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Cannot edit hardware acceleration (no support)

Question: Cannot edit hardware acceleration (no support)


I have an ATi Radeon 2600XT and I am running Windows 7 Ultimate Edition 64 bit.

When I go to hardware acceleration (Display > Resolution > Advanced - not sure of the exact steps but been there several times), the "Troubleshoot" button, from where the hardware acceleration settings can be modified, is greyed out.

This is a common problem it seems, but I cannot solve this. I am running the latest CCC drivers from ATi.

To make things even more confusing, I used to run VMWare Workstation 6.5 and Windows Server 2008 R2. I could happily adjust the hardware acceleration setttings (had not updated the ATi drivers but VMWare uses its own display drivers). I then got VMWare Workstation 7.0 and I could not adjust hardware acceleration.

Any ideas how I can resolve this?


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Preferred Solution: Cannot edit hardware acceleration (no support)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Cannot edit hardware acceleration (no support)

Install the driver by using this method:

Install AGP Drivers for HD 3850, 3650, 2400 PRO

That's an AGP card you have, right? (Could be either, so I have to ask.)

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HiI?ve tried many time but my w520?GPU (quardro2000) seemed does not support Internet Explorer 9 GPU hardware acceleration.The test website is here. anybody know how to solve the problem?Thanks in advance.

Answer:quadro2000 does not support ie9 GPU hardware acceleration.

What is your BIOS Display setting?  Have you tried Discrete?

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Have just installed Vista Home premium (SP 1) on top of XP. When trying to play solitare (which worked fine on XP) - standard Vista Games - I get a message that says hardware acceleration is disabled or not supported by your video card - the game plays but sooooooo very slowly, is this a driver or a card problem? How do I enable the hardware accerleration?

Using Tohiba Satellite laptop 32bit OS with standard vga graphics card

Answer:hardware acceleration


As far as I am aware, the drivers that are loaded by Vista are standard Microsoft VGA drivers. Try running windows update and it will look and see if new drivers are available and will download and install these.



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So I just dragged the hardware acceleration bar to none, clicked OK, and now my monitor is black. Music is still playing. Any help?

Answer:Hardware Acceleration Help

Related InfoI can't think of a way to change any settings without any video visible. From what I see, hardware acceleration settings do not impact normal viewing of Windows, only multimedia files.Reboot the system, if not done already.FWIW, .Louis

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Hello all,,,, HELP

I am having trouble viewing video. I have to disable DirectDraw and Direct 3D accelerations in the display section of the control panel or my PC locks up solid when i run any type of video. I have to do a hardware reboot, push the button to get back. All DirectX and Direct3D diags run with no errors.

Settings and Hardware:

AMD Athlon XP 3000+ 2.16 GHz
1.0 GB RAM
RADEON 7000 video, w. 64 MB (driver

This is driving me crazy, i can't think of anything else to do. Anybody have any ideas?


Answer:Hardware acceleration

Since you list the driver I presume it is the latest.
My question is what do you have the video aperature in the bios set to (This is RAM the video card is allowed to use to store extra textures and data on if it needs it). With all that ram, I would set it to 128 or 256MB. Setting it to low can cause your type of problem.

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What does hardware acceleration option do? It's in the ''sounds and audio devices'' section in control panel.
I had problems with sounds in one game and a friend told me to lower the hardware acceleration. I did and it fixed the problem. Can I leave it low? What's the difference?

Answer:Hardware acceleration

Why try to wing it when Wiki has such a good definition
In computing, hardware acceleration is the use of hardware to perform some function faster than is possible in software running on the normal (general purpose) CPU.
Normally, processors are sequential, and instructions are executed one by one. Various techniques are used to improve performance; hardware acceleration is one of them. The main difference between hardware and software is concurrency, allowing hardware to be much faster than software. Hardware accelerators are designed for computationally intensive software code.
he hardware that performs the acceleration, when in a separate unit from the CPU, is referred to as a hardware accelerator, or often more specifically as graphics acceleratorClick to expand...

Generally speaking you leave hardware acceleration alone; but if you are having problems with say your graphics card or the way it handles things like the mouse cursor; you set it a notch or two lower (to the left). This keeps it from processing things to far ahead of what the software is doing.
Look at it this way, by processing things ahead when it can, and then saving the data to video aperture / RAM it means that when it encounters something more demanding it can rely on the cached data to keep the software satisfied while it completes the task.
But if getting to far ahead is causing it to have problems then you tell it not to get so far ahead of everyo... Read more

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Can someone please explain about this? I have a very good graphics card and a good monitor. Both settings in audio and my display are at full hardware acceleration and i never had a problem

Recently i noticed that this was also an option in my PowerDVD Application

It was disabled and when i enabled it i noticed that the quality got worse (i saw some "ghost" images after a sudden change of the scene or a quick movement)

Shouldnt enabling it make the video quality better?

I guess not


Answer:Hardware Acceleration

i believe many times default off improves compatibility and application performance, meaning it may not look as good but has less issues.

update all your drivers if you have not already done so and see how the enable acceleration option behaves for you

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I am using win7 on compaq evo d500 desktop with 1 gb ram and p-4 1.8 ghz processor. I have nvidia standard vga graphics adpter.If I start to play a game it is prompting that hardware aceleration is not supported.

Answer:How to get hardware acceleration

Do you have nVidia Control panel installed? If so, check under the advanced settings & see if there's any mention of GPU acceleration & if it's enabled. If there's no mention then make sure you have the latest certified nVidia drivers installed & check again. If still no mention then I guess you need a better graphics card."I've always been mad, I know I've been mad, like the most of us..."

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Look I've been ripping my hair out for 3 days to be able to turn down hardware acceleration. Right-click Desktop> Personalize> display settings> Advanced Settings> Troubleshoot> and changes settings is grayed in and it says. Your current display driver does not allow changed to be made to hardware acceleration settings. I've tried updating display the driver, I've tried getting a new display driver, I've tried Microsoft Application Toolkit, and NVIDIA Control panel. Nothing seems to work at all. Whether or not I've done these things right I'm not sure, But no one seems to be able to help me. Its NVIDIA Geforce 9500 GS. Any help or thought with thorough instruction would be most helpful.

Im aware my system specs are not up, Im not that good with computers and finding all those is difficult for me. So if you need to know something just Reply to this. Thank you.

Answer:HardWare Acceleration?

Microsoft disabled User control for AUDIO and VIDEO acceleration for Vista and later.

It was due to a numerous amount of instability issues that came from changing the setting.

Its best to leave the matter alone because Vista and Windows 7 do a good enough job of controlling the acceleration on its own.

If you have a problem with a certain game/program, then find solutions for that program from its main website or ask about it on this site in the proper forum section.

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Ive just succesfully installed American ConquestHowever when Dbl Clickiin to run the program I get the message"Unable to initialise Direct DrawIt is possible hardware acceleration is turned off"What is this and how do I rectify it

Answer:hardware acceleration

Right click on desktopchoose propertiesthen settingsthen advancedthen troubleshooting tabthere is a slider there.If that does not work, try going to start_run and type in dxdiag That is DirectX diagnostice - I think that the option may be in there.

