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Move Target My Document to another Drive

Question: Move Target My Document to another Drive

I plan to move User Folder in windows 7 (Move All Sub User Folders) to other drives. because the C drive on my laptop was protected by the Deepfreeze. Give me a solution for my problem above. I want to move the target User Folder in my Drive C to Drive D. Thank you for the solution my friends.

Note : at Windows XP we can right click at My Document >> Properties >> Change direct patch to another Drive. What if in windows 7.

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Preferred Solution: Move Target My Document to another Drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Move Target My Document to another Drive

right click on new folder and check "add in library"

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Hello, I have been searching for a solution for over 4 months for this problem I am having with Windows 2000. Whenever I try to send something from the desktop to another folder I get an error “The Target can not handle this type of document”. The file is not transferred. It does not matter what type of file I try to send.

Also, I cannot copy and paste files into folders in Windows Explorer or even drag-and-drop.

Has anyone a solution to this short of reinstalling Windows?


Answer:The Target can not handle this type of document

Check to see if RPC is turned off in the processes under admin tools. I have turned it off before and then was unable to drag and drop files.

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Brand new PC (2 of them) both running WindowsXP and Office XP Pro. If I go to "open office document" and the list shows...I right-click and use "send to " floppy A, it sends the document BUT it gives me a box that says Windows Explorer in the title bar and says that "The target can not handle this type of document" Any thoughts?


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Question: document move

How do you move documents from one user to another w/Vista home premium and then copy applicable docs to Works 8 ?

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Question: Document move

I am running window 10 with a HP Deskjet 1050 scanner and need to send a scanned document from my PC to a company how can I achieve this task, please can you help I am a new member to this site

what are "Tags"
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4130 CPU @ 3.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3968 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4400, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 465 GB (384 GB Free);
Motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC., H81M-E
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated

Answer:Document move

Did you install the full HP drivers for windows 10
or just allow Windows 10 to find the printer

often if windows 10 finds the printer, it does not install the scan software.
if you install the FULL HP suite of software - then under HP should be a scan option

theres is also a whole series of help on scanning from that printer here
and videos

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Hello, I have a fresh install with two hard drives and would like to put my docs,pictures ect, on the other drive for storage.
I tried to move my music folder and really messed things up . I'm not quite sure what I did ,but the folder is empty and I get access denied.
That's not a problem because I will reinstall and start over, but can someone tell me how to move them from (c drive ) to (d drive ) ?
Thanks alot

Answer:How do I move document folder

Hello Timmy, and welcome to Seven Forums.

This tutorial can help show you how to move your "C:\Users\(user-name)\My Documents" folder to that location.

User Folders - Change Default Location

For you Music folder, you should be able to restore it's default location using Option Two in the tutorial below if you like. Afterwards, you can try moving it again.

User Folders - Restore Default Location

Hope this helps,

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Hi people ive done a relly dumb thing and cant seem to find a way back as i have no system restore that i can use.

i have moved my documents folder to my d drive but did not create a sub folder, so now the contents of my documents just scatters the root of my D drive.

is there a way of now moving my my documents folder to a new folder withing my d drive?

Answer:My document move mistake

If you go into your D drive you can create a new folder in which you can put all your documents in one place.

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How do I transfer pictures from My document folder to My picture folder where all my other pictures are at?

Answer:Move pictures from My Document to My Picture

Maxine49, First, it is good practice to make backups of those pictures. If you have multiple pictures to move just hold down your Ctrl key then left click on all of the pictures you want to move to hilite them then on the left side under "File and Folder Tasks" choose "Move the selected items" and click the + in front of "My Documents", scroll down to "My Pictures", left click it to hilite it then click the "Move" button.Tufenuf

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need help with shifting documents using ketboard Ctrl to end of document


a little more info please
are you trying to move the cursor to the end of a document
or are you trying to move the document to a different folder or drive?
End moves the cursor to the end of the current line
shift + End highlights the text from the cursor position to the end of the line
Ctrl + End moves the cursor to the end of the document.

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is it possible to move my documents to another drive and as well hidden from other users.

os - xp


Answer:move my document and hidden from other users

Your documents folder should not be accessible by other users if your user account is password-protected and you ensure that other users do not know the password.

You must then set up a different user account for other users.

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i am using office 2000 when i insert a pictureinto the doc i can resize the picture but can'tmove the picture to required position Help please. Jack

Answer:How to move a picture in Word document

Right click on the picture, got to format, then layout, and select 'in front of text' then ok and you can drag it where you want.

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I would like to know how to move a word document from my phone memory to the SD card.

Answer:Lumia 830.How to move document from phone to SD card?

Use files applicationin your phone..

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I don't know where the document moved to, when I searched I see it in word but if I try to open it says The item..... that this shortcut refers to has been changed or moved, so this shortcut will no longer work properly

Answer:I was trying to move a word document to a file but it moved

Do you know the name of the document when last saved? If so search for it via Windows Explorer

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I attempted to move the document location to 2nd hard drive. The location in properties moved, but the files did not. Now the documents folder in c:user is not accessible. PLease Help

Answer:Moved document location files did not move

Did you try Restore default in Document Properties under Location Tab ? Any system restore points made can go back on ?

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This day I notice in my My Document Window is all of my files are crowded and not organize, I have a folder and the files is in the folder but all of the files are shown in the my document window,all of the files are mix with other files and the folder is gone..How can I back all of the folder and return those files in there old location folder?.My Desktop is Window 7 Ultimate.. Can anyone help me? :D thanks in advance.. I have Screenshot there.:)

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recently I found many streaming video for web, I want to add my own web, but I don't know Move Media Player HTML Code, who know?

such as:

thnak you very much!

Answer:How to embed Move Media Player in HTML document? Thats an actual
move media Document published December 14th .Its Confidential
but caught by a spider crawl.It explains how to embed a move media website olayer.

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I want to add parameters to the script, such that only a new folder is targeted, instead of every folder in the drive.

The script is at post #4 here.

strFirstDrive = "E"
strLastDrive = "N"
strSavePath = "C:\Test\Index.docx"
Const ShowDoc = True
Const CloseDoc = True

Only 1 drive will be read, so I can change first + last drive accordingly:

strFirstDrive = "J"..................."J:\FolderName" maybe???
strLastDrive = "J"
strSavePath = "C:\Test\Index.docx"
Const ShowDoc = True
Const CloseDoc = True

Answer:Modify a VBS script to target folder within drive, instead of entire drive.

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I dropped my laptop and the screen broke (at least that is the obvious damage). I was quoted about $800 to repair and replace it.

I don't want to buy a new different one right now for several reasons. Is it possible to just buy an identical used computer and switch hard drives (assuming the used one is in working order)?

