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windows logs in to a black screen, programs have side by side config

Question: windows logs in to a black screen, programs have side by side config

I am trying to fix my friends computer which is having several weird issues. When you login everything appears to be normal but Windows loads to a black screen with a cursor. Ctrl + Alt + Del to task manager and I can run explorer.exe to restore the desktop. However the problem now is once your at the desktop all programs when you try to run them pop up with an application failed to run side-by-side configuration is incorrect. these problems are not apparent when the computer is ran in safe mode, but I can not figure out what to do. I checked the registry HKLM software windows nt logon and explorer.exe is the value.
Malwarebytes when ran in safe mode does not detect anything either.

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Preferred Solution: windows logs in to a black screen, programs have side by side config

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: windows logs in to a black screen, programs have side by side config

Some possibilities: this application failed to start because side-by-side-configuration is incorrect

Was this computer upgraded from Vista to Windows 7? If so that may be the cause. You can try doing a Repair Install of Windows 7 to see if that corrects the problem.

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For some strange reason my Vista 64 started giving me side by side errors.
Every single 32 bit (Program files(x86)) app give me the error, while any 64 bit apps dont.
Trolling for a few hours I found the most common solution to be installing vcredist_x86 This file wont install it gives me the same error.
So I downloaded vcredist_x64, but this file is built with a 32 bit self extractor and results with the same error. I Tried uninstalling the Visual Studio 05 but it gives me a windows installer can not be accessed.
I have tried using a restore point, I have tried sfc /f and it made a log that I am unable to read.
Is there some trigger that can enable windows 32 bit installs to work and I can install vcredist_x86? Thanks.

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This morning I came into my office to find my pc (p4, win7) apparently in a loop. the cpu usage was very high on all four processors, and the disk usage was high as well. I tried restarting the computer but there was so much cpu usage that I couldn't even type. So after 10 minutes or so, I just pulled the plug.

The first problem was that Norton Internet Security stopped working. After an hour on 'chat' with Symantec, they reloaded the software for me and now NIS is working properly. But I still have (at least) two probems. (1) My RIMDeviceManager fails with an 0xC015002 error, and all my MSOffice 2007 programs fail with "The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect."

I unstalled all the Microsoft C++ programs and then did an MSOffice "repair" and it looks like C++ Redistributable (32 and 64-bit) were re-installed, but Outlook, Excel, etc, still get the same error. Everything I've read about fixing the problem is way over my head (and I'm fairly technical). Does anyone have a clue what I should be tracking down?

Answer:Office 2007: The application has failed to start because the side-by-side config...

Re: Office 2007: The application has failed to start because the side-by-side config.

I've done some more checking and find that quite a few programs are failing to initialize because of this side-by-side thing: Adobe Premiere Elements and Adobe Photoshop Elements, Cyberlink Power Director 8, Microsoft LifeCam (no error, it just doesn't do anything), FormatFactory - there may be more, I haven't checked them all. Each program fails to initialize with the 'side-by-side configuration' error message. Please help!!

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I am usually the person people go to when they have computer issues, but I am not by any means formally educated in any IT field or even familiar with C++, bin, dll files etc. but I am pretty good at figuring out resolutions to fairly complex computer situations both hardware and software related. Unfortunatly I am having quite a few problems with my new Vista laptop that I cannot resolve after trying every suggestion seen online.

1.) It seems to have started with Adobe. I installed adobe reader, and since then all my office programs, adobe, most other applications do not open. The error is a side by side config error. Heres are some examples in event log.
Activation context generation failed for "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Symantec Shared\coShared\Browser\2.0\CoIEPlg.dll".Error in manifest or policy file "C:\Windows\WinSxS\manifests\" on line 3. The policy contains a <noInherit> tag, but only manifests may have these.
Activation context generation failed for "C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\fusion.dll".Error in manifest or policy file "C:\Windows\WinSxS\manifests\" on line 3. The policy contains a <noInherit> tag, but only manifests may have these.
Activation context generati... Read more

Answer:Multiple issues including Side by Side config error

A quick update...

After going back to the log files to see when the errors exactly started i came across over 500 errors in a single day. They were caused by Symantec. Literally 50 a second for ten minutes these errors were logged, i paged through them and it took me forever.

Activation context generation failed for "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Symantec Shared\coShared\Browser\2.0\CoIEPlg.dll".Error in manifest or policy file "C:\Windows\WinSxS\manifests\" on line 3. The policy contains a <noInherit> tag, but only manifests may have these.

More error logs that may be usefull

Activation context generation failed for "C:\Program Files (x86)\ATI Technologies\ATI.ACE\Graphics-Full-Existing\MMLoadDrv.exe".Error in manifest or policy file "C:\Windows\WinSxS\manifests\" on line 3. The policy contains a <noInherit> tag, but only manifests may have these.

Activation context generation failed for "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\sirenacm.dll".Error in manifest or policy file "C:\Windows\WinSxS\manifests\" on line 3. The policy contains a <noInherit> tag, but only manifests may have these.

I finally foun... Read more

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All, excuse my lack of computer knowledge but is there anyone out there who can dumb down an explantion or solution to the barrage of side by side config errors I just started getting whenever I try to run any application (e.g. Office or Photoshop)? I have literally scoured the posts/forums/internet looking for solutions and I think a lot of my problem is I don't know the lingo so the explanations look like they are writtien in Klingon. For instance, one suggestions was to run sxstrace.exe. How the heck do you do that? WHere do you do that? What do you do with the results? The example looked like a bunch of gobblygook was produced. I am sorry to drag this forum down, but maybe there are some tired experts out there tonight who are happy to use minimal brain effort to try to explain how I might resolve this. I appreciate any and all assistance!

Your humble amateur friend,


Answer:Help for side-by-side config error...not written in Klingon

Originally Posted by Moraga Betty

All, excuse my lack of computer knowledge but is there anyone out there who can dumb down an explantion or solution to the barrage of side by side config errors I just started getting whenever I try to run any application (e.g. Office or Photoshop)? I have literally scoured the posts/forums/internet looking for solutions and I think a lot of my problem is I don't know the lingo so the explanations look like they are writtien in Klingon. For instance, one suggestions was to run sxstrace.exe. How the heck do you do that? WHere do you do that? What do you do with the results? The example looked like a bunch of gobblygook was produced. I am sorry to drag this forum down, but maybe there are some tired experts out there tonight who are happy to use minimal brain effort to try to explain how I might resolve this. I appreciate any and all assistance!

Your humble amateur friend,


Betty, no worries, you sound just like my friend.

Can you explain the error with a little more detail? When does it occur, what you are doing when it happens? Perhaps a screenshot of the error?


