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Folder read only and want all files placed in to become auto read only

Question: Folder read only and want all files placed in to become auto read only

Creating a new Folder as read only and would like to have all files placed into that new Folder become read only as they are added or moved into that read only Folder. If Windows 7 cannot handle this is there any kind of software utility Haddon I can get to perform this task?

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Preferred Solution: Folder read only and want all files placed in to become auto read only

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Folder read only and want all files placed in to become auto read only

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
You might describe your environment a bit more = how many users and what is yours and their user account status ?
See if this helps,

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I tried unchecking read only.
When apply and look it is back to read only.

How can I make this read and write permission?

Answer:public tv folder read only? mythtv needs read write persmissions

You can do this by going into the C:>Users>Public folder properties, click the Sharing tab then click on the Advanced Sharing button showing in the first picture.

Click the box to share the folder like in the second picture, at that point the Permissions button will light up.

Click the permissions button, Add check marks for full control "third picture" then hit the Apply button, on all windows click Ok etc.

At this point the Public folder and it's subfolder will have read/write access.

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Hey there...ok...I have some files that are saved from the Macs at school...when I take them home to my PC (Win) they don't have the extensions on them...when I originally save something from Windows and take it to a Mac and modify and save it then take it back to my PC it still has the extension and keeps it since it was added by Windows...

So I am wondering there a program for Windows that recognizes Mac files and andds the extensions back??? I hate when I start work on some things at school and have to add the extensions to all the stuff I created when I take it back guess is the Macs store the extensions or what the file opens up with or whatever in their "._(filename)" files...that's annoying too...for every file you have another is created with a "._"...

Any help on this??? THANX

Answer:Files saved from Macs don't have ext.'s when read on Win. Need sftwre 2 read & convrt

I've never had that problem. If you save it as a "xxx" type document it doesn't matter if you have the software that created it on both Mac and PC (or software that can read the format) so I don't know how/what is going on with your situation.

BTW my experience is with using Word (forgot which version but it's on OS X) on a Mac and OpenOffice on my PC.

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Hello all

I have just subscribed and really hope you can help. I am slightly pc literate (well for a non IT person anyway) but this one has me stumped.

We regularly need to run a batch conversion process in Word 2003 using the conversion wizard function which converts word files to rtf and text so they can then be converted onto our database/contact management system (we run a small IT recuitment business and this is how we get a big folder containing 1000s of resumes onto the system in one go).

The problem is that occasionally candidates save the CV in read only and every time the batch conversion wizard hits a read-only file it stalls. So we have to go into the folder, remove that file and start the whole process again. This can take hours if several of these files crop up and we have to keep re-starting the batch conversion over and over...

So my question is, Is there any way, when looking at a folder in word that you can search for/ identify all the read-only files in that folder without having to go into every one individually? If we could do this, we could find them all at the beginning of the process, remove them and run the process in one go without interruption.

Hope this makes sense?! If any of you out there have any bright ideas I would really appreciate it!

I have already tried going into 'view' and arranging files by attribute but I couldn't see an option for read only... help!

Answer:Is there a way to identify read-only files in a word folder?

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Hi i have the problem that i have a large archive (30000) for example of documents, pdf etc. which i want to have ALL in one Folder. I wanted to somehow mark/flag/color certain files in this folder which i already read for example, so that i know which file is read and which not when viewing them in the windows explorer.

Unfortunately it seems that windows explorer has not such a functionality. Color Programs seem to have only have the ability to color folders but not any files. The filename could have a different color or the symbol or such. I read in Mac osX it is very easy to change the colors of files.

Is there a program which can color Files or is there another file explorer which can mark files as read for better organization. I have a workaround that i create empty .txt files with the same filename as the read file so that i know if the file is double and there is a txt beside it (while sorting by file name of course) so than this is a read file/zip/pdf. But instead of that i want to have another option without creating all those empty txt filename duplicates.

The solution should be portable because if i bring my files to another pc on a harddrive the info should be somehow accessable on another pc as well. A portable file explorer perhaps is capable of that. I THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP and am waiting to hear your advice on how you keep track of your archives.

Answer:How best to organize read (used) files without making a new folder

Can't you accomplish this by changing the name of the file, maybe add a special character, like @ # $ to the name?

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I'm new to batch coding, so I was hoping someone could help me out. I need to read several .txt files and search them for a specific string, lets say "key1" and "key2." If the file has key1, then it needs to be moved into directory1. If the file has key2, then it needs to be moved to directory2. There's no telling ahead of time what line the string is going to be on, so I'm guessing I could use "Find" to search for the key? Then how do I loop through all the files, read them, then sort them into the different directories?
Any help is much appreciated!

Answer:Batch code to read, then move files from one folder to another

I think that might be easier to do with a PowerShell script, though I'm no help on either of these subjects, I'm afraid.

Have a quick Google/Bing around for PowerShell scripting - I wouldn't imagine this is very difficult for beginners (the scripting, not Googling )

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Hello My roomate has created a folder on his desktop called "music1", and the permissions are set for full access/shared etc on his computer. I can access many other shared folders on his computer with my pc no problem. I can even listen to other music files on his computer in other shared folders. For some reason or other I cannot play his music files or copy his music files when trying to access the music1 folder on his desktop. If i'm thinking correctly the root folder must be shared to allow access to subfolders, but in this case...the shared folder (music1) is the root folder that was created on his desktop. any ideas?

win xp home os's


update: also I have discovered that if I remove the read only permission>hit apply>ok then when I reopen it the "read only box is checked again"

i deselect it again, and again, and again..only for it to reappear again.


Answer:Solved: shared folder cant copy, play or read files...

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heres the thing i installed a program and then later took it out and some of it stayed behind i have made shore the its not read only if it is i make it not read only but then at say the it may be read then i look it say that its read only again plus other files are not read only and they wont delete so plz help and thank you

Answer:detele read only files that say they are not read only

To remove something that refuses to go, I use a program called MoveOnBoot
You right click what you want eliminated, select moveonboot and it offers you choices. You'd select remove on the next reboot.

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I have a Visual Basic 6 app that reads files from a shared network folder and then processes them.  It was installed on two Windows XP computers many years ago.  Now we want to upgrade it to Windows 7.  I have two different computers with
Windows 7.  When I connect the Windows 7 computers to the network and run the app (which has a File Watcher window) and am watching all 4 computers, I noticed that the File Watcher window of the XP boxes show the files about 2 seconds before the Windows
7 boxes see the files.  What would cause this?  Everything else in the app works as it should.
The apps are running as Administrator on the Windows 7 boxes and XP compatiblility mode.  I have tried it both ways.


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So, I had trouble with McAfee auto unprotecting, found your website and followed the Read this steps 2-6. Found and removed some viruses, and malware.  Attached are my log files.  What next?[Saving space, attachment deleted by admin]

Answer:McAfee auto unprotecting: followed Read this . . .

delete your mbam log , re-run your malware and delete what cames up then post a clean log , the log says no action taken

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I blocked Win 10 auto update by (1) selecting "Never install driver software from Win Update" in Driver Installation Setting, (2) using the "Show/Hide Update" troubleshooter, and (3) setting my Wi-Fi connection as Metered. Yes, I hate auto updates

So I see only critical updates (not driver updates) listed at Windows Updates waiting to be downloaded. HOWEVER, after reboot the Window Update shows "failed update entries" for those critical updates, and consequently the update history is filled with update failures.