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Hi all,

I have been experiencing the widespread "Display driver AMD driver has stopped responding and has successfully recovered" error. While this is a fairly common error, there are some things that are unique to my case:
- The error occurs everytime a program with hardware acceleration (e.g. Firefox 4, IE9) is run - in this case, the TDR error will keep happening (screen blacks out, restores, flashes the error message, repeat) until the program is closed, or the reset button is hit.
- The error occurs during the "scanning" phase of 3DMark Vantage. The rest of the benchmark runs mighty fine.
- The error occurs when setting the anti-aliasing settings in Univine Heaven 2.5 to anything higher than zero. If set at zero, the benchmark runs smoothly at any setting.
- Turning hardware acceleration off in applications (Firefox 4, IE9, flash) prevents the error from occurring.
- I'm currently running on the Windows Basic theme - turning on any Aero theme will force the error, then a screen freeze, and a manual restart. Then I'd have to race to the control panel and change the theme to Basic before the error locks me from doing anything.
- The error sometimes occurs when doing the most mundane tasks (e.g. playing Starcraft 2, running MSN) although in these cases, the error disappears after the first occurrence, and usually doesn't occur until the next reboot. Setting the DRAM voltage 0.1V higher than factory settings solves this problem (but not th... Read more

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Somehow when I installed Windows Vista Home Basic it was disabled so I am wondering how to enable it...

Answer:Hardware Acceleration

There are a few areas in Vista that have this option, where is it that you want to enable hardware acceleration?

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Recently I bought American Conquest Fight Back
I installed it, but when I tried to run it, it said:
"Unable to initialise Direct Draw. Hardware acceleration might be turned off"

My hardware acceleration is turned to full
I have all the requirements for the game
I have the latest version of DirectX

Can anyone help?

Answer:Hardware acceleration

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Any reason why I can't change it in 64bit vista? Or is there a way to?
There are programs I need to change it in to run them, otherwise they won't run.

Or am I just out of 120$ spent on vista?

Answer:Hardware Acceleration

Try this.

* Rightclick the Windows desktop and choose Personalize.
* Click "Display Settings".
* In the Display Settings dialog box, click "Advanced Settings..."
* On the resulting dialog box, click the "Troubleshoot" tab.
* Click "Change Settings"
* You'll probably see a User Account Control message box asking for permission to continue. Click "Continue"
* On the resulting Display Adapter Troubleshooter dialog box, move the slider one notch to the left.
* Click OK as many times as needed/close any windows that opened along the way, and return to the Windows desktop.

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I recently changed my hardware acceleration and lowered it to the lowest option. Now I want to change it back to the original settings that it was on, how can I achieve that?

When I go back to screen resolution->advanced settings->trouble shoot the change settings button is not clickable, so therefore I cannot change the settings.

If there aren't any possible ways, is there any way I can just put my laptop screen back to default settings

any thoughts?

Answer:Hardware acceleration

Between you disabling hardware acceleration to you wanting to enable it again, have you updated the drivers for your GPU? The latest drivers might have changed it, so you can only change it from within the graphics control panel.

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hi just reinstalled nero getting message hardware acceleration is deactivatedwhen i go to directx the boxs in directx features are greyed out how can i turn them onthanks kirriejimo/s winxp home

Answer:hardware acceleration

It was a driver update needed on this Forum here Either follow the thread or maybe try this. click here its free.

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I have a mouse that I like...but the program that came with it only supports it's features (the five buttons/scroll configuration). What I want to be able to do is change the acceleration rate; logitech users will know what I mean (I think it comes with all of those!). Window's options only has Speed,

so my question:
Does anyone know of a way that I can add acceleration to my mouse?

note for some
acceleration = the rate at which the mouse speeds up
speed = how fast it is once it has sped up


Answer:Mice - Can you add external acceleration support?

i dont think the accelleration is really all that noticable

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When I try to load on a FIFA 2003 game for my son I get the message 'Hardware Graphics acceleration' required. What is this and how can I load it. The operating system I have is Windows XP. The computer is fairly new, but has a modem problem to stop me going on the internet.I have all the systems disks.

Answer:Hardware graphics acceleration

Do you know if you have onboard graphics or a seperate graphics card?...and whos graphics is it?

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I have a Nvidia GeForce GT 230 card on a HP computer and after updating to FF 7 blue diagonal lines appeared on screen at start of FF 7 . This has never happened before . I unchecked hardware acceleration when available and it is not doing it now .
GPU Accelerated Windows1/1 Direct3D 10 shows when doing about:support so the acceleration is working but I don't like that blue line at start up so I unchecked hardware acceleration.
Anybody else experiencing this problem with FF 7 ?

Answer:Firefox 7 hardware acceleration

Just installed FF7 (didn't even know FF7 was available till I read your post) and I'm not getting that problem with hardware acceleration enabled. (Windows 7 32-bit, Intel G33 Express integrated graphics adapter, DirectX 11)

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ok when i click on a game like solitaire before the game plays there is a message that comes up that says something about game is running in SOFTWARE RENDERING MODE. in the description it says that i must turn on hardware acceleration. does anyone know how to do that????

any help would be greatly appreciated

Answer:how do i turn on hardware acceleration

Hello bthacker.

You need to go to:
Control Pannel > Display > Settings > Advanced > Troubleshoot.
There you will see a slider for acceleration, max it out.

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I use Windows 7. Can't turn off hardware acceleration. Can't see video in You Tube.

Answer:can't turn off hardware acceleration

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I have gone into Appearance and Personalisation, then clicked Adjust Screen Resolution, then Advanced Settings, I click Troubleshoot but the Change Settings button is greyed out as I can't click it, with a little administrator shield next to it. I am the only user and the admin on this computer. Please help?

Answer:How do I turn off hardware acceleration?

Welcome to Seven Forums mongoose665. You are not alone. It is only available when the GPU and/or driver support it. Mine is greyed out as your is. I found this:

NVIDIA: Disable Hardware Acceleration in Windows 7

You can disable it within IE9 if you are using it.

What video card brand and model are you using? What is the issue that makes you want to disable hardware acceleration? It's likely you will have to find another solution then what you are attempting. A Guy

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i'm trying to play a game on my pc. after i install it it says ' hardware graphics acceleration required to play' i've tried to download directx but nothing is working. is it looking for directx or something else?

Answer:hardware graphics acceleration

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Hello again!
I am having trouble enabling GPU hardware acceleration features on IE9.
System is as follows:
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit with all updates (including SP1)
Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
Intel GMA 4500MHD with latest drivers available from Windows Update
Internet Explorer 9 Official Release

IE9 works just fine, but under the 'advanced' tab of 'internet options' the option 'Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering*' is permanently checked and cannot be unchecked.

I know that this problem often occurs because of out of date drivers. I *think* mine are the latest.
Apparently graphics cards need to support DirectX 10 for this feature. I *think* mine does.
I have read that WDDM 1.1 is required. I *think* my configuration supports this.

