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How to make all users desktops same as Admins

Question: How to make all users desktops same as Admins

Haven't been able to get an answer on the W2000 forums, so here goes:

I recently had to reinstall W2000 Pro on my old computer, so I am the Administrator--a new experience for me. Managed to also make myself a "Backup Operator", because somewhere I read it's not a good idea to always run W2000 as an Admin.
So, now that I've made a decent looking desktop as the Admin., how can I use the same desktop as my new "Backup Op"?

Also, should I make myself a "Power User" instead of a Backup OP?

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Preferred Solution: How to make all users desktops same as Admins

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: How to make all users desktops same as Admins

Google a little on Windows profile cloning, but be aware the procedure differs for whatever OS you're talking about - and W2K isn't really an operating system meant for discussion in detail on a W7 forum...

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installed sp3 users not able to print or scan, Admins can. checked all permissions, gave user full permissions for print and spool, put user in print operators group, still no luck. signed onto box made user Admin on box and they can print and scan. when user signs onto network with user rights no print. I removed sp3 still have same problem.
Please help, I am pulling my hair out, even tho I am bald...

Answer:XP Network Print admins yes,users no


Please do not duplicate your Post, you will get assistance here in Networkking Forums.

Thread Closed!

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I've posted this question on other forums including Home - Microsoft Community to no avail. Perhaps the users at this forum can show what their made of by addressing this:

I have a computer, with Windows 7 Pro 64 bit, that I want to use with multiple users. I have been using the group policy editor to restrict certain things like removable storage and windows installer. I love the available options.

The only problem is that the policy changes affect ALL users including the Admin users.

So I would like to know how to make the policy changes in GPedit (Group Policy Editor) to affect only standard users and NOT admin users. Or to perhaps create other users with a different set of restrictions.

I have tried to fully understand and configure the Users and Groups in "Console1 - [Console Root\Local Users and Groups (Local)\Groups]. I have made sure that the admin users are NOT part of any of the other groups such as "Users" and "Home Users"

Can you please either solve this problem or lead me to a guide that will explain how to differentiate users restrictions?

Answer:How do I place restriction on users but not on Admins

Hello PhxMusicLessons, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if using the method in the tutorial below to create a custom gpedit snap-in that may work for you for this.

Local Group Policies - Apply to All Users Except Administrators

Hope this helps,

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I work in and oversee the computer network of a small architecture office. We only have 6 or 7 users right now, and about 12-14 active machines throughout the office. All machines connect through our office domain to our server box running Windows Server 2003 x86. Most production machines are now running Windows 7 x64, but there are a few XP x86 machines still left in the office. Everyone logs onto their machine using their username and password, which is set up in Active Directory Users and Computers on the server. Each username has a login script associated with it that maps various shared folders on the server as network drives on the workstations.

Right now, each user's workstation has that username set up as an Administrator account on that machine. I know that's not recommended, but it's been okay so far. However as time passes, I'm getting more and more concerned about network and computer security.

I'd like to know if there's a way to set up user accounts such that it won't ask for an Admin user name and password every time a program needs an update, but also doesn't allow them full access like Admins have, i.e. deleting software and such.

The issue is that I don't want to have to run around and enter an admin user name and password on the Win7 machines every time some software update appears or the user needs to install some software on a machine. We're a small office and don't rely on any actual IT department. I have many other responsibilities in the ... Read more

Answer:Can I allow domain users to install software updates w/o being admins?

I don't think there's any way to add "exceptions" to the UAC prompts. Update installations will depend on the program, as well (e.g., Chrome doesn't, because someone at Google thought it would be a good idea to install Chrome into the user's AppData folder).

For Windows updates, there is an option allow all users to install updates (found in Windows Update > Change settings), so they can still install those without needing admin rights.

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Hi, i recently put various programmes such as 'Ccleaner', Defraggler, SpyBot search and destroy on 1 'User' account but on the other 2 user accounts they dont appear on there. Please can anyone tell me will they be 'working' on the other 2 desktops/users? And how do i get the shortcuts to appear please?

Answer:3 'Users' but different desktops-Please help?

For the 2 user accounts they don't appear, you can try going into the Program Files folders of each program & creating shortcuts. Then place these shortcuts where you need them, & try them out to see if each program runs & works it should. G

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I have been working on a friend's PC -- an hp pavilion (a527x) that's running WinXP-SP2. I just spent days cleaning all the spyware off of it, & finally got an OK from Chaslang that it was clean! However, I'm getting ready to return it, & now when I log off from one user & click on the 2nd user to change desktops, the monitor just goes black with a flashing cursor for a few seconds. Cannot get anything else to come up on the monitor then, & haven't had any trouble with the monitor or any other hardware up to this point. I turned off "hibernate", "Power Options" in the Control Panel. Any ideas here as to the cause? PC is running fine otherwise. Although can't seem to get MyWayWebSearch spyware off of it. Have tried all help in "Anti-Spyware" page. Anyone had this happen before to them or anyone know a possible cause & solution? Thanks bunches, in advance! Shannon

Answer:Switching users & desktops?

Create a new user account, move all the personal folders in the mal-functioning one to the new account thru explorer, delete the mal-functioning one.

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I am the Administrator account. I installed some programs that other users might use but they don't wish the icons to be on their desktops all the time. The icons were put on their desktops automatically during installation - I was NOT given a choice to put icons on desktop or not, as programs typically do.

I went onto their screens and dragged the unwanted icons (there are now about 3 or 4 on everyone's desktop) to their recycle bins and got a message saying "Access iss denied," - the user can't delete certain icons from their own desktops.

I tried going to their Desktop folders in Documents & Settings to delete the icons from their desktop folders. Strangely...the icons I want to remove do not appearthere. (Can't figure THAT one out!)

I'm hoping someone can tell me how to accomplish this.

Answer:How to remove icons from desktops of other users?

Logon as an administrator and browse to: Document and Settings\All Users\Desktop
You should be able to delete those shortcuts there...

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After installing a Creative Webcam on my win2k box, all users get the folder
/program files/creative/webcam open on their desktop whenever they log in.
I guess its a permission thing , but I cant seem to get rid of it. Any ideas

The Fat Man.

Answer:Win2k Folder on all users desktops


Is it just a Window that is open? Try this:

Programs | Startup and see if there's an entry for it in there. If so, rightclick and choose Delete.

If not, it may be in the MSCONFIG. Go to Run and type MSINFO32
On the left choose Software Enviroment, then Startup Programs. Copy/paste the list here.



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Hello all,

I've just bought a new computer with Win 10 installed of course

I have the main user account as admin and I've set up two other user accounts for my kids, without admin.

Whenever I install a new application a shortcut for that application gets placed on everyone's desktop. If I delete the shortcut, say on my daughters desktop, it also deletes it from my own desktop.

Is there a setting to change somewhere.

Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks

Answer:Shortcuts appearing on all users desktops

Hi Gordon, welcome to Ten Forums.

This quote from another similar thread:

Kari said:

Each user has access to two Desktop folders, public and user specific.

Check the C:\Users\Public\Desktop folder, move all shortcuts you want to be shown only on your desktop to folder C:\Users\Your_Username\Desktop. Do the same for shortcuts you only want to be shown on your partner's desktop.


Solved 2nd user can see all my shortcuts ? - Windows 10 Forums


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i have more than one issue but think they are related hence one thread.