My question is...."If you blocked auto update, do you also see failed update entries?" I just want to know if the problem I described above is a normal Win 10 behavior or if I'm doing something wrong. This is driving me crazy!

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I blocked Win 10 auto update by (1) selecting "Never install driver software from Win Update" in Driver Installation Setting, (2) using the "Show/Hide Update" troubleshooter, and (3) setting my Wi-Fi connection as Metered. Yes, I hate auto updates

So I see only critical updates (not driver updates) listed at Windows Updates waiting to be downloaded. HOWEVER, after reboot the Window Update shows "failed update entries" for those critical updates, and consequently the update history is filled with update failures.

My question is...."If you blocked auto update, do you also see failed update entries?" I just want to know if the problem I described above is a normal Win 10 behavior or if I'm doing something wrong. This is driving me crazy!

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I have Windows XP Pro, sp 2 and Thunderbird

I think I found where Thunderbird saves all the emails you write or receive.

C:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\1d019ryv.default\Mail\Local Folders

In this folder are files with the names of the folders that the emails are kept in in Thunderbird. The problem is that I can't read most of each file, only the very beginning and very end. The rest is seemingly in code. There are two files with each name. One without an extension, (this is the one I can read a little and is much larger), and the other has an extension of .msf.

Is there a way to read these files?


Answer:How to read the file that has the folder name of the folder in the email client

The one's with the .msf extensions are the folders and have info in them that knows what is in the folder with the same file name.
Not much to see in them really but use the open with and open them in notepad or wordpad
But it is all code junk.

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thought i should share this found it on the piriforum, forums its helpful and shows you how to have ccleaner auto clean on system start up.

link: How to enable the CCleaner AUTO parameter - Piriform Community Forums

if this has helped you please share the love and +1 rep

best reguards, Andrew

Answer:how to make ccleaner auto clean (must read)

The last post in that thread says it's outdated and to see here: Introducing CCleaner - Piriform Docs

See Advanced Usage / Command Line Parameters.

Good info though, thanks.

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Have a user that works in a spreadsheet and leaves it open most of the day, within the last couple of days while in the middle of working on spreadsheet it turns into 'read only', She closes excel and try to open again and it says file is locked by her username. The only way to get it to release is to reboot the entire computer.

Any ideas?


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I was wondering if its possible to have messages that get sorted (by rules that I have already set up) to a specific folder can be marked as read when they come in?

I have never heard of this being done, and am fairly sure its not possible because microsoft probably thinks every e-mail you get is one you want to read.

The reason I am asking is after 5 years of having my university e-mail address I accumulate somewhere around 20 spam messages a day. My university has a spam filter before it ever gets to my computer that puts a flag in the header so I can sort it in Outlook. Well these messages are sorted to a Spam folder in Outlook, but what I wish could happen is that when I get a spam e-mail its already marked as read so I don't have that unopened mail notification in my system tray.

Probably not possible, but if any of you know people that develop software for Microsoft this is something they should definately look into.

Answer:Microsoft Outlook XP Question (auto 'mark as read')

Yes you can SNGX. Go into your actual rule and you should see during the action step of your rule there is an option called "mark it as read" right underneath "start application"

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hey, my computer generally reads disks, music cd's, dvd's, and games (new like sims 3, and old like theme hospital and shogun total war)

ive just got anno 2070 and put in the disk, but its not recognizing it at all, when i first put the disk in, it whirs, as it knows there is a disk there, and a disk icon appears next to the cursor, but then nothing, no disk appears in My computer, and when i click on the drive it asks me to insert a disk, i have tested the disk on a different computer running vista, anno 2070 runs perfectly, and also says it does run on windows 7, i have also tested other disks since putting the game into the windows 7 computer, which work fine, and checked whether the disk can be read in a virtual machine (windows xp in this case), which it cant as i expected, i have run the Microsoft disk checker and all it said was that the disk was unreadable, but the vista computer proves it is readable.

any tips on what to do next? i really want to get playing this

Answer:dvd drive wont read specific disk, will read on other vista computer

I would think that your optical drive and that particular brand DVD media don't go together well. ( I have an Imation DVD+R DL that my Samsung drive only reads at times but not most of the time. On four other drives - a Sony, a Liteon, an Asus and a Plextor - the media is recognised and accessible without any problems. The Samsung drive is clean, has the latest firmware, can read and write other DVD media. So where am I? )

You may just try cleaning the lense with a Lense Cleaner CD. If it does not help, try burning anno 2070 to another known-to-be-good brand media at a lower speed.

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My dvd drive in my Emachines laptop cant read data disks anymore, but it can read/play music and video dvds without any problem.

I have an Emachines D732z. I have Windows XP and drive is hl-dt-st dvdram gt32n.

I'm unsure of the cause of the problem. Can anybody help out? thanks!

Answer:DVD drive can read video dvds but cant read data disks.

Are the Data discs CD's? When you say Musicand video dvd's do you mean Music Cds and Video dvds?

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Here is a link to the EULA for Vista. Pay special attention to section 6. Look what windows defender can do!

Answer:Vista Eula Link Must Read!!! Read About What Windows Defender Will Do To You!

Nice. I had scrutinized it hard enough already with a steel hat, so I'm still safe.

Hehe, Veesta is a beast! Most corps, even NIST, MIT, UDoD and ASUS as the largest MB MFG detests it. Not fit for mass consumption eh.

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Whenever I boot up my VAIO (VGN-SZ750N) laptop an all-blue screen appears only momentarily, so that there's no time to read any of what is clearly a very wordy warning in white typescript that fills the whole screen. How can I stop this long enough to read it and take whatever action it recommends?

then, something happens that may be related to this . . .

soon afterward, a boxed message appears saying: "System has recovered from a serious error . . . " Clicking on this results in a huge number of figures that would challenge anybody who attempted to write them down.

Answer:How to read warning that appears and disappears too fast to read on startup

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I have a dell laptop, D620. When i first put it on the screen was loading funny. as i move the mouse over it a square at time would come in...then when i tried to boot it again. it said new user.. then it just woulnt boot got read error hit control alt delete...i called Dell they said hold fn key and hold start but it went into diagnostic mode. in a few minutes they said HARD DRIVE must be replaced.

My problem is now... that to recover the data companies want from $500 to 25oo to recover the data... is there any program or thing i can do to try to get my files back?

Marv Alpert
[email protected]

Answer:Hard Drive canNOT Be Read, Computer won't boot. Read Error

Hi malpert and welcome to the TechSpot Forum :wave:

As a laptop only has the ability to support 1 harddrive your option is to remove the drive from the laptop and connect it to a desktop PC using a 2.5" to 3.5" adaptor and try to read the files on it, however I would download the test tools from the makers website and run a thorough test on the drive to ensure readability of the drive.

