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Windows 7 Start up problem [unknown operating system]

Question: Windows 7 Start up problem [unknown operating system]

Hello Everyone,
my Laptop is unable to startup normally, and when i tried to ''repair-computer'', my operating system isn't listed.

however i tried almost everything [ safe mode - last known successful start up or whatever its called - and low resolution] and nothing happens.

i have my system recovery disk [dont really know if this disk is my recovery disk but its called [alienware microsoft windows 7 home premium SP1 64 bit] they say [ this software included on this recovery DVD-ROM was preinstalled on your hard drive at the factory and may only be used for backup and recovery of your alienware computer system] well i think its the recovery disk then.

however i dont really know how to use it to recover my system, i can't do any thing unless my operating system is listed there so i can fix it...

can you please help me solve this problem...

kind regards,
Doc blood

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Preferred Solution: Windows 7 Start up problem [unknown operating system]

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Windows 7 Start up problem [unknown operating system]

Run Dell Hardware Diagnostics from F12 Menu. Sometimes the full diagnostics suite is listed as Utility partition. Try both listings if both are present.

Work through these steps for Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Start which try everything possible to start unbootable Win7 leading up to if necessary rescuiing your files to run Dell Windows 7 PC Restore from boot or disks or do the superior Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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I've been trolling the forums here for a while. Lots of great info but now I actually have an issue where I need some assistance.

When I was booting one day last week I got a nasty BSOD when Windows was trying to load. Then on the next reboot Windows 7 said it couldn't load and needed to do the recovery OS option from the Windows 7 repair on the CD. Well, before trying that I did a cold reboot and it got back into the OS fine so I didn't think much of it. Now, I noticed Ghost shows the C: drive status as "Unavailable" and it can't back it up anymore. It does give me an option to restore from one of my old backups. I'm thinking the MBR got hosed up somehow or something like that. But I'm skeptical to run an MBR repair since I have that 100MB partition on my SSD where my OS resides.

Ghost Shot>

This was about a week ago my Windows 7 started acting up right before the big patch Tuesday. I've been running it for over a year now and it's been solid. When I first set it up I installed it on my SSD (Intel 510 120GB) drive. One of the qualms I had with the install is Windows created a separate boot sector on the disk drive where it stored my boot files. This is known the the "system reserved" operating system files 100MB partition. Apparently the way to avoid this is to use a third party partition tool before doing the windows install. That way it will keep the Boot sector files on the same partition which is how I would of liked it for doing resto... Read more

Answer:Windows Recovery disk shows operating system: Unknown on (Unknown)

Note, I just went into my Disk 3 where my SSD resides in DISKPART and did some commands if this helps. It shows both the 100MB and 111GB Partitions on the Intel SSD as "Active".

DISKPART> list partition

Partition ### Type Size Offset
------------- ---------------- ------- -------
* Partition 1 Primary 100 MB 1024 KB
Partition 2 Primary 111 GB 101 MB

DISKPART> detail partition

Partition 1
Type : 07
Hidden: No
Active: Yes
Offset in Bytes: 1048576

Volume ### Ltr Label Fs Type Size Status Info
---------- --- ----------- ----- ---------- ------- --------- --------
* Volume 5 System Rese NTFS Partition 100 MB Healthy System

DISKPART> select partition 2

Partition 2 is now the selected partition.

DISKPART> detail partition

Partition 2
Type : 07
Hidden: No
Active: Yes
Offset in Bytes: 105906176

Volume ### Ltr Label Fs Type Size Status Info
---------- --- ----------- ----- ---------- ------- --------- --------
* Volume 6 C NTFS Partition 111 GB Healthy Boot
Thx again for any/all help!

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So the other day I got a pain in the butt virus (GFW I think it was) . Well I ran Malware-Bytes and got the infected files off. And I started up the computer again and it looked very weird. So I went looking to see if all my files were there and they were all hidden. Fixed that but it still looks weird. So I did a repair install of Windows and it still looks the same. My next step is a complete reinstall of Windows (waiting on an external I just ordered). I was wondering if I need to go that far or if there is a setting somewhere that is doing this.

Any help is appreciated, Thanks.

P.S. The clock/ T is rainmeter. They are supposed to be there.

Answer:Unknown Operating System Problem (See attatched image)

Did you attempt a system restore? How did you get a virus ? Did you download something and not scan it with MSE or MB before you opened it ?

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I first noticed the malware a couple days ago about 5-10 minutes after downloading a chess engine called Thinker and opening it in a chess GUI called Arena. I had scanned the folder containing the engine with Avast before using it, but it said no threats detected. Earlier today I found a site called which scans a file on your computer with something like 53 different antivirus programs including Kaspersky, NANO, Malwarebytes, etc, etc. and all of the programs said it was clean except one called "ByteHero" which says it detects "Virus.Win32.Part.j". Anyway as I said earlier I noticed the malware 5-10 minutes after opening the engine in Arena when all of a sudden a page in my browser popped up for no reason, and soon after my screen turned into the screen that shows all users on your computer when windows loads. I immediately knew I had been infected and turned off my wireless connection and turned off the computer. When I restarted upon bootup I could immediately see weird things happening caused by the virus (I don't remember what was happening, it doesn't happen now). When I logged back into my user, I started task manager and saw a couple of the same or very similar thing under processes (again I don't remember what it was, but in the description I think it said something about "server") when I tried to end task it generated a blue screen. I tried to go into safe mode and run avast and malwarebytes to scan my computer, but the virus was doing something even i... Read more

Answer:Unknown Virus Windows 7, seems to be destroying my operating system

Hello SinisterTechnique and Welcome to the BleepingComputer.
My name is Yılmaz and I'll help you with the cleanup of malware from your computer.
Before we move on, please read the following points carefully.
Please complete all steps in the specified order.
Even if tools don't find malware, I want you to post the logfiles anyway.
Please copy and paste the logfiles directly into your posts. Please do not attach them unless you are instructed to do so.
Read the instructions carefully. If you have problems, stop what you were doing and describe the problems you encountered as precisely as you can.
Don't install or uninstall software during the cleanup unless you are told to do so.
Ensure your external and/or USB drives are inserted during always the scan.
If you can't answer for the next few days, please let me know. If you haven't answered within 5 days, I am assuming that you don't need help anymore and your topic will be closed.
I can not guarantee that we will find and be able to remove all malware. The cleaning process is not instant. Please continue to review my answers until I tell you that your computer is clean
Please reply to this thread. Do not start a new topic
As my first language is not English, please do not use slang or idioms. It could be hard for me to understand.
Please open as administrator the computer. How is open as administrator the computer?
Disable your AntiVirus and AntiSpyware applications, as they will interfere with our tools and the removal. ... Read more

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I'm not sure if this forum supports Windows installed on a MacBook,
but I'd appreciate any help provided.

Regarding my laptop, it's a MacBook Pro bought around 2011,
witn Windows 7 x64 installed from my friend's disc.
(Sorry I cannot remember exactly what it was)
"Barely alive" condition.
Works fine, but suddenly shuts down at times, alert shows battery not inserted (UNDETACHABLE on this MacBook model), won't run without power adapter connected, immediately shuts down when inserting USB cable into 1 of the 2 USB ports, won't detect internet connection, and so on and so on......

That aside, it worked fine until last week.

I was running Windows Update when I accidentally insert USB cable into the wrong port and "forced shut down" the laptop.

When rebooted, I get a flash of BSOD and auto-restart, which leads to startup repair.

From there, I ran startup repair a few times, each time I get the successful result yet Windows still won't start.

Then I switched to Mac OS to use it for some urgent stuff.
While in Mac OS I did went around and did "repair disk" and stuff to the bootcamp.

Next I tried searching for solutions through my phone and did this and that on command prompt.
chkdsk bootrec etc etc tried all posted solutions to something similar to my case.

The next thing I realized was that I now cannot even choose "Windows" on boot and I got stuck.

Then I asked my neighbor and fortunately could borrow Window... Read more

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I'm not sure if this forum supports Windows installed on a MacBook,
but I'd appreciate any help provided.

Regarding my laptop, it's a MacBook Pro bought around 2011,
witn Windows 7 x64 installed from my friend's disc.
(Sorry I cannot remember exactly what it was)
"Barely alive" condition.
Works fine, but suddenly shuts down at times, alert shows battery not inserted (UNDETACHABLE on this MacBook model), won't run without power adapter connected, immediately shuts down when inserting USB cable into 1 of the 2 USB ports, won't detect internet connection, and so on and so on......

That aside, it worked fine until last week.

I was running Windows Update when I accidentally insert USB cable into the wrong port and "forced shut down" the laptop.

When rebooted, I get a flash of BSOD and auto-restart, which leads to startup repair.

From there, I ran startup repair a few times, each time I get the successful result yet Windows still won't start.

Then I switched to Mac OS to use it for some urgent stuff.
While in Mac OS I did went around and did "repair disk" and stuff to the bootcamp.

Next I tried searching for solutions through my phone and did this and that on command prompt.
chkdsk bootrec etc etc tried all posted solutions to something similar to my case.

The next thing I realized was that I now cannot even choose "Windows" on boot and I got stuck.

