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Cooling pad problem

Question: Cooling pad problem

Does a cooling pad work on a laptop that doesn't have vents on the bottom?
I have an HP Probook 455 G1 and the cooling pad doesn't seem to work at all.
Thank you.

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Preferred Solution: Cooling pad problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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My cooler does not work, and I get the message:
"Warning: A problem with the cooling system has been detected.
Please turn off the computer immediately, and return it for service."

After that the cpu gets ridiculous slow.
My laptop is a toshiba 5205-S703. I can't take the laptop to a service repair cause here in Brasil we can't trust in such services.

My cooler is not running not, I think It is damaged. I opened the laptop and lubrificate it, but it doesnt work.

I **think**, the problem can be:
- just the cooler (I will order a cooler as soon as I discover a place on the internet where I could order OEM parts);
- the cooler and the processor (as the processor is very slow It may have damaged the processor). My processor is a P4 Mobile 2.0ghz. And I dont know where to get a new processor? Anybody know?
- or the worst of all. The motherboard function which triggers the cooler was damaged. If this happened I think I lost my laptop

Can anybody help me on this? dMy mail is "[email protected]"

Answer:Warning: A problem with the cooling system has been detected. cooling problem

OEM Laptop parts?...

OEM laptopparts?... Good luck call the builder of the system and get a new one even off warrenty they will often ship the parts free if it is just a fan. I would run the lappy opened for a few seconds to see in the fan is running, DONOT think about putting one finger on the system when it is like this and don't move till you turn the system off cotton shirt and denem is a good thing to ware when doing this to reduce the static charge grab the power cable and hold it a second or two then turn the system off holding the cable, ot dispell static and the human body cannot feel static charges less then 3000 volts and at 30 you can kill parts in your computer... on some systems even less then 30 v will kill it. As far as the temp reader when you replace the fan on most laptops the reader is build into the fan so if it was the reader then that will be fixxed if the problem continues they I would E Bay the system for parts and start looking at new systems... As far as Intel build Laptops go get a Dell or a Toshiba if you want some real Power for you money gen and AMD Rig from Aser... I like their Farrie Line as they have evrything you will need in a laptop and they will handle some real crazy newer games... there is a few Asers that will handle HL2 and Doom3 not at max setting but it will run better then some towers that are playing the games... Just rember that with Dell you are doning to pay for the better inhouse tech support then you will if you buy som... Read more

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Hello,Yesterday the cooling fan 90b broke inside my laptop.  I heard a low noise like a CD was spinning incorrectly and than my computer overheated and shut down.  Upon restart I got the 90b error message.  Can anyone please point me in the direction of a guide on how to replace my 90b fan, and a place where I can buy a replacement part?  Thank you very much, ThomasBrodsky

Answer:Cooling fan 90b error message and malfunctioning cooling fan...

Dear Thomas, 90b Error message occurs when there is firmware or a Hardware issue with the fan. Please install the following update on the Notebook. It is the bios update, most likely to fix if its a firmware issue. However, if the issue persists, kindly contact our support center.we will be happy to help you fix it. Cheers!

I am an HP employee

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Hi,How to resolve this should I change any hardware to this Notebook?

Many thanks & Best Regards,HuaMin

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This problem has raised only lately.
My ATI Radeon 5770 idles at 70 degrees C with the fan speed at 60% and when running games it reaches 100 degrees C with 100% fan speed. I'm worried if I don't do something soon it will fail. My computer is located in an open space, (my processor idles at 28C degrees.
I've cleaned my entire base unit for dust and dirt.
I've also opened up my graphics card and cleaned out any dust and the problem still persists.
The GPU does not feel hot on touch...
Is this a dangerous temperature and what can i do to cool it down?

Answer:My GPU has a bad cooling problem! I NEED HELP!

The Radeon 5770 should averaged an idle temperature of 47C and load temperature of 74C. But that can be + or - 10 degrees depending on card maker and cooler used. Have you tried removing the fan and reapplying thermal paste? Check air flow throughout the case.Failing that an after market cooler might be the answer or a new GPU.

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Question: Cooling Problem!

My laptop just recently seemed to lose it's cooling system. The fan appears to be working, but when i play a game for over an hour the comp turns itself off and the bottom is hot enough to fry an egg (I'm exaggerating of course). What can I do to prevent this?

Answer:Cooling Problem!

Their is obviously something terribly wrong. I recomend RMA'ing it or finding an honest person to work on it.

And, my laptop is hot enough to fry an egg

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Question: Cooling Problem

I have a AMD Athlon 64 3800+ and I do do believe its a FoxCon board. The way I have the fans setup one in the front drawing air into the case, one at the rear blowing out of the case and processor fan blowing onto the heatsink ( which is the way it was setup at the factory). And I running at 140 F adn I just bought this computer 6 days ago. The fans in the front and rear are both 80mm. I thank You in advance for your help.

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Question: Cooling problem

Is it possible for windows to freeze because of a mobo cooling problem... im startin to get so agrivated...

also could a powersupply cause windows to freeze..?:beard:

Answer:Cooling problem

did u check everything else first? viruse scan, scan disk, spywere? is it a clean install? memtest ram? are u overclocking anything?

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Hi there,

I have recently bought a GTX 260 and I have had quite alot of bother with it.

I haven't overclocked it and don't intend to but it keeps overheating.

Currently I have 2x 80mm fans superglued to the side of the card blowing air directly into the GPUs own fan. I also have a 120mm case fan at the rear of my case and a 80mm at the front of my case.

If I keep my case open the card reaches 90 degrees when fully loaded. This seems to be spiking at that temperature though and doesn't appear to be anything consistant. It runs when idle at 50 degrees, the general temperature when loaded is around 75 degrees.

Im not sure what else to do to cool it other than to put a house fan aiming directly into my case and just to leave the case open. Really I would much prefer to have my case closed...

Is there anyway to change the fan speed on the GPU itself?
i.e. to make it faster?
Can I change it in the BIOS somehow?
Or is there any program that will allow me to manipulate fan speeds on the GPU?

Any other ideas on what I can do to make the GPU colder?

Thanks in advance!

Answer:GTX 260 Cooling Problem

See if you can find and install a 3rd party cooler on the card

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may be dumb but here goes...

is the cooling fan on my computer supposed to run all the time when the computer is on? it used to kick on and off but now stays on the entire time the pc is on. is there somewhere you can adjust this setting...maybe it was changed accidentally or something?

dell dimension 4100, 1gig pent.III, win ME,

Answer:cooling fan problem?

The fans in any PCs I've dealt with stay on all of the time. I guess it's possible that some newer ones may have some sort of thermostatic control to turn the fan on and off but I've never seen them. Maybe someone else will have something to add but in the meantime, the fan running constantly is not a problem.

BTW, if I were you I'd just call Dell and ask if it's normal. You should have a free 24/7 800 tech support number if I'm not mistaken.

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My wifes computer is a Dell Dimension 4550. Yesterday we noticed her cooling fan constantly runs and does not shut off. I have tried going into bios to check temp inside computer and option is not there in bios to do so. I opened computer up and cleaned it really well and it does not seem hot inside at all. Could someone give me some ideas. It has two fans inside. A real big one and small one and they both seem to be constantly running. Is this a problem we should worry about. Help and thanks so much.

Answer:Cooling Fan Problem

The fans should always be running in order to keep a constant flow of air going through your case. If those fans stop, you will run into cooling problems.

It is normal that they are always on.

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I've got a Gateway 507GR with 2 GB Ram and 500 GB Hard Drive space spread across 3 HD's

Since i got the thing (in 2005), it has been loud. So loud, in fact that i have to shut it down to go to sleep. It has also overheated, but up until recently this has only been an intermittent occurrence and i thought nothing of it.

When i opened the CPU case last week (after the computer overheating), I found that the fan was caked with dust and wouldn't move. I cleaned it, and it now works fine, but the sluggishness and overheating continue.

If i need a fan, what kind/size should i get? Couldn't find the type of fans on my machine listed anywhere. I purchased one, but it was the wrong size, so i have to return it. the fan that was caked with dust was the one BELOW the power supply. There are three fans on this machine, one below the power supply, one attached the back of the case, and the third on the back panel of the computer attached to the power supply - this seems to be the one making all the noise.

I've clocked the temperature of the system to be on average between 68 - 72 degrees, but it also goes higher (this is according to a freeware program i downloaded - this program warns me when it goes above 70 which is frequently.)

The CPU usage in Windows Task Manager is often at or near 100 %. The computer is sluggish and while it never actually freezes, it goes slow enough that you might consider it frozen.

What should i do next? I've already increas... Read more

Answer:CPU Fan or Cooling Problem

Here are the specs on your machine;

The processor is a Pentium 4 model 530. This is a socket 775 processor so you would need a socket 775 cooler IF GATEWAY DID NOT MODIFY THE CPU COOLER.

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Question: cooling problem

i just built myself a computer, and im having some serious issues with cooling right now. its got a p4 2.8 ghz processor, 512 ram, 128 mb radeon 9200 video card, and an 80 gb hd. right now ive got a fan for my processor, and one case fan, and the one in the power supply. this is the tower i have

ive tried putting the case fan on the bottom there with white part blowing into the computer. ive also tried it on the back of the computer blowing out of the computer, but that realy realy made it hot inside. the whole computer seems to be hot but by far the worst is my video card, that was extremely hot after i put the fan in the back. would putting a second casefan on the bottom blowing into the computer, and keeping the other on the back blowing out solve my problem with cooling. thats all i can think of to fix it. anyone have any ideas how to cool this?

Answer:cooling problem

yea the fans are all fine, im gonna proply go buy another one in a little while. hopefully another can help. and the temperatures, how would i find what its running at, do you need a special termoniter for that?

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When I turned on my laptop, it says "The system has detected that a cooling fan is not operating correctly. Continued operation is not recommend and may cause unpredictable behavior that could result in random shutdown, data loss or possible system damage. The system will shutdown 15 seconds. To prevent shutdown and continue operation, press the Enter key now." What is the problem? Please help what should i do...


