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Data Recovery after Diskpart cleaned and created new partition

Question: Data Recovery after Diskpart cleaned and created new partition

This is a life-destroying moment for me. I have a 2TB External Hard drive, with 2 partitions. The first one is 50 MB (actually ~48.5MB) UDF containing setup files for veracrypt and truecrypt, and keyfiles. The second partition is a Veracrypt-encrypted partition of size 1.8TB, which was quick formatted by Veracrypt. The drive was GUID -based, and the first partition was made an OEM partition using Diskpart and the second one an EFI partition in order to prevent accidental formatting by the system. However, a sudden accidental right click has pasted this script in diskpart and ran it before I could halt it. Diskpart doesn't even ask for confirmation before cleaning a drive.

select disk 0
convert gpt
create partition primary size=300
format quick fs=ntfs label="Windows RE tools"
assign letter="T"
The new partition has a 300MB partition called Windows RE tools, and the rest is unallocated. I assigned a letter to the unallocated drive without formatting, hence it's a RAW partition, but Veracrypt couldn't open it. Is there any way to recover the previous data. It is extremely important for me and my job depends on it. The disk containing the backup of the data crashed last week and I had sent it to RMA. Hence I'm left with no backups.

I have opened the disk using WINHEX and I have seen the contents of the 50MB UDF partition, the keyfiles and the setup files. They are intact. Then there is a whole lot of gibberish, which I believe is the Veracrypt partition. And at the end of the disk there are thousands of zeroes, which I believe is there because the partition was quick formatted with Veracrypt. Now, could anyone tell me how to recover data from this? Is it at all possible?

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Preferred Solution: Data Recovery after Diskpart cleaned and created new partition

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Data Recovery after Diskpart cleaned and created new partition

UDF, GPT, veracrypt - Plus you ran diskpart clean. All too complicated.

Anyway, post a screenshot of your external drive in Windows Disk Management.(Please remove all other external storage devices.)

Also a screenshot of how Minitools Partition Wizard sees it.

Third run the Partition Recovery Wizard on the external drive, do a Quick Scan. Let Quick scan complete.Post a screenshot of the Partitions shown. (See my post here for reference Raid 5 became unallocated.)

Once you have snapped it, click on Cancel and close the Partition Wizard.

Let us see whether at all we can see any light at the end of the tunnel.

You said using WinHex you were able to see the contents of the UDF partition.Are you sure that all the data in the full 50MB are intact? Even if part of that partition at the beginning has been zeroed by diskpart clean I would think that even if we manage to recover the gibberish data in the other partition,it cannot be decrypted.

Post these three screenshots. Even if not me, some other member with more insight on veracrypt may chip in with some ideas.

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Hi there,

Apologies if this is in the wrong section, feel free to move.

My brother shrinked his laptop drive by 100GB and then made a new partition from that which he backed up data onto in order to format Windows for a fresh install. When installing he did diskpart and used the following commands which wiped out the 100GB Data partition and continued to install Windows without realising this.

- Diskpart
- List Disk
- Select Disk 0
- Clean
- Create Primary Partition
- Format Quick FS=NTFS
- Exit

Which as mentioned he then proceeded to install Windows 7. Is there any chance to recover this lost data as it was pictures of his child and a few videos of him as well as some data files.

Any input is appreciated, thanks!

Answer:Partition recovery - Diskpart issue

You can try partition wizard - partition recovery. Select quick scan. When it finished, tick ALL partitions you want to save, Apply.

Best Free Partition Manager Freeware and free partition magic for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP 32 bit & 64 bit. MiniTool Free Partition Manager Software Home Edition.

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My son has a Dell laptop/tablet, it originally came with Win8 installed but he upgraded to win 10. The latest windows updates caused the machine to get into a reboot cycle and he was unable to roll it back when trying to restore to an earlier point (he said it gave him a write protect error) Somehow he got into the command prompt on reboot and ended up running a 'diskpart clean' command.
I would greatly appreciate any help in trying to recover the original partition or at least some of the files from it..

Many thanks.

Answer:data recovery after using diskpart clean

Welcome to the forum. Some videos to try recovery diskpart clean - YouTube

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I'm working on setting up a custom recovery partition for customers.   I have a Windows 7 machine that I'm going to be using sysprep on when it finishes updating to capture an image.   I planned on copying the WinRE.wim file to the Recovery partition.

Once I have my install.wim file captured though, how do I setup the recovery partition to execute the diskpart script to delete the System Reserved partition and the Windows partition and recreate them so I deploy the install.wim image to them?

Thank you!

Spork Schivago

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Good day, afternoon, night.
As the title explains I was trying to create a new primary partition in my Hard Disk Samsung HM500JI that I use as External Disk with an Acteck Enclosure USB 2.0 and with DISKPART I selected the Small Partition recently created and used the command "clean" (thinking that, that command would clean the partition and not the entire disk , and then I used "create partition primary" until I got advised that the entire disk was cleaned.

I found this thread and I think it could help me a lot with my problem but due all the programs are very powerful tools I don't want to delete my data

I had not put anything on the disk I just ran the Quick Scan and Deeper Scan from TestDisk with no lucky of recovery (I didn't take any SS of those scans). Now finished the Quick Scan of Partition Recovery in Partition Wizard with no lucky of any useful partition, just the last partition I did.

I will do the full scan of Partition Wizard and I will put the SS here.

It was only "Clean" command and "Create Partition Primary". Not "Clean All", so If the PW doesn't works I think the only tool that could help me is DMDE.

Recover data from a diskpart > clean command

And this ^ thread contains a lot of info from I take recently and I haven't made any other modify in the Hard disk since the DiskPart.
Hope all the info helps to help me and sorry about my English I'm from Mexico.

I finished the Full Scan and as the ... Read more

Answer:HDD Data lost, Diskpart Clean and Create Partition Primary Commands

Hi alexalget,

I am still trying to reconstruct what you have done leading to this problem. Please answer each question point by point for my understanding.

1. You had put a 500GB HDD into an external casing. When you put it in the very first time, was that HDD a new one or it already had data in it?

2.Have you been using this setup, reading and writing into the drive since the time you put that 500GB drive in it, without changing the disk structure? In other words did you wipe / format it and started with a clean 500GB HDD inside?

3. If you were already using the drive, you will not be able to create a new volume unless you delete the existing volume. Did you delete the existing volume, before you created a new small volume of 8 GB?

4. Did you use Windows Disk Management to create this new 8GB volume?

5. Also post a screenshot of how your drive looks now in Windows Disk Management as well as Partition Wizard -the very first screen that appears when you launch PW.

( I know you had read the other thread by lonewolf, where Anshad Edavana had done an excellent work reconstructing the MBR, partition table and the NTFS boot sector. But your case is different - you seem to have done multiple operations rather than just a diskpart clean as in that case - and I am not sure whether you should follow that.)

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While re-installing Windows 10 on my Samsung ativ book 9 (15" core i7), I had two partitions (256 gb ssd) half capacity each one, one holds the os, and the other my data.
when selecting the partition where to install windows 10, it tolds me that I cannot so i googled it, i figured out that i have to clean the partition and then convert it to gpt using diskpart.
so i did but instead of cleaning the system partition it deleted all the disk data in a second.
I have now one unallocated partition (256 gb), i created 3 partition afterwars, 500mb efi, primary for os, and third for my data. windows 10 installated successfully, but my data all gone.
I tried every single data recovery app, but all of them just recover some ****ty folders that doesn't have any value like desktop.ini. (by the way, i tried in the days after this data earthquake not to have new data to avoid overwriting the old precious data)
any help to undo clean command or anything would be amazingly appreciated.

Answer:Very Important data lost while installing windows 10 using diskpart clean partition, how can I get it back?

Unfortunately its your fault since you did not understand diskpart completely before using it. When using diskpart you might have selected the entire disk for the format rather than just the partition. There is no way your data can now be recovered.

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Hi there people. First post so sorry if it's in the wrong place or anything. I've had as much of a search as I can and haven't found anyone with quite the same situation as me. The questions come at the end of the rambling background to my problem!!! Hope you can make it through to the end! My E520 recently just went beyond it's warranty and surprise surprise fairly soon after that I got a warning through ThinkVantage that there was a problem with my internal hard drive. When I googled the problem it said that the hard drive was going to fail and to replace it immediately.  As I (like an idiot) hadn't got round to backing up my computer properly (I'd saved all music, photos and videos to a seperate hard drive but hadn't done a Rescue and Recovery or Windows back up) I went out and bought a seperate hard drive to back up the computer and some disks to create the recovery boot disks.  When I went to the Q drive to do this I misunderstood the question about do I want to create a data back up disk. I thought this meant all my media so I said no and created just the boot recovery disks.  So my question (told you I'd get there) is this. When I replace the internal hard drive and use the boot disks to install windows will I then be able to use the Lenovo Rescue and Recovery to restore my computer to it's former glory? Or will the fact that I'm not restoring the Lenovo skin (sorry if my terminology is wrong here. Not sure what to call it) ... Read more

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I was creating recovery disk from recovery partition on my Lenovo T400 with Windows 7. 6.5 GB of the recovery partition has been occupied.But in the process, I created three DVDs. I might remember wrong, but the first two DVDs were called by the wizard as disk 1, and the third one was called disk 2.The first one has been written 0.22 GB only. Following is the content of the DVD (right click the image and select view the image in a bigger size):
Link to picture
The second one has been written 3.97 GB as follows:
Link to picture
The third one has been written 2.44 GB as follows:
Link to pictureI am allowed only one time to create recovery disk. So I was wondering if I missed something? How is the creation process supposed to be like? Thanks and regards!
Moderator note; picture(s) totalling >50K converted to link(s) Forum Rules

Answer:Have I created the recovery disk from recovery partition correctly?

Looks okay to me. In the past, after I created a recovery disk set once I have the new laptop.I would use the Roxio software or any similar software to create ISO image of the 3 discs, and store these in a network drive or 2nd harddisk. Then I would reboot and use thinkvantage to factory restore the laptop (takes about <15 minutes now if window 7), this will restore the capability to create recovery disc again, and then I can burn another set of recovery disks. The reason I have 2 or more sets is because one time I had an issue with my T61 a long time ago and when using the recovery disk discovered that the 2nd disk is bad. From that i learn my lessons and have multiple backup in case the media was scratched, wrap under heat or i accidentally erase/overwrite my DVDRW. One of the disk out of the 3 is normally the bootup disk which you can use a CDRW disc, the other 2 is quick large in file size and DVD discs are needed.