Any kind of help or explanation why this is happening would be useful.
Thanks in advance,

Answer:Cannot Enable Hardware Acceleration On IE9

I had to get new driver from Intel driver download and the option is available now.

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I have been reading TSF for the past month.
My problem is that 3d games would not run, such as Sudden Attack, which is a FPS game.
Youtube or other streaming videos would freeze when fullscreened, too.

I have been deleting things, editing registry (I'm not too bad with computers), graphic driver, audio driver, virus, virus protection programs, etc.

NONE of those were the issue.
I finally figured out by luck that all was caused by hardware acceleration.
When I disabled hardware acceleration, I could fullscreen videos.
On my other computer, which I was able to disable hardware acceleration (Windows XP), it was possible to play games, too.

Now, my computer specs are :
Samsung R580
Windows 7 Home Premium
Intel i5
Nvidia Geforce 310M with 512MB dedicated
DirectX 11

This is a brand new laptop, and I am very careful with technology.
So, is there any way to disable hardware acceleration on windows,
or else, could I disable hardware acceleration / alter the program so the games would run?

Answer:Problem with hardware acceleration

1. Choose Start > Control Panel.
2. Display > Adjust Resolution.
3. Click Advanced Settings.
4. Click Change Settings on the Troubleshooting tab.
5. Move the Hardware Acceleration slider to None.
6. Click Apply and then click OK to accept the new setting and close the dialog box.
7. Click OK to close the Display Properties dialog box.
8. Restart Windows.

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Hi Frnds,
Iam using Oleansoft hidden recorder V1.10 to keep track on my children's activity (this software takes the screen shot of the desktop at frequent intervals). But my problem is this software is unable to take the screen shots of the movies being played in any media players, and for that every time i need to goto

desktop>right click>properties>settings>advanced>Troubleshoot> and drag the hardware acceleration slider to none.

and again from windows media player i need to goto tools>options>performance>advanced>uncheck the "use overlays"

to get the screen shots of the movies.

can you tell me a better way of what i want to do ? or a better software to do this work, which can take screen shots without making any changes any where.

Thanks and Regards.

Answer:spy software....hardware acceleration....??

I would think you could simply look at the URL's for the movies that are played in the media player, and figure out just by the name of the web site if the videos are suitable for children or not. You can usually see these URL's by running an internet history viewer. Here's one and here's another Both are free.

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Hi you.I have purchased  Fifa 2010 and now I have installed it on my computer. But when i try to play it, the message: "Requires 3D Hardware Graphics acceleration"So i have searched on the internet to find a solution.These are thethings i have tried:- Display ->options ->advanced, to set the Graphic acceleration on Fuld.- Dxdiag. Direct draw acceleration enabled, Direct3D enabled.-Tested the system several times whit pc doctor and Dxdiag.- Have restored the system several times.-Downloaded the newest drivers. Now I have run out of options and that is why i write here. The Videocard is Nvidia quadro NVS 140M Older Fifa games have worked on this Laptop before so I now that there is a solution.It was after I restored the systim ones that Fifa didn't work anymore. Please help if you can. Regards David

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when i start up nero start smart and select make your own dvd video i get a message saying.
hardware acceleration is deactivated.
some capture devices may not work properly,
you can activate hardware acceleration using directx diognostics tool.

anyone got any idea what it is for and how to do it as been trying to figure this out for weeks

and will it speed up the burning process

thanks in advance

Answer:Solved: hardware acceleration

click the question mark when you have opened nero,then the link it gives you then the updates and the help files as they do not normally come with the installer

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Help! I am not a complete novice with computers but this problem really has me beaten!
I am unable to play flash files on my login. The computer freezes before I have time to turn off "hardware acceleration" in the flash settings.
However, the mystery is that the computer has two users. While I cannot play flash files the other user has no problems at all!! Hardware acceleration is permantley turned off for them - lucky so & so's!
Even on the rare occasions I can turn it off it never stays off. As soon as I boot up again the setting is ticked again.
This is really driving me mad. I have checked through as many settings as I can think of between the two users but nothing seems to be different.
Anyone have any ideas?


Have you tried updating your video driver? You appear to have deduced that the problem is being caused by hardware acceleration so that is likely where the cause of the fault will lie.

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Please tell me how to disable Hardware Acceleration.

Answer:Disable Hardware Acceleration

I take it this is for a video related problem?

You need to see the 'Display Properties' interface.
Go to Start>Settings>Control Panel,then open the 'Display Properties'
At the top of the interface,click on the 'Settings' tab,then click on 'Advanced' button.
Once that interface opens,click on the tab for 'Performance',you can adjust the hardware acceleration there.

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how to set 3d hardware acceleration to full??

Answer:How to set 3d hardware acceleration to full?

Are you talking about Hardware Acceleration setting in the display properties?

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To all

I recently updated to Windows 8.1 with a clean install, I downloaded all my drivers again and did all the necessary updates. Problem is : anything requiring hardware acceleration will stop functioning after a while. Shockwave Flash starts to crash constantly with every web browser, and games that were somewhat working (see paragraph below) before now won't launch again.

Even when games were working, I had trouble launching them. Once a game open, it needs to be active before it can start using memory and processing power (Endless Legend was using 0% CPU and 50mB for 5 minutes).

I sent my computer for a diagnostic/repair to a shop near my house and they told me it everything was alright before giving it back to me in the same state.

Here are my specs (dxdiag is also included as attached file) :

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2700K CPU @ 3.50GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 8172 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series, -1024 Mb <-- Radeon HD 7970
Hard Drives: C: Total - 1430446 MB, Free - 1270318 MB; D: Total - 57238 MB, Free - 43571 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC., P8Z68-V LE
Antivirus: Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

Some help would be gladly appreciated,

Answer:Hardware Acceleration Problem

I downloaded all my drivers again Click to expand...

What exact drivers did you download and where did you download them from?

Next when you do a windows install, it is done in the following order;
1 Install the os
2 Update to the latest service pack. No sp for win8.1
3 Install chipset/mb driver
4 Install sound, nic/lan driver
5 Install video driver
6 If all is well, activate windows and make a backup image of your system drive
7 Do windows update and install all critical updates. Repeat until there are no more updates.

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When I try to play any games on my Dell Laptop [windows 7 ] I get a pop up window that says:[ attached image ].
How do I correct this.
Thank you fellas

Answer:Hardware acceleration problem

try updating your video card.

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I could not find this post elsewhere, but I can't get my directdraw to enable or mess with my hardware acceleration.

Its just not active...any suggestions would be great.

Latest Drivers Wiped and reinstalled all around.

Regedit timeout is at 7

Nothing seems to change it, ANY suggestions would be great, thanks.

I downloaded and loaded the latest, and older, drivers from both Nvidia and EVGA, my card manufacturer. Non of which has fixed the issue. Everything reads fine, as to the correct versions, but it always remains with the same problems.

Are there some sort of special privileges that I am missing, or possibly an included program with my card that controls these functions instead of windows?

I have installed everything I can find from the Card Manufacturer and chip Manufacturer, I have updated my board bios to the latest and so on, but nothing seems to make ANY difference.

