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drive c cant find files and it has old files from previous windows 7

Question: drive c cant find files and it has old files from previous windows 7

i had windows seven and upgraded to windows 7 ultimate and when i save files it goes to drive d when i download files and save some thing it save but i have old files from the other windows seven and the other windows seven is deleted but the files are still in drive c not my new one can any one help

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Preferred Solution: drive c cant find files and it has old files from previous windows 7

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: drive c cant find files and it has old files from previous windows 7

can anyone help

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I need a program to find duplicate files on my hard drive and then give me the option to either manually or automatically delete the copy that I don't want. I have a lot of .DOC, .PDF, .MP3, .XLS, and .TXT files that are duplicates. I used to copy from one hard drive to another and now I have these files spread over a lot of different directories.

I know that Symantec had a Norton Utilities package that used to be great for this!! I think this was back in the days of Win98/2000. But, I can't seem to find anything good now. Any ideas??? I tried going START > SEARCH > find all .MP3 files on hard drive, then arrange them according to size from largest to smallest and then just go through them manually. This was good for the large files (which are most important; since they're the ones taking the most space), but I can't go through thousands of .DOC and .TXT files.

I'm running WinXP Pro, BTW.


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I've recently upgraded my windows 7 to windows 10 enterprise. I have onedrive account with files synced to cloud, before upgrading i've backed up onedrive files locally in my computer. Some of those files can't be opened after upgrade, formats include
.docx and .xlsx and .png. Most of these files were in direct onedrive main/root folder rather than in subfolders. As i can see those images in subfolders can be opened but not doc and excel files.

How can i view those files again, why have they become corrupt, what could I do in future to prevent these problems

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Yesterday, I cleared the directory "Search Results" thinking it was a directory with only references to files, and not files themselves (such as the "Recent" file). When I noticed it started deleting 100k+ files (22 GB), I canceled it as I began to grow suspicious. For some reason, only a handful of files were in the recycle bin, so I restored those files thinking that my computer would return to its original state. To my surprise, I realized that there were several folders on my computer (C: drive) that were completely empty. Somehow the files in those folders were deleted and did not get restored properly. I tried utilizing the Windows System Restore and by choosing a restore point from several days back, yet the files that I deleted were simply gone. Is it possible for me to restore my hard drive to a previous date/time completely? This means that files that didn't exist before the date won't exist after the restore. If it is not possible on Windows alone, is there software that you can redirect me to? I have seen software that has done something similar to what I want, except it only allows individual files, while I would like a full drive restore. In case you all are wondering, I have yet to back up my hard drive (I'm using a fairly new computer) in any way.



Answer:Recover all files on hard drive from a previous date?

Quote: Originally Posted by IndividualPercy

I tried utilizing the Windows System Restore and by choosing a restore point from several days back, yet the files that I deleted were simply gone.

This should really be known as "Windows Operating System Restore" -- as that is what it does. When it makes updates to system files (as in the registry when you install an app), it saves off the current version of every file it changes. When you later do a restore, all it does is overwrite the current file with the one that it saved. It is not a "time machine" that will reset the entire system back to an older date.

Is it possible for me to restore my hard drive to a previous date/time completely? This means that files that didn't exist before the date won't exist after the restore.

This is what an image backup/restore does -- it makes a complete backup of an entire partition at a certain time. When you later restore from that backup, it returns the partition to the state it was in when the backup was taken. However, you have to do the image backup BEFORE you can do the restore.

If it is not possible on Windows alone, is there software that you can redirect me to? I have seen software that has done something similar to what I want, except it only allows individual files, while I would like a full drive restore. In case you all are wondering, I have yet to... Read more

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Even when using disk cleanup in admin account it will say deleted but after restarting and going back into disk cleanup they are back.

Even using Windows app they come back after deletion . See screenshot

On another note system restore doesn't seem to work , i did a system restore and even though i got the message that system restore completed successfully after i rebooted my screen was frozen and i had to do a system refresh to get it up and running again.

I have been waiting for it to delete my temp files for 8 minutes already.

Answer:Deletion of temp files and previous installation files not working.

I trust you are still running the upgrade to 10 and haven't seen to a clean install as of yet. That will now seem to be the best move since you already have 10 activated. And for seeing all the clutter gone once and for all you might want to consider a reformat of the drive in the process once you have anything and everything you want from the drive backed up elsewhere.

Once you see to a clean install and get all the programs back on you have on now you might also want to see to it that you make a full system image backup of the drive for safe keeping once the clean install is found running good. On a second case here I just restored an image of 7 onto a second drive that was added into that case to see a working dual boot with 10 there as well as on the main.

The problem you are having with the DC tool not actually cleaning off the files is likely a registry issue where the tool only goes through the motions of cleaning things up. This seems to be the commonly seen type of problem with 10 upgrades where you end up needing to go for the clean install right after! On a 7 laptop the Start button was missing. The Start>Settings screen was blank! And you couldn't even get into the Apps section at the bottom. Nuke upgrade, Clean install 10, working solution!

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I have been systematically moving old pictures and other files of value from my the hard disk that used to my primary drive in my old PC. I have now moved everything over and want to delete everything from it making it an empty drive for storage. Unfortunately it seems a lot files are still under the administrative authority of my my previous administrators account. I have tried using an unlocker program and taken ownership of the folders (of which there are now three remaining: Documents and settings, program files, Windows) to no avail. I could of course try booting my system from my old windows xp operating system which should still be intact on the drive, but what use would that be? there wouldn't be a way of transferring ownership from OS to another?

Any Help would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:Cannot delete files from previous hard drive, administrative issues

Hello Harrison, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Are you able to just do a quick format of the drive/partition that you wanted empty instead?

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As I wrote on the subject, Windows 10 doesn't give me back the files under the google drive directory.
Someone knows why?

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I am using Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1. This is a problem that I am having with Windows Explorer (the file manager Explorer, NOT the Internet Explorer).

When I open Windows Explorer and use the Search Files input box located in the upper right of the display, it does not find files that I know are on my hard drive.

On the other end of the spectrum, Windows Explorer sometimes finds too many files. But my problem is mainly concerned with NOT finding files that exist on my hard drive.

With respect to not finding files, Windows Explorer will have one of the following 2 behaviors, which are both quite frustrating.
I will type a search term in the Windows Explorer Search Files box and it will instantaneously return, telling me that NO files were found with my terms. Under normal circumstances, this would be a good thing, and you would just say that it has a good index of the files and that it is super fast. But it is NOT that! When I look for the files that I was trying to find by manually going through my directories and subdirectories, I find the files that Windows Explorer said were NOT there!

The second behavior is that Windows Explorer Search Files will return only a partial subset of the files with my search term. Again, if I look manually, I can then find the files myself, so I know that the other files exist on my HDD as well.
Incidentally, most often my query is only a one or two word search term, and I am almost always searching for a word wi... Read more

Answer:Windows Explorer Search Does NOT Find Files On My Hard Drive

Here is a good article on setting up and using Windows search: Windows Search - Configure and Use

Maybe it will help.

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hi there

i have a question related to "Previous versions of files" which i have to say is pretty handy...

i wanted to know, if i enabled it on a partition where i have lets say "DATA", which in effect has movies, photos and documents (xls, jpegs, mkvs, movs, avis, etc etc), would that back up the ENTIRE partition? for instance if i have a movie of 2gb, will that be backed up as well?

i currently have it enabled on C: which is the windows/programs partition only..

as far as i can tell you cannot choose which files are going to be backed up or maybe i am missing a setting somewhere?


Answer:Previous versions of files, does it backup ALL files?

Yes. It works well on a data partition. If there are no system data on the partition select the only restore previous versions option.