I have a Gateway Solo 5300 with Win98SE, Office XP, and several other registered programs.


Answer:If I move my hard drive to a different laptop will it move everything I need?

Yeah, that will probably work! You might have to DL a driver or two but Win98 moves pretty good from computer to computer...

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Click on "Newsletter" directly to your left under Site Info. Read April's article on Microsoft Office at Home and follow the instructions in there. The steps are good whether you have MS Office or not.

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I attempted to clone my C drive to another internal drive using the DOS diskette method. I have done this many times before. I have an XP system. The version is 2003, SATA capable. The clone attempt ended in failure to complete by error 25003 (Abort 25003, could not fit translated attributes into buffer size).

My current questions are:

1) Is this error due to the source drive, or the target drive?

2) Are there any settings that might allow me to complete the clone?

3) The target drive, with incomplete clone copy, cannot be found by ANY method I can find. It’s not visible in Explorer or any disk manager, in Disk Management, or in the Western Digital utility Data Lifeguard Diagnostic. I presume that’s because the clone was incomplete. How can I make this drive visible again to reformat it or otherwise make it usable for other than a paperweight?

Answer:Ghost Damaged Target Drive ?

Is it visible in Device Manager? If not, the drive has probably failed.

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I want to have my folders such as My Documents, Downloads, etc stored on a separate data partition to the OS, like many people do.  When you go to the properties of the (original) folder and click on the Location tab, what is the difference between
using the Move button and the Find Target button?  Is one recommended to achieve this over the other?
I haven't seemed to find the answer after some time searching, and didn't want to do anything irreversible.

Answer:"Move" Username/folders or "Find Target..."

It’s perfectly safe to use ‘Move’ to move the Documents folder to a different location. Navigate to the folder, then right-click it > Properties
> Location Tab > Move, select a Destination and follow the prompts. The location can be restored by choosing Restore Default.

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I have to reinstall the CD drive HD-DT-ST-GCR-8483B. I have the driver from Dell, but the installer wants the target drive, which is empty. I can find the source allright, but not the target drive. I tried the path c:/dell/drivers/R92814 where it is suppose to go, but it still says no target drive. The is through HL Storage Date.
I have a Dell with Windows XP.
Your advise would be greatly appreciated so I can put in a dvd/cd again.

Answer:Can't find target drive for driver installer

Greetings, Shivara.

Normally, Windows doesn't need a driver for optical drives, unless a firmware or software update is needed to address a specific problem.
Is the drive showing up in BIOS? And, is the drive IDE or SATA?

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I´ve tried to update the latest firmware on my G20 and when i download the file and try to open it i got this message : "the target drive is not connected"
hmmm..that´s strange ain´t it...

How can i target then?

thanks in advance

Answer:Updating firmware on Qosmio G20 -> no target drive?

Hi ginbraiba,

can you tell me WHICH file do you downloaded and on which site? This would be useful, maybe I can give you a solution for your problem.


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I keep getting an error in DVD shrink when i got to back up saying "There is not enough space on the target drive". I have plenty of space on my hard drive so I'm not sure why this is suddenly happened. The only possibility I can think of is that I recently updated Nero and after that I got the error. The program worked fine before that.

Answer:DVD Shrink Error - Not Enough Space on the Target Drive

use ripit4me when cracking DVDs (for legal backup purposes only of course.) Shrink will not work in a standalone mode for some copy protection.

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Drive C is for Windows 7, Drive D is for applications, and Drive E is for data. Drive D is the default installation drive in the registry. Some programs don't give an option and install on Drive C, and sometimes I make a mistake and install on Drive C. Two Drive C programs in particular cause problems with shortcuts - Firefox and Chrome. As soon as I create a shortcut and drag it to the taskbar, the target drive in the shortcut reverts to Drive D. The target drive should be
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe"
Instead, it becomes
"D:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe"
I can edit the shortcut or create a new one, but it immediately reverts to Drive D as a target. I know I can completely uninstall both applications and reinstall on Drive D, but is there an easier solution?
Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Answer:Application shortcuts keep changing target drive

I think the drive letter change only happens because you drag the shortcut to the taskbar.

Try leaving the shortcut on the desktop and clicking it there. Does that use C ?

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Hello, I've tried to make a system backup  using Lenovo's Rescue&Recovery software. Previously I've generated a separate hard disk partition for these backups, and it is my third partition (using E: drive letter). Unfortunately, R&R software doesn't allow me to select this partition as a backup target. Only selection is "Local hard drive" and it is my second partition (D: ), which I'd like to use for application data. Is there a way to force R&R to use another partition? If not, please consider this as a feature request. Best Regards, Wojtus.

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Hi, I have a Lenovo E520 Thinkpad Edge with a Seagate Portable HDD attached via an ESata cable. When I run The Thinkvantage Toolbox hardware tests it shows the following error: Failed - "Target Read Test" with the error code WHD20-1WT This is the second test on the list and Toolbox won't  run any of the following tests. On looking at the details of the test there are at least 5 sector errors. However running "error checking" in Windows (Drive - Properties - Tools - Error checking) does not show any errors. Nor does Chkdsk (which I believe is the same thing). Please note that the drive is behaving normally with no overt problems. I was also able to do a full back up of this drive without a problem. Is it likely that the drive is failing or maybe some other issue? Any help appreciated.Thanks in advance Laurie

Answer:Failed "Target read test" on external drive

Hi Laurie,
You should probably run Seagate's own diagnostics and see what comes up.  

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I have my OS installed on an SSD (c and have most of my programs installed on a separate harddrive (a. All of my shortcuts in the start menu point to "C:\blablabla" even if the file and start in location is "A:\blablabla". Is this possible to fix?

Thank you!

Answer:Shortcut target paths pointing to wrong drive

If you don't have a floppy drive... Most Never do.. Drive A is designated for the floppy. Just change the drive designation and see if that works... I bet it might..

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For some reason, which I cannot determine, my W10 system seems to require two drives to boot up properly,

As far as I can see the 2nd disk contains nothing that I need , but it was used to do a mirror copy of the system disk some time ago.I used to free upgrade to go from W7 to W10 and I'm sure that my W7 didn't require the two drives to boot.
Is there any way that I can obtain a legal W10 setup DVD/USB by giving my recovery key etc?


Answer:Can I tailor a recovery drive so that it doesn't need 2 target drives?