Remember though if the drive has failed mechanically then any data may be lost and you will need to use one of the professional data recovery services such as "ontrack data recovery" to get it back.

Backup, backup and backup is the mantra when it comes to important data...

Dont put your mailing address on a forum like this by the way you will end up getting spammed to hell.

As a newbie to the site would you please take a few moments to read the following. It will help to make your Techspot experience a more pleasurable one.

Techspot FAQ.

A message for all newcomers.

SNGX1275`s A guide to making a good post/thread.


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I'm having a font issue and after much reading I haven't found a solution
yet. I'm using IE7 on Vista. The text I see on a webpage looks fine. The text
I see on menu bars/address bars/search bars, also looks fine. What I'm having
trouble with is anything that I have to "input" on a webpage. It's too small
to read and it appears to be a strange font. For example, when I log into an
account my username and password appears too small to read while I'm typing
it. It's very bothersome as you can't tell if you've typed something
correctly or not. They're are a couple of instances where it shows up that
way on a page somewhere but it "always" does it in any field in which I have
to "input" data.

My view: text size is set to "Medium" and changing this has no affect on
these fields. It only changes to text that appears on webpages. I did make
one discovery though. When I change the "encoding" from Unicode (UTF-8) to
Western European it seems to fix the problem (my input text shows up
normally) but it's only temporary. As soon as I reload, visit another page,
or open another window it reverts back to Unicode (UTF-8) and the problem
returns. I've tried using the "Auto Select" after switching but I get the
same result.

I am running IE7 on my other machine with WinXP and I don't have this
problem. View: text size is set to medium and the encoding is Unicode (UTF-8)
yet input data on tha... Read more

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Norton Auto-Protect and Email scan read ERROR.....
i've tried just about everything there is to do... uninstalling, reinstalling, online virus scans... when i run the LIVE UPDATE for it (Nortion SystemWorks 2003) it always says that it couldn't finish also... i did cut and copy the error that it read, here it is
File: E:\PROGRA~1\COMMON~1\SYMANT~1\ccApp.ex^
62624 Bytes 7/21/2003 3:55:48 v2.0.0.606.
File: E:\PROGRA~1\COMMON~1\SYMANT~1\ccEmlPxy.dl^
201888 Bytes 7/21/2003 3:56:12 v2.0.0.606.
File: E:\PROGRA~1\COMMON~1\SYMANT~1\ccErrDsp.dl^
144544 Bytes 7/21/2003 3:56:12 v2.0.0.606.
File: E:\PROGRA~1\COMMON~1\SYMANT~1\ccLgView.ex^
197792 Bytes 7/21/2003 3:55:52 v2.0.0.606.
File: E:\PROGRA~1\COMMON~1\SYMANT~1\ccPwdSvc.ex^
83104 Bytes 7/21/2003 3:55:54 v2.0.0.606.
File: E:\PROGRA~1\COMMON~1\SYMANT~1\ccWebWnd.dl^
181408 Bytes 7/21/2003 3:56:26 v2.0.0.606.

Answer:Norton Auto-Protect and Email scan read ERROR

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Question: Folder, Read Only


I recently saved my Music files to a Memory Stick.
When I access the folder / Files there is a "greyed" out Tick in the read only box.

I have tried un checking it in properties but it keeps returning.

This is stopping me from reloading the files back into Itunes.

I am using XP on a 32bit Laptop.

How to I clear this?


Jeff Kennedy

Answer:Folder, Read Only

All folders show that in XP. It does not mean anything, and I sincerely doubt that's what's preventing you from "reloading" the files into iTunes (though I'm not sure what you mean by that).This is from MS:Unlike the Read-only attribute for a file, the Read-only attribute for a folder is typically ignored by Windows, Windows components and accessories, and other programs. For example, you can delete, rename, and change a folder with the Read-only attribute by using Windows Explorer. The Read-only and System attributes is only used by Windows Explorer to determine whether the folder is a special folder, such as a system folder that has its view customized by Windows (for example, My Documents, Favorites, Fonts, Downloaded Program Files), or a folder that you customized by using the Customize tab of the folder's Properties dialog box. As a result, Windows Explorer does not allow you to view or change the Read-only or System attributes of folders. When a folder has the Read-Only attribute set it causes Explorer to request the Desktop.ini of that folder to see if any special folder settings need to be set. It has been seen where if a network share that has a large amount of folders set to Read-only, it can cause Explorer to take longer then what is expected to render the contents of that share while it waits on the retrieval of the Desktop.ini files. The slower the network connectivity to the share the longer this process can take to the... Read more

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I'm having troubles pasting a file into a folder in Program Files (x86).This is what i'm trying to do. I'm trying to view a camera DVR system with a huge list of stores. I'm trying to copy a file from my work laptop to my current computer but the folder is Read-Only. I can past the file, open the application but the file reverts to before I did anything. I tried taking off the Read-Only but it goes right back. I even did it to the whole Program Files (x86) which took about 6 mintues but it still went back to Read-Only.I don't know what to do to take over my own files.Thanks.Asus M4A78-EMAMD Phenom II X2 550 @ 3.11Patriot PC2-6400 4GigMSI R4830Seagate 160Gig SATASeagate 320Gig SATAExternal 1T

Answer:Can't take of Read-Only from a folder

Are you trying it with administrative?

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Question: read-only folder

I am having problems trying to deselect "read-only" in folder properties. When I deselect it and click OK and right click to check the properties again, it seems to have been reselected again! I checked a few different XP machines but seems to be the same on all. If XP folders are read only by defaul then why is there an option to do deselect it in folder properties??

I need to have non read only folders to back up over the network! please help!

Answer:read-only folder

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My CD Drive has started giving me problems.
It doesn't read all the CD I put in (Particularly Audio CDs).

It Plays DVDs fine.
I'm also unable to burn CDs as the system doesn't detect a CD.

Any suggestions on what I should be doing?

Answer:Satellite A100-033 - ODD doesn't read all CDs but read DVDs


Maybe there is dust on the lens of the CD/DVD drive so I recommend cleansing the lens.

Further you should try to remove the upper and lower filters in registry. This does often solve with the CD/DVD drive so check the workaround on the Microsoft website:

In worst case the CD/DVD drive must be replaced :(

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Ok I just spent about three hours looking in this forum to solve my problem and no dice.

Here it goes: I'm running xp pro and I have a Norcent RW-481 48x12x48 CDRW probably not the best brand but oh well. I'm using Nero 6, InCD is not installed.

The problem: It does not recognize any data CD's or any CD's that the drive itself writes. I can play an audio CD, which elimates (I think) that the read lense is dirty and I can burn a CD, which elimates (I think) that my burn lense is dirty. I'm mentioning dirty lenses because a post in this forum suggested that a dirty lense may be the problem. So, before taking things apart I wanted to post in the forum the problem. Any other suggestions of what else I can look for?

More info: I even switched around the jumpers from cable select to master, same result.