1st i cant access my desktop anymore, see error , it gives me a clean desktop with a recycle bin.

the 2nd shot is the desktop files in system32 which somehow indicates i have more than one desktop - which should not be, shot three are their paths.

the above might be related to the fact that i see two users on the startup screen, see shot 4, the code signin procedure of both was slightly different but both take the same code and enter the welcome screen. they also both lead me to the error in image one.

i tried a system restore to fix the issue but it did not work, see last shot.

a win10 recovery usb i have on hand did also not help to set things right.

mention must be made of the following.
win10 is on new ssd, c:
win10 was upgraded from win7 on old c:, now f: with media creation tool - the same usb was used to install win10 on the new ssd, now c:
although i installed win10 on the ssd with all drives unplugged, after plugging the other drives back in it somehow picked up the old win7
in order to move data to another hdd from f: prior to formatting it i took ownership of the windows and windows.old folders.
just before this mess i ran an exe, see last image, which is on f:\windows.old\users\gabriel\appdata\local\local\logos4, it downloaded about 600mb and ran the program which is a bona fide application containing books. i cant see were it is located on the computer and it is not on my old deskt... Read more

Answer:1. login> desktop unavailable 2. maybe multiple desktops & users

please ignore the desktop not displayed issue, this was my own stupidity. a sata cable to e: was loose.

the other issues, re the multiple desktop references in system32 and duplication of user names still persist but i can sort of live with them - but the desktop with its icons... non-negotiable :-)

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I recently had to reinstall W2000 Pro on my old computer, so I am the Administrator--new experience for me.Managed to also make myself a "Backup Operator", because a friend told me it's not a good idea to always run W2000 as an Admin.So, now that I've made a decent looking desktop as the Admin., how can I use the same desktop as my new "Backup Op"?Also, should I make myself a "Power User" instead of a Backup OP?

Answer:How to make all user's desktops same as Admid

copy the contents of your desktop via documents and settings to the new users desktop folder

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Hey guys. So I happened to get Windows Vista Ultimate over the weekend and am already sick of these annoying security pop-ups. I can understand on a machine with multiple logins or what not, but when I am THE only person logging in and I am THE administrator to my machine, I don't want these warnings everytime I install something, download something, etc.

How the heck do I make them STOP?

Answer:Vista: Stop Security Warnings - Let admins be ADMINS!

Control Panel --> User Accounts --> Turn User Account Control on or off

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For some reason in Windows 7, my BitDefender anti virus software shuts down periodically and I have to restart it by going to services.msc in the search prompt and force restart of the program. Today I clicked on properties and it displayed some actions I could take after the program shuts down and under the RECOVERY tabs, it says: First Failure Second Failure Subsequent Failures In all 3, I can click "restart services" However, when I click "apply" it tells me I can not do this and says "Acess is Denied" When I clicked on help, it told me I have to be logged in under Account Operators, Domain Admins or Enterprise Admins. Not only do I not know how to log in as this or do this, but it doesn't make sense why access is denied. Is there a way I can click "restart services" after First Failure and let it be applied? I called Bit Defender and they had me upload the software again, but I'm having the same problem. It doesn't happen on Windows Vista or XP. Thanks

Answer:Account Operators, Domain Admins, Enterprise Admins

Did you find out the solution, i am actually facing the same issue.
One more thing that I did was to schedule a task upon the specific event, there is a specific event id for each time it fails. I created a BAT file to start the same upon its failure, hope that works.

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Is it possible to make the Windows Store accessible to Admins only in a standard user account. I have Windows 10 Pro.

Answer:Windows Store Access: Make Store accessible to Admins only?

I think you will have to add the Desktop Experience feature in Windows Server, on your Domain Controllers to enable such a Windows Store Group Policy.
After that you will see the Group Policy setting at: User Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Store
No way I know of to do it on Windows 10 Pro.
Related read: Disable access to, or Turn off Windows Store in Windows 8.1

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How do I set up a remote desktop with my xp pro computer? I heard ultimate can do that, some directions would be nice.

also, how do I do the 4 virtual desktops with vista ultimate like beryl in ubuntu, I heard ultimate had an official program for it that wasn't third party that did it.

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I keep 2 virtual desktops, one for my personal applications and the other for official work.
I have multiple windows of Google Chrome on both the desktops, some excel windows, PDF files etc.

Whenever my computer wakes from sleep, the entire arrangement gets messed up and I have to manually drag back the windows into their respective desktops.

This is a very annoying issue. Any way to solve this?

Answer:Multiple Desktops - Applications keep jumping between desktops on wake


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Hi, I have a problem with W10 virtual desktops.

I'll explain it step by step :

Go to virtual desktop 1
Open full windowed Chrome
Go to virtual desktop 2
Open two different full windowed excels
Hit windows-tab

And you end up in this mess i'm attaching as a screenshot.

If you click on destktop 3 icon, you'll be there, but excel will be shown, full windowed, as if you were on desktop 2.
If you then minimize it, it goes to the desktop 2 taskbar.
If you click on desktop 1 icon, you'll get there, but excels will be shown instead of Chrome. If you put the mouse over desktop 1 icon and then click Chrome above virtual desktops, you'll get to desktop 1 with Chrome being shown as normal.

If you close one of the two excels, virtual desktops works again as expected.

What can I test to solve this mess?

Thanx a lot, I've been expecting a fix in every new compilation, with no luck.


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Hi, I have a problem with W10 virtual desktops.

I'll explain it step by step :

Go to virtual desktop 1
Open full windowed Chrome
Go to virtual desktop 2
Open two different full windowed excels
Hit windows-tab

And you end up in this mess i'm attaching as a screenshot.

If you click on destktop 3 icon, you'll be there, but excel will be shown, full windowed, as if you were on desktop 2.
If you then minimize it, it goes to the desktop 2 taskbar.
If you click on desktop 1 icon, you'll get there, but excels will be shown instead of Chrome. If you put the mouse over desktop 1 icon and then click Chrome above virtual desktops, you'll get to desktop 1 with Chrome being shown as normal.

If you close one of the two excels, virtual desktops works again as expected.

What can I test to solve this mess?

Thanx a lot, I've been expecting a fix in every new compilation, with no luck.


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I need the laptops at my office to have a static IP address for security purposes and identification. However, some employees take their laptops home in the evening. If I have the Wi-Fi configuration set to use a static IP address, how can they have a dynamic IP address at home?. All are using windows 7 . Nearly 10 - 15 person have laptop. Its for using in an office at qatar. Now all are getting internet with dynamic ip.

Answer:Want to make static IP for Wi-Fi users

Reserve the IPs by MAC address on your DHCP server. That way they can leave their machines set to DHCP managed IPs and still get the same one each time.

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We're nearing the 10 month mark of my quest for trying to find out how to alter default profiles in Windows 7. I've asked on several different forums, called everybody I know, other districts, businesses, and even attended two Microsoft Windows 7 conferences - all where they seemed to "not know" where this well known and highly used function in XP went with the roll-out of Windows 7.

Okay, fine. Fortunately, all of our software is going web based this summer, which doesn't require specific settings for it to run for all users - which kind of takes away the *need* for the default profile being altered. Previously some of our software needed data paths to be tweaked in the user interface panel of the software to target a certain server for data. However, each time a new user logged in without the profile set, it didn't know where to go for the data - hence why we had to start using them in XP land a while ago.

As far as my current situation goes... there's one curve ball. The printer. If there's a way that I can install a network printer on a computer, alter it's preferences, and that printer AND ALL PREFERENCES get passed on to every user who logs into the system (local user or domain user), I can say we MIGHT be able to successfully deploy Windows 7 without a massive headache.

Can I set up network printers/printer preferences on systems as system-wide instead of profile-based?

I'm praying for a "yes"...

Answer:Can I make printers available to ALL users who log in?