Yes. Please start by posting a screenshot of your disk management. Widen the columns so we can see all the data in them:
Disk Management - How to Post a Screenshot of - Windows 10 Tutorials

Here is how to get an ISO file of Windows 10:
Windows 10 ISO Download - Windows 10 Tutorials

From the ISO file, you can either burn a Windows 10 installation DVD or a USB flash drive:
USB Flash Drive - Create to Install Windows 10 - Windows 10 Tutorials

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Can anyone advise. (someone may have tampered with settings)
I have Windows 7 and when I download new software - it seems to only be a problem with Microsoft software - it tries to install them on my external hard drive and then doesn't install.

ie. I want to reinstall Microsoft Expression Web 4 and download is fine but when going to install computer tries to install on the external drive - and then fails.

Likewise Windows updates for .NET Framework 4.5 tries to install on the external drive and fails...


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Hi Toshiba fans

I have a Satellite 1800-100 and bought a DVD drive SD-R6472
I have downloaded the SD-R6472 csel changer programm but cannot run it.
It says "the target drive is not found "

I did already download the latest bios version

Does anybody know what to do next?
Would appreciate it a lot if someone could help me on this

best regards

Answer:Re: New SD-R6472 on Satellite 1800-100 - target drive not found

There is a simply explanation; the firmware which you are using is simply not compatible with your SD-R6472 drive.

I don?t think that you will be successful to ?flash? the drives settings.
Fact is that such ?tool? is not available on the Toshiba page and I doubt that any 3rd party software would be able to do this?

Before buying a CD/DVD drive you should ensure that such ODD would be compatible with your notebook.
In my user manual I could find details about compatible drives.
Maybe your user manual would provide info about the compatible ODD too?
If not, then you should contact the Toshiba ASP for informations about compatible CD/DVD drives.

Have a nice WE

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When I try to upgrade the firmware for my DVD Ram [uj-846s] on my g20-139. I doubleclick on the exe.prog and I get the message "the target drive is not connected".

I click ok, then nothing more happens! There should be another box popping up so the prog can execute!



Answer:Qosmio G20-139: UJ-846S firmware upgrade - target drive is not connected

Hello Ogilvie

Where did you find the firmware for the drive? Is there some special reason why you want to do this?

Please be careful about that. If you use non-Toshiba firmware the warranty for the drive will be canceld.

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Hello All, hopefully you can help, I have visited many forums and found the below code that works, but I have tried tweaking for my specific needs and I am unable to:

Basically it is allowing me to use any data validation cells in column 2 as multi select cells with comma separation (i.e. select1, select2, select3) , problem is that I have a few data validation cells in column 2 that I only want as a single select.

Option Explicit
Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim rngDV As Range
Dim oldVal As String
Dim newVal As String
Dim strVal As String
Dim i As Long
Dim lCount As Long
Dim Ar As Variant
On Error Resume Next
Dim lType As Long
If Target.Count > 1 Then GoTo exitHandler
lType = Target.Validation.Type
If lType = 3 Then
Application.EnableEvents = False
newVal = Target.Value
oldVal = Target.Value
Target.Value = newVal
'Select Case Target.Address
'Case Is = "$b$16", "$b$17","$b$24"
'If Target.Cells = "$b$17" Or "$b$18" Or "$f$4" Then
If Target.Column = 2 Then
If oldVal = "" Then
If newVal = "" Then
On Error Resume Next
Ar = Split(oldVal, ", ")
strVal = ""
For i = LBound(Ar) To UBound(Ar)
Debug.Print strVal
Debug.Print CStr(Ar(i))
If newVal = CStr(Ar(i)) Then
strVal = strVal
lCount = 1
strVal = strVal & CStr(Ar(i)) & ", "
End If
Next i
If lCount > 0 Then
Target.Value = Left(strVal, Len(strVal... Read more

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Hi all,
I have tried to get the file target using WMIC command. If I'm using GET command I can get the Target details of the file(s). But if I'm  trying to get the target details only (get target), it's giving the error as 'Description = Invalid Query'.
(I have marked my observations in the attachment).
Below are the commands, which I have tried for and my points are highlighted in bold;

C:\Users\jarilv\Desktop>WMIC DATAFILE WHERE name="c:\\users\\%username%\\desktop
\\filezilla.lnk" get
AccessMask  Archive  Caption                                Compressed  Compress
ionMethod  CreationClassName  CreationDate               CSCreationClassName   C
SName       Description                            Drive  EightDotThreeFileName
                Encrypted  EncryptionMethod  Extension  FileName   FileSize  Fil
eType  FSCreationClassName  FSName  Hidden  InstallDate                InUseCoun
t  LastAccessed               LastModified               Manufacturer  Name
              ... Read more

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I recently bought an old used PC (Dell XPS Gen. 2 ? Pentium 4 3.0 GHz, 2 GB RAM), installed my 1 TB SATA hard drive and a new install of Windows XP SP3. I?ve also got an IDE hard drive in there with lots of media files on it. I?ve been trying to copy or move files from an external USB hard drive to the IDE drive, but nearly every time I try to do so, Windows Explorer (or Q-Dir) will lock up, with the progress bar showing very little progress. I have been able to copy a few small files successfully, but anything else seems to crash it. I?ve checked for DMA/PIO status and have found that it has reverted to PIO several times, and I?ve deleted the primary IDE channel in device manager so that it would reinstall with DMA mode. The problem persists. My device manager shows two primary IDE channels and one secondary IDE channel. I have the 1 SATA hard drive, 1 IDE hard drive, and 1 SATA DVD burner installed.
Any ideas?


Answer:Windows XP locks up when I try to copy or move files from external drive to IDE drive

can you write a file to the drive?
any files you can open on the drive? Or do you get access denied when you try to open a file?

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Good afternoon All,Yes I did fill the partition......and I knew from the forum what was happening..I did redirect to the D drive for the future.I was having a multide of problems with vista Sp1 and Tmproxey, trend micro crap and others etc........ I now want to use the one key recovery because of my recent issues. I saw the COA2 program but it looks like it won't work with vista  Is there a way to move Programs easily to the D Drive???I do not have CDs for some of the programs so i don't think i can uninstall and reinstall to the other drive...Any ideas ?Thanks in advanceTBIMessage Edited by TheBigIndian on 07-28-2008 12:14 PM

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How do I transfer document files from document to pictures

Answer:How do I move a document picture to a picture

cut and paste1/3 of highway deaths are caused by drunks. The rest are by people who can't drive any better than a drunk.

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Hi guys, computer's running a lil bit slow and wont allow me to install my new mobile phone software as c drive memory is full, i've tried my best to move things to the d drive hard disk but its still really full...

is there any safe way of transferring most of the programs and files over to the second hard drive?

many thanks,

Answer:Solved: how do i move files from c drive to d drive (both hard drives)

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So I moved my Desktop directory from my C: drive to my D: drive by right clicking the Desktop folder, going to Properties > Location and then choosing my D: drive (as was shown in a tutorial online) but when I did that, all of the files on my D: drive showed up on my Desktop.