It doesn't actually back therm up. It keeps them in shadow storage so it is not a true backup. When your allocated shadow storage is used up it will delete the oldest version. As you can see I have 1% of my disk allocated. That gives me a couple of months of versions. You will need to experiment with what works for you

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ok so here's my scenario: a friend of mine had some major registry issues on his pc (windows xp pro), so he suggested i reformat his pc and backup all that was necessary, as he couldn't boot at all into the os. neither could i, even after registry repairs and basic reinstall. anyway, all was fine when i moved his drive into his son's pc to salvage the necessary files. after much sifting, i've got everything i need except one file he's adamant that i find...his bookmarks file from netscape. i saw it and made note of location (it was where the default netscape/mozilla bookmarks are saved under the user's profile) when i first started the backup, yet now it's not there (lots of people are in and out of that pc, but i doubt any would delete/move that specific file??). so my last attempt is to possibly check the system restore files if at all possible to salvage the file. apparently he's got a ton of bookmarks that need to be saved. any suggestions? i've searched everywhere for the stupid file, but to no avail. any help is appreciated. thanks in advance.

Answer:restoring files from previous windows xp install??

search for .lnk files?

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When using the Windows Disk Cleanup I get 32GB of previous Windows installation files (after upgrading from XP to Vista). I did the upgrade several months ago and am happy with Vista! Is it safe to delete these files?

Answer:Previous Windows Install Files - Safe to Delete?

If Cleanup is showing them I would say Yes but there will be no going back once they are gone

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Hello all, I was running vista business for a while, kinda testing it out. and decided I wanted to try vista ultimate, so i did a clean ultimate install, and when i tried to restore my pics form the external backup location it does not let tells me that the back up location is not available, there is a button for restore all files to original location. when i click it , I get > the files you are trying to restore have security permissions for a user account which could not be found on this computer, please create a user accout with the same name, so the permissions will be transfered to that name. Anyway I tried that and I still get nothing. anybody have any ideas, Thanks , Ken

Answer:Solved: cant restore files from previous windows backup

Can you see the folder on the drive that contains the files? If so, take ownership of the folder. Ths can be done in the Advanced section under the Security tab, or:

"Take Ownership" Context Menu
"Take Control"

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i am using windows xp and seem to be having a problem with my dvd RW drive. when i load a dvd say "DVD_A" containing a film, all the files in the dvd can be seen. now when i replace the dvd DVD_A with DVD_B, i cant see the content of DVD_B in the windows explorer. the windows explorer continues to show the content of DVD_A. i hit refresh a number of times but the content of DVD_A continues to be displayed.

can you guys help me .

Answer:windows explorer continues to show files of previous dvd

Go back. Get out of the Window for DVD A. You are causing Explorer to freeze up. There is a underlying issue but going back before you eject the DVD and insert the new one should get you the info.

Also go thru Osiris's guide.

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I had my photos[which is present in drive(E other than the one having windows installed(C] which i had encrypted using built in encryption option in windows8-64bit to prevent data from loss.

Then few days earlier i formatted drive (Cand upgraded my system to windows 8.1-64bit.
But I got worried when i saw that i m unable to access my all photos and videos that i encypted.It turned green.I could not even move or view them.

Then i installed windows 7 ultimate-64 bit thinking might this would help.But in vain.Presently I m on windows7-64bit os.

I tried to change the owner permissions but i was unable to.It said access denied.Maybe its asking for the owner that was on windows8-64 bit,(earliest one on which i encrypted the files).And now the owner has changed due to change in os and the thumbprint too.

Sir those files are really important for me.what can i do to get them back

Answer:Cant Decrypt 'encrypted files on previous version of Windows' after a format

As stated in this guide, if you don't have the key you will not be able to access the encrypted files.

The encryption system is extremely secure, if it wasn't it would serve no purpose and there is no way to break it without the encryption key.

Encryption would generally only be used for high risk information like banking details or anything you would not want an unauthorized user or a hacker to get access to. Photo's and movies are better just backed up to DVD's to keep them safe. Hard drives will always fail in time, so you should only leave data on your system that has not been backed up if you don't mind loosing it.

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Okay here's what happened. I re-installed windows and when installing SP2 it gave me a bunch of problems, so I re-re-installed windows xp pro again. After re-re-installing it sp2 installed fine and everything is now all fine and dandy. The only problem is there are a bunch of folders that were made during my first attempt to re-install windows. These folders for some reason were put onto an external harddrive that I have. Most of the folders contain the SP2 installer from the previous installation, which were never even used. Every time I try to delete them it says "cannot delete sp2, access denied."
These are the files I need to get rid of..

and this is the error message it gives me

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Answer:Solved: Can't delete windows update files from a previous installation

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Hey, Everytime I restart my computer now that message pops up. Can anyone here help me out and tell me what this is about?

Answer:Windows cannot find "C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\svchost.exe".

Svchost.exe resides in C:\WINDOWS\system32 not C:\Program Files which is why you are getting this error.

I am concerned you have malware going on so am going to move this thread to the Malware Forum. Work through this link below step-by step and post the requested files as indicated. An Authorized Malware Fighter will respond as soon as possible.

Welcome to!

Please follow the instructions in the below link and attach the requested logs when you finish these instructions.

Read & RUN ME FIRST Before Asking for Support

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Hi sorry for this cuestion maybe is a basic thing but i dont know how i configure my system because i can not see previous versios of office documents files or folders ┐How can ido that be created? I have 3 partition

C; windows D: files E: Recovery

I have system restore disabled

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Can someone please help me solve this. i need to find what files are on one drive but are not on another drive i am comparing it with. thanks in advance.

Answer:find files on 1 drive that are not on another

PS - I cannot use syncing software because the drives do not have the same folders or trees.

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Hey guys,

Recently my windows xp OS hard drive crashed on me. In desperation I installed a new HD with windows XP making my crashed drive the slave {So I can still salvage my files}. So far so good, until I tried to get into a few folders of mine that I had protected by Everstrike's Universal Shield 4.1. When I try to view these folders, I get access denied. I've tried logging in as administrator, safe mode, going through the registry to try and manual uninstall, re-downloading, installing and uninstalling Universal Shield- all to no avail. The uninstall freezes up on me every time.

What I believe is happening, is that Universal shield must still be installed on my slave drive, still protecting those folders that I had it lock.

How can I get rid of Universal shield on my slave drive, giving me access to the folders I need to back up? Any ideas?

Thanks a lot, hope we can get this figured out.

Answer:HD Crashed, How to find files you've hidden on old OS drive when old OS drive is now slave?

If I can't figure this out, i'm going to lose about 5 years worth of pictures and documents I've wanted to save. Anyone have any thing to help?

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I have a laptop hard drive that crashed and I purchased an external case to plug it in to my desktop so I can pull the files off.  When I connected the external w/hard drive it shows that only 30gb are available of 111gb.  I tried looking into every folder to find my files and I can't locate them.  I also clicked to "show hidden files" and still nothing.  Can someone please help me find my files?  Thanks. 

Answer:Can't find files on hard drive

You say your drive crashed and you have used up space that you can't find, sounds like file system errors to me. You can use third party software to attempt to recover files in this type of situation. I recommend getdataback for NTFS.

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i cannot find my back up files in one drive like my apps downloaded and settings

Answer:how do i find my back up files in one drive

That's because they're in a hidden section on OneDrive for security reasons.

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Something unexplained happened and don't know if its related to the XP (SP2) op system, new clip art or Norton 2006 install--or something else. Seems the system has a difficult time finding "my computer" when you select it. A flash light appears and after several minutes, the screen finally appears with all the drives listed. But that's not all. When I'm in a program--Microsoft or others--and want to browse to find the correct file, image, etc. to open, the system locks/freezes and won't let you select or even find the right thing. The only way I'm able to even open a file is to eventually get it from "my computer and then click on the file to launch the right program--rather than from the program. Any thoughts on where I might look or what's causing this? I'm ready to trash the whole thing and get a Mac!

Thanks for this posting opportunity. Will be anxious to hear what you think.

Answer:Can't find my computer or C-Drive files

When opening a file from any program, be sure to select All files in Files of type

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I need to know the number of files, all of them, on C:\ (not the amount of used space).

Answer:How Can I Find The Number Of Files On C Drive?

Right-click the C: drive icon and choose Properties. You won't see all of the files as Windows hides/protects the Operating System files unless in File Explorer you click, on the menu tab, View, Options, View tab and uncheck, or check, some things to make more files visible. When done be sure to go back and reset what you did.

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Hi there, my names Jim.