The print server should be able to handle all default preferences, should it not?
Have Kixtart run at login to then install/map the printers needed?

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Just recently, I have started doing my GCSE?s now to make things easier, I have been advised to use a computer to do drawing and the writing tasks. I currently have one computer that is purely my own, now because I use it for different things, does anybody know how I will be able to make a new user account on the computer, and have all of this school work and the software separate from other accounts.Basically I will install some software and do my work and save it to that user account and I do not want any other user to view these files. And when I install this new software I don?t want it to appear in all that counts just the account and school does anybody know how to do this?Also my school uses a virtual learning environment. This means that I will be able to download all my school files on the school computers from home and then use them. So what I wanted to be able to do is look on to the school account and be asked for the school username and password straight away and then have my files appear on the screen as soon as the username and password have been entered correctly. So that it saves time, and Ireland have to open my web browser and browse to the web page. Again does anybody know how I could do this?Anything that will be helpfulThanksBen

Answer:Does anyone know how to make new users seperate?

In Windows XP, go to Control Panel/User Accounts and follow the wizard to add a new user account. You must be logged in as an administrative to do this. In the user account save the software to the desktop. Hold down the left shift key and right click the program icon, select 'Run As'. This will allow you to install the program on that account only. You must use the Admin username and password in this process.

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Hotmail Will Make POP Users Pay

An annual fee will soon be slapped on surfers who use Microsoft's free e-mail service to check other accounts.

Users of Microsoft's MSN Hotmail service will no longer be able to aggregate e-mail from other accounts into their Hotmail account without paying $19.95 a year for the MSN Extra Storage subscription program, the company says.

The move was recently detailed in a mass e-mail sent to users of Hotmail's POP Mail Retrieval service. POP is the standard for sending e-mail from an Internet server which allows users to forward and receive e-mail from different accounts.

The free service will be discontinued as of July 16. Hotmail users who wish to continue using POP Mail Retrieval will have to sign up for Microsoft's MSN Extra Storage program which offers users 10MB of storage, 30MB of Communities storage, the ability to send larger attachments, and exemption for the service's account expiration policy.

Not Alone
Microsoft's decision to discontinue its free POP mail service comes on the heels of a similar decision by Yahoo, which ended its free Yahoo Mail POP3 access and e-mail forwarding features earlier this year.

Amid a continued downturn in the online advertising market, the two companies have been looking for ways to move users from free to fee services.

Both Microsoft and Yahoo have long offered extra e-mail storage capabilities for a fee, but POP users didn't bite at the opportunity to buy storage given that... Read more

Answer:Hotmail Will Make POP Users Pay

thank goodness for Outlook Express and Thunderbird......their is always Gmail.

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I just got Windows 8, and there are some programs that I want exclusively on my account. We have two accounts set up so far, and I just don't want to clutter up the other user's desktop with my stuff. Is there a way to assign a program to certain users?
Thank you.

Answer:How to make programs available to certain users

First watch installation routine, most have "install for this/all users" It might hide in default/custom installation.

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If I install a third-party program when logged-in on one user account, what (if anything) do I need to do to make this program fully available when logged in on another user account?

-- file access permissions?
-- desktop shortcuts?
-- start menu items?
-- anything else?

Answer:Make programs available for several users?

working on the theory that the installer is Admin and everyone else is Limited user

1. Permissions - Limited Users need both Read and Read and Execute rights (should be default)
2. yes shortcuts, desktop/start menu it doesnt matter, whichevers easier, Limited users have permission to access Program Files but they dont have permission to change anything so the shortcuts should point to C:\Program Files etc.

that should do it... alot of programs have an option to install for all users to automate the procedure, but for those that dont, the above will make it work

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tes, last night i was gonna set up a user account, limited, for a friend cause she had lost access to the internet and my system told me that It couldn't create the new user account.

I've been using windows for over a decade and i've never ever had that item, or excuse come up.

What's going on with my system?
I do have a program called " Fixer" installed on my Xp. It scans my registry every day when i start up my system. I also have diskeeper, most recent version, installed.

Here are the TSG results too. Please help.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965 Processor, x86 Family 16 Model 4 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3326 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti, 1 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 250003 MB, Free - 147040 MB; E: Total - 305242 MB, Free - 225563 MB; F: Total - 55239 MB, Free - 55172 MB;
Antivirus: ESET NOD32 Antivirus 5.0, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

Answer:Solved: cant make any new users on my xp

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I tried to make a second admin account with my main account, which is an admin, for testing purposes and when I try to sign in, whether I set a password or not, it says, "User Profile Service service Failed
User Profile Cannot Be Loaded" I've made multiple accounts, standard and admin. None of them will sign in.

There is no folder under "Users" that has the same name, and I tried looking in regedit and only found the main profile I use. I am under the impression that the profile service is supposed to create a new folder once the new user signs in, but I cannot sign in as new users. I tried making an account using the true admin login, but clicking on the link to manage other users does nothing under this username; not even a single process comes up. In addition, Admin's desktop is blank, Admin's search feature in the start menu doesn't work, and I get an error message that says it has trouble loading the temp profile.

I also tried running the startup disk,went into the cmd, and used the command "sfc /scannow." It said to reboot and run sfc again, so I logged into my normal profile and ran the same command in an admin level cmd, only to have it come up clean. I am out of ideas, and I don't want to have to perform a reinstall. Any thoughts?

Answer:Able to Make Users, but not Profiles

Hello Remwen, and welcome to Seven Forums.

This may be able to help you fix this error.

The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded. - Vista Forums

Hope this helps,

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I moved all the songs from my user account to the public music folder and added that folder to groove music, but the app doesn't show any songs on my account if I do that. What should I do to play those songs from any user account?

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Hi, I can't seem to figure out why certain programs installed by "User A" can't be seen or accessed by "User B".

Both users have Administrative Rights.

A handful of apps can only be used by the user who installed them.

Is there an easy way to remedy this?

If not, can I re-install these under the other log on, without wreaking havoc
for the first?


Answer:How to make programs available to all users in XP

You can copy the shortcut to the program to either the Desktop or Start Menu in Documents and Settings . . All Users


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Which would be the preferred option - W10 Multiple Desktops or a 3rd-party utility such as Dexpot...?


Answer:Multiple Desktops vs Virtual Desktops

Why not try both and let us know what you think

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I want to create a user in windows 7 ultimate that he can't use USB ports, to install programs etc.
Some help please!

Answer:How can I make users Without any permission in Windows 7

If you are the Administrator, you can right click the restricted file, program, or setting, choose "Run as administrator," and enter an administrator name and password.

Don't forget the password!!!

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Hi all,
I just installed build 10162 clean on my desktop. All went well. I found NVidia drivers and installed without issue.
I noticed, however, that windows created my Users dir as 'C:\Users\darre' when my name is correctly shown in the control panel and account info ('Darrel'). Is this normal for Win 10? I can't seem to rename it (access denied).

I do a lot of work from the command line so it will be noticeable to me.


Answer:Windows 10 shortened my name to make my Users dir

If you're doing work from the command line, just use the %HOMEPATH% environment variable, and then you never have to worry about what your name is... The bonus is that your scripts will now work for any username.

But to answer your question, if you create an account with your MSA account, then yes. This is what it does. To work around it, you can create a local account, then switch it to an MSA.

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We have a Windows Server computer with many many individual user accounts. Is there a way to make changes to core settings (such as printer choice) for all users, or do I need to log in to each account individually?

Edit: Sorry, I put the [Windows 10] tag on the post, reflexively.