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I couldn't find similar thread so I'm postin this as new. I bought T400 with Vista BU 32bit. I didn't know that It's strongly sugested to create my own recovery discs. T400 was shipped with XP recovery discs. Problem is, that I wanted to try XP, put DVDs in the notebook and after few reboots I discevered, that I have only C partition (system) and hidden partition, that I'm not able to even assign a drive letter. No recovery partition, no preload partition. I'm now on Win 7 RC 64 and soon I want to recreate recovery partition, but without my own recovery discs I dont know how.There is one solution, but I dont know if it's possible option. My friend has T500 and I told him to create recovery DVD before he did any change to partitions. From hareware side, our notebooks are almost simillar (just differend discrete VGA and CardReader).1. So do you think, that I can use his recovery DVDs to restore mine T400 to factory state and than create my own recovery DVDs?2. Why XP DVDs shipped with NB created just hidden partition (which I can't acces and I dont know how to install OS from it without working R&R partition)?3. Last question, but not important one: System came with 32bit BU system, do I have an option to reinstall it somehow to 64bit BU on the same licence number (I mean legally) because System has 4gigs of RAM. Thanks

Answer:Recovery partition not created by Recovery Discs

UP please respond, because I want soon reinstall Win 7 RC and I need to know what options i have. Thanks

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Viruses shut down our eMachine desktop T3958. The people at eMachines/Gateway sent me the recovery disc which I ran and returned to factory settings...or so I thought. The computer came with an 80GB hard drive yet after recovery, total capacity was in excess of 36GB. I checked out disc with the defragmenter and found a block of unmovable green. Emails with eMachines have been very frustrating as they keep providing a link of how to restore with multiple CD's, and there is only 1 CD available for this model so they said a partition was probably established. I have very limited computer knowledge (and have already spent $100 on their live support) and wondered if there is a way to remove the partition and have access to all the original hard drive? Thanks in advance for your help!

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My recent fresh install of Windows 7 Pro 64 bit was to a pre formatted drive and I was hoping it would not create a recovery partition. Is this screen shot enough to say if the install has, or has not created a recovery partition please? If it has, can i get rid of it from the SSD C drive? Thanks!

Answer:Has this install created a recovery partition?

Go to disk management and post a screen shot of it
If nothing it's probably a system reserved partition but your showing boot... under C which I am not and I have the system reserved 100mb partition.

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Windows 8 creates its own hidden recovery partition during the install. In my case, it's 450MB.

From what I've read, I know not to touch this partition, and I intend to follow that advice. Even so, I'd like to know what's in that partition and how it's used. Can someone provide a concise explanation and/or links where I can learn more?

Answer:Recovery Partition Created By Windows 8 Install

The System Reserved partition holds the boot files & Repair tools.

System Recovery Options - Boot to in Windows 8

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I'd just like to confirm this properly please, before installing Ubuntu Linux on my new system (actually a G580 model).  I have created two sets of CDs using the One-Key Recovery Application in Windows 7.  These are, (1) a factory set of 4 discs containing the system as it was shipped, and (2) a set of 4 discs backed up using the same utility but containing my actual Windows 7 system having first removed unwanted software and personalised my configuration. In essence, I don't wish to irrevocably lose the hidden partition than enables the recovery of the system to take place without CDs.  Therefore, if I do overwrite the entire hard disc, will a later re-installation from either of these packs of CDs that I've created, recover the hidden partition as well as Windows 7? Perhaps it may also be possible to install Linux and preserve the hidden partition anyway?  Is that likely to be possible by judicious partition management? Many thanks. 

Answer:Is the hidden partition re-created when restoring from One-Key Recovery CDs?

Welcome To Lenovo Community
Using recovery media created by OKR will automatically create the hidden backup partition on a raw hard drive
If you are keeping the hidden partition intact , but changing the other partition set , the One Key Recovery using the nova key will not work correctly , you need to use the recovery CD only to get the factory restoration at a later stage
In case you are not making any partition changes and only formatting the C drive and installing Linux .
Then also you will be able to use the nova key to recover.
Hope This HelpsCheers!!!
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about 8 month ago i partitioned my 160 Gb hardrive only to find once i tryed to recover windows
(using a recovery disk that worked in conjunction with the recovery partition to recover my programs and drivers..)

that i could not instal all my programs and settings into the state they where in when i first got the PC..

i dont kno much about recovery .. its why ive not bothered tryin to fix this until now.. the reason i do now is because ive just got a laptop and want my system back to how it was :/

i have a (RIGHHHTTTT!!! BIG PROBLEM!! i was about to type the information regarding my recovery partition capacity and specs ... only to my shock to find its no longer there (The Recovery partition) .. i am looking in partition magic as i speak .. the recovery disk is there... it is intact, and all the files inside are still present.. there was no name for the partition when compared by the visual repesentation of the Disk Drives present.

(the bars showing disks and free space)

Soooo i have just right clicked to rename .. but there is a name present..
i am trying to rectify the problem by moving the recovery drives position to after all the others at the end where it should be..

Without sorting this out i dont see a way of trying to sort out my problem... (my inital question is being hindered by another serious problem!)
although come to think of it i have a copy of the Recovery files ..(there was two.. both called factory it said in the maual that if i lose ... Read more

Answer:[SOLVED] Created Partition - Now I Cannot Use My Recovery Disks :(

what computer make and model?

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Hello,  I just got a new Notebook 15-AY-195NR, I wanted to create a USB recovery drive and I followed the steps given by the HP Recovery Manager, I plugged in 16 Gb USB drive and followed the steps to create a USB Recovery , After the process completed, My system shows that USB has occupied with 12 GB data but when I open flash drive, I do not see any data or files or folders. How can I be assured that the recover has been created successfully.  Can someone help me. 

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Hi ,
after windows 10 anniversary upgrade installation i ran Disk Management and found a new created Recovery Partition as shown in picture . 845 MB , Healthy (Recovery partition). Is it necessary or can I delete it ?
The Upgrade installation has been absolutely successful , no problem at all.

Answer:windows 10 Anniversary upgrade created a recovery partition

You can check which recovery partition is registered with the command reagentc /info from elevated command prompt. You'll see something like this:
Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.14393]
(c) 2016 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Windows\system32>reagentc /info
Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE) and system reset configuration

Windows RE status: Enabled
Windows RE location: \\?\GLOBALROOT\device\harddisk0\partition1\Recovery\WindowsRE
Boot Configuration Data (BCD) identifier: 3d8f8337-bc56-11e5-a7c5-85493d747884
Recovery image location:
Recovery image index: 0
Custom image location:
Custom image index: 0

REAGENTC.EXE: Operation Successful.


To find which partition the number above you need to check diskpart as disk management doesn't show all partitions (the MSR partition specifically which is partition 3 normally). Again from elevated command prompt:

Microsoft DiskPart version 10.0.14393.0

Copyright (C) 1999-2013 Microsoft Corporation.
On computer: WIN10

DISKPART> select disk 0

Disk 0 is now the selected disk.

DISKPART> list par

Partition ### Type Size Offset
------------- ---------------- ------- -------
Partition 1 Recovery 500 MB 20 KB
Partition 2 System 200 MB 500 MB
Partition 3 Reserved ... Read more

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I recently ordered a recovery disk for my Qosmio G35-AV600 because I booted to safe mode to clear a suspected threat. Silly me! I forgot the passwords because I constantly use the fingerprint scanner. Well, by the time the recovery disks came in, I had remembered a password and I had gotten access.

The thing is I still want to format the laptop, but I keep getting partition not created errors. Is this because the laptop's hard drive has SATA or RAID capabilities, or because of the so-called Qosmio player. *If I could format the hard drive, would I not be able to operate the laptop in Qosmio mode?*

I searched here and even contacted customer support and have not found a definitive answer. Customer support?s solution was to send it to a authorized repair shop. My experience with computer repair shops is if the problem is not hardware related, they simply reformat the drives. I could do that myself if I could get help with this "partition not created" or partition not deleted" errors.

Answer:Qosmio G35-AV600: using Recovery CD I get partition not created error


I agree with you and I think also that this has nothing to do with the hardware malfunction.
But who knows, if you have started the OS only in the safe mode then we should not exclude the hardware problem (ie. HDD).

However, the Recovery CD already contains all drivers and you don?t need to install the SATA or RAID drivers.

In my opinion there are wrong RAID settings in the BIOS!
Please check the settings in the BIOS on the third page.

If you don?t know what the single settings mean, open you user manual and check the RAID chapter in the user manual.

Additionally this could be useful:

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Hi ,
after windows 10 anniversary upgrade installation i ran Disk Management and found a new created Recovery Partition as shown in picture . 845 MB , Healthy (Recovery partition). Is it necessary or can I delete it ?
The Upgrade installation has been absolutely successful , no problem at all.

Answer:windows 10 Anniversary upgrade created a recovery partition

You can check which recovery partition is registered with the command reagentc /info from elevated command prompt. You'll see something like this:
Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.14393]
(c) 2016 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Windows\system32>reagentc /info
Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE) and system reset configuration

Windows RE status: Enabled
Windows RE location: \\?\GLOBALROOT\device\harddisk0\partition1\Recovery\WindowsRE
Boot Configuration Data (BCD) identifier: 3d8f8337-bc56-11e5-a7c5-85493d747884
Recovery image location:
Recovery image index: 0
Custom image location:
Custom image index: 0

REAGENTC.EXE: Operation Successful.


To find which partition the number above you need to check diskpart as disk management doesn't show all partitions (the MSR partition specifically which is partition 3 normally). Again from elevated command prompt:

Microsoft DiskPart version 10.0.14393.0

Copyright (C) 1999-2013 Microsoft Corporation.
On computer: WIN10

DISKPART> select disk 0

Disk 0 is now the selected disk.

DISKPART> list par

Partition ### Type Size Offset
------------- ---------------- ------- -------
Partition 1 Recovery 500 MB 20 KB
Partition 2 System 200 MB 500 MB
Partition 3 Reserved ... Read more

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System: Case Alienware Area 51 R2 , Asus Deluxe X99 3,1, Intel i7-5960 , Cosair Dominator 3000mhz DRAM 32G , 2 WD 4T HHD in raid 5 as data storage , Samsung 950 pro M2 card with windows 8.1pro as main OS and Samsung SSD 850 as a backup OS Windows 10.

ok I am a little confused......So i have a new Samsung 950 Pro M2 SSD that I installed in my system and did a CLEAN install of windows 8.1pro only the M2 SSD Samsung card was installed and enabled. I unplugged all other drives and other sata ports disabled.

The install went fine and then i did all the windows updates and driver installs. After I was done, I was about to create a partition at the end of my drive to over provision it, using the magician software from Samsung, I noticed that the Samsung M2 SSD which holds my main OS of Windows 8.Pro had a 450MB system recovery partition after the main partition.

So I have partitions in order (1) 300MB (Recovery partition) (2) 99 MB ( EFI system partition) (3) MAIN 428G ( boot, Page File, crash dump, primary partition) (4.) 47.69G (unallocated ) partition for over provision and THEN (5) 451MB ( recovery partition) that was created for some reason after one of the 150 updates that windows 8.1 / Microsoft installs.