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Answer:Problem cooling fan

Hi Luthfy, Welcome to the HP Forums! I would like to take a moment and thank you for using the forum, it is a great place to find answers.For you to have the best experience in the HP forum, I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. I understand that you received an error message telling you the fan is not operating correctly.This is usually caused by an overheating , which can be caused by more then one issue. Here is a link to a document to assist you. HP Notebook PCs - System Fan is not Operating Correctly. If you would like additional help, would you please provide the exact model of your  computer and the operating system you are running. How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number?

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Okay - I don't know where else to turn.

What's my problem and how do I fix it?

Short version: If I leave the side of the case on the machine, after about 3 minutes, it completely shuts down without warning. If I take the side cover off the machine, it stays on for a long time (at least several hours).

Long version: I have an Asus A8SLI-Premium board, amd64x2-4400+. It WAS in a stock Antec 640 case (no added fans). I haven't had a single problem untill about 3 weeks ago. I had a problem where I couldn't boot up the machine, and using a power supply tester, narrowed it down to what I though was the mb. Sent it off for warranty work. Just got it back, and had the same problem - no boot action even when the green led on the mb lights up. i dont even know if asus did anything. SO, thinking it still might be the ps, i bought an Antec 550 Neo ps and sure enough, the computer would boot up. i installed it in the 640 case and started the machine. i also just installed a thermaltake big typhoon with artic silver 5. not 3 minutes after i turned on the computer, it shut itself off without warning. i tried monitoring the cpu temp, and it stayed very cool. all this is under idle load. So I bought an extra case fan (80mm) and installed it in the front bezel, thinking that this would work. No deal. Then I thought, well maybe the case is not compatible with this big ps, so I bought an Antec p180 case (3 120 mm fans stock, with a separate ps cooli... Read more

Answer:I think I have a cooling problem, and boy do I need help

I've been messing around system cooling for a long time. Which is why I'm quite active in the cooling section of this forum.

I can't really tell if its a cooling problem, although your removal of the side panel does suggest it somewhat. Usually removing the side panel doesn't really help things unless you have a big fan blowing into the case.

What happens after the computer shuts itself off? Overheating problems tend to be the restart kind, not rebooting if I'm right. And it'll just keep on restarting (since its already hot), shouldn't need to wait till windows load up to do that.

If its an overheating problem, there's a few possibilities:
1. You didn't apply the AS5 properly. Farfetched, especially if you had followed the instructions.

2. Your PSU is overheating. Again, farfetched even if you had hidden your comp under the table with little/no breathing space because the PSU you mentioned is a pretty good one (I'm thinking of getting a small wattage one soon).

3. Your chipset is overheating. Yet again, farfetched. You are not doing any overclocking, and the motherboard's standard heatsink (and fan if there's one) should suffice. Assuming you didn't do anything to it of course.

4. You didn't plug in the fan for the cpu/gpu/etc. Its a simple problem then. Doesn't really explain why it'll run for so long though.

If you're really sure its an overheating problem, when it s... Read more

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Question: Cooling problem?


A few years back I had bought a 300 dollar video card, I don't quite remember the name but just a couple months ago it basicly overheated and I guess burnt some components.. I knew it was going to happen considering it started running and continued to run at 80+ degrees. So, with that one fryed I figured it was a bad card and bought a new one and shiped my old one off to get repaired.

The new card I bought is:


It just came 5 days ago and I bought compressed air with it. I cleaned out my case, did some cable managing. Now this card idles at 60-65C degrees and runs at 75-85C. I figure this isn't right.. so im coming here in hopes of help.

My case is pretty big to fit this monster card.. =P I have 1 case fan and another in the back. The back pushes out air while the case one pushes in air. The case fan is fairly new (1 year) but the back fan was there since I bought the case (2 years).

Any help is appericated, thanks.

Answer:Cooling problem?

You probably need to get some more fans in there to get better circulation. It may help to have one on the side. You can also get fans that go into the slots, so you could put it above or below the card and that would probably also help.

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Question: Cooling Problem?

I seem to have a cooling problem with my computer but don't know where to begin troubleshooting this. The following are the specs on my computer.

Operating System: Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 (build 2600)
Processor: 1.60 gigahertz AMD Athlon XP
Slot 'DIMM 1' has 256 MB
Slot 'DIMM 2' has 256 MB

The problem: Under normal conditions I can open XP, get on line for about 20 minutes, then I get a blue screen telling me the comptuer is going to shut down and it starts dumping memory. The reason I think this is a cooling problem is that last night I pulled the side cover and set a small portable fan blowing onto the processor and this makes the problem go away completely.

The computer has a case fan, a power source fan and a processor fan, all of which are working so this makes no sense to me. Any ideas on what the problem might be?

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When my computer running a game, the processor temperature were like 65-70 Celcius. Is that way too hot?
I am using:
Intel i7 860
CPU Fan: 700-900RPM

Answer:Big CPU cooling problem

For the stock fan, that can be attributed to a stock cooler, and bad case flow, but it should be lower preferably.

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Please reply with English language even though I am Indonesian. Garry's Mod (a game) was loading a really basic map. While it's loading, the cooling fan suddenly went very noisy, and let out lots of air. Putting the computer to sleep and waking it up seems to fix it, however this happened about 3 or 4 times before, so it's just a temporary fix to it. I always use this laptop to game everyday, however I let it rest every 3 hours. It's already handled a lot of games such as Saints Row IV (minimum requirement, runs at about 20-30 FPS) and Robocraft (runs at about 20-40 FPS). I also go on vacation once in a while for 2-14 days and let it rest. Any ideas on how to fix this once and for all?

Answer:Lenovo G40-45 Cooling Fan Problem

Hi Zenith,
Welcome to the Forums  
As per the query we understood that you are facing issue with fan in your Lenovo G40-45 laptop.
Try to update the graphic driver and check for the issue,
Click here for the graphic driver for windows 7.
Click here for the graphic driver for windows 8.1.
Click here for the graphic driver for windows 10.
Let us know the result after updating the drivers..
Best regards,         

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Hi, I just got a new Y480 about a week ago and I'm having problems with cooling. The CPU fan isn't turning onto full speed when it gets hot. I'm monitoring the temperature usng Real Temp, and its getting  really hot. Even when I type this right now the temeprature is 83 degrees celcius. I know that is way to high for just web browsing. When I try to play games the fan will not go up to full speed and the laptop just shuts down from over heating. Things I've tried: Using a fan speed control program Speedfan, It didn't find the fan or something.I went into the bios and there is no way to control the fan from there. I tried getting newer bios, the bios are up to date.Chipset drivers and Nvidia drivers are up to date. I went into the power settings in Windows 7 control panel and I made sure the proccesor cooling policy was on active. I had no luck with Lenovo Power Management either I tried it when it was installd and unistalled. Lastly, there is no dust in the fan as its new, and I tried dust extraction in the power management. Also one time the fan randomly started working when I was playing a game, but I haven't been able to do that since.


Go to Solution.

Answer:y480 cooling fan problem

Also, the Laptop is sitting on a flat wooden desk.

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I have a Presario 1700 and it only has one slot for air (it kinda freaked me out). Anyway, do any of you laptop guru's out there think that I could drill some well placed holes with a dremel to help it cool?

I am confident I can do it, but I don't want 'extra' holes if it won't help.

Answer:Laptop cooling problem

i helped my neighbor do that. yea its possible. we did it with a compaq e500 ...... . you don't want to get too powertool happy. or else that means about 24 holes in your laptop.

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 Hi, I have a problem with the Lenovo B580 laptop. The problem consists in the continuous operation of the cooling system. After purchasing a week everything worked smoothly, i.e. cooling only turn on for a while, and what some 15-20 minutes on the first run. But now it stil works on a second gear irrespective of the load (for the highest gear jumps only when the load reaching more than 90% for each of the cores), and runs within 2 seconds after waking the computer from sleep, as well as at the same time after the start . Temperature measured 1.0 RC4 CoreTemp program shows the temperature 31-37 degrees for each of the cores at 0-10% load (a de facto state of inactivity) within a minute after startup. The whole set of drivers is installed and software from Lenovo, the profile of 'energy saving' in the Control Panel. Computer in general is cool housing anywhere but working in a quiet environment for longer time is sometimes tedious and annoying. Running Windows 7 x64 Home Premium. Computer purchased on 8th of decemeber 2012. BIoS is the newest from 2012 september 6th Does it need service or can I do something to solve this problem? Or is this model it is? (Sorry for my english, I hope you understand what I wrote)Does it need service or can I do something to solve this problem? Or is this model it is? (Sorry for my english, I hope you understand what I wrote)


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Answer:B580 cooling fan problem

hi master_pw,
Welcome to the Lenovo Community.
The lenovo B580's motherboard comes with a thermal sensor / controller wherein if the PC is on idle, (0%-10% load), the fan will automatically set the revolutions per minute (RPM) to minimal and will gradually increase as the CPU load increases to accommodate the heat from the CPU. Getting a 31-37 degrees celsius at 0-10% load is already cool (especially if you're in a 24-30 degrees celsius room temperature) and getting 70-90 degrees celsius on Full Load is normal (especially when the CPU goes into Turbo Boost).
You can use Speed Fan or any fan monitoring application to check the fan speed and also If the BIOS or the motherboard doesn't support fan control, you won't be able to set the fan speed to a specific RPM.
Hope this helps.

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I installed the Corsair COOL water cooling kit.By recently I mean, around January. When I installed it, it was quiet, started up smooth, and performaned great. Now I have a problem, a serious one. When I start my computer, the pump starts, but no water goes into it. It sucks the water leading into it, but it seems not enough is pushed back into the resevoir. I wonder, what could be causing this?
my system looks much like this.

I used the coolant that came from corsair, but maybe I had too much water in the mixture. Could it be:
*I need to add anti-algea formula/liquit
*Anti-Corosion formula/liquid

Any help would make my day even better than it started off with, since I got a free frapiccino because they made it on accident.

I can be reached on AIM by my screen name Uberdude2000.

Answer:water cooling problem

Good Morning WhiteHat.exe, I have never heard of that problem happening!
So your pump is functioning normally but no flow is occurring?
Is the pump located below the level of the reservoir?