I thought they were just copies and put them in the recycling bin, but they auto-deleted (so now i've lost a lot of data) and I can't restore anything because my backups failed.

How do I move my Desktop directory back to the C: drive? I can't find the original Desktop folder anywhere, when I right click the D: drive, go "Properties > Location > Restore Default" I get an error saying:

"Failed to build the list of regular subfolders under "D:\2443d7f70e90448a534b5d2222" Access denied."

Again, my backups have all failed, so I have no idea what to do.

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HiI would like to move all files from drive D to drive C on a B50-70. Can I safely do that?Do I need to close all programs running to do that transfer?  There are only 2 folders in drive D:Drivers and Applications D drive size is 26GBC is the larger drive D drive is named Lenovo; seems it was shipped this way.    

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I backed up files from one 1TB eSATA drive to another 1TB eSATA drive. It now occurs to me that it might have been better to have installed the backup drive in my computer case [less clutter on my desk].

Not wanting to do the backup all over again, can I simply install the drive in my computer without having to reformat the drive [and lose everything]?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Can I move eSATA Drive into case without reformatting the drive?

I wouldn't think you should encounter any problems by installing it in your case. After doing some searching I couldn't find anthing that says it won't work.Fabe

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How do I reverse this problem? I moved my downloads, documents, desktop and music before realizing that these files were merging instead of doing what I intended.By which I mean the desktop, documents, downloads and music files have now all been named D:\ and the contents of each file are now the same. Meaning my desktop for instance is cluttered with everything from my downloads file. I cannot delete them from my desktop as it says they will be permanently deleted nor can I move them into the original download file because it to consists of the same files! Is there a way I can restore them to the original state? I can't move them back using the same process which is frustrating.
I was following instructions as I wanted to move my basic files from my SSD to my Hard Drive. The process of which was searching "C:\Users\MyName" > Right click on a folder (i.e Downloads) > Click "Properties" > Click "Location" Tab > Click "Move" > Select your secondary hard-drive and so on for each document. But in doing so they have now become merged (all displaying the same files) How do I fix this?
Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Answer:Tried to move basic files from (C) drive to (D) drive and now they have merged!

First thing to do is to make a back up of all your user folders contents on to an external drive preferably. Then if anything (will?) goes belly up you will still have your data. Have a read here , especially option two.
You should then be able to delete the folders on the D drive and start again.
My setup I don't use a redirect switch. I simply create folders on the D drive. Download2 for instance and use my browser to change the destination of downloads to Download2 on the D drive. If I've downloaded a music file I can then check the file is ok and copy and paste to my music2 folder on the D drive. Photos, etc. you can save the same way.
If I've downloaded a program installation file, say, Ccleaner for instance, I'll create a ccleaner folder (D) and install to it. The shortcut on your desktop still works. It's all manual but easily done and takes no time.
That leaves Windows in a default state with no redirecting switches so if I need to reinstall or upgrade Windows both drives are independent.
That's my theory and it works for me.
Good luck.

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My attempted upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 stopped with the message that my System Reserved Partition was too small. Sure enough, my research indicated that Windows 10 requires a larger petition. I used MiniTool to extend the partition and discovered that my System Reserved Partition, which Windows has assigned drive letter E:, was on a different drive than I thought. Attached is a snip capture of my disk management screen.

Disk 2 has the OEM Windows installation, which is now in drive G:. I added a 500GB SSD as Disk 0 and cloned the original disk. I added Disk 1 and Disk 3 for additional storage. In the transition, somehow the Drive E: System Reserved Partition ended up on Disk 1. I used MiniTool to extend the Data partition on Disk 0 (from 100 MB to 408 MB) as well as the System Reserved Partition Drive E on Disk 1 (from 100 MB to 533 MB). There seem to be a few glitches from the resizing that I need to clean up. The worst seems to be related to an error messsage that C:\Windows\Prefetch is corrupt and unreadable. This is related to Adobe Creative Cloud and I haven't tried to fix it yet. I think that there are pointers to the G: drive rather than the C: drive.

After seeing that my disk management is a bit messed up, I decided to post here rather than proceed with the Windows 10 upgrade. I want to have the System Reserved Partition Drive E on Disk 0. (Do I need a Drive E:?) I think the Gateway C: drive on Disk 0 needs to made Active. And I think I need to tell ... Read more

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I have a 160gb hard drive on my laptop which i want to upgrade to a 750gb. I have no windows disc and no restore disc. is there any way to clone the entire contents of the 160gb (including windows vista) to the new drive.....

Answer:upgrading hard drive, how do i move windows to new drive

Almost every company offers the user some way to create disks. Make the disks now for protection or consider ordering them if you need to.Generally companies that sell laptop hard drives also offer some way to clone the old one over. You may have received a usb to sata adapter or you may need to get one. You also may need to download the software from the hard drive makers site if it didn't come in box. A Pit Bull is like a gun you can pet. And there is no safety on it.

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Is it possible to move the hard drive from the Z400 and move it to the DVD drive bay? I would like to replace the hard drive with an SSD. If so, which drive bay adapter has the best fit? If it is hard to remove the hard drive, can i install the SSD in the drive bay and boot from there and use the hard drive as a data disc? Any step by step instructions on removing hard drive? 

Answer:Move Hard Drive or install SSD to the DVD drive bay on Z400??


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My C drive is almost full which limits what programs I can run. How do I either expand the C drive or move some of its contents?
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 640 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 5 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 5887 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 28 GB (1 GB Free); D: 0 GB (0 GB Free); F: 1385 GB (786 GB Free); G: 11 GB (1 GB Free); H: 298 GB (166 GB Free);
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated

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Hi all,

I think I might be posting this in the wrong section, but I didnt see anything related to Hard Drives for sections, so I thought I'd post it here. Sorry if it's incorrect. Anyways, onto the problem.

So I bought my laptop, and its an ASUS G55V, with a 750GB HDD. Unfortunately, it came partitioned with a (D: ) drive. I tried departioning it, and it worked. But what happened is that it just removed the space from the (D : drive, and wouldnt let me allocate it to the (C: ) drive! Not sure why... Am I doing something wrong? I'll show you what I did.

I navigated to Control Panel\System and Security\Administrative Tools, then to Computer management. I then went to disk management, and shrunk my (D: )drive as much as it would let me. Then it wouldnt let me expand my (C: ) drive! Not sure what to do. Here's some pics:

This shows the main drive, the partion, and the unallocated space. Now look what happens when I try to expand the (C: ) drive:

I'm unsure of what to do.. Can anyone help me? I want all my space on my main (C: ) drive, as well it makes it easier..