As the title says, My C drive is almost full and I can't find any files to get rid of to clear space.

This is an Acer 5315 laptop running Vista HOME BASIC and the drive is split into two 31.5 Gb partitions.

I've tried showing hidden files but that really didn't show much more than I can find already.

I've also been googling for ages but haven't had much success.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

Answer:c drive almost full but I can't find any files

Temp File Cleaner try running that and see if it makes some difference.But in all honesty I would get rid of the two partitions.

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A suggestion was to look in windows.old folder. That has nothing in the documents and pictures folders. How can I find these files?????

Answer:After upgrading to Windows 10, I can't find my documents and my pictures. How can I find these files?

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question A suggestion was to look in windows.old folder. That has nothing in the documents and pictures folders. How can I find these files????? Did you simply check the user folders?

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Drive F has 62055 txt files on the drive.
Drive G has 62049 txt files on the drive.
I need to identify the six files that are missing from drive G. Does anyone know of a way to find the file names of the files that are missing on Drive G compared to Drive F? Thank you in advance for your replies.

Answer:Solved: Need to find files that do not appear on drive G compared to drive F

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Now I would have bet my lifes savings on the fact that loads of utilities exist to find and isolate corrupt user created files on DVD's (files written such, not a video) and CD's and usb sticks and hard drives.

I google the www and find after much searching just one, CheckFolder and its a dead duck, website dead.

have I entered the TwilightZone ? (good 60's 70's series ! )

come on, surely there is a utility/prog to seek out dodgy USER CREATED files ?

I am not at all interested in searching system files, and every search result, every prog, every google hit, is all about system fixes !


Answer:Utility to find corrupted USER files not system files wanted


Sadly I cannot think of any utility that can search or scan for corrupt 3rd party files, other than using Windows chkdsk or sfc scannow but these are not what you want.

The scan app if it was available would have to cover a huge range of apps, and that is likely never to happen as the criteria could be endless..

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This is sending me nuts. Please help. My pc has a hard drive of I60g. I recently transfered all my files, music, video, documents, programs, etc to a new computer and the total came to 89g. Yet my hard drive in 'computer' c:drive shows I40g in use. My recovery d:drive is only 8g. I've been searching through my 'tree' and can't find any system folders large enough to account for this extra size. I've even looked in 'hidden files'. I'm a real retard when it comes to computers so I'm not surprised I can't solve it, but I know enough to understand it ain't an easy answer... If you can help you will really be saving me from throwing my laptop at the ffing wall in about 3hrs time  

Answer:Why is my PC hard drive full when I can only find 89g of files?

1) Did you empty the recycle bin after moving the files?2) Is system restore enabled? If so, that's using a huge amount of space.3) Download tressize and use it to see where the space is bing used (

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Hi, I just installed a larger hard drive.  I saved a disk image to an external drive, made a recovery disk, booted off the recovery disk, and restored the saved disk image.   Then I took the new unallocated space, formatted it, and created a mounted volume in a folder on the C: drive (My Documents).  I moved everything under My Documents to this new mounted volume.  In other words: C:\My Documents is now a mounted volume, not actually in the C: partition.   The trouble is, the files are there but in many instances they aren't findable.  It seems like there are caches of directory structures in various places that have to be rebuilt, or there are virtual pathnames (e.g. C:\Users\myusername\Documents) that have to be reset.  For example, I have a spreadsheet with references to values in other spreadsheets.  It can't find these anymore, even though the pathnames ought to be the same.   Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this problem? Thanks very much. - bill.

Answer:Can't find files after restore onto new hard drive

I have only played with XP for sure on changing the location of the my documents folder. It usually involves right clicking on it and going to properties and changing it. Sounds like you may need to copy things around, and then, edit the location on the my documents folder. I am not really sure what your situation is.

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Hi, i need to backup my files without using the os, so i used the usb booting method. I tried to access my files by launching notepad through command prompt, used the 'Save As' option to browse my files so that i can just copy and paste them to another usb. Unfortunately, i can't find my files, or even the Local Disk/Drive itself, it only shows 3 drives, 1) IRMCCSAX6 (C:)- Which at first I assumed is my local disk C, but my files aren't there, 2)CD Drive (D:) which i assume is for the CD/DVD ROM and 3)Boot (X:) which is the bootable usb that contains the windows installer. I Browsed all of them hoping to find my user profile folder, still no chance.
Here are some screenshots:
I kindly need your advice. Thank you!

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Hi, I posted this in the General Support but got no response.

I'm not sure how far reaching this is but I just noticed that when I select a folder and type a file name in the search bar on the right of the address bar, files are found on my backup drive, which is attached by USB to the PC, this drive is attached because it contains other partitions for file storage.

The folder in this case was on the desktop and it shows that it is on C: Drive, but files were found on the H: Drive which is where I run my backup to.

When I un-attach the H drive the files found do not respond to left or right click.

Any idea what is happening?



Answer:Search find files on backup drive

I'm not sure I understand your issue entirely but is there any chance that desktop folder is located on your C drive and the folder contains just shortcuts (not actual files) to the actual locations on the H drive? If not, could you give us a right-click properties view of the folder and also a right click properties view of the folder contents (eg select a file or shortcut inside the folder)?

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Hello all -

I have a bit of a problem. Last month my Emachine (tower) would not work anymore. There was no power going to the computer therefore impossible for me to get any data off at that time. I now have a HP labtop and am trying to transfer some of my files from the Emachine to the HP. I bought a DYNEX hardrive enclosure and hooked it up. I have looked everywhere on that hard drive and cannot seem to locate 10G of music, pictures and some very important files. I did go into documents and settings on the old drive and clicked on my user name to see if any information was there. It said the folder was empty and it gave me an error message as access denied. I also checked the space available and there is 18G used out of 20G which is the same as when it was working in my Emachine. Please help me!

Thank you all!

Gracie Lou

Answer:HELP - can't find any of my important files on my old hard drive

see if you can right click on the drive, and go to security and permissions (or even on that individual folder) and set the owner as the user name on your lappy.

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i'm trying to burn a movie into a DVD-R disk. I first clicked DVD-VIDEO FILES BUTTON , then pressed ADD,but when i click ADD i can't find any of my video files or music files or anything at all, can someone please help me. this only happens with the DVD options because when i click on MAKE AN AUDIO CD or VIDEO CD all the files are there when i click ADD. im using nero express 6.I would appresiate it very much if someone could help me.

Answer:nero express burn DVD-VIDEO files, can't find my files

Nero Express is only going to burn previously authored DVD files. The 'Add' box is looking for .bup, .vob, or .ifo files, to add to the Video-TS folder on the left.

Did you create a DVD using another program? The full version of Nero has the '“Make Your Own DVD-Video' option.

At the top of the first screen, after Nero opens, choose your DVD drive with the CD option. Then you will get the Video CD option.

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i want search more than 100 files at once, if i entered 100 files name in search box then xp allow only first 22 files search, how to allow more than 100 files search at once in xp? how many search options in xp,

Answer:how to search multiple files in xp? xp doesn't find more than 22 files at a time !

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I have (obviously with a shortcut or so) accidentally copied / moved some files I do not know from a folder I do not know to a folder I do not know.

Is there a way to find out these folders / files? Is there a log or such?

Answer:Accidentally copied / moved some files: find out folders, files?

Enter said:

I have (obviously with a shortcut or so) accidentally copied / moved some files I do not know from a folder I do not know to a folder I do not know.

Is there a way to find out these folders / files? Is there a log or such?


What makes you think you have done something wrong, or incorrect? What triggered this question?

We have to start somewhere......