Do all components appear proper, no kinked hoses etc.
Nothing can go wrong!!

I wouldn't expect the pump to have to lift a head of pressure to operate, surely it is below the fluid level and permanently primed.

If this were the case and all was well there is however a remote possibility your cooling solution has gelled or has turned to Jelly in one area.

If this were the case you would need to take your machine outside and carefully drain the system and possibly need to flush it.

I thought that fluid was simple corrosion inhibited vehicle radiator fluid. (LOL!)

Cheers, qldit.

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Hello,compaq presario laptop. windows vista. the internal fan has apparently crapped out. it makes loud noises at all times now. i am aware that the fan is sometimes loud- this is a distinct change from 4 years of use. looking through this forum, it seems that not much can be done except expensive repairs or to change cooling method. so if i take the advice here, and go with an external fan and a cooling pad to manage the temperature, how can i shut off the fan so that 1. nothing breaks further 2. the terrible noise stops?or have i misinterpreted the forum advice and i need to have this worked on by a pro?thank you very much for any help/advice you care to provide.

Answer:Fan problem, cooling solutions

A shop can give you an estimate of the cost of the fan replacement...

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I installed the aquarius II liquid cooling system, but for some reason it does not seem to be cooling right, the idle temp is at 44C in the bios ,which is much higher than when i had a regular heatsink on the cpu. I've triple checked all the connections and made sure the pump and the radiator fan are running properly . Does the amount of thermal compound used matter? , i new at this but i'd think the radiator would be much colder than it is. anyways if anyone could help id appreciate it thanks.

Answer:Aquarius II cooling problem

Is it seated properly and mounted correctly..

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Ok so im trying to figure out a problem, I've cleaned out the radiator ducts, refilled my resevoir with bi-distilled water with an anti-corrosion addative, and make sure all pipes and screws are snug and tight.

The problem I am having is with the pump above the cpu, it is making a very large amount of noise. It's never made it before, it is constant, and at a steady, fast pulse. It actually sounds pretty much like a cpu fan, it sounds mechanical. Before you ask, I have no idea the brand or model of my liquid cooling system, it was the generic from Can anyone tell me if this is a problem that will lead to overheating etc, cuz if so I need to turn it off sooner than later.

Answer:Problem with CPU Liquid Cooling


The issue could be air in the piping system so do check to see if your see air bubbles in the piping (if its clear piping that is), or keep an eye on temps, do you have a temp monitor application?

Monitor the temps over an hour or so and let us know what they are but id your CPU us getting over 50-60c or more so 60c then you are in the upper limit of a CPU, but as we dont know the CPU you are using we cannot tell you 100% what the upper limit is, so do you have some PC specs to give us?

Can use the below to help

Download the free, Speccy HERE then run Speccy and click File > Save as Text File, then attach the log as per instructions below (note: as Speccy also now lists more data it likely will have your Windows licence serial key also in the log, so look for Operating System and under that Serial Number and delete the code and Save the log)

Then attach your log to your next post as per these instructions HOW TO: Attach Items To Your Post Click to expand...


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Hello, I have finished buiding my computer and all seems well except I have a problem concerning the cooling fan which I fitted. It is working ok. I connected it to the chassis fan connector on the MoBo.(There is a connector for chassis fan and one for power fan)My MoBo is an Asus A7N8X and have a 2400 Athlon PCU. The fan is a Q-Tec8cm case fan.In the Asus Probe utility the fan reads" Value 0 and the status reads"Chassis fan below threshold" The threshold is set at 600rpm,which seems to be the lowest.I am not very clued up on all this and was wondering if anyone can come up with ay ideas.(If I had not downloaded the Asus probe Utility I would not be having this problem) Thanks. J

Answer:Chassis cooling fan problem.

does your case fan have a tachometer? as long as it is spinning you probably neednt worry

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I just completed building my new system which entails the following:

Gigabyte GA-8IDX mobo
P4 1.8a GHz Northwood
1536MB PC133 SDRAM
ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 8500 128MB
Matrox G450 DualHead DVI PCI 32MB
Creative SB Audigy MP3+
Adaptec 19160 SCSI Controller Card
Belkin F5U220 USB 2.0 Controller Card
D-Link DGE-500T Gigabit Ethernet
US Robotics 56k Performance Pro Modem

Seagate 18.4GB X15-36LP SCSI HDD
Toshiba 12xDVD-ROM
Plextor 12x10x32a CD-WR
IBM 40GB 60GXP (In one of two removable IDE HDD racks)

OS is WinMe

My computer case is a Cheiftec DX-01BLD ??? (just like the Antec 1030 case) with a HighPower 300w P4 capable power supply.

The two rear 80's and front bottom 80mm fans are intakes as well as one 80 at the top of the side door.

I have the front top 80 and a 120mm on the side door as well as the PSU as exhaust fans.

The X15 is in the HDD case with the front top fan to suck out the hot air from the HDD.

The 64pin LVD SCSI cable is nicely "ribbon-gami"ed from the starting point (PCI slot #3) to the HDD since i have a window.

(by the way the 120, over the PCI slots, and 80, top center, on the side door are on the window)

Now to my problem. . .

yesterday I was running the computer all day and had to restart a few times with no problem. Later that night I was Jedi Knight 2 Demo and the system froze so I rebooted and came up to the BSOD stating that C: could not be written too and to restart. (By the way the SCSI is the boot drive)

After resta... Read more

Answer:SCSI X15 HDD cooling problem or . . . ?

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Some backstory. I have had this laptop for 3 years now been using it for gaming and photo editing mostly, it has never been very good at keeping itself cool with its 1 little laptop fan and the fan stand thing I had it sitting on. A little over a month ago though the fan started making a really awful sound and I came to the conclusion that it was past its lifespan and it had stopped working. So I then had no fan in my laptop! I was worried about overheating because even with the fan it struggled, so I took the back panel off and set it on the fan stand for a few days. I had a program up that shows me my temperatures and played some games. Nothing too intense, but I started getting temperatures in the high 90's (Celsius)! So for the past few weeks my setup has been my laptop raised up with various objects on each corner and a regular house fan blowing on the bottom of the computer (Still with the backplate off) At one point I was even using 4 toilet paper rolls to prop it up! This strategy of having the house fan blow on the laptop has decreased the temperatures by about 5 degrees more or less, but im still getting up to 93 degrees! Im at a loss for ideas. Ive tried taking the fan out of my old laptop and putting it in my current one but it didn't work. So my question is, does anybody have any tips on how I can better cool my laptop? I really need some help here. I have attached a picture of my current setup. Thanks for any and all replies! <3

P.S. I am saving fo... Read more

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I have a Pavilion G7 that is a couple years old. I was playing a game on it when the system shut down. I tried to turn it on and the system said that there was an error with cooling fan (90B). I tried cleaning it without Luck. Please help

Answer:Pavilion G7 Cooling fan problem

Likely needs to be replaced. Can we have the exact model?

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After much searching here and Googling, I find myself needing to post this. To get to the point, I need a new cooling fan for my chipset because it is making too much noise. Here are the specs on my mobo. The chipset is an nVIDIA nForce4 and can be seen on this page, about halfway down along with the fan. I looked at the selection on newegg and noticed two types; northbridge and southbridge. Well, after more searching, I can't determine the compatibility of mine. So basically, I am hung-up on this issue. If anyone can enlighten me about this subject or possible point me in the right direction to a chipset cooler, it will be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Chipset cooling fan problem

I found one: - VIZO VIZO-NBC-101-CPR Copper Sleet Chipset Cooler - Retail

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My Lenovo is 6 months old and for 1 week I have a very distrubing problem: with only a browser and a skype open, the coolers start working as if I was playing and streaming in the same time. I tried everything, even monitoring, dust removel etc. The system stays now at around 60-70 grad celsius with no app running.
I started the laptop, waited a couple of minutes then I started dust removal. Watch the graphic how the temperature went down when dust removal was working and how it went back when it stoped...
Any suggestions?
Link to image
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Answer:[Y580] Cooling problem

hi Erythros,
Heating issues are commonly caused by dirty FAN or a dried out thermal interface material.
As Heat Sink and Fan on laptops are just basic, (unlike the ones on a desktop where you could customize your cooling mechanism.), getting 60C-70C when running two programs like skype and a browser is abnormal unless you're in a room teperature above 35C.
What you can try to decrease the heat is to:
1. Use a good quality cooling pad that runs on high RPM or a better cooling in your room.
2.. Replace the stock Thermal Interface Material with a good quality TIM like Noctua NT-H1, Tuniq TX-4, or Artic Silver 5.
Hope this helps.

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Hi all, I just got a new U430p which I am overall very happy with. Only issue is the cooling fan noise. I checked the temperature and it looks like it turns on at 49 Celsius and off at 40 C. While this intervall sounds comparable to specifications off other computers it still seems that the fan turns on and off too frequently. Basically everytime I start a new tab or any program the fan turns on and works for a while. I found some programs like speedfan to control fans but it does not seem to work with the U430p. Any idea how to go about this issue?  Thanks,Christoph

Answer:U430p cooling fan problem

hi Christoph,
Welcome to the Forums.
AFAIK, the cooling fan doesn't really turns off but goes into silent mode and runs on low RPM - which is most likely a thermal design of the unit for a quiet computing. To verify this, try using Aida64 Extreme or similar tool to monitor the heat and the fan's RPM.
- Link to picture
If  the noise that you're hearing is a wind noise then this is normal. If youre hearing a grinding rattling noise then this indicates that the fan is struggling / might be hitting something or is simply faulty. In this case, you should contact lenovo (or the store) to report the issue.

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i use to play blur, but after playing this game for 10 minutes game starts to slow down and freezing. I think it is due to laptop cooling problem. Can anyone tell me what is the problem and how to fix it?

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I just bought my Qosmio 6 days ago and just now received this warning to shut down my laptop immediately and contact a repair service or something like that.
Brand new laptop, how can this be...I am still using it because it's not getting hotter then normal, should I be concerned and call toshiba or should I just keep using it?

What can the problem be?