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Hello, I have scanned a few documents that I've converted to PDF, and was wondering how I can make certain fields fillable for other users. I don't want to fill it myself, but i want to make it fillable by others.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Answer:How can I make a PDF form filable by other users?

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More precisely how to make a computer safe from stupid/dangerous users?

My sisters step children have a certain habit to download and install any rubbish imaginable from the net and then blame each other for doing it when the computers go boom... Considering I'm not too keen to go through XP installs over the phone to America now and then I need a better solution.

A few years ago I heard about an application used on school computers that had a hidden partition that restore the main partion at every bootup getting rid of anything installed / saved. Anyone know the name of that or a similar application?

Answer:How to make computer safe from users?

You could use permissions to deny access to install / download software. Just a thought.

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I am running Win7 pro 32 bit and am installing Corel Draw 8. I have followed the directions of 'Installing old programs for dummies' [ How to Install a Program in Windows 7 Using Windows XP Mode - For Dummies ] which is to use the Virtual PC and XP Mode. This is being installed from the original program CD. So, this is the problem, following the directions when you get to #5 it says:

"When you get to installer page that asks you to select the location for the application, be sure to select that you want the application accessible to Everyone. This option will enable the program to be accessible in Windows 7."
I never get to anything that lets me choose Everyone, I only get to a form field that wants me to enter where to install the program. It puts the program in C:\Corel\ etc. But, that is not the win 7 c drive. I found that out since I can't see the program anyplace, I can only get to it by opening the VM XP mode. Can someone please tell me where it is those directions are telling me to put the program? Am I supposed to choose somehow the win 7 c: and how do I do that? Thank you so much for any help. If I have to only use the program through the VM XP mode, it is worthless to me. Even here, since I installed that VM Xpmode, it is taking forever just to type anything, it pauses after about 3 letters and I have to wait to continue.
Thank you

Answer:Don't know how to make old program install for all users

I am posting my own reply. I accidently found out how to solve the problem so that I do not have to start and open the programs in XPMode, using this I can open them right from Win 7 in Win 7 and they work so far. It is a pretty long explanation but I figured I'd post the solution in case anyone else [of my generation ] needs the same help. I found the solution as I was trying to find out how to make a shortcut on the Win 7 desktop directly to the XPMode VM at the following blog post.

How To Add Windows XP Mode Shortcuts To A Windows 7 Desktop | Eli the Computer Guy

In short, once you create XP VM shortcut, this creates a folder in the All Programs / Windows Virtual Machine folder to a folder called Win XP Mode Applications. When you go to the All Programs / Windows Virtual Machine and open that XP Mode Applications folder you see all the programs and can create shortcuts for them and send them to your Win 7 Desktop. When you click the shortcut you made on the win 7 desktop, it starts the virtual machine [you see the little icon on your bottom ? task bar but it doesn't open a big window ] and the program opens in Win 7. So far my Corel Photo Paint 8 is working fine.

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With reference to above question mentioned in subject, i need to know how can i make one of my folder accessible to all users. While opening any image, documents, pdf, i am getting the attached message.

Awaiting the correct answer to the soonest.


Answer:How can I make a folder accessible for all users?

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Use the public folder to add stuff to everyones desktop.


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One of my users wants to use a different Office Assistant in MS Word. Pain in the *** I say, but it's a simple change so I go to make it.
She can't change it logged on as herself due to access restrictions. I try to map the drive as the admin but can't due to conflicting credentials or something of that nature. Then I log on as admin and make the change, but of course the change isn't propagated into the users account. And this brings me to my point. I'm new to administrating on a corporate level so bear with me...

We have our users locked down, and that won't change. So, when one of them wants a change to their system that requires admin rights, how do I do it and make sure the change happens to the user's account as well. Is there some way I can log on as admin in their account? With the above example what's the solution?


Answer:Admin trying to make changes to users settings

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How can I make a folder in the Administrater account accessible for a guest Account and Standard User Account?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:How can I make a folder accessible for all users?

Share it

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I am rephrasing the question to be more specific. I cannot see how my first request was inappropriate. I have not needed to set up a network in years, so I hope someone has the answer to my question.

I am paying for my home internet, and I do not want anyone visiting pron websites. Is their any tool that can alert me if one of my friends is accessing inappropriate material on the website. Someone closed my question before, so I guess knowing how to share their internet histories is NOT the proper answer.

I will not stand for people looking at bad websites, so I hope someone can point me to a decent solution.

Answer:I need to make sure users are not visiting bad websites

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i need to make limit for downloading speed on my network

and other way to let them can browse pages but can't download anything.


Answer:How to make users browse pages without downloading anything

is there any help


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I have windows 7 home premium 64 bit and I am trying to make users and put them into groups that I also want to create. You see I want to make these users and groups have special rights and permissions. I right click computer left click manage and then when I get to the computer management screen there is no users and groups in the list. This is extremely disappointing, in xp, and server 03 I can do that with ease. All from the computer management screen, please help me.

Answer:I am trying to make users and groups with rights and permissions

Hello Sinix, and welcome to Seven Forums.

This is because you have the Windows 7 Home Premium edition installed.

"Local Group Policy Editor" and "Local Users and Groups" is only available in Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise editions.


User Accounts - Add or Remove from Groups

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Does anyone know of a way to make FireFox the default browser for all users that log in to a Windows 7 pc?

It's a pain to have to set it every time a different user uses one of our pc's.


Answer:Make FireFox default browser for all users

If you make FF the default for each user, it should remain the default regardless of how many times it is used
How to make web links open in Firefox by default | Firefox Help

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I'll explain more in detail. I just recently created a partition to save space on my hard drive with the OS ( I had so much space on a separate partition that was offline) so anyways, when I log on another standard user account he can see this partition but the Guest account cannot which is good. I only want the admin account (mine) to be able to see it, so I went into the security permissions tab and configured and removed all accounts but System and Admin because it wouldn't let me move system and the permissions and modify options are grayed out so I cannot change any of them. I am not exactly sure what the System group/account is and I was wondering if it's a way I can secure this permission so only the admin can see it. I tried researching and looking in the Microsoft KB.

Answer:How do I make a separate partition private from other users?

Best way would be to encrypt it.

Sent from my HTC One

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One of my partition drives can not be written to by other users apart from the administrator.

Answer:How to make a partition drive accessible to all users .

Not a problem.. Right click the partition and go into Properties. Within the tabs at the top your going to see one that says "Sharing". It has functions in there to allow you to share that drive throughout your network. If anyone at anytime wants to get in there all they have to do is type in your IP address in Windows Explorer and the share name, (i.e. \\\shared)Hope this helps!

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When I say Mozilla, I meant all their products. Here's my story (and problem)

Our company has made an interactive CD/DVD for our clients. This is made in Macromedia Flash. One of the areas of the disc needs to use a browser to view it's flash animation. In IE 7 (Vista machine) it keeps asking to allow activex controls. I have tried to change the security features but to no avail. It also asks about javascript, and I did not see anything in the Internet tab of Options about Javascript (did MS take it out of there?). So I tried Firefox. That seemed to work OK. But the problem I have is that the CD is meant use the default browser (firefox) but IE7 is being a big baby and won't share. (IE is coming up instead of default browser).

As to the other Mozilla program, that's Thunderbird on Vista. Without fail TB will always ask to be the default email client, and no matter what I choose, it always come up. I did some digging and it looks like Defender is blocking the change, even though I have put Permitted for the change.

Is MS being a big baby here? or is Vista made to be a complete annoying OS?

Answer:Is Microsoft trying to make Mozilla users frustrated?

You have to ask this question?

