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Replacing SCSI storage drivers with IDE or SATA drivers

Question: Replacing SCSI storage drivers with IDE or SATA drivers

Having issues with RAID0 array being detected by Windows7 Ultimate x64 as SCSI. Apparently these drivers are the 'default' drivers that install when the RAID array is initialized. There is no option at this point to install other drivers instead.

Using DeviceManager, there is an option to 'update drivers', and regardless of the method chosen, even selecting the file for a previously-downloaded set of drivers, Windows7 always comes back with a message of "Windows has determined that the best drivers for your system are already installed". Considering that SCSI drivers are the OLDEST ones out there, and actual SCSI devices are becoming rarer and rarer, how is it that these drivers cannot be replaced with more current and more applicable drivers?

Does anyone know of a usable workaround to install non-SCSI drivers to replace the default ones?

Thanks in advance!

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Preferred Solution: Replacing SCSI storage drivers with IDE or SATA drivers

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Replacing SCSI storage drivers with IDE or SATA drivers

If this is for the motherboard listed in your specs, you need to install the AMD RAID driver,

AMD Chipset Drivers

May also want to install the chipset driver while you're at it if you haven't.

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I have done image from physical computer (with the help of Ghost).
Then I applied this image to virtual HDD (my OS is - Windows 7 Enterprise)
Then I fix boot with the help of -start up recovery- option of installation disk of Windows 7 professional.
Windows start booting but then crashes with error "0x0000007b"
So I want to load drivers of virtual SCSI controller with help of Windows recovery console or ERD commander or other utilities.
Please help me to find right VMware 7 drivers for Windows 7 Enterprise and load it to offline Windows 7 Enterprise

I do not want to make Windows reinstallation (repair) with help of installation disk (it will destroy some bugs that I want to keep unattached).

I do not want to use automatic physical to virtual conversion tools (don't ask why)
I just want to preload necassary drivers with the help of recovery console or ERD commander or other utilities.

P.S. May be I should install Windows 7 Enterprise on new Virtual machine and then export drivers with this tools But what exactly to export and how to load it to offline system?

Thank you for your answers and help!!

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does anyone know of a version of linux that supports the vista sata hard drives ?

Answer:Replacing Vista with Linux Sata drivers ?

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Hi, I installed xp on lenovo g550 by switching to IDE mode, after that i installed all sort of drivers iincluding sata drivers for sata channels, but when I switch back to AHCI mode & boot, Os will not load, Only blue screen comes & laptop restarts & this will continue till I again switch back to IDE mode.Can Any one help how  to configure sata drivers & boot into ACHI mode?  Thanks 

Answer:Storage management Sata Drivers

Download AHCI drivers from Intel here.Than, manualy istall it from device manager, under IDE/ATA ATAPI controllers. Search something like "Intel ICH9 port Serial ATA Storage Controller". In one of next screens select "Dont search. I will choose the driver to install" and select path to unpacked driver. Choose the correct AHCI driver for your controller. After this, restart your operating system, enter bios, select AHCI mode for SATA controller and boot into OS.

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I am trying to add a Intel® 82801GR/GH SATA AHCI Controller (Desktop ICH7R/DH) to the mass storage options on my sysprep image to add support for a HP XW4400,
I copied, iaahci.inf,, iastor.inf, iastor.sys, and txtsetup.oem to the c:\windows\inf directory, and added
PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_27C1&CC_0106=c:\windows\inf\iaahci.inf ; Intel® 82801GR/GH SATA AHCI Controller (Desktop ICH7R/DH)
PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_27C5&CC_0106=c:\windows\inf\iaahci.inf ; Intel® 82801GBM SATA AHCI Controller (Mobile ICH7M)
PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2652&CC_0106=c:\windows\inf\iaahci.inf ; Intel® 82801FR SATA AHCI Controller (Desktop ICH6R)
PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2653&CC_0106=c:\windows\inf\iaahci.inf ; Intel® 82801FBM SATA AHCI Controller (Mobile ICH6M)
PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_27C3&CC_0104=c:\windows\inf\iastor.inf ; Intel® 82801GR/GH SATA RAID Controller (Desktop ICH7R/DH)
PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_24DF&CC_0104=c:\windows\inf\iastor.inf ; Intel® 82801ER SATA RAID Controller (Desktop ICH5R)
PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_25B0&CC_0104=c:\windows\inf\iastor.inf ; Intel® 6300ESB SATA RAID Controller
PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2652&CC_0104=c:\windows\inf\iastor.inf ; Intel® 82801FR SATA RAID Controller (Desktop ICH6R)

My image is still blue screening, any ideas?
I know this isn't a hal issue, as i use the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) PC", ACPI PIC HAL (Halacpi.dll) on the base image and use a script to copy the rig... Read more

Answer:Trying to add Adding sata drivers to mass storage in sysprep.inf

Others can probably help, but if all else fails, you could try forcing the installation of those drivers in Windows before imaging it. I took that route for some Adaptec SCSI adapters in a few Dells we have.

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Windows xppro.
Motherboard - p4i65g ddr400 Prescott 800
I want to replace my internal dvd-rw.
The present drive is a SCSI, can I replace it with a Sata Drive.

Answer:Replacing a Scsi DVD-RW drive with a SATA

It has two SATA ports
as long as you have a spare port not in use then yes you can fit a SATA DVD drive.
I f no spare ports then you could buy a SATA card to put in one of the PCI slots and run the DVD drive off that.

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I'm currently trying to get quotes for servers for a new school which we are opening, which will be for 1,000 pupils.

I've been looking at the following servers, Dell PowerEdge T610, the IBM System x3400 M3 and the HP ProLiant ML150 G6.

It's a few years since I have bought a server and expected the specs regarding storage to be much higher. I just received the following email from the Dell partner:

Hi Peter,
This server is capable for both 2.5? & 3.5? hard drives and our maximum capacity for SAS 2.5? is only 300GB. below are your choices. Also SAS is more expensive than SATA, since SAS is design for heavy read & write and is used mostly for production servers.
2.5" SAS (10K RPM): 36GB, 73GB, 146GB, 147GB, 300GB
2.5" SAS (15K RPM) 36GB, 73GB
3.5" SAS (10K): 400GB
3.5" SAS (15K): 73GB, 146GB, 300GB , 450GB
3.5" Near-Line SAS (7.2K): 500GB, 750GB, 1TB
2.5" SATA II (5.4K RPM): 80GB, 160GB, 250GB
2.5" SATA II (7.2K RPM): 80GB, 120GB, 160GB, 250GB
2.5? 500GB SATA
3.5" SATA (7.2K): 80 GB,160GB, 250GB, 500GB, 750GB, 1TB
3.5? 2.0TB SATA
2.5" SSD: 25GB, 50GB
DaveClick to expand...

I'm wondering if Dave's response could be correct? SAS 2.5" drives are already available at 600GB's here and the smallest size currently available from that company (Toshiba) is 300GB which is the maximum size the server can accept according to Dave the salesman for Del... Read more

Answer:Server Storage Options (SAS, SCSI, SATA)

The drives for MG are all SATA. We've had no issues and sever considerably more than 1000.

SAS has advantages but you?ll have to string a bunch to get any reasonable storage. SATA as you have found is cheaper and more available. The Dell you pointed out had 600 Gig SAS drives, but $ 800 per. The 2 TB SATA is 800. So $2400 or $800?.full duplex worth that to you?

So, I would say go SATA for storage and take the $$$ you save and add RAM.

My 2 cents.

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Windows' device manager says my laptop is missing the PCI memory driver and the storage driver, however i don't know which drivers i should install.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:Missing drivers - Satellite A200 PSAE6E (PCI memory, storage drivers)


Download and install Chipset Utility and Storage Manager.

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I have upgraded to Windows 10. But I need drivers for graphics, audio and etc. When I visit it's site, I see a number of drivers listed. How should I select appropriate drivers to install in my notebook.Hp15-ac042tu Intel core i3 windows10 64bit

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Hi all

Had the drive controller die on a server the othr day. Just got my hands on the replacement, an Adptec 29320A SCSI card. Installed the card, board picks it up no problems just wondering what to do about the drives as this is the first time I've ever ad this problem.

The drives were mirrored on the original drive controller and I would like them to be mirrored on the new drive controller without losing any data.

How do I do this? The SCSI-Select utility picks up both drives but the original mirrored status seems to be lost, I'm assuming that was stored by the on board controller. How do I re-mirror the drives without losing any data?

Like I said this is a first for me and I am more than a little concerned about the potential to lose data.