I really believe I have a setting wrong in my XP pro operating system. Any suggestions????? :cronfused:

Lastly, The drive is recognized corectly in device manager

Answer:CDRW Will Burn, Read Audio, not Read Data

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The computer whirs & loads media cds, nothing happens, the device manager is listed aslite-on DVDRW SHW-16358.This is a newer Gateway pc I transferred data to, from my old one. From XP to 7.

Answer:Is it my pc, or Windows 7? Wont read media, but will read music cds

How old is the Optical drive ? ?They fail...and they dont build them like they used to.QuoteThis is a newer Gateway pc I transferred data to, from my old one. From XP to 7.Also the above is unclear...are you saying you installed Win7 to this Gateway ? ?If so did you remember to DLoad and install the Win7 drivers for the PC ? ?

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hai everyone i've got some problem with my dvd drive, CDDVDW TS-T633P
from HP touchsmart 600 1137D

my dvd can't read or play dvd movie, i reinstall it few times but it can;t solve the problem

can anyone help me about this? i need sugestion

Answer:dvd drive can't read dvd movie, but can read data dvd or dvd games

Shot in the dark...

Go to the Device Manager and find the entry for your DVD. Right click it and select properties then "Region" and make sure a region is set for the drive. Without a region set it won't play movie DVDs.

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Hi, I'm sort of new to forums, but I have a bit of a pickle, I have a red shield with a white x in it that resembles the windows defender icon in my system tray, when I hover over it it says "Your computer is infected !" When clicked it pops up a window saying: "would you like to update your security software and download registry cleaner?" and occasionally a ballon pops out of the system tray saying "Windows has detected spyware infection which corrupted the registry. It is recommended to load update to prevent data loss. Windows will now download and install the most up-to-date software for you. Click here to protect your computer."

I followed all the directions in the read & run me first thread, and nothing seemed to help, I'm attaching all the logs except counterspy as I couldn't find a way to get it to output a log in text format or anything, it said 0 malware found in everything except in my cookies there was 2 that it deleted.

again any help anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:red shield with a white x causing problems, did read the read and run me first

here are the other files

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Using outlook 2003 and a pop3 server to access my webmail email, i am able to send and recieve. However when i read my emails and close outlook the items remain unread when i check outlook later. This happens quite often and is very annoying... any help is appreciated.

windows xp SP2

2 gig ram

Athlon 64 FX - 53: 2.4ghz

Answer:Outlook 2003: not marking read items as read

Outlook Express has a tab to fix this-maybe Outlook has the same.
check Mark Messages READ after displaying (add 5 seconds)

Maybe that seconds number has been raised above the time you take to scan messages. OE doesnt care IF you peek at a message-it cares HOW long you stare at it.

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put a disk with a program in to my system it wont even acknowledge its there, anything like DvD CD its fine.Anyone know anything about this?cheers

Answer:Will read DvDs and CDs Wont read Autoexe on  

Have you disabled autostart? Can you start the program by clicking on the appropriate setup.exe file on the CD?

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I am trying to take away the Read Only access on a folder.

Specificaly the C:\Users\ folder, I want this change to filter down through the folder structure.

I have logged in to the local PC as administrator, I have taken ownership of the folder, and given myself full rights, yet when I take the Read Only tick away, the next time I look, it has come back?


Answer:Read Only User Folder

Folders are not read only. Notice that the box is not checked but filled in.

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Hi there, I cant make a folder to full access. It remains as READ only always, when I try to unmark the square mark. Its like there in all of my files and folders. Do anything special to do to make them full access other than unmarking read only ? Thank You.

Answer:Can't unmark Read only from folder.

I had same problem - all files and folders (except on desktop) had been set to read only. Changing attributes did not work. What I did was go to the security tab, chose edit, find the user and then tick the box which says write (it was always unticked). Can do this for file by file or for whole folders. Hope this helps.

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Hello allI am working on some shared folder in organization, I have shared some folders to a user, and I came to know that the authorized user is open a shared excel file and has READ ONLY permission on top of the file. I check the file and folder, there was Read-only button checked on, than I deselect it press apply and ok, again went to properties, the readonly button still checked. I wonder why it is happening. why it happens and how to resolve it. There is GOD where there is true smile for someone...

Answer:Read only on shared folder

Check the NTFS Permissions or simillar. That might help

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Hi there, I cant make a folder to full access. It remains as READ only always, when I try to unmark the square mark. Its like there in all of my files and folders. Do anything special to do to make them full access other than unmarking read only ? Thank You.

Answer:Can't unmark Read only from folder.

I had same problem - all files and folders (except on desktop) had been set to read only. Changing attributes did not work. What I did was go to the security tab, chose edit, find the user and then tick the box which says write (it was always unticked). Can do this for file by file or for whole folders. Hope this helps.

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last night i shut off pc....
today i boot and every folder on 2 hard drives has a greyed out "read only" attribute!
went to delete a file and got a permission denied message -
clicked on security settings and checked "allow" for eveyone / thing
(and "apply" of course) - recheck and the allow boxes are unchecked!
WHT happened? Tried the Advanced - Effective Permissions / Inherited Permissions thing.. but it's confusing as hell.

Where is the "Let me do whatever the hell I want to do with any file or folder
because I say so." check box?

Answer:Every folder suddenly read -only!

Windows XP by default shows all folders with a Read Only attribute. I would not be concerned about it.
A little more infomation about the file you tried to delete would help. Is it all files? XP Pro or Home?


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I have right clicked the folder - gone to properties and taken off the read only but when I go out of that window and repeat the proceedure the folder is read only again. Can anyone help!

Answer:How do I remove 'Read Only' from folder

Unable to remove Read-Only attribute from folder

You Cannot View or Change the Read-Only or System Attribute of Folders

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I have Windows 8.1 and I run an application that needs his folder not to be read only in order to save some progress of my work. How can I remove the read only from the folder of my application? I have tried CMD, read only remover tool, chande ownership, permisions, safe mode. Just about anything that I could find. Maybe I have done something wrong or complete. Plese help me!

Answer:remove read only from folder used by app

I had a couple programs that had the same issue. I uninstalled them then reinstalled to the root of C: rather than Program Files folder and they work fine now. HTH

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Hi, I'm using DesktopServer to develop local sites on my Win 10 computer. I don't recall this ever happening before but now when I tried to create a website by importing my backup archive, I get this error about not being able to write and update...
...which then leads to this, probably because it could not write in the first place:
From my research I found that this should be solved by enabling write permissions on the correct folder...but the problem is that folder keeps putting itself back into Read-Only mode the moment I click OK.

So because it won't stay UNCHECKED, I keep getting the error which prevents me from importing a new web project on my local dev environment.

Hoping someone hear will know how to make the settings STICK.

Answer:My folder keeps Rechecking itself as Read-Only!

Have you tried clicking 'Apply'?

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Long time reader first time writer and all that jazz, thank you for all the help this forum has given me over the years without it even knowing but I need help with something I don't know if there is a solution for.

I work in an office consisting of 8 individual stand alone computers of which 7 are running Windows XP and one is running Windows 7, whilst all these systems are stand alone they all connect to a shared NAS drive. Some of the documentation stored in this drive is sensitive and I need to find a way to protect the versions found in it without cutting off access to them.