Answer:Hardware acceleration and Direct X

dont worry about hardware acceleration you cant change it anyway , its a hardware thing its managed internally

i assume you tried...........

Download details: DirectX End-User Runtime

one more you have onboard graphics? did you disable them properly?

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Hi all,
for some strange reason my hardware acceleration is currently deactivated as nero birning rom pointed out. Is there a way of activating hardware acceleration again?

Answer:Hardware acceleration deactivated

Go to Control Panel/Display/Settings/Advanced/Troubleshooting and you should see a slidebar that will allow you to set your hardware acceleration. Hope this helps.

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I am running Windows 7 Ultimate and every time I try to play a game I get a pop up window...image attached.
How do I turn it on like the pop up window says to do?
Would appreciate an answer in layman's terms....I not a computer geek.
Thanks guy's

Answer:How do I turn on hardware acceleration?

What graphics card are you using?

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Hi, i am new to the forums and i am not sure if this under the right category but i upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7 Ultimate and i cannot adjust Hardware acceleration on my PC. When i go to the Trouble shoot tab "Hardware Acceleration" is greyed out. Is there any way to manually disable or "Lower" hardware acceleration through Rededit? Any help will be appreciated. Also i need to disable this for programs that lag.

System Manufacturer/Model NumberDell Inspiron 1520
OSWindows 7 Ultimate

CPUIntel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T5250 @ 1.50GHz,

Memory2.00GB Ram

Graphics CardName Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family

Answer:Can't Adjust Hardware Acceleration! Help!!

I'm not even sure where you are, to be honest, but why are you wanting to disable hardware acceleration?

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This is a big problem for everyone for amateur to professional with Windows 7, we cannot disable the hardware acceleration.

All the buttons are grayed out in dxdiag and Display/Advanced/Troubleshoot.

No way to be able to make a nice desktop recording in W7 32 or 64.

As you can see in my signature, I have an Nvidia 460 GTX. I have scoured the Internet and both ATI and Nvidia drivers cannot be adjusted to disable the acceleration. From what I have gleaned from all the threads out there, Windows 7 and Vista, due to Aero, do not allow users to easily do this...

Who's got the answer?

Answer:Disable Hardware Acceleration

You might want to try to disable Windows Aero and switch to the Classic Theme.

Then try this (or try this first just to see):

Right-click on desktop and choose Personalize
Click on Display
Click on Change Display Settings
Click Advanced Settings
Click the Troubleshoot Tab
Click Change Settings (if it's not grayed out; mine is)

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hi, new to the board here...i have a problem with my laptop im hoping to get resolved here. heres my story....i have a hp laptop that originally had 8.1 64 bit. it was very slow so i researched how to downgrade to win. 7...i have 7 installed on it now, and it works great, except for this one issue....if i open a game, a box pops up and says accelerator hardware is disabled or that it needs a driver.... im thinking this means the chipset driver.... i looked on the hp support site, and they have win 7 drivers for this laptop, but the chipset drivers are all 64 bit, and this is a 32 bit win 7. though the laptop was 64. anyway... does anyone know how to solve this issue? any input will be greatly appreaciated. thanks.

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I have the newest NVidia driver's. But in the display option's it has the place to turn off your Hardware Acceleration blacked out. Anyway to go around this or fix it?

Answer:Turning off your Hardware Acceleration.

why would you do that?

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I tried to test Windows 7 64-bit on VirtualBox 3.0.4 but Vbox told me that I need to turn hardware acceleration on in the BIOS.. I currently have a Dell M1530 Win7 32-bit.

1. Why isn't this on in the first place?
2. What are the pros and cons of having it enabled?
3. Will it make by laptop hotter/slower?



Answer:Hardware Acceleration - Good or Bad?

Quote: Originally Posted by The Blessed One


I tried to test Windows 7 64-bit on VirtualBox 3.0.4 but Vbox told me that I need to turn hardware acceleration on in the BIOS.. I currently have a Dell M1530 Win7 32-bit.

1. Why isn't this on in the first place?
2. What are the pros and cons of having it enabled?
3. Will it make by laptop hotter/slower?



That message is nonsense. the is no such option in the bios.

I don't know Vbox, but there must be an option somewhere in it where you can check a box to enable hardware acc.


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I have an mp4 video I made on my last system, never had any problems opening.
Recently I decided to watch it, and upon opening it, it looks like it was corrupt, quicktime said there were bits missing, and MPC showed the image all screwed up like shown in the screenshot.
While I was trying to get a screenshot I had to lower the hardware acceleration because it wouldnt copy a video image to clipboard to stick. When I lowered it to 3/6 so a screenshot would work, I discovered that the video now plays just fine.

Now I wonder why that occurs, what it means, and if it's a bad thing for my pc not to render this video so badly. I also wonder what else that's affecting.

Any info on this would be appreciated.

Though probably inconsequential, there is a screenshot of the fcked up image. Since I had to use a camera externally to get the shot, it's not the best.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Hardware Acceleration Problems?


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I'd just like to know a bit on what exactly it means and what does it do to audio coming in? Is it some kind of audio enhancer?I'm mainly asking as I've been having a problem with a game recently, crashing and all, and the culprit so I was told was the sound hardware acceleration. So, I'm just wondering if I really need it. Thanks!

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Hi all,

Recently I assembled my new computer, key specs for my question:

CPU Intel i7-7700KMB ASUS ROG Strix Z270ISamsung 500GB 960 EVO NVMe M.2
One of the reasons why I bought Samsung 500GB EVO is because I red that it supports hardware encryption and i thought all I need to do is to enable encryption in Bios. I appeared that not all the motherboards support Self-encrypting drives, particularly motherboard I've got does not have and option to set SSD password.

Well, I was disappointed but my research has shown that BitLocker, built-in Microsoft tool should support SSD's hardware's capabilities of encryption and supposed to use hardware-backed encryption when I use BitLocker with no performance impact.

So I encrypted both my partitions (C and D drives, located on the same 960 EVO drive). It looks like it works fine so far: I need to enter password just once before Windows boot and for drive D I enabled auto-unlock feature, so from user point of view it works seamlessly.

The only question I got is performance impact

So trying to figure out is my BitLocker really uses hardware acceleration and check is there really no performance impact I measures SSD speed with CrystalDiskMark, and results little confused me:

First, couple screens before I enabled BitLocker (actually screens were taken couple weeks ago)

And now screens after I enabled BitLocker:

As you can see:


Seq Q32T1 is down from ~31000 to ~280004K Q32T1 is down from ~800 to ~620Seq is Up from ~1500 t... Read more

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Does anyone know how to turn off the hardware acceleration? I tried doing it the way you are supposed to do it in Windows 7, but the tab in the control panel isn't there. Anyone know how to do this? Also I'm sorry if I posted this in the wrong place.

Answer:Does anyone know how to turn off the hardware acceleration?

Hello dvrocknroll, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Do you mean to turn off hardware acceleration in IE10? If so, it's the same method as in the tutorial below.

