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Webcam driver open fail. Please restart ...

Question: Webcam driver open fail. Please restart ...

I'm a very new user in this forum, expecting your expertise help for the following issue.
I use Toshiba L300, after upgrading (custom install) my OS from vista home premium to windows 7 professional, my webcam does not work. It uses chicony camera assistance software for toshiba. Everytime, I get an error message "webcam driver open fail. restart your camera or computer". I checked the toshiba support site for dirver update, but it says the vista driver for that webcam is compatible with windows 7 as well. I reinstalled/restarted several times, however, I can't make it work anyway! Help me please. Thanks.

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Preferred Solution: Webcam driver open fail. Please restart ...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Webcam driver open fail. Please restart ...


Device manager method is always the cure.

Right click on the webcam in the device manager. Update driver software. Browse. Let me pick. Have disk. Browse. Now navigate to and double click on the Vista installer's .inf. (You might have to extract from the .exe first by running it.) Hit ok, possibly next too then let it install.

Reboot if needed after.

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I have an Satellite Pro L300.
Ive has my laptop for 6 months, and been trying to get my webcam working since.

when i try to start it, it says 'webcm driver open fail please restart camera of computer'.
Ive tried everything, does anyone know anything that actually works?

Please help, Allii x

Answer:Satellite Pro L300 - webcam driver open fail, please restart camera


On the Toshiba website I have founded a document about this issue that could be maybe useful for you:

So in your case I would try to update the BIOS and webcam driver. Both you can find on the Toshiba website: => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

Good luck and give us a feedback. I?m interested in it.


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I have recently bought a new Satellite L300 on Windows Vista Home Premium SP1. The Webcam worked fine for a few days and then the next time I booted up Vista, I get the following error "Webcam driver open fail, please restart camera or computer". Since the computer is brand new I reformatted to see if it wasn?t a program blocking something.

Reformatting 2 times and the error still come up on installation of the Camera Assistant Software for Toshiba. I downloaded the updated file from Toshiba support but still get the same error. The funny thing is that Device Manager does not even detect the webcam. There is no listing for the webcam. How can I tell that this is a hardware problem? Does anyone have any experience with this same problem?

The store I bought it offered to give me a new one but they do not have any in stock, so have to wait 3 weeks.


Answer:Satellite L300 - Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer


The webcam should be listed in the device manager. It?s not called webcam but you should find it in ?imaging devices? -> USB video device

The webcam should work properly. Usually after the webcam software installation you should find the webcam software in the MSCONFIG -> Startup
If the webcam is listed there then this would mean that the webcam driver/software loads always while a notebook boot procedure.

In some cases there could be an compatibility issue between this software and an 3rd party applications like MS messenger or Skype for example.

In your case I recommend disabling the webcam software and further applications like MS messenger or Skype in MSCONFIG -> Startup.
Then clean the OS and registry using the CCLeaner.

I would also recommend updating the Vista to the latest state! All patches and hotfixes should be installed!

Finally if you would like to use the webcam then you could start the software manually.
The exe file should be placed in Camera Assistant Software.

Best regards

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Hello , i made a clean install of windows 7 x64bit installed the webcam driver but i cant use my camera i get Webcam driver open fail. Restart camera or computer ... can someone help me ?

Answer:Satellite L650D Webcam driver open fail. Restart camera or computer

Hello, do you have Skype or another program installed that uses the webcam? Maybe it is taking exclusive control of the webcam.

Was it working ok with the factory Toshiba Windows installation? If yes, then you may just need to get the correct webcam driver from the Toshiba website from the L650D drivers page.

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I have a Satellite M305d-s4830.
My PC's operating system is Vista 64bit.

Cam and mic were working fine until one day the camera assistant software started showing a messagebox saying that: "Webcam driver open fail. Please restart the camera or computer."

Since then I tried everything that comes to my mind, but I think neither the cam nor the mic appear in the device manager. I also have the recovery disk for Toshiba.

What am I supposed to do?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite M305D-S4830 - Webcam driver open fail - Now webcam & mic does not work


> Since then I tried everything that comes to my mind, but I think neither the cam nor the mic appear in the device manager
Hmm? you mean the cam is not listed in device manager?
Neither an unknown device nor near a yellow exclamation mark?

Sounds like hardware issue? but try to recover the notebook using recovery disk.
If this will not help then it means that there must be something wrong with the cam?

I read in the net that some people had a similar issue.
The webcam worked when opened the laptop lid only halfway.
But webcam disappeared when the lid has been moved up.
Possibly there was an loose contact between the cable and cam?
In such case the ASP technician should check the notebook?.

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my laptop specifcation here : ( [A300 - 1G5|] ) for any needed details ..

The problem simply is, the webcam stopped working for some reason, an error messeage says "Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer".

I noticed that whenever I put the computer in sleep mode I was getting on the icon tray a notification says "USB device unrecognized"... I wasnt aware what it was - thought it becasue of the USB mouse being plugged... but I think its related to the camera...

software is installed but camera is not working and cant enable it .. I did download the latest driver from toshiba site , but still not working ...

Currently my laptop runs Vista HP SP2 32-bit, Windows defender enabled, Windows Firewall Enabled, Windows UAC enabled, Kaspersky Ani-Virus 2009 Enabled. I only use Windows Live Messenger (which up to date I think , version : 14.0.8089.726) which i used camera with, I quite using face recognition long time ago and rarely use the webcam ... I didnt install or update any drivers and used to have the laptop running perfectly..

So what happened now ?!

Answer:Satellite A300-1G5: webcam stopped working - Webcam driver open fail


I have had a similar error message and could solve this by disabling the webcam software from startup.
In msconfig -> Start Up tab I have unchecked the Chicony webcam software.
This prevents it from automatic loading.
I don?t use MSN but Skype and the Chicony webcam software is always disabled (not executed) if Skype is running.

Maybe you should try this too.

Furthermore you could try this:
Go to device manager, mark the webcam (imaging devices ? USB video device) and deleted it from the device list.
Then reboot the notebook and wait until the webcam has been recognized again.

Then test it.

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it says "webcam driver open fail, please restart camera or computer"

i have done that but i dont know what else to do to fix it

please help i need it for an assignment in grade 12

all help is much appreciated


Answer:Satellite A300 - webcam not working, message says "webcam driver open fail"

Remove preinstalled version from the system and install latest version you can find on Toshiba download page.

By the way: which operating system do you use?

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Hey guys

just got my mate to upgrade me to win 7 64bit.
Now my camera wont work. I had to re-install the drivers (they only had the vista drivers) - Can anyone help?

"webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer"


Answer:Portege M800: webcam does not work Win 7 64bit - webcam driver open fail


Seems you have used wrong or not compatible webcam driver/software?
You should use an Win 7 64bit Chicony webcam software.

> Now my camera wont work. I had to re-install the drivers (they only had the vista drivers) - Can anyone help?
The Portege M800 Win 7 drivers are available on the Toshiba European driver page.
You will find also the Win 7 64bit Webcam driver

Please remove firstly the old driver, then reboot the unit? clean the OS using CCLeaner? reboot the unit again and then install the Chicony webcam software.


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After looking through this forum, I have tried several 'solutions' but to no avail.

After trying to load the webcam i get the message: "Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer"

I have tried updating the Driver software for the camera, and updated the BIOS.

This message still keeps coming up. Is it worth uninstalling the camera completely then attemtping to reinstall it?

Sorry if some of this doesnt make much sense, im not entirely "computer savvy"

I hope somebody can help,


Answer:Satellite A300-1MC: webcam not working - webcam driver open fail

> Is it worth uninstalling the camera completely then attemtping to reinstall it?
Of course!

You should firstly go to device manager and should uninstall the driver.
You should also remove the software from control panel -> Software

After that you should clean the OS and registry using CCleaner. It?s free tool? google?
Then reboot the notebook several times and install the webcam software again.


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Installed Webcam driver ( )
When load PC error: " WebCam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer "

What can i do ???

HELP, plz )

Answer:Satellite L300 - WebCam issue: WebCam driver open fail

Have you installed service pack 1 for Vista and latest windows updates?

If not, please update. One thing you could try is to completely remove the drivers, using some registry cleaning tools like ccleaner and reinstall camera drivers.