My thinking is to have a number of folders which theoretically are 'Read-Only', by this I mean users should be able to view the folders and all documents within them but cannot edit or delete documents and cannot save new documents here without a password.

Designated users will be given the password, this should enable them to edit the contents of the folder as well as add and remove files from this folder. In doing this all users can view the files but there is limited access for people wanting to change anything.

Does anyone know if this is possible?

Do I require external software? if so can anybody recommend anything?

If I haven't explained it well enough (which is highly likely) please let me know what information you need.


Daniel Frost

Answer:Creating a Read-Only folder

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In windows xp home edition I cannot remove the read only attribute for folders. I uncheck the tick box, it appears to change the attribute but when I look at the properties again the attribute has gone back to read only. This does of course prevent me from deleting unwanted folders which is a pain when doing a bit of housekeeping.

Answer:Cannot unset read only folder attribute

I don't use XP show I'm going to show my ignorance here, do you have to be signed in as administrator to change those settings?

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I am trying to install Norton Antivirus but the install fails because the windows temp folder is read only. I have tried to change it's attributes but it keeps reverting to read only. If I make a new temp folder in any directory it turns to read only as well. I am assuming that it is something in the registry that does this but I don't know where to find the key. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:can't change TEMP folder from read only

All XP folders are created Read Only by the system design. You cannot change that and it will not interfere with any install that is compatible with XP.

M$ Says That is By Design.

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Hello again,
Actually, the problem began when I tried to download some stuff on Chrome and always got a message more or less like "Download failed-error".
I reported this to Chrome and hope they will give me an answer whenever. Maybe you people might give me a hand with this.
Because of this I switched to Firefox, who is configured - just like Chrome - to place my downloads in my folder D:\Downloads.
After three tries nothing happened. I had two .exe files in the folder but that should not be the cause of the problem.
Looking around, I found Firefox had saved my downloads in C:\Users\Ernesto\Downloads
I cut the files to paste them in downloads, but was not allowed because the D:\Downloads folder miraculously transformed (or should I say transubstantiated) into a read-only folder and did not allow me to paste my downloads there.
Frankly, I don't know how these things happen. But, oh well. So I ran the command
attrib -h -r -s /s /d D:\Downloads\*.*
To my surprise I got the reply that the whatchamacallit system could not change the attributes of each of the files inside the folder.
These were (and still are - and work perfectly from the now "read only" folder) AdwCleaner.exe and sd5_setup.exe
So I repeated the same operation but, instead of the *.* at the end, I put the name of each file. So this was a two commands operation.
Now, that didn't work either. The "you know who" said "I cannot change the att... Read more


Surprise, surprise !
I just discovered that all my folders are now read-only
I think we're going to have a party!

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i have shared a folder on my desktop and i was trying to copy a file from my laptop to the shared drive on my desktop by using my laptop(kind of kile pushing the file onto the desktop). i got the error message "cannot create or replace file: access is denied. make sure the disk is not full or weite-protected and that the file is not currently in use."

i checked the attribute of the folder on the desktop and it turns out that it is read only, i tried to change the read only attribute but when i hit apply the read only attribute comes back. why is this?

i can pull files (copy) from the laptop onto the desktop. so i guess the read only attribute does not apply for copying the files to

Answer:trying to change read only attribute of folder

Under sharing, you need to check 'allow other users to change files in the folder'

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Does anybody know a Macro, VB Script, where it can automatically get executed after I read my messages. I like to MOVE it to a "READ_MESSAGE" folder after I read it.

THank you in advance.

PS: I am new in outlook and vb scripting. Any kind of help is truely appreciated.

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I have a program which has a small text file in the C:\ProgramData\mfrg\appname folder. The program cannot read the file unless I select "Run as administrator" even though the account has administrator privileges.. I get an error that says the file cannot be located.

How can I get the program to be able to read the file? The program does not have to write to the file, just read it.

Ray A.

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I have a network of computers in my office running on windows 7 and one main computer running on windows 10. I have a folder shared on my windows 10 pc and i can access this folder on all computers on my network. I can read but not write on this shared folder on my other pcs on the network. I tried sharing everyone (read/write) on the properties but still same problem...please help

Answer:Can read but not write on shared folder

Make sure you have the same Account (username and password) on both machines.

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Things I have tried:

1) Enabled hidden administrator logon and logged onto it.
2) Edited user permission for entire drive and set to 'full control'
3) verified the folder is not locked/in-use even deleted it and then restored

Still has the stupid 'read only' box checked when you hit Properties. I am updating Starcraft 2 and get a file creation error during patching. The read only setting is the only thing I can think to change other than full uninstall -> reinstall.

edit: Just tried doing it in elevated command prompt and the R flag for readonly is not present at all even looking all sub-folders with the /S switch. So apparently its not read only but explorer is noting it so in 'properties' ... very strange.

Answer:Can't remove 'read-only' attribute from a folder

Hello Joe,

Is the read only box actually checked, or is it blue? If blue, then it is not read only.

Read-only File and Folder Attribute

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i click properties and untick read only and click appyl or ok, but when i click properties again, it is read only again.

Answer:why wont the folder change from read only?

Because folders themselves are read only. It is the files contained within the folder that are changeable. What is it you are trying to do that you need a folder not to be read only.

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Hey, for some reason I can't remove the read only setting from my folders, can't figure out why and using DOS didn't work...

"attrib -R filename /S" anything wrong with that?

Anyway, yeah... Anyone know why I can't remove the read only attribute?

Answer:Can't remove read only attribute for folder!

You could try this little program.

Let me know if it works..


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I am trying to change the read-only feature of the folders on my desktop by unchecking the small box labeled "Read-Only" in their properties. When I uncheck it, it runs normally and looks like it would be as I asked, but I look at it again and it's marked read-only!! What is the cause of this? Is there some sort of feature not enabled on my computer? Thanks for any help.

Answer:Stuborn non-changable read-only folder

It is posslbly Write protected as well. Not allowing you to make any changes to the folder. What is this folder and what is in it.

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Like it says in the title. If such functionality exists, I can't find it. Also, is there a way to check all the items in a folder for a bulk action? Seems like you have to check them one by one - ugh.

Answer:Mail App - is there a way to mark a folder 'all read'?

CTRL+A then just right-click, yeah i know its a bummer but works

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This is the scenario:
On a shared PC I want to protect a Folder so that only I can add or change the files within it, however I want all other users to still be able to read those files.

I've looked at password protection / locking the folder etc but these don't seem to have the 'others can look but don't touch option'.

A bit like Office files modify protection e.g. if you know the password you can modify the file, otherwise its read-only, but at the folder level.

Any ideas please?


PS this is for Win XP, NTFS.

Answer:XP Folder, allow read of contents, but not change

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I have an executable file, which is a windows service. Now I cannot start it from service control management panel. I am the administrator. I guess the readonly attribute effects it. I found that the folder is readonly. I unclick it and apply it and click OK button. However next time when I look at the attribute again, its attribute goes back to readonly again. Why?