Answer:Warning: There is a problem with cooling

In my opinion you should make a photo as evidence and contact your local dealer and explain the situation. I can imagine you can get new one.
I don't know how it works in your country but in my country I can send product back if there is some problem. I have 14 days time to send it back.

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Ok i've been having a few crashes in certain games recently, mainly Thief 3 but anyway what i done eventually, after exhausting every possible possibility was took the card out to give it a good clean. Actually the dust build up wasn't too bad but i noticed the gpu was absolutley CAKED in thermal paste. I mean it was literally oozing out all over the place. I thought immediately this is not good and cleaned it with alcohol before aplying (thinly this time) some Akasa ak450. Ok put it back together and certainly seen a big improvement in both the crashes and temps. However i didn't stop here, i reasoned that the memory chips could also be in a similar state so i removed the mem heatsink and unknown to me on the chips was this kind of thermal pads (blue) Anyway stupidly i applied some thermal paste on top and underneath the pads hoping for the same kind of improvement i had seen with the gpu. Unfortunetly after i had setup again i was getting even more frequent crashes than before to the extent where gaming isn't really possible. I pulled it again and tried to get all the therman paste from the pads but it was so tricky to get it off of them there must be loads left. So anyway i'm now left with a card that's giving me high temps and frequent crashes. So my question is, does anyone know where i could get some of the same kind of pads or another cooling solution altogether perhaps. I know there's many third party hsf's for ATI cards but are... Read more

Answer:x1950 xtx cooling problem

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Hi,Have a strange problem and need some advice.I have just replaced a noisy cooling fan on my grpahics card (NVIDIA geforce ti4600) and all is well but the monitor displays no image whn i come out of standby. Once I switch off and reboot all is fine. What have I done??? HAve I inadvertently shorted something?Many thanks for any helpRunning Windows XP on Pentium 4Amer Khalil

Answer:problem after replacing cooling fan

could it be that you've dislodged the graphics card a little bit? make sure it's seated securely in its slot.

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Ok im getting my q6600 tomorrow,(and yes i know penryn is coming out soon,but o well), i am going to buy a new cooler for it and was wondering if i should just order the thermalrite ultra 120 extreme off newegg and have to wate, or if i should go out to frys and posibbly by the asus silent night cooler, or artic square.? Is the Thermalrite extream, that much better? or could i just use one of those other 2? Ive read some reviews of the silent night and it seems good, i just need your opinion. I dont belive i will be overclocking alot, mabey from 2.4 to 2.6 ghz.

Answer:Intel Q6600 cooling problem

There is another cooler on the market that you didn't mention. It's called Tuniq made by Sunbeam. The Tuniq 120 tower cooler runs cooler than the other coolers in the tests I've seen. I think it's worth looking into.

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I am very new to using non-stock PCs and upgrading, so please bare with me.First off, here is my set up (listing as much as I can because I don't know what all you need/want to see):OS: Windows 7Motherboard: M2N68-LA (Narra6)Chipset: GeForce 6150SE nForce 430CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black EditionCPU Heatsink: Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2GPU: Raedon HD5750PSU: Corsair CMPSU-400CX 400WHD: 500 GB SATA 3G (3.0 Gb/sec) 7200 rpmI recently ordered the CPU, GPU, and PSU and I updated my computer. The CPU's stock heatsink was running too hot (idling around 55-60C and getting up to the 68 area during intensive use) so I decided to order an aftermarket heatsink. I checked some reviews on here and ended up with my affordable Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2.Last night after installing it the heatsink got down to the area I was hoping for. My CPU was running at a great core temp of 34C at the lowest and only 50 at load. I got home from work today, however, and my computer is idling at a pretty constant 45-47C and sometimes breaking 60 again at load. I shut it down for a bit to see if that might have helped at all. I also opened it up and the fan is spinning fine.Originally, I was worried that I had put the fan in incorrectly, but seeing its performance last night I thought that it must have been fine. The directions showed that I should have my RAM sticks on the right (if the fan is facing north, the RAM would be on the east). If I had put it in like that, though, the fan would just b... Read more

Answer:New Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 Problem?

Welcome to the forums!Those temps seem normal for that cooler on that chip.The fan should be oriented blowing upwards, from bottom to top, with the fan on the bottom of the cooler.  You can orient it with the fan facing up, blowing down, but you'd most likely see a few C difference.The difference between your temps last night and today is most likely due to ambient temperature.

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I bought a Corsair cooling kit for a socket 775 on accident. I overlooked the P4 aspect of it all and yeah, simple as that: i fooked up big time.

The only problem between buying another kit and finding my own way is the retention bracket being used. All i need is to find a way, or have someone guide me to find a way around this. A socket 775 retention bracked for this water block is too large for mine. I was wondering if anyoen knows where I can get a corsair 478 retention bracket??

Couldnt I just buy a different waterblock/retention piece as well? Any suggestions if so? Would the hose be a problem if i did?

Answer:Socket 478 Cooling Kit Retention Problem


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Is it just me that seems to have problems with the fan on this Graphics card? TWICE I have had games crash only to find out that the FAN had FAILED :cry
I removed it, cleaned it, greased and oiled it, replaced it and all seemed fine - then it did it again !!, that awfull sound of a peddle and pop scooter grinding in your case and 'PING' off goes the graphics with a nice unexpected restart rolleyes .. so .. now I have a much bigger, old CPU cooler fan totally dwarfing the heatsink on the GPU and all seems cool again . Just wondered if its only me thats had this problem??
oh also a note on safety , never try to 'flick start' a dodgey fan while the PC is on. my finger wandered too close to my A(Killer)ASA CPU fan; took a lovely chunk of skin off it thus resulting in A) blood in the system, and B) a lovely crack in the fan blades bodged back together with plastic glue
needless to say all my fans now have those spider web gaurds on them now LOL

Answer:ATI 9800Pro - Tidgey cooling fan a problem?

Damn, I never thought these fans were that powerful! And "blood in the system." Good stuff, my man. I'm a little like you with the MacGyver computer solving method. I don't always have the spare $ to get everything. Other times I hate waiting so I will devise something. I have already modded the hell out of my case, but that is fun for me too I guess.

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Hi there,
From the moment I bought Dell Inspirion N5-7359-N2-02, The cooling fun is noisy in a way like if it is brushing against casing or something. I thought it is in the fan itself, but the replacement did not solve the problem. 
Here is a recording of the sound it makes. It is not as it is supposed to be, right?
Sound recording stored on my OneDrive:!AiBpHFT35pZQlOtWfoE5ecv0e8bbCg
Do you have any suggestion how to make it stop being so loud?
Thanks a lot!Jaromir

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I have an Toshiba Satellite L 655-1DV with Windows 7 64bit
I have it for about 8 months and 3-4 days now i have been getting this message

<img src=>

but I can still hear the cooler .

So what's really happening?
Is there any way to test if there is really a problem with my cooler?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite L 655-1DV - do I have a problem with cooling system


Don?t be scared about this error message.
The error message says that your cooling module is faulty but this does not seem to be right? read about similar error here in the forum and it look like it?s an software bug or something similar? however, you can recover the notebook using recover disk and after that the message should not come back.


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I have bought a laptop 2 moths ago, and after one month it start to pop up a massage that there is a problem in cooling system and must send in service. Toshiba service here in greece says that the problem was in cpu's fan.I ask them to give me a new laptop but they said that they change products only the 1rst 7 days.Is that true? Is true that for a new product who doesn't worked more than 1 month and has problem at cpu's fan system i am to take it back and not change it?

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Can anyone help me please????
I have a Satellite Pro A40, It keeps telling me there is a cooling problem and tells me to turn off immediately?

What do i need to do to stop this?????

Answer:Satellite Pro A40 keeps telling me there is a cooling problem


What program does telling you this? I never heard about this so maybe you can post a screenshot or so?

But maybe your notebook is really overheating or did you clean it already? If not you should do it with compressed air spray. Blow gently and shortly the air trough the holes of the case of the machine where the air flows trough. This could blow out the dust from the cooling ventilators.
I clean my Toshiba notebooks every 3 months with compressed air spray and I never had a problem with it.

This is all what I can say at the moment.

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I bought Qosmio G20-106 with XP Media Center and other cool stuff in Vienna a few days ago, and brought it home (Sarajevo, Bosnia&Herzegovina) yesterday and turned it on for the first time. It worked perfectly for first ten hours. After that I constantly get the message about "Cooling system problem" and to repair my notebook, and click OK.

My CPU temperature is 57?C most of the time, and it raises up to 70-80?C max. I also hear cooling fans running from time to time.

The system sometime slows down, but most of the time it works fine and fast.

Please give me some advice what should i do, cause I cannot take it back to Vienna just for this!

Thank you!

Answer:Qosmio G20-106 cooling system problem

Hello Dario

I am very often on this forum but I have never heard about this problem on Qosmio notebook. I really don?t know why this happen. Please check this page .
There you can find an Authorized service partner in Sarajevo. Try to contact them and explain this issue with your Qosmio. I hope that they can help you. If not you must exchange it someday by dealer where you bought it.

If you find out more about this problem please let me know why this happen. I am very interested about that.

Good luck!

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Hey guys, been a while since I last posted, probably around 2-3 years. :P

Anyways, a while back I bought this heat sink, and has been working great. Lately, the fan would start to make buzzing noises, and spinning a lot slower than usual. It would normally be spinning at around 2300-2800 RPMs (even though the box states that it spins a max of 2500). The speed would sometimes drop all the way down to 600RPMs, and then 900, then 1100, then 400, then back up, causing my CPU to hit 50 degrees Celsius.

Last week, the fan WOULD NOT spin at all at boot up! It would spin 1/100000000 of a revolution, and stop, and then again. I would have to push it with my finger just to get it going at around 450-650 RPM's. I cleaned the heat sink and fan, slapped it back on, still had the same problem. So I took the fan off, and got a can of silicone lube and sprayed it inside. I got the shaft and the bearings. Now, the fan would spin at around 2700-2900 RPM's, and it was insanely quiet.