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Webcam Driver Open fail. I get this prompt every time I start up my computer with the suggestion to restart driver of computer. Neither of which does any good. I've attempted uninstalling and then installing a new driver from the manufacturers website (Toshiba Satellite A305D-S6914) where there is a driver available. The webcam does work, but only when my laptop is partially closed, which more or less defeats the purpose of a built-in webcam. What's more, the webcam driver won't even show up in the device manager unless it is partially closed.

Any suggestions for a next step? I'll be contacting Toshiba as well but I figured I'd cover my bases as this appears to be a widespread issue with Toshiba, so I don't have much faith in what they may or may not be able to tell me.

Answer:Webcam Driver Open Fail

Almost sounds like a broken wire running from the motherboard to the webcam. I would definitely send this laptop in for a warranty repair.

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"Webcan driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer" - This error message appears when I try to open or use my built in webcam.
I am running windows vista.

The webcam has worked fine for the last 12 months.
I have tried installing the driver software again.
Also doing a system restore and nothing seems to work.

Anybody got any ideas/solutions

Answer:Satellite A - Webcam driver open fail

Hi buddy,

What Satellite A notebook you have exactly?

Did you already reading other similar threads? Here in forum you can find a lot of information about this webcam driver open fail error message. In most cases a recovery installation from Toshiba recovery disk can help to get rid of this. :)

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I?ve only had my Toshiba laptop since October and the built in webcam has been working fine until yesterday!

When I click on it to turn it on it comes up with a message saying:
''Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer''

I have tried restarting in many times but still the same message keeps coming up
Can anyone help me please?!

Answer:Built in Webcam - Driver open fail

Here in the forum are already threads about this issue.
An user named Akuma posted an interesting solution for this problem so try it. Maybe it will help you.

By the way, which Toshiba notebook do you have?

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Tried to work with my camera, but error appeared "Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer" Tried to do both, nothing happened. Changed drivers for camera, the same problem.

My OS is Windows XP SP3. Can anybody help me?

Answer:Satellite Pro A300-1NH - Webcam driver open fail

HI rinat_1,

Was your Satellite A300 delivered with Windows XP? If not, try it with ?factors settings? again, please!

Make also sure that your BIOS version is the latest one and you can get it here: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Good luck! :)

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I need someone to help me.

I have a Toshiba Satellite A300-276 with built-in webcam.
The operating system that came when it was purchased windows vista, but lately for some reasons had to format and then took the time to install win 7 (32bit).

But the webcam does not work.
The program, the drives and does not work.
When I click to connect to web a warning appears saying +"Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer+ "..
I've rebooted, uninstalled and went back to install and does not work!

Does anybody have any idea how to solve this problem?


Answer:Satellite A300-276 - Webcam driver open fail


This is a typical software issue?
I read a lot threads about this error message and in most cases new driver installation/update did the job!

Please ensure that you are using the latest BIOS.
Then access the device manager and go to Imaging Devices.
There you can find the USB video device? this is webca.

Please remove this from device manager list. You can also uninstall the driver?
Then reboot the unit and try again to install the driver?

Please be sure that you are using the latest webcam software... you can choose the software released for Satellite L500 too!

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I have a Gateway MD7330u running Vista Home pre and my internal webcam just stopped working. I dont believe there is a hardware problem. I contacted Gateway but they could not help me. I have done a full system restore.

Origionally my webcam was listed under device manager as Chicony usb2 now it says usb webcam i have uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled.

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Helloe everyone,

I have Satellite L300-110, and i have an issue with the web cam after installing Windows7.

The error:
Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer.

The camera is working fine and appear in the device manager as Chicony USB 2.0 Camera.

However, i can use the face recognition.

Does anyone knows the cause.

Answer:Satellite L300-110 - Webcam driver open fail

Hi buddy,

You have checked the forum for similar threads/problems? It doesn?t seem so because you will find enough about this problem.
So use the forum search and read similar threads.

Anyway, you should try updating the webcam driver and BIOS. Both can be downloaded on the Toshiba page.

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A while ago i bought A300 and everything was working fine till one day i tried to run the camera Assistance software and this msg came up "Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer."

I didn't know what to do so i decided to uninstall the software and install it again but in vain.
Since then when ever i try to run my cam even on the msn it runs but it tuns all black after a while.

Please help

Answer:Satellite A300-1EI - Webcam driver open fail

Is also black when you start ?Camera Assist Software??
MSN is not the best application for diagnostic?

Have you tried to play with settings and night mode option?
Have you removed protect foil in front of cam?

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Hi there

I have Toshiba A300-1MM laptop and my Web Camera does not work. On toshiba support site there is no driver for Windows 7 32bits. Only for Vista 32bits. I use this driver. Is there any other sollution?
Thank you.

Answer:Webcam driver open fail - Satellite A300-1MM


I was able to find the webcam driver for Win 32bit for this series.
Install the mentioned driver, reboot the notebook and test the cam once again.
[Webcam driver v| =2&selFamily=2&selSeries=153&selProduct=781&selSho rtMod=null&language=13&selOS=all&selType=315&yearu pload=&monthupload=&dayupload=&useDate=null&mode=a llMachines&search=&action=search&macId=&country=al l&selectedLanguage=13&type=315&page=1&ID=68798&OSI D=29&driverLanguage=42]

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I'm on Windows 7 with a Satellite Pro L450-13M.

My webcam simply stopped being recognised by any of the programmes on my system. Skype, Toshiba Camera etc etc. One day it was fine, a while later when I tried to use it again it stopped. I only use it for Skype usually, so I've no weird imaginative bits of software that might get in the way.

Uninstalled the Toshiba Camera Software, uninstalled the drivers. Reinstalled the camera software - although there seem to be about 400 slightly different versions. I think I've got the right one. TC30049700E.

Windows 7 determinedly reinstall the drivers by itself when I boot up. It puts on Sonix driver. If I look at the details there's a list of 6 files, all of which look reasonable.

Checked the device manage, which says "This device is working properly". The trouble is, this is a lie!

Oddly, the microphone works fine (I thought this was integral to the webcam).

What I'd really like to do is separately install the device driver, without the entire camera software package.

But to be honest any ideas are welcome. It's very irritating and I've run out of ideas, and I'm about to go away on business for 2 week and I use skype to talk to my kids. I'm sort of semi-technically literate as you can see, but not fluent, and Windows 7 is new for me. The laptop came with it, and webcam was working fine when I bought it at end of Feb.

Answer:Satellite Pro L450-13M - Webcam driver open fail

P.S. the only piece of "maintenance" that I might be considered to have performed is to update to the latest BIOS as recommended by Toshiba. Could someone tell me how to roll this back so I can check if it's a cause please

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i have toshiba satellite pro L300 model PSLB1E, and in theDevice Manager is not any Imaging Device and the driver of the Toshiba Page is showing "driver open fail.Restart the cam or computer" constinuously. I have uninstalled the driver ten times, and updated driver, but not work the camera and is not presenet in Device Manager.

Where is the problem ? the driver ?... I am desperated...

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite Pro L300 - Webcam driver open fail

Are you able to backup your data and run Recovery?

If it still happens on a fresh Windows install, then the webcam hardware may be faulty.

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As advised I have reloaded the webcam driver and updated BIOS but I still get 'webcam driver open fail' message on startup on my Satellite A300.

Answer:Satellite A300 - Webcam driver open fail

Hi buddy,

Here in forum you will find some threads about this issue? Just use the forum search a little bit.

Regarding the driver: If you remove the old version, restart your computer and run CCleaner to clean the registry and fix issues. Then restart again and now you can install latest webcam driver from official Toshiba page.

Good luck! :)

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I try try to solve my problem

Error: webcam driver open fail

Answer:Satellite A300-20A - webcam driver open fail


You should use the Toshiba Forum search option.
Then you would find a lot of threads about the theme.

In most threads you will find the recommendation to reinstall the webcam software.
I think this should help you.
So visit the Toshiba driver page and download the webcam software for the notebook model. Before you would install the new software, I recommend removing the old from the system.