Windows 7 64-bit professional edition.

Answer:Remove read only attribute of folder.

What is the name of the service? What error message when you (try to) start it?

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I?m running a Visual Studio app that fails because the folder Temporary ASP.NET Files is Read-only. In Windows Explorer, there is a checkmark next to Read-only in the folder properties. However, it does not remain unchecked if I uncheck it, even though I?m an Administrator.

If I display the Attributes column in Windows Explorer the only attribute indicated for this folder is D (for Directory).

I also tried to display the folder attributes in a Command Prompt as an Administrator using the attrib command as follows:

c:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727>attrib /d /s "Temporary ASP.NET Files"

This returns the following without indicating any attributes:


The Read-only attribute reportedly can be removed through a command prompt by using the ?R parameter. I would rather not run this command though without first confirming that the Read-only attribute is enabled.

My question is this ? why would this folder have Read-only checked in the folder properties, but does not display this attribute in the Attributes column of Windows Explorer nor in a command prompt as described here?


Answer:Read-only Attribute for a Windows folder

Hi Bontrager,
Might be me but thats an OLD version of .Net, current version 4.6.X.
try updating to the current version, things might change,


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Just purchased a notebook and am running Windows 8.1.

I right-clicked on the "Documents" folder and selected Properties.

In the "Attributes" section, the "Read-only (Only applies to files in folder)" is ticked.

I'm reading this to mean that I will not be able to save changes to any files in that folder, as they will be read-only. Is this correct and why is the folder set by default to this setting?


Answer:[SOLVED] Read-Only Setting In Folder

Hello tomahawk,

Is the item ticked (check mark in the box) or partially ticked (box filled by square).

If it is partially ticked, it just means that something in that folder (sub directory/system file) is set to Read Only, but you will be able to save files, over-write files, delete files and edit files as usual.

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- I have three PCs - two running Win 7 Home Premium ("clients") and one running Win 7 Ultimate ("server").

- I wish to use one of the server PC's HDD to store a backup of critical files of the two client PCs using folder sharing.

- All three are on the same homegroup (took me ages to achieve this - only managed once syncronied all three clocks, but that's another story...).

- I set up a uid and password for the server PC, will refer to it as "john".

- I created a folder on the server HDD called "backup" under which the backup will be stored. The folder and all its sub-folders are shared.

- I can see and access this folder and its sub-folders from both client PCs.

- I verified that "john" is the owner of the backup folder and all the files/sub-folders it holds. I also verified that "john" has read/write/full control rights for the backup folder and all its sub-folders.

However, as commonly reported , I am unable to change the "read only" permission from the "backup" folder. Hence (I am guessing that this is the reason) I cannot write anything to it ar its sub-folders from the client PCs. I can un-tick the read-only box, click OK, but when returning it is still there...

I already tried "attrib -s -r e:\backup" where e is the HDD leter on the server PC, but it has no effect.

Any idea how to get around this?

Answer:Cannot remove read-only from shared folder - help!

Please ignore - now resolved.

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I was trying to download a file earlier, and got this error:C:\DOCUME~1\*****\LOCALS~1\Temp\gMVWDiIy.exe.part could not be saved, because you cannot change the contents of that folder.Change the folder properties and try again, or try saving in a different location.I checked the properties of my temp folder, and read-only was checked. I unchecked it, and tried downloading it again. It gave me the error again. I checked the properties, and the check was back. I've googled a little, and from what I saw, this usually only happens to Vista. I've tried this article, but cmd tells me:Parameter format not correct -Anyone know how to fix this? thanks!

Answer:Temp Folder Read-only Problem

Go to the security tab and see whats there.

I would tell your browser to download to another directory such as c:\downloads

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So im using DosBox. (ver 7.3) [with a config file]

Trying to play old games.

Every time i type in my file path i get:

Stub exec failed:
no such file or directory

I know what this means, that i need th edos4gw.exe to be in that folder so when i run my app it will read that too. I swear to all everything its in the folder, proper name and case and everything.

The DosBox has apparently gone blind or something. Because its right friggin there. Why oh why wont it read that so i keep playing?

It didnt always do this. SADNESS!

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my desktop computer w/ windows 2K Prof. could not boot. It booted through bios screen and went blank, then beep to indicate halt on error. I installed its hard drive in the firewire hardness. Hook this firewire to the winXP Home laptop. Set the share/security for this drive successfully. I can access to most of directories including my old win2k, and administrator account directories. But can NOT access to its "\Shared Folders On Mary". I got "access is denied". On my old desktop, there is a shortcut to the "\shared Folders on Mary\Download\Food", and I can access these files. I believe other directories/files are there but can not access to them. Please help ! Thank you

Answer:w2k shared folder failed, try to read in wXp

clarify: this w2k pro. shared folder was for networking. Thks.

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my desktop computer w/ windows 2K Prof. could not boot. It booted through bios screen and went blank, then beep to indicate halt on error. I installed its hard drive in the firewire hardness. Hook this firewire to the winXP Home laptop. Set the share/security for this drive successfully. I can access to most of directories including my old win2k, and administrator account directories. But can NOT access to its "\Shared Folders On Mary". I got "access is denied". On my old desktop, there is a shortcut to the "\shared Folders on Mary\Download\Food", and I can access these files. I believe other directories/files are there but can not access to them. Please help ! Thank you

Answer:w2k shared folder failed, try to read in wXp

clarify: this w2k pro. shared folder was for networking. Thks.

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I have some folder which, when i right click on them and change the attributes to not 'read only', and it follows by asking do you want all folders and subfolder included in this change, and I indicate yes. It then goes through the process of changing all the file attributes. When I again right click on the folder, it indicates that there are still read only files in the folder.

What's up with that? And, How do I fix it?


Answer:I Changed The Folder Attribute To Not 'read Only'

See if this helps:How to set, view, change, or remove file and folder permissions in Windows XP

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I am running XP pro, my pc is based around an socket 478 MSI, runs a Hyperthreaded 3.2 ghz P4 processor, 1 gig of DDR400 (pc3200) corsair xms ram, audigy 4 soundcard and a 6800 ultra graphics card.

o.k. now for my question.... Due to user stupidity (I shouldn't mess with my pc when i'm half asleep) I accidentally set my documents and settings folder to read only. Not a big deal right? Just uncheck the 'Read Only" box in the folder properties menu and all is well you say? I wish.
Each time i open the folder properties window and uncheck read only it asks me if i want to apply to this folder only or all sub-folders and directories, i have tried both options. The problem is that as soon as i close the properties window it automatically reverts to 'Read Only'. This is extra annoying because this folder contains the temp folder that my applications use so I am forced to leave the stupid properties window open to prevent it from reverting if i want to run various programs. I am not a total idiot when it comes to PCs and Windows so this is very frustrating and embarrassing. HELP ME PLEASE! Thanks in advance

Answer:Folder automatically resets to 'Read Only'

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So I am logged in as administrator. I need to delete a file that is in the "Downloaded Program Files" directory of the "Windows" directory. I right click on the file and only get "properties" as an option. Nothing I do will let me delete it. Even tried deleting the entire directory the file is in and Vista will not let me. This file is damaged and causing problems in IE. I need it deleted.