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Hi all,

I've booted my computer today and now I am unable to run any program at all, I have read some threads that installing the C++ redistributables can fix this problem but of course I am unable to run those as well, also tried a registry tweak but no change:

"Error: The application has failed to start because the side by side configuration is incorrect"

I've ran 'sfc /scannow' and it's found errors, the logs reads:

Answer:Can't run any .exe files (side by side config error)

Hi, the log failed to be attached.
Could you try again please.
Open Notepad, save the log to it, then save on your desktop, as it may be quite long use these brackets around it [ code] [ /code] then copy and paste into a reply.
Hopefully that should do the trick.
(remove spaces from inside brackets)

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Can Someone please expain what remote technology is being used in a "Side BY Side" configuration, and what is the purpose of installing a virus protection and malware removal if it makes exceptions for the MALICIOUS jerk that keeps remote administering to my MACHINE. Please explain how in the world it got on my PERSONAL PC. AND WHY!!! HOW TO FIX IT AND EXPLAIN HOW TO STOP IT!!I am NOT SUPPOSED TO BE ON a DOMAIN ...but I am a REMOTE download from HELL. A NETBIOS PC would think that would be easy enough to trace ...but I am remoted from a NASTY LOSER and COWARD from HELL THAT HAS TAKEN AWAY ALL OF MY CONTROLS AND ABILITIES FOR FEAR OF GETTING CAUGHT ...BECAUSE IT TURNED OUT I HAD A PRETTY GOOD BRAIN!!! THIS IS SO SICK AND NOT FAIR ....SINCE IT IS MY PC THAT THEY PURPOSELY CRASH and it is NOT FUNNY it IS SAD!!PLEASE HELP! For the last three years, My resumes gone now-where, I apparently applied to "Fake" jobs and companies, and to make matters worse, Aside from MY LADDER money they pocketed, and my other online accounts they screwed up, They took my account off J-DATE, and Pretended that the SIRANO corp was part of that corporation... When it is JDATE is clearly a subsiderary of This is a STALKING NIGHTMARE that shows NO sign of Stopping themselves. They have made it impossible for me to use technology, get a new job and to even get a date. EVERYTHING IS DONE ON-LINE ...this is CRUEL, MALICIOUS and MEAN. THIS STALKER is SICK and NEEDS to be relinquish... Read more

Answer:How to remove Side-By-Side remote Config

I was going to tell you how to disjoin the PC from the domain & to run hijack this but after I read that your money was stolen, I suggest that you take the machine to the FBI. How do you know when a politician is lying? His mouth is moving.

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One day Itunes was working fine. The next, I tried to open it and received the "application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect" message. I have looked up other "side-by-side" problems/solutions, but do not really understand the solutions that have been posted. Thank you for any assistance.

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Hi friends,

My friend is using windows 7 and facing this error for all the applications tried to run..

the exact error goes like this " The application has failed to start because the side by side configuration incorrect "

i have done system restore but as the problem appears to existing from long time it was still there.

kindly let me know the best resolution steps for this issue.

thanks in advance.

Answer:The Application has failed because its side by side config

See if any of these help,
The application has failed to start because the side by side - Microsoft Community

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Ok I need some urgent help. I cannot start ANY program in my PC all I get is this error message >> .
Even when I download some file I can't start it it gives the same error, so basically 95% of my programs don't work. *** is this?

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tried to follow the other posts to correct this, but, no luck as yet.

I started CMD prompt, going in as administrator, I ran sfc /scannow and it returns with... "windows resource protection could not start the repair service"

I cannot d/load any c++ 20xx redistributables, etc, as code 1935 pops up.

I tried to get around the 1935 code by renaming mscoree. I managed to rename it by taking ownership, but, still could not d/load the c++ files.

I am well out my depth here and have been trying unsuccessfully to overcome these problems, so, any guidence/help would be most appreceiated.

My computer is an HP6720s running Vista32. All my problems started when I installed Bitdefender 2011 total security. Which will not run due to the side by side config. I did purchase a registry cleaner that found lots of issues, but sorted them all as far as I am aware.

Thanks in advance for any help


Answer:side by side config / error 1935


Look here for some infrmation & try the suggested option: -

Error code 1935 while installing Microsoft Visual C&#43;&#43; 2008 SP1 - Microsoft Answers

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Have a problem trying to run Win Messenger Live.

I get the followwing error.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Live\Messenger\msnmsgr.exe

The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event for log detail

Have uninstalled and reinstalled Win Live. Have followed other threads made sure Microsoft Visul C++ is up to date with no joy.

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My computer specs:
Dell Inspiron 531
Vista Service Pack 2 32-bit
AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4400+ 2.3 GHz
2 GB Memory RAM

I was following a YouTube video and I did everything it told me, but when I do such, I get that "side-by-side configuration is incorrect" message. I've looked and looked through the web, still no luck. Help.

Answer:Side-by-side config is incorrect problem

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I have trouble running a few applications as of late idk why i have tried every combination of vc++ redist versions 2005-8-10-12 and reverse .
Tried reinstalling every version of .net framework 1,2,3.5,4,4.5 etc.
Tried reinstalling the programs with the vc++ redist in the disk.
The problem arises when i try running:-
1. Civilization 5 (Gold box edition)
2.Microsoft Office 2010(pro)
as of now the other programs run fine.
Also seems to affect my usb 3g dongle(huwai).
Would really appreciate help on the matter without quotes or links .

Answer:Side By Side Config Error. Win 7 Ultimate x64.

Please follow the Windows Update Posting Instructions and post the requested data

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alo people, i recently tried to port scan with Nmap, after typing the target IP, and then hitting 'scan' after a few seconds Nmap comes up with 'the application has failed to launch because its side by side configuration is incorrect...' how can i sort this out? cheers

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Hi all,
After a sudden computer freeze (during normal net browsing) I have problems with side by side configuration and also Net framework.
The computer starts normally but I get the message from GoogleEUlallauncher:
"impossible to load c:\windows\microsoft.Net\Framework\V2.0.50727\mscorwks.dll"

Then I can not start several applications. they give the message:
"application has failed to start because side by side configuration is incorrect"

Among those applications are: Acrobat reader, AVG (virus), Google earth, Msworks,FSX(flightsim)
The application ADE (Airport Design editor, FSX) gives on start the same message as GoogleEUlallauncher concerning FrameworK.

I have made some research already on your site and found some threads about this side by side
Problem as this one for example:
side by side configuration

So I have already tried to do what is said there.
I have reinstalled (repair) the Microsoft Visual C++ libraries.
I have also tried to reinstall Microsoft.Net frameworK
For Net Framework 2.0 to I got the message that is was part of the system and that it could not be installed. (I use Vista 32 bits)
For Net Framework 3.5 Sp1 I got at the end an error message with code "1603".

I have also done already SFC and SXSTRACE.
You have the logs attached.
For Sxstrace I launched Acrobat,Avg, Google Earth and ADE , in that order.

Would be happy to know if there is a possibility to avoid a reinstall!

I use Vista 32 bits (french edition)... Read more

Answer:Side by Side Config and Net Framework problems


If I understand well Sxstrace and Sfc signal the manifest
as the origin of my problems.

Something seems wrong with the "Noinheritable" in line 3!
Those internet addresses at the end seem also bizarre!

What can be done about that?

I have attached the manifest.


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I've been working on a computer that is having this error with Microsoft Word 2010, Excel 2010 and Quicken (there may be others as well).

Thus far I have tried the following to no avail: System Restore to before the problem occured, SFC, sxstrace, .net reinstalls, Visual C++ reinstalls. I attempted to run the System Update Readiness tool but it just hung halfway 5 times and I left it open for over an hour each time (no error messages produced from this). I have also tried reinstalling quicken and office without successfully fixing the problem.

I have attached the applicable logs.