My question is WHY? Why does windows 8.1 have a new 450MB recovery partition at the end of the drive? I NEVER installed windows 10 on it and I was very cautious to not allow the updates to install windows 10 on the SSD. So what is up with this?

Any help ... Read more

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My new notebook, running Windows 7, crashed 90 minutes after first boot and created a recovery partition. (Affects C:\ drive only. No programs or drivers were being installed. Starts up OK & is functional).

Restore points are now unavailable from the time before partition was created. When a system restore cannot be performed, will system remain unaffected if I do nothing to the recovery partition?

Answer:Recovery partition created - suitable restore points now unavailable

A recovery partition is normally created by the computer manufacturer during the manufacturing process. It's about 10 - 15GB in size and on a hidden partition of the C: drive. Its purpose is to allow the user to return the computer to factory specifications, just like the day you bought it. I've not heard of a recovery partition being created as the result of a crash. It would help if you could post a screenshot of your maximized Disk Management window.

How To Access Disk Management in Windows 7

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

If your computer was on for just "90 minutes after first boot" before crashing, was this the computer's very first startup after bring it home from the store? When you would normally be configuring a new machine with your user preferences, setting the language, etc? Or do you mean it was the first startup of the day? A crash could cause many different problems and that could be the reason you have no restore points. It's also possible something may have turned system protection off before the crash occured which could have left the computer without any restore points.

System Protection - Turn On or Off

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Have created a recovery partition on my data external hard drive. Now all the pc sees is a recovery disc and not the data. Is it possible to delete the recovery partition and access the data, or failing that how can I access this data. I have windows 8 op system.

Answer:windows8 created recovery partition on external hard drive in error

You can turn off the Drive for recovery, this will then not take up no space on the drive other than the Recovery folder. this should not be deleted. Recovery only needs to be left on for the drive with the OS on it, Normally C:\

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I just got a new Windows 8.1 PC and it works fine. As a recovery precaution I made a Windows 8.1 recovery disk on a brand new PNY USB 2.0 flash thumb drive (32GB drive) using the Windows 8.1 Control Panel Advanced Recovery tools "Create a Recovery drive" selection. I also indicated to copy the recovery partition from the PC when making this (but I don't delete this partition on the PC). So I thought I would test this recovery drive to see if I can boot from it. I insert the USB flash drive into a USB 2.0 port on the PC and restart the PC. I hit F12 during the PC boot process and select this disk as the temporary boot disk and hit return. The PC then gives me an error message screen basically saying
"Boot Manager
Windows failed to start. A recent hardware of software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:
1.Insert your Windows installation disc and restart the computer.
2.Choose your language settings, and then click "Next".
3.Click "Repair your computer." If you do not have this disc, contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance.

Status: 0xc000000f

Info: The Boot Configuration Data for your PC is missing or contains errors."

So I'm a little confused as to why the successfully just created recovery drive is giving me this error. I'll try another USB thumb drive to see if that makes a difference but I'm guessing it won't so thought I'd ask about this... Read more

Answer:Just created Windows 8.1 recovery disk (usb) gives Boot config data error

You are going to have to make the thumb drive bootable BEFORE you add any files to it... Try using these instructions:

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I just lost a partition. It changed, something happened I cannot access my hard drive now.

I have used R-Studio data recovery in past and it has worked well for me. I was just wondering what other people out there think is the best data recovery software for a lost or changed partition?


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I just lost a partition. It changed, something happened I cannot access my hard drive now.

I have used R-Studio data recovery in past and it has worked well for me. I was just wondering what other people out there think is the best data recovery software for a lost or changed partition?


Answer:Best data recovery partition for a partition loss?

Maxtor External HDD Unallocated?

I answered this question here.


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I was trying to install linux on my UEFI mode windows 10 laptop couple days ago, unfortunately there's something went wrong during the installation process, the grub directly wrote data in my win10 system boot partition. Luckily I saved my data and all the partition still in hard disk. Now I am using command prompt to do recovery, the partition table shows that the system partition 1, size 260mb EFI partition, there's no symbol marked beside, I believe it's changed by the linux and win10 boot data are corrupted, my idea is to sign this partition as EFI and format it again, then bcdboot files later. What command should I use next? Thanks a lot!

partition 3 - windows C:\
partition 5 - windows D:\
partition 6-9 my installed linux

Answer:How to sign an existing partition to EFI partition with diskpart

You cannot use UEFI and Secure boot with Linux on consumer equipment. It is made to work with certain Server hardware.

Turn off UEFI and Secure boot in thr bios and you should be able to install Linux.

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Hi, I want to know about the data and partition recovery from my hard disk. Actually, I was trying to recover data from my SD card but mistakenly, the logical partitions got lost and remained as unallocated, only C:/ drive was available. After that, I tried to create partitions from unallocated drive. Yes, i did it. But now question is will  I be able to recovery the data which was lost from earlier partition. Please help me with the proper solution beacause I have lost important documents and files.   

Answer:Data and partition recovery

Hi,You will need data rcovery program and will have to run it in deep scan or surface scan and the programs will probably recover files which are from well known formats. (This necessary because by creating partitions you have formatted the drive) There are many freeware programs which will probably achieve this, look out that many say they are free and after scanning will only let you recover a certain amount of data. The surface scan can take a long time nad you can let it run a whole night.Here is a site I was just looking at which talks about these programs: I would try Pandora from, what I was reading, it has the ability to perform surface scan and recognize files. Install it on c: drive and recover data to an external hard drive since if you recover to your partitions it will overwrite the data on it and will no longer be recoverable.There are also some good paid versions of software. Let me know if you need further help,David

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wasn't sure where to put this thread. Is there anyway to recover a partition and data on the partition if the partition was deleted. Then the drive was partitioned again and data was written to the drive. I have a copy of Hiren's 9.5 does that have any recovery tools that can help.
I would appreciate any help.

Answer:Data Recovery partition

I used GetDataBack with good recovery or my data but I break it out as soon as its needed. The writing to the hard drive before you attempt a restore can cause a lot of data loss. Heres the link..........

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can i know which software i can use to recover a partition that i unfortunately deleted but i have not formatted my the drive having that lost partition and it still has very imprtant data that i would wish to recover.if you can direct me to a software that i can download so as i can recover the partition or the filed that were in that partition for that matter.thanks./Godbless Paul

Answer:partition and data recovery

You should find one here, courtesy of herePlease Green-tick your other Thread, otherwise confusion will reign! One Thread for One Subject!

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Hello every one. Im new to this site. I just need help asap. I was reinstalling my OS and the hard drive had 2 partition. When doing the installation it was created in another partition D: and the other partition (were i had all my data) was C:. So I changed it the letter path accidently thinking it was my other hard drive. So my X: drive were all my data was got created as an extended partition. I NEED A WAY do retreave my data. I have removed it and put it on a external drive and it tells me to format. I need help please....!!!

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i brought ideapad Z570, apparently the main (OS) drive was around 652 GB, while the other drive (backup drive) was 30 Gb approx... I recreated partitions (without affecting partition structure table and boot partition and hidden partition) to get around 200 GB three drives a 30GB partition. But OKR recreates all those partition back to two and deletes all the info on other drives too.Is it possible to edit the info of hidden partition data so that it creates multiple drives and format only one drive (system drive) without recreating all the partition(Editing /OKRBACKUP/factory/MBR.okr file or any other files too) By this, we can create multiple partition, OKR will still work and the data on other drives will be saved too, meaning a customised one key recovery feature...

Answer:modifying the one key recovery partition data

You say it recreated the partitions back to the original format? Did you boot of factory discs to do this or just restore from the hidden partition?There are some other discussions on this subject In my case OKR left my newly created partition (created after shrinking the OS volume) alone, but it wiped the contents.As for modifying the behaviour of OKR in this respect... I have no idea, maybe but I doubt you can modify the contents of the *.okr files to achieve this easily if at all, though.

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Hi, I am using T500 with Vista Business 32bit. I found out that I can switch to Vista Business 64bit using the same license key. Is there any program that I can change the recovery partition with? I would like to replace Vista 32bit with Lenovo soft for new 64bit version. I tried to ask on our czech forum, searching lenovo pages and asking lenovo czech tech support, but no response.            Thanks Jakub

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I am having a problem with my 400GB HDD not displaying correctly - it displays as 127GB - in a new install of Windows XP on a seperate drive.

My original setup was as follows:

* 400GB SATA HDD with Windows XP as the Operating System plus Data - Single Partition - NTFS.
* 300GB SATA HDD with purely data - Single Partition - NTFS.

I bought a new HDD today (SATA 320GB) and installed it in the PC. The original XP install saw it was installed and offered formatting options from Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management - no formatting options were taken.

I then installed Windows XP (non-SP2 install, SP2 has been installed afterwards along with Video Card and Motherboard drivers) to the new HDD without removing the old drives first.

The current state of the HDD are as follows:

* 300GB with purely data made it through unscathed and has all the data on it and is detected by the new install.
* 400GB drive is now showing as an unformatted 127GB drive under Windows XP.
* 320GB drive that Windows XP was newly installed to is also showing as 127GB but is formatted (NTFS) and has Windows XP installed - this I understand can be resized, but would prefer to get the data from the 400GB back before doing anything.

I've loaded an Ubuntu LiveCD and gnome partition manager shows the space on the 400GB HDD as unallocated, the 320GB having an NTFS partition of 127GB and the 300GB as NTFS (Full, as it should be showing).

I am unsure right now if all the ... Read more

Answer:Data/Partition Recovery (NTFS)

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hi,guys. I got a problem now, I install a free software a week ago, then when login the windows, always had a babylon 9 advertisement pop up at the right coner of the screen, so i use the anti -malware to remove it ,unfortunately it didn't workeven worse I lost the total data of q recovery  partition, my questions are how to remove the disturbing ad.  and how to back up the system.   thanks    

Answer:Lost data from recovery partition

First, some info:What anti-malware program are you using?Also, did you create restore disks when you first used the system?What free software did you download and install (the name of the program that keeps creating the ad)?I'm assuming that 'Q:' just doesn't show up in 'Computer', correct?Can you tell me what happens when you go into Start>Search for 'Computer Management'>Storage>Disk Management? Do you see 3 blue boxes in total, and is one of them labeled 'Lenovo Recovery'?Finally, what version of Windows are you using, and on what kind of Thinkpad?

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Hi, I have recently had a virus attack, admin rights stolen, etc... Had help getting the system back. Does anyone know of a way to retrieve files behind the recovery partition? The hacker installed themselves as admin, and the recovery locked up the files due to some sort of HP Password protection? System is 64 bit Windows 7 Home Premium HP Pavilion.

Thanks in advance...

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I was running on Windows XP SP2 working fine for me. Last week when I connected to the internet while browsing may be some virus came into it and my Laptop (Acer Aspire 5050) start malfunctioning. I decided to install windows XP SP2 again, while installing it started formatting my hard drive without prompting for it in the mean while it got restarted and I lost my whole data. I again repartitioned it and install windows XP some how.