I decided discretion was the better part of valour and chose to exit the RAID utility and let the thing boot up. Got a Windows Server 2003 logo just long enough to give me hope before it blue screened on me with a STOP 7B error message.

What now?

Answer:Replacing dead on-board scsi ontroller with scsi card

You might want to repost this over on the in the Peripherals section. There is a fellow over there who is very sharp on SCSI.
. The main thing about retaining RAID sets is to use a replacement host adapter (which some mistakenly call a controller) which uses as close to the same SCSI chip as was integrated on your mobo as possible.
. One should also keep in mind that mirroring (or RAID 1) is not an adequate backup methodology - it is strictly for achieving maximum uptime if ONE drive goes bad - if the host adapter goes bad it could take both drives along with it. A real backup plan is just as necessary with RAID 1 as for any single drive (I use an external hard drive myself). Let's hope you aren't yet another to have learned that the hard way - there is a program out there called R-Studio which should allow you to recover the data from at least one of your drives (once again hoping that both drives weren't fragged when the integrated host adapter went TU)... I pretty much stopped using SCSI when I switched to SATA drives and I never used the RAID features. Good luck.


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Question: SCSI Drivers

When I try to install XP it freezes on "setup is inspecting your computer's hardware configuration". I think that I need to get new SCSI drivers for the 4 SCSI drives in the comp to fix this. I really don't know much about this sort of thing though... How would I get the driver and how would I get them onto a comp with no os?

Answer:SCSI Drivers

See this article about pressing the F6 key during setup to load scsi drivers;en-us;Q295116

Your going to have to go the the scsi adapters web site or the motherboard manufacturers if it's onboard scsi and download the winxp drivers to load

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Question: Scsi drivers???

Can you boot a pc from the scsi drivers with out connecting the IDE hard drive of the pc or does it have to be connected?

I have four scsi drives and they look like they are all interconnected, I disconnected the hard drive and now the machine wont boot up. I can get into the BIOS but not to sure what we can change if anything at all???

PLS advise.

Answer:Scsi drivers???

You can boot scsi if the os is installed on the drives, sounds like the os was installed on the ide drive you disconnected

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Question: scsi drivers

I have a formatted SATA hard drive plugged into a jetway V500DAP motherboard. I can not load on Windows XP because I do not have the disk for the motherboard and can not find the scsi drivers to get Windows to load onto the hard drive. I have tried to find the drivers on the jetway site, but with no luck.

Answer:scsi drivers

click here and register, they may have the driver that you require.

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I just bought a new motherboard and my SCSI drivers aren't working with Windows 98. The driver is HPT372UDMA/ATA133RAID Controller. Everytime I install the driver and restart, Windows goes into safe mode or a blue screen with an error message saying something is wrong with the .vxd files. Please help!

Answer:SCSI Controller Drivers

What you are describing with the UDMA driver is not SCSI, it's IDE!! Go into device manager and remove the old devices listed, reboot and then reinstall the new drivers when Windoze restarts.

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Greetings ALL. I am about to install Windows XP PRO (retail Box version) onto a brand new MSI 790FX-GD70 motherboard with an AMD Phenom II x4 955 Black CPU. I recall during a previous installation of this same software on my older system that I will be asked to install (press F6) scsi /raid drivers, or something to that affect which will enable windows xp to read large SATA drives.I have a utilities/drivers cd that came with my m/board but I am unsure if that contains the necessary SATA drivers for windows installation to read from. I also have a CD that came with an (IOGEAR-Model GIC711S) internal / external SATA controller card that I was using for my old machine. That cd has drivers on it as well but again I'm not sure if it can be used during the windows xp install. Any help would be a step forward, thanks.Always Hope

Answer:AMD SCSI Drivers Needed

I would do what they call slip-streaming of the cd. It makes a new cd with drivers and updates such as sp3 all in one disk.Playing to the angelsLes Paul (1915-2009)

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Im missing the controller in devices? my dvd dosent work...
How can i fix this

Answer:SCSI drivers missing?

Has your DVD worked previously? If so, it's possible that the device driver has become corrupted. In this case you will need to remove the driver in Device Manager and reinstall it.

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a friend aquired this old personal system/2
model 80 386 to practice typing on and it started acting up. she doesn't have much money and was hoping to use this to improve her skills for a better job.

well it wouldn't start we opened it up and it has a scsi controller and a 121 mb hard drive in there beside the monster drive that came with it. the scsi controller card has a number on it ibm-85f002 also there was an add on memory card 95f1155 and once we took those out it booted up. but it used to boot up with these in there so I think it forgot what it had maybe the battery.
I Need to find where I can down load these drivers for her. the operating system is dos 5.o with win 3.1

I looked and IBM and got super lost!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:Need link to drivers for old 386 ibm mem and scsi

Did you try it with just the memory card?

Do you need the SCSI drive? Did you try the SCSI card without the drive attached to it? You said it has another drive besides the SCSI one, right?

There really aren't drivers for these kinds of parts, and the battery doesn't track them. SCSI controllers get drivers for Win9x, but not for DOS - unless you are adding a CDROM or something like that. For a hard drive you don't do anything.

The battery tracks time / date and installed components - if it was wiped out the time and date would have reset. Did they?

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech:
LarryCore begs for money

Vote for the best Tech Support site every day: VOTE for!

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Question: Raid/Scsi Drivers

hi peeps i have a pc with a sata drive and need to re-instal windows xp. however it says no hard drive can be detected (its all plugged in) is this due to the drivers that need to be used before installing windows??

i went looking for drivers and can't find anything

the motherboard is ASUS and i was looking for what i need but its quite confusing

the link is

does anyone know what i need. thanks!

Answer:Raid/Scsi Drivers

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Could any one help with the Location of the SCSI driver in Win XP. where is it located and any command as in.

Answer:Location of SCSI drivers.

What makes you need an SCSI driver/

System manufacturer and model?

Drivers...are the responsibility...of the manuafacturer of the part/component/system. Some are included in every version of a convenience. There are more drivers not included as a part of Windows...than there are included.


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I have a lsi megaraid 1600 elite scsi card which is not being dected by windows 7 64bit. I have tried several drivers packages for server 2003 and 2008 but it doesnt work. Lsi does not list visa drivers for this card on thier site. Does anyone have any suggestions.

Answer:Windows 7 scsi drivers.

Try running it in compatibility mode for an older version of Windows. See if that helps.

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I'm trying to find the correct drivers for vmware's lsilogic scsi disk.

The long story is I'm trying to convert a physical nt 4.0 box to a virtual machine. We couldn't run Converter as it couldn't detect which OS was running; nt 4 sp6a. So I performed a backup and restore using dd with a linux live cd. After performing the restore, we see the OS selection screen. After picking the OS the blue screen appear and changes quickly to BSOD; inaccessible_boot_device. I tried playing with the boot.ini but got couldn't find ntosknrl.exe instead. Right now I'm thinking that the installed disk drivers are not compatible with vmware.

NT 4 doesn't have recovery console, but i read that the RC from a 2000 disk will work. I boot to a 2000 cd but keep getting Setup could not find any hard disk drives. I tried loading lsi 20320 driver for 2000 but keep getting the same error.

Configuring a Virtual Machine to Use the LSI Logic SCSI Adapter

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You can download and use the Windows 7 drivers from the Adaptec support site, these seem to work fine (at least on x64).

Other Adaptec cards may also work using the Windows 7 drivers.


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I am running
Xp home
MSI 875p neo3 F
pen 4 2.8 GHz
1 Gig memory
2 x Maxtor l01m120 120 gb SATA HDD
All-in-Wonder 9800
Memorex CD/DVD rom

I somehow deleted the raid drivers and now my cd roms will not work. Device manager gives me a code 41 under the cd rom drives.

Windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware but cannot find the hardware device. (Code 41)

Under the SCSI/raid controllers, I get this:

Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)

I cannot reinstall win XP without a CD rom drive and cannot install drivers without redoing XP?

Completely at a loss. This is my baby and I can't fix her for the 1st time!
HELP! Please!

Answer:deleted scsi/raid drivers

Does the tray open?
Check that the CDROM cable is plugged in properly.

This is an article on code 41 at

Code 41
Windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware but cannot find the hardware device. (Code 41)

Recommended resolution

A driver was loaded but Windows cannot find the device. This error occurs when Windows does not detect a non-Plug and Play device.

If the device was removed, uninstall the driver, install the device, and then click Scan for hardware changes to reinstall the driver. If the hardware was not removed, obtain a new or updated driver for the device.

