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Where can I buy the Lian Li PC-05S?

Question: Where can I buy the Lian Li PC-05S?

So I recently set my sights on Lian Li's 'O' series. I have decided that I have the bank to buy a PC-05S, but I can't find a place to buy it from. I'm looking to get a good deal, some sights sell the PC-06 for ~350 and some for ~200. I would assume the PC-05S is less expensive. Does anyone know where to buy this case?

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Preferred Solution: Where can I buy the Lian Li PC-05S?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

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Answer: Where can I buy the Lian Li PC-05S?

Did you try a search such as Amazon? They have one and only one listed at $350.00

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Question: Lian Li Enclosure

hello everyone,

does anyone know where i can get them or are they not released yet? it just says release date 2010 on the lian li site..

Lian Li EX-103 3.0 3.5" HDD External Enclosure


Answer:Lian Li Enclosure

Can't answer your question. Looked at the site. Am I imagining things or does those cases resemble Cooler Master HAF series?

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Question: Lian Li cases

I have been researching cases for a computer build in the near future. Seems like all cases get at least a few nit picking reviews.

Last night, I found the Lian Li cases mentioned and their full tower model PC-7077A ($189 best price I can find).

It i read a lot of reviews but not even one had any negative comments about this case includng nit picking items.

Anyone here using this case? If so, are they that good?


Answer:Lian Li cases

Lian Li cases are generally very good. I wouldn't mind having one myself.

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I actually kinda like it... :nerd: it does bring out a few qualities that I would use...

Lian Li's TYR PC-X500 Enclosure - The Tech Report - Page 1

Answer:Lian Li TYR PC-500 Case

I am not a fan of the side mounted dvd bays. If you need to put your computer in a desk they would be inaccessible. If you do not put your case in a desk it could be nice for a front radiator for water cooling but it looks a tad short and there may not be enough room for a rad and a extra long video card.

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Question: Lian Li case mod

Just saw this extremley cool case mod over at bit-tech, go have a look


Answer:Lian Li case mod

Very nice! Me likes!


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Question: Lian Li case

Hi does anyone know how many fans this case can take?

-Andrew Davis

Answer:Lian Li case

it says 11

but 400 dollars on a case that doesn't even come with a Power Supply.....

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Hi,Where can i buy mobo mounting brackets for this case? Have tried overclockers and a few other places and they just sell the type that screw into your case.In the PC60 the brackets have a square base and click into the case.Can anyone suggest anything as my IP35 Pro has 3 extra mounting locations to the right of the board. Before fitting the tuniq tower 120 (its huge tbh) I wanted to make sure my moterboard was totally secure.Thanks

Answer:Lian Li PC60 help Please

You need clips for this, rather than hereShould have them...If not, try the vendor who sold you the case.

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i have just purchased a new Lian-Li PC-7 case and my question is, can i fit a dual fan PSU or does the case require a blow hole in the top or are they just for additional case fans, Hope it's not a daft question.

Answer:PSU for Lian-Li Case

Must have been a daft question, just wondered that if i fitted a dual fan PSU then it would be blowing warm air inside the case wouldn't it ?. There doesn't seem to be much choice with single fan PSU's

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Answer:lian-li T-4 lcd thermometer

hi.Anyone with this product could you help me out please? one of the lcd's has LLL displayed in it for some reason. it was installed next to my cpu core. the other is working perfectly. The LLL is displayed constantly in different temperatures.Thanks in advance

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I have a very nice looking Lian Li. I have two optical drives with silver bezels to match case. I really really don't want to have to add a floppy for bootable disks. I would also have to get another bezel for the floppy.

My question is, can't I make a bootable CD that would take care of any floppy needs? for bios....OS??? Floppys are all obsolete except for these applications aren't they?......

Answer:Nice Lian Li, do i need floppy

why would you need a floppy?

the OS is a disk, not a floppy

you only need floppy for raid

and if you do need floppy, then just plug it in if you want to use it and take it out when you don't

or you can stick it in the 5.25" bay and tape it there

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Lian-Li, everyone's favorite "if-I-only-had-the-extra-money-for-such-a-kicka**-case" PC case manufacturer has released (or announced) the new "X Series". Take a look at the links below and drool!

:drool :drool :drool :yum :yum :yum :dood :dood :dood

:cry I want one!! :crybaby

(I really like the X900!!!)

(oh - you need Flash Player installed and active to view those links )

Answer:New Gaming Cases from Lian-Li!!!

Neat case, no doubt they are a fair few $$$$, but then quality cases and aluminium does cost a bit more but I'm a fan of Coolermaster or Lian-Li Alu cases, in these they have tended to go a tad over the top on coloured fans, think I would be changing them to Noctua ones.

I do like the idea of the mounting bracket for the bottom mounted PSU, neat idea to hold it in place, not seeing where you could install 7 3.5" HDDs tho as the mounting case for the HDDs in the image only holds 4 when you look at the mount holes (just noticed that in an article it mentions their are two bays), maybe get a couple in the top area by the 5.25" bays.

$439 for Silver Black and $499 for the blood red!