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Hi and thank you for reading me
Several days ago, I launched a in-depth scan with avast! and a few problems popped-up. Most of them were called PUP and were located in my Temporary Internet Files. I found the ones for IE and deleted them but I don't know if Mozilla has its own separate files. Furthermore, one identified as a trojan was located in my Windows Defender scans file (I have the name of the specific infected file if that might help) but I can't find it and even if I did, I don't know what to do with it. Do I just delete it or do I have to do anything else ?
Also prior to that scan, I had very bad network connexion problems. I basically couldn't have access to the web for one of those three reasons :
- Home network but no Internet access
- Unidentified network with Internet access
- Unidentified network and no Internet access
Someone suggested that I might be infected so I did the scan. Now after that, my connexion is much better but not flawless, so I'm wondering if those PUP's might have something to do with it.
Lastly, I've been trying to download .exe files from several hosting sites and everytime I do, in the last few seconds of my download, Mozilla freezes. Seconds later, the file is supposedly on my computer and what I find instead is a file named trzF636.tmp The problem only ever comes with hosting sites and it's K-I-L-L-I-N-G me !
So yeah, those are basically all of my problems and I don't know if I'm really infected because now, when I... Read more

Answer:Downloads replaced by .tmp files and unable to find some infected files

Hello Lullay  -
First PUP = Potentially Unwanted Program (usually a minor problem or unwanted add-on)
As a rule, you can delete these -
"trzF636.tmp" is a randomly named Temporary File that we will now remove.
Please download Temp File Cleaner by Old Timer
Usage Instructions:
Download TFC from the link above and save the file on your desktop.
Close ALL running applications as TFC will terminate them before attempting to clean up the temporary files.
Double-click on the TFC icon - Vista, Win7, & 8, users - Right click and select "Run as administrator"
When the program opens, click on the Start button. 
TFC will terminate the Explorer process and all running applications and then begin the process of cleaning out all of your temp folders.
When done, press OK and reboot your computer and finish the cleanup.
Where are you attempting to download .exe files from, and what are they for ??
Please download Security Check by Screen317 from HERE
* Save it to your Desktop.
* Double-click SecurityCheck.exe
* Follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box.
* A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.Note: If a security program requests permission to access the Internet, allow it to do so.
Thank You -

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Hi guys, I have a problem. My laptop motherboard fried, so I removed the hard drive and purchased a caddy. When I plug the hard drive in to my new desktop PC I am able to see that only 4GB of the 100 GB capacity is available (as should be the case). However, I cannot see any of my files on there (folders I had created on the desktop etc.). The only folders I can see are PerfLogs, Program Files, SwSetup, Users, Windows and two of my personal folders (both containing some photos).

I really need to find the rest of my files as I have 12GBs of photos and videos of my baby boy on there, and would be gutted if I cannot access them again (for obvious reasons). Nothing else is important. Please help me if you can. Thanks.

P.S. Both my laptop and my PC are Vista. If I need to provide any other info please ask. Thanks again. My personal email is smarty_j_shields AT

Answer:Unable to find files on removed hard drive

did you had password security on your profile..?? Try treesize to explore the files or scan the folders
JAM Software - Windows Freeware

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I am currentely using Windows 7 Professional - 64 bit. When I try to copy files from My Documents or My Pictures to an external drive I get a report that this can not be done with 172 files because their names are too long. How can I do a sort and
identify all files with file names that are too long so that these can be shortened to less than 128 characters?

Answer:Find files withnames that are too long for copying to another drive


'Long Filename Finder' is a great free utility which I find very useful and easy to use. You can specify the files size and in which folder to look for the files.. Go
to the following site and Long Filename Finder link.

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Hey there!

So this is my issue -

I recently had a lap top get destroyed, and had the hard drive pulled out and placed into a dock for me to pull the files off of. I have been able to relocate most of my files-

Except EVERYTHING that had been on the Desktop. No files, folders, or anything. And I can not target anything through the hard drive itself, I have tried.

I have also tried granting permission for my new lap top to make sure I have access to everything on the drive - still nothing.

There is no 'Users' folder anywhere easily accessible, and when I DO find it, it's empty?

I have a lot of music and art files from my school work on this thing, and any help to find the files would be appreciated as I have been scouring forums for a month or so with no luck.

Thanks for the help ahead of time.

Answer:Solved: Can not find files on external Hard Drive

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Greeting. My wife attempted to install PC Anywhere on my desktop (while I was on a trip, naturally) and it crashed my XP home edition PC. To make a very long story short, I ended up attaching my daughter's hard drive as master so I could at least boot XP, and I've been backing up data from the old disk drive, now configured as slave. However, I can't find any of my old Outlook 2003 email messages or address book. I've done searches, etc. No luck. I tried opening the Outlook ap on drive 2, but it says the OS isn't configured for it. Any ideas?Thanks,Moe

Answer:can't find Outlook email/.pst files on disk drive

I think you need to view hidden files. In Windows Explorer go to Folder>Options and on the View Tab select "Show Hidden Files and Folders", you should also untick the box that says "Hide file extensions of know file types"

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Hi folks

I want to find duplicate files on my network drive, i know how to do it on local drive, I use an application called Auslogics Duplicate File Finder, but the problem is that this app only detects local drives (C), it doesn't detect my network drive.

How can i find duplicate files on my network hard drive?
are there some applications to do so? or windows itself can do it?


Answer:Find Duplicate files on network hard drive

Quote: Originally Posted by alibahaloo

Hi folks

I want to find duplicate files on my network drive, i know how to do it on local drive, I use an application called Auslogics Duplicate File Finder, but the problem is that this app only detects local drives (C), it doesn't detect my network drive.

How can i find duplicate files on my network hard drive?
are there some applications to do so? or windows itself can do it?


Hi alibahaloo , Have you tried this free software Find and remove duplicate files with Duplicate Cleaner

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I have an X61 running Vista. According to the computer, I have 5GB remaining on my 143GB HD. But when I use 3rd party software that shows the file size for folders, there is only 30 or so GB of files (from Windows and a few other sources) occupying space. I have looked high and low and I cannot find what is taking up all the room on the HD. I've done file cleanups, defragmented the disk, moved everything off the hard drive and it doesn't make much of a difference. Of course my performance is suffering because there is so little room left. Any thoughts.

Answer:Mystery: Hard Drive Full But Can't Find the Files

The Rescue and Recovery is probably making backups of your hdd without you knowing it, go into your start,program,thinkvantage,rescue and recovery->check your backup. 

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Hopefully someone has answers for this one.

My PC crashed yesterday. It would not boot. I have resigned to the fact that I will need to format the hard drive. So I have gone out and bought an external drive and an external converter so that I can save my files from the old hard drive before I format the drive.

Using my laptop, I connected the old hard drive via the USB, and the old hard drive appears to be working fine. If I right click on "Documents and Settings" I can see well over 100GB of data inside that folder.
However, when I look in the "Documents and Settings" folder, I can't see any files from "My Documents". If I right click on the 3 x folders (Administrator, Default User, All Users), each of them only show a small amount of content (ie. 500MB at the most). I am viewing 'hidden files and folders' but can not see where my documents actually are.

At the moment, I am moving all the data from the old hard drive to the new external hard drive. I can see that it is moving all of my 100GB of files as I can see their names. But looking in the external drive, I still can't find where they are. I have tried a search of known files, but this comes up with no result.

Any ideas on how I can find and retrieve these files?


Answer:Solved: Can't find files in My Documents from old hard drive

Was infected by a virus. Typed in "files hidden by virus" and there was an easy solution there.

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I have a older WD My Book drive for all of my music. I got a 2nd drive to back up all of my files. Copied folder over to new drive. All folders show up but folders are empty. When I go back to my old WD drive it shows 192GB being used but the music folder is empty when I open the folder.

How can I get my music back?

Answer:Can't find files - Data still shows under drive properties

What operating system are you running?

On your old drive, is this just for backup on are you running an operating system off this drive?

You say 192GB is used on the old drive. When you right click on the music folder on the old drive, select Properties, how much data does it show as being used?

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Can't find desktop files only shortcuts 0n hard drive from dead xp computer

Answer:cant find desktop files only shortcuts on hard drive

If you can only find shortcuts, but no programs or files that are related, they were probably deleted. Only the shortcuts remain. Right click the shortcut and look at the properties. See if you can find the path for it, then see if it exists.

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I have like


up tp 5000
Do you know a program which can search for missing files in this row?

Answer:Find missing files in a row of consecutively numbered files

Not that I know of, other than just using your eyes.