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I have several Windows 8.1 computers with more than 8 user accounts in a small business environment. At the login screen, you have to scroll to the right to see some of the user names. How can I either make the user login icons smaller so that they all fit on a single screen, or make them show in multiple rows so they all fit on one screen?

Answer:Make Login Screen Show All Users Without Scrolling

I'm running 8.1 with multiple users as well, I'll go take a look and see if I can find anything for you.

Update: I searched the Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc), the Local Security Policy (secpol.exe), and a little web-surfing, but came out with nothing to help. I'm sorry, I tried the best I could!

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Hello Excel Experts. I have a need to protect an Excel workbook that currently is on a shared drive. I have one person whom updates the spreadsheet everyday. However there are several people that view the spreadsheet. How can I allow that one person edit access and everyone else readonly access? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Answer:Excel 2010 - Allow 1 user to make changes, Read only for other users

I would suggest to password protect the file an allow for read-only if no password is provided.
If the person allowed to edit should then open the file using the password so he / she can make changes.

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I have a win 7 computer. Logged in with Admin rights I connected to a network printer. Logged in as a regular user that printer is not available nor can I figure out how to install it.1. How do I make an installed network printer available to all users on that computer?2. Barring that how do I install a printer when logged in as a regular user I can find the printer but the install fails with error 0x00000002 (come on Microsoft, I thought error numbers alone went out with Windows 95).I have NEVER been so frustrated in my life as trying to make Win 7 work the way I want.

Answer:Windows 7 How do I make a network printer available to all users on the same computer

Hello,To install the printer for all users, follow these steps:
1. Click Start, click Control Panel and double click Devices and Printers.2. Click Add a Printer. 3. Select "Add a local printer". 4. Select "Create a new port". Choose "Local Port" as the type of the port.
5. In the box "Enter a port name", type the address as the following format.
\\ [IP address of the host computer]\[The Share Name of the printer]
Then click Next.
6. Choose the correct driver in the driver list. If no available driver, click the button Windows Update, wait for the process finishes and then look for the driver again.7. Shared this printer to all the users.8. Finish the installation.Thomas77

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Anyone know if MS is working with the NFL and 49ers to get a windows app made for the stadium. They currently only made it for iphone and android.

Answer:Levi's Stadium did not make an app for windows phone users.

Have you contacted them and asked? Contact Us | Levi's Stadium

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I was given this laptop and I want to take the other user off .How do I do it?

Answer:Remove all users & make this Dell laptop mine

Rightclick "My Computer", choose "Manage", doubleclick "Local Users and Groups", choose Users. At the right pane, choose the user you want to delete (not even the one, you're just logged in with), rightclick that user and choose "delete".The original poster should always write the last response !!!Let us know, if the problem is solved !!!

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My website is listed at When viewed at my resolution it looks fine but when I go over to my husbands computer it's bigger than it should be. Is there a way to set it to fit everyones browser who looks at it?

Answer:How do I make my website adjust to the users resolution size using GoLive?

yes just use the percent for table /cell or body size
<body size="75%">
CSS code is better you don't have to edit all the pages one at a time
do search for css edit or fix
there's about 4 good websites free tut's

dreamweaver is way better than golive
your theo page flash is great

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Over the past half-decade, a growing number of ordinary people have come to regard virtual private networking software as an essential protection against all-too-easy attacks that intercept sensitive data or inject malicious code into incoming traffic. Now, a comprehensive study of almost 300 VPN apps downloaded by millions of Android users from Google's official Play Market finds that the vast majority of them can't be fully trusted. Some of them don't work at all.

According to a research paper that analyzed the source-code and network behavior of 283 VPN apps for Android:
18 percent didn't encrypt traffic at all, a failure that left users wide open to man-in-the-middle attacks when connected to Wi-Fi hotspots or other types of unsecured networks
16 percent injected code into users' Web traffic to accomplish a variety of objectives, such as image transcoding, which is often intended to make graphic files load more quickly. Two of the apps injected JavaScript code that delivered ads and tracked user behavior. JavaScript is a powerful programming language that can easily be used maliciously
84 percent leaked traffic based on the next-generation IPv6 internet protocol, and 66 percent don't stop the spilling of domain name system-related data, again leaving that data vulnerable to monitoring or manipulation
Of the 67 percent of VPN products that specifically listed enhanced privacy as a benefit, 75 percent of them used third-party tracking librar... Read more

Answer:Majority of Android VPNs can’t be trusted to make users more secure

There are so so so many VPN apps in Google gives the feeling of many fake apps in there & many might be fake or simply useless i.e not doing the core job of a VPN.

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Program recommendation thread.
I need 4 virtual desktops; I have 1 monitor at 1080p, and 1 monitor at 720p. I would like the 1080p monitor to display the active virtual desktop, while the 720p monitor consistently maintains a "preview grid" of all the desktops available.

As of right now with the programs I've tried, the virtual desktops are stretching across both monitors. The preview panels cannot be consistently stuck to one monitor and not the other.

I need:
- The 4 virtual desktops to only appear on the 1080p monitor
- The preview grid to only appear on the 720p monitor
- The preview grid to always be active and open
- Preferably: To be able to crop and zoom in to which sections of each virtual desktop I want to appear in each preview grid

Which program out there would be most suitable for this? *NOTE* DexPot does not have all these fucntions

Answer:Need: Virtual desktops on monitor 1, previews of desktops on monitor 2


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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) Processor 2650e, AMD64 Family 15 Model 127 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 3838 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 694104 MB, Free - 552195 MB; E: Total - 21257 MB, Free - 15124 MB; F: Total - 694104 MB, Free - 454832 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 03D1TV
Antivirus: AVG Internet Security 2013, Uninstalled in favor of Microsoft Security Essentials

My XP machine's Task Manager comes up in the Processes window with "all users' processes" selected by default. I'd like to have the same thing in my W7 machine because on most occasions of using the Processes window I am in a hurry to find out what in heck is eating up all the CPU's attention. Is that possible and would you tell me how? Thanks

Answer:Solved: Make "all users" the default in Task Manager

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That's the only way they will get people to upgrade. It's pretty clear that most people using windows 7 don't feel the need to upgrade and don't want to, which hurts windows 8 as a platform. If Microsoft made the upgrade free, I'm betting most people will do it.
Apple has already been first to do this with OSX Mavericks.

Answer:Microsoft needs to make Windows 8.1 free to all Windows 7 users

Originally Posted by dba415 That's the only way they will get people to upgrade. It's pretty clear that most people using windows 7 don't feel the need to upgrade and don't want to, which hurts windows 8 as a platform. If Microsoft made the upgrade free, I'm betting most people will do it.
Apple has already been first to do this with OSX Mavericks. It is a free upgrade, from Windows 8. Windows 8 was only a $40 upgrade from Windows 7.
Something to remember is Apple sells hardware and can give OSX for free.
Microsoft sell... software.

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Everytime I turn on my laptop I get this message:
Windows cannot find C:\Users\Patricia\AppData\Local\GeniusBox\client.exe. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and try again.
Could someone please help me

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I myself am not an administrator, but I have been given this job to complete. We are currently running Windows 2000 on our RF(Radio Frequency) tablets which have touch screen capability.
I have set up the group policy editor to prevent anyone from starting anything except what is in the startup. I have removed all the desktop icons & all options from the start button menu, except the Program-Startup folders. There hasn't been any problems up until lately when someone discovered that they can open a window if they double tap(Click) on the programs folder after they hit the start button. This also happens if they double tap on the Startup folder. I have managed to prevent them from getting into the Programs folder by going into the users profile in the Documents&Settings folder and finding the startup folder & then the programs folder. Right click on it & go into properties. In the security tab & select the user & in the advanced section & do a deny on the "open folder/read data" this prevents the user from opening the folder when they try to get in..problem is if I do this to the startup folder it won't read the application in the startup folder. Windows does warn me that the DENY will take rights over all other options. How can I deny someone access to the folder options but not the application.
P.S. the "Open Folder/Read Data" are together in the check box I can't get just one of those options.