I have tried many softwares for recovering data like GetdataBack for NTFS, Badcopy and Ontrack.

Can any one tell me which is the best software for recovering lost data from HDD.

Answer:Data Recovery from lost Partition

Do not double-post.

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It's a long story, but hear me out.

So one day, while fixing my friend's PC, I asked him to lend me his external HD to backup his files from the PC. While trying to use the external HD (all plugged in), it detected it but did not show in the My Computer section. After researching a bit on the Internet, I were to go to Computer Management and initialize the disk. And so I did, thinking it wasn't harmless or anything.

And that's where the problem kicks in.

After initializing it, and heading to the drive, it asks me to format the HD. Apparently, my friend said that his sister's files (portfolios...) are in the HD so we tried plugging back in her sister's Mac laptop and it did not initialize the HD properly. Tried to repair and failed. I began to panic, so I rushed back home to find any solution into getting the data back.

I've tried a few data recovery programs, and some of them did the trick. HOWEVER, certain files are found corrupted (ex. .avi, .mp4, .mov files not opening properly), some .jpeg files contain grey/green areas, distorted images (corrupted?), and so forth. Is there any chance I can fix these files or is it impossible to fix it? The data recovery programs tell me it's the hard drive's problem (bad sectors, etc.), so is it possible to undo the 'initializing' I did from the very beginning? Should I use some programs to recover the bad sectors and try using the data recovery program again?

I feel really bad for my friend's sister, since she literally c... Read more

Answer:Partition/Data Recovery Problem

you should have use erd commander 2005. I have use recovery programs that had a history of corrupting data. erd never failed me

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Bought an ASUS UL30A laptop a few years ago with Windows 7 OEM. There is no drive for CD's or DVD's and I do not have an external optical drive. The default setup is 485GB worth of space on the SATA for the OS and a 15GB recovery partition.
Over time I noticed that some programs (or portions of them anyway) were showing up in the recovery partition and if memory serves me, almost the entire 15GB of space on that partition was used. Now when I click on properties of the Recovery partition it shows that only 107MB of space is used and 14.8GB is free space. I have absolutely no idea what happened to all of the 'programs' and other data that was on that partition but it's as if that partition was formatted (which I did not do).
My basic question is this: This OEM notebook with no recovery discs and no way of playing them has 107MB of data and it's for Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable. One other .exe (SIW.exe) is in a Programs folder, but that's it. I run CCleaner every week just to get rid of cookies, clean the cache of the browsers, etc., but that's it. No program runs on a maintenance schedule and am at a complete loss as to what happened to that recovery partition (nothing was lost on the partition that contains the OS). Any ideas on what MAY have happened and is there anything I can do to get the Recovery OS data back? Though I do not have discs, I do have the following info from small keyfinder program:

I'd really appreciate some solid ideas on the best approach at... Read more

Answer:Possible loss of data on Recovery Partition

Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder... didn't find the key for reinstall!! The product key is on a Certificate Of Authenticity (COA) sticker on laptop. Please find it.... and don't post it!

Why didn't you make a recovery drive on usb stick?

You don't need the recovery partition at all! You only need a valid product key. Clean Install Windows 7

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Hello,I have a Seagate 500GB SATA drive that is no longer detected by my PC (Windows Vista Home Premium, SP2).  I currently have it connected via USB in an external enclosure.  It shows up in Windows explorer and Disk Manager as an NTFS partition.  I see folders but can get to none of the files.  If I attempt to use CHKDSK I get the following response:The type of the file system is RAW.CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives.I ran DISKPART and when I list disks it shows up as 466GB and Online.  List Partition and List Volume also show up as follows:DISKPART> list partitionPartition ###  Type                  Size        Offset--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Partition 0       Extended           466 GB   504 KBPartition 1       Logical               466 GB   536 KBDISKPART> list volumeVolume ###  Ltr  Label                 Fs      Type            Size      Status     Info-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Volume 0       E                 ... Read more

Answer:Data Recovery on Damaged Partition

If there's nothing important on it (Volume #3, I assume), use Disk Manager to delete the partition, create a new one again and then format it.  Then connect it internally and do the same, if necessary.  You can also connect it internally and use the Seagate Seatools to initialize it.

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The HDD died one morning for what seemed to be no reason. I sent the drive out and had most of my data recovered including the recovery partition. I purchased a used but good HDD as a replacement and am trying to restore the system. I have tried several ways but cannot get the system to recognize the recovery enviroment to start. I believe the original system was either Windows 8 or 8.1. I have a Windows 8.1 full install dvd and tried installing Windows and doing a recovery that way but no luck. I know the HDD is good because I was able to install and use Windows 8.1. I put the data from the recovery partition on a usb but could not get that to boot. I used diskpart to create a system reserved partition and a Windows partition and put the recovery data on the active system reserved partition. The computer boots to recovery but with error code: 0xc000000f. A required device isn't connected and can't be accessed. I found someone said to rename the winUCRD.wim file to winre.wim so I tried that on the usb and on the HDD. It looks like it is going to boot on the HDD but comes up with a message that says "You are not able to restore this system with the media". I downloaded the Windows ADK and am thinking I might need to extract files from all the .wim files but there must be an easer way. Does anyone know how to get this data from the recovery partition to start the HP recovery environment? Do I need to extract the winre.wim file or something? I am a ... Read more

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I was running on Windows XP SP2 working fine for me. Last week when I connected to the internet while browsing may be some virus came into it and my Laptop (Acer Aspire 5050) start malfunctioning. I decided to install windows XP SP2 again, while installing it started formatting my hard drive without prompting for it in the mean while it got restarted and I lost my whole data. I again repartitioned it and install windows XP some how.

I have tried many softwares for recovering data like GetdataBack for NTFS, Badcopy and Ontrack.

Can any one tell me which is the best software for recovering lost data from HDD.

Answer:HDD Data Recovery from lost partition

After 2 installations, you are wasting your time trying to recover anything. It is all gone. Hopefully, you had everything backed up, right?

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I was given a laptop recently with the task of saving some files from the hard drive. The laptop won't boot, so I connected the drive to my computer via an eSATA dock. It shows up as RAW. When I run a partition repair tool, such as Partition Wizard, it correctly identifies the drive's capacity and amount of data. The drive is given a letter and shown that it is NTFS, however, when I try to access the drive from Explorer, I get the prompt to format it.

So, would something like Recuva work to access the files, or do I need something more "intense"?

Answer:Data Recovery from missing partition

Hi DeaconFrost,

Why not try TestDisk? It may be able to rewrite the partition table if it can find.
I have only run a mock trial here Regain a lost drive using Test Disk - An Illustrated Guide ( deleting the partition table from a working drive and then successfully rewriting it with TestDisk).

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Hello. I'm going to go ahead and appologize if I'm a bit unclear anywhere in this post as I'm not 100% certain how to phrase what happened. Also if this isn't in the proper forum.
A few days ago I got the following alerts from avast.
3/4/2010 9:22:41 PM 1267755761 SYSTEM 1216 Sign of "Win32:Rootkit-gen [Rtk]" has been found in "C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\Npfs.SYS" file.
3/4/2010 9:23:08 PM 1267755788 SYSTEM 1216 Sign of "Win32:Rootkit-gen [Rtk]" has been found in "C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\ALCXWDM.SYS" file.
I clicked delete when they popped up and proceeded to attempt to restart my computer in safe mode to run mbam to get rid of an "antivirus" program that installed itself on my computer. When I tried to restart though I kept getting an "Invalid form id" error and had to do a system recovery. It allowed me to keep all of my old information in a seperate partition of my harddrive though and make a new partition labeled "recovery". My question is, is there any way for me to fix the problem on the old partition and allow me to access all of my old information again? Also after I do that is there a way I can delete the new partition?

Answer:Data and partition recovery issues

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I have a friends laptop (a Satellite Pro) which fails to boot into Vista (even in safe mode) with a blue screen. I have tried booting off my own Vista CD to attempt a windows repair, but even that results in the same blue screen. To cut a long story short, I want to resort back to factory default, but the recovery CDs were never created.

I can access the drive contents (both the C drive and the data partition) by booting off a linux live CD. Is there any way I can copy the files oft the data partition, and create a recovery CD/DVD using these file?

Many thanks

Answer:Can I create recovery CD from data partition manually?

> Is there any way I can copy the files oft the data partition, and create a recovery CD/DVD using these file?
No. You cannot do this. What you can do now is to order original recovery disc from Toshiba.
Sorry but there is nothing you can do about it.

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Well, I've gotten myself into quite a pickle, let's just say me and my PC haven't been getting along very well lately . In the last 2 weeks I've successfully fought off a nasty CWS infection, subsequently upgraded to XP SP2 and all the latest patches, and now this. I was using the machine yesterday morning, and it was exceedingly sluggish. Task Manager showed that TurboTax which I'd left running wasn't responding. I repeatedly attempted to close TT, and 2 minutes later it finally closed. Instead of rebooting immediately, I went to IE to browse the web. A few minutes later the machine came screeching to a halt. No BSOD, just frozen. After several minutes of messing around and making nothing happen (CTRL+ALT+DEL did nothing, ALT+F4 did nothing, couldn't open any menus, etc.) I resigned myself to using the reset button.

On the reboot, the machine started to load XP, then reset on its own back to the BIOS splash screen. I attempted to reboot normally, same thing. Last known good configuration, same thing. Safe Mode, same thing. So, XP is hosed.

I loaded the System Recovery console and started looking around. Dir reports a problem enumerating directories on C:/. Chkdisk reports there are errors it can't fix. I ran Fixboot and it said it couldn't determine the current partition type. I started the diskpart utility and it sees a partition, but of uknown type and no data.

So obviously, the partition and possible the whole file allocati... Read more

Answer:corrupt partition - data recovery suggestions?

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I used fixboot and change the partition to FAT12 by accident. I'm trying to switch this back. I've tried Partition Table Doctor, R-Studio, and i'm trying TestDisk right now. Anyone have advice. If I can't fix it I need good data recovery software. Can anyone recommend any? Freeware of course.

Answer:Fix partition boot sector/data recovery

Here are some ideas:

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Apparently with some careless formatting of the harddrive, the lenovo recovery partition Q and the S partitions are gone. (I noticed it since I see those partitions on my thinkpad w700 but it is nowhere to be found on the T Series. I was wondering if it was possible to regain the information for the recovery if i was within warrenty...would it be possible to have lenovo ship out some cds so i can regain those stuff?


Go to Solution.

Answer:Is it possible to get a Recovery Partition S and Q Data Again from US Tech Support

You'll have to purchase a restore set from Lenovo if you never burned the restore discs. If you burned a restore disk set all you need to do is restore the system from them and those partitions will be recreated.