If the device is a non-Plug and Play device, a newer version of the driver might be needed. To install non-Plug and Play devices, use the Add Hardware wizard. Click Performance and Maintenance on Control Panel, click System, and on the Hardware tab, click Add Hardware Wizard.

On the General Properties tab of the device, click Troubleshoot to start the Troubleshooting Wizard.

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  Do I need special drivers installed for my scsi hdd to be recognized?

Answer:Need drivers for a Quantum Atlas 10k scsi hdd.

Are you attempting to boot from the SCSI drive? What version of Windows?You only need post this subject one time.

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Laptop model: A505-S6960

Manufacturer TOSHIBA
Model Portable PC
Version PSAP0U-007007
Chipset Vendor Intel
Chipset Model GM45/GM47
Chipset Revision 07
Southbridge Vendor Intel
Southbridge Model 82801IM (ICH9-M)
Southbridge Revision 03
Version 1.70
Date 09/15/2009

Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo T6500
Cores 2
Threads 2
Name Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo T6500
Code Name Penryn
Package Socket P (478)
Technology 45nm
Specification Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T6500 @ 2.10GHz
Hard Drives
Hitachi HTS545032B9A300 ATA Device
Manufacturer Hitachi
Product Family Travelstar
Series Prefix Standard
Speed, Expressed in Revolutions Per Minute (rpm) 5400
Model capacity for this specific drive 500GB
SATA type SATA-II 3.0Gb/s
Device type Fixed
ATA Standard ATA8-ACS
48-bit LBA Supported
Serial Number 090803PB4300QTHZ5SZA
Interface SATA

I wish to dual boot Windows XP Professional 64bit, but I cannot without SCSI drivers. Within the bios I have an option to set my SATA drive to 'compatibility' but when done Windows 7 ceases to boot. I either need Windows XP to recognize the drive with normal settings, or Windows 7 to load properly with compatibility enabled. If I co... Read more

Answer:Can't find SCSI drivers for motherboard ...

Try Toshiba directly...there are 157 downloadable items for your laptop

Model Content Page

Good Luck

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This is a hardware & software issue about my gateway, weird startup items, and how they affect nero.

I haven't had a problem with nero or dvd shrink until I used AUTORUNS a couple times, first time I just removed what I knew I didn't need. This time I've unchecked some other things which all appearing to be related to SCSI devices....which of course my gateway does not have a SCSI hard drive, and now I get errors while burning.

Finding info on these startup items is very difficult, and no one can provide very clear info, and when I do find info it is IT guys talking about their servers......very weird these files are in my startup and I'm trying to figure out how they affect nero.......

I've unchecked for example:

cmdide.sys -cmd pci ide bus driver by cmd technologies
*I think this is this is what caused the nero error*
QLogic drivers in startup? Why?
ql1280.sys -miniport driver for qlogic isp pci adapters
ql12160.sys -miniport driver for qlogic isp pci adapters
ql1080.sys -miniport driver for qlogic isp pci adapters
LSI in startup why?
sym_hi.sys -symbios hi-perf scsi miniport driver
sym_u3.sys -symbios ultra3 miniport driver
symc810.sys -symbios logic inc scsi miniport driver
symc8xx.sys -symbios 8xx scsi miniport driver

dac2w2k.sys -mylex disk array controller driver - mylex corp
Mraid35x.sys - megaraid raid controller driver for windows whistler 32
*by american megatrends inc.*
sisagp.sys -not only is it odd that I have scsi drivers in ... Read more

Answer:Gateway scsi drivers affecting nero....hmm...

Before I reboot & try this again, I wanted to also note that my nero wasn't up to date and my firmware wasn't up to date, I have since updated but the old versions had never once given me a problem and I used my dvd burner just a few days prior....

APOLGIZE FOR THE LENGTH - I just want to be detailed & figure some things out, also everytime I google these items it is amazingly difficult to get info for them.

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I would greatly appreciate any help in this matter as I am well over my head with this problem.

My lab computer is now unusable and I was forced to acquire a new one. The problem is that I need the computer to connect with a Digidata (Axon - Molecular Device) for physiological recordings through a SCSI card (Advansys SCSI Host Adapter PCI\VEN_10CD&DEV_1300). This Digidata would only be compatible with Windows XP as under Vista and 7 a usb port was used instead of the SCSI card. To make everything works with windows 7, I would have to purchase the newer version of the Digidata software which is too expensive for our lab to afford at point in time.

I was given a new Acer Aspire M3450 to fully erase and install windows XP (regretful mistake I now realize). The newly formatted computer under Windows XP runs ok, but as everyone would expect I am out of some drivers. I check the Acer website, but none are for Windows XP (not surprising). Here is the list:
Audio device on high definition audio bus Func_01&Ven_1002&Dev_791A and Func_01&Ven_10EC&Dev_0662
Ethernet controller PCI\Ven_10EC&Dev_8168
SM bus controller PCI\Ven_1002&Dev_4385
Universal serial bus controller PCI\Ven_186F&Dev_7023
Video controller PCI\Ven_1002&Dev_9715

I have 3 questions. Do I need the SM bus controller and USB controller drivers? I could use this computer without the audio, ethernet and vga drivers if such is the case. I tried to use a usb key and it seemed to work fine... Read more

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Hi ;

I recently hit a snag when I restarted my pc after it bsod as I was running a Prevx scan. It would not boot and I had an error saying that Windows cannot find....\WINDOWS\System32\Config\System error saying I can attempt to repair the corrupted file through running a repair using the "R" function...something like that.....

Fact is I cannot run an "R" on that pc since I only slipstreamed the VIA driver into a custom installation and I do not have a floppy drive to use for "hit F6 to install third party SCSI RAID drivers..." What a drag....

A good thing I have an image back-up and restored my partition image.

Along this line may I ask,

Is there a way to install a third party SCSI RAID driver by not using a floppy but a USB when hitting the F6? Is there a way to install it other than a floppy drive or slipstreaming?

Is via a USB possble? If so, how can it be done?

The original Windows XP cd does not have the drivers in it th reason for slipstreaming it to a custom installation disc. Can't run an "R" if Windows cannot see the drive....I get an:

"Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer..etc..etc..Setup cannot continue. To quit setup press F3."

Thank you and looking forward to some tips about it.


Answer:Hit F6 to install third party SCSI RAID drivers question

It can be done with a USB floppy drive. I understand that your BIOS will need to support USB/floppy emulation, but I think most modern BIOS's do.

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Hey guys! I am currently running Linux Mint 11 and want to install Windows XP on a second HD. When I run the Bootloader, It says press F6 to install 3rd Party SCSI or RAID drivers...Otherwise, it cannot find the hard drives.

My question is: Does anyone know where I might find the correct drivers for SCSI/RAID? I DO have a floppy drive/diskettes at disposal.

Motherboard details:
id: core
description: Motherboard
product: D1691
vendor: Tyan Computer Corporation
physical id:
version: S26361-D1691

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Installing windows xp issures. Involves SCSI drivers!

IIRC, you don't need to install SCSI or RAID drivers, unless you are running them. It just says that in setup so you can press F6 if you need to install drivers. In this case, you don't need to.

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hey guys this is the device that i am having problems with :confusedSCSI and RAID controllers an here is my problem...

1.) Problem

2.) Problem

what can i do to solve this problem

Answer:Need Drivers for SCSI and RAID controllers 320G harddrive

I'm a little confused about your request. are you asking for drivers or just wanting to change the appearance and performance of your of your external drive.
I've included to links that mayhelp you, but if I'm on the wrong path post back.

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hi well i am new to sata stuff i got 2 satas integrated into my motherboard and i am trying to flash my xbox 360 hard drive but my satas dont get found it cant find ne connection from the sata to the 360 drive. the sata drives are also labeled SATA0 and SATA1. i also just checked my bios when i tryed to enable them it wouldnt let me it just said unknown device...whats going on here how do i enable em? im running windows xp sp2 home on dell dimension 8300.

heres the drivers that r recognized


Answer:SATA PROBLEM(sata drivers arent detected on the cpu)

If the drives are not found by the BIOS you need to get a updated BIOS first.

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This is a long standing question. Which drivers should I use? I have graphical issues with the current Drivers from Dell.
Any ideas what are the advantages of Dell's drivers over the ones from Intel/NVIDIA web site and do the even work? What will I lose if I use the latter?

Answer:Inspiron 7567 which drivers? Dell drivers or Intel/NVIDIA graphics drivers?

Dell drivers are Intel/Nvidia drivers that are customized for your exact model and should be used. They are available at Dell Support if you have to reinstall.