Then I asked my neighbor and fortunately could borrow Window... Read more

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I'm running Vista Ultimate 64 on a 500 Gig hard drive with 3 partitions.The problem is I marked one of the partitions,not Drive C, as "active" by mistake.I done a Command Prompt to make it "inactive", but when I started the system up again it wouldn't boot.I used the Vista disk for the recovery process, but I got a message "Operating system unknown on (unknown) local disk" i tried fixing the problem with a command prompt "bootrec/fix boot" ,but nothing happened.When I look at the info in Command Prompt it doesn't show the disk partitions, just Disk 0.Also I can't repair because no Disks are listed to be repaired. If I look at the drive in "My Computer" it is full with a file system marked as "Raw" and it wants me to format the drive.I used "Recover My Files" software and it shows some of the documents that are on the drive, but doesn't show any recovery.I looked at some internet post about the message I got and partition and boot problems like I have, but at this point I don't to try any else to make it worse.I would do a reinstall ,but on one of the drives I have some stuff that wasn't backed up.I never thought about backing it up because it wasn't on the C drive.Any help to solve this problem would be appreciated. ..........Kumpie

Answer:Operating system (unknown) on unknown local disk


Try marking the C partition as active again, using the Windows method in my post here.

Then run Startup Repair from the repair disc. Hopefully it will see your installation.


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Well,my computer is 1 Malaysia computer with windows 7 starter. When i open it,it is always lag in start-up scene,then after 15 minutes,it will turn to "operating system not found".I restart it and it will turn back to normal.i very scare because if i always do that,my computer will broken.

Answer:operating system not found in Windows 7 Start

This does indicate a hardware issue either with the system main board or the hard drive. make sure in the bios the drive is detected properly.Answers are only as good as the information you provide.How to properly post a question: Sorry no tech support via PM's

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I have a two-year-old Dell Inspiron 1545 that originally came with Vista, but was upgraded to Windows 7. I got a new hard drive for the computer several months ago. After installing a Windows Update today, the system rebooted to this message:

"Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause.

If Windows files have been damaged or configured incorrectly, Startup Repair can help diagnose and fix the problem. If power was interrupted during startup, choose Start Windows Normally."

Start Windows Normally just reloaded the original error message. Safe Mode does not load (a blue screen flashes before taking me back to the error message again). Last Known Good Configuration didn't work. Startup Repair doesn't seem to work, either - I could not use a system restore point or a system image because the recovery tool couldn't find an operating system. The System Recovery Options screen shows "Operating system: Unknown on (Unknown) Local Disk." Also, after running the Startup Repair tool for about 30 minutes, nothing had changed on the screen, and I cancelled it. Is it supposed to take hours or something? Should I let it run to completion?

Using another computer, I downloaded the Neowin Windows 7 Recovery Disc and attempted to boot with it, but it just offered me the same System Recovery options: Startup Repair, System Restore, System Image, Memory Diagnostic (which gave me an error), and Command Prompt. I tried running chkdsk /r us... Read more

Answer:Windows failed to start and can't find operating system

I would Check the hard drive with the manufacturer's diagnostic tools.
Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
HD Diagnostic

I don't have an installation CD for Windows 7 because I installed it using a download I purchased from Microsoft.

You can make a installation DVD from the download.

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I tried an "idiot proff" registry cleaner program to clean our ultra slow Toshiba techtra 8000 computer operating Windows 2000 professional. It located over 600 problems and asked if I wanted to delete them...of course I did, then it prompts "you need to reboot for the effects to take place" so I did, but now the comuter goes into a recycling mode of opening only the initial windows 'starting up' page, loads for a few seconds and then shuts down, goes into re-start mode again, over and over and over...I'm an idiot,... but how can I fix the problem and open the Windows syatem to either save all the data stored in our files or reverse the registry clean up act I commited or at least get the operating system to cyle through to open windows fully to see if I wiped out our live's?

Answer:windows 2000 pro operating system will not start or reboot

Will probably need to do a repair install of win2000's how (it's the same for xp as w2k):
Wordy xp repair install:

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hi, my computer is running windows crashes a lot. i ran a check with says i have an unknown operating system. it also says:browser detected microsoft internet explorer version6. slow boot up and computer crashes a lot. can anyone help me with this please?

Answer:unknown operating system

Have you tried anything else like defragment ?Your main problem is you are using ME . Sorry but it just won't work very well on some systems and there's not a lot you can do about it, or rather no matter how much you try it will always give you problems with some setups.There is nothing wrong with IE version 6 it's the updated version.Have you been using Windows automatic updates ? They can be troublesome with ME.You could try BigFix available from click here to update you system with the necessary patches.

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I have an Asus G74S. It was working fine yesterday except for being connected to our usual home wifi yet not getting internet. Our other computer, a Mac, accessed it just fine as usual. When I tried to restart my Asus, it only gave me the option to restart Windows normally, which loops me back to the same menu, or enter System Recovery. I tried the system recovery scan 3 times (it took hours each time), restarted between each, and it just keeps bringing me back to the same menu. Perhaps it's because the screen says that it's an unknown operating system.
I can't use a System Restore because the computer says it can't find the operating system and that I need to restart and choose one, though when I restart, it brings me to the same menu and I don't see a way to choose an operating system.
I don't have a recovery disk, but I do have 3 Windows backup disks I burned when the computer was new. I was able to get into BIOS and switch the boot order to load the DVD drive first, but it just asks me if I want to load the disk image, which I don't want to do since that'll erase my files and programs.
The option to choose a system image doesn't automatically detect anything. I have the option to select some drivers. When I open that menu, I can see that my two hard drive partitions (D and E) have their remaining space and files listed, but C is blank. I can open the contents of that backup disk (I just tried the first one), but I'm not sure there are even drivers on ... Read more

Answer:Unknown operating system, won't boot

I would remove the hard drive...and connect it as a secondary drive on a different system.
I would then try to run the chkdsk /r command on the troublesome partition.  If chkdsk /r reports that it cannot complete (via onscreen error message), please post same.

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Hello. I have a dell laptop (Latitude D600)running windows xp. I did a system repair with the dell disk. Now when I reboot it gives me a choice of operating systems - windows xp is first then below that is unknown operating system. I click the xp and it loads great. How can I get rid of the choice and also I would like to get rid of the files that the unknown system is using if possible. Thanks so much in advance for any help.

Answer:unknown operating system after repair

I was able to reinstall again and got computer back to normal. Thanks all!

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how can i remove local disk z in windos 8.1

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I am trying to set up the company's workstations for wake on LAN and experiencing strange issues. I have two identical workstations except one is 32bit and the other is 64bit.

Each is an identical model HP and have identical NICs with identical drivers version and date.
Yet, the power management options are different and wake up behavior is different as well.

The 32bit machine, when PnPCapabilities. is set to
280 Keeps the setting after restart and loads Windows.

However, the 64bit machine resets back
PnPCapabilities to 24 or keeps it at 100 if set to that but never loads Windows.
Meaning, the Nic wakes up the computer, lights flash, screen blinks, but Windows never loads. In fact, to get into Windows at this point, I need to press the "power button" to turn chassis off and again to start the computer.
This question was originally posted by me in  and then the person helping referred me here.

Google search term "Windows 7 network card power management half wakes the computer"
(unfortunately I am not allowed to post pictures or links yet, since i've just created my account)

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i am using Dell All in One.
Since morning of 03 August, when i start PC it says Preparing Windows and once started it shows
You have been signed in with a temperory profile 
You cant access your files and files created in this profile will be deleted when you sign out. To fix this, sign out and try signing in later. Please see the event log for details or contact your system administrator
Everything saved on Desktop is missing
please help to restore the problem
Even it is not taking connection of broad band line via wifi.

Vikram Vaghela
M 9377890090

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I have windows 7 home basic installed in my laptop. While browsing suddenly i got a blue screen with some information showing - "collecting crash dump...." and the system got restarted automatically. I am facing with this problem more frequently.

Please help me in resolving the problem.

Please its urgent!!!!!!


Answer:Problem with windows 7 Operating system

Welcome to TSF!

Please carefully follow the BSOD Sticky instructions here: so that we have some data to work with.

(I'll move the topic into the BSOD area of the forum, don't worry, you'll be automatically redirected there.)

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Hi all good peopleI am writing here cause I have been struggling with my EliteBook 2560p for weeks. The problem is that after updated my system to windows 10 couple of things on my laptop stopped working at all. There are 3 things:*first of all FN keys are disabled*second of all computer can't see bluetooth anymore*and the last problem I cannot return to windows 7 from recoveryDo you have any ideas how to fix these annoying problems.I will be very thankful for any tips.Thanks in advance

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I recently did a repair using my Win XP Pro disk.  I set BIOS to boot from the disk, did the repair, and switched BIOS back.  When I boot up now, I get the following message:Please select operating system to startMicrosoft Windows XP ProfesionalMicrosoft Window Recovery ConsoleIt shows up with a 30 second clock counting down towards zero and gives me the option to use the arrow keys to choose which system to use and then click Enter. My keyboard does not respond during the time that screen is up: neither the arrow keys or the "enter" key, so I have to wait an endless 30 seconds until this procedure finishes and it boots into XP.Before the repair, I used to see this screen, but then the computer would continue and  automatically boot up without the countdown.  How do I get rid of this annoying screen?