Thanks for the help!

Answer:How to move a HDD partition over to your (C:) drive (boot drive)


Use Partition Wizard to expand C: into the unallocated space left when you deleted D:. The Windows Disk Management tools are not as good as the free tools of Partition Wizard.

Partition Wizard : Use the Bootable CD


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Just installed Win2K Pro on a new 40GB hard drive. Set up 10GB partition on C and 30 GB partition on D.

How can I move the Desktop and the My Documents to the D drive to leave C drive for OS only?

So far I've found this method for My Documents, but will the Desktop also move with it?


Moving My Documents
Added 9/1/00

Normally the My Documents fold is in the Documents and Settings / User_Name directory.

You can change that location by:

Start / Documents
Right click on My Documents
Select Explore
Right click on My Documents
Right click and select Properties
Click on the Move button and select the location you want to move it to.

>>> So is that all there is to it?

I think that the Desktop lives inside My Documents... so maybe that does it for both... right???

However, there may be more... such as this:

FOR Windows 2K:

Open Windows registry and go to the keys

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders]

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders]

and review the settings...

If you modify the registry and change a path of a folder, you will have to move the folder to that location after you

reboot the machine. And don't forget -- always make a backup o... Read more

Answer:Move Desktop and My Documents from C drive to D drive

Microsoft TweakUI powertoy app will allow you to move special folders from the default location to any you specify, among other useful things.

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I'm in a bind and need help fast, so excuse me if this has been covered before. My gigs are separated into C drive and D drive. The C drive is just a hair away from being full (10 gigs) and I'm getting tons of emergency messages. What do I need to do? Is there a way to combine the two so that I have all 30 gigs in one place? If so, how do I do that? I tried to move the Program Files folder into D drive, but it said that some programs won't work if moved.

Please let me know asap. My computer is super slow now and I'm worried about it crashing on me.

Thanks so much!

Answer:C drive full - need to move stuff to D drive!

Is your D\ drive a recovery partition set by the manufacturer? If it is, you won't be able to use it for that purpose. Try deleting some of the programs you don't use,to free up space. If you're not sure what something is for, just ask. You really should consider a bigger drive. It's not hard to do and they're packaged with a program to move your OS to the new drive. You can also use the old drive for data like documents,MP3s and pix. BTW, when is the last you defragged the drive? That might help speed things up.

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I have a file that is still under F: drive which was a external hard drive which no longer works. The program that is on it is for my walkman (sony) how can I transfer that whole folder or program to the c: drive

Answer:how do i move program files from one drive to c: drive

Past the MS-DOS era, most programs have to be re-installed, not moved. Errors in the registry could happen if you just try to move the program folder (and the program wouldn't function properly). Find the installation media, uninstall the current program and reinstall to a folder on the "C" drive...."Channeling the spirit of jboy..."

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My netbook has both the C and D drives as NTFS. The C drive has 43GB free space and the D has 95GB. Windows Media Player is in the C drive partition, but all my WMV files will not fit on the C dive. Can I just move Windows Media Player to the D drive? Or is there somehow I can transfer GB from D to C drive? Thanks for any advice in this matter !!!

Answer:Netbook Move GB Space from Drive D to Drive C

You would move your wmv files to d:Makes no sense to move the program since its small in comparison.

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I would just like a guide on how to do this. I have been trying dozens of options and none of them have worked for me so far. So if anybody has successfully accomplished this, please do share.

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I have been planning to reformat my computer for some days now and i downloaded all the files i'd need to reformat and compressed them into a single rar file to put onto my d drive.

Although when i go to move theses filesonto my d drive i get a message saying: cannot copy "reformatfiles": There is not enough free disk space
Delete one or more files to free disk space, and then try again
Free space on this drive by deleteting old or unnecessary diles click disk cleanup.

So i cleaned up the disk. nothing more that can be take fromt here.

The thing that has got me stumped is that the file is only 7.22 GB and i have 16.88GB free on my D drive.

as an added note, i have 7.40 GB free spaceon my c drive (where the file currently resizdes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:[SOLVED] I cant move file from c drive to d drive

Hi Thegirlnextdoor !

What kind of drive is drive D ? If it's a regular hard drive then make sure drive D is formated in NTFS. If it's still in the old FAT32 format then you can't copy files bigger than 4GB on it. To know what file system your drive uses right-click my computer => manage => disk management. If it's a regular hard drive that you will always be using on a Windows 2000/XP/Vista system then you can convert the file system to NTFS.

If you don't want to change the file system, for instance if you want to be able to use that drive with a Windows 95/98/Me/NT or Linux operating system - or if drive D is one big USB flash drive, in which case it's formated in FAT16 and you shouldn't change the file system - then recompress your rar file in volumes smaller than 4GB.

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Ok here is the story the wife's computer croaked and she needs to get an important college paper off the hard drive. I moved the hd to my comp and got it up and running. The problem is I am unable to acess her folder in the my docs on her drive says the drive may be full or write protected I cant copy anything or rename it. PLease help I need to get this and yes she did not make a back up.

Answer:Help please need to get a document off drive

XP's built in security has probably restricted access to her data unless logged in as herself on the original machine.
You probably only need to take ownership of the folder.

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i saved my writing in local C, and this file is Not in "document" in libraries.
will you explain why?

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I get the message above when I try to send a Word doc to my CD drive to burn onto a CD.It was fine yesterday - No virus'/spyware it's just stopped working on me.I'm clicking right mouse button send to CD drive function - It's always worked before.Any ideas? Running winXP home.Thanks

Answer:Problem sending document to CD drive

My computer - right click drive -select properties - recording tab- check "enable recording on this drive" is ticked.

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When I build a system last year, I followed instructions on a website to move the Document folders (My Pictures, Videos, Downloads, etc.) in Win & to a different HDD (other than the SD where Win 7 was installed).

The first admin account that was created and used to make this change would not be impacted but all subsequent new accounts would have their document folders location changed. So once I created the main admin account I created a second account after making the change and used the second account from then onwards. This way all my saved documents were being physically installed on the larger capacity second HD.

Unfortunately I cant find that step by step instruction (I believe it had something to do with changing the registry??)

Anyone know where I can find that instruction again. Also, is there a better way out there to accomplish this now?


Answer:Moving the Document folder (Win 7 64) to a different drive

Go to c:\users\username

Right click Documents
Click Properties
Choose the "location" tab

Should be clear from there

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I have a ton of docs in GD, but when I go to open them remotely, they will come up, but I can't "open" them and work on them. That is, they will open in the GD window, I can read them, there's a print option, etc, but you can't just open it in Word, say, so you can work on it.