Now the problem is, after 45 to 60 minutes, it would start to make noises again, and slow down to 2000, and then slowly down to 1400. When I tapped the fan motor, from the outside with my finger, it would jump back up to 2300-2400 RPM's, stay there for 30 seconds, and slowly drop back down. So after spraying the silicone lubricant 4-5 times, it would still end up makign noises and slowing down in the end.

Has anyone had a similar problem?
Thanks in advance


Asus P5B Motherboard
Intel Core 2... Read more

Answer:Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro 7 fan problem

Sounsds alot like shot bearings.

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Switched on my G10-100 this morning and received the following message:

"A problem with the cooling system has been detected. Please turn off immediatly and return for service"

Switched on my other machine and logged onto toshibas website and found support number.

Left a message on there, after wich the automate response was "we aim to get back to you within 1 hour", needless to say it is now 6 hours later.

I can't find anything on the web or in these forums, has anyone come across this before ?

I am still in my 1 year warranty, but it does run out very soon.


Answer:Qosmio G10 - A problem with the cooling system


This sounds like a overheating issue on your unit.
In this case you should contact the ASP.
I?m not sure if it is a right phone number in you post but please visit this link:

There you can find a Toshiba service partner who is responsible for you country.
He should help you to solve this problem


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yesterday I noticed that about every other restart my CPU idle temp would shoot up about 25c. After checking for trapped air and such, I turned to the radiators. I broke out the BK 5500 and had a look

so far so good
This one is actually taken from inside the rad looking out ( that's a light fixture on the ceiling.

guess what the blue thing is? that is a protect plug for the inlet/outlets. I went back and looked in the radiator box and had the correct amount, so it apparently got pushed in at the factory. it does a great job of restricting flow though
While I had it apart i installed a second pump.

Before the plug broke loose and started messing with things i installed some sensors and was running :

Delta temp: idle/load 18c
Rad out/CPU block out 3c

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I just bought an external hard drive and it came with a fan integrated in its case. Does it mean that it needs to run all the time or if I use it for a short period of time can I just run it without fan working? Also if I use it without fan will it only stop working of overheating or will it completely break down? Thanks.

Answer:Hard drive cooling or not cooling?

Thaib said:

I just bought an external hard drive and it came with a fan integrated in its case. Does it mean that it needs to run all the time or if I use it for a short period of time can I just run it without fan working? Also if I use it without fan will it only stop working of overheating or will it completely break down? Thanks.Click to expand...

If its integrated, it shouldn't actually give you a choice to turn it on or off. Does it have a switch?

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Dear All....!              I am posting here my lenovo 3000N200(0769) problem.and hoping i got my answer soon. when i start my system cooling fan spins for a while after that when window is gong to loads and windows 7 logo is going to apear system is off i try three or four time then its start .after that when i use system more then five or six minute system is going slow and slow when i inspect i fount that cooling fan not running and processor is heated then i restart then notebook(not shutdown) then its fan working properly and use it for hours without any problem.please help he and solve my tension Regards. 

Answer:Note book starts and cooling Fan problem

Hi Mohsin,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
I?m sorry to hear that your 3000 N200 Laptop has cooling fan issues and after using the computer for certain point of time it slows down, I suggest you to perform the Flee-Power and BIOS reset. Below are the steps to check and resolve the issue:

Remove the battery and any other peripheral device connected to the computer.
Hold the power button for 10-15 seconds and then connect only the AC Adapter and try to turn ON the computer.
If the issue persists even after performing Flee Power then resetting BIOS to its defaults should resolve the issue
Now access the BIOS menu press F1 when the Lenovo logo appears on the screen while the computer is starting up.
Then to reset the BIOS to its defaults click on ?F9? Key and select YES.
Now Click on ?F10? Key to safe the changes that are done in BIOS, restart the computer and check if the issue is resolved.

Hope this helps!!!
Do post us back for further queries.
Best Regards

Shiva Kumar

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Have a new Satellite C660 I have used it for 2 months and it has started to give me the following system warning

A problem with the cooling system has been detected please immediately turn of the computer and return it for service .

So what could be the problem i imported it to Zimbabwe which means its difficult to return it for service

Answer:Cooling system problem on my Satellite C660

In my opinion it is not important what the problem can be. Important is that this must and should be solved by authorized service provider. Valid warranty will cover all costs for hardware replacement.

I can imagine that this can be problematic in your country but I don?t see any other solution for you.
Where did you buy your notebook?

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OK, I have an older model Sony Vaio, and I just reformatted the hard drive. The operating system that came with the computer is Windows ME, but I upgraded to Windows XP Professional. My problem is that the cooling fan won't shut off. Now I had installed XP Professional a couple of years ago (before reformatting, obviously) and had the same problem, but got a prompt from my computer to download a driver, which I did and it worked perfectly (fan turned off and on just like it should). This time - no prompt and no clue as to what I downloaded before. If anyone has a clue as to what it is - HELP, PLEASE...

Answer:Solved: Problem with cooling fan running constantly

want2know said:

OK, I have an older model Sony Vaio, and I just reformatted the hard drive. The operating system that came with the computer is Windows ME, but I upgraded to Windows XP Professional. My problem is that the cooling fan won't shut off. Now I had installed XP Professional a couple of years ago (before reformatting, obviously) and had the same problem, but got a prompt from my computer to download a driver, which I did and it worked perfectly (fan turned off and on just like it should). This time - no prompt and no clue as to what I downloaded before. If anyone has a clue as to what it is - HELP, PLEASE...Click to expand...

Which cooling fan? CPU? Power supply? Other? I have never known the CPU fan of the power supply fan to shut off unless it was failure.


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I think my laptop's fan needs replacement. I was sitting quietly, using my laptop when suddenly it started making weird noise and vibrating horribly. I figured out that the cooling fan is making these horrible vibrations. The fan is working properly but is making my entire laptop vibrate. I need a replacement but there's no lenovo service centre in my city and it is not under warranty. I opened the back and tried cleaning it, but the vibrations won't quit. What should I do? Please can anyone suggest any solution?


Go to Solution.

Answer:Lenovo IdeaPad z570 Cooling Fan problem

I assume that you have tried using some compressed air on the fan to blow out any accumulated dust and that did not work. I also assume that when you had the back off you visibly inspected the fan to insure that nothing was caught in the fan blades such as a small piece of paper.  If you have tried all that and the fan is still noisy and vibrates then I would replace the fan.  In the event a Lenovo Moderator doesn't stop in with information on obtaining a Lenovo replacement part, you could also just buy a replacement fan off eBay.  There are a number of sellers that will ship worldwide and page 65 of your model's Hardware Maintenance Manual will explain how to do it.  Below is a direct download of the Z570 manual....'s%20guides%20and%20manuals/Z370&Z470&Z570/Len...

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I got the following laptop: Satelite M305D-S4830.

All my features:
* Fusion finish with Horizon pattern
* Windows Vista Home Premium pre-installed w/COA
* AMD Turion X2 Ultra ZM-80 Dual-Core processor
* 2.1 GHz speed processor
* 250 GB hard drive
* DVD?RW DL Labelflash drive
* No floppy drive
* ATi Radeon 3100 graphics
* Integrated audio with built-in harman/kardon speakers
* 56k modem
* Integrated 10/100 Ethernet
* Atheros Wireless LAN (802.11b/g)
* Built-in 5-in-1 Bridge Media Adapter
* Webcam and microphone built into LCD bezel
* Keyboard with TouchPad
* Multimedia buttons
* 14.1-inch WXGA LCD with TruBrite technology
* 1280 x 800 resolution, supports 720p content

Okay so my processor's heat is now 85 Celcius and im running only 1 program. (a java program) My power option is now High performance.
When i start my computer its just a normal 45C but when i just run some applications its going to heat up pretty fast!

Somebody knows what to do abuot this? cuze i think im not far away from a fire:P

And my laptop is standing on a table so there is good airflow.
And i think my fan is on his maximum RPM. (cuze of the noise)

Hope you can help!
Greetz Rob

Answer:Satelite M305D-S4830 Cooling problem

owh yeah and I plugged out my battery !


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Hey guys,

I was wondering if I could get a little advice. My Acer tower shorted out a couple weeks ago, so I changed out the power supply. the inside of the tower was a little dusty, but I have heard if I blow it out, I could cause more shorts. So I removed the graphics card(its fan wasn't fully running) and the internal fan, cleaned them and so far have only put the internal fan back in. Now when ever it runs multiple websites, applications, or any other proccess I hear a loud schreeching kind of noise and my SpeedFan application shows the tempature rising. It usually gets somewhere around 90 degrees before it shuts it self down. Has this happened to anyone before? what are my options here?

Btw I am running a Intel Pentium D Proccessor

Thank you for your time in advance!!


Answer:Acer Am1610-U1202A Cooling problem(I think)

Get HWMonitor and post a screenshot or tell us the temps.

Are you running on a stock heatsink? Did you clean the fan as well as the fins on the heatsink? Compressed air should not harm your system. You might want to reapply some thermal paste.

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Hi, I have a laptop about a year ago. And for 5 months I was a problem with the fans. Go out and the following message appears:

Warning: A Problem with the cooling system has-been detected. Please turn off the computer Immediately, and return it for service.

The strange thing is that the first time that happened stopped working a week, then one month and finally stopped working until 3 months he has now not start.
I have even the implied warranty of the product but I have not thought about sending it because it practically need every week for classes. I can use it perfectly but if I perform actions that require higher performance like playing games or upload multiple videos at once begins to warm up, get the message and if continuous eventually shut down.
What should I do and how I can fix the problem?

Sorry if I do not understand very well. I do not speak English.

Answer:Satellite L50D-B-15Z Problem with the cooling system

There may be dust stuck in the heat sink.
blow the dust out through the vent using compressed air.

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I have bought a Satellite S50 - B 15U laptop and have installed Windows 10 - it seems to be running ok but the above message appears regularly instructing a return for repairs. I can hear the fans running up and down although the pc health monitor window does not reflect this but shows the cpu temperature at about 45%.

Does this really need to go back or is there a setting somewhere or firmware update??