Internet Explorer 9 GPU Hardware Acceleration - Turn On or Off - Windows 7 Forums

Hope this helps,

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I recently uninstalled Microsoft Virtual earth ,and then the following day i decided to again download the Beta 3d version .
It downloaded no problem but it will not allow the 3d option and shows the following message "Virtual Earth 3D has detected that hardware acceleration is turned off".

I have had a look at the Direct x diagnostic tool and it shows that the :-


accelerators are all ENABLED and also the DIRECT DRAW and DIRECT 3D test functions work correctly.
Do you have any advice that will enable me to restore it to 3D compatibility, and defaults i can check out etc etc ... The version i uninstalled worked perfectly.
Many Thanks

Answer:Hardware Acceleration Problem

No replies i see .................... maybe i have asked the question in the wrong forum ??

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I seem to get these green pixels whenever I watch youtube videos (using firefox). Did some searches and a lot of people says to disable hardware acceleration, not sure if this is the case but figured I try it. Most tutorial on how to do this is either windows 7 or 8 and I can't seem to find how to do this for windows 10. Can someone walk me through how to do this?


Answer:How to disable hardware acceleration?

More info is needed to help you like what GPU you have and what browser you're using. Fill in your system specs by following the link in my signature.

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These are the steps I did trying to enable Hardware acceleration:

Choose Start, and then go to the control panel.Select Appearance and Personalization.Pick Adjust Screen Resolution from the menu.Choose Advanced Settings within the Display Settings window.Click on the Troubleshoot tab within the monitor properties window.Select change Settings.
The step 6 'change settings' is in grew on my laptop. Does it mean that my graphic card doesn't support hardware acceleration ??

* Accelerator Information *

Accelerator in Use: Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family
Video BIOS: 1313
Current Graphics Mode: 1280 x 800 True Color (60 Hz)

Thanks in advance !

Answer:Can't enable Hardware acceleration

What is the exact model number for your chipset?

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Can't turn off hardware acceleration in Windows 7. The change settings button is greyed out. Can't view You tube.

Answer:can't turn off hardware acceleration

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Hello, I'm trying to open a game but I keep getting an error saying that I need to "turn on hardware acceleration" I've seen a tutorial with those steps.1. Choose Start > Control Panel.2. Double click Personalization and select Display Settings.3. Click Advanced Settings.4. Click Change Settings on the Troubleshooting tab.5. Move the Hardware Acceleration slider to Enable  My problem is with point 4. ... I can't find Troubleshooting tab. These are the only tabs I find : Adapter, Monitor, Color Managment, Intel HD Graphics Control Panel I have HP Notebook - 15-ay013dx

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Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop ati 1150 Xpress with updated drivers.When playing youtube on full screen or iplayer I usually get an error after 30 seconds and the screen goes blank but pressing escape returns it to the smaller version. The error is 'Display driver atikmdag stopped responding and has successfully recovered.'Right clicking on youtube video to get Adobe Flash settings, disabling hardware acceleration seems to fix it, and I can go back to full screen without the error.However I can't find where to permanently disable hardware acceleration as a reboot resets it back to enabled.Where can I permanently change the graphics hardware acceleration setting in Vista so videos will play OK on full screen ?Thanks.

Answer:How to disable hardware acceleration ?

Also, will disabling hardware acceleration cause any other negative effects ?

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Hello Eight Forum.

I recently bought a new laptop to replace my aging desktop. So I've spent the past week getting in working order. (Ripping out the pre-installed software, getting avast/spybot/malwarebytes on it, etc.) After that I'm now ready to install some of my old games. I decided to start with the cult classic, Planescape: Torment. But after installing, I found that during gameplay there is this horrible lag that just renders it unplayable.
Luckily, some light googling told me that turning off hardware acceleration would fix the issue. But when I went to Display Setting>Advanced Option there was no Troubleshoot tab, which is were the hardware acceleration option would be.
So I'm in a bind here. I spent all last night googling, but couldn't find were Windows 8 had moved the hardware acceleration option. I really want to play this game, but the lag just makes it unplayable. Does anyone know were the hardware acceleration option is or know of another solution for my problem?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Planescape and hardware acceleration

Hi Swordtheguy welcome to eightforums

First off no one can help you without system specs, so you need to list those.

With regards to Planescape: Torment we're talking about a 14 year old game here so there are bound to be all sorts of compatibility issues, thus I'm not sure you'll ever get the game to run right. As you've found, you may have to do some further Googling to see if, and/or how people got the game to run under Windows 8

More than likely you'll have to run the game in either Windows 95, or XP mode. See this video to get to compatibility mode...


Hopefully either 95 or XP mode will help get the game running.

Let us know.

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The last months Opera 12 snapshots have received two major updates of its JavaScript engine, Carakan, which make it more memory efficient and fully ECMAScript 5.1 compliant. Last week the new HTML 5 parser Ragnarök was added. Today Opera 12 alpha introduces another major technological milestone: full hardware acceleration with WebGL.Click to expand...

more information


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Hi gang,

I have a feeling I am out of luck but no harm in asking. After installing Windows 7, I cannot run any games. I am getting "Hardware acceleration is either disabled or not supported bla bla bla" With the on board graphics card, games run fine but after installing Matrox G550 PCI card (for dual monitor use) games run slower. I have done the usual update driver through Matrox web site and checked that the hardware acceleration was turned on and it is. I even went into the registry to make sure all parameters are correct. Any advise, besides the obvious and get another card? Thanks for any help.

Answer:Hardware acceleration is either disabled...

enapoletano, welcome to the Seven Forums.

One reason for things being slower with the Matrox card being installed could be due to that card being close to 10 years old. That and that card is only a DirectX 6 card,

Matrox G550 GPU - Specifications, and Pictures -

and with only 32 MB of memory on it, pretty much makes it completely incompatible with Windows 7. Also not sure what Matrox is trying to pull by offering what appear to be Vista and or Server 2008 R2 drivers, as they are nothing more than XP drivers that from the looks of things have been modified so that they will install.

It also doesn't help that the integrated Intel graphics don't have any Windows 7 support,

All things considering,

Any advise, besides the obvious and get another card?

would be your best option. You don't say where you are but something like this, - SPARKLE SX84GS256D2LDPP GeForce 8400 GS 256MB 64-bit DDR2 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready Low Profile Ready Video Card

despite being an older DirectX 10 card (and a low end one at that), would be far better than what you have now without costing a lot.

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This option in firefox seems to slow it down a lot of times If you seem to see that your Browser is loading pages really slowly and when it should not.Turn off this option in firefox.

use hardware acceleration when available This will slow the web browser in the newer versions of firefox.I am finding that the use hardware acceleration when available is harming the loading page speed.It may not for some people but for others like me it is.

I have a 10mb download and a 5mb upload speed so there should be no reason way my computer should take 5mins too load a web page.When i disabled this option it loaded all of my pages in like a sec.

Here is how to disable it.
In firefox Go to Tools
Then Options
Then click on advance
Then in General options look for use hardware acceleration when available and un-tick it then restart browser.