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Hi guys,

I have a Western Digital 500GB MyBook external hard drive.
Few days ago I created a folder in the root of the hard drive and I put all the MyBook original folders/files (For example: ArcDeviceInfo, autorun.inf, $RECYCLE.BIN, System Volume Information...etc) in the folder that I created. After that, everytime when I plugged the hard drive USB to my Mac and the hard drive start with normal sound and then it make 6 louder clicking sound and the hard drive stopped. The Hard drive volume didn't show up on my desktop so I open the Disk Utility app. In Disk Utility, I saw my hard drive icon but the name changed to "2 TB WD External Media" (my hard drive is 500GB, now became 2TB).

There is no way that I can enter my hard drive because it disappear, I cannot access the hard drive from my computer. I tried to partition the drive (just to see if the computer recognize it but it said Resource busy. I think the main problem is I put all the MyBook startup files into a new folder that I created and now the hard drive doesn't recognize it.
Can someone please tell me what should I do? Any suggestion? I know go to a professional to recover all the files is an option, but that will cost me $900 - $2900 (they gave me the quote online).
I hope someone can help me with this. Thank you very much for reading this.

Answer:WEIRD: External Hard Drive is gone, cannot find my files anymore.

Basically you have one option. Open the case and take out the HDD inside. It could be a s-ata drive but more likely it's a eide drive . Set it as a slave drive and put it in your machine and see if you can recover your files that way (it should be recognised as a plain drive with all your files intact), Or just undo what you did with the original autorun Mybook files and try it again back in the case on USB. That is all that the big File Retrieval Co would do anyway

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Thanks for helping;

I press Start
I type
Windows finds files containing 'hello'

I press Start
I type the filename of any files I know exist in my Google Drive folder (c:/users/Luke/Google Drive)
nothing appears.

It says "Windows is still indexing some files. This might not be everything just yet."

Thing is, if I go to Indexing Options, it clearly says
"Indexing complete."
and there's no HDD activity (and it's had ages to rebuild the index)...

...oh and I rebuilt the index (~500,000 files).

The best workaround I've found is switching off Indexing (which reveals files in Google Drive folder, but now searching the whole computer takes forever)

Thanks for any ideas!

Answer:Search doesn't find files! At least in my Google Drive folder...

Ah, and yes I checked Google Drive is included in the index!

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I can't figure out this WD Sync software at all. I first tried to use it to copy all my files from my old computer to the Passport hard drive and then to my new computer. That didn't seem to work because it wouldn't sync with my new computer, so I ended up just dragging and dropping the old-fashioned way.

Now I'm trying to use the Passport as a backup system, where it will automatically update itself with any new files I've created since the last backup (I did set it to automatically synchronize when I plug it in with the USB cable). However, after I selected my whole C drive to be synced, I can't seem to find any of the synced files in the Passport drive.

What I see in the Passport after I've synced is a folder labeled WD Sync Data. When I go into that folder, and then into my profile folder, I see folders labeled with single letters, each containing zillions of .dml files.

I'm about ready to give up on the WD Sync software! Is there any other software I can use to get my Passport to backup my computer's hard drive (where I can actually find the files I've backed up)? I don't want to delete files from my hard drive after they've been copied onto the Passport, I just want to have the extra copies in case my computer explodes or something.

Thank you!

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hi there i have a laptop here that crashed so i removed the hard drive and plugged it into an enclosure every file comes up like normal except for the user profiles in which the my documents and so on are in, this has never happened me before and have done it many times before without this problem, can anyone give me any suggestions? could it be a virus hiding them or maybe deleted themselves some how?????

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I have a 20 gb NTFS drive that i partitioned to C: 6gb for system files and E: 14gb for programs. I have a second hard drive for data I: 40gb. The C: drive is getting full. when trying to defragment C:, the report shows a bunch of fragmented files in a path called "/RECYCLED". I cannot seem to find that path anywhere on that drive, so I cannot delete those files! Any advice? I also would like to resize the partitions, will QTparted work for NTFS partitions? OR, any chance I can move my system to the 40gb I: drive (probably not).

Answer:Solved: C: drive full, can't find fragmented files; want to resize partitions

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Yesterday I put in a second hard drive so I could keep all of my media separate from my OS hard drive. After formatting, I tried to do a Cortana search for a specific TV show on the new drive. Searching with cortana from the task bar won't find anything on the second drive.
I did a little research and saw that you need to index the drive. I right clicked on the drive and went into properties, then I made sure I had this box checked
'Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties'
Then i went into indexing options and selected the whole new drive and let windows rebuild the index. After around 4 or 5 hours the rebuild finished and I still can't find any of my files when searching from the start menu.
I can open up file explorer and search from there fine, but that's not what I want. It's an extra step I shouldn't have to do. I could also download "Search Everything" or a similar third party search application, which is another thing I don't want to do. Searching from the start menu is ingrained in my head like typing in the home position is.
Has anyone with multiple hard drives in a single PC had this issue? Would merging the two hard drives into one partition get it working? I'd rather not do that, but if it's the only way I can search my entire PC from the taskbar I might have to.
Never had this issue with Windows 7..
Not sure how much system specs matter in this scenario, but here they are.

Operating... Read more

Answer:Searching from Start Menu won't find files on separate hard drive

Hi, it may depend on what you're searching for.
Cortana search boxes, as you know, only search what's indexed as far as files/folders are concerned.
But executables are not found (exe, bat, cmd...).

Further, you may need to click the file category (Documents, Photos, Videos... ) in Cortana's window.

I just tried this. I added aardvark.txt to a flash drive, added it to be indexed, which is was.
Typing aardvark in the search box found nothing. Clicking Documents did.

Clearly having to wait for an external drive (which could appear with a different drive letter when next it's plugged in) to be indexed before you can search it hardly makes sense.

Cortana's limitations are not encouraging me to use it at all.

Notwithstanding your distaste for 3rd party programs, when I added 'files' to Classic Shell's configurable search, simply typing aardvark into the search box found that file and a previously created test file on my internal disk whose contents were aardvark.

Rational, functional - and unlike the disaster the Win 10 menu is for start menus with subfolders, where it ignores the subfolders, and lists all shortcuts under the main folder in alpha order, resulting sometimes in (e.g.)
in the start menu (Help from different programs) Classic Shell just works.

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Why would the Find Files/Folders start showing many, many more files than it should? The returns aren't all matching the request and the lists go on forever.

Answer:Find Files or Folders lists all files

If you give it a four letter file to look up, it will give you every instance of those four letters in a row even if they are in the middle of a larger word or span words.

if you can keep your head while others around you are losing theirs then there is something you don't know

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I want to find a file downloaded by an app but not showing ready in app folder.

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Unwanted encoding messages on opening MSWord files. Inability to open MSExcel files and picture files. Apparently corrupted files?I am having problems opening .doc and .xls and .jpg files in some (but not all) folders in my folder tree, e.g. C:\Documents and Settings\(username)\My Documents\Folder X. However, Folders Y and Z are apparently unaffected. This has arisen only recently.My system is Windows XP (Home), and SP2 upgraded to SP3.MSWORD EXAMPLE:- On opening a Word file (whether from Word or from Windows Explorer) I receive this dialog box;"File Conversion - (filename).doc""Select the encoding that makes your document readable." The already selected button is "Other encoding" and the suggested code is "Japanese". The preview pane shows only an array of characters, all the same.On trying to select the button "Windows (Default)", the preview changes to a continuous array of lower-case xxxxxxx. On returning to the "Other encoding" option and trying "Auto-Select", the selected code returns itself to "Japanese" with the display as already noted above.On returning to the "Other encoding" option and trying "Western European (Windows)", the display reverts to the Windows Default style as already noted above, lines of xxxxxxx. I am unable to open the file.MSEXCEL EXAMPLE:- On opening an Excel file, all I get is an immensely long string of a character in ... Read more

Answer:Unwanted encoding messages on opening MSWord files. Inability to open MSExcel files and picture files. Apparently corrupted files?

This sounds like it might be a malware infection.

Have you run any scans lately?

Did you download BackUp4All from a reputable source?