Help!! Spent too... Read more

Answer:Here is one for you Admins..If you can help.

You can place just the needed apps icons on the desk top and through policy remove everything in the start menu.

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Question: sys admins only ;)

has anyone had any success creating bulk users in win2k server, addusers doesnt like me im just wondering if anyone has had much luck with any vbscripts

Answer:sys admins only ;)

Check this out, it might be the answer

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I scanned with malwarebytes and found over 200 infections but some are still active changing the toolbar color and freezing.Thanks in advance.

Answer:A cry for help! Im sorry to all Admins.

Please read this:
How to attach items to your post or view How to Attach Items: the Video.

Now please follow these instructions:

READ & RUN ME FIRST. Malware Removal Guide

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Hey guys...I have one request, if its possible of qourse. Can you add my country flag (Macedonia) at the forums data bank,strangely it isn't added. I would really appreciate that. Thanks


Answer:asking for help from admins

That was quick!

edit.... It was there, now I don't see it. Try it again.

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Question: admins

here is the problem:
i changed my account to "limited" from administrator, im 14 so i need a simple anwser.

how do i change my account back to administrator?!

im using windows XP professinal


Is there another account on your computer with administrator status?

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Question: any SQL Admins?

Hello All,

I have Windows Sharepoint Services 2.0 utilizing a MS SQL database. On Friday I had a user delete one of the most important spreadsheets in my company. Normally this would not be an issue, just detach the current DB and then copy over the backup and restore the file. Challenge is, the backup has failed so I don't have that to rely on.

So before I shell out 260 bux to microsoft support, wanted to ask here.

Is the file still in the SQL database somewhere, just renamed or something, or is it deleted permentely? I know that the windows sharepoint services 3.0 does have a recycle bin feature, but not 2.0. so I am hoping this hasn't been permentely deleted.

thanks in advance!

Answer:any SQL Admins?

Do you have a full system backup anywhere?

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Question: 2 admins, help!

I created a new admin account by accident because I needed to do something, now I don't.

How do I get rid of it?

I put a code in the Command Prompt to create one.

It was like administrator /create:yes or something.

I know at the end it had /[something]:yes

Please help me get rid of the newly created admin!

Answer:2 admins, help!


It sounds like you may have enabled the Super Admin account, here's how to disable it

Administrator Account

For user accounts, here is the tutorial

User Account - Delete

Hope it helps


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Question: Local Admins

Hi In Domain environment,how do i assign a user of a domain in the local administrative group of the member systems of the domain using restricted group policy or other simple ways.Thanks
(i need step by step instruction on configuring my needs)

Answer:Local Admins

If you want to add a domain user to the Administrators group on multiple computers, you'll have to use some type of login script.

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So over the weekend, our company upgraded to Exchange 2010.

Outlook 2007 everything works perfect.

Outlook 2010 Mail works fine, but I cannot open shared calendars and when i go to schedule a meeting and view available times i get an error "no information, your server location could not be determined".

What could possibly be the difference? Can they block connections from certain versions of Outlook?

Finally figured out what the issue was. Fix is listed below. I just needed to add the autodiscover.xml file to my system.
For 2010
Throw this into an xml file called autodiscover.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<Autodiscover xmlns="">
<Response xmlns="">

Save it somewhere out of the way and then go to HK_CU\Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Outlook\Autodiscover
And add a new string value. Call it Modify the data of the key with the location of your local xml file. Reload Outlook and whammo.

For 2007
Same as above but use the following re... Read more

Answer:What did my Exchange Admins do?

Why don't you contact them for help....

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Question: admins on groups

ehi. a hypothetical. let's say i call my friend fred. he uses a service called for some reason, he trys to subscribe to a few groups, and is banned. does not know why. so, he has tried to contact the owners and moderators. they do not want to contact him, and tell him to go away. he is determined to find a way to rejoin the groups, and tries under a number of different e-mail addresses. but they find him and send him a e-mail, saying that he is using a fake address. but the addresses from gmail, yahoo, aol, apple are all legite. so, he wonders, if there is a way for him, to be a admin, even though he is banned. is there a way for him to do this. if so, how? so then he can get back at the mods, who are ignoring him. to teach him a lesson, and then hhe wants to block them out of being an owner or mods, and if he becomes an admin on this service, is it only for the one groups, or the entire site? just a brain teaser. any thoughts.

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I am currently trying to get Novell Messenger 2.0.1 up and running in my tree, however when ever I take and launch the Messenger agent and the Archive agent I get the following message on the archive agent:

Agent initialization failure [0xd235] <Press ENTER to Continue>

The server it is being installed on is NW 6.5 sp5

any one ever seen this before or know a way to fix this?

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Question: Admins password?

Hi Guys, girls too.
I wanted to restore my pc (HP Slimline) from the console. As I went through it it asked me for the Admins password. I have had this pc for near 6 yrs now. I used the one I always use and it claimed it was not that.
Is there anyway I can find that password?

Answer:Admins password?

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The title ays it all

Answer:Is it possible to have 2 admins on one computer?

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Question: Any Novell Admins?

Im having a problem with my proxy server running Bordermanager 3.7 SP3.
Some of the connections going threw the proxy aren't dropping off when the user logs off, instead it just waits for the connection to timeout or for me to unload proxy.nlm and reload it.

Is there a command I can use to clear the connections threw the proxy or how can I set the timeout value of these connections lower.


Answer:Any Novell Admins?

It's been a while since I messed with Border Manager, and it was mainly to get rid of it. But, I think there is a configuration file that you can use to tweak the timeouts. In the past, Novel's site had a lot of good information. But, I found that the more they into Linux, the harder it was to find info on Netware.

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1) If you were to have the perfect help-desk software, what features would be a necessity to you?

2) Along those same lines, what features would not be necessary, but really cool to have?

3) What sorts of things are important to you for tracking inventory and trouble tickets in help-desk software? What different ways would you want to track that info?

4) What would you like a piece of help-desk software to be able to connect to / collaborate with? (example: phone systems, chat software, etc.)

This is for a project that my friend and I are working on.


EDIT: Mods, if this is in the wrong place, I apologize. Didn't know where best to put this thread.

Answer:To all Sys Admins out there, a few questions:

1) I would want a "Managed Workstation" client on my user's desktops. It would have the ability to submit a trouble ticket that would automatically send the following to the server:

a) A screen shot of the most recently focused application
b) A task manager list of all processes
c) A user filled out form that would be customizable via html.

I would want this software to track the tickets from the individual users and show them feed back of the status. For example, we could have, "Unassigned", "Assigned", "In Progress", "Resolved" and "Unresolved".

When a user opened a ticket, it would go to the central server, which would then assign it to a logged in technician in a customizable order ( by technician preference, round robin, random, ect.. ). It would be important that the ticket problem catagory be a determining characteristic for the system when choosing a technician ( ie: I'm trained in novell, so any problems classified as "login" would go to me first, then other technicians next ).

There would need to be a second client, "Technician Workstation", which would reside on the techs computer. There would need to be customizable fields for records attached to a problem. I have found systems that tie into the phone systems to be problematic, and the data they gather to be unreliable. Instead, I would want these to be simple manual entry of data from the technician. ... Read more

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Question: telco admins

Anyone else getting a bunch of calls from SER5ICECALL <2064456190>? Calls last anywhere from 4-9 seconds then hangup.