Answer:How to remove start-up screen asking me which operating system I want to start?

I gotta ask a really obvious question:  you haven't left the Windows disk in the optical drive, have you?

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Can someone please give me some advice in terms of correcting the following problem?

When I turn my computer on, it cycles through the booting process over and over again. I've tried all the different booting options available by pressing F8 and nothing. The computer gets to the windows 2000 screen and then restarts the booting process again. It actually shuts down and then restarts itself. Please help!

Answer:Problem Booting Windows 2000 Operating System

Hiya and welcome

Can you get to safeMode:

If the computer is running, shut down Windows, and then turn off the power
Wait 30 seconds, and then turn the computer on.
When you see the black-and-white Starting Windows bar at the bottom of the screen, start tapping the F8 key. The Windows 2000 Advanced Options Menu appears.
Ensure that the Safe mode option is selected. In most cases, it is the first item in the list and is selected by default.
Press Enter. The computer then begins to start in Safe mode.
Ah, I see that you've already tried the options in F8. Have you tried the option Last Known Good Configuration?

1. Restart the computer.
2. Press F8 when you receive the following message:
Please select the operating system to start
3. In Windows Advanced Option Menu, use the arrow keys to select Last Known Good Configuration, and then press ENTER.
4. If you are running other operating systems on the computer, click Microsoft Windows 2000 from the list that is displayed, and then press ENTER.

WARNING: After you start your computer by using the last known good configuration, changes that you made since the last successful startup are lost.

If you can start your computer by using the last known good configuration, the last change that you made to the computer (for example, the installation of a driver) may be the cause of the incorrect startup behavior. It is recommended that you either remove or update the driver or program, and then test Windows for proper... Read more

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HelloI am  having display problem screen is blanked out, i am  using windows 10 initially it was fine then flikkering started, tried to resolve with software reload but now screen is completly dark

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Since I installed the millenium version, every time the phone rings when the computer is on (not on internet) it sounds like a fax over the phone for about ten seconds. Then it stops. It did not happen with windows 98. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:{Moved Operating System Forum} - Phone problem with Windows ME

dose the PC answer the call? or dose it happen when you pick up the phone?

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I have a Windows 7 64-bit operating system and have had trouble getting it to recognize 2 new products I bought: a Logitech M535 bluetooth mouse and Logitech K380 bluetooth keyboard.  Each device is supposed to easily be used with all other devices
(smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc.)  Is this a proprietary matter for Microsoft?  Are there incompatibilities?  To add this new mouse and keyboard as secondary items on my computer, would I be courting new problems or sacrificing
the functioning of existing mouse and keyboard? I have read enough information to realize the very complex concepts involved, but it is all well over my head at this point and far more than I can comprehend.  I'd appreciate words of wisdom from all who
can relate to my question.
Thank you.

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Hi, I have three operating systems on my pc. I only recently installed a windows 7 64 bit on a ssd but after doing so, I had to do a system image recovery to my windows 8 installation from a date prior to the new windows 7 install. This Windows 7 is not on the list of operating system options in system startup so how do I add it?

Answer:How to add operating system to system start-up list


Post the full screenshot of diskmgmt.msc and the result of bcdedit /enum all
Explain where your Windows 7 is.

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Hi there,
I cannot open my operating system. I think my kids were using Limewire and I've picked up a virus. When I turn the PC I get a responce saying 'Windows cannot proceed. There is a corrupt or missing file. File32'
I've tried starting in Safe mode but when I choose the safe mode option the computer freezes.
Appreciate any help you have.
Thanks a lot

Answer:Cannot start operating system

Firstly welcome to MG.

Are we talking Windows XP here? What is the exact error message? Will the PC boot to command mode? Did you have a virus checker running?

If you could give us a bit more information as to what exactly happened ie was the PC working OK then wouldn't boot next time or did it crash and then fail to re-boot it just helps the knowledgeable people here find you a solution a tad quicker.

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my desktop computer locked up, I tried to reboot it and the operating system will not says to start the computer in startup repair. It runs for 6 hours and then says it cannot repair this computer automatically. I have also tried to run a system restore, but gets an I/O device error. (0x8007045D) luckily I also have a laptop to research this problem. My desk top is an HP Pavilion Media Center Pc M8532f purchased in 9/15/08.
problem signature
problem event name: startuprepairv2
problem signature 01: autofailover
problem signature 02: 6.0.6001.18000.6.0.6001.18000
problem signature 03: 6.
problem signature 04: 65537
problem signature 05: unknown
problem signature 06: corrup&registry
problem signature 07: 1016
problem signature 08: 3
problem signature 09: rollback registry
problem signature 10: 1117
OS version: 6.0.6001.
local id: 1033

can anyone help me.....hopefully I can save important data that I had not backed up.

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Hello all.

I have a serious problem here with my computer.

When the Operating System tries to load, right after the XP professional loading screen, the computer restarts.

If I press F8 at the start-up and choose the option 'Don't restart computer on system failure' after the XP screen, a blue sceen appears with some error like 'error occured at (0000????) x (00000000) system ended.

I belive I know what the problem is,

I can recall that one of the last things I did (which was kinda stupid :sigh: ) was that moved the dll file 'secur32.dll' from the system32 folder and into a new one.

Here I renamed it secur32.dll[System32] with the intentions of returning it.

I was tryng to get rid of a program that I could not delete, one of its dependancies was secur32.dll so I moved to another location so that it could not read it.

When I restarted the computer it could not load again!!!

I then learned that secur32.dll was essential for the OS to load.

I was wondering if there is some way to:

(1) Read the file from a floppy at the required time.

(2) Run the OS in some MS-DOS or command prompt mode where I won't get the error and may be able to copy back to file to the required place. (Note: I treid all the options at the F8 screen)

(3) Download files from internet to make a start up disk to run the secur32.dll or copy it to its place.

Please help me quickly someone!

I shall post if needed the error on the blue screen.

Thank you for your t... Read more

Answer:Operating System won't start!!!

Try a windows repair

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OK, a bit of a long story here I’m afraid:

The computer I’m writing about is my sister's home-built PC, running XP Home Edition on an Nforce4-A939 motherboard. A few days ago, when she tried to boot it, it neglected to boot to Windows and instead came up with:

"Verifying DMI pool data...
Cannot Start Operating System*"

*May not be verbatim as Windows is installed in Swedish

She tells me that shortly prior to this happening, the computer was transported by car for about 20 minutes, after which she set it up, played Sims for about an hour, downloaded a couple of patches and switched it off (normally). She then restarted it a day later, left it on without using it for about an hour, then switched it off again (normally). When she booted it up again, the above error appeared. She only uses the computer for playing Sims.

Since the problem occurred, we have attempted the following:

Restoring CMOS to default
Restoring BIOS settings to default
Disabling the following in BIOS:
- USB Mouse Support
- AC97 Audio
- Onboard Giga LAN

When that didn't help, I told my sister to to find an XP disk. She wasn't able to access the Recovery Console or setup at first, but then she enabled the previously disabled RAID based on a random online thread, which allowed her to access the Recovery Console and Windows setup using her XP disk. In the Windows setup the R option was not available, so we went to the Recovery Console. Below are what we tried (a couple of classic... Read more

Answer:XP: The Operating System Cannot Start

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after i tried to repair the system,every time i start the pc a message comes up asking what operating system i want,xp pro or the recover console,how to do so it starts inmediately in xp?
keep on living with errors!

Answer:how to start pc without operating system choose?

Start / control panel/ system /advanced tab /startup and recovery/ edit. If there is a line there with something about the recovery console then just delete it. Make certain you don't delete more than that though.

Here is one for xp home

default= multi(0) disk(0) rdisk(0) partition(1) WINDOWS
[operating systems]
multi(0) disk(0) rdisk(0) partition(1)WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition"/fastdetect

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Xp asks at boot which operating system to start and I only have xp installed. It gives me the option of Windows XP or Windows XP (Bootscreen). Why is this happening? Either one I choose gives the same results and I would rather ultimately skip this process all together.

Answer:Xp asks what operating system to start

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On Sunday, I was using my laptop and this came up on my screen ( After my laptop restarted, I used it for about 5 minutes before it froze. When i next used my laptop, It stayed on the Toshiba screen (the first screen when the laptop is turned on). After about 3 or 4 minutes, the laptop opens the automatic repair feature and this comes up on the screen ( I have tried tapping both F8 and F12 throughout start up to try and repair the computer although this doesnt work either. I have opened the boot menu and tried to select the HDD Recovery option although it says no bootable media, please restart system. Any help here? Thanks

Answer:Laptop won't start up operating system.

sorry for the delay in responding when you get to that screen where it says " your pc needs to be repaired" that the 2nd screen you showed ( the one you call automatic repair) you need to press the esc key, then you will get to another screen select troubleshoot and then refresh this will then fix windows and hopefully not get rid of your data. However it cannot be guaranteed.

good luck

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So I booted up my PC a few days ago and up came this message






Funny thing is I only have installed one Operating system so I am puzzled?