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I purchased a new Motherboard to upgrade my computer and new SSD drive. I installed Windows 7 again on my new SSD. I had a 3TB Seagate Drive that had 3 partitions. One partition had Windows 7 and system files. The other two had data. Now, one of my data partitions shows as Unallocated. The old Windows 7 partition is totally accessible as well as one data partition. I need to recover the data on the drive from the unallocated partition. I've tried Seatools and EaseUs partition tool. I'm going to try DiscInternals next.

Does anyone have suggestions on recovering a partition that is now unallocated? I imagine the data is still there but the partition isn't being recognized by Windows 7.


Answer:Lost Partition - Now Unallocated - Data Recovery

Try a simple partition undelete using Partition Wizard Partition Recovery Wizard - Video Help.

If that doesn't work try data recovery software.

Your data should always be backed up externally or to the cloud, using a modern method like Sync, Backup and Store your Files to the Cloud with Skydrive - Windows 7 Forums

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I have a problem with a hard drive. I think the partition info has been corrupted or over written. It was a dual partitioned hard drive (approx 80/120 on a 200G drive NTFS)Is there any free software I can try to see if it sorts my problem.Failing that is there any (cheaper) software that will sort me out. I've just had a play with partition doctor and it can see my files on the first partition (the important ones) so I might buy that if I have to.I did try the software on this months cover disc and it found some of the stuff off the 2nd partition but seems to be corrupting alot of it in the saving process. Thanks for any help.PS. I just had a play with R-Studio on the cover disk and that can see the 1st partition as well.

Answer:Any free partition or data recovery software?

Have a look at Testdisk its a Dos Based Program in which will get your drives here

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I have a disk with 2 partictions. Recently my system would not recognise either one of them. However I have got lucky and XP home is able to read from one of these 2 partitioned drives. However when copying some files from this drive I get message - Data error :Cyclic redundancy check. But this is only sometimes and I have been able to copy most of my data off this drive.

My big problem is that the second partition is unaccesible. Xp recognises this drive as as drive G: but it is unable to read it.

Just for info when booting I get a Master File Table error.

Can anyone recomend any software tools to recover my data. Would really really be a huge help.


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See what happened was....

I was getting ready to migrate to a much smaller SSD; as I've done a few times, I shrunk the main OS partition and a secondary data partition and shifted everything "left" with gparted. On next boot, which I do to let it figure out what is where and ditch the "dirty" flag, it did a chkdsk, which is normal (right? it is on 7, which I use most of the time), but it just ran a zillion messages about deleting index for file [insert file name here]. It then switched off to finish a reboot and never woke up. The partition table's all messed up now from it trying to fix itself, and honestly, it's not my computer, so trying to get her drive back whole is key here. It's GPT partitioned and a spin drive, so hopefully recoverable? Ideas? The method I tried worked about 6 times before, but on Win7 and Linux setups...

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is it safe to delete data from my recovery partition which I don't want to regain space on that partition? i want to regain some hundred mbs on this partition to backup my os and other important things - can i do this? or can't my recovery partition be modified?

Answer:Solved: is deleting data from recovery partition safe?

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1st time forum poster so be gentle please!

My mum has just brought a Toshiba laptop and it's pretty decent to be fair. Taking a quick look at it though i noticed the recovery partition (that comes with most laptops now) is labelled "D:/Data and is 232GB in size. Seems a bit on the large side for me and wondering if it is incorrect?

Have got a screenshot and if someone could confirm either way i'd be most grateful. Can i attach screenshots?

Thanks in advance


Message was edited by: Rzoo89

Answer:Satellite C660-195 - recovery partition labelled "D:/Data" and seems large

Please see the screenshot -

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I installed the Windows Vista Service Pack 2 update and now the laptop will not load.
I have a partitioned hard drive and will have to use the product restore disk.

I have a lot of photos and things on the second part of the hard drive.
I want to know if I use the restore disk will it delete the imformaton on the second hard drive or just the first?

Thank you

Answer:Equium A100-027: Does recovery disk delete data from second partition?


The Recovery disk will format the whole HDD and will also erase all the partitions created on the HDD!
This means that you will lose your pictures and all the data stored on the HDD.

Therefore you should backup the data before using the recovery disk!


PS: Its not needed to create more postings about the same theme ;)

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So is the data on D safe if I use recovery?


Answer:Re: Satellite C660/C660D will using recovery erase data on D partition?


From my knowledge using Recovery Disk would format the whole HDD and all partitions would be created again during this process.
This means that your data on D partition is not safe.

But from my experience the usage of HDD recover would format only the system (C) partition? not quite sure if this applies to all the Toshiba notebooks so possibly you should test this first time? in such case would recommend backup the data in case D partition would be erased.

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I am stuck and i am hoping someone here can help.

i have a dell laptop with win 8 on it that it came win. the recovery partitions are intact etc. only thing not intact is the OS partition. the recovery of course fails because of the partition missing.

is there a command i can type in diskpart to recreate the partition and succesfully restore the os with the recovery built in?

Answer:Can i use diskpart to remake the os partition?

i think i may have it fixed...crossing fingers im ...restore is running at the moment.
i used a partition program i found on this fourm...booted from it and was able to reformat and recreate the os partition. woot woot.

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I have two partitions - one is empty (Let's say "C") and other has data (Say "D") which I can't lose at any cost. I want to install Windows 7 but it asks me to clean the disk using Diskpart command. 
Is there any way where I can clean only "C" partition and let "D" stay as it is, with all data intact? Or is it like that the diskpart clean command cleans entire disk (including all partitions)?
And now since I don't have an OS installed on my disk, how can I even take backup from command prompt? All it shows is X:\>

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Hi,can someone tell me what to enter after using the following :

list disk
select disk 0
clean all

now after the whole hdd has been wiped out what should i enter to active/make C partition...?

Answer:Create Partition for C after Diskpart

These should both help you out.

SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation

SSD Alignment

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My niece asked me to re-install her Toshiba Satellite L300 laptop, because the windows installation is rather buggy. She didn't have a recovery disk. Using Toshiba's Recovery Disk Creator I tried creating a recovery disk.

However, the program wouldn't start. Checking the directory of the program, it would seem that the program simply isn't there. Afterwards, I checked the data partition of the laptop.

There was a map with HDD recovery. However when using Windows' advanced boot (F8 before Windows startup) there was no choice of repairing the notebook. They only choices were the standard windows options (Save mode, normal start, etc.).

In short, it seems impossible to re-install the notebook with the current information at hand.
What would be the next course of action? Is it possible to order a recovery CD from Toshiba?

Another niece has the same notebook, would it be possible to use that notebook to create a recovery disk?

I'll appreciate and look forward to your reactions.

Answer:Recovery disk Creator & data partition won't work - Satellite L300


It looks like something has been changed on the HDD?
However, fact is you?ve no Recovery disk and you cannot use HDD recovery option.

This means you need to order a new Recovery disk from Toshiba.

You can do this here:

PS: one tip? if you would use a search option of this forum, you would find the right answer too ;)

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Does anyone know how I could partition a hard drive using diskpart before I install an OS for example WINDOWS XP ? What I'm trying to do is partition my 320gb HARD DRIVE into 3 parititions C:,D:,E: . Also have them labeled to . I read you could do this during the install of XP during the GUI setup.

Answer:How to partition a hard drive using Diskpart

Have you had a look in the Tutorial section to see if there's anything listed there that will help, plus Nigel has put a post about getting a free disk partition program here.
Free Partition Manager

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I recently re-installed windows xpsp2 with a clean install. I partitioned my primary drive (Disk 0) with a 5GB NTFS partition (Disk 0, volume C) to install winxpsp2 into. The remainder of the partition (Disk 0, volume E), is 23GB. It is currently used for "all Programs".
My problem is that my 5GB partition was apparently far too small. I'm needing to extend the partition ANOTHER 5GB to obtain at least 10GB. I have a factory CD disk for xpsp2. I'm prepared to move all my data from Disk 0 volume E, to an external hard drive.
I'm reading about using the DiskPart utility that comes with windows at the command prompt. Here are the URL's for the 2 articles I've been focusing on,289142,sid68_gci1126671,00.html,289483,sid68_gci1241594,00.html

Based on what I've told you so far, here are my questions:
Can I use this utility?
Is there an easier and free or low cost alternative to this utility?
Can I use GParted or is it limited to Linux OS?

Answer:Extending the size of a partition Using DISKPART.exe

There's a little bootable program that fits on a floppy called BootIT NG. I've used it many times to extend partition sizes. From what I can tell, you have C: (5gb) and D: (23gb) and you want to add 5gb (from D: ) to C: for 10gb total on drive C. BootIT will do it safely, but you should back up D: first just in case something goes wrong. The description for BootIT says 'Shareware' but I've been using it for over a year w/o any problems. Here's the link:
Good luck!


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I'm practicing with the tutorial at SevenForums called "SSD/HDD Optimize when you're ready to reinstall the operating system."

The practice is on an old drive.

I ran the clean command.

In the boot drive, the cleaned disk is now not shown.
I'm confused on how to simply put a format on the cleaned drive.
I was going to use administrator tools disk management to do this. But if the spare cleaned disk is not shown, how should I proceed?

The sample screen shots show Drive X: which is normally shown when Win & Repair Environment is run.

I have little experience working with these commands but want to add an SSD sometime. My boot drive is secure yet. I'll find the exact thread for reference.

Answer:Make a partition after cmd -> diskpart is used to clean an HD

SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation

Here is the thread. Apparently there are others to 'optimize' as well.

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Hi everyone,

First of all I apoligize if this the wrong section to post this and, im BEGGING you to please help me. As the title says, I lost my partition table.

I searched my issue on Google and it brought me here.

Here is my story:

1) I have a 1TB HDD with on partition.
2) I used the CLEAN command of DISKPART and accidentally deleted the partition.
3) After cleaning the disk I repartitioned it into two parts.
4) I formatted both parts using the quick format option.
5) I deleted the second partition created in step 4 and re partitioned it and formatted it using again the quick format option.
6) I realized about what I did and leave my disk to come here and look for some help before make a bigger mess, because I am afraid to execute any action without proper guidance.

But inbetween these steps I never wrote data into my disk.

I am really DESPERATE BECAUSE I have very valuable info. there.

If you can help me to recover my data I will be VERY VERY grateful to you.

Thanks for your time and answer guys.

Sincerely yours,


Answer:DISKPART, how do I recover a deleted partition?, PLEASE HELP!!!

Hello Sam, and welcome to Seven Forums.

I hope you have a backup of that deleted partition somewhere. Since you cleaned the disk, created new partitions, and formatted, the chances of recovering that deleted partition are very slim.

You might see if an option in the tutorial below may be able to recover it for you, but it doesn't sound promising.

Partition - Recover Deleted Partitions in Windows

Hope this helps,

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Tried to use Paragon Partition Manager 8.5 and on request to partition got message 'New partition cannot be created probably all primary slots are occupied.' There are two identified partitions, Logical (c)Pimary Formatted 186GB and logical(*)primary not formatted 251Mb 2049.9Gb i.d. 0x88 linux partition plain text table 0free.