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Could someone please tell me whether I can replace the Elantech drivers with Synaptics drivers, I have tried adjusting the sensitivity in my Elantech touchpad in my Acer Aspire 5750 but still not comfortable with it.
I have tried to use windows7 generic drivers by uninstalling Elantech drivers but when I restart Elantech drivers are installed again.
I would preferably like to install Synaptics drivers if that's possible but I am not sure whether that will work.
Any suggestions please.

Answer:Replacing Elantech Drivers.

Yes, you should be fine I think. One way of installing the synaptics driver would be to extract the zip to a folder of choice, then in device manager update the touch pad driver and point it to that folder.

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I have recently had a problem with my PC and had to restore the whole setup.The problem now is that I have lost the drivers for my Netgear PCI adaptor.I went to Netgear's site and found what I thought were the correct drivers, and have tried to reinstall them, but they cannot be found when going through the process as windows reboots and finds the new hardware.I direct them to the folder that has the drivers, but they are not being installed.The next problem is I actually think the card is excess to requirements,I appear to have another network card that is working (Idont know now why installed this new card)Should I keep on trying to install the drivers or just physically remove the card from the PC ?How would I store the card safely (remembering I have lost the packaging it came in)Can I just stop Windows finding it everytime it reboots ?Too many questions ?Any solutions will be most helpful.Thanks in advance.

Answer:Replacing drivers for PCI adaptor

If as you say some other card/device is working, then by persisting you are going to risk upsetting that as well.If you are sure the card is not needed then simply unplug it, and reboot.The likelihood is that Windows will stop asking for drivers for the now absent card.Store it ideally in any antistatic bag, but I wouldn't worry, it will eventually go into your bin when you find you really don't need it.

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I upgraded my dell studio 1535 from Vista 64 bit to 7 professional 64-bit and now have problems with the keyboard (It's usually recognized, but keystrokes are often not recorded. Sometimes it doesn't work at all). USB devices work fine. I have my Vista OS under c:\Windows.old so I would like to replace the 7 keyboard drivers (i8042prt.sys and kbdclass.sys) with the Vista drivers of the same names that are in c:\window.old\windows\system32\drivers Will this cause any problems? If not, how would I go about doing this?

Answer:replacing i8042prt.sys and kbdclass.sys drivers

Hi Filups21, Welcome to SF,

I did a search not sure whether you could use the same drivers but i found a link from MS

Scroll not working for Dell Studio 1535 on Windows 7 ultimate__Is there a patch of driver to fix this?

There it give a link to download an update

Make sure you create a restore point before updating in case if something messes up could you restore it back.


Hope this helps

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Hi, I recenlty did a clean install of XP on my R61e by choosing the SATA option in BIOS as "Compatible".However now i find that things like Internal Modem/Audio Devices/ThinkVantage etc are not being detected.I would request if anyone could let me know the link of drivers etc which i would need to intall to get these things working on my R61e Product Number : 76494JM Thanks 

Answer:R61e drivers after replacing Vista with XP

Can anyone help ..just with the modem driver atleast
Moderator Note; removed some blank spaceMessage Edited by andyP on 05-06-2008 07:22 PM

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I need a little help. I think I have some bad/corrupt video drivers. I feel this way because:
I get an errof message at startup saying, "Can't find file at C:/windows/system/NvCpl.dll"
My free system resources are almost at zero upon startup (6mb free RAM from 128 RAM total)

My video card is a 32mb NVIDEA GeForce2 MX with TV Out from Dell. I downloaded the latest video drivers from the Nvidea website but when I install them it doesn't seem to change anything. I don't think the new drivers are "taking" because of the existing drivers.

What's the correct process here, and do you thing the video drivers could be the RAM loss culprit?

Thanks in advance for the help.



Answer:trouble replacing video drivers

Basically, go ahead and remove the Nvidia drivers using the ADD/Remove Software.
The go ahead and in Device Manager remove the display.
Restart in SAFE mode ( if using Windows 98 ) and remove the display in Device Manager.
Restart the PC , install the software and restart when ask to by the driver instalation software.
If you have Windows XP , look in the Services and make sure that you don't run Dell driver service ( which could interfere with the Nvidia one ).
Also use msconfig and uncheck any Dell entried regarding driver.
Also make sure that you run the lastest chipset drivers for the motherboard ( check Dell web site for that )
In the end , you are right , the driver either didn't install right , or there is some sort of conflict with the Dell drivers .. "nvcpl.dll " is part of the Nvidia driver.

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I need the hard drive controller drivers for the Lenovo R500 so I can install them on a boot disk to boot to our images. Does anyone have these drivers? The model number is 2716WMF.Thank you.

Answer:Mass Storage Drivers

The drivers you need can be found on this matrix: Click on the word "Hard Drive" to anchor down the page and download the "Hard drive Firmware Update Utility" and the correct "Intel Matrix Storage Manager" driver for your OS.  Note: If you have a non OEM version of Windows, you must enter the BIOS (F1 at boot) and change the sATA drive mode from "AHCI" to "Compatibility" mode (Config -> sATA -> Compatibility) , otherwise you will keep getting at blue screen at boot. Let me know if this helps. Thank you, Mark 

 Do NOT PM me with technical issues. Post in the forum for assistance. Thanks

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Hey everyone,
    I have a problem. I have an A8N-VM/S mobo. I know its old. I am trying to load win 7 on it and the "No drives were found. Click Load Driver to provide a mass storage driver for installation." I tried an official win 7 pro dvd, I tried a bootable win 7 usb and still no luck. I went to Asus' website and click on win vista64 OS and only drivers available was the ACPI, and BIOS drivers. 
My conclusion is that this mobo is so old and it wasn't meant to have win 7 installed on it. If anyone has ever ran to this issue or anything similar, some feedback or advice would be much appreciated
 MassStorageError.png   179.48KB

Answer:Win 7 mass storage drivers

Are the drives are detected in BIOS?  Make sure the SATA ports are enabled. You may want to get a new CMOS battery and use the jumper to clear CMOS too. Here is the Manual
Edit: The only mass storage drivers I have found for the nforce 410/430 are for Vista and XP. It seems Windows 7 should have those as part of the OS.
Edit: If the drives are detected in BIOS and SATA ports enabled,  I found this. Hopefully you can strip out the basic sata drivers out.

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Trying to install Windows 10 on Thinkpad T60 2004-4AU, don't have a hard drive in it so I am using a 64GB SanDisk Glide flash drive and it does not see it, it says "We couldn't find any drives. To get a storage driver, click Load driver."

Answer:No storage drivers in installer

AvidSurvivalist said:

Trying to install Windows 10 on Thinkpad T60 2004-4AU, don't have a hard drive in it so I am using a 64GB SanDisk Glide flash drive and it does not see it, it says "We couldn't find any drives. To get a storage driver, click Load driver."

Only Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Education allow installing to a removable drive.

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Hi all. Thanks to all the many, many helpful people and posts on here. I?m sorry if this has been asked before but I?ve looked through and don?t see my questions addressed exactly.

I have a brand new Toshiba laptop with Vista. It arrived just a few days before the Win7 release so I put the Toshiba aside and waited for the free Win7 upgrade disk, which just arrived.

Since I haven?t used the Toshiba yet, there?s no data or personal programs to protect. I don?t want to keep Vista, and of course I don?t want to keep all the bloatware. Currently, Vista is on the C disk; there is a recovery or backup partition (D); and E is free for data. The Toshiba did not come with a Vista restore disk so I will burn recovery disks with Vista before I install Win7.

Like everyone, I want a fresh, clean sparkling brand-new install of Win7. I can follow the tutorials to boot from the Win7 upgrade disk, go to advanced tools and re-format the partition with Vista (i.e. C) and then install Win7. I should have no problem with registration or activation since Win7 will see Vista before it?s deleted. I?m not 100% clear whether the recovery partition (D) will be maintained but it shouldn?t matter much because I?ve got recovery disks ? right?

My two questions:

1) Do I need to worry about losing my drivers in this scenario? Should I be taking a copy of all drivers ahead of time, and if so, is there somewhere (on the Toshiba) I can easily find them all? Or will... Read more

Answer:Replacing Vista - drivers and system programs?

For your driver question, run Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor, that will tell you if there are any updates required. As long as the network works, you can always find drivers after the install.

As for the programs, they will be gone. You will not be able to reinstall or recover them from the recovery disc you burn.

If the programs are important to you, then consider creating your recovery disc, then cleaning up the current Vista install to get rid of all the bloatware and any other stuff you don't want.

Install and run CCleaner to get rid of any accumulated junk, then try a upgrad install of Windows 7, see how the computer runs. If it's okay then you may still have access to your programs. If not or if you have any problems, you can always do a clean install.