I looked around for a solution but nothing was found

any ideas on how to change this to make it go away?


Answer:Please select operating system to start

well, Im not sure which file, but the boot.ini Which you SHOULD NEVER screw around with unless u know exactly what your doing, I think in that file it lists the operating systems you can boot off of, find which one if yours and then delete the other. HOWEVER, wait for someone elses input because I have never done this and Im not sure if it will work. So DO NOT DO IT yet..

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At startup I get a black screen and it says please select the operating system to start. It gives me I believe four choices start in safe mode, normal mode, safe mode with comand prompt I think, and start with windows xp home edition. I've tried all modes and they all work and when I start my computer in normal mode or xp home edition everything runs fine. Not sure what to do in safe mode and system restore won't go back any further then one day. Weird. Hope you can help. thx

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Hi . 2 years ago I bought a computer to a computer builder . He gave me a usb device if anything happen I had windows backup .
So today I went in security and recovery option and I reseted everything even personal files .
Now I put the usb in but theres only a black screen telling me an operating system wasnt found . I tried stuff I saw on google but nothing good. I went in the uegi dual bios and I can only boot from sata pm: st93204.... or sata sm hl-dt-st...
Can anyone help? Sorry for the poor thread im on my cellphone thanks

Answer:Operating system not found on start

Now I got on the flash drive and it says installing windows but I get a scvar error ...

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This is Windows XP home. Every time his computer starts. He gets the following message: Please select which operating system to start. Now, the top one, which is highlighted starts just fine.But if he selects the bottom one it will not start at all. The description for both is exactly the same. Is it possible to get rid of the bottom one, so the computer starts normally?


Please have a read here: How do I edit the boot options?. I must stress this, and please make sure you pick the right one, because if you dont you will render your PC unbootable.

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I have a Sony Vaio Model PCG-71511L. I did a factory restore on it so I can sell it and have am no longer able to get it to start up. I went into my Bios and it shows my hard-drive. I have tried to get my recovery discs to start it up but they don't do anything. Any suggestions?

Answer:No operating system message at start-up

How did you do the Factory Restore? Did you use Restore Discs or did you access a Restore Partition?
Boot into Setup (Bios) and go to Boot Priority and change CD rom drive to be the First Boot Device. Start the computer with your restore discs in and you should see the message, Press Any Key to Boot From CD.

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I have Windows XP Professional. I was having problems with it, so I installed over it, overwriting the old one, or so I thought.Now when I start the PC I get following the message :"Please select the operating system to start"Underneath it is written "Windows XP Professional" TWICE, each on a separate line, one under the other.How can I get rid of one of the options so that no option is present and that the PC goes straight into Windows?Cheers.

Answer:Please select the operating system to start

Unless you want to re-format you will have to edit the boot.iniGo to control panel then System Properties > Advanced > Startup and Recovery Settings > Edit. You will see the two versions of WinXP here and you want to remove the 2nd referenceThe below is what you want...[boot loader]timeout=0 (or whatever)default=multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS[operating systems]multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional"/fastdetectChris

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After having my computer crashing - for whatever reason - i took it in to have all important documents (work stuff) that i needed transfered to an external hard drive.

I was informed to re install Vista, and that all my information will be lost.

When i did this, i did not reformat the drive, so it saved all the other stuff in a folder titlled windows.old.

I respoke to the person who assisted me, and told him of the issue that i am having which is:

Choose operating system to start or press tab to select a tool
(use arrows to select)

Use earlier version

microsoft windows vista - this is highlighted

to specify an advanced option for this choice press f8


Windows memory diagnostics.

Since this kept coming up and really frustrating me, i rang again to seek assistance. I was informed to reinstall vista and reformat the drive. I have since done this - and i am pretty sure that i did it right this time, but this keeps coming up even though i have reformatted the drive.

Any suggestions, advice or assistance will be greatly appreciated.


Answer:Choose operating system to start

Hi jasper, and welcome to the Vista Forums

You have the remnants of the first re-install left on your boot sector.

Press Start button and type msconfig into the start bar and enter, in the application which appears choose the Boot Tab, highlight the Previous Version entry and delete, OK out and reboot - the extra entry should be gone.

I assume that it is the "previous version" entry is the one you want to remove but if not just choose the entry you don't want and delete that

If you feel that this is beyond your capabilities then I would contact the tech who assisted you previously and request that they perform this for you

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Hi,I think my computer has several issues. the first being when ever I boot the computer I receive a screen which says " please select the operating system to start."        Windows XP Pro        Windos XP media center editionI believe that this computer was originally loaded with media center and someone removed it and added a uncertified copy of xp pro. i would like to get this computer back to the original factory settings.Don't know where to start to correct this issue?

Answer:Select the operating system to start

Quotei would like to get this computer back to the original factory settings.Do you have Windows CD, or Recovery CD (for that particular computer)?

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when i turn my computer on i get

please select the operating system to start ??

microsoft windows xp professional
microsoft windows xp professiona (original)
what is all this about

help pleaze

Answer:please select the operating system to start ??

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Hi folks,
I have a minor annoyance whenever I start my computer. The message screen states, "Select Operating System to Start" and since I have Windows XP it always has that twice as my only option to choose and the countdown goes from 25 seconds. If I do nothing it will automotically start once the 25 seconds elapse, or if I manually click on one of the two OS's.
Now, I did some digging not too long ago and found that if I go to Start>Control Panel>System>Advanced>Startup and Recover>Settings>Under System Startup>Defaul Operating System>Windows XP Professional>Uncheck "Time to display list of operating systems" and have it set to zero it will (temporarily) fix the problem and bypass the screen, thus speeding up the startup time.
But, after a week it seems to revert back to the 25 second countdown and the box is automatically checked again and I have to go back and uncheck it and set it back to zero seconds. Why does this happen? Why aren't the changes saved permanently? Is this just some minor glitch? I don't think it's a virus or spyware as I run checks consistently and haven't found anything at all.
Thank you for reading and offering any suggestions!

Answer:Select Operating System to Start

Well...I would just remove the second listing of the O/S, since it seems you only have one.
Removing the invalid entries from Boot.ini -

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The hard disk on my Dell Optiplex 240 died. I got a replacement disk from another computer in the office, but it was wiped clean and has no operating system on it. The orig drive had windows 2000 on it, but I thought I'd put XP on the new drive using a CD.

When I started up the computer with the new drive in it, I pressed F12 and the setup menu came up. I thought I'd be able to change the settings so that I could have the machine boot from the CD drive, but the screen indicated that the CD drive was not installed. The CD drive had worked previously, so I don't know how to proceed. Any suggestions?

Answer:trying to start up computer with no operating system

please do not duplicate posts
continue here
closing thread

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Guys, I need some help. I am using an original version of the windows 7. And recently ( I really don't know what happened) my PC won't start normally. It also says that windows Start-up repair can't fix the problem. What should I do ( I don't want to reformat cause I lost my windows 7 installer ).

Answer:Failed to run the operating system during start up

Start with the steps for Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot and post back if you need help as you do those steps.

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I have a Vostro 1400 laptop that is about a year and a half old. It was working great until the other day. While surfing the net the screen went blank like i had turned it off (but there was still power to it). I rebooted and got a message that the operating system failed to start. No matter how many times I reboot....I get this message. I know next to nothing about the operating system. I was told by a friend that he thought the hard drive my be out. How can I tell if it is?

Answer:operating system failed to start

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I am running Windows 7 Ultimate.

Answer:Missing Operating System error on start-up.

run your recovery cd and choose repair...i hate computers!but cant help myself....

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I have replaced my motherboard and ended up having to get an entirely new copy of windows. The new copy of windows installed on C:\ and is working fine. The old version of windows is in the (partitioned) area of my hard drive "D:\" and I have totally formatted drive D:\ and there are NO operating system files on D:\.The problem is when I start the computer, after the initial BIOS info and manufacturer info and loads, I get a this message:Please select the operating system to start: Use the up and down arrow keys to move the highlight to your choice. Press enter to choose.Microsoft Windows XP Home EditionMicrosoft Windows XP Home EditionWindows will start automatically in: 26 (Then it counts down)For advanced startup and troubleshooting options press F8.The first option is the correct one that starts the OS! The other one needs to be gone.If I choose the second option I get this message:Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt <Windows root>\system32\hal.dllPlease reinstall a copy of the file above.Can anyone help me get rid of this screen and go straight to loading up Windows when I start my PC?Thanks

Answer:Remove: "Please select an Operating system to start"

Hi!Try this:Go to Start > Run and type: MSCONFIG , and hit enter.Click on the BOOT.INI tab and then click on "Check All Boot Paths" to delete incorrect boot pathsHowever, if that doesn't work, then do below, but be careful when editting the file.Right-click My Computer and select PropertiesClick Advanced > Startup and Recovery Settings > EditBe very careful with this step: Delete the second entry

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Hi, I have lenovo 310. While start OS warning tell me to restart OS hardware configuration change. Sorry for bad english.
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

lennovo ideapad 310 , AMD A10 7th GEN ,12 GB RAM Windows 10 Home Single Language

warning.png ?5 KB

Answer:Lenovo 310 - Warning after every start Operating System

Hello MuratsalThanks for using the Lenovo forums.I believe this will be an issue with AMD drivers, have a look on the following post, see if any of the methods are able to help at all:
Hope this helps, let us know how you get on.==================================================================================Did someone help you today? Thank them with a Kudo! If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"!
This will help the rest of the Community with similar issues identify the verified solution and benefit from it.