Hope this helps.

Answer:Firefox use hardware acceleration when available

Old info, nothing to see here.

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While trying to install OS2 Warp 4 to a Virtual Machine under Virtualbox, I'm informed that it won't run because Hardware Acceleration is not enabled.

Can someone PLEASE tell me, step by step, how to do this? Show some mercy on me and don't refer me to MS articles I need an engineer to translate.

Answer:How do I enable Hardware Acceleration?

Virtual Box will always state that for any VM's that you try to set up. There are plenty of tutorials out there on how to setup OS2 Warp on Virtual Box. You are going to have to find the correct tutorial that works for you. So start searching.

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I just upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate from XP. When I go to play Chess Titans, or any other OEM game on my computer, it gives me the following message:

"Hardware acceleration is either disabled or not supported by your video card driver,which could slow game performance. Make sure you have the latest video card driver installed and that hardware acceleration is turned on"

How do I get to the setting on my video card to fix this? It says that all my drivers are installed correctly and are working fine. This is on a friends computer and i am stumped. SOMEONE HELP!


Answer:Hardware Acceleration Question...please help!

You may want to fill in the "system specs" so people can help.

I would get the latest driver for the video card or on board video first and go from there.

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While trying to install OS2 Warp 4 to a Virtual Machine under Virtualbox, I'm informed that it won't run because Hardware Acceleration is not enabled.

Can someone PLEASE tell me, step by step, how to do this? Show some mercy on me and don't refer me to MS articles I need an engineer to translate.

Answer:How do I enable Hardware Acceleration?

Virtual Box will always state that for any VM's that you try to set up. There are plenty of tutorials out there on how to setup OS2 Warp on Virtual Box. You are going to have to find the correct tutorial that works for you. So start searching.

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Answer:how do u fix ur or i mean get into ur hardware acceleration on ur soundcard

control panel, sounds and audio devices, and under speaker Settings click advanced, then click the performance tab

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How do i turn down hardware acceleration on Vista or Windows 7?

Answer:Sound Hardware Acceleration

i searched this a few months ago and what I found was that you only are given the option if you card and its software are capable of doing it. if you can do it, click troubleshoot tab of the advanced display settings. it will be grayed out if you cant do it

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I recently formatted my computer and installed Windows98 SE (which it previously was anyway). When I'd finished installing the drivers for my graphics card (hercules prophet 4500 AGP 64Mb) I found I couldn't run any games in OpenGL or Direct3D. After much disabling it seems I can only use OpenGL and Direct3D when I have only 1 DIMM module in use. This DIMM can go in any slot (so its not any of the slots I guess) and I can use any of the 3 DIMMs I had (1x 128Mb PC100, 2x 256Mb PC133 - all were previously running together at 100MHz before I formatted). I've used the latest drivers for the prophet, latest DirectX (8.1). The graphics card works in a friends computer fine (he has 1x 64Mb and 1x 32Mb PC100 DIMMS and the same motherboard) and his GeForce2 MX 32Mb AGP works in mine fine. I've even tried a different OS, so I now use Windows 2000 professional with exactly the same results. I'm guessing its BIOS(?). Any ideas?

I have:
AMD Duron 700MHz
Gigabyte GA-7ZX
On-Board Sound Blaster PCI128 (CT5880)
Realtek PCI 10 Base T Network card
Hercules prophet 4500 64Mb AGP
Creative DVD ROM 1241E
Mitsumi CD-R 48X5TE
Samsung 8Gb SV0844D, Generic 20Gb ST320423A
1x 128Mb PC100, 2x 256Mb PC133 DIMMs
Windows 2000 Pro
DirectX 8.1
Hercules prophet 4500 v1.4.14.28 drivers

Need anymore info email:
[email protected]

Thanks in advance

Answer:hardware acceleration & DIMMs

why dont you try putting both pc 133 chips and see if it works .it seems like maybe you shouldnt have pc 100 mixed in with pc 133

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hi im new to windows 7, i've just installed it and it seems my hardware acceleration has been disabled and i've been to screen resolution>advanced settings>toubleshoot but it seems the hardware acceleration adjusting bar is not there like it was when i was on XP. can someone help me fix this problem please?

Answer:how do you adjust hardware acceleration?

Is your graphics card installed ?

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ThinkPad T61 7664-RWU As the title says, the DirectDraw Acceleration, Direct3D Acceleration, and AGP Texture Acceleration are not available. What driver should I install to make them available? Where to download the driver?

Answer:DirectDraw Acceleration, Direct3D Acceleration, AGP Texture Acceleration NOT AVAILABLE

Please give us some more information... Why do you think the stated forms of Acceleration are not available? Where are you getting this information from? Please take a look at the Windows Device Manager. What Display Adapter do you have, and at what level is its driver? Centex

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I have onbored Intel GMA X4500HD which intel claims has hardware acceleration for HD movie playback.
I could never get this to work properly with vista even with the power dvd HD codec installed?

I also tried all the dodgy codec packs available (which in my experience courses more harm than good) in my quest for low cpu usage during 1080p or just any HD playback in general really. And although my monitor isn't even a HD monitor it's still above standard definition & I just like to know things are working as there advertised I guess? Plus I plan to get a HD monitor when my finances permit me to?

I also had this problem with my old pc with an ati card installed aswell.

Anyways I installed windows 7 & hardware acceleration works right out of the box, literally. No codecs & no messing about it just works as advertised. The codecs are there already & work as they should do for once. My cpu usage is down from 30/70% to 0/20% max now. It was 70/100% without any codecs & 30/70 was the best I could get with vista.

With Windows 7 Microsoft has really hit the nail on the head for me, so to speak. Bootup times are so fast & so far I haven't had to install a single codec for once.

It's like a refined vista with all the same features plus a few more just for good measure.

Answer:Great, hardware HD acceleration works out of the box.

Well, glad to have you on the site. That certainly is one of the beauties of new operating systems. It's often much faster to get it setup and working again. And for those of us who tinker endlessly with our PC's...that can save us a lot of time.

I've been pretty darn happy with Windows 7 myself. No complains, ordered a copy of Vista 64 for my new build with a free upgrade to Win7. At present, I'm running Win 7 RC1 and have no plans to put Vista on this machine...just going to install Win7 and go from there.

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Today I purchased brand new notebook,model from HP.I've installed audio drivers,but on ofifcal website for driver downloads there is no video/display adapter for Windows 7 at all.I tried to run solitaire game but all I get is: hardware acceleration is either disabled or not supported by your video card driver etc..
I've installed Intel chipset drivers but no help.I tried to install drivers for cpu this model has which is core i3-3110 (from intel website) but I got some error message this notebook doesn't support minimal requirements.
the wierd thing is that on support website for this model there are display adapters for Windows 8 but not for Windows 7.
I also run some movies but the picture is bad quality,and very bad frame rate.Under settings hardware acceleration is set to full.
Please don't tell me this notebook doesn't support this feature.any help to make everything normal is appreciated.

Answer:hardware acceleration disabled on HP 250G1,any help?