I'm actually getting a lot of calls matching this profile, which is really screwing with my stats. Seems to only have started happening the past month.

Answer:telco admins

We've been getting them too. People are thinking its a nigerian thing... but from the nature of the calls and the source I wonder if its more a spamhaus related item. :tinfoil: on that for sure though.

Alls I know is I've gotten calls to my cell and my wife has been tracking it on the corp phone setup. The only leads we have are from nigeria for sure

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Question: Security Admins

Any security admins out there? Is the job any fun? Interesting? Coming from a Desktop Admin, the position I am thinking about taking is jr security admin. Handle new user setups and current user changes for access, including LAN, Web and Lotus Notes...

Answer:Security Admins

Security Admin is a wide and varied career with a lot of defining still to be worked out. Some would consider me to be a security admin because I deal with firewalls all day long, plus security documentation. To others a security admin is a ISSO, ISSM, or other bunch of letters. Bottom line: there is a huge difference in duties between techie and managerial security positions.

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HI All,

I have an HP switch that is having an issue.

We have a connection that is fiber being converted to CAT 5 and connected to our port. We have 3 vlan's on that port (1913,1914,1943).
nterface 2/37
tagged vlan 1913-1914,1943
untagged vlan 999

I have another port which is is tagged on vlan 1943

interface 2/39
tagged vlan 1913
untagged vlan 999
that host connected on port 2/39 is not able to access a host on the other side of 2/37

the odd part? the port on 2/37 looks like its not putting anything on the wire (reference below in the Drops TX:
HP-Stack-2920# sh int 2/37

Status and Counters - Port Counters for port 2/37

Name :
MAC Address : 6cc217-0d8a1b
Link Status : Up
Port Enabled : Yes
Totals (Since boot or last clear) :
Bytes Rx : 8,653 Bytes Tx : 0
Unicast Rx : 0 Unicast Tx : 0
Bcast/Mcast Rx : 127 Bcast/Mcast Tx : 0
Errors (Since boot or last clear) :
FCS Rx : 0 Drops Tx : 730
Alignment Rx : 0 Collisions Tx : 0
Runts Rx : 0 Late Colln Tx ... Read more

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To help desk ppl and admins, what do use for a help desk ticket system and how many tickets do u get a day and the amount of employees in the company do you have?


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Question: Exchange Admins

I was curious to see what kind of mailbox size limits other Exchange admins have set for their users.

We have ~1GB of mailbox storage limit set for each user and some are constantly hitting their limits. I would think 1GB is plenty and that people are just to lazy to clean out their mailboxes but am I wrong? Should I be setting it higher?

I could increase the limit, but I don't feel that would address the issue. People would just put off cleaning their mailbox until the limit is reached again.

Answer:Exchange Admins

Depends what they do. When I worked in a Fortune 50 company's NOC, I saved emails going back *YEARS* to cover our asses. I don't know how many times I pulled our asses out of the fire on conference calls by pulling up an email sent two years ago telling us to do something (or not do something).

People who like to store emails will do it one way or the other - use all the space available, or put it on a network share/local hard drive in an OST file.

At my current job, there's a lot of CAD/Adobe stuff that gets sent back and forth which adds up to a lot of space... so we have our mailboxes set at 25GB. Space is cheap. Our heaviest user is using 17GB.

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hi all ................i have write a thread before about hijiak log ...and the admins tell me to use new version of hijak ....and now i have done
what did they said....i realy hate that message ...the following is the new log of new version of Hijak

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 21:04:41, on 03/11/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\Program Files\Apoint\Apoint.exe
C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0\avp.exe
C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0\avp.exe
C:\Program Files\FolderSize\FolderSizeSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Apoint\Apntex.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7Debug\mdm.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Source Engine\OSE.EXE
C:\Program Files\Photodex\ProShowGold\ScsiAccess.exe
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe
C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\HijackThis\HijackThis.exe

R0 - HKCU\Software\Micros... Read more

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What is the verdict on giving out info pertaining to lost Admin Passwords to regain access. Can we give out this info on the forum or must we do it through email? There seems to be question about whether giving this info out is acceptable or not.

Answer:Question for Admins

thegreatone said:

What is the verdict on giving out info pertaining to lost Admin Passwords to regain access. Can we give out this info on the forum or must we do it through email? There seems to be question about whether giving this info out is acceptable or not.Click to expand...

I feel that it is acceptable. But I am not a moderator. If they really want to, people can pay the $149 for ERD commander or we can give them the free link to change their password.

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Please i cant get rid of this one trojan, its geardgr.dll ,something bout a generic downloader or something, also im getting 2 run.dll errors everytime i login to windows , and its really slow, can someone please help me on which programs to delete with hijack, here is my log PLEASE HELP ME, ive had this problem for so long!!! Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1Scan saved at 8:12:43 AM, on 8/31/2007Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)Running processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\csrss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\WINDOWS\SOUNDMAN.EXEC:\Program Files\Network Associates\VirusScan\SHSTAT.EXEC:\WINDOWS\system32\rundll32.exeC:\Program Files\Sony Ericsson\Mobile2\Application Launcher\Application Launcher.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\rundll32.exeC:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\GrooveMonitor.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\LVCOMSX.EXEC:\Program Files\Logitech\V... Read more

Answer:Please Help Me Admins/people!

Welcome to the BleepingComputer HijackThis Logs and Analysis forum skyaries89 My name is Richie and i'll be helping you to fix your problems.Please move HijackThis to a permanent folder on the hard drive such as C:\HJT. Create a new folder and place HijackThis.exe inside that folder so that the backups of log changes it creates are saved in the same folder and can be used to reverse any line entry deletion if found to be necessary.If you run Hijackthis from the desktop, the files it removes will not be backed up properly.How to create a new folder named HJT1. Click Start/My Computer,in the 'My Computer' window,open the window in which you want to create the new folder,click on Local Disk C:2. From the 'File' menu choose 'New'.3. From the 'New' menu choose 'Folder'.4. Type the folder name: HJT5. Then press Enter.Your version of Sun Java is out of date.Older versions have vulnerabilities that malware can use to infect your system.Please follow these steps to remove older versions of Sun Java,and then update.1. Download the latest version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE)2. Scroll down to where it says 'Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6u2'.3. Click the "Download" button to the right.4. Check the box that says: "Accept License Agreement".5. The page will refresh.6. Click on the link to download 'Windows Offline Installation, Multi-language' and save to your desktop.7. Close any programs you may have running - especially your web browser.8. Go to Star... Read more

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Hello. Ever since the new server update MG's did, I am unable to log-in my account and make new posts... However I can make new threads on my wifes computer.
Everytime I log in my account on my other computer , it will log me in, but I get blocked somehow, I tried emailing Tim from here, but he said nothing was wrong on majorgeeks end. So my question is ... whats wrong with my other computer to not let me make new threads.... I have run malware, superantispyware, Ccleaner, and did , ipconfig /release .... /renew ... /flushdns . So far, I am still unable to log-in correctly on my other computer without being blocked from something.

Can anyone help?

Answer:Majorgeeks Admins pls look....

Are there other sites that you can't get to, particularly anti-malware sites?

While I wait for you to reply, let me just suggest that you do the READ & RUN ME FIRST. Malware Removal Guide as some malware will stop you from going to such sites.