I have not attempted any disk management operations since purchase. How do I get my space to put my newly aquired Vista? What effect will deleting partition(*) have.

Answer:Satellite A100-998: Partition cannot be created using Paragon Partition Manager


I will try to clarify situation on your HDD. as far as I know your notebook is delivered with preinstalled ???Media Express Player???. This is small ???Linux-based??? application and it is installed on small unallocated partition (about 250 MB). Please leave it at it is.

Primary located partition can be reduced for about 40%. On this 40% you leave you can install Vista OS. On this way you will have two operating systems and every time you start your notebook Boot ???manager will ask you which OS you want to start.

When you start Vista installation setup will ask you where the Vista should be installed. Choose please this second partition.

Please report us the results.

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Hi all,I have a Windows 2003 Virtual Machine running on VMware ESX 3.5. The virtual disk size is 4GB. The Disk has one partition which has entire space allocated to it. The used space on disk is 2GB. The rest of space is free space (2GB). So I want to resize the partition to 2.5GB and claim 1.5GB back so that I can create a new NTFS partition. Since I do not want to use any third party tool, I choose to use diskpart from WINPE 2.0 which came from MicroSoft. After downloading the Microsoft Windows AIK for Windows Vista SP1, I created a WinPE 2.0 ISO Image out of it. I used the ISO image to boot the Virtual Machine with WinPE 2.0 (it is based on Windows Vista kernel). I followed the steps as said in the article How to shrink and extend NTFS partitions in Windows Vista under Shrinking and Extending Volumes with the Windows Vista command line. But it failed with the following error message:DiskPart has encountered an error: The parameter is incorrect.See the System Event Log for more information.The sequence of commands which I executed is as follows:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------x:\> diskpartDISKPART> list disk Disk ### Status Size Free Dyn GPT -------- ---------- ------- ------- --- --- Disk 0 Online 4301 MB 211 MBDISKPART> select disk 0Disk 0 is now the selected disk.DISKPART> list volume Volume ### Ltr Label Fs Type Size ... Read more

Answer:Trouble Resising Ntfs Partition Using Diskpart

I suspect that there is additional information needed with the "shrink" command (I'm running DISKPART from within Vista)

Type "help shrink" at the prompt (without the quotes) to see what additional information is needed

I'd suspect that you'd need to specify "SHRINK DESIRED=1536" (without the quotes) where 1536 mB = 1.5 gB

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Hi everyone,

I made the mistake of using diskpart clean (only NOT clean all) command,

on my local hard disk, so the command deleted the partition that does not contain

the OS and gave me an error message that it couldn't delete the partition

that has the OS. since then I tried using testdisk and it does detect my deleted

partition and i choose to write a new partition table option and reboot

but still i can't seem to recover that partition that has my graduation

photos that i have no back up for.

In the attached images you'll see that the partition is intact and i can even see

its content and but i don't know what's going on!

please guys, any nice help would be appreciated..

Thanks in advance!


EASEUS is not able to recover since it says that "existing" and doesn't even recognised as

deleted or lost by it, so you can only browse the deleted partition but not recover.

Answer:Partition not visible in My computer<<Used diskpart clean only.

Hello Salih,

If you mean the 3.99 GB unallocated space in your screenshot, then you might see if you may be able to pick up at step 7 in OPTION TWO of the tutorial below to restore the partition and recover the data on it afterwards.

Convert a Dynamic Disk to a Basic Disk

Hope this helps,

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Hi all,

I have a problem and hope you guys and girls can help. I have a 2TB Western Digital drive. It somehow got corrupted and I am now trying to resolve the issue. easeUS data recovery wizard is already running for almost 24 hours and only did 8 percent of the disk. It also has not found data yet.

I think the problem is that I cant create a partition on the disk. It gives a CRC fault, the disk also has no volume.

Are there any smart people that think they can help? All input works!



Answer:Cant create partition on disk, DISKPART gives CRC fault,

A Cyclic Redundancy Error can sometimes be corrected by running checkdisk on the drive. For example, if the drive is letter F, then you would open a command prompt window and type

chkdsk F: /f

So you chkdsk F: and tell it to "fix" by using the /f switch.

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Hello and thanks for reading,

I want to achive a simple goal and need your help:
-I have 320GB external HD which has 2 partitions assigned as (X and Y),
-HD is marked as disk 1 and it's online
-partition X has some data which may not be wiped out
-while partition Y is going to be deleted and recreated.

usualy I do:
sel dis 1
sel par Y
delete partition
cre par pri
sel par 2
format label = Y

now partition has been recreated as I wanted BUT,
part of the disk where that partition was has not been zerro-ed as it would be if we would do it like this:

sel dis 1
clean all
cre par pri size = 153000
sel par 1
format label = X
cre par pri
sel par 2
format label = Y

now in this second example partitioin has realy been zerroed(the whole HD acctualy) because we used clean all, but the cost to achive this delux was destroing partition X as well , and this is not wanted by my goal because I wanna keep partition X since it contains data.

My question is:
how to do recreate partiton Y so that I "zerro-it" like whole disk with clean all.
only part Y of the disk should be zerroed not part X

thanks alot.

btw: don't ask me "why do I want to do this?" I hate that

Answer:How do I (unusualy)clean a single partition using DISKPART?

Not possible, sorry.

Quote: Originally Posted by DiskPart Command-Line Options

Removes any and all partition or volume formatting from the disk with focus. On master boot record (MBR) disks, only the MBR partitioning information and hidden sector information are overwritten. On GUID partition table (GPT) disks, the GPT partitioning information, including the Protective MBR, is overwritten; there is no hidden sector information.
clean all
Specifies that each and every sector on the disk is zeroed, which completely deletes all data contained on the disk.

DiskPart Command-Line Options

From the above, it is clear that these commands apply to the disk as a whole, and not to individual partitions. This is because, as part of their execution, they erase the partition information (MBR/GPT) tables. You will need to use the format command to erase a specific partition.

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I have a 3TB Western Digital USB drive that I formatted on a Linux system. The first partition is an ext4 system partition. The second is a large NTFS data partition. It works fine on the Linux system.  When I connect it to my Windows PC, the partitions
don't appear in Explorer.  In Disk Management I see:
As you can see, the partition with the red box has no format. It should be shown as NTFS.
So I thought a fix would be to format the partition using WIndows.  But if I right click on the partition 'Format' is greyed out. So I can't format it that way.
So I thought I would try DISKPART. I select the disk and the partition and execute:

DISKPART> format fs=NTFS Label="Data" QUICKThere is no volume selected.Please select a volume and try again.
I also tried:

The specified type is not in the correct format.
For more information on the command type: HELP SETS

It seems that WIndows doesn't recognise a volume on the disk so I am stuck. I can't format it.
How can I fix this please?

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Hi, last month my system hard disk got crashed and when I again installed the windows 7. It worked for some day. Now it is saying os not found. When I again tried to install the window, I notice that instead of original partitions it is showing two new partition. I'm not sure if it is a hardware problem or some type of virus. Need your expetise.
Help appreciated. ...

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Hi everyone

I wanted clear the 1st partition (of 3) of my notebook , and ..was the Disaster
whole 250 Gb was gone in one click.

All my documents and life, since i was a child is there .. and i havent backed up it .. so i really need your help guys.

I?ve seen some post here , but depending of my scenario i dont know how to start is :

-I havent powered off the laptop yet (it's still alter ?clean? command) if i can do some there ? or must i power off or take that HDD to work in another PC computer?

-If i work with the PC , i?m able to copy it with MiniTool Partition or Clonezilla ,Or just work directly in that HDD in Windows?
-Im not sure later wich program use later DMDE or TestDisk to recover those 2 partitions

Is there any hope I can recover my data?

PS:Im sorry with my english,It?s not my native language

Answer:CLEAN Diskpart´s victim ,how to recover data?

Hi flori,

I would suggest running a scan with partition wizard and post a screen shot of the result

How to Make Partition Recovery | MiniTool Partition Wizard Tutorial

Partition - Recover Deleted Partitions in Windows

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This must be my one time blunder but I did manage to clean my 2TB backup external HDD in an attempt to clean a pendrive to make a bootable pendrive for installing Windows 8.

Now the help file for the diskpart > clean command says only the MBR partitioning information and hidden sector information are overwritten. And I was able to realize what i did exactly after hitting the enter key on the clean command.

On master boot record (MBR) disks, only the MBR partitioning information and hidden sector information are overwritten. On GUID partition table (GPT) disks, the GPT partitioning information, including the Protective MBR, is overwritten. If the ALL parameter is not used, the first 1MB and the last 1MB of the disk are zeroed. This erases any disk formatting that had been previously applied to the disk. The disk's state after cleaning the disk is 'UNINITIALIZED'.

While I am aware of the fact that any data recovery is not 100%, still I am looking for a sure-shot way to recover the data as I don't have any other drive clone the disk as a way of backing it up. So I am in need of a way which has maximum chances of recovering the data.
Some facts about the state of the drive are as under
I stopped exactly after hitting the clean command and no operation has been performed on the HDD after that.
The HDD has no partitions on it i.e. its a 2TB single partition.
I am running Windows 8.1 Pro
Is there any way I can recover my data?

Answer:Recover data from a diskpart > clean command

You did diskpart->clean? So not "clean all". So If the ALL parameter is not used, the first 1MB and the last 1MB of the disk are zeroed.

Was the 2TB partition originally created within win7/8?
The last 1MB is not a huge problem. Most likely it's free space. Or used by one useless file.

Where did the 2TB partition start? I mean what was the first sector of that partition? If it was below the 1MB boundary.... you're out of luck... it's overwritten with zeroes.

"To work around this issue specify a starting offset of 2,048 sectors (1 megabyte). A starting offset of 2,048 sectors covers most stripe unit size scenarios. This is the default for windows Vista and windows 7 and also adds support for GPT (guid partition tables)"
Win7/vista creates partitions starting at the 1MB boundary by default.

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Hi everyone,

with my luck I have accidentally executed diskpart > clean command on my 1tb external hard drive. I stopped right after though, realizing what i have done. Is it at all possible to recover the data from the hard drive?

It had the personal data of my family - pictures, videos, thesis dissertations, etc., etc. and also some important documents which copies we do not have. I know, extremely stupid, the backup should always be backed up. I will definitely do that for everything in the future.

The external hardrive had 2 partitions: exFAT, where all the important things were stored, around 800 gb in size with 150 or so gb used and NTFS partition, 52gb where only a windows installation cd was stored.

I have ran partition wizard quick scan, but unfortunately it only found the second, NTFS partition, which I really could not care less about.

Is it at all possible to recover the exFAT partition

Any help is immensely appreciated!

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My laptop doesn't boot from hard disk anymore. So I tried to start system with Windows 7 installation DVD and ran DISKPART.