Hi there ... Having looked at the HP website .. I did not see any Graphics Drivers for Windows 7 or Windows 8 .. Which Driver did you try to Install from the Intel website ... Read the Link below ...

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Hi, I am using W7 on an old backup PC. My Grand Daughter also likes
to play childrens games on it like Purble Place. When I start
the game I get this messsage.
"Hardware aceleration is either disabled or not supported by your video card driver,
which could slow game performance. Make sure you have the latest video card driver installed and that hardware acceleration is turned on"
The game runs too slowly to be much good, also no sound although that may be a separate issue. Any help please.

Answer:Message about hardware acceleration appears

on an old backup PC
your graphics card may be too old for the game

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Ive had horrible Youtube freezes + greenscreen when I start playing videos, today I turned off hardware acceleration and all lag stopped. but Im still wondering why hardware acceleration caused problems? could this be a problem with my gfx card/driver?

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There was a slider in windows XP where you can disable audio hardware acceleration, but there isn't one for window 8.  How do I disable audio hardware acceleration, and how do I do it for only one program?
For example, I only want the audio hardware acceleration disabled only for that one program, and nothing else.

Answer:How do you disable audio hardware acceleration?

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I have a HP Omen 15-ax080n.If i open games of microsoft store, watch video's on every browser, watch video's on the netflix app for windows and many more things the video stays black, but the rest is still showing like the controll buttons. On the browser i can turn off the hardware acceleration and it's gone, but it is not helpfull if i run heavier things. Its very annoying and i hope that there is a way to fix this. Greetings,Niels van Hecke*from the Netherlands

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Hey, I have a bit of a problem here and was wondering if anyone could help.

I just recently re-installed Java after not having it on this PC for awhile. I downloaded the latest version from the Java website and everything installed correctly. It said the install went fine and that Java was working properly. Fine and dandy, right? Nope.

When I go to run any Java applet, even the Java Control Panel itself, it appears completely distorted and impossible to comprehend. Just a window with multi-colored boxes, lines, static fuzz etc., all jumbled around. I though it must be a problem with a certain program blocking it or such, but I turned off all firewalls and anti-viruses and made sure I had Java enabled in Internet Explorer. Still the problem persist, so I tried uninstalling and re-installing Java again. This still didn't fix my problem. Then, I though maybe its an issue with my video drivers, but I uninstalled them completely and installed new ones and still the problem persists.

I have discovered one way around my issue of Java not working, though. In the Display Troubleshooting, if I turn down the Hardware Acceleration to "Disable DirectDraw and Direct3D accelerations" everything Java related works. The Java Control Panel and any online Java Applet are all no longer distorted, but I have to have no DirectDraw, Direct3D, etc, so 3D applications sorta look like crap . So, I guess the problem is with my DirectX? I have tried re-installing DirectX 9.0c, but I st... Read more

Answer:Turning down Hardware Acceleration for Java to run

I hate to bump threads, but I'm still looking for a possible solution.

I just tried running the Windows repair, so it reinstalled all the Windows components on my computer. That means a brand new install of DirectX, but still I am forced to turn down the Hardware Acceleration to get Java working.

Does anyone have any insight? Anything would help.

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Delete. Family member messing with my PC and changing crap to give me a headache.

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[email protected]

When I try to play a great Train game called "Ticket to ride" it now wont play it
The computor says "Your graphic card or driver does not support OpenGL Hardware acceleration make sure you have the latest graphic driver installed

It used to work -so how do I get a driver that supports this OpenGL Hardware acceleration

Windows 2002 Home edition xp service pack 2

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Just wondering and if so why and if not why.

Answer:Do you Firefox guys use hardware acceleration or no?

I just leave it at the default installation value. I've never had a need to alter it.

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I am still trying to disable hardware acceleration fully on my Gateway NV52 with the ATi Radeon card. It seems to escape me on Windows 7 but I have only found directions on Vista so any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Again for the Space.

Gateway NV52 ATI Radeon

Answer:Trying to Disable Hardware Acceleration on my Gateway

UPDATE I have played around with getting all the way up to:

1 Click Start / Control Panel /
Appearance and Personalization. 2 Under Personalization, click
Adjust screen resolution.
3 On the Display Settings dialog, click the
Advanced Settings... button.


4 On the monitor properties dialog, click the Troubleshoot tab.
5 Click the Change settings button.

That Change Settings button is shadowed out so I cannot click it, obviously because Windows knows more then me I guess.


The link I used....

How to turn off Windows global hardware acceleration

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Hello friends, i have recently reinstalled a copy of Vista on my T61 (Model-Type :7662-CTO )..........I installed and tried to run FIFA07 yesterday and it gave me the following error on startup : FIFA 07 requires hardware graphics acceleration.I used to run this game on my original Factory State installation(which had Vista) but now I have installed a new copy of Vista and the hardware drivers;  and the game is giving an error.Is it because of some driver missing ??? Can someone please be a guide on this and tell where to download which driver?or is it a hardware issue ? My laptop uses Nvidia Quadro  NVS 140Mplease help ! waititng in anticipationprasoonblueluck thanks!

Answer:Hardware graphics acceleration error on T61

prasoonblueluck, Have you installed these drivers?

__________________________________________John B @

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Ever since upgrading to Windows 7 from XP I've been getting blocky, non-interpolated image/video resizing in just about every application. To top it off, the section to change this option in advanced display settings is greyed out. I also noticed the new windows photo viewer has gone 20 years forward into the past by featuring only point sampling.
Is there a way to fix this?

Answer:Not getting any interpolation/hardware acceleration since upgrading

Have you installed the correct drivers for Windows 7? Without knowing anything else about your system all we can do is speculate. Also did you ensure that your system is compatible with 7?

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Any one know who to get hardware acceleration in Windows 7 inside of VMware to work. I installed VMware tools but the error keeps popping up to enable hardware acceleration which when i open it up it says its already running but i still get the error that its not.

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Thats not my image, but its similar to what I get in windows vista.

If you can find a way to disable Hardware Acceleration in Vista, I will pay you some money.

Answer:Hardware Acceleration - Paying Money

# Right-click on the Desktop and choose Personalize.
# Click on Display Settings.
# in the Display Settings window, click Advanced Settings.
# Switch to the Troubleshoot tab.
# Click Change Settings.
# Reduce hardware acceleration.

Thats where you are... I found in a simple Google search depending on the GPU Manufacturer you can/cannot disable it (but you can disable in in the Forceware Utility)

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If I put hardware acceleration all the way to the right the game runs fine except the mouse moves very slow in the game. If I move the slider for hardware acceleration to the left the mouse is fine but the game seems choppy, like when I move units they don't move smoothly. I don't know if this is just a trade off of using hardware acceleration but if there is a way to fix it I would be very thankful.

I don't know if my comp specs are needed to fix this problem but here they are (i got these from Belarc Advisor, idk the details of my comp hardware):

Windows XP Media Center Edition Service Pack 2 (build 2600)
AMD 64 x2 5200+
Board: ASUSTek Computer INC. NODUSM3 1.05
1984 Megabytes Installed Memory
NVIDIA GeForce 6150

I have read that there are problems with the dual core processors and have installed the ms patch, amd drivers, and dual core optimizer. I didn't think it would be my graphics card because the game ran fine on my old 32mb card and on my radeon 9600.