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My name is Andy and I came to this forum because I was just completely out of luck with a dozen other places where I tried to get help online. I'm sure admins can easily find my other post (it is the only one on this forum). Anyhow, I just wanted to say that someone quickly responded and he sounded extremely knowledgeable. He also followed up once or twice so that was also quite nice but...just one problem.

Your tech people on this forum really sound like they know computers...that's not a problem at all but the fact guys don't understand that most of us who come here are not tech savvy. I kept getting a message about CPU Throttling and something about CPU-Z. I checked other posts and other people seemed to be having the same problem. I read one guy's responses to a tech support specialist and he kept having to simply say, "I'm lost..." because he (just like me) didn't know what on earth the tech specialist was talking about.

That's just a courteous request...take it easy on us. You really don't know how we all appreciate your help but please try to understand that most of us don't know nearly a fraction of what you know about computers. I'm young and fairly descent with computers...I know about the various software applications and hardware in computers (drivers, codecs, video/audio players, graphics cards, sound cards...etc) but I still don't know 90% of what the forum techs know.

That's pretty much guys know A LOT...just try to put th... Read more

Answer:Something for Admins to Work On...

Thanks Andy. I have been trying to incorporate links to tutorials in my posts.
We appreciate the feedback.

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Hello. I'm trying to make my D: inaccessable to users other than myself. Example:

I have 2 accounts. One is my own account, and the other is for guests, but is not a limited or guest account. I don't want people mucking about in my D: since it holds a lot of my photoshop works.

If possible I'd like to find a way of simply hiding the drive from accounts other than my own. Is that possible? If I can't hide it, restricting access to it would be just as well.

Answer:Hiding a HDD from non Admins

I was messing around in various settings and managed to come up with a means of accomplishing this.

I went into my Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Users & Groups. I made a new group called "NoAccess" (it can be any name you want)

I then went into the users part of Computer Management and added all of the users I didn't want accessing this folder to the group "NoAccess."

I saved this, and went to my D: Drive and opened up Tools > Folder Options. In the View tab, I disabled Simply File Sharing & Security.

I went to D: and accessed the security. I added the group "NoAccess" to D:'s security, and set it to deny everything.

After a restart, I'm the only one able to access the contents of this drive.

Since nobody was able to help, I figured since I'd helped myself, I'd help you all too. Just incase this comes up again, or somebody ends up here with a similar question.

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For those that manage Win2k/2k3 servers, how do you go about managing log files. Do you really have to use the event viewer to view them? With over close to 25k-30k log files, it seems impossible! HOW DO YOU DO IT!

Answer:Question for the IT admins

killerasp said:

For those that manage Win2k/2k3 servers, how do you go about managing log files. Do you really have to use the event viewer to view them? With over close to 25k-30k log files, it seems impossible! HOW DO YOU DO IT!Click to expand...

It all depends on what exactly your needs are in reviewing event logs.

You don't have to use the event viewer provided that you have a way of automatically "forwarding" those events to a database. Here are a few tools you can use to get started:

1. GFI Security Event Log monitor
2. Snare for Windows
3. NTSysLog

GFI provides some basic reporting functions, but to get anything tailored to your needs, you'll need to write your own SQL queries.

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Hi All,

so i have which if o365 enabled. Im trying to setup a cisco conference server which works with o365 federation. As in, you would be able to call <user> from skype.

Thus far, with cisco APPS, this works without issue. As in, using jabber on i can call <user>

I have created in DNS and confirm it's been in place for OVER 24 hours now.

The issue is when i try and call <user> i get either 'Your org does NOT allow you to call" OR "We could not reach <user>"

I have confirmed in the o365 portal that the is NOT referenced but is.

Do i need to add it and then remove the services?
Am I missing DNS entries?

i also did additional testing with a domain outside of o365. Say If i try and call <user> it works but <user> does not.

I see no connection attempts coming into the network when i try can call <user>@meeting.domain[A-C].com

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I've been working with Kaseya for a while now and really like it though it's expensive and I'm trying to find a replacement. I've been trying out Sysaid for a while, but after a few weeks of not using it, it seems to have lost it's connections for VNC to my machines.

I'd really like something that can be installed and work on computers when they are remote (sales reps) so something like Kaseya but cheaper. What do you use?

Answer:Network admins - what rdp software do you use?

What capabilities do you need your remote software to have? If it's just VNC type connections, have you considered a free package like UltraVNC?

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I'd like some feedback from others on how they deal with spam. Specifically if they allow users to manage their own email. We have filtering at the server level but it is becoming too much to handle for our I.T. department. We don't run an exchange server, we don't have the personnel to do that. We have an ISP that does web and email hosting. Their spam filter is unreliable. I'm considering turning off the filter at the server level and letting users deal with their own spam.

Answer:Admins. what's your spam solution?

You realize that by turning off the spam filter you may be increasing your work load if one of the peons decides to infect the whole company with a virus

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This is just a question out curiosity-
Well here at work i have access to the vtunnel proxy page. My curiosity is, if you were to see my usage log, what comes up? would it just display the vtunnel site? or through the packets would they be able to see the site i'm accessing through vtunnel? This is just for learning purposes not to do/see anything that would really get me fired. Well hope you can enlighten me. thanks in advance.

Answer:Proxy question for admins.

From what I've seen from vtunnel, every image and link is renamed. So if you went to a page using vtunnel on my proxy, I could really only tell that you were using vtunnel. Plus, if you visit a lot of pages using vtunnel, if the admin checks high usage sites, it'll come up. But then again, any good admin that's filtering sites that would require you to use vtunnel would be blocking vtunnel. And if not, if you signed any form of a usage policy, odds are what you're doing is against it.

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I'm looking around at various bar coding inventory applications, and I was hoping to draw on the experience of some admins here. What do you all use? I've been looking at Wasp:

I'd love to hear from everyone about their personal experiences, both good and bad, for whatever you use.

Answer:Admins: Inventory solutions

They used wasp at my old job, we didn't specifically use it for IT but just inventory for everything. As far as scanning and tracking it seemed to work fine...printing labels and such is going to be a pain sometimes with any system just because of the precision feeding and flimsy paper and alignment.

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Do any of my fellow network administrators have a good way to manage your network's static IP addresses? I current use Excel, which is fine for me but is a real PITA for the rest of the IT staff to access.

A simple web based tracking system would be perfect for my needs but I am yet to find anything. Before i start coding, does something like this already exist?

Answer:Net Admins: Static IP Management?

I have messed with PHPIP before. It will do what you want but might take a bit of customization. There were some quirks that I did not like but I have yet to go back to and see if it has improved.

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Let's say I've got a network with 3 Server 2003 machines on it, all members of the same domain.

App Server, Domain Controller, Exchange server.

Let's say I want one administrator (actually a vendor I use) to have admin rights on anything to do with the App Server, but I don't want him in my Domain Controller or Exchange servers. How'd you suggest doing that?
He can have domain access in general (like to the administrative shares on users' PCs and such) yet I don't need them being able to access my DNS, DHCP, Exchange settings.

Answer:How to handle multiple Admins?

Just give him a domain account then add that account to the local admin group on the app server. Should be that simple, or am I missing something?

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I am replacing my two domain controllers with new servers, but the old ones will remain for a little while due to some folders on them need to be accessed. Also, one of them run my distributed file system. What I want to know is, can I just add the new servers to the domain, make them domain controllers and not have any issues while I remove the domain roll from the old servers? Also, would you recommend taking the IPs from the old domain controllers and use them on the new ones? One more thing, can I leave one of the old servers as the distributed file system server even though I will remove it as a domain controller?

Many thanks everyone.

Answer:Win2003 Admins. Need some advice

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