Get a feeling that that case would go well for water cooling.

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I have been looking for 2 months for a case for around $100 US. I would like a decent looking case with good air flow, easy installation, and as many extras as possible. The Antec 902 is probably the one for me but I just ran across this case. Do any of you have it? It just came out but you never know. It looks pretty nice. The Antec has a fan controller but other than that I think this has it beat. What would you get? I like this new one.

Antec: - Computer Parts, PC Components, Laptop Computers, Digital Cameras and more!

Lancool (Lian li) - Computer Parts, PC Components, Laptop Computers, Digital Cameras and more!

Answer:Antec 902 or this new one from Lian Li (Lancool)

I don't have either of those cases, but they both look great. I personally would go with the Antec 902 purely for looks. But general rule of thumb for cases is to have more fans pushing air out then fans pushing air in.

And honestly, I have had a case with a fan control, but I never used it.

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I'm wanting to know if anyone can tell me what brand my case is.. so that way I can get a window panel for it.. (if the brand helps to get one..)

Here's one thats a little brighter...
...By the way that logo on the bottom left corner of the case isn't the brand name of the case, its an MSI one for the mainboard.

Answer:Brand of case Lian Li?

mod i window into it, its much better, and u can do any design u want

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I have a very picky friend who is interested in purchasing the Lian Li PC-65B Case. However, he's also recently purchased a power supply that is longer than normal. If there is someone here who owns one, I would like to know the distance from the back of the case to the back side of the top fan. This would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


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I needed to make room in my Lian Li v351 case around the cpu because the psu and cpu fan have a small ammount of clearance giving it horrible airflow.

I know a lot of people put 240 rads on the inside of their v350/v351 cases mounting them to the front dual 120mm fan slots.
(PS: Can someone tell me what tubing sizing are used here? Are they 1/2"od?")

I want to be able to keep my HD 4890 in my case and I'm pretty sure mounting a 240 rad inside the case will make it so there is not enough room on the left side of the case for the gpu anymore. Since I only want to cool the cpu just because I want to lose the fan, I'm thinking that I should be fine with a single 120 rad mounted to the right of the case. I'll have a single 5.25" bay res discharge to a pump mounted to the roof to the left of the psu, the pump discharge to the cpu block, the spu discharge to the rad and the rad discharge to the res to compelte the loop.

I haven't decided on which CPU block to get yet because I am still deciding on the tubing. (If anybody could tell me what size is used in the example photo that would be great.)

Does this plan look alright, I want to make sure before I go through with anything. I would just get a corsair H50 cooler but I heard it's a pain to get the AM3 brackets for them.

note for reference
my build:
Lian Li v351B (SFF)
DFI LP JR 790GX-M3H5 AM3 AMD 790GX HD... Read more

Answer:Watercooling my Lian Li v351

The best block you can get right now is a swiftech gtz with the am3 mount back. I'm currently using 1/2" ID, 5/8" OD tygon tubing. If you're going to only use a 120 rad you should probably opt for a feser exhanger, its thicker than most radiators, next to that it would be a black ice rad.

Something to add, i see you have 3x2 kits of ram, why did you go that route. doesnt that disable dual channel on your motherboard.

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I bought a new Lian Li case a month ago from NewEgg to put my new system together in. I'm just now getting around to the install, but I reached a gigantic roadblock when I started putting in my new PC Power & Cooling Silencer power supply in.

Basically I could not see on the PSU, the holes to put the screws in because they were blocked by a rectangular metal ring that was part of the case. After I picked my jaw up off the ground, I did a little research. It didn't take long to find an entry that said something to the effect of "some Lian Li cases need a modification for the power supply to fit".

I'm assuming that they were talking about that metal ring I described, so I wrote them about it and hopefully, they will send me something that fits. But I'm still almost in shock and a little upset with myself that I didn't catch this right away. But has anyone else heard of this?

Answer:Lian Li case stunner

I think I did.


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Lian Li PC-70 Reviews

I think this case is awesome, although expensive. Thought some of you might want to check it out!!!

There a little old (January), but I still liked the case!!!

Answer:Lian Li PC-70 Case Reviews

Hey Super,

You know, I thought it was expensive too, I always laugh at people who shell out that kind of money on a case. That is until I get home and sit at the computer and stare at the $180 SuperMicro case I have/bought. Sigh, the difference between the men and the know the rest. Anyway, it is an awful pretty case, seeing that I am partial to aluminum.

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ive been looking around and everywhere i look, Lian-li cases are proclaimed as being the best. why is this? they look really plain to me. im definetly going to get a new case, but im not sure what i wanna get. i wanna go with lian-li but the cases dont seem very convincing from the outside.

Answer:why are lian-li cases so great?

No such thing as best. Just personal preferences. You know the cases don't come with PSU?

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I am having a hell of a time locating drivers for this card. It was working before I upgraded to Win 7 but now it just says "Unknown Device" did the normal uninstall it and reinstall with no luck. Any ideas?


Windows 7 64Bit

Answer:3.5-inch Card Reader|Lian Li CR-25

Check for up to date MOBO drivers.