It recognized disk 0 but when I execute "create partition primary size=80000"
it runs for sometime and displays that it is not able to execute the operation properly due to I/O error.

(I had windows 7 running on that hard disk before).
can somebody help?


Answer:DISKPART throwing I/O error at create partition command

Diskpart is not needed for Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot.
Work through the steps in the blue link.

As a last resort you can Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7.

Everything you need is in the blue links. You don't need Diskpart.

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Hi All:
I have a Fujitsu M2011 Netbook with Windows 7 Home. It has one logical disk, with two partitions- C: & D:. D: is only 200MB and has a hidden restore partition that I do not need. I have attempted to use DiskPart, but at either the Clean or Delete Partition Override command I get a failure that it cannot be done. Is there an easy, free way to do this? I haven't had any luck with Fujitsu. It's not a big problem, it's just driving me nuts! Maybe I should try with a boot CD? Any ideas? Thanks!

Answer:Solved: How Delete a Hidden Partition if DiskPart Fails?

Partitioning Tools-->


Dr.Freeware Boot CD (also has file recovery, disk imaging and cloning)
EASEUS Partition Master (Vista-compatible)
Partition Wizard (free home and business editions)
Paragon Partition Manager 8.5-- PPM Special Edition serial and free registration
CloneZilla GParted LiveCD (Complete partitioning and drive imaging/restoration tools)
Gparted LiveCD
Parted Magic
Vista Recovery Disk (Shrink, expand, create, delete partitions)
XP Recovery Console CD image (Create and delete partitions with diskpart.exe)

O&O Partition Manager 2 (Vista-compatible)
Paragon Partition Manager
Paragon Hard Disk Manager
Terabyte BootIt NG
Acronis Disk Director
V-Com (Avanquest) Partition Commander
EASEUS Partition Manager

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My PC does not want to boot up, long story short I was following instructions from a post that suggested rebuilding the MBR of the recovery partition, when diskpart "list vol" revealed this: Volume ###  Ltr   Label               Fs        Type          Size      Status     Info.......Volume 3        E         RECOVERY    NTFS   Partition    14 Gb   Healthy......Volume 7        E         RECOVERY    NTFS   Partition     14 Gb   Healthy    Hidden  Two volumes with the same letter? also same size, one is hidden.  Is this an ordinary state of affairs? Thanks    

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I've used diskpart clean all command on my 640GB hdd by mistake. But I aborted (Ctrl+C) it after about 15 minutes of beginning.

There was 4 partitions on it:
1. Windows partition (about 90GB).
2. Unallocated space (about 25GB).
3. Another partition (about 50GB).
4. Data partition (The rest of it and this is what I want to recover).

I have done MiniTool Partition wizard fast and complete scan and the result was two 3MB partitions.
I have run Acronis recovery fast and complete scan, fast scan has no result and complete scan has run for over 20 hours without finishing.
Then, I run TestDisk quick scan with no results. After that, TestDisk Deeper scan with the attached results. I tried to list the files in that partition but it told me that "Can't open filesystem. Filesystem seems damaged." as the second attachment.

What should I do next? please help.

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Hello Forum!

I hope I can find a guru here, who can explain the "interesting" phenomena of different partition types (in disk manager it's actually listed in the "status" column) being displayed by disk manager vs diskpart.

The setup: disk0 has 8 partitions (3 primary, 1 extended, 4 logical).

This is correctly shown by diskpart: partitions 1,2 and 3 are primary, partition 0 is extended, partitions 4,5,6 and 7 are logical drives within the extended partition.

Disk manager, on the other hand, lists 6 primary partitions (these are partitions 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 in diskpart) and one extended partition (probably partition 0, but smaller...) containing only one logical drive (partition 7).

The partitions I am actually trying to access are 4,5 and 6. They contain a linux installation, wich, oh wonder, i cannot access anymore after upgrading to windows 10. The entry in the bootmanager is still available, but it cannot find the linux boot manager anymore, which is located on partiton 5.

I used and still use the windows boot manager for the multiboot. Partitions 2 and 3 contain the windows 7 and 10 installs and work ok.

Just to clarify: this setup was working before upgrading to windows 10. I upgraded the windows 8.1 install in partition 3.

My intuition is that it must be related to the inconsistent display of the partitions in windows, since diskpart also lists partitions 4,5 and 6 as hidden.

So, any guru around?

Thank you in advance for enlighting info!

Answer:inconsistent partition info in disk manager / diskpart

My guess is that the Linux logical partitions got corrupted by the Win10 installation. The Ubuntu forums has lots of posts from folks claiming their logical partitions got corrupted after a Windows upgrade.

If you have a live USB/CD, you could boot from that and run "fsck" on the partitions -- but don't be surprised if they are damaged.

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Is the 'diskpart' program available under the recovery console for Windows XP Pro in all it's full power? and does it recognize and work with ntfs partitions?

sorry for sounding so damn n00bish.

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Hello everyone,

My apologies if I have posted this in the wrong section. I am in the middle of a major panic attack and am trying my best to stay calm to get some help.

This is my situation ->

My Western Digital 1 TB Hard-Disk had 3 partitions.
i) C: Around 150 GB (operation system -> Formatted)
ii) D: Around 450 GB (Used around 250-300 GB)
iii) E: Around 350 GB (Used around 200 GB)

I had formatted my C: Drive to install a new operating system when I ran into some issues with MBR/GPT conflicts. I read a thread where it stated that I oughta try to clean the partition which I did but I ended up cleaning my entire disk with all partitions gone.

I panicked and created a new partition. It is 931 gb big and covers the entire hard disk. I honestly don't know why I did that. Just realised I better stop and ask guidance before proceeding. I havent done anything after that.

It had some extremely important files (I'm an animator and it has about 85% of my demo reel). I was just beginning to back up the important data in my hard disks and this has happened. I followed the advice given on this thread,

diskpart/clean by accident....need to recover partitions,begging :'(

I have just downloaded the bootable version of Partition wizard (I don't have any other harddisks to boot from.) Just about to boot with USB and see what happens. But I would really appreciate help and guidance on what to do to proceed further. Any help would be deeply appreciated. Please.

Answer:Diskpart-Clean accidentally. How to recover partitions with data? Help

Currently running a quick scan using MiniTool Partition Wizard. Its running at a slow rate. 4% right now. It seems to have detected 3 lost/deleted partitions so far but the partitions sizes seem to be (2.45mb used / 3.01 mb). Guess I will have to wait for it to hit 100% before knowing anything more.I will update a picture of what I get once it completes. Meanwhile, any advice on any other alternatives / procedures I should do will be greatly appreciated.

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Hey folks,

What I did: Within CMD>diskpart>Select disk, i ran the clean (not clean all) command on a different drive than intended, (the goal was to recover a partition of a USB thumb drive), and ended up cleaning an external data drive (3TB), and would love to find out that my data is not lost. (over 2 TB of Data).

What I've done since: I immediately cursed, and then exited the CMD before i caused any more problems. After some reading up on these forums and other forums, i ended up downloading MiniTool Partitioning Wizard, and TestDisk. Within MiniTool, I've run a quick scan, as per: How to Make Partition Recovery | MiniTool Partition Wizard Tutorial . The tool found 3 partitions, and i took a screenshot. (should be attached).

Why I'm asking for help: I'm not sure what to do now. I had approximately the unallocated amount on the right (2048.0 GB) of data.(from my screenshot). The drive is not showing up in My Computer.
Is all that is left a simple merge of the partitions?

Please point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance,

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Hello Everyone,

Here is the problem where I messed up and help me please,

I had problem with my Asus notebook for black screen after login and I was not able to resolve the issue.

1. So I decided to to format my "C: drive" and was trying to install windows 7 on my windows 7 laptop GPT partition (UEFI) and when it didn't allow me to install win7 on partitioned drive.

2. I followed YouTube video foolishly.So I selected my notebook "C drive", which is disk 0 and then, I thought that I have selected my "C drive partition".

3. I executed diskpart clean command ( without any parameters, not clean all. ONLY CLEAN) :'(
everything gone after that.

4. Then I saw my all partitions are gone and this is what i want to recover. (i had 2 partitions, C drive- 250 gb space, D drive- 400 gb space) and I had important data in "D drive(around 100 gb)".

5. And after diskpart clean command , I see that my C and D drive partitions got merged as one single partition.

6. I was in panic, then I was able install Win 7 with intentions to recover data from "D drive" and planning to recover my lost data.

How do I recover my data(D Drive importantly) ? .. Please assist me .. your help will most helpful .. I am worried..

Answer:diskpart /clean, format by accident,need to recover data Please Help

Hello and welcome bison mate try any of these I prefer Recuva
Best Free Data Recovery and File Un-delete Utility

PS If you do get the data back then a clean install might be the go and the default drive made by Windows on install is C:

Oh and there is my little ditty too
Make a bootable Ubuntu disk
Set the BIOS to boot from the optical when the machine boots it will show you a screen with TRY or INSTALL > select TRY not INSTALL
When it is finished - it takes very little time you will get a screen like in the pic .
Open the drive you want > User and dig down until you get to the data / settings you may be able to copy / paste the material you want to an external source or other installed drive doing this.
I am not sure if it will but I have recovered tons of data etc using this method both on "dead" or just plain drives that you cannot get data from using Windows.

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Hello everyone,
I had major partition problems and tried fixmbr,fixboot,etc and even rebuilding bcd was not working. I was misguided by one of the other Forums and entered:
DISKPART Select Volume 1
DISKPART Clean Volume 1
The Volume has been cleaned
[If it was to delete all data, I thought it would ask Y or N]
where volume 1 was my C drive. I had data on other drives. Immediately after this the computer hung and I was forced to restart. All this while the MBR was not working and I was on Windows 7 installation disc. Now it does not detect my Hard Disk or any of the Volumes and shows Hard Disk as 249 out of 249 Gb free. I have no choice but to go to Windows 7 Disc where there are no installations or data.
Of what I have read, this command only clears the Partition List..
While I was trying fixmbr, I even used gparted Live disc where it turns out that there is some "recursive" bug which was found.
Please help me, there is vital information on the disk as it is my office computer.
I need to recover all the data. Its very urgent. I have committed a huge blunder but is there way ?

Answer:DISKPART clean performed accidently. how to recover data?

Do not format the drive or do anything other than download and burn to CD free Partition Wizard, burn to CD using Windows Image Burner.

Boot PW CD by tapping the one-time BIOS boot menu key at boot, choose DVD/CD drive to boot.

Then follow this video for Partition Wizard Partition Recovery Wizard - Video Help.

In addition: Partition - Recover Deleted Partitions in Windows

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Hello, I know it's stupid but i diskpart/clean and formatted while installing windows from cmd, it's a new laptop so i had no other data just (i don't remember exactly) 100GB not more. i installed windows on that formatted disk.
I had all data on D Disk (500GB) and now i have only one disk which is 1TB and no partition recovery programs found the data I needed, I tried recover my files, iCare data recovery, Stellar Phoenix and MiniTool Partition Wizard , none of them showed me my lost disk and data
do you have any idea what other things can i do ? please help this is really important most data is pictures and videos which i don't have anywhere else

Answer:diskpart / clean, format by accident , need to recover data

Sounds like you have one Disk , but used to have two partitions?