This has to be simple, but I'm confused.

Answer:How do you open a document in Google Drive?

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I have a pc with 2 disc drives. I can play a disc showing photos but if I insert a new CD and try to save a Word document it refuses to save it.

Answer:Can't save document onto disc in CD drive

What do you mean by "refuses to save it"? What error message(s) appear? Can't write to the CD? Can you burn any new data like songs, or new pictures to this CD burner?

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My boss has a special network folder mapped only to his PC. He keeps a lot of xls and doc files that are for his eyes only. One of the xls files refuses to save, the error message states that the "file is currently in use". No one else has it open, or even has access to it's saved location.

He can still save a copy with "Save As.." but he can't even manually delete the original file afterwards.

I'm thinking it might be a hung process, but I wanted to see if someone here has a solution/explanation. I'm going over to mess with it now, and will check back later to update.

Answer:Can't save xls document to Network drive

mjm, you might want to take a looks at "file streams"

File Streams

as this could be a hint of why he can't save or delete the file.


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I use an Asus X50C laptop with Windows 7. At present everything is on C: Drive. I would like to move all documents, photos, videos, music etc. to D: Drive and arrange for future saved items to go into Drive automatically. How can I do this?

Answer:Moving document files C: to D: Drive

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hi all
my hard disk seems to be set up as 2 different drves ( c and f ) what i want to do is send picasa from drive f to drive c but right clicking on the desk top icon i get the menu to send but no option for dive c
i hope i havnt made this too confusing sorry im a newbie

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Hello all

I wonder if you could help me with an issue with regard to a multi-boot, xp / win 7 system.

Historically, I would run XP on my desktop workstation off a SATA drive, and later added win 7 on another SATA drive; still further down the line, i 'flipped' the win 7 onto a SSD drive.

Now, as far as I know, the MBR still resides on the older (SATA) drive. I would like to eventually ditch this drive and stay with the SSD where win 7 (x64) now resides.

However, I believe I'd need to somehow move the MBR to that drive...

Is this possible? How?

Thank you very much.

Answer:How to move MBR to another drive

Always unplug all other drives during install so that this doesn't become an issue.

Go ahead a post back a screenshot of Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image
telling us what is on each partition/drive.

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Hey all.. I am building my rig and about to install the Windows 7 OS to my mechanical hard drive. I am getting a SSD in a couple weeks. Is there a way to use the same copy of windows 7 to move the boot info from the hard drive to the SSD or will I need to have to buy another copy of windows 7. If thats the case I will just wait to get the SSD.

Answer:Possible to Move OS to another Drive ?

Move Windows to New Hard Drive Without Installation CD or DVD

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Hi, I recently got a 32GB SSD thinking it would be enough for my OS, but after almost 2 months its full. I would like to purchase a larger SSD and move the OS, but I don't know if that is possible. Is it possible to move my OS onto a new drive, and if so how would I do it? Help would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:Move OS to Different Drive?

Sure, that is no problem. See details here: SSD - Install and Transfer the Operating System

If you are not a computer Wiz, get the Paragon Migration Tool (link in the tutorial). That does the job with 3 clicks.

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Question: Win 7 Move Drive

Looking for a solution for the dilemma I'm in. My C: drive is 250GB.... It is down to
having 20gb available..... I have a second internal drive that is 650GB or I could purchase another bigger internal drive, either way. My question is, can I transfer
my system, files, etc from my C: drive over to my 650gb drive and if so how do
I do that. All I have found is transferring one computer to another. Suggestions
on how I go about this.......Also, how do I delete a thread here.... Thanks

Answer:Win 7 Move Drive

You can't delete a thread. That's for administrators. What was wrong with the first thread?

You can transfer via cloning or imaging, but it may be totally unnecessary.

In your other thread, you said you had no data on C.

What is the size of your C:\Users directory?

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Hi guys, i have a 1tb samsung F1 drive as my c drive and a WD caviar black 160gb as a second drive. my F1 sounds as if its about to die, clicking on boot and not booting for 3-4 tries so i want to move my OS to my 160 gb drive and make it my boot drive, what do i need to do this and how can i get everything to save on the F1 disk?

If i create a RAID set up is it possible to have both drives as c: drive but specifically have the OS and program files on the WD 160gb and everything else on the F1 or not? that way if the F1 dies i can just back up clone and swap it out without it effecting the system

any help if apprechiated thanks

Answer:move os to another drive

Better to clone or copy Win7 to the other HD.

You can first try built-in Win7 Backup Imaging to save an image externally or to a partition on old HD, reimage to new HD using Win7 DVD Repair console or Repair CD.

Another free imaging program to try: Paragon Backup & Recovery Free Edition - Free Download

You can copy using free Partition Wizard CD: boot it, select 1 for screen res, rightclick on Win7, Copy, then point it to new HD unallocated space, Copy it over, making sure it remains Active partition.

Now unplug old HD, make sure new Win7 HD is set first to boot in BIOS, reboot into Win7 DVD Repair console, click through to Recovery Tools list to run Startup Repair up to 3 separate times to repair or rewrite the MBR which might not be copied correctly.

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Question: Move Q drive?

I bought my W700 with a 64GB SSD as the primary drive. I was more than a little dismayed to see Lenovo used over 11GB of this rather precious resource for service and recovery partitions. After installing just a few applications I was down to less than 12GB free on the C: partition and Vista seemed to be chewing up more disk space by the minute. It was clear I could never get all the stuff I wanted on this drive, so I added a 320GB drive to the second drive bay. I've been installing all new applications to this drive. Even with the big new drive, the space on the C: partition is still a precious resource and it's still dwindling. What I'd like to do is move the Q: partition to the new drive and expand the C: partition to use that additional space. I know it can technically be done, but I'm not sure if the recovery would still work with the Q: partition physically on the second drive. Has anyone successfully moved the Q: partition to a second drive? I know I can create backup CDs/DVDs and remove the Q: partition, but I kind of like the idea of being able to restore the system if needed without having to drag along a bunch of CDs/DVDs. I don't hate the Q: partition, I just want it to live on less expensive real estate.

Answer:Move Q drive?

Hello, You can't move, resize or make any modification on the Q partition or it will not work any more.