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Help needed.
I have a Toshiba stellite M70 -SR2(purchased last December), which came with Win Xp Home Ed pre-installed on it. I remove the Home Ed and installed my XP pro Spk2. Now I can't get my wireless connection to communicate with my Linsys router so I can connect to the internet, the video card can't be installed,...
I only managed to download and install the sound drivers and the modem drivers.
I downloaded the Display Drivers, unzipped the file but unable to install them like I managed with the sound drivers.
In my device manager screen I still get a yellow marke in front of:
-Eternet Controller
-SM Bus Controller
-Video Controler (VGA Compatible)
Can some one gives instructions on how to get and install these drivers or where can I find the instructions.


Answer:Drivers installation problems after replacing Win Xp Home Ed by Win Xp pro.


In the driver download section you can find the installation instructions. There you find the order in which the drivers have to be installed. Also be aware of using the right driver, for example display driver: one is from Intel and the other from ATI.


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I have a Dell Latitude laptop, Win 10.
I have a Realtek sound card which often won't work.
The audio meters jump up and down (see pic below) but no sound comes out, even when I plug in headphones etc. No sound is coming out.

Things I've tried:
1) Update sound card driver
2) Change sound card driver to Audio High Def
3) Update BIOS
4) Update Windows
5) Switch off audio "enhancements"
6) Change sample rates (I tried all of them)
7) Cold boot
8) Uninstalled audio card from device manager, and reinstalled
9) Started-Stopped Windows Audio in Services
10) Updated docking drivers

The laptop was plugged into a dock at one point. I wonder if that confused it?
I think the audio works OK through the docking station.

Help! Any ideas?

Answer:Help - audio not playing despite replacing drivers and bios !?

Have you run the Windows Trouble Shooting routine for sound? Right click on speaker, systray, trouble shooting.

When you right click on Speaker and Open Volume mixer are any marked muted, are they all around same level?

When you right click on speaker and select playback devices, click on speakers, click on configure and then test, do you hear sound.

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Trying to install Win 7 Pro on a M900 and no storage drivers seem to be available to continue through the install. Any suggestions? (Bios has the SATA set as AHCI)

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Help required to find and install the mass storage controller drivers for my Toshiba M70. im running windows xp

Answer:Mass storage controller Drivers

You may find it at the Toshiba Europe site click here.

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Help me please! I have 3 hard drives connected to my computer. One is connected via a device controller. I recently re-installed XP & now my computer doesn't find the third hard-drive. I need to re-instal drivers for it, but I have no idea what drivers it needs & how to find them! All that comes up for a description is 'Mass Storage Controller'. I don't know If I can be helped, but any attempt would be very appreciated. Thanks!

Answer:Mass Storage Device drivers

Sounds like you have a SATA drive inwhich the SATA/RAID controller must be enabled in the BIOS and the SATA drivers must be installed via floppy by hitting F6 at the beginning of the WinXP setup.

If that's not the case then we kind of need more information such as your HD type and what kind of controller you're talking about.

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Just put together a new computer recently for a friend.

Anyway they started trying to hook up usb devices a camera and a printer.

The camera is detected fine but when windows tries to install the drivers for a mass storage device it keeps on coming up with one that isn't microsoft certified.
Installing anyway results in the device showing up in device manager with a bang listed as mass storage device under usb devices.

Also at the end of installing the uncertified drivers it says they are for an incorrect platform and the device will not work properly.

Same thing happens with the printer except in the printers case it is a multifunction device instead of mass storage.

This leads me to believe that somehow she installed win 98 esb drivers on this XP machine but I cant for the life of me figure out how to correct this problem.

I tried removing all usb in device manager and reinstalling all. I ran sfc even tried restoring to an earlier date all to no avail i still get the warning that the drivers are not for this platform.

Any idea how i can clear all the usb drivers and reload them from scratch as i suspect i have an entry in the registry or something returning me over and over to the same bad usb drivers.

Help !

Answer:Incorrect mass storage drivers?

As you noted, Incorrect Platform means that someone installed the drivers for another operating system. I don't know how this was accomplished, but as far as removal is concerned you might want to go into Win98 (if you can, I'm not an expert on XP but I hear its possible), click the Device Manager (Win98) and highlight the wrong drivers and click REMOVE.

OR you can just operate the drivers through Win98 using XP.

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I am trying to get Vista to load on a new system. I think the problem is mobo related. I have a Gigabyte 965p-DQ6 Rev. 3.3. When I try to load Vista, the drivers it is asking for are for the raid controllers, because the Western Digital caviar RE2 500Gb HD is seen by the bios but not by Vista. When I boot Vista, after the com. code is entered, it goes to a page that askes Where do you want to install windows? At the bottom of the page it states, NO DRIVES WERE FOUND. CLICK LOAD DRIVER TO PROVIDE A MASS STORAGE DRIVER FOR INSTALATION. I have downloaded the driver and tried to install them here but it will not let me. I was told that holding the F6 key just after post but before Vista disk boots, I should be able to load the drivers here but I can't. It takes me into the boot manager with no options to load drivers. Dose any one have any ideas what to do? I have tried just about every thing I can think of. Thanks for your help and have fun, Rick

Answer:Vista Looking For "mass Storage Drivers?"

Put the SATA drivers on a floppy as the mobo manual describes. Then go to Start and type in "devmgmt.msc" (without the quotes) and press Enter. Locate the SATA controller, right click on it and select "Update driver software". In the next dialogs, tell it to search your computer (rather than on the internet) and point it to the floppy drive.

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Hi,I purchased a ThinkCentre M900 to run Ubuntu.  The Lenovo support site ( shows that the M900 has a Ubuntu 14.04 .iso for this machine.Based on that, I downloaded the iso image from here: and proceeded to overwrite the installed W10 image.Unfortunately, it boots up with no support for Ethernet or WiFi.  The output of 'ifconfig' shows only a loopback device; however lspci shows that the devices are on the pci bus and "lshw -C network" shows both the Ethernet and WiFi devices as UNCLAIMED.Since I have no network access on this machine, the attached file is a picture of the dumps from "lspci" and "lshw -C network"Can someone tell me how to straighten this out?Thanks,Ed

lenovo_linux.jpg ?584 KB

Answer:m900 Win 7 install - no storage drivers?

Sorry!  I messed up the subject line, so I reposted this here:

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I am really in a pickle. The short story is that I'm trying to do a clean install of Win 8.1 with a bootable USB and the first attempt, where I created partitions, failed. I'm trying again and it can't find a storage driver to even see the hard drive. I can see the install medium and the files stored there. Where do I look for a storage driver so I can see the hard drive again?

The long story-
Windows 8.1 drove me crazy. Every time it updated, it forced me to reinstall the OS. I went to Win 10, which worked great for a month or so, then an update crashed it and while trying to reinstall it, it reset to Win 8.1. I was so fed up I went to Ubuntu, which worked very well. Then I foolishly tried a workaround to run Skype on it and I messed up my system. I can't reload Ubuntu so I'm back to installing Win 8.1. See above notes for what happened from there.

Please help!

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I have reinstalled w8 again,this time with all the latest drivers from gigabyte .one I didn't install was intel rapid storage technology ,is this required

Answer:Do I need intel rapids storage drivers

I think this is only needed with an SSD but I could be wrong. Google it.

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Hi. I got .ISO file WINDOWS 7 Ultimate SP1 x64 September 2012 and I think each time I got same problem with that drivers, not recognize disk issue.

few times I got same problem and each time diferent solution help.

On Lenovo IdeaPad I just download THIS driver and all go OK.
Than app month ago, on HP DV7 nothing help, and I take YUMI pendrive creator, and just make bootable USB key without any drivers extra added and install go like in story.

Today I got HP probook 4730s and nothing help, I take chipset drivers from HP support and extarct .exe with 7zip and add 64 divers on folder with just on that USB and same problem like allways.

Few months ago I see one web page with all this AHCI drivers but I forgot make bookmark, so Im in blind spot now.

Any idea how solved this problem, I cant make slipstream because I got only 32bit version computers in my house

Thank you for any support.

Answer:Win 7 64 bit problem with storage drivers AHCI etc.

Lenovo IdeaPad and HP probook 4730s.

Two different computers. They are behaving the same way, storage device is not recognized.

If you installed windows in both of them using the same .iso file that you are talking about, it may be some reason that the iso is corrupt itself.

Follow Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 .... the source of good iso and the proper method of installing windows to make it driver complete itself is mentioned there in details.

Hope it will fix your issue.