Also, never had this problem before. I paid a lot of money for this computer and OS. Not sure why it will not let me delete a file I do not want. Would I be better off with Linex?

Answer:Vista Will not let me change a folder from read only

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I have a network of computers in my office running on windows 7 and one main computer running on windows 10. I have a folder shared on my windows 10 pc and i can access this folder on all computers on my network. I can read but not write on this shared folder on my other pcs on the network. I tried sharing everyone (read/write) on the properties but still same problem...please help

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This is a recent occurrence, maybe related to a new windows update item. Clicking on (say) the Documents folder will not open the folder. Instead the system puts the item on the task bar. Clicking on the task bar item does nothing, it simply sits there. Can anyone shed some light on this problem and, if possible, suggest a fix, please?
Any assistance greatly appreciated. (Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit).

Answer:Unable to read contents of folder's Windows Repair (All in One) may be one solution. Accept the default checks [such as file associations, etc] and perhaps add icon repair. There are many others far wiser than I who will also add their ideas and solutions, heed them

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On Windows 7, everything was fine.
Since I upgraded to Windows 10, I have a problem with c:\users\ftr\documents (ftr is the user account name)
It is locked to read-only, and when I change it, it immediately changes back, despite me giving administrator privelege. This is messing with so many programs that expect to be able to write here, and the biggest is Adobe Premiere. It can no longer write to the folders it needs to in here and when it offers to switch scratch disks to My Documents, the program craps out - probably because it's running into the same error.
I thought at first this may have been because I changed to an Outlook account, so I switched the machine back to Local - but I still cannot take control of the folder.

Answer:Documents folder read-only since upgrade

In fact, it's EVERYTHING in c:\users\ftr, not just Documents. This includes Dropbox,. OneDrive, Pictures, Downloads...
If I run Premiere as administrator, then it works fine. But really, we all know what a pain in the *** running everything as an admin will be. Also, this account IS an administrator, so what gives?

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Everytime I try to view my stored pictures the following error message occurs.

COM Surrogate has stopped working.

Check online for solution and close programme= fail every time.
Close the programme.

Error Problem signature:
Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: DllHost.exe
Application Version: 6.0.6000.16386
Application Timestamp: 4549b14e
Fault Module Name: libavcodec.dll
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 494bc8bf
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 000a6e1d
OS Version: 6.0.6002.
Locale ID: 2057
Additional Information 1: b13f
Additional Information 2: d085c76b91a78ff0d35dd4a536d889a6
Additional Information 3: 12f9
Additional Information 4: 64daf83e82395f50fb6248291e54fe6b
Read our privacy statement:

The only advice is to go to windows update but nothing is available.

Any help appreciated.

Answer:MY PICTURE folder read error.

The message points to libavcodec.dll failing. I searched my Vista Biz edition machine and can't find the file. Is this something you installed?

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I have a user who has just started using a new Vista business machine. An application still in active development requires frequent manual updates to a folder in program files. The user is in the administrators group. When he attempts to update the contents of the folder he finds that it is set to read only. He then changes the permissions and applies to all sub-folders and files. He is then able to apply the update. The next time he comes to do it, it has reverted back to read only.

Is there a way to make this change permanent?

Answer:Folder permissions reverting to read only.

is it on a domain?

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How to get the folder name which is having Read and Write Permission(for all users)


Answer:How to get the folder name which is having Read and Write Permission

Hi Nidheesh,

Try the following in a CMD window:


dir /A-R
/A = attribute
-R = files that are NOT read-only files


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Something changed. Under Documents/My Documents I have always been able to edit with no problems. But now My Documents folder has "Read Only" under properties. It is a shaded check box.
When I open a document I previously created I get a message box that asks - open read only, or open copy. Even if I open copy I cannot save it under My Documents. When I hit save it just highlights the file name and does nothing. Any help suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
I am the administrator/owner.

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My only optical drive on my laptop prompts me to "drag files here to burn" when ever I put a disc in. It reads the title of the disk and lists that in the explorer, but it takes forever to load when I click on :explore: and then just goes to the burn folder.

Answer:DVD RW goes to burn folder when trying to read any disc

Hello Shsesc, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Is this what you are experiencing?

You have files waiting to be burned to disc - Stop Message

Hope this helps,

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hi friends, is it possible to make the folder read only or put a password and other programs? because some folders on my computer was accidentally moved and deletd my 5 year old daughter. Or is there any software? Thanx

Answer:How to make the folder read only or put a password

You can right click on the folder, select Properties and mark it read-only on the General tab.Also, you may find this free tool handy:

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Greetings. I would like to find out whether customers read my emails, but without obligating them to use a "read receipt" dialog box. Is there a way I can do this?

I know Constant Contact offers that as part of their service, but I would rather save the money.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:how can I confirm email read without using read receipt?

There are other ways to get confirmations, especially ones that spammers use, but I am not keen on posting them on the forums.

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Hey Guys are dell upgrables? That completes my first question heres another. WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK ABOUT DELL? Reviews Please

Answer:Dell Upgrades And Reviews READ READ!!!!

no. psu sucks, they take out the graphics card slots btw

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Hello everyone. I've recently reinstalled Windows 7 (two, three days ago) and I'm having a problem with my World of Warcraft Addons. I'm thinking the problem is due to parts of my World of Warcraft folder being read only. In the Properties menu of the folder, the "read only" check box is not checked but filled in with a little blue square. Now being a windows noob I'm not 100% sure, but I'm assuming that means it's read only. So I unchecked the box, pressed okay but if I open the Properties window again, it's still got the little blue box.

I've ran a few virus/malware scanners, and I don't seem to have anything. I've installed all of the Windows updates and I'm still having the same problem.

Thanks in advance everybody!

Answer:Read only folders revert back to read only

By default all folders with Files in them, the properties are Read Only (Only applies to Files in Folder) Meaning that if the actual file within the folder isn't Read Only, the rest of it isn't either. (test this theory on any other folders on your computer) so that is not your problem with WoW

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sdhc card stopped reading cardIt work fine last week, now it asks to format card. Read fine on digital camera.

Answer:my sdhc card won't read. I used to read just fine.

Throw card away & buy a new one. They wear out eventually and the camera is more tolerant of a worn card than Windows is.

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I already know how to create a "read" receipt for sent emails. From my understanding, when you set the function, I will received read receipts for all email that was read. I was wondering if this setting could be set on individual emails instead of all of them. Thanks!

Answer:Read receipt for read emails in Outlook 98

In the compose area of Outlook go to Options and check the box for that email.

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I work extensively with the downloads folder. I download files for work, do what needs to be done, upload what needs to be uploaded and trash the rest. The files are typically downloaded from BOX as a .zip and unzipped to work from. Just this week, my computer has decided anything I download will suddenly be read only. I have to force .docx files to open in edit mode and when I try to save files, I often see this message:

The document could not be saved. The file may be read-only, or another user may have it open. Please save the document with a different name or in a different folder.