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I'm Dr Ahmed Maher and I have a problem with my Toshiba Laptop. It is Satellite A300

The problem is in my webcam. When I try to use the webcam a message of "webcam driver open fail.please restart the cam or computer"
I had downloaded the driver from toshiba site. I reinstalled the driver but the same message appeared. I had updated the BIOS. The same problem. I made a recovery for my laptop using the recovery DVD. No way, the same problem

Please help me to solve this problem
thank you for caring
Dr. Ahmed

Answer:Satellite A300 - Webcam driver open fail

Hi Dr. Ahmed,

If your webcam doesn?t work after installing Windows from Toshiba recovery disk I think it?s related to defective hardware. I mean you have already tried to update the BIOS and webcam driver but that?s all what you can do.

So I would recommend contacting the people from your local authorized service provider. I think they can help you can exchange the webcam if it?s necessary.

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After disc format (T HDD recovery, Vista 32 b) there is no "toshiba face recognition" aplication.
After instaling Camera Assistant Software there is only error: Webcam driver open fail. please restart camera or computer.
Camera is turned off and i can't turn it on, restarting the computer doesn't give any effect.

Could anyone help me?

Answer:Satellite A300-1EH - Webcam driver open fail


I see you are using Vista?
Well, first of all you should ensure that Vista is up to date!!!
You have used recovery and this means that Vista needs to be updated to the latest state!!!
All service packs and other patches needs to be installed.

Then remove the webcam software from the system, clean the registry (CCleaner, etc?) and after new reboot try to install the webcam software again?

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recently my Satellite A200's boot drive died and i had it replaced. Vista was put back on as part of this via Toshiba's SOE restore. Now the Webcam doesnt work, it gives the following error when the machine boots:

"Webcam Driver Open Fail. Please restart camera or computer."

I have tried installing the latest Chicony driver updates but still no luck

also I have found a lot of info via google about registry entry problems with the installer on this issue. They recommend a fairly complicated registry hack to fix it. I want to find an installer that works rather than hack the registry

can anyone advise me ? thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite A200 - Webcam driver open fail

More info:

The 32bit Vista Driver for Chicony WebCamera is not available on the Australian website doe my model , so I rang support. They said go to Canada website and use a different model number to get the 32 bit Vista Driver. Did that, uninstalled the old driver, and installed this new one. It didt work either. Any ideas anyone ? Surely it cant be this hard ?

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Every time I attempt to start up my integrated webcam (Chicony Camera Assistant Software) the message "Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer." pops up on the computer.
Firstly I do not fully understand what this means and secondly I have restarted both the camera and the computer, as well as repairing the camera software.

I have looked for updates and drivers, etc but to no avail. I have also read every user manual available in search of an answer but I can?t seem to find anything that is of any help.
I was just wondering if anyone had an answer for me or could tell me what I need to do.

Answer:Webcam driver open fail on Satellite A300-1MC

hi Jacktt615,

first of all check if the devicemanager shows a "usb-video-device" from chicony without exclamation mark...
if the hardware is detected and usable check the driver details:
my drivers for this device are: ks.sys, usbvideo.sys, uvcftr_s.sys, iyuf_32.sys,,, and among some others,

if you have more than one chicony video device: delete all and reboot
download the latest webcam-driver from toshiba, it contains the driver and the software.

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I have just bought a Toshiba Satellite L300 with no OS installed. I managed to install windows XP and all the sound/video...... drivers successfully but after installing the webcam driver appears an error which says: ?Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer?.

I restarted the computer several times but it still doesn`t work. Please help me.

Answer:Satellite L300 and WXP - Webcam driver open fail

Hiya, I am having a similar problem (see earlier thread), can you actually see the webcam in the Device Manager? There is also a known problem if it is just the driver, do a search on this forum, it seems to be a common problem.



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Anyone know what I need to do to sort this - when I try to open the webcam I get the message "webcam driver open fail. please restart camera or computer" - I closed down then restarted but made no difference.


Answer:Satellite P200 - Webcam driver open fail

Hi andyjennings,

Have you already tried to reinstall the webcam driver? I never received such an error message but usually reinstallation the driver should work. You can download it here: > Support & Downloads > Find an authorized service provider

Good luck! :)

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Sorry! But what going on?
I had reinstall this drivers of webcam. But problem is the same.

Skype is not working!!!

Answer:Satellite U400 - webcam driver open fail

Can you start and use cam in ?Camera Assist Software??

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If I try to use the webcam, I get the message: "Webcam driver open fail........"

There are multiple threads about this on this board and other boards via Google, not just related to this model, though many other Toshibas. Is there a fix from Toshiba? Since the problem seems so widespread there should be.

I am using XP Pro. I have updated the BIOS and the webcam software without solving the problem.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite U400 - Webcam driver open fail

Hi buddy,

It seems that the forum doens?t contain enough threads about this...

Please use the forum search. You will find enough threads what you can do like this one:

If it doesn?t work try contacting an authorized service provider. Maybe it?s a loose connection or something else that must be checked and repaired?

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I have Portege M600 and already installed Windows 7 [RTM]. After windows update, everything running well for all hardware certify with Microsoft but, when I try used to webcam, the program show some error message:
It say "webcam driver open fail. please restart camera or computer"

Then I restart until twice again but nothing happen and show the same error. I check device is working properly. I already reinstall webcam software too.
Any clue or suggestions ?

I used Vista 32 software as default driver


Answer:Portege M600 - Webcam driver open fail on Windows 7

Vista drivers mostly work in Win7, but there are some exceptions.

Have a look on the Toshiba US site, they have posted up some beta win7 drivers. Perhaps there's an updated webcam driver that works in Win7?

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The full text of this error is "Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer."

I have spent a long time searching for solutions online. Many of the proposed solutions seem to be reasonable fixes for my problem, but they do not work. I have downloaded the most recent hotfixes for Vista (64 bit) and I have the most recent webcam driver. There are a few strange circumstances pertaining to my particular problem that I have not seen mentioned elsewhere.

The webcam did not work out of the box.

On two separate, inexplicable occasions, the webcam driver was found by the new hardware wizard and installed. Both of these occurred after the computer had been on for some time. The webcam then became functional. Upon restart, the error message returned.

I cannot find the camera in the device manager. In fact, I cannot find any imaging devices whatsoever. Some other people who had similar problems could apparently see something in this category, often an unknown device.

I downloaded a program called "Driver Detective" and ran it. Amazingly, it was able to find the driver for the "Chicony USB 2.0 webcam". The program claimed that the driver was perfectly up to date. It listed the camera under the category "unplugged USB device", the same category as my ipod.

If there is any other information that I need to provide, I can do so quickly.

Thanks for looking!

Answer:"webcam driver open fail." on Satellite A305-S6844

Have you tired uninstalling and reinstalling the camera from Device Manager? Do this and then restart your computer, this will automatically detect and reinstall the drivers for the camera.

I suspect your camera may be failing though as you mentioned previously that it installs sometimes while you're using the computer. If uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't work, you may have to take this in to a repair center.

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I have Satellite Pro A300
After upgrading XP into Vista the web cam stopped working (webcam driver open fail. please restart camera or computer)

Any help

Answer:Satellite Pro A300 - error - webcam driver open fail


I have used the forum search and founded a good posting from the user Akuma.
Maybe it?s the solution:

Good luck!


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I have a Satellite L305-S5945 and the webcam worked perfectly fine out of the box and after I re-installed Vista-64 (which it came with) after I installed a program wrong and got a blue screen.

I recently upgraded to Windows 7 and now the webcam doesn't work and I get the error "Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer." I tried looking for a Windows 7 driver on the support page but I couldn't find one so I just used the two Vista/XP ones instead. One is the driver and other is the Camera Assistant Software. Here is what I have tried so far:

* Attempt #1* Freshly installed Windows 7. Without installing anything else, I download the two drivers mentioned above, and install then both and restart the computer. End up with working Camera Assistant Software but when starting up webcam I get error of "Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer."

* Attempt #2* After attempt 1, go to device manager and uninstall Chicony 2.0 USB Camera under Imaging Devices. Restart computer and let it sit. Eventually Windows picks up the camera and auto installs it and it re-appears in the Device Manager. Still get same errors.

* Attempt #3* Freshly installed Windows 7. Uninstall camera from device manager, then install the two drivers. Get same errors. Restart computer and still get same error.

Help! How do I fix my webcam?

Answer:Satellite L305-S5945 - Webcam driver open fail

Try to install Win7 cam driver for some other notebook model like A300 or A500.
I am pretty sure it will works well.