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Hi. My grand childs laptop has just died for some reason, it's a Samsung NP-R20, he says it refused to start so he brought it to me as I have had to reinstall the OS a couple of times, but I have not come a cross this before.
You turn the laptop on and it takes a while for the Samsung logo to display, then after a long wait it then displays, operating system cannot be found, you cannot get into the Bios menu as it is not shown when the Samsung logo is displayed you get, press f2 for setup, which when you press shows nothing, and f12 for network boot but nothing for getting into bios, also you cannot get into safemode. I tried a Windows XP cd to do a repair install but get the error message, that it has prevented a serious opperation and stoped the XP cd from loading.I took the hard drive out and connected it to my own Pc but it was no reconised in my bios or in my computer. I also took the hard drive and memory out and replaced it but still the same problem. I thought it might be a hard drive problem, but before I buy a new one I would like some advice as could it also be a motherboard problem as it is not showing the bios menu.
Thanks for any help in advance Dave.

Answer:Laptop will not start operating system not found

I think it's your HDD too, do the lights come on at all when you start the PC?

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Hi All,

I've been asked again to see if I can restore a friend's PC. It's an HP desktop PC, that should be running Vista At first, it wouldn't do anything so I assumed it was hardware related. After I took off the cover and vaccuumed it out somewhat, while it was slightly tilted, it did attempt to boot, but the operating system would not start. I used Hiram's Boot CD, and didn't solve anything. I attempted to do a recovery with the CD for my Toshiba laptop, but it was unsuccessful. The owner says she cannot find a recovery CD, which I think would make this much easier.

Today, I created the Avira Rescue Disk, twice, because instead of a penguin logo, what appeared on a black screen were two oppossums wearing beak-masks. I assumed I had downloaded a virus from a bad link, but the same thing happened on my second attempt, so now I'm wondering if the system is blocking the antivirus software from running on the CD.

I really enjoy solving complex problems, but have very little knowledge about computers compared to you guys. I just happen to be the most computer literate person around who'll try to solve PC problems for free. Can anyone lead me in the right direction? I have performed many diagnostic tests, and really don't think it is hardware, but I'm not positive. There are several partitions; none will boot, and I'm just not sure what's what. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
&nb... Read more

Answer:Puzzled about where to start; operating system won't load.

I have moved your thread to the software forum as we can not help you with any malware issues until you can boot to a stable system.

If you cannot boot in any mode ( safe or normal mode ) and you cannot run any of the READ & RUN ME there is not much we can do for you except suggest what is in the below quote box

[*]Take the hard disk out and scan it in another well protected PC
[*]Use another PC to make a special CD which you can boot from to try and run virus and spyware scans or to at least backup data. CDs like the below:
Kaspersky Rescue Disk.
BitDefender Rescue Disk-with-auto-update.

Click to expand...


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Warning: Following these steps will cause you to lose all programs, pictures, and any other data on your computer.

You know guys Ive been reading through all these XP posts and Ive noticed that many of you are having the same problem. when you turn on your computer the computer goes to the start up screen and just sits there. It will not boot up no matter what you do. Ive fixed this problem on 6 different computers in the last month. I believe its being caused by a virus going around thats quite insidious. Because the virus is very hard to find if not untetectable. Even if if Im wrong about the cause the only way Ive been able to fix this problem is to format the HD and reinstall the operating system Im sorry to say. The only way Ive been able to do this with the computer having this problem is to boot from a XP disc and sometimes this presents quite a challenge. You absolutely must go into your bios by pressing f12 as the computer first starts, (I belive its f12 perhaps someone could make sure thats correct for me) then setting your cd rom to boot first. This must be done properly for you to be able to boot from your CD. once youve done this and saved settings in bios turn your computer off, place the XP disc in the drive and turn your computer back on. If youve done this part correctly as soon as your computer turns on you will hear the cd rom start and you will get a screen asking if you want to boot from the CD. Thats a great sign!! Your on your way now. Make sure you ... Read more

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Hi, I have lenovo 310. While start OS warning tell me to restart OS hardware configuration change. Sorry for bad english.
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

lennovo ideapad 310 , AMD A10 7th GEN ,12 GB RAM Windows 10 Home Single Language

warning.png ?5 KB

Answer:Lenovo 310 - Warning after every start Operating System

Hello MuratsalThanks for using the Lenovo forums.I believe this will be an issue with AMD drivers, have a look on the following post, see if any of the methods are able to help at all:
Hope this helps, let us know how you get on.==================================================================================Did someone help you today? Thank them with a Kudo! If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"!
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First of all I want to say that I hope I haven’t posted this in the wrong section *fingers Cross*

I wanted to know what is the best way to install a bootable virtual operating system at start-up?
I have installed VM Workstation 8 and wanted it to load windows 7 or XP at the Start-up like when you turn on the computer it loads/boots automatically in to the virtual OS.

So I was wondering what would be the best way to approach this?
The reason I want to do this is that so i can set up the OS and take a snap shot of the machine and when my brother breaks his computer again i just restore the snapshot of the machine. His a complete IT illiterate.

Answer:Bootable virtual operating system at start-up

Have you considered the option of just making an image of the hard disk for backup purposes? That would be almost as easy to restore to, and wouldn't give you the performance hit associated with running in a permanent virtual machine.

I certainly don't think that a normal full blown OS would be great at this, you can get virtualization systems that are their own OS and I'm sure would make this possible, but I think they're more for servers or fancier computers than the ones we'd run at home.

The only thing I can think of is making a shortcut as per this
And sticking it into the startup folder.

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I get the massage an operating system wasn't found I have just uploaded windows 10 . Can't get past this to try any thing HELP  

Answer:On start I get message operating system wasn't fou...

What machine / model? Did you do an upgrade or fresh install? Do you have a RAID controller? Do you have a USB drive connected?

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I have a problem with my main computer.

I had my computer running fine all today and we turned the computer off as normal before leaving the house. When we came back home, I went to start my computer and it loaded as normal until the part were the windows logo would normally appear. The mouse cursor appeared as but that was it. The screen remained black and the operating system never loaded.
I tried to re start my computer and this time boot into Linux as I have the hard drive partitioned with the WUBI program for Linux. It also would not boot.

I then re started and booted into safe mood into Windows and in there I ran an AVG virus scan and it said there was no infection. I checked my hardware and it all reported as working as normal.

Lucky that I have several computers to even ask this question. Thankful for that. I have tried the computer several times and it just goes into black screen after the windows loading bar and the cursor appears.

I am running Windows Vista ultimate 64 bit and Linux Ubuntu.
It would be so great if anybody here would be able to help me.

Thank you for your time and I hope I have explained this correctly.

Answer:operating system wont start during boot

Hi, reboot to safe mode then select "last known good" see if it boots ok. If not boot from the Vista dvd and select "repair my computer" select the "startup repair see how you go.

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I have replaced my motherboard and ended up having to get an entirely new copy of windows. The new copy of windows installed on C:\ and is working fine. The old version of windows is in the (partitioned) area of my hard drive "D:\" and I have totally formatted drive D:\ and there are NO operating system files on D:\.The problem is when I start the computer, after the initial BIOS info and manufacturer info and loads, I get a this message:Please select the operating system to start: Use the up and down arrow keys to move the highlight to your choice. Press enter to choose.Microsoft Windows XP Home EditionMicrosoft Windows XP Home EditionWindows will start automatically in: 26 (Then it counts down)For advanced startup and troubleshooting options press F8.The first option is the correct one that starts the OS! The other one needs to be gone.If I choose the second option I get this message:Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt <Windows root>\system32\hal.dllPlease reinstall a copy of the file above.Can anyone help me get rid of this screen and go straight to loading up Windows when I start my PC?Thanks

Answer:Remove: "Please select an Operating system to start"

Hi!Try this:Go to Start > Run and type: MSCONFIG , and hit enter.Click on the BOOT.INI tab and then click on "Check All Boot Paths" to delete incorrect boot pathsHowever, if that doesn't work, then do below, but be careful when editting the file.Right-click My Computer and select PropertiesClick Advanced > Startup and Recovery Settings > EditBe very careful with this step: Delete the second entry

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Last night i was watching a few videos on youtube and turned off my computer. on the next day i went to school and when i got back i turned on my computer and started normaly until it got to the windows 7 logo where it whould go to the BSOD screen saying "bad_system_config_info"....i tried restarting several times..after that i went to my system restore screen and it seems as if it can not detect my hard drive i gues and find windows 7 and i also get "Operating system:Unknown on Unknown local disk" on the system restore ....i have tried many other forums but that still did not work..can someone please guide me into getting my computer back..and whould screenshots of the bsod and system recovery be good?