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I upgraded the OS from XP Home edition to XP Professional edition by creating a new directory on my hard drive for the new system.The laptop runs just fine.I now wish to clean my hard drive by deleting all files in the no-longer-used c:\Windows directory. I am not able to view the contents in Windows Explorer, and a Delete command does not work as it says accesss is denied to c:\Windows\systerm32\Zyzxdo.dll.How can I completely remove c:\Windows?

Answer:Removing previous OS files

Start > My Computer > Tools > Folder Options > View > Advanced settings: enable > Show hidden files and folders.I use DustBuster, just install & let it run, Italian is used, but by watching the windows, you can get the gist of how much is removed. Alternatively, you can make a note of your HD size before & after. Down Windows XP your Windows folder smaller!

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I have bought a new WindowsXP computer and am transferring files and folders from Win98SE saved on CD to the new machine.I have met a problem insomuch as some files and folders are `Read Only` and can`t be saved in XP although they can be opened and accessed from the CD.Is there any way this can be solved.Thanks for any forthcoming advice.

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well i just recently installed windows vista on my newly set up D: partition and when loading up vista, ive noticed that vista acts as if my main drive is D: and so when i open things like add / remove programs, absolutely no programs from my c: show up. i have a feeling this is also the reason why when i try to open certain programs like say the companyt of heroes install file, vista says that i dont have the administrative privileges to open it! someone please help!

Answer:accessing files from previous OS?

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When someone tells you they?re running out of hard drive space, the first thing you would probably tell them to do is to clean up the system using a program such as CCleaner to remove all the junk and temp files which can take up a few Gigabytes. Uninstalling old software might free up some more depending how many useless programs they have installed.

Even after doing those things, your system might still be left with less that 10% free space remaining and Windows doesn?t really like that. Other areas of the drive might have been filled in folders you wouldn?t normally look in. For instance, I?ve seen the Windows\SoftwareDistribution folder take over 50GB of space and that folder is not somewhere you or a cleaning program would usually check.

The standard thing to do would be to check the properties of each top level folder and navigate your way down until the culprit files and folders are found. This could certainly waste a lot of time and isn?t efficient. Thankfully there are much better solutions for how to find out what files and folders are taking up hard drive space, and here?s a selection of 8 free tools to do just that.

1. TreeSize Free

TreeSize Free is a popular tool because it?s fast and within seconds gives you a fair idea which root folders are taking up the most space. The occupied proportion of space each folder takes up is show by a series of graphical bars, and when you click to open each subfolder, the same bar layout shows the space propo... Read more

Answer:8 Free Tools to Find What Files and Folders are Taking Up Hard Drive Space

Here are two more that should have been listed:

MeinPlatz "My-Place"



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With Rescue and Recovery 4, I used the Rescue option to transfer selected files from my Thinkpad to the external hard drive.  I then restored the Thinkpad to a previous backup.  Using Windows Explorer, I can't see the rescued files on the external hard drive, in order to copy these back to the laptop.  How do I get to these files? Thanks!

Answer:Can't find rescued files transferred by Rescue and Recovery 4 to external hard drive

I just posted a solution to this problem here: Hope it works for you!

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Let's see if I can so this.I have Windows XP on a Toshiba Satellite M45.This has occurred a few times over the last two months. I had a batch of MP3 files that I burned to a CD, then re-ripped. The files appeared in the "Unknown Artist" in my My Music folder. I re-named and mvoed all of the files into another folder I use for MP3s, also in the My Music folder. In other words, I moved the files from the computer's automatic sorting into my own customized sorting. However, for no apparent reasons, the music files have repeatedly re-appeared in the Unknown Artist folder, with the original files names, as if I never moved them. Sometimes the number of subfolders (the ones that have Unknown Album, date, and time) are different. Furthermore, all the new folders I created when I was doing my custom sorting disappear as if I had never created them. I've tried just moving the files back again, which ends up erasing my iTunes data. The files returned to the Unknown Artist. I tried re-naming and sorting the files. This worked for a time, but, again, the files went back to their original state. Since it's a bit time-consuming to keep moving the files and restoring my iTunes, I was hoping to find out if there's any paticular action on my part that triggers this to happen.I wish I could provide more details, but I don't always notice immediately that the files have changed. Since I haven't documented these occurences (the first time, the changed happened several tiems in a row, a... Read more

Answer:Files moved to previous folder

Do these music files still have no Artist name associated with them?  Are you using Windows Media Player?  

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Hi My virus seems to be on an archive file. I reinstalled windows using discs that came with pc, but I mustn't have formatted the drive because I have only 466mb space and antivirus scrolls through all these old files. Can I wipe clean the old files from the first install and if so how do I find them. I'm using XP home and my machine is a Fujitsu Scaleo P. Sorry to be such a dunderhead with this problem.

Answer:how do i delete files from previous install

If you have done a new install to the same partition then it will have name the other windows folder as Windows.old and you can then just delete it.Personally I would start from fresh with a new install and select format the partition at the begging of the set up operation.

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I hope this will fit into the troubleshooting section of the Forum.

I'm writing a long text and keeping it divided in chapters, i.e. I have created a different Word file for each chapter. I keep a copy of the whole folder on my laptop and back it up on a Kingston memory stick and on a DVD-R.

I had a shock yesterday when I found out that one of my chapters was a 0kb file and it was in fact a blank Word page. I have no idea how this happened.
I went to check my back-ups and both the Kingston memory stick and the DVD-R show the same 0kb version of the file.

I've recently changed laptop and the files I have on it were copied from the memory stick so I think there is no point in trying to find an older version of the 'empty file' on the laptop's hard drive.
I think my only hope might be the DVD-R.

And this is when you will see that, unfortunately, I am not at all an expert, so I can only describe what I was doing.
To put my files on the DVD-R I was simply dragging and dropping them in Windows 7 and then use the basic command 'Burn to disc'; I don't think I ever closed or finalised the disc as I was able to keep writing and copying files on it. The software would ask me if I wanted to replace files with the same name and I would say yes.

So, now I have a DVD-R that has the latest version of my folder with the 0kb file. However, whilst the folder on my laptop is 55Mb in size, the DVD-R, that allegedly contains the same folder, says I have used 818Mb of... Read more

Answer:Previous versions of files burned on DVD-R

DVD-R can only be written to "once" so after you burned it, it cannot be overwritten, you can only rewrite data on the DVD-RW..

I would try "recuva" software on the DVD/ USB, if you haven't written much to the USB since the 0kb file you noticed it may be able to recover the corrupted file (given it is corrupted and not failed in copying the data over).

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I have just installed a second copy of XP Home sp2 onto my hard drive. There are currently two partitions on my drive, this copy of xp and another which no longer lets me log in.

I am trying to copy the My Documents folder from my previous partition to this new copy of XP, however whenever I try to access this folder I get the message "access is denied" and I am unable to view any of the files.

I also cannot change the sharing properties as I cannot log into my previous installation of windows. Whenever I enter my password at the Welcome screen, I get a message saying I must activate windows before I can log in. I
tried clicking YES however that just starts to load then immediately logs out returning me to the Welcome screen. Same situation when I start in safe mode.

Is there any way I can copy these files before I erase that partition?

Answer:Copying files from previous partition

The files/folders are protected probably because you selected to log in with a password and additionally selected to protect the documents from other users. Because of this, you must take ownership of the files/folders in question.... it's pretty easy (most of the time )

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Hi guys. I recently overwrote an important notepad file, and would like to revert to the previous version before I overwrote it. I've read that there's such ways to do it, such as system restore, but I have never done a backup of my system before. Is there any other options that I could take?

Answer:Restoring previous versions of files

Windows automatically creates restore points...if it is not turned off

Restore PC to an Earlier Date & Time

Go Start>>All Programs>>Accessories>>System Tools>>System Restore
Click in the radio button Restore My Computer to An Earlier Time
Click Next
Pick a Date in Dark Blue only (pick a date to before you installed All-In-One)
Click Next
Then Next again.
This should restore the PC to that time & date

It will update and restart

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Hi! I own a Toshiba Qosmio x300(running on Vista home premium x64) and recently my oldest laptop, HP (windows XP pro x32), died from overheating.
Lucky for me, the hdd is still alive as I have some VERY important files on it (Work related)
The problem is that I cannot retrieve them:
here's exactly what I did:
I inserted my HP's hdd into my Toshiba.