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My problem is this

I have a Satellite A305-S6872 laptop with a built in webcam, i had to restore it with the cd given with the laptop and i re-installed the webcam assistant software and thought that was it but it keeps saying "webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer"

Does anyone know how to fix this

Answer:Webcam driver open fail on Satellite A305-S6872

Hi mate

This message can appear due to some compatibility issues between the webcam software and 3rd party software like Skype, Live messenger, etc?

In your case I recommend removing the webcam software from the system again.
Then clean the OS using CCLeaner.
After that you could install the webcam software again and should uncheck the webcam software in msconfig -> Startup.

This will prevent the software from loading automatically.

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I had to replace the hard disk on my A300 PSAJ4E and when I reloaded Vista 32 and all the Toshiba hardware drivers all went OK except for the Chicony webcam install.

The side menu is there but it won't work, giving a "webcam driver open fail. please restart camera or computer" error.

I updated the Bios to 4.20
I first used the original Toshiba download, webcam-20080428125023 driver (V1.07.175).
I tried it with "the lid 3/4 closed".
I searched everywhere and read of dozens of similar problems. I tried a few, even editing the setup ini. Nothing helps.
I've even tried the XP drivers (V1.7.144.0611), the 32bit and 64bit versions and even a gateway driver. Nothing seems to work for this cam.

What now?

I also now get "the required section was not found in the INF" when I try to uninstall and reinstall the driver through device manager.
I have the choice of
all giving the same error...

Answer:Re: Satellite A300 (PSAJ4E) - Webcam driver open fail

Me too. See my thread of a couple of days ago.
I have given up. I have wasted hours and hours trying to get the webcam driver to work.
Next week I am going to buy an external webcam.
There are many complaints about this in various forums, I think it is time someone took responsibility.
Sorry that I could not be positive and help you.

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'Webcam driver open fail.' My webcam failed months back. Have been into forums & taken advice - nothing works.
Have cleaned disk and reloaded driver many times. This is not satisfactory.
Someone must take RESPONSIBILITY.

I need to know the CAUSE and get a SOLUTION.

Answer:Satellite A300-1MC - Webcam driver open fail - Vista

Hello John and welcome to Toshiba forum.
Let us discuss about responsibility a little bit later.

Tell us at first which notebook model do you have exactly, which operating system do you use and what have you tried to fix this.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A300-1SM computer upgrade to Windows 7 (32 bit), and since yesterday, the webcam is giving me problems. Does not work.
Is a Chicony Web Camera, built inside the computer. Has suddenly stopped working. The following error appears: "webcam driver open fail. please restart camera or system. "
I have not touched or installed anything. It happened overnight.

I tried to restore the computer to an earlier date, and it worked for a few minutes ... but it failed again and appears the same error.

I wonder what I have to do to get back to "recover " my webcam.

Thanks in advance.


Answer:Satellite A300 - error: "webcam driver open fail"


There are a lot of threads here in forum about webcam driver issue and you should read these threads:

Problem is I can?t say more about this because the error never happened to even I use my webcam quite often but no problems at all. :)

Anyway, if you have more questions you can post again ;)

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I know this is a common problem, I have been on this forum for days and found no solution. I have a satellite L300 PSLB8E, which I downgraded to windows XP from VISTA. I downloaded the drivers from your website, Camera Assistant, but it keeps telling me webcam driver fail please restart computer or Camera. That never solves the problem. Are there 2 different drivers, since your website only has one, i.e one for the camera and one for the software? I've uninstalled it, reinstalled it, removed the driver from control panel, reinstalled that, nothing works.

Someone please end my, and many others, misery by giving a straight answer to this question.

Thank You

Answer:Satellite L300 - Webcam driver open fail on Windows XP

Try to update the BIOS. You can find it on the Toshiba website: => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

I have searched in the forum and I founded an useful posting from Akuma. Check this!

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I've installed the RC of Windows 7 64 Bit on my Satellite Pro P300-PSPC5E and I'm experiencing problems with the configuration of my webcam and microphone.

I've tried to install the camera assistant software, 64-bit (windows vista) to configure the webcam but I keep getting an error with 'Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer.' neither of a camera or computer restart work. I do get picture in Skype but I can not edit settings or so (dark picture) and the microphone is way more silent then it was on windows XP, although it's set on the maximum sound.

Is there a solution for this problem? I hope so :)

Answer:Satellite Pro P300 (PSPC5E) - Webcam driver open fail on Windows 7


I think there is no solution for this problem at the moment because you are using a Release Candidate of Windows 7 and at the moment there are no official drivers for Windows 7 available.

You have already tried the Windows Vista driver so that?s all what you can do. Alternative you visit the Toshiba US page ( and search for Windows 7 beta driver. Maybe it works.

Good luck! :)

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Since I upgrade my system to Windows 7 64bit my webcam don't work. After installing the driver I keep getting the message "webcam driver open fail. please restart camera or computer". The camera also don't appear in the device manager and the mic don't work also.

I have a Satellite A300-1LT.



Answer:Satellite A300 - Webcam driver open fail after Windows 7 upgrade

Hi pro.surfer,

Do you know the forum search? If not you should use because you will find many threads with this error message and a lot of useful instruction what do to.

I don?t know which driver you mean but you need the Camera Assistant Software for webcam. The microphone is a part of webcam so you have to install the webcam driver. ;)

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I have searched and searched for solutions to this problem and feel like I have tried everything. Whenever I turn my laptop on or attempt to start my webcam I get the error "Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer."

I used to be able to use the webcam with no problems but it just stopped working one day. I've recently reformatted my operating drive to the out-of-the-box state, but it is still showing an error whenever I try to use my webcam. I'm running Windows Vista Home Premium on an A300 Model: PSA-GCA. I have also tried updating the webcam driver (and the latest BIOS update) from Toshiba's support section, but with no luck. I've also tried using the XP webcam driver, but still, no luck.

Any idea on how to fix this problem?

Message was edited by: Replicant

I also forgot to mention that in my Device Manager, I cannot see my Chicony Webcam at all. There is no section for imaging devices present at all.

Answer:Satellite A300 - Constant "Webcam Driver Open Fail" Error


If you search here in the forum you will find enough threads about this issue but I have founded an interesting thread with a good posting from the user Akuma and mayb it?s useful for you:

If it doesn?t work I think you need help from an authorized service provider. The technicians can check your notebook and repair it if?s necessary.

Good luck!

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All greetings.

Recently took the laptop with the service center, he changed the motherboard. Prior to the service center the camera worked well, but after he took early displayed an error "Webcam driver open fail. Restart camera or computer." Read posts on this subject anywhere advised to update the BIOS, I renewed but nothing helped.

This could be due to the fact that in the service center have forgotten something to connect to the motherboard? Because in the Device Manager do not see a web camera. I have a Toshiba Satellite A300-1EG number PSAG4E.

Thanks in advance for the answer. I would like to be quick to get to know to go tomorrow to a service center or not.

Answer:Satellite A300-1EG - Webcam driver open fail after mainboard exchange

Hi kuhar2007,

Maybe the authorized service provider has forgotten to connect the cable but before you contact them again you should try reinstalling webcam driver. You can get the latest version here: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Normally the webcam should be listed in device manager after this. If not you should contact the ASP again. Explain this problem and they will try to help you. ;)

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I upgraded Windows Vista by Windows 7 in my Toshiba Satellite L300 notebook. Drivers for chicony webcam installed automatically. Device manager is showing webcam with installed drivers and give message that device is working properly. But when I starts webcame the message appears stating "Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer."

What can I do for that?

Answer:Webcam driver open fails - Restart camera or computer

Unfortunately not much. Windows 7 is still not on the market and not supported. Toshiba does not offers tested drivers, tools and utilities for this OS.

By the way: if the cam assistant software is not started, can you use cam in Skype.
I will test Windows 7 next days and want to check cam functionality with Skype.

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On my new Toshiba Equium L350, there wasn't any camera assistant software. I downloaded one of the toshiba website.
I installed it, but it doesnt work.
Everytime I try to use it or when i go onto my user.

The webcam says error "Webcam driver failed to open. Please restart camera or computer".

I have tried restarting it and reinstalling it, but nothin works.

Can anyone help me?

Answer:Webcam driver failed to open - Please restart camera or Equium L350


I?ve got few questions;
Do you see the ?Camera Assist Software? running in the taskbar?
Do you use some applications like MS messenger which could lock the webcam?