If your data was on a second partition ( the second half of the disk ) you may be able to get it back.

To do that you need to recover the original partition structure. Try the partition recovery on Partition wizard free boot disc.

If you already tried that, you are probably out of luck, although partition guru free is excellent for that kind of thing. It is a bit confusing, it does both partition recovery and data recovery. Data recovery on the free version is limited - suggest you do partition recovery.

Partition Wizard Bootable CD allows user to manage partition directly with partition manager bootable CD.

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Somehow my 2TB Seagate external drive got marked as Active and it causes my system to crash (system goes straight to BIOS). The drive contains many valuable photos and short videos; even though they are backed up, I really don't want to lose them off this drive.

So my question is.......if I use Diskpart to mark the drive inactive, will my data remain intact?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Will My Data Be Safe If I Use Diskpart To Deactivate an External Drive

If done correctly you will not loose your data.

This tutorial by Brink will explain things.

Partition - Mark as Inactive

First we need to know something.
Does you system boot properly with the external drive unhook from your computer?

Now we need to see your Disk Management so we understand you setup better.
Complete this tutorial by Brink so we can have a look see.

Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

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My pc won't boot up cause i made some software changes but didn't save things properly. It's running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. I checked online and found i could boot up from an installation disc and repair it. But the recovery tools didn't work and I found that I could rebuild the BCD folder.

I was trying to rebuild my BCD file using some online instructions ( i was using method 2.But I accidentally typed in Bcdedit /export C:\BCD instead of Bcdedit /export C:\BCD_Backup and pressed ENTER. And it said the command was completed. I thought i would correct the error by typing in Bcdedit /export C:\BCD_Backup and the rest of the commands. they all completed successfully so I thought it was alright.

However when i restarted the pc I got an error at startup that says: status: 0xc000000f. apparently my boot folder is missing. SoI searched for some more solutions online and most said i've to go to the partition with the boot folder and OS using diskpart.

But when i run diskpart and run the command to list partition or list volume my original C partition isn't listed. It shows my System Reserved partition with the C letter assigned to it. Originally it was assigned letter E. And it shows that its active. I've tried running bootrec commands and restarting the pc but it's still not fixed.

I've tried searching for a solutions online but I can't find any. Please help. Thanks for all the help.

I've tried r... Read more

Answer:BCD missing status:0xc000000f & Diskpart won't list my main partition

Quote: Originally Posted by tisungeni

But I accidentally typed in Bcdedit /export C:\BCD instead of Bcdedit /export C:\BCD_Backup and pressed ENTER. And it said the command was completed.

I can't see how this could be the cause of your problem.

Have you carried out either:
A) Run startup repair from a system repair disc (3 times rebooting each time)
>bootrec /scanos
This should come back and identify the Windows 7 OS partition.
rebuild the MBR
>bootrec /fixmbr
Fix the Partition Boot Record/Boot sector.
>bootrec /fixboot
importantly, rebuild the BCD
>Bootrec /rebuildbcd

If so then I suggest you make a Partition Boot CD (using another PC of course) and have a closer look at your HDD particularly the "C" partition. Note that letter assignments like C are given by Windows. Boot discs, including the system repair disk, don't know this and assign arbitrary letters.

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I think like other folks who've come here, I have a relatively similar issue: I wanted to wipe a flash drive (in my case, because the 16GB drive had been formatted on mac os, so it didn't work w/ windows), went to diskpart, selected what appeared to be the small flash drive and did "clean." This for whatever reason instead made my 2TB "file install" drive disappear.The reason I created a new thread is because I haven't seen my case elsewhere: I've actually lost the drive letter, the partition, and any sign that the drive exists. it no longer appears in device manager, in my bios boot menu, and so on. It DOES appear when I boot via the MiniTool Power Data Recovery Boot Loader (as in, when I boot that executable from a flash drive)--and not within that MiniTool's Windows version, nor within EaseUS Partition Master. Same goes for Testdisk; when I load that, it only shows my Windows system drive (along with any USB stick I have inserted), not the 2TB drive.I thankfully had all important files on my 2TB drive backed up, so losing them wouldn't be the end of the world. But now I can't even use the drive! I would love some help figuring out what exactly I did and how to at least access the drive again, if not recover any/all of its 2TB of data. I only did "clean," not "clean full," so my hope is the drive's data (which is apparently not being touched by computer, since it doesn't exist) has been sitting unperturbed for the past few hours while... Read more

Answer:drive/partition totally missing after errant diskpart clean

I would look at data recovery software such as:
Recover deleted or lost hard drive partitions by 3 steps

The clean command just erased the partition table on the drive - which is supposed to have a backup that data recovery programs can access.

If you repartition the drive, and reformat the newly created partition you will have access to the drive itself again, but that will ruin your chances of restoring the previously existing partition.

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Hi all,

I got myself into a bit of a muck here. While trying to create a bootable USB, I accidentally selected the wrong USB disk (my back up USB disk that contained the manual I was using), & ended up clearing it out. The exact commands I ran are as below:-


Select disk 1 (my bad here, selected the wrong 1)


Create partition primary

Select partition 1


Format quick fs=ntfs



Upon realizing my blunder I've not written any files on the affected disk. Its a WD 1TB, & I've been using it as is for files since day one, I definitely don't recall reformating or partitioning it. All data was contained in the single large partition that the drive came as. Where I am right now, bandwidth is quite limited & unstable, & I'm having a hard time downloading the recovery programs. Any advice on specific programs or utilities that would work best for my scenario? At the moment I'd like to recover the partition, but would be glad id I get back most of my files, that itself would be great!

Thanks in advance for any help.

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I am using an ISO USB recovery for Windows7.
In the CLI, my command line prompt shows: X:\windows\system32>
I get error message when entering C: The request could not be performed because of in I/O device error.
I do see the disk (disk 0 and it will give me the size of the drive)when I enter list disk after typing diskpart at the X:\windows\system32> prompt.

I performed bootrec /fixmbr and bootrec /fixboot operations before this to rebuild the master booth records.

I am trying to repair the bcd with attrib bcd ?s ?h ?r, but I believe I would first have to be able to get into the C:\ first.

Any recommendations or solutions?

Answer:with USB recovery media cannot get to c: drive with diskpart

Do the following from the command prompt to locate where the boot drive really is. When you boot from the flash drive or CD or DVD, what is normally the C: drive may be D: or E: or some other letter.

list disk <-- this shows what physical disks are connected
list vol <-- this shows what volumes (partitions) are on any disk and what, is any letter is assigned

Once you know it, enter it's letter instead of C:, e.g. d: or e:

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I am trying to recover an Equium A210 back to factory state. I run the recovery utility and select the default settings. I get a diskpart error and the recovery process stops. This i what it shows:
Try to remove all letters from potential partitions on HDD 0 ...
Try to remove all letters from potential partitions on HDD 1 ...

Microsoft DiskPart version 6.0.6000
Copyright (C) 1999-2007 Microsoft Corporation.
On computer: MINWINPC

Disk 0 is noe the selected disk.

DiskPart succeded in cleaning the disk.

DiskPart encountered an unexpected error.
Check the system event log for more information on the failure.
ERROR: DiskPart failed!
Press any key to continue . . .
How can i check the system event log when I have no way of looking at it as the HDD has no operating system now.

Any help & advice would be great ,

Answer:Equium A210 - Diskpart Error during recovery

I really don't know what is wrong there but, if possible, obtain Microsoft Vista installations DVD to see if you can install Vista properly.
If yes then is there something wrong with recovery image files. If not I presume there is something wrong with HDD.

Sorry but it is all I can say at the moment.

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Hi everyone, I'm beyond desperate for help. I have a hard drive which had 4 partitions on it, and efi partition, a recovery partition, and 2 partitions which we encrypted with bitlocker. I was trying to clean/repair the efi partition as I was having boot errors... however when I used the clean command I cleaned the entire disk... whoops! I have not overwritten or done anything aside from trying various recovery programs which don't seem to help. They are unable to find any of the bitlocker recovery partitions. I'm assuming I will need to somehow rebuild the partitions using their exact size and locations on the disk before I can get anywhere. I do not recall the exact sizes of the partitions... I know the general size. I don't have my recovery key but I do know my bitlocker password. Would anyone be willing to help a poor soul out, the data on the drive is irreplaceable as my last backup of the data was about 2 months ago, poor practice I know!

Answer:Bitlocker Recovery, accidentaly used diskpart clean

One more note... I tried using m3 bitlocker recovery, lost partition option. It finds my two bitlocker partitions however when I click recover and enter my password I get a "data not found" message, even though the program displays the recovery status as good.

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Hi everyone, I know this must sound like a real stupid title, but please bear with me for a moment: Having wiped my R50p clean with the "Access IBM" button, I noticed that I only had a C drive with 20 GB of which much was in use. In Windows XP Disk Manager I saw that there was a whopping 55 GB on a hidden partition that I only had the option of to "remove", not to activate or anything else. Realising that this was the hidden partition with the IBM restore files, I was hesitant to take any action. After doing some research on several forums I found that the recovery part should only take up 20 GB, which corresponded somewhat to the fact that Disk Manager showed 42 GB of 55 GB to be "free" (if only I could use the free space!). In order to access those magnificent 42 free GBs on the 55 GB hidden partition, I first created a ThinkVantage recovery disc (strangely it was only one CD-R) and disabled IBM Predesktop Area in the BIOS. As a result, I proceeded with deleting the 55 GB partition and it became unallocated space, therefore allowing me to make it a new partition and assign a drive letter (in this case D), doing a "quick format (NTFS)" in order to be able to use the space available, and finally giving me the full 55 GB. Since I had preferred to leave the recovery files on the hidden partition, but had no idea how to access the useful other 42 GBs, I followed the abovementioned procedure. Now my question is whether it's possible to recreate another hidden parti... Read more

Answer:?? Restore Recovery Partition with Recovery Disc after deleting Recovery Partition

pvanedan, welcome to the forum, after reading your post several times I think I understand your situation as it is now. The answer is as follows; which you may not like sorry  You have successfully deleted the recovery partition in order to gain more space, that's the good news  The cd you have created is only a boot cd and not a recovery cd, this would be used to boot your ThinkPad and access a recovery backup which is stored on another hard drive, cd/dvds or over network. It alone is not able to recreate the recovery partition which you no longer have, that's the bad news  I would suggest backing up your files regularly and using an appropriate imaging software to backup your installation. Edit: What I don't understand is; why 55GB? The partition should have been around 4GB, maybe it was full of backups??Message Edited by andyP on 07-03-2008 07:30 PM

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