When this happens, I'm trying to resave the same file, and overwrite the original version. However, I can navigate out of the unzipped folder and into the main Downloads folder and it will typically save. But that's completely inefficient and should not be happening. I've changed nothing in processes in the last few days. The only thing I have done is install a printer, but it might have been doing it before the printer was installed; I don't recall, plus would a printer really have any chance of causing that issue?

Any ideas? I've added Take Ownership at the folder and file level, used it multiple times, and also deselected read-only at the folder level multiple times. The files that are throwing the error do not say they are read-only in the properties. I'm completely thrown for a loop and trying to avoid rolling my system back.

Answer:Documents in downloads folder are suddenly read only

Hi Leah, welcome to the TSG Forums.....

From the manner in which you write I assume that you know your way around computers, so here are a few suggestions....

1. Uninstall the printer, Restart and see if that makes any difference. Drivers can sometimes do weird things.

2. Create a new Folder called something like Leah_Downloads and download to that Folder and see if the problem remains.

3. Login as the Administrator and run sfc /scannow as the Administrator from within a CMD window. This is just in case some System File has gone AWOL.


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The drive's top-level folder is read-only. Chose a sub-folder. c-

This message pops up periodically on the bottom right hand side of the screen and neither me nor Microsoft Support can figure out why. Can anyone assist me in figuring out the cause? I tried unplugging my external hard drive, so I "assume" it applies to my hard drive. Has anyone had this problem or know how to solve it?

Answer:The drive's top level folder is read-only pop-up message?

BtF8i4 said:

The drive's top-level folder is read-only. Chose a sub-folder. c-

This message pops up periodically on the bottom right hand side of the screen and neither me nor Microsoft Support can figure out why. Click to expand...

it appears permissions are limited and this would need the user to take full ownership of the drive/system. this is a similar issue referring to ownership . see steps to resolve it.

see further down the page in this link for checking if full permissions are given in win10.

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Following instructions from a game manufacturer I changed the 'read only' settings for users / documents folder. Win 10 now disfunctions (instable, search unavailable, chrome closing incorrectly, etc). How should I proceed to restore the folder settings without restoring windows completely?​

Answer:Problems win 10 after a change in folder read settings

Th most urgent problem is that the 'search' fuction (Windows 10 Pro) no longer works, no matter how I shake or dance. I still beleive it has something to do with a change in the permissions to the documents folder, but I am afraid to just start fiddling around.

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i just got a new laptop with windows 7 on it. i wanted to copy a folder of files for one of my games that i played on my windows xp computer to my new windows 7 laptop. i needed to uncheck the read-only in the properties so it could work on my game. i uncheck it, hit apply, hit apply again, then ok. it closes. i open the properties again and the read-only appears to still be unchecked. can you please help me,

thank you.

Answer:cant uncheck read-only check on properties of a folder

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We've just come off of AOL and we're now on is going well, except my dad is finding Outlook "annoying."For anyone who uses AOL, you'll be familiar with this. When you read an e-mail in AOL, you can either keep it as new, or choose just to leave it as read. If you choose the latter, the e-mail automatically gets sent to a folder named "Recieved e-mails" (or something like that).My dad wants any e-mails that we've read in Outlook Express 6 to be sent to another folder, like it happens in AOL. Is there any way I can do this?Thanks again

Answer:Outlook...moving read mail to another folder

Fateful Shadow I don't know of an automatic way, but I right click the item in 'Inbox' and 'Move to Folder' of my choice to keep like items together.

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Hello everybody,

I have a problem with the C:\Programs Files and C:\Program Files (x86) folders under W7 RC 64bit:
these folder have the read-only attribute set on and I can't unset it.

Whenever I tried to unset this attribuite even if W7 seems to comply the folders actually remain in the read-only mode.

Is there a way to unset this attribute?
I need to do that at least for a subfolder, since this contains a program which modifies files every time you open it.


Answer:How do I unset the Program folder read-only attribute?

I think this is s security setting and cant be changed.
I would give the program that keeps changing things Admin rights when it runs inside of the compatibility tab and see if that works before removing the read-only attribute in the Program folder.

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Had a file management problem in my multitracking software (SONAR XL 2.2) consolidate all the audio files for a particular project, I had to reassign the data path for the project's audio files by saving the project under the same name; & selecting the existing audio folder.

No big deal . . .

. . . but when I attempted this, SONAR couldn't select that particular folder, due to the fact that it was in Read-Only mode.

So I navigated to the folder in Explorer (using Windows XP - Home Edition), unselected the Read-Only attribute; & hit *Apply* & *OK.*

Went back to SONAR; & tried again...same message...folder was Read-Only.

Went back to Explorer; & sure enough, it was.

Tried it again, with the same results.
So, my question is: How does one make the attribute status of a folder permanent?



Answer:XP - Remove Folder's Read-Only Status...For Real?

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If I create a folder Windows 8 it's read only. i have to right click on the folder and uncheck read only.
If i extract a zip file and tell it to extract to a folder. the folder it creates is read only.
happens under both login accounts. Any ideas?

Answer:If I create/extract a folder Windows 8 it's read only

Hello Dr Haze,

In Windows, folders cannot be set as read-only. Only the files in the folders can be.

If the read-only box for the folder looks like this , then it is only the default neutral setting.

Only when you check the box , and click on OK will the files in the folder will be set a read-only.

If you have the box empty , and click on OK, then all files in the folder will be set as not read-only.
Read-only File and Folder Attribute - Windows 7 Forums
Hope this helps,

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Here's the deal. My hard drive crash, I needed to install a new hard drive, but I kept the old one, reinstalled it along with a new one, and now the old one is F:

Before my old hard drive crash, when I signed into my Windows account I had to enter a password. Now that I've reinstalled it, I realized there's some stuff on there I needed for writing but I get an access denied message (assuming this is due to the fact that I had password access). I cannot seem to figure out how to take the read-only status off through the properties screen, as when I de-select it, it just goes back on there.

I messed around with the attrib -r +s stuff but I can't figure out how to make this work with another drive. Can anyone help?

Answer:Solved: Access read-only folder on different drive

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A program I am running needs to access files in its folder but cannot do so because they are read only. The folder is in my Program Files (x86) folder.

When I go to the program folder and check its properties I find that it is read only. Even though I unselect the read only flag, click on Apply, say yes to all the files in the folder, and approve the admin permission to proceed, and then click on OK, when I relook at it my change to unselect read only did not stick.

What am I doing wrong?


Answer:unsetting read only flag on folder does not stick

Thank you for helping.

Tried it but the folder remains read only. Weird. App works with "run as admin" but that does not explain why the attribute will not change. Is this related to UAC?

Thanks again.

Edit: I also checked and I am the owner of that folder and gave myself full control.

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When I have to write to a sub-folder in either Program Files or Program Files (x86) and regardless if I turn off Read-Only attribute for the folder, the folder attribute always reverts back to Read Only toggled on within a Standard Account even though I'm prompt for the Admin password, it doesn't enable to write to the folder within Program Files or Program Files (x86) ?

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