T61P 6460DVU - XP PRO - 3 Gb ram - 320 Gb Hd - 15,4" displayW700 27584SU - SEVEN PRO - 4 Gb ram - 2x320 Gb hd raid 0 - 17" display

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Does anyone know if it's possible to move Win 7 to a new drive and leave the programs and files on the original drive. I've got a 64GB Solid State Drive (bought it on a deep discount some time ago) that I would like to make my OS drive C:\. I am currently running XP so can't do a direct upgrade without using PCMover Upgrade Assitant software. So, unless I want to do a clean install (problematic as I don't have all the original program disks--it's a long story), I have to upgrade the XP to 7 on the disk drive that it's currently on.Long story shorter, I want to end up with 7 on the SSD and everything else on the "old" hard drive. Is this possible? BTW, I have already posted a similar question on another forum, but not in these words.Thanks in advance.Duane

Answer:Can I move 7 to a new drive?

There are many ways to move an install. One is to backup and restore using MS suggested means. Another is to create an image from some software. Many free and for pay exist. Just be sure you know how to create or obtain recovery media and test it if possible before you start.It may be that the ssd company offers a program that runs stand alone."The era of big government is over," said Clinton 1996

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Hi, I want to move my iTunes from the c drive to my d:drive because theres loads more room there. Is it easy to do? I would have thought its just a case of moving everything to a designated folder and changing the routing in preferences ..?Rgds,Shane

Answer:Move iTunes from c drive to d drive

as i understand it from the very little information you have posted it would/might depend on your os and other things if you had an external drive tis easy to copy across so please supply a bit more definitive information.johnny.

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try this please...

UAC off...trying to move files and folders off of old system drives to new larger drive. I have given windows explorer "run as admin" (option 3) and I still can not move the files from one harddrve to the new one. I have tried to change the properties to "allow full control" of the folder I am moving and it it says I can't without admin ???
any ideas please????

Thanks for the Help as I am pulling what little hair I have out !

Answer:Trying to move files off old drive to new drive

Can you provide more information? Are the two drives internally installed on your computer? Is one external and connected via USB? Have you tried copying the files rather than moving them?

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Hi all,
My son as just bought a Asus X555LA, Intel Core i7, 12GB RAM, 1.5TB Laptop Windows 10 (By means of upgrade)
There are 2 drives on the hard drive that say OS(C:) 501gb free of 558gb and Data(D:) 821gb free of 822gb with the D drive showing the following.
click here the contents of D drive.
click here can you give me advice as to weather it is safe to move folders from the C drive to D drive in Win10 and safest way to do so, and what are the files already in D drive?. I thought there may have been some back to factory settings kept in there but that does not seem to be the case.

Answer:Move folders from C drive to D drive win 10

The clue is in the names of the drives C: is for the OS (Operating System) which in your case is Windows 10. All new programmes will be downloaded to the C: drive unless you specifically change it. The D: drive is used for data i.e. Documents, Pictures, Video, Music etc.
By splitting the hard drive into two partitions (you do actually have a single hard drive of 1.5Tb) you have the possibility to update, refresh etc the Operating System without making any changes on the drive containing the data. So if for any reason the OS crashes due to a bad update to Windows or one of the other programmes on the C: partition you can repair it, replace it without affecting any of your data.
Keep them separate, do not move the files on the C: Drive to the D: drive unless there are data files on there.
I am surprised that no partition is shown for restore to factory settings, but that may be hidden.

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i have loads of memory on d-drive but none on my c-drive how do i move memory from d-drive to c-drive

Answer:how do i move memory from d-drive to c-drive

What you are talking about is re-sizing partitions.You have not given any details on the size of the partitions you currently have.Before considering using partitioning tools you need to know there are real risks associated with such an undertaking. If anything goes wrong (and it often does) you could lose all.There may be alternative strategies you can use to free up space on your C drive such as moving your "My Documents" folder from C to D as well as uninstalling games & Programs from C and re-installing them to your D drive.You can also limit the size of your recyclebin and System Restore folders to free up further space.Goin' Fishin' (Some day)

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Hi All,

I have 4 harddrives and I want to move the entire content of one drive (it use to be the main drive with OS) onto another spare drive. So this is from one spare drive to another. However, if I select all the files 120GB and drag them over to the other drive it only copies 8 GB.

Why is this and what might I do about it?


Answer:Move entire drive from one drive to another

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I recently downloaded Windows XP onto drive d.  However, the drive d does not have alot of space.  I keep getting low disk space messages.Is there a way that I can take space away from Drive C and move it to Drive D?

Answer:Can I move available space from drive c to drive d

Not without repartitioning the Hard Disk Drive. This would cause all your files to become unreadable and you would most likely end up having to reformat the partitions you created.

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Okay, first off - very computer illiterate -sorry. I have a Sony Vaio and I have way way way too much on my C drive - I can't even defrag my computer due to usage. I was curious if someone could walk me through the steps to move some of it to the D drive to make some space. I am afraid to delete anything that came w/ the computer - in case there are shared files or something. Also I can't find the disks/paperwork that came with it, so I can't add them back on if I screw up. thankyou for any and all help

Answer:Can I move files from my C drive to my D drive?

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Hi, I'm hoping someone can help! I'm in the process of taking my ex employer to court and in the process to prove the dates that they have created certain documents I have asked them to provide me with copies of the "date and time stamps" or "property profile box" showing when they were created, I am aware that these can be tampered with so I'm not relying totally on the information.
Two of the profiles boxes they sent for two of the documents were dated exactly the same date and time and were obviously not the originals as they had been converted to pdf files. However on the 3rd document, which was supposed to be written by an individual it states the location as K:\cmm\program files\mailbox\Attach As an individual I have never saved a document to a K drive. Can someone tell me what a k drive would normally be used for and explain the location address for me please? who would create a document under the program files!!!!! Please help!!!

Answer:Employment Tribunal, K Drive & document properties!

Hi maddal1ne,

Just a guess here, going by the path name, that the file in questions was sent to someone as an email attachment and then fowarded to you. Assuming this, it is is a probable location for a mail program to save attachments.

It is unlikely that the drive letter has any significance.

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Hi, 3 weeks ago I added an external hard drive, to which I transferred my My Documents folders as well as some other stuff. All worked fine, Windows was happy with the new MyDocs location etc. However yesterday I attached my camera briefly via USB and subsequent to this, Windows seems to have renamed my external harddrive to F: instead of E: and also changed my document folders to "Jamie's Documents/Picture/Music etc." instead of "My Documents"

I've managed to rename the doc folders but not the drive. I don't personally care what it calls itself, but some programs are having difficulty finding relevant files.

Any ideas whats happened and how to reverse it?

Answer:XP has renamed my hard drive and Document folders!

To change the drive letter, go into drive manager under computer manager in the control panel, right click on the drive and change drive letter and assign it E:.(Make sure nothing else is using that drive letter other wise you will not be able to see one of them).
My 5 external drives are assigned letters starting from the end of the alphabet. This way if I plug some thin else in it doesn't conflict.