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So i bought a new laptop (dell inspirion 15 5558 i3 5005u, gt 920m, 4gb ram, upgrading from an old latitude) a few days ago and i started to notice 2 things.
1. The main (left) fan has only 3 speeds/stages: a) 0 RPM, b) 2200 RPM, c) 4700 rpm or sometimes 4600.
2. The fan goes to 4700 RPM when CPU/ GPU reaches a relative low temp ( 55 degrees celsius) and it is Very noisy. I really love this laptop, but the fan is very annoying. I dont know if it's just my laptop or not. We should be able to have the rpm along with the temperature, or add another speed to the fan around 3000 - 3500 rpm for a good cooling/ noise ratio. It starts abrupptly to rise from 2200 rpm to 4700, its very distracting, unnecesary, battery consuming, and stays there until you exit the app you're working in. I do not think it's normal having just 3 steps instead of a fluid rpm setting depending on the temperature. It's like trying to cool your tea by blowing in it, or if it's a bit hotter, throwing in some liquid nitrogen. You cool it down but it's unnecesary and messy at those temperatures.  
I wonder if there are any patches to fix this or overcome it somehow. It ruins the experience and it's a shame for such a good laptop, i really love it like each dell product i ever had. I know it is going to be a problem in the summer where it's gonna stay constantly over 60 degrees (the rpm blowing my ears off constantly) and i need to fix it now or return the product. We urgently... Read more

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I've bought an Apevia Explorer case recently and liked the way it looked.
It's pretty nice, for a steel case with a side window to look in. In the front you have placements for two fans here that isn't included(there's a flaw here; i'll tell it later), on the side windowed panel there's an airduct, on the top there's an 80mmfan (exhaust) and on the rear you can choose between 80mm or 120mm (which i prefer) fan. I'm using this case with my new and first(Cause i bought it for the first time for myself) mobo Asus M3A79-T.
I started things off pretty good, that is until it hit me that the temps on my cpu started to reach 60 degrees celcius. I just like things cooler then 50 degr celc. I already placed a 120mm in the rear from ThermalTake Thunderblade in the rear. In the front i placed apevia's stock 80mm fan that sat in the rear, so it can help cool the HDD. But there's a bit off a problem here as that 80mm has a problem pulling air through the case's steel grill and on top of that it has to pull air from the front bottom of the case and even the bottom of the case already touches the ground(no clearance). Oh and it even looks as if it works like a vacuum cleaner cause it collects a lot of dust.
I want to place a second fan from TT Thunderblade 80mm in the front. I won't be able to post pictures yet. After a day or two maybe. But i need some advise on what to do in the front please!!

Answer:Cooling problem with Apevia Explorer case


Which direction did you place the fans? Are all going into the PC? Is the top one blowing out? Is your power supply a single or a dual fan model?

I think I found your case on Newegg:

What I would likely start with, depending on the location of the case, is on the back 120mm pulling air in and only the 80 mm on top blowing air out. My PSUs are usually dual fan. If my case is in an area where it is close to a wall then I don't want the exhaust air being brought back into the case so I would have the 120mm on back blowing out and the 80 mm on top blowing out as well.

If it doesn't get as cool as you'd like I recommend you look at a different/better fan/heatsink for you CPU. I also saw once someone used some semi-thick plastic to create isolation pockets for the components. He realized that the heat from the video card should be isolated and ducted out without touching the CPU because it will heat the video card. I haven't found the link but it looked cool and and it was effective. I'll try to find it again later.

Good luck,


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I’ve recently run out of coolant for my water cooling unit and I can’t seem to find anybody in Sydney Australia that sells a replacement. So my question is could I maybe use a car radiator coolant or perhaps just run it on water. My particular water cooler is a Thermaltake Liquid Aquarius II.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Answer:Water Cooling Replacement Coolant Problem

i think you could use car ardiator coolant.
you may even get better temps

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Hi,  I have a VN7-791G and I have a problem with it. When I start to play a game the cooling fans become really loud, it starts to spin in really high speed and FPS is really low while the fans are so loud. For example during the "normal" condition it runs CS:GO 120-130 FPS, fans working but not annoyingly loud and there is times when the fans are really really loud and in game I have 20-30 FPS. I checked the temperatures.This is when the fans are really loud an I have 20-30 FPS This is when it actually works as it shouldIf I change the video setting in games nothing happens even in GTA V when I have this problem I have 10-20 FPS on Ultra setting and on Low setting too. Tried Cooling Boost and did not help. Every driver is the latest. Every game uses the 860M. Spoiler (Highlight to read)Config:Windows 10 Pro 64bit IntelŪ Core? i7-4710HQ / 2,5GHz CPU 8GB DDR3 RAM, 1TB HDD + 8 GB SSHDnVidia GeForce GTX860MConfig:Windows 10 Pro 64bit IntelŪ Core? i7-4710HQ / 2,5GHz CPU 8GB DDR3 RAM, 1TB HDD + 8 GB SSHDnVidia GeForce GTX860MThanks for the advices in advance. 

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After more than a year of installing the gfx card, the cooler has started to make loud grinding noises. I popped the lid of my PC, cleaned almost all of the layered dirt, but it's still making this noise. Do i have to change my cooler or is there a workaround?

Answer:Gainward GeForce FX 5200 Cooling Fan problem!

Changing the fan would/should be cheaper than replacing a card that died due to heat related problems.

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The cooling fan on my Dell Inspiron 4000 laptop (2 months out of warranty!) doesn't work. Ordered replacement fan from Dell, had it installed locally; still didn't work. With Dell Tech support on the phone I ran the diagnostics program - fan came on during the diagnostic test but error message shows it running at slower than expected rmp's (about half speed). Fan runs as long as diagnostic program is running; as soon exit diagnostics fan stops. Dell couldn't explain reason other than possible motherboard problem. Is there any way to get the fan to run (i.e. software control, etc.) Already updated BIOS as part of fix attempt - that did not help. Am running Windows Me. Current using an external fan blowing on computer to keep it cool, but that renders it useless as a portable. Thanks for any help you can give.

Answer:cooling fan problem Dell Inspiron laptop

The fan will be controlled by on-board sensors. If this circuitry is damaged, then that could cause the problem.

Possibly the diagnostics forces the fan on anyway, so thats why it will run then.

Since it runs poorly even then, it does suggest motherboard damage. At only 2 months out of warranty I would be having serious discussions with Dell about replacement, and if the device is really "fit for purpose" if it only lasts that long.

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I have this A25-S307 model for more than 2 yrs. Recently i started noticing my Laptop gets heated up soon. Though the cooling fan starts off, it doesnt do any good. And sometime even though it is quite hot, the cooling fan doesnt kick in.

Any suggestions on how this can be rectified.


Answer:A25-S307 Heat Sink/Cooling fan problem


yes, you are right, you have a heating problem.

At first you can try to un- and reinstall the Toshiba Power Saver and sett it to default (the Power Saver is managing the FAN speed!). Then you can check your BIOS settings. Sett it also to default! After that you should observe the FAN during the notebook is running. If this doesn't solve the problem in my opinion some Hardware perhaps the Fan is damaged!

The best way to avoid some damage at CPU is to contact a Toshiba Service Partner.

As far as I knoe the A25 is an US model, so have to go to
and click on repair center.

If you are living in Europe you have to go to - Support & Downloads - Find an authorized Service Partner

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Hi Guys,
I have TOSHIBA Settelite A45 S151 and i am getting this warning "A problem with the cooling system has been detected."
My machine becomes very slow. I check some theads to find out whats going on. Most of them says it may be heat sink or fan. But my fan is working and I cleaned my heat sink properly but still it is giving me the same problem.
Does anyone know what could be the problem?

Answer:Warning: A problem with the cooling system has been detected

Really you already took apart your notebook and cleaned the CPU heatsink and the cooling fan and you still have this problem? Well the slow down means the mobo is sensing high temperature of the CPU and automatically clocking it down to reduce heat. So maybe you have sensor problem, mobo problem or the CPU heatsink has come loose from the CPU.

Maybe time to taken it in for service.


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Pls help, Toshiba Qosmio G20 cooling system problem

Last week I bought notebook Toshiba Qosmio G20-106 and the first day I got it it was very slow and Iīm getting this error message every 10 minutes or so:

Warning: A problem with the cooling system has been detected. Please turn off the computer immediately, and return it for service.

I bought it in another country, and I canīt go back just for the service, and servicer in my country doesnīt know whatīs causing the problem.

When that message pops up, the processor slows down by 25% and everything works so ridiculously slowly that I can barely get anything done. Then, ever 10 minutes or so, it seems like the fan tries to spin but can't, gives up after a few seconds and tries again.

Did anyone have the same problem here? Is there any advice you could give me? And is there any software application that could force the cpu fan on or that could monitor is wheather the fan is on and check the fan speed?

What is the max temperature of notebook cpu that can be? Processor is Pentium M (Centrino) 1,86GhZ, with 1GB RAM.

Answer:Toshiba Qosmio G20 cooling system problem

hi there

hi there I got the very same problem with my qosmio G10. did you manage to fix the probl? if you did please tell me how to fix it!!

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I have a Toshiba Satellite U 500 serie, and I just got a message saying "A problem with the cooling system has been detected. Please turn off the computer immediatly and return it to service".
Before doing so, I would like to know if someone had already this problem, and if there is a software solution?

Answer:Satellite U500 - problem with the cooling system has been detected

Check HERE to see if anyone else had this problem in the past.

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few minutes after booting my Satellite 5200-903 (xp home sp1)an error message apears: "Problem with the cooling system, shut down your system and send it to the service" (it's a free translation from German..) I installed a temperature checking tool, the software shows cpu temperature of about 60C, however I do not hear the fan..
Can someone help?

Answer:Satellite 5200-903: cooling problem error message


By the Syntax Error: 'Problem with the cooling system, shut down your system and send it to the service' contacted the Service Partner in your country. This is a Problem with you Hardware of the Machine


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My laptop is a *Toshiba Satellite C660D-11E* and I have a message that keeps coming up every once in a while headed "System Warning" and reads: "Warning: A problem with the cooling system has been detected. (Next Line) Please turn off the computer immediately, and return it for service."