Answer:BSOD at Startup "bad_system_config_info" and operating system unknown

I suggest you replace your registry hives from the backup.

You need windows boot media of some kind - the installation disc, or the win7 repair disc you ran off will do fine.

There is a tutorial explaining one method of doing here:

Startup Repair Infinite Loop Recovery

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Hi, I think this problem was caused by a forced shutdown ( I left it with a auto shutdown program, and when i come back to turn it on, i get this!) ( The shutdown program has never caused this problem before though )

So this is the choice page:

I've tried both and neither work, they cant get past the load bar.
I have put the disc in ( Windows x64 Business ) and attempted a repair, which didnt work. I attempted a system restore to a few days ago and still the same problem.

I do however get these two screens which pop up for a split second before the above screen, my camera managed to capture them!

This one first:
Then this:

I havent changed or installed any new programs or drivers.
Im running a 2.4ghz quad, 2gb of OCZ ram, geforce 260 GPU, and the OS is installed on a new HD

It was all running wonderfully, and now nothing

Please please help!

Answer:"Choose an operating system to start, Vista or Vista", Boot problem.

Hi Aeon7944, Welcome to the vista Forums

Looks like the vista bootloader is corrupted.

have you tried the F8 key when at the menu and either the Last Known Good or the Safe Mode option?

another thing to try is a start-up repair from the Vista DVD

Startup Repair - Vista Forums

Keep us informed

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Okay so here goes... I was getting frustrated with adware,spyware and viruses, I mean really frustrated they corrupted my computer and made using internet explorer a pain in the @$#. So after deleting the corrupted programs and files from my computer I decided "Why not go all the way and delete the all the embedded crap from my system registry?" So I did just that I started manualy deleting all of the spyware that a spyware scan had found in my registry. Working my way through over 800 different directories. More determined to rid myself of these... mother#$^*#&... than I have ever been in my entire life. I mean I wasn't going to leave my chair until they were gone, all of them. Time began to pass and night became day, but shortly after, realisation came that I was done. It was now time to restart my computer and do another scan so I could know for sure. Then I'd be able to sleep. I clicked "Start" and proceeded to shut down my computer. At this same moment I noticed that beside my "My Computer" and "My Network Places" Icons in the Start Menu were the words "Folder" not "My Computer" or "My Network Places". The Computer powered off. I quickly powered on my computer It began to load windows xp, it continued to load windows xp, and 5 hours later yes, it was still loading windows xp. It is frozen at the blue screen just before the welcome screen where I'd log onto my User account. I rebooted in safe mode. ... Read more

Answer:Hard drive Won't Format! And Operating System Won't Start! Pls HELP! cannot handle NTFS that is why you get the error when chosing option 2

Normally I would say you start with option 3.
But you say it failed.
So start with 1, remove all partitions, create new ones.
Since these will not be parititoned, you can now partition them with if you want.

Although normally , the XP installer will not only partition but also format the drive when it installs.
contains a nice step by step of installing XP

Indicates that you do have a windows XP installer.

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Hi, im running windows 7 on a laptop. It started to freeze while booting. I followed steps to fix this including last known good config and, system resore. I then got the win7 disk in the hope of using the upgrade facility to try and repair this but it asks me to restart the comp, then reload the disk in normal mode, as the os is failing to load, it is in a constant loop. I haven't tried a clean install but im hoping not to do this as there are some sensitive/important files on here(its used for social work) and im hoping not to lose them, could anyone help with this please, thank you.

Answer:Missing %hs file operating system refuses to start.

Welcome to7F .
I would first check to see if the HDD (you have a Hard-Drive right?) is in a good condition.

The Following Method Should NOT Be Performed On An SSD!

Testing the HDD:
Perform a Disk Check | Disk Check- Scroll down to OPTION TWO of the tutorial and use the /R switch in the CHKDSK command | chkdsk C: /R.
Then Post the Disk Check results following | This Tutorial.
Once back in Windows, download Crystal Disk Info and post a screenshot (multiple shots if you have more than one drive).
Download SeaTools for DOS if you don't want to use a CD to test the HDD you can use YUMI ? Multiboot USB Creator to create a bootable USB (instructions are found at the bottom of both pages).
If SeaTools for DOS is unable to recognize your HDD:
Visit HDDdiag and follow the instructions | Or follow the instructions below.
If SeaTools For DOS does not recognize the drive;
Boot into the BIOS using the *Fx key.
Look for an entry called SATA Mode (or something similar), it should be set to IDE / AHCI.
It's probably set to AHCI which is why SeaTools doesn't recognize them in the DOS environment.
Set it to IDE then save and exit usually by pressing the F10 key.
Now boot into SeaTools and it should detect the drives.
Start the Long Test and let it run.
Upon completion don't try to boot into Windows as it will only result in a BSOD, go back into the BIOS
and change the SATA setting back to what it was in the first place.

*Popular BIOS access keys.
Let us know ... Read more

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A while back, I swapped HDs in my two computers; that did not work at all, so I reinstalled the HDs in the respective computers. One has been working well since, the other one (the HP Pavilion 511n) now gets the following message on start-up: ?Operating System not found?. I found that when I do ?control-alt-delete?, the system starts and Windows XP works just fine. The only problem is that to get my computer working, I need to do ?ctrl-alt-del? everytime. Is there a way to correct the problem? Thanks.


Answer:[SOLVED] «Operating System not found» message at start up

This sounds like the approach you need;

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Hello all, am quite new here, please bear with me if I ask a question that has already been answered; and please direct me as appropriate if you can. Thank you.
My Samsung mini laptop ( netbook) , model: NP-N150, running on windows 7 starter, bring up the following message on booting. " operating system not found".
How do I have it restored to normal functions, since it has no CD ROM for me to run the recovery disk that came with it.
I am actually hopeful that there is a way out without loosing my documents and files on the system, how may I do this?
On entering the BIOS using F2, I can't find the HDD.
Any help on creating a recovery sticky disk(USB disk) to solve this problem so I can at least back up my files first before anything?
Thank you all, for making here a place to be.

Answer:Error message on start up - Operating System not found

I know I don't have all of the answers for you but the fact that the system isn't finding the HDD might indicate that the HDD has died. If this is the case then only a new HDD will return the computer to operational status. As for the files on that drive it may or may not be possible to recover some or all of them.
If you know a technician you trust I'd talk with that peron and see what sort of time and $$ are involved in replacing the HDD and recovering your data.
Keep us posted

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System cannot start up- The Microsoft® Windows operating system does not start..  i did not finish updating the microsft update i accidentally switch it off plss how can i restore or recover my operating system plss help thank u in advance.

Answer:my lenovo y500 wont't start operating system

There is a "back" button with a curve on the side of the laptop. Press that and select the restore to factory settings.

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Hello,why found my ThinkCentre M50 with WOL-Start no Operating System? The message is: 1962: No operating system found ... I hope you can help me. Thanks!!! Thoren.

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I have an Acer Travelmate 4200 that got a drink spilled on it last night. It spilled all over the keyboard, so we took apart the top section of the keyboard to clean it out and dried it upside down last night to get any remaining liquid out.

Now the computer will not load. The green power light comes on and it acts like it is trying to read the DVD drive but then it does nothing. The fan comes on as well. But no screen or anything else.

Please help, this computer has the research for a thesis and it is very crucial to school.


Answer:Acer Laptop wont start operating system now!!!!

Aparently you have tried to make the laptop as dry as possible, but things can still be fried inside it. I am afraid the latter is the case and that you will have to opt for a waranty claim, although water damage usually isn't covered in that.

To recover the data I suggest to remove the harddisk and put it in or connect it to another laptop... but bottomline is that I think your laptop is lost :-(

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I am having problems with my computer as follows:
-The system is very slow
-I cannot open up the 'Start' button at the bottom left of the screen
-I sometimes get this Error message - Runtime error 203 at 07AC2694
-A request to install Adobe Flash Player keeps on coming up on my screen

This is the result of running SysInfo

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T7250 @ 2.00GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3539 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 33792 MB, Free - 14501 MB; D: Total - 118824 MB, Free - 109646 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc.,
Antivirus: Trend Micro OfficeScan Antivirus, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

Answer:Problems with sluggish system and non operating Start button

Well, Windows 8 has no Start button. But before advising to reinstall your third party Start menu I looked at your sysinfo to see if maybe you have 8.1. Seeing XP I moved your thread.

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Hi, turns out that when i get to this window:

Instead of "Operating system: Windows 7" i get "Operating system: Unknown" and when I try to repair startup, it fails, what could be the problem?


Answer:"Operating system: Unknown" when trying startup repair


Try this article MBR - Restore Windows 7 Master Boot Record and if that fails this one How to use the Bootrec.exe tool in the Windows Recovery Environment to troubleshoot and repair startup issues in Windows

Hope this helps,

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I have a Dell Inspiron that won't start. It says it is missing its operating system.

Using the Windows 7 DVD that came with the machine I went through the repair Windows procedure 3 times. The first time it searched for restore points of which there are none because the machine has Rollback Rx installed instead. It then restarted with no change. I went through the same process but this time it said it had repaired Windows however; restarting gave me the same missing OS message. On the 3rd attempt it displayed the restored OS as being on D:\. I ran the diagnostic tool and it said no errors were found. Restarting gave the same error.