I would highly prefer not to reset to factory settings or reinstall because this client has a lot of propriatery business software that will be difficult to procure new install licenses for.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Answer:Side By Side Configuration - Logs inside

From what I can find, the problem occurs because the flavor of the C++ redistributable required by the affected application is not installed. For instance, some software requires 2003 and some requires 2005. The best way to find out is to reinstall the software since the installation program will normally install the C++ redistributable that is required.

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First post...

I am coming to you as a last resort. I built my own PC and installed Vista Ultimate 64 bit OEM edition. Has been working fine for ~2 years.
Now every time I attempt to open a program I get the error "The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log for more detail".

The only progam that is barely working is IE 64 bit edition. I cannot download or run any files.

Microsoft wants 59$ to speak to a technical support representative(What a joke, multibillion dollar company wants extra $ for tech support??...).

Doing a ton of research I have tried various things to remedy this with no avail. System restore did not work. Doing a sfc /scannow in command prompt does not work, it does not even run. Wasted 3 hours of my life doing a thorough checkdisk as well.

The error in the event log is as follows...
Error in manifest or policy file "C:\Windows\WinSxS\manifests\" on line 18. Invalid Xml syntax.

So the problem has to do with this manifest file? I really am clueless as to my next move. I can not download and run anything at all.... Can I do a Vista repair installation with my OEM version?

Should I try and get my hands on a cheap upgrade version of Windows 7?

Answer:Vista x64: Side by side configuration error, no programs work halp :(

Until our Forum expert in this area, Niemiro, comes on line, maybe this will give you a lead.
side by side configuration

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On quite a few different programs, i'm getting the error message:

"The application has failed to start because its side by side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log or use the command line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail"

I've read so many forums online where people have had a similar issue, but nothing has been helpful. The most common suggestion is related to VisualC++ but when i installed it, I got the same error! I tried running it without saving, then I saved it and tried running it, again the same error.

I've opened the event viewer, theres quite a few 'sidebyside' error messages, but I dont know what to do with any of that information. The first side by side error is this one:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Silverlight\4.0.50524.0\Silverlight.Configuration.exe

I havn't a clue how it started, my computer was fine yesterday, I opened it today to these errors, I tried rebooting but it didnt help.

If any more information is needed, I'll provide what I can.

Answer:side-by-side configuration is incorrect error on multiple programs?

Follow the instructions here to install VisualC++

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I cant remeber if i did anything out of the ordinary when it started, but some time ago(some time ago becouse i havn't had time to fix it) when i started my Windows 7 64bit ASUS laptop every time i opened an .exe file, it said side-by-side configuration incorrect. Later i found out it only happened to x86 programs. Don't know if there is an connection, but windows explorer wasn't working either at all after the same boot, but i managed to get it working again by disabling two shell extensions. (one preinstalled from ASUS, and one named XPClient.FileSystemBrowser.BackupContextMenuExtension.BackupContextMenuExtension)

I've seen some saying to reinstall microsoft visual c++, but as it isn't any 64bit installer, so its impossible at the moment.

(I already posted this in the general discussion, but i think it was the wrong forum, so i reposted it here. Is it possible to delete the previous thread?)

Any suggestions?

Answer:Side-by-side configuration incorrect on all 32bit .exe programs

Welcome to Seven Forums janstephan. Actually, there are both versions for x64 systems. Here are the versions I have on my system

Here are the downloads for C++ 2005

Here are the 2 downloads for C++ 2008

Here are the 2 downloads for C++ 2010

Download Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x64) from Official Microsoft Download Center

Download Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) from Official Microsoft Download Center

There are also various SP1 versions, etc. Determine what versions you have already.

Start> In search box type Add or remove programs> Enter

Scroll down to Microsoft Visual C++

A Guy

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I know computers fairly well, however I am new to 64 bit.
For some strange reason my Vista 64 started giving me side by side errors.
Every single 32 bit (Program files(x86)) app give me the error, while any 64 bit apps dont.

Trolling for a few hours I found the most common solution to be installing vcredist_x86 This file wont install it gives me the same error.

So I downloaded vcredist_x64, but this file is built with a 32 bit self extractor and results with the same error. I Tried uninstalling the Visual Studio 05 but it gives me a windows installer can not be accessed.

Is there some trigger that can enable windows 32 bit installs to work and I can install vcredist_x86? Thanks.

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I have just installed Win XP Pro on my lappy. Its a Toshiba Satellite.There is a Black Bar about 1/2 inch wide down the right side of the screen.Howcan I get rid of this please.Thanks.

Answer:Black BAR down right side of screen on Windows

Sounds like your "monitor" (your Laptop screen) isn't set for the current frequency...Simply consult your Laptop manual on how to change the screen axis

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How do I get back my full screen> Thank you, beatledrmr.

Answer:Black side panels on each side of my monitor.

First check that your resolution settings in windows is wide screen if your monitor is wide screen and preferably native to your monitor and try updating your monitor's driver, then look for manual controls on your monitor for height, width, centering, etc.(typical on CRT monitors), see you manual.You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane.

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Okay, so my computer (Toshiba Satellite M305-S4848) was working perfectly fine this morning, then it died because the charger fell out. When I tried to turn it back on, it said that Windows could not start up & took me to the start up repair screen. Apparently, it tried to repair itself & let me start my computer up, but now, whenever I try to open ANY program, it has that side-by-side configuration error. When I tried searching for a solution, other forums said to open a command prompt and type in sfc /scannow which I did & it gave me the results, but now IDK what to do...someone please help!!!

Answer:PLEASE HELP! Side-by-side configuration error on ALL programs

We have this recent thread on the subject. Pay particular attention to comments made my Lorien and Niemiro
side by side configuration
The two mentioned, above, have the most pertitent answers to the problem and they are two of the best. Hope that they can help you.

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T60p running WinXP - arrow keys "shift" screen side to side instead of moving cursor ; happens in Notes and Excel.  How do I reset to "normal"?

Answer:T60p - arrow keys "shift" screen side to side instead of moving cursor

Try to turn off scroll lock (key named "ScrLk") -gan

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I recently bought my Dell XPS 9560. My dell xps screen appears cooler on the left side and slightly warmer on the right side. It is not noticeable in any color but when I visit websites with a white background like google, I can notice that the right side is slightly warmer (yellowish) which is distracting. Any idea on how should I proceed with the issue?

Answer:Dell XPS 9560 Screen - left side cooler and right side warmer

If "recently" is less than 21 days from shipment and from Dell directly, the best option is to contact customer support and have the system replaced.
If it's more than 21 days from shipment, the warranty will cover the display replacement, which is the only solution -- though if the system is new enough, you're better off having it replaced than repaired.

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hope i'm posting in the correct place.

right side of screen is fading into right side of computer monitor, can't seem to expand.
it's about an inch on the left side and an inch on the top that show the background of the start up screen.

tia for your help.

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Has anyone seen this before?
This seems to be happening more and more, I am using my PC (with Windows 8 Pro) as an HTPC and its connected via HDMI to a plasma TV so the PC is always on. Sometimes, when I go to use the pc I turn the TV on and then move the mouse around to turn the display on and I see the attached image, it looks as though the screen has shifted to the right and wrapped around to the other side.
I ran windows 7 with the same hardware on this setup for years without an issue. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

Answer:Left side of screen rolled to right side of monitor..