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Having probs Trying to get finepix A405 to work.Windows says it has found a driver but has encountered an error Also I have a Usb2 combo card reader with the same probs

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I've rebuilt a Win 7 box (new mobo, etc, and used Paragon with existing disk)... and all works well, except it won't install driver software for USB storage (SanDisk cruzer, generic smartcard adapter, or external USB 3 Dell SSD.)

It always gives me a driver not installed error, and the device shows up in DM with a yellow exclamation mark and Error 10.

I've tried different ports, cleaning the error with Driver Booster (says successful but driver still doesn't install), removed registry keys with "SanDisk" in them, updated all drivers, etc. I'm at out of ideas.

I can also move a USB mouse to the other USB ports, and the driver will install and work fine. It seems to be limited to any type of USB storage device.

Any help?

Answer:USB storage drivers not installing, error 10 in DM

As I understood, you can boot on the cloned disk but you don't have USB? Is anything else on DM that needs a driver?
What is the brand and model of your new MB? Is it an Intel or AMD?
What chipset does it have?

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A suite of drivers was provided with my Asus motherboard. I could see a good reason for installing most of them but not the Rapid Storage set as I never intend to have a raid setup. After reading several posts on this forum, I am wondering whether there may be other reasons for installing these drivers. I would be pleased if someone could enlighten me.

Answer:Intel Rapid Storage Drivers

Hello Keith,

The Intel RST drivers also include AHCI for your SATA devices. It is recommended to be installed.

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I just recently my stock 630i to a SSHD (Samsung) and Win 10. It works fine, but apparently doesn't communicate as well as it should. Magician said there was a communication problem.
Samsung support said I needed 'storage controller drivers' to be updated for Win 10.
But I couldn't find any Win 10 drivers for the XPS.
Are there any?

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Yesterday we had a class presentation and my laptop was used to connect to the projector. So everyone in my class plugged their USB drives in my laptop. Every time a new USB drive was inserted, my laptop said hardware found and Windows would install a driver for that. Is this going to cause a problem? How do I uninstall these extra drivers? My laptop won't be using those USB drives ever again - other than my own one of course.

Answer:So many USB storage device drivers installed...

No, it won't cause any problems at all and the drivers will not load after they are unplugged.

But, if you want, you can actually remove these "phantom" drivers. I do it occasionally since it just makes sense that having fewer things to be checked on boot is going to speed things up.

You can use these to remove non-present devices:

USB Device Viewer
I also enable the viewing of so-called "phantom devices" in Device Manager (when the hidden devices are enabled under the View menu) so that all the drivers can be seen:

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Hi Guys, I would like to install Windows XP on my new Lenovo G50-80 laptop. Kindly help me with Storage drivers (AHCI) Thanks,Gulab Pasha

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Hi, I have a problem. I removed the Vista, installed XP but cant install the Storage manager drivers.
I get this this computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software

Can u help?

Answer:Can't install Storage manager drivers

The Storage Manager drivers must be installed during the XP installation. That means you must load the SATA drivers with pressing F6 after booting from XP.

Download the drivers from the Intel website, copy on an external FDD or slipstream the drivers with nLite:

Here in the forum are already enough threads about this so please read them.

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hey everyone, I have an in internal hard drive in a USB enclosure, and the hardware works, but windows will not recognise it. I believe i need a new driver. can anyone help?? Thank you!

Answer:USB Mass storage device drivers

No drivers are required for USB mass storage for 2K/XP.

I believe your problem is probably that you haven't formatted the drive yet. Right click on MY Computer, Manage, Disk Management. You should see the new drive in the bottom section with all the space as Unallocated. Right click on it and Partition and Format it.

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Here's my original thread at MS forums:

Lots of random BSODs, trying to figure out what is going bad - Microsoft Community

There are links to dump files and bluescreenview screenshots there and a description/history of the problem.

Turns out my old GTX 680 did have some issues which were made clear when it crashed during benchmark on my second system (which has no issues otherwise). So I bought a new reference GTX 970 and it ran great on the second system. Now after coming back to the first system, it's still crashing!

Here's the info from the utility in the sticky in this forum:

EDIT: Attached file to this post as well.

Anything in July or after is with the new GTX 970.

I'm beginning to think it either really is a PSU issue (as per original thread, I tested the PSU with a digital voltmeter and it was fine, but I did not test it under load), some freak motherboard issue (but it didn't crash once while using onboard intel graphics), or driver issue (looks like maybe directx?).

I'm waiting to upgrade to Windows 10 to see if the DX12 will end the crashes. My friend had BSOD issues on his new build and upgrading to Win 10 insider preview fixed it. I'm reluctant to upgrade to the insider preview, but if it keeps crashing to the point of being unusable, I might try it, barring better advice obtained here.

Thanks for any help you can provide, this has driven me crazy and I've already spent $350 trying to fix it!

The pr... Read more

Answer:116 BSOD, even after replacing graphics card and reinstalling drivers

Oh and I ran SFC /scannow and stuff. When I tried to do it specifically on some of those directx files (mms), it said it couldn't do it. Even in safe mode.

System is stable in Safe Mode too.

I've also tried various Nvidia drivers, using driver sweeper/uninstaller (DDU one) each time. Including before installing the latest drivers when I put in the new video card.

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Had to swap out my CMOS battery, can't connect to internet via cable. (cable works fine) Troubleshooting the problem tells me "Windows did not detect a properly installed network adapter." I have no adapters listed under device manager either. Don't really know where to start, any help would be GREATLY appreciated, thanks.

Answer:After replacing CMOS battery, network drivers are missing.

You can start by listing your PC make and exact model number.

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Does anyone know any good software I can use for replacing missing drivers on computers? I'm looking for good software that I can use over and over again on different computers to find missing drivers and replace them. That also has tech support, or some form of contact support. I am a NEW Computer Technician that needs good tools for my work. I don't care if I have to pay for it, but I don't want something that I have to keep paying for over and over again. Some Software I've seen limits you to a number of uses, then you have to pay again. Any Ideas?

PS. I do go to the manufacturer sites, but sometimes it doesn't help. That's one of many reasons why I am asking. Some of the free Software I have seen sometimes come with viruses and adware, so I am trying to avoid them.

Answer:Solved: Best software for finding and replacing missing drivers

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My dads laptop has suddenly stopped recognizing any type of usb device properly that has not been used before. This includes 2 memory sticks and a 250gb Hdd. What happens is the devices are visible in the device manager, However they are not being recognised as Usb mass storage devices and are "Unknown". Windows update fails to find the drivers for them despite the fact when plugged into my pc it finds them instantly. I have googled and Google trying to fix this but to no avail. Any help would be much appreciated!

Answer:Unable to install Any usb mass storage drivers.

Hey mate that's bad luck soundalike you'll need a new computer possible tech damage, though you can try this.

Go to Start Menu
Go to control Panel
Go to system
Go to device manager (or type this instant menu)

Go down the list until you find USB host controllers uninstall both. Restart computer by holding power button.

If this doesn't work go back to device manager

Select the host controller and update the driver manually by selecting pick from list then uncheck the "Show compatible driver box) scroll down to uli or ati and install there host driver

If this doesn't work your laptop has been damaged.

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For PCH5/6/7/8
Intel Rapid Storage Technology Version WHQL

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I just recently my stock 630i to a SSHD (Samsung) and Win 10. It works fine, but apparently doesn't communicate as well as it should. Magician said there was a communication problem.
Samsung support said I needed 'storage controller drivers' to be updated for Win 10.
But I couldn't find any Win 10 drivers for the XPS.
Are there any?

Answer:XPS 630i, Windows 10, Need storage controller drivers

Unfortuntely, this 630i is not supported with Windows 10 by Dell. This means Dell did not create any Windows 10 drivers for the computer.
Product not tested for Windows 10 upgrade
Dell is not testing or developing Windows 10 drivers for this product. If you choose to upgrade, some features, applications, and connected devices may not work as expected.

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Hello everybody. I'd like to know if there are and where i can download updated driver for mass storage device of my Satellite Pro M70 (PSM 75-E).I've tried to search but i didn't find nothing.

All other drivers are ok. infact for the audio drivers i've used the Xp one and it's ok. The only one that is not installed is a "mass storage device" that i think it's for memory card multireader. Anybody can help me? there is a way to install the Xp drivers as for all other hardware?

Thank you for any reply.

Answer:Mass storage Vista drivers for Satellite Pro M70


Toshiba driver page does not provide any Vista drivers for the Satellite Pro M70!
Only the BIOS and the BT Vista driver are available for this notebook.