I have had this warning coming up for weeks and tolerated it but it has gotten worse and annoyed me for the last time. I can hear the fan, and the computer is not over heating (the freeware tool CPUCool is detecting a CPU temprature of 51? C). No other issues arise like the computer slowing down, it just gets in the way of what I am doing, like typing right now.

I've tried to solve the problem by changing the "Power Options" in the Windows 7 Control Panel to "High Performance" and then choosed under both the "On battery" and "Plugged in" columns, "Never" as the "Put the computer to sleep" setting. This seems to work and no error message occured since then. However this is not a solution...

Please help soon, this is preventing me from working and even other things by now.


Answer:Satellite C660D - A problem with the cooling system has been detected


Usually such message would appear if something would be wrong with the cooling system. But I read here in the forum that this might be a software bug and after new system recovery this message should not appear anymore.

But if you have notice some abnormal noises or higher temperature, then I would recommend checking this with an service technician?

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I have recently received a message saying that there is a problem with the cooling system. The fan was making a very rough noise, now it is very quiet. I assume that I am in need of a Cooling Module? Can any one advise of the part number, the best place to buy a,d an approx. cost. Also if my diagnosis is correct.


Answer:Qosmio G10-133: Cooling module problem - message appears


If you have received the message that there is something wrong with the cooling system so it seems that the fans doesn't work properly and cannot cool the CPU.

In this case you should use the notebook because the CPU and other parts can damage because of the high temperature.
In you case I would recommend to contact the Toshiba service partner in your country.
The guys should check the notebook. You should explain him the situation.
In my opinion the cooling module is not very expensive.

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I have a Satellite P750 that brings up the following warning, "Warning: A problem with the cooling system has been detected. Please turn off the computer immediately, and return it for service".

The Health Monitor shows that the cooling system is doing what it is supposed to do so I searched Toshiba Forums for an answer. The search did not produce any useful results but a Google search turned up a thread on these forums that the original search did not.

The thread runs from 2010 with the last post being in April this year. It is four pages long with dozens of people experiencing this warning and yet it still has no conclusive fix.
One or two of these people may have genuine cooling problems but the majority are false warnings.
One thing suggested was to delete the "Toshiba Value Added Package". I deleted this from my computer and the warning has gone away.
In the thread, there are many instances of people sending their computers back under warranty without satisfactorily resolving the problem. I have a working computer again but can't use a Toshiba Program on a Toshiba Computer.

Nowhere have I seen Toshiba acknowledge the problem and nor have I seen them supply a fix.
Is there a BIOS or VAP that will allow me to run the VAP without the warning?
Is there a Toshiba rep who would like to defend Toshiba's position

Answer:Satellite P750 - A problem with the cooling system has been detected.

As no one is responding, have I posted in the wrong place. Can someone suggest which forum I should post in in order to get some help?

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hi there everyone,

I have bought a Satellite P500-12D which was a retail return. When I start it up it runs a couple of mins and then this comes up on the screen:
Warning: A problem with the cooling system has been detected. please turn off the computer immediately and return it for service.

In the toshiba health monitor the cpu is under 50% temp and if it goes much above that the cooling fan comes on and lowers it back down and the fan stops again, I have noticed that only the r/h fan runs to cool the cpu, should both them come on together? Could it be a software problem?

Tthe unit is new without even the plastic off the screen surround or webcam. Any help or even point me in the right direction would be very appreciated, gary

Answer:Satellite P500-12D - A problem with the cooling system has been detected


Which program gives you this error message about the cooling system?

Before you contact a service partner as you can read in error message, you should clean the cooling system using compressed air spray. Maybe the dust is blocking the fan or something else. Furthermore for cleaning procedure it?s not necessary to disassemble it.
Here is an article about this: [How to clean the cooling system of a Toshiba notebook?|]

If it doesn?t help, contact nearest service partner.

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I had been keeping about 30 minutes working notebook in a bag, when I got out it from the bag, it was some hot.
I have message now in windows 7 system: problem with cooling system, and then they reccomend turn it off immediately.

I have bought it in USA with guarantee, but I'm living in Russia. Should I send it to firm or maybe I can repair it in the local Toshiba service centre?
How much money should I pay for repairing such defect?

Answer:Satellite T115-S1100 problem with cooling system


Can you hear a fan noise? I guess, the fan doesn't work anymore and system prompts you to shutdown. If it's fan malfunction, you can contact any service center in Russia. they can replace it easily. You should contact the toshiba service center if they provide international warranty

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Hi Folks
I have a Toshiba Laptop i3 64 bit

Yesterday got a warning message saying a problem with the cooling system has been detected . Please turn off the computer immediately and return it for service.

I am using my other laptop to post this thread.

From what I can see, I think Toshiba has always had this problem around.

The laptop is under the 1st year warranty. So I will return for repair.

Trouble is, I have seen horrendous reports of the repairer wiping the hard disk and things like that.

Can anybody advise me on what the real problem is, so I can make sure they do the job properly.

The obvious thing for me, is the fan needs replacing and maybe a clean out for dust etc.

The machine was purchased 5 months ago.

Thanks for any help.

Answer:A problem with the cooling system has been detected - Toshiba Laptop

Just got in touch with Toshiba and they instructed me to blast the dust out using the airspray can, which I did and everything is fine now. So I found the answer. They recommend you do this about every 4 months.

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Hello guys,

I'm getting the following message from time to time:

Warning: a problem with the cooling system has been detected Toshiba
Please turn off the computer immediately, and return it for servise.

I have Windows XP on it.
I opened the cooling fan and clean it. Off course, I found it rally dirty.
But, still I'm getting this message!!!
What I shall to do ??
I'm living in north Germany.

Any advise is most welcome and thanks in advance.


Answer:Satellite A40- Warning: problem with the cooling system has been detected


The message says everything!!!
In such case you have to contact the authorized service provider in you country!

>I opened the cooling fan and clean it. Off course, I found it rally dirty.
Possibly the cooling modules don?t as should and therefore the message appears again!

Nothing to do buddy... you need an help from notebook technician

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Dear Toshiba,

Perhaps some can explain for me how this happens.

We have 2 x L500 laptops, One was purchased and activated on a day July 2010 ( Machine1 )
The other was purchased 1 day later from the same store and activated on the same day - 1 day later ( machine 2)

Yesterday, machine 1 responded with the Warning message, there is a problem with the cooling system - please shut down the machine and return it for service.

Today machine 2 responded with the exact same message, just after being switched on after 4 hours unusual situation you say or is it some sort of built in : service generating feature ???
I am not convinced it's a fluke and there was nothing wrong with either machine that I could see.

Anyway a reboot of each machine fixed the problem, see how long it takes to return.
As you guessed it , both machines are out of warranty by a few months now.

If any of you have a similar problem, would be glad to hear from you.



Answer:Satellite L500: Warning : Problem with Cooling system message


A friend of mine has got the Satellite L500. As far as I know the notebook runs pretty well.

I?m not sure if this message has been created due to a software issue but the notebook should shuts down automatically if the cooling modules would not work properly and if the temperature would goes up to a higher level?

So I recommend watching the temp level for the next time and of course you could get in contact with an Toshiba ASP in your country if would notice higher temp or some hardware issue with the cooling module?

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My laptop recenly started giving the error "Warning: a problem with the cooling system has been detected. Please turn off the computer immediately and return it for service" - Yes the fan had stopped working and the touchpad area was hot.

So i take it to the service guy ( toshiba) and he says need to reply Fan, MB, HDD. Is this possible? - i have extended warrenty, but is't this a lot ? not to mention it takes a month to get the stuff down.

He also mentioned i could use the machine with a cooling pad till then if i wish to do so.

Any feed back ?

Answer:Satellite A660 - message: Warning: a problem with the cooling system

>Yes the fan had stopped working and the touchpad area was hot.

In such case there is really an hardware problem.
But I?m wondering why the HDD and the motherboard needs to be replaced?
Possibly only the cooling module has started to malfunction? bit of course? this is just an speculation?
If the service technician has checked the hardware, then they should know what parts are not OK?.
So don?t think you have other choice?.

But the warranty is valid? so everything is free of charge?

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My Sat A660 1FH pops up a message which says there is a cooling problem and I should switch it off, but when I check the settings there is no problem. can anyone help please?

Answer:Satellite A660, SWITCH OFF COOLING PROBLEM message pops up

Hi mikeswan,

I have Satellite A660 since October 2010 so over 4 months now and never saw such an error message on my Satellite A660. Everything is running properly, cooling system works normally and otherwise no problems.

Nothing comes from nothing so I think there is really a problem with your cooling system or high temperature.

Your notebook should be still under warranty because it?s new model. That?s very good because I would contact nearest authorized service provider as fast as possible before you get any hardware damages due higher internal temperature. I think your notebook must be checked from professional people to make sure there is no problem or get the error fixed. Maybe the fan must be replaced or something else? I really don?t know.

I can help you to find an authorized service provider so follow this link: > Support & Downloads > Find an authorized service provider

That?s a list of all ASPs with phone number and everything else what you need that you can get in contact with the guys.
I think it?s the best idea and if there is a hardware problem, repair will cost nothing. :)

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Hi all,

Hope I can get some help here. I've had about 5 HP laptops after all of them had problems and faults. I got sick of them and therefore got a refund and bought a high spec A660-1FH.

The A660 has been a great laptop for two days until yesterday when I started getting a warning message saying 'A problem with the cooling system has been detected. Please turn off the computer immediately, and return it for service'.

The cpu fan works fine as you can here it spinning and the temperature of the i5-460m processor is around 40 degrees for both cores - which seems normal to me. I've noted that it happens only when running on battery and if you switch from eco utility to power saver mode. Its fine when running on the 'balanced' power setting. The fan is louder before when this message appears.

As its under 28 days my retailer swapped it for a brand new one straight away. Got the new one home, and the same message appears again. Has anyone else experienced this. As two laptops have had this, I'm wondering if this is normal for the A660 series laptop or if there is really a hardware issue?!

I have tried to upgrade eco utility and the bios of the laptop but both are the latest versions. Can anyone help or share if they experience a similar issue with their laptop?