Did you ever get any sulution for this problem ?

I have the same problem with my windows 7 ultimate, tried everything now, the last step i'm testing now is an older driver.

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Hello there. Can someone please help me. I have issues on my system whereby i cannot open various programs and get an error message coming up saying 'The file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Set associations control panel'
I have tried various things that have been suggested on these forums and i am getting no where. I can't use Microsoft office, quicktime and have various problems with other programs such as live mail with some kind of .framework error and also itunes as well.
Can anyone help me at all with this please? I would just reinstall Vista but when i bought the computer online, it didn't come with a copy of the operating system so at the moment, i'm pretty screwed and it's doing my head in.

Answer:Programs have no side by side configuration

Welcome, see if resetting the lnk and exe association helps
Try to reset the exe and lnk associations.
Default File Type Associations - Restore

The subject of your post is Side by Side, which is an entirely different issue not addressed by this post.

I dont understand the correlation between your problem and the Side by side mentioned. Here is a sample of a side by side problem
Side-By-Side Configuration is Incorrect

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we are trying to place 2 word pdf documents side by side on the screen enabling users to write notes on both documents. Specifically, we are attempting to place an agenda package on one side and a note-taking page next to it.

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I recieve this error.
"application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log or use the command-line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail.
When trying to start QQ, the instant messanger of Asia.
It worked very well with win XP, ive heard of other Win 7 Using it sense 7 Beta.

It was freshly downloaded and installed. I tried running in XP sp2 sp3 compat modes.

No luck.

any other ideas on how to fix

""application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log or use the command-line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail.


Answer:QQ X_x (^ ^ ) -side by side config

Quote: Originally Posted by robcardiv

Please see the application event log

Maybe you should do what the error message is telling you to do and, um, check the application event log. You'd be surprised at how helpful that could be.

My psychic debugging powers also tell me that when you do check the application event log, it will probably indicate that you are missing a VC runtime, and that the error can be rectified if you just install these two packages.

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The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect error on a HP G60-237NR notebook with vista home premium 32 bit OS, 3GB ram, SP2, using mozilla firefox 4.0.1


Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium , Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T6400 @ 2.00GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3002 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family, 1309 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 294097 MB, Free - 141516 MB; D: Total - 11143 MB, Free - 1860 MB;
Motherboard: Wistron, 3612, 09.54, 2CE850435T
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

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i cant open my windows live movie maker due to Side by Side configuration error. Can anyone help me?

Answer:Windows Live movie Maker Side by Side configuration error

Isn't that a Win 7 app?

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With the introduction of the new and clever 'Snap' functions, two basic functions for organising the desktop seem to have been lost. I and others have tried asking the MS Community, but are struggling to find the vocabulary needed to ask the question, and are getting only non-answers.
So, I will try here..Questions:Noting that these very basic features have been available in all previous versions and editions of MS Windows:
1. How do I now, in W10, get two desktop app windows (DAWs) to share the desktop equally? This used to be achieved by having two DAWs active, and then selecting 'Show windows side by side'. Now, in W10, selecting 'side by side' results only in a cramped tiling of active windows.
2. How do I now, in W10, get DAWs to 'remember' their last setting of size and position, such that re-opened DAWs will open with the same size and position that they had when last closed?
3. Could someone give a direct answer to these two questions, providing the solutions as steps to be taken in W10 - or, will someone confirm that these features are no longer available, in W10?
Two windows, one desktop, i.e.: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx... Read more

Answer:Updated: W10 App Windows: 'Side by Side', & Setting Default Size/Position..

If you drag App1's title bar all the way to the left side of the screen, it'll "snap" to the left. The same for App2; drag the title bar all the way to the right side of the screen for it to "snap" to the right. (This can also be done using the keyboard short cut "Win + left/right arrow")
The old function for right clicking on the task bar and selecting "cascade windows, show side by side, etc" is still there, but now it allows for more open windows, and depends on your screen size.
As far as I can tell, open windows do remember their last position.

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all instructions can be found here at


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I downloaded and installed Ubuntu and sectioned off a part of my hard drive for it. I intended to have it set up to run both windows 7 and linux together and let me choose which boot disk I wanted to use at start up. Ubuntu took over and so I read through some forums online. I can now get to the Windows 7 loading screen but it freezes there. I have my install disc and was hoping someone could assist me with getting windows 7 back. I do not care if I loose Ubuntu. I am currently sitting with the Administrator: X:\windows\system32\cmd.exe from the System Recovery Options Menu with my Windows 7 Disc in the tray. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated (if i can save my HD great if not I can live with that).


Answer:Unable to boot Windows after installing linux to run side by side

You'll need to boot System Recovery Options to run Startup Repair repeatedly.

Make sure the Win7 partition or its 100mb System Reserved partition (preferred) is marked Active first: Partition - Mark as Active (Method Two)

If this fails after three separate repair attempts with reboots using DVD or Repair CD, boot free Partition Wizard bootable CD to doublecheck which partition is set Active, then click on Win7 HD to highlight it, from Disk tab select Rebuild MBR, OK, Apply, reboot.

If Win7 doesn't start, boot DVD/Repair CD to run Startup Repair 3 times again.

If these fail, change the Active flag to Win7 partition if it is on SysReserved. Try Rebuild MBR and if necessary Startup Repairs again.

Linux can corrupt Win7 beyond repair so you may need to copy out your files using Win7 disk or Paragon Rescue CD: Copy & Paste - in Windows Recovery Console

Then run full Factory Recovery from its partition at boot, or using disks you've made or order, or use the Win7 Install DVD to clean reinstall following these steps: Reinstalling Windows 7

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Hi there,

So in XP one was able to select open windows from the taskbar via holding CTRL and left clicking on each one, then right clicking and tile / arrange vertically the selected windows...

In windows 7 I cant seem to do it automatically. Yes i can do it manually with three or more windows, but i shouldnt have to.

I cant get three or more windows to tile next to each other, i can only get two windows to go side by side via the snap feature.

Any ideas on how to get three or more windows side by side semi-automatically?

Thanks for reading.

Answer:Window snap - How to get three or more windows arranged vertically side by side?

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I sometimes find that some pictures look more or less the same & like to compare them side by side to see which I like best.

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I can't install or uninstall any software.
Most of the installed software are not working.
The default windows apps are working and few of the installed games are working (Witcher 3 - don't know how) .
Tried to reinstall Visual C++ Redistro but not working as none of exe files are opening with side by side config issue.

Answer:Side by side configuration issue since Windows 10 Update on 09 Aug 2016

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question I can't install or uninstall any software.
Most of the installed software are not working.
The default windows apps are working and few of the installed games are working (Witcher 3 - don't know how) .
Tried to reinstall Visual C++ Redistro but not working as none of exe files are opening with side by side config issue. can you perform a sfc scan?
And check that there aren't any pending OS updates and app updates
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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Title says it all. I tried to have a Chrome window and a Spreadsheet showing side by side but it doesnt work. It works fine with IE9 and Firefox. Is this the case or is there a setting in Chrome I can change? Or is this a Windows 7 fault??

Answer:Show Windows Side By Side .... doesnt work with Chrome?