(tried booting from XP but could not start windows since it seems to crash after the loading screen with the XP logo) (Also tried booting in safe mode, but same result)

So, I booted successfully from vista.
when I try to access the "My Documents" folder of the windows XP administrator account from windows vista, it says: Access denied.

I tried also making an administrator account from vista(exact name, case sensitive and same password) hoping to achieve success but no such luck.. I tried various software unlockers but none of them worked

any ideas would be very much appreciated!!

Answer:Unable to access files from previous OS! Please help!

Hello GKahn,

Welcome to Vista Forums.

Have you tried this yet? Context Menu - Take Ownership

Generally the problem is that the permissions are give to a particular ID and the new account has a new ID thus even though the name/password is the same the system still recognizes it as a different account. If that doesn't work, we can delve deeper.

Hope this helps.


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Ok I have a huge problem with recovering really important files that I need to access but can't....

I wanted to clean out my system because its been a long time, and my computer was just not running correctly in the past few weeks, so basically I cleared out one of my harddrives and I was intending to move my documents folder over to the other harddrive to back them up, anyway I had a problem doing that so I just decided to install another version of windows on the harddrive that windows is now stored on..... the OS installed correctly and runs fine, and I can access all my other files from when I had the old OS EXCEPT the user folder from my previos installation of XP (the documents and settings folder). I see the folder there, but when I try to open it, a dialog comes up that says Access Denied. I understand that with this new version of XP running Im not logged in under the past user name, but I really need those files and the old version of XP is gone, and I have no way of accessing the files.

thanks so much

Answer:Recovering Files from Previous XP Install NEED HELP!

Got this information from another forum and it may resolve the problem:

I think BloodRed is on to something...right-click the folder, properties. Security tab, Advanced button, Owner tab, choose your user account (or Administrator) and check the "replace owner on..." check box, then click OK.

Now try copying the data.

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I reinstalled XP yesterday and I tried to delete the partition that my current copy of XP was on, but it wouldn't let me. It said that it needed it for the temporary files. Later it asked if I wanted to delete it after the installation. I said yes. It never deleted it. That old partition is taking up a LARGE chunk of my hard drive. I have a 120gb hard drive and I only have like 18gb free. I tried to look for the folders to delete, but I couldn't find it. I didn't know if it would be obvious or if there is something I need to look for. I didn't want to go and delete something I shouldn't have. But I need that space freed up.

Answer:How do I delete files from a previous XP installation?

punchxcore said:

I reinstalled XP yesterday and I tried to delete the partition that my current copy of XP was on, but it wouldn't let me. It said that it needed it for the temporary files. Later it asked if I wanted to delete it after the installation. I said yes. It never deleted it. That old partition is taking up a LARGE chunk of my hard drive. I have a 120gb hard drive and I only have like 18gb free. I tried to look for the folders to delete, but I couldn't find it. I didn't know if it would be obvious or if there is something I need to look for. I didn't want to go and delete something I shouldn't have. But I need that space freed up.Click to expand...

when doing a "reinstall" it's always best to do a "clean reinstall" by reformatting...depending on exactly what your machine is, this generally means to reformat the larger NTFS partition, NOT the smaller FAT/FAT32 partition...this is what's needed for the temp files.

depending on your vendor, you can get specific instructions for a "clean reinstall" which will mean downloading required/basic drivers, saving to external media (re-writable cd, flashdrive, external usb drive) and installing after you get to your desktop. it does make a difference in which order you install drivers so check your vendor's site for that information...should be included with the "clean install" instructions (it is at Dell which is ... Read more

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Have Windows Vista Home Basic, Win_32 DOS, and Works 9.0.

Trying to take files from Works 9.0 to Works 3.0 and move them to an external drive.

Downloaded a converter so I could open files previous to Works 9.0.

Most files I cannot move. May be because of previous versions of Works
and converter does not open file.

Would converter cause problems moving files to external drive ?

Could this problem moving files result from something else ?

Answer:Files from previous software unmoveable.

I am no expert in Works but I think it is because the files are open. Close all the files you want to move and try copy or move/paste.

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Looking for a file called 2014financialsummary.pdf brought me to the search. I searched for summary. It did not show up in the results.

Answer:Windows 8 does not find my files

You really cant be so vague with the details. It will not help us help you. We need all the info we can get from you. Is this the first time you have seen this happen? Is it with just this file or has it happened with other files as well? Please, we need to know more. Some people will ignore a post if it doesnt have any info for them to go off of.

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I am trying to delete the name and location on the Find All files and I cannot.. can someone help me... thanks, a bunch. Dee

thank you for responding but that's not it....

O.k when you got to START tab and click on FIND FILES AND FOLDERS..... and when you go there there is a list of the files that you had previously searched for.. that's what I want deleted.. the previous searches. Under Name and Location - it says Named then below that it says Containing text then below that it says look in ... the Named location is where the previous searches are and I am trying to delete that... .... Hope you or anyone can help.
Thanks Savvy for your help I hope I explained myself.. it's hard when you don't know what your talking about.. and believe me I am computer dumb,, Hope to speak to or anyone soon... thanks again, Dee

Answer:On windows 98 the find All Files tab

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how to find files on windows 8

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Downloaded a .csv file to desktop. Then clicking on file gets me this message.

Windows cannot find 'C:\Users\Rick\Documents\Keller Williams\July Mailer.csv '. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.

Any thoughts? This has worked fine up until a couple days ago with other excel files.


Answer:Windows can't find .csv files

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I just had a clean install of Windows 10. I'm getting things working little by little but there's one really big thing I need help with. Win 10 search seems to be broken! When I try to search for a file, only maybe the same few files come up on the screen. I have to use File Explorer to find anything! It takes forever! Can anyone tell me how to fix this?

Any help with this will be very much appreciated.

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I just had a clean install of Windows 10. I'm getting things working little by little but there's one really big thing I need help with. Win 10 search seems to be broken! When I try to search for a file, only maybe the same few files come up on the screen. I have to use File Explorer to find anything! It takes forever! Can anyone tell me how to fix this?

Any help with this will be very much appreciated.

Answer:Windows 10 can't find files! :(

Problem solved. I fixed the SEARCH problem in Windows 10.

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Hi, i have loads of albums on Windows Media Player. Some were uploaded from my CD collection, but most came from a friends portable HDD. I haven't played them for a while but now want to make a compilation disc for the car. However, an error comes up saying 'Windows can't find the files. They may have been renamed/deleted etc'. The error seems to only apply to those songs from the HDD, not the ones from my original cd's. Is there any way of retrieving these files please? - Tony

Answer:Windows can't find files

Assuming you copied them from the external HDD? If not you will have to plug the HDD back in.
If you did copy them then let the Media Player do a search for music on your PC and it will find them.

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Yesterday after my son used the computer a threat from AVG showed up on the computer. Name: Trojanhorse games3.GNG. I ran a scan and believe I got rid of it. When I went to restart the computer a box comes up and says: Windows cannot find C\Windows\system32\msgwi.exe To search click start and then click search. When I search the file isn't found.

After that, I get another box that says: cannot load or run C\Windows\system32\msgwi.exe. in registry. Make sure it exist on computer or remove reference to it in the registry.

After that comes another box: Windows cannot find C\Windows\system32\msreysyt exe. To search click start and then click search. When I search the file isn't found.
Then comes the next box:cannot load or run C\Windows\system32\msreysyt exe in registry. Make sure it exist on computer or remove reference to it in the registry.