Answer:WCIII hardware acceleration problem

In campaign?

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I was going through some of the settings on my new laptop and I was clicking through Google Chrome.

Under settings, Advanced Settings, System.........

It has two boxes.

Continue running background apps


Use hardware acceleration.

What is the benefit of running background apps if I am not using them........I guess it would be easier to start them if they were running in the background but I wonder what others do ?
I explored hardware acceleration online and the two sites I found suggested unclicking it and not using it.
What do you do ?

I don't have a problem with storage capacity or anything technical. I just use it for surfing the net and email.

I have a 2015 HP laptop with 4GB Ram and 500 GB HD with W10.

Answer:Hardware Acceleration and Background Apps.

anyone ?

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My wife bought an ACER AX3400 64-bit (4GB memory, GeForce 315 video card) with "empty" HDD and no drivers CD from her friend. Installed WIN7 ULTIMATE and installed all the ACER X3400 drivers available on Acer download site. When she tries to play a quite simple card game, she gets the message "Hardware acceleration is either turned off or video card driver is not installed. Either turn on the acceleration or install the driver. I?d assume the driver is already installed as we installed everything on Asus driver site. How do we TURN ON the hardware acceleration so that the game won?t be inendurably slow?

Answer:Hardware acceleration alt. driver issue

Can you take and upload a picture of the back of your computer to see where your lines are connected too ?
Usually a computer with a card in it will have multiple connections for monitors and I just want to see which one your connected too

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Hi there, I have a problem with my nVIDIA Quadro NVS 140m video card. When trying to start a game(FIFA 10 for example) it says: "Requiers hardware graphics acceleration" . The problem appeared after going to Vista from XP. I`m using the latest drivers from lenovo`s site: Installed Drivers    nvd3dum.dll,nvwgf2um.dllDriver Version ThinkPad is R61 8918-DFG and as i said I`m on Windows Vista now. When i was on XP there was no such problem so i asume it`s the driver that is causing me this trouble. Pls let me know if there are any other drivers that i can use on Vista to get my video running or atleast advise me when will they be updated or should i just go back to XP. Thank you in advance... P.S. Pls excuse my poor english.


Go to Solution.

Answer:Hardware Graphics Acceleration needed .

Problem fixed ...There is a new beta driver in who supports lenovo thinkpads. But as i said it`s beta ... Thanks lenovo forums ... for nothing !!!

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It has been mentioned in this forum and some other places also that 2D rendering (including user interface) in Windows 7 is hardware accelerated when Aero theme is turned on, and the same rendering is stopped from being hardware accelerated when Aero theme is turned off.

I didn't have a chance to ascertain this relation between Aero and 2D acceleration practically, because when I was using Windows 7, Aero was always turned off. If it is true what was said in the paragraph above, how this acceleration affects application user interface performance if this application is written with GDI (predecessor of Direct2D)? Is its user interface performance difference noticeable (acceleration compared to no acceleration)? Can someone help and make two quick 2D tests on the same machine (that has necessary graphics card and other drivers for Windows 7 installed), for example, using PassMark PerformanceTest benchmarking program, while Aero is turned on and then turned off, and post comparison results in the form of the screenshot of the whole 2D Graphics Mark tab, to make some assessions in this regard?

How application user interface performance is different for two versions (one written with GDI, and the other with Direct2D) of the same application with very basic functionality, with the same controls on the window, etc., when they are run/benchmarked, while 2D rendering hardware acceleration in Windows 7 is turned on and off?

I couldn't find it, but is there an example of two ... Read more

Answer:regarding Windows 7 2D rendering hardware acceleration

I don't know anyone who has done any extensive benchmarks comparing GDI and WPF/Direct2D applications. However, the majority of GDI is not hardware accelerated. Also turning Aero off is entirely pointless (unless your Graphics card is a POS). But turning Aero off for "performance" reasons is backwards. You want Aero to be on when running Windows Vista/7.

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seems silverlight is slower with gpu acceleration.

watching sky go in high resolution started jerking after a silverlight update, gpuz showed my gtx 460 at 80% in a big IE window and 100% in full screen (on full 3d clocks). toggling hardware acceleration seemed to make no difference (turns out the setting doesnt work).

Then went to a sky page witch runs tests and can toggle hw acceleration (the sky toggle works), then GPU load dropped to 6% (at 2d clocks) and cpu usage barely at 6%, so clearly the GPU is poor at silverlight, at least silverlight tv content.

Hope this helps others who are struggling with silverlight performance.

No idea how the sky test page managed to disable hw acceleration, after it disabled the option in the silverlight gui says its locked by admin of computer.

Answer:silverlight slower with hardware acceleration

What is the "sky" test page? Link?

What version of Silverlight are you running? 32- or 64-bit?

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well i finally got the solution to my video playback on websites such as on the windows media player issue with the red lines and the really horrible display.. i just had to turn the hardware acceleration to Medium for some reason... so if anyone has the problem there ya go

Answer:windows media hardware acceleration

if i knew you had this problem i would have posted up what to do...i had this problem a while back....

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I have a Dell Vostro 1500 with a 8400M GS and latest drivers with Windows Vista Basic. I'm trying to run an older game (Baldur's Gate) and am having some graphics issues. I've been advised to turn hardware acceleration down/off in order to fix these problems.

When I go to display settings -> advanced settings -> troubleshoot tab, the change settings button is grayed out. Under the button, it says "Your current display driver does not allow changes to be made to hardware acceleration settings".

I disabled the display driver and was able to move the hardware acceleration slidebar, but when I hit "OK" or "Apply", I get a message to the effect that settings cannot be saved to the registry.

This is the point where I'm stuck... any help would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:Hardware Acceleration - Cannot Save to Registry

any suggestions...?


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just updated nvidia driver for vista 32 bit when i try to open vista solitaire card game the following appears:"hardware acceleration is either disabled or not supported by your video card driver ensure hardware acceleration is turned on"how do i do this please

Answer:turn on graphics hardware acceleration?

Scroll down to Vista click here. When you get there it is possible that you cannot make any changes - I cannot with my Nvidia card.I would do a system restore to before you updated the driver as I suspect that the updated driver is the problem.

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I'm trying to turn off the Hardware Acceleration in the audio and devices menu. I turn it off but if I go back to the menu after a certain period of time then hardware acceleration will be back at full.. Any help on a fix would be appreciated.

Answer:Hardware Acceleration - Sound - Won't turn off?

You never explained for what reason you want to turn this off but these two sites may help and Good Luck!!

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how do i download hardware graphics acceleration.icant play fifa 05 and diffirent games

Answer:i cant download hardware graphics acceleration

The hint is in the word "hardware". It's not a piece of software you can download, you need to buy a suitable graphics card. It will come with the appropriate drivers (though you should download the latest ones).

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