If you use the windows key and the right or lef arrow key on an open window that shortcut will move the window to the left or right side depending on which arrow key you have used.

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This is a VERY interesting read. It is amazing what they have changed in the last few months.
You may only see this dialog window once or twice, but Microsoft wants to get it right. The Vista-like (Aurora) background has been replaced with a light blue one that we've seen on All the text has been changed as well. "Find out what's new in Windows 7" is now "Go online to find out what's new in Windows 7" and "See more new features" is now "Go online to learn more." Furthermore, the "Learn more about new Windows 7 features" has been replaced with two bullets:
* Discover new features that can help you be productive, stay safer, and have fun
* Find out everything you need to know about setting up your computer
Read More: Side by side: UI changes from Windows 7 beta to build 7057 - Ars Technica

Answer:Side by side comparison of Windows 7 Build 7000 & 7057

Its an exhaustive article; lengthy but worth reading. Strange, in the Start Menu, Microsoft has decided to put Computer & Games together in build 7057. Wonder why !?

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i hate vista. but I gotta work on them cause they break.
I have a laptop handed off that is "stuck" in terms of the way it displays the file system [Windows Explorer].
How do I get this thing to display the side-by-side hierarchical view? you know... computer, drives, top level on the left pane, and the drill-down in the right pane???????


Answer:? Vista Windows Explorer in side-by-side panes like good OS's??!!

The tree view is to the bottom left of the file view, below the favorites.

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I recently re-installed Starcraft, such a classic, and I'm starting to get a thick black bar along the right side of my screen. Obviously it's a resolution mess-up, but I can't say I can really ever recall this happening before. My monitor is not a wide-screen, and the current desktop resolution that I'm running is 1280x1024. I have tried setting the resolution to as low as 640x480 on my desktop and it was still giving me that bar when I play it. There are no options that I know of within the game that will allow me to alter any in-game resolutions. It doesn't happen with other games. And yes, it's a legit game disc.

It's not something that kills the game or anything, but it is an annoyance that I'd love to get rid of. Any ideas?

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I've got a Vaio VPCEB4C with ATI radeon mobility 5650. The native resolution is 1920x1080. My problem is when I change the resolution to 1680x1050 a black bar appears on each side of the screen and only on that resolution. Anything lower than this is fine. What could be causing this problem. Any help would be highly appreciated.

Answer:black bar on each side of screen


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I have a Lenovo desktop connected to a 40 inch Toshiba LCD tv via VGA cable. Onboard graphics are being used, as my graphics card stopped working. The picture is great, however, there is a black bar on the right side of the screen about 3 inches in width that runs from the top of the screen to the bottom. There is no setting on the tv itself to adjust the screen, and adjusting the screen on the PC itself just shifts part of the desktop behind the black does not move the bar itself.

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Hi there
I am having issues with windows 7 after a fresh install of Ultimate 32 bit. I currently get a black bar on the right hand side of my screen when set at the native resolution of 1440 X 900 or any other widescreen resolution for that matter. Any non widescreen resolution works fine. I have tried several different versions of drivers for both graphics card and monitor. Have tried using the aspect ratio settings in nvidia control panel. Even updated motherboard drivers e.t.c. Have tried the onboard chipset and even an older graphics card but just cant get rid of the black bar. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Black bar on right side of screen

Is there a screen position adjustment on the monitor itself?

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I am not sure what has happened here as this is a friends laptop, and i think her kids have done sum thing, on the right hand side of the screen its like you can only use 3/4 of your screen there is just a big black strip i have been into display settings and tried to change the resolution, that has not fix it, I have read the manual and cannot find anything, have tried using the hot keys to widen the window to full screen, Hope i am explaning this well enough. any ideas would be great. thanks in advance. its an acer aspire 3620, windows xp home.

Answer:Screen Black On One Side

Is this with a browser window, or any screen on the laptop?

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Does any of you know about this BLACK THING on my Desktop it's on the Right Side of my Desktop And It's Probably Some Program or Application That is Open

But I Don't See any apps open on my PC but Important Ones : AVG , Daemon Tools , or Shits . Messenger

And When i Press The " Show Desktop Button" at The Bottom of the screen the black thing goes off and when i open an Application or Program or i Press it Again , It Goes Back from Black Side Thing . i dont think it's from my Video Card Driver . Cause
It's Definitely an Application Cause it Shows Up When Any Application is Open.

Do you guys know What is This Weird Black Thing
Please look every part so you can see what i mean
Cause im showing you how Black Thing Goes on and Off

Screenshots :

1st Part :
2nd Part :
3rd :
4th :
5th :

And It Just Happen , My PC Was normal . and then im seeing this

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I have a complicated problem, at least for me. I get side by side configuration error when trying to access any program. I followed some post about uninstalling C++ programs but then i get the 1719 error. I then tried to download a few programs that were suggested but i get the side by side configuration error. Can anyone please help me??? I have some important documents that i didn't get a chance to back up and would like to be able to fix my laptop problems without having to wipe out my hard drive

Answer:side by side config. error and 1719 error

If OS re-installation is an option to you, boot PC with Ubuntu Live CD, copy your data to Flash, external HDD or network PC, and make system re-installation.
side by side configuration error -> C/C++ run-time library conflict. Caused with some third party software or MS Visual Studio. If you use some kind of software i had mention try to re-install it.
Good lack.

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Until quite recently I could right click the taskbar and select 'Show windows side by side'. Now, when I make that selection the open windows always stack on the left hand side of the screen. Are there any suggestions as to how I can get back to showing the windows side by side?
I am on windows 10

Answer:Show windows side by side fails to work.

Have same problem -- found need to play with the windows key + cursor keys to get them to snap side by side.

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with windows 7 it was so easy, when I had two windows open, be it word, a browser or windows explorer to chose show windows side by side......they seemed to snap together or were easily encouraged to do so.

with windows 10 the two windows seem to stay over to the left of the screen and both only take up approx 50% of the screen....I try and stretch them to, which works of a fashion but not remembered next time I start the PC....

not sure urge if there is something I should be doing to make this work better...


Answer:unable to tile two explorer windows side by side

I'm not sure, is this what you're looking for:

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Hi Everyone!

I have 2 screens open side-by-side so that I can verify any duplicate content. When I scroll either document, they both scroll which isn't very helpful.

Can someone offer a suggestion on how to stop the simultaneous scrolling?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


Answer:Word 2003 Side-by-Side Windows Scrolling


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I use Dell Studio 1536 with this resolution :

It is important for me to keep 2 apps in same screen at least, for example IE and Translator.

I also tried to edit regedit as a tutorial found on Bing said to follow to enabling this feature.
but the problem still is alive and restrict me just to switching between apps which is not comfort.

any solution ?

thank you

Answer:Metro side by side windows doesn't work

Try this:

ModernMix? - Run Modern (Metro) apps in a window on your desktop with ModernMix?

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I used to be able to peruse both at the same time, but suddenly this feature does not work. I'd like to restore this feature to my word processing activity. I used to go to the View tab, then click Zoom, but the side by side feature doesn't work, & I don't know how to access it. Does anyone know how to do this in MS Works 9? Thanks for any help.

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Hey guys im having a problem with Windows Live Messenger.