How can I get the machine to boot from D:\ or move the OS back to C:\ please?

Answer:Dell Inspiron won't start. Missing operating system error

How did that happened? Did you format your hard drive or something? How many drives do you have maybe its installed on another one.

If all else fails the only thing left to do is to do a system recovery or factory restore, if you are looking for a clean start then follow this guide: Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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I have a thinkPad T61 that I now updated with SP3 but I managed to mess up my partitions and more specifically the bootup partition. I am not sure what I did but when my PC boots up I now go directly into Rescue and Recovery. I tried to start up the PC with my XP install CD and went for R (Recovery). Somehow these are the repair options 1: c:\MiniNT2: d\Windows  Clearly I have exposed the  c\MiniNT as the default operating system and that is why I now boot up in ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery. I would really appreciate if somebody has some hints on how to fix this  Thanks you 

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I have an old Advent 7090 notebook, running Windows XP and recently have been getting the following error message:

"For Realrek RTL8139(X)/8130/810X PCI Fast Ethernet Controller v2.13 (020326)
PXE-E61: Media Test Failure, check cable
Operating System not found."

I don't have any OS disks, as it was second hand and am hesitant to do a system restore, as some of the forums I have been scanning for solutions suggest this may aggravate problems.

Can anyone please help?

Kind regards,
Adrian Morrison

Answer:[SOLVED] Notebook unable to find operating system at start-up

When you see a system trying to boot via the network card, it usually means the hard drive cannot be read. You could try removing and reinserting the drive a few times to clean the contacts but, it probably won't help. More often than not, they're dead and need to be replaced.

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Hi everyone,

okay so I have a Huge problem here. First here are the computer specs:

Hp pavillion dv9000 enterainment edition,
Vista home premium service pack #1,
Intel duo core T5200 1.60 GHz,
2gb of ram,
32-bit operating system,
dvd-rw + light scribe,
Hitachi 160gb hard drive 5400rpm
nividia Geforce Go 7600
heres my problem: I bought this computer from a private party about a month ago, the thing worked great for about a week. Then all of a sudden when I went to boot it up it took a while during the intial HP screen then said "No Operating System Found". So I turned it off and back on again a few times, and finally it booted into vista. It didnt do it again for a few days, and now here I am everytime I go to turn on my computer I have to either tap it a couple of times, Unplug the power supply from it, or open the dvd drive bay and try it again. I dont know if any of what I am doing is helping it start up or not, but I do it anyway just in hopes to get it up and going. I have do a clean install on it in hopes that it was just the Master boot record, but with no changes. I have checked the driver software and all of it is up to date. PLEASE HELP ME, summer school is about to start and I need a computer for the class....



Answer:Vista Installed. But At Start Up 75% Of The Time It Says No Operating System Found!

That is indicative of an imminent hard drive failure, or a loose cable. Please don't slap your computer anymore though. Electronics, especially heated electronics, are not made to withstand being slapped around, and you are likely to break something else.

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I start my computer and get "No operating system found. Press Ctrl Alt Deleteto restart" I think I set my C partition so it doesn't boot on it and boots on the Z partition which has nothing in it. Or unallocated space.

I think when i was trying to create a new partition in Windows 8 setup it screwed it up..... Because that was the last thing i did before i turned it off and got the message......

Answer:I start my computer and get "No operating system found. Press Ctrl....

This is out of context without the previous information in your thread at Dynamic Disk conversion help (HxD hex editer shows 01C2 is a 0??) - Windows 7 Forums.]

You last reported there that after recoversion to Basic, Win8 was trying to boot on another letter. I gave you the fix for that just now.

Has this latest failure happened ever since you reconverted to Basic disk, or just since trying to create a Win8 partition? How did you attempt this exactly? Did you then proceed to install Win8 to the partition as you should to have it auto-configure a Dual Boot? If not do that now.

Please post a camera snap of the Partition Wizard CD drive map with listings so that it isn't the size of a postage stamp.

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Almost a year ago, I tried to do an XP and Windows 7 dual boot on my laptop. A few weeks later, I didn't need the XP, so I deleted the partition XP was on. I continued to use 7 though the xp still remained in Windows boot manager upon startup.

A few days ago, in the advanced system settings, I disabled the bootable OS display, and set my default OS to Windows 7. I restarted and now I'm stuck in a continuous startup repair loop, where it tells me that it can't fix my problem automatically and that the cause is an "OS version mismatch". Could it be trying to boot the partition XP was on? I can't log on my computer at all.

In the command prompt that comes up after I go to the system recovery options screen, I tried to fix the boot options using bootrec / commands, but so far none of them have worked.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Answer:help with operating system boot display time, start up repair loop

Hello krviking, welcome to Seven Forums!

As it seems you have access to a PC so you can create the disk listed in the tutorial at the link below, create the disk and do a startup repair, you may need to do it as many as 3 separate times with system re-starts in between to complete the process of writing the Windows 7 boot files back to W_7.
Be sure to post back to keep us informed.

How to Create a Windows 7 System Repair Disc

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Hey all! I am pretty new to this kind of Win7 issues, so I hope some of you will be able to help. Story goes...

After few hours of gaming the computer died. (It happened right after switching keyboards.) Now, on every setup BIOS(?) comes up with list of options (F2 enter BIOS, F11 boot options, F6 Flash etc.). After that a black screen with error message comes up: Missing Operating System.

I tried rebooting from USB (since I have no disk-drive) and I keep on getting the answer: Error Loading Operating System.

Any ideas?


Answer:Missing Operating System/Error Loading Operating System

All unlikely, but possible - (a) your HDD died. (b) your bios became corrupted (c) your HDD boot sector became corrupted (d) your HDD partition is corrupted.

Does the drive spin up when you switch on (feel it)?
Check the bios to see if the HDD is reported correctly and is at the top of the boot order.
Find a bootable CD - an OS installer, or create Easeus partition manager bootable CD and boot from it. What does the HDD look like with Easueus?

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Hi-I bought a used Dell Optiplex 780 with no o/s installed to replace my old Dell Dimension 3000.  I have a brand new copy of Windows 7 to install on it.  I've reinstalled xp on my old computer 2 or 3 times so I'm not completely new to this but, I thought I'd try to find out as much as possible before I begin.  Any advice will be appreciated.  I am wondering - when I connect the keyboard, mouse and monitor to the Optiplex with no o/s, will it recognize the components so that I can begin the installation of Windows 7?

Answer:installing operating system on computer with no operating system installed


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This may should like a stupid question but I am not sure so I felt that i should seek assistance from on of the most reliable places I know of.

I have a system that I want to give away but i cant give it away with the current operating system as it is under educators license. Currently the system is running windows xp pro. It is possible to put my older operating system back on the machine. I have been told that I can't by several people but I figured if anyone would know the people in here would ..

I appreciate any and all help with this.

Answer:operating system question about going back to prior operating system

yes you can. if you have NTFS and want to put back win98 or winME you need to format the volume with FAT32. you can use a win98 or winME startup diskette. or you can download one from .

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When i start my pc, i get a 30 second count down to either choose an operating system or system restore. if i choose windows xp professional, everything is fine. when i choose restore point, i get "INF file textsetup.sif is corrupt or missing, status 14. setup cannot continue. press any key to continue".
choosing last known best settings hasnt changed this situation either.
basically i just dont want to see this screen, it prolongs the computer start up. i just got it today as a refurbed hp desktop from i tried system properties, advanced, startup settings and unchecked both boxes, as well as clearing the boot.iti file to no avail.
a rep at hp that was nice enough to just give me an opinion said i need the disk that came w the pc, which i obviously cant get. any ideas?
thank you so much for your time.

Answer:Choose operating system at startup-windows xp or system restore

You probably could purchase the disk from the manufacturer. They make a lot of money selling them to people.

Post the manufacturer & model of the computer, and verify the exact text of the message. That message is odd.

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If I change my operating system to linux and delete my old operating system entirely, will I be able to still use system restore to change my old operating system back?
Please help. All help is appreciated.

Answer:If I change my operating system to linux, can I still use windows' system restore?

The simple answer is no. If you remove an OS then you can not use it to do a restore because it is no longer there to run the restore program. What I would recommend would be to have a duel boot system.

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I recently bought a new computer with windows 7 operating system and tried to run my dbase program.
To do that I first ran to get a dos prompt.
It read the following way:
I received following message:
'dbase.exe' is not recognized as internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

I was able to run edbase.exe quite easily on windows xp and vista. Can any one help me solve this problem, so that I can run the program on windows 7. I understand it should be able to run 32 bit programs.
Best regards,
Gulab Gidwani

Answer:Operating system problem


you should that program using DIR c:\windows.old\windows\system32\dbase.exe

The message is telling you that DBASE.EXE is not found in your PATH
echo %PATH%​
You might try
c:\windows.old\windows\system32> ./dbase.exe

Why \Windows.old\windows\... looks like you are attempting to run an OLD program from another system without first installing it on this system

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I have a lenovo 3000 N500 model Lapptop. Some days ago I have missed my computer OS. Then I have replaced Vista enterprise edition 32 bit. But this OS could not locate any VGA driver.I need VISTA home OS.Pls help me.