I read about an webcam issue on Vista notebooks. It was related to the Vista OS. There was a bug which was solved with the installation of SP1.

Do you have SP1 installed?

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Just bought an Equium P300 with built in webcam.
Have Vista service pack 1 and keep getting message open "Webcam driver fail. Please restart camera or computer."

I have uninstalled and then re installed driver. can anyone help please. Ian

Answer:Equium P300 Webcam not working - webcam driver fail


Someone had the similar issue with the webcam and posted a solution here:

The problem seems to be in the registry? but please check simply the link above.

Anyway? I?m interesting is this issue and your feedback would be appreciated?


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I've been directed here by Reid (from the HijackThis Help section.
"Hi debell,

These errors appear to be software related. My suggestion is for you to post in the Windows XP section of the forum, giving them all the detail and explanations you've given me, and let the experts there give you a hand with this."

Here are the 'event' logs. Plus some event that might shed some light on the problem.
A little while ago i had to power off. Upon restarting (after more than 2 hours) the display would 'disappear' while still in the boot-up process. I shut down with the 'power' button on the PC & restarted in Safe mode. That worked. But again a 're-start' from there would go through the whole process but before the 'windows is starting' screen the display disappeared. In fact the monitor seemed to be dis-connected from the source - it has power-supply and 'indicator showed interface with comp - then abruptly the connection itself was gone. Finally after few more tries with the same results, i Chose 'Enable VGA mode' from the startup options screen (where Safe Mode etc are offered as options) That worked. I saw your mail & replying accordingly.
Thanks very much.

Event Type: Error
Event Source: DCOM
Event Category: None
Event ID: 10005
Date: 6/18/2006
Time: 11:33:21 PM
Computer: USER
DCOM got error "This service cannot be started in Safe Mode " attempting to start the service EventSystem with arg... Read more

Answer:crash, restart, fail, restart, mode, restart, fail..

I don't think those a really errors, only warnings. Windows is just telling you about all the things that can't be started in safe-mode. I'm 50% sure that if you boot into safe-mode on any computer you'll see a whole bunch of those warnings in the event viewer.

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Hallo ich hab seit 2 Wochen Probleme mit meiner Webcam bekomme nur noch diese meldung Webcam Drive open fail. Please resart Camera or Computer

brauche eure hilfe das die Cam wieder geht weil ich sie fr skyp brauche

hab schon so viel bei google gelesen leider hat nichts geholfen neue treiber von webcam und bios waren auch ohne erfolg

Hello, I've been 2 weeks get problems with my webcam only this announcement Cam Drive open fail. Please resart camera or computer

need your help to the Cam goes back because I need them for skyp

've already read so much on google, unfortunately, has nothing to help new drivers of webcam and bios were also without success

Please Help me

Answer:Webcam Drive open fail. Please resart Camera or Computer

Webcam Drive open fail. Please resart Camera or Computer

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Hi, Laptop Model T400, TYPE 6475-K22 After restarting the laptop i can found yellow color mark(!) on ethernet driver in device manager.i reinstalled couple of times,its not taking ip address from dhcp,if i give manually also it will not work. i connected a usb to lan convertor adaptor,its working. what will be reason for this? is it a hardware issue or software issue? Thanks in advance.


Go to Solution.

Answer:Ethernet Driver Fail after Restart

It is probably a software issue. What version of Windows are you using? I would download the latest ethernet driver from Lenovo and from Intel. Uninstall your existing driver, reboot into Windows, install the new driver, and reboot once again. If the Lenovo driver doesn't work, try the one direct from Intel. Good luck 

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am using an NRG mp2000 printer
am able to print but not scan
when i command to scan a message pops up" opening of TWAIN Driver failed to open"


Answer:TWAIN Driver fail to open

Yes, you need to install the driver of the printer /scanner.

Did you checked in device manager if some device appears with a yellow advice (!) near to it?

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Hey all..... I have a D-Link DSB C100 Clear webcam, and my cd drive isn't working, so I downloaded the driver off the internet.
I unzipped the driver files to my computer, and I found them.. When I click on any of them, I get prompted by Windows to tell which program created it, and it gives me a list of my computer programs to choose from. I click on Explorer (is this right?), and when I do that, it doesn't open anything.
I restarted my computer with the camera plugged in, all to no avail. The camera didn't turn on, but it did tell me that it found a new USB device. I clicked on that, and then it told me that I didn't have the correct software for it.
I have used this webcam before, but I can't remember what it was like installing it. Recently I got a virus and had to reinstall windows XP completely from scratch, so I lost the webcam program. Anyhow, usually when it loads correctly, I will see the "D-Link" option in my start/programs menu. I keep rebooting, thinking it will show up, but it doesn't.

It looks like the driver is there, but I don't know how to make it run. Any ideas?


Answer:How do I open this webcam driver?

in the folder where the drivers are, look for a file that says SETUP.EXE or SETUP.MSI or INSTALL.EXE ..something along those lines. Double click that and it should install the drivers properly.

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Dear all.
when I try to use camera assisant software (try to change settings or recode a video) I get the following massage

"web cam driver open fail please restart camera or computer"

This massage came after I installed windows 7 using clear install.
Computer is Satellite L300 and the camera is chicony usb 2.0 camera

How can I solve this problem?

Answer:Camera assistant software and driver open fail message


Have you tried to reinstall webcam driver?
Remove preinstalled version, restart your notebook and install latest version you can find on Toshiba download page.

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For some reason my webcam won?t start. Its saying driver has failed to open.
Could you please help me find the right drivers please?

Answer:Re: Webcam wont start - driver has failed to open

Please let us know which notebook model do you have exactly.
Anyway, there are no 10 different drivers and now you must choose the right one.
The right driver for your notebook model you can find on Toshiba support page under > Support & Download.

Just choose the right model.

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I'am desperate.
1 month ago I bought a Satelite P300-190 with internal webcam.

Everythings seems to work, except the webcam.

I get the error when starting the software: "webcam driver open fail. please restart camera or computer"

I've read so many threads about this problem.
I've tried: update software, bios, display adapter, camera software,
followed most of the things specified in the treads, but still the same problem.

Is there an expert somewere who can help me to solve this probem ?

Thanks in advance,
Best regards, Jeroen.

Answer:Satellite P300: webcam driver open failed

* Download the updated Chicony Webcam driver from the Toshiba website drivers section. If you cannot find an updated driver, try a newer driver from another Toshiba Model.
* Install Vista Service Pack 1, or Vista Hotfix KB934374: (KB934374 is included in SP1)
* Update your Messenger software (MSN/Yahoo Messenger, etc..)
* If you have another program that can use the webcam (Skype for example), make sure they are completely closed, and not sitting in the System Tray.
* Try closing the Camera Assistant Bar on the left of the Desktop.
* To stop the Camera Assistant software from running on startup, run Regedit and delete "Camera Assistant Software" from HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run \

If that doesnt work, the best option would be to backup your data and run Recovery. If it still doesnt work, then the webcam itself may be faulty.

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Whenever i start my computer it says "Webcam driver open failed, please restart your camera or computer".

Can someone help me to solve this problem or I have to buy a new camera?

Plz let me know as soon as possible


Answer:Webcam driver open failed on Satellite A series


What OS are you using? Vista? What notebook model is it?
If yes please install the SP1 because it contains a Microsoft patch which helps to solve the webcam issue.
I had a similar issue and the SP1 was the key.

It would be also recommended to remove the old webcam software/driver and to download a webcam driver from the Toshiba European driver page and to reinstall it.

Check it out!

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I recently did a clean install of Windows 7 64 bit on my Toshiba Satellite A300-1FP. I was surprised at how smoothly it went. The only thing that was missing was a Windows 7 driver for the Chicony Webcam. A number of people on these forums have suggested using the Vista 64 bit driver. I tried numerous times to make this work. I deleted the startup entry, deleted and resinstalled the driver from device manager, etc. Everything I have found on these forums I've tried.

None of it works. I continue to get the error message "Webcam driver open failed. Please restart camera or computer."

Even with the "camera assistant" the Chicony camera is really awful. Had I know before I bought the machine I would have chosen otherwise. Too late now. Without the assitant you have only the driver that comes with Windows 7 which allows you to use the camera but unless you have Hollywood quality lighting the video is so dark that it is nearly unusable. The "camera assistant" at least had a booster for darker rooms.

