sound card, did you install the drivers for it? (I know nothing about on-board sound).

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after I reformat my komputer I have this problem

Answer:I have no sound coming from my speakers

Make sure sound is not mutted in your volume control. Then check your hardware/sound in the control panel, that something is not disabled. If still not working check the device manager. Could be when you reformatted the sound driver is missing.

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i have a toshiba laptop and i put the blue cable in to TV from laptop and everything was fine, but i put the sound cable into the headphone socket like it should be but on the tv it only has a headphone socket but next to it says, (PC) next to the headphone socket, do I have to press something on the TV or laptop to get the sound out the TV

Answer:no sound coming from tv when laptop in

Press the sound up on the TV remote.

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my headphones won't pick up any sound. i had to reload my OS and i think that is when the program started. i have tried moving the pegs to make sure that i had them in the correct holes. but i am out of ideas.

Answer:no sound coming from my headphones

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