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My machine won't boot up unless I disconnect all of the Hard Drives. I still have my two SSD's (RAID 1) that have Windows 7 Professional installed still running fine.

I had one hard drive ST4000NM0023 (4TB) fail (had four of them), and so I replaced two of them with ST10000NM0096 (10TB) drives.

I had software backing up the failed drive, which was my D: (Documents & Program Files) drive. The backup drive F: (D Backup) has now been renamed my D: Drive, and I transferred all of it's files to a new F: backup drive.

I had to copy & paste everything from one folder over to another one of the same name because Windows 7 had automatically installed new folders with the proper icons on them (as per attached image). I had two of "My Pictures", "My Documents", etc.., with one having an icon and one not.

It seems like I had to move my files to the new folders or else my other programs couldn't seem to find the files they needed even though the the folders had the same name, minus the icon.

Copying files from folder to folder was very time consuming, and used all of the systems memory. I would successfully reboot the system after each successful transfer so I could restore the RAM back to 64GB.

I left the largest folder "My Documents" till last. After I successfully transferred the files in this folder over to the new "My Documents" folder with the icon on it, I tried rebooting the system and it would not work. I ... Read more

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Good day guys!
I have this small problem about this setup.. 
My PC system drive has deep freeze but I want my user folder/document/app data for games to be transferred to drive D....So I tried using "mklink /j" but nothing... I tried to relocate document folder C: to document folder D: but the problem is...Whenever I will play Castlevania Lord of Shadows, mercury steam creates a new folder outside D:\documents...Can you help me with this one and can you give more hints if other softwares and games that require a little tweak like this?
Thank you so much!

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I am running Windows 7 home premium, with school computers the same, and an Android Razr Maxx.

I have Google Drive and it seems to be sharing docs well....I see them at home, at my work, on the Android phone....however I have this continuing problem: at my work, I go to open a doc or mp3 or PP or whatever from GD. It shows up in Google docs right away....but the file - download function doesn't always work; that is, it often won't allow me to access the original document......sometimes it will just time out and i'll get the "IE was unable to load page" or whatever message that you see when you don't have an internet connection....that happens a lot actually.

Also, I have mp3's in there, and when I try to open them, no dice.

I want to be able to simply open any doc or PP or mp3 in its original form. Sometimes I can, usually I can't, so, big source of wasted time and frustration. To be clear: most of the time, I dump these files into GD from my home computer. Any help appreciated!

Answer:Google Drive document-opening problems

To be clear: my work is my classroom, where I have a laptop running Win 7.

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I hooked up my old laptop hd to my desk top to recover some files on it. but in the owner portion of my documents it says that my acess is denied. is there anyway to retrieve these documents?

Answer:Slave hard drive document recovery

Also note that if you take ownership of the folder while it is connected to the desktop system, you will lose ownership when it is placed back into the laptop.

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I have a worker that is not able to use windows search to find a specific text located in a file, the file is on a networked drive. They are able to get it to work on other computers just not that particular one. She has even set windows search to the correct folder the file is located on the network drive. So far I've reinstalled windows, made sure the index service was running and checked the sub folders and hidden files options in advanced search just in case, not sure what else to do, any suggestions?

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I know this is simple but it is the first time I have tried this. I have an e book stored in my documents and I want to copy it to a disc. I open the document and put a new disc in the d drive. When I hit save it says the disc is full. It cannot be and I have tried numerous discs from the same container. Please help.

Answer:Making a copy of a document to disc drive

You need to burn it to disc using your writing software (Nero?)

Also check:

Start--> Run--> services.msc
IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service is not disabled, and is started (you can just double click on the service to change its startup)
This will allow you to drag and drop directly to blank media in My Computer

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I am installing some software on a laptop (Toshiba L300, Win XP pro, Dual core 2.0GHz, 2GB Ram)

I get an error message Invalid drive u: and the installation fails.

I followed an article in microsoft knowledge base to edit registry.

In shell folders there is an entry for personal which had u: in the data field.

The documents folder should be a network drive y: so I changed it to that.

The program installed but now when I try to open a document from the network documents folder it says I don't have permission.

How can I fix this?

I have been thinking about this problem.

I cloned the drive from an identical computer registered to jbloggs, then copied this clone to this laptop changed the computer name, user name and network documents folder to asmith.

Some of the registry settings and document ownership is still jbloggs.

Is there something else I should have changed somewhere?

Any help appreciated

Regards Melissa

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How do I put an OpenOffice documenbt on to a flash drive? thats all you need to know. What more do you need?

Answer:How do you put an Open Office document on to a flash drive?

Hi RobertPickering,Open the the location where the documents are present.Example: My DocumentsRight Click on the document > select Send To > removable device(name of the flash drive)Thanks & RegardsManshu S#iworkfordell

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I have a laptop with a crashed hard drive. I bought a USB to SATA/IDE Adapter to copy the documents from the hard drive so I can reinstall Windows. The repair option will not work. There is a user on the hard drive that was password protected, and I can't access those files. Is there any way I can gain access to those? The computer will not start so I can't get in to change the password.

Thanks for any help you can offer!

Answer:Hard Drive Crashed - Document Recovery

Sometimes you can do a fresh install of Windows on a new HD, add the same user name and install the same password. Then add the second HD and try accessing the protected folder.

If windows just wont allow you to access the folder on the second drive but it wasn't password protected, booting a Linux Live CD such as Knoppix may be able to access the data.

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I know there are various ways of moving the My Documents folder to different locations and drives. I have looked through the discussion archive but overall it seems to pose more questions than it answers! What is considered to be the safest?

Answer:Move My Documents to D drive in xp

Someone will probably correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think that you can move 'MY DOCUMENTS'. Why not go to where you wanted to put it and create a new folder and call it whatever you want, eg 'MY IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS', then you can save whatever you want there.

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I'm currently dealing with a computer that has specialized software for which the user doesn't have the installation disks. The user needs to move the application to another system to have a just-in-case backup system.
Obligatory disclaimer: Software company is out of business - they couldn't buy/beg/borrow/steal another copy if the fate of the free world depended on it, & they have a valid Windows license on the second computer.

I duplicated the drive from the original system but can't get it to boot - Windows starts to load and there's a spontaneous reboot - even in Safe Mode.
I've dealt with motherboard and other drivers being problematic for an existing installation in the past by doing a repair install of Windows, but it doesn't work this time. The repair starts to run and, when the system reboots, same reboot cycle. After the attempted repair, I can get into Safe Mode, but as soon as Windows loads up I get an error: "Windows XP Setup cannot run under Safemode. Setup will restart now."

Any ideas how to proceed?

Answer:XP - Move drive into another system

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