Activation context generation failed for "C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Messenger\msnmsgr.exe".Error in manifest or policy file "" on line . A component version required by the application conflicts with another component version already active. Conflicting components are:. Component 1: C:\Windows\WinSxS\manifests\x86_microsoft.vc90.crt_1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b_9.0.30729.4148_none_5090ab56bcba71c2.manifest. Component 2: C:\Windows\WinSxS\manifests\x86_microsoft.vc90.crt_1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b_9.0.30729.1_none_e163563597edeada.manifest.

This is what is displayed in my Event Viewer and i have no idea to fix it. Any help would be greately appreciated.


Answer:Windows Live Side-by-Side Configuration Error

Hello Andrew!

Welcome to the Vista Forums! I hope you enjoy your time here! Thanks for creating a new thread!

This error isn't the easiest to fix, but it also shouldn't be impossible.

Basically, although Windows can store two different version of a component, it cannot actually run two different versions at the same time.

The main available versions for that component are:




As you can see, neither of the conflicting components is using the very latest file version. Now, what to do about it!

Windows Live is a Microsoft product. It is unusual for a Microsoft Product to have this sort of old file versioning issue, as long as it is up to date.

Can you please download a new copy of Windows Live Messenger from here: Windows Live Messenger 2011 - Instant messaging (IM), video chat

and install all of your Windows Updates.

If this doesn't fix it, we can look at more technical fixes, but hopefully we won't have to go there.

Thanks again, and the very best of luck,


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Hey guys,

So I've gotten back from where I spend my summer break, and I am back home, to my lovely desktop. I was very happy about this but I came back to face a couple of problems/errors. I had a registry issue which gave me a BSoD but I solved that. Now my issue is with Windows Live Messenger.

I used WLM for about 30 mins before signing out...I was messing about with my iTunes library & music...about 45 mins later when I tried to login to MSN, I got this error message:

C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Messenger\msnmsgr.exe
The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect.


-Uninstall & Reinstall WLM (3 times) - each reinstall was followed up by a reboot as well.
-Downloaded and Installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86 - For 32 Bit Systems).

Can someone please help - thanks!

Answer:Windows Live Messenger - Side-by-side Incorrect

Have you used Revo Uninstaller to remove it? Have you gotten it from the Live Essentials site? Have you tried older versions like 8.5?

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When I attempt to open my windows live messenger the following error comes up:

"C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Messenger\msnmsgr.exe

The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log for more detail."

I've tried to uninstall/reinstall and repair it. I don't understand what to look for in the event log to fix this. I am using Windows Vista Home, and my PC is an HP Pavillion.

I hope someone can help out

Answer:Windows Live Messenger - side-by-side incorrect

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Windows 10 Home 64xWhen I click on the taskbar & select 'show windows side by side' it shows them stacked instead. It doesn't work the other way round - when I select 'show windows stacked' it shows them stacked, as it's meant to.Any ideas why this is happening & how I can get it to work as its meant to?Thanks

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I am a student and need to install many types of software over and over again.
If I understand it correctly, windows makes backups of all DLL-files to prevent the DLL-hell scenario from happening.
But as I need to install/remove many programs I end up with a lot of garbage (I asume) in my winsxs folder.

Right now I have a winsxs folder of 11.3 gb, an application folder of 7.5gb on my 120gb ssd (windows) drive and about 117gb off apps (and games) on my storage drive.

I formatted my laptop this summer but I am concerned that my drive will get flooded with storage data faster then I can remove apps from my C-drive.

What I would like to know is:
- In what case does winsxs backup all my DLL-files
- How can I prevent windows from doing that? (protable apps?)
- How can I prevent the DLL-hell scenario while preventing sxs growth?

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I run a HP [VISTA-64] computer with HP Upgrade to WIN7 DVD. I have run the DVD a few times, and *basically* W7 is fine. There is ONE issue though. When I have a few family JPGs open and go to the T-B, click on 'Show Windows Side by Side', it does not work right, as it did in V-64. The last time I reformatted, then upgraded to W7, Side by Side worked *once*, then...never again. Almost seems like something else I run 'kills' the ability to view a few JPGs [comparing]. My Wife will not use this W7 computer until I get this squared away. I cannot find a thing about the problem, and nothing on the HP Tech URL either...

Any Help ??


Answer:W7 Taskbar 'Show Windows Side by Side' Prob.

Hello BillsLastStand, welcome to Seven Forums!

Maybe a clean install will fix your issues, have a look at the tutorial at the link below.

Just backup all your important data first.

Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

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Okay, this problem has been irritating me for quite some time now. My issue is this: I open a game called Ultima Online and click full screen with the highest resolution available. My result: a blown up play screen with two bars on each side of my screen about two inches thick cutting off my gameplay. I had this exact same issue with Call of Duty: Black Ops, and changing the resolution to 1080p quickly solved this. I also have a flickering problem with Ultima Online when I enter full screen, which many people have had issues with and few found solutions. A big thing with them is that they use Razor and that causes the flickering, but I do not use Razor... My question is, does anyone know how to fix this or have any suggestions I can try? My operating system is windows 7 64 bit, laptop toshiba qosmio x505-Q880, i7 processor, 18.4 inch HD display with a Nvidia GTS 360M graphics card, so my GPU is not the issue here. My uncle plays Ultima Online as well with the same operating system on a desktop with a 22 inch widescreen 1080p monitor and has no issues at all. the game looks great and works fine. He does use an AMD graphics card, so if there are any Nvidia Control Panel options I could change that would be an easy fix.

Things I have tried:
Reinstalling the game with a fresh download of the client
updating graphics driver (it's up to date)
playing with some of the graphics options in the Nvidia Control Panel, but alot of them I don't know what the do
tried turning ... Read more

Answer:Black bars on either side of screen

no responses?

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Hi, Actually, I opened the laptop to clean the fan for avoiding the heat. After Assembling my laptop, I got the black bar on screen display. then i checked the sreen resolution which is the highest postion. There have no installed software. So, please help me.  Regards,Pran

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i installed retro game (2003year) and it changed my monitor resolution when i close the game i saw this (picture) i reinstalled my operating system , formating hard disc and it doesnt help ... can someone help me ? here is picture ---> click here

Answer:Black Bar on the ride side of the screen

The video driver or TV is set to overscan. Have a look in the setups for both and see if you can disable it. There is usually a facility to adjust this in the video driver for your graphic card Open Catalyst Control Centre for example and look through the options.

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my laptop is an Toshiba A500-011

Answer:Black Bar On Right Side Of Laptop Screen

Can you get a little more specific? Is it still there over active windows? Has it always been there? Does it flicker or fade?Jonas "Jackal" Learhttp://www.sbccrew.comServing the South Bay Since 1999

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I suddenly had a problem.
I rebooted, and then there was a black border on the right side of my screen, even in the bios and on my Ubuntu boot. The resolution that is apparently the max is 1200x800, where as my original resolution was 1366x768.
I tried to update the monitor driver, but it's apparently up to date, calling it a
"Digital Flat Panel (1024x768 60Hz)".
Updating the graphics card driver for my Mobile Intel Chipset didn't help either.

If anyone could help with this, I'd be extremely grateful.

Answer:Black Border on Right Side of Screen

Have you tried the monitor on a different computer?