I checked the XP section and there are Cardbus Driver and Chip Set Utility available.
I assume these both applications are needed.
I?m not sure if you will be able to install these utilities on Vista but a trying is for free.

If the both applications will not run I assume you have to abstain from usage of memory card reader on Vista.

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I have formatted my Toshiba Satellite P200-RT3 and installed windows 7, now I can't get the DVD drivers and mass storage controller drivers.

Can someone help?

Answer:Re: Need DVD and Mass storage controller drivers for Satellite P200


Check on the Toshiba driver page:

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I have installed Windows XP to my Satelite A100-011 and
Mass storage is an unknown device
I don't have function keys bar

Answer:Mass Storage Drivers under Windows XP for Satellite A100-011

Hi there,

so did you downloaded drivers for that machine?? If not, then here are some links where you probably would get the drivers you need:
Toshiba - Download
Toshiba of Canada Limited - Drivers and Downloads

Hope you will find what you need...


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I have an issue with deploying Windows XP SP3 to a Panasonic CF-30 Toughbook.

The Toughbook requires an additional storage driver for the SATA hard drive. The controller is the "Intel(R) ICH9M-E/M SATA AHCI Controller", for which I have obtained the latest driver from Intel's website. I can confirm that this is the correct driver because it successfully loads XP when booted from a VL XP SP2 disc and a floppy disc using the "F6" injection.

So I know I have the right driver. I just have to get it inject properly during the deployment from MDT 2010. According to the documentation, all I should have to do is import the driver, update my deployment share (updating the boot images), and MDT will take care of "updating" the necessary files (unattend.txt, etc.) with the proper modifications to inject the drivers. This didn't work.

The next step was to configure them manually. So here are the modifications that I have made:

1. The driver was imported into MDT as part of the first attempt.

2. I have added an \$OEM$ folder to the \i386 folder of the XP installation files within the Deployment Share, and a \TEXTMODE folder within that \$OEM$ folder. Within this \TEXTMODE folder, I have placed all of the SATA driver files.

3. I have altered the TXTSETUP.OEM file included with the driver files, only to change the default to be the controller I need. (I commented out the existing)

scsi = iaAHCI_ICH9MEM
;scsi = iaStor_ICH8MEICH9ME

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I have an issue with deploying Windows XP SP3 to a Panasonic CF-30 Toughbook.

The Toughbook requires an additional storage driver for the SATA hard drive. The controller is the "Intel(R) ICH9M-E/M SATA AHCI Controller", for which I have obtained the latest driver from Intel's website. I can confirm that this is the correct driver because it successfully loads XP when booted from a VL XP SP2 disc and a floppy disc using the "F6" injection.

So I know I have the right driver. I just have to get it inject properly during the deployment from MDT 2010. According to the documentation, all I should have to do is import the driver, update my deployment share (updating the boot images), and MDT will take care of "updating" the necessary files (unattend.txt, etc.) with the proper modifications to inject the drivers. This didn't work.

The next step was to configure them manually. So here are the modifications that I have made:

1. The driver was imported into MDT as part of the first attempt.

2. I have added an \$OEM$ folder to the \i386 folder of the XP installation files within the Deployment Share, and a \TEXTMODE folder within that \$OEM$ folder. Within this \TEXTMODE folder, I have placed all of the SATA driver files.

3. I have altered the TXTSETUP.OEM file included with the driver files, only to change the default to be the controller I need. (I commented out the existing)

scsi = iaAHCI_ICH9MEM
;scsi = iaStor_ICH8MEICH9ME

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Answer:Injecting Mass Storage Drivers into XP SP3 deployment on MDT2010

Closing duplicate, please reply here:


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I have a Satellite P200-1DY running under XP-SP2. Where could I find the drivers corresponding to the Ethernet Controller, SM bus and mass storage controller?

Are they "hidden" in one of the drivers in one of the driver's of the Toshiba site list for XP?

How can I identify what notebook version I have: PSPB0, B3, B6, etc.?

Answer:Satellite P200-1DY: Need XP drivers - LAN, SM bus and mass storage controller

Pls ignore this request which I replaced by another in this thread.

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I have an issue with deploying Windows XP SP3 to a Panasonic CF-30 Toughbook.

The Toughbook requires an additional storage driver for the SATA hard drive. The controller is the "Intel(R) ICH9M-E/M SATA AHCI Controller", for which I have obtained the latest driver from Intel's website. I can confirm that this is the correct driver because it successfully loads XP when booted from a VL XP SP2 disc and a floppy disc using the "F6" injection.

So I know I have the right driver. I just have to get it inject properly during the deployment from MDT 2010. According to the documentation, all I should have to do is import the driver, update my deployment share (updating the boot images), and MDT will take care of "updating" the necessary files (unattend.txt, etc.) with the proper modifications to inject the drivers. This didn't work.

The next step was to configure them manually. So here are the modifications that I have made:

1. The driver was imported into MDT as part of the first attempt.

2. I have added an \$OEM$ folder to the \i386 folder of the XP installation files within the Deployment Share, and a \TEXTMODE folder within that \$OEM$ folder. Within this \TEXTMODE folder, I have placed all of the SATA driver files.

3. I have altered the TXTSETUP.OEM file included with the driver files, only to change the default to be the controller I need. (I commented out the existing)

scsi = iaAHCI_ICH9MEM
;scsi = iaStor_ICH8MEI... Read more

Answer:Injecting Mass Storage Drivers into XP SP3 deployment on MDT2010

Hi JB,

The Unattended file is only an illustration to show you how to configure the XXXX.Sif file that would run your selections on an installation. Altering the Unattended file would not cause any problems nor do any good.

Good luck with the rest. Someone here should be able to help you further.


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Have a Dell 15Z 5523 ultrabook. I've been using a 1TB HDD and 32GB mSata SSD for HDD caching. It was managed by Intel Rapid Storage Technology software. Worked great.
I just cloned the 1TB drive to a Samsung 500GB SSD.
MZ7KM480HAHP - Enterprise SSD | Samsung Semiconductor Global Website
It works fine. But now the IRST software is useless. So I uninstalled it but the drivers remain in use by Windows.
The BIOS is currently set to use IRST. If I try to change to AHCI, a BIOS warning pops that says the system may become non-responsive.
I don't want to get into trouble so I figured I'd seek some advice here, my question is:
If I switch the BIOS to AHCI, will there be any advantage over the current IRST drivers or should I just leave it using the IRST drivers?
Is there a specific procedure to follow make the change from IRST to AHCI that will ensure windows boots properly?
Current benchmark:

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Where can I find Intel Rapid Storage Drivers for Windows 8 for my Edge E430 laptop? I went to the webpage that purportedly contains links to the drivers ( but it only has links to download the Intel Management Engine Interface software.
Moderator Note; fixed link

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I lost the drivers to my USB stick aka Flash Drive aka USB Mass Storage Device. Googling around, it became apparent that this is not unusual, and with a variety of suggestions, some of which are a bit extreme. What fixed it for me, and what seems a sensible place for anyone to start is to reinstall the driver. To do this...

Put the USB stick into a USB port and when the Add New Hardware wizard appears Browse your way to C:\windows\inf then let the wizard complete the installation process. This may take a while as it works it way through all the options.

If the wizard does not appear then open "Device Manager" look for the Flash Drive, which will have a yellow fault icon, right click it, select properties, and do the Install Driver procedure, browsing to C:\windows\inf.

I'm fairly sure (but not certain) that the file needed is usbstor.inf so you may wish to just select that to see if it speeds things up.

I hope this is some help i getting you out of what seems like a very deep hole when you're in it!


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please help me with the title my drivers for my sound and mass storage just wont install I posted here already and nothing,,

Answer:Solved: can no drivers in mass storage affect your sound?

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Does anyone have x64 SATA drivers for this box?  I wanted to create a tiny Web server running Windows Server Core on one of these boxes, so booted off of my UEFI-bootable USB drive, whacked the contents of the SSD and installed Windows Server. The Windows setup environment was able to see the SSD and copy the Windows files to it, but the box won't boot: instead, I'm getting an "Inaccessible Boot Device" error. I see drivers listed on the Acer site, but none of them are for the SATA controller. Failing that, is there a way to get an image of the recovery partition?

Answer:Revo Build: Storage Drivers for clean install?

I think they want you to create a factory default recovery drive before you attempt something like that. Recovery options: If you want to try Windows server again, I think you might have to go in to BIOS and disable Secure Boot, then reinstall. Here's Windows 10: Here's windows 8.1:  Here's link to Acer Store if you want to purchase your recovery media Search forum.  There's thousands of posts and solutions from users that have been in the predicament that you're currently in.