I don't know why Toshiba ever used this camera in the first place.
There are many people with this same exact problem who are looking for help in the various forums for their system.

If anyone knows how to handle this I would really appreciate hearing from you. Toshiba, if you're listening, what were you thinking?


Answer:Satellite A300-1FP - Chicony webcam Win 7 64bit - driver open failed


Just a little question: Have you tried this?
[Why an error message displayed "Webcam driver open fail. Restart camera or computer"?|]

Furthermore it would be interesting to know if the same happens with ?factory settings?. Can you check this please?


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Recieve error every time I try to use Camera Assistance Software for Toshiba: Webcam driver open failed. Please restart camera or computer. Web cam also does not work in Skype. It seems that this is a very common problem with the A300s series, yet there is no clear solution out there.

Series: A300
Model: PSAGCA -02Y010

Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit
Camera Assistant Software for Toshiba:

I recently did a clean install of Windows 7, updating from Windows Vista. I never used the web cam on Windows Vista, so I can't testify as to whether the web camera was workin correctly or not. However, when I tried to use it with Skype, it did not work. I reinstalled the driver that I backed up before I installed the new operating system, but it did not work. The web cam doesn't show up at all in Device Manager - even when set to display hidden devices. Trying to add new hardware through the control panel fails to detect the web camera at all. I have restarted after every install/repair of the driver.

Steps Taken

Reinstalled backuped drivers
I used third party software (Double Driver) to back up and reinstall the drivers for the web camera after I installed Windows 7. Double Driver claimed there was no device to install the driver for. I manually copied the files into the Camera Assistance folder and overwrote the existing ones. The files I copied were:

Reinstalled... Read more

Answer:Satellite A300 PSAGCA -02Y010 - Error: Webcam driver open failed

> The web cam doesn't show up at all in Device Manager - even when set to display hidden devices.
> I encountered a thread post that suggested a loose wire was responsible and that the camera would work when the lid was almost closed. I tried this and the camera suddenly appeared in device manager.

Does this mean that webcam does not appear in device manager if the lid is open? Right?
In such case it looks like there is no connection between webcam and motherboard.
As far as I know the internal cam is connected to motherboard?s USB controller and possibly there is a loose connection.

Possible solution: I think the technician should disasemble the notebook in order to check the connection :(

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Y40 experiences missing hardware (webcam &bluetooth) and code 10 and 43 (non-start) on USB 3.0 extensible driver. None of the USB ports work! I have attempted numerous reinstalls of drivers from lenoo and intel to no avial. It is not a hardware problem as the USB posrt work briefly during boot and i got them to work for a while when i swapped another harddrive in with windows 8.1 form a different laptop. I am stumped. so far I have tried1) reinstall windows 8.12) reinstall drivers3) uninstall hardware and reboot Please help I'm at my wits end. I've spent 3 days working on it Ughhhhhhh!


Go to Solution.

Answer:Y40 USB, Bluetooth, Webcam FAIL!!! HELP!!!

Oh, forgot to mention I also did a soft reset of the bios, unplugged the 3.0 usb port/audio card.

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hi, please help, Hp 620 Media Player cant play, webcam cant open saying " no webcam detected.", and currently been stuck on updates page for nearly 3 hours.

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Dear All, During reinstalled the Window 7 for the new harddisk, I am fail to installed the webcam driver at the last step (all other drivers all installed and ok), the fail message said "Camera device cannot found!" and set up fail.  Does anyone has the same problem? Thanks a lots for your help.


Go to Solution.

Answer:S10 3t webcam driver installation problem (can't use webcam in MSN or face detect login)

Try holding the Fn key and pressing escape, this should turn the camera on.

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It just hangs on the Shutting Down screen sometimes (but the progress ring keeps going). Usually when it's initiated by an application that just made changes.

Answer:Does Win 7 sometimes fail to restart for some people?


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Hey guys, need help with this!

I have a Toshiba Satellite P200 and when I try the webcam, a pop up comes saying that the webcam driver has failed! I want to talk on Skype, so how do I solve this problem?


Answer:In-built webcam fail on Satellite P200

Can you please tell us more about your notebook?
Which operating system do you use?

Does cam work with original preinstalled OS that you got with your notebook (Vista 32bit)?

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I have searched on google, there is huge articles about this camera problem:Graph Reder Fail, which happend when using CAMERA ASSISTANT SOFTWEAR, which means the build in camera does not work!

My Model is Netbook Toshiba NB200-10Z. I have tried the solution which advised on internet websites, which is reinstalled the camera driver then updated. It however still can not make the camera work.

Please provide a solution for this problem.

Thank you very much!

Answer:NB200-10Z - Webcam graph render fail


Have you noticed this issue from the first day? I mean with ?factory settings? everything should work OK.
Have you installed THIS version?

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My Thinkpad appear to crash every time I try to restart. When attempting to restart, it would shut down and as the system is rebooting, I would hear beeping sound and it would just freeze. I have to hold down the power button for it to shut down completely and power back on again. I tried reformatting my laptop but still having the same issue. Anyone familiar with this? Please advise - Thank you in advance.


Go to Solution.

Answer:T60 - Fail to restart successfully everytime

Hi. What is the specific beep sequence you're hearing? Cheers.

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So, currently i am using a window 10 flex 2 14. When i change my system locale language in the Region to Chinese, it require to restart my laptop. The problem is that after i click restart now, the laptop did not actually restart. Instead it go to the page asking me if i wan to repair or restart. Then it failed to restart. So i did the recovery and my laptop can be function again. However, when i restart my laptop again. It failed to restart again. So i did the recovery again and now im scared to restart my laptop. Anyway, after i did the recovery the laptop was still smooth. The main problem is it just faled to restart. So, i would like to ask is this problem happened because i change the system locale language OR my window OS file has been corrupted. Any helps would be much appreciated. Thanks you.

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For everytime I want to get into the Safe Mode the PC will restart or reboot and show back the F8 mode lists.

So I can't get my safe mode screen.

This XP Pro pc had been infected by virus.win32.sality.aa (kaspersky). Its bloked Kaspersky so I had install a new Av - Rising.

Rising found Win32.KUKU.GEN. Its cleans and deleted infected files but resulted to some prog can't run. One of it is the Safe Mode.


Answer:XP safe mode fail - restart

Sounds like you are going to have to do a XP repair from a disk or a clean install.

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My laptop was working on Windows 10. One fine day it stoped working. Did restore with keeping files and havent been able to restart still. It asks for a password " I go to advanced setting in System Tools at start up and select safe mode (Option 4) but when it tries to start it asks for a "Start up Password" - Message "The computer is configured to require a password in order to start up.Please enter the start up password below " When I enter the last password that I was using to login to windows before it got corrupted .. that password is not working. Dont know which password would it be .. I cant remember if i did or did not set up a start up password about 4 years back when the laptop was purchased. Can you please me in getting the data recovered from this machine somehow ? Regards,Bassam 

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I've got a multitude of issues really. It's getting to crunch time in Uni in terms of papers/projects etc and I really didn't need this. I upgraded (not a clean install) to Windows 7 about a month ago and it's been working very well. That said, there was a problem restarting last time my laptop installed the Windows 7 automatic updates - it wouldn't startup (would just flash a blue screen after the splash then restart) and went to startup repair. I had to do a system restore to a few days before and then everything was fine.

I rarely turn off my PC so maybe this has caused a problem, but this time after the update during the night while I was asleep, the same problem arised, except none of the restore points worked, even as far back as the 16th of February. I've tried to open it into safe mode but it stops on windows\system32\drivers\disk.sys, flashes the BSoD (a very quick flash) then restarts.

Just to clarify I can load the system recovery options (command prompt, system restore etc) but nothing beyond that really and I'm at a loss as to what to do.

I've burned Ubuntu and the Windows 7 recovery discs from another laptop if that's of any relevance.

It's a Sony Vaio VGN-NR38E and the specs are:
2gb RAM
1.86GHz Dual core
Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit

Please could someone help me out, I've never had a problem this big (isit big?) with a PC before.