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I have had my Lian-Li case now for about 5 years. Just today, the rear outtake fan of the case started increasing then decreasing in speed. This is the case even if I have my case side cover off.

I originally thought that it might be temperature-related, but that can't be the case with the case side off as well.

Do you think the fan needs to be replaced? Why does the fan speed change erratically? Is there anything I can do? If the fan needs to be replaced, any instructions would be helpful as well.

Please help!

Answer:Lian-Li PC-67 Case fan speed is erratic

Well, if it is five years old and running loud and slow. You know it is dying. Time to buy another fan

Regards Lucan

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GA-7VAXP Rev 1.1 KT400 motherboard (ATX)
Athlon XP 2100+ Thoroughbred B (AIUHB) @ 2.171Ghz (13x167) (2700+)
512mb OCZ EL-DDR PC3500 @ Max timings 333DDR
Coolermaster HHC-L61 Heatsink with YS-Tech 4800rpm fan
Sapphire Radeon 9700 Pro 128mb
Hercules Fortissimo II soundcard
2 x Seagate Barracuda IV ATA100 40gb 7200rpm
350w Enermax Dualfan PSU

CPU installed with ArticSilver III.
Idle temp 38C, load 46C on average
CPU is the only thing overclocked at the moment.

Answer:Latest rebuild in Lian-Li PC-50 case

View of whole case

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Such as this one:

Are they just really good at cooling?(it says so on the box) I was thinking about getting this case with the LED lights:

Is it any good? Or does it really matter what the case looks like as long as it has good cooling? THnx

Answer:Whats so great about Lian Li cases?

That is a very good Lian-Li case. I say you get it. Thats the same one I am going to get for my upcoming rig.

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Strange, today while researching various cases I made an attempt to visit the Lian-Li website
and was informed that it has been blocked by google (and mozilla firefox) for deploying malicious software.

Here is an image of the report.
Can anyone offer a more detailed explanation / speculation regarding this?

Answer:Interesting, Google reports as malicious?

That's odd. "20 pages resulted in malicious software being downloaded" and "No, this site has not hosted malicious software in the last 90 days."

Looking at their explanation, "In some cases, third parties can add malicious code to legitimate sites, which would cause us to show the warning message." I wonder if it's infected ads or forum postings (if they host a forum).

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I am trying to fit an Intel D865GBF board into a Lian-Li case. I have only fitted a board into a case once and that was long ago and different. The holes in the board correspond with holes in the case but I seem to remember having to insulate the board from the case. In the first case I tried, I think a riser or something was supplied to fit between the holes.I tried taking the wire out of curtain railing and using the plastic around the screws, and this works but I wouldn't like to trust it long term.The board says follow case instructions but I didn't find any manual with the case.I have done most other upgrades many times but have very little experience with M/Bs. Any advice gratefully received.

Answer:Fitting Intel motherboardboard into Lian-Li case

OK I have found some risers but was I wrong about board having to be insulated from case. The article I found does not show any insulation.Thanks for any comments.

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The fan appears to still be running, but I don't know if it's running at a faster speed or not. I ordered a Y-splitter from newegg (all Radioshack and bestbuy had were female to 2 male, and I need one male and one female).

Will it be safe to run my PC 24/7 until the molex splitter gets here?

I also reinstalled my CPU and heatsink after replacing the motherboard, but not enough thermal paste was in the tube to cover barely any of the CPU. However, it had thermal paste left over from when I unhooked it still sticking to it. Will the old thermal paste still do the job (I ordered more thermal paste just in case).

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Will HIS Radeon 5770 1G on Abit IS7G mainboard fit in Lian Li A05N mini ATX case? My old 450W power supply enough? Application: video streaming, stock charts, web surf, email. Thanks for info.

Answer:Radeon 5770 in Lian Li mini ATX case?

Without knowing the technical specs of the power supply, it would be hard to say if will be sufficient but possibly. If those are examples of applications you are planning to run and no gaming, then the 5770 is overkill. You can get by with a much smaller card, then

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While building a new system in an older Lian-Li tower chassis, I noticed that the polarity of the Lian-Li mini-connectors of the Front Panel Wiring Harness are not designated on the chassis harness. However, my new ASUS mobo manual indicated polarity markings for the Front Panel Header Pins. After some research, I gathered some info and put together a wiring harness diagram to show the connector polarity in order to correctly connect them to my new mobo; if polarity matching is required.

CAVEAT: Informed users have indicated that LED lights likely require polarity connections. However, they contend that normal switches do not require polarity matching. Please use your own discretion or consult your mobo manual for requirements.

Please click on attached photo to view diagram.

Answer:Lian-Li Front Panel Wire Harness/Pin-out Diagram

Well done on the diagram.

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Holy cow! I've been looking for a desk like this forever!

View the demo videos...

I want a silver one! I don't care how much they cost... lol can anyone find were they sell them?

Answer:Lian-Li "Media Center Desk" WOW!!!

Dang, that is really nice. I really need a new desk and something looking like that would be perfect. I need one of those corner desks though, are they making one like that?

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