Answer:Operating system Problem

After installing the OS, you have to install the appropriate drivers. Otherwise you won't be able to utilize the hardware to its full potential.

\\ I do not respond to PM regarding individual tech support. Keep discussions in the forum for the benefit of others //

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When trying to install my operating system on a fresh pc it just gets stuck on loading operating system and then nothing else happens. i previously messed up and i think its trying to backup files that dont exist onto my hard drive. how do i start again?

Answer:Problem with operating system!!

Assuming you are trying to install OS from cd / dvd - are you sure the PC is booting from the cd / dvd drive.Most Windows installations flash up the message "press any key to boot from cd"You should then be presented with an installation screen, select install and follow steps. When you get to the option to format select format as NTFS - if windows and continue.If no installation screen - check BIOS settings to boot from cd / dvd drive.You should hear the cd / dvd spinning up through out this process. If it appears to stall it could be as simple as a dirty disc.Try cleaning it also try making a copy on a separate PC. The installation process can cope with you swapping cds half way through if it has stalled.

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Here is the message I receive from my friend (working from a different computer). Any suggestions on the approach to take on diagnosing the issue?


"Who knows what I did to the computer. It went to that black screen where it tells you that something happened and the computer needs to go to the last working configuration, and there's a countdown at the bottom. On mine, that screen goes to the Windows screen then immediately goes to the DPS off mode screen then immediately goes back to the black screen and so forth and so on. If you turn the computer off, after a while it turns itself back on. There are other modes listed, such as Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking, or something like that. If I check on of the others, the screen fills up with small white writing for a second, then goes back to the original black screen and starts the process over. If I hit Tab or Del or something I get a blue box with all manner of technical jargon. "

Answer:Operating System Problem (XP)

Repair install.
If that doesn't work reformat that computer and start from scratch. Connect the hard drive to another computer to get what data he wants to save before formatting.

Considering he doesn't know what he did and the symptoms seem erratic, I would venture to say something is REALLY messed up with the system (virus/system registry/windows files corrupted) and I would suggest a clean install.

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I have everything up on my desktop, but seemingly cannot open any programs that require to go online. When trying to open explorer, I get promted with
"Choose the program you want to use to open this file". "Do you want to run or save this file" then it asks Do you want to run this software. I select run, then it reverts back to "Choose the program you want to use to open this file"
also for example
If I open "Action Centre" and select "troubleshooting" I get
Application not found
a lot of times I get
Application not found
This all started after I was advised my computer is infected with a virus.
I can't download any program that I want to use to fix the problem.
I am using my 2nd old slow laptop to access this forum.
Can any-one offer advise on what to do please

Answer:Operating system problem

If you have access to another computer:

1. Download Malwarebytes:

2. Uninstall your current anti-virus software and replace with MS Security Essentials:

Put the installation file onto a USB stick, or CD. If you don't have any of those, you may put it on Windows SkyDrive (if you have a Windows Live Messenger).

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Ok! I am runing Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 I had a problem with my pc and i thought if i loaded window again it may fix the problem, but the only thing this done was gave me two operating system on the one computer. so when i boot up the computer i get the option of what operating system i want! I didn't want two operating systems on my computer, so i  deleted the widows that i had just installed. The only thing was after deleted it, when i booted up the computer again i was still being asked for the choice of what operating system i want to boot! I was told by someone that i needed to find what drive the second windows was loaded on and format the drive! Done this and still on boot up, am being asked for the choice of operating system to load!On the choice of operating system screen, if i select the original windows it boots up perfect and runs without a problem. Now if i select the operating system that i had just deleted i get an error message and the computer re-boots back to the choice of operating systems srceen!My original windows is on drive C and the windows i re-installed for some reason got insatlled on my E drive(which is the one i deleted)!Can anyone help me in telling me how to fix this problem, so that the computer boots up normally with the original windows and no choice of operating srceen??

Answer:operating system problem (can anyone help?)

Getting rid of the boot menu is simple.  Start-> Control Panel -> (Switch to Classic View if you aren't already) System -> Advanced -> Startup and Recover Options -> Click Edit under System Startup.  Copy the contents and paste them in a post.  I'll tell you what to remove. 

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Hello there (exuse me for my english )My friend has a Sonny Vaio PC, he uses WIndows XP. But, lately the PC doesn't wanna start !! when he click the button to start the Computer we see the bios normally, then a black screen appears with this written on top left " Operating System not found " !!

Answer:Operating System Problem !!

Good morning .See Microsoft General Guidance.Louis

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Earlier today i got the bright idea to wipeout my c:/ drive and i used the system restore to attempt to restore it back to the factory programs and all that...during the restore and error came up and it restarted itself and then went back through the once the restore was done it went ahead and started up but when it did it came up with the windows error recovery and says... windows failed to s tart. a recent hardware or software change mightbe the cause..then it says insert your windows instilation disk..but i do not have one? does anyone know what i am supposed to do? or what i can do? im running vista basic on a sony vaio

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Hey guys,

I kinda screwed up my PC. It crashed a week ago and i couldn't recover it using the F10 recovery for some reason. So I got an XP Pro CD and over-installed it over the existing XP Home OS. Now I find out that the product key was invalid and I can't update my PC. So what do I do now? Format my PC so I start off with a clean slate? I don't really mind doing that as I have backup but is there any way I can delete the XP Pro Operating System that I installed over my previous OS as my harddrive is almost full.

Any help will be appreciated

Answer:Problem with Operating System

Yes, just reformat the drive when you reinstall XP Home. It will wipe everything clean including your XP Pro install as long as you have it delete all visible partitions (during the setup).

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So, a few months after I made my pc, I started experiencing a problem where the monitor, keyboard and mouse would shut off and I would have to restart the computer. Once it just all stopped working so I replaced my motherboard but nothing changed, then randomly, it started working again. It started having the problem again where it would do one of three things, shut off, restart or turn off the mouse, keyboard and monitor. Usually it's the last one. I also get the error code of 0xc000001 or something like that when it restarts itself. I'm led to believe it's a problem with the operating system and I think it would fix if I was able to restart it. But it shuts off before I can get to the clean hard drive button on Windows 8. Any help on how to clean the hard drive? Or to fix this problem?

Answer:PC operating system problem?!?

If you have a Windows disc, you can boot off of it, and choose the "Repair my Computer" link in the bottom left, and then try running a chkdsk (Troubleshoot -> Advanced -> Command Prompt)

Once in the command prompt, type:
chkdsk c: /f /r

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My laptop model is hp pavallion 15e039tx .my problem is that operating system does not work window not open .laptop screen show stop code INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE.please solve my problem

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I have a AMD 64 300+. I have been having problem with it freezing up. i have done some research and today I went and checked everything out on the Motherboard. I retightened the CPU Fan. cause i was told that could cause. Well, After I looked everything over. I plug it back in and turn it on and nothing came out of my video card. So nothing on the monitor. I heard the little beep like you get when windows boots up. I went to the local store and got me a PCI video card and that don't work either. Here are the links to my motherboard and video card.

Please help,


Answer:Problem with operating system

Check the way all cables and cards are seated, and reseat if necessary. We have no idea what you did to check the motherboard, so we have no idea what could be the cause. Remove any unnecessary hardware and try again. If that doesn't work, clear the CMOS on your board and try again.

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Hi, I'm in need of figuring out if my laptop was infected by a trojan, the operating system went kapoot and i need to reinstall it, or if its hardware failure. I used it last night and my AVG caught a "small trojan horse" called cryptbase.dll and after removing it i believe is where it began. My computer restarted and ended up starting up with the acer splash with me able to click f2 for setup. But f8 doesn't work and causes a long beeping noise if i leave it alone it goes to a black screen with a underscore blinking at the top left. i've done some research but, im unsure which route to take without taking some advice for my own laptop. My laptop is a Acer Aspire 5741-3541, Windows 7,intel core i5-450 processor, 4 GB DDR memory, 500 GB HDD. if you need more information please ask because im unsure with what is needed to fix the problem. The solutions i've heard is reinstalling windows 7, or it might be a HDD problem. Thank you.

Answer:Unsure if virus, operating system problem, or hardware problem

Let ma ask someone to look here.

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I have had a system password for a long time on my Dell Dimension 2400 deskto with Windows XP. For some reason this morning I entered the password but I get the message: the system could not log you on. Make sure your user name and domain are correct then type your password again. etc

I am sure I am using the correct password. I have gone into the system set up. I have disabled the system password but when I try to log on I am still asked for the password and get the same error message as stated above. I have tried removing and replacing the bios battery but this did not help.

I would greatly appreciate any help.

Larry J

Answer:system password problem, can't start windows

Unfortunately your request is against TSG rules.therefore we are unable to assist you with your problem, sorry.

Passwords - Please do not ask for assistance with forgotten passwords and/or bypassing them. As there is no way to verify the actual situation and/or intentions, no assistance will be provided and any such threads will be closed.

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