I have to click the boxes to get the computer to continue to load. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Here is the Hijackthis log:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 11:18:29 AM, on 6/17/2009
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18702)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\PROGRA~1\COMMON~1\... Read more

Answer:Windows cannot find exe files

Hiya and welcome to Tech Support Guy

Are you still having this problem? If so, do the following:

Please download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware from Here or Here

Double Click mbam-setup.exe to install the application.
Make sure a checkmark is placed next to Update Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and Launch Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, then click Finish.
If an update is found, it will download and install the latest version.
Once the program has loaded, select "Perform Quick Scan", then click Scan.
The scan may take some time to finish,so please be patient.
When the scan is complete, click OK, then Show Results to view the results.
Make sure that everything is checked, and click Remove Selected.
When disinfection is completed, a log will open in Notepad and you may be prompted to Restart.(See Extra Note)
The log is automatically saved by MBAM and can be viewed by clicking the Logs tab in MBAM.
Copy&Paste the entire report in your next reply.
Extra Note:
If MBAM encounters a file that is difficult to remove,you will be presented with 1 of 2 prompts,click OK to either and let MBAM proceed with the disinfection process,if asked to restart the computer,please do so immediatly.

Download and scan with SUPERAntiSpyware Free for Home Users
Double-click SUPERAntiSpyware.exe and use the default settings for installation.
An icon will be created on your desktop. Double-click that icon to launch the program.
If asked to update the program definitions, click &q... Read more

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how to find *.rft file

Answer:how to find files in windows 10

Hi, you have to write on Cortana search bar *.rtf

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Hi all,

There have been a couple threads on this topic on the forums but they have no solutions.

Whenever I reboot, all of my file changes are reverted. Files I deleted are back, files I added are gone, files I modified are reverted to their previous state, programs I installed are gone, programs I uninstalled are back, special reboot tools like checkdisk and mdsched don't take effect on reboot. File changes I make to my slave HDD are not reverted on reboot.

This just started happening the other day.

I ran MalwareBytes, which found some minor issues related to a toolbar, but of course rebooting brings it back. I ran "sfc /scannow." No errors found.

I used a Win7 recovery disk, which found no problems.

Here is my Disk Management screenshot:

One interesting thing, however, that might be part of the issue. When I boot up and open chrome, it opens to my last visited pages, which are for a program called HD Tune, implying to me that the problem started after installing and running this program. All I did with it was a scan, which did find bad bits. Here's a screenshot of that:

Not sure if HD Tune Pro did something to cause this, but I felt it was worth mentioning.

Answer:On reboot, all files revert to previous versions

It sounds almost like you are running this:
ToolWiz Time Freeze ? ToolWiz Software

I would look and see if it is on your system.

Barring that I would open the Services applet
(Winkey-r and type services.msc)
then scroll down to Shadow copy service.
Stop it if running, then set to disabled.

Make an obvious change to something and reboot.

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I use "Photos" app as default viewer when i manually open a picture file from explorer. I don't really like it, except for its touch feature but i give it a try..

One missing feature is that once i opened a file in it from explorer, i can't browse others files in same folders from application.

Is there a way to enable this ability ?


Answer:Photos : how to browse next and previous files in the same folder ?

I rather like the photos app. You can open a particular photo and use the left and right arrows to navigate to the other photos in the same folder. This behaviour should be enabled by default.

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I recently reinstalled XP but I didn't format the hard drive during the process. My hard drive is now almost full because the files and folders were not deleted...and they are nowhere to be found. I vaguely remember an option somewhere to delete files from a previous installation in xp but I can't seem to find it anywhere.I even tried Googling it but can't find it. Does anyone know how I can get rid of these old files.

Answer:Solved: Delete files from a previous xp installation?

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My computer experienced a power glitch leaving some files corrupted. Multiple system restores failed, some of them pointing to an unnamed, damaged Maximizer file. A CHKDSK was run and it fixed what it could but the residual effects left some important features of Maximizer 11 Entrepreneur, a contact manager, inoperable. This could be caused by a damaged executable or a data file used by Maximizer. The program is no longer supported.

I can restore the Maximizer folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\Maximizer\ going back to many dates before my disk problem using Previous Versions but I'm not sure this will lead to a fix. Will the files prior to the disk problem be OK? The files in previous folders have the same "Date modified" according to Explorer. Is there a utility that can check for file differences?

Has anyone tried to repair programs using such a technique. If so, I would appreciate learning from your experience.

Answer:Can Program files be repaired using Win 7 Previous Versions

I was going to suggest trying booting your Windows install disk and running Start Repairs, however, I'm not sure that will help.
Let the far wiser than I techs come aboard this thread and give you much better ideas!

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I have purchased a used computer, windows xp and would like to remove previous owners name from files and all information about owner from this computer. Thanks!!!!

Answer:remove previous owners information and name from files

Personally I would just format and reinstall Windows.

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I use "Photos" app as default viewer when i manually open a picture file from explorer. I don't really like it, except for its touch feature but i give it a try..

One missing feature is that once i opened a file in it from explorer, i can't browse others files in same folders from application.

Is there a way to enable this ability ?


Answer:Photos : how to browse next and previous files in the same folder ?

I rather like the photos app. You can open a particular photo and use the left and right arrows to navigate to the other photos in the same folder. This behaviour should be enabled by default.

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Good Morning All,

I have a friend who was deleting downloads and accidentally deleted her documents folder as well (Folder was stored on a external portable hard drive). She went to the recycle bin and clicked the file and chose restore, it showed all positive signs and removed it from the recycle bin, but there is no trace of where it went. It is not anywhere on the external hard drive (which was connected when she did the restore from recycle bin). I tried searching everywhere and there is no sign of it, any idea where it went? We tried downloading a free data recovery program, but it is still scanning and will take another 4 hours just wanted to reach out to you all and see if anyone has heard of this before and how to fix it?


Answer:Restored Files from Recycle Bin not in Previous Location

What does it say when you right click the Recycle Bin and click Properties?

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I performed a system restore on my computer when windows wouldn't start because of a corrupt file. I have a 160GB hard drive and I had 6 GB left of hard drive space left before I did the system restore, and I have the same amount now. But when I look into My Documents, none of my files are there. I had thousands and thousands of pictures and mp3 files, where did they all go??

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Hi all,

I have a problem which has been posted on here before by somebody else, and I've tried to go through the steps from this one (, but a few problems have come up:
1. When I go to Start menu >> Run >> regedit, the message comes up with "Windows cannot find regedit".
2. I tried downloading the "Showall.rar" file, which unzipped ok. When I opened Showall.bat, it comes up with "Cannot find C:\regkey.txt". This doesn't sound too good to me..

I'm assuming some sort of virus or something is attacking my registry and stopping me from viewing my hidden files.

If you could help me with this that would be very much appreciated.



Answer:Cannot see hidden files - tried previous suggestion still not working

No worries fellas, all solved. Many thanks anyways!

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How do I recover a file that i saved over? i am proofing a manuscript and made two files for two different chapters - 6 and 7. i had two files, then accidentally saved cp 7 information into cp6 before renaming it cp7. i want to get to a previous version of cp6 with the information on it (the document was a good three to four pages). i have tried the online and in menu instructions about previous versions, but the program claims there is none. what about the [.tmp] files it is supposed to make that i am supposed to be able to access? help!

Answer:Recover previous version of overwritten files did it take me over a year to phone in a problem to ATT?

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Due to a virus, I had to reinistall Windows Xp Pro SP3 but it now denies me access to any files or folders under my previous ID.
I know the files and sturcture is still there.
There where no indicated problems with the reinstallation.
Anyone have a fix?

Answer:Cannot access previous files under user after reinstallation of XP Pro SP3

If "my files" means My Documents" and all that are in that group...then you need to Take Ownership .
If you mean anything other than that...please provide more explicit details on just what is happening and when.

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Of the bloatware on my Lenovo Thinkpad was the Lenovo Message Center. It was mostly marketing stuff or issues unimportant so uninstalled it. Now, whenever Vista loads, my internet access ceases and system stalls until the following error box appears and I close it:
Googled this topic and found some information about Windows Prefetch file. Found AMSG.EXE-9DB72616 so deleted that but still get error box at start up. Also scanned registry for any instances of AMSG.exe and deleted those.

I've checked startup with msconfig and three third-party startup inspection programs but none show AMSG.exe as a startup item. This leads me to think it is in the registry somewhere but like I stated before, I've already deleted all references to AMSG.exe. Where else should I look to delete any reference to Message Center's executable file?


Answer:Windows Cannot Find 'c:\program Files\*.exe'

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