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I have a black margin about 2 inches in width on the right side of the screen , that does not obscure the desktop , only making it smaller.
OS is XP
ASUS laptop.
HAve tried playing with the settings to no avail.

Answer:Black Margin on right side of screen

SHut dowun and remove the batery.Wait a few seconds and put it right back.Turn it on.Will that be anymore? ALL I CAN SAY!!!

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Hi,I have seen similar issues to this on this and other pages, but have been unable to find a solution. Hopefully somebody can help.I have an Acer Aspire 5610 XP laptop. I do not use an external monitor.Seemingly for no reason, a black bar about 2 inches thick appeared on the right side of my screen, there is also a bar along the bottom, but it is blue and blurs the cursor if I put it there.The black bar is effectively the end of my screen, I can not move my cursor there, and the sceen is shrunk as though I am using a square CRT (mine is widescreen). I can't just drag the edge of my screen to expand it.I've tried both removing my video driver and installing the original one, and updating to the newest Intel driver. I can't find any conflicting drivers.Every once and a while, the computer boots using the full screen, but when I restart the computer it goes back to the square screen.There are no monitor sizing controls, as it is a laptop.Any suggestions would be appreciated, this issue is very annoying.

Answer:Black Bar on Right Side of laptop Screen

If none of these help, you can go into the bios & load Setup Default Settings & see if that helps. those, try/borrow a usb monitor & see if that is normal.

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I've recently re-installed Vista on a friends laptop. Now it has wide black bars on both sides of the screen. How can I resolve this please.

Thank you for any help.

Answer:Black bars at side of screen

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hi!!,i have a similar issue with other people before, when i start up or boot my laptop, it goes black then it appear square screen to my window. Similar problem : - there anyone or any expert can help me.. i dont want to buy the new one yet since i love this laptop so much.. is there any solution?

Answer:Black bar on right side laptop screen!!!!!!!!

At this stage we don't know if it is your computer or your screen, did you try another plug in usb monitor?

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Hi, I got black bar on right side and on the top of my screen. the thing is ..its very rare cause i allredy asked in shops spoke to profi people about this. and they coudnt finde solution,,thats cant be problem with data cabel as when i go to bios black bar disappear ...then if i try external monitor there is no black bars at all...if i try to boot instalation disk and install new windows blask bar is there again,,,then if i change reslotion to minimum ,,black bar on right side still there but no on the top af screen that one disappear ,,also my web cam flasing when i start windows but is not working at all,..there is question is that video adapter broken or ...? i m realy lost .

Answer:Black Bar On Right Side Of Laptop Screen

When a fault is seen in BIOS it is almost certain to be a hardware issue, rather than anything to do with Windows or drivers.There is a cable that connects between the computer motherboard and the screen. Sometimes this fails due to opening and closing the laptop, so see if it changes when you slowly raise or lower the lid. Another possibility is that a connecter has worked loose at either end. The screen itself could be faulty but check the connections first.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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I have just noticed that there is a approx. 2mm wide black bar on the far right od the screen, as if it is shrunken a bit. When I move the mouse pointer all the way to the right, it disappears from the screen, however when I move it all the way to the left side, it stays there. I tried to change resolutions but it is the same. Is it supposed to be like that or the screen is not properly aligned? Thanks, Srdjan

Answer:Black bar on the right side of screen (T430)

You should probably provide us with (at least) a photo.

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I have Black Bar On Right Side Of Laptop Screen. How to fix it? need help please

Answer:Black Bar On Right Side Of Laptop Screen

Download & install graphics driver for your model from your laptop manufacturer's website, then check that the display resolution is set to the correct value for your screen.

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Good evening, I have had this issue just recently. I use 1920X1080 with a radeon 4850HD graphics card. Everything was just fine, however a black bar has appeared on the left side only. I had plugged my cable into the tv to play a game, and when i replaced it back into the monitor the bar appeared..

I would also like to note that this issue only happens on this resolution. Any other resolution works like a charm. I have used google search and none of the suggestions worked for me. I have 2 hard drives with windows on them, and the issue happens on both devices. I have also used the monitors menu to slide the screen over, but it did not avail. New drivers/rollbacks/uninstalls did not help

Could anyone help me out here? I could provide a picture if needed.

Thanks and have a great week!


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Hello everyone, I have a (I think) problem with my resolution.

There are two noticeable entirely black lines [and no, this is not my monitor making the black lines.]

There is one on the left side of my screen and it's about 15px wide, and another at the bottom of my screen that is about 5px in height.

This happened about an hour ago, when I was notified something about my dual monitor experience [I only have one monitor], then my screen went crazy.

My screen's native resolution is 1360x768, but I can make it 1366x768 with no problems.

I cannot get any screenshots of this, sorry.

Answer:Large entirely black lines on side of screen

Hello Arcturus,
what graphics card are you using:Have you tried setting up the monitor to the card first.this is usually a button on the front of the monitor(say menu select) Entering this will normally let you access Vertical and horizontal shift and resizing functions:have you changed the monitor recently?.

More info needed Topper.

BE WARNED over scanning the monitor spec can damage the monitor especialy the line(horizontal timings).Stick to the maximum spec of the manufacturer. .

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Hi, I switched on my laptop after 2 days and I found a black bar on the right side of my screen and another black bar on the bottom of the screen. The bar on the bottom is even strange. Its kinda blurred and the windows icon is also blurred near bottom. When I placed my mouse pointer in that bar its just gets elongated in the entire bar. I had this problem once earlier but then I just restored my system and it was OK. Now even system restore did not work. Please help (Kindly give an elaborate answer)Thanks

Answer:black bars on side and bottom of screen

try uninstalling the last video driver, or updating with a new video driver..and earlier retore point also may help..i hate computers!but cant help myself....

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First determine if its a software or hardware problem. Do this by powering the laptop up into the BIOS screen. If it has the same black bars, or cut off screen appearance, it's a hardware problem. This is most likely.For hardware there are a number of suspects: laptop screen, video chip, bios chip (both on the motherboard) and the video cable. Connect an external monitor, if it works correctly then you know the video chip is okay. The video cable is the most likely culprit as they tend to ware out as you open and close the laptop lid. This was the problem with my HP dv4. Fixed for $60, parts availabe on the HP parts website

Answer:Black bar on right side and bottom of laptop screen

Thanks. what is your problem? If you are replying to someone's request for help. please post your reply on their thread. Thanks.

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Hello everyone. I've tried searching on the web and this forum for a solution without much luck. There were similar problems but nothing that has resolved my issue. Thanks for your time. My setup, issue, and steps taken are as follows:

I have a 1.5 year old Toshiba Satellite M645-4050 14inch. It has an intel core I-5, 4 gb of Ram, NVIDIA GeForce 310M 512mb video card, running Windows 7 Home Premium. My problem began about 2 weeks ago after connecting my laptop to my tv via HDMI to watch a movie. Everything worked perfectly. After the movie I closed the laptop lid without first unplugging the HDMI. The next day after turning on the laptop (now unplugged from the HDMI), I noticed that the right side of the screen has a black bar going vertically down the side and the bottom of the desktop now extends past the screen. I am able to move my mouse downwards vertically past the bottom screen but am not able to move it any more to the right past the black bar. I have tried messing with the various screen resolution settings without any luck. I have reinstalled video drivers for both the dedicated NVIDIA card and the integrated intel video chip without any change or resolution. I have also tried to reflash the BIOs and reinstall windows 7 without alleviating the issue.. The problem persists in safe mode and in the BIOs screen as well. Whenever I hook the laptop back up to a tv the resultant desktop fits the tv correctly but not on the laptop itself. I think something like this h... Read more

Answer:Screen shifted and black bar on right side on laptop

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Dear Friends, I am facing a problem for many days. In my computer screen , there is a black border in the extreme left. I have tried many ways like updating display driver or setting horizontal size of my screen but it remains same. So. please help. 