Answer:'A problem with the cooling system' error message on Satellite A660

In front of me I have Satellite A660-13Q (PSAW3E) and I have it about 6 weeks now. It runs almost 10 hours daily and until now I didn?t notice such message or anything else that can be suspect for hardware functionality.

I really don?t know why this happen on your notebook and don?t think there is anything you can do about it.
I would exchange it again. What you can also try is to contact nearest Toshiba service. Make a call, explain the situation and ask if they can help you with this.

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i have c2302 (buy it in this week) and i give this message when cpu temprature uooer than 60 C and I could not understand my Fan is working or not.
i test with stress utiility and i give this message again. too, my pc health monitor always show fan speed 0%
i attach my screen shot.

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I am attempting to fix a Qosmio G20 (which is about 3 years old, so no longer in warranty).

The error message is: Warning: A problem with the cooling system has been detected.

I have managed to remove the outer case and observe the machine working, and basically one of the fans is not operating at all. The fan which is nearest to the power connector seems to be working fine (it seems to spin quite a lot, dont know if this is normal), it is the other fan which does not seem to move at all.

When I reattached the case and switched the machine on I noticed after a few minutes that the heatsink vent of the working fan got quite warm, whereas the vent of the non-working fan stayed cool.

I have cleaned the fan of dust and have also altered the BIOS to battery mode from high performance mode, but still the problem exists.

I would be grateful if someone could advise whether the problem is the fan or something else.

If the fan is the problem, where can I buy one from (I live in the UK)?

Answer:Qosmio G20 error message: problem with cooling system has been detected


In my opinion there could be something wrong with the cooling module and the replacement would be necessary.
Usually this should be done by an authorized service provider (ASP) in your country.

The technicians could replace it with a new part and also could renew the thermal grease which is placed between the cooling module and CPU.

Therefore contact the ASP in your country and ask for the further handling!!!

By the way; you can purchase the cooling module also from the ASP!!!

Good luck

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I am living in ruwais, abudhabi.i bought T 420s in last June from LENOVO  authorized distributor. Model number is 4174-KK4 and the sr no ***.
Sometime the cooling air coming out is very hot, unable to keep the laptop on the lap.
The cooling fan also replaced still the temperature is high.
After replacing the fan I noticed that I noticed one of the screws was not fixed, I asked them to fix it, then they fixed it.
I traveled back to my home 240 KM from the  authorized distributor service  center. when I started the laptop, the fingerprint reader was not working . Then I traveled back 240 KM to the  authorized distributor service  center to fix the issue. They fixed the fingerprint reader problem.
Then now the SD card reader is not working. I was asked to bring the laptop to the  authorized distributor service centre.
Can any one experience the same type of problems  with T 420s the cooling air coming out is very hot, finger print reader problem, card reader not working?
The authorized distributor says for the service they can only cover 50 KM form the  authorized distributor service  center to the customer point, what is the conditions for the On site warranty ?. I am living 240 KM away from the authorized distributor service center from whom I bought the lapto... Read more

Answer:T 420s cooling air coming out is very hot, finger print reader problem

Well clearly after the first incident. You need to check and us it verifying everything is working before leaving the service center or town its in. Go to a coffee shop and spend time using it and test each option is working.When the notebook its opened the finger print reader, card reader etc may not be connect properly or connectors not snap fully and disconnect. Mouse ultranav I have heard may also. But clearly you assume too much and you need to spend the time testing its working before leaving.These service center are only paid a fixed amount so they won't spend anymore time then they have to and address one problem you brought it in for.As for heat out put and over heating. There are many threads on these systems you can find and read about. Advice:- install Core Temp, this will monitor and display on the task bar you CPU core temp and you can see CPU load & Temperature at a glance if it approaching or staying near the max levels which will kill the CPU and/or motherboard due to cooking it. Its free just be sure to deselect any additional software from installing during the process. I use it on my notebooks. If the system is running high core Temp all the time you need to have it resolved or it will die and most likely out of warranty and/or your data will be lost if you don't have a backup as well. - use a laptop cooler. Its a flat pad you sit the laptop on you lap or table with usually two cooling fans that plug into the US... Read more

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A problem with the cooling system has been detected please immediately turn of the computer and return it for service

This message has recently appeared, pc working fine and only purchased last month, is this a software isssue and how can I fix it.

Answer:Satellite C660-125: Software message: cooling system problem


It looks that this is a software bug. You should recover the notebook using Toshiba HDD recovery or Toshiba Recovery disk which you could create using the Recovery disk creator?

Usually the message should not appear in the future?

But don?t be afraid? if you didn?t notice an higher temperature and if the notebook does not shut down automatically, then everything should be ok!

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My toshiba machine makes a lot of noise an aeroplane. And it give me message 'A problem with your cooling system has been detection.

Switch it off immediately and return for service'.
What should I do? It was recently formatted also?

+Message was edited: mode number added+

Answer:Satellite C750-A103 makes lot of noise - problem with cooling system

You did not provide any details about your notebook model and the system which is installed on the notebook.

Its even not known to me how old the notebook is but according to this short message, it looks like there is some problem with the cooling system.

Probably the notebooks cooling fan doesn?t work properly and the unit cannot be cooled down as it should? this can lead to notebook damage due to higher internal temperature.

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I think my computer has a cooling problem, or more accurately, a heat problem. It has shown tendencies to freeze up during games (the very purpose of this system and the reason it was purchased), especially graphics intensive ones.

Since The Guy and I have been busy buying a house and moving to it, I didn't have time to look into the issue until this weekend. I apologize in advance for the long post... I'm trying to make sure I don't over-look anything.

This weekend, partially unpacked and reasonably settled in the new house. I started started checking temperatures with SpeedFan. My goal was, of course, to try and determine if it was heat that caused the freeze-up crashes.

When running a game, or when running Folding, the CPU gets up to around 90C and steadily climbing, after 10-15 minutes. One of the two 8800 GT cards--the lower one, sits steady at around 65, and the one in the top slot actually has not been checked by SpeedFan, since it was removed before I started, on grounds that it's on-board heat sink was hot enough to literally burn my fingers. So I don't have an actual number for that card's temperature, but I am quite sure that hot enough to cause visible burns on human skin is a bad thing in a graphics card.

Here's where it gets interesting. My dual-core CPU is water-cooled, and the tubes pass right above the burning hot 8800GT, with less than half an inch to spare. When I touched the tubes, they were both very warm to the tou... Read more

Answer:Water cooling, SLI graphics cards, and lots of air in said water cooling

i dont really have much experience in water cooling, but after some searching on google, i found that bubbles are bad.


Filling, Bleeding, and Leak Testing Your System

Explanation of bleeding: You have to get the water into your system some how, right? When you first put the system together air is in your lines. To get the water into the system I like to use a T-line. The only purpose of this line is to give you a place to pour everything in and let air out. If you?re using an anti-corrosive, you have two option for mixing your coolant:

Option 1 (easier!): Get a gallon of distilled/de-ionized water, pour it into a larger container, then add 6.4 ounces of anti-corrosive (or 4oz if that is all you have), close container tightly, shake (not stir ) container. And there is your coolant. Mark on the container ?TOXIC! DON?T DRINK! BAD! TOXIC!? Or something like that. You now have enough coolant to fill 3-5 watercooling systems!

Option 2: As you fill your system with water, measure or estimate the amount of water you are pouring into your system, then find 5% of that. That is how much anti-corrosive to add. You don?t want to have your system 98% filled then try and get 5% of anti-corrosive in. It?s not going to happen. So you have to pour water in, get some air out of your lines (to allow for more fluid), pour 5% of anti corrosive in, then pour some more water i... Read more

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Hey iv been looking at aftermarket CPU coolers because my case is pretty hot. I will be keeping fans in my system just to git rid of the remaining hot air in my case. So the basic question is which is better at COOLING a liquid system or fan system? Just kind of wondering, this is a little bit of a non serious question

Answer:Liquid cooling VS fan cooling

All things being equal, liquid cooling.  Also, cooling properties of various liquids are not the same.  It's the reason most car engines are liquid cooled.  However, the heat exchanger probably still needs a fan.

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What do you think is best Fan Cooling Or Water Cooling????????

Answer:Fan Cooling Vs Water Cooling

Air cooling because i believe that water cooling is a pain to deal with. just have some extra fans, and your good to go.

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which one is better/cheaper ?

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When I transport my Satellite C660-223 somewhere e.g. carrying it from home to uni in a protective case in my back pack, I sometimes get a System Warning window flashing up every 20 seconds or so saying +"Warning: A problem with the cooling system has been detected. Please turn off the computer immediately, and return it for service".+

This happens only when I have transported it somewhere, and to begin with these system warnings only sometimes flashed up after I'd transported it somewhere, but over the last two years it started happening pretty much every time I took the laptop somehwere. When the system warnings are flashing up the computer only feels slightly hotter than normal; no danger of immediately overheating.

I have not had it serviced because the problem seemed to resolve itself the next time I transported the computer somewhere. It is a very strange problem where the short-term solution was the same as the cause: as in I would take the laptop somewhere, the system warning would flash up, and I learned that taking it 'for a walk' would somehow fix whatever the 'problem' was. I solved the problem this way too many times for it to be a coincidence.

So for a while it wasn't really such a problem because I just avoided taking the laptop anywhere. But recently the system warning has start flashing up if I simply carry the laptop upstairs, and the system warning doesn't go away with my incredibly non-tech-savvy method of 'taking it for a walk', whic... Read more

Answer:Satellite C660-223 - System Warning: "Problem with cooling system detected'


Such notification could appear due to different reasons.
The alert could appear due to
1) Cooling system malfunctions
2) Blocked cooling vents or fans
3) Software issue (VAP - value added package or BIOS)

In case of cooling system malfunction you should contact the service agents for fix.

In case of blocked cooling vents and fans it?s enough to clean the parts using compressed air spray.
This helps to get rid of dust inside the cooling module.

If the vents aren't blocked and you still see this message, check the Service Station application for updates to your computer. If any are found, download and install them.
You could try to uninstall or update the Toshiba Value Added Package. This package contains some essential tools and utilities which control the cooling system too.
Check also BIOS for update.

But if you still receive this error, your laptop may require servicing

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