Additional info:
I disabled the automatic restart and this is the message I got on the blue screen:

... Read more

Answer:Windows 7 Updates causes restart to fail

See this article STOP 0x0000007B - STOP 0x7B INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE - Fix STOP Error 0x0000007B,surly not good news for you
If you have warranty I strong recommend contact with manufacturer support.

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Sometimes when I try to connect to my friends on MSN on a web call, it doesn't allow me. I click on the webcam button on the side of the screen, and it says "graph render fail".

Is this something I need to sort out with my warranty as I only got the laptop one month ago.

Help appreciated!

Answer:Satellite P200D 1OP - webcam "graph render fail"

If you start Web Camera software on your P200 is everything OK. Does cam work properly?

Have you tested the web cam with some other messenger? What is about Skype?

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My 15 month old Satellite L300's web cam (OS = Vista) used to work, but now it does not. And I also get the message 'Graph render fail'.

What does it mean?

Answer:Satellite L300 - Graph render fail if I use the webcam


I also don?t know what this error message means. I have never noticed this problem with my webcam, it always worked properly.

Have you already tried to reinstall the webcam driver? If not please try it. You can find the newest version on the Toshiba page: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Before you reinstall the new version please remove the old one first and restart the notebook. Then install the latest version.


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Already have a big discussion here with all info needed, we did not find a solution.

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BSOD when program fail to response and computer forced to restart

Hi everyone,

I constantly gets BSOD on my Samsung laptop (NP350U2B) recently. It?s one and a half year old. It came with Win7 Home Basic originally and I upgraded it to Win 8 Pro earlier this year. I also installed Office 2013 on it earlier this year. The computer was working fine until most recently. On BSOD, it showed 'page fault in nonpaged area win32k.sys' on screen, then restarted itself. Computer was working OK after restart. But I?m just not sure when I shall anticipate the next BSOD

I initially got BSOD only when I launched Firefox and Firefox frozen. So I uninstalled Firefox yesterday and hoping BSOD will go away.

But BSOD came back again today. It happened right after I got Acrobat XI Pro frozen when I tried to edit a PDF.
I have attached my zip file from SF_Diagnostic_Tool.

Thanks in advance


Answer:BSOD when program fail to response, then restart itself

Lot's more Live Kernel Events than there are BSOD events in the WER section of MSINFO32
This may/may not be suggestive of a hardware issue.
Please do the following:
- open Event Viewer (eventvwr.msc)
- expand the Custom Views category (left click on the > next to the words "Custom Views")
- right click on Administrative Events
- select "Save all Events in Custom View as..."
- save the file as Admin.evtx
- zip up the file (right click on it, select "Send to", select "Compressed (zipped) folder")
- upload it with your next post (if it's too big, then upload it to a free file-hosting service and post a link here).

If you'd like to get a head start on hardware diagnostics, please use the one's at this link: Hardware Diagnostics

Please remove LogMeIn as it's drivers date from 2007/2008

Please update these older drivers. Links are included to assist in looking up the source of the drivers. If unable to find an update, please remove (un-install) the program responsible for that driver. DO NOT manually delete/rename the driver as it may make the system unbootable! :

SABI.sys Thu May 28 02:38:02 2009 (4A1E314A)
SAMSUNG Kernel Driver

ctxusbm.sys Mon Sep 7 14:09:28 2009 (4AA54C58)
Citrix ICA Client USB Monitor Driver

HECIx64.sys Tue Oct 19 19:33:43 2010 (4CBE2AD7)
Intel Manag... Read more

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I have a couple of PC systems that do not have the BIOS option to restart after loss of AC power. It seems like there should be a way to briefly close a relay contact connected to the ON switch when power is reapplied. Anybody have a circuit or idea how to do this?

In case your wondering, these systems are used for voicemail and do have a UPS connected. We live in a rural area and sometimes the power goes out for extended periods.


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I just bought a Toshiba Satellite A210 notebook. I've got everything installed and working properly, except the built-in webcam. The webcam viewer are says "Graphic render fail" when you try to turn the webcam on, and MSN doesn't recognize that I even have a webcam on or plugged into the computer.

Am I missing something?
Do I need to turn it on somewhere?


Answer:Webcam error on my Satellite A210 - Graphic render fail

Please restart the notebook and try to start webcam software. Can you use the webcam again?

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I have a toshiba A210-15K, but I seem to be having a trouble with the laptops integrated webcam. When I turn it on I can use it no problems all the time, but sometimes after a few hours of no use when I try to use it again it gives me the following message: "graph render fail" and it doesn't turn on at all.

In order to make it work again I have to restart the computer and even if I restart sometimes it won't start.

Anyone know how to fix this problem?


Answer:Satellite A210-15K: webcam issue - graph render fail

I have noticed the same on my Satellite P200. After restart everything works again. I do not use web cam so often and this is not so important for me but you can try to stop (exit) web cam software and start it again.

Maybe this will help. Can you please post the result? At the moment my cam works well and I cannot wait to check this option alone.

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I hope this is the correct place to ask this question. I haven't wanted to ask because I was worried about where. Please move this if it's wrong.
I also need to repair drivers on my computer. the MMDRIVER.INF file is missing or damaged. It says use the windows disc 1 to system32 directory.
The problem I'm having is that suddenly my webcam doesn't work. My daughter gave me the computer, but never bothered to give me the CDs for it. Is there anything I can do to repair this without them?
Thank you,

Answer:Webcam driver needed & how to reinstall webcam

have you tried your computers own website for your drivers and downloads put in computer name and model number and operating system usaully found in computer properties regards lisa

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Windows 7 x64 Professional. I have several issues. Most notable is the fact that I will tell the system to restart (shutdown menu) and it will eventually restart (sometimes hangs at "logging off...") then fails to post after shutting down on the restart. If I manually toggle my reset button, the system starts up fine with no errors. If I had to power off during a hang at shutdown, I get a prompt with startup options saying the system failed to shut down correctly.

Other issues which may be related: Windows update freezes after opening only displaying the loading mouse (think hourglass) and a white screen. I have to force quit from task manager. iTunes also fails to launch, but opens a process (visable in task manager).

I have tried a system settings/files restore, with no progress.

Any help!?


Answer:fail to post after restart, but fixed with reset button

Welcome to Seven forums LongN3ck.
Offhand this sounds like a bad motherboard. Power off and remove all USB devices, except keyboard, mouse, and try it. Take out all memory modules except one and try it.
Power off and reset CMOS. Pull the power cable out first.
*Method one, remove the coin battery and short the battery terminals for 10 seconds.
*Method two, The mother board may have CMOS reset jumpers, short them for 10 seconds.

If the issue persists I still think its a bad board. I've had much experience with bad ones.

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I am gonna ty and write this as calmy as possible, but I am in a unique stat eof pissed o fI have never been in before.

I have no clue why this happend. These were the programs I was usig at the time.

Windows Live Mesenger
VLC Player
QuickCam 10

For some reason, my compuer got caught in loop that, despite a restart and unpuing of all usb periphs, has done nothig. I haven't installed anyting in a few';/,.]\hujbvbhjukhy.


I desperatly need help. I have multiple imprtat files on my C Drive I can't afford to lose in a reinstall. Are there any other options? Please ASAP. My wall and ceilng fan have already felt pain from this experience..

UPDATE: After eve ore frustratio, it does the loop even when in Safe mode..

Answer:Windows Explorer in a Fail/Restart loop Nothing I'e done is stopping it

Try booting off a Linux Live CD so you can access the HD and backup your files. Then you can mess with Windows. Run 'Hijack this' tool to see what programs are loading at startup. Sounds like some sort of virus or malware.

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I am working on a friend's ThinkCentre M55 which has an add on video card connected to two monitors.  When performing a restart, this card seems to fail to initialize, leading to blank screens, a failed restart, and often some BIOS beeps, I believe Long/Short Short.  This also occurs the next time one tries to power on after shutting  down from windows XP.  However, if the power is completely removed, by unplugging the computer from the mains power, allowing the pilot light on the power supply to completely fade, then plugging the computer back into the power mains, waiting for the initial "fan roar" to cease, and then starting the computer using the power on button, the video card monitors receive a video signal, and one is eventually able to log onto the machine. It seems that there have been at least one other person with a similar problem, but there were no replies. Also, a link in a post that I found that might give me a key to decoding the Bios beeps just leads back to the new support home page.  This is quite frustrating. I'm not impressed.