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Since setting up my new system:

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-K8N Ultra-9
CPU: Socket 939 AMD Athlon 64 3000+
RAM: 2x 1gb DDR400 RAM
OS: Windows XP Pro SP2 (Fresh install)

I have not been able to get any USB drives to work, I have a Lexar Jump Drive 512mb and a new external Toshiba drive that is 60gb. They both work fine on other computers, PC and Mac alike, but Windows fails in installing the drivers when connecting them to my computer. It will go through the "add new hardware" wizard and then claim that it couldn't install the drivers or that the drivers are invalid.

I have re-isntalled the USB2.0 mobo drivers, as well as the package nForce 4 drivers from Gigabyte's website, to no avail.

Any suggestions welcome!

Answer:USB / Mass Storage Device unable to install drivers

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Does anyone have x64 SATA drivers for this box?  I wanted to create a tiny Web server running Windows Server Core on one of these boxes, so booted off of my UEFI-bootable USB drive, whacked the contents of the SSD and installed Windows Server. The Windows setup environment was able to see the SSD and copy the Windows files to it, but the box won't boot: instead, I'm getting an "Inaccessible Boot Device" error. I see drivers listed on the Acer site, but none of them are for the SATA controller. Failing that, is there a way to get an image of the recovery partition?

Answer:Revo Build: Storage Drivers for clean install?

I think they want you to create a factory default recovery drive before you attempt something like that. Recovery options: If you want to try Windows server again, I think you might have to go in to BIOS and disable Secure Boot, then reinstall. Here's Windows 10: Here's windows 8.1:  Here's link to Acer Store if you want to purchase your recovery media Search forum.  There's thousands of posts and solutions from users that have been in the predicament that you're currently in.

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Question: SATA Drivers

Hi I am building a new system based on a Asus A8N SLI deluxe that I got off ebay. The problem is it did not come with any drivers and as I am going to use it with a sata HD and XP I need the sata drivers for the XP install, and I can't find them on the Asus site any suggestions please.Thanks.

Answer:SATA Drivers

If you are NOT using RAID then you don't need the drivers. Using 2 SATA drives here on the same board and never installed the SATA Drivers.

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Question: SATA drivers

Ok so I got a new MOBO to upgrade my system, but i ahve two old Sata HDs so I pluged them into new mobo and was having a hard time gettign xp to install with new nforce drivers so i installed same sata drivers from my old board and it isntalled fine the problem is i want to change to the nforec drivers for the sata because thats what is should be but im not shure how. in the device manager im not shure what they call the controller so i dotn knwo what drivers to update and i think i have to change stuff in the reg but im not shure what so any help would be good thanks

Answer:SATA drivers

Just downloaded the latest nforce drivers for your motherboard and run that installer. It will update everything that should be updated.

There is no need to find the individual drivers or edit the registry at all.

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I recently built a PC and didn't order a floppy drive so I couldn't install SATA drivers when installing XP. Everything works fine I was just wondering if anything bad can happen? Am I confined to IDE speeds etc..?

Answer:SATA HD with IDE drivers?

should be fine unless the hard drive has a jumper that needs to be removed to run at 3gb/sec (sata 2)

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My parts for my first build will be here Friday and I want to clarify something before I run into trouble later. I have a gigabyte ep35-ds3l motherboard and I will be using a WD 640GB sataII drive. I plan on installing XP and if I am correct, I will need sata drivers in order to install XP with AHCI enabled. My question is which sata drivers do I need? Gigabytes website doesn't seem to have any specific sata drivers. Does XP have the ability to look for USB flash drives for the sata drivers or do I need to borrow a floppy from an old PC? Thanks for the help!

Answer:Sata drivers for XP

XP can't use anything but a floppy drive to load the F6 drivers as required, sorry. You either do it that way, or you integrate the drivers manually into a new installation CD, which is actually the preferred method as floppies can be pretty damned unreliable. Also, making a "new" properly integrated XP SP3 CD now that Service Pack 3 is out is the way to go, and then integrate the SATA drivers also.

I am not 100% sure if the AHCI controller on that mobo supports that mode of operation under XP, and here's why: I have the Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L, almost the same board in some respects, using the same chipset and the same North Bridge also, and AHCI doesn't work during the installation because Intel doesn't support it unless it's an ICH9R chipset.

There are reports where people use the native SATA IDE mode (sounds weird but it's there) to get XP installed, then after XP is up and running they'll install the proper AHCI driver and .inf file and after a reboot it works, but I've attempted to install XP Pro SP3, XP x64 SP2, and even Win2K3 (32 bit and 64 bit) using AHCI mode in the BIOS and the damned thing just doesn't work, with the driver integrated or on a floppy. Not sure what exactly the problem is, but right now I'm using Win2K3 x64 in SATA IDE native mode since I cannot get AHCI mode working at all.

I've made repeated attempts to enable AHCI support and get it working under the older OSes, and it just doesn&#... Read more

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Question: Sata drivers

do u need sata drivers(system:sn21g5) if u only want 1 hd.NO RAID

Answer:Sata drivers

That depends. If your system is capable of SATA then yes you will need SATA drivers to run any HDD attached. Need to check your mobo specs to make sure it can handle SATA before you purchase.

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Well, I am now in the process of upgrading to my new system.

Ok, I am at a loss. I installed the WD SATA, Plextar and a floppy and booted up. It posts and sees the WD HD connected to the #1 SATA port. The SATA jumper is enabled. When it reaches the SATA driver utility, it sees the WD as HD 0. Boot sequence is CD, Floppy and SCSI. Install asks for F6 if SCSI drivers and have hit F6. When XP gets to reading the HD, it doesn't see it and wants the 3rd party drivers. The current SATA drivers are there, so I don't know why XP doesn't see the drive. I am just running 1 SATA drive, not a raid config. I didn't get a SATA utility floppy with the drivers on it (purchased a barebones sys) and if I don't select installing the drivers, it of course doesn't see the drive at all and wants to stop loading XP.

I downloaded drivers (from the ASUS) and tried to put the SATA driver on a floppy but it's too big. I copied the ASUS CD SATA driver info to a disk and downloaded SATA drivers from the Silicon Image site and put them on a disk. It can't find "Si3112r.sys", but I know it is there. I am not sure which files I need. What do I need to do to get the XP setup to read the drive?

Answer:SATA HD Drivers for XP

Can you pull the XP CD and replace it temporarily with the motherboard software CD until the drivers are loaded?

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Question: No sata drivers

I am now tearing my hair out, I have built a new system using Gigabyte Mobo
sata hard drive and sata dvd drive.
I have tried to install Windows 7 64 bit O/S and I get to the screen where I have to accept terms etc, put in time and date but when I get to the windows Instal page it cant find drivers so it cant locate the C drive to install.
I have tried every file on the mobo instal disk but none will be accepted.
I`ve tried copying the files to USB stick and load from there but still no luck.
In the bios it recognises both sata devices but seems like without W7 finding the drivers it wants I`m not getting anywhere. Even tried new drivers from Gigabyte site but still not recognised.
I`ve spoke to tech ay CCL where I got the components but they are at a loss>

Answer:No sata drivers

Windows will not find the drives if you have not enabled ACHI or raid in the BIOS

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Question: Sata drivers

ok i have an ATV8X-LA motherboard which i have read is an oem board. i have 2 160GB SATA drives that i need to load with xp, but when i run the setup, it says i need Raid controllers on a floppy disk but i dont have the floppy disk or cd-rom that came with the computer. and i cant get one for the hard drvies. my question is is there a way i can download the raid drivers from somewhere, or would anyone have the drivers that i need?

Answer:Sata drivers

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Question: sata drivers......

im using xp home on a amd64 3500+ and a gigabyte k8nf-9 with a seagate 160gb sata hdd.
Ive had the comp for a couple of months now and i want to reformat but will i have to install the sata drivers again?
the hdd is partitioned in to 40gb for windows(C: ) and 120 for data (D: )


Answer:sata drivers......

Put in your motherboard CD and look for the "Make bootdisk" command. Create a boot disk, and when you enter setup, it will ask you to push F6 to install a new raid driver or something...hit it.

Then it will give you an option to select one, hit S to select one and pick XP...its pretty straight forward from there

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I need some help on finding drivers for abit board 939 socket processor, AV8 K8T800/VT8237. I need the Sata drivers for 64 bit windows so that I can install to my onboard sata drive.

Answer:sata drivers (64 bit)

I believe that uses a SIS SATA controller chipset (either Sil3112 or Sil3114). If thats right, here you go:

Its the one named sata.exe

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