Can you connect your computer to other screen to check that the problem caused by your screen or your computer.
Thank you.

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I've been having problems with the dreaded "black screen" when starting my Yoga13 (but only somethimes!). To try and narrow it down, as there seem to be so many things that can cause this, I went into the Bios settings from "F2" and setup it up to ask for a "Power on" password before starting windows. What I have discovered is that when the black screen occurs its BEFORE the Bios asks for the initial "Power on" password, ie I cannot see the box asking for the password and so Windows has NOT yet started to load. To overcome this, I just press the power button to switch off the system, wait 20seconds and then it will usually start. Once past this, no errors ever occur on the windows side. Any suggestions on what I could try to resolve this?


Go to Solution.

Answer:Yoga 13 Black Screen - Bios Side

Has anyone else had this problem, if not, its beginning to look like it is a faulty machine that I will need to return to Lenovo?

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Can somebody PLEASE tell me how the hell to get rid of them? I've already tried stretching the screen horizontally but the desktop icons go inside the black bars and the black bars still stay there

Answer:Those black bars on left and right side of your screen!

By using the monitor adjustments. If it's a 14 or 15" older monitor you are probably stuck with it.

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my screen is expanded horizontly 100% then also it is not covering whole screen
black streaches r their on sides

Answer:black line on side of screen 100% expanded

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I have compq presario cq62 laptop. It becomes too heat and get slow after sometime to start. so I open it n clean the fan, heat sink n processor. Afterward when I start it, starts normally but screen get black about 2cm vertically from right side.

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So I've always had this as a minor frustration, but I'm taking the time to find out if there's a solution to the problem, and the problem is this;

Whenever I have an open set of documents (say two folder-trees) and I use the "Show Windows Side By Side" (SWSbS) option from right-clicking the taskbar, it always seems as though Windows puts them on the wrong sides of the screen. Specifically, if I have the C: drive showing in my first window, and the D: drive showing in my second window, I'll click the SWSbS option, and it will put my first window on the RIGHT side of the screen, and my second window on the LEFT.

This may not seem like a big deal, but logically they should be the other way, because then they would match up with the order of their taskbar buttons. When I go to access the LEFT window by clicking on its corresponding icon in the taskbar, I have to click on the RIGHT taskbar button.

It's a minor annoyance, but it's frustrating because it seems like the window placement is arbitrary. Is there any way to get Windows to look to the taskbar to figure out what order it should put the stacked windows in?

I've just gone with the manual CLICK>DRAG, CLICK>DRAG and moved the windows to where I want them, but this kind of defeats the purpose of HAVING the feature in the first place!

I just want to be able to have the right window match the right taskbar icon, and the left window match the left taskbar icon. Is this too much to ask???

In a related ... Read more

Answer:"Show Windows Side By Side" --- is there a way to control it?

Okay, after posting, I kept looking elsewhere and found that there doesn't seem to be any internal way to control the behavior of the windows (silly, I think), BUT...

I was able to find a program called "Taskbar Button Manager" that is built to do just that. It runs in the background, and allows you to move the taskbar buttons around. That's pretty much all it does, but it seems to work well.

If anyone else runs across this problem, you can find the software by searching on or your preferred software site. It's free but requires a valid email address for use.

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Mine uses up 7GB of space.
Has anyone deleted this folder or anything inside.
I have enough space but I like to be streamline.
( get rid of anything I don't use/need )

The Secret Of Vista's Winsxs Folder.

Answer:Winsxs stands for 'Windows Side By Side'

7GB worth of HDD space costs somewhere on the order of a buck or two at today's prices. The binaries in there are indeed used, frequently, and deleting all or portions of the WinSxS folder is almost guaranteed to end badly. Personally, I'd recommend against it.

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I?ve updated to Windows 10 and after doing so the trackpad/touchpad mouse side to side and vertical scrolling no longer work. These worked fine before converting from Windows 7. I have an Acer Aspire 5750 laptop and the trackpad/touchpad mouse hardware is ELAN ELAN driver date and version: 24/09/2015 - 

Answer:Updated to Windows 10 - now mouse side to side and...

Uninstall the mouse from device manager and reboot the computer.

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Win 10 show windows side by side shows them stacked instead of side by side

Any suggestions to fix this

Answer:Show windows side by side from taskbar

disherabcd said:

Win 10 show windows side by side shows them stacked instead of side by side

Any suggestions to fix this

Use Windows Key + right arrow key and Windows Key + left arrow key for side by side viewing.

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Yoga 15 Windows 10.  I use Thunderbird and Firefox. Everytime I try to type an email, I might get 2 or 3 sentences into message when screen switches back to email screen of Thunderbird. I even changed sensitivity of pad, in case I was inadvertantly touching, but that didn't stop the action.  It's almost as if it was saying "typing too slow, I'll switch back so you can look at other emails".  the other thing is, whatever I was typing went off to ether, becuase I had to retype it. This also happened when I was using Quicken and Firefox and attempting to add something in Quicken the cursor went back to tab in Firefox.  Its kinda spooky when this happens. Is it my keyboard? and if it is what do I change to fix it.thanks for any help in this problem. 

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Well today when i came to run 2 of my programs i got an error which says "
The application has failed to start because of its side by side configuration is incorrect.
Please see the application event log or use the command-line sxstrace.exe tool for more details."
so i searched a bit about the error and i found that i have to reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package 2005 and 2008 so i did and that didnt fix the problem.

Answer:Windows 8 side by side configuration is incorrect

You need to figure out which specific version you need. This can be difficult. There are many small incremental versions.

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Windows 10 will not show windows side by sideHi all.In Windows 7 when I had 2 panels open and I wanted to display them side by side, I would go down to the task bar right click and select "display side by side"Now after upgrading to windows 10 Pro when I do this I find that the panels are stacked one on top of another contrary to the instruction.I then experimented with "stack windows on top of each other", and in fact that is what it does.So now my problem is that Windows 10 will not display panels side by side when that function is selected.Any idea?Regards "Thinking hurts my head that's why I live in West Australia"

Answer:Why does the Side by side comand not work in Windows 10

This might be of interest / use: pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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Hi my windows messenger is no working as 'its side by side configuration is incorrect'.I have not changed anything...Anyone else had this problem?thanks

Answer:windows messenger - side by side configuration

Googling this showed a couple of possible solutions.System Restore back to before the problem occurred.Uninstall Messenger and then reinstall. click here

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Hi when i select to open windows to show side by side they only open to the left of the screen not filling the screen, they have only opened a few time to the correct size filling the screen a few times and dont know what is going on here.

Answer:Windows side by side dont fit correctly

Have you looked at this tutorial...
Snap a Window to a Side

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