Answer:Video Card initialization seems to fail during power up or restart

From a service manual:
1 long and 2 short beeps:
Monitor or video adapter card error.
Perform the following actions in order.1. Make sure the monitor is properly connected to thecomputer.2. Replace the video adapter card (if present).3. Replace the system board.
I would also suggest you test your computer memory.Try Memtest86.

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Model: Satellite P200D
Modelnumber: PSPBQE-019002FR

The WebCam integrated in the laptop (driver : Chicony for Windows Vista) never works correctly.
MSN says I'dont see the WebCam and the companion software says "Graph render fail".
From the beginning and before install some software the Webcam had this randomized behaviour and it's very unpleasant.

It is impossible that I would be the only one to have this problem.
It does not seem to be a bug of hardware.
Then does somebody have a solution?

Thanks Christos and Merry Christmas to the forum

Answer:Integrated webcam does not work Graph render fail on Satellite P200D PSPBQE


Can you please use search option on this forum and put search terms ?webcam msn?. You will find some interesting threads about built in web cam and usage with different messengers.

At first check this one


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So i have a problem, like 2 weeks ago i got a new keyboard, razer blackwidow , and since then i started getting bsods: first the kernelinpagedataerror, then once or twice , criticalprocess_died.
I decided to run a windows update(i have them disable due to bad experiences in the past,) and a minute or tw after the restart my pc crashes and ends up in a restart cycle, not detecting ANY peripherals doing so, so i can" even go into the bios. I started taking my pc into parts removing hardware by hardware, in the end leaving 0an motherboard cpu ram and a keyboard and monitor, since that didn't work out i removed the cmos battery and all , left unplugged etc. Still nothing.
I can start the pc now and the cpu fan etc. Work, but nothing else. No peripherals working. I tried booting from a recovery device, nothing.
I really don' know what to do at this point and don' ever know what hardware is causing this.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Answer:System Fail, only starting up, no peripherals, no screen, restart cycle

If your monitor is not working, you will never know what else is at fault. You need to start with the monitor. If the light is on, does it change colour - if not no signal to monitor. Can you check monitor against another PC or try another monitor on your PC. You will need to get this sorted before you can go any further

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I was listening to music and surfing the Net tonight when, all of a sudden, my Satellite L355D-S7825 Toshiba laptop abruptly went dark and shut down, and now it won't power up again. In fact, it doesn't even make it's usual start-up sound when I press the Start button. It doesn't make any sound at all. One thing I do notice is that whenever I press the Start button the battery indicator light blinks six times and then stops. The light blinks with or without the power cord. The unit was plugged in when it suddenly stopped working and went dar.

Could there be a problem with the battery? As I said, even with the AC cord plugged in the unit won't power on when I press the Start button. As noted above, I continue to get the battery light blinking six times whenever I press the Start button, but that's all.

Could there be an overheating problem? I was on my laptop for about three hours straight surfing and saving photos. Naturally, the unit was warm when it suddenly shut off, but I certainly didn't consider it overheated.

Now it's been nearly an hour since the unit shut down. I just went back and pressed the Power button, but again it failed to power on. Earlier I removed and replaced the battery twice, but that didn't help either.

The laptop is only one year old exactly, so I hope it's not a major problem. I hope I don't need to replace it with a new one after only one year.

I would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone... Read more

Answer:Solved: Why did my TOSHIBA laptop suddenly shut down and fail to restart?

Did you try taking the battery out for 10 minutes, and running the power directly without the battery plugged in?

BTW, just cause you can't feel it overheating, doesn't mean it's NOT overheating, a processor can overheat VERY fast if it's not properly cooled!

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Hi there guys,

Im trying to install the AMD drivers for my 6990 but having no joy. I am installing the latest drivers from the website. I have tried numerous times - unintalling - reinstalling with the same result - DRIVER FAIL. At the bottom of the installation report it says - driver install: the specified driver package was not installed for matching devices. I double checked I downloaded the correct drivers from the site. WDDM1.2 is fine in device manager. Anyone else had issues?? Any tips of getting the drivers installed??


Intel 3930K
Rampage IV Formula
Amd 6990

Answer:AMD 6990 - Unable to install Driver - Driver Fail

Anyway...worked it out. Had to use this driver (9.00-120612a.7z) as the one on the AMD site didnt work.

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sometimes when i try turning on/sending my webcam, my computer restarts
is anyone else having the same problem? or does anyone might have an idea as of why this is happening to me?
my webcam is an Ezonics Video chat kit (2webcams) model#EZ388
but i this has happen since i had my other webcam which was a MICRO (mi-innovations) IC50C

and i have a WindowsXP home system

Answer:webcam causes computer to restart

Custom built? Could be alot of things, usually and ap causing a restart means PC is running HOT, Ram has some sort of conflict, or a windows problem. So need a little more info

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Lately i found a webcam wich i haven't used for quite some time. I plugged it in, but the Windows XP Pro SP3 detected the webcam as an unknown USB device. I cannot find a driver manually, becouse i lost the package in which the webcam was in when i bought it, and there are no manufacturer nor model name written on the webcam itself. I disassembled the webcam and below are all the writings i found on the chipset:

PAL-A 94V-0
E197709 0744
TCI 12,0000
PN:001-261202-801 (or PN:001-26120L-801, couldn't excaly see which one is it.)
Rev. B1

I hope you guys know what thoose numbers means and you could help me out with finding a proper driver. I tried to google them all, but with no result.

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Webcam driver for unknown webcam.

Could you possibly take a picture of the webcam? Quite a few people don't take apart their cams, but know what they look like.

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Anybody know why XP restarts on shutdown since installing Creative Webcam Vista ? If you disable restart on system failure, a blue screen error occurs.

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The above problem with IE , if i open IE and type in say , i then get a message saying that the page cant be displayed , but if i type this in using AOL thenit loads fine ....i also get this when i try and get into my yahoo mail .
Is there any thing i can do to fix this problem ,? im thinking that i may have loaded some kind of Add ware program etc that hijacks and redirects the search and displays this message etc .


Answer:Some pages fail to open using IE but open ok using AOL

Some websites don't work properly with cookies disabled,and some don't work at all with session cookies disabled.
Go to tools/internet options/privacy/advanced,put a check in Override Automatic Cookie Handling,then accept First and third party cookies,then put a check in Always Allow Session Cookies. Ok your way out,then allow the same thing in your firewall.

Also you may have internet security set too high,set to default and you should have no problem

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Everytime i open my pc 8 restart again and again...after a few minutes when it opens to windows it restart again...OS: windows xp sp2PROCESSOR: intel r pentium r dual cpu e2140 @ 1.60GHzMemory: 1024 mb ram

Answer:restart and restart everytime i open my pc...

can you get into safemode sucsessfuly?

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I have two Windows 7 64 bit systems that worked perfectly until approx two weeks ago. They started becoming unresponsive to various websites, such as (unable to listen live). Both computers then started having problems opening sites through google searches.
Following this, most updates on both computers fail. Downloads from the internet fail. Updating flash on one - failed. downloading .net framework update - failed.
One computer has MSE - updated and ran scan - no threats found
One computer has AVast - updated and ran scan - no threats found
Tried to download malwarebytes on the computer with avast - failed
went to XP station - downloaded to thumb drive and installed from thumb drive and ran  - no threats found
from cmd prompt -  ran sfc /scannow on both computers  -  no problems found
Can anyone give me any ideas of where to go from here to get both of these computers working properly again

Answer:Updates Fail/Downloads Fail/Flash Sites Fail x2 computers

The first place to start is are you getting any error messages when the updates fail? What do the messages state -- for example, do you get any error codes? Please post that information here.

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Please Help guys I Need A driver for my webcam for windows
I surf in the Net and It's only for Vista and XP .. Help Guys!

Answer:Driver for Genius Webcam VideoCam GF112 driver for windows 7

Quote: Originally Posted by PauloAgojo277

Please Help guys I Need A driver for my webcam for windows
I surf in the Net and It's only for Vista and XP .. Help Guys!

Could you get the number on that driver for me?

You need to go to:

1: Start
2: Right click Computer
3: Click Manage
4: Device Manager
5: Right click the Driver
6: Click Properties
7: Select the details tab
8: Under the value tab there should be a long code start with PCI or something similar copy and paste it here

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